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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  March 8, 2018 6:00am-8:00am PST

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>> all right. we're going to be facebook live. go it our web page, fox and friends -- >> no, our facebook page. we'll get it right tomorrow. >> bill: good morning, everybody. breaking news from here in washington, president trump now to set to seal the deal on republicans and democrats and allies pressure the president to rethink the decision. good morning, split broadcast today. snow got the best of me. one more day here. the swamp's got a way of doing that. >> sandra: keeping sucking you back in. hopefully we get you back home safe this afternoon. i'm sandra smith in new york. the news coming, the white house saying there could be relief for
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allies as many urge president trump to trim down his proposed tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. >> bill: we'll speak with kellyanne in studio but first we begin with white house correspondent john on the white house lawn. >> reporter: you should be here today because there's more going on. first it was on and off then likely and now the president looks like he made it official in a tweet saying quote, looking forward to 3:30 p.m. meeting at the white house. we have to protect our industry and have to show cooperation and treat friends fairly. we're expect to signed a document on aluminum and steel, at this hour, you can talk to
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kellyanne conway on this, there could be exclusions for closest allies for national security purpose. for example, a british company in england produces steel for component we use in the columbia class nuclear submarines and there would be a window for canada and mexico to avoid tariffs if they agree to a new nafta deal. here's peter navarro. >> in 15 to 30 days the tariffs go into effect. the proclamation will have a clause that does not impose these tariffs immediately on canada and mexico and it's going to give us an opportunity and one of the ambassador to negotiate a great deal for the country and if we get that all's good with canada and mexico. >> reporter: still, as you pointed out at the top, there's
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a lot of opposition. listen to what center mcclasskil said. you have some you have some democrats from develop production steps in lockstep and it's a catalyst for ga gary cohn to say it's time for me to go. >> sandra: what can you say about the interviews with special counsel? >> reporter: sources tell fox news last night the president spoke with his former prince of staff, reince priebus on the interview with robert mueller a number of months ago. what i'm told is the conversation never got into the substance of what priebus told
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mueller, it was more along the lines of how did it go and were you treated fairly. there's also a report the president never ordered to fire mueller and asked mcgan to talk to rosenstein and his team is keeping the president briefed about the mueller investigation, the president listens to their advice and he is very respectful of bob mueller and appreciates what he has done. so the president's outside legal team is saying they believe it's much ado about nothing. what is being reported or insinuated in the reporting never happened. sandra. >> sandra: as you mentioned a lot going on in washington
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today. john, what is the latest on the stormy daniels drama facing the white house? >> reporter: well, she is suing the president, as we know, because she wants to get out of the non-disclosure agreement she signed with michael cohn in the weeks preceding the campaign. her claim is the president didn't sign that non-disclosure agreement or the pseudonym and sarah sanders denied allegations against the president and indicated there was an arbitration that michael cohen had already won in this. >> what the president addressed these directly and made very well clear that none of these allegations are true. this case has already been won in arbitration and anything beyond that i would refer you to the president's outside counsel. >> reporter: what sarah huckabee
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sanders is referring to an arbitration clause that can be exercised if the president fears a possible breach. they went to a judge and sought a restraining order against her. rosen saying the designated judge from the arbitration tribunal found ms. clifford filed the suit and we intend to seek to refute if he claims alleged by ms. clifford and her counsel. she's looking for relief because she wants to tell her story and there's a clause if she breaches it she owes the president or somebody $1 million for every time she does it. >> sandra: john roberts live at the white house for us, thank you. >> i want to go back to the big
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decision on the tariffs announcement. with me now is kellyanne conway here in studio. nice to see you back in washington. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. >> bill: was the president having second thoughts on the tariff deal because it seemed to go back and forth and apparently today it goes through. >> the president's called a meeting today at 3:30 and invited steel and aluminum workers as a candidate and president, he's been consistent about looking at all of it through the lens of the worker and wants a strong industry in the country and makes it clear including in a bilateral press conference with the prime minister of sweden that the country's been on the losing side of the trade and wants to stop screwing the american worker and industry. i want to point out to you, people think peter navarro parachuted into the white house recently. last april 29th on the 100th day
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anniversary of the president's inauguration with his staff and mr. nah -- mr. navarro went to one of the oldest companies and the president signed two executive orders one establishing the trade and one district -- directing a review of trade deals. he's been at this since day one. >> bill: just back up a second. big pressure from republicans on the hill. you mentioned the word screwing, is that a metaphor for how they've addressed this -- >> they're so grateful the president is keeping his propositions. we have to dignify all types of work and this president has said if you don't have steel you don't have a country.
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now, let's be careful what the 100 republicans from capitol hill have said to the president. they said tailor the tariffs to continue to sell american-made goods around the world and be able to hire more american workers. the president agreed to that. he came up with buy american, hire american. >> bill: you're going to southwest pennsylvania this afternoon. on saturday there's a special election on tuesday of next week. that is steel country. that's a region the president won by 20 points in 2016. why is this race considered so close? >> candidates matter. campaigns matter. i think the special elections get outsized attention and amounts of money. you saw that in georgia for tom price's seat where the darling of the hollywood elite got money
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and lost the $50 million race and he was everybody's favorite flavor as we said at the time. >> bill: you still have the race getting a lot of attention. we'll see how it goes and you'll be there later today. >> let's make clear, the democratic candidate is making joyful noises about aluminum and steel and has been publicly crit calf critically of the minority nancy pelosi. >> bill: you were in the news and made an endorsement for the alabama senate race and ultimately it's the president's call you were punished for this and whatever punishment will or will not come from this, as a frame the question, it happened twice in the obama years and there was no punishment given out. >> we have spoken about this.
