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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  March 7, 2018 6:00am-8:00am PST

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guests. >> dana lash and plus lawrence jones and his mother. we're going on facebook live and watch the after the show show. >> have a great day. >> bill: thank you, guys. good morning everyone. from the white house the trump administration going head-to-head with california's sanctuary state. we're awaiting a major announcement from the attorney general jeff sessions. you'll see that live this morning. they'll sue the state of california because they're making impossible, they argue, for federal immigration official to do their job in the golden state. they call the recent laws unconstitutional saying they harm public safety. we'll have more coming up in a matter of moments here. first though, we are live from the white house on a critical day at another critical time for the trump administration. another big departure inside the west wing as president trump's chief economic adviser gary
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cohen announces he'll leave his post. i'm bill hemmer, live from the white house. a special edition of "america's newsroom." sandra, good morning to you in new york. >> sandra: looking like a chilly but lovely morning. >> bill: i think the weather reflects what we've seen in the past 12 hours. i just spoke with wilbur ross the secretary. he wasn't giving up much but between him and what the president said last night they believe they have good candidates. who that will be we're not sure and gauge the impact and fallout. >> sandra: steve mnuchin chose also not to speculate. meanwhile, cohen played a critical role in crafting the bill but lately has been directly clashing with the president over his tariff proposal. before we heard about his
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resignation, here's how the president characterized working in his white house. >> believe me, everybody wants to work in the white house. they want a piece of the oval office. a piece of the west wing. not only in terms of looking great on their resume, it's a great place to work. it's got tremendous energy. it's tough. i like conflict and people with two points of view and i have that and then i make a decision but i like watching it and seeing it and think it's the best way to go. >> bill: in retrospect there's clues in that answer, i believe. and a.g., jeff sessions, and the special counsel at a fever pitch and we'll speak with trey gowdy and we're now out on the north lawn. how long do we expect him to stay on the job? >> reporter: conventional wisdom and great to have you in d.c.
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but sources say don't expect it to take long and the president saying and you and i always follow his tweets, he said, we'll be making a decision soon on the appointment of a new chief economic adviser. many people wanting the job. will choose wisely. for his part gary cohn's departure comes after pushing legislature over the finish line and that will impact his legacy but his departure is the latest in a lengthy string of departures at the trump white house. but the president says it's not necessarily a bad thing. >> they always change. sometimes they want to do something else but they want to be in the white house. i have my choice.
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i'll have the 10 top of people. everybody wants to be there. >> reporter: now, turnover happens at the white house and they threw out a few interesting names, some names that left the obama administration fairly quickly. they make the argument this spar for the course and also fair to say the pace at which the folks have been leaving is unprecedented. >> bill: it's a grind. it's unprecedented. does this mean full speed ahead on tariffs. >> reporter: the administration has said consistently that they want to work something on nafta and want to make sure they're doing the write thing but keep this in mind they're looking for something simple. they want fair and reciprocal trade. wilbur ross, the commerce secretary said, look, the concerns about a possible
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worldwide trade war, there's no intention of that. steve mnuchin said the u.s. isn't look for trade wars, just fair trade and that includes our nafta partners. >> i don't know if anything's changed or not changed but what i would say is it's a priority of ours. the president again going back to the campaign, he's been clear. nafta's an old deal. he wants to renegotiate the deal and we're in the midst of renegotiating and our ambassador just got back from mexico as part of the negotiations. they're part of our overall economic strategy. >> reporter: economic strategy. one we'll learn more about at the briefing coming up at 2:00 p.m. >> bill: things turn quickly. another fox news alert a chairman now demanding answers from jeff sessions and deputy
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a.g., rob rosenstein want to investigate what they believe are abuse of the fisa law. house committee compare trey gowdy saying the problem is too big for the inspector general to handle. congressman gowdy, we spoke to you last evening. thank you for coming back. what are you specifically looking for in this? >> a neutral auditor and the jus it's has a conflict so they shouldn't investigate and michael horowitz doesn't have access to non-d.o.j. employees or those who left the department or the f.b.i. it needs to be done by somebody your viewers have confidence in and i've been reluctant in the past to call for special counsel but this say unique fact pattern and special counsel is the only entity that can do this effectively. >> bill: what do you think happened here? what's in play for you? >> i have to confess, i am biassed towards law enforcement.
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the f.b.i. agents i've worked with never exhibited this animus towards anyone let alone a candidate and i don't know why the bureau would use opposition research in a court filing and didn't brother -- bother to vet it or investigate it and you can be a fan of the f.b.i. and bothered by it. i have a ton of friends still there but he's are legitimate questions. the f.b.i. cannot investigate itself. michael horowitz can do some of it, but not all of it. i think we need a woman or a man with an apolitical law enforcement background so your viewers can go back to having confidence in institutions of government. >> bill: you want to figure out what was happening in the days leading up to the election and during the period between the
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election day and inauguration. do you also want to know and re-open the clinton e-mail matter -- >> i do not. >> bill: you do not? >> i have colleagues that do, in fairness to them, i didn't sign the letter, the request for special counsel. whether or not i agree with the charging decision, it's been made. practically, you can never go in front of the jury when the nation's top law enforcement officer, james comey would have defense witness number one. i am disappointed they decided not to charge her before they interviewed her. i'm disappointed the way the investigation took place but that ship has sailed and i don't think you can go back in this fact pattern after what comey has said and have any chance of prevailing in a courtroom. >> bill: do you believe in the fisa court still? >> i do, bill, for this reason. there's police officers who make
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mistakes on search warrants every day across our country. we don't throw out the process. we don't throw out interviewing witnesses or searching houses. we get rid of the bad actors but we don't throw out the process. the process has worked. this is the first conversation you and i have ever had -- this fact pattern about fisa, though it's been around two decades. so it's not the process, it's the actors involved in 2016. and i think we have to be mindful to identify the folks who did not do their jobs properly but don't throw out the entire process because we have a handful of bad actors. >> i saw the letter last evening. does jeff sessions owe you an answer or not? >> um, legally he does not. practically -- >> bill: could this go nowhere this request? >> when have you bob goodlatte and when the calls for
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something, when chuck grassley calls for something and lindsey graham, all of whom are fans of the department of justice, when folks on your own side are saying you need to look at this, i think jeff sessions will take their perspective seriously and communicate to chairman goodlatte at some point. practically, it'd be wise to consult. >> bill: in a moment i'll talk with the white house press secretary sarah sanders at 9:45 eastern time. sandra, as you can imagine, the list is long for topics for sarah sanders. we'll have that in about 30 minutes. >> sandra: a lot happening in that building behind you. more coming up, we're following for you the justice department is officially suing the state of california for it's illegal sanctuary city policy. can the lawsuit produce real
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results? our panel takes this one up. plus this -- >> me? no. nobody got that. i think they are sincere but i think they're sincere also because the sanctions -- >> sandra: president trump said he's cautiously optimistic about the prospect of denuclearization talks with north korea and says he is succeeding where many other presidents have failed. mac thornberry will join us coming up. bp is taking safety glasses to a whole new level. using augmented reality so engineers in the field can share data and get expert backup in the blink of an eye. because safety is never being satisfied and always working to be better. pepsoriasis does that. it was tough getting out there on stage.
