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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 23, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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vo: common side effects include headache and tiredness. vo: ask your doctor today, if epclusa is your kind of cure. loved ones. good night from washington. sean>> welcome to "hannity: tru vs. the swamp". we start with a fox news alert. the favorite conspiracy theory is dead. there was nothing. the witch-hunt is over and there will be no further charges, no further indictments after 675 days and nine month before that with the fbi investigation. in other words, almost three years, total of an intensive investigation. robert mueller's report has officially been submitted to the attorney general of the united states. president trump, no more indictments, no collusion charges will be filed.
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no obstruction charges will be filed and no conspiracy charges will be filed. the report delivery suggests that no more indictments are coming, which we now know is true from the special counsel. and that means that we just completed two years of investigating russia collusion without one collusion-related indictment. not even one. instead, after nearly two years, tens of millions of your tax dollars the mueller witch-hunt only managed to prosecute, oh, a few people for process crimes. let's see. papadopoulos' big 12 days in jail, lying to prosecutors. military hero flynn has not been sentenced. he nearly went bankrupt because of mounting legal bills. admitting and bragging they set him up, something they would never do in the obama or clinton
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administrations. and roger stone is going bankrupt, facing trial for harassing a witness. cohen, of course, we know his case. other crimes related to bank application fraud and taxes. manafort may spend the rest of his life in prison because of taxes and, again, lying on bank loan applications. what do they all have in common? nothing, zero to do with trump, the campaign or collusion. they're never coming here. they're never going to be extradited. many were russian spies or russian bot companies. they're never going to allow that to happen. none of these charges involve campaign collusion whatsoever. but we have plenty of pre-dawn
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raids and guns drawn and doors kicked down in the middle of the night, swat gear, hours and hours of hardcore investigation, screws turned, lives ruined. the money spent for what? it was always a hoax, a lie conceived by hate, driven by fear. a 22-month witch-hunt, not into a crime, but into an individual, a person. that's donald trump, who became president, and everyone around him. this is not how it's supposed in this country. this cannot happen again. this is downright despicable. when you look at our constitution, equal justice under the law, every american tonight should be outraged, concerned about how did we get here, especially now that we have evidence of known crimes, massive abuse of power, which
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will be the focus of us in days and months going forward. now, if the full weight of america's justice system will be used to persecute a sitting president of the united states when they even tried to set the election up for the person that they loved, when that person should have been indicted, that would mean nobody in america is safe. and still, as the attorney general points out, the mueller investigation was not hindered in any way, not by the president, not by anybody, as if being president isn't hard enough. the president was forced to deal with this undue burden of what is is baseless absurd investigation that all began before he became president in july of 2016. this is the mainstream media spread a constant steady stream of lies and misinformation to the entire world about america's sitting president. small reminder. oh, and this will get big as the days unfold. take a look.
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>> you told the washington post last week that, quote, there's a smell of treason in the air when it comes to this investigation. >> we are looking at the possibility that the president of the united states and those around him during an election campaign conclude -- colluded with a hostile foreign power to undermine the basis of our democracy. >> donald trump now sits at the threshold of impeachment. >> there's no question that what he's doing is giving aid and comfort to the enemy. >> it does look like collusion. it does look like he's listening to putin more than he is american intelligence. i've never seen that before. >> putin and his associates, somebody has somebody on donald trump. >> we're hearing the new word. he said it was treason. >> and you wonder why i call them the hate trump media mob. they were just following their orders, as they always do,
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taking their cue from the leaders in the democratic party. we have the evidence of that as well. take a look. >> you believe that the trump campaign colluded with the russian in the 2016 campaign? >> yes. >> i can certainly say with confidence that there is significant evidence of collusion between the campaign and russia. >> it's beyond the shadow of a doubt to me that if there was not collusion, there was at least the effort to conclude with a foreign power. >> we saw cold, hard evidence of the trump evidence, indeed, the trump family, eagerly intending to collude possibly with russia, a hostile foreign power, to influence american elections, becoming clear we have suffered a desecration of our democracy not seen since watergate. >> they swallowed it all hook,
