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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  March 7, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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in . we condemn all forms of anti-semitism the matter where they come from. the persistence of anti-semitism, but only one brand of anti-semitism. that's not on the left. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham standing by. how are you? >> laura: hannity, fantastic show tonight. the war against free speech. carry on from what you're talking about big time into this our. >> sean: we say something even remotely wrong, fire them, destroy their career. >> laura: that's the intolerant left. but wait! they are so exposed now. it's almost funny. it's like shooting fish in a barrel, but that might be violent against fish. >> sean: the new green deal is not funny. >> laura: hannity, thanks so much. have >> sean: have a great show. >> laura: liberals doing all they can to silence free speech
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especially on campus. dinesh d'souza experienced it firsthand and he's here to expose it. the dnc trying to delegitimize this network by blocking us out from hosting a 2020 democratic primary debate like my former gnc dnc at the real story about how illl immigration is hurting americans. you will not believe the flow from just el paso, people coming in apprehended, bused to tucson, arizona. we are going to follow this. what happens then? who gets the money? how people are dispersed throughout the country but we have it all. border sheriff is here to reveal it. how to defeat the anti-free speech of thugs? i have a plan. that's the focus of tonight's angle. it happened again this week.
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>> i've been totally successful. i've obstructed this entire [bleep] -- is that what you're hoping for? >> maybe. >> woohoo! >> laura: that's what occurred when college republicans invited a little-known blogger named michael strickland to speak on campus. the harassment continued for an hour. campus police just looked on. they speaker was effectively silenced for that period of time in the event basically ruined. and the prospective went unheard for the period of time schedule. this is yet another of a long line where conservatives on campus are deprived of their free speech rights. i'm going to say it again. deprived of their free-speech right. on february 19th, 2019, uc berkeley, conservative activist kayden williams. remember him? he was punched and attacked.
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>> [bleep]. [bleep]. >> laura: november 1st 2018, michigan state, a protester did this at dinesh this was posture his speech >> get the [bleep] out of here! [bleep]! >> all right. >> laura: you can imagine the language he used. at the university of michigan, protesters welcomed the 75-year-old conservative social scientist charles murray this way. >> [chanting] >> laura: clever rhyming. too many examples to recount here, but the effect in all cases is the chilling or outright silencing of free speech. i haven't even mentioned the
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speeches that were scheduled only to be canceled because of left-wing threats. berkeley canceled and kohler due to conservative security concerns. unless you think moderate more mild-mannered republicans are immune to be texas southern university withdrew its invitation to his home state senator john cornyn who was slated to be the commencement speaker after activists on campus went nuts. this must stop. while it's good that police did arrest zachary greenberg on this alleged brutal assault on hayden williams at uc berkeley, it shouldn't require a conservative getting injured for universities to start taking this seriously. colleges talk a really good game about valuing diversity, don't they? on its website, parlance date
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they go to great lengths to proclaim their duty to advance and protect marginalized communities. and those underrepresented in higher education. well, who is more marginalized on campus these days than conservatives? especially conservative guest speakers. despite what happened to d'souza, michigan state claims to be holy committed to free speech here, ideas, not people, are meant to class. and be evaluated based on the merits. well, that sounds nice. but the word means nothing if they are not backed up by action. so what am i talking about? there must be severe and swift repercussions for those who ultimately aim to terrorize, frighten, , and defame anyone wh opposing views. i'm not talking about banning legitimate protests or op eds,
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that's fine. i'm talking about punishing those who are essentially robbing others of their first amendment right. that is a no-no. college ministry eaters and trustees who allow these organized intimidation campaigns on campus? they themselves must be hold to account. our producer is called 17 officials at portland state university and we also call the office of public safety for comment. we asked all of them to appear on the show including the portland president and all of them, all of them come out decline. we did receive this response from their media relations folks. "don't make a campus public safety officer monitored the event to ensure te safety. when an individual disrupted the event, the officer used his professional judgment and determined not to threaten or restrain the individual so as not to escalate a potentially
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unsafe situation. after the disruption, the meeting continued and psu facilities, management allowed college republicans to extend their meeting beyond the scheduled end time because of the disruption and delay." well, a lot to unpack there. but the best way to look at that response is in this light. imagine what would happen if some neo-nazi protester interrupted a black student association event in the same way? using similar vile language? would campus police have sat there, stood there? another question, what message should standing there stand to other conservative students who want to invite a speaker who is actually a high-profile person? again, the chilling effect continues long after the event is disrupted. and when a state university does this?
