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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 11, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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up as batman. and finally, police solve a cold case in a matter of seconds. >.>> what in the heck? >> a nebraska state trooper found a ford mustang made entirely of snow. now that takes talent. "fox & friends first" continues right now. bye-bye. jillian: it is monday, march 1st. president trump expected -- march 11th. president trump expected to rei'lignite a budget battle. rob: we're live in washington with chuck and nancy's position could lead to another government shugovernmentshoulddown. we're going to defeat donald trump, the most dangerous president in modern american history. >> if you get labeled at a socialist? >> well, it's just wrong. rob: the 2020 hopefuls spent
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the weekend trashing the president in a massive campaign blitz. jillian: that's not it. some of the major democratic candidates are now signaling a shift away from socialism. we'll tell you who. and one online publication strikes out big-time with their report on a-rods engagement to j-lo. rob: the major mix-up between the two major league sluggers, "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ don't stop believing. ♪ hold on to that feeling. ♪ don't stop believing. rob: happy monday. jillian: got to love a good monday morning. rob: weekend seem a little short? jillian: don't they all. rob: maybe an hour short. jillian: i forgot about that.
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it's the worse. rob: it's a weird weekend. good morning. you're watching "fox & friends first." i'm rob schmitt. jillian: i'm jillian mele. today, president trump will ask for $8.6 billion to build his southern border wall. the money would be part of next year's congressional budget. rob: griff jenkins joins us live from washington where democrats are threatening a position that could lead to another government shutdown with this proposal. >> reporter: good morning. i'm not sure journey could stop the fight that's coming now. the budget is titled a budget for a better america, promises taxpayers first. we won't see it until 11:30 today. already, democrats don't like it. let's take a look at what's in it. $5 billion for the border wall, from the dhs, $3.6 billion from defense and military construction. it will complete 722 miles of border barrier. white house omb acting director
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russ voss says it embodies fiscal responsibility, includes a reduction in nondefense domestic spending and overall $2.7 trillion in spending cuts which he says is higher than any other administration in history. but speaker pelosi and minority leader schumer are signaling a fight. in a joint statement they write this, presiden president trump t millions of americans and caused yea chaos when he shut down the government when he tried to get his wall which he promised would be pay for by mexico. the same thing will repeat itself if he tries this again. we hope he learned his lesson. so, are we definitely headed for another nasty budget battle on the heels of the last government shutdown. larry kudlow had this to say. >> i suppose there wit will be. i would say this is of paramount importance. yes, he's going to stay with the wall and the border security theme. i think it's essential. >> reporter: something to watch
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guys, acting director voss will appear before the house budget committee tomorrow where the chairman of the committee has called it a budget that is dangerous. rob, jill january. jillian: thanjillian.jillian: . rob: facing opposition on the emergency declaration, the president's $8.6 billion request signals that he is not going to stop until the wall is built. jillian: you just heard from him. here's more, top white house economic advisor larry kudlow says the administration is ready for another budget fight. >> i suppose there will be. i would just say that the whole issue of the wall, border security is of paramount importance. we have a crisis down there. i think the president has made that case very effectively. it's a crisis of economics. it's a crisis of crime and drugs. it's a crisis of humanity. we have to be much tougher and have more constructive immigration policy w which we wl
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be developing. he's going to stay with his wall and stay with the border security theme. i think it's essential. rob: the white house says the president plans to veto any bill blocking his emergency declaration if it makes it through the senate this week. congress would need a two-thirds majority, very unlikely, which is 67 senate votes to override a presidential veto. jillian: well, when 2010 democrats in full force this weekend, bashing president trump and peddling ideas like medicare for all to try to win the party's nomination. rob: todd pyro is here with pitches they're making across the country. >> reporter: campaigning is in full swing across all types of platforms, starting with the tv interview. elizabeth warren says she wants to break up large tech companies while insisting she is not a socialist. >> i believe in markets, markets that work, markets that have a
