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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  March 19, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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there is a video. decide for yourself. most watched, most trusted, most grateful you join the evening with us. i'm shannon bream. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." as you may have heard, president trump has fired former fbi director andrew mccabe. if you haven't heard, welcome back from new zealand. this is the biggest news story in america. the president fired him on a recommendation from the fbi's career internal investigators, and despite all the attention this firing is getting, as a practical matter, it doesn't mean that much. mccabe was set to retire in days anyway. and contrary to news reports, he is not at risk of losing most of his enormous federal pension, much bigger than the pension you are not getting. but none of this has stopped the usual hysteria merchants from predicting the end of the republic. some have accused the white house of obstructing justice. it's hard to see how thatc.
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works exactly, since mccabe was leaving anyway.f others called the firing an assault on democracy as if unelected career bureaucrats found guilty of misconduct a by their own agencies were somehow the linchpin of representative government. once again, how do all these dumb people get jobs on television? that's another show. but tonight there are really only two questions that actuallb matter here. first, did andrew mccabe do anything wrong? and, two, if so, did it justify his firing? well, according to the fbi's office of professional responsibility, mccabe allowed fbi agents to disclose sensitive information to the press. leak. he then lied to federal investigators about what he did. that's what the investigation found.ab now, if mccabe really did that, losing his pension ought to be the least of his worries because lying to the fbi is a felony. try it and find out. martha stewart went to prison for that. michael flynn had his life destroyed over it.
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mere mortals are not allowed to lie to the fbi. they wind up in handcuffs when they do.lo of course, it's a far greater threat to all of us when fbi officials lie. the fbi is the most powerful law enforcement agency in the world. f it has near absolute power over you, the power of life and death. yet, weirdly, nobody on cnn seems bothered in the slightest by any of this. one of the fbi's top officials caught lying about an active investigation? whatever.. no big deal. a punishing him is the crime here. that's an odd response if you think about it.he would cnn panelists show concern if, i don't know, a local sheriff lied in order to frame teenagers for crimes they didn't commit? how about if your local police department fabricated evidence? dishonest law enforcement is a big deal, no matter who the president is. in fact, it's the biggest deal. it's the worst abuse of power. and, yet, for some reason, our designated watchdogs, the very people who are supposed to be protecting us from this kind of third world nonsense think it's totally fine as long as the net result is a bad news cycle for trump. watch.
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>> this kind of thing that we saw with respect to andrew mccabe is the kind of thing you would expect putinpe to do. >> my problem is the timing and the way it all worked. it just seemed mean-spirited. >> the point is to tear down the credibility of all people involved with anything pertaining ton anything that might look into this president, which leads one to believe that this is authoritarian behavior. >> there are kids gettingat shot in our schools. there is an epidemic ofid people dying from overdoses. and what is the president minding? these little vindictive, small, let's get rid of mccabe and let's deny him his pension. >> tucker: so whether you agree or not with the politics of the people you just saw, those are buffoonish points. here is something not buffoonish though. over the weekend, the former head of the cia, john brennan, came completely unglued over mccabe's firing on twitter. twitter being the place thatn people like that now go to lose their minds. here's the quote. "when the fullest extent of your venality, moral turpitude, and political corruption becomes known," brennan wrote to the
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president, "you will take your rightful place as a disgraced demagogue in the dustbin of history." fingers smoking as he typed it. but here is the interesting in response to brennan's tweet, the one you just heard, former u.n. ambassador samantha power wrote this: "not a good idea to piss off john brennan." let that sink in. what the hell does that mean? the former head of the cia is going to do what exactly in response? no wonder people are afraid of the deep state.n this is what it looks like when it bears its fangs. thwart us and we'll destroy you. in case you are looking for a real threat to american democracy -- and there are some -- there you go. alan dershowitz is an emeritus professor at harvard law school, and he joins us tonight. professor, it seems like there's only one of two options. either the fbi internal investigators are corrupt and lying or andrew mccabe, the former deputy director, c is corrupt or lying. are there other options? and if so, which one of those is right?
