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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  March 11, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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all right. >> i was noticing. >> thank you, doctor. lawrence abat, carter page, ours studio audience. i love you, america. [ cheering and applause ] the white house unveiling a new school safety plan, urging states to take action after the parkland high school massacre. i'm connell mcshane and this is th "the fox report." the trump administration put out a list of recommendations to protect students from gun violence. the list includes support for raising the minimum age to buy a long gun to 21, strengthening criminal background checks and empowering states to train and arm some teachers. president trump urging and using his social media mega phone to accuse democrats of stalling on staff appointments. he tweeted out earlier the democrats continue to obstruct the confirmation of hundreds of good and talented people who are need offed ted to run our govera
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record in our history. the senate must approve now. allison barber has more this evening from the white house. >> president trump sent five tweets by about noon today. his early tweets focused on a story in the new york times, the times is reporting that president trump met with a lawyer who represented bill clinton during the impeachment process. his name is emmett t. flood. the times citing four people familiar with the matter, says that the president isn't considering replacing his current team but is in discussion with flood, quote, about joining the white house to help deal with the special counsel inquiry. the president says the story is false, tweeting in part, quote, the failing new york times purposely wrote a false story stating that i am unhappy with my legal team on the return shae and i'm going to add another lawyer to help out. wrong. i'm very happy with my lawyers. they're doing a great job and
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have shown conclusively that there was no collusion with russia, just excuse for losing. the only collusion was that done by the dnc, the democrats and crooked hillary. in his other tweets, trump attacked democrats. he claimed they're holding up his political appointments. he said pundits are falsely claiming his approval rating is low. he wrote, quote, others have my approval ratings at 50 was whih is higher than obama yet they like saying my approval ratings are somewhat low. they know they are lying when they say it. the latest presidential tracking poll released friday says 44% of voters approve of the president, 54% disapprove, just a month ago polling from fox news had president trump's approval at 43%, disapproval over 50% at 53%. sometime today the white house is expected to roll out school safety policies. we were told the white house will announce their support to
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increase the minimum age to buy a long gun to 21, their support for states to allow school nag it and staff to be trained to carry weapons, plus possible federal grants, their intention to ban bump stocks which we were told by president trump and also support for the stop school violence act and their support for the fix nicks bill. that is a bill that was drafted after the shooting in sutherland springs, texas. it was drafted by a republican and a democrat. the goal of that is to strengthen background checks by ensuring that agencies are talking with each other and putting in relevant documents into the system. , if those relevant records perhaps would prevent someone from getting a gun. that's legislation that was passed after the shooting in sutherland springs. a lot of people on the right, particularly one of the republican authors of the bilker say they believe that's a good first step to deal with some of the issues that came to light after the shooting in parkland, florida.
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>> connell: last night the president was in full campaign mode. he hosted a rally in pennsylvania for the republican congressional candidate, rick ciccone. ciccone's in a close race and the president is hoping to push him over the finish line in the special election on tuesday, saying he needs him in congress to help further his agenda. >> i really feel strongly about rick ciccone. and i know him. he's a very fine human being. he's a good person. he's really a good person. >> connell: let's go to garrett kenny who has more on all this from washington. >> reporter: pennsylvania is trump country. his visit could hold a lot of sway with voters. at stake is a readies reddistrie democrats are hoping to flip. there is a neck in neck race right now. the white house knows how all too well how losing control of the house would hurt their a ability to pass the president's
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agenda. last night, the president lent his star power to this race to make sure his supporters turn out to vote on tuesday. >> we need our congressman, ciccone, we have to have him. [ cheering and applause ] >> we have to have him. >> the people of pittsburgh cannot be conned by this guy lamb. you just can't do it. because he's, again, he's never going to vote for us. >> connell: throughout his campaign, lamb, who is a former federal prosecutor and marine, has distanced himself from the national party and told voters he'll vote against nancy pelosi becoming speaker of the house if he's elected. the 33-year-old is also building a lot of support among the steel and coal unions in southwestern pennsylvania and he's promising them today that he will not let republicans take their pensions away. >> i do not believe as paul ryan does that these are entitlements or another form of welfare. if i have anything to say, if i have the honor of serving as
