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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  April 22, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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catch him. good deeds of officers around the country tonight. thanks for inviting us in your home. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced an unafraid. "the story" by ed henry is right now. >> hope you had a great easter. >> you too. >> ed: the president says he's not worried about impeachment. nancy pelosi just got off the phone after an urgent conference call where she said impeachment is off the table for now. amid fears moving against the president could backfire on democrats in 2020. but she risked a freak out from a resist movement that want impeachment and want it now. i'm ed henry from for martha. a become concern for democrats. how the plays out in districts that turned blue in 2018. one of those democrats that won in trump country joins me live
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in just a moment. she was on the phone call. according to the hill, the president has already violated multiple laws. fox has confirmed maxine waters said she still wants to impeach the president but will not urge others to join her. she's going to keep investigating and trying to get the president's banking records. some democrats want to keep scrutinizing every time and focus on jobs, which the president has been all over. that camp just wants to investigate. others say impeach. >> you think this is impeachable? >> yeah, i do. >> i don't think that we should defeat donald trump through impeachment. >> i call on the house to initiate impeachment proceedings. >> i understand their move to try to impeach. i would rather us take this next
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step, educate the american people. this is getting back to regular order and letting the country start functioning normally. >> part of the problem for democrats, they promised their liberal pace for two years that robert mueller would deliver the goods. he did not. no collusion, no obstruction. now democrats are scrambling. so is their favorite cable network. mueller used to be the white knight. now msnbc ambushed mueller outside his church on easter sunday. really? watch. >> will you testify before congress, sir? why didn't you make a recommendation to congress one way or the other? >> ed: a huge line-up to tackle this. karl rove, geraldo and andrew napolitano starting by with their verdicts. first, katie hill joins me. she was on the call with speaker
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pelosi. thanks for taking the time to talk to us now. good evening. >> good evening. how are you? >> ed: good. was there a bottom line to this call? where are democrats headed? >> the bottom line is that we take our constitutional obligation so seriously and we won't rush to anything. we know there were a number of troublesome findings in the mueller report. it's our job to continue on with the investigations and to proceed with caution and move forward accordingly. >> ed: let's break that down. you said we don't want to rush. robert mueller had 22 months, thousands of subpoenas, hundreds of witnesses. doesn't sound like rushing to me. >> no. he found so many things that were troubling. the first thing he found is that the russians absolutely 100% interfered in our election. that is the most significant to me as a member of the armed services committee and the house oversight committee. what i care about the most is
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our national security. >> ed: he also found not a single american, a trump official, colluded with the russians, correct? >> collusion is not a legal term. that's one thing of note. the other piece is that -- while there was not -- again, i don't know why we keep using this term "collusion". >> ed: maybe because adam schiff for two years said he had ed of collusion, right? >> i mean, again, i don't know what -- where the origination of it was. >> ed: i can give you the piece. >> the russians 100% interfered in the election. they wanted trump as their candidate of choice. the trump campaign willingly accepted that help. that's what we know. that's what the facts supported, et cetera. that's where it ends. the next piece is there was this obstruction of justice component where donald trump 11 different times tried to interfere in the investigation in some way or another. that is, again, fully supported.
