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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  March 4, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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outside. the fire chief said it was worth the risk as the flag is a symbol of hope. that's it for "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid. "the story with martha maccallum" starts now. >> martha: thanks. a story exclusive. interview with the man behind the effort to bring the isis bride back to alabama. we will talk to him. they are suing secretary mike pompeo and breaking news on that case. and the new attorney generals he won't recuse from the mueller investigation. those stories are coming up tonight. the house judiciary sent a letter to 81 trump associates demanding information, an interesting line reminding the recipients that this committee played a historic role for hearings on the abuse of
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executive power. also known as the watergate hearings. >> we will inquire and follow every lead unretrained. >> martha: that was 1973. how will democrats do in their watergate moment? that's where this seems to be heading. the chairman pointing out that the mueller investigation won't be enough. >> the mueller investigation number 1 we don't know when it will end. it's focussed on specific crimes. we have to focus much more broadly. >> martha: i am martha maccallum and this is the "story." the president was fired up about the growing list of investigations into him this weekend. >> there is no collusion. so now they are morph into let's inspect every deal he's ever done! we are going to go into his finances. we are going to check his deals. these people are sick! they are trying to take you out
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with [bleep]. it's a [bleep]. >> martha: today he appeared unfazed by the latest probe. >> are you going to cooperate? >> i cooperate all the time with everybody. >> martha: in moments former u.s. attorney for the district of columbia react. first former trump aide carter page was on that list of 81. you received this letter. are you going to comply and turn over all the information they are asking for about the trump tower meeting in 2016 and a lot of other things? >> what so funny is i have been complying for the last two plus years. a lot of these questions were already hacked off my private emails going back to 2016. >> martha: you feel like between the fisa warrant cleared 4 times to listen to your phone calls,
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and the mueller investigation, how many times did you talk to the mueller folks? >> well, out of respect for those proceedings i don't talk about it but since it was leaked to the "washington post" that i spoke to them in november of 2017. >> martha: and they have not contacted you again? >> no. >> martha: they appear to have goodnight what thacht from you? >> i gave them everything. again, they had already been through all of my partner records. as we learned with spy gate. >> martha: they got nothing from you. can you affirm that? >> there is nothing to get. i was being so careful with everything i have done. >> martha: here's andrew mccabe asked about the controversial fisa warrant. he himself testified at one point they could not have gotten
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without the dossier. he said he turned over everything. >> i think everyone was satisfied we had represented that accurately and adequately in the package. the court was obviously satisfied. they have signed it 3 or 4 times. >> i was laughing at that. the "new york times" that he had the interview with, he used to grill me throughout 2017. now he is close friends and has this softball interview with him. it's outrageous some of these comments. >> martha: the media treatment, i am about to talk to joe. he said you should sue everybody from mccabe to comey to clapper and the media as well. you will do that? >> yes, absolutely. the democrats have been stone walling initial litigation that i have been involved with. catherine the head of the dnc
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team in oklahoma, i was in oklahoma over the weekend getting a lot of support from people. my old colleagues. we will have to see. so far we have a couple of motions or i per se have a motion outstanding. we will see how that plays out. i am confident that as the information continues to come out there it, it will be clear that there was a lot of wrongdoing on their side. >> martha: were you surprised to be on this list and get the letter? >> nothing will surprise me after everything we have been through. >> martha: all right. carter, thank you very much. here's joe the former u.s. attorney for the district of columbia. thanks for being here. your thoughts on this letter that you read through? it uses language to remind
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then everyone this is the committee that launched watergate. they don't mention impeachment but it's clear that's where they are going. >> this is a perjury trap. this is not a legitimate investigation? >> it's a fishing expetition. they are trying to get people look bad to make the president look bad. carter page is the last person who should talk to them. he cooperated with the fbi and helped convict 2 russian spies. then the fbi framed him to gather fake evidence to use against the president of the united states in a fisa warrant. the committee will try to make carter page look like a russian spy when he was not to refer him to the justice department for perjury. no one should talk to this committee. everyone should take the fifth and the american people will understand this is not a legitimate investigation.