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your next member of congress, we will extend the same recognition, not just in words, but in actions. we will secure these rights and benefits that you have earned over the course of a lifetime of service to this country. >> connell: his gop opponent, rick ciccone, is hoping to capitalize on the president's popularity, particularly given his actions on tariffs, trade and tax reform by arguing he supports those things while lamb does not. >> he'll try to be whatever conner the camille i don't know. it doesn't work when we put the facts out there. >> connell: a lot of top democrats view the race as a litmus test for other midterm contests. they believe if they can win here in a reliably readies red district, their chances are good to take the majority this fall. >> connell: let's bring in the white house correspondent for the daily caller. pick up on that last point that
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garrett was makeing fro making e white house's point of view. do people see this special election in pennsylvania as a barometer of where the president and/or the republicans stand heading into the midterms? >> exactly. this is the type of district that propelled the president into office. this is pennsylvania steel country. it's a place where the president won the district by 20 points. the fact that this district is such a narrow race right now, it's concerning to a lot of white house officials. a lot of officials on background and republican officials in washington will point to the fact that mr. ciccone had lackluster fund racing practices in the -- fund raising practices in the past and they're worried that the national objecting anys have had to swoop in and buy a lot of air time for him. so from their perspective, they are worried that rick ciccone could lose this races personally after the president lent the bully pulpit to him and
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delivered such a big speech and even coined another nickname for mr. ciccone's opponent. i think he called him lamb the sham. >> connell: i saw that last night. that was quite a rally in pennsylvania, the president full on campaign mode last night. the announcement or the election comes on the heels of this announcement of the steel tariffs and the aluminum tariffs which might be an interesting component to all this. let's listen to a few seconds of the president last night. here's more from the rally. >> your steel is coming back. your steel is coming back. those plants are going to be opening and what we've done with the 25% tariffs for those guys that come in and dump their steel all over the place, and by the way, it's not good steel. you guys know what i mean. it's crap. but your steel is coming back. it's all coming back. >> connell: it's interesting. we've all talked to number of
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republicans this week who did not like this move from the president, had a lot of opposition from his own party. democrats, republicans, they all support it in pennsylvania. >> that's absolutely right. this is overwhelmingly popular in this area of the country where steel is such a major industry. the president and his supporters would say, look, we understand many of the republican concerns. they're offering exclusions to many of our allies that would be most affected. as i understand it, once all of the exclusions are given to some of the major allies, that would essentially exempt over one-third of the steel that's coming into the country. so the effect that it would have on the market, the kind of doomsday rhetoric that we've seen from some of the most arrest dent free traders in congress and in the republicans who are against this, the white housing has heard their concerns and they're giving in with those exclusions. that's something that shows that the balancing act that this president is going to continue to have to make, which is you have an ardent free trade party
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in washington with the establishment. but the people who put this president in the white house are the most ardent supporters of things like the steel and aluminum tariffs. he's always as i think as you saw yesterday, i think he called the tariffs his baby. he knows exactly where his heart is, he knows where the mind of the people who put him in washington and in the office are and he'll usually default to those instincts. >> connell: it's something you have to say he's been consistent on this, a 30 plus year record on this type of thing on trade. let me get you on this topic, and the maneuvers toward school safety from the white house that we expect to be made official here in a short time. but from our own john roberts' reporting, we have a lot of the details coming out. they want to raise the age for long guns up to 21, support for states to train some faculty on using guns and teachers with
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guns, banning of bump stocks. is this a president that's moving against the nra or is that a bit too strong? >> no, i wouldn't say that's too strong. the florida legislature passed a bill raising the age to 21 and the nra immediately sued the state of florida. if this becomes national law, we are almost certain to see some major legislation and possibly a fight all the way up to the supreme court because the question really does arise here, is can you deny the constitutional right to buy a gun or to buy a long gun and is that going to be interpreted and is -- like i said, between 18 and 1 19 and 20, to deny those constitutional rights to an american citizen is a legal gray area here. now, i'm certain that the president has considered this and that it's definitely something that the white house is gearing up for. >> connell: a lot of it seems to be a push for the states to take action, not all of it, but a lot of it seems that way, right, pushing the states to move in, as opposed to a change in federal law.
