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tv   Cavuto Live  FOX News  August 18, 2018 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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coming out. who likes wings! >> ♪ ♪ neil: well, forget about whether the president is going after john brennan's free speech. today, a look at whether social media is doing the same to yours saturday i'm neil cavuto live this morning and focus on a series of tweets from the president of the united states this morning and at issue, who is really censoring whom? now to hear the president tell us, he's not the problem. the media is and more to the point, social media is. perhaps the silence conservative opinion not so fast to reign in any other opinion. and specifically again the president laments the selective rage over what does and does not constitute bias. to el eson barber with the
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president at berkeley heights, new jersey on the tweets that were already creating a storm. ellison? reporter: neil yeah president trump is accusing social media in general of discriminating against conservative voices, specifically republican and conservative voices speaking loudly and clearly for the trump adminitration. he says "we won't let that happen. they are closing down the opinions of many people on the right, while at the same time, doing nothing to others." in a second tweet he called sensorship a very dangerous thing and absolutely impossible to police. in a third tweet he continued, " too many voices are being destroyed some good and some bad and that can not be allowed to happen. who is making the choices? because i can already tell you that too many mistakes are being made." and i've reached out to the white house to ask for clarification on those tweets and specifically what the president meant if he is calling for or planning to call for any official action in regards to these allegations, and so far we
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have not heard back from the white house, but this is not a new issue for republicans. in the past an issue that has come up is so-called shadow banning, president trump spoke out against what he saw as unfair treatment of conservative voices in the social media world republicans claimed that their tweets were being secretly hidden from other twitter users. twitter said that this was an issue with their search algorithm essentially a tech issue and they denied any sort of shadow banning and they identified an issue where some accounts weren't auto subjected and search even when people were searching for their specific name but they said that it only impacted those auto search suggestions. some lawmakers wanted twitter ceo to appear on capitol hill and testify about that specific issue. in september, jack dorsey is expected to appear before the senate intelligence committee but regards to russian interference and u.s. elections top executives from facebook are also expected to be there again
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and the focus is on election interference, foreign actors trying to interfere in u.s. elections but as is often the case with hearings lawmakers sometimes ask about other things and if the president keeps tweet ing about this there's a good chance this issue could come up in that september hearing. neil: i think there's an excellent chance of that thank you very very much ellison barber with the president in new jersey and now does the president have a point here regardless of whether you're on the right or left is there disproportion at interest in silencing those on the right than the left because of all of the social media agencies & companies that the have been reporting their new standards and practices, not a one has tried to reign in on thought coming from the left. to magazine publisher is no doubt outraged, fox news contributor john layfield and jo nas max ferris in the meantime , david asman and trish regan for all their hard work when i was out they reminded me to thank them. >> [laughter] neil: very happy to thank them john layfield the president is saying look it's not fair it's not right. what do you think?
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>> i think he has a point. any time you start to censoring things there's going to be human bias that gets interjected into it and it's going ton an in in exact science. i think alex jones is a complete idiot. he claims sandy hook was fake or alleged it could be. he claims michelle obama could be a man, i hate that kind of stuff buffets book also has a flat society page so there's nothing illegal about being -- neil: do you have a problem with that? >> i'm actually the president of that. >> i follow it. i love the page. it's great. neil: but bill marr agrees on that very very subject he was commenting on this last night. can we show that? >> if you're a liberal you're supposed to be for free speech, that's free speech for the speech you hate. that's what free speech means we're losing the thread of the concepts that are important to this country. if you care about the real americans or you don't, and if you do it goes for every side. i don't like alex jones, but alex jones gets to speak. everybody gets to speak.
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neil: what do you think? >> well yeah, i mean, most of us don't agree with alex jones i think, but yeah, it didn't even work. there was a temporary halt. it didn't even make sense and it made him even more popular and probably has more followers but it reminds me a lot when he said the liberal social media just like nixon with the liberal media that was not liberal media it's liberal social media. neil: well it's not social media with nixon. >> right of course so it's the new wave of calling these people that come out against your policies are with you just let's go it's us versus them so it's very reminiscent of the mix on days going against the liberal media which it's not true. the media is half and half. i sat in that press room in the white house and it was half and half. neil: really? >> it really was. neil: everyone is entitled to their opinion but the half and half thing i wonder about but i do want to question you the president in a series of tweets talked about how this is distinguished from even the
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media, cnn and msnbc and yet i do not ask that their sick behavior be removed i get used to it and watch it with a grain of salt or don't watch it at all can't we just leave it at that? in other words if you don't like what you're seeing don't sensor what you see just don't accept it. >> i think that that would be a better solution. i also understand, however these are companies, individual private companies that have the right to sensor whatever they want to sensor. they wanted to sensor me for no reason then they have the right to do so. i don't have a constitutional right to tweet. i do think that it is a problem though. i think that -- neil: but what if we censored what you said here? >> i would not, i mean, fox news is also a private company. i also don't have a right to speak on fox news. neil: but if facebook denies the opportunity for points of views that say like yours cannot get out there as a private company, well of course it's publicly traded company. >> well right. neil: does it have the right to do that? the president questions whether it does. many question whether you're on the right or left, bill mahr
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included, john layfield included? no. >> i agree that it's completely unfair and there is bias. i just don't know when he says he's not going to allow it what exactly that means. that's a question that i would definitely have for the president. neil: okay well he's accepting i think what is he calls it fake news one of the things goes on with fake news is it fake if you don't like what you're hearing other presidents have problems with the press in the past. i was surprised to learn one of the more popular presidents we had was john f. kennedy had enormous problems with the press so this goes way back but i'm wondering where you draw the line. >> john f. kennedy reference is interesting because some people said he only became president because of tv. you could almost argue trump became president because of social media. he's like the social media kid. he's much better than hillary clinton was no question about it so total strange that he's picking it out as something that needs to be dealt with when he uses it better than anybody. as far as, okay let me get back to kat's point about from private companies. if they all merge some day or
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get bigger than they even are, there's a point where it's like your power company can't cut you off there's certain rules, there's nowhere else to speak once they control everything. it's not that far yet and no one is keeping alex jones from having a website and the government is not stopping them from speaking so we haven't crossed over yet but i think we're going that direction. neil: you don't find it troubl ing that those who control this, social media would sooner cutoff alex jones and maybe perfectly reasons they find it obnoxious whatever but they wouldn't go after left leaning side? >> that seems to be the state but that is because -- neil: it is the state. naming one left-leaning side. >> both parties, social media companies and alex jones, are at the end of the day driven by profits. they are both making money for misinformation. google, facebook has made more money from crypto coin ads, from russia, they don't care because they make money from fake bots, from users and alex jones makes
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money he's not just a guy not like hitler trying to change the world through his crazy thoughts he's trying to sell nutritional supplements and t-shirts by spreading misinformation to people and what the internet is doing a bad job of is making it difficult for people who maybe should be smarter but maybe shouldn't be so miss informed. neil: i think you're absolutely right but john layfield where i draw a distinction is who is judging that. we have our own personal bias and do we let that come into the picture hooker? >> i don't see how you couldn't any time you have a human judging something like this you have to. neil: so all the humans i see judging this john on the social media spectrum have been targeting right-leaning sources. >> i agree with that completely and i think they are and i think that's the bias they brought into it before they walked into that equation. there's a point where you talk about where does this stop? it stops when they start promot ing violence and terrorism but where does that point end as far as free speech becomes hate speech and that's the slippery slope they are talking about. neil: well how would you advise them on this subject to get away from the politics of it to the