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cop on the beat and have real rules and everybody follows them. i believe in a level playing field. >> if you get labeled at a socialist? >> well, it's just wrong. rob: bernie sanders guaranteeing health care for people as a right and of course attacking the president. >> this campaign is not only going to defeat donald trump, the most dangerous president in our lifetime -- rob: in terms of sheer numbers, austin, texas was the place to be, democrats hitting south by southwest. pete budijis calling for the end of the electoral college adding that his youth should not disqualify him. >> being a mayor of a city of any size, especially in the strong mayor system we have in my community where there is no one else to call when there's an emergency or major policy issue is arguably the best kind of preparation you can have. rob: kevin mccarthy there as
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well, defending president trump. >> he's not afraid to take a position if he believes it and then someone comes and says that's not where the republican party stands. okay. so what. this is what i think is right. i think that's something people could admire in today's world. rob: there are currently 11 declared democratic candidates for 2020, not to mention those with exploratory committees and those who have not yet decided or at the very least announced. rob: still plenty of time. jillian: welcome back, todd. boeing jets grounded by several airlines and chinese government overnight, this after 157 people were killed after that same model plane crashed in africa. it's unclear what caused the plain to go down just six minutes after the flight. the ntsb is sending a team to help with the investigation. the u.s. manufacturer is now facing safety questions about the popular design.
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189 people were killed in a crash involving the boeing 737 max 8 in october, just minutes after takeoff in indonesia. dangerous avalanche conditions complicating the search for a missing marine. rescuers flying over a california mountain, to try to find first lieutenant matthew kraft who went missing on a back country ski trip. heavy snow and rock falls making it too dangerous for searchers. the marine was supposed to end his trip early last week. rob: murder charges dropped against one of the women connected to the death of kim jong un's half brother. malaysia authorities have released her after two years in custody. it's unclear exactly why the charges have been dropped. she and her co-defendant claim they were tricked into smearing a deadly chemical on his face at
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an airport in full view of the public. unbelievable story. top democrats like congressman ad dam schiff now preparing for the possibility that bob mueller will not subpoena president trump. >> i do think ultimately it's a mistake because probably the best way to get the truth would be to put the president under oath. he feels it's perfectly fine to lie to the public. rob: last year the president's legal team gave mueller written answers to questions about russia's meddling in the 2016 election. schiff who chairs the house intel committee said he thinks the special counsel is being pressured to finish its probe. the investigation is expected to wrap up here sometime soon. jillian: traveling with your emotional support peacock -- [ laughter ] will soon be a thing of the past on american airlines. starting next month, the airline will only allow dogs and cats as service animals on-board. rob: miniature horses will be allowed in some circumstances. what? similar rules have been
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implemented by other airlines like united and delta. jillian: i don't mean to laugh for those who have emotional support peacocks. i haven't heard of it. rob: i just saw it. in florida, there were peacocking all over the place, they're like squirrels. they run around. they're loud. jillian: house democrats are scrapping an original anti-semitism solution as alexandria ocasio-cortez suggests ronald reagan policies were racist. ned ryan joins us live. rob: cnn about to be hit with a $250 million lawsuit for its coverage of this vie l rail -- viral confrontation on capitol hill. will this set a new precedent for media accountability. we'll have some of your comments coming up. after months of wearing only a tiger costume,
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these ideas of what we did this week, many of you know that our sister congresswoman ilhan omar was under attack. the call on the democratic leadership to expand the language of the resolution to include condemning all forms of big goinbigotry. rob: lawmakers were convinced to not specifically call out ilhan omar for perceived anti-semetic comments. jillian: if she does have this kind of sway, what does that say about the democratic leadership. here now to weigh in is the founder and ceo of american majority, ned ryan. good morning to you, sir many thank you for joining us. you watched this video that was posted on twitter. what do you make of it? >> it does show how far the democratic party has come that you have people like linda sarsore that are influencing democratic leadership so much.