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>> well, it's a very simple way of finding out. let mccabe waive his right of privacy and demand that the public see the office of investigation report, the office of professional responsibility report. then we can decide for ourselves whether or not this was a corrupt investigation or whether or not, in fact, mccabe is guilty of what i have called testi-lying and comey is guilty of testi-lying. because remember, their testimony today conflicts. mccabe basically says he was authorized to make the leak by the head of the fbi. and the head of the fbi hasas said under oath that he has never authorized anybody to make a leak. so this whole issue off testi-lying which was on front page of the "new york times"ss just yesterday is front and center. when the guardians need to have guardians -- o when the people who are supposed to protect us are testi-lying. or testifying falsely for whatever reason, we the public have the right to know about that. >> tucker: absolutely, and we
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want to live in a country where we can trust our most basic institutions like law enforcement and the judiciary. put this in context for us. i don't know. i have not seen the report. i'm taking it as face value u and maybe i shouldn't. my real point is that the allegation is a very serious one. that the deputy director of the fbi might be lying about a current criminal investigation.ep why are so many others dismissive of that, like it's no big deal? larry tribe, your former colleague at harvard, for example. why? >> because everybody is so involved in this partisan conflict that anything that's done against trump must be good according to the partisans on one side. and anything done against trump must be bad according to the partisans on the other side. remember from day one, i said do not appointt a special counsel. have a nonpartisan investigative commission like the commission of 9/11 that has incredible trust and that doesn't have a partisan dog in this race.e.
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and they have to be the ones to make this decision. right now, the fbi has lost its credibility. the cia is losing its credibility. congressional committees aren't trusted by either side. it's not too late to convene a nonpartisan congressionally authorized investigative commission to look into whether there was collusion, whether the russians tried to interfere. of course they did. but we need to have the evidence and how to stop them from doing it again. that's what the american public is interested in. not finger pointing by both sides. >> tucker: so let's just quickly take trump out of this.. if you could send a message to your lifelong fellow liberals who care about civil liberties about the stakes here. what would it be like to live in a country where the chief law enforcement agency was actually corrupt, where its leaders were lying about investigations? how might that affect liberals down the road, would you say?ig >> well, i have a message for both sides. historically it's been the liberals and the democrats who haven't trusted the fbi, haven't trusted the justice i
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department, and have said let's makehe sure that we have oversight.t. and it's been the republicans and conservatives who said, oh, anything the fbi says has to be correct, has to be true, even j. edgar hoover. now we've seen it all flip because partisanship has overcome principle. my message to both democratse and republicans is get back to principle and stop this partisanship. the american public is interested and cares aboutan the truth from a nonpartisan point of view. they are sick and tired of a republican truth, a democratw. truth, a trump truth, an anti-trump d truth. we need the truth in ati nonpartisan way. >> tucker: right, you want your people with guns to be on the level, for sure. professor, thanks for reminding us of that. i appreciate it. richard goodstein is an attorney. he advised both of hillary clinton's presidentialre campaigns and often joins us on the set, as he does tonight. thanks for coming tonight. >> absolutely. >> tucker: try to take trump out of this, if you can, here you have a story where the number two guy at the
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fbi is accused not w by partisans but by the fbi's own internal investigationon of lying during the course of a criminal matter. why are democrats acting like it's wrong to be upset about that?g what world is this? >> well, tucker, i have been on this show many times where you start with this very earnest presentation. you have a very erudite guest validating it. strzok email and secret society. uranium one, unmasking, wiretapping trump tower and they end up being big nothings. this is another misdirection by people who are just concerned about the walls closing in on donald trump. here is my answer to your specific question. the inspector general report will come out this spring. let's wait, maybe wait to see what he says. mccabe was not afforded due process. he had accusations thrown at him, you and others are saying they obviously must be true. maybe, maybe not. >> tucker: what are you saying is really the question i'm asking. >> i'm saying. >> tucker: hold on. are you suggesting for all we know and if you have
