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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 29, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spend the evening with us. good night from washington. i am >> inspector general michael horowitz will open an investigation into fisa abuses. >> the more they did the worse it gets for them. it is going to be about the conditions. >> another shuffle at the white house the president tweeting ronnie jackson is the new secretary of the department of veterans affairs. >> we had 172 criminal aliens on the streets. this is totally unconstitutional
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law. [applause] ♪ ♪ just getting started ♪ already ♪ going down out here ♪ tuning warmed up ♪ >> you are watching "fox and friends first," we always appreciate you joining us on the east coast. the top story, fbi and doj under investigation for alleged fisa abuses as explosive new tech messages between peter stzrok and lisa page suggest coordination between the intel community and obama administration.
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>> inspector general michael horowitz is reviewing what people at the justice department and the fbi knew when they ask the federal court to let them spy on carter page excommunications. page was an advisor to donald trump. the investigation comes out of allegations by republicans on the house intelligence committee released last month. federal investigators went to the fisa court they didn't say the steel dossier was financed in part by democrats. >> republicans, democrats and independents everyone should be concerned about this because we don't want the same thing to happen in the next election. you can't have the most important law enforcement organization in the world conducting itself the manner it did in 2016 into 2017.
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>> democrats say fbi and doj officials did disclose the document and call this a distraction. jerry said in a statement it seems this subpoena is intended to speed up the production to pivot the discussion back to hillary clinton and hypertension from the chaos surrounding the trump administration and allegations involving the trump campaign. gop congressional investigators say new text messages between peter stzrok and lisa page suggest coordination between official that the obama white house, cia, fbi, justice department and former senate democratic leadership in the early part of the russian collusion investigation. those sources point out the cia and fbi are supposed to be independent nonpolitical agencies and they want an appointment of an independent investigator. diane: to have you with us this morning. is the fbi sifts through documents subpoenaed by house committees, sarah carter says the holdup is due to the agency
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not wanting this information to come too late. >> these are 3162 documents they had to peel apart for months. they had the most difficult time congressional committees investigating this because the doj and fbi have not been forthright with the information. this is explosive because it shows even when harry reid went to meet with him in august 2016, early that month at the beginning of august we know jonathan boffo who was working at the counterintelligence division of the fbi alongside peter stzrok and was probably peter stzrok's supervisor went to the white house to have a meeting with dennis mcdonagh, chief of staff for pres. obama. heather: the fbi announced they will double their staff to
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increase the pace of getting the house judiciary committee documents related to the hillary clinton investigation so we will see if that speeds up. donald trump with brand-new pictures of what is being done to secure the southern border, these photos showing progress on a replacement border while in calexico, california. the project plan since 2009 is not part of the border wall. it comes with 380 sheriffs from 40 states sending a letter to congress demanding funding for the wall and the end to sanctuary policy. simply changes to the va after firing of david schalk and. the president's physician is ready to assume the mantle and give our heroes the care they deserve. lauren blanchard has more. >> another member of the trump administration freshening up there resume after a firing announced in a tweet, this time the sec. of veterans affairs,
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david schalk and. >> another shuffle at the white house, the president weing ronnie jackson is his nominee to be the new secretary of the department of veterans affairs, jackson was the doctor who found of questions in january about the president's physical and mental health. >> making these assessments, get to know him and examine him. in my opinion that is tabloid psychiatry. >> mentioned the door david schalk, the only obama administration holdover in donald trump's cabinet, recently found himself in hot water over spending on trips overseas, some on capitol hill hope to block jackson's confirmation. arizona representative saying the simple truth is schalk and was fired because he opposed donald trump's extreme privatization agenda. it adds to a growing list of
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officials booted from the trump white house. rex tillotson and hr mcmaster were also let go this month and wednesday communications director hope hicks's last full day at the white house. >> trump is picking a cabinet he wants. when he was put into office he put together a cabinet but now that he has been there he wants to pick people he works well with. >> until jackson can be confirmed robert wilkie will serve as acting secretary of the va. in washington lauren blanchard, fox news. to another fox news alert the hunt for this violent immigrant intensifies. please identify the deportees as mohammed from senegal. he escaped ice custody going to new york on tuesday and sped away in a taxi, 90 minutes looking for him before alerting police. he has been arrested 10 times in the us with charges including
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objection and sexual abuse. entire family feared that after their suv plummets off a cliff in california. the parents visited by child protective services days earlier after one of their children - the sheriff does not believe the crash was intentional. police have recovered the bodies of jennifer and sarah heart and three of their six adopted children with one of those missing children you may recognize made headlines for this photo showing him how to police sgt. at a protest in ferguson, missouri. new overnight, north and south korea leaders setting a date for a historic summit. between 2 sides will be april 27th for the first time, as brand-new photos show what it is like a board kim jong un's train to meet with the chinese president was the dictator promising to denuclearize at a meeting with don trump. jack keane giving an inside look