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>> right. exactly. so a lot of this -- with the president's penchant is after the school shooting has been we need to provide some platform to arm teachers. as i understand it, what is going to be made official is funding if you have states that want to implement these sorts of programs, is the federal government will step in with some sort of funding that they can offer them but it's not in any way compulsory program that every state has to buy into. >> connell: we're going to move on to some of our other top stories. we'll bring you back in a little bit to talk about the potential meeting between president trump and kim jong un and look ahead to the visit to california that the president has planned as well, his first since taking office to see for himself some prototypes of the border wall that was promised, all that later in the show. tomorrow on hand a hannity, mike joins shawn for a one on one interview. that's tomorrow night. they will cover a whole range of
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different topics. that's at 9:00 p.m. eastern tomorrow on the fox news channel. now this. this is your first appearance on fox news sunday. i'd like to give you the opportunity right now to declare if you so choose, are you going to run for president in 2020? >> i am not running for president in 2020. i have an election right now in 2018, here in massachusetts. >> connell: that was the mass eh warren appearing today on "fox news sunday ." she appeared to rule out a 2020 presidential run. she is pushing back on calls for a dna test to prove her native american heritage. it's a claim as you probably know president trump's referenced more than once. >> i know who i am because of what my mother and my father told me, what my grandmother and my grandfather told me, what all my aunts and uncles told me and
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my brothers. it's a part of who i am. and no one's ever going to take that away. >> connell: warren has acknowledged identifying as a minority but she denies using such status to help advance her career. right now immigration and customs officials are looking for a suspect in a deadly hit and run. one sanctuary city does not appear to be helping. plus, in one swift move, communist china hands its president free reign to rule indefinitely. the trump administration is responding. >> xi jinping created enormous personal power, he has taken many of the levers of power that were from time to time more diverse. >> tech: at safelite autoglass
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here's something you should know. there's a serious virus out there that 1 in 30 boomers has, yet most don't even know it. a virus that's been almost forgotten. it's hepatitis c. hep c can hide in the body for years without symptoms. left untreated it can lead to liver damage, even liver cancer. the only way to know if you have hep c is to ask your healthcare provider for the simple blood test. if you have hep c, it can be cured. for us, it's time to get tested. it's the only way to know for sure. >> connell: china removed presidential term limits from its constitution. it gives the president xi jinping the right to remain in office indefinitely, makes him
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the country's most powerful leader in more than 30 years. mike pompeo was asked about beijing's consolidation of power power. >> this administration is prepared and engaged in pushing back against the chinese threat so we can have a good relationship with china in a way that the world needs. >> connell: china's lawmakers overwhelmingly endorsed the move to remove the presidential term limits. we're told only two no votes were cast from almost 3,000 total delegates. new developments in a deadly hit and run crash that closed an interstate in denver for several hours last weekend. the suspect, an illegal immigrant from mexico, has been released after posting bail, despite a request from i.c.e. to detain him. now no one knows where he is. brian yenis is live with more on the story. >> reporter: it's another example of so-called sanctuary communities defying the feds in
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which police department choose not to cooperate with u.s. immigration and customs enforcement. yesterday, the 27-year-old posted a $25,000 bail and was released from jail until his next court date. he was arrested last week and charged with vehicular dui homicide and felony hit and run. i.c.e. asked that the denver sheriff's department to detain him for long until they could get him into custody and deport him back to mexico. the sheriff's department said they refused to honor their request. thethe man is accused of driving intoxicated, crashing his pickup truck into a semi-truck, killing the 57-year-old driver. he fled the scene, leaving the man to die. the denver sheriff's department said unless i.c.e. offered a federal criminal warrant, they could not hold him in jail if he posted bail. well, i.c.e. says detainers are
3:20 pm
