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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  March 18, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

9:00 am we'll see you next week at 11:00 a.m. eastern for the latest buzz. eric: the firing of former deputy fbi director andrew mccabe. but the revelation that he kept detailed notes of his meetings with president trump. hello, welcome to "america's news headquarters," i'm eric shawn. arthel: i'm arthel neville. the president is slamming the makeup of mueller's team saying it's populated with hardened democrats. president trump also tweeting
9:01 am
about mccabe's claims they had memos on their meetings. trump said her in took notes when he was with me. probably at a later date. can we call them fake memos? ellison barber is live with us from the white house. reporter: yesterday president trump's personal attorney says he hopes deputy attorney general rob rosenstein would bring the mueller investigation to an end. he was speaking in his own personal capacity and not that of the president. but the president is sending out a series of tweets saying why does the mueller team have 13 hardened democrats, some of them big crooked hillary supporters and zero republic cabs. does anyone think this is fair and yet there is no collusion.
9:02 am
democratic senator chuck schumer said this. trump is floating trial balloons about derailing the mueller investigation. the leadership has the responsibility to our country and make it clear that firing mueller is a red line for our democracy that cannot be crossed. here is marco rubio talking about the firing of andrew mccabe and adam schiff talking about the mueller investigation. >> there is an inspector general report that's due. after he retired that report would have indicated wrongdoing, there are thing that could have been done after the fact. >> i would hope it would prompt all democrats and republicans in the law to pass an independent counsel law and reinstate bob mueller. this would result in a constitutional crisis.
9:03 am
reporter: attorney general jeff sessions says mccabe was fired in part because he lacked can deern had made multiple disclosures to the media. he was under investigation by the justice department's inspector general. the house intelligence committee made the desitting to wrap up their probe of collusion much to the frustration of democrats. there is an investigation into russian meddling conclusion in the senate as well. and the big one, special counsel robert mueller's investigation. that's the one president trump seems to focus and talk quite a lot about. mccabe's memos are in the hand of the special counsel. the "journal" is reporting the
9:04 am
events describe what former fbi director james comey told mr. mccabe about his interactions. democrats say the now former deputy fbi directors firing is part of an ongoing effort to discredit the russia investigation. the white house has denied any sort of collusion. president trump denied there was any collusion. that's something we have seen him tweet quite a lot. eric: some people are extending job interviews to mccabe. >> 24 hours to go before retiring i would have extended it. >> to have these firings from the top and the attorney general does not speak well for what's going on.
9:05 am
reporter: the attorney general is the point person with the ability to fire someone as high up as the deputy director. attorney general explained his decision was made following the recommendation that bureau and doj investigations reached. what many democrat and some republicans are taking issue with is the timing of this, coming 24 hours before he was set to retire and receive his lifetime pension. senator dick durbin said it's hard to ignore the president's open and public criticism of mccabe last year. >> it was in december president trump announced we have some days to get mccabe before he retires. he put out a hit on him. he said do this before he qualified for retirement.