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contrary evidence tell usug now from what we know the internal investigation of the fbi has recommended he be fired. it's not a small thing. are you suggesting they are corrupt too? they're in the pocket of trump. >> prosecutors make recommendations that ultimately the higher ups. >> tucker: the ig internal investigation. >> there are internal people who make recommendations, sometimes they're acted on. i bet you jeff sessions has never acted on one at 10:00 p.m. on a friday night. >> tucker: that may or may not be true. it doesn't change the fact this is a very serious allegation that ought to scare the hell out of you as an american citizen and made by people who are not obviously political. they probably don't even like trump. a lot of people don't seem to. >> right. >> tucker: they said it anyway, larry tribe and other buffoons with college degrees say yeah this is fascism. really? what fascism? it's ignoring corruption for
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the sake of politics. >> you are assuming something, again, i would o say let's wait until the inspector general report came out. here is what we know or at least it's been reported that the story thaten apparently mccabe went to the press. i don't think it was a leak. he wrote an anti-hillary story. is an "alice in wonderland," twisted version. >> tucker: that's not the question. pretext was that he lied about it. that's the way the fbi works. >> michael flynn has pled guilty. >> tucker: i'm aware. >> yeah.h. >> tucker: so by the way did martha stewart and i breathed easier when she was put away she was an imminent threat to america. this guy is accused of that and somehow the left is like no big deal is that the standard? n >> my guess is he is not going to plead guilty. if the justice department wants to bring charges against him, his attitude is bring it on. >> tucker: this is the part that actually really bothered me and the behavior of john brennan bothers me. the response by samantha power chilled me. i couldn't think less of samantha power based on her record in the obama
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administration. but for her to say be careful, you don't want to make john brennan mad. what the hell does that mean? that's a threat.oe >> honestly, people say crazy things on twitter. i'm not sure if she had to do it all over again that's the sentiment she wanted to express. i think her republican counterparts would say the same thing, you get on the wrong side of people who know all the secrets, you may want to rethink that that's all. >> tucker: do you want to live in a society where elected officials are held hostage by the permanent bureaucracy? is that what you want? because that's what we have got. >> again, there is a twisted version of what happened here.s the fbi helped donald trump. >> tucker: john brennan and samantha power is threatening trump with a retired cia director with knowledge. >> she is super retired. she is not in a position to threatening anybody. >> tucker: she ought to be in trouble.g >> you can make that recommendation to jeff sessions. again, the twisted aspect of this is during the campaign,n, the fbi broke the rules that hurt hillary clinton. they sat on the information
9:13 pm
about trump. she lost. he won. and now they are saying somehow, you know, that the fbi was in her camp. >> tucker: let me close out the conversation with this. if this report becomesth public imminently and this becomes clear that mccabe wasn't straightforward to investigators, he lied, he mislead. will you concede that at the very least he ought to be fired and by the way why isn't he being indicted for that? >> if it turns out that he -- there is proof beyond a reasonable doubt that he lied to investigators, absolutely.on >> tucker: then why is the left extending job offers is, he is our new rosa parks? what is this? the guy is accused of lying >> this was an effort by thehe president through tweets unprecedented to go after one guy discredit him because he was going to corroborate comey whose book is come out. that's what's going on here. >> tucker: richard, thank you. >> my pleasure. >> tucker: well, there is that localce officials ignored ample warning signs from the
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>> tucker: parkland shooter nikolas cruz was an extremely dangerous young man, just waiting to explode in an act of a massive violence. and apparently almost everybody who came into regular contact with him, including many in positions of authority, were well aware of that. we know that. the details have surfaced and yet, somehow, officials ignored countless warning signs, thereby allowing that massacre to occur. fox correspondent matt finn has been investigating the details of the parkland shooting since it happened.