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next leap which is violence? >> well it seems the new york times pointed out they are confused they actually don't even know they said jack dorsey was saying it's about the values of twitter and should he have said rules of twitter not values? what do you mean values? what values does twitter have? neil: and this started about people talking about what they are for breakfast? >> exactly. neil: socal am down about the constitution. >> right the ceo's don't even know what they are talking about they aren't even using the right words to describe how they are policing what's going on. >> and you're getting your news from a site that has the most videos in the world there has to be personal responsibility. neil: along with kat? >> we all love kat. >> i think there has to be personal responsibility from people that look at this stuff. neil: well the last election and people worrying about this election is more of that stuff is whether it's from the left or right, all i'm saying and i agree with pretty much everything everyone has said here just show the same aggressively in policing what's
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coming from questionable sources on the left as you do on the right. that's what i'm saying. >> i agree but i think a lot of the people that work at these companies are liberal so there's as you brought up personal bias in terms offer what does and does not get censored that's completely unfair and the solution is for people who are conservative to continue to speak out against it and put public pressure on them to not continue to do this. neil: or don't watch it. don't pay attention to it. the president said now i don't know whatever he practices what he preaches. >> he'll never stop tweeting. neil: he knows well enough what they are saying on msnbc and cnn and some shows on this network so maybe he can't control it. >> i think the internet companies need to do a better job of making it easier to see what's a lie or not. the whole ranking on popularity concept that drives google is why it's difficult for people to determine that vaccines aren't bad and you can't have a flat earth and a wookie, because you'll fall off the flat earth and it's not easy for someone searching for those terms to determine that's what's so crazy it seems balanced because
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there's a lot of traffic going to the crazy side and they get uprated and if you do some term searches you actually might start to believe this garbage and that's i think the internet companies put profit second and get back to this issue, that is not a left or right wing thing the lies. they are just going after the lies of alex jones it seems to be a very quick thing we all got together, but if they focus on just the truth and lies and make that easy for the consumer of the internet. neil: but we have our own definition. >> well it's almost like pornography who gets to say what it is. neil: i know what pornography is >> [laughter] >> oh, my. oh, my. neil: oh, look at the time. all right by the way are more security clearances on the chop ping block and what would be so wrong if they are? we were just getting into this on fox & friends and a brief hit with them that there are better than 4 million of these security clearance passes out there. 4 million. that's quite a bit. after this. (indistinguishable muttering)
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>> the fact that he's using a security clearance of a former cia director as a pawn in his public relationships strategy, i think is just so reflective of somebody who quite frankly don't want to use this term, maybe but he's drunk on power. he really is. president trump: many people don't even know who he is and now he has a bigger voice and that's okay with me because i like taking on voices like that. neil: by the way the president followed up on his attacks on brennan, has anyone looked at the mistakes that john brennan made while serving as cia director, he will go down the worst in history and since getting out has become nothing less than a loud mouth partisan political hack who cannot be trusted with the secrets to our country so i'll just put him down as not quite sure what to make of mr. brennan for the time being. those are some of the other candidates whose security clearances could be revoked as well some already have them frozen in place but we shall see
7:17 am
let's get the read from former u.s. attorney fox news contributor andrew mccarthy. the back and forth on this, i want to step way back if i can on just the issuance of security clearances period. now i know there are better than 4 million of these out there and many are given on a courtesy basis to former top security officials i can almost understand that, but it seems to have gotten out of hand, but what do you make of that? >> yeah, neil i think it's way out of hand. it's actually the last number i saw was 5.1 million people in this country have security clearances which is just nuts. there's no way that you can protect the national defense secrets of the country, the top secret information that really does have to be secret if we're going to protect national security with such a widespread net of people who have this access. i mean think about snowden whose just one person out of 5.1 million the damage that was
7:18 am
done with that leaking incident, and multiply it geometrically about what our threat is and i think where you have to come out there is that people should lose their security clearances when they are no longer working for the government either in a government post or as a contractor. neil: do you think now obviously not all of those 5.1 million i imagine are given the same level of security access for example, if you work even on a contractor basis for defense contractor for example,, just to get on to the facility you're going to need some sort of clearance so that i understand and these have grown over the years, again that i can understand, to your point here i thought it was 4 million but it's over 5 million that's bad but what is the understanding given the top cabinet officials? it seems like these are almost a courtesy. why? >> well i think in some ways, it's a courtesy, neil. in other ways it really is helpful to the country. i mean, i just think of people like jim wolsey, george tenant,
7:19 am
we have a store house of people who have a lot of wisdom, good judgment, and have something that the vast majority of other people don't which is access to this information or having had access to this information that nobody else can see because it's our top national defense secrets and i wouldn't want to deny our current policy makers the ability to tap into that resource, so i think within reason, you have to allow a certain amount of this because it's good for the country but that doesn't mean the over arch ing policy ought to be that everybody just gets to have increasing levels of access and we have a creeping increasing per of people who have access. i just think that's a mistake. neil: i'm kind of doing a play off of spiderman theme with great access comes great responsibility, and i would assume that the president of the united states whatever you think of him, is now some of the other
7:20 am
men and women you alluded to who have this security access, leon panetta, they're very choice in their criticism, they show great discretion in other words in some of the things they said nothing to the degree that brennan has used over the last, you know, year or so and it's accelerated over the last few months or so culminating in the new york times editorial where he said that the president's protest about collusion in the campaign were hog wash. now that immediately gets people thinking well what does he know that we don't and it feeds this narrative that maybe he's politicizing information he has or leading people to believe he knows something they don't. right? >> yeah, i think you're just by throwing in the word "maybe" you may be giving him too much credit because -- neil: i guess i am. he's clearly politicizing his access. yeah, i just think if you act responsibly with national defense information, and you don't imply to people when you
7:21 am
make statements that in a nod and a wink way you know things that they don't and if only he could tell you what he knows you'd sprint out and impeach president trump immediately. that kind of stuff is just wrong and on its own, it should be a basis for pulling somebody's security clearance, and i'm the first one to say, you know, look if brennan or anyone else wants to be a political adversary of the president he ought to be able to have at it, it's a free country he doesn't lose his right to express himself by having a security clearance. you can't imply to people that you know something they don't. neil: and that's the impression that was given andrew thank you very very much. the read on harley-davidson in wisconsin after this. your mornings were made for better things than rheumatoid arthritis. before you and your rheumatologist move to another treatment, ask if xeljanz xr is right for you. xeljanz xr is a once-daily pill
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i want harley-davidson to succeed in wisconsin i don't want to boycott but to me -- neil: have you told the president that that that sentiment is complicating your efforts here? >> well, ultimately i've talked to the president, to wilbur ross and the vice president an others about the fact that the best way for them and other manufactures and farmers to succeed in state is to have happen what the president himself said at the g7 he said to the european union and other officials to get to know tariffs. neil: well governor scott walker whose running for re-election in wisconsin is facing a tough line because the president of course is pushing the boycott thinks that people are keen on that, harley-davidson for wanting to ship jobs overseas so be it obviously the governor hopes that cooler heads will prevail and won't be necessary so with us republican senate candidate from that fine state.
