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tv   Fox News Reporting  FOX News  October 17, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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be sure to tune into "the daily briefing" tomorrow with my full sitdown interview with facebook ceo mark zuckerberg. that's it for me and i hand it to trace. >> how much time do you get? are there time limits? >> dana: as much time as i can get. i'm not going to give myself a time limit. i hope that he will sit down and answer as many questions as we possibly can. there's so much to cover. some people really care about privacy and data issues. some people really care about bias. some people care about free expression. there's a lot to cover. >> trace: you are telling me this guy didn't set out to rule the world. now he's kind of moving that direction. as far as technology goes. dana, good luck. >> dana: have a good show. >> trace: thank you. cease-fire in syria, new agreement to temporarily end the violence. vice president mike pence is in turkey and our own john roberts is there as well.
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he just asked about the deal. we will talk to john about it in just minutes. first, the white house announcing president trump has awarded a massive government contract for the g7 summit to his own hotel. acting chief of staff mick mulvaney said the meeting of world leaders will happen at the presidents doral resort near miami. because it's the best place for the summit. when reporters asked if the move presented a conflict of interest, mulvaney said the president will not profit from it. >> i was skeptical. i was. and i was aware of the political sort of criticism that we come under for doing it there. it's why i was so surprised when the advance team called back and said it's the perfect physical location to do it. i get the criticisms, so does he. he will be criticized regardless of what he chose to do. there's no issue on him profiting from this in any way, shape, or form. >> trace: president trump floated the idea of using his doral resort in florida for the
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summit. government watchdogs criticized the move. they say it could violate the constitution which prohibits a president from profiting off payments from foreign entities. the fox business networks blake burman reporting live. >> it was a rarity. not only did we have a briefing but it was the white house chief of staff who took to the briefing room. mick mulvaney laying out the administration's view and details as to how they went about choosing trump national doral west of miami for next year's g7 summit but also defending the decision to do so. the chief of staff saying there was a process which started essentially with them sort of sitting around here trying to think of different locations. they were about ten different locations all across the country. he says advance teams went to give them a look and says eventually it was whittled down to four or so and in the inlet, it was decided that trump national doral, purchased by the trump organization in 2012 and still managed by the trump organization as well, will
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eventually host the g7 summit in the middle of june next year. chief of staff was asked how does it have anything, how is it different at all from the accusations that are being leveled against joe biden? that being, being in office and ining off potentially office and this was the response of the defense. >> what's the difference between this and what we are talking about the bidens? first of all, there's no profit here. clearly there's profit with the bidens. if there's one difference between the trump family in the biden family, the trump family made their money before they went in politics. that's a big difference. >> this was the reaction from congressman jerry nadler, top democrat on the house judiciary committee saying in part "he is exploiting his office and making u.s. official government decisions for personal financial gain. the emoluments clause of the
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constitution exists to prevent this kind of corruption." you can probably anticipate a lawsuit or two around this. other notes involving the g7 summit, the middle of june. mick mulvaney said climate change issues will not be part of it. he also said essentially that it's an open question as to whether or not the russian president vladimir putin will be invited, as to whether or not it will go from a g7 back to a g8 and as you heard him say there, he contends that there is not going to be profit made when you look at basic finances, you either have a profit, cut even, or a loss. we are not certain if they are planning on going cut even or loss. if they are not taking a profit. >> trace: ensure legal teams are on the phone. mulvaney also talked about ukraine. >> that came after the portion of the g7 and the chief of staff gave a full throated defense of the president and all all the talk surrounding impeachment. mulvaney saying at one point over the president's desire to