2:15 am
she's and advocate of the boycott which i consider anti-semetic. i think it's the reason democratic leadership -- they can not afford to alienate this progressive base that i think has become deeply anti-semetic because they need the small dollars, grass roots activeism. i wrote an op ed at fox news, really discussing some of this stuff, especially around the bds movement and how i think it's taken over the democratic party from within and is a gateway drug to anti-semitism. rob: you look at the resolution last week, the vote, 407 to 23, who is going to vote against it, anti-hate resolution. >> who is going to vote against hate. rob: it didn't address the reasonen they had to do this was because of ilhan h omar and she
2:16 am
skirts ou out of all this. >> what's amazing to me rob, not too distant point in the past we had the ability, all of us, regardless of party affiliation to say definitively never again. now the democratic party is going oh, it's not that bad. this is unbelievable. you he see jim kliburg's comments, where he's doing a moral ebbing vein sig ebbing wis experience and the holocaust. in many ways they lack the ability to condemn things because they're held hostage. they don't know what to do because they think they'll undermine their political power if they condemn it. it's unbelievable we have this major political party caught in the quandary. jillian: it seems like nancy pelosi doesn't know how to get ahold of it. >> she doesn't. she's a afraid.
2:17 am
they've been eaten from within by this progressive movement that is too far left of the american mainstream. it's taken over the democratic party. it shouldn't have been asurprise, seeing where the bdf movement that's come from, how it's become part of the progressive movement. i've been arguing, i think i'll be proven right, that when it comes time for it during the 2020 nomination fight for the democratic nominee, i think they're going to have to endorse the bdf movement to win the nomination for the party in 2020. rob: let's switch topics now. wire going to talk about ocasio-cortez, south by southwest. she went after fdr, she went after ronald reagan. she said this country currently is garbage and let's listen to some of what she had to say. >> sow think about this -- so you think about this image welfare queens and what he was trying to talk about was like really resentful vision of essentially black women.
2:18 am
the new deal was an extremely economically racist policy that drew literal red lines around black and brown communities. rob: what did you -- she went on for over an hour. what did you make of the interview? >> every time she comes out these days i'm reminded of snl, the girl you wish you never started a conversation with at a party. she looks like her. she sounds like her, armed with ignorance and a distinct lack of self awareness. she called fdr racist, capitalism is irredeemable. reagan won 524 electoral votes, nearly 60% of the popular vote, but, yeah, it was an awful time in our history. it's like the aoc of friday looks at the aoc of saturday, saying look at what i have to
2:19 am
say. i have trillions of reasons why what she said is completely untrue. most of the time when she opens her mouth, what she says is completely devoid of facts. jillian: ned ryan, we love when you join us. thank you. >> thanks, guys. jillian: new 911 calls take us inside the horror of a jaguar attack at the zoo. >> [ indiscernible ] jillian: that woman was trying to take a selfie with the wild aanimal. how the zoo is now taking action. shame, shame, shame. >.rob: a lot of conservative harassments in public in the last couple years and there's now an app for that. if you are tired of seeing this kind of b behavior, carlie is he
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2:24 am
job in the united states are left to die. but folks on social media quick to poke holes in that theory. one person on twitter says what about welfare and free emergency room care another twitter user saying can you be any more dramatic. left to die? i think not. work is not a right. nowhere is it written that you are guaranteed a job. effort plays a large part and there is an unbelievable lack of effort when one is subsidized to a level of comfort. so i can imagine she will be getting follow-up questions on this statement later in the week. rob: yeah. okay. maga-friendly restaurants. jillian: there's an app for that. >> reporter: there is an app for that. it's called 63rd safe. it provides a list of restaurants where it would be a-okay for you to walk in wearing a make america great again hat on. there's been a series of incidents as many are aware involving trump supporters at restaurants and some conservatives say they don't
2:25 am
feel safe wearing a make america great again hat in public anymore. so this app certainly causing quite a bunch of buzz on social media. not all of it good. able on facebook says it's amazing to see how much hate people have for each other, even an app tha is getting attacked. frank on facebook says i get the feeling this app may have unintended negative consequences for conservative businesses. and eric also chiming in, saying that's nice and everything but it's adding to the division. we can't win until we unite. the point of the app is not really to find pro trump businesses, it's just to find businesses that aren't political and would be okay with democrats and republicans and people of all stripes walking in and sitting down. jillian: okay. so i saw a couple weeks ago on social media -- i've been eating a pineapple all wrong. it's going viral. >> reporter: i think this is the