7:26 am
we did call her opponent senator tammy baldwin the democrat and her office offered to get back to us so we're still waiting to hear from them. all right, lea, very good to have you thank you for taking the time. >> thank you, neil. neil: do you have an issue with the president of the united states saying go ahead, boycott harley-davidson for this move could mean a lot of jobs lost in your state if that does ultimately prevail. >> well i believe harley-davidson is a point of pride not only for wisconsin but our nation and i trust they're going to stay here and i think that as the governor said the best way to keep harley here is to get to a point where we don't have tariffs and that's what the president is trying to accomplish here. i've put on over 82000 miles on my car in this campaign and spent a lot of time talking to farmers and i've been talking to manufactures and they want access to more markets. they realize they're not getting a fair shake and they're willing to give this president some time to negotiate fair deals.
7:27 am
i'm a free market person but i believe in fair markets and that's where the president's heart is as well trying to do the best for america. neil: do you think it's something that the president says though that maybe harley-davidson is using this as an excuse, the trade thing, pre- arrange plans to ship jobs overseas anyway. in other words schnookering all of you guys. >> i think harley knows they're so well known here and they do take pride in being apart of our landscape and i'll give it time and trust the president in his negotiations that's what he's known for. neil: take pride in doing business here and just on the threat of tariffs that hasn't even materialized they're bolt ing, it does seem weird doesn't it? >> well, it may be. we'll have to play it out. i really do believe though that as i've talked to so many people and again, farmers in particular , i'm amazed at the extent to whichever are where i go i've been going to a lot of county fares and state fares, and they are willing to give this president some time and i am too, because i do believe that he's making a difference.
7:28 am
we've seen that we've already brought the eu to the table so if we negotiate with our friends of canada and mexico we present an even greater block as we look at the country that is the worst actor of all and that's china and i think that's where we see the strength of the president's negotiating and we need to give it some time and give the process some time. neil: are you surprised that we might sooner than maybe a lot of people give the president for a deal on nafta with the mexicans even though for the time being it will not involve the canadian s in fact to learn this past week as you know that the president hasn't even been talking to them in a while, what do you think? >> well i think it just shows that his commitment to creating better deals and putting america first and this is what you've always known about this president, that's what people love about this president and if he can negotiate deals with one country at a time then so be it and i think that just shows the strength of his ability and his commitment and i think it is
7:29 am
something that as we move forward is going to make a huge difference in the grand scheme of tariffs in general. neil: canada is your biggest trading partner in wisconsin. >> pardon? neil: canada is your biggest trading partner in wisconsin. >> yes, and we're not getting a fair deal. look at our dairy farmers right now we have a 275% tariff on our dairy products, so i'm very aware of that. our farmers are very aware of it and the president is aware of it and he's talked about it. i spoke with him just this past week when he called to congratulate me on my win and we did spend a lot of time talking about tariffs he was very interested and wanted to know what i've been hearing on the campaign trail so i think that we've got to give it a little bit more time and i'm confident and clearly, the people who are most impacted by this are confident at this point as well. neil: all right in that phone call did the president say he would campaign on your be half, do you want him to? >> yes, he did offer to come to wisconsin. i would love for him to come to wisconsin. he's very well loved here in our
7:30 am
state. people like the fact that we have a leader who have following through on his promises, as much as we have done here in wisconsin, as a member of the wisconsin legislate churr standing alongside governor walker as we broke the public sector unions we turned our economy around. he knows that he needs strong conservative allies in that u.s. senate to help follow through, and that's why i'm running and that's why our message resonated across the state and it's going to be a very stark contrast to tammy baldwin who most people can't mention one thing that she has donald in fact she stands with the far extreme left of the party. she is campaigning with senator gillebrand in the hamptons this weekend as someone who wants to a abolish i.c.e., she says she's not afraid to stand with bernie sanders who called himself a socialistic and she campaigned in our state with him calling for single payer government-run healthcare. i'm a nurse, i continue to work in the field of healthcare and i look forward to debating her on the differences between free
7:31 am
market healthcare and government -run healthcare. neil: we'll watch it very closely thank you very very much you're the republican candidate for senate we did again reach out to senator baldwin's office and hope to get everybody on but in the meantime this blue wave that everyone is talking about and nancy pelosi has been bragging about the problem seems to be that even if it comes to pass it does not mean that nancy pelosi will be leading the charge. we'll explain with a democratic candidate, why. after this. no reported acciden. boom. love it. [struggles] show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new
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7:35 am
>> neil, thank you for having me it's a pleasure to be with you. neil: same here let's talk a little bit about if you don't mind why you said that if you get to washington you don't want nancy pelosi as your leader. why? >> well, just to give you a little bit of background. i came from a non-partisan role i served as a judge for over a decade here in south dakota before i left the bench, largely because i think that congress is broken and both parties play a big role in that so when i announced for congress, neil back in july of last year, i called for leadership change in both parties. can't do anything about the republican side and i can't do anything about the democratic side unless the people of south dakota send me there or represent them, but if they do, i'm going to go and work for new leadership and it's not just nancy pelosi but the entire leadership team there i think needs to change. we need to start sending people to washington who are willing to
7:36 am
put country over party again and work across the aisles on some of the biggest issues we face to help solve america's problems and it's not happening, both parties are responsible. neil: so let me ask you about some of the things that nancy pelosi has said i wonder whether you agree or disagreement i know you don't want her to be your leader and i assume whether the democrats take control or not whether you're part of a minority party or majority party but leaving that aside she has advocated just ripping up the tax cuts republicans and republicans only voted for starting from scratch. are you? >> first of all tax cuts are good. my concern with the tax cuts that were enacted is that 83% of the benefits went to the wealthiest 1% of us and as an old tax lawyer and a judge i saw how the wealthiest among us already have access to loopholes that most middle class americans can't access. neil: but i good man it of those of the american as you know, sir , just to be clear, this is
7:37 am
something else nancy pelosi said that those who did benefit getting $1,000 bonuses from companies that share the tax cut loop with their workers that was crumbs. do you agree that was crumbs? >> no, no, that's not crumbs. my concern with the tax cuts neil is that in addition to not being targeted to middle class families who really need them the most. especially with rising healthcare costs they've added a trillion and a half i think to our deficits. we are going to pass that on really to my grandchildren and their generation and i just don't think it's right that we enact tax cuts that cause us to go into debt. neil: but you mentioned the tax cuts that brought us into debt and the 1.5 trillion further cost but said nothing about the 10.5 trillion in extra spending that drug us into debt a lot faster what did you make of that >> i agree wholeheartedly. the one thing that both parties have been able to do, neil, is
7:38 am
to spend us into debt, and we cannot keep doing that and laying the cost of that debt on to the next generation, so i like revenue-neutral tax cuts that lower tax rates for everyone, close loopholes, that's what the 86 tax cuts under reagan did and they had broad consensus in both parties and i think we need to always look at with the big issues not just tax law but healthcare. how do we get a broader consensus to make sure that those kinds of major initiatives stand the test of time. neil: do you worry though that you might be going against whether it's just those tax cuts , sir? we are looking at record level unemployment for a whole host of demographic groups, under 4% for the nation we're at record low levels for young people and minorities that people hear what you're saying so well you know
7:39 am
it's not so bad. >> yeah, one of the things that we have to keep in mind and the president talked about this in the campaign, neil we have low workforce participation, people who aren't counted in those unemployment numbers and they are the ones i saw on the bench in the felony courts and they grew up without a lot of guidance in life. they started school behind the others, fell only further behind until they fell out of the system altogether, and they didn't learn a work ethic and a job skill. they don't have an education and they have very little hope and we have a tremendous problem in our state especially with methamphetamine addiction and our prison population is a result has grown at 30 times the population growth since 1978 and one of the things that i saw that troubled me so much is that it cost far more to send these people to prison and pay government assistance than it does to treat their needs get
