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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 12, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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the machine over a fence outside. did he get it outside. and is he still on the loose. jillian: why can someone still explain that to me? jillian: there is money in there but is it that much? rob: see you later. jillian: how many quarters can that thing fit? rob: 30 or 40. >> president trump isn't doing this for theater. he is going to solve a problem. make no mistake about it. there will be no concessions made. >> white house unveiling plans to prevent deadly school shootings. >> improving the background system to make sure the flow of information is updated realtime. >> do you think he needs to be challenged by somebody who has views. >> threfusing to serve police officers. >> what happens when crooks come in there and starts shooting up the place. who in the hell are you going to call? >> would you be willing to
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take a d.n.a. test to put this issue to rest. >> i know who i am because of what my mother and my father told me. and no one is ever going to take that away. ♪ i can only imagine ♪ when all i will do ♪ is forever ♪ forever worship you. ainsley: there is a reason we are playing that because mercy me -- what a wonderful group -- they are going to come on our show this morning bowers the movie "i can only imagine" opens up on friday bruin brian do you know how we know that one of the stars was on our couch. steve: dennis quaid. ainsley, brian, good to have you back in the house welcome back. ainsley: good to be back. thank you so much. brian: a lot going on. sometimes you take off from a couple hours from the news because, i don't know, you
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are on a train or decide not to have anything to plugged in and you go for a job thursday, what could possibly have happened to make major news like, i don't know, the president agreeing to a one-on-one with kim jong un? yeah, that's about it. ainsley: you can't pick it up a year later and not know what's going on. brian: it's crazy. steve: if you miss a little, you miss a lot. yesterday we learned from white house officials that nothing's off the table. we don't know, maybe kim is going to come to the white house. meet in washington, d.c. with the president. maybe then again, the president might actually go to north korea. everything is still on the table. regarding there have been a number of people well, you know, the president is so impulsive he just decided on a whim to go ahead and meet with the guy. not the case at all. there were a couple of top white house folks cia mike pompeo and steve mnuchin the guy who runs the treasury his signature is on the money in your pocket right now.
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ainsley: mike pompeo said some of president's tweeted might have been calculated enough because he know hes how kim jong un responds to certain messages. >> he didn't tell the secretary of defense and secretary of state secretary of state of state. i would love to see the three americans is he holding against heir will released. that would be a show of sincerity sort sanctity of the talks. even something easy like the remaining of our soldiers from the korean war that they are still holding on to for no reason. mike pompeo sat down on two different networks this one on the fox news channel and talked about what led to this movement. >> these discussion also play out over time. this first meeting, i think, is between the president, the leader of north korea. the two people who are the decisionmakers who will ultimately decide what arrangements are acceptable. make no mistake about it, while these negotiations are going on, there will be no concessions made. president trump isn't doing this for theater. he is going to solve a
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problem. so the location of the meeting will determine the exact timing of the meeting. the president and the team will figure out. what's most important is what's discussed. and the clarity and the strength and resolve of this president and this administration to achieve the outcome that americans so desperately deserve. ainsley: i highly doubt when he talks about the location that our president would go to north korea for this meeting. i would think it would either be kim jong un coming to the white house or them finding some sort of a neutral. brian: japan or china. steve: or hawaii. nothing is figured out at this point yet. because north korea can't do anything wrong so far. five u.s. senators signed a letter that they sent to the president of the united states over the weekend encourages him to keep the pressure on north korea quote until we see complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization in north korea. brian: they didn't demand 38,000 troops leave south korea. they didn't say you better not have any of these war
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exercises between south korea and the u.s. it seems to aggravate north korea, including his father and his grandfather. he said, no, go ahead and do it. something changed prior to the olympics and i would argue that it seems to be the strict sanctions and the enforcement. steve: they're broke. north korea is broke. ainsley: it's all about safety. we don't want them throwing a nuclear weapon our way. we want to keep our schools and borders safe. at least the president does and the president has come up with this gun safety proposal that was announced yesterday. and there are five or six different points to this. and we wanted to go through them with you. the first is establish a federal commission. study age restrictions to buy guns and the effects of violent video games, what they are having on our kids. steve: also calls on congress to pass the cornyn murphy bill to fix nics. will work with states to provide firearm training to some school personnel. also integrates mental health and primary care and
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conducts full audit and review of fbi tip line. the key is what the president wants to do in keeping students safe he wants to do everything he can within his power to harden the schools. we have heard him say that a couple of times. that's why the white house is going to find federal money to train local officials people work with the schools if they want to carry a conceal gun or concealed in a safe or some other location in the school, they are are going to figure out how to pay for that. brian: right. they want to do that. they also say teachers if you want to train for a gun 14 hours. it looks like florida was stricter when they passed something, including raising the age to 21 on rifles. when the president called out pat toomey and joe manchin he said you guys are afraid of the nra that's why you don't raise the rifle age to 21. marco rubio who pointed out very progun guy high marks
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with the nra doesn't mean you can't use a gun if you are under 21. means you can't buy a gun unless you are in the military or law enforcement. ainsley: president said they haven't decided yet. they are going to study the effects of that if they change the age. allow military vet or former police agents to go into these schools because they are trained to carry guns and to use guns. steve: right. so if you notice, the president is asking congress to do a lot and for states and localities to do a lot. down in florida last week, rick scott, the great mayor of the state of florida, signed their new school safety bill, thought nra is suing them. because what it did was it raised the age limit to 21 for gun -- long guns had a three-day waiting period for gun purchases. brian: how dare they wait three days to buy a gun. steve: nra says that violates their constitutional rights. we will talk to secretary of education department betsy devos. she he will be live at 7:30.
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she will head up the president's special school day of the. one thing to talk to her about. brian: nobody wants people with mental illness to get a gun. they have included the risk protection order that seems to have been effective in connecticut. ainsley: is that the one that they allow police to remove guns who are a threat to themselves or other people. that's a must as well. steve: until they get their day in court. ainsley: the president already been so busy over the weekend. he will be heading out to california, the state that he has avoided because they like hillary clinton out there. she got 4 million more votes out there. this is the first time he is headed to california since he has become the president. he is going out there to check out the border walls. the different prototypes. also a fund raisener beverly hills. steve: quarter of a million dollars per plate. that's a fancy plate. ainsley: expensive. steve: it is interesting. the president has avoided california. then again, only by
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visiting. he talks about california all the time. how many times has he talked with how the ice agents are not allowed to do their jobs out there. last week he talked about the mayor of oakland and how what she had done was disgraceful in essentially warning people in the country illegally hey, ice might be coming, get going. brian: he lost by 4 million votes and also been sued 30 times by that state. by their attorney general. they push back on almost everything the president does. you know, it's a time and you know what? i might just pull the ice agents out and let everything run rampant. when the president said enough about sanctuary cities. they said we are going to become a sanctuary state. is he going to go to beverly hills. who knows what kind of protest they will have? one scheduled at least 1,000 people signed up. going out to look at the wall prototypes. griff did a great thing about trying to get inside into why that border agent
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was killed on the border. we also had brian terry and his family on quite often. we would have hopes to have been down there in san diego on tuesday and hope it can still happen we get a chance to talk to the president at the prot toe types. is he a builder and look at 8 and give us an indication what he is going to sign off on and get the 25 billion to actually build it. ainsley: kevin mccarthy is going to come on to talk about that visit. is he a republican that represents california. he will be on at 7:30. steve: if anybody knows whether the president will get a warm welcome it would be kevin mccarthy. a. ainsley: how was the weekend? jillian: weekend was great. looking forward to more snow? steve: tonight an inch or two or three. jillian: janice will have update on that later in the show. right now update. five people are dead after a
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tourist helicopter into the river. you can see the impact right there. the pilot identified 33-year-old richard vance, the only survivor. this video shows him walking around moments after the crash. >> one person sort of climbed out of the helicopter and climbed onto the raft and screaming for help. jillian: the helicopter being used for a photo shoot when it went down and ntsb team investigate. nursing student found dead in off campus house in upstate new york. findly haley after responding to dead afterresponds check. republican rick saccone getting a boost from donald trump jr. on the campaign trail with a pair of events today in western pennsylvania.