needed to keep criminals off the streets. >> we detain somewhere around 34 to 40,000 people per day. we place detainers on thousands and thousands of people. getting federal warrants for each one of those individuals would be extremely time consuming and it's something we don't have the resources for. >> reporter: denver and municipalities in colorado have not honored i.c.e. detainers since 2013 when the aclu sued the county on behalf of an illegal immigrant who was held on an i.c.e. request. we are waiting for i.c.e. to update us on whether the man is in their custody. >> connell: in the meantime, an officer is remembered after being killed in the line of duty. how one community's trying to comfort the family of a fallen hero left behind. and despite the dangers the men and women in uniform face every single day, police in one city
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>> connell: now the story of loved ones remembering the life of a police officer killed in the line of duty. dozens of people out in the rain attending a vigil for gregory kasius. this is last night in pomona, california. he was shot and killed after a long standoff at an apartment building. he leaves behind a wife and two small children. another officer was shot as well but is expected to be okay. the suspect has been arrested. now to a new controversy in the
3:25 pm
golden state. an oakland coffee shop is refusing to serve uniformed police officers, saying it's for the protection of customers. will karr picks up the story from our west coast announce room. will. >> reporter: -- newsroom. >> reporter: the coffee shop says a police presence compromises the physical and emotional safety of its customers and its staff. we're talking about a coffee shop that means until death in spanish. it opened in oakland in november. the owners recently turned away a hispanic police officer, a move that's not sitting well with other business owners. >> for him to refuse service to a police officer from our community is totally outrageous and it's not acceptable. >> reporter: he's not alone with that feeling. but the shop disagrees. in a lengthy instagram post it states we need the support of the actual community to keep this place safe, not police, especially in an area faced by
3:26 pm
drug sales, and abuse, homelesss ihomelessand toxic masculinity. one city council member believes it's legal. >> i checked with the attorneys. they have a right to do so, as long as they're not discriminating to deny someone or a group service. >> reporter: the police department tweeting in response they respect business owners' rights to serve anyone they choose. opd along with other community members are reaching out to the business to have constructive dialogue and their efforts to unite the community with the hash takin tag #unite. >> connell: radical coffee shot. all right, will. a special honor meantime coming at an important time where the parkland high school band is performing this week. plus, some concerns ahead of a planned meeting between president trump and kim jong un.
3:27 pm
mr. trump appears confident the north korean leader will follow through on their meeting. what we could expect from the sit-down if it happens and how the international community is reacting, all that's next. >> they're not going to send missiles up. think of it. they're not sending missiles up. and i believe that. i believe that. i really do. i think they want to make peace. i think it's time and i think we've shown great strength. i think that's also important. no matter how the markets change... at t. rowe price... our disciplined approach remains. global markets may be uncertain... but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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>> connell: i'm connell mcshane and this is "the fox report." the trump administration says they don't plan to issue any more conditions before potentially historic meeting between president trump and kim jong un aside from the north's promise to cease nuclear tests and to not publicly chris ties u.scriticizeu.s. and south korey exercises. president trump called out previous administrations for failing to make progress against the threat from north korea. >> you know they're saying obama could have done that. trust me, he couldn't have done that. he wouldn't have done that. he would not have done it. and by the way, neither would bush and neither would clinton and they had their shot and all they did was nothing. >> connell: jillian turner has more now on what would be an unprecedented sit-down. >> reporter: after sendin spende
3:32 pm
first year in office touting the united states' military superiority, the mantra from president trump's national security team has now become diplomacy. >> this is a diplomaticaly led effort. you can see that in action right now, for those that questioned whether it was diplomatically led. i rest my case. >> reporter: the president embraced a new role as a triangulater in chief over recent weeks, coordinating north korea policy with china's president and south korea's president on a near daily basis. >> i must tell you, president shi of china has really helped us a lot. >> reporter: when the time comes for formal negotiations between the u.s. and north korea, the administration says president trump will likely go it alone. these will be bilateral talks between the two nations only and they won't inamerica's asian ally.
