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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  March 18, 2018 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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attorney general jeff sessions announces andrew mccabe's firing. now fox confirms that andrew mccabe has personal notes on his meetings. >> mccabe was the number two, screwed up the flynn case, screwed up the fisa court case and the hillary case. personal attorney hopes that rod rosenstein will end the information. president trump writing there was no collusion between russia and the trump campaign. #drain the swamp. we're ready for it to be over. >> could the media stop getting us riled up with is mueller moving in for the kill.
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stop teasing us if there's no end. extra pass. it goes for the win! the three-pointer by jordan poole. ♪ he wants to dunk. >> we're going to get to that later. there's going to be a drunk tank outside. >> a polar plunge, we're going to simulate a polar plunge. >> they're fighting about it. you can vote on it. >> twitter, instagram and facebook.
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>> we had a contest yesterday, three-pointers, i won. i won. >> i don't want to talk at it. >> princeton basketball player. >> there is some news because last night at 9 p.m. the president tweeted additional reaction to the fact -- we reported all morning that andrew mccabe had been fired by the office of professional responsibility. everybody saying no, donald trump fired andrew mccabe. >> it was the office at the fbi that fired him. the president tweeting last night while you were tweeting, he tweeted this. he said the mueller probe should never have been started in that there was no collusion and there was no crime. it was based on fraudulent activities and a fake dossier paid for my crooked hillary and the dnc and used in a fisa court for my campaign and a witch hunt. >> interesting. >> it is very interesting. but i think that the president in some ways needs to back up a
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little bit. sometimes he needs to fight and sometimes he needs to let it play out. what happened with mccabe yesterday really puts some questions into the investigation naturally. >> i think the gig is up. >> the gig is up but let it play out. >> i think it's smart tactically to let it play out but it's smart to point out it's gone on this long with this many resources, nothing to show for it except mike flynn who gave 33 years to the country, five in combat lying under oath. >> the president's personal attorney john dodd putting out a statement saying, quote, i pray that acting ternl rosen stein will follow the office of the fbi of responsibility and bring on end to the collusion of the russia investigation
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manufactured by james comey. you can see the same message about the fake dossier, the investigation. unfair. and i think it's clear that the president and his legal team are trying to pounce on the mccabe problem at the fbi to say that the investigators were crooked from the start. now they're praising jeff sessions about a week or so after the president was saying he's a disaster. >> no longer beleaguered. >> we'll put that aside. secondly, the president has said i'm ready to sit down with robert mueller and he's ready to talk because he has nothing to hide. now we're hearing that john dodd put that out there because he eve gotten a list of what questions robert mueller wants to ask the president open they're saying shut it down. if they've got nothing to hide, talk to mueller and get this over with. >> they're not saying shut it down. the left wing media are saying, democrats all across the spectrum saying we have to
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protect mueller. they're going to fire mueller. what they're saying is if you've got something come with it. >> they also say that i pray rod rosenstein shuts it down. >> well. >> yeah. james comey by the way is not going away in this story. he was tweeting last night. >> oh good. >> the gift he's giving. he's writing a book by the way so he says, mr. president the american people will hear my story very soon, referring to his book. and they can judge for themselves who is honorable and who is not. >> he has credibility problems, among other issues. james comey was there for the, as the president and his team calls the fake dossier used for the first fisa application to sur cartesurveil carter page. they said this is good enough to spy on an american. fast forward a couple months
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later, january 2017 james comey briefs trump on the same document saying it's unverified. which is it? was it verified or unverified he lied to the fisa court or the president of the united states. >> he liedly omission by not telling the president who paid for that dossier. he knew at the time, the dnc. >> and didn't tell the fisa court. >> and he didn't tell the conversation to the president that got leaked. >> he and or andy mccabe may have problems based on the statement that he put out after he was fired yesterday. i'm going to show you a positioner of what andy mccabe said and we're going to play you a tape from james comey. you try to determine who is telling the truth. andy mccabe said this, he said, the oig information has focused on information i chose to share with a reporter through my public affairs officer. as deputy director of the fbi i was one of only a few people who had the authority to do that.
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it was not a secret. it took place over several days, including the director. that's director comey. they were aware of my interaction. take that and then james comey was asked by senator chuck grassley about a year ago, may of last year, about leaking at the fbi. listen to what he had to say. >> director comey, have you ever been an anonymous source in news reports about matters relating to the trump investigation or the clinton investigation? >> never. >> question, the two relatively related. have you ever authorized someone else at the fbi to be an anonymous source in news reports about the trump investigation or the clinton investigation? >> no. >> that was under oath. that was under oath, mr. comey. >> somebody is lying. one of the things that he said, correct me if i'm wrong, ed, did
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mccabe not say that he was continuing to talk to the press with authorization with christopher wray as well? >> i didn't see that part of the statement just to be honest. >> i thought i read that. we'll double-check that. >> it was pretty important. he said including the director. this is the same andy mccabe that said i'm going to take anybody down with me that i need to. we've heard that through reporting that that may be what he said. it could turn out that the fbi could start to unravel as they start to point at each other. >> and we're hearing that andy mccabe kept his memos about interaction with mr. trump corroborating some interactions with the president that iary. they're going to give that to special counsel mueller. >> john dodd, when he's talking about rose rose stein, he's sayg you need to control the
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investigation if you got it, go on from there, if you don't, end it. >> i'll tell you what i was laser focused on yesterday, that you guys conceding at the basketball court. charles payne was on yesterday and he had his pick. >> who you got on the threen shooting contest, me or ed. >> i'm going with ed. >> i love it. >> yes, yes! >> yes! >> the better man won. i was defeated by ed. >> there's the grand shot. >> you know, i'm telling you, i just have one-word reaction. >> sad. >> it is sad. i feel like i let a lot of people down. >> the question is we've gotted to pyro going out taking a polar plunge later in the show.
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>> we have a dunk tank and we're going to decide which one of these guys go in. >> the fact they lost the three-point contest yesterday has nothing to do with whether i get dunked today. send ed into the dunk tank on behalf of all of us. we love him. >> he's a sand-in for anderson cooper today. >> you see ed, you see rachel maddow. >> go to our social media platforms, facebook, twitter, instagram, cast your vote. me or pete. we've already fought that out and i won. >> the three-point contest has nothing to do with the dunk tank. the smart moves spin. they do. you know that. >> well, we have actually got some serious news. i got to get to the headlines here. new overnight, police recovering all victims from the scene of a catastrophic bridge collapse. >> although we expected that perhaps we may find more,
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thankfully we did not. despite that we're going to go once again and make sure that there's nobody else down there. >> five bodies removed from the 950-ton wreckage, a sixth person died in the hospital. search and rescue workers still clearing the scene at miami, florida international university. a moment of silence will be held tomorrow at 1:47 eastern time, the exact time of thursday's collapse. chaos erupting inside two shopping malls when gunmen opened fire within minutes of each other. the first happening in california when a man killed his expieex-wife and tried to quill himself at the thousand oaks mall. the shooter is in critical condition. minutes later, someone shot inside a mall just outside cleveland. the shooter is in custody and the victim in stable condition. police believe they know each other. president trump taking his fight against opioids to new
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hampshire the week. the state ranking third in the u.s. for overdose deaths. the commander in chief pledging to roll out new policies combating the epidemic. tomorrow will be plump's first visit to new hampshire since the 2016 campaign. march madness, another nail biter. michigan and houston going down to the wire. >> at midcourt, extra pass, and it goes for the win! the three-pointer! by jordan poole. >> the freshman leading the wolverines to the 64-63 win. and loyola chicago pulling out another upset, knocking off three theed tennessee. the players celebratin celebrath 98-year-old chaplain who prays with the team before every game and those are your headlines. >> does that remind you of anything, the three-pointer?
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>> you should have brought in a nun yesterday to help pray with you. >> yeah, you need a prayer. >> or father jonathan, somebody. >> this is good. >> just today. >> know what we also get -- y, that's true. we get university of maryland baltimore county today. good stuff. i'm trying to change the subject. coming up, we're learning andy mccabe kept memos about his conversations with president trump and has shared them with the special counsel. but should these memos be trust snd we'll ask our next guest who served 24 years as an fbi special agent. one high school football team celebrates their biggest win yet. one of their teammates just beat cancer. ate is giving us money back on our bill.
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newly unemployed andrew mccabe, the former fbi deputy director said to have kept memos on his dealings with the president and has provided those to the special counsel robert mueller. he learned from the best, i guess, his former boss james comey who also kept memo memos. are these memos to be trusted? here to weigh in, a former fbi agent who said firing mccabe was necessary. you can see in the op-ed, i'm hearing a lot of criticism, particularly from the left that the idea that this was president trump striking back and firing mccabe. what say you? >> i say no. i say his fingerprints are nowhere to be found on this action. and the ag's fingerprints are barely there. this was the office of professional responsibility within the fbi. a recommendation from a career
3:17 am
person there who's b been there for 14 years, probably through director wray and then the attorney general. this is the fbi cleaning its own house. the fbi taking tough medicine the get the body better. >> you say the president doesn't have any fingerprints but he did send out tweets. i'm not saying that proved that he fired him. you're right about the office of professional responsibility. but the president tweeting he shouldn't get his pension, should be fired. and that led mccabe in his statement to say what the president is trying to do, push me out, damage my credibility so i will be crippled as a witness before the mueller probe. what do you think about that? >> not to use a cliche but that's like the rooster taking credit for the dawn. this was going to happen regardless. i understand andy mccabe's defense. i would use it too. he's fighting for his pension. this is not something to
3:18 am
celebrate. but i heard from many of my colleagues after the op-ed who say thanks for laying this out. the institution itself is far more important than one person. there's always a standard of zero tolerance for lying under oath. >> when you talk about lying under oath what do you say as a former fbi agent to the fact that the top two men formerly at the fbi have a problem with lying. we played this clip of comey saying under oath he didn't know anything about leaking when mccabe is saying the opposite, that commie approved some of the leaking. and you have the office of professional responsibility saying that mccabe was leaking and lying. these were the top two people at the fbi. >> i've been saying all along that aim of th all of the critil at the fbi should int focused in on that inner circle of jim comey. we always like jim comey, a personable smart guy.
3:19 am
but something happened during his short tenure as an fbi director. this never happened under mueller. i served under mueller two yiers, over 500 meetings with him, i never saw a hint of this behavior, no leaks, no grabbed standing with the press, understood the role an approached it with humility. >> what's your bot time line moving forward. we have the justice department inspector general report coming out shortly, robert mueller is still out there and we don't know what he does have or does not have on the president. >> i think if you brush aside all of the politics, the inspector general, another career position is going to come out with an explosive report that covers more than just mccabe. it's going to cover strzok, page, orr, all of the players in the hillary clinton e-mail investigation, it's going to address that and i think it's going to be comprehensive. there's more coming from the special prosecutor, special counsel. i think there's many signals
3:20 am
that inth something is coming on april. an interesting month in april. >> we'll be following it. appreciate you coming in meanwhile the pc police are going medieval. the college of holy cross considering dropping its night mascot. our next guest say it's yet another example of social justice warriors simply destroying our history. an 80-year-old nun claims she's broke thanks to katy perry. why she says the pop star is ruining her life. [drip. drip.]