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at what negotiations will be like. >> when trump gets with kim jong un it will be about the conditions. they will say we want all the troops out of south korea, us troops and we are going to say no. they were come back and say stop the exercises with south korea, we will say no but we will negotiate scale. >> donald from has total faith that kim jong un will denuclearize before the meeting which does not yet have a date. teresa may phoning donald trump thanking him for standing with britain against russia, discussing ways to dismantle russian spy networks in the uk and the us after the us expelled 60 russian diplomats after the uk expelled 23 in the wake of an adjacent attack against a former russian spy in london. 25 nations from across the globe have forced out russian diplomats in a show of
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solidarity. police say the man at his daughter may have been poisoned at the front door of their home. more winning for everyday americans thanks to donald trump's tax-cut according to the commerce department. the economy grew at a solid 2.9% annual rate in the final 3 months of 2017, the fastest growth in more than a decade. the gross thomistic product or gdp increased by 2.3%. presidential surprise for any gmac boy who wanted one thing for christmas, a new kidney for his dad. 3 letters, one to the president, his daughter ivanka and santa claus, christmas past but he finally heard back. >> thank you for sharing your story. i share your letter with my staff and they are working to
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see what help they can provide. got a letter from donald trump. that is pretty cool. >> a rare blood disease, he has been on dialysis for three years and is on the kidney donor list. fox news alert, all hands on deck, bowing infected with a computer virus, the new fear that hackers can take over planes packed with passengers. rebuilding america donald from taking his infrastructure plan to ohio voters today. our next guest dennis kucinich praising the proposal. he says it means more jobs, higher wages and a booming economy. >> it is not oral we value. >> these are real things, hiding from them won't make go away. >> rage rising, the new drama on nbc under fire.
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>> donald trump heads to ohio today to rally bipartisan support for his $1.5 trillion plan to rebuild america's crumbling infrastructure. former democratic congressman from the buckeye state and democratic presidential candidate dennis kucinich supports the plan, he joins us to explain why. thank you for joining us so early this morning, really appreciate it. let's talk about the infrastructure goals, to grow the economy, generate well-paying jobs and deliver projects sooner. you agree that he can accomplish these goals. >> what i know is this. in ohio there are 1653 bridges
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that are structurally deficient, we need $30 billion to repair and replace our bridges and what is important to remember is for every billion dollars you spend in this construction program it creates at least 5000 jobs so this is a way to get the economy moving again, get money in the economy, jobs jobs jobs build build build the we need to do that without privatization by the way. mary mackey significantly on the campaign trail. this analysis was done by the council of economic advisers and they agree with you that the program could add 0.1520.2 gdp points, 300,000 infrastructure workers who are out of work and this could add 290,000 jobs. i was also reading that it would increase the pay for those workers as well because people who don't have a high school degree, this would increase those jobs by 14%.
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>> union people, operating engineers understand these are good paying jobs, jobs that put bread on the table, enable families to grow and when you look at the practicality of it in cuyahoga county, three of the most traveled bridges in the state are structurally deficient, to the south, many drivers, the bridge is not in good shape, all the way to ohio at hamilton county, the western hills viaduct needs replacement, tens of billions of dollars need to be invested in ohio and tens of billions for new sewer construction. we are all years when it comes to rebuilding our infrastructure. we don't want to privatize because this is a public investment that is needed. heather: i want to get to that.
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the president's proposal was $200 billion in federal investment, democrats have a different proposal, they went $1 trillion in direct federal spending on infrastructure. where do you stand on that? >> we need at least $3 trillion in spending in the federal government has the resources and this goes back to the beginning of this administration. if we start spending money building america instead of dropping bombs and other countries we will have a limited money to rebuild america and put america back to work with good paying jobs. it is about jobs, building and we can rebuild this country and i'm glad the president is making a start. the numbers need to be pressed up because states and localities don't have that kind of money to
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rebuild. >> he is headed to ohio. are you going to meet with him today? >> i would be happy to accept i am out here campaigning for governor and have all kinds of stops to make but i will say let's work together, rebuild ohio and rebuild america, time to do that. >> he does want people from both sides to come together to make all of this work. thank you for joining us, appreciate it. 19 minutes after the top of the hour, bombshell in the polls like the massacre, terrorist abstruse targets, disney world. chilling details just revealed about the deadly plot and what made him change his mind. >> we believe there are constitutional limits on how badly and disproportionately badly the government can conduct
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a count. >> lawsuit threats over asking if you're a us citizen, trumpet ministration under attack again over the 2020 census. what is the problem this time? ♪ you know what's awesome? gig-speed internet.