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saccone and democrat conner lamb are heading neck and neck heading into high stakes special elections. over the weekend president trump rallied for saccone. what a start nascar season for kevin harvick. the driver of the number 4 car racing into victory yet again sunday in phoenix. >> happy harvick gets his 40th career win. jillian: harvick winning third consecutive cup series race. the season, by the way, only four weeks. in that's a look at your headlines. send it back to you. ainsley: that's amazing. brian: we didn't do tiger woods coming in second. jillian: we have three hours. brian: top 10 finish since 2013. i can't do the math in my head. jillian: he is talking to the voices in his head. brian: never met him in person but he seems nice. steve: presiden
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♪ >> created 3 million jobs since election day. nobody thought that was possible. we passed the largest tax cuts and reform in american history. steve: thanks to president trump's tax bill, american companies are thriving but big businesses aren't the only ones benefiting. in an op-ed in the "wall street journal" our next guest writes, quote: the next tax code gives me hope. the u.s. economy is roaring and small businesses like mine have a lot to do with it. here to discuss is president and ceo of joseph's life cookies. he joins us today from palm beach, florida. good morning, joe. >> good morning, steve. steve: let's start at the beginning. what does your company do. >> we make sugar free cookies, 12 million a day and ship them all around the world and all across the united states. steve: real good chance that folks watching right now have had some of those cookies in their house. in the past, how cuff has
3:18 am
the taxes hit joseph's cookie company. >> it's huge, steve. so what happens is, for every dollar that a small business company brings in, 40 cents for just the federal, and 39.6 cents has to go into a separate bucket and taken out of the economy all together so they can pay their taxes at that next tax cycle. steve: sure. now with this tax cut that was passed by congress, how is that going to impact your cookie business? >> well so, what we did when we z. those funds, we went to our most dedicated team members and offered raises from $3,250 to a little over $5,000 per person. i went to one of our delivery route drivers and said here's a raise. you can thank president trump and the republican congress for this. because the democrats were opposed to this tax cut, which was a direct -- caused us directly continue to crease your wages. one of the first persons, mike, he cried and said now that my little 9-month-old
3:19 am
baby will have a brand new car because i'm going out there to buy a car today so she can be safer. the car was assembled in detroit. a salesman sold him that car got a commission for it and the car dealer made money. so it's affecting so many different people across the way. steve: sure. so, joe, when you talk about hohow the president's tax cut bill and how it is affecting people and nancy pelosi said it's just crumbs. not crumbs to the guy who is going to get a new car. >> exactly. tells you how far remove nancy pelosi and chuck schumer are from the people the whole partisan democratic party in the senate who totally voted against it. 2 million small businesses are in the united states. they employ half of all employees. you know, 57 million people. and when you look at that, i mean, that's every day people getting money that's paying their rent, buying food. giving the opportunity to buy a car and nancy of
3:20 am
course with her position, nancy pelosi she makes so much money so removed from her constituents and from the middle class. they were anti-middle class and anti-small business when they said no to president trump's brilliantly orchestrated tax plan. steve: she called it armageddon. the story you just told us it is far from that. joseph, president and ceo of joseph's lite cookies. thank you very much for joining us and telling us your story today. >> thank you. i appreciate it. steve: get back to baking. a group of former obama officials just got together to oppose everything president trump. is this a new level of resistance? it looks like it. a debate next. one way ticket to mars. good news it, will soon be a relate. bad news? you might not make it back. ♪ i just want to fly
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♪ brian: all right. a group of about 50 former obama administration officials have formed an anti-trump think tank. yeah. dedicated to opposing the administration's policies. the organization called national security action says this. under president trump's reckless leadership the united states is weaker the world less safe and isolated. is it? here to debate is hudson institute fellow on military matters and foreign policy advisor rebeccah heinrichs and strategist and special advisor to the department of homeland security under president obama david morey. david, is this the right strategy to set up an anti-trump think tank? >> listen, brian, this is an
3:25 am
administration that's overserved its base more than any in american history. brian: in your opinion. >> well, i think that's virtually everyone's opinions in terms of historians. get rid of the left and right ideological discussion. it's opened up a center i thought the administration would have grabbed and infuriated the opponents. unique administration. 75 senior diplomats from both parties sign a petition against the administration. they only bring in people that essentially voted for trump. so there is a big opening. there is 254 appointments not made. state department gutted. a lot of senior officials not in place. my advice to this think tank don't make it anti-trump it's more pro-obama than anti-trump. depoliticize it. brian: you are smarter than the electric trot that had an election and put somebody in place. tell the electorate what they should have chosen. is that something you agree with? >> that's not what i said
3:26 am
certainly. that's not what i said, no, i'm saying this group should actually create a lot of smart ideas in the policy center. if there is a successful north korea summit which we all hope there will be, it's not because the extremes on the left and the right advised donald trump. it's because they are smart ideas in the political center. brian: so they are going to save the country. >> these are the people who really should know something about reckless foreign policy. ben rhodes, samantha power? these are people who are associated with using national security surveillance against play opponent. arming the iranians, flooding them with cash that they can arm other groups around the middle east. this is a group that advised the united states not to do anything for the syrians when assad was using chemical weapons. we didn't do anything for the ukrainians when russia invaded. these are a national security team that advised the administration to tell our allies to take it on the chin while we reached out to our enemies. just ask israel and the
3:27 am
pols. if there is anything we should do with advice from the likes of ben rhodes, it's do the opposite. brian: david, here's the thing. i'm sure dick cheney disagreed with barack obama he would speak out. i'm sure that george bush disagreed with barack obama especially when he was trashing heck georgia's for six of first 8 years. he didn't speak out because he had respect for the people in place. not only are you guys not showing respect. you are forming anti-trump think tank. that's inexcusable. >> i'm not part of it so it's not you guys. i would say what's missing in foreign policy today is this critical center. not everything barack obama did in foreign policy terms. brian: what is center about this group samantha power and ben rhodes? >> my advice is that's where they should be. they should depoliticize it not everything was bad about the obama administration foreign policy. not everything is brilliant about president trump's foreign policy. we ought to get out of
3:28 am
debate. brian: you are arguing something different than what they formed. i want to get to the second topic. you are making sense. their move still can't be successfully defined. like asking cleveland browns put together a manual on building a dynasty. elizabeth warren is getting pressure as she runs for the senate maybe the presidency. take a d.n.a. test to find oif she used indian heritage to get success in life or birth into ivy league education whatever. let's silence the critics. here is what she said on "fox news sunday." >> i know who i am because of what my mother and father told me. it's a part of who i am. no one is ever going to take that away. brian: why not take a test? what do you think? >> well, i would say that is a test a good move? >> >> i'm sorry, i think if she is going to claim this that
3:29 am
she has minority status, she used to benefit. she put it in a law school directory to benefit her years ago. she has been lying for this for years and years. if she is not lying about it, she should be able to prove it you live by identity politics. you die by identity politics. this is not the game i would play. this is the left's rules. this is the left's game. if she is going to play this, she has to put up or shut up. brian: david, i don't think she is but should see. >> i would say president trump is good at getting people to overreact. remember the first debate he turned at the beginning and said who is that guy? what's he doing here? people overreact. people look defensive in that interview and other interviews yesterday. what she should do is submit to a d.n.a. test when president trump submits his tax returns, which every president and every major candidate since 1980 has done. brian: that's a good retort. i have to say. thank you very much david and rebecca, thank you. >> thank you. >> thanks. brian: snl combining the two
3:30 am
biggest cold stories. watch. >> i don't think i can give you everything that you want right now. >> you don't have trump on collusion? >> but could there be some truth in this parody? dan bongino gives us his take next. >> and benjamin netanyahu now welcomed opened arms by president trump. inside leader takes us inside why they work so well together. ♪ don't you worry ♪ don't you worry, child ♪ in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. are cream conditioners bringing your hair down? switch to new pantene light as air foam conditioner,
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as long as hecklers love to heckle, you can count on geico saving folks money. boring! fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >> i don't think i can give you everything that you want right now, you know, and i think you sense that. >> so, what? you don't have trump on collusion? >> collusion is literally
3:34 am
the only thing i have been looking forward to for the past year. [laughter] >> i know, but, just at this point, i honestly feel like i'm only half in with collusion. >> oh my god. i have to wait two more years for him to be out of office? >> honestly, probably six. ainsley: that was pretty clever, wasn't it? let's bring in dan bongino former secret service agent. brian: and he loves the bachelor. ainsley: nra tv contributor and host of the dan bongino tv show. ari proposed to becca and then he broke up with becca and proposed to the second in line which was lauren. and so this is a pretty funny parody. steve: that was robert mueller with becca on the batchelor. ainsley: becca the person intent on president trump colluding, what did you make of this?
3:35 am
>> ari call him like the kissing bandit? what is mueller like collusion ba bandit. guys, you can't fabricate a crime out of nowhere. there was never any collusion. here is the most disturbing part of this. i'm glad liberal hollywood is finally starting to prepare the snowflake crowd that there is never going to be a prosecution for collusion. all of the sources of information in this case that made it into these affidavits, to spy on the trump team, all came from people associated with the clintons. so collusion is real, suspects just among the clintons and the russians and their paid parties in between. brian: on a serious note with the mueller investigation my concern is he is going to come up with something nothing to do with russia, nothing to do with any type of collusion or obstructions or something he doesn't like about a business deal that we couldn't put together because we don't know international business. >> brian, on a very serious note me having been a formal
3:36 am
federal agent and police officer. nothing scares me more than the power of government. i don't mean that in con especially x files way, when you have the power to take someone's freedom away, that is an awesome power. it frightens me. one of the reasons in this country we investigate crimes, not people, is everybody has committed a crime. everybody has probably committed at least one federal crime a day. once you target a person, not a crime, you are absolutely right, they're going to find something. and this is a very, very dangerous precedent to set. steve: all right. meanwhile, let's talk about something we started talking about this coffee shop in oakland, california on friday, dan. of the place is called hasta paste morte coffee. they refuse to serve officers in uniform. their instagram page said we know in our experience working on campaigns against police brew tattle we are not alone to say police presence compromises our feeling of physical and emotional safety. it goes on to explain more.
3:37 am
a police officer has shown up, asked for a cup of coffee. they said nope, have you got to leave. what do you think? >> yeah, you know, the to the owners of that place, you eveyou are just a disgrace. you are the worst among us. the cops out there, what they do is measured in critical seconds, right? their entire rear careers are measured in what happens in moments of crisis. they work for almost no money. they do this job for no notoriety at all. by the way, when they leave their houses at night and they close the door and say goodbye to their kids and loved ones and wives their mothers and fathers may be the last time they ever do. so how many jobs can we say that about? i love my job and every minute of it. the relate is i'm probably not going to die doing it they can't even serve a cup of coffee? you are literally the worst among us. you are a national disgrace. and you know what? if something happened in this place, god forbid, the cops, because they're the
3:38 am
best among us, would respond no problem as they should. ainsley: is this discrimination? >> absolutely. you know, where are the liberals on this? you don't bake a cake in oregon they pit you out of -- pu out of business and bankrupt your family. you don't serve coffee to the cops in oakland and all the sudden you should be on the gold medal stand being celebrated in the olympics of stupidity? it speaks to the hypocrisy of the left. brian: do you think senator jeff flake should make a run at president trump and divide the republican party? that's what their indications are. >> jeff flake? jeff flake couldn't win his own primary. jeff flake was so repulsive to voters in a red state he couldn't win his own primary and wants to take a run nationally? that's like losing the little league world series and trying to take a shot at the big leagues next year. the guy couldn't do it. he is not a real republican. jiff, don't do it. don't waste our time. steve: you would not sign up
3:39 am
tore his campaign manager? is that a no? >> no. but maybe i will get involved with the trump team maybe against him if he does run. i really dislike rinos and jeff flake is the king of the rinos. steve: he is dan bongino, check him out. podcast wildly successful. thank you for joining us live today from palm city, florida. ainsley: jillian has headlines for us. jillian: good monday morning to you guys and to you at home as well. get you caught up on headlines we are following. benjamin netanyahu opening up about friendship with president trump. telling mark levin they have great chemistry together and it's been that way from the start. >> the president likes to cut through. >> noise? >> i don't want to call it noise. two initials in english, it cuts right through it it's refreshing when we talk about serious things. he cuts right to the point. i appreciate that. jillian: the two leaders
3:40 am
have met five times since president trump took office. o.j. simpson elaborately detailing the murders of ex-wife and friend in a bombshell fox exclusive interview. he insists his accounts are hypothetical they will during the two hour special dubsd the lost confession nearly 12 years after being reported. >> i granted knife, do i remember that portion. grabbing the knife from charlie and to be honest, after that i don't remember. i hate to say it. [laughter] >> simpson was acquitted of the murders in 1995. convicted years later in a different place. he was paroled in october after nine years. you may be able to visit mars as soon as next year. it might kill you. elon musk revealing at a surprise q and a in texas that his company is making progress on developing flights to the red planet although admitting they could be risky. >> only people that go to
3:41 am
mars far more dangerous. good chance you will die. [laughter] jillian: says time line might be optimistic. short-term trips. optimistic. steve: was he looking for volunteers? jillian: i don't think so. i don't know. brian: find a way to get there quicker. i would do it. takes too long right now. ainsley: how long does it take? brian: three years. mars attacks with jim brown. steve: very realistic. you could do it but might not come home. meanwhile, when you come home tomorrow morning there could be snow on the ground and janice dean it's another nor'easter jab january feels like groundhog's day. in less three weeks three nor'easters. national nap day. all partaking in that after the forecast.
