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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 27, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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for my exclusive interview with the vice president of venezuela del ici rodriguez 8:00 p.m. on the fox business network. i will see you there "the five" starts now. ♪ ♪ >> dana: hello, everyone i'm dana perino along with morgan ortegas, march hamp and lawrence jones and tom. i'm feeling a little bit better. this is the "the five." ♪ >> dana: joe biden reportedly feeling burned by former boss according to vanity fair the former v.p. upset over barack obama meeting with other potential 2020 contenders like beto o'rourke before he has officially made his decision. biden spokesperson pushing back against the against the story calling it unequivocally false. he may have other obstacles in his way. 59% of democratic and
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independent voters are excited for someone entirely new to run for president. biden comes in second followed by bernie sanders and beto o'rourke. and 70% of those same voters say hillary clinton should not run again. president trump going after democrats as we have more of that? no why don't. is that just a poll. the teleprompter is working very well today. maria harf. even if biden were upset he wouldn't say so. it's obvious that is going to have to meet with lots of democrats before 2020, right? >> yes. i actually don't think, i mean joe biden is an adult. he has been in politics a long time. he and barack obama are very close. i don't think he is probably very upset about this. it's interesting though in that poll 59% want someone new. i think we see that in poet parties, right? that's how we got donald trump. but joe biden was at 53%. joe biden knows he is very popular in the party. is he popular among
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independents and barack obama is going to have to meet with lots of people i do do think you will see keep his powder dry not have 25, 30 people weigh in the democratic primary. if joe biden wants to run, joe biden will have a lot of support even among people barack obama even if he didn't doesn't endorse him he was vice president 8 years. he has thicker skin than that. >> he was the vice president the last election as well. weave know the party leadership as well as the president all did the garden meetings. he wasn't going to run. this was all because hillary clinton was the chosen candidate. >> maria: that's not why biden didn't run. lawrenc>> i do think he will be frustrated if the president doesn't get behind him. he understands former president he has to be with all the candidates. the former vice president is going to be expected, president obama, to get behind him because he did step aside and let hillary clinton run.
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>> it's not easy to tell somebody that maybe it's past their time. right? it's not easy to tell someone that. we are not elephants. >> you see the word, personality about the republicans that the republican party is now apersonality and it's all about donald trump. i think that is not true. the cultive personality is. anti-trump party that's all they are at this point. that's why they need a new person. definitely personality. they liked his personality. they wanted donald trump. it wasn't anyone new. so, they are searching for -- that's why beto is such a big thing. because they are not really sure about why they like him but they think he is a personality that can take on trump. that's all they want. >> dana: they want someone who has a spark.
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>> morgan: maybe. i'm looking forward to this primary. this looks like the republican primary times like 1,000 just like get out the popcorn. i can't wait. what's ironic to me is how the dem activist base freaking out top three people in polling are all white men. a lot of people have a problem with that the republican party has been criticized nonstop by democrats by being the party of white men. any time you oppose the policy of president barack obama it must be because you are a racist. now the women in the minority that are going to be running for president will be turning that around on fellow democrats. it will be interesting how bernie and biden and o'rourke answer that all white male which is almost like worse than being a criminal in the democratic party right now. >> dana: what frustrates me about fellow democrats is they are looking for a savior right now. that's why they look at beto. they want someone who is a perfect candidate and perfect package. >> they have one in barack
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obama. maria i keep telling my fellow democrats we don't need a savior. the primary process sometimes works itself out it sometimes puts forward a candidate that can win in a general. the republican primary was insane. it put forth a candidate that could win a general elections same with barack obama in 2008. sometimes these processes actually work. >> dana: i do have a question for you, maria, tell me just about logistically how you think things will change when california moves earlier for their primary because there are so many delegates then? does that change a lot? >> maria: that will change it, also the fact that super delegates, these parties elders given a lot of power in previous democratic primary they helped anoint hillary clinton for example, they have much less power now. the power has been pushed down to the grassroots activists. democrats in iowa are different than democrats in new hampshire and south carolina. nevada now no longer a caucus, now a primary. these things seem very wonky, but they actually matter when there is going to be a very hotly condition
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tested primary. that's why you will see candidates go to iowa and new hampshire. you already are. this primary is starting like now. >> morgan: the generational struggle in the democratic party is sort of a fascinating one as well. and the presidential election they rely so much on the younger voters that didn't show out for hillary clinton. especially younger women. and the generational struggle just isn't about their 2020 nominee. look at the angst that was geared towards pelosi and to schumer. people who are in their 70's and in leadership for a long time. you are sort of seeing the base of the democratic party, especially the young people say, you know, it's our time to lead. it's our time for leadership. >> one problem the democrats are going to have is authentic leadership. a lot of candidates weren't as far left when they were in other offices, when it came to beto. >> kirsten gillibrand. >> he voted for legislation to dismantle obamacare. >> why bernie has been attacking him. >> kamala harris is for