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you know what's not awesome? when only certain people can get it. let's fix that. let's give this guy gig- really? and these kids,
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and these guys, him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. heather: welcome back to "fox and friends first," 12 states doing over citizenship question and the naacp is attacking the trump administration had of the 2020 census. group filing a lawsuit demanding the part of commerce provide enough resources for an accurate count of african-american communities which they say impacts funding. they claim there was another count in prince george county maryland in 2010 but no lawsuit was filed against the obama administration. border officials in the uk have
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no idea if 600,000 foreigners are overstaying their visas. in a report revealing a program designed to track departures from the uk is seriously flawed. police claim it takes so long to support passenger data on trains and ferries, suspects can flee the country before anyone notices. border officials say just because there is no record doesn't mean a person has not left the uk and donald trump raising orange county's decision to opt out of california's sanctuary law policies, all citizens have the right to be protected by federal law and strong borders as the supervisor of orange county, defends her decision. >> last 3 months we had 172 criminal aliens on the streets. this is totally in constitutional law that created chaos between local government
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and federal government working together. this one has to be stopped. >> now pushing for other counties in the state to join the revolt. police motorcycles will now be armed with automatic rifles and what arizona city. the tempe police department adding ar 15s to its fleet to match the firepower in their traditional police cars. they are often first in the scene in high-risk situations. they are visible on the back of the motorcycles but are secured with a special lock only those officers can use and some backlash growing after a retired supreme court justice calls to repeal the second amendment. in an op-ed for the new york times justice john paul stevens writing the move would weaken the national rifle association's ability to, quote, block gun-control legislation. donald from responding in 20,
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quote, the second amendment will never be repealed. what do you think? should be repealed? according to upon our facebook page 70% agree with the president saying no it should not. sarah on facebook says there would be an all-out civil war and i'm pretty sure i know who would win and john on twitter says how could the founding fathers possibly have known the second amendment would become such a sticking point? they couldn't have imagined this debacle. we need to use good common sense and judgment and amending the second amendment. ginger says know. if you don't like the usa, leave. do you want to eat on taxpayers time? get a job. that is the message from one governor to those who want food stamps. will get back to people or just hurt those already struggling? we will debate it coming up and he lied to our faces about benghazi but now obama's foreign national security advisor getting a new gig. susan rice's brand-new job, she is joining her former boss. ♪
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heather: all hands on deck, bowing officials grabbing to fight off hackers who targeted it south carolina production plant, the company announcing the dangerous virus has been contained but not before was found in some testing software. the sparks fear that the malware can spread to airplanes midflight. the company claims the thread is over. some dramatic moments, and camera when russian security forces bust and basis sleeper cell targeting the world cup in moscow. rating homes and rounding up jihadists in the siberian city, one terrorist corralled while
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waiting to board a plane, 9 were arrested and autobahnmaking materials were seized but it is not known what they planned to target. more protests are expected today at stephanie clark's funeral as outrage bills over the deadly police shooting, rivendell sharpton will deliver the eulogy. likewise many demonstrators went the two officers who shot 20 round-the-clock fired and charged was the officers responding to a call about a man breaking car windows, they claimed he had a gun but only a phone was found. both officers are on leave. doors deliberate the fate of the polls like shooter's widow for a second day after prosecutors reveal omar mateen plans to open fire disney world after hiding a gun in a baby stroller. she got spooked by police officers and targeted the orlando club instead. noor salman is charged with
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expression of justice. her defense argued her confession was coerced, she faces life in prison. the mother of the so-called affluenza teen who argued he was too rich to know right from wrong initially drunk driving crashes behind bars. tonya couch failed a drug test, she faces charges of money laundering and helping her son escape to mexico in 2015 while he was on probation. he will be released from a texas jail on monday. west virginians will be required to work if they want food stamps. starting october 1st residents from 18 to 49 will need to work or volunteer at least 20 hours a week in order to receive the benefits. the governor, the first to jump on donald time-lapse plan to revamp the program. is it a good idea? here to debate it is janine bradley and antoine c wright. thank you for joining us,
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appreciate it. this is a quote from the agriculture secretary. long-term dependency has never been part of the american dream, the goal is to move individuals from snap back to the workforce as the best long-term solution to poverty. that makes sense. >> it makes a lot of sense. the goal, the overall goal is to move individuals to be self-sufficient and not to depend on the government. we are talking able-bodied people utilizing food stamps. in west virginia the case study here, perhaps other states will go along as well. we are looking at individuals that range from 18 to 49 years old who are able to work, able-bodied, to not be dependent on the government. this is a good idea.