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quick headlines. russians are voting right now in their presidential election as vladimir putin seeks power for other 60 years. six years. there have been reports of voter center violations, including ballot boxes being placed out of the sight of cameras. with seven challengers, putin is expected to win. sounds like a slam dunk. chinese president xi jinping officially approved to his post for life. rachel. thank you, ed. political correctness on college campuses continues. the college at the holy cross of massachusetts now dropping its mascot, an immayry to avoid tie to the crusade. >> the president saying the
3:25 am
visual depiction of the knight inevitably ties us to the reality of the religious wars and the violence of the crusade. over the coming months the college will phase out the use of all knight related imagery. >> is this another way of caving to concerns of islamophobia? here to weigh in, lawrence jones. hi, lawrence. >> good morning, family. how are you doing? >> what have you say this? >> this is just another example of the political correctness that we cover all of the time at the leadership campus reform on these college campuses. you know the social justice warriors and the speech police are out to destroy history. we said it back when they were trying to remove monuments, when they were trying to destroy property, that these people wanted to destroy history. and the problem is where does it stop? >> that's what i was going say. take this to its logical end. let's remove the cross from the
3:26 am
name holy cross because ultimately that's what the crusaders were defending, correct? >> exactly. here's the deal. if these -- 48 professors signed on to this. and if they wanted to have a genuine conversation they would say both sides did things that weren't pretty at times but they were defending what they felt was right. sometimes they were barbaric, sometimes doing what they felt was right at the end of the day. but instead of doing that they decided to pick a side and signed with the anti-christian narrative that is often on these college campuses >> the crusades happen. chris christians fought back. both sides did things that judged by today's sand disard would not. be acceptable. but when you erase it hous how u
3:27 am
have the conversation? >> it prevents the conversation. when it came to the monuments, many people wanted to erase people like benjamin franklin who actually owned slaves but he turned around and wanted to free slaves. think about dr. king. he was a womanizer and did a lot of things that wasn't, you know right pu behe also was a powerful figure in american history that led people to washington, to stood up for civil rights. you can cherry pick pretty much everyone, except for jesus christ in the united states. >> i don't know, jesus christ said in matthew 10:34 i come not to bring peace, to bring a sword. he's a crusader too. you could be pigeon holed right now as an apologist for the crusades. you're accepting -- take that argument on. that's what you're defending, right? >> that's the argument that the left wants to have and honestly pete, when they make that, you
3:28 am
know, argument, they're trying to shut down the actual debate. this -- colleges should be a place where young people are able to learn. and able to make decisions based on the facts. what we have in these professionerprofessorsis telline story. what they say is you're racist or islamophobeic when you have these conversations because nobody wants to be called a racist were a bigot or a sympathizer for extremists. >> but lawrence, it's particularly frustrating because it's a catholic college. it's a catholic university. >> right. >> and it's frustrating. i propose they changed their mos cot to the holy unicorn. >> change everything. screw history. let's just change it all. >> back in the day the pope led those crusades. history is history. thank you for your time. >> thank you, lawrence. >> we reached out to the college
3:29 am
of the holy cross, no comment. >> no surprise there. yet another store following in the footsteps of dick's sporting goods pulling guns off of thai their shelves. "saturday night live" brings back old cast member to mock the latest shakeup. >> rexcy, i'm sorry about what happened. you and i, we're kind of the same now, right? >> no. no.>> here to react coming up n. >> tech: at safelite autoglass
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♪ get into my life applebee's to go. order online and get $10 off $30. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. speaking of fading away, rexie, i'm really sorry about what happened. you and i, we're kind of the same now, right? >> no. >> now mr. wolfe, you saw the dysfunction of the white house up close. is it as bad as they say? >> it's worse. trump would line up his staff and use a laser pointer and circle their love handles every day. >> wow. is that really true? >> yes. >> gentlemen, any insights into. >> trump is a moron. sorry. blirted that one out. feels nice to see what i want. called jurassic park was rexie
3:34 am
is loose. >> pretty good. the rexie is loose. >> wow. >> there you have it, "saturday night live" going after the administration. we're going to bring in trump supporters. according to now, rex tillerson is a bit of a suffering sage, you know. they bring back these old cast members to mock rex tillerson and ant nigh scaramucci. >> bring in some new cast members. bring in one to mock alec ball wialecbaldwin or one to mock rosenstein. if they want to make fun of somebody, they need to make fun of themselves. >> it turns out that andrew mccabe was fired after lost his pension, now there's all of these democrats, especially the first one was a representative from wisconsin, a very liberal
3:35 am
guy who says they're going to offer him a job because if he works in their office a few more days he will be able to keep his pension. what do you make of that? >> how is it that the democrats want to offer mccabe a job so che can have money in his pocket but they wouldn't come to the table for law abiding americans to make sure we had more money in our pockets. what are the democrats trying to hide. what do mccabe have over the democrats' head. are they cleugd? maybe we need to bring in a special counsel to make the democrats and mccabe. mueller is going to turn a blind eye. >> it sounds like a kick back give a dog a bone deal. >> what goes into the mind-set, andy mccabe, the office of professional responsibility, a nonpartisan office says this guy was leaking an. what goes into the mind-set of he didn't do something wrong, he's a victim.
3:36 am
>> this is what twhai do when they try to cover up when they're about to get caught. we just see it with all eight of our eyes. we want a special prosecutor to watch the democrats because they're trying to hide something and they're truly covering up something. >> mccabe needs to be more concerned about going to prison than getting a pension. >> that's right. >> another big issue we all know about, behar mocking the president, attacking all christians, after a couple of weeks apologizes. and stephanie ruhle mocked the catholic faith of larry kudlow. watch this. >> you nights when he spoke on msnbc the other today he ended by saying however things work out it will be god's will. that god's will? the position he's in now he has to stand there and represent
3:37 am
real data. as larry kudlow says, it's god's will. >> we've been highlighting it. larry kudlow sent out a tweet saying this is ridiculous. stephanie ruhle puts this out on twitter. as a reporter, a mom an catholic, i know words matter. i meant no offense when discussing larry kudlow's appointment. i apologize if hi comments came off as dismissive of his faith. i would never question another person's belief in god. interesting, guys. if you were offended i apologize. if i mocked someone's faith. you mocked his faith. it's pretty clear. >> that's right. >> absolutely. and you know what's really said, they don't mock muslim faith but they want to mock christianity like there's something wrong with christianity. we're one nation under god. nothing wrong with him having his faith and having faith and wanting to serve our country. nothing wrong with that. so the left, they need to get a
3:38 am
grip. maybe they need some christ in their life, just maybe. >> that's right. >> well now she says in her statement, i'm catholic. this is who i am. but the mocking of, yeah, yeah, yeah, god's will. do people see through so much of the left-wing media and they despise oftentimes this belief. >> they despise christianity. if you believe in god, if you have faith, if you pray, oh, god, may prayers go out to you. they hate that. i don't know what that's about. they're trying to turn our country into a secular country. they don't want us to believe in god anymore. the left needs to get a grip. get a grip. we believe in god. we're christians and we shouldn't be mocked, accused of anything. we should be able to live out our faith and it should be okay to do that, and serve our country. >> get a grip. a good way to end.
3:39 am
>> thank you diamond and silk, you're defending the faith this morning we got to get to headlines right now. another store pulling guns from shelves. working on phasing our firearms and ammunition saying it made the decision after listening to customers. the store currently selling those products at a few stores in oregon, washington state, idaho and alaska. dick's sporting goods also recently deciding to ban rifle sales. katie perry still isn't hearing a nun war in a legal battle over a cove vent. instead 80-year-old rita callanan says the three-year lawsuit is leaving her broke. call land narn and rose holtzman suing the singer. but the nun said they own it and it's theirs to sell.
3:40 am
sister hallsman in the back of this photo collapsed and died in court last week battling the case this video going viral. showing a high school football team celebrating one of their own's greatest wins. he's beaten cancer. that is awesome teammates cheering him on as he rong the school's personal record bell. he spent a year battling stage 4 lymphoma. he'll be joining "fox and friends" and we're going to talk to him. still recovering from that little thing outside yesterday? >> not at all. that wasn't me.
3:41 am
>> a little defensive. >> you just talked that up so easily here's a look at the temperatures this morning. really chilly across parts of northern new england. aside from that, a nicer day across the south, especially florida. a warmer day and we'll sea tons of sunshine. we have a storm system going across the south, one system exiting here areas of the mid atlantic, rain across parts of the south. sun comes back out and then' well watch for the threat of pop-up storms that are severe this afternoon. could be looking at a tornado or two. out across the west, more rain, snow. this is going to transition to snow for the denver area late tonight. look here across the south. these are some of the severe storms and then the system becomes a rain and snowmaker for monday night across parts of the atlantic. that's the nor'easter we've been talking about. i don't i think it's going to ht
3:42 am
the north. this week spring begins. we have a lot of winter to go through still yet. >> that's why i'm wearing pastel. >> you can will it on. >> it doesn't mean it will make it so. thanks, rick. >. california taking their sanctuary status to a new level. state senate appointing an illegal immigrant to a government post. how does that happen. >>.john cox here to react next. still ahead, cory lew win durmore livecoming up. baby boomers,
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who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. nobody glows. he gets it. always the lowest price, guaranteed. book now at california taking their sanctuary status to a whole new level. >> the state senate now actually appointing an ill liam illegal t to a statewide committee
3:46 am
advising college access and financial aid. >> matteo 33 was brought to the u.s. from mexico at the age of 14. and while she's not a salaried employees with california policy entitleentitles her to reimburst for expenses. so the taxpayers will be paying for an illegal immigrant. >> how does this happen? john cox, a gop candidate for governor of california. joins us now live. very early out there in california. good morning, john. >> good morning, ed and rachel. thanks for having me on. >> how in the world does this happen and what do you plan to do about it? >> you know, this is another finger in the eye of law-abiding citizens in california and legal immigrants for that matter. and you know, the politicians out here are doing this to distract people from the mess they've made of california. i call the democrats out in california here the thelma and louise party. they're joining hands with bernie sanders and driving this
3:47 am
state over the cliff. they've really mismanaged this state, made it the poverty capital of the country. we're the venezuela of america. we've got the highest cost, the most people in poverty and then they do stunts like this which are only serving to anger people and make them afraid of what the government is going to do next. i mean, they've given undocumented people driver's licenses. a lot of people think that they're voting. and again, it's all part of covering up their mismanagement, distracting people from the lousy roads and lousy education and the horrible business environment we have out here, which i'm going to correct by the way as governor. >> so first of all, they allow driver's license, in-state tuition, you can practice law if you're an illegal immigrant. you're running for governor. this is this something that the democrats and the elites, the rich who maybe benefit from
3:48 am
cheap labor in their homes and all of that kind of stuff or is it -- are is there a swell of just normal common sense californians who will vote for policies that you want to implement which are more common sense and in line with federal law on immigration. >> yeah, rachel. i think voters of this state are smarter than the politicians give them credit for. the politicians come up with all of these stunts appointing again an undocumented immigrant as a state official because they know it's going to inflame people and get them distracted from the tough life that they're giving them out here. people are working two and three jobs in order to afford a house out here. they've raised the gasoline tax. i'm the chairman of the effort to repeal this gas tax because they didn't want to reform the corrupt management of caltrans. again, they're doing this to distract people. you know, this person isn't going to have that big of an
3:49 am
impact on the government. but it's done in order to make it so we can't pay attention to the real problems they've created. >> we've got to leave it there. you've got a beautiful state, a lot of wonderful people but a pile of problems that someone is going to have to fix in the days ahead. thanks for joining us. >> most of it is the politicians. that's the problem. it's the politicians fault. >> you got your two cents in. we appreciate it. coming up, identity politics dividing our country and taking us to a place of no return? the tiger mom has a brand-new book out and will be here to tell us all about it. the elderly will outnumber kids in the united states for the first time in america history. what does that mean for society and the economy. we're going to discuss that next. you see my resume. you imagine who i am. what i look like.
3:50 am
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welcome pack. back. the census bureau suggesting for the first time ever that the population of elderly people will outnumber the number of children in our country by the year 2035. you see those trend lines. what does this mean for our society and the economy. here to discuss the chair of the
3:54 am
program and business of finance at the kings college right here in new york city city, my good friend brian. we're going to have more older folks than we're going to be kids by 2035. why does that matter? >> it matters for so many reasons. the most practical reason is young people pay for the retirement of our older citizens. if you see births rates declining and you see life expectancies increasing the way they are, we can't pay for things like social security, medicare and et cetera. that's why by 2034 you see social security cutting benefits. so that's number one. the economy grows faster when you have younger people in the economy because they're driving innovation, entrepreneurship. as the population ages, you the economy slows down. >> why are we having less kids today? >> it's a massive cultural question but one of the things is the strength of the economy when the economy goes in the tank, you see birthrates
3:55 am
decline. we've been an an incline for a while. one with of the reasons we need to get the economy growing in a sustainable way, that gives people the resources to have kids. that pays off long term. that's why we saw the tax credit and the recent tax credit double it helps people who have the kids. >> europe is a preview of us. we've seen declining birthrates in europe for a long time, expansion of welfare states, opening up their borders. what has been the implication of that? >> they have to. if you're not having children and you have a big pension system, the only way to pay for it is to bring people into your country. but that creates all sorts of sul churl issues as well. when you're not having children, then you have an immigration debate on your plate and you have no choice but to bring people in. it's important for the people in the united states to have children long term, it's how to we car for them and keep america
3:56 am
growing. >> you have a lot of kids, it creates a healthy cultural environment. >> there's nothing better that you can do than have children who can drive things going forward. >> thank you for your time. all right. democrats offering andrew mccabe jobs so he can qualify for his pension. these three have given him opportunity to sign on to their teams. but are we supposed to feel bad for andrew mccabe ? >> w we've got ed henry in a duk tank coming up. stay with us. brought to you by more than a thousand workers in boston. we're proud of giving you our best. gillette - the best a man can get.
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ocuvite has lutein, zeaxanthin, and omega-3. nourish your eyes to help them be their healthy best. ocuvite eye vitamins. be good to your eyes. the president tweeting last night the mueller probe should never have been started and that there was no collusion and no crime. >> the president and his legal team are trying to pounce on the mccabe problem at the fbi to say the investigators were crooked from the start. the fbi cleaning its own house. the institution itself is far more important than one person and there's always a standard of zero tolerance for lying under oath. >> rexie, i'm really sorry about what happened. you and i, we're kind of the same now, right? >> how about they get rid of the cast members, bring in new cast members or bring in one to mock harvey weinstein so we can see as the american people how hollywood stood by and watched people be abused. >> who do you have on the
4:01 am
three-point shooting contest, me or ed. >> i'm going to ed. >> yes, yes. >> we are the dunk tank. we're going to see side which one of these guys go in. ♪ ♪ well, yesterday we fowbd out that pete can't sink a three-pointer but can he get a dunk in, a slam dunk. >> america, send this man to the dunk tank. he's a lefty. you know what that means. >> you are crafty. >> the problem is the audience is against you. i've been looking at my twit wer sob is ed. even though he's a stand in for anderson cooper today, you seem to be the one everybody wants to see in the tank. >> it's all selective editing by the producers. the three-point contest had nothing to do with the dunk
4:02 am
tank. >> pete is winning, 53% of the viewers want to see him dunked . >> these are early returns coming from the urban centers. the real population is still sleeping. when they wake up, we're going to flip those numbers. send our journalists into the dunk tank. >> i love that. >> but it's ed and rachel and we're having a great sunday. >> we are. >> the one person not going in the dunk tank is me. i told you guys i would not do that. >> you can write her in. we could have a late challenge. >> not happening. >> like the jill stein in the durchdunk tank. president trump and his legal team taking direct aim at robert mueller and his investigation. it started with a statement from one of the president's attorneys and then the tweet from the president saying the mueller probe should never have been started in that there was no collusion and there was no crime. it was based on fraudulent activities and a fake dossier paid for by crooked hillary and
4:03 am
the dnc and improperly used in fisa court for surveillance of my campaign. witch hunt. that came after the statement from john dodd that made it seem like they had a new strategy here. >> here's the statement. i pray that acting attorney general rosenstein will follow the office of responsibility and bring an end to alleged russia collusion investigation manufactured by mccabe's boss james comey based on a fraudulent and corrupt dossier. >> because attorney general sessions recuse recused himself, rosenstein is overseeing what bob mueller is doing. who knows what the questions are. you mentioned the questions have been submitted to the white house. >> the mueller team has said these are some of the questions that we could ask him. >> what if they're questions about financial dealings, nothing do with the collusion. that's all speculation.