9:18 pm
matt? >> tucker, medical recordsds appear to indicate that stoneman douglas staff and that disgraced school resource officer wanted nikolas cruz committed against his will because cruz allegedly wrote the word "kill" in a notebook and expressed a his desire to use a gun. the documents indicated in september of 2016, nikolasas cruz was evaluated at least once by a medical professional after school staff contacted a behavioral health center warning thatss they were very concerned with cruz's behavior. the school resource officer scot peterson reportedly warned that cruz should be involuntarily committed under florida's baker act makes it legal to commit someonene deemed to be danger to themselves other others. despite the warning cruz was never admitted apparently because he might not have admitted his intent to use a gun or hurt people.t according to documents t obtained by fox news sro, school resource officer and two school counselors present report that client, cruz, allegedly told
9:19 pm
them that he drank gasoline lase week and was throwing up. had cut himself and wearing long sleeves. and also that he allegedly had a gun at home and wasep thinking of using it. the documents read that cruz reportedly told clinicians quote "the client thinks that he had strep throat last week and was throwing up. the client denies owning a gun. client states he owns a pellet gun and expressed to clinician that he is incapable of causing serious harm."ca the documents indicate clinician and school resource officer decided not to initiate that baker act. clinician explained she cannot baker act if the client is denying intent and a plan. s the clinician spoke to guidance counselor again who again reported the school resource officer did not want to initiate baker act because he does not believe he meets the criteria. launching an independent review into how it handled cruz. we are learning nikolas cruz
9:20 pm
>> tucker: thanks for your reporting. it's been great. thousands of people will descend on washington, d.c. for a gun control rally and gross failures by law enforcement somehow are unlikely to be on that agenda. hopefully the protest goes better than the one in chicago where dozens of students walking out of school used their free time as an excuse to vandalize and loot a local walmart. dan bongino is a television contributor and former secret service agent. dan, thanks for coming on. dan, i think a lot -- i know.he so people going to the march over the weekend. and i -- you know, i think are of them are upset about the school shootings. not for specific policy. some are open minded so important to figure out what the lessons of this shooting are. and at least one of them is the authorities failed. why is that being lost? >> well, it's being lost, tucker, because there really isn't a gun debate. there isn't.'t there isn't a debate about firearms. there is one side of the
9:21 pm
democratic party. the radical far left that believes in confiscation and will stop at something less. then there is a more moderateet side of the democrat party and to be fair, some republicans here as well who, for some reason, tucker, believe, despite any evidence, that additional obstacles for legal gun owners is somehow going to stop the criminal element from society and wipe the stain of evil from their hearts. it's frustrating because tucker, we did nothing wrong. legal gun owners are saying to themselves all across america, i guarantee, i see it on social media. i see it on my own show. they are saying to themselves, why me? why do i now have to waited three days to buy a firearm? i didn't do anything wrong. >> tucker: don't you think what's going on is very recognizable. this is blame shifting. this is people who made a series of massive inexcusable mistakes blaming everyone else for their why are the authorities at parkland, broward county,
9:22 pm
the feds, they are all getting away with this. i don't understand how they are getting away with this. >> tucker, you know, the why always matters here. and this is what the far left always does. the failures here before, during, and after this tragedy were clearly, clearly on the government's side. but there is a portion of the far left that understands full well, the central plannersd you know, the anointed ones asou thomas sol would call them who can't get across this message to america. they can't have it out there that the planners are no smarter than any of you. that the laws they designed are being largely ignored that criminals, that there is an evil component to societyh and that they can't plan this away. there is no reorganization of people that really smart bureaucrats are going to do that is going to solve this. it's just the conflict.s they are never going to intersect at any point. liberals can't acknowledge that. a that's why the smokescreen is there. let's blame the gun but ignore
9:23 pm
the problems of government. >> or ignore the four armed deputies that stood outside while 17 people got murdered. it's not their fault. it's really the nra's fault. dan, thank you. we appreciate it. well, the identities of americans are being stolen literally by the millions by people here illegally and nobody is getting in trouble for it. should would we be surprised? we'll investigate that next. these birds once affected by oil are heading back home. thanks to dawn, rescue workers only trust dawn, because it's tough on grease yet gentle. i am home, i am home, i am home
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>> tucker: recent pete's >> tucker: a recent piece in the magazine, profiles hazelton, pennsylvania. hazelton's population 2% hispanic. 16 years later it's majority hispanic. that's a lot of change. people who grew up in hazelton find out they can't communicate with the people who live there. it's bewildering to people. that's happening all overti the country. no nation, no society has ever changed this much this fast. now, before you start calling anyone bigoted, consider and be honest, how would you feel if that happened in your neighborhood? it doesn't matter how nice the immigrants are. they probably are nice. most immigrants are nice. that's not the point. the point is this is more change than human beings are designed to digest. this pace of change makes societies volatile.
