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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  March 29, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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160,000 u.s. dollars. he says he is proud of the metals but he's making the most logical decisions we can get into britain's overheated housing market. what a hero. thanks for joining us. most-watched, most trusted come most grateful you spend your evening with us. good night from washington. i am shannon bream. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." we have news for you. another set of text messages between peter strzok and lisa page of the fbi have been released. the texts suggest that the strzok directly briefing the obama white house in the trump campaign. if true this, of course, would prove as false the former president's claim that he was not involved in the fbi business. byron york is chief political correspondent for "the washington examiner" he joins us tonight. byron, what do we learn from these? >> first of all it's not a new set of texts, this is one thing we learned. this is not new batch that went over to congress. these were released earlier
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and redacted and blacked out. remember what the justice department said to congress. they said strzok and page are having an affair.d i mean, that's private stuff. personal stuff so we are going to black that out. congress said fine. and then they started looking at what was sent over and there were things like "meeting tomorrow in so and so's office" and the name would be blacked out and they thought well, that doesn't sound like personal stuff. and some of these names were names like dennis mcdonough, the chief of staff in the obama white house. so, that has made a number of members of the house, house judiciary committee very suspicious of what they are getting from congress -- from the justice department on this. g now, the bigger picture is, they have been trying to find out how far knowledge of things like the trump dossier, the allegations in the trump dossier, however did that go up the chain in the obama administration? h g remember, we first thought it was just a few people at the fbi. a then it went higher in the fbi.
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then it was the state department. and now it looks like the white house, too. >> tucker: the context for this is the most tense and significant presidential campaign of our lifetimes where everything hung in the balance including the obama legacy. i was watching another channel with where a very famous lawyer on cnn was telling us you'd have to be a nut case to believe these. conspiracy theories. why wouldn't any americans of any political persuasion have an interest in knowing if onenk party is using intel agencies to spy on the other? >> you would think they would. that's what this new inspector general investigation that we just heard about yesterday is about. when you hear republicans say things like fisa abuse, it's about fisa abuse, it's really looking at the trump it's looking at how did this happen? how did this former british spy, christopher steele, come to do it? how did he get in touch wither the fbi? why did the fbi agree to pay
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him for this when he was at the same time being paid by the clinton campaign? h >> tucker: those are obvious questions and again i think everybody has an interest in getting the answers why is it hard to find out the answer. it's a simple one. was the fbi paying steele for the dossier? >> the reason we don't know is because the justice department has been very,ea very tight-lipped on all of this. there is some investigators in congress. we know who they are. the house intelligence w committee. the senate judiciary committee have been in particular been looking at this. and it's been like pulling teeth for a year about this. the justice department has been open about some things. has not been open about other for example, when they started the investigation, when the fbi officially started its investigation, they actually make a document to memorialize what they have done. it was in july of 2016. what's in it? we don't know. they haven't happened it over. so, it's been requested and
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requested and requested. we have seen this continuous fight and it's been a bit of a surprise for republicans because they thought well, we republicans in congress and those are republicans in the justice department. they will cooperate with us. i think what we have learned is the institutionaley prerogatives that the fbi, the justice department maybe are more powerful. >> tucker: they supersede partisanship. >> exactly. >> tucker: as "the washington post" reminds us, democracy dies in darkness and we have a right to know. thank you very much, byron. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: the sheriff of orange county california is at war with the government. sandra hutchens on this show earlier this week wants to help catch illegal immigrants,ea ice is trying to do that she is being prevented from doing that by the state. she is now being menaced with a lawsuit or even arrest. n fox news griff jenkins is in southern california tonight on this story. griff? >> hey, tucker. i think it's safe to say that california is the unofficial headquarters of
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the anti-trump resistance movement. but the president does have some allies here, especially in conservative orange county. earlier this week the county board of supervisors voted to join a trump administration lawsuit against california's sanctuary state law which has become very controversial. i had a chance to talk to republican supervisor michelle steele who voted toan join the lawsuit. she says while the county resolution is popular, not everyone is happy. >> over 90% overwhelmingly supporting that what we did. but there is a few people that, you know, you are a racist. i have never heard i was a racist.m i'm a first generation korean-american and that was the first time i heard. >> despite the backlash, the board of supervisors definitely isn't alone. san diego county might also join the lawsuit. and the orange county sheriff also taking measures into its own hands as you reported earlier. this week the sheriff will start publishing inmate release dates.
