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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  August 17, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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eats. that is all-time we have tonight. i am jason chaffetz, order my new book power grab. it goes on sale december 3rd. shannon bream, take it from here. have a great weekend. >> i am shannon bream in washington. we begin with a fox news alert, donald trump keeping the feud with the so-called squad of progressive congresswomen alive and well suggesting congresswoman rashida tlaib set up the israeli government, they called her bluff. the squad's firing back. breaking news from jeffrey epstein's legal team reacting to autopsy results ruling is that the suicide vowing their own investigation, we have late breaking news. the ninth circuit has handed planned parenthood a big defeat, the country of stop abortion providers is come monday it will
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be forced to drop out of the title x government funding program now that the trumpet ministration is making a choose between taxpayer dollars or continuing to perform abortions, details of that minutes away. rashida tlaib so she will not visit her elderly grandmother in the west bank even though she requested the israeli government granted her request to do so. donald trump says that is a complete set up of the government there. where do things stand right now? >> reporter: a scheduled visit of two us congresswomen to the middle east sparked a fiery political debate about the role the united states should play in the israeli-palestinian conflict. rashida tlaib turned down an offer to travel to israel on a humanitarian visa. last night after being denied standard entry to israel along with representative omar, she signed a letter to the interior ministry saying she would not promote a cut to the jewish state if she was allowed to visit. this morning humanitarian
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exception was made for the purposes of allowing rashida tlaib to visit her elderly grandmother in the west bank. shortly after the decision she tweeted silently me and treating me like a criminal is not what she wants. it would kill a piece of me. i decided visiting my grandmother under these oppressive conditions stand against everything i believe in, fighting against racism, oppression and injustice. the decision sparked criticism among republican politicians who said she was using her appeal for self-promotion. thousands of miles from washington dc since the house of congresswoman rashida tlaib's grandmother, the location she was supposed to visit on her trip to the region. this week has been filled with daca visas and government travel, the ordeal highlights the broader problem for the palestinian people. >> translator: they present her because they know she's coming here with a delegation, the suffering of the palestinian people and the occupation on the
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people's lives here. >> reporter: the congresswoman's grandmother said she was excited for her visit but supports the decision not to come. >> translator: going to prepare for her. i hope to see her. >> reporter: as for a response from the israelis the interior ministry tweeted about her her hate for israel overcomes her love for her grandmother. this congressional visit to israel highlights a broader divide between the israelis and palestinians. the trump administration is working on a peace plan for both groups, needing only the supportive politicians in washington but those on the ground who will be affected. >> donald trump meeting with top security officials about the path forward in afghanistan. just started a meeting on afghanistan, many on the opposite side of this 19 year war, looking to make a deal.
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let's bring in leland that it who has insight on where we go from here. >> reporter: not everybody including the president's strongest supporters in the senate are on board with this. here's what lindsey graham had to say, to trust the taliban to control al qaeda and other radical islamic groups prevents in afghanistan as a replacement for us counterterrorism forces would be a bigger mistake than obama's iran nuclear deal, donald trump should learn from president obama's mistakes. that is a response from those who support a drawdown saying american troops are glorified police officers in a nation where america now fights her longest war. >> they have been corrupt for 2300 years. there is not a lot the united states has been able to achieve in the last 18 years. the united states has a pretty sketchy record when it comes to pulling out, vietnam comes to mind.