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>> bill: we're live in the white house on the north lawn but in california the justice department the justice department suing it over sanctuary policies. the a.g., jeff sessions will make the announcement later this morning where she expect to say the following, the department of justice and trump administration are going to fight these unjust and unfair constitutional policies. we're trying to help you reduce crime. charlie, i'll start with you because you are with me here.
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as a candidate president trump said he'd do this. >> it was in the last administration that sued the state of arizona for the exact opposite of this saying the federal government was refusing to enforce immigration laws and arizona stepped in to try to enforce the laws and won the case that the federal government has the exclusive right to set the immigration policy. in california, they're saying the opposite. as a state we have the right to thwart the federal government from forcing immigration laws. at some point -- and i think this is a big reason why donald trump won the election. you have democrats playing this card with immigration not wanting to enforce -- not wanting the laws to be enforced by anybody. >> bill: jerry brown the governor of california said this, at the time of turmoil jeff sessions is coming to
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california and the political stunts may be the norm in washington but they don't work here. sad. with three exclamation points. look, the original political stunts. the anti-trump laws they passed -- they put too much filligr filligree and they are high on their own supply. that was an absolutely a political stunt the california legislature undertook in response to president trump's election. is this a stunt? yes, because jeff sessions is flying out there and all that stuff but he without stunt should cast the first stone. >> bill: he'll get a lot of
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attention. gentlemen, to both of you, there was a lot of hype yesterday in the state of texas and the primary vote. we got an indication to the turnout did it rise to the level democrats expected? what are we taking of this now? >> i thought it would be higher given the enormous enthusiasm for opposing and resisting donald trump. democrats are very fired up. and so i kind of expected it to be higher in texas. >> bill: suggesting it's a disappointment? >> i think it was a little bit of a disappointment but the fact remains a lot of democrats showed up in a very red state and a reminder for republicans they can't run with an "r" behind their name. they have to come up with the right issues and have to make the case to voters and this is one of the positive ways, i
6:19 am
think, president trump has changed the dynamics. people are having to fight for their jobs and that's a good thing. >> bill: chris, what do you make of the numbers you're starting to decipher knowing the left is fired up. they don't like this president and they've made that clear. >> well, it's like brother hurts' scarf, it's about what's underneath. i don't know if this is replicatable for the democrats or can deliver but while they may have fallen short of the high expectations set by early voting numbers, they hit a good whack. that was a real good whack. look at it this way, 40% of the electorate was democrat. that's significant and means -- ted cruz is breathing a sigh of relief but republicans running in competitive house districts in texas and we're looking at
6:20 am
seven is, eight and nine districts, it could be tough stuff. >> bill: we'll see what happens a week from yesterday in south western, p.a. charlie, nice to see you here in person. good looking scarf. >> sandra: bill, you may need one of those. breaking news from a california high school after a student was researching and praising isis before trying to detonate a homemade bomb at the school. plus -- >> a concern is that the terrorist threat in and from africa will grow as isis is pushed out of iraq and syria. >> sandra: that's a new warning on the threat of isis and the fight to defeat the terrorists overseas. congressman mac thorne berry is the chairman of the house armed services committee and joins us live to explain, next.
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>> sandra: police now identifying the officer shot and killed last night in missouri as 30-year-old christopher ryan morton. he was responding to a 9-1-1 call at a home outside kansas city when a suspect opened fire from inside. morton was entering the home when he was shot. two other officers were injured. it was seven months to the day when another clinton officer was killed on a traffic stop. >> it's another tragic event for the community and especially this police department. they've endured a lot, they'll endure more. everybody's thoughts and prayers
6:25 am
will be appreciate them. >> sandra: the suspect found dead after barricading himself inside for three hours. president trump responding with cautious optimism to north korea's proposal to hold talks with the u.s. and south korea. the rogue regime saying it's willing to put nuclear weapons and missile testing programs on hold while engaging in dialogue. the president attributing the big win to harsh sanctions. >> these sanctions have been very very strong and very biting and we don't want that to happen. so i really believe they are sin ear. we'll soon find out. >> sandra: let's bring in texas congressman mac thornberry the secretary of the house armed services committee. thank you for being here this morning. do you agree with the president north korea is sincere with these renewed push for talks? >> oh, i'm sure they're sincere in wanting talks so that they
6:26 am
can get sanctions eased. but if you look at it over the past several decades, north korea has played us like a fiddle. they'll do a test or escalate some crisis and then they'll agree to back off a little bit in change for relaxing sanction or some talks or something. so you've had a series of ups and downs over the years but at the end of the day, they've been able to develop intercontinental ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons and a threat to our homeland. so they'll go up and down, but at the end of the day they get what they want. >> sandra: so will these talks eventually happen? the president did not go into further detail about preconditions for those talks to actually happen or the dialogue to open. what should be those conditions if it was to actually happen?