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have ukraine investigate the dnc server "elections have consequences. he was also asked about the near transcript. why it was moved from one server placed to a highly secured server and mulvaney said there is no cover-up. >> everyone wants to believe there's a cover-up. you don't give stuff to the public and site here it is. if you're trying to cover something up and i'm not going to answer your question by explaining how we handle documents in the building. i'm telling you you can stop asking the questions because there's no cover up. >> the chief of staff was asked about his role in the president asking the ukrainian president to investigate joe biden. mulvaney said he had no role in that when he was asked about rudy giuliani, the president's personal attorney, he essentially said that there is not any sort of shadow foreign policy being conducted by giuliani. >> blake burman live at the white house. thank you. we are attracting major developments in the impeachment inquiry. a crucial player in the house
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investigation says he's disappointed that president trump directed him and other u.s. officials to work with his personal attorney rudy giuliani on the administration's ukraine policy. that's according to the u.s. ambassador to the european union, gordon sondland's prepared opening statement. part of his testimony reads "our view was that the men and women of the state department, nothing president's personal lawyer, should take responsibility for all aspects of u.s. foreign policy towards ukraine. ." ambassador sondland is a key figure in the house democrats impeachment inquiry because of his text messages discussing president trump's policy on the ukraine. he is a hotel chain owner and donated about a million dollars to president trump's inaugural committee before the president nominated him to become the ambassador to the european union. our chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge reporting live for us from d.c. >> thanks and good afternoon. as mulvaney spoke the ministrations point of the opinion, gordon sondland, gave a
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closer deposition on capitol hill. as you mentioned in his prepared testimony, sondland said the president was "skeptical that ukraine was serious about anticorruption reforms." mr. trump told deferments to work through the giuliani, his personal attorney. sondland continued that the diplomatic team was "disappointed. our view was that the men and women of the state department, not the president's personal lawyer should take response billing for all aspects of u.s. foreign policy towards ukraine." according to his testimony, sondland said giuliani focused on the alleged 2016 election interference in the ukraine energy company where hunter biden sat on the board came into focus over time. "i did not understand until much later that mr. giuliani's agenda might have also included an effort to prompt the ukrainians to investigate vice president biden or his son or to involve ukrainians directly or indirectly in the president's 2020 reelection campaign." on the president's decision to temporally suspend military aid to ukraine, will vein he said
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corruption allegations were a factor. >> that he also mentioned to me that the corruption related to the dnc server, absolutely. no question about it. that's it and that's why we held up the money. >> that comment has provoked a very strong and quick reaction from justice department officials. they have been sending out guidance to us over the last 15 minutes. we are told that the justice department was "utterly confused and angry" about mulvaney's comments that linked the suspension of foreign aid with the cooperation from ukraine into the justice department investigation that's being led by the u.s. attorney in connecticut, john durham. to refresh, for folks at home, john durham is the person who is leading the federal probe into the origins of the fbi's russia collusion case in 2016 and whether proper procedures were followed. based on our reporting, that
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durham case has recently expanded in terms of the scope, also additional assets and agents. >> trace: catherine herridge live in d.c. thank you. turkey denying it agreed to a cease-fire in syria. coming up, john roberts has an exclusive interview with vice president pence after high-stakes talks with president erdogan of turkey. from all the journalists at fox news, mrs. "fox news reporting." pain happens. aleve it. with aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid. and the 12-hour pain relieving strength of aleve. so...magic mornings happen. there's a better choice. aleve pm. it's an honor to tell you that [ applause ] thank you. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. i love you! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> trace: vice president mike pence has turkey has agreed to a temporary five day cease-fire in northern syria. to allow our kurdish allies to withdraw from the area. turkey is pushing back, insisting it is not a cease-fire, only a pause. the kurds a been fighting for their lives since president trump abruptly ordered u.s. troops to pull back more than a week ago. the kurdish fighters have accused president trump of
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betraying and abandoning them after they bled and died in the fight against isis. since the american withdrawal, we have seen russia and the syrian regime move into territory that u.s. special forces and the kurds liberated from isis. amid all of the chaos, u.s. defense official tells fox news many isis prisoners that the kurds were guarding have no escape or achieve white house correspondent john roberts interviewed vice president pence after his meeting with erdogan. he is reporting live from ankara. john. >> good afternoon. good evening to you. the place was turning into a powder keg there in northern syria. the president dispatched his vice president mike pence and his secretary of state, mike pompeo, to meet with the turkish president erdogan. erdogan had said at the outset that he wasn't going to talk to them about a cease-fire but in the end, after two and a half hours of meetings, that went more than twice as long as they were expected to, the vice president came away with at
