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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  March 29, 2018 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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not ventricle no ventricle veno. i don't do snakes. >> bill: you and me both. we will stay inside on this day. >> sandra: happy thursday, everyone. "happening now" starts right now. >> jon: and we begin with this fox news alert. we are on verdict watch in the trial of the terrorist widow in florida. as jurors deliberate the fate of noor salman for a second day. she is charged with providing material support to a terror group. prosecutors say she helped her husband plan the attack at the pulse nightclub that left 49 people dead. they say salman's statement to the fbi in the hours after the deadly shooting is her confession. salman also lied to authorities about the number of guns her husband owned and his internet use, which included watching beheading videos on islamic state web sites. her attorneys say the statement was coerced because salman feared losing
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her young son. she could be sentenced to life in prison if convicted. >> we will continue to keep a watch on jury deliberations in her case. but, first an historic meeting set for the end of april north and south korean leaders. the most recent took place a decade ago. good morning to you i'm jon scott. >> julie: i'm julie banderas. victory for moon who has pushed for normalized relations with kim jong un and peace on the korean peninsula. how is the white house reacting to this historic break through? >> jon: kevin corke joins us live. >> you could call it a case of optimism, a bit of realism and healthy skepticism. as you point out, it is still historic nonetheless. just the third meaning the two two koreans. the last happening back in 2007.
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the third since the end of the korean war. here is what we do know, the date has been set april 27th april 27th. what we don't know is whether conversations like this will have any real lasting impact especially as the trump administration views. this they want to know will there be some sort of a break through as the north and the south do meet. but we do know this, either way, pressure will continue. let me take to you twitter. heather nauert from over at the state department saying this. the maximum measure campaign has forced kim jong un out of isolation. we are closely linked with our ally, the republic of korea on the rok-dprk summit in april and look forward to north korea taking real action towards denuclearization. until then the meeting will continue. create the atmosphere for the upcoming summit which would be the third as we pointed out of the two koreas sense the end of the sine
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war. china being the primary benefactor for the north, those two countries obviously share a border and instability in pyongyang would be, well, a real problem for beijing first and foremost. now, on capitol hill, lawmakers are crediting the trump administration's approach for change in the tone by the north. >> i met with the president today. he doesn't want a war. is he hoping this can result in ending the north korean nuclear threat, stabilizing that part of the world. i think he is ready to go big. if you told me a year ago that north korean leader would be meeting with president trump potentially the russians and the japanese i wouldn't have believed it and hats off to president trump and his team for making this a reality. maximum pressure has worked. >> maximum pressure has worked. you saw lindsey graham speaking with fox news at night shannon bream. the president not long from now is expected to make his way to the buckeye state of ohio going to be talking
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about infrastructure. we haven't heard from him all week. we suspect ewill actually address reporters over there on the south lawn. if i does i promise to bring it back to you. back to you. >> jon: appreciate that kevin corke at the white house. thanks. >> julie: president trump firing another cabinet secretary. the president taking to twitter to announce that embattled veterans affairs secretary david shulkin is out. the president nominating his personal physician admiral ronny jackson to replace him. the move, which came after much criticism of shulkin's overseas travel which is also sparking concern as well about the privatization of the v.a. from shulkin himself. let's bring in francesca chambers white house correspondent for the daily mail. hours after president trump announced via twitter where he announced in the past that he plans to get rid of somebody in the cabinet. david shulkin blasted the president's decision in farewell proud in the "new york times" and really scoured at the white house. he writes the environment in washington has turned so toxic, chaotic,
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disrespectful and submemberrive that it became impossible for me to accomplish the important work that our veterans need and i deserve as i prepare to leave government, i am struck by a recurring thought it should not be this hard to serve your country. i have been falsely accused of things by people who wanted me out of the way. what do you make of his op-ed and let's not remember he is not an innocent character here. his position had been in jeopardy since the release of that damning inspector general report last month criticizing him for wasting money on a 10-day official department trip last summer. >> that's exactly right. not exactly a shock that the president ended up getting rid of him u this is something we have been expecting for some time now. as you note there was that inspector general report saying that the v.a. acted improperly when it paid for his wife to attend a trip to europe for him when he improperly accepted wimbledon tickets from a woman who is said to be a family friend. however, that has been in question. so certainly this is something that was, again,
