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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  September 10, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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caught on camera. humpback whale nearly clearly with passengers. the captain able to make a quick move to get out of it. jillian: we are getting out of this. have a good day. ♪ go back ♪ this is the moment ♪ the night is the night ♪ it fight until it's over ♪ we put our hands up ♪ like the ceiling can't hold us ♪ like the ceiling can't hold us. steve: already tuesday, september 10th. last night a big showdown in fayetteville in north carolina, the president went to the crown expo center and he said, you know, we were supposed to be outside at the airport but the weather looked bad and we needed a bigger place. i was willing to stand in the rain even though you would have discovered that this was actually my hair. i would have gotten soaked. and then he talked a little bit about his hair. and he said you know, it may not be great, but it's better than a lot of friends
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same age. lisa: the hair is important, you know as we know, right? brian: lisa is here for ainsley. they both agree on one thing air is important. bishop's run off election today matters. basically in a dead heat with the marine that -- the democrat marine who is running against him in that battle ground district. if the president wins, you know people will say well, he was supposed to win after he appeared. and they lose the president is vulnerable this election season. steve: it's the battle of the danes there in the ninth district down in the ninth district and also a battle in the third district. lisa: it's a dan-off. steve: welcome dano. two key special elections in that state. lisa: expected to be an
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early gauge for the president's re-election in the battle ground state. brian: mark, hour and a half, how do you sum that up? >> try to do it in 90 seconds because that's what the rules are here. two special elections today for congressional seats in north carolina as you were just mentioning, brian. the race most experts are going to be watching in north carolina is the ninth district an area between faithville and charlotte where republicans are eager to put dan bishop in congress. can you see him on the screen. support for bishop's campaign at a rally. the president made it clear he sees the race as democratic nominee as dan mccready as far too liberal. >> support for sanctuary cities is disloyalty to american citizens and mccready wants sanctuary cities. mccready supports sanctuary city policies that force prisons and jails to release criminal aliens directly into your neighborhoods. get out. go ahead. go into the neighborhoods.
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[crowd boos] >> for his part mccreed is says is he willing to put country over party and is promising if elected to pursue a bipartisan agenda. here is what he had to say before the president's rally. >> my hope is while he is here in addition to doing the rally he will come and actually talk with people who are struggling with healthcare costs because if i have the honor of serving, i would like to work with the president on lowering prescription drug costs. >> president trump won the ninth district easily in 2016. this year both parties have spent a lot of money on this race. and we're going to be watching to see if the messaging, the president used last night either helps or hurts g.o.p. candidates like the ones in north carolina and going forward. back to you. brian: one thing is clear the president has had a good time. always good when someone is in front of the audience and you think that's the only place he would wants to be. a president four more years last thing i want to do is run out to north carolina on a monday night when i have a lot of homework and have to run out and give a speech.
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instead, i think he loved every minute of it. the crowd ate it up. lisa: of course. he is in his element when he is at these rallies. you can tell he loves doing it as brian just pointed out. i will say for special elections historical data proves that they always mean a hill of a lot in terms of trying to read the tea leaves for 20206789 whatever happens i wouldn't read too much into it. you want to hear what president trump said last night because he was fired up about democrats. listen. >> the radical democrats want to dismantle, demolish and destroy everything that you have gained. they want to have open borders. they want to have drugs pouring in our country. democrats also want to bring in unlimited numbers of foreign refugees from overseas. look at what's happening to democrat run cities. democrats even want to give free healthcare to illegal
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immigrants. [crowd boos] virtually every top democrat also now supports long-term abortion. [crowd boos] >> every major democrat running for president supports a massive government takeover of healthcare. democrats are now the party of high taxes, high crime, open borders, late-term abortion, and socialism. the republican party is the party of the american worker, the american family, and the american dream. [clears] steve: so there you've got a number of the sound bites that the president had about democrats. keep in mind because it is a special election and that's the only spot in the country where that's happening in the 3rd and 9th district to your point earlier about you might not put much stock in it at the same time it's really hard to get people to come out in a special election. it's not even a midterm, it's a special election. the key is motivation.
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that's why the president was there in faithville yesterday. that's why he was in -- he was in green new deal a -- greea couple months ago and the president was there yesterday trying to get the vote out for dan bishop who is going to be with us later in the today's telecast. lisa: the president is not wrong about this lurch in the democratic party. healthcare for all was outside the mainstream party now it's not. brian: decriminalizing border crossings comes up almost every time it will come up in the debates, medicare for all and trying to mimic bernie sanders socialist and third place in most polls. sarah sanders is full time with us. i'm not sure if she has dental. steve is looking into that. she talks about what the democrats fear. >> they are terrified of his successuccess.
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harder it is for them to get elected. singular focus. it has nothing to do with helping america it. has nothing to do with helping people across this country. i'm pretty sure they don't even like america if you listen to what they are saying. everything they have to say is so negative. you saw the exact opposite of that from the president tonight. i hope that people will continue to look at that contrast and see that you have somebody who loves this country, loves all of the citizens of this country versus the democrats who have nothing to do but take the president, attack this president and try to tear him down. brian: and he doesn't seem to mind. the thing about the president he says you know i will keep fighting i wish i wasn't fighting so much. they keep coming at me i will keep fighting. lisa: seems to revels in it. brian: they had a series of investigations filed at the president yesterday. you would think he had a day at the park or golfing. steve: he just calls that monday. they will always be after him. there is a growing sense
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with the establishment that maybe this track that the democrats are going down is not going to help them. in fact, there was a "new york times" op-ed yesterday and the headline was democrats stop helping trump. it was a column written by david leanhard. we will give you a quote. first, let's tell you a little bit about how it looks over the last couple of year the american perception of the parties. for instance, when it comes to the democrats over the last two years, the view of the political party, democrats, the view of democrats has gone down 8. republicans has gone up 2. then the unfavorable rating and this is critical. the democrats have dropped 10. the republicans are static. lisa: i think one thing that is really interesting as we have been talking about, sort of this lurch to the left. we look at these policy positions like giving healthcare to illegal immigrants. so democrats in the primary support this by 15%. when you get to the overall voters in the general election, they oppose it by 28%. what happens if they end up
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nominating someone who has supported that? what do you in the general election? brian: here is a quote from the op-ed steve was referring. to say you would think the democrats would be approaching the 2020 campaign with a real sense of purpose. but they are not. at least not yet. they have instead, devoted substantial time to wonky subjects that excite some progressive activists and alienate most american voters. referred to on sunday by rahm emanuel on nbc. he doesn't understand where all these candidates are coming from and why it benefits them to go to the left of barack obama all of them. steve: it's the primed marry. you want to do everything you can to get noticed. joe biden doesn't have to come up with any of this stuff. he has been steadfast in defending obamacare. but then it's part of his legacy. brian: rahm emanuel is a strategist he is saying he doesn't understand it. and he knows it's a democratic primary. lisa: it's not like rahm emanuel is a moderate either. whether it's eliminating private insurance.
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getting rid of fossil fuel these have massive impacts on people's lives here in the country. good luck with that in a general election. brian: two there are two things if you are in law enforcement and family member in law enforcement how could you feel the democrats have your back if you are in the fuel and energy industry. how could you feel your future is bright if the democratic party is in power? rush rim because weighed in yesterday. >> the trump-russia hoax, folks, that little two year escapade is not forgotten, is not going to be forgotten. you have to remember, they promised people, they aassured people trump was toast. trump was gone. trump had colluded two years of this. and then the big reveal with the mueller report and -- nothing. the media may not be apologizing. may not be asking their
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audiences for forgive news, but i'm telling you, large swaths of their audiences don't trust them as far as they can throw them today. steve: and he has got a point. because after you have been told something for two years it's all going to be in the mueller report and we are going to see. wait, there is nothing in the mueller report. wait, i was listening to somebody on that channel who said that and they were absolutely positive a, b, and c were going to happen. noble of it happened. -- none of it happened. that's the problem it. speaks to credibility. lisa: anyone watching robert mueller before congress also undermined the report and made him look like he had no idea what was going on. put questions about the investigators. he also admitted hey look i was able to conduct my investigation. i was able to conclude my investigation. steve: i didn't get fired. lisa: and the argument of obstruction. brian: madison and mueller had one thing in common. they did what they were supposed to do. they served the country. did the report in mueller's case and tried to stay out
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of politics of it all the way through. when mattis was here last week, general, had you no idea how he felt about the president. they tried to get him to talk politics. with mueller he tried to back out of it as well. with 11 minutes after the hour jillian mele has been scrambled from "fox & friends first" and is here. jillian: i made my way here. give you updates on the bahamas. the numbers continue to climb. 50 people confirmed dead in the wake of hurricane dorian. that number could go up as thousands remain mission. right now 70,000 people are homeless. some seeking refuge in the u.s. told they cannot evacuate on ferries bound for florida. u.s. visa. please proceed to disembark. jillian: blames the ferry company for not following the correct procedures. president trump says people seeking refuge need, quote: totally proper documentation. look at that. ice issuing a detainer for another illegal immigrant accused of rape in
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montgomery county, maryland. an undocumented nigerian man working as ride share driver is accused of assaulting a woman in the backseat last month. at least seven other illegals have been charged with rape in the county since july. the county's top executive ordered local workers not to cooperate with ice that same month. to monday night football now the new orleans saints complete a come back with a game-winning field goal to kick off the season. >> 58-yard attempt for the win. [cheers] jillian: nailing a 58-yard field goal to pick up 50 to 38 win. beating the denver broncos 24-16. send it back to you. steve: by the way rob gronkowski's on today's show.
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brian: maybe he will decide to come out of retirement on today's show. lisa: my brother is jealous. steve: four crew members trapped inside that flipped cruise ship are finally free. brian: trying to get the ship upright and look at the challenge next. this is the family who wanted to connect... and find inspiration in new places. leading them to discover: we're woven together by the moments we share. everything you need, all in one place. expedia. this inot this john smith smith. or this john smith. or any of the other hundreds of john smiths that are humana medicare advantage members. no, it's this john smith, who met with humana to create a personalized care plan.
