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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  March 29, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> see you back here tomorrow. >> "outnumbered" starts now. >> we begin with a fox news alert and the president. president trump is about to depart for ohio accompanied by his daughter and adviser ivanka. he will deliver remarks on infrastructure at a training center just south of cleveland. the trip comes after more changes in the president's cabinet. what you're looking at is marine one just landing at joint base andrews, he will board air force one for ohio. he is on time for the schedule we've been given. veterans affairs secretary david shulkin is out. president trump is nominating white house doctor ronny jackson to replace. you're watching "outnumbered" i'm harris faulkner. dagen mcdowell, trish regan, host of kennedy also on fbn and
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joining us on the couch is zac petkanas. not from fbn. he worked under hillary clinton and was an adviser to the dnc. he is outnumbered as we say. >> glad to be with you guys. >> you wore your special socks let's get to it. let's put him to work. another change to the president' cabinet. he fired his veteran affairs secretary david shulkin and so not naming the white house physician. his departure was wildly expected following ethics scandal charging taxpayer for travel expenses. shulkin said the big problem was his resistance to the administration's goal to privatizing care for veteran. he elaborated that today. >> last few months, it really has changed not from congress but from these internal political appointees that were
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trying to politicalize the v.a. and make sure the progress stopped. it's been a difficult environment. it's been one where we've been distracted from our mission. i was not against reforming v.a. i was against privatization. i think that it was really the political appointees trying to undermine our efforts at the v.a. >> the president foes what he want. he wants ronny jackson to take his place. he is the white house doctor. he has an impressive resume, he has never held an administrative position. v.a. is second largest federal department. it serves 9 million veteran and runs 170 medical centers along with more than a thousand outpatient clinician. it has a big $186 billion annual budget. what are your thoughts?
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>> look, the question is if i praised the way that donald trump looks and way he's healthy, do i get to run a massive department? >> no, you're not a doctor. >> that's very true. thank goodness. to both of us. look, the problem here is that we have somebody who has no experience running a massive bureaucracy that requires an incredibly steady hands. we're someone that administers the healthcare to thousands and thousands of veterans. we need someone who knows what they are doing. i'm sure this guy is a great personal physician, is he someone that can wrap his arms around the massive bureaucracy. >> the man is about to board air force one. we'll wait to let the president exit one aircraft and board the other here as we're watching on the left. he'll be talking about the economy on the ground today and infrastructure and creating jobs through a huge infrastructure
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program this they like to put place. there is the president of the united states. we watched these things sometimes even with an open microphone on the ground because this is a president who sometimes will take a question or two or has something he wants to say. let's take a second to let him walk across the tarmac here. trish, this infrastructure is the price tag on this is large. the payoff the president says will also be large. >> sure. you will put lot of people to work. he's hoping to put hundreds of thousands of people to work in this infrastructure plan. my hope is that he really does work with private companies. i get little concerned when we talk about spending this type of money in you think about president obama's $800 billion infrastructure plan that got us nothing. i think that this is better conceived for sure.
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there is an effort here to really partner with private industry, private businesses and that in turn, should put more credibility into all of this and more accountability. >> we've seen the president just walk up the stairs of air force one. he's on his way to cleveland, ohio now. he will be talking about infrastructure. >> by the way, in that omnibus spending bill that the president signed on friday. $21 billion in additional infrastructure spending and that this will not go anywhere politically. >> let me step in here. we had known from twitter account that ivanka trump will be joining her father. her twitter page too, we know obviously she's an adviser to the president. she advises him on economic issues and so, she will be boarding air force one. she is right now live. these are live pictures at joint base andrews.
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accompanying him as he talks about the economy, tax cuts no doubt, always come up in the conversation. we wonder too f he'll mention the exit of shulkin as the head of the v.a. zac, you were making points about, i'm little curious. i heard democrats didn't really like shulkin that much. he had that ethics scandal how he was spending taxpayer dollars. i'm bending my brain why this isn't a good place. >> we're going in the right direction if you're talking about privatization and the v.a. it is a behemoth organization. one of the things that -- we always have to be kind of trepidation about whether or not the president is using his intuition correctly. i understand he has great deal of faith in him. that remains to be seen whether or not citizens can invest that kind of faith.