6:27 am
>> the thing is we need to be clear-eyed going because north korea is trying to divide us from our allies and south korea and try to get sanctioned eased or not have new sanctions applied or weaken our resolve to stand up to them. put it on the table as far as exactly what they will do and make them do it. don't ease sanctions just so that they will come to the table and start talking. that's the tactic they've used over the years to great effect. >> sandra: it's interesting because the president seems to be taking a bit of a victory lap but seems to be cautious saying they seem to be acting positively but he's gone as far as to say he's done more than his predecessors more than presidents before him with north
6:28 am
korea. >> i agree these are the harshest sanctions we have seen. i'm not sure they're harsh enough to get the change that we need in north korea. the other thing that's really changed is we have a significant missile defense and other things in that area so standing up to north korea militarily is the thing that sends them the clearest message. the president is walking a tight line. he has to be open to talks but none of us should be diluted into thinking these people have suddenly changed their stripes. >> sandra: interesting. we'll see where that goes. meanwhile, you spoke at a hearing yesterday regarding the national security challenges we face as a nation. were really specific in the hearing talking about the growing threat of isis in africa. watch this exchange. >> why should we care? what is it about africa? what are the national security
6:29 am
interests that the united states has in your area of responsibility? >> the violent extremist organizatio organizations permeate our continent. we need to ensure the violent extremist organizations that wish harm on the region and continent and harm to the united states are contained. >> sandra: mr. chairman, you are raising the alarm of the growing threat of isis in africa. why? >> well, if you look more broadly, we have to pay attention to russia, china, iran, north korea -- all those threats. but the threat from terrorism has not gone away. what's happened as we've squeezed isis down some of those terrorist have squirt out to other places where there's not much governance and big
6:30 am
wide-open spaces and poor economies and that's africa. in the east you have el shabab and bokko -- the haram. >> sandra: chairman thornberry, thank you for being here. >> thank you, ma'am. >> bill: 9:30 in new york. to wall street now we're getting a bit of a sell-off, the dow off 200 at the open. now 300 as gary cohn announces he will step down as the chief white house economic adviser. stocks sold-off overseas 1% to 2% and we saw the futures take a hit. the concern is whether you go forward on the tariff issue. we'll watch this and see where we end up in the early days
6:31 am
here. now, two top republican lawmakers demanding the justice department appoint a special counsel to investigate possible abuse at the d.o.j. it's a big deal on capitol hill and our panel will take that up in a matter of moments. >> you can be a fan of the f.b.i. and still be troubled by what they've done and want to understand better how and why it happened. that's where i am. i don't have a war at the f.b.i. i have a ton of friends there but these are legitimate questions. the f.b.i. cannot investigate itself. if i book direct at". who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom.
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6:35 am
the market. he was a wall street favorite who worked as president of goldman sachs before heading to washington and traders nervous about the potential for a trade war. five minutes into trading and markets didn't like the surprise. it happened after the close of trade yesterday. the futures opened at 6:00 p.m. last night and it's a triple-digit sell-off. >> bill: as you often say, hemmer, what's 1% of 25,000. >> sandra: good job. >> bill: we'll keep it in perspective. you may remember the name of cutlow and he is a chief proponent to push it through congress especially the republicans on the senate side and names like bob corker. we'll see if he could be the
6:36 am
next one in the job. >> sandra: lots of speculation this morning. jeff sessions will announce the justice department will be suing the golden state over its immigration agenda. we want to bring in brad blakeman, former deputy assistant to former president bush and richard fowler, fox news contributor. they want to make it clear what the state is doing. >> california is going to be the test case for cities who seek to thumb their nose at federal law. not only are they thwarting federal but putting in jeopardy the lives of our law enforcement there to uphold the law. california should not only be sued civilly but even mayors who
6:37 am
seek to thwart federal law. we need to start locking them up and proceeding with civil litigati litigati litigation and show every city and state has the duty to uphold and honor the law. >> sandra: we've heard from the director of ice making it clear it puts their officers in jeopardy. their lives in jeopardy. the d.o.j. said it makes it impossible for our federal immigration officials to do their jobs. but still, richard, this is what the attorney general of the state of california is saying, no matter what happens in washington, #california will stay the course and enforce our laws and protect our people. that's how we keep our communities safe #immigration. richard. >> here's my problem with the lawsuit put on by the justice
6:38 am
department. the republicans have the majority in the house and senate and have the white house. if they were really concerned about our broken immigration they would do everything in their power to pass laws to fix the broken immigration system. instead what you see is a political p.r. stunt being put on by the justice department -- >> sandra: you don't sake seriously what we hear from ice and it puts officers in jeopardy? you have the mayor of oakland stepping in and warning residents about ice rates so they can't get the people they need to come in and get? >> here's the larger argument, if we were concerned about our ice officers we'd do everything to protect them in washington by passing passing a law for a broken immigration system. >> this say fiction richard is advancing that somehow the republicans control every branch of government. we don't. we do on paper but in practice we don't. you know better than anybody,
6:39 am
richard, it takes 60 votes to get anything through the senate. so we need democratic help in order to govern. what i'm in favor for is the nuclear option and then we'd control everything. as long as the rule exists in the senate we need democratic help to govern. >> i hear you on that point, but republicans authored a bill to the senate floor. there's a way to get to the 60-vote threshold but you haven't authored a bill. instead the d.o.j. could be here in washington write ing a bill -- >> we don't need a bill. >> sandra: for now what we do know is that the d.o.j. is calling the state laws in the state of california unconstitutional saying they harm public safety and we'll hear from the attorney general jeff sessions at the to the 11:00 hour. meanwhile, want to move on to this topic, trey gowdy he and bob goodlatte are asking and requesting a second special counsel demanding they
6:40 am
investigate conflicts of interesting, as they put it in this letter, and decisions made and not made by current and former d.o.j. officials in 2016 and 2017. i want to play this from gowdy earlier responding to whether or not he'll hear back on this. let's listen first. >> when folks on your own side are saying you need to look at this i think jeff sessions will take their perspective seriously and will communicate to chairman goodlatte at some point. whether or not he is going to do it -- he doesn't own us an answer legally. practically it would be wise to consult. >> sandra: they put together the letter last night. brad. >> the department is incapable of investigating itself. i.g. doesn't have the authority to investigate beyond its department and a lot of people have left who are material witnesses to what the practice of bias that was endemic within
6:41 am
the f.b.i. the fact he doesn't have the power to subpoena people within the employ tells you everything. they were either fired or retired early. so we need fresh eyes. the american people understand that the d.o.j. as it existed, was corrupt. they were corrupt in their practice. they were corrupt in their deed and spirit and that's why we need fresh eyes. >> sandra: matters have arisen recent and otherwise which necessitate a special counsel. we don't make this observation or request lightly. richard. >> a couple points on this, first the facts matter. fisa courts are problematic and this is based on the nunez memo. carter page was under investigation far beyond the trump administration -- campaign rather, opened their doors been the fact we're debating this is
6:42 am
silly. if they had a problem with the fisa court instead of another prosecutor -- >> sandra: last word to you -- >> i don't have a problem with the fisa court, have a problem with the fisa application. >> then lets fix it. you have the ability to create laws. >> we need an investigate. >> why investigate when you have laws? >> sandra: thanks for tackling that for us. bill. >> bill: president trump said the u.s. is ready for meddling in elections. >> we have to be really watching closely. you don't want your system of votes to be compromised in anyway and we won't allow that to happen. >> bill: so he says the white house is ready to counteract any interference from russia in the future and gary cohn is out and he's looking for a perfect replacement. sarah sanders is with me live when we come back after this.
