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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  March 18, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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hot dogs, it was amazing. that is good stuff. >> thank you for inviting us in your home. fair, balanced and unafraid. the story posted by martha starts right now. >> martha: good evening. i am martha maccallum and this is "the story." welcome everybody. there was a time when chelsea clinton -- push my pretty future of her party and now she is under attack, anti-semitism from a congresswoman ilhan omar. students at nyu blasted her for coming to a vigil for the people for the new zealand mosque. >> after all you have done. this right here is the result of a mall security.
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people only words he put out there. i want you to know that i want you to feel attached. 49 people died because of the rhetoric you put out there. >> what is i am sorry you feel that way mean? >> martha: that has some saying. very little back up from her own party. she got support from donald trump jr. and kellyanne conway grieving of course to be universal. 150 human beings are slaughtered and a vigil for them should be open to anyone who wants to be there. a moment of coming together to mourn. these individuals didn't see it this way. one writer on twitter calling chelsea's white tears dangerous and understanding the outcry that white people were taking and picking up the space at the vigil. all of this has fueled the arguments that white supremacy is dangerously on the rise. the president getting criticism
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for saying they are a small group. in a moment, heather mcdonald was very good at cracking these numbers takes a look at who she believes is right on that, but first her first geraldo gerald. the fox news correspondent is here to respond. it is good to see you. first of all, your gut reaction to what happened there with josie clinton? this pig loves horrified. two bike children attended nyu, free thought and free speech. due to that person confront her the way she did with the finger-pointing, a pregnant woman. that was no salt, it was so absolutely offensive. it was illogical. it made no sense, which is the connection between a chelsea clinton criticizing in a very mild and reasonable way and the actions of the congresswoman ilhan omar. to go from that to a complicit and the cause of mass murder.
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it is absolutely appallingly anti-conflictual. it is disgusting and it goes a bridge too far. >> martha: he goes to this issue of labeling and pointing. something like this, a horrible accident and new zealand is default of my extension of someone like chelsea clinton because of something she said. we saw the same thing about the president. >> she is so mild and measured. she is really a nice person. >> she did as good a job as anybody. >> if that was me i would've exploded. the intolerance of the hatred, the anti-manners that showed. that is to me the actions of these kids rocking the first amendment and the freedom of thought, freedom of speech. >> you can't fight back, she knows that there is a camera
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there. somebody has their iphone perfectly placed in order to capture this entire thing and it feels like what is being said to her is the only -- that is the free speech. she is not allowed and you know as well as i do, if she had snapped back at them the backlash would've been ten times worse. >> i would have snapped back, bless her for naught. i submit that she was in her own weight frightened by that crowd and that mob led by not just a student who was pointing inches width from her pregnant belly, those who packed her up. they have to find the object of their hatred. they have to find a scapegoat. it is much the reason that president trump is being dragged into being blamed for the massacre. it is so preposterously anti-intellectual. a situation where president trump is responsible for what happened in new zealand. who was responsible for what happened in the charleston and
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south carolina massacre? who was responsible in texas? was responsible for the orlando pulse nightclub? who was responsible for the sandy hook massacre? all of which happened under president obama. it is pathetic that people look for scapegoats to blame things that a loss. the students had to jump cut, it could've been anybody walking into that room randomly and they would've been the person. >> martha: will want to play this from minnesota, keith ellison who used to be a congressman. the first muslim congressman to serve and here's what he said. >> whether it is charlottesville or whatever it is. it all seems to point back to he has some sympathy for that position. it is not willing to condemn it. he would not condemn david duke. there are so many points of evidence that indicate that for some reason he is reluctant to
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condemn white supremacy or recognize it. >> martha: that debate on "special report" a couple of minutes ago. whether or not he has strongly come against these elements. >> before i answer that let me preface this by saying i cover the oklahoma city bombing when they killed all those children of the day care. that was a white supremacist. that was during bill clinton's administration. to say that bill clinton was responsible for what timothy did we have to stop transferring guilt to people that we don't like or that we oppose politically because we are frustrated by what happened. we don't know that. in terms of the president i think the president is tempestuous, he is then scanned. i love the guy could have known him forever. he is no white supremacist or racist. there are times where wish you could reinforce and emphasize
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his point. i know that he is not a white supremacist. i wish that attempts he would say, do know something? white supremacy is xyz and so is islamic radicalism. >> martha: what he think he doesn't? you can find places where he has. >> i think that he does not like to be called out. i think it is not to be criticized and when he reacts, he says don't push me. i for the same way. i feel sympathetic to that but i just wish that sometimes he would let it hang out. i want to hear about these important issues is much as i hear about some of the things that are much less relevant. when i see his tweets, i want to be a patriot. i have vowed to be his twitter editor. i know you were a good-hearted person because i know you and i've known you for focal decades. when we look at your tweets. sometimes you respond may be impetuously.