9:28 pm
really volatile, just as ours has become volatile. notice where this change is not happening? any place our leaders live. they caused all of this with reckless immigration policies yet their own neighborhoods are unchanged. no demographic changes in their zip codes. our leaders are for diversity, just not where they live. people here illegally not immune for being deported immune for identity theft and crime of using false documents. according to a treasury department report, from 2011 to 2016, 1.3 million cases of identity theft perpetrated by illegal aliens. but they couldn't cite a single case that was referred, not one. huh. terry jeffrey is editor and chief of cns and he breaks that story. i remember a bunch of the hijackers were using fake
9:29 pm
documents. and congress passed laws that really penalized anybody who committed identity theft or used fake federal documents and here you have millions of people doing it and none is prosecuted? >> the irs knows all about it. no doubt it's a felony to falsely use someone else's social security number or make up a social security number. what we have here, tucker, is a long-term policy i believe by the irs simply to ignore it because they want the tax money paid by people. back in 1996, the irs issued something they called an individual taxpayer identification number. and in 1999, the treasury inspector general oversees the irs called it a policy by the irs to legalize illegal aliens. that's what the inspector general called it 19 years ago. but what we see now, according to the inspector general, between 2011 and 2016.
9:30 pm
1 million taxpayers had social security numbers that belonged to them. the irs actually marked their taxpayer accounts because they're victims of identity theft by people the irs had issued itins to. what we know about someone whout has an itin working in the united states, they are by definition an illegal alien. you cannot get it unless you are a foreign national. you have to prove it to the irs. you also can't get one if you are eligible to have a social security number and work in the united states.e the irs even has conceded in the inspector general in the past that the aliens who have itins and then file tax returns with w-2s because they are working in the united states were illegal aliens.d >> tucker: i have wondered this for along time. have you got 11 million. probably more illegal aliens in the united states. the majority of them arere working. in fact, we are told that they are doing irreplaceable work. by definition, if you are here illegally and working, you are using fake federal documents by definition. why is that not a threatt
9:31 pm
to our national security? >> there is. there was a staff report done by the 9/11 commission. where they talked about how, in fact, the people involved in the 9/11 attack exploited some of the things illegal aliens do to create an identity in the united states in order to create an identity for themselves there is a little bit of a black market where illegal aliens are working in the united states and getting paid under the table. >> tucker: of course theyy are, you go pick them up inn the back of a truck in the walmart parking lot, for sure. there is 11 million people. it's fair to say millions of them. we know that because they're working at chicken plants and hog farms. they are working for legitimate employers.d does this mean -- and no one is doing anything about it can i use fake federal documents? >> you would be committing a felony and they would go after tucker carlson. and you are right, tucker. there is actually two groups here this group that have these itins where they have actually gone to the irs and proven i'm an alien and not eligible for social security number. give me the itin and
9:32 pm
go out and work using someone else's social security number. that's the cases at the inspector general talkededad about. there is another case and the social security administration last the earning suspense file u these are w-2s that are filed with the irs andpl social securityt administration by an employer where the name doesn't match the social security number and after investigation the social security administration can not figure out who this was filed on behalf of think known for years most filed on behalf of illegal aliens using fake or stolen social security numbers. that too is a felony. the irs and social security administration knows the employers that are filing massive numbers of those and they let them get away with it. >> tucker: but i'm not allowed to have a fake passport. thank you. a serial bomber is terrorizing a serial bomber is terrorizing . if you're 65 or older,