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the reason that charges are not being brought is because the justice department doesn't provide oversight on itself. >> ed: hang on. i allowed you to law that out. there were the 11 or so instances where there's allegations that he may have obstructed the investigation. at the end of that, robert mueller said i'm not going to exonerate him but i'm not going to charge him. i can't suggest he be charged. how can you impeach him -- >> first of all, we're not suggesting impeachment right now. second of all, he didn't say he's not going -- he said he cannot charge him. he didn't say he shouldn't be charged. he said he was in the justice department cannot charge a sitting president and -- >> ed: he also said he's not clear beyond a reasonable doubt he would have been convicted. here's the point. your district flipped to the democratic column. it's a bit of trump country what are people in your district saying, if democrats do move forward, aren't they going to be
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frustrated? >> this is something that i was surprised by. my district really is supportive of us continuing on with the investigation. i think it's because our district is very much rooted in service in defense, law enforcement and believing that the rule of law and the constitution matters. so they believe fundamentally that we have a duty and an obligation to uphold the constitution and serve the country and make sure that nobody in the highest levels of power is beholden in any way shape or form to any entity. the national defense strategy says the russians are our most dangerous enemy. >> ed: last question. are house democrats just going to investigate the president until he leaves office? could be four years total, eight years total? nonstop investigations? >> well, no, i wouldn't say that. i'd say we're going to continue on with the investigations that have not been happening for two years. we've had two years of a president that has gone without
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any oversight whatsoever. we have to fulfill that duty, right? it's not something that we went -- that i went into office wanting to do i ran on a platform of healthcare, dealing with the housing crisis, bringing accountability answer transparency to washington. that is the piece that we have to deliver on. >> ed: absolutely. a lot of important issues that you talked about, democrats talked about. we'll see if you focus on that. a lot to tackle. thanks for coming in on short notice. thank you. >> thank you. >> ed: here to respond, karl rove, former deputy of chief of staff and geraldo rivera. good to see you both. >> good to see you. >> ed: geraldo, how do you react when you hear democrats say that? >> i have to laugh. nancy pelosi said she wanted to find a result free of passion and prejudice. that's all they have. the congress woman you just had
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on with all due respect was talking about troublesome findings. she cares about the constitution. maybe somebody should read the impeachment clause, the president has to be guilty of bribery, treason or high crimes. there's no collusion, no crime, no conspiracy. what the democrats i think are doing now, ed, and why i'm advocating that the president resist their every move, they're using these various committees as permanent grand juries. they'll find something somehow. they'll subpoena -- there's this hurricane of subpoenas. they'll find something somewhere. they have no gop buy-in. that's why they're not doing it. the polls are against impeachment. thirdly, there is no impeachable offense. no high crimes or misdemeanor. >> ed: so karl, you're in austin. it's like a texas two-step. pelosi has this call and kicks off and says there's not going
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to be impeachment but we'll investigate. the resist movement might freak out. within three or four minutes, jerry nadler just subpoenaed don mcgahn. on one hand, maybe, maybe not. we're just going to keep investigating. >> think about their options. nancy pelosi is an advocate of no impeachment. there's some in the caucus that say we need to impeach. adam schiff, maxine waters, jerry nadler. others say investigate. investigate but let's not impeach. investigate, impeachment, investigate and no censure. they will dominate the democratic message just like they dominated the last four or five months since the democrats took control that is to no advantage of the democrats whatsoever. what are they standing for? in the mind of the average american who is looking at this, who is up for grabs in the 2020 election, all the democrats are
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is political and they're trying to investigate and they're trying to impeach. they don't care about the things that ordinary americans are concerned with. >> ed: geraldo, the congress woman said they do want to focus on those issues. we'll see. the president talk about the crisis at the border. how can yo do big issues like that when it's nonstop investigating? >> the democrats have to pick a lane, ed. do they want to accomplish anything with this congress or is their unbridal's hatred going to run amuck and dictate all of their actions? will everything be about investigating the president? he needs and they need to do something big for the american people. something like an immigration reform bill where they finally solve the problem on the southern border. something on infrastructure as the bridges and tunnels collapse
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and there's all this talk about the need, desperate need for infrastructure renewal in this country. if it's all about nadler and schiff and the resistance people who were for impeachment from the very first moment they won their elections, i think they have to pick a lane. either they're for -- i think the president has to point out, continually, i want to do this but they're not helping me. i want to do that but they're not helping. i think he has to be very clear and very aggressive in terms of not lying back and letting the democrats crawl all over it. >> ed: karl, you were in the white house. you have democrats coming after you with investigations. what is your advice to this president about moving forward between now and 2020? >> i think geraldo put his finger on it. the president was elected as an agent of change. he has to continue to be an agent of change.
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not just saying i've done a good job, paychecks are growing. he has to say that but he has to be focused on what the next chapter is. that gives him a chance to say i'm trying to fix this problem. but they don't seep to wanting to help. i'm trying to fix this problem. give me a mandate in the coming election to do these two or three or four big things and hopefully this will get out of their system and together we can work. but geraldo put it right. the democrats have a problem. even if they try to do something big, who thinks their work behind the scenes on a healthcare bill or something else will draw as much attention as the latest irrational demand nor documents or the latest charge being issued by adam schiff? who thinks they're going to be able to give that kind of mindset to work across the aisle with republicans and doing these things requires some degree of bipartisanship. >> ed: thanks for coming in. >> you bet. >> ed: also here tonight live, judge andrew napolitano. fox news analyst.