7:40 am
them to be productive taxpayers and give them a path to the middle class . neil: i'm jumping on you because that break is coming way way or another thank you for taking the time i do appreciate it. >> thanks so much for having me neil. neil: be well, sir. in the meantime a gofundme page for a guy fired from his job for going against the law. something is wrong with that but something is even more wrong when he gets almost half a million dollars in the process, after this. (vo) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven and maintained it. oh! under seven? (vo) and you may lose weight. in the same one-year study, adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. oh! up to 12 pounds? (vo) a two-year study showed that ozempic® does not increase the risk of major cardiovascular events like heart attack, stroke, or death. oh! no increased risk? ♪ ozempic®! ♪
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neil: you know, peter strzok may have been fired from his job at the fbi but it doesn't mean he's going to leave the show a loser in fact it's kind of like a game show with this gofundme page that's been raising a lot of money for legal costs and all of that. right now, he's closing in on a half a billion dollars that's whats and they're telling me you can just keep track and adding to it. >> right, right. neil: and he will top half a million, but before you dial
7:44 am
that switch, can you dial a switch? anyway kathy rue is here, we have executive director alexander smith, we've also got kat, whose giving this money first off? do we know obviously people who feel that he's been treated unfairly, right? >> right, right, it's a free market. it's america. neil: has he switched any money? >> not yet, but he's doing quite well. he's $434,000, someone just donated two minutes ago, and his goal is 500,000, half a million. neil: it could happen in this segment. >> right now right now. neil: kat, in this segment it could happen. >> this is such a joke. what a ridiculous bunch of none says you don't start a gofundme page when you get fired and i say that as someone who was fired from a ruby tuesday once. neil: really? did we have gofundme then? >> i've seen so many ridiculous gofundme pages i wrote about it i found one for booze money, i found one for someone who said she absolutely needed to go to
7:45 am
her 52nd fish show i saw one from some woman who didn't feel like leaving new york after her vacation was over. i want to walk up to all these people and scream in their faces , people are dying. there are people would are actually like dying and they need money. neil: and that's a benchmark. how about we donate to these people instead of donating to peter strzok? i don't know what happened. neil: well people are free to donate who they want to. >> they sure are. it is america but if you want to help people there's much worth ier people out there including just treating yourself neil: fair enough all right alexander what do you think of this and where it's going because he's not the only fired or under appreciated official whose getting money on this. >> you know this is quite the consolidate consolation prize considering his behavior at the fbi and i think that what puzzle s me about this is that i don't understand why democrats and liberals who are opposed to the president want to die on the peter strzok hill. i mean this is not a good guy.
7:46 am
this is a guy that's not representative of the fbi. this is a guy who cheated on his wife used government devices to do it and now, you know, people are expressing their opposition to the president really in helping this guy. neil: if you're drawing a line of people who cheat on their spouses you might x out 90% of those in washington, but do you get a sense though that this is rewarding bad behavior? i had a guest on with me yesterday one of the shows that's been saying we don't want to send the wrong signal. >> yeah, i think that what it does is it's politicizing bad behavior and so all of a sudden because peter strzok was against president trump now he's some sort of hero for democrats. i mean steve cohen in the hearings where peter strzok was smirking he said he would give him a purple heart. i mean, this has just gotten so absurd, and i think that it's dangerous because we're looking at just objectively bad behavior and we're trying to view it through a partisan lens when it
7:47 am
really doesn't deserve to be. neil: but you could argue and kathy i wonder what you said at the outset you are all too young to remember this but former labor secretary raymond donovan who was facing more than two dozen counts and he was exonerated on all and yet he was begging in the end where do i go to get my good name back. so there were no gofundme pages for him and he staggered out of washington broke. so maybe this is a way to correct that in the future if you have like-minded folks raising money for you but it is weird isn't it? >> well i read somewhere it said it does pay to apparently send your girlfriend anti-trump messages at the end of the day, it pays, and this is proof of it , and it is a free market. i mean, so if people want to support him if they want to spend up to $390 and it's public , i think it's public information, you find out actually who gave the money. neil: oh, so you go and see everyone? >> i think so to get above a certain amount you could see who actually had funding.
7:48 am
i was reading up on it. i saw apparently some are not. neil: is there a limit to what you can donate? >> well i read $390, but it was saying he was a hero. neil: i don't know whether that applies to more figures, because times i've donated for gofundme causes usually because somebody has passed away or family has passed away but maybe they changed the rules i don't know. >> i don't think they've changed many rules they are just saying he's a hero and done so much for our nation and if you want to support him and help him with these legal fees because he was wrongly fired. neil: that's what they were doing with andy mccabe number two at the fbi he was pushed out right before his pension would have kicked in, and they were trying to supplement the pension that he lost. what do you think? >> look, i just don't understand donating to people who are well off already and who have been fired. getting fired is just not a charity cause. i understand that it's a free market and that if people are
7:49 am
actually wanting to donate to peter strzok that's fine; however one-time i spent $20 to have a single slurpee delivered to my apartment because i didn't want to go outside and that was a better use of money than donating to this. neil: what happened at ruby tuesday? can you share it? >> i don't want to because i might need to get another waitressing job in the future. neil: [laughter] okay but this is going to last for a while. this technology is there for anyone and everyone. politicians left and right so maybe you shouldn't be bashing it. >> i'm not bashing it in a general context. certainly, it has many good uses to it. i remember i donated to a gofundme page that was setup by the official page that was setup for the victims of the las vegas massacre last year. so that was a good example good use of the gofundme page because of course we had hundreds of victims who have countless medical expenses as a result of that tragedy and i've seen it come in the wake of different tragedies both on a national scale and at a personal scale. i think it's a great organizing
7:50 am
tool. i don't think that in these particular contexts that these individuals are all that deserving of this money. i mean, people were free to give it. neil: it's a free country ladies i want to thank you all very very much i want to pass along some comments that are popping up on the hill regarding the turkish president whose none too pleased by the tit for tat and extremes back with the administration over these tariff s that we're planning on aluminum and steel products from that country and of course he responded by saying i'm going to go get your electronics and then he said i'm going to go after your booze and cars and all this saying it's creating an economic coo against this country amid heightened tensions in the u.s. that are not fair, and will not be tolerated and that's his way of saying i am not budging or bending although he might be opening up a gofundme page. a little more after this. ♪motorcycle revving ♪ motorcycle revving ♪motorcycle revving
7:51 am
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neil: all right, you don't see this often on left but several mainstream media reporters are now blasting alexandria cortez's excuse, she says, for banning them for a town hall meeting caused quite the uproar and garrett ten it with washington with what happened. >> yeah, neil the 28 year old democratic candidate is getting a lot of blowback for banning the press from two public town hall meetings last week. now this comes after a national press tour when she was campaign ing for other socialistic candidates across the country. alexandria cortez scheduled a series of town halls in the new york district she's hoping to represent and after one of those events reporters tried asking questions and her campaign didn't like that so her campaign manager told the local queens chronicle they decided to ban journalists from the two remaining town halls and that prompted a lot of criticism from the media including a reporter for the washington post who
7:55 am
tweeted 2018 is in for a rough time on capitol hill while reporters rome freely at all hours of the day and night, if this is her attitude toward the press and a campaign spokesman later said the ban was to help create a space where community members felt comfortable and open to express themselves without distractions and now on friday, cortez doubled down on the ban calling it a non-story and tweeted in part, our community is 50% immigrant, folks are victims of domestic violence, trafficking, and have personal medical issues. this town hall was designed for residents to feel safe, discussing sensitive issues in a threatening political time. that explanation did not do much to sway critics though. a freelance journalist tweeted it's quite condescending to call it a non-story. it's very simple if you wanted a private event keep it private but you chose to ban the press from a public event and an nbc reporter tweeted every politician in new york city