9:06 am
just hours before he woo would have qualified, it's highly suspicious. reporter: 19 other fbi employees have been fired for the same reason mccabe was fired. so other lawmakers like house oversight committee chairman trey gowdy doesn't have much sympathy for maccabe that he claiming to be singled out. >> i find it richly ironic that he's lamenting those who attack the fbi when he does the same thing. it was the fbi who said he made an unauthorized disclosure and lied by the it wasn't president trump, it wasn't me, it wasn't crazy house republic cabs. reporter: one democrat was so upset by the dismissal he's offering him a job. he would like the former
9:07 am
director to work on election security. and help himself some portion of his pension. arthel: president trump praising the move to fire andrew mccabe as the former fbi deputy director reveals he kept memos on his meetings with the president. memos that could become part of the mueller investigation which the president's personal attorney has pushed to end. on fox news this morning trey gowdy said the investigation should continue. >> give bob fires secretary
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of state rec tillerson on twitter. the president celebrated the firing of andrew mccabe also on twitter. at 5:30 a.m. this morning president trump went after mueller's team. >> this is not a normal thing we have seen before in washington. donald trump has disrupted washington norms in many ways. most of people look at this would believe the i.g.'s report. if andrew mccabe needed to be fired. there is questions of timing, why this happened. was the report accelerated for a political purpose? >> we haven't seen that report. do you feel that the i.g. on mccabe's firing, will that report have any impact on the mueller probe? >> i think it's having an impact
9:09 am
before it's released. even though donald trump is tying mccabe's fire together mueller probe, trying to vindicate him and his lawyer going out saying he hopes the mueller probe end soon. the report has nothing to do with the mueller probe. it has to do with andrew mccabe being dishonest about dealing with the hillary clinton investigation. the idea this is tied to the mueller probe is an invention of the president, which is why some people are worried he's trying to tie this to the mueller probe saying there is a conspiracy against him. the firing of andrew mccabe whether it's justified or not, has nothing whatsoever to do. arthel: the president is scheduled to meet with kim jong-un. russia is currently turning up the heat with retaliations
9:10 am
against britain's punishment as the british prime minister is convinced russia is behind the poisoning with her in of gas on british soil. is the trump administration on solid footing to tackle this kaleidoscope of foreign affairs? >> there is a lot going on in the world. and i encourage the president to focus on these things. if he can bring peace to the korean peninsula, that would be an his tore you can bad.
9:11 am
people use the term consequencizational crisis. it's unblear what authority donald trump would have to fire robert mueller. he said he doesn't intend to do that. but we know at one point he considered it. this could be a very bad scenario that we are seeing the beginnings of with president trump's attacks on andrew mccabe, or maybe he'll refocus on the issues you just laid out. the massive foreign -- policy issues that lie before him. they will were we leave it right there. you are all or the place, you are doing it all. jamie, good to see you. thank you. eric: to miami. there are new developments on the recovery of victims in that
9:12 am
tragic florida pedestrian bridge collapse. police say they have identified the victim killed in the 170-foot long pedestrian overpass that scrum bold on to a busy road. there was a warning about a crack but the warning went unheeded until after the collapse. reporter: we don't know the name of the 6th victim. but investigators are confident they have all the bodies removed from the rubble on the street behind me. at the time of the bridge collapsing, there western several construction workers on top of that bridge tightening cables and also pedestrian and people in their vehicles down below on the street. heavy equipment operators were able to free the last of those occupied cars crushed.
9:13 am
the waste a 950 ton span of concrete bridge just flattening them. the loungest of the victims, a florida international student a freshman studying political science. her family that lives in miami is just devastated. >> my niece is still in her vehicle. luckily her passenger, god bless him, he walked away. he's going to have to live with that. reporter: five days after workers lifted the span, the bridge dropped to the street. an engineer told them in a voicemail that cracks were discovered in the concrete. that voicemail was not heard until friday, the day after the
9:14 am
collapse. cracks in the concrete alone do not necessarily mean the bridge is unsafe and could collapse. everything is still under investigation. workers have been working around the clock since thursday pushing and lifting with heavy equipment. the pausive slabs of concrete from a bridge. it weighed a million pound. but the heaviest thing out of this? the burden of permanent loss. >> the burden being carried by the families, the parents, the husbands and wives of the peeled underneath there. reporter: the rubble has been pushed to the side of the road. but this busy artery in southwest miami-dade county does remain closed to traffic. still no timetable on when it reopens. investigators do not believe they will find any more bodies
9:15 am
underneath that rubble. eric? arthel: president trump's new pick to lead the state department, mike pompeo. how he could affect the changes over resolving the nuclear crisis. the trump administration taking it strongest action to date to punish russia for election meddling and attacks on our power grid. >> he's doing a hell of a lot better jonathan obama did it wasn't president trump who laughed when romney said russia wasan our number one geopoliticl enemy.