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good to see you. >> like-wise. >> ed: what do you make of the land scape? >> i think the -- this is from the mouth of speaker pelosi and adam schiff that impeachment in the present environment is fruitless without a broad national bipartisan consensus for it, which doesn't exist. they may try to generate one, try to follow the same irvin model where for eight months that just brought witness after witness and witness on national television to describe president nixon's alleged and proven obstruction of justice and that turned the tide against nixon. i don't know if that will succeed but that will be their next move. >> ed: if you were to move on the president like that, you need a smoking gun. like to what a democrat, seth moulton, the latest entry for the raise for democrats, here's
4:14 pm
what he said today. >> i think our party made a mistake by waiting until there would be some smoking gun in the mueller report and there's not a big smoking gun like we hoped for. >> they're going to try to find one. that's why they subpoena -- and don mcgahn may be one. did the president ask you to lie? >> ed: and that may be more dramatic. >> but it was all aired in this report. they didn't have a smoking gun. now, the latest suggestion about the house of representatives censuring him, that will just be a political stunt which he will turn and to his own advantage. he will wear that -- >> ed: what you're talking about, "the washington post" piece. it was said, there's another option, the house or senate could go with majority vote, censure trump, something that has not happened since andrew jackson in 1834.
4:15 pm
the point being in the clinton impeachment, jerry ford and other former presidents said beat him up. don't wallow in this for months. >> i don't they'll do the censure. it would be meaningless and he would turned it around against them. since 1834, the two houses have to operate together except for those areas where the senate has unique authority like confirming presidential appointments and ratifying treaties. who cares if the house will censure the president. he would expect it and make the most of it. >> ed: you did not cover the johnson drama. that was a long time ago. >> that was before my time. >> ed: thanks, judge. >> i like your red tie. >> ed: next, shocking admission from some in the mainstream media. the russian probe sprung from shady intelligence? the right g. matters. introducing the all-new 2019 ford ranger,
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4:20 pm
over the weekend quoting former aides saying they were perplexed as to why this roll out was taking so long. they feel he should have gotten in earlier. he had run twice before. some of these former biden associates were stunned that it was a struggle. they said they're finally glad to see that he was going to announce on wednesday. now breaking news from the atlantic magazine, joe biden has delayed his announcement again. we'll stay on it. >> the dossier, which really is -- has a lot of garbage in it and mueller found that to be the case. but in this process, the idea that they would include something like that in one of the great stellar intelligence assessments as mueller also found out is highly questionable. needs to be investigated.
4:21 pm
>> ed: took about three years but some in the media are owning up to the idea that maybe the largely unverified steele dossier, one of the foundations of the russian investigation might not be credible after all. "new york times" not only admitting that it's unverified but go ago step further. they added a news article there's been much chatter among intelligence experts that mr. steele's russian informants could have been pressured to feed him disinformation. that as a "washington post" columnist conceded it would behoove journalists to put aside their political biases and delve into maybeful admissions that fox news has been right all along. my next guest is a ranking member of the house judicialry committee. republican doug collins of
4:22 pm
georgia. thanks for being here. >> good to see you, ed. >> ed: why do you think it took some so long that a lot of this dossier was garbage? >> i think it took the balloon bursting of the mueller report. the democrats put so makeup investment and time into saying the mueller report is everything we need to do to get rid of this president that we don't like, we've always been against. let's put our eggs in this basket. that basket will come back and we'll be fine. when the basket came, there were no eggs. so now they've had to take a step back and said we lost all credibility, all faith. for those republicans saying how did we get this started for folks like myself, mark meadows, trey gowdy, bob goodlatte, say what happened here to begin with. they ignored everybody. now they have to face the facts that they were just wrong.
