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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  March 31, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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showing acts of kindness. the course is being offered free to the public online. >> happy easter everyone. molly is up next with the fox report. we will see you tomorrow. >> president trump wrapping up his immigration with the stage of governor harry brown. i am molly and this is the fox report. >> president/in out at the democratic governor and twitter, according to him of letting drug dealers off the hook. the latest in the back and forth with the golden state. lester governor brown's signed a law limiting cooperation with immigration. >> molly, president trump dug into the archives for his latest
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jab at california governor, taken him with a decades-old nickname, moon beam which was meant to the 1970s to cast jerry brown as a liberal on things like the environment and space exploration. this time it's in the context of immigration. governor jerry moonbeam brown pardon five criminal illegal aliens whose crime include kidnapping a robbery, that the beating wife and threatening a crime with intent to terrorize, dealing drugs. is this really what the great people of california want? this question from the president up the ante between the trump administration and the golden state for not enforcing federal immigration laws in century city's. >> molly: what about the problem today with amazon? >> the president thinks amazon is endangering mom-and-pop
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shops. small retailers by giving the tax code. he thinks the founder and owner of amazon is using the newspaper he also owns the washington post to boost his bottom line a properly. the president said while we are on the subject, it is reported that the u.s. post office will lose $1.50 on average for each package it will deliver for amazon. that amounts to billions of dollars. it does not include the fake washington post which is used as a lobbyist it should so register. if the post office increased its rate than the amazon shipping cost would rise by $2.6 billion. this post office scam must stop. amazon must pay real costs and taxes.
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the washington bureau chief pushback in an article and he wrote, the president labeled the newspaper a mistake and demanded it register as a lobbyist from amazon. the pos operates independently m amazon. though the news organization is owned by the chief executive and founder of amazon. so far jeff and governor brown quiet about the presidents attacks. it is clear neither fight is over. >> thank you so much. the u.s. consulate in st. petersburg closing today. sixty american diplomats being kicked out as moscow makes good on its promise to retaliate for trump's decision to expel the same number of its nations diplomats. several countries are doing the same after the poisoning of a russian spy on british soil.
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the international responses something retired general said may have cut the kremlin by surprise. >> the west has reacted as the attack on one is an attack on all. moscow did not expect this. >> the russia promises to respond to protect for any action countries take against it. moscow's investor to the u.s. had a different tone compared to what we've seen this week and suggest that russia does not expect these tensions to last. >> we are confident that only close interaction between our countries can help international strategic stability and find mutually beneficial solutions to global and regional challenges. we want everybody to understand that we are destined to become friends again. >> there's no shortage of issues
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to rekindle this friendship. russia continues to carry out cyber operations targeting critical infrastructure and upcoming election. the u.k. along with u.s. claim russia was behind the attempted assassination of former russian spy. russia denies both allegations. it announced its expelling hundred 50 diplomats from two dozen countries and it kicked out russian diplomats in a show of solidarity. sarah sanders said the kremlin's response marks further deterioration. russia's response was not unanticipated and we will deal with it. agencies are heavily involved into the poison attack investigation. the investigation has already
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uncovered additional assassinations and plans in the works targeting defectors. a month after the attack the man remains in critical condition and the daughter is in stable condition. >> i hope she gets better. we appreciate it. for more let's bring in julia, reporter for the hill. thanks for being here. that's kickoff with the tensions. diplomatic tensions in the u.s. is not alone. canada and nato nations kicking out russian diplomats. this is the largest expulsion of diplomats it's the cold war. should we be looking at the
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seriously? >> we should be looking at it seriously. vladimir putin feels very embolden right now. we saw what was a russian attack in the western allies are retaliate through expelling the diplomats. we also see prudent retaliate in a different way. he recently -- although his plan the timing is peculiar. putin is definitely trying to put a message out to the west saying to not mess with russia. he is trying to enhance that russia influence on the west. it's something worth looking out for. >> russia has been sneaky in the past. we saw meddling in the election and the destabilization efforts ongoing in ukraine. this is a very bold move.