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it's already up. who is in jail list. it helps ice capture undocumented immigrants thatth the state is forcing them to release back into the public. here is what orange county undersheriff don barnes told me earlier when we went inside the jail. >> we're concerned about our inability to hold people here through some legislative changes in the state the last several years.e i think the nation would be shocked to know that we are releasing thieves, drug addicts, drug possession. some of these crimes that normally are high ranking, high level crimes because of some other legislation. they are now misdemeanors.f >> all of that due to policies pushed by california governor jerry brown and supported by attorney general xavier becerra. the fate of the california state law is very much to be determined. i get the sense while being here that statewide policies are being dictated mostly by california liberals mostly outside of orange county which is traditionally conservative. that's where the san diego county joins this fray? we have to find out.
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don't change the channel.. i have a whole lot more on my l report being on the ground during sean's show, tucker? >> tucker: griff jenkins in california. thanks, griff. with the passage of time, the rhetoric on illegal immigration on the left has become increasingly brazen and the intentions of those who espouse it are less disguised than they have ever about been. in the 1990s bill clinton pledged to deport illegal immigrants. he got elected on that pledge. in the 90s then as president obama created daca and other programs to block deportation for certain favored illegal immigrant groups. now in the trump presidency, the mask is off. the left tells us that no illegal immigrant should ever be deported even ones that committed crimes. not only that, they should be allowed to vote. cesar vargas and jennifer palmieri have both hinted about that recently on this show. watch. >> i do believe that we should have universal voting for everyone to ensure that
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everyone has -- >> tucker: from citizens of other countries. >> no taxation without representation. that's a fundamental. >> tucker: everybody in the world who comes to the united states and buying a deck of a marlboros and pays a sales tax that person could vote. >> if that person comes to contribute to the country let him have a say in his government. >> tucker: let foreigners vote. i hope the democrats run on that. i think it will be a funrn election. details matter. you said noncitizens should never vote. i vote your party will overtake you on thatov question. we will see.we >> maybe if congress never does anything to address immigration. >> tucker: would any other country tolerate that? would that idea be taken seriously any place but in the united states? mexico doesn't take it seriously. in fact, the mexican constitution explicitly says "foreigners shall not in any way involve themselves in the political matters of the country." nobody is attacking mexico for that. mexico is not being denounced as
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racist for not letting salvadorians vote. only in the united states is there a different standard and it's because the left sees the new standard as a way to obtain power and hold it forever. cathy areu is publisher of catalina magazine and unlike many on the left, very honest about what she thinks. she joins us tonight. you think people who are not citizens of the united states ought to be allowed to vote in federal elections, correct? >> i feel that people whoug are contributing and areer humans and are in our society and contributing to our society should have a say, yes, in what happens in our democracy, yes. >> tucker: how would we measure that?em would we say that everyone who is making a net contribution, paying more in taxes than they're getting in services, for example, those people can vote or people own property canos vote? >> we have so many people that are living in this country, we have about 11 million, 12 million people living in this country, contributing to ouril society, paying their taxes as that previous guest had said.
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taxation without representation. there are so many people living here but don't have a voice. so it's been shown that when they do have a voice, they do feel more empowered and they are part of our society. definitely would be empowered by voting. could i be on vacation here from another country and stay for a while, contribute greatly, how long we have to stay in order to be able to vote? >> well, i mean, i think it goes state by state. i think maryland right now has a few cities that allows undocumented people to vote. >> tucker: right. >> i would wonder how maryland is doing it. that's not california. that's maryland. i would say we ought to adopt what maryland is doing in other states. >> tucker: so if foreigners should be allowed to vote in our elections, why shouldn't residents of mississippi be allowed to vote in't california elections? >> exactly, we should. the united states is the united states. so, yeah, if i'm a floridian and i'm visiting new york so why can't i vote in new york? absolutely.