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>> bill: big day at the white house. the economy in focus and the top adviser is out. with me now is the white house press secretary sarah sanders on a chilly day at our nation's capital. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> bill: does the president try to talk gary cohn out of this or not? >> one of the big goals coming in was to help the president and lead the effort on historic tax cuts. we were able to do that at the end of the last year. he's been an integral member of the administration and will continue to be a voice to the president and certainly somebody he can talk to and lean on from the outside and gary's been a great team member and somebody the president will continue to -- >> bill: who takes his job? >> i'll let the president make the announcement but he has a
6:47 am
number of people he can choose from but in the meantime gary will still be here as a voice for the next several weeks and we have some great people from the economic community that help guide on this whether it's secretary mnuchin or secretary ross or a number of people that will continue to be strong voice to help lead the president on making decisions about the econo economy. >> bill: bill question yesterday on russia and the president said we'll counter act in any election meddling. what is happening at d.h.s. the american people need to know the meddling will be dealt with. >> the d.h.s. is taking the lead. it's a process. we have people from the intelligence community working on this. the president is commit to making sure not just russia but
6:48 am
particularly russia but any country or outsider doesn't have the ability to influence or impact our election. >> bill: is a that security on the technology front? >> there's a number of different things. it's certainly security on the technology front, it's backing up systems, it's making sure that we have integrity when it comes to the voting system. it's helping the states. we have to remember the state owns these elections in large part in making sure they're not vulnerable to impact them and help bring things up to speed and best practice and making sure they have tools and resources they need. secretary nielsen has done a number of meetings with state and local officials on that process. >> bill: but it's march. when do we know? >> look, it's not a one-day process. this is something we're going to continue working on. we've had a number of these meetings with state and local
6:49 am
official. we'll continue working with states to secure their systems. we'll continue working on the intelligence side to make sure we're aware of any type of threat and we can combat that. a lot of the things, frankly, being done i can't talk in detail about but at the same time, i can assure you that this administration across the board, agen agency wide is making sure we don't make the mistakes of the previous administration and take bold action. >> bill: north korea, do you believe what you're hearing from the meeting from the south korean officials? >> we're cautiously optimistic. we have a great partnership with our south korean allies and continue working with them and other allies in the region. our senior members of the administration will be meeting with a number of individuals from the south korean special envoy later this week to get more information, more feedback
6:50 am
on how the meetings went -- >> bill: would you characterize it as hesitant at the moment? >> we're continuing the maximum pressure campaign until we see real actionable states taken by north korea to denuclearize. we're going to continue the same message, the same maximum pressure campaign and we're hopeful that north korea will come to the table and do what's right for the world. >> bill: i need a quick yes or no answer on this, do you support what house republicans are doing in the request for a special special counsel? >> look, we've said we have a lot of concern. the president has not been shy about the fact he has real concerns with the fisa process and we're going to continue being aggressive on this front to make sure american citizens are protect. i think there's been a lot of things in the democrat and republican memos that should be looked at. >> bill: go get warm.
6:51 am
>> i'll do my best. you get inside too. >> sandra: we have breaking news from a california high school where police say a student was praising isis before detonate homemade bomb. that's next. >> you can't just inherit
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6:54 am
>> sandra: adult film star, stormy daniels is suing president trump. it says the agreement not to disclose her intimate relationship with trump, stephanie clifford said she had an affair with donald trump
6:55 am
between 2006 and 2007. the east coast bracing for a second storm bringing snow to new york and they're still cleaning up from last week's nor'easter. we have more from the fox news weather center. >> this is just kicking off but you're seeing up and down the east coast in the major cities we're getting a rain/snow mix. further inland we're seeing snow and that will be an issue the next couple hours before we see it turn entirely to snow along the coast. here's where it sits and you see the rain/snow line and that's where the discrepancy is where we'll see where it turns to rain from snowfall. in new york city the temperatures are dropping in newark and j.f.k. and still
6:56 am
winter storm warning from philadelphia to new york. further inland we'll get way up in the snowfall totals as we continue to wash it track up. again, mostly getting in the afternoon hours. we're still very early into this but when it's done we'll see spots inland getting 15 to 16 inches of snow. in new york city and philadelphia likely getting up to maybe 6 to 10 inches. still a lot of on the way. >> sandra: thank you. we're bracing for it, bill hemmer. how's it feel out there? >> bill: they're cancelling planes and trains. i don't know if i can get home. this is the deep state at work here. i kid. >> sandra: unbelievable. i'm sending a scarf your way. you look chilly. >> bill: we're good for now. thank you, sandra. the justice department is
6:57 am
going after california. the new legal fight and will it change anything? marsha blackburn has an answer coming up live in moment.