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but the fact that her moving toward privatizing will not only save money, it will help veterans. you will shake your head. veterans died in places like phoenix and v.a. has not righted itself. we have done such an incredible disservice with socialized medicine to people who worn the uniform and bravely fought for this country. >> there's a reason why the vfw is opposed to privatization. there's a reason why when give a choice the vfw study they showed 80% chose their healthcare. >> choice is not a four letter word. >> can i step in? sometimes soldiers who been on the battlefield will make a choice based on supporting those
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to be part of change. that's an element that i don't ever hear talked about. it isn't so much they wouldn't consider a voucher privatization system. but it is also wanting to be with men and women who they served with and led. that's a component of this. i know kennedy, you get this. sometimes the way to bring about change is to stay in the system. that's not something that i often hear democrats talking about. >> you bring up whether admiral jackson the doctor is capable running that the organization. if you're in the trump administration, you screw up you get fired. at least we can count on the president for stepping up and doing that. i'm not making light of it. by the way, when you have run on cleaning up the swamp and you have had cabinet secretary after cabinet secretary be questioned. their travel, whether it was tom price, it was steve mnuchin or ryan zinke and $31,000.
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this ethics scandal with shulkin is horrible. he is supposed to be caring for our veterans. he was on a trip in europe and got wimbledon tickets and flew his wife first class with it. it smelled bad. >> i heard democrats saying it. i'm straining by brain. >> i'm not here defending shulkin. this is a move towards privatization. it's a disservice to veterans. fixing the v.a. is not about turning them over to private insurance. >> giving them more choices not the answer. >> this is a live picture right now. the president of the united states is on his way to parting on air force one in route to cleveland, ohio. he is going to talk infrastructure and a program that he wants to see put in place. he said this applies pressure on capitol hill democrats to get on board and not miss out with plan that would create jobs for so many americans just like
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democrats missed out on getting on board with his tax cuts which millions of americans are benefiting from right now. we are watching air force one as it departs for cleveland. as this travel takes him to touch down next hour, we'll bring you that live as well. the white house is pushing back on a report today one of the president's former attorneys floated wh the idea that commanr in chief with pardon top advisors. paul manafort and michael flynn. what the report means for the investigation. the d.o.j. inspector general has announced investigation into alleged government surveillance abuses. we knew this was coming. will this get to the bottom of it? do we need a second special counsel? stay close. turn up your swagger game with one a day men's.
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>> the d.o.j. inspector general was announces he is investigating whether fbi and department officials acted prop early to oobtain a fisa warrant guru durin -- during 2016 presil race. this comes after develop lawmakers called on jeff sessions to appoint second
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verbal counsel to probe the matter. fox news senior judicial analyst had this to say about it earlier today. >> inspector general has certain limitation. he can't indict and charge and threaten to indict. he can only interrogate people or obtain documents and information on people who are current employees of the justice department. fisa has been turned on its head. it was written to prevent spying on americans. that court delivers 99.9% of all requested search warrants. there isn't a court in the country that has that. >> what do you make of this? >> i think this is actually bad news for the republicans. it takes an issue off the table. i'm thrilled there's an investigation because it will show what we've been saying. now when you guys talk about there's abuse of fisa.