3:42 am
23 in cleveland. we have part of the storm system moving across the south. nashville getting snow right now. parts of tennessee and kentucky in towards the carolinas. virginia as well. d.c., you could see some few snowflakes and then once this moves off the coast, we get our next nor'easter. now, we think at this point it will not be new york city storm maybe eastern new york. long island get the brunt of this. winds very strongs tomorrow afternoon. be on alert and listen to local forecast. here is the latest snowfall forecast. new york city we think at this point just a couple of inches. you know what happens with these storm systems. they wobble a little bit to the east or west might get more than that definitely this is a new england storm. boston certainly could see upwards of 6 inches and then parts of portland up towards new hampshire and vermont could definitely see some snow for snow country. ainsley: only an inch? janice: we will see.
3:43 am
ainsley: i have been out of town for every snow storm we have had. janice: you are excited about this? ainsley: yes. steve: we got 2 feet at our house. janice: go to steve's. brian: or alaska. steve: stand by, new york. ainsley: you know louis farrakhan is known for hateful, racist remarks like this. >> your country has been taken from you by the synagogue of satan. the satanic jews. white folks are going down. ainsley: why aren't democrats calling out members of their party who keep meeting with him? we are going to ask a democrat coming up next. steve: plus, house majority leader kevin mccarthy is going to be coming by. education secretary betsy devos and senator tim scott. got a busy monday morning. continues live from new york city. we'll be right back. you are watching "fox & friends" from new york city ♪ just one free hearing test at
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3:47 am
ainsley: louis farrakhan known for hateful disgusting remarks, listen. >> your country has been taken from you by the senegal of satan. the satanic jews. >> white folks are going down. >> so why aren't democrats calling out members of their own party who continue to meet with them. democratic strategist joel payne joins us from miami. joel, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> good morning to you. steve: i'm sure you are not fond of louis farrakhan's disgusting rhetoric. but there are a number of democrats who simply will not call out other democrats who seem to be embracing these views. >> well, look, you guys are right. those were really disgusting comments. it's important to note off the top there is no place for antisemitism in public discourse. there is no place for that there is a reason why louis
3:48 am
farrakhan has long since been irrelevant in politics. so, i am glad that we have all decided that louis farrakhan should remain relevant. i think it's interesting though, i know this is being driven by the right this is kind of a false equivalency game we like to play. we like to say since the left went after richard spencer and david duke we should go after any democrat who has ever sat and had a meal or shared a picture or shared space with louis farrakhan. i don't think that's helpful. i don't think we should be picking winners and losers here on who is more offensive. it's all offensive and we need to reject it all. ainsley: but there are a lot of democrats who have been in his presence and seem to be supporting some of the things, at least, that he says. marks seen watters, barbara lee, danny davis, andre carson, keith ellison, gregory meeks and al green. have you seven lawmakers right there that have been seen with him having discussions with him my question for you what if president trump or what if
3:49 am
republicans were friends as such a person as farrakhan, what would the mainstream media be saying today? i'm glad you mentioned that i think president trump actually has an opportunity. the president can lead. if the president wants to lead this course on or lead the conversation on how to have civil discourse in the public square, he should reject his comments about judge curiel. he should reflect what he said about the khan family, he should reject calling for all muslims being banned from the country. he should reject all the hateful things he said. he should reject having steve bannon as a part of his inner circle. those are the things the president should do if he wants to lead on this. he has the opportunity to do that. steve: joel, we are talking about louis farrakhan and talking about democrats who have gone to meetings with him and have not disavowed him. you know, i'm sure you saw in the last couple of months a picture surface of barack obama before he was president of the united states with louis farrakhan
3:50 am
in a photograph. it was a five shot right there and apparently according to our research, the photographer said he buried the picture on orders from the congressional black caucus which believed it would hurt his election chances. so, you know, they felt that just being in his presence might damage him as a presidential candidate. so why wouldn't it damage democrats just, period? >> you said this is about louis farrakhan and i disagree. i think it's about civility. i think if we want to elevate, look, if i was advising any member of the not just congressional blawctionblackcaucus. be unequivocal about the fact that you reject. in every member has to come to this in their own time and i would encourage them all to do it sooner than later. steve: you say they should reject it joel payne, democratic strategist down in miami. sir, thank you very much. >> thank you. ainsley: more bias exposed on college campuses.
3:51 am
the hurting conservative students where it hurt the most, their wallets.
3:52 am
3:53 am
3:54 am
ainsley: political bias reaching into the pockets of kitchen college students. according to campus, the university of wisconsin at madison allocating $7.60 of student's mandatory fees to liberal organizations. with conservative groups getting only 36 cents. in response, the school claims the elected student government, which is open to students of all political affiliations, is legally required to allocate fees in a viewpoint neutral manner. all registered student organizations have an equal opportunity to assess these funds. here to react is correspondent and student at
3:55 am
the university of wisconsin madison abby stru. thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. ainsley: what's happening on your campus. >> what's happening right now students are basically mandated to pay about $1,300 worth of additional student fees every year and all these fees go to pay for little things on campus such as allocating to different student orgs. 20 times as much fund something going to liberal groups as opposed to conservative groups. conservatives and libertarians on campus are pretty sick of this. ainsley: what's your response to what the school is saying in that statement that i just read? i'm not shocked by their statement or shocked by this situation. can you basically assume that at a liberal campus, especially one as uw madison that the school is going to
3:56 am
allocate this money in a slightly biased manner. now, they claim it's viewpoint neutral and any student can apply for student government, which is true to a certain extent however these committees that are allocating money know that they can use loopholes to the get through this and along those lines yes any student can apply for student government and any student can vote in student government. honestly, conservative students and libertarian students don't do it because they don't want to be in the liberal echo chamber that is our student government. they're only getting 11% voter turnout at this point. ainsley: i say either no politics or equal amounts for both organizations. thank you so much, abby, keep us posted. >> thank you. ainsley: thank you. president trump gearing up for the midterm elections and he has already got a you? slogan. what do you think about it? we are reading your emails at the top of the hour. kevin mccarthy, bets is
3:57 am
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current qualified competitive owners and lessees can get this 2018 chevy equinox for around $199 a month. chevrolet. find new roads. ainsley: president come up with gun safety proposal announced yesterday. >> improving the gun check make sure the flow of information is updated realtime. >> country music star tim mcgraw said to be doing okay after collapsing on stage. >> super dehydrated and i apologize but i made the decision that he can not come back out on stage. >> oakland coffee shop is refusing to serve police officers. >> you are a national disgrace and you know what? if something happened in this place god forbid, the cops, because they are the best among us, would respond no problem. >> would you be will to take a d.n.a. test to put this issue to rest? >> i know who i am. >> she has been lying about this for years and years. if she is not lying about it
4:01 am
shshe should be able to prove it put up or shut up. >> started running can you believe it two years from now keep america great exclamation point. [cheers and applause] ♪ steve: performing for us in the 8:00 hour we are talking about mercy me. you are listening to even if. there is a new movie out this friday called i can only imagine. we have had dennis quaid on the program tug abou talking abt whole movie based on that song. ainsley: so happy for this group the movie is coming out. brian: if they don't show up we get to keep their stuff because they already left it out here. steve: today is national
4:02 am
napping day. do you know why? brian: why? steve: because daylight savings time. ainsley: we lost an hour. steve: i talked to a bunch of hour. i don't know one person who either went to sleep at the normal time or got up at the normal time. it's just one of those you are completely off. all day you are going to be off about that much. brian: good news it's going to be lighter later. ainsley: think about this, too. we don't have to deal with what we dealt with growing up. you don't really have to change your clocks back immediately. change microwave and clock on your stove. but your smart phone changes automatically. brian: love that. ainsley: you don't sleep in accidentally. brian: good time if you have a car to break out your manual and figure out how to change the time or deal with it for 12 more months. steve: just waking up, look at your clock. 7:02 a 35 second. meanwhile, it's' talk a little bit about this. the president has announced that he has commissioned a federal commission on school safety. what they are going to do is looking at ways to hard
4:03 am
harden america's schools. parkland shooting and the president of the united states in the state dining room meeting with some of the survivors of that horrible day down in parkland. brian: everyone is alerted. everybody wants to harden the target. everybody knows if it happened in broward county and columbine it could happen anywhere. here is what the president has as a framework. establish a federal commission to examine. calls on congress to pass the cornyn murphy fix nics bill. people like senator cory gardner seem to be with it. work with the state to provide firearm training to some school personnel. in florida 144 hours. this is the key though. ainsley: integrate mental health and primary carry. audit of fbi tip line. some details as i was reading some of these articles this morning. study age restrictions to buy guns and the affects of violent video games. they will be looking at that improve the bang ground checks to buy the guns and
4:04 am
allow military vets and retired police to go and work in the schools. brian: i would love to see the toomey manchin bills pass. this president was for it they would go over the top. the key is, we discussed last hour, the risk protection orders, so if you have somebody like nikolas cruz in your midst. and you feel hamstrung and feel as though law enforcement can't act, hopefully give them the power to do that. ainsley: people a threat to themselves or others won't allow them to buy guns. steve: sure, after what happened in parkland do something about bump stocks. that refers to what happened out at the monday bay. he says he would like to see the age raised to 21 to buy a long gun. that proposal is not in this. but then again, this is just the first whack at it trying to figure things out. secretary of defenssecretary ofy devos will join us we have
4:05 am
questions for her. ains moving on to elizabeth warren. she said no she ♪ going to run for president. she is on the short list possibly. she said she is not going to do it and not going to tyke a d.n.a. test. brian: if you listened to the interview, ainsley, she ♪ running for president. she is running for senate. ainsley: they all say that until they are. brian: didn't exphit to stay her whole six years. if she is going to run for president she will be one of about 20. joe biden getting set. the senator right here in new jersey thinks he is going to run. steve: corey booker. sherrod brown. very long list. here is the thing about elizabeth wa warren. and you know the president has a nickname for her and what he is referring to is the fact that she has been accused of saying she is native american of that kind of heritage to get jobs harvard law professor. she has personally acknowledged identifying as a minority but denies it
4:06 am
helped her with her career. so over the weekend she was asked because of your story about. your heritage. would you take one of those d.n.a. tests just to put the matter, you know, finally settle it? and this is what she said it's a good case of deflexion. >> i'm not running for president. but, let me tell you a little bit about my family. you know, my mom and dad were born and raised out in oklahoma. and my daddy was in his teens when he fell in love with my mother. and he was head over heels in love with her and wanted to marry her. and his family was bitterly opposed to that because she was part native american. and eventually my parents eloped. they raised three boys, my older brothers, all of whom went off to the military. they raised me. they hung together for 63 years. i know who i am because of what my mother and my father
4:07 am
told me, what my grandmother and my grandfather told me. it's a part of who i am. and no one is ever going to take that away. brian: right. so i guess that's a no. i'm not sure. she said the whole life story. that's a yes or no answer. she gave the love story of her parents back in the age of the depression i guess that's a no. steve: what she is explaining is that's the story she has been told her whole life. rather than going towards science to settle it. she is just going to remember the story. she is not going to do the 23 and me thing at this point. brian: my family told me the longest time leprechauns were real. i long time grew out of that story. i had to find out for myself. when i searched and nothing, i had to change my opinion. ainsley: do you think if you did a d.n.a. test it would trace back to leprechauns. >> i would take the test to prove leprechauns are real. separate the story a little. steve: my grandmother's
4:08 am
mother 100 percent cherokee indian, right? true story. but her daughter was adopted. and so while there is 100 percent cherokee blood in our family line, not in not in my veins. that's why when i took the test that we all took, you know, i'm 70% scandinavian and zero native american. brian: that's why i'm still trying to get over out of nowhere i'm balkan. steve: i'm 5% balkan. >> i got like 25% ball cinel. do you think that was easy for me to snagedz handle? i thought i was irish. ainsley: he announced what his new slogan is going to be for 2020. instead of make america great again it's going to be keep america great. listen to this.