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line, and sinker. and tonight, the only people actually shocked at the witch-hunt are those on the left who again, once again, rush to judgment, denied due process, peddling a steady stream of daily lies, propaganda, misinformation and conspiracy theories. they hate trump so much that they were willing to suspend any and all logic and create false hopes for every trump hater across the country. it will be a reckoning. we will hold these people accountable. this includes schiff. he might be the most detached from reality. after a nine-month investigation from the fbi, a 22-month investigation from mueller, he had a bipartisan investigation
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from the senate and the house. after all these investigations prior to today turned up zero evidence of collusion, schiff vowed to continue his own personal witch-hunt into the president. of course. why serve the american people when you can stay focused on a conspiracy theory? take a look. >> what are the outstanding questions that you will continue to investigate regardless of what the mueller report reveals? >> information that we've obtained in our investigation, information that's become clear from the special counsel investigation that may not be neatly summed up in a decision or disclosure that we decided to indict a but not b. if they're not answered, then we're going to have to answer them. we're going to have to find the truth. >> schiff continues to be blinded by his rage and hatred
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of all things trump. and of course he's raising money off of yours truly. send out fundraising letters with sean hannity. the media mob is starting to face some reality. their favorite conspiracy theory is dead. take a look. >> would bit the smoking gun? would it give information as to criminality? would it answer the core question? i have to say, i think it's good news for the white house. >> let's be specific. this is really good news for a lot of people around donald trump. >> yeah, that narrative that that was all an elaborate setup, that there was an elaborate piece of the puzzle, waiting for that last element, which was americans colluding with russians, it clearly is not part of the special counsel's move forward at this point. >> he's been vindicated by them.
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>> and then he's not vindicated, exactly. as pamela's been reporting, the lawyers are -- >> feeling good. >> that i would be -- i would be very happy. >> you have to say that if it turns out that there is no indictment that alleges any conspiracy between anyone in the trump campaign and the russians, that vindicates the president to some degree. >> you see the disappointment. oh, it's got to be killing them. i can almost taste their tears from here. years and years of breathless hysteria, lies presented as facts and truth. what if maddow, what are they going to cover now. where do they find their content now? i'm sure, per usual, they'll just find other fake anti-trump conspiracies to push, all while
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never apologizing for outright lies, hysterical coverage day after day, night after night. we've been right all along. the president has been vindicated, but so much damage has already been done. we now have our partisan two-tiered system of justice that we've been warning you about. we have watched constitutional rights trampled on, the constitution shredded, the rule of law, equal justice under the law, equal application of our laws is today a joke, one that will have a longstanding impact on this country and our future. and the big question tonight is, where do we go from here? what about all the laws that we know have been broken with real evidence? because up until now, many democrats, all these deep state operatives that have abused power and conspired against trump and been involved in conspiracies, yeah, they've
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gotten a free pass. mueller spent 22 months investigating president trump over what was a fantasy based on no evidence. meanwhile, we have for two years on this program presented real actual russian campaign collusion in the 2016 election. the biggest abuse of power scandal in history. we have real collusion with real evidence. hillary clinton's dirty russian dossier was literally put together by a foreign spy, christopher steele. he used real russian lies, yeah, from russia. why was that not investigated? why are we not talking about that tonight? that dirty clinton russian dossier which was never verified and we now know unverifiable because the author can't stand by it. used to spy on a trump campaign
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associate. and we know reporters were fed and spread those russian lies, before the 2016 election, that includes the washington post. we know fisa court judges, that they were lied to, frauds committed before them. they were never told about the dossier's author, hating trump. hillary clinton paid for it. they were never told that none of that none of this was verified or corroborated. why was carter page in the middle of all of this, based on hillary clinton bought and paid for russian lies? why was the trump campaign spied on because of clinton bought and paid for russian lies? why has that not been investigated? and we know a high-ranking
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ukrainian official tried to help hillary clinton get elected, interfere in our election. they did it by timing the release of embarrassing material about then-campaign chairman paul manafort. they called it an illegal intrusion into the american election campaign. why was that not investigated by mueller? what about the uranium one scandal? what about putin having thugs right here in america, that we know were involved in bribery, extortion, kickbacks, money laundering? we had an american fbi spy inside putin's network telling american law enforcement. putin wanted a foothold and he got it. we don't have enough ewe -- uranium. what about the clinton
