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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  November 21, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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well, they have a tendency of falling off at the most inopportune moments. with the vice president's be sure to send your ques, that's all the time we have tonight. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team take it all from here. shannon? >> shannon: speak of important moments, we were doing your christmas show last year, both of my earrings fell off the segment, flew across. i got new earrings for christmas so it all worked out just fine. >> laura: there was just more christmas cheer. flying all over the place to have a great show, shannon. >> shannon: thank you. fox news alert. news tonight, republicans revealing new plans for the next phase of impeachment as it appears the democrats rest their case, for now. at the republican hearing, democrats take the next step to relevant articles of impeachment. bolstered by new polling, the g.o.p. things a senate trial but ultimately hope the president's reelection process for breaking
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tonight, as the americans await for the horwitz report, a new report tonight that an fbi official had been referred to prosecutors as part of the criminal investigation for allegedly altering a document related to what a report says the surveillance of the trump campaign advisor in 2016 digging for details on that right now. tonight, progressive progressing stomach protesting the democratic front runner after the primary debates and president obama has a message tonight. hello, and welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream in washington. team coverage than that, trace gallagher covering the breaking news on the horwitz report and more, but gillian turner on what happens next for the democrats' impeachment inquiry hearing. >> shannon: that's the wrap of the announced public hearings on impeachment. next up, the committee could hold more hearings with yet more witnesses, or a could get straight to work on its report for the judiciary committee to
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begin drafting articles of impeachment. the white house on the tail end of data through of public hearings believing they've got it in the bag and eager to move onto the next phase. >> one word would be jubilant. >> if the house moves forward, it's a sham. if they continue to push these illegitimate hearings on the american people, he wanted to go to the senate and he wants a trial. >> a senate trial affords the chance to summon a wish list of witnesses they say intelligence chairman adam schiff that so far ignored. including hunter biden, the whistle-blower, and alexandra to lube up away from cameras, lindsey graham telling reporters tonight that the president's attorneys think there is a 50/50 chance that the house doesn't have the votes to impeach. if they do, though, he's laying down excitations republicans can muster 51 votes needed to dismiss the case before he goes to trial in the senate. a trial could afford the president the rights republicans say he's been denied. >> we do not have a process with
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up residence own attorney can have a cross examination. we do not have due process. >> but democrats say not so fast. >> congress has the right to subpoena and incredibly inquiry -- wearen't going to wae courts decide but we aren't going to have a further impediment to honor our width of office. >> tells fox news that the game plan is to focus on potential articles of impeachment. bribery, contempt of congress, obstruction of justice, and abuse of power. republicans, though, are walking away from this week convinced they've got the upper hand based on a handful of new polls turning in the president's favor. in the exact timetable for any of this is not clear at all tonight. too many mitigating factors still swirling around in the ether, but in just a couple of weeks, the justice department is slated to release its inspector general report on alleged pfizer abuses in the 2016 campaign. that could be a game changer.
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that's a big factor here. >> shannon: the timing of all these things together, we are covering it. thank you. democrats accuse the president of witness intimidation because of the tweet he sent about former ambassador marie yovanovich. democrats being accused of the same thing along with accusations that the pressure may not work on the witness. trace gallagher is on the case for us. good evening, trace. >> ambassador to the e.u. gordon sondland is the founder of providence hotel, 14 boutique properties across the country that for years have drawn river views, until some of it became meshed into the ukraine saga. one star yelp ratings are common. it is not been held by oregon democratic congressman eric lindauer asking the public to boycott hotels until he testified in the impeachment inquiry but not only did sondland testify, he revised his
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previous those saying that rudy giuliani and president trump saw a quid pro quo with ukraine for a white house visit, which the main stream media trumpeted, even the republicans later knocked it down. watch. >> no one on this planet told you that president trump was tying aid to investigations, yes or no? >> yes. >> you're just assuming all of these things and you're giving them the evidence they are running out and doing press conferences and cnn headline is saying you're saying the president of united states should be impeached because he tied aid to investigations, and you don't know that they are correct? >> i never said the president of united states should be impeached. >> tweeted, "gordon sondland, welcome to the resistance" that some are asking at the boycott violates the federal law against pressuring a witness to encourage testimony. >> shannon: got some breaking news on the 2016 russia probe, the origins that people may have
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been involved. we've been waiting for months on this. >> this apparently is part of a doj-inspector general michael horowitz reports on the fbi's efforts to obtain a fisa warrant to surveilling member of the trump campaign. cnn reports an unnamed fbi official under criminal investigation and has reportedly admitted altering a document related to obtaining that fisa warrant. we don't know if the document was so instrumental that the warrant would not have been obtained without it, but we do know that prosecutor john durham has included it in his criminal investigation into the origins of the fbi probe. and for the president and his supporters, this is certainly gripped of the mill when it comes to their accusations that trump was targeted by the fbi. as gillian was saying, we expect the horwitz reports to drop on december 9th and he will go before congress december 11th. >> shannon: it will be a busy time of the hill. trace gallagher, thank you.