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>> reporter: the president met with his national security chief and mike pence and mike pompeo, john bolton and others to see if a deal with the taliban and for a drawdown of us troops in exchange for security guarantees makes sense. this is just the latest global hotspot hitting the m aga coalition against traditional republican foreign-policy cops. let's go around the globe. north korea continued provocations including 6 missile test in the past two weeks. a more belligerent iran, russia reasserting itself, china with their crackdown on demonstrators in hong kong, all of which we are going to be watching, how tough he will be with the taliban that once gave safe harbor to usama bin laden. the taliban has proven shrewd negotiators and aware of the president's campaign promises bringing in my the old adage from the president's book the
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art of the deal, the worst thing you could do in a deal is seen too desperate to make it. >> he likes to count in terms of the other party. thank you very much. as he tangles with the nation's voters donald trump keeping his feud with the so-called squad alive tonight. he wrote a letter to officials wanting to visit, permission is granted, and turn the approval down. a complete set up. the only real winner is the grandmother, she doesn't have to see her now. a diplomat in the obama administration and former deputy secretary of defense, lieutenant general jerry boykin. welcome to you both. let's talk about what happened, part of a letter she wrote. congresswoman rashida tlaib, i
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would like to request admittance to is your because my relatives and my grandmother in her 90s, this could be my last opportunity to see her, she turned it down in tweeted silencing me and treating me like a criminal is not what she wants for me. it would kill a piece of me. i decided visiting my grandmother under these oppressive conditions stand against everything i believe in, fighting against racism, oppression and injustice. she's making a statement by saying no thanks. >> we recognize anti-semitism is growing throughout the world. the congresswoman has been very anti-semitic in her rhetoric and her social media. the israelis had every right to deny her entry and even when they relented and met her requirements to see her grandmother, she showed her true colors, making a publicity stunt out of that.
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>> has a gotten too political? >> it is credibility, i agree with the general. someone who on the one hand makes a personal plea, and receives it and does a political grandstanding move. that defies credulity. the israeli reputation, has suffered the decision as well. both sides are losing. >> this meeting today of mike pompeo and other trump administration officials as this is coming together, in the state department if they continue in close cooperation with the government of afghanistan to work toward the goals of finding, lindsey graham of the
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senate judiciary committee, and not afraid to be in conflict with them. to control al qaeda and other radical islamist groups present in afghanistan as a replacement for us counterterrorism would be a bigger mistake than obama's iranian nuclear deal. you have to know that will get the president's attention. >> a seasoned professional, long-term diplomat, american ambassador, making sense of this. very good at what he does. and important to understand somebody speaks for the taliban and. who are you making a deal with? sort of like negotiating with
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benjamin netanyahu in the west bank. in the gaza strip. nobody speaks for the taliban as one voice so i don't know if you can expect any real negotiated settlement on this but if anybody can do it it will be the emissary that is there now. shannon: dan patrick under the headline we don't need troops in afghanistan to keep us safe and terrorism set afghanistan stability and politics are beyond washington's control. the united states has no interest getting stuck in the weeds of afghan politics, the politics of afghanistan are for afghans to figure out. what do you make of what we heard of the discussions and the fact that it is aimed at making sure us forces do not stay and for some contingency to be there in performance mode? >> how soon we forget. we are in afghanistan because we
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were attacked from afghanistan and there is a clear and present danger still in afghanistan to the united states, to our allies. we need to stay and if we leave we need a good deal. unfortunately it seems donald trump is in a rush to get a good talking point for his 2020 campaign. that is what we are seeing play out, he is also undermined when it comes to his negotiating position because he's been too anxious publicly and privately to get this deal. shannon: unit campaigned on getting us out of the number of foreign incursions. thank you both. fox news alert, we are getting a look at the autopsy results following the death of financier the q sex traffic are jeffrey epstein. there is new intrigue as his attorneys are not accepting the medical examiner's conclusion. here is the latest headline.
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>> reporter: the medical examiner announcing the findings of jeffrey epstein in one sentence, quote, after careful review of all investigative in formation including complete autopsy findings and determination of the death of jeffrey epstein, manner, suicide. the daily beast is reporting marks found on epstein's that are consistent with marks left by a stabbing, he had himself with the bedsheet off of his bunk inside of his cell in a special housing unit of the metropolitan collection. epstein was found dead in his cell last saturday morning, his autopsy was completed on sunday but the medical examiner said she needed information to complete the report. it is not satisfied with the examiner's and the team intends to conduct its own independent and complete investigation.