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he does it on the big issues, it's the little things that annoy him that bring out the worst and him and not the big things. >> martha: thank you. good to see you. here now, heather macdonald. the author of the diversity delusion. could you have you back on the show. when you look at the numbers here, there is the sort of collective assumption. people say things like what supremacy is on the rise and 8 grams or on the rise. you been here before and i know that you look at the numbers very carefully. do you think that that is true? speak up first of all let's examine the chelsea clinton moment a little more closely as what the left in the mainstream left generally is calling white supremacy. she made a statement that didn't even name ilhan omar saying public officials should avoid anti-semitism. that now is being translated into white supremacist,
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islamophobia, that resulted in the outrageous massacre of 15 muslims in new zealand that has nothing to do with it. the left is so determined to try to paint america as a source of white supremacy were in fact there is virtually no institutional support for these handful of kooks that are insane and violating the very premises of western civilization. we are all on campus now. what happened at nyu is overtrading the culture at large more and more of the democratic parties are adopting this poisonous identity politics for this determined -- go to paint america as a bastion of white supremacy that is not true. as for the numbers it is ludicrous. the number of reported hate crimes and we don't know how many of those are jussie
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smollett hoaxes, last year it was identical to what it was ten years ago when there were 25 million fewer people in the united states and many fewer were reporting agencies. if you go ten years before that you have 3,000 more hate crimes reported. the idea that there has been some surge and hate much less white supremacist hate is ridiculous. >> martha: let's put some of the numbers that were published this morning to take a look at the terror incident in the united states. domestic terrorism that were perpetrated by these groups. this is the way they did it. i believe this is "washington post" ." they say, they attribute six deaths in 20172 left-wing groups. 11 deaths to right-wing groups. 16 deaths to islamic extremists and other unknown is the highest in the group at 62 because this
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is the last year they tracked these numbers and that includes las vegas massacre, the horrific massacre. when you look at it that way, at least in that one year in the swing around from time to time. it looks like there is no single group that is dominating this issue and also the numbers are relatively low. we love to see his ear obviously across the board. >> access is about .0005% but all violent crimes. i do not understand "the washington post" methodology because there are known categories, they don't know what the motivation is. why they get to count those as extremist terror incidents, domestic terrorism when they may be your average guy going postal. i don't know. her numbers do not show a surge in white supremacist violence. it is preposterous.
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the mainstream institution for this country and coming out of the campuses are beating into students heads that it is white people that are evil. the hate is going in one direction and if you want to see a more mainstream demonstration hatred looks like in the united states today, let's recall of the covington, kentucky, pile on where you have politicians across the democratic party, the media piling onto these kids because they were so desperate to find any representative of the narrative about widespread white based hatred which is a complete falsehood. the vitriol, the vindictiveness that was directed at those kids is a direct import from campus victim ideology. >> martha: i was go back to what martin luther king said about wanting to not see white power and black power. he wanted to live to see the day
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when it was human power. it strikes me when you look at individual others had before, when one person or 11 american is wrong. what you want is for the community to come together and mourn the loss of life regardless of what religion those people are what breaks those people are. we have see those moments in the past in our society and that is not where we are right now unfortunately in this kind of assumption about what is going on out there definitely does not help that situation. heather mcdonald, thank you very much. all the rivera, thank you as well. coming up next, devin nunes fires a bombshell lawsuit against twitter for shaman conservatives. shaming conservatives. ♪ i switched to liberty mutual,