7:56 am
holds constant events in immigrant communities and has done so since the dawn of time. the press covering these forums is totally normal and now it it is worth noting that cortez has faced criticism following previous interviews she's done where she displayed a lack of full understanding on various policies but both say future town halls will be open to the press. neil? neil: all right, weird thank you very very much my friend, in the meantime, elon musk is saying do you know what? i have billions i have the coolest cars on the planet but man i'm in a world of hurt. i feel bummed out. wait until you hear some of the financial details he ain't seen nothing yet, and why senator tim scott says john brennan not only has to lose his security clearance but maybe much more. his read on the fair and balanced story you're not getting, after this. know what? no, what? i just switched to geico
7:57 am
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7:59 am
>> you know, they say that
8:00 am
money can save you a lot of troubles, but sometimes it can just add a lot of makes -- headaches and pain. the founder of tesla, going to bad to worse and can't get out of his own way. fox business network's on the above. hey, christina. >> hi, neil. you're seeing the stock plummet, the last two weeks, especially on friday. saying sec, security and exchange committee will be meeting. the stock reacted and also react today a new york times interview which i'll get to in just a second. and what we've seen isn't just for a while, this is on friday once the new york times interview and sec meeting came out. why would the sec be looking into elon musk and his company. there's two reasons. first one, exploring whether tesla misled employees and the public regarding the model three
8:01 am
battery, as well as if he misled invests with his tweets, possibly with the market manipulation, causing people to buy into the stock, at an artificially high price or trying to get the short sellers when we saw the stock jump after he said he was taking the company private at $420 u.s. and he had funding secured which still has not been clarified. musk though, gave a one-hour interview to the new york times. he said he oscillated between laughter and tears and it was the most excruciating year of his life. he was sleeping on the factory floor, working 120 hours during the week and he was questioned, will you step down as ceo? maybe you have a little too much on your plate. he responded by saying, if you have anyone who can do a better job, please let me know, they can have the job. is there somebody who can do the job better they can have the reins right now. a confident tweet from elon musk, mo is facing lawsuits from shareholders and whistle blowers
8:02 am
saying that certain model threes, and they were put in the cars. and he says he doesn't regret the tweet, nothing to do with marijuana, there's no pot reference there, he's not stepping down as ceo. so dealing with lots and lots of problems and possibly tons of fines. neil: but when he's tempting fate to say if you can find somebody better. >> that's a confident statement from a confident man. neil: great reporting as always, christina. what to make of the tweets, the trouble, whether the company can or cannot survive with or without him. john layfield is back with us, and joining us max jonas ferris. and let's say that they can find someone to replace him. will the company be the same? >> there's nobody who can
8:03 am
replace elon musk. and i'm not talking about the tweets. he's a genius, a crazy genius. neil: that's what they say about layfield. >> if be in did a 420 pot reference, the guy -- i'm not going to --. >> very good, very good. >> anyway, needs to come down from the ambian or whatever. anyway, look, this situation with the tweet, i don't know if he was kidding around or getting the convertible bonds to convert to get more money because there's a serious cash burn. alternative energy is not easy economics, that's why uber drivers don't drive electric cars. and this one smells of stock manipulation, even though he's not personally trying to sell shares into it like fraudsters, he needs to keep the stock high
8:04 am
to keep the cash flow to the company. maybe he didn't talk to a lawyer first or maybe he had a deal with saudis or chinese or billion nirs. neil: it's going to come out. is he so ubiquitous with the name and the country. and nonelectric cars, with the panache and the style-- >> i'm a shareholder of tesla. i have to agree with you, the man is a genius and as an investor, you want to believe that he's going to be able to helm this company and spread his genius around to everything that he's doing, but this is a -- this isn't a new thing for him. april 1st he sent out a tweet saying that tesla went bankrupt as an april fool's joke. neil: a little odd, right? >> and so if he's going to get in trouble for this, why didn't he get in trouble for that.
8:05 am
neil: the sec has to be careful. they can't give him special treatment, but, of course, the fear is it's a special company, it's an american iconic name, a lot of jobs, a lot of lives in the balance here. >> and i think the sec is going to take that into account. this looks like a straight 10-b-5 violation. neil: that's what i thought. 10-b-5. >> it's about fraud and it's about secured funding, and whether he said. the standard for that is not verbal. and naivety of the law is no excuse for crossing, not crossing that threshold. neil: what if the saudi would have run and confirmed, yeah, we told him that? >> it's still a violation. you have to have a term sheet according to the sec, you have to have at least a term sheet. it has to be initialled, something more than a verbal agreement. when he walked outside that meeting in july and he said i thought i had this. >> sec could give him a slap on
8:06 am
the wrist and a fine. neil: and this technology that makes just using about whatever is going on in the day easy to do. it comes back to bite you. >> yeah, i feel like if you're that rich though, you probably aren't worried too much about your tweets. you probably get real confident. i'm pretty confident and i don't even have a lot of money. i'm confident enough to tweet some pretty ridiculous stuff as it is. i can't imagine being that rich and that powerful and not every now and then, i have these followers, wouldn't it be funny if i said this? >> but he doesn't strike me as a crook or an ivan boski type. it's unspoken thought and-- >> he's doing what he wants to do. he has, do i dare say privilege to go ahead and go on twitter and say whatever he wants and get a slap on the wrist if he says something off that sends the markets. neil: do you think he knew ahead of time, to john's point about this, that this could come back to bite him?
8:07 am
>> i don't think so. i doubt he consulted attorneys. i doubt he talked to anyone on his team. i think he just -- he even said in the new york times piece he wanted to be more transparent, but at what point does this transparency really cause issues? and some people really enjoy it and they want to see that from a ceo. i personally think that he should just, you know, neil: and jonathan-- >> let's get these references right. >> zip to neil: remember the conference call he was ridiculed. >> boneheads. neil: right, and it comes back to bite you. >> let me tell you something, there are boneheads, but he actually says the hedge fund guys are smart, but he hates them. this guy, he's john delorean with an unlimited bank book. he's had access to wall street and allowed him to run as a loss. that goes for a lot of startups, uber, a lot of venture capitals. you can't run a crazy idea
8:08 am
that's going to lose money for ten years or more and get mad where the money comes from. this money comes from boneheads, some of the tech guys are not. but they are why you can do these crazy things so long. neil: if he didn't have something to back it up. cat, say what you will about the technology, everyone seems to have electric car and volvo all electric within a few years, but he gave it and gives it panache and style like apple did with steve jobs. so you could make an argument there's something to back that up. the question i have is much like people ask about steve jobs when he was forced out of the company. he returned, of course. but could the company continue to do its thing without him? >> i don't think it would be the same. i think they're so connected and that a lot of people, my age, certainly, admire elon musk and think he's a fascinating figure and i think without him, it wouldn't be the same thing or
8:09 am
that same fascination or same innovation either. neil: well, does the company survive potentially without him? >> sure, apple survived without steve jobs. the question is-- >> but he came back. >> he came back and passed away and now with a trillion dollar valuation. neil: and had he not come back i don't think that-- >> you're right most inmow evaluation happened when he came back. >> i don't think it survives without him. he launched more missiles last year. and i think he should get off twitter, he could get a fine and a slap on the wrist, but this company doesn't survive without elon musk. >> the difference is apple makes money and they don't get into money losing things very long, maybe the home pod is the exception. tesla loses a lot of money and they need him there, because they don't have a project that
8:10 am
makes money. and they need him to pump the company-- i don't think pump because he's in trouble for. >> he's the face man for the company. >> they're great at batteries and solar panels. the only thing he has not been able to do is produce cars, which is an old school technology and trying to bring the new world. he's developed one of the best cars of all time, he just can't mass produce it. neil: and that's the problem not being able to mass produce a niche product. see what happens with china, forget it whether they target husband and screw us, and now signs militarily that they're going after us. we'll explain after this. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not, fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better.