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steve: look at that the coast guard celebrating after pulling the fourth crew member to safety after being stuck below deck for nearly 40 hours in a capsized cargo ship. that one right there down off of saint simons island in georgia. rescuers drilled a 3 by 5-foot hole in the hull of the ship through steel after the ship caught on fire and capsized while leaving that port. here with reaction is former merchant marine captain clause luda. good morning to you. >> good morning, thank you for having me. steve: what do you think happened? why did that great big ship that goes in and out of ports across the world every day, why did it tip over? >> i have sailed on these type of ships around the world for more than a decade. i have been in and out of this port dozens of times. and the thing about these vessels is you have to distribute the weight throughout them evenly. steve: what does that mean? >> we don't know exactly what happened. my suspicion is that there was too much cargo up on the
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you were levels of the vessel and not enough ballast water down in the bottom portion of the vessel. this is a very shallow draft port and a lot of times officers, if they think they can get out of port with enough stability, they will wait until they get into deeper water to facility ballast tanks with ballast. my suspicion is they made that decision and, unfortunately, the stability of the ship was just a little too close and when they took that turn, once it tipped over. the rest of the weight shifted and then it was beyond rescue at that point. steve: sure. the thing about this particular ship. it's not like it's a cruise ship. that ship we are looking at was loaded with 4,000 cars there is a lot of weight on there. >> a lot of weight. if you think about a 12,000 parking garage that's two football fields long, there is a lot of vehicles on board this ship. they are latched down so when we get inside the vessel and able to examine it. you will probably see a lot of those cars secured inside. it's also possible a lot of
3:20 am
the them came loose when the ship started rolling as that weight shifts, if you think about a rocking chair, sitting in a rocking chair and lean back, it's going to come back to equilibrium. sit over on the top portion of the chair it will flip over. that's what happened here. that was also the worry about w. all those loose cars in a rescue was daunting but they were able to pull four guys out of there yesterday. it's a issue in. >> it's just amazing. so much credit goes to the u.s. coast guard for acting swiftly and rescuing those sea fairers. can i only wonder what it must have felt like. thankfully it was in shallow water. if it had been in deep water when this scenario occurred the scenario would be completely different. steve: sir, thank you very much for sharing your expertise. >> thank you. steve: all right. straight ahead. radical groupings like antifa spreading violence across the country. the next guest says if the
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radical left isn't stopped now america's future is at stake. the warning and what to do about it coming up next. ♪ here, it all starts with a simple...
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hello! -hi! how can i help? a data plan for everyone. everyone? everyone. let's send to everyone! [ camera clicking ] wifi up there? -ahhh. sure, why not? how'd he get out?! a camera might figure it out. that was easy! glad i could help. at xfinity, we're here to make life simple. easy. awesome. so come ask, shop, discover at your xfinity store today. there were tsunamis fourtin the world. and once they happened, we were in a major hurry to get to those regions to provide aid and support. it was very humbling
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to be able to help out all those people. it's my dream now to go into clean energy and whatever the next new fuel source is, that's where i want to be. i want to be on the front lines of implementation. tad policy that would ban my grants for applying for islaapplying asylumif they crosy before reaching the united states. the neighbor who attacked senator rand paul outside his house will be resentenced. a judge ruled the original 30 day sentence for renee buehrer boucher was too lenient saying criminals with similar charges
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typically get 24 months behind bars. boucher pleaded guilty to assaulting the senator last year. we will keep you posted. all right. brian? brian: steve, we have seen it again and again. violence being raised on the streets from groups like antifa shouting those with dissenting opinions. lisa: in the new book culture jihad how to stop the left from killing a nasmghts todd starnes sounds the alarm on the rise of the radical fringe groups and push to fundamentally transform our nation. brian: here are more behind the book out today is author todd starnes host of fox nation. what prompted to you write it? >> after my last book came out the deplorables guide. i noticed there was a trend developing in the country with the rise of socialism. we have been wondering for many years now why is it that the left has been so hell bent on declaring war on religious liberty and taking god out of the public marketplace? and i realized after digging into all of this that for
3:26 am
socialism to rise and really take root they have got to get rid of religious liberty. they have to take away the foundation of this country. that's exactly what happened. i warned folks in culture jihad that once they start attacking religious liberty and chipping away at the foundation of the country, every single one of our other rights comes under attack. and that's exactly what's happening. lisa: obviously culture jihad that is a stark name. why did you choose that particularly heading into 9/11 here? >> oh, yeah. it's a provocative name for a provocative time in the country quite frankly. we have got to start talking about these issues. my hat is off to dave chapelle. is actually talking about what we need to talk about in this country, the attacks on free speech. the attacks on our fundamental rights here. we are talking about efforts to destroy artwork that people find offensive. banning books like little house on the prairie and to kill a mockingbird. we are talking about, you know, taking away mondayments anmonumentsand painr
3:27 am
founding fathers. brian: president trump has won over the white evangelize voter. he is not known as the most religious person personally. is he pushing back on this trend. >> i believe this president has saved the nation. president obama promised to fundamentally change america. he delivered on that campaign promise. president trump has been undoing a lot of damage that was done. he has stood up for religious liberty. he is a pro-life president. probably the most pro-life president we have had in american history. he has done a great job of pushing back. i write about this in the book. we lay all of this out including issues like trump derangement syndrome. lisa: you talk about how we are on the verge of a civil war. how bad is it? >> it's pretty bad. especially when you look at the issues that divide us. look at the polling data. my concern is not what
3:28 am
happens offer the next two years. it's what's happening over the next 10 years. our public school system is being used as the engine to drive this social change. when you look at the polling data, it's all there just a couple weeks ago you guys were talking about this on "fox & friends," a majority of younger americans generation x, millennials, don't believe that religion and patriotism are all that important to their lives anymore. so we are seeing this shift happen really almost in a stealth way. and that's why i decided to write this book is to put all the data together so that folks can see what's happening in their country thrill and do something about it. brian: culture jihad out today. todd starnes look forward to hearing you talk more in your radio show. lisa: thanks, todd. brian: apple set to hold a big reveal in a few hours. will there be a new iphone. will it be the best thing ever? better than the blackberry? lisa: probably very expensive. brian: what about a laptop. lisa: kurt the sigher guy is
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lisa: marks his first public appearance since he was shot and nearly died in the dominican republic in june, or tease thanking everyone for their support. >> red sox, my real family, i want to thank all of you for all the prayers, all
3:33 am
came home. steve: he played for boston for 13 years becoming a 10-time all star and three time world series winner and last night he was on the mound at fenway. brian: he even thanked the yankees for reaching out to him during this time. lisa: i don't watch a lot of baseball. i know who he is and i know he is beloved in boston. steve: what a story getting shot by some guy in a bar. could have been a case of mistaken identity. he has dispatched investigators did you know there to figure out what the heck happened. brian: former boston police chief our contributor. and teammate is going to be here and rob gronkowski i'm sure they hung out in a lot of the same places in boston. steve: governing iboston.steve s going to be here too. lisa: a lot going on. and luckily we have jillian mele to break it all down for us. jillian: that's right. good morning. the cia is planning a report
3:34 am
claiming a russian informant had to be extracted because they were compromised by president trump. the cia director of public affairs says quote, misguided speculations that the president's handling of our nation's most sensitive intelligence which he has access to each and every day drove an alleged exfiltration operation is inaccurate. according to the "the washington post." the russian informant 2 h. provided information for decades. the "new york times" says the unidentified person was vital in uncovering russian election meddling. they were reportedly extracteextracted from russia in 2015. the husband of missing home jennifer dulos opening up in a bombshell and sometimes bizarre new interview. dulos believes his estranged wife is still alive. >> i'm still hoping that she is going to show up. she is going to be at your door some day. >> maybe not at my door but at some door, yes. >> fotis, did you have anything to do with jennifer's disappearance? >> did i not. >> dulos was rearrested
3:35 am
wednesday after his girlfriend told police she watched him clean the truck investigators believe was used to move jennifer's body. parents who died chemotherapy to their 4-year-old son with leukemia denied custody. stopped chemo turning to medical marijuana and cbd oil instead. claiming chemo would give son violent mood strings. treatment noah's only hope for survival. this cheney protocol offers an astounding 90 to 95% prognosis rate. all parents have a constitutional and even sacred right to parent their child with that right comes equally powerful duties and responsibilities. jillian: noah will continue to live with his grandparents. jeopardy is back and so is beloved host alex trebek. >> today, jeopardy begins its 36th season on the air and i'm happy to report i'm
3:36 am
still here. >> the show returning for a new season as trebek continues his fight against prettpancreatic cancer. 8,000th episode will be in october. everyone is so happy to have him back for it. steve: after the news broke in the spring oh no that's terrible. now is he back another season. brian: meanwhile we will continue to track that and track janice dean. we will follow her location. she outside. janice: i am outside it. is a beautiful morning here in new york city. and not too much in terms of weather. we do have the potential for some severe storms later on today. the tropics are quiet for now. take a look at the maps. we are dealing with temperatures in the 60's here in new york city. still hanging on to some summertime heat across the gulf coast and the southeast and parts of the southern plains. those severe storms as i mentioned, we could see the
3:37 am
potential for large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes and heavy rainfall. this is going to be a several day event. just know what to do if there is a watch or warning in your area. and we are following not one but three systems. they have not really developed yet. but certainly watching the potential for development that could move into the bahamas and out in the atlantic. the next named storm will be umberto. so at any time we could be dealing with a named storm and we will keep you up to date. steve: all right. some activity out in the caribbean. thank you very much. lisa: thanks, janice. it's that time of the year again. apple is set to hold its annual event today and rumors are swirling about potential new iphones with augmented reality experience. steve: whatever that means. brian: you know exactly what it means lisa booth. his do i? brian: expected release days
3:38 am
after president trump. how will that effected new products in america? steve: kurt joins us from cupertino, california. has anybody stopped buying iphones because of the tariffs? >> well, i will tell you what, good morning, steve. we are talking about the fact that the tariffs are going to be absorbed by apple is a prediction. so it's not as though it is going to affect the pricing out on the market. in fact what we might see and a real loose rumor is that the basic iphone the predicted three iphones that will be coming out later today behind me at steve jobs theater is an iphone 11, an 11 pro and 11 pro-max are the leading names. the basic model could even be less expensive than the current model. so it's a rumor. we will see about that. but, here it is. the latest iphone that i own from last year. what would you do to make it better, right? what would cause us to actually want to buy a new phone? well, what if you audited three cameras on the back.
3:39 am
steve: for what? why do you need three. >> wide, tell photo lens and another lens for what, you ask, august you meanted reality could it be? could it be 3-d? we're going to find out it. could be huge. it could be a big -- whales would make it better? i have got a scratch on the face of my phone. what if you made the glass a lot tougher. rumor is that they have that in fact, also made the battery larger inside the phone and along with the a 13 processor inside, developed a co-processor rumored to be code named rose labeled the battery efficiency and processor to work so much better that we are about to sees a rumored the most profound leap in battery life in an iphone to date. is that true? we'll find out. the other thing we have got coming out here in terms of rumors potentially ipads that could be refreshed, a mac book pro-could get larger. and apple down the road looking at apple tags which
3:40 am
would compete with tile as you know those are those tags you put on items such as your keys and can find them. apple apparently has that in the works. i don't think we will see that this particular day. steve: in other words you could find things with your iphone so you really can't lose your iphone otherwise you are not going to find anything. >> true. steve: all right. lisa: awesome. sounds cool. steve: it does indeed. all gets started in a couple hours on the west coast. kurt at cupertino. new iphones today. brian: i don't think this whole iphone thing going to catch on. i think it's just a fad. still ahead johnny damond is going to be here. gronk, condoleezza rice the first time all three have been together and marianne williamson wants to be the nominee for president of the united states. steve: we have good bookers on this show. nearly 500 illegal immigrants reportedly freed
3:41 am
from jail in one state despite having ice detainers on them. what's the state and how did it happen in the judge has that coming up next on this tuesday live from new york and washington, d.c. brian: you want to abolish ice, right? ♪ i will tell you once more ♪ before i get off the floor ♪ don't bring me down ♪ ♪ don't bring me down your refle. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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♪ [cheers] jillian: we begin with this close call. a humpback whale nearly collides with passengers on a tour boat in san francisco. the captain made a quick maneuver to avoid being hit. thankfully. and never seen this before. take ache a lot. a fisherman trapping this two ton lobste-toned lobster.