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there are clear constitutional implications. you can argue that there are state actors. the inability that they should feel comfortable like campus and all speakers, liberal independent, would speak without their fear of safety is the reason president trump is now promising executive action. >> i will be very soon signing an executive order requiring colleges and universities to support free-speech if they want federal resources. >> laura: hardly a radical proposition. i say it's about time. but given that groups like antifa and other far left organizations conspire to deprive individuals to freely speak and associate on campuses? perhaps it is time for the justice department to consider some kind of rico prosecution,
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rico civil suit could be filed, or may be a clever lawyer could devise a legitimate class action to defend americans' god-given right even on campus. the new attorney general bill barr has a lot to think about there. and that's the angle. joining me now with the reaction is conservative author, filmmaker -- just talked about him, dinesh d'souza, along with andy no, an editor at quality. and here with me is victor hansen, author of this fantastic new book, "the case for trump. great to have you all on tonight. i'm taking this really seriously because i'm concerned it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better. andy, i want to start with you. you filmed this incident at portland state. you saw the response from the college. it was rather, you know -- it was rather nothing, if you ask me. police and campus demonstrators did nothing to defuse the situation and they claimed
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that's what kept it safe. and you say? >> well, what's happening is that the hecklers posture us work on campuses, on tuesday night, one antifa and activist was able to shut down while campus police and campus administrators stood from the back and watch. they did absolutely nothing. >> laura: they did dell make they did nothing because to do nothing would provoke this guy who before was giving a speech about gun rights and so forth and they threw that in their letter as well. but i want to play one more clip, dinesh, from this portland protester. note what he says at the end. >> i stand for the civil rights of everybody. >> oh, you say that! assaulted last time you were here on campus.
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>> i don't believe i've ever spoken on campus. >> weird? that's so weird. i wonder why. yeah. i just believe it up because i can make [bleep] up if want t to. >> laura: he admits he makes up the accusations. is this a common tactic for the anti-free-speech thugs? >> first of all, it's important to realize that the level of repression of speech on campus now -- this is new. i've been speaking on campuses for 25 years. we've had episodic cases like this. but it has now become systematic. the last four events i did, dartmouth college, michigan state, american university stanford, disruptions at every single event of varying types, but all aimed at intimidating the conservative students and shutting down the event. i think the roots of this actually go back to what a california professor in the '60s advocated. he basically said that we should
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be tolerant i'm away on the left should be tolerant, but we should not be tolerant of intolerance. so what the left is doing here is using this kind of idea, that they are fighting intolerance, except that they are fighting conservatism. they are fighting republican ideas and taking on people who are not advocating intolerance but advocating a different point of view. >> laura: that's a great point. if you are fighting against hitler, by any means necessary, defeat hitler. if conservatism, donald trump is hitler, take them all out. you've been writing this for years. "the washington post" op-ed today that made this case that more speech control will actually hurt conservatives, they claim it'll probably just amount to a deeper distrust and increased vitriol and partisan conflict. they are saying, no, let us all play out. >> it's like a character in orwell's "1984." the guy with the cowbell think
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this out, he's a project of an educational system that really says that segregation is a safe space, censorship is a trigger warning, free speech is hate speech. and so they've been taught that and any means are justified because they have this noble inequality social justice ends. and there was also a sin of not just commission in education, but omniscient that he was not taught about how rare speech is in history, it's always cut. it was really a gift and he would go in and destroy it and doesn't realize that only in places in the united states and europe doesn't even exist and you throw it away for nothing like a buffoon and the question is how do you stop it? >> laura: i just laid it out from my ideas. >> can i add one? >> laura: please. >> no alumnus should ever give money -- >> laura: that was in my original script! you took it from me!