4:09 am
>> our new slogan, when we start running in -- can you believe it? two years from now? is going to be "keep america great exclamation point. >> we are going to go kag. ainsley: did he learn that from you. brian will read the prompter and go question mark, exclamation point. steve: tweet from grace. maga means make america great always is good. ainsley: i like keep america great period. brian: i prefer america rising exclamation point. seeing the president on saturday, it was a guy totally in his element and mark tweeted this. steve: how about keep winning, keep trump. thank you, marcia.
4:10 am
brian: president is pretty good at this. he has a nickname for lamb, lamb the sham special election for tomorrow. not who he pretends to be. ainsley: i was in church in south carolina over the christmas break. did a great job talking about what is your mission statement? he went through different companies and he said what these big major ceos what mission statement are and very short guess what president trump was. make america great again. not all elaborate. brian: got to sit on a hat. ainsley: right. something so simple resonates. brian: tell us your mission statement. steve: jillian is with the news and she has a fox news alert. jillian: we have a fox news alert. at least 38 people are dead after a passenger plane from bangladesh crashes after landing in nepal. can you see that video. another 23 people are injured and 10 people remain unaccounted for.
4:11 am
officials say the plane swerved repeatedly before it crashed landing near the runway. aircraft catching fire immediately after it hit the ground. the cause is unknown. the jury selection process for the wife of the pulse nightclub shooter nora salmon expected to be completed today. poll narrow downed to 12 jurors. she is accused of helping her husband. also accused of lying to the fbi. republican rick saccone getting a boost from donald trump jr. on the campaign trail with a paver events today in western pennsylvania. saccone and democrat conner lamb are running neck in neck heading in to tomorrow's high stakes special election. over the weekend president trump rallied for saccone. >> tiger woods is finally back. [cheers]
4:12 am
jillian: he makes it look so easy. one of the greatest ever to step on a links coming just short in the valu valspar despit 44-foot birdie putt best finish in five years. now he has the masters coming up in a few weeks. you asked where that story was i delivered it to you. brian: at 42 with fused vertebrae. look how fit he looked. ainsley: this is his best round. jillian: in years. i'm skeptical. i'm not going to lie. brian: if you were promoting the masters and you bought the masters have you got to feel great that tiger is in the hunt. jillian: and coming off a performance like that. steve: i feel sorry for the guy who came in first. jillian: why? steve: because we only talked about tiger.
4:13 am
jillian: his name was paul casey. brian: he was in the clubhouse when tiger was going to win. he shot a 65 final round. steve: mini cheese sandwiches. avail i can't. steve: they never changed the price. 1.50. ainsley: governor brown goinaccusing president trump going to war with his state. steve: one jail house rocking the vote. the state that's letting inmates cast their ballots from behind bars. where is it? well, i think that kind of gives it away ♪ you'll never hear me complain ♪ i've got friends in low places ♪ where the whiskey drowns liberty mutual saved us
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almost $800 when we switched our auto and home insurance. with liberty, we could afford a real babysitter instead of your brother. >>hey. oh, that's my robe. >>is it? when you switch to liberty mutual, you could save $782 on auto and home insurance
4:17 am
and still get great coverage for you and your family. call for a free quote today. you could save $782 when liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. brian: a fox news alert now. the terrifying moment a helicopter with six people on board plunges into new york's frigid east river last night. ainsley: it was all caught on camera as you can see. we now learned all five passengers are dead. steve: but the pilot got out alive. robert moses with our affiliate in new york is alive near the crash scene on the river with the very latest on the investigation. robert? >> good morning to you, the
4:18 am
ntsb will be here to begin its investigation today. as you mentioned, the horrible moment of impact here on the east river was caught on tape. this private sightseeing helicopter owned by liberty helicopter tours crashed about 11 minutes after departing new jersey. six people, including the pilot were on board. the pilot who who sources have identified to us as richard vance made a frantic may day call to laguardia tower and said his engine failed. he was able to free himself from that chopper. unfortunately his five passengers harnessed in. and trapped in frigid sub40-degree frigid water. recounted for us what it was like watching the pilot free himself. >> one person sort of climbed out of the helicopter and climbed onto the raft and was calling, screaming for help. >>
4:19 am
>> again, so far police have not yet identified the five victims but overnight we learned that three of the victims who had been taken to the hospital in critical condition had, in fact died so all six have now been accounted for, the pilot and then the five who unfortunately passed away. we are expecting an update from the ntsb at some point today. steve: robert, i heard a story this morning that apparently they were doing the photo shoot and the doors were off? do we know anything about that? >> >> we're hearing that as well which would lead credence to the fact that they were harnessed in. that's one of the things that the fire commissioner, excuse me said complicated this because whenever the divers got to the chopper, all five of these passengers were harnessed in. now, some of these helicopters are equipped with sharp, almost sharp knives that you can use to cut the harnesses. we don't know if this one
4:20 am
had that. that will all be part of this investigation. brian: thanks. robert moses, appreciate it. ainsley: gosh, thank you. think about the fear going through their minds. just heart wrenching. brian: 20 34eu7bs after the hour. the trump administration unveiling plan to make our schools safer. something both parties can get behind. education secretary betsy devos is in charge of a big portion of it she joins us live. ainsley: plus the house minority leader kevin mccarthy is here. steve: majority leader. ainsley: majority leader. steve: majority leader. ainsley: sorry, kevin. steve: thank you. ♪ taking care of business ♪ every way ♪ i've been taking care of business allergies? stuffy nose? can't sleep? enough. take that. a breathe right nasal strip of course. imagine just put one on and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38%
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you know what's not awesome? gig-speed internet. when only certain people can get it. let's fix that. let's give this guy gig- really? and these kids, and these guys, him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. business. ainsley: here is quick headlines for you, chicago
4:24 am
hosting first jail wide voting event. the group chicago votes says despite being detained, 94% of the prisoners in cook county jail were still eligible to cast their ballots. however, felons still don't have voting rights. while many americans are calling for more police presence in the schools, new york city is getting rid of them. and parents are outraged. the mayor bill de blasio implementing a new policy to have just patrols visit schools during the day instead of assigning them full time. unarmed safety agent will be stationed at public schools instead. brian? brian: thanks, ainsley. tomorrow, president trump heading to california to inspect border wall prototypes this comes as the justice department sues the state over sanctuary city policies. democratic leaders there outraged. >> the federal government ought to do its job and not blame california for its own inability to solve the problem. this is basically going to war against the state of california.