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i have not made a comment on this at all and a won't today. >> bill: we leave it there. >> the white house has spoken. >> bill: has the president told you what he desires from this? >> i won't reveal. my private conversations to the president except for which he'd like for me to speak about publicly. >> bill: so no punishment given? >> i didn't say that. i also recognize every day maybe i'm still there and will continue to be, i'm not there to read about myself. i'm not there to talk about me and i'm there to the service of the country that i love. people would work in the white house should feel it is a privilege and a blessing and should feel that -- they should also recognize there's two people in the entire building donald trump and mike pence. this say president, as he made clear on monday at the bilateral and i tried to say over the
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years and months he love dissenting opinions. that's a true leader. that's someone who has people battle it out and makes the final decision. this president controls the timing and tone and content of his decision. >> bill: hope hicks announced she was leaving a week ago, for those on the outside -- and you're there every day, how would you frame how business works in the west wing. >> there's two different things. mentioned two people who are my friends and colleagues who i will miss and worked with issues in many areas in the last 14 months. in the case of hope during the campaign as well. i will miss them personally. i wish them well. the president couldn't have been more laudable in announcing their departures. in the white house -- sarah reflected it well in her briefing, it's an intense things to work and this is a president
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that wanted many things done. there were themes of the week. >> bill: it's issue of the hour. >> yes, and he got elected to disrupt this city and it's lethargy and he enjoys and insists on not having yes men around him and that includes hope and gary and many of us there to present ideas respectfully. >> bill: kellyanne conway. i hope we can speak again. good luck in p.a. 13 past the hour. back to sandra. >> sandra: breaking news on another big story we're following. attorney general jeff sessions said he is seriously thinking of appointing a special counsel to
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the justice accident is complying. in moments we'll tell you what it could mean nor investigation into the death of border agent brian terry. darrell issa led the charge to get justice and will join us here live. >> we have to look at the integrity of the fisa process and have to look at that and make sure it's done properly and i'll consider their request. >> bill: jeff sessions looking at appoint second special prosecutor as the d.o.j.'s inspector general continues the official fisa abuse. john ratcliff on the judiciary committee. nice to see you.
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you're one of a handful of republicans and democrats that have seen the fisa application. it deals with carter page. based on your conclusion of reading this application, what do you think was going on there? >> i think not just the initial application but the subsequent renewals has raised real questions about whether or not the fisa process was abused in order to obtain that warrant to surveil carter page. >> bill: what do you think you've seen it? >> absolutely there were abuses of the fisa process and one of the reasons a second special counsel is not just appropriate but necessary. having reviewed the applications, only a special counsel, bill, will be able to have access to the documents and people relevant to fully investigating the abuses. in other words, the inspector general can't reach people beyond the jurisdiction of the department of justice and fbi to
6:20 am
the extend it involves other agencies like the state department or former employees of the department of justice or fbi. >> bill: talking about gathering information for the case. >> absolutely. >> bill: why is the 500 people not enough? >> they don't have the jurisdiction to go back and compel the testimony from people outside of the department of justice at the fbi currently or other agencies like the state department. >> bill: so it comes back to the same argument, what access you get. >> it makes a second special counsel unavoidable in my opinion. >> bill: what do you think they find in the end? >> i think ultimately they will find that there were departures from whether or not full disclosures were made as required to the fisa court.
6:21 am
as it relates to the dossier -- the christopher steele dossier and other documents used to get the warrant in you'd against an american citizen. >> bill: can you prosecute that? >> absolutely. there's all kind of criminality that arise from those abuses. if someone's rights have been violated over color of law that's a crime and omissions made to the court, that is a crime. if there was perjury, that is a crime. all those things need to be looked at by special counsel because the american people clearly have concerns. >> bill: you have a ways to go and thank you for being here in person. john ratcliff the republican from texas. >> you bet. >> sandra: breaking news in the serious mistake made by the fbi in the months leading up to the
6:22 am
deadly florida school shooting massacre and what congress just learned. plus the battle lines have been drawn between the justice department and state of california. >> federal law determines immigration policy, state of california is not entitle to block that activity. ♪ i'm never gonna be able i'll take a sick day tomorrow. on our daughter's birthday? moms don't take sick days... moms take nyquil severe. the nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, fever, best sleep with a cold, medicine.
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6:26 am
>> reporter: one month before the horrific shooting from somebody close to nikolas cruz who feared what did happen, could happen. the fbi's deputy director telling two closed-door house committees last night the civilian call-taker did not ask standard investigative probing question. a month later, 17 people were horrifically gunned down as cruz tried to get away. and they past a school safety and gun control act and then applauded andrew pollack in the gallery whose daughter, meadow, was brutally shot nine times the gunman. >> my appreciation daughter's meadow's life was taken and there's nothing i can do to change that but make no mistake, i'm a father and i'm on a mission.
6:27 am
i'm on a mission to ensure that i'm the last dad to ever read a statement of this kind. >> reporter: the senate passed the bill monday night and goes to the governor and requires the minimum age to buy a gun at 21 and allows certain teachers to carry a gun and they dieted cruz of 17 counts of attempted murder. >> sandra: in the cake -- wake of the incident the president alluding to videos possibly being inspiration for some mass shooting. this is the latest in a series of meeting the president has
6:28 am
been a part of on gun control and school safety. >> bill: 27 past the hour. a new warning from theed the head of the from the head of the tsa on changing to the tools of terrorists. and remember this? >> ever sat on the other side of the table from parents who have lost a loved one? is 50% enough? 75%? a third? >> bill: the family of brian terry demanding justice. the justice department turning over key documents in the fast and furious gun-running scandal. first requested suspect a long time ago. one of the men that helped lead the investigation is darrell issa, the congressman from california. he is our guest next. >> can the president act on
6:29 am
this? >> absolutely. >> do you think he will? >> he doesn't have an arm's length distance from the department of justice, he helps run the department of justice. if president trump wanted to do this it would be done. to pump blood to the body.