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social justice reform she didn't govern that way in california. let's be clear biden is an experienced politician. is he not going to play fair with them. he goal after every single thing that they did. >> maria: i'm ready. >> right now when it comes to the democrats, he is the only candidate that has a shot in the running because, he has been that consistent leader. >> maria: maria poll numbers from 2015 or '11 or '07 we would be talking about a whole different group of people. >> all the numbers have to do with troop. even 70% don't want her to run. they are mad at her because she lost to trump. that's why her anybody's ar numo low. >> they will forgive beto if they think. >> i don't think so. >> dana: each the bernie people are not solid bernie people. they are saying you have to
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court us a little bit. >> morgan: to morgan's point there is a good one. people saying look we need to win. someone like joe biden or beto can win. we need to win with a fill in the blank, woman, minority, progressive, whatever that blank is, and you are going to have democrats who say job number one is to win. we need to figure out how to do an that and take care of the rest later quite frankly. >> morgan: poll we looked at earlier 41% of democrats thought that bernie should not run again. for me, when you see. >> amen. >> he is not a democrat i say that all the time. morgue moral for me, instead of trying to tonya harding beto already in the. >> good reference. >> morgan: i looked her name up earlier today. it's not really about that. it's about he is selfish. it's about power. more than about ideology.
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they are all so power hungry they can't lead a movement and step aside. >> that new movement is where the energy is. >> maria: part of it not all of it. >> i said this yesterday on "the five" we would laugh at ocasio-cortezs but they are winning. not just her that is winning. there are incremental changes they want to make. the democrats have to take them serious. they are the freedom caucus of the left. >> morgan: they are only winning in certain places. the way we took back the majority in the house is by winning moderate seats in kansas city and nevada and detroit and denver. all of these places we took back the house with moderates. a lot of attention goes to progressives and that's the fight you are going to have. >> dana: we have to run, guys. do you have any last thoughts, tom? >> i agree it's going to be fun. we will see what happens. >> dana: i agree it will be fun. partial government shutdown
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♪ >> maria: president trump trying to pin blame on democrats as the shutdown enters day six accusing democrats of obstruction and hypocrisy when it comes to the border wall. >> we are going to have a wall and we are going to have safety. we need safety for our country even from this standpoint. we need a wall. how long is it going to take? when are they going to say we need border security? when are the democrats going to say? don't forget, the democrats all agreed that you need a wall until i wanted it once
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i wanted it, they didn't agree. >> maria: with negotiations reportedly at a stand still house republicans are saying members shouldn't expect any new vote this week. okay. dana, i want to start with some of the human impact of this because we now know hundreds of thousands of federal workers having to work without getting paid, you and i have both been federal government employees as has morgan there are real people impacted by. this. >> dana: however, do i think this could go on for a very long time. mark meadows a congressman for north carolina, head of the freedom caucus was on with cnn and dana barb earlier and said president trump. 24 could go on for a long time. in fact, i have a theory. >> maria: okay. >> dana: i think it could go on until the state of the union that usually happens at the end of the month. remember president trump made a secret trip over there we will talk about later in the show. he plans to go see the border. he was going to go see the border and take the press
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with him. he said i think i'm going to go right before the state of the union. i think that it could go on that long because the president is going to dig in his heels. and i'm not saying -- i don't know anything. this is purely my thought process. but i'm just thinking if it goes to next week, right, and nancy pelosi then presumably she becomes the speaker of the house. then you are at january 6th. so then january 27th, 28th, whenever the state of the union is. i could see it lasting that long. >> lawrence: i think it's longer than that. >> maria: nancy pelosi when she takes over and the house democrats are in charge they will have the votes to pass a clean funding bill. it may pass the senate even despite republicans picking um more votes. if president trump vetoes that, is that a good idea? do you think that's what he will do? that seems like a bigger political gamble. >> lawrence: he doesn't have any choice. >> maria: why? >> lawrence: if he doesn't deliver on this piece of campaign promise he doesn't
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win. the president was prepared to cave last week there was multiple reports of it he was bringing everybody, in the moment everyone started attacking him and his base, it was the first time i ever seen the president fearful. because all his loyal support errors. the president realizes this is the gamble right now. either this is the last time he can get it passed. he has to hold a firm stance on this or he won't get reelected. >> dana: i disagree but i will let everyone talk. >> maria: his poll numbers have started to go down. the promise during the campaign was not that taxpayers would pay for it but mexico would pay for it. >> tom: democrats saying well we will wait for democrats to pay for it that's a loser argument. >> maria: he did say it. >> tom: it doesn't matter. the base didn't believe it anyway. they knew he was going to get the money other ways. >> lawrence: it's true. >> tom: when i do my talk radio, you know, the callers come in and they all say he knew he would find other ways to pay for it we knew he hut nafta thing.