4:25 am
brian: but does the governor really reflect the view of californians? here to weigh in is house majority leader and california congressman himself kevin mccarthy. i thought about you, too, last week as california battbattled our president. ice better back off and local authorities don't cooperate with central authorities. >> not at all. californians believe in the constitution. that's what so outrageous here. we are a rule of law country. they are breaking down the rule of law by creating a sanctuary city. if that's the point, take that issue away, why doesn't counties and others say okay we are not going to uphold the clean air act or the endangered species. you can't produce this as the way they are doing. for governor brown to say that trump is on the side of the constitution and uphold. we have had this case before. it's kind of like in arizona when we had this battle before with president obama. the supreme court pretty
4:26 am
much held up, i think we'll win this case. brian: when devin nunes, darrell issa and yourself have done quite well. should you be speaking up saying governor brown doesn't represent me. >> we do. california, also have oakland where they won't let police officers go into coffee shops to serve them. this is outrageous. had you mcclatchey news give a headline a week ago that nancy pelosi is the most conservative person running in her congressional district. we have challenges in different parts. remember, california is the place that gave us ronald reagan. brian: absolutely. a long time ago and richard nixon as well. 26 minutes after the hour. let's switch to another topic that's tariffs. i know at love republicans aren't on the same page including orrin hatch when the president wants to put 25% on -- 10% on aluminum and 25% on steel. here is what senator orrin happen said. >> i'm not happy with it because these tariffs are actually going to be a tax on the american citizen. and that's after we pass the
4:27 am
tax bill. that was a blessing to them removing a lot of the taxes that they were hit with. so i'm very upset about it. i think he has been mislead and there are some people down there that have been misleading him on some of these things. brian: he says i think there is a good chance that we will nullify his tariffs. a republicans nullifying the president's tariffs. do you see that happening. >> i'm not sure when he said that. >> if he said that prior to the president coming out with his final decision. remember, he put exemptions in there what the president is talking about. not something new. he has talked about for quite some time. what he is saying here is i'm concerned about china. they produce 59% of all the steel. 53% of all the aluminum and they are subsidizing it. what he did was gave exemptions for canada and mexico and our allies. what he is really trying to focus on china. i'm one who believes in free trade but fair trade. i think there is way we can have both in this situation to really send a message to china. i would really like to look at the inciden incident electric
4:28 am
central property of what china has been doing with the rest of the world as well. this will sustain itself. brian: republican senate pushed to nullify the tariffs, do you not support thanks i don't think this would pass. section 232. you would have to have both committees, the house and the senate pass it if it gets vetoed by the president. i don't think that's going to happen. brian: tim murphy problems vacate his seat. special election tomorrow between rick saccone and conner lamb the marine. the president got a wild rally reminiscent of 2016. he reportedly according to axios is not too high on rick saccone as a candidate. where do you stand? why is it so close. tim murphy didn't have an opponent. >> murphy has had other competitive races there. worse thing that's going to happen here is, you know what happened in pennsylvania, they did a political maneuver barack obama came in, tried to sue, they changed all these district lines. i hope the supreme court doesn't let that uphold
4:29 am
because whoever wins this race will no longer have a seat. rick saccone is the guy. expert on north korea. he is also a veteran. come tuesday, do you want nancy pelosi to be the next pirik or do you want to see these job growth of what we found, these tax cuts? look at the jobs numbers that just came out. when you looked at skilled workers especially in this district, you haven't seen these numbers since 1984. brian: how worried are you about losing the house? >> history is not on our side. in history you usually lose 29 seats. i will tell you it's much different this time. when you look at what has happened with the tax cuts, drug growth. reg reform and nancy pelosi sitting out there saying these are crumbs? i think we are going to keep the house and strong measure. brian: do you like the president? >> love the president. brian: how do you explain the relationship? a guy from california and new york who didn't explain each other before they ran. >> we both understand we have got to get this job done. listen to the american people and not be afraid to lead. i enjoy his frankness,
4:30 am
directness, he does exactly what he said he was going to do. which i think drives some people crazy because they are not used to it. brian: kevin mccarthy. >> thanks for having me. brian: trump administration rolls out plan to keep kids safe at school. now can both parties get behind it betsy devos live. she joins us. did o.j. simpson confess to murder a few years ago? it sure sounds like it. the chilling interview that you saw last night we'll review today ♪ rumor has it ♪ she ain't got your love anymore ♪ resume has i anymore
4:31 am
4:32 am
4:33 am
♪ >> we're going to do very strong background checks. very strong. we're going to do background checks. if we see a sicko, i don't want him having a gun. fellows, we can't do it anymore. steve: there you have the president of the united
4:34 am
states a couple weeks ago talking about school safety. bessie devos is heading up the president's commission on school safety. she joins us from our nation's capital. we have been talking about some of the things on the president's agenda that the president and white house would like to get done. ultimately it sounds like the ultimate goal would be to harden the schools. would that be accurate? >> well, steve, that's one of the opportunities and responsibilities we have, frankly. we have many other venues in our country that are kept safe and schools have to be a part of that equation as well. and, every state and every community is going to do this slightly differently, but we are going to advance ways in which schools can be made safer for students. and in which -- which works for each community and for each state. ainsley: madam secretary, thank you so much for being on with us. chuck schumer is not on board with this plan.
4:35 am
this is what he had to say. let's get your reaction. the white house has taken tiny baby steps designed not to upset the nra when the gun violence epidemic in this country demands that giant steps be taken. democrats in the senate will push to go further including passing universal background checks. actual federal legislation on protection orders and debate on banning assault weapons. what's your reaction? >> the point is there are pieces of legislation before congress today take significant steps in the right direction. background checks, the stop violence act. they have broad bipartisan support. and the president wants to see congress act now, take these steps today and then let's look at what we can do as next step beyond that but every time we have had a situation like this, we have had a lot of discussion and camps go into their various
4:36 am
corners. then we sit and don't get anything done. the president is committed to taking action and to ensuring that we do what we can at the federal level to protect kids. brian do you like what florida did last friday. >> i think florida has done a great job in short period of time of tackling very difficult issues. i think every state is looking in that same direction. though florida had obviously immediate motivation. steve: sure. one of the things that florida did now they are being sued by the nra. raised the age of buying a long gun to age 21. president said he would like to see that happen. that's not in the proposal. any idea why? >> everything is on the table. and part of the job of this commission will be to study and see if that is advanced ultimately as a reasonable medical certainty in next steps. point being there are many steps to be taken now and
4:37 am
additional steps that will be taken down the road as would do the work of the commission. ainsley: the president had mentioned making our schools similar to airports where you have to go through metal detectors. you have to show ids. any details on that? >> well, you know, some schools actually do that today. perhaps for some communities some cities and states that will be appropriate. there is not going to be a one size fits all solution to this issue and this problem. there are going to be many different solutions and one of the things the commission has been charged to do is to really do an inventory and raise up all of the best practices across the country because some communities are getting it really right. brian: if i'm governor, i would like to do it myself. governor scott was not waiting for anything from washington. that's probably what you should do. i want to switch to something else that really is the hallmark of your secretaryship if that's a word and that is giving
4:38 am
vouchers a choice go to schools some of excellent schools and schools that might be failing. school choice is a lie that harms us all. what don't they understand what you do? >> they haven't talked to the many thousands if not hundreds of thousands or millions of parents who want to have the chance to choose the right education for their child. we know today there is a fraction of students in this country able to make that choice. we need to make that choice much more broadly available tone sure that every child is in a school and in a learning environment that works for him or her. brian: some can't afford it and that's where the vouchers come, in correct? >> that's correct. voucher is a mechanism. there are many mechanisms that can be used. the key is giving parents freedom for their kids' education. freedom to make the decisions or choices right for their child or children.
4:39 am
ainsley: is that any type of school? religious schools it? >> does indeed. many programs already today in states that are serving small numbers of families of kids and and if they select a school, a faith-based school, that is certainly their option and choice. but, the idea, again, is giving kids the once that have make decision on daily basis. steve: we like the idea the teacher's unions don't because they feel their jobs are at stake. >> there are very powerful sources that are arrayed against changing the status quo. that is what we are up against. but the reality is that the majority of people in this country support the idea of giving parents that kind of freedom. this kind of legislation is going to continue to advance at the state level. at the national level, we are going to continue to push this conversation and to encourage our lawmakers to look at ways that they
4:40 am
can encourage it both in their states and take steps nationally that will help parents be free to make those decisions for their kids. brian: secretary of education betsy devos. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. brian: look forward to the results. steve: good luck. ainsley: jillian has headlines for us. >> good morning to you and to you at home as well. o.j. simpson elaborately details the murder of his wife and friend in bombshell. he insists the accounts are hypothetical think. -- bein recorded 12 years. >> i remember taking the knife from charlie. after that i can't remember. i hate to say that. [laughter] jillian: simpson acquitted in 1995 convicted 13 years later in a different case. he was released on parole in october after nine years. ice on the hunt right now for an illegal immigrant tied to this deadly crash after the sanctuary city of
4:41 am
denver let him walk free. denver police releasing him on bond. issuing interim review as to why officers released him nearly two hours before notifying the feds. is he facing vehicular homicide charges. stanford university reversing course. now approving these t-shirts for college republicans with the american flag logo. school making national headlines when it first dneld thdenied the group's desi. the school does not approve flag of items featuring the trade marred which includes the stanford name. they will be reviewing the policy on using flags over the come weeks. that's a look at your headlines. send it back to you. steve: that was a good idea on their part. the flag. it is 18 minutes before the top of the hour. janice dean is outside. janice, it is calm before the storm begin.
4:42 am
janice: it is. new york city hoping not get the big brunt of the storm but wait and see. my friends here from texas. whereabouts in texas? >> lubbock, texas. janice: your names? >> casey. >> vance. >> and debby. janice: if people were to go see lubbock, texas, what's the highlights. >> birthplace of buddy holly and texas tech. general january i like it. go to the maps. show you the potential of nor'easter moving across the atlantic. coming off the coast. we think this is the new england event. there are your storm watches and warnings. certainly overnight tonight and tomorrow. that's what we are going to be watching. thank you, texas for coming. wave to everyone at home we love you, lubbock, texas. steve, ainsley and brian back to you. steve: not just the weather but a lesson in lubbock. brian: all things good in texas. 18 minutes before the top of the hour. still ahead, in god we trust back in our schools. details coming up straight ahead. ainsley: plus the left
4:43 am
leaning media calling to get rid of ice. is this really what the democrats are going to run on in 2020? we will debate that next ♪ i was stressed out ♪ turn up your swagger game with one a day men's. ♪ get ready for the wild life a complete multivitamin with key nutrients, plus b vitamins for heart health. your one a day is showing. when did you see the sign? when i needed to jumpstart sales. build attendance for an event. help people find their way. fastsigns designed new directional signage. and got them back on track. get started at almost $800 when we switched our auto and home insurance. with liberty, we could afford a real babysitter instead of your brother. >>hey. oh, that's my robe. >>is it? when you switch to liberty mutual,
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4:47 am
screen appropriately. the chairman of the american conservative union cpac matt schlapp joins us. good morning to you guys. thank you for joining us today. >> good morning. steve: antwon, you are first. you don't think it's a good idea to get rid of ice, do you. >> i think it's very funny that people are making assumptions about what democrats are going to talk about in 2020 when i think that's just absolutely insane. the democrats i know are so laser focused in what's going on in 2018 and what's going on right now. the issue right now is how do we fix a very broken immigration system in this country in totality. what democrats i know want to do they want to do what 70% of the american people want. they want a long-term comprehensive immigration reform package that will deal with daca that will protect dealers and that will not be a patchwork job and also protecting our borders. steve: of course, matt schlapp you think it would be great if the democrats adopted let's get rid of ice and continue with the sanctuary city line going
4:48 am
into 2020. >> from the nation's pen to god's ears. it would be great if the -- i shouldn't say god's ears but the head of the dnc's ears. i think it would be great if the democrats run on this. it's honest. i have to give them credit for being honest. they believe in sanctuary cities. they don't want to fix the immigration system. they want to give amnesty to everybody who is here illegally. >> that's not right and you know it. >> let's be honest. where democrats are in their policy is that they want to give amnesty to as many people as possible. it's not just about the daca population. and i actually think when you have sanctuary cities all across this country, how come people like nancy pelosi and chuck schumer aren't calling these mayors out and saying let's enforce our laws? the fact is they want a sanctuary nation and it's great politics for the republicans but terrible for the country. steve: anton just a week ago go ahead, congress get something done on daca, it
4:49 am
passed and democratic leaders in the house and the senate, they were missing in action on this thing. >> well, that's almost not true. in fact. steve: which part is not true? >> my memory serves me correctly, it was several bipartisan proposals per the president's request that came to him and he rejected both of them. also, keep in mind, that this congress both the house and the senate is controlled by republicans. so republicans really want to do something on their of fixing a broken immigration reform. why not work across the aisle with democrats and get it done. steve: okay. >> immigration should not be a partisan issue it should be a bipartisan issue. steve: matt, exit question, i remember when barack obama had a super majority close to it in the senate. he could have done something about comprehensive immigration and did nothing. >> that's not true. >> he had a super majority in the senate. steve: it is true. >> he had a big majority in the house and he could have done anything he wanted on this topic. and he got a lot of criticism from the base base
4:50 am
on the party called him the deporter in chief. he refused to do anything on immigration reform. democrats love the issue when they don't have the power. when they have the power they play politics for it i'm all for fixing it and what the president is trying to do. >> matt, if my memory serves me correctly it was the beginning of six or gang of 8 that wanted to do something to fix a broken immigration systemmen in the comprehensive way and it was the republicans who said no? they were working with the president? it was a bipartisan effort. >> i don't know where your memory is, but i do remember that republicans were willing to sit down and talk about the house has the ability to. steve: great conversation, fellas. thank you for joining us this morning. so what do you think about that? email us at meanwhile, we have been telling you about this story. oakland california coffee shop refuses to serve police officers. it's not rogue policy it's
4:51 am
their policy. up next a police officer with the plan to do something about that coffee shop. millions of us suffer from the symptoms of dry eye. theratears® unique electrolyte formula,
4:52 am
corrects the salt imbalance that causes dry eye. so your eyes will thank you. more than eye drops, dry eye therapy. theratears®.