6:58 am
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>> sandra: the trump administration turning up the heat on california as we await a big announcement from jeff sessions one hour from now. the justice department suing the golden state over sanctuary policies shielding illegal immigrants in the state. welcome to a brand new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. good morning, bill. >> bill: sandra, good morning. i'm bill hemmer. we're live from the white house lawn. a day after gary cohn steps down. the trump team opening a new front in the battle to secure our borders. they'll ask a federal court to block three california laws that prohib prohib
7:01 am
prohibit cooperation with authorities and forcing california to defend its state sanctuary laws in court. marc marcia blackburn in a moment. first, claudia. >> reporter: where the lawsuit takes direct aim at the first and only sanctuary state. the lawsuit was filed in sacramento ahead of jeff session's speech in about an hour and marks an escalation intentions between the trump administration and sanctuary cities. the lawsuit targets three controversial laws enacted within the past year. one prohibits police from asking people about their immigration status and from participating in federal enforcement raids.
7:02 am
one allows the state to regulate the federal government and the third law offers protection against workplace raids. the lawsuit sparked angry reaction from the top two politicians, the attorney general for california saying his job is in public safety and not defortation and -- deportation. and attorney general jeff sessions said sanctuary policies are unjust and unfair because they prevent federal immigration authorities from doing their job and the california attorney general and governor have called for a press conference to respond directly to the lawsuit. >> bill: what about the mayor of oakland. she's been in the news now. any word whether or not she'll be punished for blowing the whistle? >> reporter: well, during his
7:03 am
remarks this morning, attorney general sessions is expected to address libby shaw who defended her decision last month to publicly announce a massive ice raid was imminent. the white house has confirmed the department of justice is looking into whether she broke laws and it could be a test case if they're looking to go after officials who interfere in ice operations and the justice department is looking at other states with sanctuary policies because they may face legal action as well, bill. >> bill: claudia cohen, sacramento, california. we'll watch from here. thank you. sandra. >> sandra: marcia blackburn joins us now. congresswoman, good morning. >> good morning. >> sandra: as we await the attorney general to officially make this announcement a short time from now, your thoughts. >> well, i think the attorney general is doing what we ought to be doing. i want to you think about this,
7:04 am
sandra, what they have done in california is basically say to citizens, we're going to take away your right to report people that you think are here illegally or people who are bad actors. if you're an employer and you have someone that you think is a bad actor, they're going it take that right away. what we learned during the schumer shutdown is that a lot of the democrats think a lot more about defending illegal immigrants than they do about protecting citizens and our military and i will tell you, i think this is astounding, they're saying, okay, we're going to prevent having workplace raids to make certain workplace safe and say okay, federal government, you have to allow state officials to come in and monitor your facilities and
7:05 am
look what's going on. i mean, dealing with sanctuary cities is make sure our citizens are safe and that we are executing public safety and protecting our citizens. that is what our bills like my clear act, the ending sanctuary cities, all the policies are focussed on is protecting citizens. >> sandra: meanwhile, the mayor of one of these california sanctuary cities we've heard a lot of about and heard from recently is weighing in about what this means on the administration in the white house. she said the administration is trying to portray all immigrants as villains. we know this is a racist lie and will shed light on that every day and they want residents to cower and stay silent. in oakland we'll speak out and
7:06 am
that's libby schap who warned about the impending raids. >> i have a lot of friend who have immigrated through legal means. they saved every dollar to pay the fees and worked hard to become an american and become a citizen. i thinking it is completely inappropriate for an elected official to say we're going to encourage people to break our laws and come here illegally and put those individuals in the queue ahead of individuals who are seeking to abide by our law and respect the rule of law. it's inappropriate and i am believed to see that there will be action taken to show the federal government is serious about having federal law. >> sandra: how do you respond to
7:07 am
democrats -- we had one on earlier, seizing on the opportunity pointing to the timing of the attorney general's announcement this morning saying this say white house that's not taken action on immigration. a congress that it's inaction on the part of congress. how do you respond to that? >> i think our friends on the democratic side of the aisle have had an invitation for quite a while to join us at the table. the president laid out what he was willing to do. we in the house have laid forth our bill, the goodlatte-mccall bill and said this is where we are and what we'd like to pass and quite frankly, i think a lot of us are ready to go to the floor today and pass the goodlatte mccall bill and send it to the senate so secure the southern border, end chain migration and end the diversity lottery and get the wall built
7:08 am
and make certain our border agent and officers have everything they need to secure that border. deal with the issue of the dreamers. >> sandra: it's complicated staff and we await the attorney general at a time when a lot of companies are saying the contradictory state and federal policies here can be difficult for them and impede their ability to make money in that state. so an economic fallout as well. we'll keep watching and await the attorney general at the top of the next hour. congresswoman nice to see you. attorney general jeff sessions sitting down in an exclusive interview tonight with shannon bream at 8:00 pacific. >> bill: a student threaten to detonate a homemade bomb at his school in utah and police suspect he's the one for
7:09 am
graffiti on the school praising isis. william la jeunesse, what is going on here? >> reporter: hey, bill. bottom line you have a student trying to blowup his school and those inside. the same student who earlier hoisted a flag supporting isis. so monday in a common area of pine view high a student notices a smoking backpack and tells teachers who call police. according to st. george news, police evacuated students to the football field and they detonated a bomb who they say, in their words, could have caused significant fatalities. >> i saw them looking through the bag and they picked it up and took it outside. it's scary knowing i was around a bomb and walked by a bomb three times. it kind of makes -- it's going to make me more aware of my surroundings. >> bill: police identified the suspect who was standing outside