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least a 120 day pause which he called a cease-fire with more to come. the president upon landing on air force one this afternoon said he was thrilled with what the vice president came up with. listen. >> president trump: he's gotten everything we could've ever dreamed of. we have done a great thing for a partner. if we didn't go this unconventional, tough love approach, you could have never gotten it done. >> the president's critics say it was his actions a couple weeks ago that precipitated this whole thing. giving up the need for some sort of tough love. by they way, in terms of the cease-fire, that will allow the ypg, the kurdish protection force on the border, enough time to move out of a 20-mile buffer zone. the president really did give his vice president and his secretary of state a diplomatic hammer to go after erdogan with. when i was talking to the vice president a short time ago, sitting at his fairy chair, here's what he told me about the
12:16 pm
agreement >> vice president pence: the president was looking for an immediate cease-fire and through the course of our discussions, we were able to arrive at an agreement with president erdogan that implements an immediate cease-fire, creates a period of five days where we will have the opportunity to facilitate our kurdish allies to move out of the safe zone region. once that's a compass, than the cease-fire becomes permanent and there will be a hold of all military operations in the safe zone. that's what makes it possible for us to pull together nations around the world to invest in all the people of this region and this buffer zone in a way that will contribute to peace and security. >> want to make a correction, i said 120 days. i said 120 -- i meant 120 hours. the vice president clearly trying to put a good diplomatic
12:17 pm
face on it but don't forget the turkish president erdogan thumbed his nose at president trump at least twice. he promised he wasn't going to invade syria. he did. the president sent him a very strongly worded letter which erdogan basically threw in the trash. i asked the vice president this question. based on his behavior, based on his action, can you trust him? >> vice president pence: i think president trump and president erdogan have the kind of relationship where president erdogan knows president trump says what he means and means what he says and i think on the foundation of that kind of a candid and honest relationship, we can go forward together for more peaceful region. >> the turkish foreign minister almost immediately disputed the way that the vice president characterized it. his press conference said "we got we wanted. there was an agreement that the turkish armed forces will control this area. the ypg will be collected, heavy
12:18 pm
weapons. we will put the operation on hold for 120 hours so that this between a four can vacate. this is not a cease-fire." going back to my question with the vice president, can you trust the sky, the vice president indicated there is a very big "or else" if erdogan doesn't make good on his pledge. it's doing great work, jane john, thank you. negotiators making a big move towards reaching a brexit deal. boris johnson calling it a great deal for the u.k. and his friends and the european union. there's still a major hurdle to clear. to make the terms of the divorce official. that's next. oh, wow. you two are going to have such a great trip. yeah, have fun! thanks to you, we will. aw, stop. this is why voya helps reach today's goals... ...all while helping you to and through retirement.
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>> trace: european union endures unanimously endorsing a deal on brexit. the u.k. is set to split from the e.u. two weeks from today but there's still a big hurdle to make the divorce terms official. britain's parliament will have to sign off on the deal. former prime minister theresa may tried and failed three times to get it done. she resigned when she couldn't. now a new prime minister boris johnson has to get parliament to sign off on the deal by saturday to avoid another brexit extension. he has promised the u.k. will leave the you no matter what. the european union is the world's largest trading block and a brexit happens without a deal in place, analysts warn it could lead to economic chaos. let's bring in david lawler, editor for axios. he covers all things brexit. thank you for joining us. i was fascinated to read that this is the u.k.'s first session for parliament on a saturday since back in the falkland wars in 1982.
12:24 pm
clearly a lot riding on it. >> right, you get a sense of the stakes. boris johnson, for a while without we wouldn't get to this point under boris johnson. he was a brexit hard-liner. it looked impossible that he would get to a point where the e.u. would sign off on what he was offering. but we've gotten there and we got there more quickly than people perhaps anticipated. and yet we still have a deadline coming up on halloween and there's another deadline as you mentioned to try to avoid an extension to the deal again. we keep pushing the deadline back and back. boris wants to avoid it. saturday is crunch time to try to avoid it. >> trace: you mentioned boris johnson. let's play this and then get your response. >> we have been at this now, as i say, three and a half years. it hasn't always been an easy experience for the u.k. it's been long. it's been painful. it's been divisive. now is the moment for us as a