3:33 pm
>> the first meeting i think is between the president, the leader of north korea, the two people who are the decision makers, who will ultimately decide what arrangements are accept ability. >> reporter: towards the end of 2017, trump levied additional sanctions. presumably north korea agreed to negotiations in order to get relief from the sanctions and any steps they take towards knee denuclearization will be regard's as such. how do we know this? it's because it happened three times in the past. each time north korea reneded on its commitments to the united states. >> connell: for more on the trump, kim sit-down, let's bring the white house correspondent from the daily caller from washington. we start there with that point about is there anything that's happened this weekend that makes this summit less likely from
3:34 pm
everything you're hearing? is it going to happen? >> actually, what i'm -- from what i'm hearing, white house press secretary sarah sanders made it seem like it wasn't going to happen because she talked about the need for concrete steps towards denuclearization but we immediately almost saw that walked back later by the white house and by mike pompeo. and use said at the top here, which is that the main two requirements that the u.s. seems to be abiding by is we need to see an end to the nuclear tests and we need to see some willingness to talk here. but there is no other condition that we have seen, no release of hostages, no guarantee or lack of criticism on the military exercises that are happening here. so it is very interesting. from what we're seeing from the president's mouth at that rally and from the cia director today is the summit is looking all the more likely. >> connell: talking about no
3:35 pm
concessions, but to your point also no additional conditions which probably does, you're right, make it more likely. what about the time frame from this, the south korean national security advisor, it came out of the white house by the other night, they said by may. >> reporter: th.>> the south kor did say by may. sarah sanders was quick not to pin herself down to a may deadline. the amount of planning that goes into is immense. people in the state department will be working 24 hours aday, trying to decide where to hold the summit. will it be in the dmz? is it going to be in tokyo? is it going to be in china? i found director pompeo's he observation that it's only going to be kim jong un and the united states very, very interesting. we're not including two of the countries here which would be most affected if there was an outbreak of conflict. so in terms of a time line, we have absolutely no idea. but the president is eager to
3:36 pm
talk. that is something that is most clear from his tweets, from his speech. >> connell: i notice when you went through your locations, you didn't mention the white house which i don't think has officially been ruled out. could you imagine kim jong un, in these times, i don't imagine we rule anything out, but could you imagine kim jong un in the white house? >> i would love that. i guess i would meet the dictator of north korea. that would be truly a shocking experience. the president i don't think is going to do that because he's come under some criticism from human rights activists that he's elevating kim jong un by even meeting with him. i expect the summit to probably take place abroad. with this administration, we don't know. >> connell: who knows? let me shift gears to this trip to california. it's getting a lot of attention, it's the first one the president has taken since he took office. he'll look at prototypes for his long promised border wall. this is coming after he vowed to
3:37 pm
fulfill his campaign promise to have mexico pay to build it, saying this last night. >> build that wall! build that wall! >> we are building the wall, 100%, 100%. [ cheering and applause ] >> 100%. >> connell: all right. 100%. we heard that plenty of times during the campaign. where do things actually stand as far as you know with the wall? >> as far as we know, the most concrete thing that's happening with the wall is the president's visit to california on tuesday. the president initially thought that he could be able to get funding for this wall in a daca deal where he said we will give a pathway to citizenship for 1.8 million. in exchange we need $20 billion to build this wall. in terms of where things stand now, given the supreme court decision on daca, we're not going to see anything in that arena probably for the next year. >> connell: the other thing from the president, a big push
3:38 pm
certainly in california in particular on immigration, one other quick clip from president trump as we flashback to last month, talking about the threat to pull agents, federal agents out of the state. listen to this. >> i mean, frankly, if i wanted to pull our people from california, you would have a crime nest like you've never seen in california. you would see crime like nobody's ever seen crime in this country. >> connell: since then we have this department of justice lawsuit against the state of california. i'm sure that will be a big topic while he's there, right? >> absolutely. governor brown is coming out and essentially calling it an act of war against the state of california, the lowest point of relations between california and the federal government, given the fact that the attorney general filed suit against them for being a sanctuary state. the i.c.e. director, as i understand it, said in response to this sanctuary city legislation, that they're actually going to be flooding the state of california with federal agents. they're only going to increase their enforcement efforts and