2:17 pm
they want construction to start on the wall. he is right. what he just said that clip we just played, democrats already voted for this. they said they want a border barrier, right, it was in 2006, democrats did vote. obama did vote. the schumer, i believe, voted for the fencing. that's why the it the is changing he is saying i will take if they want to call it fencing or steel slats. >> lawrence: he just wants it. >> tom: he is right that clip he showed that's perfect logic they voted for it until trump wanted it and thin they didn't. that's very true. >> morgan: january 3rd nancy pelosi will take over as speaker of the house. the house will pass a clean c.r. bill and that's without the wall funding they will submit to the senate. that will not past the 60 sloot threshold. >> dana: you don't think so? >> morgan: no. here is what i think will happen. you will see moderate senators especially in states like maine, people that have re-election, might be a republican senate in a state where the president
2:18 pm
isn't popular. they might be able to start pick them off. they won't pick them off to get to 60. if i am the president and his team and i'm looking at this from are a strategic perspective. it feels like we are on defense. we need to get back on to offense. we need to put things on the table that the democrats can't turn down. just say i'm going to keep the government closed until i get the wall funding like daca and tps renewal and bridge act. immigration related but there is a number of things we could put on the table that would start to break apart right now their coalition is united we start to get moderate senators defecting and going on the democrat side that's why we need to go on offense. >> lawrence: i disagree with that but from a practical standpoint. >> morgan: what are you going to get the house to pass. >> lawrence: get some type of compromise. two separate issues when it comes to securing the border and the citizens that are non-citizens that came here no fault of their own, being here illegally,. >> morgan: i agree you are
2:19 pm
arguing policy, i'm arguing tactics. lawrence lawrence they tried it before and it didn't get done. the president offered how many? 1.8. they still turned it down. they tried that tactic before. they didn't get it passed. it's going to go either the wall or nothing. the president is going to take that hard line. >> dana: one on the communications standpoint. the president and the democrats are in impasse. how do you break an impasse. he is the one that can do something different. i think he needs to show, not tell or show not tweet. so i would let other people do the talking for me. so he has great people at the customs and border patrol who are civil servants. take them down with the press and let them show them their situation. show them how it would be more effective if they had border fencing, wall, whatever you want to call it in these areas it would save money in the long run. you wouldn't need four people in one area you just have one person. showing not telling would be really important.