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foundation? they took $145 million. that was hillary clinton signing off on it. her husband meeting with putin in russia. why was that not investigated? why were there, when you think about this, no criminal referrals for those associated with clinton? oh, that's right. none of that was investigated because the special counsel's investigation was a partisan witch-hunt from day one. remember, after all, mueller hired a team filled with big-time clinton, obama-loving, trump-hating donors. literally hillary clinton's lawyer at the clinton foundation. how in good conscience did she ever get hired by mueller? why was mueller's pit bull, his top prosecutor andrew weissman, a guy who attended hillary clinton's victory party that
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never transpired. he was a top investigator for mueller. and strzok was involved from the get-go. he was the one that was calling trump supporters smelly walmart shoppers, saying that hillary clinton should win 100 million to 0. he referred to trump as a deplorable human being. he saw the russia probe as an insurance policy to stop trump in case he wins. and don't forget how they rigged -- he was the one that interviewed hillary clinton in her investigation and he was writing her exoneration in may of 2016 before they did the investigation in july. and he interviewed hillary on july 2nd. and then they started investigating donald trump. and what about the biggest slam dunk obstruction of justice case ever? if i had subpoenaed 33,000
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emails, i delete them, acid wash my hard drive, and then bust up my devices with hammers, and remove sim cards, i think i would be in jail for a long time. we had classified top-secret information on hillary's server. yeah, including hillary. and mueller hired zero, zip registered republicans. we're going to find out maybe over the weekend, maybe next week, sometime soon, this mueller report, is inevitably, at least the contents of it, to the extent the attorney general decides, we're going to find out as much as we possibly can about what's in there. but know this. this is only -- whatever it is, it's only one side of the story. whatever you hear is only the
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prosecutorial viewpoint, those always hellbent on bludgeoning this president, no matter what. tonight, we know that mueller did not indict donald trump jr or jared kushner or other people subject to the insane media hysteria speculation. is the media ever going to apologize to them? don't hold your breath. and we know mueller did not charge anyone in the trump campaign, nobody, and will not, for conspireing with russia to fix the 2016 election. we know that mueller never suspend the president. we know president trump did not fire mueller, as many predicted he would. we know the president did not interfere with the investigation. this was an investigation into collusion, if there's no collusion or conspiracy was
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found, nothing else matters, no matter what these people that have been selling you lies for years tell you. but we must not forget what happened. a partisan witch-hunt, rig that election when she should have been indicted. they didn't want donald trump to win. so then they lied and committed fraud before a fisa court, denying a fellow citizen their constitutional rights, spying on an oppositional party candidate in an election year, having it leaked to american people, russian lies to influence the election, and then of course telling donald trump comey did it. he signs onto the fisa application in 2016. in 2017 he said it's unverified and salacious. that's what he told the fisa court. they never told the fisa court that hillary paid for it. they never told the fisa court christopher steele hated trump.
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this cannot happen if we want to remain a constitutional rep -- republic. where we go from here tonight matters. all of those that abuse their power, that did everything in their power, that we grant them, we give to them, to first stop donald trump from ever being elected, and then having an insurance policy if he was elected, thinking they knew better than you, we, the american people. they thought they knew better than all of us. they all need to be held accountable as we move forward from this day on. in the days, the weeks, the months ahead. and by the way, you and the media, i promise you, you will be eating your fake news conspiracy theories and reports and hysteria for decades to come. joining us now, harvard law professor alan is with us and who's going to write his own
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rebuttal to this report. gregg jarrett and sydney powell. i saw you on earlier, professor, and you rightly made the point, this is one side, but we do know that there are no indictments, we do know there won't be any further indictments. and that says an awful lot to me. >> it does. but the report will be very critical of the trump administration and of president trump. and we have to remember, it's a completely one-sided report. none of the witnesses were cross-examined by the trump legal team. the trump legal team didn't have an opportunity to submit responses and answers. i would have thought the better policy would be for attorney general barr to withhold releasing the report for a week or ten days, give the trump team an opportunity to respond, and then simultaneously release both reports to the public. that's what the adversary system is about. you have a one-sided report by a
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prosecution and then a one-sided report by the defense and then the public has the right to assess the veracity and persuasiveness of each report and come to their own conclusion. that's what the marketplace of ideas is about. i want to urge every american, withhold final judgment until you see the trump defense team's response. only then can you really form a final judgment about who's right and who's wrong here. >> oh, but of course they don't want the president or his legal team to have any viewing of this at all, professor. let me bring gregg jarrett in. greg, obvious this has been a big issue. you know every detail. you've chronicled it in your book. and do you feel vindicated today? i agree with the professor. it's going to be filled with innuendo.