7:10 am
blending in with other students. in his home police found the materials used to build the bomb but because the student say minor, police have refused to release a name. >> bill: has he been tied to another incident? >> reporter: 30 miles away the day after the school shooting in florida, police found the american flag taken down and slashed and replaced by an isis flag and spray painted on the school wall, isis is come. police thought it was a prank and they now feel it's the same student who tried to blowup his own school. police said monday the bomb scare could have been a disaster. they credit the alert student and the trained faculty and police who arrived quickly to disarm the bomb. >> bill: william la jeunesse. more on that story when we get
7:11 am
it. >> sandra: gary cohn stepping down after agreement with the president over his tariffs proposal. now, word those proposals could go through with or without him. our panel takes that one up. and top republicans calling for a second special council to investigate potential abuses at the justice department. why trey gowdy tells us the d.o.j. cannot investigate themselves over this. >> it's not the process, it's the actors who were involved in 2016 and we have to be mind follow identify the folks who didn't do their jobs properly but don't throw out the entire process because we have a handful of bad actors. many sleep-aids have pain medicine
7:12 am
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de ross will speak to students from stoneman douglas high school after the mass shooting. this comes amid several proposals from the president including a plan to arm teachers. now many parkland teachers and families have said their against the idea and lawmakers in tallahassee debating the actions. >> i know you called it an opportunity of a lifetime. how are you feeling? are you liking the job? >> it's an opportunity of a
7:16 am
lifetime. >> sandra: the top economic adviser stepping down. gary cohn releasing a statement reading in part, it's been an honor to serve my country and the passage of historic tax reforms. i'm grateful to the president for the opportunity and wish him and the administration great success in the future. let's bring in our panelist, capri cafaro and chris bedford. first, they're not loving this, the wall street guy was friendly to wall street and it shouldn't be a huge shock they butted heads. the president knew where gary stood and gary knew where the president stood.
7:17 am
>> since the early '80s he's been talking about economic nationalism. that's been constant. you can go back to youtube clip and look at any interview on the economy and said bush and clinton and reagan wasn't hard enough on our trade deals. he's been an economic nationalist from the beginning. so the d.c. parlor games about will gary be able to change his mind or cohn be able to push him this way or mnuchin push him to more of a free-market guy was a lost game but he was a friend of wall street. he made his money on wall street. he's friends with those guys and there's a little bit of panic but i don't think it will make much of a difference and wouldn't have impacted the policy too much. >> sandra: two top officials, hope hicks before gary cohn. capri, the main street media is touting this as dysfunction in the white house, chaos -- >> disarray.
7:18 am
>> sandra: the president responds that he likes conflict and a lot of people want the job cohn has now vacate. >> president trump has never shied from controversy. that's traditionally been his style i will say there's truth and spin. the wall street journal had an article that the turnover has been 34% compared to ronald reagan at 17%, clinton at 11% and obama at 9%. if the statistics bear out there seems to be a higher volume of turnover, at the same time, there's no question there's a native being pushed that there's chaos in the white house and the concern being stirred among the american public and markets is not good for the american public. >> sandra: it leaves room for speculation on who is next and who well replace gary cohn. i want to move on to another
7:19 am
subject matter. adult film star, stormy daniels, is suing the president for never having signed the disclosure agreement that was made before the election. apparently she and his lawyer signed it and he never did and she is now suing. >> sandra: this is troubling for the president and not going to be good publicity. there's rumors being reported on white house changes. now, stormy daniels, some people have compared it to the monica lewinsky scandal and that happened in the white house. it was an intern. it was a very different kind of thing. but either way, if you're the president right now, this is not the thing you want coming at you and i don't think it's the last we'll hear of it at all. >> sandra: it is a civil suit and was an agreement to not close their intimate relationship, is the wording that was used. capri.
7:20 am
>> this is a lot of tabloid type of fodder. nobody likes to see this kind of thing go on especially with the president of the united states. it's not the first time nor will it be the last where we see women in a controversial context with a sitting president before or after and all the speculation. i think a lot of this is about her obviously trying to seek money and adulation but i do think there's not only concern when it comes to the public perception. this is it the first time a sitting president is going to be sued in this kind of context but also potential issues surrounding the federal elections commission if they find there's a connection between her and the campaign. >> sandra: her real name stephanie clifford. we'll see where this all goes. a lot of happening this morning. thanks to both of you. good to see both of you. >> bill: sandra, 21 past the hour at the white house. a top republican senator says he has an idea that will serve as
7:21 am
an escape hatch to allow americans out of the obama care plan. that's john barrasso and is also a physician. he'll be here to explain. and kim jong-un and president trump looking to talk and one person think it's a bad idea. >> i think they're sincere because the sanctions and what we're doing with respect to north korea including the great help we've been given by china, they can do more. let's take a look at some numbers:
7:22 am
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>> sandra: for the first time in marine corps history women are getting trained at the combat training battalion. the previously male-only course was for marines who finished boot camp and focuses on basic battlefield skills. women make up about 9% of the marine corps. >> i thought north korea was terrific, they came out and went in to the olympics and came in with good spirit and did well. let's see if we can carry it over. we may carry it over. it may not. it's a tenuous situation. it's going to be very interesting to see what happens. >> bill: so we're watching this very carefully. president trump cautiously easing this position on north korea calling the country's. openness to talks.