2:20 pm
i also feel like the president has a lot to point to aside from this $5 billion for wall funding that he has done on immigration he can take to the base. do you want to know what i have done? here is all these things. asylum claims. basically getting mexico to hold asylum seekers rather than being held in the united states that's such a big deal. he is not getting enough credit for that kirstjen nielsen organized that mexicans are basically saying okay. we will swallow that we already have that same agreement with canada. he has done more on workplace enforcement. troops to the border. he has shown he is willing to do it. visa overstay really big issue nobody is talking about that. he could do that. i feel like there are things that he could do that he could talk to in addition to all these other things that we want to do with border security, i've done all of these things as well. is he willing to fight all the way up to the supreme court for it he has a story to tell. i think he gets himself too boxed in just talking about the wall. >> maria: it plays for the
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senat ♪ >> morgan: so people are so addicted to technology and devices they are now turning
2:25 pm
to rehab much like programs helping with drug and alcohol tech addicts are turning to i secluded that include 12 step programs. they are using smart phones with limits and monitoring systems. tom, one of the things i thought was interesting and when we were reading about this and how people were addicted to their smart phones is that grang graying and gen exer. >> it is true we got a little obsessed. when i was a real tech advocate in the 1990s and i loved when the iphone came out and i did get obsessed with it we suffered from it i think because, i don't know, it really took over our lives in a way that with younger people it's just -- it hasn't taken over their lives as much. >> morgan: i was surprised that gen exers used the
2:26 pm
phone more than millennials. >> dana: clear why. our work is there we are in the prime of our working lives. we want to keep in touch with our parents as they get older. and for those of us that have children you want to keep in touch with your children. if you are working. if you are trying to find a work-life balance the most effective tool is your phone. >> tom: you are right. we need to talk to more people. you are right. >> lawrence: that's a good excuse. you guys aren't used to it so you all got a little taste of it and you can't put it down. my generation grew up with it it's nothing to us. we don't use it that much it's like always that you toy. we put it down and move onto the next thing. you guys get loyal to it. we grew one computers and all that stuff. >> morgan: irritating me. >> maria: i do think there addictive quality to it new iphone can you monitor your screen time and i like the fact that people are now doing phone-free holidays. and dinners.
2:27 pm
i really i like that because you can get and it has not just mental but physical. my doctor told meet more you look down at your phone your hands and your wrist and everything like. >> create a wrink kel. >> dana: the wrinkle thing is a problem. >> morgan: i got the wrist thing on election night for the rest of that week. >> morgan: mental aspect of it. >> morgan: wrinkles. >> maria: people like air brushed and perfect. all these studies who adults see people's lives they get depressed because they don't think their life is as good. >> morgan: i have never had that problem. i'm happy for their success. >> maria: teenagers. there are down sides to it. >> tom: huge downside. need to go further. it's not just balance. people need to put their phones away. i wake up -- i used to wake
2:28 pm
um and go to the phone and read the news. i work in the news business. i need to keep up with the headlines. now, i don't. i keep the phone away. i make my coffee and sit there and read text. my life is better. it's insane. but you don't need -- you can do it by yourself. you don't need rehab. just trying to try to get to you pay -- it's a paid vacation because they can submit it and say it's a medical issue. >> morgan: something called selfie risk. fox news is reporting on this. this is intense fox news reporting this christmas week. when you take your phone and take a selfie and holding it too long can you get pain in your wrist. i love selfies so you have a selfie risk issues? >> lawrence: no. i have long arms. just a little click. but what concerns me about all this tech nonsense because people can have personal responsibility they want the government to come in and regulate these tech companies. >> morgan: all right, libertarian. >> lawrence: just because you can't have self-control
2:29 pm
doesn't mean the government needs to come in and be your daddy. if you don't like the way facebook is selling your private information. they built these platforms to be addictive. they built fast food to be addictive so you can go to mcdonald's and all these others. deleted the app. instead they are too lazy and want congress to investigate these people it's addictive and selling. this you signed up for it. >> dana: i agree. >> maria: there is a difference between your info. facebook has not been honest. >> lawrence: delete it. >> maria: eye yoga eyes have become so pained and damaged from staring at screens. >> tom: same people are doing dumb rehab. put the phone down, dummy. >> dana: i agree with that. >> morgan: i have fantastic selfie collection. i liking to ask famous people for selfies. >> maria: you are that girl. >> morgan: if i asked them
2:30 pm
for a selfie they would say go away. i have a good collection. i don't have have selfie wrist. just have a bruise on my wrist. >> tom: i don't know if it's out selfies? >> morgan: it's called selfie wrist. >> tom: fox news oh then it's right. [laughter] >> maria: holiday season without the phone you don't need to document. >> lawrence: my family did that. we decided we were going to enjoy each other i get bored. everybody take a selfie in the break. president trump's surprise visit to troops in iraq reaches epic levels. you won't believe what they are saying now or maybe you will ♪ ♪ i've always been amazed by what's next.