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>> martha: twitter is facing a fierce new legal battle over allegations that they censored conservative content on the sit site. devin nunes has filed a major lawsuit tonight against the social media platform was accusing the site and some of its users of shadow panic conservatives and an attempt to influence the elections. silencing opposing viewpoints and ignoring complaints of abuse his behavior. he breaks it all down for us in the story tonight. >> good evening. this is the 40 page lawsuit that was filed in the virginia court this evening. twitter as he said in the hot seat, he alleges the social media giant who do not remove the tweets and he says those tweets are from real people and bogus accounts and the tweets carry him into his family's name. i want to read some of that to you that was filed. twitter knew the defamation was and is happening. they let it happen because
4:19 pm
twitter had and has a political agenda. they allowed and allows its platform to serve as a portal of defamation in order to undermine public confidence, to benefit his opponents of the republican party. devin nunes goes on to would latch that these tweets were an effort to distract him from doing his job with the investigation of potential corruption in the 2016 presidential election. "the purpose of the defamation campaign was to cause immense pain, intimidate, interfere with the tension from his investigation of corruption and russian involvement of the 216 election." quote get this, he is seeking $250 million. the same number that the covington catholic student is seeking. in his case, you see them right there. he was plastered all over the
4:20 pm
headlines with a confrontation back in january. we have reached out to twitter about this lawsuit and we just heard back from him. they say they are not commenting on this case. we did hear from him personally and i want to hear that. he said twitter is a machine it is a modern day hall, devin nunes intends to hold it accountable for its abusive behavior and misconduct. right here it says very clearly, trial by jury is demanded. as you said devin nunes is not just talking about himself but also talking about other conservatives that he says are under attack. >> martha: that will be interesting to watch. breaking tonight, informationally deadly shooting in the netherlands leaving at least three people dead and several wounded after the turkish born suspect who is now in custody, the middle of the screen there. he opened fire on a tram. authorities at this hour into
4:21 pm
the motive is still unclear and terrorism is not off the table. trace gallagher is left night watching all of this, hello hello. >> witnesses on the tram gave contradictory gave different statements. others believed he was targeting a woman and when people try to help that woman he then fired at them. those on board also said that because the conductor didn't immediately open the doors started kicking out windows and jumping out. the gunmen didn't appear to be trying to hide his identity and there were numerous surveillance cameras. listen. >> we were able to spot and to connect him to a runaway car in which he had fled from the place of the assault. >> a surveillance photo was posted across the netherlands and after an eight hour manhunt
4:22 pm
he was arrested. we are told he does have a criminal history and is currently facing a rate charge. his associates said he appeared to be religious and date history of strange behavior. he said this does appear to be terrorism, the prime minister of the netherlands was more cautionary sang a link to terrorism has not been established and police added that the motive could be a personal matter. the national coordinator did initially raise the terrorism threat level but it has now been the word. the attack also happened at an area where they might be a very large muslim community and there is no word without plays a part. in the wake of the attack and to play it safe authorities in the netherlands evacuated the mosque and increased security at the mosque across the country. a second person has been arrested and connection with the attack, police won't say what if any role that person may have had.
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>> martha: thank you very much. coming up next, bernie sanders says when americans get what democratic socialism actually is that they will love it. >> how can any socialist win eight election of united states? >> we will explain what democratic socialism is. ♪ because my body can still make its own insulin. and i take trulicity once a week to activate my body to release it, like it's supposed to. trulicity is not insulin. it starts acting in my body from the first dose and continues to work when i need it, 24/7. trulicity is an injection to improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes when used with diet and exercise. don't use it as the first medicine to treat diabetes, or if you have type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. don't take trulicity if you or your family have medullary thyroid cancer, you're allergic to trulicity, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2.