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expected at the white house at this point. what is surprising, however, is that president trump named ronny jackson who had been the white house physician to three presidents, including himself to that post. yesterday, you might recall, that jackson was in front of reporters in the white house press briefing room in january talking about how president's the gene's are and that he had been very lucky if he had eaten better over the last 20 years he might have lived to be 200. >> julie: so now the president's new v.a. secretary nominee is rear admiral ronny jackson. now, here is a little history on him. he served at the white house as the white house physician since 2006. he is an iraq war veteran. he served in the navy for 23 years. and he is has also filled in various medical roles. he doesn't have an official experience in the v.a. medical system. what are the implications of appointing a private physician to a government position such as v.a. secretary? >> well, that certainly is something that congress will be looking at as they decide whether or not he should be the veterans affairs secretary. but something that's come up
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since then is the fact that there have been other affairs secretaries that have had experience managing something as large as the v.a. >> julie: look at the v.a., it's been a mess. >> one of president obama's veteran affairs secretary had to resign amade scandal over those wait times for veterans in arizona. and eric shinseki the former veterans affairs secretary had experience in private sector. he was on honey well board. the white house saying today that ronnie jackson is a good fit for this position because he has been a member of the military for so long. in fact is he active duty in the military, so he will know exactly what veterans need. >> julie: this is a huge undertaking though. the department of veterans affairs has a budget of nearly $200 billion boths about 360,000 employees assuming this role obviously is no easy task. especially the years of problems within the v.a. and the whole thing needs
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fixing, still. i guess, you know, if there is anyone who is prepared for this sort of role, i'm not sure anyone really ever would be. i mean, who manages 360,000 employees on a regular basis? is he up for the job? >> well, again, that's something that congress will be looking at as they go through its confirmation hearings. you will remember that congress is out of session this week, so we haven't heard as much from lawmakers on this issue as we potentially will when the senate gets back in session and is able to bring him up there. typically when we have this h. these confirmation hearings you will see someone like him go to capitol hill and talk to leading senators on the committee that will take that first vote and take that first step to determine whether or not he gets the post. so we'll certainly be hearing more from those senators on both sides of the aisle as this process continues. >> julie: francesca chambers thank you very much. >> thanks. >> jon: italian police arrest five people connect to the terror attack at a berlin christmas markets. a it untunisia man killed 12
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people after ramming a truck into that market. believed to have given the driver fake italian i.d. papers. the documents allowed him to move freely around europe. that driver was killed by police four days later. the islamic state claimed responsibility for the berlin attack. the arrest a result of increased police operations targeting extremists. >> julie: president trump kicks out 60 russian diplomats, the most at one time in american history. so, can the media still call the president soft on vladimir putin? our media analysts will talk about that coming up. plus, three youngsters missing after an suv plunges over a cliff into the sea. the mysterious crash that may have killed a family of 8. >> an entire family banished. we have every indication to believe that all six children were in there.
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>> jon: police are searching for three missing children who are feared dead. family of six adopted kids plunged over 100-foot clift in their suv in northern california. the vehicle veered off the pacific coast highway on to the rocks along the ocean. police believe all six kids were in the suv with their parents at the time of the crash. >> julie: so president trump told 60 russian diplomats to the pack their bags and get out of america. that's the largest expelled at one time in american history. the mainstream media has moved on to other controversies instead of paying this much attention. fox news media analyst howie kurtz writes today the move was dutifully covered lie the press even though it contradicts the soft on moscow narrative. many outlets wasted little time returning to preferred story line of trumpian chaos. howie kurtz joins me now with more on the president's move.