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probing witnesses for more information about the fbi investigation into the trump campaign reform and national security council official fee on was asked about her closed-door deposition which she talked about former breath fish agent christopher steele. he was the source of the unverified salacious so-called trump dossier paid for by fusion dps. the democratic national many and others, she said that she might've been misinformation by the russians in order to create a cloud over the trump presidency. >> was christopher steele's dossier a rabbit hole? do you remember the answer you gave? >> yes, i thought it was a rabbit hole. >> you also said a couple of pages later in the deposition and the transits i have of your desk position that you thought he got played. is that fair? >> that is fair, yes. >> shannon: democrats are looking to get a bipartisan vote for impeaching the presidents. they have had their eye on key g.o.p. targets like retired republican congressman will
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hurd. as of today, it still appears unconvinced. >> impeachable offense should be compelling, overwhelmingly clear, and unambiguous. it's not something to be rushed or taken lightly. i have not heard evidence proving the president committed bribery or extortion. >> shannon: any members of the g.o.p. crossover, let's discuss with vice chair mark walker. good to have you, congressman. i want to play you something how speaker pelosi said today about why they had moved to misdirection and why they had no other choice. >> the first order of business, taking an oath of office to protect and defend the constitution of the united states, of and when we see a violation of the constitution, we have no choice but to ask. >> shannon: we know she didn't want to go down this path at least for the last several previous votes moving ahead with impeachment and she resists
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those efforts, but now she and house intel chair adam schiff and house judiciary chair jerry nadler and others felt like they had a strong enough case to proceed. do you think there will be any republicans convinced enough to move to the other side of the vote? >> no, not at all. in fact, it's the opposite bit all this week, we heard about presumptions and assumptions time and time again. my first boss, he told me what you do when you assume, but because my momma is watching i won't go into detail. even if you're not one of the 60 million trump supporters, even if you are not thrilled about everything that unraveled here, most fair-minded people will look at this process and say, wait, you are wanting us to leap to the point that you want us to tell the president, or convict the president, of something that's treasonous or high crimes? they are not buying it. we even see that in the most recent poll, the emerson poll that was released in the last day or so that more americans
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are against the impeachment process, 15% drop among independents. >> shannon: how do you respond to pieces like this in "the washington post," imagining defending trump after this week's hearings. wait... that's what the impeachment hearing, if republicans continue to insist dear leader president trump did absolutely nothing wrong and that might do just that, the g.o.p. has surrendered any claim to being a political party. it would be a full-fledged cult of personality. is that how you see yourself, congressman? >> i will tell you this. even in their heading, saying anything that trump did wrong -- this is not what this is about. this is is he guilty of high crimes, misdemeanors, treason -- the democrats are setting themselves up for three major problems. number one, there are no republicans engaging in this process. it's the other way around. speaker pelosi said she wouldn't move forward unless it was
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bipartisan. number two, something that's very important is that we are seeing the dems continuing to break promises. number three, this is important. if this thing goes to a senate trial, think about calling the whistle-blower, think about calling adam schiff. i can promise you this, it won't be the same schiff, different day. >> shannon: my grandmother is watching us also, very nicely carefully worded response there. i want to bring something today that the annual homestead and testimony. he's the one who allegedly overheard -- ambassador sondland, the president on the fondren he's a political affairs counselor at the u.s. embassy. i don't know if we've been mispronouncing it for the last 30 years, here's what he said about the impression he got about the president's aim. >> my clear impression was the security assistance hold was likely intended by the president either as an expression of dissatisfaction with the ukrainians, what who had not agreed to the burisma-biden
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investigation, and increase the pressure to do so. >> shannon: testifying again the concerns how this was communicated to the ukrainians, the where is the ukrainians had, and the danger of withholding this aid. does this amount to enough to say the president has done something impeachable? >> no, not at all. and i think -- here's the question that i think is going to be asked when we get back to d.c. over the next couple of weeks is how many more democrats will cross the picket line and vote with republicans, we've already had two who are anticipating more, the republicans will stay united on this because we are hearing from the american people. i've been in two county's all already, all i'm hearing is the same thing, make sure the democrats do not carry out this sham impeachment process. >> shannon: all the members are home for ten or 12 days and i imagine they'll get a lot of feedback on the number of topics, including this one. congressman, we'll see you during and certainly after that break.