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his lawyers demanding surveillance video of the hallways outside epstein's jail cell. epstein's will autopsy report will be released to his family sometime next week. ultimately we may never see that report. we may see speculation whether epstein really visits himself after the washington post reported epstein wrote multiple bones in his neck. near the adam's apple. it can break and hanging but experts say such a break is more common in homicide strangulation. we don't know the specifics of the autopsy report but ultimately the examiner concluded this was not a homicide. all of this is the department of justice, the fbi, conducting their own investigation until the circumstances of his death. mainly why was he taken off of
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suicide watch, why was the most high profile prisoner not being watched more closely? sources tell fox news two senior doj officials have arrived to investigate. we are told there are some jail staff that have not been initially cooperative with investigators. shannon: we will continue to follow it, we know you are on it. the court of appeals and legal victories to donald trump tonight, declining once again to halt the new title x family planning rule. the trump administration policy bars taxpayer funding clinics from referring patients for abortions or performing abortions. planned parenthood asked the ninth circuit to intervene in tonight the court declined. that ruling makes it likely planned parenthood will leave the federal program as soon as monday saying it will continue
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performing abortions rather than taking federal dollars. the other ninth circuit win deals with the administration's new asylum policy. the court will allow the trump administration to implement the new guidelines on portions of the us-mexico border. affect migrants who arrived after traveling through a third country seeking asylum here. the decision from the ninth circuit court of appeals limits the geographic scope of a lower court's order against donald trump's policy. it will be limited and barding california and arizona. the new asylum policy will apply in new mexico and texas. california draft curriculum critics call anti-semitic and full of leftist propaganda on the taxpayers dime. kristin tate on deck to debate after this break. family is all together and we switched to geico; saved money on our boat insurance. how could it get any better than this? dad, i just caught a goldfish! there's no goldfish in this lake.
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>> the nation's first ethnic studies curriculum for k through
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12 public shannon: the study curriculum for k-12 is under widespread criticism. a draft plan, left-wing propaganda. will there be significant revisions? trace gallagher is tracking the controversy. >> reporter: three states moving forward with creating material for k-12, oregon, vermont and california. draft copies of the california curriculum are getting angry push back even from liberals. it is blatantly progressive and clearly biased. here's a few examples of topics, discuss the recent incidents of police brutality in your community which critics say is anti-police from the get-go. compare and contrast border conditions in palestinian territories and mexico, statements and believe paints the us as the bad guys.
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the subject have a list of terms, like hx are story. and patriarchy, a system of power based on dominance of straight men who are not transgender. conservatives are screaming from rooftops but even josé medina who used to be an ethnic studies teacher, says they fall short. the biggest controversy surrounds the curriculum since june. one listen uses hip-hop letters in arabic but translates for every free political prisoner is expanding for each reading 1000 houses were demolished. and the reference to press is a
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classic anti-semitic trope, and fox news analyst rick goldstein writes, quote, not only does the curriculum neglect to acknowledge discrimination and persecution toward jews in california and around the world, it actively vilifies him. even the liberal los angeles times says the new material is jargon filled and all too pc. shannon: thank you. should take-12 education, democratic strategists and young americans for liberty. and one associate professor writes this. without doubt ethnic studies
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courses will allow all students to cultivate critical thinking of problem-solving, civic and cultural awareness, adaptability and resilience through a curriculum centered on the perspectives of historically marginalized groups. having those conversations in classrooms? >> there is no problem with ethnic study programs with this particular curriculum is marked by extremely system and its glossaries like a parody of political correctness, it capitalism, quote, a form of power and oppression and redefines terms the left-wingers who like you don't like like history which is called herstory and teaches about racism and islamohphobia and white the premises him but no mention of anti-semitism in spite of the fact that more jewish people live in california than nearly any other place in the world and hate crimes are on the rise. the bigger picture is history in public schools isn't just poorly taught, it has become