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to launch the second missile test and talk about it broadly and openly. he's trying to send a message. is that specific to the united states or broader message to the world? do we have to get on the same page as far as responding. >> i would say the united states and the west overall. the attack in the u.k. is an attack on britain in western nations. the trump administration is getting on board and retaliating. president trump made his boldest move yet and expelling the diplomats. he gets criticism on not being tough on russia and not calling output in particular. racine that change in his administration rhetoric. a couple weeks ago the homeland secretary said during the meeting with various diplomats she basically said if any adversary tries to meddle in the 2018 elections or any upcoming
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election the u.s. will retaliate. the trump administration is sending a clear signal. however he hasn't specifically called out vladimir putin. it was reported last week that president trump and his call last week when he congratulated him he said if you want an arms race, we will have an arms race. >> molly: were always covering the shakeups. now bolton is in and he has been pretty hard line when it comes to russia both openly speaking and in some of the op-ed see as written. could that signal a direction the administration is going? >> absolutely. it will be interesting to see how they work with the president on this.
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on the campaign trail the president said he wants to sit down with vladimir putin and talk to them. i don't think bolton and pompeo wants to take that same approach. they will be more cautious and hawkish. also in terms of north korea. the president has said he wants to sit down with kim jong-un. i don't think pompeo or boat and will be as crazy about that. only time will tell. >> we have seen the president doesn't necessarily say the same thing to the folks. whether that's by design or strategy part of the ongoing negotiations with all countries it will be interesting to see. you're on the ground on washington, when it comes to democrats and republicans we see a unified response with russia pushing back what about
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democrats and republicans in washington? >> i think they're very unified in pushing back against russia in terms of the attack in the u.k. on the recent missile launch. democrats seem to president the president more by not mentioning putin by name. were not seen him going out there saying i condemn this act by vladimir putin. will be interesting to see how he navigates this terrain. >> molly: where does this go? what's next as far as washington is concerned? >> it's hard to tell. the administration is unpredictable.
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it seems like we'll see more of a response to russian terms of military action and form policy. racine the administration take a hard-line approach. we can expect that people like bolton. politically the investigation into ties with the trump campaign and russian election could play a role. we'll have to see how that unfolds. that will affect the administration and their public relations response. >> molly: whenever you hear arms race that can be concerning. great conversation thank you. >> molly: sc of chrome stretching from west palm beach to florida. they hit the pavement in the ride for meadow. a 40-mile journey raising money for shooting victim. >> it is not a political message.
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this is a message of be an american. this is what the messages. we live in the greatest country of the world. we have to protect our kids and our teachers also. >> molly: the money raised which includes an auction will build a playground in her name. >> right now israel's warning if the violence doesn't stop there be tough talks. we'll have the latest on the escalating tension. relearning new details about a fallen hero as the war in syria hits close to home. details on an american soldier killed in combat that five stars, two thumbs up, 12-out-of-10, would recommend thing. because if you only want the best thing,
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jushis local miracle ear t at helped andrew hear more of the joy in her voice. just one hearing test is all it took for him to hear more of her laugh... and less of the background noise around him. for helen, just one visit to her local miracle-ear is all it took to learn how she can share more moments with her daughter. just one free hearing test could help you hear more... laughter... music... life. call now! for a limited time, you can get $500 off miracle-ear hearing aids! >> the pentagon is identify the. thirty-six or a master sergeant
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jonathan dunbar of texas. he died in a roadside bomb blast. it happened in a part of syria thought to be cleared of isis. a british soldier was also attacked. the death is the first u.s. combat death in syria this year. he was a highly decorated soldier with many awards. israeli military warning it could take action against terrorist targets inside the gaza strip. at least 15 palestinians killed in the bloodiest day in gaza since the 2014 war. tensions are at a fever pitch as both sides brace from confrontation. >> tensions continue after yesterday's violence which is some of the worst in gaza in recent years. funerals were held on saturday for those killed in the violence thousands marching through the streets.
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they declared a national day of warning. tens of thousands of demonstrators gathered. some throwing stones and burning tires. troops responded with rubber bullets and tear gas. hundreds are being treated. the un and the e.u. have called for an investigation and the use of live ammunition. israel has denied using excessive force saying those who died were militants. at least four of the dead were -- members. a six-week campaign ending on may 15. it marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of israel on the first day of ramadan. protests were smaller about 25
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people were injured. israel will take direct action against militants in the gaza strip if violence continues. with more protests plans their spheres it could escalate again. >> attorney general jeff sessions having a federal prosecutor but stopping short of appointing a special second special counsel. how lawmakers are reacting. plus growing protests the revelation of stephan clark spark new outrage. >> were demanding justice and we are not going to continue to function like nothing happened. at the end of the day of family lost a son.