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>> wishing you a happy thanksgiving week. >> shannon: thank you. trying to keep her away from the turkey. the president is celebrating the victory in california where the state supreme court rejected as unconstitutional the state law that would've required him to release his tax returns as a condition of getting his name on the state ballot. democratic governor gavin newsom signed the bill into law in july. meanwhile, the district attorney of manhattan is asking the supreme court to enforce a federal appeals court decision that the president's accounting firm must hand over eight years of his tax returns per a grand jury subpoena. his lawyers are trying to shield the return with another appeal style last week at the u.s. supreme court. the justices have yet to decide whether or not they will take up the case. we are standing by for a decision on that any time. the governor of pennsylvania has vetoed a bill that would've banned abortion on a diagnosis of down syndrome. tom amoss is pro-choice and rejected the measure one day after it passed the republican-controlled
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before the house intelligence committee admit to sharp policy differences with the president. supporters of the president including the one who served on the national security council say it goes far beyond that. >> it looks like an inside job of a bunch of career bureaucrats getting together and saying we wanted to impeach this guy for three years, how do we do it -- wait, i think we found a way.
8:19 pm
>> shannon: let's debate the merits of that argument good to have you tonight, gentlemen. let's talk about fiona hill. obviously testifying today, making a lot of points, people claiming victory on both sides about this. but they are also pointing to a change of position from her. back in 2015, she authored in part a "washington post" piece during the obama administration saying that we shouldn't be sending military aid to the ukrainians, saying that if we send weapons, we may lose our ally and we may never have the opportunity to get things right. testifying about us not sending aid, she says there's a reason for that. this is her testimony on the switch in her position. >> when i came into government in 2017, interacted with all of my colleagues in the pentagon, you had a lot of people here yesterday, i realized in fact there had been an awful lot of
8:20 pm
work done on this. the words are clear and consistent for the sustainability long term of the ukrainian military, so i changed my mind. >> shannon: is it worth to look back at her position? >> i think so. we have a lot of people claiming in these different hearings to be experts on ukraine and that's one of the areas, that gravitas is supposed to mean we listen to everything else when in reality that it's a reminder that president trump has been far better on ukraine, a far stronger ally for the ukrainian military than obama before. it was during the obama administration that the invasion of each and ukraine began, this whole thing got kicked up, also in when the crimea referendum happened to it also when the flight on its way from amsterdam to kuala lumpur, almost 300 people were killed by russian missiles. that was when obama was in office. they wouldn't give the missiles, they wouldn't give any legal aid whatsoever to an army that was
8:21 pm
under assault and now these people are saying trump is so terrible on ukraine -- i guess he was right on the one thing but he's been right in ways that really mattered and that's getting lost in all of this for they are trying to make sure that trump is cutin he's far stronger than his predecessor. a lot of these people should take note of that. >> shannon: one who took notice was rush limbaugh. we'll see what he had to say and, chris, we'll get your response. >> ukraine sat there and defenseless as russia came in and annexed crimea, with people like fiona hill doing the advising, suggesting it would be a mistake to provide ukraine defensive aid, it would be a terrible mistake. all of a sudden, when trump has provided the assistance, complain he put a delay of a couple of weeks on it. >> shannon: wha what about that analysis? >> i think buck said it better and he had the privilege of serving his country before he said something to believe this
8:22 pm
ridiculous and i disagree with. when he put it this way: fiona hill's position on ukraine and is relevant for it you can have that position and think the president faithfully execute his office and when congress overwhelmingly approves that aid and the president of the united states puts a condition that you investigate his political opponent before that aid is released? that is wrong. i think what we've seen this week time and time again is countless people confirming what the president already told us when he released the so called transcript a couple of weeks ago. that he asked of the ukrainian president for a favor and one of those favors was investigating joe biden who he perceived as the strongest political oppone opponent. richard nixon on steroids. the president of united states should resign. >> shannon: was there an investigation? >> was there an investigation? >> shannon: was the aid released? >> was there...
