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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  April 12, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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better. we will see you back here monday morning. thank you for joining us. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: on a friday we begin with a fox news alert. the showdown over the crisis at our southern border is getting even hotter. the white house now is pushing back on reports the president's top aides tried to pressure immigration agencies to release migrant detainees onto the streets of sanctuary cities as political playback. we will get into it. you are watching "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, melissa francis. fox news headlines 24/7 reporter, carley shimkus. and in the center seat, no! kennedy! on the fox business network! can be expected she move? it's ed henry in the center sea seat. ed is here and you are "outnumbered." forgive me! kennedy does take the spotlight. >> ed: we both have blue on. >> kennedy: and were having a lovely time. really, finding our lane! just hitting the center of the
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bull's-eye! [laughter] >> harris: lets go. fox news is told of the white house asked dhs and ice whether it was possible to bus large numbers of immigrants from the border to sanctuary cities. but ice responded that it would not be legal to do so, and it came down to a perforation in the laws regarding immigration enforcement and authority. this after reports of the president's team floated the idea as retribution against his political enemies in the battle over border wall funding. the report says it was rejected both times. now the deputy director of ice is going after that report, saying, "as acting deputy, i would was not pressured by anyone at the white house on this issue print i was asked my opinion and provided. exchange was heated." " a white house source is also telling fox news democrats say they want open borders. they should be working with the administration to find the best way to transport those already
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set for release. the report claims that san francisco house speaker nancy pelosi's district was among those considered. pelosi's office says, "the extent of this administration's cynicism and cruelty cannot be overstated. using human beings, including little children, as pawns in their warped game to perpetrate being done next year and demonize immigrants." that quote from pelosi. vice president mike pence says even some of the president's critics are finding it hard to ignore the migrant surge. watch. >> i think the president and i appreciate the fact that people around the country and even many people in the media are now beginning to recognize that we have a genuine crisis at our southern border. on tuesday, 4,300 people came across our border illegally. along the southern border in its entirety. the vast majority of those people were families and in the company of minors being driven by human traffickers and drug cartels, that are exploiting these vulnerable families and
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exploiting loopholes in our in our law. >> harris: all this as senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says it's time for both political parties to come together to discuss fixing immigration laws in a bipartisan way. that's not exactly original. we have been saying that forever. we've been waiting for congress to do something. >> ed: yes. nancy pelosi talks about cruelty, in politics of all this. you know what's really cool? she admits there's a mentoring crisis now after weeks and weeks, months of democrats think it was a manufacture crisis. they are finally admitting it's some kind of a crisis. they want to admit is a national secured crisis. what is she doing? she's a speaker of the house. we haven't frankly seen action from either side. when the republicans had the house for two years, they didn't have it enough. now they've done absolute nothing to crack down on deal with focus on the border. in the present picking districts and whatnot, if nancy pelosi is upset that illegal immigrants might be busted to her district, is she saying it's okay if they go to des moines or sent to dallas or sent to new york?