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this move by the president was history making and certainly dispels the theory that trump is soft on putin. but the media didn't spend so much time talking about that. >> yeah. it was very big for a few hours. the newspapers certainly put tonight front pages. in part in my view because the media's preferred narrative is that trump won't do anything to tick off vladimir putin even though remember this was coordinated action involving trump and nearly two dozen countries around the world, the press just found other stories. i mean, i would say that stormy daniels received more media coverage this week than the response to vladimir putin. >> julie: all right. i want to now turn to one of president trump's passions. television ratings. and speaking of many of you at home. watched the relaunch premier of roseanne on tuesday night. here is roseanne bar calling in good morning america to talk about congratulatory call she received from the president of her huge ratings. listen. >> it was just a friendly conversation about working
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and, you know, television and ratings. [laughter] >> he does focus a lot on. >> oh, yeah. he really understands ratings and how they measure things that's been an interest of mine, too. >> roseanne is back on the air after two decades. a call from the president for big ratings. what did you think? >> that roseanne reboot was phenomenon. part of what got it so much attention was the trump story line roseanne the character being a big trump fan, not having spoken to her sister, the character for a year because of fighting over trump. and i think it reflected a couple of things. one is, you know, the polarized era in which we live and friendships and family relations have been strained over president trump. and, secondly, you rarely see these days a working class family struggling from paycheck to paycheck. it's as rare now as it was when abc first launched roseanne 30 years ago.
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18 million people tune in and boy is it getting a lot of attention including the man in the white house. >> i love that couch and blanket. the fact that the recreated that whole set. >> it was cool. >> julie: great to see you as always. john? >> jon: republicans on capitol hill are pushing a new round of tax cuts. will they put more money in your pocket? and will it help republicans in the november midterm elections. our political panel weighs in on that. plus, the inspector general looking into allegations of fisa abuses on the part of the fbi and the department of justice. what prompted this review? >> we will find out. you can't hide these things. they don't remain invisible forever. you may indeed find the kind of collusion that nobody ever expected. as the one who's always trapped beneath the duvet, i'm begging you... take gas-x.
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now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. >> julie: 22-year-old shot and killed by police in his mother's barack yard. a funeral for stephon clark will be held today. the incident happened earlier this month in sacramento. clark was unarmed. officers thought he pointed a gun at them but only a cell phone was found. his death has sparked protests at the capital. more of them are planned today. >> jon: the justice department inspector general announcing he has plans to review potential fisa abuses by the department of justice and the fbi after requests from congress and attorney general jeff sessions. here's judge andrew napolitano on the fisa law earlier this morning. >> fisa has been turned on its head. it was written to prevent spying on americans. it's now used to i facilitate spying on americans.
8:21 am
this is not a problem caused by andrew mccabe and company. though mccabe and his colleagues took advantage of it because the fisa court is such a push over. >> jon: let's bring in republican congressman andy biggs members of the house judiciary committee. do you applaud this investigation by the inspector general, sir? >> absolutely. i think it's overdue and i'm hoping that they can get to the bottom of this. and restore -- help restore some confidence in our government. i mean, if you have got fisa as judge napolitano said turned upside down which i think is what is happening whether spying on americans without adequate, you know, forth amendment protections, then you have a real problem. that's why we need to get to the bottom of this. >> jon: trey gowdy put out that letter in late february or mid february, i guess it was, outlining the process that they saw used to develop the fisa warrants,
8:22 am
to spy, certainly on carter page. democrats then countered oh, there was plenty of reason to go for those warrants. how are people supposed to figure out, you know, where the truth lies here or is that the job of the inspector general in this case? >> the inspector general is going to get to the bottom of it what you have to understand is, when the democrats said there was other stuff it doesn't matter if there was other stuff. if what was partially relied upon is this faulty dossier that was frau fraudulent h conflicts not disclosed and biases not disclosed and salaciousalacious and false. that taints the entire process and all that goes out and all the evidence gathered because of that bad warrant also gets suppressed. >> jon: the chair of the committee i just spoke about is devin nunes. here is what he had to say. >> the democrats appear like they weaponized to some degree the intelligence
8:23 am
