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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  March 12, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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we have ed henry, who is in for shannon bream. going to do a fantastic show. he always does. fox and friends, the man does everything. >> ed: i can't wait to see what you take on in the cabinets tomorrow night. everyone's going to need to tune in for that. >> laura: thanks, have a great show. >> ed: here's what's on tonight. speak with the house intelligence committee wraps up its investigation with a bombshell, no evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and russia. does it mean for the robert mueller probe? ellison barber breaks it down. then we will take you to battleground pennsylvania for the interview everyone wants tonight, but only fox news tonight has the exclusive with republican candidate. we will also hear from martin o'malley, former presidential candidate, who is stuffing for democratic candidate connor lam, who has a surprising lead as it goes down to the wire interim country. plus, the u.s. and france bow they are prepared to attack
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syria over fresh reports about the regime using chemical weapons on civilians yet again. ambassador john bolton has the latest. ♪ >> ed: good evening and welcome to "fox news @ night." i met henry in washington in for shannon bream tonight and this is a fox news alert. in a slap to congressional democrats and the intelligence community, house republicans are launching a bombshell outside at the prevailing narrative here in washington. "we found no evidence of collusion" according to texas republican mike conway. what's more he says intel committee eight spent hundreds of hours reviewing raw source materials used by the intel community. their assessment, russian meddling in the 2016 presidential campaign was intended to help candidate donald trump and her democrat hillary clinton, but did not meet the appropriate standards according to the draft report, which lands and democratic hands
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tomorrow. the firestorm already sweeping washington tonight. president trump jumping on the news just a short while ago. ellison barber is here with me live following all of these late-breaking developments. good evening. >> we seem to be on the verge of a new twitter war with the president and a top democrat on the house intelligence committe committee, dominic. president trump has repeatedly said it's a waste of time to investigate his campaign and possible russian collusion. it tonight one of those investigations is ending. president trump tweeting in all caps "the house intelligence committee has, after a 14th month long in-depth investigation, found no evidence of collusion or coordination between the trump campaign and russia to influence the 2016 presidential election." congressman adam schiff responding this was not the finding of the house intelligence committee, mr. mr. president, but only a statement by her gp members who lack the courage to stand up to a president of their own party and the national interest necessitates it. if there were a republican
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majority of the house intelligence committee announced today that they've interviewed everyone they need to, that they found no evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and russia and that they are ready to end their investigation. here's congressman mike conway. >> no collusion that you found. no evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and the russians. >> or the clinton campaign. >> how confident are you of tha that? >> you never know what you never know, but we found no reason to think that there's something we're missing in this regard. we talk to everybody we think we would need to talk to. >> the committee said they looked at over 300,000 documents, interviewed 73 witnesses, held nine hearings and briefings and talking 203 hours of testimony. >> the russians tried to interfere with our election process. we could find no evidence of collusion between either campaign. >> says republicans failed to
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follow the evidence, were afraid to compel witnesses and unwilling to subpoena documents like phone records, text messages, bank records. democrats on the committee haven't seen a republican report. republicans say they will give committee democrats the 150 page per draft report tomorrow for "review and comment," then they will commit it for the subatomic declassification so the public can see it. the report says that while they agree republican dominic russia try to sow discord, they do not agree with the intelligence community's assessment, this one right here, that there was a preference for canada and from. the democrats say they stand by the findings of the intelligence community and russia also weighed in on this from the u.s. russian embassy twitter account they wrote "all russia investigations not only in the u.s. are destined to end as they brilliantly concluded. only tom clancy could take this series of inadvertent and weave that into some sort of spice and thriller that go out there.