2:26 am
most controversial thing to happen on the internet this weekend. so there's a video out there that's blowing people's minds and it shows a new way to eat a pineapple. it looks like the person cut the bottom of it off and are pulling away sections from the core. zane on twitter says my whole life is a lie. but this person tried it. says fake news, sore fingers, kitchen is a mess. it kind of works but it's useless. so doesn't look like it works 100% of the time. rob: it's got to be really ripe. >> reporter: maybe it depends on the pineapple. rob: you don't waste any of it, you know, when you cut it around the thing, i end up chewing on the things in the middle. i get it all out of there. jillian: thanks, carlie. rob: thanks so much. i likepineapple. nancy pelosi and house democrats
2:27 am
encouraging illegal immigrants to vote. >> we have to recognize the constant reinvigoration of america. that means not suppressing the vote of our newcomers to america. rob: interesting argument. is the left looking for ways to add names to democratic voter roles? we're going to talk about this coming up. jillian: luck be a lady. one woman wins a lottery 30 times in one day. how is that even possible? don't go a away. ♪ luck be a lady tonight. ♪ luck if you've ever been -- building a better bank
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rob: welcome back. look at the top headlines this morning. today president trump will ask for $8.6 billion to build his southern border wall. the money would be part of next year's congressional budget. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer already threatening another government shutdown, saying they're not going to sign
2:31 am
anything with a wall. jillian: and breaking overnight, boeing's new 737 max 8 jetsgrounded by several airlines and the chinese government after 157 people including eight americans were killed when that same model plane crashed in africa. the ntsb is sending a team to help with the investigation. rob: dangerous avalanche conditions complicating the search for a missing marine on a california mountain. first lieutenant matthew kraft went missing on a back country ski trip that was supposed to end early last week. other news now, democratic presidential hopeful refuses to call the president of syria a war criminal. watch what happened at a cnn town hall. >> do you believe that assad is a war criminal? >> i think that the evidence needs to be gathered and as i have said before, there is evidence that he has committed war crimes, he should be prosecuted as such. rob: the congresswoman has
2:32 am
previously said she's skeptical that government carried out attacks that killed dozens of people. u.s. intelligence blames the regime. the crisis at the border a health hazard. more than 2,000 migrants are currently quarantined in detention centers. there are 236 reported case is of the mu mumps over the past 12 months. the jaguar that attacked a woman who was taking a selfie will not be put down. officials considering extra security at the arizona zoo where this woman entered the big cat's enclosure. >> [ indiscernible ] she looks pale. rob: not smart. onlookers pulled the woman to safety as one distracted the
2:33 am
jaguar with a water bottle. she's lucky to be alive and will be okay. jillian: house democrats are pushing a bill that would grant voting rights to illegal i'm grants ahead of the 2020 election. >> when we talk about ne newcoms we have to recognize the constant reinvigoration of america. it means not so suppress the voe of newcomers to america. jillian: is the left trying to protect voter rights or are they looking to add names to democratic voter rolls. here to debate that is matt brainard and roger fisk. thank you for joining us this morning. roger, got to start with you. what do you make of that sound bite? >> well, specifically the language that they tried to pass an amendment and insert into hr-1 was symbolic from the beginning because they were
2:34 am
never going to support hr-1 at all and it was rejected. it was symbolic language about calling for it to be per permany illegal for illegal immigrants to vote. that's already the law of the land. as wwe constantly hear bed wettg from the republicans about illegal voting and when you peel back the layers, there's no evidence that it's a huge pattern across the country and often when we do find voter illegality it's perpetrated by the refres republican as we sawn north carolina. it's a lot of noise about nothing. jillian: the house opposing gop motion to condemn voting by illegals. is this a lot of noise about nothing? >> i'll tell you what's a lot of noise about nothing, we've had to listen to democrats base
2:35 am
complaints, baseless accusations about foreign influence in elections. they voted in favor of foreigners voting in our elections. that makes clear that the russian witch hunt was nothing more than a smear job on the president. if you connect the dots between weak border security, supporting sanctuary cities, it's clear the democrats are unsatisfied with how the american people are voting. they want to replace them with foreign voters who they believe are more open to the socialist agenda. there are new ni some governmene illegals are able to vote. the republicans proposed the resolution opposing this and almost all the democrats voted against it. how are foreigners, illegal immigrants more american than the american citizens here. jillian: that is certainly a good question.