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and it may take longer than usual for any bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden sign of bleeding, like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. eliquis, the number one cardiologist-prescribed blood thinner. ask your doctor if eliquis is what's next for you. lawrence lawrence before president trump's surprise trip to iraq, the media constantly attacked him for not visiting the troops. you would think they would be happy to see president trump in a combat zone, right? but they weren't. not so fast. check out the media's latest case of whiplash. >> we saw the president signing the president's red campaign hat make america great again hat. >> the president seems to have confused this trip with a campaign rally. >> every time he is around military audiences he tends
2:35 pm
to politicize it. >> when we turned on cnn and we saw the president politicizing a christmas message, it was like he kept saying he is like the grinch. >> mr. trump, once again, use at captive audience of american heroes to push his unpopular domestic agenda. this time the wall. >> lawrence: the grinch. morgan two things i don't like. >> morgan: okay. >> lawrence: one, i don't like presidents that go overseas and apologize for our country and i also don't like when presidents are overseas and the media criticizes the president while he is trying to do things for our troops. what's your take? >> morgan: i spent a holiday in 2007 i was in baghdad. i wasn't on military deployment i was on civilian mobilization at that time with usaid. it's tough when you are overseas and spending thanksgiving and christmas. any time you are there an the president any president of any party comes over, you are soaks sighted because you are working. you are in the trenches, you
2:36 pm
are away from your family. you away from your friends. i think it's great that the president went. for the people that don't understand the military's excitement, many of the members to seat president, they feel that way for this president they feel that way for any president coming over. they serve, we all serve at the pleasure of the commander-in-chief. so, i don't really understand this collective freakout about people being excited to seat president. they should be. let's give him a break. >> maria: to be fair some of that criticism is overblown. there are legitimate criticisms of some of the things president trump said. he lied to them and said he hadn't gotten a pay raise until he gave them one. that's not true. he told them it was 10%. that's not true. he also weighed into some domestic political issues like the wall which to many people seemed a little bit inappropriate. it's very good that he went. some media criticism is too far. >> lawrence: they loved it, maria. did you see those military men and women were excited had maga hats, t-shirts and
2:37 pm
flags. >> maria: fair to point out that the president told them things inaccurate when their pay raises. that's fact-checking a president. >> lawrence: i totally agree with the reach. the bulk was the accurately what the president. they shouldn't have had hats. those men and women looked like they were having a good time. >> dana: absolutely. i feel like one about the wall the president sees that as national security. he doesn't see that as domestic issue. >> maria: he attacked democrats. >> tom: in other words, he behaved exactly as he always does. >> maria: that doesn't make it okay. it doesn't make it right. >> tom: when are people going to stop being surprised though. to me look at the way he behaved in unprecedented fashion. that's the way he always behaves. >> dana: a trip like that is hard to plan. it was an important one to do. if you are somebody who was concerned about the president's seemingly abrupt decision to pull out of
2:38 pm
syria. the other thing you got yesterday is to find out he has no plans to take troops out of iraq and he thinks we can stage attacks from iraq if we need to. so, that should be a good things. if you don't like the way he delivered it that's okay. >> lawrence: there was news in the president when he was talking about what actually happened and how he got to this decision. he talked about that he had told. >> morgan: are you talking about syria? >> lawrence: yes. he talked to the generals you have got six months to do. this they came back to the president and said we need more time. they came a second time we need more time. that third time he decided that no, guys. we have set a deadline. do you think the president set this deadline because of a campaign promise and he should have listened to the generals more or do you think he is right on this? >> morgan: what we are going through right now is a transition in our national security. the president's team first year in office laid out the national security strategy. that is how does the president see the world. maria has probably been a
2:39 pm
part of drafting these in the obama administration. in that national security strategy. shifted us to great power conflict with russia. with china, a focus on that. so the president is trying to shift us from a middle east focus strategy and admittedly the obama administration wanted to focus us towards asia. what happens is when you are shifting military equipment is different. fighting is different. in the middle of the transition of the forces and that is sometimes rocky. >> maria: you are so focused on countries like iran and their power in the region. we have talked about this. do you agree with abruptly pulling out and letting iran fill that vacuum. >> morgan: i do not. what has been communicated over the last week seems that the president is starting to slow down that decision. that is not happening overnight. i think the president's team put out a fantastic strategy to counter iran. you can't counter iran if you are not in the region. it's impossible. perhaps you are saying i don't understand to counter iran anymore or i want to focus on isis. it is done. moving on. the american people need to understand what the strategy is because we have a
2:40 pm
streargd. if we are going to counter them we have to be in the region it doesn't mean in syria. i can spend another hour with maria going over this stuff. she has a lot of experience in this area, too. >> lawrence: president said that's why he is leaving people in iraq as well, too. they can rush there if there is any type of conflict where he feels like any type of terrorist organization is gaining more ground. do you think that's the correct strategy? >> tom: i mean, it may be. that's what i have been saying on the radio all week. i don't know if i would agree with trump's strategy or mad dog mattis' strategy. but, i don't think it's unprecedented. the president has an opinion that we should pull our troops out of syria. you are right. they are going to be still in the region. we are still going to be there. i think that the press overreacts to everything the president does and they did to this visit. i mean, the signing of the maga hat. somebody came on and the analysis was it's a violation of the hatch act. is he signing a maga hat.
