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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 5, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>> thank you. >> tucker: out of time. end oh it was week. back 8:00 p.m. monday, sworn enemy, smugness and group think. have a great weekend with the people you love. >> sean: all right, welcome to this busy news breaking frizz night. tonight the disparity between president trump and the democrats vying to take his job could not be more clear. the president spent the day today in california working to fix a serious significant crisis going on right now on our southern border. several 2020 democrats spent the day in beautiful new york city pandering to so-called al sharpton. how pathetic, extreme and out of touch this party has become. it's dangerous.
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we turn to hannity watch with the crisis going on. president trump wrapped up an important visit to california where he attended a round table discussion with security officials towards a section of the u.s.-mexico border where the wall is now under construction. today the president emphasized border security in a real crisis every day. watch this. >> it's a colossal surge, it's overwhelming our immigration system. we can't let that happen. so as i say, this is our new system. the system is full. can't take you anymore. whether it's asylum, whether it's anything you want. illegal immigration, we can't take you anymore. our country is full. our area is full, the sector is full. can't take you anymore. i'm sorry. can't happen. so turn around,
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that's the way it is. >> sean: what is happening a the border is not a manufactured crisis. democrats, the media have been lying to you, again. obama's former border patrol chief just testified, quote, we are experiencing a crisis to the magnitude never experienced in modern times. he worked for obama. he told the senate committee 660,000 illegal immigrants will be freed into the nation this year alone. he also noted apprehensions gone up 50%. this year, security officials are on pace to apprehend over one million illegal immigrants. for reference, delaware, south dakota, north dakota, alaska, vermont, wyoming all have under a million residents. this is the cay cisse we've been talking about, others have been lying about. look at your screen. just last night, our friend,
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investigative reporter witnessed border patrol agents again apprehending eight illegal immigrants. we're going to have that exclusive coverage at the border with lauren coming up. make no mistake, president trump is fighting to secure the border with miles and miles of new wall, additional agents, and all of the new technologies available. and importantly the president is holding mexico accountable. he doubled down on the threat to close the border tweeting, quote, if mexico stops apprehending and bringing the illegals back to where they came from, the u.s. will be forced to tariff at 25% all cars made in mexico and shipped over the border to the u.s. if that doesn't work, which it will, i will close the border. democrats are taking a different approach. ahead of the president's visit to california today, to the state's democratic attorney general said all illegal
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immigration should be decriminalized because they have not committed a crime against someone except for those who disregard our laws and got caught in front of the line ahead of hardworking illegal immigrants from all backgrounds, legal immigrants who respect our sovereignty, our rule of law, constitution, borders. people that in some cases spend years of their lives navigating what is a complex immigration system. doctors, scientists, teachers, translators, loved ones, who want to follow our laws and, yes, become part of our family and make america even greater. but you rarely hear democrats the so-called party of compassion helping legal immigrants. the bill included what they support in the second term of obama, a border wall and funding and worried it would look like a political victory
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for the president. they cared more about hating donald trump than they did about immigrants, dreamers, daca. only interested in playing identity politics and scoring chief points. look at senator kamala harris when she compared i.c.e. to the ku klux klan or when robert francis beto bozo o'rourke to nazi germany. watch this. >> the president of the united states called the mexican immigrants racists and criminals. he also went on to talk about it as being an infestation. the third reich human beings were described as infestation as a cockroach or pest you would want to kill. but to do that in 2017 or 2018 in the united states of america doesn't make sense. >> identity politics party, no know bounds. two or three years, you know the
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drill. they're racist, sexist, missole judge nest, they're xeno phobic, they hate children, they want them to die. now, everyone who disagrees with them on anything, now is a nazi. remember robert francis, he wants to take down any barriers, that's why democratic mayor hopeful pete budageig is apologizing for a statement he made in 2015 where he dared to say the following -- all lives matter. i think we're created by the same god, every human being on earth. i'll be apologizing one day for believing that god created every soul on earth. watch this. >> that phrase, just to mid especially 2015 is becoming a counterslogan to black lives matter. so a statement that seems very anodyne and something that nobody could be against wound up being used to devalue what the
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black lives matter movement was telling us which is what we needed to hear. because unfortunately it was not obvious to everybody that black eyes were being valued the same. >> the mayor forgot in the radical extreme, new democratic socialist party some lives matter more than other lives. this week, he joined other 2020 hopefuls at al sharpton all national network convention where i once debated him and brought tapes of al sharpton with me. it was the most pow ullr event of the year. perpetrating a race-based hoax in the '80s. someone who, be i the way, forget some of these moments from the greatest hits of al sharpton? this is who way thinned approval from?