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4:54 am
♪ brian: all right. a coffee shop in oakland, california is under fire at this hour after refusing to serve a police officer, basically any police officer. ainsley: joining us now the vice president of the latino peace officer's association, a group that bridges the gap between police in minority communities is retired police officer steven. ahrto thank you so much for being with us. >> good morning. ainsley: good morning. the president of your local chapter is he a sergeant. he goes in local coffee shop. see him in uniform and they refuse to serve him. they say it's not safe for them to serve this officer
4:55 am
what are your thoughts and what was your reaction? i spoke to this sergeant personally, and he was surprised at the reception he received he went in to offer his services, to introduce himself. since that coffee shop is in his area he wanted to discuss the plan of having a spanish speaking coffee with a cop type of event but he never got that far. brian: no kidding. this is unacceptable and doesn't it have to change? >> i believe it does have to change. and we want to continue conversation with the owners and the staff there. and try to connect with them. ainsley: how far will you take this? some people say this is a discrimination case.
4:56 am
>> i don't know if it's a discrimination case. however, it's not good business in my opinion that this particular coffee shop turn us away especially when we want to work with them, not against them. brian: and we only have 20 seconds left. but if they had an emergency, would you still go there and help them out or are they on their own? >> no, of course not. they will get the same service as any other citizen. brian: they don't deserve it thanks so much, steven. ainsley: thank you, steven. >> thank you. brian: coming up straight ahead their hit song i can only imagine swept the storm by nation hit film will do the same. ainsley: the hit song i can only imagine mercy me there they are in our green room. brian: i hope they can play. they don't have any instruments ♪ can i only imagine ♪ surrounded by your glory
4:57 am
♪ what will my heart . . . .
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
♪ steve: the president announced he has commission ad federal commission on school safety. >> background checks, stop violence act, they have broad bipartisan support and the president wants to see congress now. >> president trump heads to california tomorrow as governor jerry brown accuses him going to war with his state. >> we are a rule of law country. they are breaking down the rule of law by creating a sanctuary city. >> republican party is the trump party right now. that is not to say it will stay that way. >> jeff flake was so repulsive to voters in a red state he couldn't win his own primary. he wants to take a run at it nationally. >> would you take a dna test to put this issue to rest. >> i know who i am. >> she has been lying about it for years and years. if she is not lying about it she should be able to prove it. put up for shut up. >> president trump welcomes the
5:01 am
world champion houston astros. it could be bittersweet for the president, the astros beat his favorite team, the yankees. ♪ steve: got to be be mercy me. mercy me monday. they have their hit song, brand new movie is based on that. that will be released this weekend. coming up, mercy me live on "fox & friends" stage. brian: on february 14th, once again our focus was on school safety. if it could happen in broward county, it could happen throughout the country, we saw what happened over last 20 years since columbine. everyone is focused in a way we haven't seen before especially a lot of students around the country, walking out, mass walkouts. we see activism among the school who lost 17 classmates.
5:02 am
steve: evacuation. brian: almost to the next day the president has been moving in the direction going to attack the situation. ainsley: he is talking to democrats and republicans. he came out with a gun safety proposal yesterday and here are some of the bullet points, some of the most important things we thought you should know, you as a family. establish a federal commission to study age restrictions to buy guns and effects of violent video games, what they have on your children. steve: calls on congress to pass the cornyn-murphy bill which would "fix nics" and tighten up background checks. work with states to provide firearm training to some school personnel and integrates mental health in primary care. ainsley: brian, you read the last one? brian: conduct full audit and review of fbi tip line. fbi is organization that admitted it. can't say same thing about broward county sheriff who -- ainsley: blames everyone else. brian: can't get a straight
5:03 am
answer on why the deputies didn't go in. this risk protection order that is there, so much success in connecticut, allows authorities to remove firearms from individuals who demonstrate threat to others. temporarily prevents the individuals from buying new firearms. that is something to address specifically. i also love what florida did, with the three-day waiting period. they are raising age to 21 over there. it is not easy. governor scott gets a-plus rating from the nra. he realized something had to be done here. he signed it. ainsley: talk about i.d. to get into the school. go through a metal detector. allow military vets and retired police officers to work at schools. we talk about the vets that come back overseas, can find jobs. this is the perfect way to use them. they know how to use a gun. they have gone through extensive training. >> since the get-go, since
5:04 am
february 14th. the president made it clear we need to harden our schools much like our airports and much like our banks. education secretary betsy devos will be chairing this particular federal commission on school safety. here she is talking a little bit about the things that congress and states can do. they just have to act. listen. >> there are pieces of legislation before congress today that can take significant steps in the right direction. background checks, the stop violence act, they have broad bipartisan support. every time we've had a situation like this, we've had a lot of discussion and camps go into their various corners. we sit and don't get anything done. the president is committed to taking action and to insuring that we do what we can at the federal level to protect kids. brian: i'm disappointed he is not taking up the manchin-toomey bill he seemed so engaged in and so behind when they had their think tank meeting in front of
5:05 am
the entire country with both sides throwing out ideas. he basically said to, get the age up to 21, pat toomey, rather. when pat toomey said we'll look into that. you are worried about the nra, you're h you're afraid of the nra. steve: you know we thought the president was going to suggest raising the age to 21. she said these are some of the things on the table right now where we start. obviously she thinks, betsy devos thinks that perhaps the cornyn-murphy bill has a better chance passing the senate which is a higher bar. ainsley: that is the background check bill. steve: can actually get done. would tighten up the background check. ultimately they're trying to harden the schools which is good idea. ainsley: president working on that and working on safety on
5:06 am
the border. he will go to california to look at prototypes on the border. he will be at a fund-raiser, $250 a plate in beverly hills. brian: 250,000. ainsley: 250,000. steve: do you get to keep the plate? for quarter of a million dollars, do you get to keep the plate. ainsley: china with gold etching and mon gram on it. brian: when he goes to the border looking at single prototype or anointing one like "american idol?" he will look at pluses and minuses. that is disappointing, i thought we would be down there, we would have a shot to interview president in front of the prototypes. doesn't look like it will happen for some reason. i will be fascinated looking at plus and minuses. they did a study. they think if they put up the right wall they would stop 200,000 people coming in annually. my goodness, how could you stand in the way of that? steve: a lot of people in
5:07 am
california like the fact it is easy to get into the country. california is now a sanctuary state. that is one of the reasons the president is so vociferious of his criticism of california and their immigration policies. kevin mccarthy, the house majority leader sat down with brian, talking about how california being on the side of the constitution. listen to this. >> calfornians believe in the constitution. that is what is so outrage just here. we are a rule of law country. they are breaking down the rule of law by creating a sanctuary city. if that is the point, take that issue away, why doesn't counties and others say we're not going to uphold the clean air act or endangered species and move forward. trump is on the side of the constitution. i think we'll win this case. steve: ultimately why does california choose to which laws they will enforce? we'll enforce that one. that one, not so much. brian: 30 lawsuits against the federal government from the attorney general of california.
5:08 am
>> federal government last week sued california. brian: right. one of the mayors called the attorney general sessions a moron, which is classy. ainsley: with the surge of all immigrants moved to california it is not the same california was when nixon was there and ronald reagan was there. we've seen a lot of changes. brian: talk about something else today i don't think is going to change. the president of the united states vanquished 16 opponents in 2016. i don't think any republican would say he has not united the party behind him. people didn't know what to make of him. they were running from him. now they seemed to be lined up for better or worse behind him. that will not stop people like john kasich constantly being asked to run for president, nor will it stop people like jeff flake being asked that question. listen. >> do you think he needs to be challenged from somebody who espouses your views? >> yes. i do. >> okay. >> i do. it would be a tough go in a republican primary. the republican party is the trump party right now but that is not to say it will stay that
5:09 am
way. steve: you have the senator, flake versus trump, where the senator says somebody with his point of view should challenge the president and primary him. dan bongino was on with us 90 minutes ago. what chances would mr. flake have of beating the current president? listen to this. >> jeff flake, jeff flake couldn't win his own primary. jeff flake was so repulsive to voters in a red state he couldn't win his own primary. he wants to take a run nationally? that is like losing the little league world series trying to take a shot at the big leagues next year. he couldn't do it. the guy is not a real republican. i'm getting involved with the trump team against him if he does run. i really dislike rinoss and jeff flake is the king of the rinos. >> steve: i don't know he is going to run but you mentioned john kasich.