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i think we should be able to vote wherever we happen to be, yeah. >> tucker: should we be able to vote in mexico? >> well, if we are contributingi to their society and living there for years and perhaps if there is a law that allows us to, absolutely. but the american way was established with people voting in the 1700s that were undocumented so we actually were created as a nation of people that were undocumented and voting. >> tucker: yeah, a nation ofn illegals, for sure. >> undocumented. >> tucker: yeah, illegal undocumented. that's a hybrid of the two. their constitution says that foreigners are not allowed to participate in any way in their politics. isn't that racist? >> well, i mean, but, america is not racist. that's what makes america so beautiful. america is a melting pot so that would only make sense that we would allow people who are contributing to our society. >> tucker: right. >> to vote. so that would make sense. we are a wonderful nation. >> tucker: why are we upset about russian influence in our elections then? isn't that kind of what we wantn
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i mean, there are a lot of russians living here. russian diplomats living here long-term living here. kislyak, the long time ambassador here. >> russian collusion wasn't people contributing and then going to the polls and- >> tucker: hold on, why should would we be worried about foreigners influencing our election on the one hand if you are calling for foreigners to influence our election on the other? >> these are not foreigners,ot people living here, working here, children are in our schools and going to our hospitals. in places where trump has ice visiting to pick up -- >> tucker: wait a minute. i'm trying to track this because i want to take it seriously. next frontier in liberalism. the democratic platform will reflect what you are saying pretty soon. >> the next frontier in america. the future. >> tucker: the future. >> bright future. >> tucker: kislyak spent 20 years here. his kids grew up here. certainly a big contributor economically to the city of h washington. why should i be upset when he
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votes or influences our politics by this standard? >> there are so many people that we are sad that vote, right? but i mean, unfortunately webu don't have people voting that should be voting. we only have 59 percent turnout voting right now. so people who do contribute and are great people and contributing should be allowed to you vote so,al more good guys voting. >> tucker: give up on the russian collusion narrative it was dumb from the beginning and now i feel good about it because you know what? they are just transitory americans, undocumentedra americans.s. which i love. >> oh, no, no, no. >> tucker: cathy, great to see you. >> great to see you. >> tucker: the left says it wants a national conversation on guns which is, of course, a lie. they want you to be quiet soso they can impose their womenn -- their will on you. let's say they did want an honest conversation. t why wouldn't they honestly state whether they want guns seized from law abiding
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♪ ys >> tucker: well, the left says it wants a frank conversation about guns and that's always an admiral goal, something that we support wholeheartedly. so we have tried to have that conversation. turns out it's very difficult to get anybody who claims to want an honest conversation to state clearly what their goals are on guns. we just spoke, for example, to former obama administration official jennifer palmieri who is smart and nice. we asked her simply, do you support gun confiscation. here's the answer we got.
9:18 pm
do you think government should ever take guns from law abiding people. that's not a trick question. a sincere question. >> um, i think there should be an assault weapons ban. i don't think people need to take their guns away. we think there should behe assault weapons ban. it's not a sincere question. you are trying to. >> tucker: it is sincere. i can promise you i couldn't tell you how sincere it is. t >> my husband has a number of guns, too. >> tucker: that's great. but even if i didn't, should the government ever take the guns from people. >> i think we have addressed that and move on. >> tucker: you don't think it you don't want to answer. we will show you the rest of that interview which jen palmieri later tonight. richard goodstein an attorney advised both of hillary clinton's campaigns he served as outside councilll for a group that became the brady campaign. you actually worked for gun control group. >> i have indeed. >> tucker: most famous one before bloomberg came around.