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who they must get the endorsement of? wow, watch. >> you ain't nothing. you're a punk. come here and -- [indiscernib ] [indiscernible]. >> trump was engaged -- we built pyramids for donald trump. >> imagine if a republican or conservative would have said that. you think any republican would seek the endorsement of somebody like that? no. that's nothing compared to the racist, anti-semetic, homophobic ally louis fair kahn. here he is with former president obama. they hid this picture, oh, for his entire run in his entire
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eight years as president. they concealed that picture from public view. here he is. last night on stage with former president bill clinton. a while back. and al sharpton and the reverend jesse jackson. despite the fact he routinely called termites and judaisim a gutter rvenlg. top democrats have been cozying up to fair kahn for decades. screwy lewy told the nation of islam fathers he is jesus. this is right up there when he was transported to a mother ship. that hover above the earth. listen to this. >> to the honorable minister louis farakhan, you are the messiah of the world!
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and you are the messiah to every human who wants to be civilized. >> that man is considered a leader within the democratic party. why did obama hide that picture for the whole eight years he was president and even before? so 2020 contenders, are they going to condemn farakhan or will the party of compassion make excuses for his racism and anti-semitism and bigotry. first we turn our hannity watch, more updates on creepy crazy uncle joe biden. today he made the first public appearance as multiple women, now at least seven, have accused him of inappropriate conduct. like it seems like crazy uncle joe is doing best to laugh the
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whole thing off. take a look. i just want you to know, i had permission to hug lonnie. he gave me permission to touch him. >> where was the i'm sorry? where are all of the the i believe people? what happened to the women must be respected? where is that group that was attacking justin kavanaugh and so many other republicans, the ones that are not speaking out about the lieutenant governor accused of rape and violent sexual assault against two separate women in virginia? the lieutenant governor there? that's a democratic party motto? if you're on the left, don't worry. no allegations, noack sayingses of miskicked matter. nothing is
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disqualified. you're a republican, a conservative, if your name is donald trump, if you know donald trump, you say one nice thing about donald trump, guilt by association. in an impromptu press conference, biden refused to offer direct apology. take a look i'm sorry, i didn't understand you. i'm not sorry for anything i've ever done. i've never been disrespectful intentions to a man or a woman. >> sorry for not understanding. how about you're sorry for what you did to the nose rubbing, the hair smelling, the grabbing, massaging, kissing on the lips, grabbing clothes, uncomfortable. before the trip to the border, the president was asked if creepy uncle joe posed a political threat. and here's how the president responded to this. take a look.