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♪ >> we have come a long way and they last four years. the american people have made it clear that they are sick and tired of billionaires running our country! they want justice. >> martha: bernie sanders on saturdays and the secret to success for him is to do a
4:28 pm
better job of explaining his vision for democratic socialism in america. telling npr, my right-wing colleagues want to paint that as authoritarianism and communism. but i swear a lot and that is nonsense. what i mean by democratic socialism is that i want a vibrant democracy. here now, jason riley. jessica, the senior director and a fox news contributor. welcome to both of you. as democratic socialism a vibrant democracy? >> i guess so. if bernie says so. he is the only one and the only candidate that is claiming that they are democratic socialist or continuing to pump up socialism. elizabeth warren was asked about it and she said i'm absolutely a democrat. we need a more drastic system of capitalism. that is the line that beto o'rourke used as well. the polling shows that younger
4:29 pm
democrats are more partial than past generations. he seems to really be the only one that has hanging onto that terminology and he says, i need to better define democratic socialism then he repeats the word democracy. that is not a definition. >> martha: do think you will go anywhere this time? >> i think he has a incredibly strong base, it will be easier for him to get through because they are so many people. it won't just be hemp versus hillary. their people with similar policy decisions. >> martha: i think there are a lot of similarities. >> no matter how he wants to define it, what it boils down to is a different role. higher taxes and people not when they hear them aquatic socialism what he is talking about. i think he is trying to appeal to the activism and he is assuming that that is what democrats and independentst to hear. i'm not so sure. this is a center right country and i think they have seen a
4:30 pm
faster economic growth and lower unemployment among minorities from this president was not moving toward socialism. >> martha: years joe biden over the weekend. listen closely. >> criticized by the new left. i have the most progressive record of anybody running! of anyone who would run. [cheers and applause] i didn't mean -- that anyone who would wrong. >> martha: what you think of the slip? >> there are two slips. there is i am running which we are all expecting him to announce for and that he is running and there's the comment about having the most progressive record of anyone who was running. if you look at the boats that people have taken it is not the case that he would be the most progressive candidate. yet people who are shaping any
4:31 pm
platform we don't have as long as a history of people were digging up clips from the 70s or the 80s. depend on them, the slip, he is coming into the race which i think will be a great addition. we will see how shake out. they progressive point, not that phrase. >> martha: the president tramped, joe biden got tongue-tied over the weekend when he was unable to deliver a very simple line. get used to it. eight and other low iq individual is the way that the president is beginning his branding work on joe biden. >> among the candidates currently running, joe biden is one of them. he will give mr. trump some trouble. he has the potential to a maximum of those midwest states. if you want to go after someone in the field that he is ready to go after joe biden early and often. >> martha: let's listen to the new york mayor was planning on
4:32 pm
testing universal basic income in new york and new jersey. take a lesson. >> the city is enjoying and exploring reversal basic income. we believe in that. especially in a time where studies have shown that families who have a crisis of just $400 in a month may experience a setback that may be difficult even impossible for them to recover from. >> the problem is when you give able-bodied people were able to work money and set up not working you'll get more people who don't work. when he reward unproductive behavior you will get more unproductive behavior. that is the lesson of the will for expansion in the 1960s. i don't see why this program would be any different at the end of the day. speak i don't think this will catch on. andrew yang is the only hopeful
4:33 pm
was pitching this. a federal job is guaranteed for more of our conversation on the left, something that cory booker has been talking about as well as bernie sanders. i'm interested to seal the pilot goes as a thought experiment. my guess is that will be very difficult. he is correct in pointing out how many families in this country are missing one paycheck messed away from calamity or one trip to the emergency room or one child with special needs. >> relieving people of any personal responsibility is not the solution. >> martha: thank you. coming up next, democratic candidate for about four days now. beto o'rourke did a lot of apologizing for his past and what he calls has white privilege and even his parenting style. >> i'll be much more thoughtful in the way that i talk about our marriage and also the way in which i acknowledge the truth of
4:34 pm
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so ditch the old way of selling your car and say hello to the new way... at carvana. >> martha: they are taking some heat for sitting on a story during the 2018 senate campaign between ted cruz and beto o'rourke. the outlet publishing previously discovered information that beto o'rourke was a former member of the hacking group known as cult of the dead cow, i'm sure it you are all very familiar with. [laughs] 's campaign was not effected. a record $6.1 million raised during the first 24 minutes putting him ahead of all the other democratic candidates on day one. kristin fisher's life in washington tonight with mark. >> this is quite a scoop, the prominent presidential candidate and has involvement and to america's oldest hacking group. at the airport, they had known about it for over a year.
4:39 pm
joseph says he sat on it because he struck a deal with members of that group that you're talking about, cult of the dead cow. they have confirmed has involvement but only if they agree to hold the piece. he is not defending the deal is a common arrangement between journalism and sources that apparently the candidates themselves. in an interview in late 2017 he acknowledged that he was a member of the group on the understanding that the information would not be made public until after his race against ted cruz in november november 2018. he responded by saying, they find evidence of 2017 that he may have committed multiple felonies which you confirmed on the record but deliberately withheld is to work for a year? when he is running against bernie et cetera, now it is news? the group that he was a member of which was responsible for things like hacking into computers and stealing credit card numbers. the report says that he never
4:40 pm
engaged in the gs to sort hacking activities. did contribute to the electronic magazine, a fictional story that he wrote when he was 15 that involves running over children with a car and here's a clip -- an excerpt. he wrote, as i neared the young ones i put all the way to my left leg put in the battle on the floor until he heard the crashing of the two children on the sharp cry of pain from one of the two. i was so fascinated for a moment moment, after i stopped i sat in a daze. sweet visions still in my head. after the story reefs are fast he said and mortified to read it now , incredibly embarrassed bath take ownership of my words. whatever my attention was as a teenager doesn't matter, have to look long and hard to my card my actions. after cosmo tried to do better. he has acknowledged that it is really hate. when he was writing. those are his words.