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it was too long. >> he has to target the money. >> laura: cut off the money to the schools that don't protect free speech. i will give it to this free program, but i will not give money because it's like giving narcotics to an addict. a lot of these colleges have huge endowments. >> laura: places like michigan, they have multimillion dollar endorsements, not like dartmouth where they felt the pain of, oh, we aren't giving, they have a wealth of insulation around them. what, andy, given everything that you've seen them a what's next this battle for free speech and what do you suggest that conservatives, parents and students, do about it? >> it doesn't look like university administrators are being part of the solution. portland state made absolutely crystal clear that they are only going to intervene when there is imminent, physical violence or
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property of the instruction for they are providing the blueprints of how to shut down and events. you don't even need a mob anymore pit you can have one person with a cowbell or bullhorn. perhaps this is evidence that trump's freeze bench executive order is needed. >> laura: dinesh, i think about $41 million, how many guys gave to portland state? $41.8 million in federal research money went to portland state. for this kind of thing to happen. >> i think that trump's step is an important first step, but it's only the beginning. as this stuff escalates, when you have antifa violence in places like berkeley -- let's remember, berkeley is a state university. fully accountable to the first amendment. in the first amendment is not less valuable than the 14th amendment which protects i would send in the national guard because sending in force to protect basic
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national rights is an appropriate use of force. i also think conservatives should not back down in the face of these threats. if you years ago, condoleezza rice was offered a graduation slot i believe at rutgers, she graciously withdrew, ladylike, basically saying i don't want to speak if they don't want me to speak. but the problem with that kind of surrender is it makes it impossible for that kind of event to occur in the future. >> laura: it's raising the white flag of surrender even if she did it because she doesn't want to be the focus of any discontent, which i understand that too. victor, i want to get response for another statement we got today from portland state director of media and public relations, kenny ma. we asked him if the university supports free speech or the oppression of free speech and what the university is doing to promote free speech on campus but here's what we've done like he said. "the meeting by the college republicans was disrupted. it was not shut down.
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it continued after the disruption." but is that good enough? >> no. >> laura: students are busy. they are studying, they have a lot of time to go to something. >> that's like saying i'm going to destroy the studio and you are going to broadcast at midnight and it's okay. excuse that behavior. look, i think all these guys who act like they are woodstock 2.0, see these guys, we don't think they are careerists? they are from the affluent classes in large part what to make if they had a criminal conviction or expulsion from the university -- i know people my age that happened and they still worry about it. that would be a deterrent act, but they do this because they feel it either they will be rewarded or there is no consequences. you are right about that. if you started expelling and arresting these kids -- >> laura: what did we talk about cavanaugh you had people leaking investigations from the committee, dianne feinstein's office, you can't let it go, .
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andy, do you agree with that that we need federal action in s there could be state action, university action, alumni pressure as dinesh cedric may be parents say they will not send these kids to these lousy schools -- lousy because they don't protect free speech but because they don't protect free not because they don't have great apartments per they'll go to i don't know, liberty, hillsdale, whatever the school says we protect free speech, they could corner the mt on a a lot of conservative parents who want to send where they do not believe they have a safe space to express their truth? >> everyone across the political spectrum needs to take these incidents more -- what's happening is the equivalent of modern-day book burning.