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no, i don't see him as a threat. i think he's only a threat to himself. i don't see him as a threat. he's been there a long time. his record is not good. he'd have to run on the obama failed record. look what happened with so many different thing, north korea, the middle east, the economy never got going. no, i don't think joe is a threat. i would be happy with wany of them to be honest. you notice a stark difference between the president and the democrats. this is going to be the biggest election in a lifetime. one side, real solutions to real problem, and real progress. how the economy is booming, record low unemployment, the lowest in 50 years and america's successful campaign against isis, our successful policy of peace through strength. the greatest alliance with the state of israel we have ever had. recognizing jerusalem as
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its rightful capital. and the go land heights has never been a greater bond. two people with moral clarity, figures, netanyahu leading the way. now he has a partner in president trump. going to hear about trade deals, new nato agreements, historic tax cuts, the end of burdensome regulation, for the first time in 70 years, we're energy independent and we're a net e exporter of energy. as it stands, the united states of america thanks to this president is now the largest producer of oil and natural gas in the world. those people who hate us, we don't need their oil anymore. by the way, we might be able to go against the hostile regime of putin and the hostile actors of russia and helle out the western european allies because of energy. they don't want to get rid of gas and oil for ten years, the democrats. that's what you get. different, no solutions, no successes, gloom, doom, endless
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negotiation. heavy nonstop dose of politics and division in this country to denigrate american greatness, grab power, false promises of a socialist utopia that will never be met. fox news contributor tammy bruce and america first action senior advisor shawn spicer. it's hard to understand the double standard. if i look at the lieutenant governor of virginia and the serious accusations of rape and violent sexual assault to women, they say nothing. then you compare it to kavanaugh. and everything else. and this case, joe biden won't apologize. why is this allowed to exist? >> this is politics for a long time. i've argued now for 15, 20 years that the left's arguments really aren't about the principles or policies at all. they're convenient. that the democrats have been
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gifters for a very long time. they take an issue they know is important to the american peopl people. ride it to death and use it to gain more power while doing nothing, if not making the issue more of a problem. so this is one of my points with kavanaugh is that when you're using something as a political c cudgel, you're taking seriousness away from it. this is not a zero game here where it's all harvey weinstein accusations versus nothing. we worked for decades to educate people about sexual harassment and now you have joe pieden going up in his speech joking about it, dismissing the nature of behavior that if it was done in a work place would have serious repercussions and importantly so. because this is about the women's ability to be
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taken seriously, to not be touched without being asked if at all in the work place. and now it's like we've lost a decade of work because of the democrats' concerns about politics. so this should show the american people that democrats as well, grassroots democrats, that their leadership has been misleading them, the leadership is not serious, it's the leadership is using them. and i would -- i would encourage all independents and democrats. this is not about changing your point of view or where you stand on the issues, realize the people who asked you to vote for them have been frauds for a long time and look around you. african-americans, guys and lesbian, and women, your lives are not getting better based on the democrat narrative, but, in fact, are getting better because of the conservative ideal is now being implemented by the current president let me go to the crisis at the border with you, shawn, ask you about the story.
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a story of a guy out of louisiana, illegal immigrant back to the country. interviewed, 100 plus child sex charges in louisiana. you look at the statistics. two years, 40 homicide, 30,000 sexual assaults. sometimes protected, aided and abetted by sanctuary city state policies. when do -- when do we start caring about the american families, the moms and dads that lost their kids, the women in this country that have been violently assaulted and others, the 90% of heroin leading to 300 deaths a week, 0% of it coming across that border. when did that become a priority instead of this lie against a manufactured crisis? >> it should be the priority at all times. that's why countries have
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borders, you can protect your people. the number one job of any local government is to protect the people they serve and live within that jurisdiction. the president going down to the border today really highlights and illuminates the issue at hand. for all of the people who said we didn't have a crisis, it was manufactured, seeing the border firsthand, seeing what's going on down there, really brings to light a focus and an image that would otherwise be absent from the discussion. so good on the president for going down there. we're crawing attention to what's going on there. bringing angel moms to the white house, allowing them to talk about their stories and the tragedies and the loved ones they have lost. has this issue been brought into the center? one anchor on a competing network the other night reported down from the border and said, you know, it is now a crisis here. it took them, sadly, going down there. we shouldn't have to. if we know it's a problem.
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if this were a crime spree in a local town or city or a town, we would haven't to say, well, show us the problem. we'd have police out there, neighborhood watches. we know this is a problem. we shouldn't be -- it shouldn't be a political debate one more thing. i know tammy brought up great points on biden. three things -- she was right, the idea that he's joking about it is wrong. two, he blamed the right wing, which i think is unbelievable he got a pass on that. and, third -- >> yeah. >> sean: and he said times have changed. no, mr. vice president, times have not changed. inappropriately touching another person is never acceptable. that's what he missed in this. >> sean: thank you both. when we come back, exclusive footage you won't see anywhere else about the real crisis about the border in texas. we're next with the texas lieutenant governor dan patrick. you will see more arrests from last night different from the night before we got on tape.