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irresponsibly politicized and these academics want to cover up history and rewrite it. as a nation we have done some terrible things in our past. our students need to learn about our full history and be able to make their own conclusions because our society will pay the price if we are pumping out a generation of students who think capitalism is evil and we are a nation of oppressors. shannon: the people behind us say this draft, we hear your concerns and we will take another path that this was the invited people to make comments in one of the ones that came in on the website came from a berkeley resident who said this entire curriculum reads as an extreme political agenda presented undercover of an ethnic studies program at a time many of us are concerned about the divisive right-wing bigotry we hear from donald trump's curriculum exposes our children to the equally divisive bigotry of the extreme left. where do they go from here? >> we need to reiterate that one
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is a draft, debate processes go through 2020, over 5000 people submitted comments, there are significant rewrites and this is not a mandatory curriculum. districts can take parts of it and reject parts of it but there's nothing wrong with understanding the full scope of our history. it makes good citizens, the fear we have of discussing things like police brutality and racism and white supremacy doesn't make us stronger to not discuss those things. shannon: i want to get you to weigh in on the news of the ninth circuit that it is not going to intervene in the case planned parenthood had. new rules for the trump administration is you can't get it if your clinic performs abortions or refers abortions,
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planned parenthood asked the ninth circuit intervene, block this rule. if not by monday they would have to withdraw from the program because they are not going to give up abortions in exchange for the funding. here is reaction from the acting planned parenthood president say we refuse to count this president, we are considering all our options, the trump administration is recklessly putting birth-control and productive healthcare for millions of people at risk. i want you to weigh in. >> a big win for the trump administration and this is not about outlying abortion. it is about disentangling taxpayer dollars from abortion services. we all know planned parenthood has no plan of stopping abortion anytime soon. they call themselves a woman's health organization but the number of non-abortion services they provide is on the decline, they provide 300,000 abortions per year. shannon: a quick comment? >> you can't outlaw abortion under the constitution so they are going to backdoor ban it by raising the cost. in some states like missouri
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this is going to be a complete wipeout of services that provide abortion at all. i don't think anyone in missouri voted for hillary clinton. this may bite the republican party. shannon: we will watch it. thanks for being with us. the lunar lander scheduled to take action on the moon by 2024 found a new place to land, major announcement from nasa next.
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>> five year, another american is scheduled to set >> in 5 years another american is scheduled to set foot on the moon, nasa is unveiling the next step for the 2024 lunar mission was kristin fisher fills us in. >> reporter: standing in front of the massive fuel tank that will propel american astronauts back to the moon in as administrator announced where the lunar lander will be built, a decision that brings hundreds of jobs and apollo era prestige. >> alabama is going to land the
12:32 am
first woman on the south pole of the moon and that landing system is being managed, the program management is by one of nasa's best engineers right here and she just so happens to be a woman. >> reporter: the decision to build at the marshall space flight center in huntsville, alabama comes with a very earthly problem. texas wanted and the status congressional delegation fought hard for houston to remain ground 0 for human space exploration, quote, we are deeply concerned that nasa is normally disregarding its history but splitting up the work on the lander between two different geographic locations is an unnecessary and counterproductive departure from the success of the previous lunar lander program. they begged nasa to reconsider. the announcement made clear it was nonnegotiable. >> i want to make sure we don't create a narrative that this is us against them or anything like that. when we go to the moon there will be plenty of work for johnson. >> reporter: and plenty of work
12:33 am
for all of nasa. the trump administration has given nasa 5 years to return american astronauts to the moon and go deeper into space. >> someday soon american astronauts will plan the stars & stripes on the surface of mars. >> reporter: to get their first congress must fund it. a tall order in divided times on capitol hill especially in an election year. kristin fisher, fox news. shannon: several locations on the vegas strip exposed to singles. the western roundup, the southern nevada health district is confirming one case of the measles, officials are urging all visitors to the region to review their immunization status. and oregon woman turning herself into authorities accused of defining a court order to turn her daughter over to state authorities after refusing to let her undergo surgery for cancerous tumor.
12:34 am
they believed traditional medicine wasn't working and wanted to pursue natural options. a judge said medical professionals believe her daughter need surgery to remove that term or and portland pressing for another round of classes. the progressive city is bracing for neo-nazi, white the premises engaging with antifa over the weekend and vowing this time no violence will be tolerated. has been criticized for not doing enough to allow them to crackdown on violence in prior demonstrations was night court convenes next, netflix being sued by subject of the documentary who claimed that made them look crazy. illegal eagles argue.