services, you know, by using the foreign intelligence surveillance apparatus in this country to go and target the opposition campaign is totally unacceptable. >> jon: are you convinced that's what happened here? >> yes, i am. i think that this was a pattern in the obama administration where there whether it was the irs and all the weaponization of that agency to using the very highest levels of the fbi and the department of justice to weaponize for political reasons this -- that's not the american way. that's not the rule of law. and i am convinced that that's what happened here. so we need to get to the bottom of this. i think we should get a special counsel to continue that investigation because the ig can't bring charges. >> jon: the inspector general has his hands full investigating the fbi. this is the second one that he is undertaking at the present time. is he also looking at how the fbi handled its investigation into hillary clinton and her email server
8:24 am
and all of that. >> yeah. that's right. and they have to go back. because the same people involved in the fisa problem were also the same ones that said there is no problem here. they brought this investigation up to the highest level so you don't have the rank and file doing it they got special treatment. that's inappropriate. that's not the same thing we would want in our case. actually maybe it is. get special treatment. maybe that's what you want. we have to get to the bottom of it and both christopher wray, the fbi director and attorney general sessions told me in questioning at the judiciary committee, that they would reopen, if the ig found there were anomalies in that investigation of hillary clinton, they would reopen that investigation for criminal -- possible criminal charges. >> jon: congressman andy biggs. republican of arizona and a member of the judiciary committee. thank you very much. >> thanks, jon. >> julie: california leaders
8:25 am
speaking out publicly against ice. one county is taking a much different approach fighting the state's sanctuary laws and president trump is showing his support. we're going to tell you how. plus historic summit announced between north and south korea what it could mean for a meeting between kim jong un and president trump. >> we're going to be cautiously on miss particular but we feel like things are moving in the right direction. ...prilosec otc, 5 years ago, last week. just 1 pill each morning, 24 hours and zero heartburn. it's been the number 1 doctor recommended brand for 10... ...straight years, and it's still recommended today. use as directed. ( ♪ ) only tena intimates has pro-skin technology designed to quickly wick away moisture to help maintain your skin's natural balance. for a free sample call 1-877-get-tena. today's senior living communities have never been better,
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>> julie: a fox news alert. it could set the stage for a summit between president trump and kim jong un. the north korean dictator plans to hold another historic meeting at the end of april with the president of south korea. mike huckabee, former governor of arkansas reacts. >> i do think the movement is a little encouraging. i mean the hermit kingdom, it's leader, the hermit himself, has come out of the heidi hole. he has gone to china and he hahewill meet with the south koreans and may meet with the president in may. i think that's significant but i don't think anyone is holding their breath saying this is going to be a wonderful time and everyone will toast marshmallows and sing kum ba yah. >> julie: that paints a beautiful picture, doesn't it? a former deputy assistant secretary of defense. kim jong un has come out of his heidi hole. how significant is this summit? >> well, there is a lot
8:30 am
going on. there is no question about it. i think many of us are scratching our head as to what has resulted. what caused this tremendous change in north korea's position. why are they doing this but, i think we're going to learn a lot from this north-south summit. we will certainly as you mentioned set the stage and provide a lot of information in background on what the president may expect when he meets with kim. especially on the issue of denuclearization, julie. how do they define that and what is the price they are going to ask for if they are actually willing to do it. >> julie: kim jong un's surprise visit with xi jinping was a sight for sore eyes. it speak as thousand words. this is what it looks like when you stand side by side for a photo op. 2011 at age 27. what's going on? why now? is he finally growing up and i guess what should we read about or into his motive or
8:31 am
his intentions? >> geopolitical chess. they're playing a very masterful game. they know they want us to tell the world that china has their back. they are maybe hoping for sweet neners where china might loosen some of the economic sanctions that are so painful to north korea. china also wants to be a player in the outcome here. remember, china borders north korea. and obviously you saw who went to see who. in this case. >> julie: yeah. >> i think the chinese have been very unhappy with kim and this may -- might help that relationship a little bit. but, yes. very strong signaling, very symbolic. it changes the game significantly. >> julie: it's interesting. he took over in 2011. china says interesting because version of this
8:32 am
meeting is different denuke rise the korean peninsula. the north didn't mention anything in that in their take of the talks. the key question the world needs to ask is what does he want for those nukes? >> yeah, that's the big question. what's the quid pro quo. i think they are going to ask for u.s. forces to leave. they may ask for us to denuclearize to a certain extent to remove our nuclear umbrella from south korea. some of those have been in play in the past and they have never been acceptable to us. so, i think it's going to be difficult. i think, you know, the president if he meets with kim, it could set the stage for future talks. we don't have a lot of time before may. you know, we need to see american officials meeting with north koreans to talk about things. we are going to learn a lot from this meeting with south korea, certainly. >> julie: i wonder what denuclearization means to kim jong un. to the rest of the world it means no nukes whatsoever. no plants, no activity whatsoever. that's something he has held on to very dearly and