4:04 am
we don't know. for a lot of us we're looking at mueller saying with, the gig is up. whatever you got i you got. >> there was a "the new york times" saying that the mueller subpoenaed documents from the trump that alarmed people in the white house because they say this may be getting far afield. >> the democrats are in wha a bx here. they spent the last year setting up what the special counsel's conclusions are about to be about and that's collusion. no matter what they do in the special counsel, go into the business dealings or not, the american people are focused was there collusion or not. and frankly the democrats set that standard up. if the investigation come to a conclusion and there is no collusion, which is what it looks like, i think it's going to be a did. >dud.>> and then the firing of w mccabe, that they see as an alarm bell they're going to fire bob mueller.
4:05 am
a lot of us look at it no, there's finally accountability for people who lie at the fbi. >> and the office of professional responsibility at the fbi, nonpartisan, an internal watchdog, they're the ones that suggested that mccabe should tb go. >go.>> part of the reason the ma is sup yet about mccabe, he's been caught. he's a liar. if he has anything to do with the investigation, his credibility is shot. the media is nervous in this story, so are the democrats. they want collusion. they want collusion. and the firing of mccabe, i think, is a signal that we're probably not going to get what we want at the end. >> the other guy that was fired before james comey has been tweeting ever since then, he's writing a book. he kept memos of his conversations with president trump. now we're learning that so did andy mccabe. we learned that he took notes about meetings he had with president trump and he's handed them over to bob mueller's team
4:06 am
and th.ed asked about trump's h, are they clean of this fire. listen. >> i say his fingerprints are nowhere to be founded on this action. and the ag's fingerprints are barely there. i understand andy mccabe's defense on this. i would use it too. he's fighting for his pension, his reputation. and nobody is happy about this. this is not something to celebrate. the institution itself is far more important than one person. and there's always been a standard of zero tolerance for lying under oath. >> zero tolerance for lying and yet the top two people at the fbi we believe did lie under oath. we played a clip earlier of james comey telling chuck grassley that he was not involved in leaking even though mccabe was suggesting otherwise. and mccabe was fired because of leaking and he lied to the investigators looking into this. what does this say about the fbi
4:07 am
that's supposed to be nonpartisan, umpires that you can respect and count on. the top two officials were liars. >> and we saw the tweet from john brennan, incredibly exceedingly par partisan in the tone. guy in charge of it, andy mccabe who was supposed to be looking at hillary clinton e-mails exonerated her. now he's a liar and a leaker, you may need more accountability. >> your guest made such a great point. andrew mccabe was not fired by donald trump. he was fired by his own colleagues in the fbi. democrats have jumped in, and the media as well, because. >> colleagues. >> so andrea mitchell yesterday put out a tweet suggesting a way for andrew mccabe to get a full pension despite the ruling
4:08 am
yesterday, the tiger tha firingd have delay his pension. >> he's going to get a partial pension maybe at the age of 57 instead of getting the early one at 50 that would get g him a lot more money. the point is that there are some in the media suggesting that look, if a democratic member of congress hires mccabe, even for just a few days, it will get him over the finish line for a full pension. you have a democrat saying andrew call me. i could use a good two-day report on the biggest crime families in washington, d.c. clearly trying again to take a partisan poke at the president. but also you know, this whole notion -- we had other tweets swalwell. >> others jumped in. pocasn is interesting. gave the key to the city to fidel castro. it's a liberal thing. i'm going to help andrew mccabe with your money.
4:09 am
which is just. >> this is taxpayer money. taking money out of your pocket. that's the point. >> we asked diamond and silk, you know them, social media star about this. >> how is it that the democrats want to offer mccabe a job so he can have money in his pocket but they wouldn't come to the table for the law abiding american to make sure we have more money. what do the testimonies hav dem? maybe we need to bring in a special prosecutor to watch the democrats and mccabe. we know mueller is going to turn a blind eye. >> and mccabe needs to be more concerned about going to prison instead of getting a pension. >> that's right. >> give a dog a bone. that was a pretty good line. >> that was a very good line. and i don't know what they are implying with collusion. i think what the democrats are doing is trying to restore his
4:10 am
reputation. we know he's a liar and a leaker, that's why he was fired by his own colleagues in the fbi and the democrats are scrambling to restore him because they're hoping that the memos that he. >> there's still this abiding hope on the left side of the spectrum that bob mueller will save the day. >> the president has consist consistently said there's nothing here. let's have transparency. devin nunes put his memo out there, showed the fisa abuse. people doubted it on the left, the center all around and yet he showed it in the memo. let's see the mccabe memos. what do you have? >> devin nunes was on watters' world last night. one of the democratic memos, e-mail me wit the memo. i got to get to some
4:11 am
headlines. overnight, police recovering all victims from the scene of a catastrophic bridge collapse. >> although we expected that perhaps we may find more, thankfully we did not. despite that we're going to go once again and make sure that there's nobody else down there. >> five bodies removed in the 950-ton wreckage. a sixth person died at the hospital. search and rescue workers still clearing the scene at florida international university. a moment of silence will be held tomorrow on campus at 1:47 p.m. congress is returning to work tomorrow with five day to avoid another government shutdown. a friday deadline looming after months after deals to keep the government funded. the last spending bill was supposed to help pass a longer term deal but bipartisan hurdles remain. lawmakerlawmakers intend for ths deal to be the last of the 2018
4:12 am
fiscallier. >> i'v2018 fiscal year. somebody needs to claim their jackpot of gold. a powerball ticket sold in pennsylvania is the winner of $456 million. wow. the st. patrick's day drawing finally bringing luck after failing 19 previous times to pick a winner the 22, 57, 59, 60 and 66 and the powerball is 7. gosh, i wish i had won. >> blurry eyed people in pennsylvania are digging in their pockets. >> so true. >> meanwhile, some blurry eyed democrats may want nancy pelosi out. our next guest saying it's because he's a symbol of being out of touch. mercy me's song "i can only imagine" inspiring a movie this weekend. find out how faith is winning
4:13 am
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the pressure continues to build for a second special counsel after andrew mccabe's firing at the fbi. and this statement the ousted deputy director released reading in part, the this attack on may credibility is one parts of a larger effort to slam me personally and to taint the fbi, lawrchlt and intelligence professionals more generally. part of this administration's ongoing war on the fbi and the efforts of the special counsel investigation which continue to this day. mark penn is a former clinton strategist and the author of a new book. you got to pick it up. joining us now with his reaction. we appreciate you joining us. i wonder when i spoke to you
4:17 am
briefly on friday night, you were suggesting that when you heard that statement from mccabe it seemed to be written more by a political strategist than a legal strategy. >strategist.>> i was frankly qud having spent a year with president clinton fighting independent counsels and going through situations like this. rather than contrition for having been found to lack candor, a euphemism for lying by the office of professional responsibility, mccabe came out swinging with a statement that really looked like it had been written by a political consultant. maybe his wife's political consultant. i don't know. rather than by a lawyer. concerned that he would be dieted. indicted. and in the process the attorney general reading that says wow, we got to appoint a special counsel because he's alleged a political conspiracy. saying that the office of professional responsibility is part of a political conspiracy. >> in fairness, obviously andrew
4:18 am
mccabe has a right in this country to tell his side of the story. but if he has some dirt he ought to bring it forward. but as you suggest, he was in the middle of the fisa abuse, for example. he was there overseeing the clinton e-mail investigation, questions about how he handled that. how do we not have a second special counsel at this point? >> at this point also his firins why it's created so much controversy -- really says look, all of this reporting on what's been going on in the justice department, it's for real because this is not from the republicans. it's from the independent -- from this office of professional responsibility. and it's also from the inspector general. and either we completely believe that every one of these institutions is following donald trump on we think there's something here that needs to be investigated. >> let's shift gears and talk a little bit about congressional politics and the midterms. democrats got some good news this week pending legal
4:19 am
recounts. but in pennsylvania '18 special election, the district as you know the president carried by 20 points, yet it looks like the democrat won. but he did it by basically running against nancy pelosi saying he wouldn't vote for her as speaker. and there are some in the democratic party saying it's simply time for her to go. what say you? >> in my latest poll pelosi is 29 available 51 unavailable. she's clearly a target, much like when i ran things in midterms, newt gingrich was a target. she's more of a liability for democrats than he's someone who is going to help democrats across the finish line, at least in terms of the public. the democratic party of conor lamb is really powerful. but a polocy, sanders and warren, that is way to the left. >> mark, real quick. i was struck by nancy pelosi firing back at conor lamb and her critics, not him directly but the notion that he was
4:20 am
against her by saying all of the republicans want to do is attack me personally. they're about personal attacks instead of issues. haven't the democrats led by pelosi, they've been doing nothing but attacking the president. >> well, look, 90% of our political ads that are now negative ads. so everybody attacks everybody. i don't think that attack means anything. it's center versus the left. which democratic party are we going to see in the midterms. one is more powerful than the other. >> you got to check out the new book. we appreciate you joining us this morning. the pc police going medieval. the college of holy cross considering dropping i its its t mascot. tiger mom here is live taking on identity politics. we'll do that next. broccoli!
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sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. after donald trump's stunning 2016 presidential victory, identity politics have shaped the political discussion in this country. but is this way of thinking tearing the nation apart? >> in the brand-new book "political tribes and the fate of nations" or next guest explains the importance of america coming together to focus on national identity instead of our political tribe. >> the author of that book and the best selling book "battle hymn of the tiger mother" amy chua joinin joins us now thank for being here. tell us what you argue in the book. >> first of all, human beings,
4:25 am
we're all tribal. think of march madness. we like our sports. and there's nothing bad about that. but the problem is once we connect to a tribe, we cling to it and we want to defend it no matter what, which is great if you're talking about family. but when tribalism takes over a political system, then we can't have a conversation anywhere. it's almost like people -- you see any news item breaking and peep just instantly take their sides. we can't -- it used to be that americans were much more -- there's a big overlap between republicans and democrats. now it's almost like we just can't talk to each other. we don't see the other side as fellow americans. >> you wrote originally about kids. it's starting at a young age. if you talk to little kids, they're teaching now the salad bowl. so is the problem really a lack of assimilation and also a sort of rejection of patriotism? couldn't that bring us together,
4:26 am
asill las vegas and pay treism? > -- assimilationand patriotism. >> i'm irish american, japanese american, you can be intensity patriotic at the same time. now i think we've overcorrected a little bit. it's important that we say look, let's not sanitize our history. some things are not as simple as they -- it's just more complicated. we must teach our children that this is a special country. that's what holds us together. if you have in reason to believe in your country, i mean why is it even a country. and i think it's important to be honest but also to find way to connect us all. >> you mean a lot of our universities like yale, you've got a huge focus on identity politics, racial identity or gender i identity. is that part of the issue? >> yes, and it's on both sides of the political spectrum.
4:27 am
it's never black and white. everybody wants to say is it all this fault. i get it. if you belong to a group, you're proud to be whatever, italian american or this. but the problem is when we go into our groups and then we harden the lines and we say -- we start to play this game of gotcha. oh my god, you said that wrong. i don't think it should be -- we should be more generous. there are a lot of people angst about the direction that the country is going it's changing. it's not the country i used to know. that's understandable. that's just -- so instead of saying oh my gosh. >> you're a racist. >> talk. let's pur persuade. that's part of the problem with all of this. it's like a silencing. and also it becomes like a vocabulary game. i'm so well trained on a college campus to say exactly the right thing. but oh my gosh, if people phrase it a certain way, it's like what is their intention. if they are just trying to have
4:28 am
a conversation, what's the use of just calling them a terrible name. what that does it, it pushes people further apart and drives people underground. >> on college campuses and in society in general, there's a competition for victimhood. yes, you're rewarded. i think the reason people are doing that, they're competing or as you said they're trying to find the gotcha moment. their victimhood elevates them and gives them special privileges. >> it's exactly backwards from the american story. >> yes, yes, yes. >> and i think you and i are both immigrants. >> yes. >> and it's always like, you know, i remember my father when he first came here, no money at all. and i don't they necessarily looked so great. my dad wore the same pair of shoes for ten years. he thought this was the greatest country. >> mine too. >> look upwards, look at the best in people. high expectations. parents things that i got in a lot of trouble for.
4:29 am
hold them to high expectations. so yes when you're looking at the bottom, how low -- am i more unhappy than you. it's just not the way that -- it's not the confidence and the optimism that really built this country. >> the president said in his inauguration when you open your heart to patriotism there is no way for prejudice. the way we unite 2009 the core principles, the less we see the division. >> that's what we need to work on. they're like dignity. >> justice. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> and we all need to elevate ourselves. >> it's fabulous discussion. thank you for having it, even from yale. good for you. >> political tribe another member of the media appears to mock the christian faith of larry kudlow. >> god's will? the position he's in now, he has to stand there and represent
4:30 am
real data. well as larry kudlow says, it's god's will. >> god's will. what she's saying about our controversial comments now. plus samantha power sends a tweet backing up john brennan for lashing out over andy mccabe's firing. did she just make a threat? we'll ask just ahead. that's my girl! that's it! get it, woo, yeah! mom! my game's over. parents aren't perfect, but then they make us kraft mac & cheese and everything's good again.