8:23 pm
was there an investigation question mike there's an investigation going on about the speed 26 released -- b 1 the >> just because he failed in extortion, he's a bad extortionists -- he still tried to commit extortion. attempted bribery is bribery. >> shannon: let's bring buck in. >> i wanted to let chris have a say. they can keep repeating it. they can try to bludgeon the american people into submission thinking that anything that didn't happen, they can't really prove with any certainty how it would've happened if it was going to happen, which it didn't, is something we are all supposed to care so much about. the reason why trump's foreign policy and ukraine matters is because all of this crime -- it look like scalise today was going to have some kind of fits talking about how we left ukraine and all the fights against russia, they were
8:24 pm
talking about russia as if we hadn't gone through two years of the mueller probe, that insanity conspiracy theory -- >> if somebody takes a shot at you, somebody tries to bribe, it's bribery. if >> if it were a clear bribe -- >> it's clearly bribery. >> shannon: got to wrap it up. what matters now are the 435 people who will have to vote on this publicly within a couple of weeks. maybe it will be our christmas present. chris and buck, come back soon. >> just when were getting started. >> shannon: i love you. goodbye. news tonight, some confusion whether the navy has formally stopped proceedings to determine whether navy seal eddie gallagher will remain a member of our lives as pain. president trump tweeted quote, the navy will be not taking away war fighter and navy seals gallagher is trident pain
8:25 pm
tonight, there are reports that guidance to move i had whether gallagher will be expelled from the navy seals. they'll keep tracking that for clarity. $275 million lawsuit against nbc universal can proceed on limited grounds, that's because of a ruling by a federal judge. nicholas had been had similar lawsuits pending against cnn stemming from that encounter with a native american protester which went viral. the latest democratic primary debate for the lowest ratings yet. fox news at li "fox news @ night" investigates next so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it -
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8:30 pm
of any of the debates so far. they candidates are going back to work and correspondent little inventor is here making the pitch is out there. speak one more week and until thanksgiving, shannon. we saw last night on display and also on the stump today for joe biden says one of the most powerful selling points is the electability. that left center lane mean many in his party are not so happy. check out this scene at a biden town hall in greensboro, south carolina. >> no matter what happens, somebody commits murder, they shouldn't be deported -- i'm asking you a question. if somebody commits murder, should they be deported? >> all right. lost the end of that clip. president obama warned of such problems voted today in the center is a mercury news, biden's former boss said, we are not going to enact by
8:31 pm
i'm always suspicious of purity test during elections. the country is complicated. biden had a simple answer for those who didn't like his track record on immigration. >> well, you should vote for trump. you should vote for trump. >> it also got complicated or elizabeth warren today. her flip-flop on charter schools has not sat well with a group of protesters either. >> [chanting] >> those are school choice advocates there. of all things in 2020, who would think a pantsuit could be controversial in politics, especially democratic politics? tulsi gabbard's pantsuit has has "new york times" fired up. the white suit is not the white suit of mrs. clinton or mrs. williamson, tied to her wellness gospel and ideas of renewal and rebirth but rather, in tulsi gabbard's white suits,
8:32 pm
the white of avenging angels in flaming swords of somewhat combative and righteous, also called leaders. that is written by vanessa friedman, the times' fashion critic and editor who also plunged in on one of your favorite topics this week, jim jordan's jacket or lack thereof. she had a quote of that. she said, it's a symbol of his willingness to be the republican party's attack dog. you know that jim jordan's jacket has a twitter account. we couldn't find one for tulsi gabbard's white pantsuit. >> shannon: by the way, asked him about the jacket on "special report" and he said he wore it on the house floor because you are required to, and when he meets with the president. >> there was a debate whether he'd wear it for immigration and he did not. i did notice different shirts for immigration. >> shannon: different wardrobes for different topics. thank you. we are less than a year away from the 2020 election but social media companies taking staff to try to stop the spread of fake news.