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heather: in 2016 there were 357,000 snap recipients, the goal of this program is to lower the number. >> no one's goal is to stay on government time but different things happen to different people at different stages in their lives. people don't wake up and say let me figure out how to live off the government. the pilot project initiated in 9 counties in west virginia created unique result, the decrease and local participation in local stores, not many people using the snap program instructor dependency on food stamps in the area and feeds into a broader attack we have seen from the gop, we have seen this time and again through their budgets and senate proposals. it is sad and disgusting when you look at what they are saying to poor people at the have nots.
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>> you assume people using them are democrats. people who are out of work or like you mentioned hard on their luck, suffering a bad time, republicans and democrats. >> i don't disagree with you. poverty does not the racial divide, does not see political divides, or any of the things, but when people need help the government has a role, a responsibility to be there and not play political games with the livelihood of people in this country. >> we are talking about able-bodied people who are able to work. >> you are making an assumption. >> i let you speak so allow me to speak. nothing good will come from a 25-year-old sitting on the couch gaining benefits when he or she is physically able to work and people who are exempt based on federal guidelines our veterans,
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pregnant women, those with disability and parents who have young children, we are talking about able-bodied people who are able to work. best thing for them is to be self-sufficient, great sense of accomplishment and our economy is right for this right now, doing really well. unemployment is 4.1%, employers are looking for workers. they can't find enough workers. heather: this program specifically that the president is working on nationally 42 million americans with this program according to statistics from the department of agriculture showed 1.9 million americans have gotten off foodstamp since donald trump took office in 2017, 3.5% drop in less than a year, something is working. >> you can attribute that to many factors that i remind my
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friend on the other side that you are making assumptions about people being able and willing to work, you don't know people situation in west virginia. you want to talk about the unemployment rate we have a big problem called skills gap program. there are jobs available but not the necessary skills to fill those jobs. there is a gap somewhere so wind to be encouraged and workforce development programs and we can talk about the african american unemployment rate being low. there is an easy right-wing talking point. i let you finish. let me finish my point. communities of color are experiencing what no other communities are experiencing when it comes to unemployment rates because they cannot find jobs. >> we do know her statistics are right in terms of black unemployment, things are getting
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better. thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. it is 20 minutes until the top of the hour and the school board sparking outrage for not allowing a high school rifle team to accept funds from the nra but you the american people came through. donations pouring in and so is the online reaction. was trouble for united and it involves another dog. united believe why the airline left the family pet stranded in germany and james comey cashing in, signing a million-dollar book deal to spill secrets and hosting a show on cnn. ♪
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heather: welcome back, susan rice is joining netflix's board of directors weeks after the new york times announced her own boss, former president obama in talks to produce a series of exclusive shows, twitter sounding off on the decision, dana loesch saying the perfect place for someone who claims a terror attack on a short film launched long before said attack took pl. jordan rachel responding susan rice joined the board of netflix in time for
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obama's new show. rice repeatedly lied about the 2012 benghazi attack blaming the pterodactyl left we for americans dead on a video on the internet. you are about to see more of james comey, set to sit down on a town hall, tickets to the live taping going for as much as $850, the special air after the host signed a deal in april for his memoir. it is already a bestseller through preorders. donations pouring in for a pennsylvania high school rifle team after the school district voted to reject the grant from the nra calling it dirty money. >> funds for new equipment, a better chance to improve. heather: carly shimkus with serious xm 115 is here with reaction online.