4:23 pm
>> congressman, i spoke with rudy guliani. he said he's concerned that there was a conspiracy here among obama officials, the dnc, which paid for the dossier, to go after the president. he's the president's attorney. he might be expected to say that. you're a sitting congressman with real power. do you believe there may be some evidence of that? >> well, we've seen all along what i call the corrupt cabal of comey, baker, they go back to the mid year exam. that was the clinton investigation. it was decided before they investigated or asked mrs. clinton questions, which flew right into the july 2016 time frame of the russia investigation. who is at the middle of that? strzok, mccabe, the same group. you move in and you have the same corrupt cabal. it was not the total fbi. we had a corrupt cabal going back to attorney general lynch
4:24 pm
earlier in the clinton investigation. so i believe there was a coordinated effort here to push back against the presidential candidate at the time they didn't like and now a president they despise. >> ed: you mentioned previous attorney general, the current one, bill barr is under fire from some democrats. they say if you look at his letters to you and others in congress, that they believe he misled the country about what the mueller report really said. you went to the justice department and saw a less redacted version of the report what do you say to democrats going after the attorney general? what did you see? >> the democrats don't like an attorney general that knows how to do his job. there's nothing as i said after i read the less redacted report that changed the conclusions, changed nothing that bob mueller found out. bob mueller did the inve investigatio investigations. he said no charges on obstruction. he said no collusion by anyone
4:25 pm
or americans in working to do this. so what he's done, he's done his job. maybe they were more used to holder and lynch that held behind executive privilege and did stuff to tear away from the fabric of the american people. >> ed: do you think democrats are beating up on barr because if he goes after them on what he called spying under oath by obama officials that they want to go after him and tar him before that comes out? >> they're doing everything they can. reminds me of -- they're desperately seeking something to paint and smear this president. in the process, they're going to try to take down the attorney general so nobody will believe him. i have news for him. he's credible, he's done what he said and the democrats are desperately searching for a reason to paint and smear this president. >> ed: thanks, congressman. >> good to be with you. >> ed: up next, the democrats
4:26 pm
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>> ed: well, tonight the sri lankan government has said that they failed to act on warnings that lead up to attacks on christians. local islamic group is said to have killed 290 people, four americans. those attacks injured more than 500 others. trace gallagher is in the west coast newsroom with what we know tonight. good to see you. >> good evening. in total, nine explosions. the initial seven blasts targeting churches and luxury hotels caused most of the carnage. there's no claim of responsibility.
4:31 pm
the sri lankan government said the suicide bombers have been identified through their body parts. they're all from sri lanka and members of a radical militant group. the motive remains unclear and previously this radical group was known for things like vandalizing buddhist statues. 70% of sri lanka is buddhist even though there's muslim bigotry in sri lanka. the country has no history of islam islam islamic militantsy. authorities cite the orchestration of this attack. watch. >> you see a small organization that can do all that. that's what we're investigating.
4:32 pm
we have international support for this. >> other bombs have exploded including inside a van near a church that was attacked and bombs detonated in a terrorist safe house. sri lankan intel agencies were warned about potential attacks two weeks ago. because the country's prime minister was kicked out of office in october and reinstated by the supreme court last month, he is still unable to attend security meetings. so in essence, the warning never made its way to the top of government. countries including the u.s. are now vowing to step up. >> we're offering all possible assistance in the sri lankan government. we urge any evil doers be brought to justice and america is prepared to support that. >> this was clearly an attack on christians. most of whom in sri lanka are
4:33 pm
roman catholics. ed? >> ed: some democrats being called out for failing to call this what it was, an attack against christians. president obama tweeting in part, the attacks on tourists and easter worshippers is an attack. and hillary clinton said this is a horrific attack on easter worshippers. here's michael knoll is here. thanks for being here. >> good to see you. >> michael, what is your sense about these tweets? >> there's no such thing as easter worshippers. those of us that celebrate easter warship christ. the left cannot use this phrase.
4:34 pm
when other groups are targeted, lgbt groups, muslims, hillary clinton and barack obama use precise language. they can't use the word "christian" because according to leftist ideology, christians cannot be victims. according to this ideology that has sprung up, christians are the oppressors. they're not the victims. in reality, christians can be victims. they're the most persecuted religious group in the world. >> ed: right. let's give richard a fair shot here. is there something going on here or do you think republicans are picking on the former president? >> i think you had a horrific terrorist attack in sri lanka. what we did here in the united states, we put that attack and victims through an american filter saying there has to be a domestic implication. couldn't be that president obama cared about the victims in sri lanka or hillary clinton
4:35 pm
did. we're better off having a conversation about how we end christian persecution than we are having a conversation about easter worshippers versus christians. mind you, the president didn't use the word christian and easter worshippers have been used times and times again in church literature. easter is not referred to in the bible whatsoever. we can have a conversation about whether this is appropriate or not but our time is better spent -- >> ed: but actually to end christian persecution around the world, don't you have to call it out for what it is? when we saw the awful attacks on muslims in new zealand, everybody from president trump to former presidents, senators in both parties called it out as violence against muslims. why not be explicit. >> the president didn't mention christian at all. neither did kellyanne conway on
4:36 pm
"fox and friends." so to have this debate about using the word and deal with the victims which is where debate should be. >> ed: michael? >> the only way we're going to solve this problem of christian persecution is to call it out directly. the christians were not murders by generic random violence. they were murdered by an islamic terrorist group. we can acknowledge that, acknowledge the churches are the number 1 site for attacks. more than three churches per day are attacked. we can admit that, fix the problem or bury our heads in the sand and use ridiculous euphemisms. >> ed: we have a real problem here. no matter what we're talking about, it's a problem and we need to do something about it. thanks for coming in. >> good to see you. >> ed: the mexican people said they're fed up with their own government for not containing the overflow of migrants from central america.