3:45 am
living at marine center along with a blue lobster and two calico lobsters. kind of cool. steve: thank you. meanwhile this morning immigration outrage as a new report claims nearly 500 illegal immigrants with ice detainers on them were released in sanctuary states across -- sanctuary counties, that should say, across north carolina in the last 10 months. reportedly among them, people who were wanted for kidnapping, assault, arson, and murder. brian: how could that be bad? here to weigh in fox news senior judicial analyst host of fox nation judge napolitano. the friction between ice and certain sanctuary counties is getting to intolerable level. >> i'm surprised this is happening in north carolina. and this is serious. this is not the case of people being released who are susceptible to demore station and the sheriffs who are releasing them because they finished serving their term for which the sheriff was confining them, failing to tell ice.
3:46 am
these are people charged with other crimes in north carolina for which the sheriffs are not rearresting them and releasing them. if an illegal immigrants is in jail for a bank robbery and is also charged with assault and finishes the bank robbery term he should be rearrested, reincarcerated and prosecuted for assault. that's not happening in north carolina. steve: that's right. >> it's a difficult thing to address. you would think the people of north carolina would be electing public officials would be concerned with their safety. guess what, they are not. steve: the sheriff? mecklenburg county a fellow by the name of sheriff gary mcfadden announced a while back he would no longer honor ice detainers. here is he defending the release of a number of the 500. >> nor any member of the mecklenburg county sheriff's office sets a bond or any amount of that bond or conditions to be released.
3:47 am
you may want to ask a judge the question and you may want to ask the magistrate the question on why bonds set so low in order for someone to be easily released from the detention center. i'm given a law. i'm going to follow that law. a detainer is not a law. a detainer is actually a request by a federal agency and not the law. steve: okay. the sheriff asked a judge. we have a judge here. why is the bail so low. >> i don't know why the bail is so low. this is the world turned upside down. i lived in this system when i was on the bench. it's very common for someone to be freed from the crime for which they were charged in your courtroom and other police there ready to arrest them for another crime. it is inconceivable that i would not have have delivered this person to the other police that were there to arrest them violate my oath to withhold the law.
3:48 am
something screwy going on in north carolina. if the bail is so low that these people are able to make bail. there has got to be a reason why. bail is normally not low when the charge is a crime of violence. >> but they don't cooperate with the federal government who are trying to take people who are wanted out of the country out of the country. >> that's a danger to the public safety. >> regarding that how do you think this shapes 2020? that's true going to be an issue come to a head. they didn't see the comments in north carolina last night. it's an issue that is going to come to a head. when and if these people committed more crimes while they are free, rather than incarcerated and awaiting trial. brian: north carolina a purple state, really matter. maybe it will flip the balance. lisa: it's a pleasure. best luck. there you go. got it. well a 9/11 widow for help. wedding rings blessed by
3:49 am
pope francis gone missing before the 18th anniversary of the terror attack. steve: that widow is going to join us live with how you can help. she desperately needs it. >> tech: at safelite autoglass, we really pride ourselves on making it easy for you
3:50 am
to get your windshield fixed. with safelite, you can see exactly when we'll be there. saving you time for what you love most. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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3:52 am
♪ lisa: welcome back. incredible bravery and sacrifice in the face of evil. america set to commemorate the 18th anniversary of the 9/11 thai attacks tomorrow. steve: our next guest lost her husband in the 9/11 attacks now raising a plea to her community. lisa: her diamond wedding ring blessed by the pope when he visited ground zero in 2000 13 has now been
3:53 am
stolen. steve: volunteer at ground zero danielle verone. first of all, tell us about the ring. >> i was kay co-workers house in west hampton and i had been working a 9/11 events coming up and working on preschool under construction and i was there from monday to tuesday. and we were in the house the whole time. i brought my two daughters and i didn't think anything about my rings because i was in the house. i put them -- habitual i put on the nightstand and because i didn't go out, i left them there. and it didn't dawn on me until wednesday when we left and i was sitting at the train waiting for the train to go back with my girls oh, i'm missing my ring. brian: you called somebody. >> i called my daughter and said can you go in the room i know where they're. take them because they live in the city as well and bring them in. she was like oh they are not there and then all of the sudden it was like who was
3:54 am
in the house and then it dawned on me there were cleaning people. so i thought okay, well, maybe they fell on the floor and they vacuumed them up. they had one of those central vacuums that go in the wall. so, i -- we looked into that and had the company come out and had the police come in. made a report. we are not accusing anyone but they were there and then they weren't there. steve: you just want them. >> the reality is i can go bay ring tomorrow. however, i put some of those diamonds which i had made an eternity band for michael at the time and i had met bob after that. and i took -- we had a little bands and i took the diamonds out of my little bands and i put them into the ring. i designed it from scratch. steve: it's beautiful. >> i'm not getting married again. i'm not going to have the pope bless it again. it's not the money. it's about the value of the sentimental. lisa: tell us about michael. >> well, michael, you know, i met him on 9/11 1999.
3:55 am
and i lost him two years to the day. we were only married a little more than a month. you know, he was my soul mate. we did everything together. ing i had to dedicate myself to creating memorial and making sure to secure the acreage for it. and we are so blessed to have that museum. and for me, it's very meaningful that i -- people are seeing how important it is that, you know, they see these rings and know what it means to me. lisa: these rings just have such a deep, deep meaning. steve: danielle, your friend is going through so much you are trying to help her find the ring. >> i am. i put it on social media, twitter. a lot of our 9/11 groups. and we have a gentleman who is from former nypd who has detective agency and private investigator firm now that has offered his services to help located her rings free
3:56 am
of charge. and so, the 9/11 community is really kind of come together again. everyone feels, regardless if you are, you know, like us, responders or volunteers or family members that you don't -- we always come together as a family. and you don't take people's memories. and that's what this is about. it's heart felt plea, no questions asked. just, please, whoever has the rings, just mail them, return them. no questions asked. lisa: on that note. i want to plug that information for those at home. if you know anything about, this these rings obviously have so much meaning. if have you any information contact ray who is a friend of the family 347-742-0431. very important. steve: right. we will have that particular phone number on our website. you can contact to us help them. monica and danielle thank you very much. lisa: thank you. i hope you find them.
3:57 am
>> thank you. i appreciate that. steve: good luck. that's hour one for "fox & friends." straight ahead former major league baseball player johnny damon, rob gronkkowski, former secretary of state condoleezza rice and marianne williamson. and i don't wait when i return, thanks to drop & go. at national, i can lose the wait...and keep it off. looking good, patrick. i know. (vo) go national. go like a pro. that's where i feel normal. having an annuity tells me my retirement is protected. learn more at retire your risk dot org. ♪ sleep this amazing?
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4:00 am
♪ get ride ♪ 'cause here i come ♪ get ready ♪ 'cause here i come. brian: how great a shot is that? who would think the summer is over. that seems like a summer shot as the sun comes up. we planned a big show today. hope we can fit it in next two hours. brian: who is going to tell rob gronkkowski we have no time for him. steve: major league baseball player and used to be on the apprentice. big fan of his. the gronk is going to be here and johnny is going to
4:01 am
be here and condoleezza rice and a woman who wants so badly to be president of the united states marianne williamson she moved to iowa to campaign in the first of the nation caucus. brian: you wonder if she can sustain herself if she can't be in the debate. not going to be in the debate this week. the third debated. lisa: she is harnessing love. brian: all part of her book all about love. we know. this politics of love. other people say love is a battlefield. great philosopher pat benatar. steve: she is not running for president. steve: at this point not. brian: field getting smaller though. another big story that might not be true that just made a lot of columbus. the cia slapping a repor slap sa report claiming president trump could have jeopardized safety. lisa: calling it misguided and inaccurate. steve: kevin corke live from
4:02 am
the white house. kevin it, all has to do with why the cia called back into the united states a spy. >> you are right on the money. this report out of cnn was fronted and sourced by jim sciutto. you probably have seen him on the air. is he a former obama official and frequent critic of president trump. the cnn report claims that the cia removed a top spy from russia over fear that they could be compromised by president trump. that the u.s. intelligence community didn't feel like it could fully trust the commander-in-chief to keep spies safe disturbing revelation certainly was the suggestion. but the cia's director of public affairs pushed back hard calling it misguided speculation that the president's handling of our nation's most sensitive intelligence, which he has access to each and every day, drove an alleged exfiltration operation inaccurate. you also mentioned the "new york times." they are also talking about this. former intelligence officials said there was no public evidence that mr. trump directly
4:03 am
endangered the source and other current personal officials insisted that media scrutiny the agency sources alone was the elm at the tis for thimpetus for the e the suggestion that the president may have perhaps come pro-mighted the identity or sources or methods is not a new charge by some on the left. what is new here is you had the "new york times" saying it's probably not true. certainly taking aim at that report by cnn as i'm certain the president and the white house do as well. we will talk about this more throughout the day. speak of the day. we have a very full day today. the president will be speaking in front of historically black colleges and universities at an event later today. he will also today meet with congressional republicans and there is an ambassador swearing in as the new ambassador to the u.n. is hailed by the put. that and much more on a very busy day here at the white house. for now guys, back to you. steve: indeed. kevin, just to recap what cnn said is this particular
4:04 am
spy was asked to leave the country. the worry was that donald trump could expose him as a spy. and then the "new york times" says the reason this guy was called back and it was before he actually sworn in as president because this guy apparently provided really good intel about russian medal ling in our election. >> you are right on the money. also keep this in mind. when you read that piece in the "new york times" i'm speaking of, understand that they do a great deal of digging on the suggestion by cnn. i thought it was a revealing piece and i think a lot of people will find it interesting. if you have a few minutes today, give it a look. brian: had a whole day to beat up on a president about a story that maybe not have been true at all. >> yeah. brian: kevin, thank you very much. the president of the united states was asked about it. he said listen the cia put a statement out. perfect statement i'm done. a lot of times he would sit there and harp on it.