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>> we need to find out the truth, exactly what happened, how it happened, why it happened. we paid $15,000 to put my brother in the grave. there needs to be accountability, there needs to be justice for my brother. he deserves it. he spent 22 years serving this country as a law enforcement officer and marine and that's what he deserves. >> sandra: the brother of brian terry has been seeking justice for years and they may finally be one step closer to getting it. it comes as the justice department turns over documents tied to the fast and furious gun-running program. six years after then-attorney
6:33 am
general eric holder was held in contempt for withholding information. darrell issa chaired the oversight committee in 2012 and still sits on the committee today and joins me now. hard to believe, six years in this litigation will findly come to an end. the documents will finally be turned over. how important is this step by the d.o.j.? >> it's important because it does give us access not just to the documents that will be turned over but an agreed on search. in other words, eric holder systematically obstructed justice including carefully making sure the search was not thorough enough. once that was discovered and agreed to, it gives us an opportunity to get these documents and maybe additional documents to shed light for the terry family on the one question you heard brian's brother ask. it's not just the cover-up but why? what was it this last administration was hiding that
6:34 am
caused them to obstruct justice and defy congress, to be held in contempt in order not to turn over not just these documents but likely other documents that will let you understand why they deliberately let two dozen weapons go to the worst of the worst hotels. >> sandra: do you think they'll hold the answers. >> i think it will show eric holder was very involved in the obstruction of justice. a man who proudly says he's a lawyer and should be disbarred had an active role, texting, e-mailing, helping people figure out not to deliver to congress what we want and lawfully entitled to. >> sandra: as you know back in 2012, the house committee voted 23-17 to hold eric holder in contempt of congress. here's eric holder responding to the vote back in 2012. >> today's vote may make for a
6:35 am
good political theatre in the minds of some but it's a crass effort and grave disservice to the american people. >> sandra: your thoughts as you look back six years to that moment. >> eric holder has systemically obstructed justice to the family and the american people and personally lied to me about the documents that were fully compliant with our request claiming it was only 200 and something when thousands have been delivered and thousands and a new search will allow us to get some of what we requested for in the beginning and some are still obstructing the attorney general today. this is one of the problems that jeff sessions faces at justice
6:36 am
is there are people there who do not want the same thing the american people want. >> sandra: the american people want answers from this. that's for sure. that family, though, of brian terry who lost their loved one are desperate for answers and want to know if ultimately someone will be held accountable. >> we have to hold someone accountable. as of now, the most we've been able to do is hold the first constitutional officer ever in contempt by holding eric holder in contempt for defying a legitimate subpoena of congress and lying to congress systemically about his involvement. >> sandra: what does this say about the current administration? we had jason chaffetz on earlier saying the president has the power to act. 11 months in, the justice department is acting. what does it say about the administration? >> the administration negotiated
6:37 am
in good faith. i will say here is the problem, congress rightfully wanted an appellate court decision making it clear no president of either party, could ever again defy congress the way barack obama did. we didn't get that in this. what we got was a full release of documents. that's sort of the difference between the two branches. the executive branch is maintaining the ability, theoretically, to do the same thing again and obstruct congress for years. having said that, we have good decisions at the lower court that we believe in the long run will help congress when we do these investigations again regardless of party and the administration was very forthcoming in wanting to give full disclosure while maintaining certain prerogatives of any administration orening tif branch would want. i found them reasonable to work with. both of us got more than we
6:38 am
wanted and in a reasonably timely fashion. having said that, let me assure you, the attorney general and others had to weigh in because the lower folks still wanted to give up something and many are still a part of, if you will, the nature of cover-up when congress is trying to look into something on behalf of the people. >> sandra: so what happens now, the documents now will be turned over. what is the process by which we get answers, we hear what is inside the documents? how will this work? >> i can't speak for the chairman but having recruited him to the committee, i know he feels like i feel that the maximum amount of documents need to be fully disclosed to the american people and obviously made public means the terry family gets full access because this say lesson in how a wrongdoing can turn into a cover-up, can turn into obstruction and i think the american people need to see that
6:39 am
unlike what eric holder said, this was worthwhile taking all the way to contempt a constitutional officer for the first time and continuing for six more years to get justice for the terry family. you know, the terry foundation -- which i'm personally a contributor to, only exists because a man was cut down in his prime like so many border patrol agent who go into harm's way with light weaponry, not knowing whether the other side is packing heavy equipment. >> sandra: that family has been very vocal about not having answers and how painful it's been for them and the american people deserve answers. we'll see how this all turns out. amazing to look at this almost six years later and see things changing. congre congressman issa, thank you for being here this morning. >> bill: a sobering warning about the head of the tsa saying the explosive situation in
6:40 am
planes goes beyond laptops. >> the hubs remain highly-priced targets for terrorists and we're confronted by a current of less sophisticated techniques where lone wolves, many radicalized on the internet are using low-tech and inexpensive methods to target americans. >> bill: he said the focus has been on security check points including testing new x-ray machines. authorities are also looking to beef up security and other areas of the airport. stand by for news on that. sandra. >> sandra: rex tillerson said anything is possible when it comes to north korea. >> i think the first step -- and i've said this before, is to have talks about talks. >> sandra: after intense war of wards between the u.s. and north korea, would we be seeing cooler heads prevail. >> bill: and jeff sessions went
6:41 am
over the state of california. can the trump team win this case? >> here's my message to mayor schaff, how dare you needlessly endanger the lives of our law enforcement officers to promote a radical open-borders agenda.