8:33 pm
christina present of let's fills us in. >> hi, shannon. with 348 days until election d day, social media companies rushing to make changes to their a new "wall street journal" report revealed that facebook is considering increasing the minimum number of people who are targeted in political ads from 100 to a few thousand. thinking this change would stop the spread of fake news which tend to happen when targeting smaller audiences. other social media companies are getting on board. twitter announced an all-out political advertising ban, while google announced political advertisers will only be able to target users based on gender age or postal code. and not according to political leanings. these changes come as presenter candidates spend tens of millions of dollars trying to reach voters in 2019, forcing te world's biggest social media
8:34 pm
company to take a stand on an issue even bigger than political ads themselves. free speech. shannon? back to you. >> shannon: christina, thank you. digging into the potential connections between the dnc and ukraine, "fox news @ night" investigates next. i'll get that later. dylan! but the one thing we could both agree on was getting geico to help with homeowners insurance. what? switching and saving was really easy! i love you! what? sweetie! hands off the glass. ugh!! call geico and see how easy saving on homeowners and condo insurance can be. i love her!
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>> shannon: fox news has learned that some of what's been reported about trump former eric trump manager was apparently driven by democrat operatives with connection to ukraine and republicans on the house intelligence committee pushing him to call one of those people at least as a witness in the impeachment inquiry. >> that is the democrats' pitiful legacy in recent years. >> republicans calling for a hearing featuring witnesses called by republicans, including a ukrainian activist and former democratic political activist alexandra cho lupa. >> they got caught covering up for alexandra ch chalupa who
8:39 pm
colluded with >> stems with her work for the democratic national committee during the 2016 u.s. presidential campaign. had worked in the white house office of public liaison during the clinton administration and paid $412 from the dnc from 2004 to 2016 according to federal election committee records. in april of 2016, chalupa spoke to a gathering at prior advising of leading politicians for the event was sponsored by ed agency called the open world leadership center which that is nonpartisan. an email released by wikileaks dated may 23rd 2016 from chalupa to luis miranda, communications director of the dnc said they put me on the program specifically to speak about paul manafort. there is a big trump component you need to be aware of that will hit in the next few weeks.
8:40 pm
watch chalupa try to convince journalists of collusion between the trump campaign and moscow. according to a ukraine expert from the atlantic council she was, quote, pointing media where there was smoke in the middle of the campaign, and there was a media firestorm that led to manafort's resignation in the middle of the campaign. important line of inquiry for republicans would likely be ukrainian politicians like sir caleb surrogate election go found no evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and russia that "the evidence of collusion between russia and manafort is circumstantial at this point." that was in march 2017. we've got new information tonight on intentional articles of impeachment could look like once democrats get around to dropping them. here is the speculation. bribery, filled out in article two, abuse of power,
8:41 pm
intimidation of witnesses via tweet apparently, failure to provide documents to cooperate with investigations, and obstruction of justice. let's talk about the potential charges, the next steps with democratic strategist kevin walling and trump 2020 senior advisor jenna ln. good to have you with us tonig tonight. let's have a look at what we have here. this is what congressman eric swalwell, democrat, said last night when i asked him -- part of the house committee so he's been asking questions. here's what he said when i asked him about the presumption part of this, with no one saying that ambassador sondland told him there wasn't a quid pro quo, but he had presumption. here was his response. >> it was a reasonable presumption, yes. to back up, it was a reasonable presumption because everything ambassador sondland knew about the president of ukraine that he was conditioning a white house meeting on the basis of the
8:42 pm
ukrainians investigating the bidens. >> jenna, articles are coming. >> it's a reasonable presumption, it's fine to circumvent the constitution. let's not pretend this is anything on the constitutional basis, it's anything on a legal basis, or talk about this like it's a legal case that there is something here on the merits. we all know that this is just an impeachment circus, like congressman jordan said very clearly after the last hearing today, the facts are on the president's side, there is no quid pro quo. there is absolutely nothing that is constitutional and the democrats can try to move forward simply on their focus groups and their polls, but that does not mean that this is not just a partisan process. what the american people really need to recognize here is that that's all that this is. they don't have anything they can actually proceed on and that is not constitutional. because article one does give jurisdiction to the house for powers of impeachment. but that has to work in tandem and not in conflict with article two, seconds four, and you actually have to have substance,