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it's interesting, because it exposes the hypocrisy of democrats who say, "not in my backyard." >> harris: you said a mouthful there. what i really picked up on was the journey of the crisis, if you will. kennedy, for at least two and a half weeks, in fox news poll and we've been reporting that the number of migrant families coming illegally across our border or attempting to -- it's 338% increase. what never has happened actually to make it a crisis for people on both sides of the aisle? >> kennedy: yeah, and when will people be honest about what's driving those numbers? i understand that people were spit bowling and drinking around saying, "then what are we supposed to do with people who are overrunning the detention centers? there aren't enough judges to process the claims." structurally, you just can't support this kind of influx. ed says at the nimby issue. where are the gas in my backyard
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people? those of the century cities that welcome them into the cities. in many instances, rightly so. it's a very natural fit for places like san francisco and berkeley and portland, with open arms, have said, "yes, we will support these communities." i don't think it's cool at all. i wanted to proceed to explain she thinks that's cruel. >> melissa: good point. >> harris: when he got into the politics of this and the accusation by democrats that this move would be retaliation or retribution against the president's enemies, where do we put that in the conversation? it doesn't change the facts. but you do need some facts to show that. apparently the emails, according to whom we just heard from, or mice, the gentleman there -- the facts are not supporting that idea. >> melissa: i think it's interesting, some of the reporters that i've heard reporting on this, i'm not completely sure they understand that people do get busted somewhere what they don't know that they're going to another city or
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another town, so why not san francisco or why not portland? maybe the president is just talking about bussing them away somewhere. and they don't realize that they do go to a community somewhere, so i wouldn't it be san francisco or one of the other century cities where they say they are welcoming them? i also think it is still so annoying to have people offering no solution. why doesn't congress have a potluck lunch? everybody bring one piece of -- one snippet of the legislation that he would put forward. just one solution paid not the whole thing, we don't have the solvable problem. just one sentence of what you would like to see done with one piece of it. everybody show up like a potluck, you can bring something it is a block. >> harris: in a hot dish, like you're in. >> melissa: let's put them in addition pull them out. >> harris: i like that. >> melissa: everybody write a little bit. >> harris: you know what the verb would be there? "doing." doing something. i don't think we've seen that here. hot dish, yeah.
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>> carley: in terms of solutions, we did get some news during bill barr's senate testimony when he said he was going to do more money for 100 immigration judges. i think that's the kind of stuff we need to see. i don't think congress is capable of coming up with any real solution. they are not willing to give the president that so close to 2020. but there are workarounds, like more immigration judges. i heard another person say something interesting. training border patrol agents to become asylum officers, so they can do the first credible fear interview. thinks that congress doesn't necessarily need to pass our solutions that may actually help. >> harris: that's right. they don't have the personnel, they've got between two and 3,000 job openings in the border patrol. it's a fastening idea. they are going to have to staff up. steve got represented of crenshaw and senator martha mcsally working on that legislation, and hopefully it can be bipartisan and a bright dull my companion, to the hiring and retention at
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the border patrol. >> carley: what about the potluck lunch? >> harris: you know we like to eat! and bringing the hot dish. >> kennedy: it's a brilliant solution paid less net on my show i was talking about matt gaetz and aoc coming together on the green deal. there are overlaps. there are even more. you take both sides. and you really can knit something together that will solve a lot of these problems. >> carley: that would make sense, so i would that have? left and asked be to new followed as we await the release of the mueller report. devon democratic leadership in some committee chairs want the full unredacted report so they can hold the president accountable if need be. writing, "we require the information in order to discharge our constitutional obligations. you have told us on several -- that he would not indict him, and no falls to congress to examine the president's conduct and, if necessary, hold him
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accountable." in the meantime, deputy attorney general rod rosenstein defending his handling of the special counsel's report in an interview with "the wall street journal" ." saying he's been as forthcoming as he can, and this notion that he's trying to mislead people -- i think it's just completely bizarre. lindsey graham says he's moving on from the mueller report. take a listen. >> i am done. mueller spent $25 million, for the fbi agents. he prosecuted a bunch of people, so he can prosecute if he wants to. he chose not to bring charges against trump on obstruction, and he said in his report -- and i believe barr -- that there was no collusion. so i am done. we are not going to retry the case. b2 he's done. democrats aren't. ed henry, i predicted this if we roll back the tape. here's part of what democrats wrote to barr. "congress is entitled to the
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full report without reductions, as well as the underlying evidence." and this is what i said on day one. even if you give it to them with no reductions, they would then say, "i don't trust this report. i want to see of the underlying evidence." it if you give that to them, they would say they want to reinterview all of the witnesses because they don't trust the qu. and basically never ends. which is fine for democrats, but it's probably going to hurt their case. b6 because they didn't get the answer they wanted, they wanted collusion and conspiracy. they didn't get it. as you say, they will keep asking the questions. some of the underlying evidence may come forward. some of it a secret grand jury information that by law the attorney general can't put out. i think i'm by the way, it was billing by the attorney general to keep rod rosenstein on board. he was supposed to have left weeks ago. people were scratching their head. he has sometimes been a trump critic comes rod rosenstein. why didn't they clean house? well, guess what? seeing someone who may be a trump critic, him staying on and dealing with the redactions shows credibility here.