12:25 pm
country to come together. >> trace: he talked about coming together. he has the support of ireland and germany and france and others but there are some still push back on it. >> right, exactly. as he said, this has really torn british politics apart. in some ways, it has torn the country apart and so you still have a big divide in parliament. one crucial party is the democratic unionist party. they are northern irish party and their allies with boris johnson. they say they will not support this deal. people in westminster say without they are ten votes, he probably doesn't have the votes to get it across the line. it's going to be a close vote and that is the party to watch. >> trace: brexit party leader nigel farage has said -- i'm gonna let you hear what he said. watch this. >> boris has made progress. this is now only the second worst deal in history. it's still utterly shocking. we will head into years of acrimonious negotiations where
12:26 pm
the e.u. would have the whip hand over us. this is not brexit. >> trace: he is never for a lack of words. what do you think? >> these are two leaders who we associate of brexit. nigel farage cometh and his cause for a long time. he made his name on brexit. boris johnson led the campaign for brexit so they've been allies on the issue for a long time. now boris is in the big chair. he has to make a deal that the e.u. will agree to. otherwise as you say, they will crash out. there are economic consequences. nigel farage is not going to let him off that easily. he said this is sacrificing what brexit is all about and he's not for it. >> trace: quickly, i've got five seconds. 14 days and counting. what do you think? >> i have one analysis that says they are five votes short. see if they can get those five votes. >> trace: david lawler, good insight. thank you. taking a bunch of e-cigarette products off the shelf. the company making the announcement as it faces
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gmortgage rates have dropped to near record lows. refi now at newday usa with no income verification, no appraisal, and no points. >> trace: fox news reporting rolling on. praise pouring in from both sides of the isle for congressman elijah cummings. even some of his fears just rivals paying tribute to the maryland democrat. we are live on capitol hill with a look at his life and the loss of a passionate american voice. also 30 years after an earthquake in california killed dozens of people and injured thousands more, a new system is sending life-saving alerts to the palm of your hand. but first, fox urgent. we're watching for development
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on the ground in syria after turkey agreed to pause its assault on our kurdish allies to allow them to withdraw from the area. trading reporting live from ankara, turkey, where vice president pence met with turkish president erdogan. >> good afternoon. well turkey in the united states did brokered cease-fire today, united states no longer speaks on behalf of kurdish forces. they were abandoned by president trump and struck a deal with the russian government of vladimir putin and the syrian government of bashar al-assad and at this hour, the kurdish sdf's and denying the cease-fire. they are not accepting the terms of the agreement. there was progress today but turkey's foreign minister said minutes after the announcement was made by vice president pence this was not a cease-fire and by definition he's right. under the agreement, kurdish forces would have five days to clear the safe zone that turkey was looking to establish all along. if in the next 120 hours things don't go smoothly, all of it could collapse. cease-fire's have a long history of failing in syria.
12:33 pm
there are also questions about how exactly the u.s. would facilitate the withdrawal of kurdish forces since president trump did pull all u.s. troops from northern syria. new images today show a russian flag flying above a damaged building in northern syria. russian forces have been seen patrolling in the safety zone that's referred to in the agreement. a quick u.s. withdrawal and russia stepping into fill the void has completely change the structure of power dynamics in the middle east. >> translator: there's only two forces able to stop the attacks of the turkish state. america and russia. america's stance is obvious. they have pulled out 30 kilometers from the region. and because russia is an ally of the syrian regime, the syrian state, they have to come and stop it. >> the fifth and final day of the temporary cease-fire happens to fall on tuesday, dated russian president putin and turkish president erdogan are scheduled to meet. it illustrates a point in the
12:34 pm
region about who's going to be making decisions moving forward. it's not the united states. >> trace: that is notable. live in ankara, thank you. well to businessmen with ties to president trump's personal lawyer rudy giuliani in court, the feds charging them as part of a scheme to try to funnel between one and $2 million of foreign money into the u.s. political system. prosecutors say that the two main players named in the indictment, soviet born eagle firm and i love partner has made more than $300,000 of illegal donations to a pro-trump super pac. they were originally scheduled to appear in court today but their arraignment has been pushed to next week. david lee miller live at the courthouse in lower manhattan. >> any moment we expect that the arraignment of the codefendants is going to be getting underway. the each face a single count of conspiracy.