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people using the hecklers' veto to stop the access of information. the fact that we have those on the left who are downplaying or dismissing these incidents is doing a disservice to the cause of what the university mission is about, which is about open inquiry. >> laura: dinesh, this is the foundation for individual rights and education, otherwise known as fire, 90% restrict speech, only 9% of institutions do not maintain any policies that compromise student expression. almost 800,000 college students attended in the tuitions that maintains one of these ironically claimed free speech zones. what do you claim to even parents who aren't conservative who do not like this police state atmosphere on college campuses placement what you tell them? >> i think the parents and
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alumni should withhold money, they should be more of an act of his presence on the campus, and they should support the cops. i notice in the michigan state incident where the student was yelling and screaming, the police were intimidated. these are working-class cops who are intimidated by upper-class students b congressman ted lieu and so many more. the university itself. >> laura: victor, i'll let you close that out. it's true on the city streets. real quick? >> every time we've seen one of the incident is taken, video, where someone is confronted after they provoke somebody, they backed down. dinesh is right. they are upper-middle-class kids who do not want any consequences and have been told by the professors that the behavior would be rewarded. spewing these kids are total cowards. >> they don't do this with working-class kids but you don't see this in junior college
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campuses because those guys are working as a mechanic and they would handle it. >> laura: phenomenal panel. giving actual, real-world ideas. okay? trying to address this. the dnc blocking fox news hosting the 2020 democratic debate, one more example of the left trying to dema demonize speech. what are they afraid of? governors ed rendell, mike huckabee next. >> the highest levels of >> the highest levels of fox news, they are not playing these are desperate times for elderly holocaust survivors
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and have professional monitoring backing you up with xfinity home. demo in an xfinity store, call, or go online today. >> laura: welcome back to "the ingraham angle" tonight. the effort to suppress free speech across the country, not just happening on college campuses. the democratic national committee now blocking fox news from posting any 2020 democratic debates. t will make dnc chair saying, "the network is not in a positio host a fair and neutral debate." because there are no bias at the other networks? >> every time at prime time, democrats are dehumanized, attacked relentlessly by fox news prime time hosts. almost hard for me to imagine the democratic primary debate taking place in those hours when figures like nancy pelosi and alexandria ocasio-cortez are constant we demonized and attacked. >> laura: okay pure let me get this straight for a moment.
11:26 pm
the liberal media and all the other cables, the prime time posts, they get a free pass to the viscera president trump single night? >> which brings us to the big man himself, the biggest liar of all, >> donald trump is a liar. we see an lie and lie and lie again. >> racism and sexism driving this president the positives base. >> laura: joining me now his former dnc chair and former governor of the great state of pennsylvania ed rendell along with governor mike huckabee. governor rendell, let's start with you. what the heck is going on with your party? okay? gillibrand, klobuchar, juan williams all sorts of
11:27 pm
people on our network, the likes of which would not be conservatives on places like cnn anymore. they basically got rid of their pro trump, trump from the contributors. what's going on? why are democrats afraid of fox news, afraid of martha maccallum and bret baier, chris wallace, really? >> before i answer your question, i want to say hello to mike huckabee. mike and i served as governors together and collaborated on many initiatives when we served in the national governors association. to answer your question, i don't know. i think it's a mistake for the dnc to do what it did. but as you said, if i was dnc chair, i think tom perez is doing a good job. if i was dnc chair, lara, i say give me bret baier, chris wallace, rod williams, and you can have that fox debate any way, any time any numbers of times. >> laura: i'm confident it woul.
11:28 pm
you can pick the commentators and moderators, i think we should have the debate on fox. let me tell you. even if you persuade 3% of fox viewers, 3% last time out carries michigan. >> laura: fat chance -- i'm just kidding. you are making a very valid point. governor huckabee, i want to play something else from perez, because he doubled down on this. the barring of any fox news hosting of a democratic debate. let's watch. >> this is about -- in this new yorker report, it's about interference at the highest level of fox news. >> we read it. we want to have 100% confidence -- the debates are the most important thing, one of the most important things we can do. >> i get it. i get you what insurance. >> laura: so no issues -- i want to play one more thing for you. willing to believe that fox doesn't care about issues, the anchors are not going to care about issues.