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but somebody who has not always been on team trump is saying, "this has been a fair process." his comments to "the wall street journal" are saying, "get off his back." if they are covering something up from its the worst cover-up in american history. this report, in some form, is coming out in days. he will get caught in the cover up if there is a cover up. >> harris: can i bring up one where the mixer but he nervous question what that is the word "leak." remember 180 bar was on the hill in recent days and he was asked about the report coming out in other ways? he said it would be really unfortunate if mueller if someone there would release the port. that is also the concern on the hill. i've asked some democrats about, "look, if if you got it unreda, how can you promise there will be leaks?" i think that's a concern all the way around. regardless of sources and methods and grand jury testimony, it is the complete unleashing into the bloodstream of everything. >> carley: i think that's totally valid. >> harris: we have a process. if we don't trust the process,
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we need to revisit the different between independent and special counsel. >> carley: only in a world that is this partisan with somebody like bill barr become a controversial figure. he is a straight shooter. why would he ruin his credibility that he has built over the last, you know, 40 some odd years to cover for the president was to market some of us like cotton in their years. he said he's not going to give the drink down my grand jury testimony, but you can go to the judge and get yourself. i'm not going to stop you. when i give you an rejected version of the report, if you have questions, i -- >> harris: for the redacted. >> melissa: kennedy, it's fine to be totally skeptical of him. we have seen so many figures come forward and then disappoint us later. they are supposed to be straight shooters. it's fine to be skeptical. he has to be continuing to be calm, answer all the questions, and be consistent in order to wipe away that skepticism. kennedy? >> kennedy: i think we should be skeptical with everything and every process.
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this whole thing has shown us just how important that healthy skepticism is. especially for the press. took harley's point, he is not going -- william barr isn't seeking any for a very political gain from this. he has already been attorney general. also this is something that people don't talk about a lot. he worked for george hw last i checked, the bush family weren't exactly pro-trump. so he's not coming from this very unique mold and let the process play out. they weren't harping on and on what it took two years to get their report. let him finish the redactions and then you can go through it. you are absolutely right, they will look for -- they want to see unredacted, they want to see footnotes. they want to see the gluten-free menu, and i don't want them to. [laughter] >> melissa: all right, he is crushing fellow democrats in the new poll and he hasn't even announced that he's running for president. but a new controversy emerging from joe biden's long record. we will debate that.
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plus, new fallout from the arrest of julian assange, the concerns of his arrest is a dark day for press freedom. a top lawmaker says he must face justice. we are going to debate that. >> i think it's about time. julian assange has put american lives at risk, and i hope he gets a fair legal process but one that is based upon the national security breaches that happened in this country. ♪ alright, i brought in ensure max protein... to give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't. (straining) i'll take that. (cheers) 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar.
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former vice president nearly doubled bernie sanders, who is in second place. biden also leads the field when it comes to how favorably voters view him in spite of the recent controversy, and now he is facing a new one. letters obtained by cnn detail how biden opposed mandate busing to desegregate schools in the 1970s. a spokesman defended his record, saying he stands by his belief that mandatory busing do not achieve equal opportunity for students. he said this. "joe biden's today and has been for more than 40 years in public life one of the strongest and most powerful voices for civil rights in america. his long commitment to civil rights has repeatedly been recognized by many of the most important civil rights organizations in america." ed, you gave me a knowing look. knit this together. that has not been polled about, but the #wetoo has. >> ed: it seems like he's teflon joe. we will see, it's early. he's not officially end.