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[♪] arthel: shoppers at the oak mall in thousand oaks, california ducking for cover after shots rang out. the suspect fatally shooting one person. police identified the victim as the suspect's ex-wife. the two got into an argument before the suspect opened fire. he has been taken to the hospital and he's in critical
9:20 am
condition. >> rishes an enemy of democracy. i would urge the administration particularly president trump to sanction more people. this first round is good. but their inner circle members around putin, oligarch types around him that need to be sanctioned. russia is on the move throughout the world and we need to push back more aggressively. arthel: senator learned say graham is calling for tougher sanctions against russia. the administration issuing sanctions targeting several 195e
9:21 am
communist party was trying to get hold of the screen actors guilt and the likes of ronald reagan and others. what hollywood was to them in the 1940s and 50 is the social media of today. it's aggravated in recent years by the direct effort to affect our election. and it has to be considered in the context of these assassinations. so yet another arms control agreement.
9:22 am
we note russians have violated. i think it objective has to be not just retaliation and tit for tat. but disproportional. that's how you construct deterrence. the adress -- the aggressor has to believe the ask the. we don't know what is being taken in secret. that's the difficult of having a full public policy debate about cyber it's a clandestine activity. but i think to get public support for stronger measures we'll have to bring more of it out in public. i don't think we should necessarily confine our retaliation to cyberspace. i think the kind of sanctions, for example, not just limited or
9:23 am
targeted to specific banks, but more general pro hi bitions on russian financial institutions participating in the american financial system, i think that would get their attention. i think they obviously have to find some other place to do their bank and other transactions. transactions. that's why i don't think so-called targeted sanctions are effective. you sanction bank a and bank b springs up the next day together same thing. limited sanctions. you need broader more sweeping sanctions. china dealing with north korea. to be effective sanctions have to be broad and even forced and swiftly applied. targeted sanctions don't do that. eric: world leaders announced
9:24 am
the condemnation of the russian government. it's unbelievable they are using a nerve agent from the 70s and 80s and maybe killed 14 former russians in this wave of terror allegedly being run by vladimir putin. >> the former secretary of the united kingdom says he believes russia has been stockpiling the nerve agents for a decade and looking at delivery systems, all for the purpose of assassinating russian opposition figures. this is something we need a united russian response on. we have to show some deference to the united kingdom. but i don't think president trump want to let his go unanswered. he doesn't want to be the
9:25 am
president on whose watch russians tried to kill people on american soil with the use of at prohibited chemical weapon. eric: what would your first recommendation be? >> i think we have had evidence for many years of violation. we have had a lot of suspicions. i think it's time to tell the russians we don't accept this anymore. we know they are in violation of other arms control agreements. these are the same people saying yes, honor that nuclear agreement with iran. and negotiate a nuclear agreement with north korea. i don't know how many times you have to be fooled before you finally get the picture. there are some regimes out there that don't honor arms agreement. feature that. eric: and there are some regimes that are just plain evil.
9:26 am
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arthel: farmer at the i direct your anger i keep speaking out after he was fired today short of his retirement. mccabe said this attack on my credibility is one part of a larger effort to take the fbi, law enforcement and intelligence professionals board seriously. it is part of the ongoing war on the fbi and the efforts of the special counsel investigation which continue to this day.