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>> ed: great job with all the reporting and even wheezing and jack writer. what to make up the strapped g.o.p. report? let's bring in ethan, radio host at kgo a.m. and chris plan, syndicated radio show of the chris plant show. good evening. ethan, i want to start with you. repeat after me, please. there is no evidence of collusion. >> according to republicans on the house intelligence committee who have witnesses, for example, invoking executive privilege among other things. the evidence the democrats have of collusion is? >> what matters is what robert mueller has, not with the house intelligence committee has. not at all with the house intelligence committee has, because this is been a partisan exercise that republicans -- we just heard one republican admit that russians are attacking us and at the russian embassy here in the united states uses one of our own republican
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representatives words against the united states. >> ed: that's their choice. they can tweet whatever they want. the bottom line is you are still not answering the question, which is what is the evidence? i will give you a chance, chris and then we will go back to ethan. where is the evidence? >> there is no evidence of collusion, which is why we've got adam schiff and all of these extraneous comments that have nothing to do with russian collusion and the russian collusion is no longer the standard and honestly there is no evidence of russian collusion, and i think at this point everybody knows it. they know it at "saturday night live." it would be nice if "the new york times" and nbc news and "the washington post" caught up with "saturday night live" ." >> ed: i'm glad you mentioned "saturday night live" because they had an interesting open to the charlotte tied together the bachelor finale and one robert mueller. go ahead. >> i don't think that i can give you everything that you want right now.
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and i think you sense that. >> so, what? you don't have trump on collusion? collusion is literally the only thing i've been looking forward to for the past year. >> ed: how many hearts are you breaking with this when he lost "saturday night live" on collusion? where are you? >> wonderful parody, and there are a lot of democrats -- i think there's a little bit of truth. we know with maxine waters for example, she keeps talking about impeachment. but here's the deal, the report says 64% chance the democrats retake the house in november. if that is the case, and we have other charges here like obstruction of justice that are likely to come forth based on what's happening. >> ed: let me just summarize. you have no evidence of collusion, you've given up on the house intel committee and you are saying let's go to robert mueller -- >> why does everybody seek, keep saying collusion? it's actually conspiracy.
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i've never used the word collusion. conspiracy is the term. >> ed: i'm going to let chris jump in here but now you're falling back on the idea, we can't prove this, but if the democrats take control of the house we are going to lead impeachment hearings and adam schiff is going to get the answers. chris. >> i'm sure you do a wonderful show, but you are not the one who decides whether the issue is collusion or not. you are not in charge of the standards, is called the law. mueller, the law, the discussion for the last year and a half has been about collusion. i know the democrats want to run away from this because this is turning into thelma and louise and i think it's going to have a bad ending for democrats, but the standard is collusion. it's always been collusion. it will continue to be collusion and if you say that you've got something on this discussion of shelving matters of obstruction of justice, in the meantime i think it's a great idea because if you don't have the central crime of collusion, what are you obstructing?
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>> where in the legal code is collusion defined? where in the code is collusion defined? >> collusion is not a crime. you are right, collusion is not a crime. that's what's being pursued. >> ed: we will have to leave it there. i feel like we may be back a couple more times to talk about this. appreciate you both coming in. meanwhile, close at hand? former presidential candidate nominee hillary clinton had this to say about districts that did not vote for her in 2016 like the one in pennsylvania holding a little special election tomorrow. >> the math doesn't show you is that i won the places that represent two-thirds of america's gross domestic product. i won the places that are optimistic, diverse, dynamic, moving forward and his whole campaign make america great again was looking backwards.