5:10 am
i'm sure he will run. brian: he won one state last time. rick santorum ran for president, did pretty well, lost pennsylvania. jeff flake agrees with the president on the most things. disagrees with the tone of the president. ainsley: it is ridiculous. republicans can't put up someone that will be more well-liked than president trump among that base. steve: let us know -- ainsley: not even -- i don't know why he continues this narrative and keeps going on sunday shows. steve: people keep asking and he keeps answering. 8:10 in new york city. you know what time that means? ainsley: tell us, steve. brian: any jeff flake bites in this one? jillian: can keep my promise, watch. we have breaking news we're following. a fox news alert. five people are dead after a tourist helicopter plunges into new york city's frigid east river. just into the fox news room the alarming radio transmission from the pilot before the crash. >> engine failure.
5:11 am
>> engine failure over the east river. jillian: 33-year-old richard vance identified as the pilot. we have video walking around moments after he was rescued. that is video of the actual crash itself. ntsb team arriving to investigate. another fox news alert. 50 people are dead after passenger plane from bangladesh crashes, boosting into flames at the kathmandu airport. officials claimed 38 people were killed with 10 unaccounted for. the plane carrying 71 people, swerving repeatedly before crashing into the runway. it broke into several large pieces. the cause is unknown. republican rick saccone getting a boost from donald trump, jr., in pennsylvania with a pair of events. saccone and conor lamb are running neck and neck into the
5:12 am
high-stakes special house election. over the weekend president trump rallied for saccone. president trump welcomes the world series houston astros. they will fly in from spring training in florida. it could be bittersweet for the president. the astros beat his favorite team, the yankees in the american leg championship. i kept my promise, brian. brian: you did. no jeff flake. very important. i think all the astros are showing up. he says i'm rescinding the invitation. steve: they missed the picture. ainsley: speaking of the president, he has a new campaign slogan for 2020. >> our new slogan, when we start running is going to be, keep america great exclamation point. ainsley: even the staffer thinks he has second term in the bag. he is live next. steve: did o.j. simpson
5:13 am
appearing on television this weekend confess to murder? the chilling new interview from a couple of years ago. coming up. ♪ for my constipation,
5:14 am
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5:17 am
♪ >> our new slogan when we start running is college to be keep america great! brian: president trump ginning up the support for the 2020 election, trying to help a special election tomorrow. catching eye of one democrat who says he could see the president winning another term perhaps. steve: that democrat is former senior advisor to secretary of state hillary clinton, felipe ryan. >> thank you for having me. steve: what was it the way president appeared in pennsylvania, you were watching, that is food retail politics? >> i think the rally showed both advantages the president will have in 2020, and frankly some of the vulnerabilities. why was he there? he was there to help a congressional candidate that is
5:18 am
struggling. and it is required the president going in twice and the vice president going in twice, and $10 million from the rnc. these are things no one can afford to do in the fall. but on the upside, you can see how the base, the republican base, he has that hardcore group, that no matter what he does, like he said, shoot someone on fifth avenue, isn't going anywhere. what was notable to me, how much he enjoyed it. this is someone who relish also the running more than the governing. that is a little bit backwards but it showed the inherent advantages that he has as president. you know, if you look back over the last 50 years, going back to richard nixon, five of the previous 7 presidents sought a second term and got it. it is harder to get the office in the first place. literally it is his to lose. steve: interesting. >> you have the plane.
5:19 am
you have marine, the song. steve: trappings of the presidency. >> the trappings, and it's a really big deal and you have the time to start shellacking your opponent. brian: people point to 1998 bill clinton got impeached and economy was humming and he did very well in 1998 in the midterms. do you see the economy, we had 313,000 jobs in the country, yesterday, excuse me, last month on friday, people say this economy is running. the front page of "the new york times" even said it is on a roll with no end in sight. is that the key? >> well, the, the economy is what is keeping his numbers up because if you look, the president has a fundamental problem. fewer people approve of the job he is doing than voted for him. you have to ask why. now on the plus side, the economy is what people love. on the minus side he is
5:20 am
suffering among even the republican party, and i think that's unique to him look, every president disappoints the people who vote them, but in his case, i think people gave him a pass in the campaign for saying and doing things they're not giving him a pass for now. brian: only got 38% of the in most polls. in most polls he got 42%. >> he got 46% of the vote in 2016. he is sub 40 now. i think the numbers within the republican party are scary. 80%, like you said before, he has consolidated. 80% of the republican party has rallied behind him. but if you ask republicans or when pollsters ask republicans, they are very, very open to a challenger and they are, some of them want a challenger. brian: good luck with that. >> i agree. i agree. steve: thank you very much for joining us. he understands the president's appeal. >> thanks for having us, me. brian: thanks, felipe.
5:21 am
coming up straight ahead -- steve: president trump suggested death penalty for drug dealers. that would win the war on drugs. brian: in god we trust back in our schools? can you believe it? details ahead.
5:22 am
hey. pass please. i'm here to fix the elevator. nothing's wrong with the elevator. right. but you want to fix it. right. so who sent you? new guy. what new guy? watson. my analysis of sensor and maintenance data indicates elevator 3 will malfunction in 2 days. there you go. you still need a pass.
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5:24 am
♪ ainsley: president trump suggesting the death penalty for drug dealers. listen. >> the only way to solve the drug problem is through toughness. you kill one person you get the death penalty. you kill 5000 people with drugs because you're smuggling in making a lot of money and peel are dying, and they don't even put you in jail, they don't do anything. i don't think we should play games. ainsley: would tougher laws help solve the drug problem? here so debate, former drug czar
5:25 am
under president clinton and george w. bush and attorney and former prosecutor elliot felix. thank you for being with us. joe, you're in favor of the president's plan. tell us why. >> i am. this president is very instinctive leader who is usually correct in his instincts. he feels that a major punishment for individuals who are trafficking in fentanyl, at the highest levels is appropriate. so what does he do? he has the instinct. throws it out there. it engenders a debate. he likes people to fight over arguments and bring him options and he decides. i think also very quickly, there is a message here, not only to the congress and to the american people we'll take this drug fight seriously, but in this age of 24/7 media where everybody is tuned in, what would not have been a deterrent 20 years ago, there could be a death penalty because someone is not think about a death penalty at the time of a murder or some other crime in today's world, drug
5:26 am
dealers are going to be very tuned into this media-savvy president and i think his message was to them too. ainsley: elliot, do you agree with that? do you think drug dealers are listening to the president's message and care about the punishment? >> before you can talk about how effective the policy, you have to talk about whether it actually will be implemented. in this case i have grave doubts about the constitutionality. the supreme court ruled over and over again death penalty is unconstitutional for homicide offenses n 2008, horrific, brutal rape of a child, the supreme court of louisiana tried to impose the death penalty of a crime. it is not homicide. we'll not allow the death penalty to pass under the eighth amendment to the constitution. ainsley: joe, what do you say to that? >> as horrible that was, god help the little girl, there was never a death intended.
5:27 am
in many laws, felonies as a result of a homicide where you don't intend the death it happens, or homicide by vehicle. you're driving your vehicle, you don't intend the death but it happens. in many states, and i think this is very poignant because it talks about the position of states across the country, there is a charge of drug delivery resulting in a death, which means even though you don't intend the death or want it, if you deliver the drugs, and a person dies it is on you and that's what the president is talking about. ainsley: elliot, the president does have a good points says if you kill one person you get the death penalty and if you're a drug dealer you kill more than one person which often times happen, people don't know what drugs they're taking this day and age, they're synthetic drugs and laced with all kinds of stuff, people are dying as a result, why shouldn't they get the death penalty as well? >> if you prove strong enough causal connection between a specific drug deal and specific death you can bring actual
5:28 am
homicide charges. go back to the deterrents thing. the deterrents is the important goal of the criminal justice system by not only if they cut people's hands off for crimes like in saudi arabia or that might be a deterrent theft crimes but no one argues that such a penalty would not be permissible. ainsley: thanks for talking about it. have a good day. despite the democrat backlash over president trump's tax cuts the vast majority of americans say they're happy. one of the shorts who helped write the bill, tim scott, is live. president calls out democrats for obstructing his nominees, including the nominee for ambassador to germany ric grenell. why? we'll talk about. ♪
5:29 am
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♪ >> we have many other venues in
5:32 am
our country that are kept safe and schools have to be a part of that equation as well. there are pieces of legislation before congress today that can take significant steps in right direction. background checks, the stop violence act, they have broad bipartisan support and the president wants to see congress act now. steve: there you have got betsy devos, she will be presiding over the president's federal commission on school safety. let's bring in republican south carolina senator tim scott. good morning to you, senator. ainsley: good morning, senator. >> good morning. good to see y'all. steve: good to see you. there was conference call where the white house portrayed what the president would like going forward. a lot of it he is counting on folks like you in congress to actually get something done. >> absolutely. it is time for us to act without any question. we have bipartisan legislation that would ultimately fix the background system, almost, we're looking at the ability to expand
5:33 am
the background system, the "fix nics" legislation is a very good starting point for us as conversation, get a legislative vehicle on the floor. we could have open process allows us to make the schools safer. i had the opportunity to speak with some of the police chiefs down in florida, as well as south carolina, what they would like to see. single point of entry is very important part of school safety. there is a lot of conversations that could be a part of the legislative vehicle going forward. i think we can make sure our students are safer than they were because of the incident in parkland. brian: i think it is good idea to train teach that's want to have a gun because most of these shooters are cowards, don't want to be shot back at. when it comes to the actual legislation i thought there was promise at least in the president's point of view, toomey-manchin, 54 votes when president obama was president. senator, you're nodding. can you get behind that? do you think "fix nics" can be combined with manchin-toomey?
5:34 am
>> there is a lot of ways for us to harmonize, the brian, the legislative vehicles being proposed by different senators. i think toomey-manchin is one that has a lot of credence to it. the cornyn bill, "fix nics" has a lot of credence to it. grassley bill in 2013 and 14, provided more access of information from federal agencies that could have prevented the shooting in texas. there is a lot of things we can do. unfortunately in many ways our friends on the left continue to block the floor because of ability to use 30 hours on each tranche of the negotiations of the process, which is painful to watch, when we know there are solutions sitting there, that could be used ultimately, saving more lives from my perspective. the shooting in charleston in mother emanuel church, we could
5:35 am
have prevented that had the "fix nics" could be in place. ainsley: you are in front. cooper bridge. that is where it happened, downtown charleston. >> yes, ma'am. ainsley: most americans are very happy with the tax cut plan according to a recent survey and black unemployment has dropped to its second lowest level on record according to the bureau of labor statistics. what are your thoughts? >> yes. this is an exciting piece of legislation that every single american from coast to coast should be celebrating, especially in communities of color. 17-year low, 6.9%, a 17-year low for the african-american unemployment rate. think about this. ainsley, in 2010 the unemployment rate for african-americans was around 16.8%. the last year of the obama administration, march of 2015, 10%. and now we're down to 6.9%. ainsley: yeah. >> guess what? it is going to get better.