4:37 pm
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>> ed: tonight mexico is detaining hundreds of central american migrants. the largest ever raid on a caravan since the groups began passing through last year. the crackdown comes amid mounting frustration among some mexican citizens who blame their own liberal president for not doing more to prevent the influx of central americans in the first place. they say it's contributing to crime and poverty in mexico. one resident saying it's really bad because they're pouring on to our land. they ask for money. if you offer food, they don't want it. they want money and sometimes you don't have it.
4:42 pm
andy biggs just returned from a trip to the southern border. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> ed: the irony of mexican citizens saying, you know what? this is a problem, a big problem for mexico that central american migrants are passing through. >> yeah. they see it on both ends of mexico, the area that you're talking about now. you have had one mayor declare his municipality in a state of emergency, closing down shops, telling people to stay off the streets because there's some criminalality coming up with this. now the mexican government is starting to enforce their law a little bit. still, the majority of the caravans are coming through. the same thing you saw when tijuana, the mayor said look, we can't deal with this. >> ed: he said there was garbage piling up. >> exactly. the people come in, begging,
4:43 pm
leaving trash behind, which is a problem in the cities and towns. but all and all, we need mexico's help to control our border and they're not controlling their own. >> ed: as you know better than i do, being there in arizona, when illegals come from central america, they go through mexico. the ones that make it across the border here into the united states, if people speak out in your state and other states and say wait a second, they've become a problem. we want to make sure they're legal. there's issues with the money and who is paying for this. people are called racist. are mexicans speaking out now, are they racist? >> heavens no. nobody is really a racist for calling into question the desire to security a national border. that's not a racist idea. that is just what is normal for a nation state, to protect its geographical boundaries. we let 1.2 million people in
4:44 pm
this country legally every year. but we're going to apprehend about a million, ed, a million that we will catch. the estimate i've heard is that it's anywhere from two to three million here illegally. we don't know who they are. right now our facilities are overrun. they're sending people out within about 1 1/2 days to two, anywhere in the country. this is -- >> ed: congressman, last point on this. when people make it across illegally and the president says we need to crack down on it, we're told we're not a welcoming country. are the mexicans not welcoming? >> no, the mexicans -- they've done the same thing we have. they provided incentives for people by offering them asylum and work permits for a year. that's an incent ty to come. they're not being racist, not being anything other than -- at
4:45 pm
least in some measures making a nod to a rationale state. >> ed: thanks, congressman. >> thanks. >> ed: up next a story with linda mcmahon. >> she's helped so many people in the world of small business. she will be leaving. she's going to go and help us with a very, very important 1 1/2 years that we have coming up. the re-election as they call it. he'd be proud of us. protect your family, your business and everyone who counts on you. see how lincoln can help. your business and everyone whobill's back needed a afvacation from his vacation. an amusement park... so he stepped on the dr. scholl's kiosk. it recommends our best custom fit orthotic to relieve foot, knee, or lower back pain. so you can move more. dr. scholl's. born to move.