12:35 pm
u.s.-born david correa and andre kukushkin. moments ago, david coria arrived here with his attorney. he said nothing to reporters as he entered the building. they are charged along with two other codefendants, of conspiring to use money from a foreign source for illegal political contributions to win influence for our recreational marijuana business. according to the indictment, an unnamed foreign national wired $500,000 from foreign bank account, part of the conspiracy. the money was to be spent on state and national elections in nevada, new york, and elsewhere. in actuality, small amount of the cash was used. both men are free on bail. they are in the courthouse behind me. as i said, waving their
12:36 pm
arraignment due to begin any moment. >> trace: what else do we know about the giuliani connection? >> the two other codefendants in the case, lev parnas and igor fruman, they are u.s. citizens born in the former soviet union. they assisted rudy giuliani in his efforts to try to dig up damaging information on joe biden and his son, hunter, and ukraine. they also paid giuliani hundreds of thousands of dollars for legal work. according to a 20 page indictment, they made illegal campaign contributions to an unnamed congressman. the u.s. ambassador to ukraine, some thought him to be critical. the unnamed former commerce minister pete sessions. they have issued a subpoena for records including documents that deal with giuliani. sessions is not believed to be a target of the investigation. his office as he is cooperating
12:37 pm
and according to a report, session met once with all three of those men. in a separate matter, the same indictment says they made an illegal three and a $25,000 contribution to the pro-trump super pac using a bogus company to conceal their involvement. in their own business interests. the indictment points out they were working with what authorities described as one ukrainian official. giuliani says he's done nothing wrong. he was only investigating corruption in the ukraine. what's ironic is rudy giuliani used to be the u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york. the very office that's now leading the investigation. >> trace: david lee miller, thank you. flag flying at half-staff that the u.s. capitol to honor the late congressman elijah cummings. he was a civil rights leader and 1 of 3 committee chairs leading the impeachment inquiry into president trump. the democrat from baltimore died early this morning from
12:38 pm
long-standing health issues, according to his office. cummings was 68 years old. he first won his congressional seat back in 1996 and served on the house oversight committee under four presidents, becoming chairman last year when democrats won control of the house. his seat draped in black today. under his lead, the committee was investigating president trump and the administration on a range of issues from financial dealings to possible abuse of federal agencies. more on his role in the impeachment inquiry in a moment. cummings had served as chairman of the congressional black caucus and was a leading voice on civil rights for decades. he was a sharecropper's son born in baltimore under segregation. decades later, and racial tension fueled riots in his hometown, he walked the streets at night calling for home. >> remind us that everything works together for good. give all of us the peace, the
12:39 pm
peace we need. and the courage to stand up for the things we believe in. >> trace: colleagues say he never lost that sense of purpose to serve the people of baltimore. both sides of the aisle remembering the lawmaker. >> today is really about the passing of a guy that i think everyone in the congress considered a friend and everyone is certainly saddened by the passing of chairman cummings. >> in the congress, elijah was considered an northstar, leader of towering character and integrity. he lived the american dream, and his own families, parents were sharecroppers. phi beta kappa. he lived the american dream. he wanted it for everyone else. >> trace: cummings' wife said that he worked until his last breath because he believed our democracy was the best
12:40 pm
expression of our collective humanity. the house held a moment of silent for cummings this afternoon. within impeachment inquiry underway, the work continues. let's bring in our senior producer for capitol hill, chad pergram. very big loss on the hill today. >> you showed the piece of video with elijah cummings and the bullhorn. he spoke with the deep, resident baritone on capitol hill. he didn't really need the bullhorn when he told the, walked the streets of bullhorn. emblazoned with the words "the gentleman will not yield." that dates back to his time combating the former chair of the oversight committee where he was cut off during hearings with the irs. elijah cummings rose to prominence back in 2008. a big hearing with roger clemens, the baseball pitcher, and what he said to roger d to believe you. you're one of my heroes, but it's hard to believe you." that helped propel him to be one of the top democrat and later the chair of the oversight committee. as you say, there was just a moment of silence on the floor a couple moments ago.
12:41 pm
kevin mccarthy, the ranking -- excuse me, house minority leader, said "i can't tell you how many friends would call me in fear because they got a letter from cummings." he has been one of the main people leading this impeachment investigation along with eliot engel, the chair of the foreign affairs committee, and adam schiff, chair of the intelligence committee here. he hasn't really been engaged for a while because he's been out sick. i spoke a few moments ago with carolyn maloney, she will be the acting chair of the committee for the time being and she says that she hasn't been involved yet. she couldn't even go to the testimony this morning with gordon sondland, the ambassador to the european union, because she was cheering to other hearings. she's going to have to pick up your instep and where cummings left off. >> trace: chad pergram live on capitol hill. thank you. congressman elijah cummings, democrat from baltimore, was 68 years old. my insurance rates are probably gonna double.