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>> molly: protesters will planned a school walkout on monday even after the governor signed a bill that increase their annual salaries by about $6000. at least 20 counties in kentucky were forced to close on friday
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when thousands of teachers called out sick after they had changes to their pension plan. for the first straight day people taken to the streets of sacramento in protest over the place killing of an unarmed black man. emotions running high after an autopsy the family revealed he was shot in the back several times. protesters are calling for accountability. >> here we have the police on our streets killing us. we been asked skin them to stop killing us. our cries have been going on heard. part of our basic training we learned about escalation of force and rules of engagement. upon getting out in august i was shocked to see all the killing on american soil. >> here's the latest from sacramento. >> what i hear today from the podium was a call to action from the black community for more cooperation and understanding
4:25 pm
with police. this was with a more hostile and blatant rhetoric than what we have heard. yet former kings basketball player, matt barnes said it's a two-way street. he wants equal justice to please send an end to a culture of racism. >> we don't know these cops so we fear them and they don't know us so they fear us. we need the cops and the communities walking, not driving, getting out of the cars and meeting these people in these neighborhoods. >> the peaceful rally follows for nights of protests. march yesterday through the city stopping traffic attempting to take over a hotel. also the family released independent autopsy contradicting the initial claims that he was approaching police when they fired and eight hit
4:26 pm
clark. >> it's all about what the facts show in what you can prove in the court of law. we think the physical evidence is pretty strong about what happened police responded to a 911 call of a car break-in. they said show us your hands multiple times. the fight about six seconds later the shots when they thought he raised a gun. in fact it was a cell phone. please are investigating both the use of force. the findings will be forwarded to the da and what can be proved in a court of law. experts will tell you are first shot can spin someone front to back her back to front. so the coroner's report could conflict with those findings. >> a lot of back and forth. sadly similar story that we've seen play out.
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thank you. attorney general, jeff sessions announcing a federal prosecutor from utah is looking into abuses by the fbi. some republicans say it is not enough. class of violent deportees was captured after days on the run. where investigators tracked him down. >> it was all like seven cops were running in surrounding him. . my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. don't worry - i know what a lug wrench is, dad. is this a lug wrench? maybe? you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. and lose weight with contrave.
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>> molly: this is the foxreport. if you are just joining us, jeff session is stopping short of appointing a second special counsel to investigate fisa abuses. his revealing federal prosecutor, john uber from utah is looking into claims that the fbi abused its powers in its surveillance of a former trump campaign advisor. bob goodlatte said it's a step in the right direction but still not enough. >> i think this should be an investigation outside the department of justice altogether. that's why we call for cut special counsel. here's more from washington. >> republican lawmakers may not have succeeded in getting the
4:32 pm
department of justice to appoint any special counsel to look into alleged abuses under president of mama. but now the doj and inspector general expect appointed john hoover to lead a new investigation. so far reaction from the gop to the announcement has been a mixed bag. some lawmakers are outraged. >> he reports to rosenstein and rosenstein is in the middle of the dossier faultlines. you have ten fbi starting with the top comey fired her displays. ten top political and employees are missing in general sessions i respect says there's not enough there to go forward. >> others think this is a step in the right direction. >> i think he's taken a step in the right direction and appointing mr. uber to do this.
4:33 pm
think it's the matter outside of washington, d.c. it leaves the door open for special counsel. >> they agree that things are mishandled. democrats contend a special separate counsel is a pipe dream and their content with a special counsel already on offer. >> i think mr. mueller has done it brilliantly. he's done it in a surgical context. getting people in a vulnerable state who have information that we need to know. >> the probe world dial-in. special interest is the weren't granted to the fbi that allowed them to survey a trump campaign advisor carter page.