4:05 am
they responded. i'm moving. steve: right. we're going to talk to mollie hemingway about that. just about 15 minutes from right now. in the meantime if you everywhere watching fox news channel last night. you know that the president united states was at the faithville crown expo center down there. there you can see the vice president of the united states. he was stumping for a couple of special congressional election candidates. one from the third district and the other from the ninth. in particular, he was stumping for dan bishop who is squaring off against democrat dan mccready and the president would like to hold that seat as a republican seat. >> what's interesting, president trump, as we know, ran in 2016 as a change candidate as a disrupter. now he is running on his record. this is what he had to say last night about that. america is winning again. and america is respected again. they they respect america.
4:06 am
[chanting u.s.a.] >> more americans are working today than the history of this country. the unemployment rate forunemple history of african-americans just reached an all time low in the history of this country. 7 million americans have been lifted off of food stamps. [chanting four more years] >> democrats are now the party of high taxes, high crime open borders, late-term abortion and socialism. i wish we could have gotten a larger arena than this. we tried. i was willing to stand out in the rain and get my hair soaking wet it. would have shown it's my real hair at least. i will say it's better than most of my friends who are the same age. [laughter]
4:07 am
brian: not mike pence. ainsley: he didn't name any names about the hair. the jury is out. brian: put a reporter to knock on doors and get to the bottom of it. brought up the contract between a lot of democrats and him. also over the weekend it was revealed the democrat strategy on taking on the president is kind of unique. they are not going to focus on what type of person he is. they are going to talk about what type of president he is. they are going to sit out and point out in their ads almost in a traditional way four years stop him and get him out. as opposed to he is a terrible person and he never should have been president that doesn't get anywhere. they want to attack his record. steve: right. what's going to get traction? is it going to be the economy because right now the economy is doing pretty well. is it going to be how he has prosecuted the war on terror, how he has tried to keep america safe? those will be interesting things to hear the democratic point of view which is counter to that. lisa: i think what is so interesting depending on the democratic nominee you could have someone whether it's such a contract between
4:08 am
president trump and eventual democrat nominee. newt gingrich was kind of hitting on this a little bit as well. listen to what he had to say. >> well, a lot of winning. it's important to recognize that no matter what the news media does, there is a core base of 44, 45% of the country frankly ignores all the noise focuses on what's working and then they watch the democrats promise basically to destroy it. you are going to have a contrast this wide between people who want to make america work and people who wants to cripple america. steve: that's one of the things the president walls saying when he was down in north carolina last night. of course, he is just trying to turn out the vote for two special congressional elections today. the big one is dan bishop vs. dan mccreedy, battle of the dans, which is pretty close as of the latest polling. that seat was left open after north carolina elections board found that
4:09 am
absentee ballot fraud had occurred nut november election. so that seat has been open. will it go the way of republican or democrat? we should know by this time tomorrow. brian: yeah. it might come down to what the president is able to accomplish over the next couple of months. you are not going to get anything in the winter or the springs. the usmca would help middle of america, especially the dairy farmers. the sense with suburban women they want something done on guns if nothing titanic. just something to add additional perspective whether it's protection, whether it's background checks or something else. and then there is a sense, too, this japsdz american trade deal would help the people in the south. let's seat if the congress can get something done. lisa: we will see if they want to get something done usmca could be a win for president trump. we have jillian mele with additional headlines. jillian is always a win for "fox & friends" and viewers at home.
4:10 am
jillian: good morning. begin with this story we are following. begin to working to removed a capsized cargo ship off the georgia coast. coast guard rescuing four people trapped inside the ship for more than 40 hours. clawed joined us earlier saying this is nothing short of a miracle. >> it's just amazing. >> so much credit goes to the u.s. coast guard for acting swiftly and rescuing those sea fairers. i can't imagine what it must have been like. jillian: working on eliminating any environmental impact. north korea test fires two new missiles into the sea. launch coming hours after the regime said it was willing to restart nuclear talks with the u.s. by the end of the month. the white house has not commented on the launch. which is the tenth of its kind since april. talks between president trump and north korean dictator kim jong un have
4:11 am
stalled since the leaders met at the dmz in june. two planned parenthood clinics are shutting down one month after the organization withdrew from title ten. planned parenthood pulled out of the federal funding program after a new rule would not allow them to refer women for abortions. title 10 provided nearly $60 million a year. both clinics in cincinnati will shut down after september 20th. how about this. take a look at this painting he of the virgin mary tears streaming down her face inside a chicago church. >> the priest says it could mean joy or sorrow. >> there is something that she is trying to tell us. so, we're going to just kind of maybe seal our lips and listen to what she has to say. >> some parishioners believe the tears are the sign of a potential miracle since the church is facing foreclosure. isn't that interesting? steve: i gather the tears weren't there before.
4:12 am
jillian: that's what it appears. steve: wow that is something. jillian, thank you. brian: major progress at the border. apprehensions down for the third month in a row. 50% since april. steve: it's still a big number. acting citizenship and director ken cuccinelli says there is more work to be done. he is going to join us live next. ♪ life changes ♪ ♪ banjo? (man) hey. go home. (woman) banjo! sorry, it won't happen again. come on, let's go home. after 10 years, we've covered a lot of miles. good thing i got a subaru. (man) looks like you got out again, huh, banjo. (avo) love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek.
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♪ brian: a number of illegal immigrants apprehended dropped for the third straight month. here with update ken cuccinelli acting director of immigration services. 66,000 came across in august. that number is really high. >> it is. brian: not high to where it was in april 140,000. how are you doing it? >> yeah. well, we are doing it -- there is no one silver bullet. the president has literally thrown every domestic and international effort he can at this. it's paid off. as you noted, brian, we are down more than 50% since may in just three months. i should point out that in the last 8 years, i think this is the only july-august period you can find where
4:17 am
the numbers go down instead of up. they went down 18,000 apprehensions. 82 to 64,000. this is really a testament to the president's aggressiveness in this area using every international and domestic tool we can to attack this problem. we have a long way to go. congress back from vacation. you know, they are the obvious people to really make long-term changes. brian: passing through committee to the senate. not sure what else on the agenda. on the wall, that's actually new that's being built on the wall? you have 3.6 billion from defense. you add about 2 billion from congress. what new is being built? >> well, first of all, the defense department number is up substantially. if you remember back when the president finally came out on top of one of the lawsuits where you had people trying to stop his use of defense department money, that was about
4:18 am
$2.5 billion. so, to get up to 3.6 billion more dollars is a big, big deal. we think it could push us almost up to 500 miles of new wall next year. we are really accelerating the expansion of the wall effort in part because now we have more dollars available. we also, by the way, brian, have gotten some private property rights through imminent domain and through negotiation that have allowed us to finally break ground. instead of a two year progress to break down. brian: we are talking about north carolina and sanctuary cities and problem this country since 1987. in north carolina in particular, they let loose 500 illegal immigrants despite ice detainers. what's going on here? >> you know, unfortunately this immigration issue used to be relatively bipartisan particularly on the security
4:19 am
side. now it's become this far left political club where have you sheriffs elected in mechanic cleanberg count mclenb. he runs for office. and he, to his mind, shows off to his -- the left side of his base by proclaiming, i won't help enforce the law when it comes to immigration law. what do we get? we get rapists, murders, gang members who flourish here because supposed law enforcement officers won't protect their own communities and the surrounding communities by turning demonstrated criminals over to ice to begin the deportation. brian: i love what senator thom tillis is doing pass a law allow illegal immigrants to sue cities and counties for damages. that seems very logical:
4:20 am
8th arrest of illegal immigrants in the past seven weeks. what are you guys doing? this is really your fault. >> yeah. absolutely it's their fault. look, montgomery county for your viewers is literally on the door stretch the nation's capital. it has over a million people in it. and barely more than a month ago they proudly proclaim themselves like their neighbors in pg county sanctuary counties. and they reject that title but that's what they are doing. they won't hand over criminals, demonstrated criminals. child rapists, literally in the last month rape and sexual assault have been frequent among these particular criminals. brian: right. >> that they haven't been turning over to ice. this makes communities less safe. i challenged their chairman to a debate. he wouldn't accept. he knows he would lose. brian: he would lose because
4:21 am
the facts are not on his side. ken cuccinelli hopefully the president will make you full time instead of just active. our next guest was a pilot. he talks to us next. saturdays happen. pain happens. aleve it. aleve is proven better on pain than tylenol. when pain happens, aleve it. all day strong.
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♪ ♪ brian: time now for news by the numbers featuring me. first more than 150,000. that's how many job openings there are at amazon. u.p.s. and wendy's. the companies are gearing up for the holiday season. amazon needs 30,000 workers. remember, they are delivering their own stuff now. and wendy's needs about 20,000 employees especially at the drive-thru as it prepares to roll out a breakfast menu. whose idea was that next $50,000 ho$50.
4:25 am
once they graduate. and finally zero dollars. that's how much a boy will pay for his trip to disney world. ditz any surprising germane belle with a free vacation after he spent all of the money he was saving to go to the theme park on food for hurricane dorian evacuees. and that is a great thing on all sides. steve? steve: tomorrow marks 18 years since september 11th, 2001. when america changed forever. lisa: from that day the panic and terror come true stories of resilience. one of those stories is captured in the broadway hit come from away 7,000 flight passengers were redirected to a small town in canada. >> on america on an island there is an airport. and next to it is a town called -- steve: that musical focuses on one flight on its way to dallas rerouted to gander
4:26 am
newfoundland. lisa: today we are honored to have the pilot of that flight beverly bass and one of the stranded passengers and founder of pay it forward 9/11 kevin turf. lisa: i'm sorry, kevin, i apologize for that beverly, start with you and how you came to this broadway hit. so you were a pilot. you are flying over the middle of north atlantic when you get word that one of the towers was hit. take us back to that day almost 18 years ago. >> right. i had left paris that morning. it was a beautiful day. and we were just about over the middle of the north atlantic when we heard on our air-to-air radios that one of the towers had been hit by an airplane. never thought it was an airliner. 20 minutes later we heard the second tower came hit. with that came the word airliner and terrorist attack. so shortly thereafter new york's airspace was closed and all of u.s. airspace was closed.
4:27 am
i was one of 38 airplanes that diverted to the tiny town of gander newfoundland on 9/11. steve: that's right it's been well-chronicled when you are on the airplane and they said all-american airspace is closed, beverly, you have got a 777 full of people behind you. what were you going to tell them? >> well, it was one of the hardest i ever had to make. i wanted it tell the truth even though i didn't know any details at the time. i didn't want to make up a mechanical problem. i didn't want to have to undo a story once we landed. so i told them there had been a crisis in the united states. we would be landing in gander newfoundland and i will get back with you with more information when we get on the ground. they handled that just beautifully it. didn't cause any problems. lisa: kevin, you were on a separate flight. >> that's right. our pilot was on. he said due to a terrorist attack, we will be landing in gander newfoundland.