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it's political theatre and disgraceful conduct approved of by the speaker of the house nancy pelosi. >> martha: do you think all of those people will do that including donald trump, junior? >> who knows? i know as a lawyer what i would tell them. the trump family is in a different situation. the private citizens should all refuse to produce any documents. as far as government officials, they will do what they are told to do. anybody who works for the government can always quit and take the fifth. this is a fraud, this investigation. it's designed to smear people as witnesses and perjury trap them and make phoney referrals to the justice department. this is about dirting up the president of the united states who has done nothing wrong. >> martha: it says they are investigating abuse of power, obstruction of justice designed to undermine our laws and the
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agencies that enforce those laws. much goes to the investigation. this one man admits he is impatient. we better start our own investigation despite the fact there are already two investigations going on in the hill? >> his investigation is a joke. mueller hasn't produced a single indictment about russian collusion. not a single collusion. nancy pelosi and schiff knows that. there is nothing there with regard to collusion and never has been because it was created by hillary clinton. >> martha: for sometime that's been the sense. we have not seen the mueller report. it might blow everybody away. >> [laughing]. >> martha: i have no idea. the feeling is it has shifted from the original collusion
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search to obstruction of justice which is what they are focussing on here. it falls under the umbrella of obstruction of justice? >> yes, but politically they can say whatever they want. this is not a criminal proceeding. they it will makeup stuff. they already made it up. listen to adam schiff is. every time he says this is lots of evidence from collusion, when he is asked, he can't name it. >> martha: he talks about the trump tower meeting. >> all perfectly legal. not a thing wrong with it. >> martha: it's interesting that this letter says they are responsible for passing laws to prevent this kind of activity from occurring again. it's like we need to talk to everyone so we can come up with new laws that will prevent this from becoming a habit.
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>> since there is no proof anything happened. i am not sure what they will letting about. this is a cover story for a smear job against witnesses. -- legislate. >> martha: joe, thank you, sir. coming up next, this is a tragic story. 23 people have lost their lives. an update in moments on the deadliest tornado to hit the united states in 6 years. we will go live to alabama with the new report after this. >> my babies! i just hugged them just like this and called on jesus. i said jesus, cover us. cover us, jesus. ♪
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we get brand new numbers from the deadline tornados and the latest pictures of the devastation on the ground. jonathan has been reporting from lee county all day in alabama. good evening. >> good evening. it turns out this was a major tornado that this community was dealing with. the national weather service now believes it was a powerful ef-4 tornado packing winds of 170 miles per hour. meteorologists base this on the extent of the damage they have been seeing here on the ground in lee county, alabama. they believe this tornado was as much as a mile wide as it blew mobile homes off foundations. one resident said she has never seen anything so devastating. >> nothing happened to us and everybody got this done to them.
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that's so bad. >> [crying]. >> the human toll is devastating. among the 23 confirmed fatalities, there are at least 3 children who died ages 6, 9 and 10. >> we lost children, mothers, fathers, neighbors and friends. to know alabama is to know that we are a tight-knit community of people. today, each of us mourns the loss of life of our fellow alabamaians. >> the governor spoke with president trump and said he called her on her cellphone and promised a-plus assistance with fema and federal aid to help alabama rebuild and help pledged from the other side of the
4:17 pm
aisle. house speaker nancy pelosi promised congress's full support in helping these hard hit communities rebuild. >> martha: thank you very much. coming up next, a "story" exclusive with the attorney that represents isis bride who is suing secretary pompeo and the trump white house. >> i know i am an american citizen and i have the right to come back. i have no other citizenship anywhere. jerry reed singing "eastbound and down"
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>> the president said you are not welcome back to america. what you would say to him? >> i have papers. i have citizenship. >> martha: american-born hoda muthana went from being a student in alabama to leaving her home to go to syria where she became an isis bride in 2014. in syria she had 3 different husbands in isis. she had a child with one and had a change of heart and escaped. now her father is suing the trump administration for denying her re-entry into the united states. here in a "story" exclusive is charles swift her attorney. your reaction to the fact that the judge doesn't see any need to fast track this case. >> well, we were disappointed in one part, but not terribly
4:23 pm
surprised. to prevail we had to show she would suffer immediate harm. that was a difficult question. although we were disappointed on that part of the ruling, we were encouraged by the judge's comments on the strength of our case which is another one of the prongs. he did not rule that our case was not strong. >> martha: in what way did he indicate the case was strong? >> well, the government's argument is that she is not a citizen not because she wasn't born here and not because her father was a diplomat at the time. the government argues the fact that yemen didn't notify them that they furthered her father for his diplomat post for 5 months that he kept diplomatic immunity. >> martha: if he is not a