9:20 am
by the way, he still hasn't proven he can raise the money. that's one of the reason he's been on the sidelines. because bernie and others were raising so much money. he has been nervous as the "front runner," if he were to jump in. >> harris: how do we know this? >> ed: the money part? i've talked to people who have been on the phone with him. that's one of his concerns, getting the money early on. bernie has grassroots money. so does beto, by the way. that's the other highline. remember? "he's the next barack obama, it's unbelievable eczema" he's not even in the top tier. what happened? >> harris: is interesting, and we will get into this perhaps later. but pete buttigieg is moving up quite quickly. steve got beto o'rourke still out there but not where it may repeat his right now. this thing with biden, he's got 100% recognition. bernie sanders as well. so that helps you get past a lot of things, i would say.
9:21 am
>> kennedy: what bernie had in 2016 that he doesn't have now, he was unicorn. someone whose ideas were completely new to the mainstream democrats, who had soured on the other clinton and the clinton dynasty. bernie doesn't have that anymore because his ideas have been so co-opted. but joe biden -- >> harris: or just stolen. >> kennedy: he's been pretty good except for a few missteps about expanding his record and doing it with a positive optimism that is refreshing for democrats because politics have gotten so nasty. yes, he does have this massive record that could hurt him, as people try and gobble his carcass. like political vultures. what's interesting about pete buttigieg as he has such a command of facts and such an impressive resume. not a long political history, but he is beloved where he's from. he's a conservative christian and his liturgical belief. >> harris: service in afghanistan. >> kennedy: and he checks boxes that democrats can't even wrap their heads around.
9:22 am
so the question is, if he can put all that together, he can pose a real threat in a debate. but that remains to be seen. so kamala harris and pete buttigieg of the two people have the most to gain from debates, and joe -- she's already in a great place but there is nowhere to go with him. >> harris: wouldn't you say it so fascinating, because you're talking about what happens intraparty. republicans are just sitting by watching this right now. that's all they really have to do. what about joe biden going forward? he's not in yet. doug schoen used to work with the clintons as a poster, he said he took polling before and after and he thinks that if youe that's when you start to see th. >> carley: i agree with that. you know when you were a little kid and you saw a shiny new toy on tv and he wanted that toy? and then he finally got it and then you check to suicide after five days. i feel like at 76 years old joe biden is kind of like that shiny new toy. everybody's waiting for them to enter the race. they are so excited about what
9:23 am
he's going to say. you kind of forget that he's a little bit awkward on the campaign trail. he says in comfortable things. >> harris: no one forgets that. [laughter] it's true! >> carley: we were reminded of that very recently. i don't think things are going and as well as some people think that they are. i think he is a candidate that is a little bit overblown, and he may try to go too much to the left when he's not really progressive. and people will be able to see that and identify the and they don't like it. >> melissa: ethic it's interesting how similar this is to president trump and that his scandal -- biden's scandal with women -- number one, it was kind of known. which was similar with president trump when he was running. people kind of knew what they were getting in terms of having been made a bunch of times and that sort of thing. also, in the fact that voters really don't care. that they are not really voting necessarily on character anymore. it's about can you win, and how well do you represent my issues? how will you fight for my issues?