5:36 am
these tax cuts are simply going into place now. corporations seeing taxes going from 35 to 21. small is businesses having 20% cut. my legislation, investing opportunity act, can help distressed communities, those communities near spring valley high school, go vikings for ainsley over there. ainsley: how did you know that? good job. >> iowa, steve. steve: you're really good. >> will get you to the statistics. brian, you're from new york, ford bless you. -- god bless you. back to south carolina, we could see major private sector dollars invested in distressed communities, no new bureaucrat, no new government programs, simply an incentive package to provide access to opportunities for kids who grew up in single-parent households like myself in these distressed communities we could see a
5:37 am
phenomenal transformation of the unemployment rate of african-americans, hispanics and rural areas as well. this is a big deal for this nation. steve: but senator, there have been opportunity zones in the past where companies go in and invest in those communities you're talking about, would get a tax break but it just hasn't worked very well in the past. why is it different now? >> you're right. so the past focused on what the government could provide from a resource standpoint which does not necessarily allow for capital to do what it does best which is find the best opportunities. what we've done is designatedp student zones so private sector capital makes the decision that with a greater risk, there should be a greater reward. the greater reward for private sector capital is tax incentive of deferring the capital tax up to seven years. we're not see the government figuring out how to use your
5:38 am
money. brian: right. >> it is the private sector suggesting that there are opportunities we need a little more incentive to get into these distressed communities and provide bottom-up opportunities where high potential kids are living today and through the manifestation of the american dream in their backyards. brian: and, senator, remember i had a chance to follow you around in washington, d.c., as you went to one of those communities that needed some leadership and needed some hope and you're now forming, doing a tour, you're calling it an opportunity tour, finding opportunities for those who feel as though they're, their life hit a pothole. and also get the private sector involved, right? >> brian, you hit the nail on the head. one thing that this country can not do without is hope. and we need to have hope manifesting in faith, in real opportunities, and i'm doing a tour of high poverty areas, which i believe are high potential areas, i started in charleston just a couple days ago, going to miami next month
5:39 am
and then we'll go to cleveland and other places around this country. i want to put a spotlight on are conservative solutions that actually work. the things that we're discussing right now are low unemployment rates because conservatives believe that you keeping your money is the best way for to you support your family. bringing or attracting more resources into distressed communities so that you have more entrepreneurs in those communities is the fastest way for us to lower the unemployment rate. finally, in rural areas where the opioid crisis is ripping apart families and communities, one of the most important statistics to follow in the rural parts of our country, high unemployment, leads to high levels of hopelessness. if we can bring those levels down through the opportunity zones in rural areas i believe we can start fighting back with multiple weapons against this
5:40 am
opioid crisis that hit 70,000 lives this year. brian: senator, i look forward, we look forward to talking to you again. you have a book coming out with trey gowdy. between that tour you have a book coming out. so we'll have you back on. ainsley: senator, thank you for what you're doing for your state. >> yes, ma'am. god bless. ainsley: god bless. steve: thank you for mentioning iowa. nobody mentions that. brian: we'll see if mercy me does in a second. president trump calling out the democrats for holding up his nominees. >> they delay, they do everything they can and that is all they're good at. they have no ideas. brian: why are they holding back perfectly qualified people? ainsley: plus, mercy me is here. they're performing the hit song that inspired a hollywood movie and many of you out there as well. steve: good morning, guys. ainsley: good morning. ♪
5:41 am
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♪ ainsley: good morning to you. back with some quick headlines. o.j. simpson elaborately detailing murders of his ex-wife and her friend in a bombshell fox exclusive interview but he insists his accounts are hypothetical during the two-hour special, dubbed, the lost confession, airing 12 years after being recorded. >> i grabbed the knife. i had do remember that portion. taking the knife from charlie and to be honest, after that i don't remember. i hate to say it. [laughter] i know we -- jillian: simpson was acquitted of the murders back in 1995. americans given green light to display in god we trust in classrooms, after receiving a donation of posters a first amendment group accused of the state using artwork to promote christianity, thanks to a new state law, schools are required to showcase our national motto and american flag if the materials are donated.
5:45 am
ainsley? ainsley: thank you, jillian. hundreds of the trump administration appointees they're awaiting congressional approval. brian: yep. among those in limbo, politico limbo, richard grenell, for ambassador to germany, the first openly gay person to fill a cabinet level foreign policy position. >> we have 270 people that we can not get the democrats to approve. they obstruct, they delay. they do everything they can. and that is all l good at. they have no ideas. ainsley: why are democrats standing in the way of qualified nominees? brian: chadwick morris a journalist. he was thinking the same thing. this put us in jeopardy, whatever government that is in there not functioning on all gears. what is the holdup? >> that is exactly right. mitch mcconnell has power to call a vote especially on ric grenell. the senate rules say there has to be 30 hours of debate when he does that he has the power to change that rule.
5:46 am
harry reid did this he did "nuclear option" for obama appointees. got them shuffled through. i won't mitch mcconnell call the vote. he loves pageantry and rules of the senate and won't do that this is mitch mcconnell issue primarily. secondly the democrats certainly are happy to stall as long as possible. they don't want to see someone like ric grenell succeed. brian: why? >> because they don't like the fact, democratic party, president trump is absolutely right, democratic party has nothing right now. they have no ideas, they have no vision. what they do have is holding on to this identity politics narrative, right, that gay people are oppressed, black people are oppressed, women are oppressed, ric grenell is openly gay, i believe the highest openly gay official in the country, they don't want to see people like that succeed. it crushes their narrative. ainsley: it goes beyond politics at this point though. we're talking about the safety of our country. >> yes. ainsley: how many hold-ups now. >> it is around 100. ainsley: this, he has been in
5:47 am
office more than a year. >> yes. ainsley: he can't, he can't run the government the way he should because of all of these hold-ups. this is ridiculous. >> we have midterms, coming up, right? this is hurting republicans in the midterms. the base is losing energy. activists in gop party are losing steam. they want to see action. president is taking action. the president has been very effective. brian: he was slow to nominate, no doubt about it. once he got there, people non-controversial like ric grenell. they're holding it up to hold it up. >> right. they have nothing else to do. on trump obstructionism and victim group identity politics. ainsley: these individuals, they have families at home. they have mouths to feed. they can't do anything while they're waiting on this nomination process? >> yes. brian: a lot of them will withdraw. ainsley: thank you, chadwick. mercyme is warming up over there. they will perform their hit, "i can only imagine."
5:48 am
brian: bill hemmer who is here with loose hamstrings and quads. >> sandra and i were doing that. >> we've seen the footage. >> start after big week, folks. what is the word from north korea. so far it has been crickets. big vote in steel country tomorrow. why is this considered a close election? breaking news on the deadly helicopter crash. we're going to mars. join me and sandra in ten minutes, top of the hour on "america's newsroom." at causes . so your eyes will thank you. more than eye drops, dry eye therapy. theratears®.
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♪ ainsley: it is a song that has swept the nation. it is now set to hit theaters nationwide in a film by the same name. brian: yep the band, mercyme joins us right now, with the lead singer bart, are you ready to sing this strong. >> i will try. brian: you played last night, right? >> we did.
5:52 am
hour 1/2 of sleep. we're feeling pretty good. steve: the movie is based on the song. how long did it take to you write the song? >> when i actually wrote it, took about ten minutes. steve: ten minutes? ainsley: how did it get from christian radio stations to the secular world? >> there was a top 40 station in dallas, shock jock morning show, they were playing truth or dare, a perverted thing, someone called dared to play imagine. their listeners dogged them for not playing it. they did, number one on station for six months. ainsley: anyone living under a rock who hasn't heard it, here is your chance. sing for us. steve: ladies and gentlemen, mercyme. ♪ ♪ i can only imagine what it will be like when i walk by your
5:53 am
side." ♪ i can only imagine, what my eyes will see when your face is before me ♪ ♪ i can only imagine, i can only imagine ♪ ♪ surrounded by your glory, what will my heart feel ♪ ♪ will i dance for you jesus or in awe of you be still ♪ ♪ will i stand in your presence or to my niece will i fall ♪ ♪ will i singhal hallelujah, will i be able to speak at all ♪ ♪ i can only imagine
5:54 am
♪ i can only imagine. ♪ ♪ when that day comes and i find myself standing in the son ♪ ♪ i can only imagine when all i will do is forever, forever worship you ♪ ♪ i can only imagine, i can only imagine ♪ ♪ surrounded by your glory what will my heart feel ♪ ♪ will i dance for you, jesus, or in awe of you be still ♪ ♪ will i stand in your presence, or to my niece will i fall ♪
5:55 am
♪ will i sing hallelujah, or can i only imagine, i can only imagine ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah ♪ surrounded by your glory, what will my heart feel ♪ ♪ will i dance for you jesus or in awe of you be still ♪ ♪ will i assistant in your presence or to my niece will i fall ♪ ♪ will i sing hallelujah, will i be able to speak at all ♪ ♪ i can only imagine, yeah ♪ i can only imagine, yeah ♪ i can only imagine, oh
5:56 am
♪ i can only imagine ♪ i can only imagine, what i will do, if forever, forever worship you ♪ ♪ ♪ i can only imagine you do all this research
5:57 am
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why is dark magic so spell-bindingly good? it's a bold blend of coffee with rich flavors of uganda, sumatra, colombia and other parts of south america. like these mountains, each amazing on their own. but together? magical. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee roasters. >> going to our facebook page for the after show show, we'll be talking to bart about how his song is now a major motion picture. >> people can write in, right? >> watch us on facebook live. bart, we can't wait to hear your story on the after the show show. thank you very much for being
6:00 am
here. >> ifio have to run from the tv, run to the show. >> get dressed. >> brian's gonna go do his radio show. we'll talk to bart, go to our facebook page. have a great day everybody. >> thank you, guys. good morning. a chilling image caught on camera. this is a helicopter going down in the frigid waters of new york city's east river. five passengers on board did not get out, leaving the pilot the lone survivor. as we say good morning. tough news to start the week with. hope you had a good weekend. sandra, good morning. >> sandra: good morning. authorities say the passengers apparently never had a chance because they were trapped inside the sinking and upside down chopper strapped into their seats. even as the pilot scrambled to safety. a witness now describing the horrifying scene. it >> landed sort of sideways. it was a red


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