9:31 am
the decision to terminate mccabe is based on the fbi's own internal review panel details of punishment for its pages. former fbi assistant director danny colson, also the commander of the fbi hostage rescue team. let's jump right in. what should we really be following and focused on in this situation? >> i think we have to remember that mr. mccabe wound care are dead, has nothing to do at the white house the white house, has nothing to do with any political influence. 's decision to recommend his dismissal at this time came from fbi agents say, from the opposite professional responsibility, which is an office within the fbi staffed by fbi agents and executives and they looked at his behavior. if there is one thing in the red line is fbi is don't lie. you can be forgiven for a lot of things, but if you misrepresent yourself or lie to the fbi, you've got a chance of being
9:32 am
prosecuted. more importantly you'll be dismissed. i was a disciplinarian for the fbi for a short period of time and i've had a lot of agents do this. it was a good decision. arthel: when was that? what period of time was that? >> it was about 20 years ago that i ran that program. it wasn't a great job. nobody wants to do it. the way they do it when i was back there many years ago. you need that kind of thing. >> i understand you've got to have everybody follows the rules. here's the question for you. should mccabe's firing have been put on hold until after the doj filed his report in the case? >> know, and that decision needs to be made when the information is available. the reason it wasn't made earlier is because the office of professional responsibility didn't have the information and when they got it, they act in on it. i feel terrible for him and his
9:33 am
family. but he made his decision not to tell the truth and decisions have consequences and i think you suffering from that right now. arthel: i know what your take is on this, which is no to the next question i'm going to ask you, that there are people who feel otherwise. this president trump have a political handedness? >> absolutely not. if the president wants to be a cheerleader and make comments about the decision, he can do that. i guarantee you that office was not influenced in any way by anyone except the findings of the investigation. what made them make that decision was back in the facts are irrefutable. he lied on more than one occasion and they took action in the action was appropriate. the president has nothing to do with it. arthel: of mccabe wasn't forthcoming in terms of his information that he supplied to "the wall street journal" reporter regarding the ongoing
9:34 am
internal investigation come in the clinton foundation and quit an e-mail server, correct? >> yes, that's exactly right. whatever you lie about doesn't matter. if it's a demand in this issue or an important issue. you have to tell the truth. that's what the fbi is all about. it's all about credibility from the top to the very bottom. i've had agents tell me if i did this i'd be fired. the fact he was deputy director doesn't matter. he's an agent and he has the same standards exactly a nation e.u. arthel: 21 years on the job, did he deserve to be fired one day before he was eligible for his full pension? he's going to be able to access personal pension in personal pension in seven years that he loses his federal health insurance. was this the right tactic? >> i think so. for one thing, fbi agents need to know you can't do this. has a very serious offense to lie. by the way, other shoes are
9:35 am
going to drop here. but i'm sorry about his penchant. it's very valuable and something we all work for her. but he made a decision not to tell the truth and the consequences fall on him for that decision. i'm sorry about it. i feel bad for him and his family, but it's a tough world we live in and you make decisions not to live by them. arthel: a quick wrapup comment in a peer president trump in the fbi. where do we go from here? >> i would feel much better about president trump if he got rid of this twitter. it's a great institution, poorly led. we will see that resolved itself. the agents deserve good leadership that is honest and forthcoming. i feel good about the fbi. i worked for them constantly for special events and they are great people and they are upset by this. they deserve good leadership. that is going to turn around now. we'll get good leadership and move on. arthel: led to land on a
9:36 am
positive note. danny colson, thank you so much. have a good day. >> always a pleasure. thank you and turned to face the cutting ties with the data from connect it to president trump's 2016 campaign. the social media giants in the company, cambridge analytical was able to tapping a lot of questions have been raised about the company's procedures. will carr live in los angeles with the latest. >> eric, and by the finger-pointing with all of this and this boils down to the personal data you have on facebook or "the new york times" in "the guardian" are reporting that a voter profiling company, cambridge analytical or harvested private information for more than 50 million facebook profiles according to the report the company can take the information and build build psychological profile so voters could be targeted on social media. cambridge analytic released a statement that said in part no data from gsr, was used as part
9:37 am
of the services they provided to the donald trump 2016 presidential campaign. cambridge analytica deleted the information when it learned about the problem, the facebook posted a statement which in part says several days ago we received reports that contrary to the certifications we were given, not all data was deleted. we are moving aggressively to determine the accuracy of these claims. if true this is another unacceptable violation of trust and commitment it made. politicians on both side of the aisle weighed in this morning. >> another part about it is sometimes these companies grow so fast and does so much good press that they start to think that perhaps they are above sort of the rules that apply to everybody else. we will learn more about this in the days to come. >> i know what we can about the mishap appropriation of the privacy, private information of tens of millions of americans.
9:38 am
in this appropriate information used by this digital arm of the term campaign to manipulate american voters. >> the story raises more questions for facebook, which is already facing a storm of controversy the spread of russian propaganda in fake news. eric. eric: well, thank you. arthel: high-rise hotels trapping hundreds of people. a harrowing story how some of them barely escaped. plus, secretary of state nominee mike pompeo is reportedly working to help talks between president trump a north korean leader kim jong un. up next, how pompeo can be effected in his new role. >> understanding russia is an enemy of democracy. mike understands a north korean nuclear program can never be allowed to mature to hit the american homeland. for all the eyes that get itchy and watery near pollen.