9:24 am
and everything else takes a backseat. that's my opinion of why, for these two, it didn't have a dog in impact. it's similar. as we speed toward the 2020 -- go ahead. it would be so smooth. harris faulkner -- see, i was so smooth they didn't know. the state that gets it down to brass tacks. i will, of course. harris will moderate a town hall in urbandale with a live audience! >> ed: dun dun dun! >> melissa: she will get a life take on the candidates, as well as hot button issues like the green new deal and the me too movement. you can catch town hall america with harris faulkner this sunday at 8:00 p.m. eastern. right here on fnc. i can't wait to watch it! >> harris: a girl, you're making me want to watch! thank you. >> melissa: i will deftly watch it. >> ed: you have to be here! >> kennedy: and want to be in the audience! >> melissa: 2020 democratic awful senator elizabeth warren singling out amazon while
9:25 am
proposing a new corporate tax targeting large companies. in other retail tech giant is heading back. details ahead, plus new fallout over the u.s. or during the arrest founder julian assange while lawmakers are calling it a big win for national security. some say the indictment threatens a free press. we will debate it. ♪ hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. so get allstate... and be better protected from mayhem... like me. ♪ this is the family who booked the flight, ♪ who saved by adding a hotel, which led to new adventures,
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made right here at the kitchen table. so, if you're a veteran and need cash, calling newday usa could be one of the best decisions you'll ever make. go to, or call 1-877-423-5734. ♪ >> i'm glad that the wheels of justice are finally turning when it comes to mr. assange. i've never been a fan. i think what he did was despicable and dangerous. >> i'm glad he was arrested. i think hacking, stealing classified secrets, releasing them in a way that endangers the safety and security of american soldiers. >> i think julian assange has to face justice. the extradition ought to be pursued quickly and effectively. the american people have a right to see him in court facing
9:30 am
charges. >> kennedy: oh, put a sock in it. senators from both parties applauding the indictment of julian assange, who is taken into custody in london yesterday. they are charging him with conspiring tack into a government computer to help release a trove of classified documents. some are also defending assange, including alexandria ocasio-cortez. watch. >> specific charges that were raised for his extradition or once it be obama and measures and entertain but turn down because it was seen as kind of e pale in terms of attacks on journalism. i am concerned by that specific aspect. very much so, in this situation. >> kennedy: she is sort of the elle woods of congress. the american civil liberties union coming to his defense, warning, "a publication of truthful information being
9:31 am
prosecuted would be a first in american history, and unconstitutional. while there is no first amendment right to crack a government password, the routine and protective activities journalists often engage in as part of their daily jobs." ed, there are a lot of issues at play here. but the first amendment shield that will be afforded to julian assange i think will be quite powerful. and you will see many, many powerful lawyers rush to his defense because of the greater ramifications of prosecution. if they don't find the hacking. >> ed: first amendment is paramount. as a journalist i want to see the free flow of information. government officials of either party worried about bad information and accountability coming out? too bad. this is different. this is not someone who is an actual publisher, number one. there are questions about whether he's really a journalist. most importantly, he was involved in cracking a
9:32 am
government password to hack in and get -- originally, we before the rush of questions -- about iraq and afghanistan on the ward. he was a participant in stealing government information. >> kennedy: there are those who say that is yet to be proven. >> ed: again, allegations. the three and he was purging a source to be more forthcoming and give more information. >> harris: ask a follow-up question? >> ed: you don't break into the government to get the facts. >> kennedy: that is the crux. >> harris: we are quite clear that if that is proven, as kennedy says so rightly, that that is not protected under the first amendment. are we as clear if it's easily proven that there was conversation about that encouragement of going and doing whatever is necessary? all means to that end, cracking at hacking at all of that kind of thing? is there as bright a line for journalists or those who think of air journalists to be protected under the first amendment?
9:33 am