1:44 am
>> the school board rejected the $4700 grant to the rifle team with one representative calling it, quote, dirty money but the flood of donations from local business leaders and residents the rifle team is getting $16,000 instead. democratic state representative lori madden raised money for a go fund me page saying whether you agree with the school board's decision most of us support the rifle team. their equipment is in excess of 40 years old and time to enable them to compete at the highest level. some people in social media take issue with the school board's decision, that is the kind of thing the nra should be doing, is likely taught. heather: nbc show, blamed for
1:45 am
being anti-christian. some questions this morning overseen in one of their new drama series where two christian parents take issue with their student playing a gay character in the school play. take a listen. >> this is not the world we value, we want our son growing up in. >> these are real things, hiding from the won't make them go away. >> this conversation is done. heather: that is the scene in question. media research center, when hollywood bashes christianity but to do so in this most holy week when we remember all jesus did for us is egregious. and you continue to indoctrinate left progressive ideology, and catholics nearly because they
1:46 am
don't agree with you. and lectured about progressive ideologies. and allow kids to watch nbc. the time is 15 minutes to the top of the hour bizarrely close to a cure for cancer? a brand-new vaccine call the major medical breakthrough but how hopeful can we be? dr. jim koto joins us live. >> we won't traffic in your personal lives. privacy is the human right, a civil liberty. heather: tim cook joining the fury and that facebook, the social media giant trying to make good with a new privacy tool. ♪
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heather: facebook unveiling new tools since mark zuckerberg promised to do better in the wake of the massive data scandal, redesigned privacy menus allowing people to change all their settings in one place. apple ceo tim cook slammed facebook for profiting from user data. >> we could make a ton of money if we monetized our customer. of our customer, privacy is a human right. a civil liberty. >> zuckerberg agreed to testify before congress. julian assigns no longer has internet access cutting them off at the embassy in london, took
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six used to avoid extradition to sweden. the internet going dark after he question the uk's decision to expel russian diplomats from the nerve agent attack in london. he violated an agreement not to interfere with international relations but will not say why he was cut off. a medical miracle. and one euro brand-new vaccine available that can cure cancer. researchers hoping to test it on humans after 97% of mice with blood tumors were cured. no painful side effects and no chemotherapy. is this the breakthrough we have been waiting for? thank you for joining us. i saw this study come out and this is amazing is true and will provide so many people,
1:52 am
1.7 million people are diagnosed with new cancer every year. >> the numbers are staggering, so many people, 40 people, 40% of pooh-pooh and women will be diagnosed with cancer at some time according to the national cancer institute and pretty much every patient i ever had to tell that i've been concerned about cancer or have cancer i have never forgotten. it changes people's lives. heather: let's talk about this study, they tested it in my secured 97% of mice, human trials might begin next year, this could improve chemotherapy. >> a different way to treat cancer. they call it a vaccine but people refer to it that way because it is an injection, two agents were injected into the local tumor and that cause the immune system to become stronger and more aware. and tumor cells throughout the body and fight them. the idea of using the body's own
1:53 am
immune system to fight cancer is the bottom line here. we need human trials, how well could this work? heather: is this just for blood cancer. it could be for many different types of cancer. and a specific type of tumor, the idea that could work for many different types, a lot of questions, it is considered experimental but very promising as a concept. i have seen something the human trials may start in next year or so. >> a lot of behind-the-scenes work, bringing more therapy to the market. is tested in large numbers of
1:54 am
people. it is safe enough. science in the lab and goes to animal trials and taking it to people and looking at how this may work, different types of cancer, lots of questions to be answered but important to be hopeful. heather: lots of questions but that little bit of hope we can give people. appreciate you joining us. time is 6 minutes until the top of the hour. terrifying scene on the tarmac. a plane packed with people ran over a crew member before takeoff. united with backlash for yanking a dog off a plane because he was unfit to fly. ♪ ♪ take me home to the place i belonged ♪ west virginia
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heather: a dog trapped in germany after two airlines refused to fly him home. united telling a chicago family of stopped accepting animals in the cargo hold so joey's owners rebooked him, staff removed him worried he was panicking and injuring himself. w staying with a german vet and with people it on another plane once cleared to fly.
1:59 am
united suspended its pet travel policy after a puppy died after being forced to travel in an overhead compartment. this guy facing an $18,000 fine for causing an emergency landing that left 170 passengers stranded in montréal. bobby's unruly behavior forcing pilots to diver the flight heading to cuba back to canada. calling in us military jet for backup. prosecutors want him to cough up the cash to pay for fuel, he will be sentenced next month was chaos on the tarmac after a plane runs over a crew member's. is the russian plane was set to take off before the accident, for more than two hours, after the worker was trapped underneath. first responders read the worker, he had serious injuries,
2:00 am
nothing to laugh about. "fox and friends first" continues right now. i will see you here tomorrow. goodbye. jillian: thursday, march 29th. too close for comfort, shocking text messages show possible coordination among the fbi and the cia and top democrats in the trump russia probe. a brand-new investigation just launched a. rob: white house shakeup part 3. the person who made headlines for touting the president's health. >> the opportunity to get to know him and examine him, tabloid psychiatry. >> he could be getting a big promotion is another member of the president's cabinet is fired. >> how could you have voted for him? >> he talked about jobs, said he would shake things up. >> have you looked at the news, now things are worse. >> not


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