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9:44 am
investigators trying to figure out if the fire started on the lower floor of the casino or in an area of the hotel under renovation. eric: president trumps the pick to head the state department. mike pompeo already reportedly weighing into policy, taking a lead in the role in planning the president's potential upcoming meeting with north korean leader kim jong sunday. it was said this morning they are using back channel communications to do with the agency counterpart in pyongyang. intelligence professionals help in the planning of the agenda if the two leaders to me. joining us now is republican congressman mike gallagher enamored the house armed services committee in homeland security committee who served in the marine corps souvenirs at the a top counterintelligence officer, two tours in anbar province can experience on these matters. i want to thank you for being here today and thank you for your service.
9:45 am
what is the advantage in your view of pompeo at the cia and with this type of resume in dealing with the north koreans? >> pompeo brings to the job enormous intelligence and experience. despite the fact he's an army guy, i have enormous confidence in him and he has an opportunity to succeed where tillerson failed. tillerson, despite being an honorable man seemed out of sync with the white house. i think it's fair to say. furthermore out of sync with foggy bottom. he was attempting this ambitious reorganization of the state department, but hadn't gotten buy-in from the building which effectuated the change would have been almost impossible. i took a trip to iraq and afghanistan for christmas and one thing left was understanding how more row of the state department was. mike pompeo have a natural advantage because he's more in sync with the president, and that he really needs to fight to get it key agency positions
9:46 am
filled. assistant bureaus for the state department. we're attempting a complex negotiation with north korea. we need an ambassador to south korea and i would hope the secretary, mike andrea would prevail, the white house whereby anyone who criticized donald trump is not allowed to serve in a key post. that is counterproductive and shortsighted in light of other crises we face around the world, we need every talented% on deck grow in their oars the same direction. eric: there is a lot of talent out there that have been blacklisted and that should do it. >> absolutely. most americans regardless of whether they are super pro trump or not, if given the opportunity to serve this country at a time of great importance would probably answer the president's call. the white house should be in the business of forgetting, for getting and putting the most talented people possible in agency positions. putting pompeo estate is an astute move and be successful.
9:47 am
eric: pompeo coming from the intelligence service knows the secrets. does he bring a harder edge in dealing with north korean? >> i think so. he said in public statements before congress that the north koreans are only a handful of months away from getting a nuclear weapon. mike believes the north koreans cannot be allowed to possess a nuclear weapon, so she will insist i.d. nuclear station in the talks and furthermore there will be no learning curve. pompeo has been during the presidential daily brief every single morning. he knows the role inside and out. he's been assisted by talented people. this will be very complex. i worry we have to be skeptical right now about the north korean chinese attempt to drive a wedge between nasa and our south korean allies, particularly in light of how desperate the government is worried he'll hand if they use talks to elevate kim jong subbase profile, given that he's a rogue dictator and maniac or to delay so that he can
9:48 am
perfect delivery system through nuclear weapon, we have to be careful about that. we cannot relent on the pressure imposed by the maximum pressure campaign. eric: kim jong un has reportedly said he's willing to discuss the nuclear station. obviously once the troops out. he wants to stop poetry exercises with south korea. do you think is really willing to ever give up his nuclear weapon? >> i don't. history suggests based on the way his father used to like and lucy and charlie brown whenever we attend negotiations we have to bear that in mind. that doesn't mean we can't test a hypothesis. i hope i can be proven wrong, but i do believe he wants a nuclear weapon as the best way of guaranteeing his regime survival. he delights in threat in the united states and our allies and we have to stand firm in the face of the threat. eric: finally, would you suggest we do?