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how about that. >> every husband gets one more weekend to sleep in. >> said he's going to be coming back. we're sad that it means that rachel campos-duffy won't be spending eight hours with us each weekend. >> i'll be sad. i'll miss you guys. >> let's take a look back. >> i'm not fired. >> but in the meantime, assuming she's coming back at some point, let's take a look at her greatest hits. >> thanks. ♪ >> out on maternity leave, rachel campo campos-duffy joini. >> my first time hosting with
4:35 am
you guys. >> not your first time on tv. >> oh my gosh. >> we are bringing that back. look at. >> oh dear. >> and you guys met on tv. >> got to know really well on the road trip and we've been together ever since. >> very cool. eight kids later. ♪ >> i'm impressed because you read all of those headlines. >> i'm a little frazzled here. >> it's a party. >> it's a party. grab your coffee. >> this is first time i've gotten to do. >> i know. >> my birthday, christmas, all wrapped in one. ♪ >> maybe warmer here than in wisconsin. >> it is. >> the tax cuts and jobs act is
4:36 am
passed. >> a beautiful day, a beautiful tax cut. >> thousands of protesters took to the streets across america for the second annual women's march. >> have you ever taken economics >> i majored in economics. you two are hands down the cutest marchers in new york city. >> go power. >> get ready. ♪ >> welcome back to the couch, mom and dad and our own abby huntsman. he wanted tell yo you're doing a fantastic job. >> super mom. >> she is super mom. >> here on "fox and friends." >> don't pull her hair, patrick. i'm seeing that. i'm momming out ♪ ♪
4:37 am
>> rachel's cooking. >> nice job. >> go for the pickle. >> i'm not pregnant. i just really love fried pickles. >> in honor of valentine's day. >> you're back next week. >> i'm a pete sandwich here. yesterday my twitter was full of women saying rachel campos-duffy is the luckiest woman in the world to get to sit between these two guys. >> wow. >> it's 5:00 somewhere. i love doing this show. it's not over yet. >> that was fun. >> the last one is it's not over yet. you're coming back. >> it's a s message. >> i want to wish abby, there's a lot of people that miss her and want her back. i'm excited to see how much that baby has grown. i'll be tuning in from orlando
4:38 am
next weekend. >> taking you in from the kitchen like we did with sean that one time. >> i promise the kids won't look like o orphans. they're all dressed, hair is a mess. >> and you have a new book coming out. >> i do have a new book coming out in june. i'm doing the final touches. a very patriotic book about a little girl, the daughter of an immigrant who goes to the capitol and gets lost. based on a true story with my daughter. i'm working with my daughters on it. it's been really exciting. >> your daughter was lost at the capital? >> no. she was lost at disney world once. that inspired us. it was frightening. >> i'm sure we'll have you back on when it comes out officially. and i it's been an honor to have you here. >> and we have some headlines which i got to get to. an msnbc host apologizing after
4:39 am
mocking the christian faith of white house economic adviser larry kudlow. >> the position he's in now, he has to stand there and represent real data. well, as larry kudlow says, it's god's will. >> stephanie ruhle tweeting out i apologize if any comments came off as dismissive of his faith. i would never question another person's belief in god. kudlow accepted her apology andrew cuomo wants to keep a patrolled cop killer behind bars. cuomo slamming the parole board for letting him walk free after killing nypd officers in 1971 and serving 44 years in prison. the democrat says his release sends the wrong message, that the board announced by the way that the former black liberation army members will be released wednesday and describe him as a
4:40 am
model inmate. 15 million bucks, that's how much the movie "i can only imagine" is expected to rake in at the box office this weekend. set to perform better than previous estimates. tells the story behind the best selling christian song mercy me. the band performing the hit on our show just last week ♪ i can only imagine what it will be like when i walk ♪ >> i love that song. the song originally forecasted to make between 2 million and $8 million. >> hollywood could take note. a lot of christians out there. >> there are. those are your headlines. let's go to rick. he was on the couch and now he's doing the weather. >> that's what i do. it's winter and cold but i think we're going to see an end to that very very soon. spring is coming. but noaa released the outlook for april through june and if you have been cold across parts of the north, expect to see a
4:41 am
better than ever chance of above average temperatures here across the northeast. that's good news for a lot. not good news for across the south where it's been warm in florida and the southwest. not any major stuff going on. you see moisture across parts of the south. these are showers this morning, clearing up behind it, the sun will come out and behind that expect to see some severe storms popping up. i'll show you that in a second. out across the west also some more storms. tuesday, wednesday a lot of rain across southern california, could be looking at flooding, especially in the fire zones. down across the southeast, this is the threat for severe weather. we're getting into severe weather season now. tornado season. that means heading into april and one big shot of it today. certainly watch it. >> thanks, rick still ahead, big show. david bossie, alan durt dershowz
4:42 am
and cory line dow ki. >lewandowski.>>. a high school football team celebrating their biggest win yet, a teammate beating cancer. watch.
4:43 am
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4:45 am
welcome back former obama cia director brennan tweeting that america will quote triumph over you. >> and now samantha power, former ambassador is weighing in. >> she tweeted it was quote not a good idea to bleep off john brennan. well does that sound like a threat to you? here with reaction is david bossy, former trump deputy campaign management, fox news
4:46 am
contributor. thanks for being here. really appreciate it. samantha powers says you don't want to tick off john brennan. where is she coming from? >> this is the deep state. this is what president trump has been talking about since his campaign. there are people in washington who cover up for themselves, who run this permanent class of bureaucracy in washington, d.c. that is trying to defeat this president. and let's just remember, john brennan is the same man who spied on the united states senate. he is the same leader of the cia that lied about spying on the united states senate. a violation, direct violation of our constitution. and then when he's caught at doing it, he denies doing it then of course it comes out that he did it. look. this is ridiculous for these people who are political hacks appointed by barack obama, an
4:47 am
enemy, clearly an enemy of donald trump's were these people out there saying these thing. i discount it. >> samantha power, people may have understand at what rate he was unmasking. right before the inauguration she was unmasking at such a rate that it was like a year's worth of individuals. it was actually quite astounding. what's interesting to me about this is that now they're not even hiding the fact that they're the deep state and that can cause retribution against you if you cross them. they're not pretending that they're not doing that anymore. >> to say don't bleep off john brennan is a joke. first of all, john brennan and powers and the rest of them. they still have their cohorts throughout the government. that's what they're trying to say. that's what presidents historically are told don't mess with the intelligence divisions of this country. when you come into office, these
4:48 am
are the long term place. don't do it. guess what. this president has said enough is enough and i'm going to speak truth to power. let's also -- let's not forget it was a robert mueller appointed deputy fbi director who heatdz the office of personal responsibility -- professional responsibility inside the fbi that recommended mccabe be fired. let's go back to the essence of this. these people are attacking it as a political act but it was really the fbi policing themselves. >> fair point. that's ax absolutel absolutely . are you worried, anyone in the trump campaign worried that it was a justifying firing because of the office of professional responsibility saying that mccabe lied and leaked, but now you've got a guy who has been terminated, is losing a full pension and now he hear he kept memos about conversations with the president.
4:49 am
is anyone worried in the trump camp he's going to strike back? >> these fbi ght as and throughout history fbi agents have kept records of every conversation they have. that's what they're trained to do. this is no surprise that mccabe, just like comey, would be pronouncing that they have memos about the conversations with the president. it's going to show what the president has been saying, mccabe is a political hack, his wife was a politician democrat operative close to democrat leadership within, you know, the democratic party. i'm not surprised that he's going to now try to become a political leader if you will. >> we hear questions have been submitted potentially from the bob mueller probe. any concerns at the white house where that's going, briefly? >> no. look. this president wants to make sure that the truth is out there. there was no russian collusion. let's go back to that's what this investigation was about. russian collusion, cooperation.
4:50 am
was none, never has been in. and this president wants to make sure that the american people know it never happened. >> we'll have to leave it there. thanks for coming in. >> bye, rachel. >> she'll be back. a 13-year veteran among the seven airmen killed in a military chopper crash in iraq. how you can help his wife andea two young daughters up next. hey! we didn't have a homeowners claim last year so allstate is giving us money back on our bill. well, that seems fair. we didn't use it. wish we got money back on gym memberships.
4:51 am
get money back hilarious. with claim-free rewards. switching to allstate is worth it.
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4:53 am
a father of two and 13-year fdny vet on his last tour of duty among the seven soldiers killed in a military helicopter crash in iraq. >> lieutenant gusso providing support on when the chapter chopper hit a power line and
4:54 am
went down. >> now a mission to honor and support the military and first responders is pledging to help that family. >> and that man is the chairman and ceo of the tunnel to towers foundation. our old friend joins us now. frank, such a horrible tragedy. we want to talk about all seven who lost their lives but you a particular family bond with the fdny here in new york and you do so much for them and so much for others. we're glad you're reasoning it now. >> my brother was a new york city firefighter, give his life up on september 11. when someone joins the military like chris grusso and pays the ultimate sacrifice, leaving his two children behind, a wife were who is a breast cancer survivor herself, we knew that we had to do something. our foundation is about the mill tear and about first responders. here is a true american hero. so the funnel to towers foundation, we want to be able
4:55 am
to pay off their mortgage so it's one less thing that that poor family has to worry about. >> they're going through so much right now. but your point is you served the city, served his country over there but we can do something. >> the guy was all about service. he was a lieutenant in the fire department, a volunteer firefighter out in long island. he joined the service and national guard and he was always on these rescue missions. and down in texas he was saving people after harvey. this guy was all about saving other people. so we have to do something for thethe family left behind. over 7,000 military personnel have died since 9/11. america is forgetting that we have so many men and woman over there serving our country and when something like this happens we better step up and help. >> we can never forget. you've got iraq and afghanistan.
4:56 am
so many places where we've lost lives. tell the viewers about how they can help. >> go to tunneltotowers. com. every penny will go a tough pay their mortgage. most of them are $350,000. we need to raise a lot of money. it's a lot of monies. but let's take this burden, one less thing that the poor family has to worry about. she has so much going on with her own health issues. tunnelstotowers. org to support this family. >> 100% goes to the family. >> we want to make sure to read the names of the seven who lost their lives in iraq, carpet weber, o'keefe, staff sarts brigs and karl, christopher, making the ultimate sacrifice
4:57 am
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5:00 am
for your chance to win a free treatment. >> the president tweeting last night "the mueller probe should never have been started and that there was no collusion and there was no crime. >> the president and his legal team with trying to pounce on the may be problem at the f.b.i. to say the investigators were crooked from the start. >> rather than contrition, we're having been found to lack candor a euphemism for lying, mccabe came out swings with a statement that looked like it had been written by a political consultant. >> i'm sorry about what happened happened. you and i, we're kind of the same now. >> how about we get rid of the old cast members, bring in new cast members. reagan was harvey weinstein so that we can see from the american people how holiday survived and watched people be abused. pete: who you got on the
5:01 am
5:02 am
5:03 am
5:04 am
5:05 am
in the meantime as we say, they're cryptic cli tweeting all of the time. this is what james comey said in the tweet. mr. president, the american people will hear my story very seen and they can judge for themselves who is honorable and who is not. now we know andy mccabe was a leaker and a liar and we know from the background of james comey he was a leaker and a liar. now we don't know which one of them in this particular case about leaking is telling the truth as well. >> mccabe said in his statement, he talked about the inspector general investigation saying quote, it's focused on information i chose to share with a reporter through my public affairs officer and a legal counselor as deputy director of the fbi. one of only few people who had
5:06 am
the authority to do that. was not a secret. and others including the direct wer, james comey was was aware of the interaction with the reporter. that's interesting. mr. james comey, holding himself out there as a saint, attacking the president nonstop, about to go on a book tour. this is actually on tape, mr. comey, may 2017 you were asked under oath about leaking. >> director comey, have you ever been an anonymous source in news reports about matters relating to the trump investigation or the clinton investigation? >> never. >> question two on relatively related. have you ever authorized someone else at the fbi to be an anonymous source in news reports about the trump investigation or the clinton investigation? >> somebody is not telling the truth. >> but this is what happens with
5:07 am
liars. they can't get their stories straight. i think it speak to all of the lies and corruption all together. >> it's a coverup, almost alwaye coverup is maybe not even -- they're both bad. they're covering up for something where they used our intelligence assets politically. we've heard that andy mccabe has said, i'm going to take them all down with me. he feels like she's be focused -- it could be anybody down, anybody up. and anything on collusion we could have seen. it would have been leaked to the front page of the "the new york times" immediately. >> et wil let's not forget, we d to a former fbi special agent earlier in the program talking about how this inspector general report at the justice department, we've been hearing about it coming out in the next couple of weeks. he's hearing that more shoes are going to drop for andy mccabe, james comey and others. as not just about misconduct and being fired, there are potentially criminal charges for andy mccabe. >> michael flynn 33 years in the
5:08 am
military, five years in combat. a mistruth or lie under oath and he's under attack from the mueller probe. the same thing standard should apply to anyone. and this office of inspector general, what a sleeper investigation that has been on throughout in providing all of the sunlight on this. and with that coming out for the mueller probe. >> strzok and page back and forth, the strzok-page text messages back and forth. people want to forget this but you can't. there may be more people implicated because of the text messages, they talked about an insurance policy in case donald trump is elected. talked about a meeting where in andy's office. >> so the inspector general's investigation is going to shed light on what the democrat -- some of the misdeeds by the democrats and the corruption there. but what's really -- i mean the big overall picture is mueller's special counsel and what i think that the democrats and the media are so concerned about and why i think they're jumping to the e
5:09 am
defense of mccabe and finding solutions for him to get his pension and restore his reputation, they've set this up for the last year that we will find collusion between trump. and if there's nothing there -- they set up this parameter. they are -- when this report comes out, if there's no luges collusion, what there they going to do? >> they're going to try to run on the midterm in 2018 to one on impeachment or talk about obstruction. you can turn on any other network and you can hear about obstruction of andy mccabe expwhr the.>> but the point is d collusion for so long if there is no collusion at the end of this, m noo matter what else thy find, they're in trouble. >> tell us what you think e-mail us. >> investigation of the president, investigation of the investigators. some are pushing for a second special coun counsel. >> i know you can't write what
5:10 am
andy mccabe wrote and say what james comey said and those two things be true. >> michael flynn and others who lied under oath. you don't just lose your job, sometimes you go to jail. >> martha stewart. >> all the american people want is an equal shake. that's what's at play here. i really think so >> i couldn't agree more. we've got to get to headlines. chaos erupting inside two shopping malls with gunmen opening fire within minutes of each other. the first happening in florida where a man killed his ex-wife and tried to kill himself at thousand oaks mall. the shooter is in critical condition. minutes later someone shot inside a mall just outside cleveland. the shooter is in custody and the victim is in a stable condition president trump taking his fight against opioids to new hampshire this week.