4:41 pm
he is asking to remember that he was only 15 years old. >> martha: that is a important fact. thank you very much. the publisher of the federalist is joining me now. great to see you. where to begin? the hacking. is it awful or bad? >> it is very on brand to be a member of a hacking group. it fits with the skateboarding and punk rock. let's step back for a moment and recognize that there was no candidate who the press was more in the tank four and 2018 and beto o'rourke. the fact that if his name was bob and he had been running against someone other than ted cruz and that would not have been the case. everyone who is really part of the media in that state, profile after profile glowingly picturing a guy who collected all the right finals, knew all the hip things and was totally engaged and culture of that sort of thing. now that he is up against a couple of other democrats in a
4:42 pm
race for the presidency of the standard is different. his early fund-raising numbers are impressive, but to me the real question is can this personality survive the test that will come with running for president. particularly in a moment with the democratic base seems to be a lot more engaged and identity politics, intersectionality and the like. a lot are more skeptical of nominating and other white guy. >> martha: here's what he said about his wife that has family. >> i got a call from my wife amy was back in el paso, texas, where she is raising sometimes with my help, ulysses was 12 years old and molly who was tan and their little brother henry who was eight years old. >> martha: he got some heat for saying, occasionally sometimes with my help. then he comes out and says this. watched. >> not only will it not say that
4:43 pm
again, i'll be much more thoughtful going forward into the ways that i talk about our marriage and also the way in which i acknowledge the truth of the criticism that i have enjoyed white privilege. unpack that. >> i think he was trying to be self-deprecating. >> this is the line that everybody has to tread on that within the democratic field. cnn after he announced pointed out that he was a white male 52 times. this is going to be a real aspect of this race. do you want something that is forward-looking and doesn't require more diversity and more woke tests? >> martha: he is good with a disadvantage >> we saw the dynamic that played out with marco rubio at 2016. this could be a similar situation with beto o'rourke and joe biden. competing for centralist lane
4:44 pm
and a time where people may want something very different. >> martha: neither one of them got the nomination. >> we know how that turned out. >> martha: who was the person? was the donald trump equivalent? spiegelman >> someone who challe democratic quarters and what they want. >> martha: they said that he would put a limit on the take it. is trying to make it very clear that it will be a diverse take it. >> is trying hard very early on. >> martha: a 24-year-old construction worker from new jersey is now accused of crossing the river to kill the mob boss. not a wise move. this is not "the sopranos," this is a real story and that is next. ♪ start next month. she can stay with you to finish her senior year.
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♪ >> martha: alleged mob boss killer appearing today in the new jersey court room. he faces murder charges and a depth of the gambino family boss who was shot and right over. there are no details about a possible motor.
4:49 pm
motive. >> authorities have not confirmed the gambino crime family have posed a bounty, but one source told our corporate cousins that the general feeling is there is an ax on this guy's back. police say last wednesday he drove his truck to his staten island home and used it to ram his cadillac escalade and when the mob boss came out, he says he shot him ten times and drove over his body. investigators do not believe the killing was related to organized crime, there's been speculation was revenge for him not allowing him to date his knees. police don't have the evidence to support that. anthony comella was arrested at his parents home in new jersey," you can see bro trump and pro-conservative and other writings on his hands. because he waved he will be brought back to stand trial in new york. meanwhile experts say for his own safety he will be placed in
4:50 pm
segregation at the staten island jail. those who cover organized crime say his threat will arrive when he goes to state prison, they believe his cronies will try to avenge his death. even a high-ranking member of the nypd told the post that he is going to have some issues in jail. the last time a mafia guy was murdered in new york was 1985 when he was gunned down outside of a steak house in manhattan. the head was not to be ordered by john gotti who became head of the family. 1992 his right-hand man testified against him and sent him to prison for life. he died in 2002 of cancer. >> martha: you can forget that story. thank you very much. last track, her girls are still enrolled at usc. is he crazy admission scandal overturns more rocks, are lots of parents making some big
4:51 pm
mistakes? rachel campo duffy is here next. is it a or other child. or their new friend. musical
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>> martha: the college admission scandal is the ultimate two. helicopter parenting of course, the kind that can put you in jail. but there are lesser offenses that may be damaging for your kids. it is surveyed parents of 18-28 euros all and found that 76% reminded their adult children that they needed to meet in concluding school work, 74% making doctors appointments, and 15% of parents with children in college had texted or called tho wake them up so that they did not sleep through a class or a test. fox news contributor rachel campos duffy who is mother of eight upstaging all of us. i have three. i might be slightly guilty of a couple of things on the list. but there is a big difference between 18 and 28.