2:41 pm
we know the guys like the hats. they want him to signed hat. he used of the word what is the word he used? suckers. america is no longer suck ires. how dare you call our troops suckers. he wasn't calling the troops suckers. america, part of america first philosophy. we don't need our troops fighting at a disadvantage. it's always the overreaction. i don't think you do it maria harf. >> maria: thank you. i try not to. i think people do. every little thing they blow out of proportion there were legitimate things to criticize on this visit. his language matters. right? >> tom: did the suckers bother you? >> maria: not the worst thing i have heard him say but i didn't like it. i don't like when he is asked are you nerve bus about coming to a war zone he made it about how dangerous he was about the danger? >> lawrence: wasn't that that real in the president has never been there before. the shades are down. >> dana: and he had his
2:42 pm
wife. >> maria: it's a problem he hasn't been there before. >> dana: why? >> maria: the troops pay raises i really don't like that. it's a fact. he said it wrong. >> lawrence: why does it bother you that he talked about him being afraid going into a war zone? >> maria: he should talk about their sacrifice and not his. i think if i were his communications advisor that's what i would advise dollars him. i'm not making a civil case out of it. >> lawrence: when i watch those military mental and women being so excited i think we should leave it up to them. >> maria: some military folks have been on tv in the past few days criticizing it sides in the military on all sides of the political aisle. >> lawrence: putting our political knowledge to test when the quiz show comes back on "the five." hello mom.
2:43 pm
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♪ >> tom: i hope my fellow fivers are ready to test knowledge of fun facts like i do every weekday 7:00 p.m. on the quiz show only on fox nation. all right. let's get started. do you have your a, b, and cs, right? here we go. question number one. what did jeff bezos originally want to name
2:47 pm
amazon? was it a net mart? b home spun, or c, cadabra. >> >> can you say them again? >> morgan: i'm going to guess this one. >> tom: net smart, home spun orca dab bra? the answer is cad cadabra. home spun seems like a nice warm fuzzy name cadabra. >> morgan: i'm glad he went with amazon. >> dana: i would not want to be a cadabra prime member. >> tom: question number two, what type of animal babies are called kits. the males are called hobbs and the females are called
2:48 pm
jills. again any pigs, ferrets or hedgehogs? the babies are called kits. oh, we have the answers up here and the answer is b, ferrets. >> dana: i had this when i was on the quiz show. >> tom: you had the answer. >> dana: i knew that quiz show. captain spar sparkels. >> tom: are our producers keeping score? i can't do everything at once. keep your score. question number three, which is of the following is a traditional part of the christmas celebration in scandinavia? a, the yodeling yeti, b, the yule goat or c the malevolent monkey. traditional part of the
2:49 pm
christmas celebration in sand knave i can't. all the answers are up. the answer is the yule goat. >> dana: oh my gosh. >> morgan: wait, what was that? c, maria is leading with two; is that right? -- dana, you are leading with two. >> dana: of course i am. >> tom: yule goat a large straw goat adorned with red ribbon. okay. here we go. question number 4. when rice crispies first hit the shelves there was a fourth member of the snap crackle and pop gang named a what? pow, b slurp or c chomp? all the answers are up. everyone guessed c except for me. the fourth member was pow. >> maria: that's me, right? >> morgan: i'm so bad at this. >> tom: dana and maria are tied. the fourth member was pow.
2:50 pm
he was a little elf and he didn't speak. he just pointed to things. a pack of kit continues is called a kendall. what is a pack of cats called? is it a congress? a bask? or a clowder? your answers are up. the answer is a clowder, c. maria and dana running away with it. >> dana: she says she knows it poker face. maria. >> morgan: i have a terrible poker face. >> tom: a pack of crocodiles is a bask. a pack of bac baboons is a congress. in 1968 hans became the first olympic athlete to fail drug test. what substance did hans test
2:51 pm
positive? was it athc? b, he can testosterone or c, beer? >> lawrence: always going after weed. all the answers are up. the answer is c, beer. nobody got it right. >> dana: beer? that was a banned substance, beer? >> tom: hans whole team had to return bronze medal because he had a couple of beers before the competition to calm his nerves. >> lawrence: poor guy. tie breaker now. who is tied? >> morgan: dana and maria i believe: dana cheated. >> tom: how many days did the last shutdown last? without going over. i'm doing price is right rules. the closest answer wins. how many days? 25? 22 the answer is 21. dana.