8:33 am
boasted and bragged about building. where do all the weapons go if he then releases them? >> i'm very skeptical that he is going to be willing to do that. >> julie: yeah. >> he may stop developing them and ask for minimal deterrent to have some weapons for his security, his price for denuclearizing may be too high. the other difficulty, julie is verification. we have had problems with this in the past. when i was in the pentagon in the bush administration we found out north korea was cheating on the clinton administration era nuclear agreement. there is a lot of skepticism in dealing with north korea. however are they willing to go and that's what we are going to find out in the next few months. >> julie: we should try to look at this as the glass is half full. substantial sanctions are working as you brightly pointed out he went to visit china not the other way around. so something is working. >> what is causing this eif i have aneepiphany is what is cg people to scratch their heads about. making seas of fire soul in
8:34 am
washington. >> julie: under the trump administration. >> they deserve credit. >> julie: peter brookes, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> jon: republicans considering a new round of tax cuts. a move that could put democrats in a drive position heading into the midterm elections. a politico article reads in part g.o.p. leaders are weighing a series of votes to make last year's temporary tax cuts for individuals permanent. according to republicans in both chambers, the strategy would portray the party as the guardian of america's paychecks, republicans say. and bit buoy a the g.o.p. during a brutal election year. let's bring in our panel, ted cruz robin former campaign director for president obama. thank you very much for being here. dan, what do you think about it? republicans say we would like to take a vote on making those recent tax cuts permanent. is that going to work? is that going to help republicans come november?
8:35 am
>> i don't think so. i think this is the same sort of nonsense that led to the 11 percept approval rating for congress and the rise of donald trump. you know, i think the base is smart enough to seat difference between voting like a bunch of democrats last week and on a bunch of show votes in the weeks to come where they need 60-vote majority in the senate where they can't even get 51 of their open party. i think that's just going to underscore the need for conservatives to win the republican seats going forward. >> robin, the argument is that republicans would be putting democrats to a vote on whether to make tax cuts permanent and democrats could either say no, i don't like the tax cuts for the middle class. i don't want them to be made permanent or they could vote with the republicans. what do you say? >> john, i don't see them voting with the republicans but i think it will end up hurting democrats. i want to point out that the democrat would need to win by more than 10%. and the last time that happened was not -- it was
8:36 am
1974, after nixon. i just don't think that we are there yet. we have made some inroads but the dnc coffers are low but we are not there yet to be honest. >> jon: you don't see democrats recapturing the house in 2018. >> i'm a real list. i would love to be optimist but i'm a real list. since that hasn't happened since 1974, i don't see it happening. not to say that we are not trying but realistic with the coffers being low, i think it's going to be uphill battle. >> jon: we love having realists on the program. come back any time. i want to turn your attention to the another topic that's royaling in washington and california right now where you are from, dan. donald trump wrote my administration stands in solidarity with the brave citizens in orange county defending their rights against california's illegal and unconstitutional sanctuary policies. he then went on to say that the laws on the book let california release known, dangerous criminals into communities across the
8:37 am
state. all citizens have the right to be protected by federal law. and strong borders. so, orange county, dan, is voting to essentially exempt itself from the state's sanctuary state laws. is that -- how is that going to work for the county? >> i think it's really smart. in fact, it's good government. i think trump's visit out here to california stirred up the democrats to go out and do a bunch of wacky things. that mayor up in oakland who told the convicted criminal illegal immigrants to scatter because ice was going to come round them suspect a perfect example. now we have this wacko attorney general threatening to arrest the sheriff of orange county for publicly distributing the release date of convicted illegal criminals. this is unbelievably bad government. and trump coming out here, agitates the democrats and do these backy things and it -- wacky things and it wakes up
8:38 am
normal people to pay attention what's going on. i applaud orange county for what they're doing. 's it the right thing to do. >> jon: robin, when president trump made his first visit to california, a lot of the political leaders there went absolutely unhinged. >> i'm sure they did. and i understand, you know, legislatively what they are concerned about is losing money from the tax base. because, these people even though they are undocumented immigrants contribute to the state and local taxes so i think that they are worried about losing that tax base. but, you know, california, i just can't honestly make any sense what's going on there. jeff sessions took it seriously enough their threat to succeed from the union that he addressed absolutely thought. that will not be happening. it sounded crazy to me but the fact that he actually took time from his schedule to address it and said, you know, hey, let's look at this. >> jon: spoken like a democratic strategist who lives in atlanta. robin buyer row and dan palmer, thank you both.