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removes from the table. the investigation is going to come back that there's no evidence of abuse. >> there's no evidence of fisa abuse? >> absolutely no evidence. >> clearly you're joking? >> carter page was not on the trump campaign when he got the warrant. the warrant was signed off on not one but two. >> fisa abuse here or broadly? >> related to this ig report which was about the investigation into carter page who was a long time russian spy. someone who should be getting looked into by our counterintelligence agency. his warrant was signed off by a republican. >> he was investigated. carter page was investigated and how do you define spy? >> they were tapping his phone. >> i understand perhaps, the government was spying. on an american citizen, how is carter page, how do you define
9:17 am
russian spy? >> he was in communication with russian intelligence for the last three years. he was known for this by the fbi. >> was anyone on hillary clinton campaign contact from russia. not one person? >> no. >> i think you need only to look at that uranium deal to realize that people -- >> it was a set up my friend. >> exactly. >> she was getting lot of money from very high powered people in russia for the clinton foundation. hillary clinton. you know what i'm talking about. >> this has been debunked a thousand times. >> it hasn't been dedunked. it has not. it is ongoing controversy because i want to know -- listen, i have covered many thought my career. when you talk about approving a deal like this one, there is no
9:18 am
way in hell a deal like this happens. >> let me ask you something quickly. hillary clinton was going to become president of the united states. she believed it. mainstream media believed it. donald trump and his campaign believed it. someone who is secretary of state and united states senator and former first lady who had a relationship with russia, who is going to assume the reign of the ultimate power post in this country, didn't have any dialogue at all with anyone in russia? that sounds irresponsible. you're telling she wasn't talking to russia? >> as secretary of state, she of course was. >> you just contradicted yourself. >> you said during the campaign. as secretary of state, she had communications with russia. the reason why russia interfered in the election was to attack hillary clinton because she was too hard on russia. they didn't like her. >> remember the reset button? >> i'll bring it back to fisa
9:19 am
court and inspector general looking into abuse. potential corruption within the justice department and fbi using democrat funded research to spy on an american. whether he was a member of the trump campaign at the time or not. that is a huge issue. i think that the special counsel ultimately will be appointed for one reason, ig can't talk to anybody who doesn't currently work at the justice department or fbi. that means andy mccain and jim comey. >> he can talk to them. he cannot compel them to come in. i don't know, maybe some of these people will volunteer. i haven't seen that in my career. >> they will on their book tours. >> ouch. >> clinton foundation is about personal enrichment. >> clinton didn't take a single dollar from the clinton foundation.
9:20 am
>> have you ever been to cgi event? i have. i never seen nigerian billionaires at a clinton global event. they are buying legitimacy. you can wall it what you want. i guarantee you, there was contact between the clintons and the russians. you have only to look at the $500,000 fee. >> what about that middle man? >> if this shoe was on a liberal foot, democrats would be up in arms. >> group of civil libertarian. >> they will be losing their left leaning mind. moving on to white house pushing back upon a report that president trump's lawyer, raised the prospect of pardoning former top advisers michael flynn and paul manafort. as special counsel was building cases against both men in the russia investigation. the report raising questions about whether president trump former lawyer, john dowd, made
9:21 am
offers to the payer and an attempt to influence their cooperation with special counsel robert mueller. it's possible mueller's team could investigate that going forward. here's what white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders had to say yesterday. >> as i said on record statement from the president's attorney here at the white house on these matters, has said there's no discussion or consideration of this. >> white house worried about what michael flynn or paul manafort might tell special counsel robert mueller? >> we said pretty much everyday since we got here. you guys continue to hash about this topic everyday. there was no collusion. we look forward to this process wrapping up. >> my big question is where does this come from? one thing say about robert mueller, he doesn't have leaks. then you got to see who has skin in the game that would want to put this in there?
9:22 am
this is not a good look for the white house. the white house now on the record pushing back. i'm curious, john dowd has exited. i'm curious to know where this came from. if there's evidence that this did not happen, where did they think this would go? >> paul common fort and michael -- paul manafort and michael flynn who was president partners, there can be an ethical abuse someone third party is offering that in exchange for withholding testimony. rick gates. >> interesting. >> perhaps he was offered same deal at the same time with paul manafort. now they've flit them up -- >> my point with this, it's difficult if you're the white house to even step in without calling the names. you can push back on it. how much can you say? you don't know what mueller has.
9:23 am
he doesn't typically have leaks off his team. he's got some bias there and democrats working for him. you can see where some of the politics come in play. that's interesting. >> we do know, trish, that these pardons were not offered. they weren't offered. we have got jay sekulow saying never during the course of my representation the president and i had any discussions of pardons of any individual involved in this inquiry. ty cobb, the white house lawyer, i have only been asked about pardons by the press. they continue to respond that no pardons are under consideration at the white house. >> jay sekulow was not in the room when john dowd this conversations. this just really looks bad for the white house for someone who is saying there was no collusion or wrong doing with russia. ordering fire of robert mueller. ordering firing of andrew
9:24 am
mccabe. these things that just stink. >> there's no evidence of slough. they're not evidence. there are evidence of one thing. >> i don't think it's entirely inconceivable that someone at the white house tossing around, what if they get him on tax evasion or not filing properly, etcetera. could he be for financial crimes but not for collusion. >> that's what i'm saying. >> may be somebody tossed around the idea, we hate to see paul go to jail for that, can we pardon for it. i don't think it's anywhere near horrendous the smell around the way you are describing. >> also, who recommended that andrew mccabe be fired? was if the president? >> no, it was the office of responsibility within the fbi and the inspector general.