6:42 am
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>> sandra: a new report from the v.a. inspector general points to a list of issues at the washington, d.c. center that put patients at risk and calls out communication breakdown, chaos with personnel and millions in spending waste. v.a. secretary shulkin releasing details of a sweeping overhaul and consolidating 23v.a. hospitals in 12 states. >> this say great state.
6:45 am
i don't want to be in this position of having these laws. it wasn't i chose to do but i can't sit by idly by the authority of federal officers are being blocked by a legislative act and politicians. >> bill: there's the a.g. jeff sessions slapping a federal lawsuit against the state of california over sanctuary city laws. three passed blasting officials saying the move by radical california will not stand. this say good battle. jessica tarlov and steve hilton, host of the next revolution live from san francisco. i thought folks in california didn't watch tv or cable news. here's what was said. >> we have millions of people
6:46 am
who are here without papers and some have been working for 10, 15, 20 years. they've been serving the economy. a lot of them are doing the dirty work whether it's washing dishes or picking food in the field. now the attorney general's basically initiating a rein of terror. >> bill: there it is. do you feel it? >> i think the rein of terror is jerry brown's left-wing move. the california democrats have moved so far left they're halfway to hawai'i. it's ridiculous. even a few years ago you had barack obama and other leaders of the democratic party making the point it's important we control immigration and they've moved left and jerry brown is wrong on the law because the supreme court found in the mid
6:47 am
90s that states can't apply their own policy, federal policy has to be preeminent but he's wrong in common sense and what the public wants. of course he's right to say there are millions who are here illegal illegally and doing things the public probably wants to see happen whether it's picking fruit or working in bakeries and looking after children but that's not what he's talking about here. what he's talking about and the mayor of oakland is not those kinds of people. it's the kind of people who have violate criminals, dealing drugs and having sex with children. one of the people the mayor of oakland has allowed to return to the streets say child sex offender. that's what the california democrats are now defending and it's ridiculous. >> bill: let's get jessica to reply. he had a good line, halfway to hawai'i. you caught that. can the state of california
6:48 am
legally win this case? i mean, the federal government has control over immigration laws. >> and they're modelling their lawsuit after the obama d.o.j. against the state of arizona. it will be interesting to see how it plays out in the court. i don't think steve's a lawyer, i'm certainly not. there was a great piece in the l.a. times that said it's a good thing for california. it's going to go to court because at least we'll get clarity here and push-back on what the state and federal government can do. >> bill: but it could take some time. the defense on the a.g. of california, said the by the tenth minute -- amendment we don't have to comply. >> it's complying versus impeding. and that's what the oakland mayor was doing and i take his point.
6:49 am
i don't want a child molester i don't want our own or one from another country. >> bill: but the feds are making it hundreds of criminals were given the heads-up. >> but they're going after people suspected of crimes not people actually found to have been committed of crimes and that's what's dangerous and many interest came here illegally but contributing to the economy and abiding by the law. >> bill: they can move anywhere, they don't have to stay in the state of california. >> i'm a great advocate for decentralizing power from washington to the states. i literally advocated for a convention to do just that but one area where it makes no sense is immigration because as you
6:50 am
say, you can't have an immigration policy for one state. what's jerry brown going to do, build a wall between california and the rest of the country? it's ridiculous. >> bill: thank you for your time. jessica, thank you for your time as well. we'll see which way it goes. jessica tarlov, steve hilton. >> sandra: we'll have more on the sanctuary city battle when texas attorney general ken paxton joins us. >> bill: and the massive winter storm -- twice in a week now, hitting millions. we'll see how they fared. >> it's going to be -- i don't know if i can repair it.
6:51 am
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6:54 am
>> sandra: power outages and downed trees and travel delays continue after a brutal winter storm slams large portions of the country. new england getting hit with heavy snow for the second time in a week. we have live on the massachusetts north shore with the latest there. looks like they got a big hit there. >> reporter: yeah, we did. this is essex, massachusetts. the big story this morning is power outages. here in the town, 76% of the people are without power and the big reason is because it's heavy wet snow. it accumulates on those lines and gets on the tree branches. the tree branches fall on the lines and that's how people are left in the dark. 350,000 people are left without power and 300,000 people in the northeast are in the dark.
6:55 am
the massachusetts governor, charlie baker, is urging people to stay off the roads. it's slushy and nasty and it's affecting public transportation. this a photo of a rain derailment early this morning in massachusetts. luckily the train was moving slowly when it derailed, no one was injured and an amtrak train between new york city and boston has been suspended to at least 10:00 a.m. parts of new jersey and the suburbs seeing two feet of snow in western pennsylvania and massachusetts. there was a big variety in terms of snowfall. boston saw three to six inches and this is the northeastern women's basketball team -- the college basketball team in philadelphia pushing their bus after it got stuck in the snow. they are there for the big tournament and on top of all of that of course the airport
6:56 am
delay. 2600 flights were cancelled and sandra, there was the big concern about flooding. luckily we did not see near the catastrophic flooding from last week. the sea walls held their own for the storm. >> sandra: unbelievable images. the team was not going to let it stop them from getting to the game. bill, are you going to make it home? >> bill: i think so. >> sandra: the train lines have been canceled. >> bill: i saw bryan last night he should get hazard pay. extraordinary stuff as the storm comes through. in like a lion indeed. will we see a special counsel to investigate the abuse
6:57 am
of the court system to spy on the trump team and more from washington and new york city coming up.
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7:00 am
>> sandra: brand new developments on calls for a second special counsel to investigate current and former officials at the fbi and the justice department. attorney general, jeff sessions, now giving the idea serious condition following a request from top republican lawmakers. welcome to a brand new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i miss you. i'm bill hemmer. there's significant, sandra, over fisa surveillance abuse. some are asking jeff sessions for a second special prosecutor because many are beyond the reach of government because many don't work in the department.