9:19 pm
it's a simple question. should the government ever take the firearms of americans who have not misused them? >> the only person in public life that has talked about that is donald trump. famously with that bipartisan group in the white house where he said seize the guns first. due process later. the only person that i think any of us has ever heard of who has a vote that counts, he is the only one who has discussed that. >> tucker: he doesn't have a vote. he is the executive. h i couldn't disagree with that more. my question is not about trump.o it's about the left, which is likely to take over congress, which says it wants to impose common sense gun control in the country. i just want to know as a citizen what does it mean exactly? will the government will be -- should it ever be allowed to take guns away from people who haven't violated the law? >> i don't think anyone is suggesting who has a vote in congress any sort of
9:20 pm
confiscation. >> tucker: that's not true. we interviewed a number of people on the show who said we need australian style. >> which members of congress? you are interested to know. it's 97% of the public wants, which is background checks. it's the age limit should be increased. do away with bump stocks. we should have a three day waiting period. o there is a whole list of things any one of which is going to make a difference. >> tucker: that's debatable. let's keep going down the list to the assault weapons ban. democrats in florida sponsored a bill calling for an assault weapons ban that included gun confiscation. it required -- rather, georgia, excuse me, required the state of georgia to take guns from people who had them. there are 300 million at least firearms in this country. what do you do about that? that's the core question. >> the feeling of -- look, assault weapons, can we agree, are designed to mow human beings down and kill them? what else are they for?? >> tucker: no, an assault weapon is not an actual category. it's like hate speech. it's a fake category made up
9:21 pm
by polemicist. just because you had a bayonet lug or flash dispenser. this is like the dumbest conversation ever. >> no, it's not. whenen congress passed the assat weapon ban in the '90s. >> tucker: i'm aware. cosmetic criteria that's why the crime ways was totally unaffected by it there are tense of millions, maybe 100 million semiautomatic rifle that meet the criteria for a so-called assault rifle. >> right. >> tucker: they exist. they are in the hands of law abiding americans. what do you do with those? >> again, i heard what jennifer palmieri said it's not a serious topic. i won't say that. >> tucker: it's the most serious. >> only reason throwing that as a possibility nobody in the united states congress is proposing that is because everything else is caving inng on the trump white house and so forth. so let's get the base riled up by talking about confiscation.
9:22 pm
>> tucker: hold on, if you say we want a ban on assault weapons, what does that mean? this is what all the kids lecturing us on television don't want to talk about.n you don't want to talk about it. >> i'm happy to talk about it. >> tucker: what if you possess one?e? can you keep it? can you give it to your son? can you buy the ammunition for it? these are the questions that matter. >> so nikolas cruz mowed down a bunch of students in florida with a gun he could not have acquired in connecticut. so connecticut has figured out a way to pass a statute that would have actually kept nikolas cruz from buying the gun. you call it what it is but everybody else calls it an assault weapon. >> tucker: what do you do with the rifles in circulation? >> that's a problem. >> tucker: what do you do to i solve that problem? >> the answer is and, again, that's what the study of whether the assault weapons ban worked. the longer it's in effect, the longer basically those guns kind of wear out. so they rust out. there is no great solution. you know, and, again. >> tucker: you think it's in -- something we should talk about, taking them away? s >> no.
9:23 pm
i'm not. >> tucker: should never take them away. so you ban the sale of them. do you ban the transfer of them? can i give one to a member of my family? >> everything that i suggested, which is going to be part of the democratic agenda will move the needle a bit. an assault weapons ban, you basically can quibble with how we define it, but i think it's beyond argument that the assault weapons ban will move the needle a bit.e >> tucker: i don't know what that means. that's the point. i don't know what the definitiot of it is. and that's why, why would i agree to something that you e refuse to explain?t that's what make me nervous when people are not straightforward. >> did the guy in las vegas use one? yeah, i think he did. did the pulse nightclub use one? yes. did parkland use one? yes. >> tucker: can millions of law-abiding americans use them every day. yes. >> to mow people down? >> tucker: no for sport. >> they are not killing deer with assault weapons. >> tucker: actually they are.po it shows your lack of knowledge.