3:39 pm
that they will increase the number of detention operations that we have seen. i'm sure there's going to be some very harsh words from the president while he's in california towards the oakland mayor who as you know i'm sure we've covered here, has warned illegal immigrants and illegal criminals that the i.c.e. was coming for detention operation and hundreds of them were actually not able to be apprehended. >> connell: it's another week, another less than boring week ahead of us. now, a chance for healing through the power of music. just weeks after one of the worst mass shootings in the history of our country, the band from stoneman douglas high school is set to perform at carnegie hall. brian yenis has that story tonight. >> music is the thing that holds us together and allows us to express in the most pure way we can. >> reporter: ryan lord is a senior and a member of the band
3:40 pm
at marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland, florida. this is them rehearsing for the biggest performance of theirs lives, a concert at carnegie hall. >> we're excited to perform together and we talk about how much we're going to cry at the end of the performance. >> reporter: the school was chosen to participate in the wind band festival last june. now the performance happens to come just three weeks after they lost 17 of their classmates and teachers in the worst high school shooting in u.s. history. ♪ >> it definitely gives the trip a new meaning. now we're playing for people that we've lost. >> reporter: ethan kaminski is a 15-year-old freshman trumpet player. he and most of the members of the group survived the shooting together. >> in the back of the band room, everybody was in tight spaces. it all happened so fast. >> reporter: ethan considers himself lucky because he had his dad in the room. mr. kaminski is the band director. >> i just thank god he was with
3:41 pm
me. it allowed me to be calm and focused for the other kids that were with me. >> reporter: the band lost two members that day, a 14-year-old tropical storm bone playe14-year guard. after that, mr. kaminski said the students were playing differently. >> from the start, i saw what the music was doing to them and to their souls in a positive way. >> reporter: as for the message the students hope to send? >> i want to show that music can overcome anything and it really can help in any situation. >> reporter: more than 1200 miles from home, a lesson in the healing power of music. in ne new york city, brian yeni, fox news. >> connell: all right. a quick programming note for you this evening. at 8:00 p.m. eastern on the fox news channel, billy graham, an extraordinary journey will air. it's a special on america's pastor. don't miss that tonight, 8:00 p.m. eastern here on fox
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news. just as the region digs out, meantime, a third winter storm in less than two weeks could be setting its sights believe it or not on the northeast. first, it rolls through the south. we'll get an update from the fox extreme weather center coming up next. also, a day of remembrance, seven years after twin disasters, earthquake and tsunami devastated parts of the island nation of japan and prompted a near nuclear catastrophe. we'll be back in just a moment. alice is living with metastatic breast cancer,
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>> connell: here we go again, another major storm expected to slam into the northeast. if it does, it will be the third in two weeks to strike around here. at the moment, the storm is down south but soon will be moving its way up. let's talk time line tonight. how does this one look, adam? >> between the three, this is going to be the least impactful. we can at least say that for most people, for a widespread
3:47 pm
area this will be the least impactful. there will be plenty of folks dealing with it. this is currently in the south. as we get into late monday into tuesday, that's when it starts to run back over open water and approach the coast once again. let's time this out. we have it on the move here. you'll notice as it runs over the water, there will be portions by tomorrow afternoon geting into the mid-atlantic where there will be snow falling in elevations you typically don't see falling. this is something the folks along the mid-atlantic want to pay attention to. i'm now taking you into overnight monday, this is 11:00 p.m., as you run into early tuesday morning is when the system will be at its worsts. it's when it will get closest to major cities like new york, running towards boston. as it goes farther and farther north it will clip boston, further inland, a little more than it will for philadelphia, d.c. and new york city. maybe not as much snow for some of those cities.