4:34 pm
>> thank you. for more we welcome back julia, reporter for the hill. let's start with the inspector general. michael horwitz said they're going to look into the fbi surveillance whether or not they did things right under the law the policies to it someone say would be spy a certain person we know that is carter page, is this a victory for republicans? >> a lot of republicans are labeling this is a dead to be frank. republicans are saying it's a step in the right direction. the justice department is paying attention to their concerns but it's not nearly as big if they were to get their own special counsel.
4:35 pm
this probe cannot be as expensive as molars. not as many witnesses are as in-depth. it probably won't take as long. it's a disappointment for republicans but many are saying it's better than nothing. >> molly: remember the dueling memo saga that we all just went through republicans made the argument that the fisa court to not get all the information about the dossier and who funded it. they would like to review what the justice department new at the time when they were filed about the former british spy that we no space are for steel. how much could that make a difference?
4:36 pm
>> i think christopher steele had played an important role of the dossier. it's been a political trigger for many investigations including this. republicans say that christopher put a lot of fake information, we know it's on verify. the investigation could lead to something down the road but it is hard to tell now since it's an early stage. >> you talk about it not having quite the power as the mueller probe. but you can ask andrew mccabe at the end of an investigation what could the fallout be? >> they could look into someone like christopher steele. if they prove there was surveillance of mr. page that could be major fallout and
4:37 pm
something they'll have to contend with. many democrats have said they're not concerned about it. carter pages are ready on the fbi radar because of the idea he could've been a target. that's what democrats are saying now. they're concerned it could lead to more polluted to station of the justice department under the trump administration. rosina back and forth between rod rosenstein who has tried to push the justice department to do what he wants to do. >> molly: let's talk about the information about jeff sessions regarding john uber in utah. the federal prosecutor who is
4:38 pm
also looking at the fisa court violations with the fbi. his sessions in a tough spot here? he said this is the guy who will look into it. he would be the one a liquid he comes back with so the special counsel not happening now the same it may not happen in futu future. >> sessions is in a tough spot. he's trying to appease the administration and career officials at the doj and in the intelligence community. he's putting so much pressure on sessions. the president was very disturbed and upset that sessions recused himself from the russian
4:39 pm
investigation. he's trying to tiptoe around the president in terms of this new investigation. he's facing pressure from the republican party. sessions is in a difficult position. be interesting to see where he goes. he's also trying to stay neutral which i guess is like nonpartisan in these scenarios. >> molly: in the meantime on "watters' world", jesse sits down with former trump campaign advisor. here's a preview. >> did you change your behavior? >> i've never done anything wrong in russia for the last 27 years. >> so you feel like you needed to change anything. >> so the republican convention. >> there were a lot of diplomats at the conference. i case western.
4:40 pm
i said hello to the ambassador. >> which is not a crime. >> the exclusive interview with trump former trump campaign advisor can be seen tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern. >> the manhunt is over for an immigrant who escaped from custody at new york's jfk airport. authorities describing him as a violent deportees. they were sending him back and he was arrested at a starbucks near chicago. >> he pays says thank you and then sat down. he look like a businessman to me. very normal. >> the man was only at the airport for a layover.
4:41 pm
at the time of his escape. a groundbreaking pilot program to reduce opiate use taken place in a group of colorado hospitals. alicia has the story. >> there was a huge reduction in a comprehensive effort. >> researchers hope to see a 15% drop in the number of opiates prescribed. instead they saw 36% decline. last year we talked about a test case. >> six months later, the results are in and one of the doctors say they not only worked to cut the number of opiates patients are using. >> also the opiates out there in medicine cabinets the kids and others can gain access to.
4:42 pm
>> we have hospitals wanted to get started. >> they did it by writing fewer prescriptions, getting addicted patients on therapy medication and treating pain at the source point by not sending narcotics through the bloodstream. also letting the patient know. >> were going to treat your pain with a different approach. >> the communication piece has gotten out there i let the people know that we have alternatives. >> sometimes alternatives don't work in the traditional route must be taken. >> we've given them the knowledge that there are other options. >> this cost very little, doctors say many people who become addicted don't start their own prescriptions but left over drugs that are in the home.