7:01 am
john ratcliff telling me last hour the fisa evidence he's seen is damning. >> not just the initial application but the three subsequent renewals have raised questions whether the fisa process has been done to surveil carter page. >> bill: you've seen it, what do you think? >> there were abuses so a special counsel is not just appropriate but necessary. >> bill: team fox coverage and judge napolitano and we begin with catherine herridge in washington. what's the status? >> reporter: if you look at the letter what you'd see is it's broader than just a special second counsel for alleged surveillance abuse. it goes to political bias at the
7:02 am
fbi and justice department in 2016 and 2017 and the decisions they made and that of course would take in its area of authority the clinton e-mail investigation and whether in effect there were special rules for special people. the attorney general telling shannon bream he's giving it special consideration. >> i have respect for mr. gowdy and mr. goodlatte and we'll consider their recommendations and we have the responsibility to ensure the fisa process. >> reporter: democrats say there's no basis for a special counsel because republicans can't point to evidence of a specific criminal statute. >> bill: and we expect more today. >> reporter: in an hour's time it will be the second appearance
7:03 am
with the committee behind closed doors and last time he refused to answer questions with the president after the transition period and while at the white house. so we'll hope to get more answers but the key issue is the lewandowski testimony is a turning point. republicans say who is left to question in the russia investigation but democrats say they have a laundry list including sam nunberg and they also want to talk to other members of the campaign team, george nader. he's reportedly had an >> bill: bob mueller said he's looking into a story. what can we confirm on that?
7:04 am
>> reporter: the big issue with the sechele's meeting it goes to a meeting one in 2016 so during the transition and then national security adviser, susan rice, confirmed to the house intelligence committee she unmasked members of the trump tower meeting including the crown prince of the united arab of emirates and when the inauguration, the brother of the education secretary, bets devos. it's also about the role the obama administration played in the unmasking of trump administration team members and the bottom line is this has been of interest to the special counsel based on our reporting since september of last year. so they're about six months into
7:05 am
the thing. >> bill: this is off coast of africa. sandra one more now. >> sandra: lots to get more for more political editor guy benson and fox news and judge andrew napolitano. judge, he's considering a special counsel, the attorney general, will this hap en? >> i don't know if it will happen or can appoint a special counsel since this is involved with the russian investigation. remember, the four fisa applications which appear to be defective because the d.o.j. and fbi agent said the genesis of this say political report paid for twhiven paid for by win of the two candidates for the presidency and it was approved by rod
7:06 am
rosenstein. he runs the d.o.j. it's actually bob mueller's boss. is rod rosenstein going to appoint a special counsel to investigate himself since he participated in this fisa application? let's not lose sight of what catherine just said. let's not forget the obama administration was spying on the in coming trump administration at the trump tower 24/7 and unmasking at will. if the unmasking was done for a non-law enforcement or non-national security purpose that's called hack and a felony. >> sandra: the politics on this, trey gowdy and chairman goodlatte said this is what they want. what are the politics of it? >> the politics have shifted because of gowdy. he's been pretty guarded and measured and supports the mueller investigation, for example, as do i.
7:07 am
he was saying let's just wait. let's hold on the whole demand for a new special counsel. he's now changed his view on that. i was thinking along the same lines, leave this to the inspector general. there's no reason -- americans are tired of special prosecutors and special investigations. we're all fatigued of it but gowdy said there's relative people who need to be scrutinized over whom the i.g. has no authority and couldn't get to them. so if we want a more complete picture on what happened on this side of the russia story, in gowdy's view, it's time. >> sandra: what does this mean for the credibility of the mueller probe? >> i don't think it impair the credibility of the mueller probe, but i also think he can investigate this on his own authority. the federal regulation -- it's not a statute, a regulation promulgated by the d.o.j. and
7:08 am
approved by congress long before the administration. it authorizes robert mueller to go down any rabbit hole he wants. they just spoke with the meeting in the seychelles so he must go down any rabbit hole he finds to see if there's evidence of criminal behavior there. >> sandra: and now we're getting word the president is asking form former aides what they said and disclosed. >> i'm dismayed at my colleagues for this -- he can ask whatever he wants. this is not richard nixon or bill clinton famously coaching people who worked for them before they testified before a grand jury. that would be very problematic. but to say to reince priebus, how did they treat you? were they professional?
7:09 am
what did they ask you about. normal questions. not unlawful at all. >> the point the judge made, why appoint a new special prosecutor when there's a special counsel and if it falls under the broad and occasionally expanding umbrella of the russia investigation if there was wrongdoing during the obama administration he should look at that and that would negate the need for someone new. >> sandra: judge, we've only got a few seconds left but can i get your thoughts on who will win the sanctuary city battle now that things are at war according to the california governor. >> it prohibits anyone from the state from answering ice questions to me it's reckless but lawful. the other allows private business owners from cooperating with ice. that's unlawful. the state of california cannot tell a private business owners
7:10 am
what it tells employees. once they pass a budget they'll offer a lot of money to governments with a string attached to cooperate with ice and they'll take the money. >> sandra: thanks for tackling all of that. thank you very much, bill. >> bill: you need more time. back in washington, the white house says it will move forward with that proposal on tariffs despite the criticism from congress. >> the president's been very clear he wants to address the trade imbalance that the united states has with a number of countries. he feels like the united states has been taken advantage of for far too long and not going to allow that to condition under his watch. >> bill: our next guest will wait and see. where does john kennedy stand today? >> sandra: and president trump will campaign in pennsylvania
7:11 am
this weekend. what will the race tell us about the balance of power come november? >> bill: it's getting a lot of attention and a scary matter on the slopes. a small child dangling from a ski lift. how did he get down from there? we'll show you in a moment.