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10:26 pm
>> joining us now, fox news, contributor law exuberance jones who by the way is back home,
10:27 pm
we're glad you're home. and lieutenant governor dan patrick is with us. good to see you too, lieutenant governor dan patrick. i spa eck to you, the media unfairly saying why is he wearing this on tv. because law enforcement, that was also wearing it insists he wear it or he couldn't do his job. great work. i've seen the drug warehouses, been on helicopter, boat, all-terrain vehicles and on foot and horseback. i've seen arrests. you can't -- the biggest warehouse of drugs with the worst stench you've ever smelt in your life. you told me, you have learned a lot. you told me it's worse than we thought this is heart breaking from me because i'm from the state of texas. so this is home for me. and these guys on the front lines of this battle, you know, the media has said we manufacture the breaking news story the other day when the
10:28 pm
guys were actually crossing the border with the footage of it. you can see the guys in the underwear where they put it up on the screen for you. during the hit, they tried to cross the border. we found them and the border agents pushed them back. last night we saw something different. i always heard stories about. there were calls in the neighborhood surrounding illegals running through the back yard. a young lady called it in. the border agents came, they were with them. and they had the guys there, they were hiding. this is disrupting families, sean, people don't know who's going through their back yard. the border agents captured them and put them in custody. another time we were going through, the cameras picked it up. because, again, they're responsible for the entire laredo sector. but they can only cover 30% of it. 70% of the border is wide open
10:29 pm
because they don't have the resources. because they were older, the guy off 30 minutes because they were with the patrol unit. we were able to see them, eight illegals there as well. we don't know who's coming across this border i've been down there. look, one of the more shocking briefings i sat there is one that obama had been invited to, i asked governor perry at the time if i could go see the briefing. and they put up on the screen, 684,000 crimes committed against texans in a -- 642,000, i'm sorry. i said that's texas alone. some of them really serious crime, including murder. >> let me give you a macro number down to the micro. you heard 11 million, it's closer to 30 million, closing in on 10% of the population. by my calculation, if you look
10:30 pm
at the numbers in 2004, we had 10.5 million then. we've seen 400,000 apprehended every year until this year. we may apprehend 1 million this year. for every one we apprehend, three, four, five get in. if you take that math, we have somewhere between 34 million people here immediately. in texas, we're spending $2.4 billion in the last three sessions since i've been lieutenant governor just on border security. one out of every five students in our schools, one million out of our 5.5 million are not proficient or don't speak english. we cannot educate and medicate and incarcerate those who come here. we're looking at 100,000 people coming over the border this month, 60% of those between brownsville and laredo in the country. as lauren said, what is happening is even though we pay for in the state of texas 5,000 cameras along the border. we see them, be uh we can't --
10:31 pm
we don't have enough manpower to get there in time and neither does the federal government. they get through. if we get 100,000 this months, sean, i'm going to estimate 300,000 or 400,000 have come through that we did not apprehend. they could be the worst of the worst because the drug cartels have the families and they run the drugs and the criminals up the middle. >> sean: you do my best for the governor, governor abbott. i know you worked hard for us all week long. thank you for all of your hard work. i appreciate you sharing that with our audience. democrats, members of the rage hate trump media mob, they're now spinning new conspiracies about the mueller report. again, they're lying. ed henry will be here. and rudy giuliani who will explain the actual law and what it means. and later, well, we'll tell you what city of chicago, what they're doing -- getting ready to do to jussie smollett. trace gallagher has the details on the breaking news friday.