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>> ed: backward in places that are now reopening coal mines and steel mills perhaps. chris stirewalt is here, a fox news politics editor. good evening. hillary clinton wants him to go away, and what she's saying there -- fox keeps bringing her back. she's giving a speech in india. she decides to go overseas and say among other things that two-thirds -- the places with two-thirds of the gdp in america voted for her in the one-third didn't vote for her and in places like west virginia where you grew up that voted for trump, you just don't matter. >> well, i matter. and you matter too. hillary clinton's -- put it this way, i have never seen a person function in politics at as high-level as former secretary of state and stink this much. she is really bad at it. she has a tendency to reinforce the notion that she does not care about ordinary voters, and when we look at clay's places
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like pennsylvania, michigan, places that flip 27, 24 points from obama to trump from 2012 to 2016, i would guess that a lot of it has to do with a strong sense that hillary clinton didn't care about the considerations of voters in those places, but they are backwards, here in the past and that the future is with her and that they were just an annoyance. >> ed: beyond looking in the rearview mirror at her, how does it apply in a battleground like pennsylvania or we will see voters tomorrow in a special election? have democrats a year and a half later still not gotten how donald trump won in places like that? >> conor lam sure did. connor lam certainly knows how to do it hillary clinton day. he spent today about going out to go talk to people in coal country. he's the democrat there. he's not doing what hillary clinton did, who never visited wisconsin. he's not making those mistakes and he's also meeting voters where they are on issues about guns, about abortion, about other issues.
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he's running from his leaders. >> ed: he's talking to his district and i think some democrats have got the lesson and some won't. you know this better than anybody. there was a poll yesterday that looks a little better. the polls are not been good for the republican candidates, but it said maybe there's some hope. >> basically said that if democrats continue -- if democrats turn out in a selection at the high intensity levels that they have been previous special elections, which is to say outpacing hillary clinton by 20 or so points, then you will have a conor lamb win. but if republicans can cut into that with their own enthusiasm, or if they can cut into some of the democratic enthusiasm, and he remains a favorite. we should remember, rick has been the favorite in his race since day one. the very fact that it's competitive is illustrative how much trouble he's had. >> ed: the president was there for the big rally on saturday night. let us look forward, and then the resident tweeting's mate
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feeling like there's victory in the air, at least i know collusion. but as we were just talking about, democrats pointed out rightly, robert mueller is still out there. >> there's as much evidence of donald trump colluding with vladimir putin on the election as there is that robert mueller is a crook. both of those things are true. we have not seen any evidence that robert mueller is doing wrong or that he is in some misbegotten activity, just as we haven't seen this with trump. any other thing about this house investigation we should remember. this thing was screwed from the get-go. if there was no way -- because of the democrats and republicans, aggressive leaking on issues that favored the democrats and then we had all the memo times memo times memo with the memo on the memo. i think the house committee ended up -- it's going to end up with a senate committee did, which as we are never going to be able to answer those questions. those are questions for robert mueller and his team, but let's talk about may be how can safeguard elections in this midterm and in the future.
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>> ed: even saturday "saturday night live" is saying there's no collusion. the left has to be a little nervous. >> whoever the gal was in let's get was perhaps looking for something in the bachelor that was never there in the first place. >> ed: chris stirewalt, we appreciate that. and you do matter. >> you do too. >> ed: what does rick have to say about all of this? find out next, because he will be here in a rare interview ahead of tomorrow's special election. plus hundreds of workers thanked president trump. nikki haley talking top at the u.n. leading some to suggest we could be about to launch air strikes against syria again. ambassador john bolton is here to sort it all out. ♪ so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™.