5:11 am
the state ranking third in the u.s. for drug overdose deaths. the commander in chief pledging earlier this month to roll out new policies at combating the epidemic. this is trump's first visit to new hampshire since the 2016 campaign. the u.s. navy has a brand-new attack submarine to its fleet. ♪ the 377-foot uss colorado commissioned at the naval submarine base in connecticut. the sub is capable of warfare surveillance and special operation and some of the equipment is controlled by xbox controllers seen as a move catering to younger sailors who obviously know how to use xbox. >> we should make pete read this one. >> march madness giving us another nail biter with a trip to the sweet 16 on the line,
5:12 am
michigan and houston going down to the final shot. watch. >> at midcourt, extra pass. and it goes for the win! the three-pointer by jordan poole. >>.>> yeah, a little bit like m. >> it was down two at the buzzer, freshman nails a three. that is cinderella right there. wolverines winning. loyola chicago knocking off three seeded tennessee. players celebrated with their 98-year-old chaplain who plays with the team before every game. sounds like she's got a direct line to the big guy. >> sounds like you needed sister yesterday to pray for you when you were up against ed. you needed a nun on your side. >> i needed father john. >> you needed father jonathan. >> he gave us a blessing and it didn't work. >> for me, at least. >> you can still vote. >> ait's a lo we're now learniny
5:13 am
mccabe kept memos about his conversations with president trump and shared them with the special counsel. alan dershowitz is here to react live. one high school football team celebrates their biggest win yet, their teammate beating cancer. that player and their coach join us coming up. i'm a migraine sufferer and i'm an emt. when i get a migraine at work, it's debilitating. if i call out with a migraine, that's one less ambulance to serve a community. i just don't want to let these people down. excedrin migraine. relief that works as hard as you do. ...
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this is the story of green mountain coffee roasters dark magic told in the time it takes to brew your cup.
5:16 am
first, we head to vermont. and go to our coffee shop. and meet dave. hey. why is dark magic so spell-bindingly good, he asks? let me show you. let's go. so we climb. hike. see a bear. woah. reach the top. dave says dark magic is a bold blend of coffee with rich flavors of uganda, sumatra, colombia and other parts of south america. like these mountains, each amazing on their own. but together? magical. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee roasters packed with goodness. pete: well after slamming his ou ster by attorney general sessions newly former fired fbi deputy director andrew mccabe provided them to special counsel robert mueller. ed: here to weigh in is alan dershowitz, harvard law
5:17 am
professor and author of the new book the case against bds, which is about sort of palestinian effort to boycott the israeli companies and obviously its been a disgusting movement and we're glad you're shining the light on that and we also want to use your expertise, sir, because we've got andrew mccabe fired, you have the president's critics saying he's behind it when in fact we all know the office of professional responsibility is behind it what do you make about how this has played out and how andy andrew we learned kept these memos about his talks with the president. >> first of all mccabe waived privacy rights and demand that the reports of the office of professional response alt and the inspector general be released and i think the public as the right to see the reports on which he was fired and that way we can determine whether or not it was politically motivated or a basis. on the basis of my experience i don't think the president can get to the office of professional responsibility or
5:18 am
the inspector general even if the president wanted mccabe fired, i don't see that he could have any influence on that decision so on its face the decision seems to be valid but i'd like to get behind the face of the decision and look at the report itself and see if the firing is justified. pete: professor we learned as ed said that he kept memos of his interactions with the president. is this common practice with those memos eventually make the light of day? >> well it is common practice particularly common practice when you expect there will be litigation and you can demonstrate the memos generally admissible even though they're here say but they're admissible if they were done contemporaneously and they shed some light on what happened. no matter what happened i don't think there's an obstruction of justice case against the president and all of the partisan wrangling valley dades there should have never been a
5:19 am
special prosecutor or special counsel this should have gone to a non-partisan commission like the 9/11 commission to look deeply into what impact the russians have tried to have on american elections. without pointing fingers without trying to criminalize political differences we would have gotten to the bottom of this without any partisan wrangling. right now the american public doesn't trust congressional committees, they don't trust the fbi, they don't trust the justice department but to have a non-partisan or bipartisan commission looking into this would have given the american public real credibility and real trust in what comes out of the investigation. i don't think we have that now. rachel: professor this is rachel so james comey is tweeting he sort of foreshadowing hey there's more information out of my book it's kind of part of his promotion for his book. is that dangerous? we just caught him in a lie or maybe mccabe is lying maybe he's lying but he's got a book coming out he's promising to talk about an investigation that's ongoing.
5:20 am
>> well special if there's anything that relates to grand jury minutes, look comey has explaining to do. he leaked information through a columbia law professor instead of having the courage to stand up in front of television camera s and say this is what i want to tell you this is the information and this is why i think a special counsel should be appointed he leaked the information and that's not a good model for the fbi to have the former head of the fbi engage in leaking and laundering information through a law professor and he has to explain that. i doubt he does in his book but i really look forward to seeing if he has any explanation. ed: on top of that you've got the number two official out for lying and leaking not good for the fbi we appreciate it counselor thanks for coming in. >> thank you. ed: the host of the hit show bar rescue does not take kindly to excuses so now john tapper is taking his no-nonsense approach from struggling bars to people turning their excuses into solutions he's here live coming up. rachel: and it might be the best video you see all day a high
5:21 am
school football team sell broughting their biggest win yet , that player join us, next. [t] [screaming & crying] ♪ [screaming & crying] [phone ping] with esurance photo claims, you could have money for repairs within a day... wow! that was really fast. that's insurance for the modern world. esurance. click or call. at a comfort inn with a glow taround them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at" who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. book now at
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rachel: an oklahoma high school football team has a tradition of ringing a bell when they achieve their personal best, andreas in ly they celebrated one of their teammates greatest victor ies beating stage 4 lymphoma cancer, take a look. >> [applause] pete: that video viewed more than 700,000 times, joining us now, 17 year old cancer survivor jax lull it and one of his coaches, keith riggs. gentlemen thank you both very
5:25 am
much for joining us what an inspiring video, inspiring story the video was posted first by jordan johnson the weight lifting coach at the high school you were on the football team, you're returning. first of alltel us about when you learned about the fact that you had cancer and what that impact was for you? >> it was just pretty shocking, can't really believe it, and it truly impacts everything you do. pete: obviously it took you off the football field. you did four rounds of chemotherapy, seven surgeries what was that process like for you? >> it's pretty scary but with the huge support system we have here it makes everything a lot easier. rachel: that's what i want to ask you about it really seems like you're a close knit football team. how important were your coaches and your teammates in your recovery? >> very important. my coaches were always texting me, my teammates were up there it makes everything a lot easier and easier to get through. rachel: you can tell they love you. pete: coach i know he's a junior
5:26 am
so he's still got to earn his way on to the field but give us what you can what it's like to coach jax? >> well its been a privilege to coach somebody like jax. he's a great kid. we've always known that, but to see how he has handled what he's been through, his strength, his determination, and his attitude. you know he was still as he was going through all this his treatments and his surgeries he would come out to football every chance he could get just to be with his teammates and it was very inspiring. rachel: you say that your faith and god play a big role in your recovery recovery and how you got through this. tell us about that. >> i think it was just god's way of making me stronger and more prepared for things coming through my life. rachel: is that your message for other kids what would you say to them about what you learned from
5:27 am
your experience? >> yeah, i think to anybody going through a similar situation you just have to keep your head up and know that you're going to get to the other side. pete: absolutely well we got to see some of the other side with this video which is truly inspiring. you've got the bell which means if you get your biggest bench press you max out more than you've ever lifted before you get to ring it. whose idea was it that you would do this and tell us what it was like in the moment? >> it was coach johnson's idea our workout coach, and we had no idea i had no idea i was going to do it that day and it was a pretty special moment with my whole team there. rachel: i have to say jax, went i saw that video i was moved to tears and excited for you but also i'm a mom of sons and it was just so much to see how important friendships of other boys of other young men are in each other's lives that that is still so important. we live in a culture that doesn't always celebrate that
5:28 am
but your friends mean so much to you. >> yeah. pete: jax, what's your plan? what's next? i know you're involved in a lot of music as well music helps you get through this as well as faith. you're a junior a couple more years in front of you. what are you hoping for? >> well right now i just need to get through football seasonb my music is very important to me. pete: what position do you play? >> outside linebacker and tightened. pete: coach what kind of outside linebacker is he? >> we were really excited as jax was in the previous off season, the gains and progress he had made before he was diagnosed and so he's working hard to get back to that level and we would love to see him on the football field this fall. rachel: we'd love to see that too maybe we can get an update from you guys. pete: just know that video shared by your coach and your story are an inspiration to so
5:29 am
many americans who watch that and they say that kid beat something is doing something big with his life. thank you for sharing your story with us this morning good luck on the football field and be well. rachel: thank you both for joining us. >> thank you. pete: very cool. humble hard working kid. rachel: got to love it. pete: well the host of the hit show bar rescue has never taken kindly to excuses. >> i watched you pick up raw chicken all night in your hands and then touch cooked food. do you know how bad that is? rachel: wow. [laughter] pete: john tapper is taking his no nonsense approach to people wanting to turn their excuses into solutions he's here live next. rachel: and an 80 year old nun claims she's broke thanks to katy perry why she says the pop star is ruining her life. >> ♪ ♪
5:30 am
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5:34 am
>> hold on. pete: rick how cold is it right now both outside and the water? rick: hold on. oh, i can't see over there. what is it? 28. it's 28. pete: and how about that water? rick: [laughter] rachel: does it feel like minnesota? rick: it doesn't feel like minnesota but it's really chilly pete: oh, my goodness. rick: you're not supposed to drink out of hoses any more? rachel: certainly not in new york. rick: like as a child it's the only place i drink water. pete: so we've got todd pyro, so we wanted to simulate a polar plunge. ed: that was the scene of my three point shot victory yesterday in the plaza. pete: in the shadow of your, rick saccone it safe to go in the water at these companies? rick: you probably should be in some fair shape your heart needs to be able to handle it. pete: oh, that should be factor ed in. you voted america.
5:35 am
vote for ed! rachel: and he was on the princeton basketball team he's in great shape. pete: so good i lost ed yesterday. rick: it does happen where people go into cardiac arrest from getting into water below 5. ed: now this is getting serious. rick: not the first time we've risked our lives on fox & friends by the way. pete: no, you'd do other things on live television. rachel: but we're still taking votes you can vote if you want ed representing the left wing media or if you want pete whose representing ivy league alums if you don't like them. ed: yeah that's good. pete: you're really helping me rachel. rick: or who do you want to see in a wet shirt. rachel: [laughter] ed: a lot of them would rather see you in a wet shirt. pete: i think when you look at ed for the rest of the day -- rachel: well we're having a wet t-shirt contest. ed: we'll get to tabulate the numbers at the top of the hour. rachel: we'll turn to your headlines first though. a missing 16 year old girl found
5:36 am
in mexico overnight with a 45 year old man she ran away with nearly two weeks ago. kevin esterly apparently having a secret relationship with amy for months and she added him to her school's emergency contact list as her step-father allowing him to sign her out. she will be reunited with her mother in pennsylvania once he is extradited and he faces a felony charge of custodial interference. ice agents arresting 115 illegal immigrants during a three day sweep in san diego. nearly half of those arrested are convicted felons, and at least seven illegally reentered the country. this is the agency's third call of california operations in less than a month. an 80 year old nun says a three- year legal battle with katy perry is leaving her completely broke, costing her hundreds of thousands of dollars sister rita calahan and late nun
5:37 am
rose goldman suing perry after the singer bought a california convent for $14 million from la bishop gomez but the nuns say they own it and it's there's to sell. tragically, the sister whose in the back of this photo collapsed and died in court last week battling the case. ed: wow. rachel: serious stuff. political correctness striking another college campus. the college of the holy cross in massachusetts now dropping its night mascot and any night imagery. the school's president releasing a statement saying "it inevitably ties us directly to the reality of the religious wars and violence of the crusad" editor and chief of the campus reform lawrence joins joined us earlier to weigh in. >> the social justice warriors and the speech police are out to destroy history and the problem is where does this stop? rachel: indeed. the college will gradually face out the use of all night-related
5:38 am
imagery over the next coming months and those are your headlines. pete: wonderful. rachel: and ironic as christian prosecution in the world is on the rise. pete: that's a great point. last time i checked the crusades did actually happen and there's a lot of discussion about why they happened and why can't we just discuss that and have a mascot. ed: our next guest is best known for rescuing bars and restaurants with his no nonsense approach to dealing with business owners just like this. >> tammy i watched you pick up raw chicken all night in your hands and then touch cooked food do you know how bad that is? do you ever wash your hands? >> yes. >> do you think that you can make money by burning your own furniture? what did that table cost when you run personal expenses through a company and don't tell your partners. that's fraud. pete: and now you can get john tapper's advice by turning excuses into solutions with his new book, don't bs yourself.