2:36 am
let's move on to the next topic. i want to get to this before we run out of time. this is a new iowa poll showing joe biden and bernie sanders among the top of the 2020 candidates, he joe biden with 27%, sanders with 25%. then you go down between elizabeth warren, kamala harris and beto o'rourke. i want to think this poll. lianlink this says 59%r someone entirely new. these two polls, what they say to me, how they speak to me, i want to get your take on this, democratic voters want someone new but the new that they have right now includes a lot of far left socialist policies and they don't want that. >> yeah, i think my initial sense of this poll right now is it's largely name recognition and flash kind of brand recognition. i think former vice president biden's numbers would probably
2:37 am
go down gradually should he actually declare. we see this happen with a lot of people on both sides of the aisle. people love the idea of someone being a candidate until they actually become one. i do think that fundamentally elections, at least on our side of the aisle, are more about tomorrow than yesterday so i think there is a youth component to this. obviously the president has staked his political brand on no, sir taknostalgi and make amt again and that other stuff. you want someone that embodies tomorrow to go up against the president's chosen brand of yesterday. jillian: final word to you. >> nobody stays new in politics for very long. there's a struggle between those who think they need a candidate who can potentially win n. go to biden or puttin supporting berne sanders many that'sanders.
2:38 am
that's a fight we'll see in iowa. rob: a fox business alert, it's not just about the border wall. president trump set to outline a budget for a better america today. from the space force to handling addiction in america, we're going to break down what else is in the proposal. jillian: who's who, can you tell the difference. two former star yankees players, which one is engaged to jennifer lopez. i know. we're coming right back. ♪ who are you. you can, with bounce dryer sheets. simply toss two sheets in the dryer to iron less. we dried one shirt without bounce, and an identical shirt using bounce. the bounce shirt has fewer wrinkles, less static, and more softness and freshness. for extra large or wrinkly loads, toss in three sheets. dermatologist tested bounce free and gentle is free of dyes and perfumes. bounce out wrinkles, bounce out static.
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jillian: good monday morning. the president set to unveil his 2020 budget today. it's not just about the border wall. rob: tracee carrasco is here with what else we can expect. >> reporter: the budget includes a total of $2.7 trillion in nondefense spending cuts and the trump administration says its proposal would foot the federal government -- put the federal government on track to balance the budget by 2034 and the white
2:42 am
house forecasts the economy will grow 3% annually over the next decade under this plan. in the plan, the president will propose major cuts to domestic and international programs that provide foreign aid, environmental protection and transportation among other services. overall, the white house will seek a 5% reduction in spending for these programs, compared with caps that were set to go into place next year. president trump will ask for $750 billion for defense, a boost for the military, the budget is also expected to seek money to establish the space force as a new branch of the military and for veterans the budget would provide $80 billion for veterans health, a nearly 10% increase from 2019 and funding to end the opioid drug crisis, that will be prioritized. the budget getting some pushback from democrats, so we'll have to see what happens moving. jillian: yes, we will. thank you very much. rob: janice is here now and it's getting warmer.