8:39 am
>> thank you. >> julie: mother nature putting on a show where storm chaser captured this and what forecasters are saying about more severe weather today. we are on verdict watch in the trial of a terrorist widow. prosecutors say noor salman helped her husband plan a massacre but her family says her only crime was marrying a monster. they're hoping for a not guilty verdict. >> we trust in the jury. they are intelligent and smart. they have been paying attention. we have faith in the jury.
8:40 am
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8:42 am
>> julie: the severe weather sweeping through the gulf coast. and storm catcher catching catcg this tornado. luck any no damage or injuries. the same system moved through mississippi where there has been property damage and downed trees. forecasters say the threat for severe storms shifts to
8:43 am
the central gulf coast and southeast today with large hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes like this one which remain possible. >> only thing i can tell you right now we believe in the jury. we trust them. we trust them, okay? and we have faith with them and our lawyers are excellent lawyers. it's all up to them. >> jon: supporters of noor salman. we are waiting for the verdict of the trial of the orlando nightclub shooter's widow. noor salman is charged with providing material support to foreign terror organization and obstruction of justice. if convicted, she could face life in prison. prosecutors say she helped her husband plan the attack on the pulse nightclub that left 49 people dead in 2016. joining us now david, a criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor and
8:44 am
emily come panio a former criminal defense attorney. thanks very much for being here. >> hi, jon. >> jon: david, you have been keeping tabs on this case closely. how do you see it going when the jury comes out to announce a verdict. >> jon, i think this could go either way. the reason i say that is because the defense really attacked the way that the feds took the statements. and this is their m.o. i'm very surprised in this day and age with technology that they cannot record statements. there is three of them, not one of them is recorded. the third is the most important. and in it she said that she cased the pulse nightclub with her husband that was not true. she either said it and coerced to say it or inaccurate. the government has come up and said no, they did not case it in fact, the latest news was that they targeted disney. >> jon: emily, she is saying that her husband, you know,
8:45 am
essentially carried this out on his own she did h. no knowledge that she didn't aid or abet in any way. then it came out that his father was an fbi informant. we only found that out during the course of this trial. the judge was asked to throughout the case by the defense said no. what do you think about that? is that the right call? >> that was absolutely the right call. because of this defendant, law enforcement learned via her mouth that omar mateen was actively preparing for jihad. including her in the deliberation process of what targets would bring the most max pump destruction who was casing disney land while they were there on a family video that was picked up on surveillance video. now she alleges that she was coerced when there are no actual allegations of breach of the criminal procedure designed to protect against coercion alleged on diminished iq. though she was deemed competent to stand trial. to me the judge did not buy the mistrial move by the defense the jury will not buy her defense here.
8:46 am
it's simply inadequate. >> jon: you think they are voting to convict? >> absolutely. >> jon, what was interesting to me is we did not hear anything about abuse of domestic violence. it was something that was talked about very much prior to the case. >> jon: right. >> they did not go that route or say she was coerced into this crime. they essentially said she did not know and did not participate. >> jon: what about, emily, what about david's points that the fbi didn't video record or audio record her statements? i mean, she implicated herself pretty strongly in some of these statements. >> absolutely. but the an accepts of that does not mean they are not true. she admitted in different formats. it's not about the lack of recording for her to now retract the statement and argue coercion. there is simply an overwhelming volume of evidence that she was in fact included on it. again as i said earlier the fact that she is the ultimate source of so much information we have on omar mateen, including the daily deliberative process. and, again, bringing in the
8:47 am
father-in-law who now is being investigated for providing material support as well. it's a stretch to believe she had no idea about it. >> jon: there was also, david, that text, that curious text that she sent him or exchanged with him on the night of the attack saying, you know, if your mother calls, just tell him that you are with mateen, this friend of his. >> yeah. there is no question about that. i am not saying the verdict coming back not guilty. i could see it as a possible outcome. the text you refer to is absolutely damning. she refers to an individual who was not in florida. he was actually in maryland. and that was not possible. so, that is a problematic item for this defense. >> jon: as we said, the jury is deliberating the verdict. we could find out what they think today. we will certainly let our viewers know what happened. david bruno, emily com palm com.