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but innuendo doesn't matter. there will be no further indictments. that matters >> yeah, and the president-not just me, but the president should feel vindicated. he said all along there was no collusion. and here we have now have a word for the department of justice. there will be no more indictments, which means nobody was ever charged with a russia collusion-related crime like conspiracy. there should never have been, as i argue in my book, an investigation by the fbi. we learned just days ago from lisa page in her closed-door testimony, she admitted readily, we didn't have any evidence of collusion when we launched the probe, and nine months later, we still didn't have any collusion. go back and look at comey's testimony, which also was behind closed doors, and he confessed to the exact same thing. so, here we are, two and a half years later, god knows how many millions of dollars spent.
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but i feel for the people. and i've talked to six of them who were subject to interrogation by mueller and his team of prosecutors. they were browbeat, they were pressured into lying, into saying things that were not true to incriminate other people. that is not just unconscionable for a prosecutor to do, but it's perjury. who's going to investigate thing investigators? >> you wrote a best selling book, sydney powell, "license to lie." we know what this is all about? this has nothing to do with manafort. this is about seeing if he will sing or compose so they can impeach or get donald trump. he was right from the get-go. but you chronicle that. and a lot of the people in this case, you have chronicled their abuse of power in the past. >> oh yes, andrew weissman in
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particular, sean, is the lead villain in "license to lie." if people want to understand how they operate, they need to read "license to lie," because these people will do anything to craft the narrative they want to craft to make their cases stand up. if they couldn't find collusion against the president, there was absolutely nothing there for them to work with. he is completely exonerated. >> last night, professor, you kind of laughed. i said, "you're a great lawyer. and if i hired you and i had deleted 33,000 subpoenaed emails and then wiped clean my hard drive and busted up my devices with hammers, i didn't think i could get me off. maybe you could. but the reality is that happened and then other things happened. we now know a lot about what was going on behind the scenes.
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lying to a fisa court, committing a fraud on purpose. we know bruce ohr testified. he warned everybody. steele hates trump. hillary paid for it. it's unverified. now we know it's unverifiable. there's no way the fbi could have verified it. but they signed off on it. one original application and three subsequent applications. if we can do that to one american citizen and spy on one campaign in this cycle and not get to the bottom of that, how dangerous is that to our country? >> well, i think it's very dangerous. that's why from day one i didn't want to see the appointment of a special counsel with people's target on their backs. i wanted to see the appointment by congress of an independent non-partisan expert commission like the 9/11 commission, looking into the entire issue,
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everything, the steele dossier, what maybe the clinton and trump camp may have done wrong. open to the public. not behind closed doors, not one-sided, so everybody in america could see what went wrong with the 2016 election in terms of rugs -- they're interested in getting somebody and putting a target on their back and prosecuting. and that is not the way to get to the truth. >> fisa court judges, committing open fraud against them to spy on an individual, an american, and also get into the trump campaign, and those lies are spread, real russian lies. are you confident those people will be held accountable? i think they should be and i think william barr and lindsey
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graham will look into it. comey stole president document. those memos were not him. that needs to be examined. and according to isn't that right grassley, at least one of those memos contained classified information and the fbi had to do a cleanup on that. so everybody who signed off on those fisa warrants should all be subject to a serious legitimate investigation. present the evidence to a grand jury, if they exist, and allow them to indict if appropriate. >> sydney, where do we go from here? >> well, sean, to restore the rule of law and the integrity of the fbi and the department of justice, there is going to have to be a real investigation by the department of justice of what really did happen here and everything's going to need to be
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declassified that has been with held so far. we need the rest of the transcripts of the testimony of the people who testified before congress. we need the fisa applications. we need the bruce ohr 302's and all the things we've talked about before, that the president has the ability to declassify. those should be made available now for the american people to see what really went on. and the people who are responsible for this real conspiracy to destroy the president must be held accountable or there will be no rule of law in this country. >> agreed. you know what, those fisa applications ought to be released at the exact same time the attorney general gives his report. those 302's same thing, all the other buckets we've talked about. >> i think the fisa court ought to see whether or not a contempt of court citation against the people who misled them is appropriate. >> agreed. we need to here from those fisa
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judges too, absolutely. >> yes. we need the names unredacted from rosemary's decision of a year ago, where comey gave illegal access to the raw nas database to three private contractors. that led to all the unmaskings and everything, too. >> forgot about that and leaking raw intelligence. we're civil libertarians here. thank you all. joining us now is catherine. i know you've been working hard. you look cold. is it cold there? >> i am so cold here. i'm going to be absolutely honest, it's worth it to be right here. i want to pick up on a couple of points that you just made with your panel ist. there's been a parallel investigation that's been run