4:28 am
lisa: what went through your mind when you heard that. >> this must be a mistake. sure enough, our flight. we took a short turn to the north it. looked like we were going to the north pole. we shortly thereafter landed in a town of 9,000 frcialg 90 countries sounded like hotels. >> there were only three hotels. community college, slept on the floor with my fellow passengers. that's kind of weird. but other people slept in churches. you know, they were so -- it was more than kindness. they were all about compassion. they engaged in the suffering of all of us who were out there. they brought us into their communities and let people come to their homes and take a shower. steve: we are looking at some of the images from 18 years ago when the world came to gander. and then you met beverly
4:29 am
years later because every couple of years a lot of the passengers, a lot of the crew members go back to gander because you had such a close bond to those people in canada. >> that's right. what was very clear is that, you know, even all the things they gave us food, clothing, shelter, and we tried to pay them. even our airplane, for example, at the community college they said here is the fundsphones we know you neeo dial down. ran up $3,000 phon $313,000 pho. the313,000 -- $13,000phone bill. i decided i can't pay them back but can i pay them forward. lisa: tell us about that. >> i started based on the movie and book pay it forward. so i would give out $100 bills. i had a small marketing agency in austin, texas. i would close the doors of my office, hand out $100 bills and go out and do random acts of kindness today. remind people it is the
4:30 am
anniversary of 9/11 that we said we would never forget. steve: you were at a community college sleeping on the floor. beverly, where were you. >> i was actually at the comfort inn. steve: you were one of the lucky people. >> i was. it was like being at the ritz carlton. they tried to put the airline crews in motel rooms of which there were only 500 in the town of gander. lisa: beverly you are part of a fox nation event. steve: documentary. lisa: runway of hope. take a listen to this. >> an incredible plane crashed into the world trade center. >> we were ordered to land immediately in gander, newfoundland. >> i heard there was a plane load coming. in the first thing i said is thank god they are coming here because i know they will be looked after here and they were. >> during a horrible, horrible time we were there and those people took care of us. we actually saw the best of humanity and the the worst of humanity on the same day. >> a way of hope a 9/11
4:31 am
story. steve: brings it all back, doesn't it. >> it really does. those people are so authentic and true and they serve as a bee con for how we are all supposed to live by the golden rule. steve: kevin, you pay it forward. you give people $100 bills. where do you get the money. >> well, it's through -- i used to own a company. steve: out of your own pocket. >> out of my own pocket. wonderful because of the musical. the producers have taken this tradition and expanded it to their now five companies, come from away london australia. all the cast and crew will be doing this tomorrow for fay forward 9/11. lisa: beverly and kevin, thank you for joining us. steve: hard to believe that was 18 years ago. >> i know. steve: still ahead on this tuesday mollie hemingway is going to join us live next. lisa: plus, it's the most adorable thing you will see all day. two toddlers running to give each other a hug. the story behind the video is next. ♪ i'm going to try
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and wherever your day takes you... we have advanced fuels for a better commute. and we're developing ultra-fast-charging technology for evs.. at bp, we see possibilities everywhere. so we can all keep advancing. >> a lot of my friends tell me i shouldn't support donald trump because i'm black. also they tell me i shouldn't wear the maga hat. so i wear the biggest maga hat. >> welcome back to "fox & friends." it's your shot of the morning. a north carolina man turning heads for what's on his. steve: president trump's war room twitter account tweeting this video of briceen gray wearing a gigantic make america great again hat. brian: it fits his head. it's just big. it's a lot of foam. greg showing off the hat ahead of president trump's rally in faithville. fayettevil. the video is going viral.
4:36 am
let's bring in mollie hemingway i i'm not sure she has ever seen a hat that size. mollie, do you have a monitor. steve: mollie? >> yes. sorry. brian: do you have a monitor there. >> yes. brian: were you surprised about the size of that hat. >> it's an impressi impressively large hat. steve: it is a baking hat from. that, mollie, were you impress you had with the cnn story by jim sciutto yesterday that apparently they pulled a spy, somebody spying for the united states in russia, they pulled them from russia because they were worried that donald trump could expose him as a spy? were you impressed with that? >> it's only impressive in that it is once again an incorrect story from cnn. jim sciutto obama operative had a lot to do with the russia collusion stories that have since been debunked and yesterday's was so exception. what's interesting about it
4:37 am
is that it was part of a trio of stories based on leaks from intelligence officials that seem to be preparing to out someone and so even though the stories that they're telling is not correct. there is an interesting story here. it has nothing to do with donald trump. exception that apparently this person was involved in sharing information about russia collusion or russia or something russia-related. steve: okay. >> it's not good that you have intelligence officials just leaking like sieves normally something they tend to protect. brian: interesting. here 16 seconds of jim sciutto breaking a story that didn't happen. >> person directly involved in the discussion said that the removal of the russian was driven, in part, by concerns that president trump and his administration repeatedly mishandled classified indigency which could then contribute to exposing the covert source as a spy. brian: the cia then responded. lisa: put out a pretty damning statement from the cia director to cnn saying
4:38 am
cnn's narrative of the central intelligence agency makes life or death decisions based on anything other than objective analysis and sound collection is simply false. misguided speculation that the president's handling of our nation's most sensitive intelligence, which he has access to each and every day drove an alleged exfiltration operation is inaccurate. mollie, pretty damning response there. >> it is damning in the sense that this exfiltration was first offered in 2016 before donald trump was president. this has nothing to do with trump. why was someone trying to make it sound like it had something to do with trump. i think it's because had you people who were not careful with a source. the "new york times" reports that it had nothing to do with the president but media inquiries. how did the media know about this person? i think there are two likely scenarios, one is inside the government. you had obama's intel chiefs running this russia operation. you also had people outside the government such as
4:39 am
fusion gps, which was claiming that it had sources highly placed in the russian government. these people were talking to the narrative to set forth this russia collusion narrative. walls it somebody inside the government or outside the government. perhaps both. perhaps they're both trying to point fingers and might trying to distract people by mentioning trump when really it might be an indication that you have inquiries going on whether it's the inspector general or the durham inquiries that are starting to expose shenanigans or misbehavior by intelligence chiefs or people outside the government who put forth this false and dangerous russian collusion narrative. steve: this goes to those suggestions of the deep state. are you talking about somebody inside the intel community essentially who has got -- you know, has the ear of these reporters who is just trying to make donald trump look bad, lose the election, and whoever their person is going to win? >> i mean, that's what the story of the russia collusion hoax has been all along. putting forth two reporters
4:40 am
who were too compliant or too wig to listen or not think critically, an agencies of treasonous collusion with russia. this gripped the nation for 2 to 3 years. sidelined the government and of course it was always sourced to anonymous obama. inside the government. bureaucrats currently or previously. this is something people are finally starting to look into with the inspector general and durham. i hope this flurry of leaks you are seeing is an attempt to get out ahead of a story before information comes out that looks pretty bad for them. brian: right. have you got to know that the russians have a way of following you once you leave their country. this person have you got to worry about security especially when stories like this come out. >> so dangerous and so irresponsible. i hope that the people who are leaking about this individual and the media who are just running wild with these leaks think a little bit about how this effects people's security. steve: all right. mollie hemingway trying to figure out what's going on.
4:41 am
jillian joins us with some news. jillian: that's right. following a number of stories. including this today divers are resuming their search for the final victim in the deadly california boat fire. the fbi launching a criminal investigation into the massive inferno. agents hoping to interview former passengers on the boat. to see what kind of safety information they were given on board and if they saw any violations. no criminal charges have been filed. 34 people died when the boat caught fire on scuba diving trip last week. a brave worker faces off with an armed robber. take a look at this. you can see a best buy employee fighting with the suspect outside of a store in california. they wrestle for several seconds before the crook pulled out a knife and pepper spray. the worker ran inside and was not hurt. the suspect got away with two cell phones. well, this will make your morning. the adorable hug that is sure to be the best thing you will see all day. two toddler bffs meeting up in new york city.
4:42 am
maxwell and fen began 2 years old partners in crime and they love to dance at music class. this video for obvious reasons is going viral because it is so stinken adorable little at tator tots. brian: republican dan bishop will join us live. >> the radical democrats want to dismantle, demolish and destroy everything that you have gained. that's why we need dan bishop. stain. soak your nasty jersey. it stinks! wash the really dirty clothes separately. remember -hard work builds character! new tide pods with upgraded 4-in-1 technology unleash a foolproof clean in one step. aww, you did the laundry! but you didn't fold it. oh, that wasn't in the note.
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4:45 am
>> we need everybody to get your friends, get your family, get your neighbors and get out and vote for dan bishop. steve: president trump rallying in north carolina last night on behalf of republican dan bishop who is running in a hotly contested
4:46 am
special election for house seat down there in the ninth district. north carolina congressional candidate, easy for me to say, dan bishop joins us right now from charlotte. dan, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. glad to be with you. steve: i heard you say last night you were on the fox news channel with our coverage. you said we are not tired of winning, mr. president. we want to keep winning. you would like to extend that through today, wouldn't you? >> absolutely. this is the day we have been working toward and the voters get their say today. steve: what is the choice between you and dan mccready who, by the way, we did invite and they have declined. what's the choice for the voters of the 9th district of north carolina? >> we have worked hard, steve, to offer voters a clear choice. and there is a contrast between a trump vision of a stronger economy and more jobs and border security and continued american exceptionalism and then my opponent represents nancy pelosi choice and elizabeth warren choice toward green
4:47 am
new deal, sanctuary cities, which she is specifically in favor of. and ultimately socialism. more government documentation of everything. that's the choice voters have. steve: we were thinking about you today because earlier we did a story with judge napolitano. one of the local north carolina television stations did this story that 500 illegal immigrants were released from north carolina jail with ice detainers, including some charged with sex offenses, kidnapping, arson and homicide and the detainers were ignored by state law enforcement officials. the whole idea is to call up ice and say hey, we have got somebody here. we are going to release them. they never called ice and they just released them. your reaction to that? >> well, steve, you know, that's new to north carolina. and the general assembly where i serve in the state senate we sought to fix that we passed legislation to require what's always been practiced which is that sheriff's departments will cooperate with ice. and let ice know if there is
4:48 am
a detainer for someone before they release them into the community. but some sheriffs have gone sanctuary city on us. and the governor vetoed that legislation and dan mccready said it was the right call. dan is totally wrong on that. i'm right on it, and he is wrong. steve: well, you know, we are talking about largely the sheriff in mecklenburg county, gary mcfadden who announced he would no longer honor ice detainers. do the people of mecklenburg county, do they want their county to be a sanctuary, dan? >> you know, steve, i don't think so. i mean, but that has turned out to be in part what this race is about. the sanctuary city's idea is new to north carolina. and i think it's outlandish. the notion that you are going to -- as you say wtve story is that 500 dangerous criminal illegals having been charged with serious crimes all subject to detainer requests were released back into the community. i think it's absurd and it's contrary to basic idea of
4:49 am
cooperation among law enforcement agencies and it has no place in north carolina. that's for sure. steve: all right. dan bishop, running for congress in north carolina. the ninth district. dan, thank you very much for joining us live. >> thank you, steve. steve: all right. meanwhile, exactly 11 minutes before the top of the hour. batting next on "fox & friends" two time world champion of baseball, johnny damon is here next. ♪ put me in, coach ♪ i'm ready to face the day ♪ look at me ♪ i can be ♪ center field >> tech: at safelite autoglass,
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4:52 am
♪ ♪ would you please welcome the symbol of resilience strength triumph and love our one and only big poppy red sox hall of famer number 34 david ortiz.