3:48 pm
as you get into tuesday, that is when this will be the most impactful. we see winter storm watches at this point, not warnings, but watches stretching from long i g island, running up to portions of maine. potential snowfall, this is still early, there will be some discretion on how close this gets to the coast, currently new york city getting as much as 6 inches, but more likely in the 2 to 4 range. as you head farther up north and farther inland, you'll see some spots that may get back up closer to 8, 10 inches of snow before this is all said and done. that will happen later on tuesday. >> connell: on top of what they just got. >> exactly. >> connell: adam, thank you. somber day in japan, the nation mourning the thousands of lives that were lost when the tsunami struck. that was seven years ago. a moment of silence was held marking the exact time the earthquake triggered the
3:49 pm
tsunami, killing 18,000 people, triggering meltdowns at the tubinfukushima nuclear power pl. clean-up of the still radioactive nuclear plant is expected to take decades. seven years ago today. jim mattis warning the syrian government over the use of chemical weapons against its sit owncitizens. details on the talks coming up next. >> i'm aware of the reports of chlorine gas used and of the bombings that we're seeing now, it's almost like a sickening replay of what we've seen before in aleppo.
3:50 pm
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3:53 pm
>> connell: defense secretary jim mattis today warning the regime in syria against using chemical weapons once again, this comes following reports of massive civilian casualties in the onslaught against the eastern part of the countries. we have the latest on all this from our middle east bureau. >> reporter: secretary mattis' comments come as the assad regime vowed to continue their bloody offensive. the fighting has been some of the most violent and deadly in the 7-year-old syrian civil war. pro government forces backed by russian air power have killed hundreds with deadly air strikes. government commanders say these are not rebels but instead terrorists. however, rescue workers and opposition activists accused the assad regime of using chlorine gas. secretary mattis said sunday the
3:54 pm
trump administration doesn't have hard evidence to support the claim but he warned russia there would be a price to pay if pro government forces used chemical weapons. >> it would be very unwise for them to use weaponized gas and i think president trump made that very clear early in his administration. >> reporter: last year, president trump ordered the u.s. navy to fire 59 tomahawk crews e missiles at a syrian airfield after a report that gas was used on forces. moscow denies using chemical weapons and says opposition forces have orchestrated the attacks to undermine the legitimacy of the assad regime. >> connell: conner, thanks. let's go to wall street where the dow jones industrial average on friday ended the day back above that 25,000 mark. the surge on the day friday was some 440 points.
3:55 pm
looks like investors were able to shake off worries from earlier in the week about the tariffs on steel and aly alumin. on friday we received a positive jobs report which helped the trading on that particular day. the futures, stock index futures have begun trading, pointing to a slightly positive open for monday morning. friday was a good day. people in one country have a lot less shopping options. we'll have this story of a new law that is limiting the material nature in all of us, next. ♪ we are living in a material world. ♪ and i am a material girl. ♪ you know that we are living in a material world. ♪ and i am a material girl. [th] [screaming & crying] ♪ [screaming & crying]
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. connell: sunday shopping has started to become a thing of the past for people in poland.
3:59 pm
bans nearly all trade on sundays. markets and other retailers will be closed. the first time that's happened in decades. the law proposed by a leading trade union saying employees deserve to have sundays off. see how that works off. the sunshine state is trying to get more sunshine. today marked more daylight saving time, and lawmakers in florida are trying to drop the time change altogether. there's been talk about this for a long time. in florida they approved the sunshine protection act. it would allow the state to observe daylight saving time year around, so that would basically mean the state would move from the eastern time zone to atlantic time join the u.s. virgin islands and puerto rico. rick scott, if he signs it, congress needs to approve it. interesting, that's how fox reports on sunday march 11, 2018. thank you so much for watching
4:00 pm
this evening. i'm connell mcshane in new york. see you on the fox business network throughout the week. fox news sunday with john roberts sitting in starts right now. mike pompeo, the cia director in about two seconds. >> i am john roberts and for chris wallace. they have traded insults and threats of war. now the stage is set for direct talks between president trump and with korea's kim jong-un. >> we will continue to apply maximum pressure until north korea at the mmabandons its nuc program once and for all. >> we will discuss with bringing both sides of the table for this unprecedented meeting. and what it says about the president approach to foreign policy. with cii director, mike pompeo. then, president trump lisa wiggle room for allies


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