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>> ed: lam the sham, that's what president trump calls the young democrat trying to cause a political earthquake in pennsylvania. if he wins special election for the house to eat, many will say it's a direct repudiation for the president as much as a loss for our next guest trying to hold on to what has been a g.o.p. stronghold in western pennsylvania. joining us now is rick saccone. he's a candidate for congress in
8:19 pm
pennsylvania. esther saccone, we appreciate you joining us tonight, but i also want to jump right in here. president trump was in the district over the weekend. had a rousing rally, if you will. he carried this district by about 20 points. people in your state, in that district that are seeing bigger paychecks because of the tax cut. this tariff now that he's pushing for aluminum and steel it may actually bring jobs back to the district. i have to ask you, why do the polls suggest you are losing? >> the polls -- this is an open seat and you could expect to have national level interest. you can expect things to tighten up. they haven't had a seat like this open in the last 16 years i think in this district. it's natural as a political scientist you would naturally assume that there will be a lot of interest and a lot of money will pour in and it will cause the race to be tight. >> ed: the fight is on for those union voters who went trump in 2016, help them win battleground pennsylvania and some of them now seem to be tilting toward the democrat, conor lamb. i want to ask you among other
8:20 pm
things, he's attacking you, conor lamb, by saying you don't support pension rights, you are not doing enough for pensions. this is a big issue for workers in the district. >> if that's the union leadership misinformation, especially among the coal miners union. i do support trying to save that pension. there's a bill clogged up in congress and i've always supported trying to move that through. union leadership has put out that misinformation over and over. remember this is the same union leadership that supported president obama, who was trying to kill the coal miners, the coal industry and supported hillary clinton, who definitely wanted to kill the coal industry. now they support my point. i just tell the rank-and-file members once again, come out for me. i've always supported you, i've always been with you. >> ed: you mentioned hillary clinton. she gave a speech in the last few days that she set voters in the heartland, voters in the battleground state like pennsylvania went with donald trump because i went with place they were optimistic, diverse, dynamic and moving forward, whereas make america
8:21 pm
great again, she says, was looking backwards. she went on to say that voters in the heartland who went trump don't like black people getting rights and don't like women getting jobs. what do you say to that? >> who would care what hillary clinton's has at this point? is there any credibility there at all? of course that's a bunch of nonsense and we have a very diverse district from world to supermen and all kinds of makeu makeup. we have people from every demographic supporting us and we are concentrated on getting them out to vote and winning this race tomorrow. >> ed: last question, i put out on twitter i was going to be interviewing you and a lot of republican voters are nervous about whether or not you can carry this district, which is, as you said, traditionally republican. my last question is, in the last 24 hours, what are you going to do to fire up that trump odor from 2016 to turn out for you when these last 24 hours? >> just finished a rally with donald trump jr.
8:22 pm
that enthusiasm was very high. coming off the rally with president trump. enthusiasm across the district is great. everywhere i go, i was just at a restaurant and people were coming up to me, it was like a mob scene wanting to take pictures and they are all going out to vote tomorrow. i stopped at a local store in the same kind of thing happen. a lot of enthusiasm on our side. people are ready to go out and vote and we are going to bring this home. >> ed: we appreciate you joining us tonight. good luck in the days ahead. we are going to say the same to the democrats as they fight it out for this race. a lot of people looking at it as a bellwether. we will see where it all turns out. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> ed: with all that in mind, listen to this from just two years ago at the height of the 2016 campaign. >> to just be grossly journalistic, you could put half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorable's. >> ed: all those voters are apparently backwards, according to hillary clinton. she also said the democratic party does not do well with white men and married white women. if you talk about the voters in
8:23 pm
pennsylvania '18? who better to ask than martin o'malley. he's been stumping for the democrat and ran for president in 2016, losing out to secretary clinton. welcome back, sir. >> thanks, good to be with you. >> ed: we are not going to spend the whole time talking about hillary clinton, that's in the rearview mirror, but she keeps talking about this. why can't some of your party leaders just say look, we lost fair and square and 2016? >> i don't know. i guess you'll have to ask her when she comes back from india. i enjoyed being out there for conor lamb in pittsburgh. he had a packed crowd. my dad actually came from pittsburgh, so i have about 300 relatives out in that area and a lot of western maryland watchers pittsburgh television. you could tell that the momentum is on conor lamb side and this is why i think. i think people are seeing political gridlock, a mean-spirited nest, name-calling, coming out of the white house and out of washington and they are sick of it. they want to leadership.
8:24 pm
they want someone who can speak decently. >> ed: i hear that from democrats, they don't like the way president trump speaks, but what about hillary clinton? she was your party's presidential nominee. i know you ran against her. what about your father from pittsburgh? as you mentioned. what would he say about the idea that your party's last nominee set among other things "i won the places that represent two-thirds of america's gross domestic product, as if the place that your father came from doesn't even matter to the democratic party. >> i think my dad would have supported me. >> ed: i bet you're right. >> but i think more importantly -- pittsburgh is a very dynamic place. if you look at the economy of pittsburgh and the transformation that has taken place in pittsburgh, it's not only traditional industries, it's also research and development. pittsburgh is the city that is actually on the move and embracing a new future.