4:53 am
[cheers and applause] brian: a bit of a surprise there david ortiz surprising red sox yankees games marked first public appearance since he was shot and nearly died in the dominican republic a place where he calls home. steve: here with reaction retired baseball player and two times world series champion and once upon a time he was on the apprentice johnny damon. great to have you. >> great to be back. i'm 2004 season again. brian: get the beard total retro. >> that takes about two or three days. lisa: maybe you are one of the people president trump was talking about. steve: johnny, the entire red sox nation rallied behind david ortiz after he was shot down there. that was really something. >> oh, huge news. we were down in myrtle beach watching a big country concert and then we caught wind of it and, wow, it was
4:54 am
scary. and you see the video and how everything went. i'm glad he is doing okay. that's the first time we have seen him out. i normally go to his golf tournament down in the dominican republic and it's always a great time. they have great people. and it was just a shock. brian: also i thought it was pretty cool that he thanked the yankees because the yankees offered their support you were a red sox and yankee. love hate when you play but respect each other off the field. >> absolutely. these are the two best franchises in baseball. we want the red sox to make the playoff. i mean, it's just something special when the yankees and red sox go head to head. and they have got two more weeks to go. we will see what happens. brian: i don't think they get there absolutely not. lisa: you are headed to the white house next week where are you going. >> i'm going because i'm on the president's sports council for fitness and nutrition. alvarez missy ann trainor. going to go and take care of
4:55 am
kids run around the white house lawn. hit baseballs, run track, catch footballs, do all the great stuff. donald trump has been amazing on what he does. these kids will never have the opportunity to go to the white house and donald trump opens it up to people. lisa: criticized for that support. >> a little bit. i know what i believe in. and i'm very strong and working halder for your money. i'm still working. i made a lot of money playing basic. you know, i know what it's like to treat people, i know how to raise money for fundraisers. steve: dadamon foundation. >> absolutely. working on building boys and girls club. my buddy has a place in the abacos. i am sure we are going to be raising a lot of funds and stuff for them real soon. because the bahamas is like florida to us. they are family. we are going to help them out real soon. brian: man, they need a lot of help. lastly, there is this big
4:56 am
series of psas out there with this #i retire. 9 and 12-year-olds doing mock press conferences too much pressure on kids now in little league and basketball and soccer. and about 60% quit by ninth grade. is this a crisis? >> it is a crisis. you know, unfortunately the hurricane wiped out my son dash's first soccer game last week. but, you know, we want him to get out there. i try to get my kids outside all the time. let's go jump on the trampoline. let's go swimming. let's do everything. yes, it is a crisis. unfortunately there is not many safe parks that kids can go to. yeah they are building more and more. they have become entrenched by older kids and the young kids are afraid to go out and play. steve: johnny, we know you still are not afraid to play. we are ron gronkowski come in the next hour you want to stick around sports challenge. >> as long as i don't have to tackle him. brian: have to catch his passes. >> that's fine. i played some football until
4:57 am
warren knocked me out in high school. [laughter] steve: one hour from right now. johnnie is going to be in the next hour. also marianne williamson, condoleezza rice, and the gronk. ♪ sfx: upbeat music a lot of clothes you normally take to the cleaners aren't dirty dirty. they just need a quick refresh. try new febreze clothing quick dry mist. it eliminates odors and refreshes lightly-worn clothing. breathe happy febreze... la la la la la. . .
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improve our workflow. attract new customers. that's when fastsigns recommended fleet graphics. yeah, and now business is rolling in. get started at ♪ brian: one of the great personalities in sports. rob gronkowski, respected by his teammates. played big when he had to. on sunday night when they unveiled the super bowl trophy for the 2019 super bowl champion new england patriots in street clothes was rob gronkowski next to tom brady who is still in uniform. i'm wondering how soon gronkowski will come back. steve: he is not coming back. brian: no? steve: this is one the biggest
5:01 am
topics people are talking about in their leisure time, cbd. a lot of people swear by it. they think it relieves a lot of pain. he will talk about the need to be okay for professional athletes to use cbd. lisa: if that wasn't enough, we have condoleeza rice and 2020 democratic candidate, marianne williamson a huge, huge show, when it comes to secretary of state, she is as big of a knowledgeable football fan as you can get. they were talking about her as we have roger goodell got it as nfl commissioner. she was in san francisco before she became national security advisor she used to watch tapes with stanford's coach, bill walsh. she would go in watch tape f you want to break down tape with rob gronkowski, condoleeza rice is perfect one to do it. steve: if you have a question for marianne williamson, she has a new book out called, "the
5:02 am
politics of love." she will be with us in 15 minutes. if you have a question we might ask her that coming up. lisa: you know who didn't get much love? democratic candidates. president trump at last night's north carolina rally. listen to him. >> america is winning again and america is respected again. they respect america. [cheers and applause] >> usa, usa. >> more americans are working today than ever before in the hit of our country and the unemployment rate for african-americans just reached another brand new, yesterday, all-time low in the history of our country. [cheering] more than seven million americans have been lifted off of food stamps. >> four more years! four more years!
5:03 am
>> democrats are now the party of high taxes, high crime, open borders, late-term abortion and socialism. i wish we could have gotten a larger arena than this. we tried. i was willing to stand out in the rain to get my hair soaking wet. it would have shown it is my real hair at least. it is better than most of my friends who are the same age. [cheering] steve: the reason he said that as he rallied the crowd, banner says, is because originally they were going to do that particular rally at the fayetteville airport but then they got reports weather would be bad, rainy. you get a bigger crowd at the crown expo center. standing room only, according to the president there were thousands of people outside. brian: he will do something for the black colleges today. i'm seeing with the, number of african-american voters out there today, who have a recent to look at their paycheck, look
5:04 am
at their career, say i'm doing better, i wonder if the republicans and president in particular will make an evident to go to inner city and black communities to get the vote out for him, make a true effort, which i haven't seen for a republican candidate in 20 years. lisa: this is different election as i mentioned earlier on the show for president trump. in 2016 ran as a disruptor. he is running on his record. to your point, making the case to voters particularly african-americans. low unemployment rates this is a message. steve: historic. lisa: this is the message he will be driving. brian: this morning the cia is slamming a report by cnn claiming that president trump could have jeopardized a russian informant's safety, he was inside russia. lisa: cia calling it inaccurate. steve: kevin corke live on the two reports. they tell different stories. could they both be right? reporter: i will say no, i will
5:05 am
couch it by saying this, anytime there is a report you will get pushback. the real question for cnn what was the ultimate, let's say source on this particular story? by the way in case you didn't see it, jim shuoto former obama administration official, fronted the source of this story, effectively saying that the president was not trusted by the intelligence community. let me tell you about the story, has fating one to say the least. he suggested that the cia removed a top spy from russia over fear they could be compromised by president trump ic, inside the beltway, intelligence community felt they couldn't trust the commander-in-chief to keep our spies safe. a disturbing revelation if true. the cia is pushing back forcefully in the suggestion in the cnn report this is speculation that the president's handling of our nation's most sensitive intelligence which he has access to each and every day drove an alleged exfiltration
5:06 am
operation is inaccurate. "new york times" also did a deep dive on this story, really basically made this point. it was the media that perhaps led to the exfiltration of this particular individual. it said this. former intelligence official said there was no public evidence that mr. trump directly endangered the source and other current american officials insisted that media scrutiny of the agency sources alone was the impetus for the extraction. that is a complication to say the least for a couple of reasons. first of all you're suggesting maybe because the media was trying to figure out who the source may be and what the source may or may not know about possible russian interference in the 2016 campaign may have led to the exfiltration. but if you pardon me, that is debatable according to "the new york times." certainly heard the president say briefly yesterday, i have a lot to say about it. cia made the statement. we're standing by that. interesting, we'll watch the
5:07 am
story throughout the day. we're making cause as we speak to see what else we can find out from the administration's perspective here at fox news. i mentioned earlier, guys, the president has a busy day. you heard brian talk about the hbcus, historically black colleges and universities. he will have a speech today on that. we expect the president to meet with congressional lawmakers from the gop and welcoming a new u.n. ambassador. another busy day here at the white house. we appreciate you watching it with us. back to you. brian: we cannot wake for him to walk in front of the chopper giving a press conference walking up and down the line. will he have a chance to do that today? reporter: i will cross my fingers, say probably. always makes my job easier when he gets out in front of the cameras. steve: kevin, thank you very much. according to the russian spy was being pulled out, when the u.s. government, cia people, said listen we're worried about your safety according to "the new york times" after such granular detail has been exposed regarding russia collusion.
5:08 am
it was about how russia meddled in our election we think you should leave. he said no. according to "the new york times" he was going to stay. until later they came back we're getting media inquiries we're worried about your safety. he said okay, fine, i'm going to go. he did. brian, the safety of the guy, one network knocked on a door yesterday, i'm not going to say where, feeling that is where the guy lived. he is worried about his safety. apparently, according to the story, shortly after somebody knocked on the door, a couple guys got out of an suv, said, hey, what are you doing, something like that. brian: they're hot on the trail. many people know who it is. steve: the suggestion this person is being protected by the federal government. lisa: cia statement they came out with, really hitting that hard. you know who also hit the story hard is mollie hemingway. we spoke to her earlier. listen what she had to say.