8:48 am
>> thank you. >> julie: the president getting ready to take off joint base andrews. he is departing for ohio where he is going to deliver his remarks on infrastructure richfield, ohio. local 18 training facility. the president will be speaking there. and not intending to talk to the press but, of course, we will be watching him along his travel nonetheless and keep you posted if any news comes out of that meantime, wanted ice agents -- this is the question everybody wants to know -- wait for an hour to alert police that a violent criminal in their custody about be deported escaped from their custody at a busy airport.
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>> harris: very busy new day coming up on outnumbered the inspector general has announced an investigation of the alleged surveillance abuse to spy on a trump campaign aide. but will that solve anything when some top republican lawmakers have already said we need a second special counsel to get to the bottom of it. >> did he go did hformer vice pe biden again brings up the talk of building the hell out of donald trump to say he regrets bringing it up last week.
8:53 am
does all this mean is he edging closer to a 2020 run. >> harris: bring it up and say you wish you hadn't brought it up. >> i wish i hadn't talked about taking him out back. >> harris: all that plus our guy in the middle outnumbered top of the hour. happy friday eve. >> julie: fox news alert on the man described as a violent felon who escaped into a taxi in the night at jfk airport while ice agents were trying to deport him to africa. he is identified as 31-year-old mohammeduembaka say that five times fast. he didn't report to police that he was missing for more than an hour. ice revealing he entered the country lawfully in 2005 before violating the terms of his status. he was ordered deported in september 2015 by an immigration judge. mbacke has multiple convictions for weapons and
8:54 am
firearms offenses. let's bring in the former director for the fbi and miami in denver and boy did they botch this one up big time. i mean, ice agents waited first of all over an hour to notify police that their violent prisoner had escaped custody at jfk airport. they waited an hour. what were they waiting for? >> julie, i have no no idea what they were waiting for. this whole thing boils down to lack of adherence three agents transporting this individual. i don't know if they -- if they took the happened cuffs off as he went through security or as they say at the gate. and i have no idea why they would take the handcuffs off to begin with. >> julie: what yeah. >> what let him be in the airport for 30 plus minutes hiding? he is he in the same clothes in the get in the cab that they remember him in. at the present miss shoes, jeans and dark-colored
8:55 am
shirt? i don't know. that is there a cab driver a fare bolted on him leaving the airport? this is absolutely ridiculous. i can tell you thought three individuals escorting one individual got a lot of explaining to do. it just doesn't make any sense for one person to get out of the custody of three people. particularly a violent felon like mbacke. >> julie: something smells wrong. >> it does. >> julie: it happened during a layover from detroit. 8:00 at night. dark out. it was tsa officials actually that thought apparently this guy deserved a little bit of freedom. they directed ice agents to uncuff prisoner. who is in charge here. is it up to ice to safely transport this criminal by keeping him cuffed? and why would they remove his cuffs or tsa instruct him to do so? i don't understand. >> julie, i have no idea. i have put the bracelets on a lot of different people and i don't take them off until they should be taken
8:56 am
off. letting this guy in an airport with other people, a convicted violent felon is terrible. not informing the port authority pd at the airport that this guy is running around and has escaped is tragic. i have no idea why they wouldn't involve the police. i suspect it's probably out of embarrassment that this guy got away from them. but that's not a good reason to not notify other police officers in the airport who might have resolved the situation why catching him. >> julie: you know by the time the new york police gets caught up to him. his deportation gets prolonged even further. what a mess. >> you got it. it's a mess. >> julie: thank you very much. >> thanks, julie, my pleasure. >> jon: could california be cooperating with the feds when it comes to immigration laws? the state is making it clear police should share information about illegal immigrants with federal officials but will they actually follow through?
8:57 am
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>> see you back here tomorrow. >> "outnumbered" starts now. >> we begin with a fox news alert and the president. president trump is about to depart for ohio accompanied by his daughter and adviser ivanka. he will deliver remarks on infrastructure at a training center just south of cleveland. the trip comes after more changes in the president's cabinet. what you're looking at is marine one just landing at joint base andrews, he will board air force one for ohio. he is on time for the schedule we've been given. veterans affairs secretary david shulkin is out. president trump is nominating white house doctor ronny jackson to replace. you're watching "outnumbered" i'm harris faulkner. dagen mcdowell, trish regan, host ofen


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