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>> an amazing story about how far some parents are shannon: an amazing story about how far some parents are willing to go to treat their children's autism, a condition with no cause or cure. desperation in social media and hundreds to try what experts consider essentially a poison as
12:39 am
a treatment. foxbusiness network correspondent hillary vaughn shows how two moms are trying to stop it. >> a dangerous fake you are trending online has parents force-feeding their kids fluorine dioxide secure autism. >> they are being sent to school with their noses and there was box. >> reporter: they are peddling what they call miracle mineral supplements, a seemingly harmless name but in reality it is dangerous, fake science that preys on well-meaning parents trying to help their kids to be tricked into hurting them. >> your son is autistic and that is it. i went online to find information. >> reporter: amanda and melissa are mothers of autistic children going undercover to try to stop science deniers from advertising this on facebook and youtube. there is no known cure for
12:40 am
autism but parents are being duped. >> they are literally poisoning them. >> reporter: it is a global network of parents banding together to fight medical misinformation victimizing children. the moms infiltrate private groups that report parents testing out fake cures on their kids. but their complaints are falling on deaf ears. >> just not being taken seriously. >> reporter: they say youtube and facebook are not helpful. >> a lot of times i get the response this does not go against our community standards, and nothing is done about that. >> reporter: stopping medical misinformation is not a perfect science, youtube worked with medical doctors to train their machine learning systems. youtube officials are taking a number of steps, they have seen progress. facebook sells fox groups that provide instructions for using
12:41 am
or making it are in violation of facebook standards and would be removed. >> children are being harmed, that is the main issue at hand. they are being harmed basically by the spread of misinformation. >> reporter: the fda this week reiterated its warning about these dangerous products and bogus claim secure autism saying it is the same as drinking bleach and can cause serious or life-threatening consequences. shannon: it is time for night courts. netflix facing a lawsuit of defamation, fraud, and invasion of privacy. plaintiffs claim netflix duped them into participating in this unscripted series called afflicted, netflix producers were unethical in portraying them as lazy, crazy hypochondriacs. let's bring in civil rights attorney robert pattillo and david gibbs.
12:42 am
netflix describes this as an inside look at people dealing with chronic illnesses searching for answers. people say that is what they signed on to but plaintiffs say in exhibit a, duped by defendants into participating in an relations television program the question the existence of their chronic illnesses and portrayed plaintiffs as lazy crazy hypochondriacs and or malingerer's deserving of scorn and have received scorn and abuse because of these cruel and duplicitous actions. >> there is a written contract in this case, the parties have the opportunity to review the contract. they signed waivers and have the ability to leave the production if they felt they were being portrayed unfairly not to mention i have not seen the full content but i'm sure there was a waiver and an arbitration clause as most contracts have which
12:43 am
determines how these cases will be adjudicated. then you go to arbitration with the parties involved so the idea that because you don't like the way the product came out but you get to sue is ridiculous. i am on foxbusiness i don't like the way i'm portrayed doesn't mean i sue fox for not -- definitely not you. i don't get this to because i don't like the outcome. >> in exhibit b, a representative, president of the doc shop production from executive producer of this when contracted about objections after the fact coming to give the world a compassionate window into the difficulties of patients of patient and family suffering from elusive and misunderstood illnesses. how do you respond? >> they failed miserably. what netflix did for their own profit, they have all the power and all the ability to dictate
12:44 am
terms, they found people who were vulnerable living with these tragic health issues and instead of doing what they told them they were going to do which was documents, get experts to look at this objectively they turned it into a mockery and the problem is it is not just a bad television show or newspaper article but with the internet and the advent of new media this stays forever. grandchildren that aren't born yet will see this. netflix makes all the money and abuse these vulnerable people and then turn around and say we are not responsible. you consume a doctor for malpractice, you consume a lawyer for malpractice but netflix god for bid we hold them accountable for lying and fraudulently abusing vulnerable people. >> reporter: they claim they were forced into treatment and when their doctors said this
12:45 am
won't work for you netflix would portray them as turning down a treatment that should have been reasonable. >> they are playing doctor without a medical license. shannon: 50 pages of complaints and all the way -- they felt they were told it would be a sympathetic view and it turned out to be something that made them in manipulative situations look like they were not good responsible intelligent healthy, mentally healthy people. >> this is the plaintiff's complaint against netflix. we are not reading netflix's response to that. they had the ability to lead the production if they felt uncomfortable and felt they were being forced to procedures they felt they didn't want to take they could leave the production. this is all voluntary. they had the billy to review the contract. when you sign up for something as an adult person who has full capacity to do so you can sue them outside terms of the agreement. >> the president talked about fake news, netflix is doing
12:46 am
abusive news, they are making all the money. >> we did reach out for specific comment. they will eventually have to. legal eagles, thank you very much, good to have you both. let us know what you think. time for your friday night quiz. test your knowledge a long week, social media influencers are hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars every time they share a captioned photo with the colors, pay them to spread their message with social media influencers who do you think get the bigger paycheck perkins to graham and you are not going to believe these numbers. kiley jenner or kim kardashian west. tweet us your answers and let us know. the answer is next. jayzee sports, critics are calling flag, entrepreneurs sellout colin kaepernick. our panel ways in and we will have the answers.