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8:14 am
targeting a number of u.s. sites for the just in case scenario of war. it wouldn't be the first super power to look at doing that, the fact that it's moving so fast, gets people noticing. among them retired four-star general, strategic analyst jack keane. what do you make of this? and where are they building this up here? >> first of all, china's goals are very clear. we used to wonder, where is china going? are they going to stay closeted and becoming part of the international marketplace and opening up their economy or do they have designs outside of of mainland china? now, it's clear. in writing, what they want to do is dominate and control the asia pacific and isolate the united states, and also, in 20 years president xi said this, wants to surpass the united states as the preeminent global power in the world today. to do that, they have to build up their military. they are conducting the most rapid buildup of a military of any country in the world, to include what we're doing right
8:15 am
now, with the trump defense buildup. and why are they doing that? because the united states and the asia pacific region has been a dominant military power for years. they want to at least have parity with us because that will give them leverage over all of our allies in the region. they don't have any allies in the region except laos and cambodia and north korea. the countries out there are aligned with us, and they are he putting significant pressure op those countries. the capabilities is much greater than bombers. they've got long range missile from mainland china can reach every one of our bases. anti-ship missiles holding us at bay so they can't launch aircraft to help one of our allies in the region. they are transforming their air, maritime and ground forces to increased space technology and that's where they're going with the military buildup. it's significant and they are
8:16 am
doing it. they don't want to go to war with us, but want to use it as leverage to gain geopolitical influence and control particularly in that region and spread to the middle east and indian ocean as well. neil: they keep militarizing the islands in the south china sea and elsewhere. and the argument we have, it's not our land either, it's closer to their neck of the woods. what do we work with that? >> we've got to work with our allies and come up with a way to do this. the administration has takes and big step in the region and it walked away from the obama standing of the world. we have identified russia and china to major threats of u.s. national security and china being the long-term strategic threat. the only way you solve a problem like that is the way that they have solved those problems in the 20th century. when we had the soviet union as a major threat and that is to work with our allies in the region and do it collectively. and we need a comprehensive strategy to do that.
8:17 am
in terms of implementing the defense strategy and the nexxis security strategy. that hasn't taken hold yet in my judgment. i've just come back from southeast asia and i'll flat tell you that these are our allies in the region and they are very concerned that china is really outpacing us in the region and you mentioned it in the introduction. economic warfare. they are the major capital investors in southeast asia, in latin and south america and in africa, and rapidly becoming the same in the middle east. what is all of that investment about? it's about getting geopolitical influence and control. that's what that is all about. and we've got to get into this and compete more favorably. gone are the policies of the obama administration, fortunately. and this administration is moving in the right direction. i think we've got to move faster to be frank about it. neil: quickly, we've got news
8:18 am
out of turkey. that he says it's a u.s. coup, and he's not going to have it and he's been cozying up to the russians and chinese. should we kick him out of n.a.t.o.? >> no, we've got to look past erdogan. and listen, we disagree with a lot of it. here is the positive side. turkey sits in the most strategic piece of land that n.a.t.o. is a part of. and that is where europe meets the middle east. they're sitting right there. and that's very strategically important to n.a.t.o., secondly, turkey has the second largest military force in n.a.t.o., outpacing everybody else who's third, fourth, fifth, sixth. the largest, of course, is the
8:19 am
united states. the reality is that erdogan, we've got to do the best we can to work with him and be tough on him like the trump administration is doing, but look beyond him. don't kick him out of n.a.t.o. even though he's frustrating. neil: general, thank you very much. always good chatting, my friend. thank you. >> good talking to you, neil. neil: the more nfl players take a knee, a blue lives matter group says, you know what? we're just going to take a pass after this. this isn't just any moving day.
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
this is moving day with the best in-home wifi experience and millions of wifi hotspots to help you stay connected. and this is moving day with reliable service appointments in a two-hour window so you're up and running in no time. show me decorating shows. this is staying connected with xfinity to make moving... simple. easy. awesome. stay connected while you move with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. >> welcome back, everyone, 22 minutes past the hour. a couple of miami dolphins players during the national anthem. it's playing out in the preseason. we don't know when the professional season kicks off in full gear in a couple of weeks here, but this is an interesting development here. that the blue lives matter group
8:23 am
has turned down a partnership offer from-- for example, the new york jets this season. the founder of blue lives matter, joseph joins us right now. joe, we were chatting during the break. you were saying that you're not trying to make a big, big to-do of this just that you have serious trouble associating. >> we went to the bronx, a detective that went overseas and with as killed in action and when he came back one. most poignant things ever was his son on the shoulders of a partner saluting the flag. and that's where we stand. joe can't anymore. i'm not saying that there are issues that haven't happened in the past, they have. they're not going on in full force today. i think we should open up a dialog and start talking and understand one another. maybe finally, two or three year hiatus with the nfl can finally end. neil: the jets put out a
8:24 am
statement on your move. we've had a positive relationship with first responders throughout the tri-state area for decades and we'll continue to do so. we consistently partner with a wide range of first responders, organizations on numerous initiatives, including after school programs and shop with the cops during the holidays for disadvantaged children. what do you make of what they're saying. >> i'm not saying that. but one player, not saying that he didn't give $35,000 to a police fund after officers were shot and killed. he was able to erase the comments they made. the family members that lose their loved ones can't hit the rewind button and can't have their family member through the door and you need to be held account, and you have a player, business is business, and business is football. and he was able to press rewind and this is going to follow him.
8:25 am
they need to take accountability for the players. >> espn is trying to find the way around this to join the games after the national anthem even if they play the national anthem. . >> i don't like to some of the owners say, we'll take the fine and it's like a child, taking a candy bar, slapping their wrist and saying don't do it. the players get paid with dollars, between the white lines, and american dollars. if they don't like it go elsewhere. neil: they could say, the flag gives them the freedom to do all of the above, you say. >> well, dax prescott on the cowboys, he said this isn't the place to do this. look at derek jeter, you don't know whether he was republican or democrat, because he entertained. he knew that people spent hard earned dollars to entertainment. they're not politicians.
8:26 am
neil: and now kaepernick and all, and some years back he had been guaranteed a position on the denver broncos and john elway saying that, i don't know what is true there. but do you think that the americans as fans-- ratings went down with the nfl and whether this is a the reason is anyone's guess. do you see any continued problems this year? police officers are judged by a few that do stupid things and disheartening things and i feel the same way with the players. there's a lot of good nfl players that support the country and do the good thing. the problem is sometimes the negative voices outweigh the positive ones. so i do appreciate the players. they're talented beyond belief. i've always wanted to be a major league ball player and hit the home run in the ninth. they're living the dream and they have to understand that the children are our future and we need to set an example for them. neil: so you will continue this, it's not a disassociation, it's not a protest or a boycott.