5:39 am
crush the excuses that are holding you back. rachel: author and bar rescue host, john tapper joins us now with more. so, tell us, you say that excuses are just lies that we're lying to ourselves so explain what we can do to stop that. >> well, you know, we find excuses sort of paralyzed you and i'm now starting my 160th bar rescue episode next week and after about 110 episodes or so, i realize that when i ask people why they're failing, they never say themselves, rachel. they always blame someone or something else, so if they don't blame themselves they have no reason to change do they? pete: absolutely. >> so excuses paralipses us. pete: john what's the biggest excuse or lie that we tell ourself? >> oh, one of the biggest definitely pete is i'm out of time. i ran out of time but if it was really important to us we would have made the time right so that's more blowing it off than not having time. ed: we've got a piece from the book that we want to show people
5:40 am
to give them an idea. you say it's time to stop excusing your life away. it's time to stop blaming the economy, the government a new competitor or even construction on the street. the minute you take responsibility everything changes, let's embrace some solutions. in fact going through my mind a little bit is democrats after the last election blaming things on russia. >> we should send books to washington it's funny dr. phil said that last week that everybody in washington should buy a copy of this book but you know an excuse is really defined as a rationalization of a mistake. if we didn't make the mistake we wouldn't need the excuse right ed? pete: i think a bar owner or business owner you think of entrepreneurs people that aren't inclined to make excuses necessarily so you see that even among that group its got to be worse throughout the public at large. >> absolutely and entrepreneurs will also use the excuse of fear , not having enough money, not having enough knowledge so there's a lot of circumstances and things that cause people to
5:41 am
freeze but if they put the excuse aside, theyed have to act and this book is a labor of love for me i'm hoping that i can cause some people to act. rachel: so you say you have to look at yourself but sometimes people need someone to help them see they're making the excuse so what does that intervention look like? >> well one of the ugliest moments in bar rescue in the show is when i confront people because i won't allow them to deflect the blame to someone or something else. if they wake up in the morning and look in the mirror rachel and blame their failure on themselves then they'll change. if they blame it on something else they have no reason to so i have to make them blame it on themselves. ed: well john yesterday, pete lost to me in a three point competition i don't know of you heard about this for march madness. do you it's because of the excuses, blaming other people should he have practiced more? >> i think possibly there was a couple of shakeups he might be able to justify his shortcomings a little bit but no excuses pete
5:42 am
it did happen. pete: you're right and it's on video tape just like your show. maybe i need somebody to be screaming at me is it sometimes the way you do it that gets people to wake up? >> well you know, if they put up a brick wall that they just won't change their behavior, i have to force that on them. ed: we appreciate it great book. rachel: and a great show bar rescue it's my husband's scheduler's favorite show. lots to learn thanks a lot. ed: meanwhile samantha powers sends a tweet backing up former cia chief for lashing out over andrew mccabe's firing so did she just issue a threat? we'll debate it next. pete: plus our own todd pyro is live in northport, new york where he's getting ready to take the polar plunge. todd good morning. todd: guys welcome to my nightmare the feels like temperature out here is 18 degrees we're going to go plunge into that right over there in a little bit but quite frankly after i'm done with that
5:43 am
i may just run into that fire you see right there. i may just literally run into fire, that is how cold it is out here. fox & friends returns after the break. >> ♪ ♪ how do you win at business? stay at laquinta. where we're changing with contemporary make-overs. then, use the ultimate power handshake, the upper hander with a double palm grab. who has the upper hand now? start winning today. book now at for all the noses that stuff up around daisies. for all the eyes that get itchy and watery near pugs. for all the people who sneeze around dust. there's flonase sensimist allergy relief. it relieves all your worst symptoms
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5:46 am
ed: former obama cia director john brennan targeting the president in the wake of andrew mccabe's firing tweeting that america will triumph over you well samantha power former president obama's u.n. ambassador is also weighing in tweeting it was not a good idea to bleep off john brennan, so is that now a threat? here to debate political editor of town and a former state department official under president obama good to see you both. guy what do you make of this? i thought that the cia director was supposed to be a non- partisan position focused on intelligence not on politics he
5:47 am
takes this big shot at president trump and all of a sudden another obama loyalist comes out and says don't anger john brenna n, as if he's going to come back. yeah, or else what is sort of the response to samantha power who helped preside over a disastrous foreign policy but the tweet that bothered me more was the one from brennan, because what we've heard from a lot of people in the trump adminitration and trump supporters is theres this deep state out to undermine president trump and take him down and to see the partisan nature of the tweet from brennan, former cia director, to me was eye opening particularly because he's objecting to the firing of andrew mccabe from the fbi which was recommended by the ethics office inside the fbi based on a non partisan inspector general report. so i'm not someone who jumps in and piles on the fbi or the
5:48 am
so-called deep state all the time. in this case, i do think that the criticisms headed that direction are valid. ed: what do you think david? >> well, you know, first of all i think samantha powers tweet is hard to understand. the explanation you've given is plausible and in fact right it was improper for her to say that i don't think john brennan is going to do any deep state kind of maneuver as a result of this. john brennan has every right to tweet his opinions and his opinions are very strong goes to the heart of what a lot of people are thinking which is this was a partisan effort by president trump who made it clear to everyone in his administration that he wanted mccabe out and he wanted mccabe out right before his pension would have vested which was really petty and it showed to everyone. look if you're not going to, if you're going to do anything to protect mueller, anything to advance the special counsel investigation, then someone might retaliate against you and president trump puts pressure on everyone by doing that and
5:49 am
that's what everyone should be concerned about right now. as you said earlier, ed, we don't know what the department of justice ethics office said. no ones seen the report. we just know what sessions said about it and we also know that sessions himself lied under oath to the congress. ed: well he's been accused of that but guy i saw you shaking your head so i want to bring you in. >> yeah, so look mccabe we can talk about the president's response to mccabe's firing which i agree was petty but the purpose of the firing, the reason behind the firing is the inspector general report which by the way we ought to see i agree it should be released so we can take a look at it but the non-partisan career officials inside the fbi's office of professional responsibility which is their ethics office the woman in charge of that by the way was appointed by robert mueller they looked at the evidence from the non-partisan inspector general report which was initiated during the previous administration before trump was president from an
5:50 am
obama-appointee at the inspector general and they looked at that information and decided that it was the proper recourse. ed: i've got less than a minute is there another element that john brennan, and samantha power who have had their conduct questioned about the fisa abuse, about the unmasking of trump advisors maybe abuse of power they're striking because they're worried if there's a special special counsel that's named they're under the microscope. >> i don't think that's what's going on here. there are allegations being thrown all different ways. what we need to do is respect the rule of law. if there are allegations legitimate against anyone including any former obama administration official those should be brought forward in the proper way but we have to protect mueller and special counsel and fbi to do their job and that's not happening. ed: david there's accountability brought to mccabe. he lied, he leaked and now he's held accountable. >> that's what the process says. ed: we got to go.
5:51 am
more fox & friends is coming up todd pyro where he's taking the polar plunge that's just ahead. but what a powerful life lesson. and don't worry i have everything handled. i already spoke to our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness. which is so smart on your guy's part. like fact that they'll just... forgive you... four weeks without the car. okay, yup. good night. with accident forgiveness your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it.
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5:54 am
ed: you're listening pete taking a dip in some ice cold watt r all for a great cause. rachel: that's what todd pyro is doing on long island now he joins us live from northport, new york. hi, todd. todd: hi, good morning. this isn't just because we're crazy there actually is a good reason we're doing this and we'll get right to that now. i'm joined here by tim a scout master of the boy scouts that are leading today's well let's call it insanity and tim why are we doing this? >> we're here to raise money for the northport food pantry and support the scouting for food initiative. todd: last year you guys raised over $5,000 we're hoping today
5:55 am
we can get a little bit more than that. we have the website on the bottom of the screen but you could tell us that would be great. >> it's todd: that'll work. keeping in mind we're at the point now where our lips don't work, so it's kind of tough over here. scott, how you doing? >> good. todd: are you scared? >> a little bit. that waters pretty cold. todd: now you're a member of the boy scouts correct? why is this such an important thing that you guys are doing? >> we're supporting our local food pantry for people that can't afford food every day and we're getting in the water. todd: cameron you've done this before right? >> yes. todd: how bad is it? >> not really that bad. i mean, as long as you get in and out really quick you're fine todd: but cameron you're young. >> yes? todd: old man river here turns 40 in like 18 days. >> well as long as you get in and out you're good. todd: let's go to st. nick here. nick this is usually your type of weather but usually you're on
5:56 am
a sleigh with reindeer and rudolph running the whole show why are you doing this? >> really a big fan of northport food pantry and it's a good cause to raise money that we do every year so i come down from the north pole to make sure that, you know, we get extra support behind us. todd: i love it nobody should go hungry in our great country so we're going to go run into bone chilling water to make sure that nobody does go hungry. again if you can, give a little money that would be great. the information at the bottom of your screen. we're going to send it on back to you guys in the nice warm studio. rachel: how long before he gets in? ed: like a half hour or so todd? pete: we cannot wait we need a super close up on you. ed: the reaction. santa in march by the way is a little confusing but we'll figure that out. rachel: thanks todd thank you. ed: looking forward to it. rachel: should the rich pay more for speeding fines? a new york times op ed is making a case so is it a really good idea we'll debate that in the next half hour.
5:57 am
pete: plus corey lewandowski is live just ahead if you're here in studio maybe we can get him to polar plunge instead. ed: i bet. >> ♪ ♪ rtburn hits rtburn hits fight back fast with tums chewy bites. fast relief in every bite. crunchy outside. chewy inside. tum tum tum tum tums chewy bites.
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6:00 am
pete: the president tweeting last night the mueller probe should never have been started in that there was no collusion and there was no crime. ed: the president and his legal team are trying to pounce on the mccabe problem at the fbi to say the investigators were crooked from the start. >> rather than constriction for having been found to lack candor , mccabe came out swinging pete: former obama cia director john brennan targeting trump tweeting that america will triumph over you. ed: this is the deep state. john brennan is the same man who spied on the united states senate. there are these people who are in washington who cover up for themselves. pete: we got on the three point shooting contest me or ed? >> i'm going with ed.
6:01 am
ed: little bit. rachel: we have a dunk tank and we're going to decide which one of these guys go in. >> ♪ ♪ rachel: [laughter] a little bon jovi. ed: he's doing the polar plunge in a moment and pete may be doing it america this is your chance to vote on whether pete or i should go in the dunk tank right here in our plaza. pete: that was the scene of a little smack down yesterday of the three point contest. rachel: take a look at this before we look at the latest numbers pete you have to read what your uncle just -- pete: you can vote online right now me or ed go in the dunk tank obviously i want people to vote for ed so i push it out there my uncle brad whose a reservoir of common sense he said pete i voted for ed so you'd go in the
6:02 am
dunk tank but couldn't control who my wife votes for despite what crooked hillary things so i hope my aunt donna will vote for ed as well, go to twitter, facebook, instagram who do you want to see get dumped? rachel: 10 points down. ed: it might be rigged. pete: i think it might be rigged that's what i'm about to say. ed: i want to tell you that we've done a little digging and gotten a surveillance video that might explain your loss in the three point contest. that's key in minnesota just days ago practicing. no, i tweeted that. pete: that might be fake news. rachel: but you do need to go to our social media fox & friends .com. pete: where it is right now. on twitter it's 50/50. ed: but the average we're seeing on other platforms you're losing by 10. rachel: you can still vote. i just saw the shape of water on my way home last weekend so think of that which one would you rather see in the tank swimming around. ed: the shape of water? pete: i think this is rigged.