4:24 pm
diplomat anymore and he was not when she was born, she is not a citizen, correct? >> no, wrong. >> martha: if you are the child of a diplomat, you are here as a diplomat and you do not become a united states citizen? >> that's correct. >> martha: she claims she was issued 2 pass ports that prove he is an more than citizen. the u.s. government is arguing they were issued in error. why do they say that? >> well, their argument now is that the passports were issued to her erroneously because they knew at the time that yemen delayed they misinterpreted the law. it's a difficult argument to make. they now say our interruption of the statutes at play are that he
4:25 pm
maintained diplomatic immunity 5 months after he was fired. that's a dangerous argument as the court noted. >> martha: a sound bite from sect pompeo whom you named in the suit. >> she is not a u.s. citizen. she has no claim of u.s. citizenship. in fact she is a terrorist. we should bring back terrorists to the united states of the america. president trump is determined she will not come back. >> martha: part of his argument is she is a foreign terrorist. left and married three different members of isis. she did that of her own volition. she gave up her rights as an american citizen when she joined the enemy. >> that's not the argument that secretary pompeo's attorneys are making in court. >> martha: that's what he is saying. that is what on most american's
4:26 pm
minds. your citizenship and your right as an american citizen can be violated by your actions. if you turn your back on the country and join a terrorist organization, it seems like a good argument that you should not be allowed back into the country. you might pose a threat to the country. >> it's a flawed constitutional argument. you can't revoke citizenship on that basis. the supreme court said that the loss of citizenship is not a punishment. it's conferred by the 14th amendment. it can't be taken away. absent very unusual circumstances and absent a judicial action none of which have occurred. >> martha: you feel like you have a good case? >> i feel like i have an excellent case. >> martha: do you think she is in danger? how sure are you that she doesn't get back to this country and present a threat to the
4:27 pm
country? >> well, i expect the case to move forward not on an emergency basis but on an expedited basis. i expect this case to be resolved in the next few months on the first stage. with the threat she may pose if she comes back. i put trust in the ability of law enforcement to prosecute if she commits criminal action. we can't remove people from the united states who are citizens because we are concerned they might be dangerous. it's about what might happen on a different group that was considered dangerous under a different president. you go over to france for a couple of days on the holiday, you can't come back. >> martha: that's a tough argument. you are joining isis and they are chopping off people's head. that's a clear cut argument you
4:28 pm
joined a dangerous group. and the citizenship issue is whether or not you win or lose the fight she is actually a citizen. >> absolutely. i am not here to defend her actions. i am here to defend her citizenship. >> martha: she has every right to go through that process. hillary clinton has another reason that she lost the election. >> i was the first person who ran for president without the protection of the voting right act and it makes a real big difference. >> martha: we will look at the numbers on that when we come back.
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marth a miracle end to a breaking story out of northern california. these two young sisters were found safe after they disappeared in the woods for two
4:33 pm
days. tonight how survival training brought them home. >> we found celter. a tree branch close to the ground. we had my sister's rain jacket to keep us warm. >> martha: here's the story. >> well, these girls were missing for 44 hours and survived because of lessons they learned in a 4-h club wilderness court. the girls asked their mother could that go for a walk and the mom said no. then recognizes they were gone and called the police at 3 p.m. sunday morning people noticed foot prints and found the girls under a tree. they were united with their
4:34 pm
parents on a high way with their parents. the sheriff said they survived because of training they got at the 4-h club which instructed them to stop if they got lost and get water off leaves. medically the girls are fine. the temperature in the area was 40 degrees. the other thing that happened point rescuers in the right direction grannolea wrappers the girls left behind. >> martha: thank you very much. developing tonight. 846 days passed since the election and hillary clinton is still placing blame in different places for her stunning loss. he said the supreme court changes to the vote rights act hurt her. >> i was the first person who
4:35 pm
ran for president without the protection of the voting rights action. it made a big difference. in wisconsin 40 to 8,000 people were turned away from polls because of the color of their skin or their age or whatever excuse could be made up to top a fellow american citizen from voting. >> martha: is that what really happened? here is a campaign and finance election lawyer and general counsel to the republican congressional committee. to break this down. she is the first person to run without the protection of the voter rights act. what changed and why did she not run under that protection? >> it's important to point out that statement is wildly inaccurate. i am guessing what she is
4:36 pm
conferring to is the shelbiy county case from the supreme court in 2013 said that a locality, before making changes, whether that clearance would stand. the supreme court said the criteria was outdated. the supreme court said it was responsible to make sure there were no discriminatory actions with the right to vote but this criteria is outdated. the pre-clearance provision will be invalidated. she was still very much running in 2016 under the voting rights action.