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here by the inspector general. he's been looking at a handful issues. one is the leaking of classified memos, classified information by senior fbi executive. also, the gifts by those executives by members of the media and others. and then most importantly, these allegations of surveillance abuse through the fisa court in the 2016 campaign. and on that point, fox news exclusively obtained 40 pages of text messages, i have them here, between mccabe and fbi lawyer lisa page. and these text messages, sean, show that in october of 2016, just nine days before the fisa application was granted for carter page, there's a lot of concern and heartburn by a senior justice department official about the bias of a
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confidential human source that was associated with the application based on our reporting, we believe it's a former british spy christopher steele. these text messages, i'm also told tonight, were never provided to some of the house committees that were seeking these text messages of mccabe last year. they thought this obstructed their investigation. and finally in the text messages, you see senior people at the fbi sharing very derogatory blogs about then-candidate trump and even using the d word to describe the congressman. >> and remember, we're going to go over those in a lot more detail. everything's up on the foxnews
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com. remember mccabe also said, no dossier, no fisa application. interesting. this could shed a lot of light. this is only the beginning. joining us now -- it's interesting what catherine said. john and sarah, both of you began this journey into this whole abuse of power corruption scandal, which i argue is the biggest in history, with the abuse of intelligence. now, according to catherine, we're going back to that. you wrote a column today "the wisdom of trump's lawyers and the accountability for the mueller report." a lot of good you found out of it, no matter what innuendo may be in there. >> i think when we look back at this, one of the seminal decisions that protected the president was the decision not to put the president before
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mueller's team and have him be subjected to question and put into a perjury trap, as we saw papadopoulos and flynn. i think that's going to turn out to be one of the most important things that happened here. but when this is all said and done, what your last panel just talked about is the most important thing. if we don't want a repeat of this in history, accountability has to be handed out to all the people who pulled off this ruse. >> and that would mean the intelligence abuses, sarah, 350% increase that you and john reported over two years ago now. and that would mean hillary clinton having her case rigged, as we now know, exoneration written well before. even james baker thought she should have been indicted on the
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espionage act. >> there's extraordinary malfeasance that we've seen. and remember, we talked about the weaponization of the intelligence community. that's why it's so imperative that it be investigated. when john and i first started reporting on this, this was years ago. not only did we see that exponential increase in unmaskin unmaskings but we know that form former un ambassador even attested that she didn't even sign off on all these. maybe that means someone else was signing her name and unmasking people. these would be people probably connected to the administration or campaign. this is something that still needs to be investigated. this is an abuse of our system
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and intelligence apparatus. there is no other word to describe this. and what gregg jarrett said was right on the money. who's going to investigate thing investigators? >> congressman, we know russian lies were used to influence the election. and we know who paid for them. and we know they weren't corroborated. we know they were used for a fisa application. we know there was russian interference. by the way -- we also now know about ukrainian attempts. why didn't mueller -- if he's concerned about russian interference, why did he not address a phony, bought and paid for russian dossier used as a weapon to get a fisa application that gave a backdoor into the trump campaign? how is that possible? >> there are a lot of serious questions like that that ought
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to be answered. others have raised it. we said all along, look, we looked into collusion and found no collusion. and yet, that was only a few months into the trump administration. mueller continued to go on. i want to see, obviously, the report's got to come out. if it turns out that there aren't going to be further indictments, number one, it does vindicate president trump, but also raises those claims that this was a witch-hunt. i would like to see not only the report be made public, but how many taxpayer dollars were spent to bully people, if there was no collusion, which was the intent of the mueller investigation. and by the way, what about people like adam schiff who said two years ago that there was more than circumstantial evidence of collusion, if it turns out there isn't any, are they going to hold account as well for what they said in the smearing they tried to make of
1:38 am
good people? >> sean: i would like to hear from the fisa court judges. maybe it's just my upbringing in law enforcement, which i talked about a lot. and so many in my family in law enforcement. why do i think if i purposely omitted information in an application to a judge, important information like who paid for something, or if i lied to a fisa court judge and said something that was not true, john solomon, why do you think that, i don't know, maybe i'm just paranoid, but i think i would be locked up, put in jail and have one pretty pissed off judge who i was brought up to say, "yes, ma'am, no ma'am." >>there's no doubt. i have a strong suspicion that the fisa court is waiting for the independent review, and that may trigger action at the court and the attorney general's office, certainly inform senator
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lindsey graham's investigation. i think the second half of 2019 will be a half year of accountability that will bring a lot of people to justice. i have heard from inside the court that there are judges concerned in waiting for the ig report. i think that could be a seminal moment. >> i expect that we're going to probably have a lot of innuendo and people -- he's just providing a roadmap for somebody else -- john, you're shaking your head no. why? >> i've done a lot of reporting on this, sean, and i think deputy attorney general rosenstein and the letter he wrote governing this made very clear at the very beginning, if we don't find crimes, we're not going to use the report to smear someone. they want to do the opposite of what comey did when he released the hillary clinton report. i think there's going to be a very sparse amount of details in this report.