7:12 am
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7:14 am
tillerson giving an update on north korea saying there may be
7:15 am
positive signs after the meeting with kym -- kim jong-un but there's a long way to go. >> we're a long ways from negotiations. i think we just need to be very clear-eyed and realistic about it. i think the first step -- and i've said this before, is to have talks. >> bill: tillerson also saying it's unclear if u.s. officials would ever meet face to face with north korean officials so we'll see where that goes. >> the president has been talking about this for a long time. it shouldn't come as a surprise to anybody. other countries have created unfair trade policies for decades that have harmed our national and economic security. the president wants a strong economy and strong national security. >> sandra: white house press secretary yesterday defending the proposed tariffs on imported aluminum and steel and we could
7:16 am
learn more about the president's plans today because he will be holding a white house ceremony. joining me now is louisiana senator, john kennedy. thank you for joining me. it's always good to have you on the program. >> thank you, sandra. >> sandra: you took a wait-and-see approach on the tariffs. where do you stand today? >> i'm still waiting and seeing. a couple points, number one, i don't think any person should be surprised the president -- even before he was president talked about the trade imbalance. whether you agree or not it's not something he just dreamed up but before we get lubed up let's see what the president does. and number three, i think the president understands -- i hope he does, the real problem in
7:17 am
terms of steel is china. china in terms of steel and generally in terms of trade, china is eating our launch -- lunch and the sack it came in but china cheats. the problem with steel prices started two years ago, reely really before that and china produces half the world's steel. rather than doing what a capitalist society would do, china kept going and started exporting their product and the price fell through the floor. half the overcapacity in steel is a result of china. and we need to call china's hand. >> sandra: and china is the focus of the president and we're getting word now from the white house they seem to be -- and the president seems to be open to exemptions in products coming
7:18 am
from canada and mexico and other u.s. allies. so when you say we don't know the details, we don't know the details until their formally announced. they'll happen fast because they have to be implemented within 15 days of them being formally announced. it could give others time to step in and request exemptions. are you in support of this sort of plan from the president, if that is what it is? >> i think the president would be prudent to get tough with china. i'm going to say it again, no disrespect but china cheats and what you allow, will continue. i hope he won't punish our allies. he's right about there being a steel glut and that fact hurts our people but i don't want to punish the innocent along with the guilty. >> sandra: are you concerned about the unintended
7:19 am
consequences at home? >> sure. >> sandra: republicans are speaking out about the rising cost of the consumers and those who use the commodities. >> trade is complicated. you have to consider not only the impact as a result of the tariffs on your country but consider the impact of the tariffs on other countries and, how if at all, they're going to reciprocate and a tariff is really a tax. it will raise the price of steel from many people who use steel. now, i'm not saying that's altogether bad if those tariffs are targeted to try and change misbehavior. again, i think the genesis of this problem is china. and that's where i hope the president targets his fire power. >> sandra: and perhaps the exemptions will allow him to focus on that. if you could design the announcement we're about to see hours from now from this president. what would you be the biggest
7:20 am
fan of this president announcing this afternoon? >> i would like to see the president as a first step say look, i believe in free trade, we all do. and i think america pretty much plays by the rules but some countries don't and our friends in china are not playing by the rules on steel. we've had enough. we're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore and they're going to stop and we're going to put up a tariff. they're responsible for 50% of the over capacity and we're going to start with china. >> sandra: it's fascinating to watch politically. have you democrats who have to stick up for the manufacturers who feel the tariffing will raise prices. i want to ask about the net neutral bill you are introducing to prevent internet provideers from blocking or slowing
7:21 am
content. >> everybody i spoke to on both sides of the aisle says the same thing. we need to move a bill. there's one problem, nobody wants to step forward. so i basically took representative blackburn's bill, from the house, made a few changes and put it out in the senate and it stops throttling it so we have one national standard. the wing nuts, the extremes on both sides won't like it but i think a lot of people will. it doesn't mean i've made up my mind on the cra because i haven't but everybody's talking instead of doing. >> sandra: well, you're introducing the net neutral bill. senator, thank you for being here. it's always good to see you.
7:22 am
>> you bet. >> bill: in the moment the a.g., jeff sessions calling out california. >> how dare you needlessly endanger the lives of our officers to promote a radical open borders agenda. >> bill: ken paxton is next on the law.
7:23 am
7:24 am
7:25 am
>> sandra: a chicago bus crashes into an suv. dramatic video and the suv tries to make a left turn and the bus slams into it before hitting a tree, fire hydrant and shelt perp five passengers were taken to the hospital and later released. the driver of the suv is stable condition. he was cited for fail to yield
7:26 am
and driving without a license. >> bill: rick saccone facing an opponent in p.a. a congressional seat held by republicans for 15 years said to be up for grabs. a district the president won. i know you've been out campaigning. i appreciate you taking the time to speak with us today. i want to show you from 2016 what the president did in the same district -- [no audio] -- hillary clinton of 39. why is this race said to be neck and neck, sir? >> well, it's a special election in an open seat and it's the only race in the nation so it's attracted outside money and
7:27 am
interest. you can expect in a special election things to tighten up. >> bill: there's a story out in the past 24 hours about friction or tension between you and some others in your party. can you clear that up? is that happening? >> yeah, that's the nonsense the left keeps putting out. i don't put credence into it. i have support from the president through the state party down to the local districts. always have. it's all-hands on deck. we have the president coming out friday and kellyanne coming out and we have support from the speaker of the house and whip and deputy whip and everybody's in board. the left tries to put out stories and few outside the beltway read that. >> bill: i was reading it not from the perspective of those on the left but republican colleagues who apparently have suggestions how to run a campaign. now, president trump, as you
7:28 am
mentioned will be there saturday. it's getting a lot of attention. joe biden was there the other day. what is this tariff issue doing to those who vote in south western pennsylvania >> i've been supportive of the industry and our steel workers here can compete with anybody in the world without problem as long as the playing field is level but the playing field has been slanted and the president is trying to correct that and getting spoe getting support in my district. >> bill: most are registered democrats but voted republican. what's moving in southwestern p.a. that has it close.