4:37 pm
section 2 makes sure there is not discrimination. section 3 allows a bailing in of a jurisdiction. is there a discrimination issue, jurisdictions are still bailed in. >> martha: i think that the study she is referring to is the university of wisconsin, madison. they looked at 2 counties that trump won in wisconsin and said eligible non-voters were deterred by the law. 23,000 people answered they did not have i.d. and that kept them from going to the polls. >> this is something we hear very often from the left. when they have lost. the photo i.d. loss are responsible for those losses. what is responsible for that loss in wisconsin is that hillary clinton lost 23 counties that barack obama previous carried. if you look at voter
4:38 pm
registrations in the state turnout was up. i am not aware of any of these stories she cites. you have a problem where the people who were turning out were not voting for her. >> martha: and she chose not to campaign in wisconsin. thank you very much jessica. good to see you tonight. coming up next the free speech battle in arizona where high school students claim they were told that they should ditch the maga gear next. to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it's best to make you everybody else... ♪ ♪ means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight and never stop. does this sound dismal? it isn't. ♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful life on earth. ♪ ♪
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>> ♪ . >> martha: outside of an arizona high school students claimed they were reprimanded for toting political signage with maga gear and a pro-trump flag during spirit week. the school insists they didn't infringe on their free speech rights instead interfering out of concern for student's safety. trace gallagher has the story from the west coast. >> the controversy began on friday when perry high school in gilbert, arizona held a theme day. when they showed up in make america great attire with a
4:43 pm
trump flag, the students claim they were told to take the clothing off. they refused and freshman logan jones picks it up from there. >> as we were taking pictures a police officer approached us and said we are asking you to leave the campus right now. >> jones claimed she was suspended for 10 days for not giving the resource officer her name. another parent said here daughter was asked to leave the school and that mom confronted the principal with her cellphone video camera turned on. >> you are asking my daughter to leave school because she was making a make america great sweatshirt? >> no. >> that's what happened. >> no. >> why was she asked to leave. she was not the one who had trump flag but even if she did,
4:44 pm
this is make america day again. >> it's not respectful. >> but it wassant an american flag. it was a trump flag.was not an . it was a trump flag. the school maintains it was not stifling their political viewpoints. today 30 parents and 10 students carrying american flags protested in front of the school. they want the principal and assistant principal to apologize to students and lift the punishments handed out. we will see. >> martha: very interesting. trace, thank you very much. joining me now sean and why do you think this invokes so much passion? >> well, i think right now
4:45 pm
anything to do with trump and the conservative movement will face a back lash on campuses high school or college. i wish there was more maturity here. the principal is claiming it was not what they were wearing but the fact they unfurled a flag. the parents were told one thing. if they were going to be told to wear spirit stuff for this day, i think they should have been clear as to what they were sp e supposed to wear. the students are constitutionally protected by a supreme court case that allows them to express themselves. i wish it didn't come to this. this is silly the principal saying the flag is disruptive. >> martha: spirit week has
4:46 pm
become a patriotic day. students are afraid to have usa day. isn't that weird? >> it was party in the usa day. that's about michael cohen -- miley cyrus. that's not good when you are a high school kid and a person in authority is asking you why you are on the campus. no one should be banned for using a political slogan on a college campus or high school campus. people need to respect the rules of those campuses. >> martha: do you think if anything would have happened if they showed up in barack obama t-shirts? >> well, look i am sure things like this happened on the other
4:47 pm
side as they are happening here. conservatives love to say everybody is out to get them. >> martha: all right. this is what the president said about free speech. >> today i am proud to announce they will be very soon signing an executive order requiring colleges and universities to support free speech if they want material funding. >> martha: this will be interesting. if you don't allow a speaker, sean, they may risk losing their federal funding. >> well, i spent a lot of time visiting college campuses. one of the first questions i asked: has there been a conservative speaker before? in many cases i am the first to visit a college campus. for all of the talk about the
4:48 pm
liberal arts colleges and universities about inclusive and tolerant, they will are as long as you go along with the far left agenda. they support tolerance with other ideas that don't support a progressive agenda. conservatives and people of faith and people who support this president are under attack. you saw that young man get hit in the face. it got zero coverage. the idea we are outraged -- hold on. i am about to make a point here. violence at any level is unacceptable. it's interesting when students on the conservative side are not aloued to do it. the young america foundation has been vigilant in trying to bring in speakers to come to campus. rules are put in place and rooms are changed. >> martha: give him a chance to respond. >> i think if the president want
4:49 pm
to issue an executive order he should make it illegal for anybody in the federal government to sign a non-disclosure agreement. i don't think right now we have a crisis in america of free speech. i do think, sean, that all viewpoints should be welcome. that's why i come here and i am happy i am invited here. i bring people from all walks of my life to my radio show to debate. that's what this country needs. >> martha: absolutely and needed to college campuses unemployment can't be educated unless you have heard both sides. great to see you. coming up next an important story. a fentanyl bust big enough to have killed 2 million americans and the opioid crisis is ravaging our heartland. geraldo rivera with me next.