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>> tucker: a serial bomber is terrorizing the city of austin, texas. on sunday night, two cyclists were injured after setting off what appears to have been a tripwire connected to a bomb. it's the fourth bombing in that city in just three weeks. terry turchie is the former fbi assistant director of counter terrorism and he joins us tonight. terry, thanks for coming on. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: from what we knowr about these explosions, is there anything that connects them, a theme? >> well, i don't think we know of a theme that connects them. right now, the best information, tucker, we're going to have is the forensics aspect of them. that's what's going to help us at least in these initial days to try to put all of this together, because people at the lab, the atf lab, the police lab, the fbi's lab are going to be able to look at every little aspect of crime debris, of things found at crime scenes and everything from switches and bombs to the explosive main charges to the way the containment vessels were designed, all of these things are part of the bomber's signature. so they're going to be able toto tell us, first of all, if they have ever seen something like this before..
9:38 pm
even, for example, you talk about tripwires. so one of the things that tripwires conjures up is the idea of somebody maybe from the military or maybe someone who was part of someil guerilla warfare movement. they can go back and make some educated guesses of the person's skills and talents and where they picked them up from looking at the way the bomb was assembled and then we go from there. you just can't underestimate, particularly now that we have only had -- and i say "only."t it's very sad and tragic, but that's not a lot of bombings to be able to tell a lot yet, although the lab can tell a great deal from the forensics. >> tucker: so there was early reckless speculation by theor press that these were racially motivated which is the last thing this country needs. now it looks like the victims were black, white, hispanic, so there is not obvious racial pattern again, thank heaven. but can you think -- are there other motives that come immediately to mind?
9:39 pm
>> well, i'm glad you asked that, because here's what i learned from unabomber and from the olympic bombing, tucker. even in leading the task forces there, we tried to stay away from motive. now, motive is important if you may have a name. but when you are trying to get on the trail to identify a subject, you can absolutely find yourself in the swamp. and think back, a couple examples. after the oklahoma city bombing, all of the uproar and the crying about middle eastern arabs, quote, being involved in that. that turned out to obviously be domestic terrorism. think about anthrax. in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks and then the anthrax attacks which were just literally weeks later, there was this tremendous push to literally blame that on saddam hussein in iraq. in fact, can i tell you straight out that the fbi at that point in time was involved in confrontations with the department of justice to slow that thinking down. >> tucker: i remember. >> even then early on.
9:40 pm
>> tucker: i remember bill kristol getting out there and saying we think saddam did this as pretext for a war in iraq. it was of course all lying and propaganda as usual.xt these were not sent, these were placed outside homes? that seems odd to me. >> it is odd. and here's what it suggests. when you go into a residentialt neighborhood and you walk up on somebody's porch and you place a package, or you go residentialther neighborhood and you take the time that's required to place and then set and prepare a tripwire bomb to go off, you're really probably familiar or at least, at the very least feel very comfortable in that kind of surrounding. t give you a quick example. two bombings in 1982 and 1985 at corey hall at uc berkeley as part of the unibomb series of events. why was that so comfortable for somebody to go into the narrow hallways of corey hall twice? well, it turns out theodore kaczynski taught math at the building right around the corner.
9:41 pm
those are the kind of things that we can learn from the past and kinds of things we can apply to the situations now. now, even though now it appearsp very random and tough, i guarantee you over time as they stay with the facts and separate fact, fiction, and theory, they will start seeing patterns develop that will be unique and applicable to the person they are looking fory and eventually they will be able to give the public the right information and, as we know from the history of working together -- law enforcement, the media, and the public, all of the things could be brought together and solved. >> tucker: terry, thank you very much. good to see you tonight. a city councilman here in washington, d.c. says that bad weather is part of an international plot by jewish bankers. mark steyn weighs in on that claim next.