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shannon: we left you with a pressing question, which social media influencer make more money for instagram? here's the answer to the quiz. kiley jenner reportedly earns $1
12:51 am
million every time she shares a sponsored photo with 143 million followers. kim kardashian west earned $900,000. there is your answer. jayzee is defending his deal with the nfl claiming he is selling out by working with the organization he publicly criticized for its treatment of colin kaepernick but he says he can support colin kaepernick and work with the nfl from within. let's talk about this with desmond figaro to get there takeaway. jayzee talking about a new partnership, here's what he said. >> going forward, this is not about having a job. it became part of the discussion, to bring attention
12:52 am
to injustice. we know what it is. shannon: what do you make of the deal? >> i'm confused why everyone is confused? he's a capitalist, going to close the deal every chance he gets. those who have idolized celebrities, we shouldn't be idolizing celebrities and steering directions. they feel colin kaepernick should have been part of the conversation. jayzee was free to close the deal. it is a telling moment that shows even though some people say some things, if we go back and listen to all of jayzee's lyrics, it is clear where jayzee
12:53 am
stands, the first billionaire hip-hop artist ever, really clear where he stands. time will tell if he uses his influence wisely. he didn't need the money so maybe he has something. right now the community has canceled jayzee on this issue. shannon: is all-time girlfriend said so really, how can jayzee and nfl honor social justice while keeping colin kaepernick unemployed because of his social justice work? >> i worked at espn for five years and covered football extensively for a decade and i can tell you while he was a great quarterback during his heyday he would have difficulty making a roster now. he likely could in a second string or third string role but he would bring a lot of publicity and that is what a lot of voters in general managers i have spoken to have been against and his girlfriend actually
12:54 am
heard him when the baltimore ravens were looking at signing him a year or two ago, she had inflammatory social media posts. but i have to differ with you guys. i agree with my fellow panelists, eric reed, his fellow protester in this movement with the carolina panthers cited a 3-year, $22 million deal and tweeted jayzee took money for a league that committed injustice to colin kaepernick, didn't eric reed do that to keep playing? a lot of people are putting business first and i don't think jayzee is the only one. shannon: can they take the money and make changes from within? >> again we will see. i don't know how he will be able to do that, he's not the owner, not in control, doesn't make those decisions. as far as the african-american community or the hip-hop community which is every race and gender across the board people see it as a backstab
12:55 am
because he said clearly in his lyrics the super bowl doesn't need me, i don't need the super bowl, the super bowl needs me. i guess he meant literally, it was a pitch to the super bowl to say bring me in and i will calm down but i do agree when you say he's not the only one taking money, it is a long line of people taking money, the nba and everyone else that gets a check and remains silent. >> i have got to think he is going to have an uphill battle, not just the liberal detractors but a lot of conservatives not fans of jayzee. he has a lot of work to do. shannon: thank you, have a great weekend. michigan needed money for hip surgery coming in for quite a surprise at a great lakes baseball game, she was a contestant for a $5000 prize of a player had a grand slam.
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tucker will be on monday. ♪ welcome to the special edition of "hannity." issues facing america. i'm gregg jarrett in for sean. jeffrey epstein's autopsy has been completed and it's been officially ruled a suicide. but according to reports epstein was in great spirits. just hours before the suicide. and was confident about his ongoing criminal case. coming up, forensic pathologist cyril wech will be here for a full analysis. but first, ginning with us more is trace


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