11:29 pm
>> will you promise -- and how soon will you move your clothing collection, the clothes that are made in china and mexico? you said several things in that debate that were not true, sir. >> do you think there should be any restrictions? >> can you definitively say tonight that you will definitely support the republican nominee for president, even if it's not you? >> laura: those are all examples of fox news anchors being more than tough, probably fair, with president trump. candidate trump. >> laura, first of all let me say hello to ed rendell. i wish he and i were running things because he and i got along great and got a lot of things done. by golly, we should be in charge. ed, great to be with you. i've been in the president of the bait stage to go different times -- actually, many different times. but one thing people forget, it's not the venue for the networks, it's the venue for the
11:30 pm
two parties. i'm going to be like the contrary in here and i think tom perez is making a mistake. i do agree with ed rendell, there ought to be fox access to democratic candidates, but here's what i would say to both the chairman of the democrat and republican committees, ronna mcdaniel and tom perez, take charge of debates. these are for your candidates. i think the whole process is ridiculous and out-of-control and it is in need of a great blow up. there should be a complete restructuring of how they are done. the parties need to control the debates in terms of time, the place. they ought to pick the people who ask the questions because it has turned into a tv show, not an honest forum. the questions are ridiculous and insulting. i would love to be able to give the political chairman and earful of what they can do of what they can do to give the message to their voters. we went i think that's a
11:31 pm
brilliant point. local reporters are often better at doing some of these interviews on some of the big issues, not to take anything away from the big names, but i like some of the local reporters' input. governors, i want to get your reaction, the house voted overwhelmingly to approve a broad resolution calling up racism, anti-semitic comments without naming congresswoman ilhan omar. the democrats seem to be, i don't know, they don't want to name her despite the fact that that's what brought this whole thing up, obviously, initially linking jews to money, then talking about certain people having a divided allegiance to other countries. should have it been restricted to the anti-semitism? a lot of jewish americans, at least on social i'm reading tonight, are pretty outraged. >> i'm thinking it should have focused on the anti-semitism. it should have said that congresswoman omar made a mistake. because she did make a mistake.
11:32 pm
as an american, i can tell you the thing that's most cutting tn people talk about jews, the money, the benjamin's, us being sneaky people who control things by our money. that's to me that were slow you can make to a jewish person. very congresswoman omar made good points when she talked about god make it substantively. there is no place for name-calling for any of our affairs but we should make our points and rest on the strength of our arguments. i would've liked for her to be named as having made a mistake that triggered these of anti-semitism, condemned anti-semitism and later on, we can condemn all sorts of hate speech. spiel and watched the c-span debate >> laura: i watch the c-span debate among governor hue today, it turned basically on the democrats side a trump bashing fest.
11:33 pm
it was about the migrants, got expended in all these other topics. steve king lost the committee chair ship in the wake of making his racially charged statements. why aren't they doing the same thing for congress from an omar especially what we are seeing over with the legal party getting him elated due to anti-semitism, we have anti-semitic floats and carnival parades in belgium i saw today also online for disturbing images of jewish americans in europe. >> i just got back from poland this morning and one of the things i was doing there was to participate in a ceremony for the polish christians who helped saved jews during the holocaust. i think people need to understand the anti-semitism is not just about rhetoric. there was a long history of people being brutally and savagely murdered in cold blood. we are not just talking about military combatants, we are talking about innocent men, women, children, older people.
11:34 pm
it's a horrible thing. it needs to be addressed. i think nancy pelosi -- and i have to give her some credit. she's trying, but she's got her hands full with some of these young democrats who really don't understand what i call "basic playground manners" when it comes to getting in a public office and it's creating some real problems for the democrats. as a republican, i could take some glory in it and some joy in that, but i don't because it's bad for the country. that's not good for anybody. >> laura: governor, thank you -- >> in all difference, i just want to say, don't give the republicans too much credit for what they gave to steve king. it took them ten years to get around to it. >> laura: governor, thank you very much. a new video of a muslim reporter attempting to question known anti-semite linda sarsour in the halls of congress but we will show you the reception she receives. that woman joins me next. >> why did you block the
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>> laura: we have a fox news alert. former trump campaign manager paul manafort sentence tonight to 47 months in prison for tax and bank fraud. to be clear, the charges have nothing to do with the president, nor to his case. men one count of failing to report foreign bank accounts, two counts of bank fraud. tonight, he told a judge he was "humiliated," talk about time in solitary confinement and manafort will be back to face charges of witness tampering in and illegal ukrainian lobbying. again, none of this had anything to do with the president or russian collusion. judge ellis strenuously said today in the eastern district of virginia made this point.