1:40 am
i think everyone will be surprised. >> sarah, what do you think? >> i think john's right. we could be surprised. it could go the other direction. but i think john's right. i don't think there's going to be a lot of details in this report. and i think it's evident by what we're hearing from the democrats. the rumors going through congress right now. democrats expect this to be a dud, a dud. this is why adam schiff is so adamant about moving forward with investigations on his own, that have nothing to do with russia. he wants to push forward and investigate everything trump, from his taxes to his family. i don't think the american people are going to buy this. i think this is over. and i think, as far as when the report comes out and it does become public, it will really be in the hands then when it becomes public to the president. and for president trump to come out, and he will have to come out and make a statement, but he will say it's time for this country to move on. but of course there has to be an investigation into what happened
1:41 am
here so that it never happens again. but i don't think the american people are going to buy what the democrats are be dishing out, a constant investigation into president trump is going to backfire on this big time. >> i agree. congressman, we'll give you the last word on this tonight. >> well, first, i agree that if you look at what has been going on for the last two years, it was set up to be a witch-hunt. they wanted to find something based on people within the fbi that had a political agenda. everybody's got their own political views, but when you want to put that badge on, you check your agenda at the door. that didn't happen with some people at the fbi. i would like to see a real investigation to truly restore the fbi's integrity but also hold people accountable for what happened. if you're a fisa judge, you are going to be steaming right now because they went to the fisa court and maybe gave misleading statements to get that access. if they abused the fisa court, i want to see further action there
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as well for real accountability. i think this is just the beginning of the accountability side. >> sean: john, i'm sorry. do you believe there will be indictment it is handed down over all this? i believe there will be. >> i do. >> i do. >> yeah, i think it comes down to the quality of the evidence provided today public, but i think there's a strong possibility of indictments. >> i couldn't agree more. >> sean: okay, thank you. joining us now for more on our continuing coverage, our breaking news tonight, our very own ed henry is standing by in our news room tonight. >> the headline tonight is that after nearly two years of investigating mueller's problem, it's officially over with no further indictments. eeven the president's critics acknowledging they are not sure there was collusion.
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certainly sounds like good news for the president. he and his family will not be indicted by robert mueller. however, we still do not know the specifics of the report, and it does not mean the investigations are over. as you've been talking about, democrats run the house. they're already talking about bringing mueller in as a sworn witness for testimony that could still be damaging to the president, information that did not lead to an indictment but that could be considered by the house for possible impeachment down the road. also, don't forget the southern district in new york, still investigating the trump organization. the president and white house feel confident in talking to some of its allies. parts of this report will get to congress and the public. but they feel confident with barr in charge, he tipped off the white house about 4:30, 5:00 p.m. today it was coming.