9:49 am
>> the national pressure campaign will improve, but it's really only the beginning. there is much more we can do to really squeeze north koreans. but only begun to scratch the surface in terms of overdoing the secondary sanctions to chinese businesses ultimately for the financial pressure to take hold we have to convince china to end whatever support they are providing for the rogue regime of pyongyang. additionally, continue to enhance our cooperation with allies in the region. japan has a willing and able ally in who wants to invest more in their own defense after a decade. we should welcome that. we should not allow the chinese to dictate the terms of our military presence on the korean peninsula and we should have our own defense missile defense capabilities. i am told will strongly call for enhancing missile defense capabilities which are absolutely essential to ensuring would never allow kim jong un to threaten our homeland with a nuclear weapon. >> that is certainly the key and most important thing. thank you for joining us today.
9:50 am
>> thank you, sir. >> the presidential election in russia today. preliminary results expected very soon and it looks like latin america and is headed for another term. what does this mean for russia on the world stage? ♪ gas, bloating, constipation and diarrhea can start in the colon and may be signs of an imbalance of good bacteria. only phillips' colon health has this unique combination of probiotics. it helps replenish good bacteria. get four-in-one symptom defense. so allstate is giving us money back on our bill. well, that seems fair. we didn't use it. wish we got money back on gym memberships. get money back hilarious. with claim-free rewards. switching to allstate is worth it. and i recently had hi, ia heart attack. it changed my life. but i'm a survivor. after my heart attack, my doctor prescribed brilinta.
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arthel: 7:53 p.m. in russia and polls are closing soon in the presidential election may with opinion polls showing president vladimir putin ahead of his opponents by a huge margin. he's expected to be reelected for a fourth term. voters there say they felt pressured to give hootenanny the wind. amy kellogg is tracking it all for moscow with more. hi, amy. >> hi, i felt. the fact that their biggest concerns are not sort of the obvious ballot stuffing was seen in the past, but this enormous pressure on voters to get to the polls come i've been told by their teachers and employers that this is very important. so there is this fear of the repercussions of not voting that has been hanging heavily in the
9:55 am
air now here at this: center for voting irregularities, reports of people being busted up polling places. it is staffed by volunteers in and out of trouble with the authorities and are periodically as the did and they say the biggest issue is probably not problems on voting day, but the limited choice. >> the process started but the campaign when you remove alternative candidates coming of a very big album of legitimacy. people are not interested to go -- [inaudible] >> there have been reports of boldfaced irregularities as well. this video is believed to be genuine and show ballot stuffing of one station. the presidential campaign itself was at times farcical. six other candidates participated in debates. did not. one candidate outrageous statements speak of all things
9:56 am
who hurled a class full of water at him. of course, president putin is expected to enter the poisoning of the russian spies and backlash against russia said only to boost his popularity among those who see russia is under siege by the west include nasser protect her. one person told me, an analyst told me that the pro-kremlin analysts are saying that the tables are turned and they see that the west is actually waging a hybrid war against russia. of course that isn't the nato has been saying about russia. this sense of russia under siege. arthel: amy kellogg, thank you. eric and i are back at 4:00 eastern. eric: see you then. i'm really into this car, but how do i know if i'm getting a good deal? i tell truecar my zip
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if yor crohn's symptoms are holding you back, and your current treatment hasn't worked well enough, it may be time for a change. ask your doctor about entyvio, the only biologic developed and approved just for uc and crohn's. entyvio works at the site of inflammation in the gi tract and is clinically proven to help many patients achieve both symptom relief and remission. infusion and serious allergic reactions can happen during or after treatment. entyvio may increase risk of infection, which can be serious. pml, a rare, serious, potentially fatal brain infection caused by a virus may be possible. this condition has not been reported with entyvio. tell your doctor if you have an infection, experience frequent infections or have flu-like symptoms or sores.
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liver problems can occur with entyvio. if your uc or crohn's treatment isn't working for you, ask your gastroenterologist about entyvio. entyvio. relief and remission within reach. leland: president trump unloading on special counsel robert mueller steam, with 13 democrats big "crooked hillary" supporters and republicans. what the president's lawyer is saying. eboni: meanwhile, president trump may be prepared to announce my terrace this week, this time specifically targeting china. we'll talk with us after an congressman who doesn't want to see a trade war started that can affect farmers and others in his district. leland: mugshots of shame. an investigation busting a major scam against wounded warriors. they stole thousands of dollars meant for injured


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