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but dad, you've got allstate. with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. are you in good hands?
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>> trace: convicted murderer jodi arias who stabbed her ex-boyfriend and shot him in the head claiming she did not get a fair trial. her lawyers in arizona today arguing there was prosecutor misconduct during her trial and that the judge allowed the case to turn into a media circus. arias is looking to overturn her murder conviction. in 2013, a jury found her guilty
12:46 pm
of killing her ex-boyfriend, travis alexander, and a jealous rage. after she learned he was planning a trip with another woman. friends found the 30-year-old dead in his shower nearly decapitated. arias said she killed him in self-defense. she is currently serving a life sentence and prosecutors say the overwhelming evidence should be enough to keep arias behind bars forever. chief correspondent jonathan hunt reporting live from the west coast news hub. jonathan. >> jodi areas, trace, was not in court today but her attorneys argued she did not get a fair trial in part because the judge in the original case failed to control news coverage of the trial and that led to the jury being subjected to a "carnival like atmosphere." >> the court doesn't have the ability to do with the public does but they have the ability control the things that are feeding the lynch mob mentality that was happening with the public.
12:47 pm
they can control whether or not the jury is impacted by that by sequestering the jury. >> it's worth pointing out is the appeal court judges did, that jodi arias was not shy about courting media attention. point put to her right after her conviction by a reporter of the phoenix fox affiliate. >> what do your attorneys think about you talking to the media so much? >> i don't know. >> you will never ask them? stick with a felt a little betrayed when i interviewed with you a few weeks ago because they weren't aware it was going. at this point, they said go ahead but be cautious. >> but as the arias attorney pointed out today, there's no expectation of how an accused killer can or should act during trial. there is an expectation, the
12:48 pm
attorney argued, the prosecutor stick to certain rules. trace. >> trace: for clarity come what rules do they say the prosecutor broke? >> they argue that the prosecutor was unprofessional, providing information to a blogger with whom he was allegedly having a relationship, improperly question certain witnesses, implying that they had "feelings for arias," and courted publicity himself by posing for photographs outside the court and signing autograp autographs. a lawyer for the arizona attorney general's office dismissed those actions as irrelevant to the outcome of the case. >> the prosecutor may have done some things that violated rules occasionally. the intention of the prosecutor isn't relevant to whether the jury was prejudiced. >> that lawyer also argued that given that there was "overwhelming evidence of guilt," the best solution here
12:49 pm
might be to simply disbar or otherwise sanction the prosecutor rather than throw out the conviction of a killer. >> trace: jonathan hunt live in los angeles. thank you. juul announcing that it is suspending the sale of all nontobacco, nonmental flavored vape products in the u.s. this as the cdc the number of vaping related deaths in the united states has increased to 33 and more than 1400 people with injuries. in a statement, juul wrote that the movie is "appropriate for the protection of the public health." the american vaping association calling the move cowardly. fox business networks kristina partsinevelos is with us. >> we have scrutiny intensifying on the vaping industry because health consequences continue to grow which is why juul has decided they are going to take four of their most popular flavors and remove them from their online stores. they remove them from their
12:50 pm
brick-and-mortar stores and this comes as the trump administration in september said that they want to eventually ban all flavors until the fda can approve it. on your screen, your sing mango, fruit, cucumber, cream flavors that will be removed. this is upset the president of the american vaping association, gregory conley, who says "this cowardly self-serving move i juul won't do a thing to make their congressional opponents stopped detaching them. in fact it will only open them up to questions about why they are continuing to sell meant." he's correct. juul will continue to sell mint and menthol, popular flavors and the popularity is growing amongst the youth of america. >> trace: a lot of talk about fruit medley but we don't know what's causing the lung illnesses. >> there isn't a lot of research specifically on the target. is that the thc, is at the pods here?
12:51 pm
is it pods coming from a black market? or is it just the vaping pen? that's the big problem. according to the cdc right now like you mention, there's 33 deaths across the country that are linked to lung related diseases as well as almost 1300 illnesses. the big question remains, which is why the fda is going to continue and put regulations and rules forward in the coming months, to remove all flavors. >> trace: there is a problem. we are trying to narrow it down. >> it's going to take some time but it needs to move fast. >> trace: kristina partsinevelos, good to see you. california rolling out a new system to warn folks about earthquakes. we will show you how the shake alert works. next. yeah, that's half the fun of a new house. seeing what people left behind in the attic. well, saving on homeowners insurance with geico's help was pretty fun too. ahhhh, it's a tiny dancer. they left a ton of stuff up here.