8:25 pm
i think that the people of pittsburgh are looking to the future. they are not looking to the past and i think the operative word in your question was hillary clinton was our party's nominee. she is not the future of the party. conor lamb in his and other democrats that i see winning elections all across the country. and they are doing it by speaking decently to the aspirations that all american family share. >> ed: let's look to the future of the democratic party. conor lamb in the last debate i saw was supporting president trump on the terrace that your party's leadership, nancy pelosi, chuck schumer say are going to be disastrous to the economy. how is he part of the future of your party if he is against -- he says he won't even vote for nancy pelosi for speaker? >> because he's running for a house in the house of representatives. in other words, people that represent their districts come to our house of representatives, come to our congress with different perspectives. conor lamb's perspective is not necessarily that of somebody from silicon valley or new york city. it is a different perspective. he and i disagree on a couple of
8:26 pm
issues, but on the big issues, whether or not our country has what it takes to make this economy hours and make our children winners in this changing economy, we agree that the more our people learn, the more they will learn. we have to give our people battle skills so that they can succeed and we have to invest in our country to make it stronger. those of the things that are going to forge our future. >> ed: must question. you know i was there with you at the start of the presidential campaign. java joe's, the coffee shop in downtown des moines. a lot of fun out there. >> who can forget it? >> ed: great campaign. you talked a lot about trade, ripping up the transpacific partner tomei partnership, which donald trump is doing, at least from the american standpoint. has he made some good moves on something like trade? >> i don't think he really knows what he's doing on trade. for my part, i was very guarded tomei critical of the trans-pacific partnership and impact of any trade deals that we are not allowed to read before our congress has to vote on them. i think that what we are looking to accomplish in terms of strengthening steel and
8:27 pm
strengthening aluminum, we probably could do those things with strong provisions by american. not only defense but also in infrastructure and rebuilding our country. i think donald trump really isn't sure what he's doing. he sure that he wants the photo up but he certainly not sure with his trade were leads. he's probably the only world leader that whatever say something as outrageous as trade wars are easy to win. there's only losers and trade wars. >> ed: as we head into these midterms, maybe a bellwether for the midterms in november. is your party going to basically regret the fact that not a single democrat in the house with the senate supported that tax cut which looks like it's helping the economy? >> i don't believe so. no people ever gave their children a better future by making our country weaker. the math is inescapable as to what this does to deficits, what this does to weaken our country and the change that's given to working families is nothing in comparison to the damage this is doing to our country and a huge windfall that donald trump, his
8:28 pm
family at his friends are experiencing because of this defunding of america's future. >> ed: we will have to leave it there. appreciate you coming in tonight. because thank you. thanks a lot. >> ed: just heard from both parties. now let's hear from some of the hundreds, hundreds of steelworkers in illinois tonight who are very thankful for the president's tariff plan. they are going back to work as demand for american-made steel is expected to rise. our correspondent matt finn reports from granite city illinois. >> we are happy. the town has a buzz again. >> a veteran and father of three is getting called back to work at u.s. steel and granite city illinois after he was part of a massive layoff of more than 1,000 workers in 2015. now the company is firing up an entire -- bringing back at least 500 workers. >> from our understanding we were shut down because the market was flooded by cheap steel.