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bottom line tonight, sean, is that in talking to allies of the president in private, they're telling me that they're confident that this report is going to show there was no collusion with the russians. but i am picking up from some advisors to the president that they're nervous about what mueller is going to say in this report about allegations of obstruction of justice, that clearly he is not going to indict the president or others around him over obstruction of justice, but they think the details of the report may suggest that mueller believed there was some kind of obstruction but did not bring charges, i'm told, by these advisors to the president. >> sean: they want obstruction, they can just go to hillary's emails that she deleted. just imagine if i busted up my little iphone here. anyway, all right. joining us now with reaction, fox news contributors dan
1:45 am
bongino and jason. you know what's going on. why does he always take 18 months to get a report? he did good work last time, got us the strzok/page text. we know obstruction was committed and power was abused. why is this taking so long? >> well, i do think the most consequential thing, and i said this for a long time, is going to be that inspector general report. it's probably about another 90 days out. you don't hear leaks or anything about it. but when we look, it's fisa abuse, the malfeasance at the highest echelons within the departments of justice. he is going to be the one to do that. where you're going to see collusion is with the highest
1:46 am
echelons with the fbi. it'll be scathing, thorough and credible because it does come from horowitz. >> you could already tell in the leadup to this they were lowering the expectation game. i'm listening to that and it's like, i wonder if deep down they knew there was no evidence. we already had a senate committee, a house committee, and an fbi investigation all conclude no russian collusion. we're going to get to that. what i'm told is the majority of interest in mueller's team was all about russia, not about obstruction. we all know, james comey admitted he could be fired for any or no reason at all by the president. >> first, sean, comey's professional reputation is on fire. everybody's forgetting it was comey's memos, the leak of those memos that was meant as an incentive to start this witch-hunt that ended up today
1:47 am
like a dumpster fire. we now have absolutely nothing. remember, they based nearly their entire investigation on the dossier that we now know, according to comey himself, he claimed was salacious and unverified. not only does comey initiate a bunk investigation that leads nowhere based on a fake dossier, but he also incentivizes them to start a special counsel fraud. this is all we've got? >> let me ask you both this. based on no further indictments, 20 seconds each, jason first. no further indictments. what's the worst that could be in there? what? innuendo? maybe people shouldn't have sat in a meeting or this piece of paper didn't look a good, what? >> no, i don't think there will be much at all. but remember, it was the inspector general who found director comey insubordinate in
1:48 am
his first report. and look for more of that to come. >> character assassination, obstruction of justice is dead. mccabe admitted under oath there was no effort. it's nothing. >> that's a big headline. i agree with you on the obstruction part. probably innuendo. but a lot of people should be worried tonight in the deep state. when we come back, don't go anywhere, a lot of reaction to breaking news. the mueller report is in. there will be no further indictments coming. there are a lot of media people crying right now. they're so upset. they've been lying you for over two years. straight ahead. want more from your entertainment experience?
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>> sean: somebody said, bill barr made this happen. bill barr stopped mueller from doing his job. actually, if you look at it, oh, mueller's actions weren't blocked by anybody. is this now their way of admitting, oh, we lied to you for over three years and we're sorry? maybe i'm misinterpreting it. >> sean, i'm just happy that for the first time in 22 months every day hear that president trump is probably going to fire bob mueller. remember hearing that story over and over again. clearly, that didn't happen.
1:54 am
look, this was always called the russia investigation for a reason. it's in every headline, every lead paragraph. and when you take russia out of russian investigation,it loses its impact. when they apologize, that means putting aside ego. what's going to happen? no apology. there will simply be a pivot to whatever is most negative towards the president next. no apologies here because egos don't allow for that, sean. >> sean: no apologies, no retraction, fake news, and by the way, journalism is dead. from a political standpoint, this is your party just doubling down and promising eight more investigations and we'll investigate trump's checkbook from when he was 11 years old. >> what i saw from schiff and his colleagues, that's precisely
1:55 am
where they're going. this is a big win for donald trump, but it's also a big win for him vis a vis 2020. when we saw in 1998 -- bad news for the democrats. my advice, give it up. >> sean: democrats never listen. >> i hope they
1:56 am
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1:59 am
>> sean: all right, breaking news. that's right. no more indictments. mueller report is finished. we are going to have a lot more and hold a lot of people accountable. monday on the program, newt
2:00 am
here. have a good weekend. >> shannon: special counsel robert mueller wrapping up the investigation into potential russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. the findings not yet public. democrats though already speculating about the possibility of subpoenaing mueller. what's in the report and what's not and where we go from here legally and politically. first, fox news team coverage on the president's response so far. good evening, catherine. >> good evening.


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