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dropping to near record lows, my team at newday usa is helping more veterans refinance than ever. the newday va streamline refi is the reason why. it lets you shortcut the loan process and refinance with no income verification, no appraisal, and no out of pocket costs. one call can save you $2000 every year. call my team at newday usa right now. >> scientists can predict when the next earthquake will hit but they might be able to get better information to more people quickly. emergency officials in california are launching the first statewide quake warning system today.
12:56 pm
it's called the shake alert system. it sends people notifications to waste, through a cell phone app called my shake and using the same system that she is amber alerts. it comes on the 30th anniversary of the earthquake which killed dozens in the bay area. the new system tested this week when two earthquakes jolted northern and california. emergency officials had to tweak an early version of the op after people didn't get warnings about the quakes that hit over the fourth of july weekend. richard allen joined to me he's the director of the berkeley lab that designed this app. i'm curious, welcome first of all. if you go back 30 years the 6.9 quake that hit was about 60 miles, the epicenter from san francisco. with this new app. how much time would san francisco have had a back in 89? >> because the earthquake was beneath the santa cruz mountains if you were in san jose when the
12:57 pm
earthquake occurred with the app you would get about ten seconds of warning. if you are up here in oakland or in san francisco you would get about 20 seconds of warning. enough time to drop and hold on and reduce the likelihood that you're going to be injured in the earthquake. >> i remember thinking back to that earthquake which i covered. people were killed because of brick walls falling. 20 seconds really is a very much a life saving a few seconds, right? >> absolutely. we estimate that about 50% of the injuries in an earthquake are due to people either falling or things falling on people. so with just a few seconds you can drop, cover, hold on, move to a safe zone and that's not going to happen to you. we could remove the injuries by 50%. >> so i download this app, when what i get the alert? under what circumstances what i get these alerts? >> that's the most important message first of all. people in california need to download the app.
12:58 pm
the app is called myquake, it's available for free in the google play store in the itunes store come if they download the app then they will get alerts when there's an earthquake that's greater the magnitude 4.5 and they will get an alert if they are in the region that the expected shaking his intensity three which is a good jolt. it's not all shaking but it's a good jolt. it's important to remember that. earthquake early warning is a new technology, we are still working on improving the system. the amount of warning time you get depends on how far you are from the epicenter of the earthquake so you may get a warning to before, during, or after the shaking to but in any of those cases when you get the alert or when you feel shaking your drop, cover, and hold on. >> as we all know richard that 4.5 is not a major quake. are you afraid you're going to start scaring people sending these sending these alerts out? california gets a bunch of earthquakes that are a little so do you fear that it may be you are going to drum up some panic? >> so we don't think that's going to happen. the reason for the magnitude 4.5
12:59 pm
threshold is that we only have a handful of earthquakes that size in all of california every year. we are not going to be sending out very many alerts in any given year. at the same time to send out an alert in these kinds of events that a large number of people will feel as a good shake it's a reminder for people that they will get a warning to. it's a reminder of what to expect. when the earthquake occurs. it's part of the education that people need so we know what to do when the earthquake occurs. >> are you worried at all about false alarms? >> well any system has the potential to generate false alarms. there's no getting away from that. however, at this point we are pretty confident that the likelihood of that happening is actually very low. that's why we think it is ready to rollout. we think we can do some good here by putting the alerts out at this point. as i mentioned, their intention here is that this is the beginning. we are pushing out the myshake app, we are going to continue to
1:00 pm
improve it so the warnings will only get better over time. it's not possible to promise. >> any notice and an earthquake is good notice. thank you so much it looks like a positive app. i'm trace gallagher, your world with neil cavuto starts right now. >> the kurds are very happy. turkey is very happy. the united states is very happy. and you know what? civilization is very happy. it's a very great thing for civilization. >> neil: the president taking a valve for putting out a fire that he says the democrats started but for now a fire he says stop or will soon. thanks for the president pushing in his emissary, the vice president and secretary of state doing some good old-fashioned in person strong-arming. he's got the turkish president to see the light and may be because the white house says he also saw something else. the sanctions. welcome everybody i am neil cavuto and it looks like the turks h


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