5:09 am
>> this exfiltration was first offered in 2016 before donald trump was president. this has nothing to do with trump. we know these people were talking to the media to set forth the russia collusion narrative. whether someone inside of the government, obama government, or perhaps outside the government. perhaps both. they are trying to point fingers, trying to distract people by mentioning trump, really might be an indication inquiries going on whether inspector general, durham inquiry starting to expose shenanigans misbehavior by intelligence chiefs or people outside the government who put forth this false and dangerous russia collusion narrative. brian: i sense molly is pursuing this. i sense she has an angle. steve: it makes perfect sense, why would the two stories so different, apparently both outfits working on a while, why would they both come out yesterday, be so wrong, you know, parts of the cnn story,
5:10 am
according to "the new york times" contrary to that, so maybe there is somebody who is trying to put out the story at the highest levels or at some level of the intel community. lisa: as mollie pointed out we're all awaiting the fisa report by the inspector general as well as the durham investigation. brian: meanwhile i'm waiting for jillian mele's report. jillian: i'm waiting for to you toss it to me. brian: officially tossed. jillian: thank you very much. talk about the news happening overnight as crews working to remove a capsized cargo ship off the georgia coast. the u.s. coast guard rescuing four people trapped inside of the ship for 40 hours. former merchant marine captain joined us earlier. he said this is nothing short of a miracle. >> it is just amazing. so much credit goes to the u.s. coast guard for acting swiftly and rescuing those seafarers. i can imagine what they felt like in the dark hold of the ship, wondering what is going to
5:11 am
happen. jillian: the south korean company that owns the vessel, it is focusing limiting any environmental impact. the ntsb is investigating. a judge could set general michael flynn's sentencing date today. the former national security advisor is set to appear in court for a status hearing. flynn pleaded guilty to lying to investigators in 2017. he agreed to cooperate with authorities in exchange for a light sentence. a judge has twice delayed his sentencing to allow him time to fulfill his obligation. overnight the creator of the infamous storm area 51 event calls it quits. two million people said they would attend his event on facebook. roberts pulling out over the festival over concerns about logistics and permits. however the other organizer says there will be a party on september 20th. a veteran going to extreme heights to preserve warplanes.
5:12 am
>> david: gallup maintains two dozen jets at the museum in colorado. he says it's a tribute to his fellow servicemembers. >> incredible they did that kind of stuff. it was really fun and an honor to really work on these kind of airplanes. jillian: he has been taking care of the planes for 20 years. back to you. steve: keeping history in the sky. thank you, jillian. you heard 2020 democrat marianne williamson on the debate stage and the campaign trail. >> collectivized -- this president is bringing up. steve: so she is running for president and we're going to talk to her. we'll talk to marianne williamson straight ahead. if you have a question, straight ahead, email us ♪
5:13 am
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depend® fit-flex underwear for all day fun... features maximum absorbency, ultra soft fabric and new beautiful designs for your best comfort and protection guaranteed. life's better when you're in it. be there with depend®. ♪ >> we had a meeting scheduled. it was my idea. when i heard, very simply, that they killed one of our soldiers and 12 other innocent people, i said, there is no way i'm meeting on that basis.
5:17 am
there is no way i'm meeting. brian: that was the president yesterday being critized for planning and canceling a secret talk, some people are criticizing, other people are praising him with taliban leaders at camp david along with the sitting afghan government but supporters say whatever the president's shortcomings on this they fail in comparison to 2020 front-runner joe biden track record when it comes to iraq. how would president biden handle the middle east region? here to discuss it, former cia counterterrorism officer, director of upcoming film, dan gabriel. we love to get out but maybe not in our best interest to leave the terror laden region, when it comes to iraq, vice president biden was in charge of the withdrawal. he was warned about what? >> conventional wisdom vice president biden is the grownup in the room in terms of the democratic field. actually that is incorrect. if you look at robert gates, former secretary of defense in
5:18 am
his memoir he says biden was wrong on every issue last 40 years related to foreign policy. in iraq, biden voted for iraq war, he opposed surge and oversaw the drawdown under obama administration that eventually led to isis. brian: here is the exact quote from robert gates comes to joe biden and foreign policy. i think he is wrong every nearly foreign policy national security issue four decades. voted against first war and. he was warned maliki is shia. he will eradicate all the sunnis. not going to work. he has got an agenda. he is very tight in iran. we should not pull out now. he didn't listen. >> right. this is exactly the point. i think, president trump was right to run on this issue. he was right in supporting operation inherent resolve. really giving the military the tools that they needed to fight and ultimately defeat isis in
5:19 am
mosul. brian: here is the quote. prime minister maliki is highly untrustworthy, mr. president. biden and assistants listened politely. as i spoke i was convinced i was making no headway in your film looks through the eyes of iraqis as they took back their country. isis took back 40% of the country. >> mosul is the last battle of iraq war. it's a teaching point. we need to learn from it. there are lessons that apply to afghanistan as well. brian: as much as you want to say we're done, we're out of here, as they say the enemy gets a vote. as you leave there are consequences. you know that as a cia guy. does the american government know that? >> i hope they do. i think administration does that. president trump was very smart to cancel the meeting at camp david with the taliban but we can't criticize the administration negotiating with the taliban, these guys because look, this is how wars end. they enter diplomatic and
5:20 am
political negotiations. we can't stay there forever. brian: i appreciate it. look forward to seeing your movie. dan gabriel. it is called, "mosul." we'll see how it plays out through iraqi eyes. >> thanks, maryian williamson made a big splash in the public with her run for president. it is quite unique. she won't be on the debate stage this week. is she being forced out. race as some who are not on the stage claim? she is here live to answer that question. ♪ let's get down to business.
5:21 am
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5:24 am
stage for one night after the dnc rules eliminated some candidates including our next guest who is still steamed about it. brian: democratic presidential candidate marianne williamson author of this new book, "politics of love." handbook for new american revolution. she joins us right now. >> so nice to be here. thank you for having me. brian: what has the whole political process to this point done for you and your profile? how has it changed it? you were known but known in a different way. >> i was known in a world where people loved you and bought things from you. now i'm in a world where a lot of people hate you, you know -- [inaudible]. you know, it is tough out here. what i feel, i would say that i feel that i've learned the system is even more corrupt than i knew and people are even more wonderful than i hoped. lisa: to that point you had told "the new yorker" you didn't know the left was this mean. you didn't know they lied like this. what did you mean by that statement and why did you say
5:25 am
it? >> i don't mean the left in some generic sense. i meant that i have seen on the left as on the right there are too many people who do not recognize how important honorable debate is in a democracy. you can disagree with somebody's opinion but that doesn't mean you should be shutting them down or lying about them or misrepresenting their views. that is not a left-right issue. and i've, you know, there is a rough-and-tumble in politics. lisa: do you feel abandoned by your party? >> pardon? lisa: do you feel abandoned by my party? >> no i don't feel ad ban dodd by my party. i'm a passionate democrat. if you have a problem in the family don't come out and talk about it outside the family. i will not come on fox and badmouth. the dnc has its rules. i signed up for this. i am playing by the rules. this would be true about the republican establishment as much as the democratic, i think
5:26 am
parties should facilitate the process of democracy, not in any way dictate the process of democracy. so i'm in a situation, for instance where particularly because i'm a non-establishment candidate, people need time to think this through. i think people, it is earlier in the process than, you know the political establishment sometimes okay, let's get this thing going but that is not necessarily where the voters live. the voters are still thinking this through. let's not narrow the choices before we need to. steve: you live where the voters live. you moved, lock, stock and barrel to be there in the first of the nation caucus. for people unfamiliar with you, at your gatherings, most candidates like, big noisy crowds, your crowds are quiet because they're meditatingth thinking about going on. >> you're talking about one i did yesterday. yes it was in a space where there was a meditation. it was very beautiful actually. i have a lot of noisy rallying too. that is part of what america is
5:27 am
about, democracy. it's a food thing. steve: for people unfamiliar what you stand for, what is your signature issue? >> well you know i think there are issues underneath the issue you. i think that deeper issue is that we have lost our sense we're all on the same team. we're lost, we've lost our sense. sometimes we get there when there's a tragedy, like we'll be commemorating tomorrow. we were all just americans that day. we have to start from that place, you know. president eisenhower said the american mind at its best is both liberal and conservative. i grew up in a home, my families were democrats, leftists, but there was no sense i was going up that the other side of the aisle was an enemy. steve: where did it come from? >> i think it came from a lot of places on both the left and the right. if somebody said what would your inauguration day be, i hope a day, let's give each other emotional amnesty. there will be people --
5:28 am
steve: i like that, emotional amnesty. >> can we start over with for giveness in our hearts? lisa: you received a lot of criticism about things you said on health issues. >> well -- lisa: you say you support vaccines, you called mandatory vaccination doctor cronian. you compared it to pro-choice laws about the government not telling people what to do with their bodies, if you support vaccinations why did you make the comment back in june? >> i was living in california the conversation there had to do with mandatory exemptions and so forth. lisa: should they be mandatory? >> pardon? lisa: should they be mandatory? >> this is the issue, anytime medical intervention both benefit and risk, government must come down on the side of public health. i think the state government in those cases have to make the own scientific analysis feels what it feels right for public health. i support that. when i made the comment, it was a sloppy comment. brian: so you regret the comment? >> yes. brian: you have a proposal, department of peace.
5:29 am
>> yes. brian: we used to have a department of war. it is now secretary of defense, department of defense. with will the peace department do? >> even donald rumsfeld said we need to wage peace. general mattis said before he left the defense department, if you don't fully fund the state department i will have to buy more ammunition. look at the defense budget, $750 billion, then there is the state department at 40 billion. within the state department, 17 billion for humanitarian assistance and less than one billion for peacebuilding. so the way i look at it, we need a holistic approach to society, just like we do to the body. you don't spend all of your resources on medicine. you have to also cultivate health. sickness is absence of health. health is not the absence of sickness. war is the absence of peace. peace is not the absence of war. you have to proactively cultivate peace. you can't just endlessly prepare for war and hope you back up into peace. steve: sure. marianne, right now, when you look at polls, joe biden is way
5:30 am
ahead. can joe biden, if he is the nominee for the democratic party, can he beat donald trump. >> we're going to make sure that he does because there are millions of us who feel very, very strongly. we want a democrat in the white house. steve: is joe biden the guy to do it? >> if we could predict this, hello. if anything, we know about american politics is that no one can predict, particularly now. but i am 100% committed to democrats winning. lisa: have you been impressed with his candidacy so far. >> i'm not a candidate who wants to -- steve: you're a spiritual advisor. would you give him spiritual guidance if he is listening. i bet they clip this up, if you had advise for joe biden what would it be. >> my hope for joe biden and for all the other candidates show up as the best in this process. democracy is best served giving most who they are, what they believe. that is when mesh wins. i wish him well. i wish all candidates well. i will be doing my own, they
5:31 am
will do their thing on thursday night. i hope they all do well, i hope peep go to marianne 2020. brian: what are you doing? , streaming something live? >> yes. right afterwards. >> steve: like a counter point? >> my own offing. that is what debate is. steve: check out the book, "politics of love." marianne williamson. >> thank you. steve: up next, former secretary of state condoleeza rice will joint us on the couch. then the gronk and johnny damon. ♪ emu & doug with this key to the city. [ applause ] it's an honor to tell you that liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. and now we need to get back to work. [ applause and band playing ]
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♪ steve: former new england patriots star rob gronkowski retired from the league back in
5:35 am
march after nine-year stellar nfl career, included career receiving records and three super bowl wins. lisa: for now the former tight end is part erring with a cbd products company advocating players be able to use the products. brian: retired for now, player, rob gronkowski joins us, fresh off the super bowl ceremony in new england. lisa: got the for now comment. brian: in street clothes. rob, good to see you. >> nice to see you. love it. retired for now. it is always, people yesterday, people were saying calling me half-retired. brian: right. >> that is hilarious. brian: we saw the press conference, rob, you said for now you need a break from the constant grind of the pain you were in. people thought you were out of pain now, you might want to get hit again? >> they really do, love to see action. i'm watching the game of football, i'm very intrigued about the action. like all the hits. now, as a fan, now watching i
5:36 am
understand. i mean i understand the glory of the game as a fan because you don't really get that anywhere else. once a week, 12 games on. then college football too, every win is running full speed at each other. it is very interesting. i used to go out there and do. >> how interesting is it to be on the outside? >> it is not that weird to me. i accepted it that i'm on the outside. i'm enjoying it but i mean, it was just very interesting to watch, wow i was one of those guys running full speed at each other, seeing big hits and everything. it is pretty cool. steve: now you teamed up with a cbd company and you know, one of the things people in their '50s and '60s, '70s are talking about all the time these days is cbd. a lot of people find relief for chronic pain, things like that. how do people regarding cbd, there are many different delivery systems out there, how do they figure out what is best
5:37 am
for them, whether gum or thing you do under your tongue, a patch or cream, what the correct dose is? >> well, the company i teamed up with, cbd medic, abacus health, it is topical cream. it has camphor in it, has menthol in it, about six other natural ingredients in it along with the cbd. and if you apply that on to a area that is needed, it takes away, gives thaw relief temporarily. steve: is it for muscles, joints? >> muscles, joints, arthritis, muscle pain, muscle bruises. brian: is it working for you? >> yes, it is working great. it is not going to heal something like a major, absolutely the injury, but you get muscle sprains, muscle bruises. i'm still active, waking out. you wake up, you're sore, apply it to the area.