9:25 am
those are the two recommendations for andrew mccabe. >> months before. >> we're not talking about what people were talking about. >> you're not making a proper distinction between what if and what is. >> we got to wrap it up. >> i would say what single digits more than anything, these media reports keep piling up about conversations. the president had with reince priebus. how did your mueller interview go. eric holder saying obstruction of justice charges will be filed. this is people on the left putting pressure on bob mueller trying to build obstruction and press obstruction of justice on this white house. i think it smells worse than anything that we have gotten a riff of so far. >> hillary would have done the same thing. you know it. democrats didn't like james comey.
9:26 am
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>> in an apparent title handle growing fallout, california issuing new guidance for implementation of the state's controversial sanctuary law. but that's not stemming a growing revolt from local communities and law enforcement. california's attorney general signed off on the new guide 39 -- guidelines after orange county joined trump administration lawsuit against the state. orange county sheriff started posting release date of the inmates. he'll just release everybody name. that seem to fly in the face of the state law which seeks to
9:31 am
protect, shield illegal immigrants from federal immigration enforcement. even after they are released from custody. the state's attorney general even suggested he might arrest the orange county sheriff. but then last night a change of tone. the ag released a statement this way. the guidance we're issuing today give our public safety authorities a clear sense of what the values act which works in concert and not conflict with federal law require. thanks not going far enough. they opposed this measure from the start. despite the new guidance, they believe it is a dangerous law. watch. >> when this was presented, not just orange county but sheriffs up and down the state, railed against this legislation. we got some bad language out of it. but it's still lipstick on a pig. we encouraged and welcomed the lawsuit brought on by jeff sessions. we think that will settle it and go to supreme court and
9:32 am
hopefully overturn and back in position where we can hold criminals in our custody accountable for crimes. >> i thought the ag, javier becerra didn't see this coming. >> because everybody in those deep blue cities thinks everybody else in that state is deep blue. which viewers have constantly reminded us. when i say we should saw california off and kick it in the pacific. people push back on that. we do have a federal lawsuit against the state fighting this because some of what it does, it impedes people's first amendment rights. where you have businesses told they are not allowed to cooperate with federal agent. it violates multiple parts of the constitution. you heard the sheriff say, they counting on that working in court. >> the issue is to protect americans, trish. >> yes. look, we need to protect americans. i don't understand why this
9:33 am
should be a controversy in the first place in that state law, i sure have a lot of respect for. when it comes to immigration and protecting the country and having borders that is where federal law should trump the state law. the idea there should be these sanctuary cities where they have the opportunity to not play by the rule is bizarre in a united states of america. >> zac, the push back you're hearing from trish and da debegn to hear from national security. now they ratchet that up with violence and illegal behavior beyond that. if doesn't protect us not turn those people in. >> i think that the misconception about what sanctuary cities are. they're not for people to come in and commit crimes. people who don't have the
9:34 am
correct papers, you commit a crime -- >> it is a safe haven. >> it's not. if you commit a crime, no matter what your papers are they will be arrested. that's a different thing than saying that they undocumented immigrants with commit a crime. that's what i.c.e. it's not what local law enforcement should be spending resources on. that's what federal law enforcement do. it protects local law enforcement who vast majority outside of this one example that you found do not want -- >> orange county is a pretty sizeable portion of southern california. >> absolutely. >> that's not just a random law enforcement agency. >> local law enforcement overwhelmingly opposed using their resources they want to be spending for burglaries, and murders -- >> there's a big difference
9:35 am
between rounding people up and demonizing people and all immigrants. which i think there's a great disservice in in discussion when we do that. by in large, people who come to this country, they're good, they want to work and be part of the american dream. we have to acknowledge that. when there are people who have harmed others, they don't deserve special protection. just as american citizens don't deserve special protection when they do the same thing. there's a difference here. if you are here illegally you commit a violent felony, you shouldn't be shielded from deportation. >> absolutely. this does not do that. the problem is that the federal government is now not prioritizing in a way that obama did going after violent criminals. they're going after grandmas and fathers and mommas. >> obama deported more people than predecessors. >> they were prioritizing violent criminals. this administration deported
9:36 am