7:26 am
and there's a warning on the rogue nations culture. we have more on what he learned. >> reporter: the possibility of talks has spark optimism but the history of anti-u.s. propaganda has indoctrinated many. that's the word from any escapee. he is a political science major but favors the freedoms of this nation more than other classmates. he's north korean and now at 31 years old he has a new life and fresh perspective and said the regime taught him and his friends america is the enemy and it turns out north koreans he said have a one-word derogatory term they use to characterize
7:27 am
us. >> we understand it as one word -- >> reporter: american bastards? that's what they called us? >> that's the one word and it became -- [indiscernible] >> reporter: he said he played a popular childhood game attacking soldiers and in war games north korea always won but said the most powerful weapon is deploying american ideals especially through hollywood film he said the administration should embark an information campaign and movies so north koreans can learn with the world beyond their borders. >> movies like titanic is
7:28 am
popular. some of my friends watched it in north korea. >> reporter: titanic? >> it's unthinkable. if you watch the north korean movie it's about the leader. >> reporter: his dream is for north koreans to one day live freely and enjoy the same liberties he does now and said he still has nightmares about border guards chasing him but when he wakes up in the morning and opens his eyes he's thankful to be in america. >> bill: thank you, eric shawn. we'll see how the relationship develops. thank you, eric. >> sandra: a call for a second special counsel for fisa abuses is reaching a fever pitch. why house chairman trey gowdy and rob goodlatte are demanding change to lead the growing investigation. plus, new details on the russian double agent in critical
7:29 am
condition after being likely poisoned. was the kremlin involved? and what the u.k. is willing to do if they were. >> i know members will have their suspicions. if those suspicions prove to be qualified, this government will take whatever measures we deem necessary to protect the lives of the people in this country, our values and our freedoms.
7:30 am
7:31 am
7:32 am
>> bill: top republican committee chairman now demanding the attorney general, jeff sessions and the deputy a.d., respond to an investigation on alleged fisa abuse saying they do not believe the inspector general can get the job done alone. here's what trey gowdy told me last hour here on "america's newsroom." >> it needs to be done and i've
7:33 am
been reluctant to call for special council but but i think it's the only entity that can do this effectively. >> bill: mike emmanuel live on the hill. where are we on this? >> reporter: the call for a new special counsel called for by law and order people deputy rod rosenstein requesting the special appointment of a counsel to avoid bias and conflict of interest whether the fisa you'd in the trump campaign was lawful and proper. house oversight chairman writing there are instances where an actual or potential conflict of interest exist or appears to exist or matters where the public good would be furthered and a special counsel is warranted as regulations
7:34 am
provide. goodlatte knows the fbi is the premier law enforcement organization. >> every day thousand of men and women keep us safe and investigate crimes but several people at the to the organization have engaged in activity are questionable. i think in order to set the record straight, clear what is going on at the fbi and make sure this does not happen again, we need to have an outside special counsel investigation. >> reporter: some democrats suggest it's a reaction to president trump's unhappiness and adam schiff, the top democrat on house intelligence saying quote, as if on cue, republicans now call for the appointment of a special counsel to investigate quote, fisa abuse. americans expressed their interest in investigating everything but what is most
7:35 am
important is russian interference in our election and the trump campaign's role and protect the nature in the future. schiff concludes it serve the president but not the national interest. >> bill: mike emmanuel on the hill and i want to bring in m mollie hemmingway from the federalist. here's how he characterized what he's looking for a short time ago. >> i don't know what happened with these two particular agent and i don't know why the bureau would use opposition research in a court filing and they didn't bother to vet it or investigate it. you can be a fan of the fbi and still be troubled by what they've done and want to understand better how and why it happened and that's where i am. >> bill: that's where he is and this is where you are. does he get anywhere, mollie? >> i think you're seeing a growing chorus of people calling
7:36 am
for a special counsel. you have committees in congress doing their nature oversight and the inspector general investigating the hillary clinton probe. what the investigations have found, is unfortunately, some wrongdoing by people at fbi and the department of justice. there's a lot of leaking we've known about for a long time and the committees and the inspecter general are not in the position to use all the law enforcement powers and we need more confidence in the fbi and department of justice. >> bill: what trey gowdy's position is there are two dozen employees no longer at the department of jus outside the purview of the d.o.j. they believe they used carter page during the election of 2016 to spy on the trump team. that's what trey gowdy admitted
7:37 am
along with rob goodlatte. >> we have senate and house investigators doing separate investigations that came to that conclusion, there were abuses of the fisa system. it's a secret court and by nature there's not much oversight of them but the oversight people in congress did determine there was wrongdoing. there's not much to be done by congress and now we need someone who can dig more. >> bill: is jeff sessions being pushed in this direction because it's his call. what does he do? >> it is his call. it's stunning it hasn't happened already. there's been criminal leaks. we've known about it. the mueller robe -- probe doesn't seem to care or investigating. it's an inquiry into the hillary clinton probe separate from the other abuses. >> bill: another big story is gary cohn and sarah sanders was on with us last hour.
7:38 am
here's how she characterized gary cohn's relationship with president trump. >> he's been an integral member of the administration and will continue to be a voice to the president and certainly somebody he can talk to and lean on from the outside and gary's been a great team member and somebody the president will continue to have a great relationship with. >> bill: something we picked on earlier on, gary cohn is going to stay in contact and she says yes and may consider coming back and working for the administration. in the big scheme of the relationship with the white house and republicans on the hill, what does the tariff story do to that relationship? they were successful in lockstep with tax reform but this is another divide. >> they weren't always in lockstep and he was a proponent of getting out of the paris accord but i think you're seeing a dramatic shift in the administration from the first year where you had a free-market
7:39 am
approach and deregulation and corporate tax reform and individual tax cuts and gary cohn was a huge part of that and now he says if you're going to move in this protectionist direction i'm not the right person and it's a big shift in the trump administration. >> bill: do you have a sense how this converts to votes? perhaps next tuesday in pennsylvania we had a special election and steel country and southwestern p.a. do you get a sense what could develop from this i did see some polling that suggested the majority of americans are in favor of tariffs even as they understand them to be a tax on american people so it's a more complicated issue. the larger issue of what our economy is like and whether we have good factory jobs and steel to help with national security, i think is on voters' minds. >> bill: great to see you in person. mollie hemmingway. back to sandra.
7:40 am
>> sandra: texas senator, ted cruz, taking on his democratic challenger with country music. ♪ running texas liberal man ♪ he's a lone star man ♪ you got to be tough in texas ♪ and if you're going to run in texas ♪ ♪ you can't be a liberal man >> sandra: cruz tweeted the 60-second radio ad soon after the polls closed it targets beto o'rourke with a single claiming if you're going to run in texas, you can't be a liberal man. in the ad, cruz said o'rourke wants to take our gun and called him liberal. texas hasn't voted a liberal since 1994. he had a huge turnout in the primaries yesterday. bill, you know the original lyrics of that song, i hope do you.