8:27 am
you will not be working in sync with the jets or other teams until this is resolved? >> correct and somebody always has to be the catalyst and do something good whether it's martin luther king, jr. or john lennon and times you have to be the voice. and sometimes not always police officers, but sometimes the widows. the mother of of within of the police officers killed. neil: are you unfair to the jets because they're not into it wasn't about the jets, it's about accountability for one of their players and it's going to follow you. neil: we'll see what happens. thank you, you have a crazy day ahead of you, we appreciate that. >> thank you. neil: when we come back, the intel officers who are saying, you know, john brennan has been maligned. take our security passes away, too. the u.s. senator who is happy to consider that after this. now save up to $3250
8:28 am
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8:31 am
>> a security clearance is a privilege and i think that john brennan was abusing that privilege. >> these people are being singled out to have even clearances revoked or in the process of being revoked. it smacks of nixonion processes. >> you shouldn't be signified with a process where clearances are granted or withdrawn. >> and removing a security clearance makes sense because of conduct. >> the brennan thing seems to bring out the extremes in both parties, the fighting escalating over the security credentials for former security director john brennan and others are saying how he was treated, some in the intelligence community, would be honored, mr. president, if you did the same to us. others are saying this is overkill and the president is criticized about being petty and
8:32 am
what about the comments that mr. brennan has been making since. senator tim scott. always good to have you. >> thank you, good to be back with you. neil: are you for what the president did, senator, to revoke his security clearance? >> i think perhaps a foundational question we should ask ourselves is how does the security clearance that people have create a safer nation? that's really the question i have. i can't figure out how to get over at that question because we're fighting over whether or not he has it or whether we're taking it. the question is, how is america safer because he has it? if the answer is there isn't a good answer for that question, then why does he have it? there's not a good answer for that question, then taking it away seems plausible and logical from my perspective. neil: so you would support the president in doing so. >> absolutely. i think the question we should ask for everyone who has a national security clearance, a top security clearance that no longer serves in office, how
8:33 am
does that clearance better serve of our national security interests? if there's not a good answer to that question, what's there to debate about? >> now, others in the intelligence community who have seen what happened to brendan made him like a sympathetic figure and i know many in your party have come out to say, wait a minute, he has said horrific things about the president and implied, even more. he puts out a new york times editorial in which he surmises that the president-- saying there was no collusion before the election was hogwash so he leaves people wonder what do you know that we don't know and he might be doing and acting the way the president suspected. what do you think? >> i think if there's a scintilla of evidence that the president could he clueded with the russians and brennan had the evidence the entire world would already know. a fact of the the matter is what part of what he said in the objecthe
8:34 am
op-ed was what the president said. if you ask a better foundational question, why is brennan having a top security clearance in the nation's best interest? if that is the question we're asking, we get rid of the polarization and the hyperbolic language and all the kerfuffle around the issue and get down to the nitty-gritty, is our country better, are we safer, are we more secure because brennan and others who served previously have national security clearance? if it's taking away national security clearance might be better for us. neil: that might occur to trump officials who later on enter private life don't have the
8:35 am
clearance once they leave office. >> we ask the question, how are we safer-- >> you know this far better than i. for their success in sharing information and advice comes in handy. i don't know, we had a guest who comes on and says there are more than five million security passes and i know different grades exponentially over the decades. something has to be done. but you're saying these courtesy privilege granted top cabinet members or former cia directors or state department heads, that it's typically been the case over the last few administrations? >> i certainly would not say that i'm against it. i would want to understand why we have it that way. the transitional period so that one administration benefits from the important information that can be shared at that point in time makes a lot of sense to me. so if there's a temporary transition that's makes a lot of sense. if it's a permanent status that we never check back to see what
8:36 am
they're doing with it, that's a problem from my perspective. now, is that a problem for everyone? i don't know the answer because we would have to ask the same foundational question to each and every person that has it and frankly, the other question we should ask, is the national security clearance a way to monetize their position? or their previous position. if the answer is yes, that should be brought into light as well. neil: good point. senator, you don't mind if i switch gears here. turkey's president erdogan responded to what he calls a coup attempt to the united states and the hill is speaking to this or picking this up. obviously it could escalate here at the same time the chinese are coming here next week maybe to cobble together or re-enter talks on trade impasses. how do you do this, the trade and so forth and do you expect it to happen before the know november election?
8:37 am
>> i think that we have to break it down so that in turkey, the lyra is down. and they need 230 to 250 billion dollars. so the truth is erdogan is looking for someone other than the person in his mirror for the challenges he has and effects in his country because they're so heavily leveraged that they're in a very weak position and as our interest rates climb it makes their position even weaker. s' looking for someone to blame and frankly, you add in on top of that the situation where he was arrested and-- >> and if it was released tomorrow, would you be among those to advise the president to ease off on tariffs? >> i'll say this. if the pastor was not on home arrest, but sent back to our country, i would be happier. the fact is that turkey being an n.a.t.o. ally, they have not been acting, in my opinion, as
8:38 am
an ally. they have become far more distant and frankly, their relationship with russia is growing stronger. we have a lot to consider in the relationship. pastor brunson is a part of that conversation, but not the whole of that conversation and then our trade issues with china come into play, as well as we have a conversation around trade. i'm optimistic that as the chinese come to our shore next week, we will be in a better posture looking at november for real measurable progress in a reasonable time. wii spoke with ambassador lighthizer this morning and he is somewhat optimistic that we're in a positive posture for better relationship and better negotiations going forward around the world and hopefully with china. neil: and that these are resolved during the midterms, and if not, that your party could be in trouble? >> well, i think the economy is fantastic. we have a very strong economy. so the trade issue is almost inside baseball, except for small companies that are
8:39 am
impacted because i have a few companies in south carolina who are in that, but the challenge is that we're trying to reset the field. not for tomorrow or next year, but for the next 30 years in our trade negotiations around the world. i think we have to give the president a little more margin to finish the negotiations he's a part of. it looks like we're starting to make progress in many fronts. in china, i think we're making progress finally. in europe, we're having conversations about zero barriers, not sure we'll get there, but headed in the right direction. and with nafta, the mexico negotiations have done pretty well and we're waiting for canada to come to the table. we're in a better posture than a week ago and better than four weeks ago. the question, can we get this done before the election? i think that would be incredibly optimistic. before the end of the year, more optimistic. neil: sir, thank you for taking
8:40 am
the time. >> good to be with you. neil: and a lot of americans sometimes seem to share the sentiment of the president, just wrap it up. after this. it's a burrito filled with plants pretending to be meat. here we see the artist making an attempt to bare his soul. it's just a gray dot. there are multiples on the table: one is cash, three are fha, one is va. so what can you do? she's saying a whole lotta people want to buy this house. but you got this! rocket mortgage by quicken loans makes the complex simple. understand the details and get approved in as few as 8 minutes by america's largest mortgage lender. that skills like teamwork, attention to detail, and customer service are critical to business success. like the ones we teach here, every day.