7:29 am
why it that way? >> i was elected to my seat for the first time in a 76% democrat, union district and now i won. this has always been a democrat area but they vote for the person and i have a strong message that resonates with the people here and have served them well in the state legislature the last eight years. i think you'll see we'll come out just fine. >> bill: connor lamb's your opponent. he's 33 years old, former marine, well still a marine. once a marine, always a marine. prediction tuesday? what's the margin? >> i don't know. i've never been one to predict percentages or margins but i think we'll do well. we're in the lead and will stay in the lead and will pick up more as i've said, we have a strong message. i'm a veteran also. 19 years in the air force fighting counterterrorism and espionage and ph.d. in
7:30 am
international relations and been to north korea. i have a resume my opponent doesn't have and connor the chameleon is one thing one day and another thing another day and i think people will see that and vote for me. >> bill: thank you for your time. rick saccone in pittsburgh. appreciate you spending time with us today, thanks. >> sandra: a white house meeting on tariffs said to begin in hours from now. are they moving ahead as planned or listening to calls for moderation? our political panel weighs in ahead. >> we want to make sure abusers are held to account especially china when it comes to dumping and trans-shipping and want to ensure steps don't have a consequence. . if you listen real hard you can hear the whales. oop.
7:31 am
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7:34 am
worker. he believes this country's been on the losing side of trade deals for decades. he wants fair, reciprocal trade deals that stops crewing the american worker and industry. >> bill: kellyanne conway as we await our live coverage at 3:30. and we have charlie hurt and to the viewers at home you should see these two, they're ladies off lunching and good morning to you. i'll make a moment about the policies the president is pursuing based on the senate races we're seeing. is there a risk on the tariff deal, charlie? >> for the president? >> bill: yes. >> i don't think he is because he is fulfilling campaign promises. i'm in favor of free trade but republicans win the fight on
7:35 am
getting free trade and then fail to continue the argument and win the argument with voters that this is actually good for them. and especially you see evidence where it's suggested it's bad for them. >> sandra: >> bill: >> bill: i wonder if voters in p.a. are drilled into this issue? i imagine they're up to speed. >> they are and it's the perfect race to mention. i don't know how much the president had that test in mind and the republicans have poured $7 million, $8 million into a house district that won't exist in november but has turned into this litmus test. i don't know how much that individual race was on the president's mind when he was talking about raising the prices on foreign steel but this issue works better for democrats than republicans. it gave connor lamb the life
7:36 am
line he needed in that race to be able to say i'm with the president on this one. i agree with the president on this one and you heard all these red-state democrats. >> bill: you were on with martha talking about the results of the texas primary. and rowe threw cold water on this and this is part of what he said. >> after all the hubbub the democrats are having a fantastic not -- they had a dreadful night. their leader, robert f. beto o'rourke won with half as many votes as ted cruz got on the republican side. >> bill: he went on and on. that was an appetizer from rove last evening. and there's a story out today that talks about trump's
7:37 am
approval rating in states that are up for grabs in november. his approval rating is higher than the incumbent running in that state, that's west virginia, north dakota, montana, missouri, ohio. you look at the tariff story and you go back to the campaign days and think about what he said on the campaign, on taxes, on trade, on jerusalem, on china, on the wall, on north korea and immigration and he's going to make the case, you guys voted for me, i told you i was going to do this and now i am in the process of making a lot of this happen. not everything but a lot of it. take the argument on that, charlie. >> obviously, in washington with democrats everybody's talking about the forming blue wave especially in the house. the republicans have an uphill fight in the house, but when you start looking at the races there's little concrete evidence
7:38 am
the wave is forming. i do think texas was a disappointment. the caution for republicans though is when you look at the majority of those democrats who would lose today, would lose to unnamed republicans and if a democrat's going to win republicans have to be careful about who they pick and making the argument that trump made that won that state. even if you don't love trump you have to run on the trump platform. >> and so will some democrats and so will joe manchin and bob casey jr. democrats will embrace the president with both arms. remember, republicans represent largely export states and a lot of farms -- [no audio] >> in these states where there's still power in the states you'll see democrats get real jiggy
7:39 am
with donald trump real quick. >> bill: you two can continue talking. >> we'll go to lunch. >> bill: don't make it liquid. back to new york. >> sandra: look at this, a 5-year-old girl dangling from a ski lift. this incident caught on camera. it happened at bear mountain, california. someone on the lift holding on to the girl's jacket and several people rushed over to catch her and used a tarp. celebration on the ground there. thankfully no serious injuries. bear mountain now investigating the incident and what happened. scary stuff but she is safe. the battle lines are drawn on sanctuary cities.
7:40 am
attorney general jeff sessions making it clear there's a new sheriff in town and they will not accept radical california lawmakers pushing their open-borders agenda. ken paxton is here with his reaction next. >> somebody needs to stand up and say no, you've gone too far. you cannot do this. this is not reasonable. it's radical really.