9:24 pm
762 is legal in many states. >> would people want to do it for sport, they could go to a rifle range and say let me have that? have my practice and give it back just like they would -- >> tucker: we are not allowed to have personal possessions. >> you are allowed to you. i'm saying if you are desperate to go to a range we can provide for that. >> tucker: a high level of social control. i want to get that out there. we should debate that because we are all citizens. >> we should debate all i mentioned there is 85 to 90% support in the public. >> tucker: this is the big one. thank you for talking withan me about it. >> you are welcome. >> tucker: jennifer also talked about how sexism is one the reasons hillary clinton didn't get elected because you are sexist. mark steyn will join us to weigh in on that. stay tuned. if this was a real emergency, i'd be freaking out. but thanks to cigna,
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>> tucker: obama administration and clinton campaign communications director jennifer palmieri came on the show last night to talk about her book "dear madam president"i as well as the profound changes that have taken place in the democratic party she has served 25 years. we ran out of time last night but our conversationon continued after the show some on camera and some not. she didn't seem to enjoy it very much. i did. anyway, today she tweeted this "tucker carlson tonight" is supposed to air a segment about my book. don't hold out high hopes for it.a it was like we were speaking differential languages. expect to see blank stares from him. see those every night.
9:29 pm
from me as i struggle to explain the obstacles women face. i don't think it was that bad, but can you judge. here is a portion of it. >> tucker: so what's the book about? >> so, the book is about i wrote it, i wanted to be consciously forward-looking. i wanted to be cautiously optimistic. so i said i want to write a book not about the campaign i want to write a book of advice about, based on, i had two experiences. what i learned watching a woman running for president, obstacles that i think still exists. i wrote it as a letter to the first woman president. i wanted everyone reading it to believe that's what they could be. >> tucker: so it's not, strictly speaking, a political book. >> it's really not a politicalll book at all. >> tucker: if you assess the obstacles to women rising in politics or business or any field. >> right. >> tucker: was it exclusively men? was it other women? it was a combination?? >> i think -- i did not gogo into hillary's campaign
9:30 pm
thinking that it was a big deal to elect the first woman president or that it was going to be hard. okay? i feel like i have had a great career. i have had men and women both that supported me.t great mentors. and i thought we had equality. but there is a question about women and ambition that exists. when hillary was a senator, right? she was really popular. people liked her a lot in that job. when she was secretary of state. she was popular, people liked her in that job. when she was a candidate for senate, she wasn't as popular. she confounded them. c and i think it is because she has always been a woman who was stepping out ofs roles that women traditionally have. i mean, do you believe that the hatred that exists for hillary clinton is rational? do you think that she is deserving? do you think that hillary clinton has done so much of -- in her life that she is deserving of the hatred?
9:31 pm
does it not strike you as if something is amiss there? >> tucker: i don't know. i marvel how much i'm disliked at times.s. i will be honest with you. >> you are, my friend, are not disliked the way hillary clinton is. >> tucker: i will say this which i think is actually interesting. you have been in democratic politics for 20 years.n you worked for leon panetta and john edwards and bill clinton. you worked for hillary clinton. all of those people while liberal for the time by today's standards areli conservative democrats. let's be honest. >> the country has moved. the country has moved. >> tucker: that's my question. so hillary clinton could never run for any office on her husband's 1992 o platform. that's true? >> but that -- the country is not the same as 1992. that's not what my book is abou about. my book is about recognizing that there are still problems for -- there are still obstacles that stand in the way, some which we
9:32 pm
have inherited, some which live in, you know, my own mind, in terms of inhibitions i feel about being able to speak my mind or if i say this am i going to be attacked? that and what i am doing in the book is saying don't worry so much about whether or not you think your -- you think your perspective matters. let me promise you that it does. let me promise you have something interesting to say. let me promise you if you are a woman at a table and there is mostly men around you, your perspective is more important, not less. those are the lessons i had to learn in working in the white house. >> tucker: jennifer palmieri, thank you for >> thank you, tucker.e >> tucker: we tried to be fair in the way we presented that. it was a very long conversation. so if you want to hear more, it's on our facebook page, which is "tucker carlson tonight." leave a comment if you are there.