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>> >> sean: right now, the democrats collusion narrative has crumbled along with the credibility and now shifting to pushing new hysteria, not the mueller report, including claims about a cover-up, and the anonymous sourcing. the latest is our own ed henry and you have pole tugman tweeting out, unless you're proven wrong, you have to believe us. they've been wrong how many times? >> they still run the danger now of getting ahead of the facts. hank johnson among many democrats tonight who's charging without evidence that bill barr and his words may be a part of a
10:37 pm
cover-up saying that barr could have obstructed justice with the four-page summary in the findings to help president trump in the words of the democrats with a false narrative. robert mueller did not find collusion. justice department officials are pushing back hard tonight noting that barr is dealing with the fact that every one of the mueller report has a notation that each page could have secret grand jury video. there are necessary redocs being done. and democrats have not said they had the collusion decisions remember, in january, mueller's team put out a statement debunking a buzz feed that mischaracterized what michael cohen testified about. it's reasonable to expect now mueller would speak out if he
10:38 pm
felt barr was mischaracterizing the facts. james comey is now telling the democrats to calm down. in regards to party, it should be good news to all americans that mueller appears to conclude no americans worked with russia. comey may tweaking his approach because you have republicans like lindsey graham planning to call him in to testify to investigate comey's own conduct. that may be why he's speaking out. >> sean: thank you for that report tonight. unbelievable. also remember democrats fuel more baseless theories. look at this. look at the language -- it requires intent. any obstruction case hinges on whether someone was trying to corruptly trying to influence the investigation. if you have subpoenaed e-mails, the intent to delete them, clean
10:39 pm
out your hard drive with bleach bit, bust up your devices with hammers, take out sim cards, it might show intent. joining us to talk about this is the former mayor of new york city, rudy giuliani. nine months, they said there's no "there" there. no collusion. bipart sap subcommittee, no conclusion. attorney general barr quoted robert mueller, no collusion. now they moved on to this. let's talk about the mall i just mentioned it's disgraceful, sean. the reality is to obstruct justice, you have to threaten, impede, you have to get in the way of somebody. let's go back to what weinstein and the angry democrats used to push, the president said to flynn, you
10:40 pm
know, i hope -- you can see fit to drop this. you don't have obstruction by hope. you have it by coercion, threat, i'll break your legs, take your food away, kidnap your children. i prosecuted a lot of obstruction case, no one ever started a sentence with i hope. no one did obstruction by putting out a legal memo for the whole world to see. we're going to find out a week or two how accurate bill bar rec's summary was. i'm going to tell you, it's going to be 100% accurate. he's a great lawyer. he's extraordinarily honorable man. i can't say that for the congressmen who are making wild, crazy, insane threats. the claim of obstruction against the attorney general of the united states is no better than the two-year claim of obstruction by the angry democrats that tried to claim
10:41 pm
the president was obstructing. they completed the darn investigation. how did it get obstructed? nothing was obstructed. >> it was clear that he and rob rosenstein decided quickly about whether or not or whether or not you can indict a sitting president. it was being discussed the whole time. it's also beyond intent,no crim. the president saying i hope flynn doesn't go to jail after serving his country or firing comey which he had the right to do or saying it's a witch hunt. nobody was obstructed. >> this would be the obstruction case to end all of obstruction cases. somebody obstructed to obstruct the investigation of a noncrime he didn't commit, he was innocent of. he didn't obstruct. interview eed 5000 witnesses, ty got 1.4 million documents, and
10:42 pm
had raids in the middle of the night. bringing cnn in to photograph raidi raiding houses, leaking now. the real wrongdoing are the prosecutors who just leaked. i think mueller didn't leak. you believe that one, i'll sell you the brook lip bridge. >> sean: both of us have been friends with prime minister netanyahu for a long time. you have this crazy opponent who is pushing -- he's saying to the people of israel, oh, putin is trying to help bibi, trump is trying to help bibi. and without any evidence whatsoever and i'm thinking there's one guy who has had moral clarity and had been a churchili arc n figure understanding our imperatives, it's netanyahu on golan,
10:43 pm
jerusalem,est. >> what the president did was help twice with the embassy and golan and other things. the president had to reverse the betrayal by israel by barack obama. the president has been great for israel. it comes after obama, the worst president for israel. it joe so happens that in helping israel, he helps the prime minister. what are you supposed to do? not help israel. >> sean: this is the best for jerusalem. golan heights for protection. i hope the people of israel understand i hope they understand they developed a real good alliance with the arab countries around them. so they posed a real substantial defense to iran. >> thank you, mr. president, good to see you. the people of chicago gearing up to sue jussie smollett.