4:56 pm
but what you think of what is on the list so far, rachel? >> well, bad, let me say this, helicopter parenting, that is so passe, martha. we are on to what we are calling snowplow parents or lawn mower parenting where they plow it all the obstacles, and that is really the problem. because we all want to help our kids out, but when you clear out all of the obstacles you robbed a child of any opportunity to experience what it is like to follow and get back up. we talked about this on fox & friends weekend when i was hosting and we had of you are right in say that we should be tow truck parents where we let them go into the ditch and then we are there to help them pull them out when they are in trouble. and what we are also seeing, martha, a lot of psychologists are warning most of the really deep results of this. they are seeing young adults in their late 20s getting into
4:57 pm
deep depression and anxiety, just for facing the everyday struggles that we all face, because they are facing them for the first time in their late 20s and early 30s. that's when we know that we are doing a really bad job. >> martha: it is a great point, one more step from that. 11% of parents with adult children would call their child's employer if he or she had an issue at work. that when i cannot believe that 11% of these parents, 18-28 would pick up the phone and say -- excuse me to the employer. >> and they are calling the kids professors when their grades are not what they expected. can i say one less thing, martha? i think it is important. my mommy motto, it has helped me simplify parenting has always been, i tell this to my kids all the time. my job is not to help you -- my job is to help you get into heaven, not harvard. and i think if we all took that as the basis of parenting, we probably would not see a lot of
4:58 pm
the scandals. raising good, kind kids is what it is about. not all of these fake achievements and over parenting that in the end ends up hurting them. >> martha: according to the latest scandal, living a good life is free. and getting your job into harvard could cost half a million dollars and some of these cases. i just want to circle back on one thing. the issue of the depression and anxiety, because we are joking about some of these things, but that is a very serious issue. and there is a lot of factors that are going into that for the young people, what are what is n that issue? >> i think that helping kids manage problems when it is small, not always doing everything for them but reminding them of everything, even when they are little or in elementary school. if they are related to the game and the coach does not let them play, don't defend the kid, he was late to the game. also little experiences build
4:59 pm
character and help them learn lessons, and then when they grow up and leave the nest, which is ultimately what we are supposed to do is help our kids fly. they are not encountering it for the first time and wondering -- >> martha: and that it is okay to get in trouble. if you are late, you're going to survive that. he will sit on the bench for the game or you will run around the field ten times, but the coach will get past it. i think so often they feel like they can't do anything wrong. and then getting in trouble is going to be so devastating. and it is not. life goes on. rachel campos duffy, expert mother of eight. thank you very much. that is the story on this monday night, "the story" goes on, andw night, don't forget that. and don't forget to download the newest episode of the podcast. a telling us about his journey from life under the iranian regime to becoming catholic. it is a fascinating story. so check it out. we will see you back here
5:00 pm
tomorrow night at 7:00, our friend tucker carlson is about to take over in washington, d.c., have a great night, everybody. we will see you back tomorrow. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," beto o'rourke's campaign return america to 1995 is off to a surprisingly rough start tonight. instead of telling us more about the skate forward tricks and though we'd hook ups, o'rourke is apologizing for his skin color, truly. we have more than that in just ahead. but the mueller report coming any day now. we don't really know that it is coming any day now, but everybody in washington is saying that. but there are indications that it might be. matthew whitaker for one has said that it is pretty much wrapped up. in any case, all of this will end at some point. and when it does, it will be chaos in the


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