8:43 pm
have to have evidence, have to have some legal basis in order to throw out these terms and throughout these articles. it can't just be a presumption, can't be hearsay, can't be wild speculation. when you have two people on the call, president trump and president strozk than saying there was nothing here, should be case closed. >> shannon: here's what jonathan turley has to say about this but he says crimes may be revealed in upcoming testimony but they need to be grounded in the criminal code rather than in the imagination of members of congress. even if the house had brought license of impeachment it doesn't have license to redefine crime to fit impeachment. kevin? >> amen. >> here's what we know. it's a busy week. gordon sondland back in brussels, but he did confirm a quid pro quo, right? did he specifically say the president gave them the order to do so? he did not. did he say he's acting on the perception of the president asking rudy giuliani to put pressure on him? he did. we have a lot more questions
8:44 pm
than answers i think in this whole process. it's a lot to come clear. let's release all the transcripts. let's release the call log spirit let's have rudy giuliani come before the house intelligence committee, come clean, right? if the president think he's done nothing wrong can produce these people. we remember the benghazi hearings. obama didn't say, hillary clinton, don't testify before congress. go testify before the house oversight committee. has nothing to fear from an open, transparent process. >> we call that burden shifting because the president has nothing to defend, entirely up to the democrats to prove their case, not for the democrat to defend him solving his wild accusations. >> shannon: paul krugman in an opinion piece in "the new york times" and said this,, for republicans, there is no bottom. from a different era when both parties believed in the constitution, trump abused his position for personal gain would've led to his removal from office long ago. jenna? >> if we believe in the constitution, we wouldn't be making this a political circus and there wouldn't be focus
8:45 pm
groups and opinion polls. if we go back to the constitutional convention when jamejames madison specific we ad against disagreeing with possibilit pola sitting president. what we've seen, the democrats have led this #resistance, they've been trying at every turn to undermine this president whether it's this sham impeachment, the sham of the russia collusion, that sham of the mueller report, they would find something that they want to find is legitimate, they simply don't have it. >> shannon: kevin, there's a danger of the republican votes and there would be democrats who would cross over to vote no on these articles? >> absolutely, and speaker pelosi said as part of this process that it be bipartisan. we see about 51%-50% of americans and polls, polls have been part of this process going back to richard nixon, we could go back to watergate impeachment during bill clinton. so impeachment is inherently a political process. i would like to see if the arguments are there for republicans to come on our way on this issue if they are
8:46 pm
persuaded to join us, that be the case because i think as speaker pelosi said, that is an important component. we can't have an entire party invite a president. >> shannon: right. for now, that's what it may look like the vote may be. we'll see what the articles are coming together. >> what you heard is the one that could've been persuaded? >> shannon: put him down as a no right now. >> put him down as a strong may be. >> shannon: going to have you. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: five debates, no clear frontrunner. could it be anything to do with a warning from former president obama? breaking it down next. i had l. yeah, like a regular person. no. still half bike/half man, just the opposite. oh, so the legs on the bottom and motorcycle on the top? yeah.
8:47 pm
yeah, i could see that. for those who were born to ride, there's progressive.
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>> i wouldn't say he was a house on fire in any of the debates we've been to. yet he comes in and bumps along, mr. magooing his way along. you keep worrying that he's going to hit a wall but he's moving forward. >> shannon: former obama campaign or david axelrod the former vice president having losses frontrunner status in some key states, his former boss is preaching patience within the
8:51 pm
2020 field, sing today at a fund-raiser, everybody needs to chill out about the antigens. trump has taken a sharp turn away from the core tradition and values that built this. down the country. the host of "the next revolution," steven hilton. always great to have you with us. >> how are you doing? >> shannon: i'm good but concerned what's going on with the democratic field. on "vox," there seems the lingering uncertainty about the fields of candidates and biden specifically with buttigieg's rise, the former massachusetts governor deval patrick, and michael bloomberg, it's a huge field, the most diverse they've had in primary history. steve, a lot of folks seem unconvinced there is a winner there yet. >> yes. the one who really seems most unconvinced, that is the guy that was just telling them all to chill out today.