veterans who served two terms in afghanistan. that's people trump going after. >> someone in obama shouldn't be a citizen. >> you have seen the headlines of alleged affairs and hush money. can democrats and are they planning to use this against the president at the ballot box? the divide in the party on whether to do that. a divide in the democratic party whether such a move could backfire. ♪ ♪ you said you're not like me, ♪ never drop to your knees, ♪ look into the sky for a momentary high, ♪ ♪ you never even tried till it's time to say goodbye, bye ♪ ♪ everybody fights for a little bit of light, i believe. ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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thisat red lobsterest. with exciting new dishes like dueling lobster tails and lobster truffle mac & cheese. classics like lobster lover's dream are here too. so enjoy these 10 lobsterlicious dishes while you can because lobsterfest won't last. >> welcome back to "outnumbered." democrats split whether to use allegation of sexual impropriety against the president to attack congressional republicans in the midterm. the hill reporting while some democrats are cautious, others are eager to attack trump over his affairs with porn star stormy daniels playboy model
9:41 am
karen mcdougal. one democratic strategist telling the hill, democrats shouldn't shy away from raising this issue. it comes down to a question of credibility. lot of folks are just appalled by what they are hearing. party leader don't appear too eager to go down this road. house democratic leader nancy pelosi on the subject. >> i don't know we have to get involved in that. i'm more concerned about the policy which undermine the financial security of american working families. >> doesn't that seem to be better attack for democrats as opposed to dredging up personal details? lot of which voters knew before they made the choice whether or not to vote for president trump. shouldn't democrats be going after policy issues? >> absolutely. the midterm should be about healthcare, tax bill and russia. however, i do think that what we
9:42 am
can talk about, we should stay away from the personal stuff. consensual sex between two adults. no problems with that. the issue is the cover up, the issue the potential legality of the cover up. the issue is stormy daniels allegations of potential physical threat against her. these are things that are beyond what donald trump does in the privacy of his own bedroom. these things are serious things. if this was hillary clinton in the white house and republican congress, it will be hearing after hearing about the potential violations of the law when it comes to campaign finance violations. >> i don't think they have a lot to go after him on when it comes to policy. our economy is doing better. wages going up. people have little bit more money in their pocket. i'll be think being this, how do i rally my troops and the base?
9:43 am
unfortunately, the best way they've got given that the policy stuff isn't going to stick is to have a character assassination. any of these things, no one wants that kind of person in the oval office. i think american voters have looked past a lot. i talked to some friends down south, religious friend i'm not electing a preacher. i want someone who can run the country. if you want to mobilize the left, the base, you're not going to be able to do it on policy. >> you throw up photographs of stormy daniels. somebody from where i come from. i don't know how some pornography performer have anything to do with my well being, these extra large chicken breast at the market are expensive. [laughter] there is a movement on the hill,
9:44 am
all 22 female senators republicans and democrats have now pinned letter complaining the deep disappointment that the senate failed to push through sexual harassment reform. remember this started on capitol hill. they want this for all congressional workers, men and women. the inaction they're saying sun acceptable. where are the democrats on this issue too? these women are not hashtag me too victims. the porn star said she wasn't. karen mcdougal saying i was in love with this man. it does disservice to the women who are victim. it as lie about where we are in this country. democrats really want to be part of that? that seems like a slippery slope. >> you -- nancy post pelosi said not to do that. i never heard anybody say they
9:45 am
want to link the me too movement. >> we came in here with that. >> you played the leader of the democratic house in the house saying we shouldn't do that. >> i'm not a republican. did hillary clinton who you work for, did she give back donations from harvey weinstein. >> i know the dnc did but rnc did not against accused rapist. >> using anonymous source to go after first lady my lawn -- melania trump. she is unhappy with her life. but the first lady's
9:46 am
communications director fired back. saying the story is false. i challenge the sources saying those things to do so on the record. it brings up the issue of do you stick by your man, hillary clinton still, despite some of these allegations and at least in her case, things were proven. she did stick by him. it seem to do her well. does melania trump do the same thing? >> i don't think she does. this is a very nontraditional situation. i don't think people have the same expectations of this couple than a couple who has been steep in corrupt politics for decades. whatever they choose to do in their private life is absolutely their business. you know what, i wouldn't blame her if she was miserable. it's a lot to take on in a short amount of time. you look at the way her life changed. i feel for her.