8:29 pm
>> unit leaders say he appears confident that the steel and aluminum tariffs will bolster its orders. chris was searching for work for more than two years. he says the layoff took an extreme emotional and financial toll on his family and nearly everyone in town. >> medical bills. losing their houses, having to give back their vehicles. >> dan simmons, the union president, says a longtime friend took his life after he was laid off at consumed by debt and worry. >> this sort of a second chance. i strongly believe that once they start us up they are going to be sorry they ever shut us down. >> today's shock wave of hope pulsing through granite city may be met with concern and other places where companies are taking advantage of low-cost steel. economists and critics caution that while the terrace might boost american steel, it could also increase the cost of production or cross trade wars. >> we want everything to be reciprocal, and i think in the
8:30 pm
end we are going to have a lot of great jobs, a lot of great companies. >> here at u.s. steel and granite city, some employees are returning to work this week. that france will take a couple of months to be fully fired up and when it is the unions has at least 500 workers will be back on the job. >> ed: matt finn lie from granite city. thank you, matt. some not so good news in texas tonight. taylor in austin. a serial bomber strikes fear in the citizens deep in the heart of texas. we will have the latest on the search for the killer. plus, president trump makes his first presidential visit to california tomorrow. trace is covering governor jerry brown's preemptive attack tonight. ♪
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>> ed: another fox news alert. there appears to be a serial bomber on the loose in the capital of texas. will carr is on the ground.
8:35 pm
he literally just arrived there. just arrived on the scene. what do you know? >> this is a city on edge tonight after two bombs went off in east austin earlier today and it's all playing out with hundreds of thousands of people in town for sxsw. both of these bombs were delivered in packages and left on people's doorsteps. the first was picked up by a 17-year-old. he took the package inside into his kitchen, that's when it exploded. it killed a teenager and also injured in 40-year-old woman. the second bomb went off in the neighborhood i'm standing in right now, a 75-year-old woman is now in critical condition. take a listen to one of her neighbors. >> they just told me she was bleeding, she had a cut on her face. her legs were split. her finger blown away. it was very hard for her to say, describe all that and her emotion, crying, stuttering. she couldn't keep her words
8:36 pm
straight. >> a third bomb went off ten days ago in northeast austin. that explosion killed a 39-year-old man. all the victims, all three bombs affected victims who are minorities. authorities say they are not ruling out that this could be a hate crime, but right now there are simply more questions than answers. take a listen to the police chief. >> we are in the process of painstakingly doing post blast analysis, picking up all the various pieces of evidence that are strewn throughout both scenes and included in that will be a canvas for the neighborhood's for anyone who may have witnessed something or any surveillance cameras that may exist in either of these neighborhood so that we can hopefully get something to start working with. >> the old saying is that money talks. the governor is now offering a $15,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest. >> ed: thanks for the report. president trump takes his battle with california behind enemy lines tomorrow. charging ahead on his border
8:37 pm
wall and raising some money as well. trace gallagher is live now with the preview. good evening, trace. >> good evening. one president trump lands in san diego tomorrow, it will mark his first visit there since becoming president. san diego is also the biggest border city to oppose building the wall. last year the san diego city council passed a resolution calling a wall detrimental to the city's environment and tourism, but the power of sandy akins for secure borders says the city council resolution does not represent many residents would support the wall. president trump will also be greeted by supporters and protesters on both sides of the border in this times organizers are urging people to remain peaceful. back in december, a number of scuffles broke out in a number of rallies held near the wall. he said the president's visit should progress on bridges, not walls. the government sent a letter to mr. trump inviting him to a construction site for the california bullet train into the bridges that accommodate the train.