2:43 am
>> it is getting warmer. we might hit 60 degrees in new york city. still cold, though, across portions of the country. we're not there yet. 14 in minneapolis. they're going boo right now. 27 in chicago, 44 here in new york city. we do have this frontal boundary draped across the mississippi river valley, parts of the mid-atlantic. along the boundary, that's where we'll see heavier rainfall this week. across the west, we could be dealing with more snow across the southern rockies and parts of the desert southwest. we'll watch this over the next couple days. there's the future radar, heavy rainfall across the central u.s., could see snow over the southwest around the rockies but otherwise, you know, it's kind of a spring-like forecast. we're into that sort of transition phase where we see some winter, sometimes spring, and there's your map heading into monday. so still a lot of snow across the west. jillian: it means the end is
2:44 am
near, right. rob: 14 in minneapolis, that's light jacket weather for them. they're not booing and 14. it's like april, may. >> do you know folks in minneapolis? rob: pete's from there. i know pete. >> you could ask him. he probably wears shorts all year round. rob: that's true. thank you so much. jillian: it is 44 minutes after the hour. talk about -- more than half of californians plan to move out over high taxes. we have the impact on economies on the states, where they end up. rob: let's check in with steve and see what's coming up on "fox & friends." you know the video that is lighting the internet on fire about how to correctly eat a pineapple. you showed the video, right. maybe that was a special pineapple, right? jillian: maybe. >> we've got a bunch of pineapples, we're going to try that. and the other big story from the end of last week, did you hear
2:45 am
the congressman on the floor of the u.s. house talking about the merits of nickelback, they're going to be with us, those two guys to talk about that we've got a busy three hours. some of the great guests we've got already booked, dan bonjino will join us, stuar stuart vaird we're going one an of within. it will be a busy three hours. we have a busy three hours, kicks off 14 and-a-half minutes from right now. jillian: steve and i are on the side of liking nickelback where do you fall? rob: they've got some good songs. we'll see you soon, thanks. jillian: we're coming right back. i can't believe it. that we're playing "four on four" with a barbershop quartet?
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rob: welcome back. check this out. a recent survey finds that more than half of californians want to leave their state because it is just too expensive to live there. isn't that amazing? new york not too far behind. and with many people fleeing from these high tax states, what's the impact on the rest of the country? here to weigh in, former chief economist for the u.s. international trade commission, peter maurici. it's great for the other states, right? they're getting good people coming in that want to pay tax. >> the people that go to florida and texas from california a and new york are those that can work at a distance or bring high value added industries with them, people like software companies and oil company headquarters and so forth.
2:50 am
they don't put many demands on social services. they generate a lot of tax revenues. the states don't have income taxes but there are other sources of tax revenue and they raise the wages of ordinary working people. rob: in new york, governor cuomo has a pretty good understanding of some of this stuff and he admits you say tax the rich, tax the rich, what happens, the rich leave. that's the problem, money will leave and find a better place to live. >> it's taxes in new york, for example, while they're facing salts, they increase social programs, free pre-k, free child care, things of that nature. and at the same time, the new york city subways are a trip through ca caracas. de blasio made the city unlivable for middle class people. if you used to ride the l-train, that's now closed and you had to put up with mr. de blasio has
2:51 am
imposed on new york city residents, would you want to stay there? rob: this country in general and these blue states for sure have a way -- they want to live beyond their means. there's a $2.3 billion budget deficit in new york and you see 48,000 in the next one here, new york residents were lost. 48,000. we lost 48,000 people between july 2017 and 2018 and why would you stay? i mean, the taxes are tremendous. >> look at the totality of what cuomo has done. he's basically stopped fracking in new york state so they can't develop natural gas. he limited the ability through the court systems and so forth by cozying up to liberals to build pipeline intuse nes into . next winter you may have problems keeping power on because of natural gas
2:52 am
restrictions. you can't build housing. the prices get bid up. you can't get natural gas so electricity gets expensive. every conceivable way, it's kind of like this giant screw they're trying to turn on middle class people. you know, new yorkers have got to get smart. they're never going to guess prosperous, comfortable and happy as long as they continue to vote for these democrats. rob: okay. even the funny thing, aoc's mom moving down to florida, bragging about how much she's caving on n tax. >> while she trashes capitalism. rob: cnn about to be hit with a major lawsuit over its coverage of the confrontation on tap toll hill. >> here's a young boy with a make america great again hat on, they were vicious, it was false. jillian: will it set a new precedent for anti-trump media accountability or media accountability at all, really.