4:50 pm
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>> ♪ >> we cannot lead fentanyl into our country. it's devastating. as you know better than i do. it's devastating. >> martha: president trump warning of the dangers of the drug fentanyl. the fda seized enough fentanyl in a new york home to kill 2 million people. on average 130 americans die every single day from an opioid overdose. geraldo rivera traveled to one of the hardest hit states. ohio, for an indepth look at the crisis in america's heartland and joins me now. what was the biggest takeaway from that? >> i went there to dayton, ohio, because dayton was the capital of the opioid overdose epidemic. this little city of 140,000 was
4:55 pm
experiencing 10 to 12 overdose deaths a day. over 80 in a month. now they have cut it dramatically. they have done that with a combination of a task force, a federal, state, county and local authorities. they have drug treatment and family counselling. they got the word out that fentanyl kills. even the junkies have tests for fentanyl in their heroin. >> martha: like the clean needles initiative. i want to play a sound bite. watch this. >> i broke my back and started to take pain pills. i got worse from there. with fentanyl, i needed it more than i wanted it. >> were you then committing robberies to support your habit? >> yeah. >> did you steal from your
4:56 pm
family? >> yeah. >> so do they understand? >> no. i stole their happiness from them too. >> heart breaking. 18 years old. hurt her back and started on prescription opioids, from a pharmaceutical. the doctor cut her off. she is turned to heroin because she was addicted to the opioid. the heroin laced with fentanyl ended her up in prison. she is 22-year-old. they have programs in the jail to help out folks like this young lady. it's so heart wrenching. >> martha: we have the sheriff. >> we got sick of seeing our
4:57 pm
loved ones die. everybody came together. law enforcement and the treatment providers and the government and businesses anded we are done with this. we will do whatever we can to make sure our loved ones get the help they need. >> martha: good for them. she was prescribed pain killers. he talks about the treatment providers. is there enough progress with doctors not putting this out there? >> yes, but the problem is when you cut someone off addicted to a prescription opioid? you want them to soldier on and go through violent detox? >> martha: why they are getting it in the first place. there is a feeling in in country that pain is not something you should have. i understand if you are a carnes patient.ncer patient.
4:58 pm
but if you are a kid with a sore knee you can get by with tylenol? >> now you don't expect it unless you are a terminal cancer patient. that's different than it it was a few years ago. they were throwing the drugs out there because the providers were jamming it down the doctor's throats. >> martha: and convincing them it was not addictive? >> absolutely. rather than go through a rehab or go with tylenol, people were going to these drugs. very powerful drugs. many of them overdosing. it wrecked the families. >> martha: that kid. i stole their happiness. here is a little clip i watched last night. watch this little clip. >> [beeping].
4:59 pm
>> no. >> there you go. >> you didn't check my shoes. >> martha: this parent knows how to check his pocket and might have it in his shoes. the panic that sets in when you love a child going down this road. it's devastating. >> and 72,000 americans dying of overdoses last year. we lost 50,000 in 12 years of war in vietnam. rich, poor, black and white. >> martha: i have two friends that have lost family members. great work. thank you. that's it on monday night.
5:00 pm
march 4th. new pod cast up today. it's really good. my interview with the secretary of state mike pompeo. the "story" goes on back here tomorrow night. tucker carlson is up next. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> tucker: welcome to "tucker carlson tonight" "tucker carlson tonight." we have seen a lot of change in the 2 years trump has been president. the american media has changed forever. these organizations that seemed like a big deal 5 years ago are extinct and some forgotten. those that remain degraded themselves beyond recognition like the new yorker or they have been purchased to conduct lobbying for like the "washington post." not so long ago america had prestige media


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