8:38 pm
the governor made no mention of the project already being four years behind schedule and 20 billion over budget. the governor also said immigrants are part of the reason california has the worlds six largest economy. he left out they are among the world's most -- skyrocketing homeless population. the president's arrival in the golden state also comes in amid the war over sanctuary city policy. last week jeff sessions filed a lawsuit accusing california of protecting immigrants, endangering federal agents and violating the constitution. california has made it clear it will stand its ground. in fact, just a few days ago, oakland mayor says she has no regrets about notifying illegal immigrants that federal agents were about to conduct operations. attorney general sessions blamed the mayor for letting 800 so-called targets go free, an estimated 88% of whom are convicted felons. even the opinion writers for the
8:39 pm
"los angeles times" saith the mayor crossed the line. >> ed: i would think about using her last name, but we teased you a couple of moments ago by just saying trace. i'm told by our producer that's because you are a staple of rainier, kind of like cher, madonna, trace. >> and bono. >> ed: don't let it get to your head. trace gallagher, thank you. meanwhile, stormy wants to speak. the performer says she wants to talk about her alleged affair with the president and is willing to pay back a lot of money to break her silence. and lost in the noise over north korea nukes, the chemical weapons connection with syria. does that complicate the proposed summit with north korea? ambassador john bolton is here live next. ♪ the only one to combine a safe sleep aid... the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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all while growing urban areas into vibrant places to live and work. across new york state, we're building the new new york. to grow your business with us in new york state, visit >> ed: ambassador nikki haley today touting the results of president mike president trump's maximum pressure campaign against north korea at the united nations. >> three resolutions were passed in united patients unanimous bid by the security council that cut off all of those things led to the pressure that amounted. then you have the courage of our president trump to say let's try and bring them together. what we really wanted the security council to know that when so many times they say sanctions don't work, this is an example of where they do work. >> ed: sanctions do work she says, but thou there's a report that north korea is delivering
8:44 pm
chemical weapons to syria, complicating that crisis even more. john bolton is the former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. he used to have nikki haley's job. also a fox news contributor. good evening, ambassador. >> glad to be with you. >> ed: talk to me a little bit. we've heard about the chemical weapons in syria. barack obama asked drew now infamous redline that he didn't follow up on. now you see this administration pressuring north korea, but having to worry again about syria and how their chemical weapons may complicate the situation with north korea. please explain. >> i think it all fits together. barack obama relied on representations by russia that it would insist that syria destroy its existing stocks of chemical weapons and basically forgo any further use. and yet at the same time u.n. weapons inspectors found that north korea was selling in the past couple of years, selling
8:45 pm
syria significant quantities of manufacturing equipment and precursor chemicals precisely to make chemical weapons. it's very hard to believe in the space controlled by the assad regime in syria that russia knows every sparrow that falls, including syrian use of chemical weapons, so i think what north korea was doing in the future if they get nuclear weapons, they will sell weapons of mass destruction to anybody, the russians i think were in a position to know and in fact the russians themselves are using chemical weapons it appears in great britain. >> ed: that's pretty chilling obviously and we remember that last year early in this administration president trump did not hesitate to watch air strikes against syria with another chemical weapons crisis. do you think based on comments not just from nikki haley but french officials as well that the u.s. and france may be readying more air strikes? >> i think they are certainly giving that impression and it may come to that, but i think what we've got here, and it would be justified in my view,
8:46 pm
the president's first air strike was, but i think what we got here is a much more fundamental problem. when you have a regime like kim jong un that will sell its dangerous technology to anybody who has the right amount of cash, and you have something like this apparent russian attack in great britain on a russian former agent for the united kingdom using the family of marriage agents, even more deadly than the bx agent that kim jong un that used to his half-brother in malaysia. it all ties together. >> ed: what you make of that? i'm glad you raise it because the prime minister in britain, theresa may today had some tough words for russia and gave them a deadline to respond. >> i think this is extremely serious. this is not the first former russian agent who has been assassinated. some years ago killed by injection of polonium 210, a
8:47 pm
radioactive element. i think the prime minister basically said in less you can disprove this, there are going to be consequences, expulsion of russian diplomats, more sanctions being imposed. russia being declared a state sponsor of terrorism. i think it significant for the united states as well. it's not like we don't have a few former russian agents in our territory as well. i think it just shows the russians, the north koreans and the syrians basically think they can get away with anything. >> ed: dangerous world tonight tonight. ambassador, we appreciate you coming in and explaining it all. >> thank you. >> ed: meanwhile, president trump is blocking the takeover of u.s. chipmaker by singapore-based broad, national security grounds. last week we told you about the u.s. would be frozen out of development of new 5g technology, that was at the center of this dispute. meanwhile, the white house says it has not chickened out on the nra. did president trump back off on one of his key gun-control proposals? we will let you decide after we
8:48 pm
could be the facts next. ♪
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♪ >> ed: president trump under fire tonight for apparently backing off his support of raising the minimum purchase age for some firearms.