2:52 pm
>> maria: she went over. we both went over. >> dana: i think i was a part of this government shutdown that's how old i am. >> tom: you were one day of o. dana takes the cake. she knew one of the questions because she was on the quiz show. you deserve it because you played quiz show. >> dana: if you are strategic, and you know your answer and you figure out a way to get them, that's not cheating. >> tom: lawrence and maria going to do quiz show. one more thing to go is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ what a year. your home improvement "to-do list" still isn't "to-done". but hey, at least you still have time to get the ford vehicle you've always wanted. just get to the final days of our holiday sales event. see you sometime between now and january 2nd. so you can end your year on a high note. ford. built for the holidays.
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end of story. talk to your doctor about chantix. ♪ >> it is time for one more thing. i will go first. most people dread holiday travel, check out this dad. he did one of the sweetest things. he found out that his flight attendant daughter had to work on christmas and his name is hal. he decided to celebrate with her, he took every flight with her, the entire day. the moment was originally shared by the fellow passenger. he sat next to on the way to detroit, his daughter posted on facebook taking her crew and all the patient and wonderful gate agents around the country for helping her father and making sure he made every flight. that is a great dad right there. he is a great guy. i am short. [laughs] >> a dad name dwayne johnson and virginia was giving his son a
2:57 pm
dropping lesson and i think he pressed the wrong pedal. watch this. hit the break. >> oh, my gosh, . i swear! i'm sorry dad. >> he is really sorry. you wrote a book about how your dad would've handled that. >> my dad would not have handled that well. [laughs] i don't think he would've let me in the driveway. >> for all of us who have been sitting on the couch for the holidays that should make us feel a little guilty. an american explorer morgan became the first person to create a solo trek across antarctica. take a look at these photos. the 33-year-old took nearly three months to complete the 90. 54 days trekking alone, he was competing with another man. he finished first in a final 32
2:58 pm
hour, 77-mile push. the journey has been attempted before but he is the first successful adventure to finish the journey. this just looks grueling. >> left if you guys have been asking about my weight loss experience, i lost 53 pounds in 11 weeks. i want you guys to be a part of it. first let me show you guys some pictures of my before and after. i used to be the nutty professor. >> oh, no. >> i woke up one day and i wanted to change. this is what i want to do, i want to do a challenge. 30 day challenge, after new year's and you celebrate we will do a challenge from the second all the way until januar. you can use the hashtag, a 30 day challenge on instagram. i will be posting recipes that i use. you can't have any alcohol, fast food or bread. >> i'm out. >> what can you have?
2:59 pm
>> i guarantee you will feel so much better. >> no red meat! >> i love to cook. this is really neat. >> i will post on instagram so make sure you follow me. >> i love that. >> and if you want to put on a few. >> because animals are great i have to show you this. take a look at this heartwarming video. this is so cute. this is the moment that a family surprising their daughter with her favorite shelter dog that they secretly adopted for her. i just love this. i'm such a dumb person. hilly always wanted a dog and she started volunteering at the humane society. she fell in love with this cute little 2-year-old pounds mix named rambo. that is her giving a big hug. her parents got wind of this and decided to adopt him for her. >> that is really sweet! that makes me want a third dog. >> every night on fox nation at 7:00 p.m. >> does anyone have the record?
3:00 pm
>> some people have gotten five. >> that is pretty good. set your dvrs and never miss an episode i was be "the five" " >> bret: this is a fox news alert. at this hour there is a manhunt underway for an illegal immigrant suspected of shooting and killing a california police officer this week. the murder happening as migrants are being released by the hundreds in the u.s. as immigration agents are overwhelmed by the influx of illegal immigrants. the fight over funding a border wall keeps the government partially shut down for six day. good evening, i am bret baier. the death of a young police officer comes at a critical stage in the fight over border security. we have coverage tonight, peter is on capitol hill to tell us if congress is moving any closer to a deal. president trump is tweeting abhe


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