9:42 pm
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>> tucker: washington, d.c. experienced a mild snow fall last week. luckily city councilmanex trayon white was on it. he knows why it happened. watch. it just started snowing out of nowhere this morning. t y'all be better paying attention to this climatete control, man. it's climate manipulationn and d.c. keeps talking about we are a resilient city, a model based off rothschild controlling the climate. creating natural disaster to pay for cities. be careful. >> tucker: yep, the rothschilds control the client. they are of course, a wealthy jewish banking clan included in a great many conspiracy theories. those theories rarely give them credit for weather. that's an ambitious new twist. mark steyn is an author and columnist and part time meteorologist.
9:47 pm
he joins us i live here so you can laugh all you want. that's actually my city councilman. the rothschilds control the weather. did you know that? >> i did, actually, tucker. they bought the weather from god back in 1929. when he had a bit of a liquidity problem for the wall street crash. and they keep it in the wine cellars at the chateau rothschild in france. they are able to target the climate. for example, it was light snow in your part of washington. but i gather in the stairwell in trayon white's apartment building, he actually had an avalanche just on his floor. that's how micro targeted the big jew weather machine is able to be. you may think it's a light snowfall, but if you actually examine it, it's a actually small pieces of
9:48 pm
fish which is why it doesn't melt. and that's why the jews control the snowplow business so they scoop all the gefilte fish away. they use it to make louisak farrakhan calipso albums which they put out to discredit louis farrakhan from telling the truth about the synagogue of satan. it all makes sense. [laughter]es >> tucker: the funny thing is, i don't know if it's funny it's actually so appalling and shocking -- i'm just going to laugh about it. you made me feel better about a city out of control. so run this by you. maybe you can make me feel better about this too. there is a new media microaggressions at uc. a list warns phrases like opportunity" and "i believe the most qualified person should get the job" are offensive and verboten. do you abide by this?
9:49 pm
>> i thought it was an interesting list. it's interesting they banned the expression "america is the land of opportunity" because america is a land of opportunity. let's say you are a person with no talents but a degree of hucksterism who has figured outt you could get a tenured job as the assistant dean of microaggressions and put teenagers, saddle them with six figures of debt for attempting to criminalize basic social interactions by holding big lectures on microaggressions. america is such a land of opportunity, can you clean up big time if you do that if you tried to do that in, say sudan, no one will come to your lectures on microaggressions. they would think you were
9:50 pm
a obvious huckster. g only ones who came in would be a camel to get in out of the rain and some guy and his child bride who has actually taken a wrong turn on the way to the female genital mutilation clinic. so only america is such a boundless land of opportunity that becoming an expert, if you become an expert in microaggressions young people will saddle themselves with a quarter million dollars of debt to receive your wisdom. >> tucker: even by your high standards, tonight was an all-time high water mark. thank you, mark steyn, you made me feel so much better. i appreciate it. >> always a pleasure. >> tucker: zombie regulations from the obama administrationn could destroy america's cigar industry. why? nobody knows. the most famous cigar maker in the world joins us on set next. rocky patel coming up.