11:40 pm
also tonight, the house overwhelmingly approved a broad resolution to condemn anti-semitism, but doesn't call out congresswoman ilhan omar. the freshman lawmaker has made no apologies for a series of offensive remarks. colleagues and other radical freshman rashida tlaib doubling down on her demand to impeach president from. >> i will be joining advocates throughout the country to file the impeachment... my god, what is... resolution! i'm sorry! impeachment resolution to start the proceedings. >> laura: sometimes words like "resolution," they just... and one of their friends, linda sarsour, seen on capitol hill ignoring questions about her own anti-semitism by a muslim reporter. >> wait, wait -- >> can you turn the camera off?
11:41 pm
i know what you're doing, i don't appreciate it. why are you blocking the door? you are, like, blocking the -- okay. >> we just need -- >> you are blocking the door. >> laura: joining me now is that reporter, and sara carter, fox news reported. kudos to you. love it, love it, love it. what didn't we see in the video? >> what you saw was the most the muslim supremacist inaction on capitol hill. they acted like they own the house of representatives, and they sort of do right now. they came to the front door of rashida to talib's office, and we and thus a sword turned to cair, the woman stepped forward with
11:42 pm
another man and he became the bouncers at rashida tlaib's office. lobbying is from the muslim organization became the gatekeepers. >> laura: everyone should know that you are a muslim woman yourself. >> i am. i helped found an organization called muslim reform movement. we accept the state of israel. we don't hate jews, we are people who believe in secular governance, women's rights. the ability for ella voss to live, assimilate, coexist. not act like victims in american society. >> laura: sara carter, this has been a disturbing period of time in this country regarding anti-semitism. seeing it in europe, going to play some sound in a moment. how serious is this for the
11:43 pm
democrat party? they brushed it away, everything is about trump. this woman says things about the lighted stomach divided allegiance. some congresswoman acts like it's it's trump's fault? >> it's beyond disturbing, laura. what we are seeing in these divisions and asra said it perfectly. i've traveled throughout the middle east. this is said muslim supremacy. who won today? the people who won today are cair and the extremist in the democratic party. who lost? the democrats. the democrats have lost completely because now who are they going to confront even on the republican side about anti-semitism like mike look at what they've done today. they refused to call a spade a spade? it's really frightening, we can
11:44 pm
bring this to the table because we do not hear enough from reformers. >> laura: muslim women have the power to take this whole thing back. i talk to so many friends -- some do. not linda sarsour. >> not linda sarsour. what's happened is the liberal democrats have decided they are the poster girl. >> laura: why do they -- why is linda sarsour delivering this new nirvana of feminism? and you complain that the people? >> they decided about a decade ago that they were going to become the victims. that's what happened the last couple of weeks. rashida tlaib went from being the bully to being the victim. they inserted the anti-muslim, you know, issue into this resolution when it was nothing about that. they made it number one. >> laura: i'd like to show some images here of what europe is dealing with. at the big carnival in belgium, this is on tuesday i believe, this is a parade float.
11:45 pm
okay? and belgium is now in many places majority muslim and there's a big islamist movement in belgium. these are pictures of people obviously who looks jewish. there are bags of money. this made the rounds on a lot of islamist websites. we got them good. this is happening with the labour party in britain. let's play this next sound bite. >> i never thought i would see the day when jewish people in this country were concerned about their future in this country. i cannot remain in a party that i have today come to the sickening conclusion that is institutionally anti-semitic. >> laura: movements by other muslims in britain against gay citizens, disturbing images we've seen today? >> these are horrific images and this is a very dangerous time. i can tell you this, laura,
11:46 pm
there's a document he i helped worked on, it's called "never again is now." it was about to go jewish women that literally left amsterdam to the united states because of what's happening over there in europe. anti-semitism is extreme. we are seeing it in the united states. we have to call it out. we cannot be afraid but we cannot cower down to it we have to talk for muslim women who do not support this type of radicalism. >> what's happening is our religion has been taken over by extremists. 17 years ago, it was my colleague daniel pearl who was murdered, his last words, "i am a jew, my mother is a jew." his father called me. he wrote it down. "i am devastated. today is a day of infamy" be like in the u.k., jews and
11:47 pm
america are afraid. >> laura: your voices are important. thank you for joining us tonigh tonight. i've got to -- a big update on this border crisis. what's happening that's impacting communities away from the border not too far from the border but away from the border? a sheriff near the border is sounding an alarm on a real emergency. don't want to miss make it.