10:44 pm
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>> sean: jussie >> sean: jussie smollett, the hate crime hoax. the actor is remaining defiant amid the ongoing fallout. trace gallagher, he joins us tonight from our west coast newsroom. he has the latest. trace? >> not only did jussie smollett miss the deadline to pay the costs for looking into his hate crime hoax, now he's saying he has no intention of paying the fine. the city of chicago is suing him saying the law department will
10:49 pm
pursue the measure of damages allowed under the ordinance. the city of chicago or the chicago law department will not have any comment at this time. smollett's lawyer said he won't be intimidated and vowed if the city follows through on a lawsuit, they will insist on deposing rahm emmanuel, eddie johnson, and other key players. there was no mention of deposing kim foxx under fire for dropping the charge against smollett. all three police associations in chicago have voted no confidence in foxx and asking her to respond. foxx refusing. even a former prosecutor said foxx owes the public a better explanation for dropping those charges. shawn? soap thank you. recently, i sat down with our old friend, elizabeth hasselbach to talk about her time on fox
10:50 pm
and the view including a fierce exchange she had with barbara walters. her new book, point of view. a fresh look at work, faith, and freedom. how are you? >> so glad to be back. >> >> sean: you like disappeared. i heard, oh, she moved to nashville. i thought, well, we'll hear from her one day. one of the great colleagues of all time for everybody. everybody has the nicest things to say about you. how's everything going? >> i'm the thankful one. feels like the team here. >> sean: did it feel that way earlier. >> this is my old team here. i'm grateful. i think the experience i had here working was so extraordinary and coming back was great. stepping out was hard. this is the hardest thing to leave because it was a great team and i'm not used to leaving when i love smpg. >> sean: as i read your book.
10:51 pm
you know, you're talking about -- looking at your faith and your warmth and family and you had a lot of time to reflect and you're sharing that in this book. i still remember how did i get next to rosie o'donnell and joyless behar. i sat there one day, me and rosie o'donnell are having a war. and barbara walters cannot stop it. and i'm like, i left. i'm so done doing that with her. i would have quit that day but they wouldn't have hired me it was ten years, a decade. >> it was a great opportunity for me. a decade, going from the age of 8 to 18. a long time of growth for me. i was privileged to work under barbara walters, i wrote a ton of what it's like to work for barbara walters for ten years. it was the equivalent of what i think is a phd. in broadcasting,
10:52 pm
i didn't even know it. i was studying her. when you're at the table there, one of the things that i -- i don't regret the fact that women had passion about these topics. i loved the fact that we were able to engage. now that i looked at it, taking a step back. i had to defend every position on one side. i believed the right to life. >> sean: you told me of a fight you and barbara walters had on that issue when life begins, at conception. >> now we have the same values right now. but we point out that we can be holding on to our freedoms of religion, our institutional right to have my politics be mine, in one hand and hold another's hand at the same time. i don't have to force my beliefs for someone to get along with me and i'm not going to expect them
10:53 pm
to do the same either i live in new york. i have a lot of friends who would describe themselves as pro choice. when i heard the governor of the commonwealth of virginia say, oh, we'll deliver the baby. then we'll make sure the baby is comfort comfortable. then we let the baby's mother decide if we resuscitate or give aid to the baby and have a discussion later. that's infanticide, or the -- the local woman who introduced that bill literally saying, oh, i support a woman's right to have an abortion even during dilation and labor. that's not abortion at that time. i can understand the first these -- three months. i don't agree with it. i can't understand the infanticide. she's going -- he's going to keep the -- >> i believe that life begins at
10:54 pm
conception. i don't believe it because i came up with that idea. i believe that our god came up with the idea. i'm not going to mess with my maker. i'm just not. >> sean: i don't highly recommend it. >> yeah, i heard the hard way enough. you'll read it in there. >> sean: i think i was more incourageble than you. i'm just betting. >> there were times even in that moment with barbara i was hot about it. i wouldn't have chosen the language now that i did then. i don't even curse and i'm cursing about it. i don't love that part. you can approach these with grace. i don't have to save the world himself. i believe god has the power to do but we can have these conversations and not turn women who are in that situation to shame because i think it perpetuates the culture of abortion. i don't think we have to choose one or the other.
10:55 pm
both have lifetime value, that woman and her child. the location of the baby doesn't change its value either. >> coming up, crazy new details about a man who claimed to be a missing child. this will blow you away.
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>> randy: we got a response what martin luther king would think of the modern day left. you are only going to see here saying that the


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