9:51 pm
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>> they're going to get a straight shooter, no holds barred. i'm not going to cut people's lack. the viewers expect that. >> fox is the one place where dissent is allowed. >> we have voices, we won't be silent. >> who controls my voice? nobody. >> tucker: america's cigar >> tucker: america's cigar industry, which is vibrant and impressive, could be on the brink of collapse, why? because of holdover regulations from the obama administration. until 2016, cigars were unregulated in this country and it worked fine. then the fda suddenly declared that it had the power to regulate them somehow and impose new fees on companies and inquiring extensive fda testing
9:56 pm
before companies released new cigars. the fda admits these regulations will destroy companies and jobs, but they say it doesn't matter because there are lots of jobs in america. for real, you can read it. rocky patel is the most famous cigar maker in this country and he joins us tonight. thanks for coming on. >> thanks. >> tucker: did someone vote did voters say they wanted this? >> absolutely not. congressman never intended cigars to be regulated. they only intended smokeless and cigarettes to be regulated. the fda took it upon themselves to decide one glove fits all and start regulating the cigar industry. they didn't take the option to investigate and understand the nature of the industry. basically it's family owned businesses that have been making cigars over decades. the retailers are main street main street mom-and-pop industries that are selling premium cigars to adults. the average cigar smoker smokes one cigar per month. they're 24.45 years old.
9:57 pm
the cigars ar marketed in luxury magazines like "cigar aficionado" next to premiumal cars, watches, fine spirits. they are literally enjoyed like a single month glass of scotch or a fine bottle of wine. it's very different. we certainly don't see kids sitting around the schoolyard or outside the school yard chain smoking >> tucker: of course. they are not paying 11 bucks -- they are smoking marijuana. nobody seems to care, by the way. now they are basically going to crush industry to help whom? >> absolutely, it's ridiculous. they haven't taken the time to understand the nature of our industry. it's a cottage industry, an artisan industry. it's very, very unique. it takes us four to five years to make a premium cigar. by the time we plant it in the ground to the time in the box. 300 hands touch the tobacco. very proud, like a fine winemaker about the quality and the craftsmanship, about how we make a cigar. these rules are so outrageous,
9:58 pm
they are so burdensome, they are impossible to comply with. it's basically de facto prohibition. >> tucker: you started your company by yourself, you are an immigrant, you are a lawyer. you came to this country, how many employees when you starteda >> three employees. >> tucker: how many now? >> about 2500-3500 directly or indirectly. >> tucker: that's unbelievable. the terrifying thing about this is it doesn't seem as much you can do. what to do if you are a business and you learn that some regulation has been written by an unelected bureaucrat that can destroy you? >> it's going to wipe out 70% ot these family-owned manufacturing factories and companies that have been created and descended- over generations. about 50% of these mom-and-pop retail stores in mainstream america are going to be jobless and out of business because we can't introduce new products to them. the cost of constituent testingc chemical testing. they don't even have machines for things like that. the warning stickers that go onh
9:59 pm
our beautiful boxes that have our vintages and tell our family story and our history. all that is taken away from us. these laws are made, it's regulations like that, you just can't comply. >> tucker: the obama people, we are almost out of time, the obama people did this. the trump people didn't. no one voted for obama again. >> i bet you that the trump organization and people at the white house aren't even aware of what's going on with this regulation. this all happened during the obama regime, this was all passed through and presently we have a couple bills on both sides of the aisle, we arere trying to get this omnibus bill presently to get our language attached to exempt premium cigars from this regulation. we have a lawsuit filed. we are hoping that the trump administration is aware of what's going to happen to the entire industry that is going to be tens and tens of thousands of jobs and about 500,000 jobs in t central america are affected.
10:00 pm
>> tucker: we are rooting for you. this is senseless and thank you for fighting back. good to see you. that's it for us tonight. we will be back tomorrow night. we hope you'll join us then.s good night from washington. here's sean. >> sean: great show and welcome to "hannity." breaking news and investigative reporting you will not get from the fake news media. tonight we are following several major breaking news stories. the deep state is now facing their day of reckoning. president trump is calling onal disgraced now former fbi director andrew mccabe afterpr he got fired for lying to the fbi under oath and sources are saying mccabe could face criminal charges for his actions and we are going to explain why him getting canned is a good first step towards draining the swamp and the deep state in this country. also new tonight, his old boss, national embarrassmentti james comey, also part of the deep state. he's continuing to put himselfon in legal jeopardy by tweeting and openly taunting presid


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