>> melissa: here's the difference -- we can break the law. if you want and we can't encourage anyone else to break the law. >> melissa: are supposed to be about exposing people who are not upholding the law, telling stories, whatever. but it's not about breaking the law, ever. that's the first thing that we learn, what you can and can't do. where you can go, what buildings are you allowed to enter, when are you not to, what are your rights as a journalist? >> kennedy: what about the pentagon papers? you think those should have been published? >> ed: yes. >> harris: it's a difference between publishing something from an outside source. >> kennedy: but he stole that information and had other people, conspirators, who were helping him retrieve that information. >> ed: "the new york times" didn't steal. b3 know, the courts ruled in their favor. >> harris: i might be going too far, that was my question. i see it the same. i think if you incurred something to be done that you know as lawbreaking, that that is no longer protected. that's my to rotation. >> ed: of someone in the justice department came to me
9:34 am
and said, "you know what? bill barr's like about what's going on with the mueller report. i have a copy, i trust you, i will give it to you." bill barr would be happy with me and fox news, but if you felt there was information in there that needed to be heard, we would release it. but bill barr's office, and it's in his face , safe, come with me and steal it, that would be a huge difference. >> kennedy: if you are on the phone saying, "give me this information, we need to see this, this is america, we can handle that level of transparency and accountability." but that's what it rests on. >> ed: i can't break into his office and hack into his computer. >> melissa: i agree with you. >> kennedy: understand this is one of the very few areas of bipartisan agreement in washington that a lot of cedar stomach senators hate julian assange. but a lot of people defend him and say that in this case he's "the new york times," "the washington post." and chelsea manning -- >> carley: i'm glad to have that perspective because it makes a very fair debates. what has not been mentioned in
9:35 am
this discussion is what that leaked information did for national security and our american soldiers. it put them at severe risk. our allies in iraq and afghanistan, al qaeda was coming through these documents potentially, looking for information. taking classified information, i agree with you here, from a government computer, and licking it -- that's not journalism pair that's not any sort of journalism. >> harris: i want to get this in a row quickly. when we are handed something and we know about that material and its sourcing as much as we can know, it is our responsibility as journalists than to work with our news managers and leadership to determine what should be released. oftentimes, we will reach out. and ask a specific classified information. what harm can be done? because our job is to do no har harm. when your part, surreptitiously, of trying to do it information -- whether you went and hacked for it yourself or encourage that person -- you and
9:36 am
i are in agreement. that encouragement can sometimes sound like there might be something on the back end for you. who knows? when you're part of the process, you remove that responsibility, that veil that allows you to see it so objectively. and you are more likely to publish classified information that can end up doing damage. be free but in this day and age, it's about how much power is concentrated in the hands of so few. there are those who believe we need more whistle-blowers and more transparency. how do we get there? that's where we might diverge. we will see. >> melissa: is he whistle-blower to see just want to take down the west? >> kennedy: i think it depends who you ask. >> melissa: he may just want to take on the west. >> harris: let's see what crimes were committed, if any, and then we could talk. >> kennedy: investigating the investigators, devin nunes such a criminal referral to the justice department claiming the contact during the course of the rush of probe, as they blast the handling of the mueller report. we will talk about all that next. >> many of us tried to get mr.
9:37 am
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♪ >> harris: house intelligence committee ranking member devin nunes sending his criminal referral notification to an attorney general william barr. he said he would and now he has. it referrals in all alleging potential violations of the law during the fbi's investigation of russian meddling and contact with trump advisors in 2016. nunes says he and republican colleague john ratcliffe are now prepared to brief barr on the alleged misconduct. this, after barr claim top until officials and the obama administration "were spying on the trump campaign." here's nunes on "hannity" last night. >> thank god we have an attorney general who calls spying for what it is.
9:42 am
in late 2015, early 2016, spying began on the trump campaign. that information leaked, which led to what they consider to be legal spying that began, that they've acknowledge that they started doing at the end of july. >> harris: while that's happening, this is -- senate minority leader chuck schumer blessing the spying comments. watch it. >> one someone is given real information that russia interfered with our elections, e supposed to look into it. that is part of their job. for mr. barr to label this as spying, echoing some of the worst conspiracy theorists in the country? he loses all credibility. and that credibility is vital because he will be issuing a report with redactions. >> harris: see, this potentially is how you lose the american public's attention.