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not sure about their parents, though. call unitedhealthcare and ask for your free decision guide today. >> ed: benny sanders out with a new campaign ad claiming the forgotten men and women that president trump promised to help are the ones being left behind. watch. >> trump lied to ohio. he hasn't done one thing to lift the finger. he told people don't sell your homes. i'm bringing the jobs back. weeks after that is when they announced the plant closings. >> let me tell you folks in ohio and in this area, don't sell your house. >> a large american factory stopped production after more than half a century. 1,600 workers at the general motors plant in lordstown, ohio are affected by this. >> the campaign is on. here's linda mcmahon, now chair
4:50 pm
of the pro trump american first action. >> thanks for having me. >> ed: how do you react to that? this is what bernie sanders is saying, that the president promised these auto workers in ohio, don't sell your house, i won't forget about you and the plant gets shut down. >> the past two years as the sba administrator, i've traveled the country and been to all 50 states and 800 business, i visited many small businesses and the president's economic plan is working. more people are starting businesses. they're raising wages. they're investing if their companies. they're really growing the economy as only small businesses can do. >> ed: you a tribute that to cutting government regulations and taxes? >> both. it is both. when i first went out on the visitation route, if you will, most of the businesses asked,
4:51 pm
are we really going to do get tax cuts? regulatory roll back. now what i hear about is the shortage of work force. so when bernie sanders says that he's going to help create jobs, we have more jobs than we have people to fill those jobs. >> ed: are you concerned some of the small businesses you helped might start cutting jobs at some point as they -- as technology comes in? just like with general motors. it doesn't always work out. >> general motors did offer to relocate a lot of those workers. what we have to do is cross training now. one of the things we need to do. we need to re-elect president donald trump because he put all of these policies in place. do we really want to stop this economy and the growth that is going? i'm a very practical common sense person. when i'm out looking a cross the country and i see the positive impact that the president's
4:52 pm
policies have had, i said why do we want the stop this? >> ed: the president tweeted this. happy easter. i've never been happier because your country is doing so well with an economy the talk of the world and stronger than it's ever been. have a great day. big picture. with the mueller report now, the president touting this strong economy that between now and 2020 he may finally be able to get more of his agenda done? >> i certainly hope so. that would be the correct path. doesn't it make sense to allow the president to continue to put more policies in place, to help the economy continue to grow? that's one of the reasons that i agreed to take on this job, to be the chair of america first. you know, the official super pact for the president. i'm going to help raise funds to help him get re-elected. i'm going to do all i can. >> ed: he has a good story to tell. you have a good story in being a
4:53 pm
surroga surrogate. unemployment, record lows. a great story to tell. on the other hand, you can see what bernie sanders is doing. go back to that ad. statistics don't always translate to somebody feeling it. how do you make the case? >> when the president was campaigning, talking to the african american community. he said a chance on me. what do you have to lose? what have we seen? unemployment in african americans, lowest in history. hispanic community, women in 65 years. he made promises, he delivered on those promises. we have seen our economy flourish. he absolutely helped wages and workers and jobs. all of the things he said he was going to do. manufacturing has come back. i'm behind this president 100%. i want to see him be able to continue to do what he's done so well. >> ed: big picture, if that ad works in the democratic primaries and he gets the
4:54 pm
nomination, what does the president think, what do you think of a socialist going head on with a capitalist? is that a race you'll win? >> i would love to see that. i believe americans and polls show that most americans do believe in capitolism and not socialism. it's where our country has been founded on, what made our country so successful. i think the president certainly touts that experience as a entrepreneur who built a business and has watched the economy grow here as being president. he's known what to do. he's been a bit disruptive doing it. >> ed: and socialism is getting people excited. aoc, alexandria ocasio-cortez has this big following. bernie sanders, big crowds, big money. how do you counter that? >> isn't the age old phrase, eventually you run out of other people's money.
4:55 pm
with capitolism, the president is really touting what makes this country so great. we are empowering the individuals to go into business, to work, to have their wages be increased. that's what works. that's why we're -- got the hottest economy in the world. >> ed: linda, thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> ed: we know you just left the cabinet. thanks. >> thanks for having me. >> ed: good luck. >> all right. >> ed: more of "the story" next. . and he has subscriptions to a music service he doesn't listen to and five streaming video services he doesn't watch. this is jerry learning that he's still paying for this stuff he's not using. he's seeing his recurring payments in control tower in the wells fargo mobile app. this is jerry canceling a few things. booyah. this is jerry appreciating the people who made this possible. oh look, there they are. (team member) this is wells fargo. welcome to fowler, indiana. one of the windiest places in america.
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>> ed: that is p26. tomorrow martha is back and she has a big exclusive with rush limbaugh. you will not want to miss that. until then tucker is up next. ♪ >> tucker: that evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." the holiest day of the christian calendar turn to tragedy yesterday as you know and sri lanka. he coordinated attack, suicide bomber struck three catholic churches and hotels across the country. at least 290 people were murdered and hundreds more were injured. the attackers were affiliated with a local terror group. there were radical muslims, religious. none of that is speculation. it is true. maybe because it is so true and so obviously true nobody in authority wanted to say it out loud so instead they went to


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