5:38 am
instantly nice relief. you can go throughout the day. i haved ha a story, i jammed three of my toes playing soccer, black and blue. i have picture of my toes, black and blue. putting shoe on is brutal. who wants to put the shoe on. i apply the cream to my toes. it gives me relief. put my shoes on, going throughout the day doing what i have to do soccer is somehow. lisa: antonio brown. i've been watching this controversy. a lot of us have, got to get your opinion on it, what do you think? brian: he joined patriots forcing a release from the raiders. you were at the patriots game as they crushed steelers. >> the patriots performed well, looked really good, offense, defense, special teams, all three phases of the game. the gameplan was excellent. lisa: should they have brought him on? >> patriots always bring on players like that, do a great job. bill runs, bill is a unbelievable head coach and knows how to handle situations
5:39 am
like that. brian: what if he tapes one of bill belichick speeches inside locker room, like he did in pittsburgh. >> it will be interesting news from there. lisa: or recording a phone call. brian: at super bowl, you were in it every year, super bowl couple years ago i went in the van with the party family. you have craziest family ever in most fun way. >> yes. brian: here is a little of the moment, i saw how the gronks party. >> let's see it. brian: tell me what happens. [shouting] >> how long ago? that was -- [inaudible] >> party hard, party hard, when you're not partying hard, you need to prep yourself to party hard. [laughter]. >> that is the brother. that was dana. still making tv. brian: still out there. you were out there practicing studying film, your family
5:40 am
having the time of your lives. how much fun they enjoyed your career? >> my dad for sure. you know, it is just supercool. it is super neat. just, go out there and perform and be able to have the support that i was having throughout my whole family, my parents and everything. everyone coming to the game, celebrating. not just them coming to celebrate, i'm living it up too, which is great, which is cool. i, i was the fourth brother in my family. i used to go to their games too. i would live it up when i was younger. when my brothers were in college i was running around the games in the parking lot, getting myself in trouble. we all did it. we support each other. at the same time we did it with the fun. steve: you still-to have fun. how would you like to stick around and try to hit the ball off johnny damon? >> i'm down. i'm ready to go. i'm ready to go. i'm going to try to hit a home run. he will try to catch a touchdown
5:41 am
for me. steve: hit a home run through new york city. >> that is what i'm talking about. brian: if you get hurt you have cbd oil to rub on. >> my poor little muscles, rub it on, i'm back up to the plate, baby. whoo. steve: coming up this half hour, ladies and gentlemen, take a look at this, former secretary of state condoleeza rice. i'm sure you know gronk. [laughter]. was extremely depressing. now, i know how happy i am. there was all the feeling good about myself that i missed. i wish that i had gone to aspen dental on day one and not waited three years. at aspen dental, we're all about yes. like yes to flexible hours and payment options. yes to free exams and x-rays for new patients without insurance. and yes, whenever you're ready to get started, we are too. call now at 1-800-aspendental.
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5:45 am
with the taliban and the sitting government. sitting with us is somebody that has seen it all, lived it all, former secretary of state under george w. bush, author of the economics. better world, choices to end the cold war, to create a global commonwealth. i think was a almost a simpler time, miss secretary. >> seems like it. brian: do you think the president made a good move to invitation to camp david number one and canceling to the conference, number two? >> let me speak to the canceling of the conference. it was a good decision. i am frankly relieved. all the signs were that the taliban was not serious about an agreement acceptable to us. the signs were they wouldn't even stalk to the afghan government, which has been our partner, democratically elected government for decade 1/2.
5:46 am
they would not make guaranties not having terrorists come back on their territory. we really can't sign an agreement that will undo all of the fines over the last 18 years. so i was relieved, as to camp david i would have probably chosen another venue, particularly this week as we look tomorrow to the anniversary of 9/11. it is not that camp david is in some sense sacred in that way. plo was probably a terrorist organization when arafat went there but the timing wasn't ideal. lisa: what do you make of the president's personal diplomacy approach, willingness to sit down with the taliban? >> if in fact looked like there was a good deal to close, all wars have to end and presidents have to be end them. i never-minded the president has to do personal diplomacy. you have to make sure it is well-prepared. when you have the president of the united states to go in, something has to happen. lisa: is it well-prepared? >> looks to me if this one was not quite there.
5:47 am
i know him very well. he worked for me. he is a capable negotiator. brian: born in afghanistan. >> born in afghanistan. knows the culture, but seems to me had kind of impossible task at this point to try to find an agreement that was acceptable to us. the taliban i also think had begun to think we wanted an agreement more than they did because of all that has been said, not just in this administration about pulling out troops, remember the pulling out troops goes back to the obama administration and so they have known for a long time america wants to end this war. i think they thought we would end it on any terms. steve: absolutely. that is what we're talking about right now. you in your new book, to build a better world, look back at the cold war, the last 40 years of, what is the main takeaway for you in describing what you have tab keled here? >> the main takeaway is one i think relevant to what we're looking at in afghanistan. in order to bring that better
5:48 am
world about in 1989, '90s, 91, germany will be unified 30 years next year. we had to be patient, resilient. they stayed in europe from 1945, for 45 years until germany was unified. we have been in korea since 1953 to make sure that korea and the korean peninsula stays peaceful. i think the real lesson of this book you can have great diplomacy which we did at the end of cold war with george h.w. bush and brent scowcroft and jim baker helmut kohl. >> and the germans which were so extraordinary. it was a basis of friendship, alliance, 45 years and american steadfastness, willing to stay the course until the terms were right. that's a lesson for any diplomat in any day. steve: to build a better world," it's a great sentiment and great
5:49 am
dream. we have gronk and johnny damon. we need a referee. >> i'm there. brian: you're coming out with us? >> i am coming out with you. steve: condoleeza rice the referee as we take on those two guys live on fox square. saturdays happen.
5:50 am
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>> north carolina heading to the polls today for a special election that could be a bellwether for trump in 2020. plus, congress back in session and the gun debate coming to a head. where democrats could get some gop support. the coast guard coming to the rescue of final four crew members trapped on board of a capsized cargo ship. what we're learning about their condition. big three hours coming up, join bill and me live from "america's newsroom," top of the
5:53 am
hour. steve: all right. so what happens when two professional athletes compete in each other's sports? we're about to find out. brian: both played in boston. secretary of state will be here to referee, decide who the better athlete is. rob gronkowski, getting taller by the day and former major league baseball player, johnny damon how feel is endlessly sexy. secretary of state condoleeza rice. madam secretary, we made the rules. tell me fit is okay with you. three swings, three catches. >> i think that is perfect. brian: will you make the decision who is the best athlete? >>, a it sly l. steve: we're getting out of here. it could be dangerous. >> three pitches, three swings, three homers. brian: rob, when was last time you played baseball? >> high school. about 12 years ago. i still got it down. steve: johnny damon, first one.
5:54 am
strike one! whoa! steve: one more swing. >> that was a base hit! a base hit,! steve: right here. quick analysis. >> look, .300 hitter is pretty good. he is one of three. give him a passing grade. steve: come on down here. brian: move to the football field. which is kind of odd. we're leaving turf to go to the football field. steve: here is the football. it's a little slippery out here. the whole idea is now for rob to throw the ball to johnny damon. it can be a show which throw. >> it's a little wet.
5:55 am
that is okay. 10 yards a little skinny post. brian: does he know what that means? >> he got it. brian: when is last time you played football? >> 25 years ago. brian: why did you stop playing football? >> warren sapp knocked me out coming across the field. he was all american tight end. >> hey. oh. brian: come back, johnny. >> one touchdown. all right. brian: send him on a different pattern. >> we'll do a fade route. hike. behind the shoulder. oh. brian: madam secretary, pick the pattern. >> crossing pattern. >> crossing. i like it. >> crossing pattern.
5:56 am
steve: brian is going to be defense, all right? a little surprise. >> here we go. i will go past him. >> don't hurt yourself, brian. don't pull a hammy. >> hail mary. i'm quarterback running down. brian: all right. there is only one way. steve: quick timeout after the break. former secretary of state condolezza rice is big winner. she we tell us who is the wig inner, johnny damon, rob gronkowski. ns my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex - now in triple strength plus magnesium. upbeat music♪ no cover-up spray here. cheaper aerosols can cover up odors in a flowery fog.
5:57 am
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5:59 am
when i needed to create a better visitor experience. improve our workflow. attract new customers. that's when fastsigns recommended fleet graphics. yeah, and now business is rolling in. get started at >> who is the winner? >> three for three, that's pretty good. baseball and then football. this guy is a little older. >> oh!
6:00 am
>> wooh! >> bill: that was classic. good morning. fox news alert. pivotal race could be a test for 2020. here we go. last-minute pitch in north carolina, will it make the republican a winner? good morning. the team is back together in new york city. we got smitty here. >> sandra: we have three hours. anything can happen. i'm sandra smith. president trump unleashing on democrats in a rally in fayetteville. bishop against mccready. the two candidates vying for a vacant ninth congressional district seat. >> bill: the president making illegal immigration an issue and slammed democrats. >> president trump: tomorrow


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