9:47 am
>> i thought the same thing back in the in actual time. i was too young to process whether or not she was with bill clinton. i think this is out of bounds. they have children involved in this. i understand, this is not about policy. this is not about a hashtag me too. this is to me, this is glaring into a room that i don't think we need to peer into. i thought the same thing with the clintons. whether this wife decides to leave this husband has nothing to do with national policy. >> i agree. people personal lives need to stay their personal lives. she popped her head up to do some public things like the cyber bullying campaign. i thought it was ironic given donald trump tweets. her marriage and family, completing off. >> i love the expression on michelle obama's face during
9:48 am
inauguration. she was like get me out of this. it's that scrutiny. melania god bless her if she can put up with that level of scrutiny. >> i want to know what you think kennedy? >> i just told trish, it's a nontraditional marriage. whatever they choose today it will be held to different standard than politicians married to each other for a long time. i feel for her. i think she's an incredibly -- it's intriguing for people because they are the two most high profile people in the country. same way we look at the upcome royal wedding. it has nothing to do with us. >> i do not envy her position at all. it's a tough spot to be in. second thoughts from former vice president joe biden on fighting words gets president trump. what he's saying now and what it could mean for 2020.
9:49 am
>> i shouldn't have said what i said. i shouldn't have brought it up again. because i don't want to get down with this guy.
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>> former vice president joe
9:53 am
biden now saying he regrets bringing up the idea fighting president trump. this coming a week after he repeated something he said he would beat the hell out of trump. here's former vice president in a recent interview. >> i shouldn't have said what i said. i shouldn't have brought it up again. i don't want to get down with this guy. the idea that i would actually physically get in a contest with a president of the united states or anybody else, now, is not what i said. i did say, i used again in high school. i never, ever any time said i would like to personally, physically, etcetera. [laughter] >> is that true? >> no.
9:54 am
>> kennedy, you are you know how gullible i can be. if we went back decades, that's where this threat arises. i do think it's interesting. in order to squash it, you have to bring it up again. now who's acting like they're in high school? >> joe biden is a wildly political operator. he brought the crux of it. genesis of his comment was him bringing up 19 women accused the president of sexual harassment or harassment. people were talking about it. he's apologizing for it. people are talking about that the -- >> you know what's great about joe biden, he would have done so much better than hillary clinton against donald trump. >> democrats know it. >> he would have won wisconsin, pennsylvania. >> in this corner, joe from
9:55 am
scranton, pennsylvania. >> joe biden versus hillary clinton in terms of just who is a better politician. who it more likeable. what's your answer? >> i think that the question of likability is irrelevant who can get stuff done. >> no, we're not talking about likability. >> those personal one on one relationships didn't translate to a broader audience. >> i think that is a shame. she would have been an incredible president. >> joe biden is better at one thing that i mother scold me on. say what you mean and mean what you say. he talked about beating up president trump, we thought he meant it. i laughed and i i'm still laughing about. >> don't avoid the rust belt
9:56 am
states. >> word to the ways. >> don't call people deplorable. >> more "outnumbered" in a moment. hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer. you've probably seen me running all over the country in search of our big idaho potato truck. but not any more. i am done with that. ooh, ooh hot - just gonna stay home on the farm, eat a beautiful idaho potato, and watch tv with my dog... tv anncr: the big idaho potato truck pulled into town today and it's really a sight to see.
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>> thank you so much to zac petkanas. did you have a great time? >> i was one lucky guy. let me tell you. >> he's done a great job. you handled it very well. >> we were easy on you actually.
10:00 am
>> wait to see what happens. we are back at noon eastern tomorrow. here's harris. >> fox news alert, we are awaiting president trump's arrival in ohio where he's taking his pitch to overhaul the nation infrastructure. we showed you his depar occur live in "outnumbered." we'll show you that shortly. he will speak at a union training center outside cleveland. the president has asked congress last month to consider using $200 billion in federal money to kick start more than a trillion dollars in upgrades to the nation's aging bridges and roadways. we will take you to the president's speech live when it begins. another fox news alert big developments when it comes to the investigation into alleged government surveillance abuses. we go "outnumbered overtime" i'm harris faulkner. the justice department inspector general


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