7:41 am
7:42 am
7:43 am
>> california is using ever power it has and doesn't have to frustrate law enforcement. >> sandra: jeff sessions blasting california as the federal government announce as a lawsuit over its so-called sanctuary policies. joining me is ken paxton. thank you for being here this morning. the attorney general certainly came out swinging yesterday
7:44 am
afternoon. >> absolutely and he's right. five years ago california said the federal government had the sole authority to regulate immigration and now they're trying to take that authority. >> sandra: when -- who is going to win the fight. >> arizona tried to create their own enforcement and now california's trying to block enforcement. i think that will be struck down as well. >> sandra: and the governor of that state, jerry brown, said he's willing to go to war over this. what's that mean for the future of sanctuary laws? >> i think it means many will be struck down. these new laws california passed that try to regulate what the federal government is doing and
7:45 am
stopping employers with cooperating with federal government i think will be likely struck down. >> sandra: there was a moment yesterday during the press conference where the attorney general called out the oakland mayor saying now dare you needlessly endanger promote your open borders agenda. that's libby schaff, the oakland mayor who warneded residents in hir city about the ice rates. he did not mince words calling her out. >> you know, she is putting law enforcement at risk. the federal government is trying to find people who committed crimes. it's unfortunate and puts people in her own town at risk. >> sandra: she struck back and said this. >> the attorney general is trying to distract the american people from a failed immigration system by painting a racist
7:46 am
broad brush of criminals. >> sandra: who you say about calling it a distraction? >> we have statistics showing over 600,000 crimes have been commit illegals in the last five, six years. we know we have a problem in texas. we think california has the same but ignoring it. >> sandra: what can we learn by watching what is happening in california? >> i think they're the example of what not to do. they have increased costs for their own constituents whether it's health care or education and in texas 1200 murders by illegals. one loss of life is too many and i know california has the same issue. >> sandra: how do you respond to democrats who look at the current administration in congress and say look, you guys
7:47 am
can't even get anything done on immigration reform in the country. >> i agree. you can't blame the president for his efforts. he's done more for immigration policy than any president i've seen and we've seen a decrease in illegal border crossing and at least there's an effort in doing something in security and adding more border agent and talking about technology. at least we have a president pushing forward. it's up to congress ultimately to do something about it. >> sandra: it will fascinating to watch this play out. the state is now going to have to openly and publicly defend their sanctuary laws in that state. that's going to be very revealing and that's going to give the american people really more transparency into exactly what is happening in that state and their cities.
7:48 am
>> i think you're exactly right. the federal government is going to present evidence of what is happening in california. in texas, we've been open and transparent. in california they have not. i think the litigation as you go through it you'll see more and more what california has to deal with and the impact it's having on their people. >> sandra: ken, i always like to get an update from you and your state as we continue to see this immigration dialogue continue and talk of the border wall, how are your views today different than when the president took office? is this administration doing the right things? >> absolutely. we have been frustrated in texas for years. we've ended up funding a lot of our own border security. we don't have a lot of the power to do what we need to do so to have a president pushing forward with exactly what we need has been exciting for us. we hope more from congress. we hope congress will get something done on border
7:49 am
security because it does affect lives in texas and affects our ability in texas to pay for things. >> sandra: always good to get your take on things. ken paxton, thanks for coming on this morning. >> have a great day. thanks to you. >> sandra: it is the largest planet in the solar system. nasa is releasing new pictures of jupiter and revealing some of its biggest secrets. ♪ now that she's back in the atmosphere ♪ ♪ drops of jupiter in her hair ♪ she acts like summer and walks like rain ♪
7:50 am
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7:52 am
>> six minutes away on "happening now" the president expected to speak on aluminum and steel today despite
7:53 am
opposition from his party and another high-profile resignation drives the media narrative there's chaos in the white house and there's international women's day. what some companies are doing to push progress. "happening now" top of the hour. >> bill: two south korean officials who met with kim jong-un last week are now in washington today and will meet with h.r. mcmaster and other national security officials and craig chilcote with us now. where are talks? >> they're in play. south korean officials are in washington and will start meeting with trump administration officials today. it's a three-day visit. earlier this week they met with kim jong-un and in that meeting the north korean leader allegedly said he's open to meeting the united states and
7:54 am
would even discuss getting rid of his nukes if the security of his regime were guaranteed. here's what secretary tillerson had to say during his trip in africa. let's take a listen. >> the first step, and i've said this bureaucraefore, is to have kind of talks about talks. i don't know yet until we are able to meet ourselves face-to-face whether conditions are ripe to start thinking about negotiations. >> secretary of defense mattis weighing in saying he's cautiously optimistic but has to see if north korea's actions match their words. >> bill: intrigued by the story too, south korean official have a letter from kim jong-un to be given to president trump. do we know what's in that? >> there's some speculation --
7:55 am
some people have been saying kim jong-un may offer to stop the production of nuclear material while the dialogue's going on and already saying he's pausing missile launches and tests. he also might talk about offering to do something about the three americans who are still being held inside north korea. human rights a major topic in south korea when vice president pence was there. we know moon himself will have a summit with kim jong-un next month along the dmz. we've told he's been getting some assurances they'll deal with the united states. the south korean officials could meet with vice president pence, according to my colleague, kevin cork, he probably -- they probably won't be meeting with the president but he'll certainly be getting the message. >> bill: developments when we get it. thank you. >> sandra: a key meeting on
7:56 am
tariffs at the white house. president trump gathering top executives of the steel and aluminum industry. a live report straight ahead.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> this picture shows the central cyclone jupiter's north pole. the i believe comes from -- the image comes from the juneau spacecraft. scientists hope to learn more about jupiter interior structure and its origin. >> bill: that looks like a pepperoni pizza. we need two large to go. feed the crew. you think i was trying to get back to baghdad. i see you tomorrow. it's all good. little bit of luck. we'll make this happen. see you tonight at 7:00.
8:00 am
you can't leave. you are for bidden to live the premises. see you tomorrow. "happening now" starts now. >> a fox news alert and the house intelligence committee is getting a visit today from corey lewandowski. he is just arriving there on capitol hill. to make his second appearance in front of the house intelligence committee. the committee has a lot more questions for the former campaign manager. this at a time when the committee is getting ready to wrap up its work as one of its members told us yesterday. also this fox news alert on meeting between the president and steel and aluminum executive. growing opposition to mr.


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