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8:43 am
>> it is odd, right? some things happen and you just question the pairing. and peter strzok with the same week from the fbi, the same wake, telling bob mueller can you wrap this in the can and wrap it up? six out of ten americans say now it the time to get this done. how is that pairing? and let's go to chris, former fbi director. not that investigators or those behind the investigations are moved by public sentiment or polls, but does it put any pressure on the mueller team looking over their shoulder knowing that americans are getting antsy? >> well, having served directly under robert mueller for about two and a half years, i can tell you that he's -- he's going to
8:44 am
work his pace. they're going to work as quickly as they can, but they're not going to let public sentiment influence what they do. that was the problem with the comey group and his inner circle. they seemed to be influenced by politics and events swirling around them. you don't hear a peep from mueller. they're putting their heads down and their work. neil: and do they say attention to timing, the midterms and and-- >> i think they would. i think with the midterms coming up. i think that the special counsel is going to look at it one of two ways. if you do it before the election you're influencing in some way. i suspect he'll wait until after. if there's something drama that will happen i suspect that he'll wait until after the election to make sure that nothing he does has influence over the midterm. neil: i know it's a little legal apples and oranges, what we wait
8:45 am
to hear what the jury is doing with paul manafort from the president's campaign. and the business relationships and the like, will you scrutinize anything from that decision as far as its potential impact on the mueller investigation? or do you suspect the mueller folks will? >> well, obviously, the special counsel believes that manafort has key information. that's why they're leaning on him so hard. that's why there's two indictments in two different federal districts. they really would like to have his cooperation. and they would like to have it because, he is the key central person with respect to russians. he had a russian, alleged russian operative working close to him. and he had the russian oligarch close to putin and offered to give him special briefings as he was the campaign for the president-elect or president trump. so there's smoke there.
8:46 am
i'm not saying that there's -- that the president was involved in collusion, shall we say, but i will say that if anyone inside the campaign had discussions about sanctions relief in exchange for dirt, then you're getting awful close. neil: all right, not only sanctions relief for potential dirt as you pointed out, which you don't know, but collusion itself or talking to the russians wouldn't be a problem. extracting deals or confessions from one or the other does make a worry? >> right. and it may be that the people on the trump team were encredibly naive, wouldn't be the first. president bush, president obama, they've been naive towards the russians. make no mistake about it, putin, he wants to take us down. neil: and it seems one president learns that one after the other. thank you so much. the house with steve scalise, what it takes to get the right message out before time runs
8:47 am
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8:50 am
>> it's funny, you know, you show these candidates on the democrat side and they repudiate pelosi and turn right around and parrot pelosi on the policies. neil: that's steve scalise talking almost 50 strong democrats entertaining house races of their own and want to make it to washington, but don't want to be part of, you know, a democratic majority they hope that will include nancy pelosi as their speaker. in other words, they don't want her leading the wave here. let's get the read from alexandria smith. we've got jonas max ferris and kathy, what's interested, i've seen this born out again and again with many of the democratic candidates, they want to go there, they don't want her to lead them.
8:51 am
they by and large support what she has espoused, nixing the tax cuts and doing a lot of other tough that she wants. >> she's not radical, not rogue, not all the way to the left. she speaks for the democratic party when she speaks. she's always gone-- >> well, she's all the way to the left. the request he is do they want her leading that charge. they say no, but support her causes. >> they've always supported her. 55 things that say they don't want her as speaker, but turn around and they say we need new leadership. they can't say one thing against her policy just we need new leadership. like we want a new car and we want the new car smell. that's it? there's nothing wrong with our car. neil: and alexander, they also might want to be trying to take away an argument from the republicans, right, that they've made nancy pelosi the story and they don't want her to be the story. >> i don't think that voters should buy it. it's not just on a policy level that the candidates would be supporting the policies of nancy pelosi. it might be that they might be in support of nancy pelosi, but
8:52 am
sort of saying that for the the election. we see this because nancy pelosi herself said, candidates are going to say what they have to say to get elected. if you look at the ohio special election in the 12th district. danny o'connor vowed over and over again, i'm not going to support nancy pelosi. he went to msnbc in washington for one day and reversed that position and ended up losing that special election. when they say they're not going to support nancy pelosi, if seems if they get into office they might do something different. neil: and you have to wonder, jonas, if it matters to kathy's support as a leader. they support what she wants to do? >> and she's not far left of the party. she's from san francisco and i think what really happens is, nobody good wants the job because it's a job where you become the punching bag for a hated group, which is congress and you have to keep churning this group around.
8:53 am
no one is president from this job unless a lot of people die. neil: you're really good at-- >> it's a job to absorb the hate and you have to be an operator. boehner was a good guy, but with this job. paul ryan's brand is destroyed by this job. and there are others-- >> i'm not worried about the job. i guess what i'm saying is, it's very clear they share the same views, you can argue, extreme left or-- kathy, is it fair to say if they take over the house they're going to try to disembowel the tax package. it's a given? >> whatever happens pelosi will be with the party. neil: and i'm not here to say whether she is or not. the goal will be let's junk this tax package. >> well, yes. and that's what the people would want. neil: i'm just saying that, why don't they just say that? because they're afraid to say it? >> well, they're saying whatever
8:54 am
it takes and that's what nancy pelosi actually said. i don't care what you say about me-- >> and-- >> i don't care what you say, get elected. that's what she actually said. neil: and that's what they're doing, alexandexanalexandra, to. if i hold their feet to the fire, do you think it's chump change what the people eople go the-- >> crumbs. >> the man and woman who i talk to, they're careful around that because they don't want that to get out. >> absolutely. i think that nancy pelosi has made it clear that if democrats take back the house the tax cut is the first thing on the chopping block. and i agree with you, that when most-- when most voters saw, you know, their paychecks increase this year, when they've seen the bonuses that are being given out by these companies, that's something that they see real value in and to see nancy pelosi
8:55 am
and others devalue that i think is a huge liability for them. but i'm going to push back on something that there's no other person in the democratic party who wants this job. we've seen a couple of democrats who have wanted this job. someone like tim ryan from ohio who's definitely more representative of where the country is right now. neil: and he tried for it before. >> he tried for it before and the democratic establishment has effectively neutered his voice. 's been pushed out by nancy pelosi and the powers that be. neil: all right, well, whoever the new powers that be, they'd have to be younger. >> if you want to go, susan dell bainy from washington, tech savvy, made her own money, tech savvy, microsoft. and that's ahead of them getting ruined by this job. as far as, you say the first thing is taxes. the first chop of the tax cuts is going to be whoever has the job. and the second chop is going to be like a bernie sanders type was in there, all of a sawed
8:56 am
let's privatize industry. nancy is know the that social, she's not going to go that direction. neil: be careful what you wish for. >> it doesn't have to be a younger person. i don't think that pelosi's age is an issue. look at the bern, feel the bern, and i don't think that-- >> 60 is the new 59. >> younger. neil: fine. and all of this is brushed up in a few seconds. thank you. how many kids? my two. his three. along with two dogs and jake, our new parrot. that is quite the family. quite a lot of colleges to pay for though. a lot of colleges. you get any financial advice? yeah, but i'm pretty sure it's the same plan they sold me before. well your situation's totally changed now. right, right. how 'bout a plan that works for 5 kids, 2 dogs and jake over here? that would be great. that would be great. that okay with you, jake? get a portfolio that works for you now and as your needs change from td ameritrade investment management.
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>> all right, at the white house now. they're going to be busy there next week and a nationwide push to abolish ice. a lot of protests and the like. on your world we're going to be looking into this with the president interim ice director and get his thoughts what's going on here. whether it's justified. and keep in mind without ice the bad elements that come across the border, who would handle
9:00 am
that? whether you're for or against the policies and procedures, this would be the replacement. and that and much more on your world on monday. we'll see you next week. fox continues right now. >> former cia director john brennan is talking about president trump's decision to pull the security clearance and the president is considering who may be next on his list with the same moves. >> new details about the death of a pregnant woman and her children. her husband is facing formal charges for killing them on monday. >> and president trump is saying that the economy is stronger than ever before. we'll take a look at the numbers coming up. welcome to america's news headquarters from washington, i'm kristin fisher.


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