9:33 pm
it will go up also on for reaction to what you just saw, columnist mark steyn joins us. that conversation got me thinking about, she asked i thought a good question why do people dislike hillary clinton so much?an and i actually thought about it because hillary is not the most offensive on policy among all democrats but she grates. why is that? i think it's because this weird thing that she does where she sells herself as a very strong figure and i think she is tough, actually. one thing i like about her.ou and when attacked, immediatelyly retreats into the victim pose. you can't say that. i'm a you are sexist. that's unfair. that's not good sportsmanship. pick one. are you ferocious and tough or weak? >> yeah, that's a problem. but that duality, as it were, derives from her role. she is not only someone who is a politician in her own right, but she was also, for many years, and this is how she came to national prominence, the spouse of a prominent politician.
9:34 pm
i think that's the difference. i was struck by the subtitle of jennifer palmieri's book "an open letter to the women who will run the world." well, actually, outside the democrat party and outside america, women do run a lot of the world. i don't happen to agree with them. angela merkel has single-handedly wrecked europe by letting in millions of phony refugees. what they're not is the wife of the previous guy which doesn't pass the smell test. and you can't shatter the glass ceiling when you are doing this latin american eva perone thing. >> tucker: that's a good point. shouldn't it be off limits as a matter of fairness to pose as someone who is tough m and decisive and then when questioned, as you would
9:35 pm
question anybody who seeks to have power over you, whip around and accuse the personon of bias for asking a conventional question? like that shouldn't be allowed. >> no. i and again, i think what's interesting to me is thatay the rest of the world has moved way beyond this. so all this talk about how america is uniquely sexist, i sat in the australian parliament during prime minister's question time anden watched julia guillard, a labor prime minister who i don't happen to agree with and julie bishop the deputy leader of her majesty's loyal opposition at that time clobbering each other back and forth.g neither of them would say if it all goes wrong they don't s say stop beating up on me. i'm a woman. the fact is, this disastrous investment in hillary clinton to go back what you have been talking about on the rest of the show. i mentioned this on your show a couple of months back. and i think it's an important point. one reason the party hast'
9:36 pm
gone left is because democratic centrists were represented by the clintons so long. if you are in the democratic party and you don't want to feel dirty because the clintons are in it for themselves. they're opportunists, running this rotten charity which isth there to provide them with a head of state lifestyle t when the public declines to make them heads of state. if you are a democrat, the left is the comparatively clean sidel >> tucker: totally right. they discredit it by sleaziness. >> that's right. >> tucker: that's a very smart point which i never thought of. >> that has huge repercussions and jen palmieri ought to be addressing that instead of condescendingly telling the rest of the world that hillary is the future because that ain't true. >> tucker: very smart. mark steyn as always. thank you. >> thanks a lot, tucker. >> tucker: our biggest state
9:37 pm
california is in steep define freefall.he leaders are focused on helping people who shouldn't be in the country in the first place. can california be saved? actor and californian, an immigrant to california but a long-time resident fabio joins us next. today, big thinking in the finger lakes is pushing the new new york forward. we're the number one dairy and apple producers in the eastern united states supported by innovative packaging that extends the shelf life of foods and infrastructure upgrades that help us share our produce with the world. all across new york state, we're building the new new york. to grow your business with us in new york state, visit
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and get $10 off $30. at a comfort inn with a glow taround them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at" who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. book now at >> california became the face's first sanctuary state in january. law prohibits police from detaining criminal aliens. >> with thousands living in close proximity on skid row hygiene is always an issue. with an outbreak of hepatitis a it's now a necessity. >> just before midnight anderson was driving his semi-truck on interstate 70. he was hit and killed. the man charged with anderson's death is ivan, he as undocumented immigrant out on bond wanted by ice. >> tucker: the golden state