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>> laura: we have been telling you for the last year and i have about the real impact of legal immigration that has on communities across the country. but what really happens when they arrive illegally? what impact do they have on local resources? for more, we go to a shocking report from trace gallagher and the west coast in his, trace. >> the media has focused on the central american caravans through the in most cases have abruptly ended in tijuana where they wait for u.s. asylum claims to be processed. by that is a smaller part of a bigger picture for example reporting an arizona republic handling in-depth thousands of central american migrants still crossing and smuggled across open borders. the way it works, they turned themselves over patrol agents with asylum and then released
11:52 pm
until the case comes to court, last month more than 1100 families, mostly from central america apprehended near el paso and then transported to tucson and released. they are initially housed in makeshift shelters including a former monastery that holds 200 people, but for months has struggled to accommodate the cost flow of families. in fact, el paso the second busiest crossing point along the southern border behind the rio grande valley. and then there is this, apprehension of migrant families this year from last year is up 1689%. asylum seeking families make up more than 60% of all apprehensions which leads to the domino effect meaning 25% of on-duty border patrol agents have to be diverted to care for, transport and process the migrant families. when you take away a quarter of the enforcement, the border is less secure which exacerbates the problem and tucson is
11:53 pm
feeling pressure not just in shelters but hospitals, food banks and schools. laura. >> laura: trays come unbelievable thank you very much. here to react a sheriff of one of those communities that spans more than 100 miles along the mexico border, mark needs here joins me now, sheriff you heard a report, but what are you seeing? violence, and rest as a result of illegal immigration in your community specifically? >> mark: well, laura anybody to deny there is a crisis, humanitarian crisis on the border is simply being intellectually dishonest. we have tremendous influx of migrants and no way the system to care for them especially because the advent of unaccompanied minors and families is something the system just not adapted to address, so we have these temporary shelters and dropped off at bus stops and left to wonder into the
11:54 pm
community. so this is a humanitarian crisis we've never experience and i've been in this 32 years and never seen anything like this. the leveraging migrant traffic to backfill drug trafficking behind it because >> shannon: look a >> laura: look at this. i want to play something quickly, this is from chase and who's done a lot of reporting on the border on msnbc. let's watch. >> the reason the numbers are going up or not because of crazy phenomena we have never seen before, donald trump and his policies and his rhetoric are encouraging people and in some cases forcing people in other cases to cross the border illegally. >> laura: i've never heard of anything more ridiculous in my life. trump is encouraging people to come? sheriff, very quickly. >> mark: completely absurd. that is absolutely false. the conditions in central america, the desperation of other people are feeling to come here and hope of a better
11:55 pm
life is exacerbating the condition. the president has absolutely nothing to do with encouraging this behavior and that is a silly argument. >> laura: one of the most disingenuous things i've heard and i've heard a lot of disingenuous things. share of come up by the way we invited tucson sheriff on the show tonight, but they curiously said no. we got to remind them that they are representing the citizens of arizona, not one particular constituency transported into constituency transported into the state f different generations get the same quality of customer service that we have been getting. being a usaa member, because of my service in the military, you pass that on to my kids. something that makes me happy. being able to pass down usaa to my girls means a lot to both of us. he's passing part of his heritage of being in the military. we're the edsons. my name is roger zapata. we're the tinch family, and we are usaa members for life. to begin your legacy, get an insurance quote today.
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thank you for your service, captain. you got quite the welcome home. that's all the time we have to night. check out my new podcast, shannon bream and the fox news at night team take it all from here. shannon: thank you, we begin with a fox news alert. several days of democratic party chaos but today finally a vote on a resolution that lumps in a resolution with anti-semitism with islamohphobia but it did not include the name of congresswoman omar who sparked the debate in the first place with multiple comments many colleges minute. the resolution never should have been watered down. paul manafort sentenced to 3 years in prison for crimes far below the suggested guidelines. another round of capitol hill


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