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>> molly: hundreds of gathering for the funeral of british scientist stephen hawking was being remembered. some of the most high tech cars in one place. we'll take you live to the auto show what makes these simple dishes the best simple dishes ever? great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good. get the recipes at
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>> molly: well-wishers fillingtd for the funeral of stephen hawking. crippled as a young man from a degenerative disease he beat the odds to become one of the most celebrated scientists of his time. his final resting places at westminster abbey. along with isaac newton and charles darwin.
4:47 pm
more than a million visitors are expected to attend the new york international auto show going on in new york city. brian has been reporting today i'm a little bit jealous. >> the new york auto show has incredible cars like this lamborghini. multi- million-dollar vehicle. you don't want to scratch anything but they have an incredible amount of cars available in showrooms. crossover suv seem to be a popular vehicle this year. a lot of luxury brands like the jaguar who has teamed up with a silicon valley company trying to put out economists jaguar on the road by 2021. also incredible technology inside like the forster vehicle that has facial recognition that recognizes if you're getting tired or drowsy to alert you. a range of different autopilots
4:48 pm
and economist options inside the cars. big thing is electric and hybrid. i'm joined with adam, talk to us about this car behind me. >> this is 1500-horsepower and zero to 60 -- >> with $3.6 million. the car that i was in. >> it's a lamborghini they may 20 of them for the world at 770-horsepower in the latest weight ever produced by lamborghini. >> and what makes these cars, why do people love them so much?
4:49 pm
they can afford him? >> there the fastest best car in the world. all the manufactures come in and everybody wants what they can have. there's only 40 of them in the world. >> thank you. 1 million people definitely cannot bring the family. a lot of these cars will be out there by the end of the year. it's been a fun day. >> was the coolest thing you've seen? >> besides this the economist vehicle and we've seen some concept cars where you can sit inside a toyota and has hydrogen cells and have a meeting inside the vehicle until your ipad stuff on the window. they expect that five or ten years down the road. >> molly: you had a fun day.
4:50 pm
it's been fun to watch you tod today. >> spring is in the air. some parts of the country could be getting a white easter. your latest forecast. plus why these two leaders are trailblazers. a new episode of "watters' world" is just minutes away. >> mark levine is here plus a democrat running for congress as a clown, diamond and silk in a special "watters' world" easter quiz. [man] woah. ugh, i don't have my wallet, so - [girl 1] perfect! you can send a digital payment. [man] uhh, i don't have one of those payment apps. [girl 2] perfect! you have a us-based bank account, right? [man] i have wells fargo. [girl 3] perfect! then you should have zelle! [man] perfect. [girls] perfect! [vo] the number one mobile banking app just got better.
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>> molly: it's a big holidaywee. some of us can see some inclement weather. rain and snow possible.
4:54 pm
adam is in the weather center with more. >> pretty much everything in the next couple of days. some people are experiencing winter like weather. get into the northern plains some spots are in the mid- 20s. winter like feel. some snow across upper michigan. now on the lower side thunderstorms moving across. there's another winter system where the cold air is moving in behind it. we have watches and warnings in place that will be an issue in this region through tomorrow. that's your easter holiday. future radar by tomorrow overnight will see snow fire up
4:55 pm
and move across the plane states. eventually running across the ohio river valley. then we'll see folks waking up to snow. that will be monday. not a big snow maker. mostly clear conditions. nothing more than a dusting of snow in these areas. i'm not worried about a big snowstorm but when you think easter you don't want to be talking about snow. on monday you're talking about the washington -- this is what you're looking at across the country. there's plenty of spots running into the 70s and 80s. unfortunately will be talking about a chilly forecast that settled. maybe a little snow for the most
4:56 pm
part the easter bunny and kids will be happy. >> a new era of leadership for the mormon church. as it selects its first-ever latin america and chinese-american apostle. the announcement came at the start of a conference in utah. they join a panel dominated by white american men. more than half of the church is 60 million members live outside the u.s. you might want to take a look up at the sky for the second and final blooming of the year. this is extra special, will tell you why, next. . . directv gives you more for your thing.
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molly: tonight another blue moon will rise into the sky. it's the second one of the year. this one is also called the pascal moon. [♪] jesse: welcome to "watters world," i'm jesse watters. cause and effect. if a tree falls in the for reste forest and no one is around, does it make a sound. the media criticizes him but they necessity give hip credit when his actions have positive results. the president started imposing


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