9:42 pm
has lost its glow, obviously. california now has more poverty than any state. homelessness is completelysl out of control. state officials are still focused on protecting illegal immigrants from deportation rather than anything the state faces. sad picture. one man who sees it clearly has been there a long time actor model fabio. fabio joins us tonight. so, fabio, thanks for coming on.g >> tucker, thank you for having me.k >> tucker: i read about california every day. here are two headlines. tell me if they sum up what it's like now? this is from the other day. "orange county homeless campth clean up 400 tons of debris." 14,000 needles, 5,000 pounds c of human waste. here's the second. "california lowers the penalty for knowingly exposing someone to h.i.v." it sounds chaotic and dirty. is that your experience? >> yeah, well, let me tell you something right now about california. it looked like the wild, wild west. don't look farther than the
9:43 pm
leaders of california. jerry brown, levy, the mayor of oakland. you know, jerry brown, proposition 47, 57, 109 totally took the side of the criminals. turned back on law enforcement. and you know, the leaders of california, they acting criminals. they are acting like criminals. so what do you expect the rest of the people are going to do?ha then have you the mayor of oakland who totally tell all the criminal to run away because ice is coming over. so, instead to do arrest, they only arrest about 120, 130 people. then you have, you know, the homeless, the homeless, if you look -- if you go downtown los angeles, i'm telling you, tucker, i have been around the world. i remember 30 years ago in africa. africa doesn't look like that. it's unbelievable. not even third world country
9:44 pm
30 years ago look like california right now. like downtown. you go down to the library, it's like sodom and gomorrah. sex, drugs, and rock and >> tucker: in a library? >> in the library. i mean, you should do a total segment on the library. a public library downtown los angeles and i'm telling you, it's unbelievable. it's like sodom and gomorrah. >> tucker: only californian librarians would put up with that.ld when did you get to california? when did you move there? >> in 1992. >> tucker: '92? >> now i go back and forth because i live in washington. because i'm telling you, it's like the california leaders totally destroyed the middle class in california. >> tucker: yes. >> the majority, california is broken. you have a few wealthy people,
9:45 pm
about 5700 people pay almost 37% exactly of the entire california income tax. >> tucker: that's unbelievable. >> california is broke. >> tucker: unbelievable. >> let me tell you it's unbelievable. on top of that, every single company is running away because of tax reason and including the movie industry. >> tucker: of course they are. >> every single movie outside of california. >> tucker: we are going to be there soon. we will bring the show to california and we will see you then. fabio, thank you. t hang in there. >> thank you so much. >> tucker: time for final exam. can you beat our experts when it comes to what happened this week in the news? you will find out next.pp termites, feasting on homes 24/7.
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we're on the move. roger. hey rick, all good? oh yeah, we're good. we're good. termites never stop trying to get in, we never stop working to keep them out. terminix. defenders of home.
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: oh, that time has come. the time for final examin where two hard news professionals compete to find out who has been paying
9:50 pm
closer attention to what's going on in the world thisk. past week. our defending champion this week, fox national correspondent peter doocy going for his second win in a row.oo his challenger, who was also his challenger for the very first edition of this segment is fox's elizabeth prann. they both join us on set. it's great to see you both. i know you know the rules. >> i do know the rules. the future champion knows the rules. >> tucker: for the sake of our viewers tuning in, i will repeat them. first one buzzing in gets to answer the question. wait until i finish asking it before you answer it each correct answer one point. each incorrect gets a point subtracted from your total. best of five wins. are you ready? >> i'm so ready. are you ready? >> i have been practicing. >> i'm rooting for me as well. i don't know if you can tell. >> tucker: if you are not on your own side, who will be. which democratic senator chastised hillary clintonil this week for saying voters fros her state are looking backward? peter doocy? >> i think that that is heidi heitcamp.