6:03 am
i don't know if i'll abide by whatever the votes are. ed: the voting closes at 9:45 eastern time in the meantime we have a lot of news and the president and his legal team taking direct aim at robert mueller's probe. pete: they sure are the president last night making it clear how he feels currently about the mueller probe. he tweeted this about 9:00 last night you may have missed it. he said the mueller probe should never have been started in that there was no collusion and there was no crime. it was based on fraudulent activities and a fake dossier paid for by crooked hillary and the dnc and improperly used in fisa court for surveillance of my campaign witch hunt. and the president is also up this morning early and tweeting with additional thoughts on the mueller team. he makes this observation. he tweeted again this morning, why does the mueller team have 13 hard democrats some big crooked hillary supporters and zero republicans and another demonstratesing recently added does anyone think this is fair and yes as of yet there is no collusion. ed: president also tweeting about something we mentioned
6:04 am
earlier about the fact that james comey has some credibility problems of his own not just about andrew mccabe as the number two at the fbi but the fact that james comey seemed to have lied under oath in may of 2017 when he told republican senator jeff grassley that he didn't know anything about the leaking when andrew mccabe's statement friday night says quite the opposite. rachel: and andrew mccabe is also saying auto it have these mep os i'm going to release and he's threatening that if you push this i'm going to, i am going to do this and get you. ed: well comey's tweeting as well talking about how his book tour is about to start and out there now he's taking aim himself at the president mr. president the american people will hear my story very soon and they can judge for themselves who is honorable and who is not. pete: boy you know we'll all judge for ourselves whose honorable and who isn't you got the office of the inspector general report coming out you've
6:05 am
got whatever it is robert mueller is going to come out with but we've got this clear evidence as more is exposed there's more contradictions which means a lot of people are under oath, a lot of people are putting their name on the line and called to account for that and part of the discrepancy the president has pointed out on twitter this morning and we've identified as well is what andrew mccabe said about leaking versus what james comey said about leaking both making clear how they feel about whether or not they were authorized to leak so here is andrew mccabe in a statement yesterday when he after he was fired he put out this statement a portion of which is here. he said the oig investigation has focused on information i chose to share with a reporter through my public affairs officer and a legal counsel. as deputy director of the fbi i was one of only a few people who had the authority to do that. it was not a secret, it took place over several days and others including the director and that's a key phrase -- ed: probably james comey. pete: were aware of the interaction with the reporter. ed: as i mentioned a moment ago
6:06 am
this is what james comey said when pressed by chuck grassley last year. >> director comey have you ever been an anonymous source in news reports about matters relating to the trump investigation or the clinton investigation? >> never. >> question 2 on relatively related. have you ever authorized someone else at the fbi to be an anonymous source in news reports about the trump investigation or the clinton investigation? >> no. rachel: wow so one of them is lying and we got to get to the bottom of it. pete: both are leaking and one is lying in this particular case rachel: and this is what happens when you have leadership full of corruption full of lies they end up contradicting each other and pointing fingers at each other. somethings going to have to come out of this. you can't just let these two things stand right? pete: exactly and that's why this president and his legal counsel are coming out hard saying it's time to end this mueller probe. get it done with put it out here
6:07 am
keep the parameters tight it doesn't need to be an endless review of financial holdings over decades. was there in nine, was there collusion or not let it out let's move on. rachel: i just want to say with mccabe it has been really interesting to see how the media has come so much to his defense. you have andrea mitchell tweet ing out that i've got a solution for him. there was no such tweet for michael flynn of how he could keep his position, so it's really interesting the media weighing in but the only way as you say pete to get to the bottom of this is to put it all out there. ed: we've been hearing that andrew mccabe has said if i'm going down i'm bringing others as well and then we hear that he kept memos of some of his interactions with the president so is he taking aim at the president or the president tweet ing getting ahead of this saying spent very little time with andrew mccabe but he never took notes when he was with me. i don't believe he made memos accept to help his own agenda
6:08 am
probably at a later date same with lying james comey. can we call them fake memos? so you can see he is pushing back and pushing backward. pete: remember when james comey originally talked about his and leaked them and said what if i have tapes remember that whole thing? it's this whole idea this is only one side of the story when a person writes a memo and if there aren't recordings then there's another side of the story. ed: and a former fbi agent a special agent came on fox & friends earlier and was saying look, if you think that all the shoes have dropped you're wrong. there's more coming with this inspector general report. watch. >> this is the fbi claiming its own house. it was the fbi taking some tough medicine to get the body better and there's always a standard of zero tolerance for lying under oath. you brush aside all the politics , the inspector general again another career position cops out with an explosive report that covers more than just mccabe, it'll cover strzok, page all the players in the hillary clinton e-mail investigation and address that
6:09 am
and be very comprehensive. there's many signals that somethings coming out in april, so i think we'll have very interesting month of april. ed: remember andrew mccabe oversaw that hillary clinton e-mail investigation a short time after his wife had run for state senate in virginia got all kinds of hundreds of thousands of dollars in political money who was very close to the clintons, a lot of questions about why he did not recuse himself earlier so more shoes coming. rachel: investigating the investigators. pete: exactly. looks like we're going almost pool boomerang here. start a fake investigation and start looking into the investigators and that's a lot of investigation if you're confused so am i but the other word for it is accountability. in a country of laws not just men, there are consequences and hillary did not win the election and therefore, a lot of this -- rachel: and this is a law and order president who says he is going to drain the swamp and listen there's been a lot of people in the deep state just in the last week who are no longer shy about saying we're going to
6:10 am
retaliate against you and he seems to not care he's really hitting this hornets nest. he just really says i want to get the truth out. ed: why would obama loyalists circle the wagon in attacking the president, did the firing send a signal that says look you'll be held accountable. rachel: well i think brennan's tweet sounds like they're really worried they aren't getting what they want at the end. ed: we'll stay on the story let us know what you think friends@ fox rachel: we got to get to headlines first though. new, overnight, recover recovering all victims from the scene of a catastrophic bridge collapse. >> although we expected that perhaps we may find more, thankfully we did not. despite that, we're going to go once again and make sure that there's nobody else down there. rachel: five bodies removed from the 950-ton wreckage as a sixth person died at the hospital and
6:11 am
search and rescue workers still clearing the scene at miami's florida international university a moment of silence will be held tomorrow on campus at 1:47 p.m. which is eastern time and the exact time of the thursday collapse. polls closing in just a few hours in russia's presidential election. vladimir putin seeking power for another six years. the 65 year old casting his vote this morning. there have been reports of voting center violations including ballot boxes being placed out of the site of observation cameras, and last minute voter registration changes. putin is expected to defeat his seven challengers. and renow know the names of all seven u.s. servicemen killed in a military helicopter crash in iraq. pete: captain mark weber, andrew a o' keefe, all captains, along with staff sargents deshawn brig gs, and master
6:12 am
sargents christopher raguso. all making the ultimate sacrifice for our great country. earlier we told you about the tunnels for towers fundraiser for the family of the sargent ra guso. we've just been told nearly $40,000 have already been raised in just over an hour and in total more than $130,000, if you still want to donate to help the family of this fallen hero, you can go to ed: they told us that basically the widow in that particular case is a survivor of breast cancer has two children, they're trying to pay off the mortgage so what a wonderful cause. pete: served in the fdny, was a volunteer firefighter on a tour to iraq lost his life. rachel: we have one more story congress returning to work tomorrow with just five days to avoid another government shut down. a friday deadline looming after last month's patchwork deal to keep the government funded. the last spending bill was supposed to help pass a longer term deal but bipartisan hurdles remain. lawmakers intend for this weeks
6:13 am
potential deals to be the last of the 2018 fiscal year. ed: heard that before. corey lewandowski has repeatedly said there was no collusion between the trump campaign and russia so where should the mueller probe go from here? we've got corey as a live guest next. pete: and come on america, polls are about to close in 30 minutes who do you think should go in the dunk tank? ed: election night music. [laughter] pete: twitter is 50/50 guys so keep the votes coming in on twitter so if ed actually wins it's fake news. ed: you're 10 points behind. we'll be back with the real results. >> ♪ ♪
6:14 am
i'm just worried about the house and taking care of the boys. zach! talk to me. it's for the house. i got a job.
6:15 am
it's okay. dad took care of us.
6:16 am
ed: president trump pointing out a democratic dull standard when it comes to collusion. rachel: so where should the mueller investigation go from here and is there a dull standard? ed: here to weigh in is someone on the road with president trump and then candidate trump as the
6:17 am
campaign manager corey lewandowski chief strategist for america first action and co- author of course of the new york times best selling booklet trump be trump so this morning, corey you have not just this major development friday night of andrew mccabe being held accountable particularly after that office of professional responsibility said he needed to go and now you've got the president this morning and last night taking direct aim at the mueller probe, at james comey, and andrew mccabe. >> well, ed as you know i believe the deep state is very real and i don't think friday night is going to be the worst day of andrew mccabe's life. i think he has some serious potential criminal liability here. he has clearly lied to the fbi. we call that a felony in the real world we have seen people every day prosecuted for lying to the fbi and i don't understand why they're not already moving on charges against him. that being said, you know, the false dossier that was put together to start the entire mueller probe which was paid for
6:18 am
by the clinton campaign to use to spy on american citizens and now, we have seen over the course of almost a year there has been no evidence of collusion, there is no evidence of cooperation or coordination we need to bring this to a close so the american people can move on. rachel: corey you bring up a very good point about mccabe and , you know, he did lie to the fbi but his statement was so self-rachel: us if you ask me, i mean it seems like he seems to have forgotten that he's the same andy who had the text message, who was mentioned in the text messages p peter strzok that had an insurance plan. >> well that's right and you know look i know it's andy's birthday so let's give him a big happy birthday gift to you today , happy to you, andy but look, the truth is when he signed up to be an fbi agent he filled out a form and he signed a document that said regardless of what he does, he will not release any information he obtained as an fbi agent without written authorization and this notion now that he's saying he's got these memorandums that he
6:19 am
took after meetings with the president where is the accountability? this is the same line that james comey gave us. why aren't these people being prosecuted and if they did take information and we know for a fact comey released it without written authorization, why aren't they being prosecuted? ed: well corey though a moment ago you said that the mueller probe needs to end and when the president's personal attorney put out a statement yesterday saying he hopes rod rosenstein en stein does the right thing overseeing the mueller probe of course are you saying and meaning a date certain like let's see what you've got you've got to end it by june 1 or are you saying robert mueller needs to be fired? >> no i'm not saying robert mueller needs to be fired what i'm saying is there has to be a definitive day where he is required to come up with a finding and end this one way or the other so you come back to congress and you say look, here is where we've been they've been doing this for almost a year and they haven't found any evidence
6:20 am
of collusion between the trump campaign because it didn't exist because i was there. we didn't speak to russians or communication and we didn't need russian dressing it just didn't exist so robert mueller has to bring that conclusion to congress and say based on the evidence that i have nothing is here it's time to end this. ed: no collusion no russian dressing but corey lewandowski wants a date certain ending this probe corey thanks for coming in rachel: corey who do you want to see go in the tank ed or pete? >> well that's a losing issue for me i refuse to vote on this. i have to be told by my boss who to vote for. rachel: coming up should the rich pay more for speeding fines a new york times op ed is making a case for it so is it a really good idea we'll debate that next ed: as you just heard polls close in just about 20 minutes. who do you want to see go in the dunk tank we've got the election night music, we'll get the billboard i hope this morning me or pete in the dunk tank vote on social media.
6:21 am
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ed: good morning again quick headlines irish golf pro taking time out of st. patricks day to slam the pga for not limiting alcohol sales during an event and says during saturday's play he was heckled by a spectator yelling his wife's name and he says the problem is worse than ever and chalks it up to heavy drinking and the governor of massachusetts getting in on the st. patricks day celebration. republican governor charlie baker spotted in a boston bar knocking back, yes, tequilla shots and baker was in festivit ies throughout the day earlier spotted at the local parade no shots there apparently pete? pete: i mean it is boston. should the rich be forced to pay more for speeding fines?
6:25 am
the new york times writing in an op ed this, said the flat fine threatens poor people with financial ruin while letting rich people break the law without meaningful repercussions equity requires punishment that is equally felt, so the question here is what does equal mean? here to debate it sam braverman, former defense attorney and financial advisor armando. thank you both for being here sam i'll start with you. you support the idea that people of different incomes should pay different fines for the same offense how is that fair? >> well of course it's fair because the system already is built in this way so a judge is taking into consideration all the time whether or not a person can afford a fine and the constitution says clearly that you can have no unconstitutional ly excessive fine so it's a normal sort of thing. pete: if someone doesn't make any money and they commit a huge violation and they can't pay sometimes they don't. that's very different than saying i'm speeding you're speed ing i make 200 grand you make 75 grand we pay different.
6:26 am
i don't understand how that sounds fair. >> well the fact is most people in fact don't make $75,000 your average person making 25-$40,000 pete: pick your amount the point is -- >> and wall street guy making 1.2 so the guy whose working at 7.50 an hour takes him from monday to wednesday to pay his $150 fine and the wall street guy makes it by 9:15 in the morning. pete: armando, what do you say? >> i say we just really shouldn't break the law. a fine is a method to deter somebody from breaking the law right? so if we have a flat fine for everybody, we also have the point system for everybody, so regardless if somebody that's very wealthy can pay or cannot pay the fine, the point system is going to deter him from breaking the law again, so before you get into your car, if you can't afford to pay a fine, just don't break the law. fix your car.
6:27 am
when i drove on the highway this morning getting here nobody was driving the speed limit literally not a single person was driving the speed limit. it was not even an advisory. there's just nobody driving the speed limit. pete: sam where does it stop when you start making an income argument that could go in any direction for everything. now justice is not blind. it's looking at your pocket book before it makes a decision. >> well make it the alternative so for example, when somebody has a fine of $750 and they can't pay it and then they can't drive their car and then they can't work and now they become a ward of the state is that better for society? how does that improve situations and if judges are taking this into consideration well then that works, but if they don't take it into consideration -- pete: armando, same debate on taxes, a progressive tax system or flat system? what's fairness, the rich pay more or is fairness everyone pays the same? >> let me ask a better question. would it be fair for me to work harder just to pay higher fines?
6:28 am
what's my incentive here to better myself? or for anybody else for that matter? >> but fortunately you and i both make disproportionately better than everybody else and therefore we are at an advantage if i was late this morning and i said i'll be on time because i'm going to drive 100 miles an hour and if it gets me a ticket so be it i'll pay for it who cares. pete: but it could be a result of you being lucky having rich parents or working hard so couldn't this manifest people who worked hard to get to the top get hit the most. >> right that's exactly the point. why not deter them if we want the system to work we have to deter the people and if we don't deter them we don't get it. pete: the debate continues we have to leave it right there appreciate your time. still to come maria bartiromo is live here just ahead plus todd p yro is also live in northport, new york because this is a live television show getting ready to take the polar plunge for a great cause. todd get ready. i wish you were wearing that todd the pink one.