2:53 am
we have the latest on the action. ♪ at midas, with every oil change you get a free tire rotation. makes you feel like a king! king for a day! well, maybe not the whole day. our 19.99 or 49.99 oil change includes a tire rotation.
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♪ jillian: lawyers for the covington catholic center at the center of a viral video with a native american elder plans to file a massive lawsuit today. rob: latest on the legal action against cnn. >> nick sandmann's lawyer
2:57 am
tells us is he filing a defamation lawsuit against cnn today or tomorrow. this after the young man was put at the center of media firestorm in january. you will remember this video right here following the march for life rally in d.c. you see nick right there in that red maga hat standing face-to-face with a native american man nathan phillips. sandman and other covington high school students behind him were initially accused of starting the. other videos popped up and showed they were the puns accosted by a different group and approached by phillips. sandman filed a suit last month against "the washington post" for $250 million over their coverage. but he told fox news mark levin the negative coverage will haunt sandman forever. >> the accusations made, your reputation is destroyed. your life work is destroyed. what about nicholas? i don't know what kind of dollar figure you put on that.
2:58 am
it will impact that boy for the rest of his life. >> lynn went on to accuse cable news giant of using nick sandmann as a pawn in their war against president trump. we have reached out to cnn for a comment about this pending lawsuit. they have not yet responded to it us, rob, jillian? rob: aashaw thank you so much. jillian: jacob writes he should hold all those who van celebrities that slandered him without the whole story. rob: i hope cnn gets its bank account cleaned out. what they did to those children is inexcusable. jillian: the glulg. the good, the bad, and the ugly. the woman bought 30 tickets with the exact same numbers wins 150,000 bucks. the odds 6 matching all four numbers are 1 in 10,000.
2:59 am
that's quite impressive. the owner of the new york knicks has a fan detained for protesting him. >> sell the team. >> do you want to not come to anymore games. >> why? >> that's rude, man. enjoy watching them on tv. james dollan implying that the fan could be banned in games from madison square garden they are horrible they l.s.u. this weekend as well. jillian: tough break there it was the biggest holiday headline of the weekend. the huffington post couldn't get jlo's engagement announcement right. call him in a shortstop confusing film who are jeeter. to note though he did play shortstop in his career. a little misunderstanding there. that rock though, i want to
3:00 am
know how big that thing is. that is bigger than my face. rob: do you think it's real? it might be cubic zirconium. those two are not doing as well as you think running out of money. jillian: "fox & friends" starts right now. rob: kidding. >> president trump is set to unveil 2020 budget. it will include $8.6 billion in border wall funding. >> whole issue of the wall border security is mayor mount importance. >> jet grounded by several airlines after 157 people including 8 americans were killed. >> american capitalism is not working in this country right now. >> voters are the ones we have to go over. they won't be won over with a socialist message they are moderates. >> cheney accusing democrats enabling ilhan omar. >> they are failing to protect her by putting a resolution on the floor refusing to name her. >> how big is


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