9:51 pm
>> tucker: you prefaced that by saying "i think." >> i thought enough to ring the alarm. >> tucker: ring the alarm. also known as the buzzer. was it heidi heitkamp. to the tape we go. >> missouri senator claire mccaskill slamming hillary clinton on why she lost the 2016 election. >> it felt like she was criticizing missouri voters and i would draw -- talking about drawing a line, i would draw a line there. i have great respect for missouri voters. there are a lot of reasons they voted for donald trump. some of which i completely understand. d >> tucker: the missouri senator has complete respect for missouri voters, but not for north dakota voters though. >> i don't know anythingng about it. >> i was going to call him out.. i don't know. >> tucker: roseanne barr not a senator says liberals became too extreme during the 2016 election.
9:52 pm
the other night she confronted a late night show host for going too far to the left. who did she confront? elizabeth prann. >> stephen colbert. >> tucker: did she confront stephen colbert? >> i'm shocked because i know you were very liberal, socially liberal person in general. >> i'm still the same. i you all moved. >> we did? >> y'all went so [bleep] far out, you lost everyone. >> i didn't say stephen colbert. i said jimmy kimmel. it sounded like the s and the j. >> tucker: both are kind of french names. so for the first time in the history of the show, we have negative 1 to negative 1. we have three more. someone can get to zero if we try hard. question three, an object in space right now the size of a school bus and falling to earth as we speak. there is a slight chance it could hit the united states. what is that object? elizabeth prann?
9:53 pm
>> chinese space station. >> tucker: is it a chinese space station. >> chinese space station losing communications with an 18,000-pound. >> are we done? >> come down somewhere. >> most of it will burn up 10 to 40% of it will reach the earth. >> tucker: there you go. >> the only one i will get right. >> tucker: taking the lead at zero. >> are we done? >> tucker: we are not. we have two more. you can get in positive territory. you can too, actually. the game is wide open. which former president has gone viral online after being filmed dancing enthusiastically at a family wedding? >> it is george w. bush. >> tucker: george w. bush? >> yeah. >> tucker: says peter doocy. roll the tape please. >> former president george w. bush is going viral after tearing up the dance floor at his nephew's wedding. watch this. ♪
9:54 pm
>> there he is, bottom right. getting down. >> i knew this one. these are broken. >> tucker: so with 80% of the segment concluded, we are now zero to whatever, it's a relative measure. >> back where we started. >> tucker: the person who wins this question, answers it correctly, wins the segment. are you ready? the final question, the los angeles rams announced this week that in an nfl first their cheerleading squad would see a major change this season. what is that change? elizabeth prann? >> male cheerleaders. >> tucker: i don't believe you. >> i think they should do this for major league baseball.el >> tucker: are there cheerleaders in major league baseball? >> miami does i >> tucker: you can cheer t from the stands. is the change male cheerleaders? >> back now with a big change coming to the nfl. for the first time ever, men will be on the cheerleading squad.
9:55 pm
on the sidelines for the l.a. rams. >> i see a second career for you. >> tucker: is this an improvement or the end of everything we hold dear? >> oh, boy, i don't think we should say anything. >> tucker: too subjective. elizabeth prann you are the winner. i can't believe that unseated a seasoned victor. s >> this is never going to happen again. >> tucker: now you are the eric wemple mug commemorating his appearance on this show. "the washington post" eric wemple. drink coffee and think of us. any beverage of your choice including wine. we will see you next week. peter, i know we will seeee you again. you are the -- match game 76, you would be that bret lady. you would be the lady who always comes back. that's it for this week's final exam. tune in next thursday to see if you can beat our news professionals. we'll be right back.
9:56 pm
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>> tucker: all n >> tucker: all next week we are doing a special series on big tech. what are they doing to us? what are they doing to our children? judge jeanine in for sean tonight. handing it to her. hey, judge. >> judge jeanine: hey, how are you? >> tucker: couldn't be better. >> judge jeanine: almost the weekend. all right. thank you. welcome to this special edition of "hannity," the trump agenda. i'm jeanine pirro in tonight for sean. for the hour tonight we will highlight the major developments surrounding president trump's agenda including the administration's big gains on immigration reform, infrastructure, jobs, and so much more.en earlier today, the president touted some of those recent achievements during his speech in ohio. take a look. >> joined by our friends here in ohio, my administration is fighting every day to protect and defend and grow american


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