8:52 pm
our correspondent kevin corke joins us tonight to tell us what's changed. >> i'm saying that the president is pushing forward on things that we know have broad-based support and that we can immediately get done. >> call at the art of the possible. the president's plan to improve school safety in the wake of the parkland, florida, shooting falls well short, his critics say, of his own rhetoric. >> this is not a popular thing to say in terms of the nra but i'm saying it anyway. you can buy make a handgun -- you can't buy one, you have to wait till you're 21, but you can buy the kind of weapon used in the school shooting at 18. i think it's something you have to think about. >> with the white house is thinking about is studying raising the age to buy long guns to 21. establishing rigorous firearms training to qualified teachers and expanding mental health programs, but no mention of raising the age to buy weapons like the ar-15. it white house officials called the plan a much-needed first
8:53 pm
step. >> we are looking at the best way forward to push these other things through, whether it's on a state level, whether it's on a federal level. >> the effort to treat school safety the way that banks and airports will be studied by a federal commission headed by education secretary betsy devos. >> everything is on the table and part of the job of this commission will be to study them and see if that is advanced ultimately as a recommendation in next steps. >> the president said as much on twitter, noting things are moving rapidly, but not much of its political support to put it mildly. california congressman adam schiff strongly disagreed. tweeting "actually mr. president, there's overwhelming political support for gun safety reform, including age limits, universal background checks, and an assault weapons ban." like you said, too many publicans are scared of the enemy, including plainly, you. his sarcastic sweet, part of a barrage of criticism aimed at the president and the white house for not doing more.
8:54 pm
you may find this interesting, the white house is also -- rpo's. risk protection orders. what they effectively do is they allow law enforcement officials to remove guns from persons who previously have been determined to be a danger to themselves or others. those rpos by the way, also prohibit the new purchase of firearms, at least temporarily, by those individuals who have been cited by law enforcement officials. >> ed: thank you, kevin corke. meanwhile, the white house also dealing with stormy daniels, who allegedly had an affair with the president and was allegedly paid $130,000 by his attorney to keep silent. she now says she wants to talk, so she will return the money so she can speak publicly until her side of the story. a friday deadline, so far no word from the president's lawyers. meanwhile, houston strong. baseball bats is at the white house. that story when we return. ♪
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>> the world series champion houston astros. i have a hard time reading that as a yankees fan. they visited the white house and president trump singled out a few players, including pitcher justin verlander. >> justin and i played golf. i'm a pretty long hitter. this guy, he's a monster. he said he's a 2 or 3 handicap but he is much better than that. >> the president noted it was painful to honor the astros since he is from new york as well. the president also said it was easy to root for houston after what the city endured after the horrible hurricane and he decided he wanted to praise houston strong. it was good to see the astros honored even though they broke a lot of hearts.
9:00 pm
most watched, most trusted and most grateful you spent the evening with us. good night from washington. be back with you tomorrow night. >> tucker: this is a fox news alert.t. a draft report by republican members of the house intelligence committee says that there is "no evidence of collusion, coordination, or conspiracy between the trump campaign and the russians." that is the result of 14 months of investigation. good evening. welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." the new report we just referred to found no evidence of collusion. it did warn that america was woefully unprepared to check russian meddling efforts and has done little to improve since it also blasts our top intelligence officials for leaking to the media. the 150-page report will be reviewed by democrats andd intelligence officials before it is released to the public. congressman mike conaway is a republican representing texas, he led the investigation by house republicans into russian meddling, and he joins us in the studio.


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