9:43 am
we are seven months away from new enrollment for obamacare. people -- i mean, there are a lot of others. drove us down. with that headline? >> ed: that had lied to me is that chuck schumer still can't get a conspiracy theory. it's not a conspiracy theory. there are facts beyond the idea that the dossier, unverified, was used to surveilled, spy, use your word. carter page, others in the trump campaign. you mentioned devin nunes on sean hannity. we had any number of people like chuck schumer attacking sean hannity and others of this network that months ago, years ago, it was a conspiracy theory. there are facts behind it now. it's about time that serious people of the justice department, bill barr -- as i think eric trump set on "fox & friends" this morning -- she's the adult in the room. you mentioned jeff sessions before, he was asleep while this was happening in the posting. he didn't investigate any of it. so maybe it will turn out to be a lot of nothing. i doubt it, but let's get the facts. to call it a conspiracy theory is ridiculous. >> harris: so william barr
9:44 am
said at the hearing most recently that he didn't have evidence of the spying but he had a lot of questions. so now, to further those questions, you get these eight referrals. >> melissa: right, but i'm not sure nunes needed to get into it. it seems like bill barr is on it. he's on it. >> harris: so why did he get into it? >> melissa: i don't know. politically he thought he needed to make a referral. go ahead, kennedy. >> kennedy: you are absolutely right. william barr is the attorney general and he heads the justice department, under which the fbi is comfortably nestled. he also has a u.s. attorney, john huber, and the inspector general, michael horowitz. >> harris: who has a new report possibly coming up before noon. >> kennedy: you look at all these issues, and he said he hadn't but a team together, but on top of all his people without devin nunes he can still put a team to give it to look into this stuff and the democrats i would challenge them. what is the definition of the term "spying?" what does he mean when he says that question of when you say, what do you mean?
9:45 am
it's not necessarily illegal. it happens all the time. civil libertarians have an issue when it is warrantless and unjustified and unconstitutional. >> ed: it doesn't happen all the time that one campaign goes after another. a >> kennedy: if these issues were so critical, why didn't the obama administration but the trump campaign know that there were people -- >> harris: is a fascinating and important question. >> carley: i'm so glad we're having this conversation. the immediate aftermath of them saying "spying," and the controversy devon and ensued -- >> harris: which, by the way, nobody has the full quote. he said he didn't have any evidence. go on. >> carley: i was watching at home going, "what is the big deal? are they not watching fox news? we all knew this was going on." i was so surprised at this level of concern over the word. i really think it has boiled down to democrats needing an enemy. they are turning bill barr into an enemy. they need sort of an out and make it seem like something fishy is going on, and president trump is getting some special treatments. >> harris: real quickly,
9:46 am
because you the conversation sd months ago in terms of cognitivist men nunes congressman it is getting on this. doesn't muddy the waters? >> melissa: it does. it makes it look partisan. leave william barr alone and let him do his job. >> harris: 2020 contender and senator elizabeth warren is singling out amazon as the first -- they respond, and whether warren's plan is fair or just politics. ♪ in ensure max protein... to give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't. (straining) i'll take that. (cheers) 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. ensure max protein. in two great flavors.
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>> harris: we come in now with breaking news. underdevelopment to the top story today at noon, the white house is pushing back now on reports that top aides tried to pressure dhs and ice to bus large numbers of detained migrants into sanctuary cities. as political retaliation against the president's enemies. now the president, just moments ago, has treated this. "due to the fact that democrats are unwilling to change are very dangerous immigration laws, we are indeed, as reported, giving strong considerations to placing illegal immigrants and sanctuary cities only. the radical left always seems to have an open borders -- open arms policy. so this should make them happy!" so the story goes on, and we will keep you updated.
9:51 am
with our recent tweet, just in the last few minutes that we will talk about on "outnumbered." melissa? >> melissa: you can call it the amazon pac. elizabeth warren may give the online chart the poster child for her plan to raise $1 trillion with a proposed 7% tax on corporate profits above $100 million. warren singling out the company in a post-on -- i've heard of that was managing to pay zero and federal income taxes in 2018, despite profits topping $10 billion. in empson and i was on spokes was insane, "we pay all the taxes we are required to play sonic pay e u.s. in every country we are paid for my card to pay. reporting $3.4 billion in tax expense over the last three years." warren firing back, tweeting, "in response to my plan, amazon says it is all the taxes that we
9:52 am
are required to pay." "yeah, i know. you made more than $10 billion in profits last year and you were required to pay $0 in federal corporate taxes. that's the problem." under her plan, she estimates that amazon would pay nearly $700 million in taxes, and she does not realize the irony, kennedy, of what she's doing there. and the response in response to it. they paid zero taxes because that is how the law is constructed. >> kennedy: absolutely right. >> melissa: totally legal. they took their deductions and everything else. and she is criticizing them for following the law as opposed to changing the law if you don't like it. >> kennedy: let's go one step further. number one, taxation is theft. number two, we should all practice legal tax avoidance. number three, she is calling for complicating an already overly-complicated tax code, which was not eased in the way that republicans have promised.