6:29 am
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ed: that music can mean only one thing, a major election is being tallied as we speak by the fox news decision desk and it's getting closer. pete: the polls are not closed yet. i am winning on twitter, losing on facebook so go on facebook.
6:33 am
ed: winning means i've got more votes on twitter. rachel: since pete already lost his bet against gillian when the vikings lost to the eagles his push up contest and the three point contest so three strikes. ed: i love that. that is great. e-mail, pete is from minnesota so i know he can handle that cold cold water. i agree. i could not agree. he can handle it. pete: here is an e-mail from carol. had to vote for ed, even though we love him. you know it's that d.c. thing. ed: oh, they're trying to duck me in the swamp. rachel: and luke has said if ed loses when will he start his wet happened book tour? ed: well i've got to tell you, because i've got a surprise for you in a moment but a tweet actually neither of them rachel should be given the plunge as a goodbye memorial gift. rachel: i don't like that idea at all.
6:34 am
so, if you like d.c. journalists and the swamp, vote for ed and if you want to vote for a veteran whose defended our country -- ed: why don't you vote. pete: vote for ed. the point is vote for ed. rachel: [laughter] pete: the polls are still open on facebook, twitter and instagram. ed: by the way i just made a phone call while you were doing the last segment so a very famous anchor who brings out the billboard on big election nights pete: yes. ed: he may now be getting involved in the tabulation and calling in the results. it adds legitimaticy. rachel: it does they use the election music and now we have the election anchor. ed: it's all going down. pete: quickly. rachel: well we've got todd pyro on taking a dip in ice cold waters all for a great cause. pete: todd joins us live from northport, new york. todd: we're ready to go, are we excited? >> [applause] todd: come on. we're not doing this because
6:35 am
we're crazy we're doing this for a great cause check out the bottom of the screen and any money we raise goes to help those who are food insecure and who are very very hungry. with that i have one more thing to add. whoever is running audio today please make sure you have the seven second delay, because i might curse, all right? let's go to george the mayor here in northport, and he's going to counties down before we run in and do this plunge. you're saying let's count this thing down. >> okay, i'm just proud of troop 410 and their efforts. todd: all right. >> here we go. 5-4-3-2-1 go! >> [applause] >> [cheesier and plus] ed: todd is like already out.
6:36 am
todd: where is the microphone? it's crazy. >> [laughter] >> it is so cold. you can't hear me because i don't have a mic. oh, my god, pete! ed and rachel, why couldn't i be in there with you? how do i feel? what do you think? i have no feeling. i'm completely frozen. make sure that you raise the money, donate the money for a good cause help those who are hungry, go to the website. i can't take it any more. ed: he can't hear us because he took his earpiece out. pete: i'm not clear he went in. rachel: i know but he still had pyromania. pete: america what did you think did todd actually plunge or does he have to do it again? rachel: [laughter] ed: we should make him do it again. vote for pete. rachel: i've got to go to headlines though while you guys vote. chinese president xi officially
6:37 am
reassure pointed to his post for life. china's congress unanimously approving the appointment after voting to remove presidential term limits almost all of the nearly 3000 members of congress sighted with the communist leader last week. one southern california town didn't want to be a sanctuary city. loss alamatos is trying to exempt itself from following a state law that limits cooperation between local police and ice agents. city council members arguing it may conflict with federal laws and the constitution according to the orange county register. the city will vote tomorrow on this ordinance. this video going viral showing a high school football team celebrating one of their own greatest wins beating cancer. >> [applause] >> [bell ringing] rachel: jackson, or he likes to be
6:38 am
called jax, his teammates cheering him on as he rang l scoot's personal bell and he joined us earlier and he shared this piece of inspiring advice. >> i think to anybody going through a similar situation you just have to keep your head up and know that you're going to get to the other side. rachel: he's an amazing kid and as a junior only has two more seasons to take the field. americans just can't get enough coffee, searching for that energy boost and even more. >> what's that aroma? >> i don't know. >> oh. rachel: [laughter] a new study showing 64% of adults say they drink at least one cup of coffee every day, making it the largest amount of people to consume the beverage in six years. scientists are blaming more at home brewing and gourmet drinks for that increase. and those are your headlines. ed: i'm seeing a tweet from the
6:39 am
adorable deplorable saying dunk pete, pete needs to show fox he can win at something. pete: the polls are tightening i'm telling you. i'm ahead on twitter we're coming back on facebook ed might be eating his words quickly. i'm hearing some word of russian collusion too. ed: all right pete: coming up tonight there's a woman taking a seat at the wise guys table it's our own maria bartiromo but first she's joining us here, live because she is live. ed: still to come it's your last chance to vote who do you want to see go in the dunk tank this morning? me or pete? our own bill hammer has just been confirmed he will be bringing us the results, live. pete: oh, my goodness. i just want to find a used car without getting ripped off. start at the new show me used trucks with one owner. pretty cool. [laughs] ah... ahem... show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new
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6:43 am
maria: the fbi has an institution has not been attacked okay? the president attacked the leadership of the fbi many times this president has come out and said the broad institution of the fbi is doing a very good job and actually trying to keep us safe but the leadership, i mean, there's a reason that 10 people within the fbi and the department of justice have been reassigned or fired. rachel: joining us on the curve very couch is maria bartiromo the host of sunday morning futures and part of the wise guys which airs tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern on fox news. so i love the premise of the show because it's one of the few times where people get to really talk for a long time, get ideas out and have a lot more, you know, chance to talk about these issues. maria: that's the thing you're able to sit there for an hour and actually have a detailed conversation, no yelling just an actual conversation about what's going. it's hard to do with our shows even here when you have three hours but you're doing segments
6:44 am
five minutes a piece but we set you down for an hour and talk about the issues of the day and i was honored to be with everybody at the table so looking forward to it. the fbi issue is front and center and there's no coincidence that 10 people have been reassigned at the fbi and the department of justice but i was thinking last night you know when something happens when it's domestic abuse or a shooting or whatever, when you see the fbi jackets walk in, when you see those guys and gals walk in with that navy jacket and big fbi written on the back don't you feel good? don't you feel like oh, the fbi is here. they're going to make it better. we have so much confidence in the fbi and we still do but unfortunately, the agency has been besmurched by a group of people at the leadership, that's james comey, andrew mccabe, bruce ohr at the department of justice they obviously went rogue and decided to take it upon themselves to abuse power and change the results of an
6:45 am
election and do anything they could to undermine who the country voted for it's really unfortunate. pete: we'll have a chance to hear more from you tonight on wise guys airs on the fox news channel but you've got a fantastic program. maria: we do the chairman of the house dish your it committee bob goodlatte, he along with trey gowdy have calling for second special counsel we'll go through the fireable offences that were clear and in your face about andrew mccabe, why he was fired and what this means. you have to ask yourself who was directing andrew mccabe and james comey. did president obama, did loretta lynch tell them, but did president obama do that tell loretta lynch that so how high this goes up this is going to be found out. rachel: wow. pete: and you have peter tiel also. maria: who says by the way, he knew that president trump would win and he thinks he's going to win again in 2020. ed: maria we want you to stand by with us as we bring in our
6:46 am
colleague and friend bill hammer who you always see when there's a big election he brings out the billboard patented and all that mr. hammer good sunday morning can you hear the music? it's heating up. good morning. >> we wanted to get this right but it looks like most viewers are for rachel and maria to be apart of this. rachel: [laughter] maria: oh, no. that's terrible. ed: we have been tabulating results on whether our viewers want pete or i to be dunked today and we figured there's a lot of allegations of meddling. pete: do you have any formula? we could only agree on one person we could trust to deliver this news. ed: you add legitimaticy. >> here is what we did guys i consulted with the decision desk rachel: the decision desk. >> we've been taking in the tallies from the various precincts based on the view earlies ening this morning and it looks like ed henry and pete
6:47 am
hegseth are getting closer by the moment. pete: yes! >> but as of now, on a chilly late march sunday morning, in the northeast, that easy ed henry came in at 48% and pistol pete gets 52 which means pete hegseth is getting wet. ed: winning is losing. pete: but do we, are we sure all the absentee ballots are in, bill? the military vote out there. >> actually pete you were at 53 only three minutes ago. the numbers are getting tighter. if i was you i'd take this and go with it. ed: we've got to cutoff the voting. you and i talked about this off the air. there was no collusion per se but i told you we were cutting it off. rachel: and the forgotten voters in the midwest couldn't pull you over. >> you're exactly right. we consulted congressional district 18 in pennsylvania and, i mean, it made a very
6:48 am
interesting year. but this is what we're going with and the numbers are final. pete enjoy getting wet brother. rachel: and there's a fair chance you're going down. ed: we appreciate you going down this is a live look at the tank it's a chilly 28 degrees pete hegseth trained with the u.s. army he trained with the best. he has prepared his entire life for this moment. you're speechless. pete: i don't know what to say. >> ♪ ♪ [whistling] hello. give me an hour in tanning room 3. cheers! that's confident. but it's not kayak confident. kayak searches hundreds of travel sites to help me plan the best trip. so i'm more than confident. forgot me goggles. kayak. search one and done.
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>> ♪ ♪ ed: it is game on for pete hegseth. rachel: and we've got the dunk tank and the results it's 48-52. i actually am starting to feel
6:52 am
really bad for how mean i've been to pete encouraging people to vote for him. ed: you did. i really do like pete. ed: i'll admit in the last half hour i was getting very nervous because i was sitting on a 10 point lead all morning and then he started encouraging people and do you know what he did look at those socks and i want to thank bill hemmer, he added a lot of credibility to this. do you want to throw the first ball to take him down? rachel: it's a legitimate vote. ed you go ahead you've had more pleasure in this. ed: by the way the cameras are set which is really awesome is that those socks are already in. rachel: is it cold? i'm so sorry pete. ed: do we need the bullseye on that or what? are we ready? rachel: come on this is a veteran military man. pete: what do you got? come on ed. rachel: [laughter] ed: [laughter] rachel: oh, my god i feel so bad
6:53 am
i'm sorry, pete. ed: is there a mark? ed: watch your step it's wet. rachel: it's all right i've got it. pete how do you feel? pete: i feel great. i feel alive. i feel like a winner who just lost. ed: pete has finally won something on fox & friends. he lost the three point shot and all kinds of things. pete: this feels so good i'm going to do it again. rachel: oh, my god, yes. ed: watch your step. rachel: ed i think you should be a sport and just do it too. ed: no way! rachel: get back up there. ed: ladies and gentlemen he's getting back this is getting insane. ed: and before i forget magical productions entertainment brought in the dunk tank. one more, it took me two. watch your step watch your step. get closer. pete: don't do it.
6:54 am
rachel! pete: don't do it. rachel: what! it wasn't my fault. it's not reset. ed: keep throwing. ed: it needs to be reset where is the ball? pete: is this on? ed: here we go. we're just trying to see if it works. ed: i'm sorry that was an accident i just wanted to see if it works. rachel: i hope someone has a change of clothes for pete. ed: one last time we should put this in slow motion. rachel: slow motion replay. ed: do you want to interview? rachel: all right, pete, how are you feeling now? pete: oh, my god how do i feel? i feel like bill hemmer, i think it was rigged. ed: more fox & friends coming up we're going to dry him off.
6:55 am
rachel: it's cold. i'm sorry. >> ♪ ♪ broccoli!
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6:58 am
>> ♪ ♪ ed: that was delicious but i feel a little bad. rachel: i felt bad once i saw you out there and i was telling people to vote for you and then -- pete: i blame myself. i campaigned in the wrong places and took it for granted with russian interference. ed: you have such a long list of excuses. rachel: no he doesn't he's taking responsibility. pete: i never went to wisconsin. rachel: it all goes down to wisconsin. how do you feel now that you're in a warm building? pete: it feels nice now i got three dunks and it so cold you could not breathe. rachel: you didn't bring any clothes to change into? pete: i have no clothes. ed: we want to check in with todd pyro, who took the plunge as well but todd we have video
6:59 am
of both events and it looked like you basically literally had a toe in the water while pete was all the way in. todd: are you serious? rachel: your hair looks dry. todd: this hair is soaking wet. pete: we'll have to check the tape. todd: my water wasn't a balmy 8. pete: there we go. todd: pete is writing a book about what happened there, that's the name of his plunge book i'm write the james comey equivalent of the book and it's an absolute loud mess, are we still on the show? all right how did we do guys and gals? >> [applause] todd: a great cause here raising money to help people who are hungry we had a great time today i've got to admit it wasn't that cold when you went in but as always when you come out, wow, it's really cold. rachel: we didn't get a warm bath for you. pete: you're dogging on me about
7:00 am
warm water? todd: you're in a warm studio. rachel: you are the man. pete: always a ton of fun hosting with you. rachel: thank you. rachel: abbey is next week. maria: good morning a war of words, erupting in washington this weekend after the firing of ex-fbi deputy director andrew mccabe. the crown prince of saudi arabia makes a historic visit to the white house and billionaire technology venture capitalist explains why he backs president trump and why he thinks trump will win again in 2020 good morning everyone i'm maria bartiromo welcome to sunday morning futures. andrew mccabe fired for leaking to the media. could his response afterwards put his old boss, james comey, in hot water? house judiciary chairman bob goodlatte, newt gingrich and former assistant fbi director jim kallstrom join me live on that plus the


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