8:52 pm
former president obama. a while back, he let it be known that he was absolutely going to have nothing to do with the primaries, going to wait the primary out. once the party had selected a candidate, he'd get behind that candidate. instead, he'd actually come off the fence both in public statements and also in private statements, the big piece in "the new york times" for example letting it be known, last week he was saying that people do not want revolution, they don't want big change, they want steady improvement. who would you think that message was aimed at? bernie and elizabeth warren promising the big change. i think he's also indicating by not endorsing biden and by letting it known that he and axelrod, his former right-hand man worried about biden, he's the one who's panicking and it's panic that's causing everyone else to panic. >> shannon: something in the "washington examiner" talks about how the democrats will have to get tough enough play nice and that's why voters are not convinced there's somebody who can go toe-to-toe with president trump. they say doing that will be
8:53 pm
unlike anything democrats have encountered. doesn't play by the rules and doesn't care about hitting below the belt. candidates need to take the gloves off and show the democratic base they are capable of fighting for them, just as trump has done so well with his supporters. who among the field do you think now at this point, you know, who would be the best match to go after the president in that way because it seems to be that part of voters' reticence on who is on the stage so far? >> it's interesting, the candidate who has put that presentation on their candidacy has actually been kamala harris. she said, you've got to take the fights to trump. i'm going to prosecute the case, i'm a former prosecutor. she's the one who has been the most bellicose and aggressive towards president trump. and her campaign has basically collapsed. i think the real truth here is actually both in terms of his record, he's delivered many of the promises that he ran on in 2016, tried to deliver them, been frustrated on some, and
8:54 pm
above all delivered a really strong economy, his policy positions on issues like immigration put president trump in the mainstream of voters where some of these democratic candidates, they are all on the left somewhere and that's the problem. >> shannon: looking a key polling and critical states that the president flipped last time, the first time in a long time for republicans -- >> i think i've lost your sound, shannon. i cannot hear your question. i think the real truth about this race is that none of the candidates look like they can beat president trump at this point. that is exactly why you are seeing new candidates come into the race and that's exactly why you are seeing this feeling amongst the democratic establishment that they still don't have anyone they can count on to do what they most want to do, which is beat president trump in 2020. >> shannon: all right. steve them if you can hear me, let me know otherwise but we will let you go. we appreciate your time always and one thing we'll talk about with steve was from the tampa cisco chronicle warranting these key states, released thursday
8:55 pm
seemed to back up obama's warning about being chill about this. a survey of voters in wisconsin, michigan, and pennsylvania who backed obama in 2012 and then trump, 7 of 12 approved of his performance in office. about who will emerge as the number-one pick to go head-to-head with the president. thanks to steve, even though we had technical difficulties. that gives us a little more time for tonight's midnight hero. check this out, and a dramatic rescue caught on camera. you can see a car there in stafford connecticut as it burst into flames while it's actually going down the road, we are told the man was driving home from a date night with his wife when they witness this whole thing. without hesitation, he immediately pulled over. you can watch as he sprints to the scene but doesn't seem like he's worried about his own safety at the point but getting somebody out. he reached into the intense plays to pull out the driver and
8:56 pm
did so just in the nick of time. seconds after, the vehicle exploded. the elderly driver we are told is recovering with minor injuries been his life was saved by edward's bravery and he is tonight's midnight hero. thank you for joining us. we'll see you back here on friday. i'm shannon bream. need. your turn to keep watch, limu. wake me up if you see anything. [ snoring ] [ loud squawking and siren blaring ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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not promise. prove. and now during the ultimate sleep number event, save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus 0% interest for 24 months on all smart beds. ends saturday ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." for those of you without television sets you should know that today was the third consecutive day of impeachment hearings on capitol hill. how much more can america take. we will get to the side show in just a minute. first up the democratic party still has not decided who is going to challenge donald trump in next fall's presidential election. the field of 2020 candidates is one of the largest in history. pretty much everybody seems to be running from the former vice president of the united states to some guy who is literally the mayor of south bend. in case you are wondering is the fourth biggest city in indiana. smaller than evansville slightly larger than caramel that guy is running for


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