9:53 am
so elizabeth warren can come in. she's a total statist. she wants a federal government to take more and get more. and make it simpler. that's not what this is doing. >> melissa: don't pile on another clause, just get rid of what it is in the first place that lets them not pay if that's what your problem is. >> carley: i do think it's interesting that elizabeth warren is talking about taxing the rich on the same week we found out she's a millionaire. >> melissa: and her solar panels, she could take a deduction. amazon took the same deduction. >> carley: there you go. a little hypocrisy there. >> ed: today deliverable >> ed: do they deliver solar panels if you are a prime member? >> harris: i don't join you guys at fox business network, but i do it at home. [laughter] doesn't make a difference to senator warren that amazon reportedly now hires, including their seasonal, 100,000 customers some 575,000 people. >> melissa: and they raise their minimum wage.
9:54 am
>> harris: $50 for a lot of them. that should make her happy, right? democrats like that. >> ed: aoc ran amazon out of new york and they were going to create a bunch of jobs here and bring in tax revenue come by the way. at help new york. >> kennedy: and new yorkers are not happy about that. they like having opportunity, especially the economic variety, it turns out. >> melissa: if what she was trained to do here was create an alternative minimum tax for corporations and saying nobody should get away with paying zero, fine. but what she doesn't understand, i think, is that this is the company -- they are either going to do business somewhere else or they are going to use less labor. business finds a way around taxes when that is what they don't want to pay. they do it legally. >> carley: year member with the president trump tax cuts, the trickle-down effect there. the companies were cutting people checks. >> harris: real quickly, ed henry, does have a tinge of socialism to you? >> ed: you are. if all is what she and
9:55 am
bernie sanders and others want to do. that's going to be on the ballot. literally this time. and president trump is hoping and praying that elizabeth warren or bernie sanders get the nomination. because that's gravy socialism versus capitalism. >> harris: we will be talking about than that i will come as well. >> melissa: absolutely. we can't wait to see that. it'll be fabulous. more "outnumbered" in just a second. comes miracle-gro performance organics. organic plant food and soil that finally work... for twice the bounty. guaranteed. miracle-gro performance organics. you might or joints.hing for your heart... but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally discovered in jellyfish, prevagen has been shown in clinical trials to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. ♪ here i go again on my own ♪ goin' down the only road i've ever known ♪
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whether that's just a helping hand or full-time memory care. best of all, it's a free service. there is never any cost to you. senior living has never been better, and there's never been an easier way to get great advice. call today. a place for mom -- you know your family, we know senior living. together we'll make the right choice. >> melissa: we can't possibly go without talking about ed henry's new show on fox nation, our streaming service. it is called "front row seat." can log onto and start watching for free, really. tell us all about the show! >> ed: are starting it with big major sports figures like hall of famer's and all type of sports. i love sports. i wrote a book about jackie robinson. for of seats can apply to politicians. we think inside volatile, and the ducat. cool stuff.
10:00 am
it's also, people are logging on already. we are greeted bigger on monday. we'll have a documentary for jackie robinson. >> kennedy: go bruins! >> ed: i thought yesterday, the screening. it was amazing. i cried, i laughed. he will come too. >> melissa: we are back monday. here's harris >> harris: fog rod rosenstein is defending william barr as he comes under more fire from democrats. this is "outnumbered overtime." en harris faulkner. we are awaiting that reductive mueller report, which could be released at any time. deputy attorney general rosenstein coming to bill barr's defense, telling "the wall street journal" this. "he is being as forthcoming as he can, so this notion that he's trying to mislead people i think it's just completely bizarre." chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge working on at the justice department at this hour. catherine? >> thank you, harris. the testimony on capitol hill has have the


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