7:41 am
if you're going to play in texas, you have to have a fiddle in the band. alabama. >> bill: well done. yes, sir. you have skills. >> sandra: you quote movies, i'll stick to quoting songs. >> bill: listen, this is all setting up for a very interesting six or seven months as we go to the midterms in november. viewers, get ready. good job on the lyrics. >> sandra: thank you, bill. a top senator said he has a bill that could give americans an escape hatch from obama care and dash cam showing a suspected drunk driver getting run over by his own car. oops. details straight ahead. weeds. nature's boomerang. at roundup®, we know they keep coming back. you never invited this stubborn little rascal to your patio. so, draw the line.
7:42 am
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don't we need that cable box to watch tv? nope. don't we need to run? nope. it just explodes in a high pitched 'yeahhh.' yeahhh! try directv now for $10 a month for 3 months. no satellite needed. >> bill: fox news alert. any moment now, sacramento,
7:45 am
california will be the focus for jeff sessions when he announce as a lawsuit against california for its sanctuary city laws. it's the most aggressive move to date to cooperate with authorities. california is giving great pushback on this. a.g., jeff sessions coming up at the top of the hour on fox. >> sandra: a senator is offering an escape hatch for obama care. john barrasso writing, quote, republicans know a better solution is to give americans more options not fewer. let people choose the coverage that works best for them. one simple change to the law can give people back their choices and let them finally start to recover from the damage done by obama care. senator barrasso joins me now. thank you for being here this morning. what does this bill offer? >> thanks, sandra. yes, it lowers the premiums for
7:46 am
people who have been priced out of health care by obama care's skyrocketing prices and gives them more freedom to buy the insurances that works best for them and their family. it's what i hear every weekend at home in wyoming. president trump is head right direction with executive orders. i want to make it permanent people can buy short-term policies and take the long term and renew them year after year. >> sandra: this undoes and reverses the obama era decision. how much damage would you say has been done and can you reverse it? >> lots of damage has been done because the prices of obama have gone up so high even with the sup -- subsidies. i want to help people get affordable insurance. in wyoming 5,000 people got the letter their insurance wasn't renewable because the obama care regulation said it wasn't good
7:47 am
enough for the federal government. well, it was good enough for the families and worked for them and was affordable. i'm trying to return to those policies so people can buy what works for them and their families and lowers premiums and deductibles and that's how the president has focussed some of the work he's doing. >> sandra: you sound complimentary of the president saying he's moving in the right direction with this. how much of a reality is this bill passing? >> i want to make permanent what the president is trying to do with executive orders. i don't want some future president to be able to go back to the obama care days. we have now eliminated the individual mandate so people aren't forced to pay a fine or buy obama care insurance. that blew a big hole in obama care. we have to go further to help people find affordable insurance and this is one way to do it by giving people more freedom to choose what works for them.
7:48 am
>> sandra: in the washington examiner, senator you write this, americans know they need more options not fewer. will they get more options? >> look, half the counties in the country right now people don't have a choice. there's only one person selling insurance. that's not a choice. it's not a marketplace. it's a monopoly. and with doing it this way extending the short term policies, much more freedom and much more flexibility and much greater choice for families at lower costs. >> sandra: how big is health care. how big is this going to be in an election year midterms quickly approaching? >> they've seen the tax cuts and tax breaks. people have more of their own hard-earned money to take and make decisions about what to save and spend and what to invest. when they see health care premiums go choices.
7:49 am
i think it's a big deal. i think there are over $4 million -- 4 million people will sign up for the policies. many lost their policies under obama care because the white house said it wasn't good enough for those people. i heard about it last weekend and expect to hear it this weekend at home as well. >> sandra: senator barrasso, you speak very passionately. thank you for being here. >> bill: in a moment, in "happening now" a quick tease. >> attorney general jeff sessions set to influence the justice department's lawsuit against california. and another day, another departure, gary cohn announces his resignation after refusing to back president trump's tariff plan. who will take his place?
7:50 am
and we're get glimpse of the retaliatory action the american product that may be targeted at the top of the hour. >> bill: thank you, john. new details on a russian spy mystery. how did a russian double agent and his daughter fall sick in england? and does that trail lead back to moscow? >> i'll make sure we collect all the evidence we can and make sure we respond not to rumor but the evidence that they collect. and then we need to decide what action to take.
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
>> sandra: a startling moment caught on camera of a drunk driver getting hit by his own car. police in virginia releasing the
7:54 am
dashboard video of a 30-year-old man trying to escape the officers after getting pulled over. you can see him jumping out of his car and then he runs off and then immediately he gets run over. cops say he forgot to put the car in park. luckily he is unharmed and was charged with a d.w.i. among other violations. bill. >> bill: british authorities say they have brand new information on a mystery on the substance, rather, that left a former russian spy and his daughter in critical condition. quite a story here. what do they think happened here? >> reporter: as you say the british government says they have more information about this mysterious substance behind the illness, they believe, of this russian double agent and his daughter that are fighting for their lives here in the u.k. they say they are going to share
7:55 am
this and have been promising this since yesterday. what we learned already and we just learned moments ago, the main line of inquiry here for the british government is that russia used this mysterious substance to poison the former russian spy who has moved here -- who has moved here to the u.k. yesterday, we heard british foreign secretary, boris johnson, saying there were striking similarities between this incident and an incident the case of a former russian agent turned kremlin putin critic back in 2006 who was poisoned with something called polonium 210. >> bill: if it turns out to be moscow, is the british government ready for some response? >> reporter: they've had lots of
7:56 am
meetings so it appears so. the foreign secretary as early as yesterday saying he didn't want to predetermine the outcome of the investigation said russia would be held responsible if russia was found to be behind this. today, the cobra group, that's their high security group of officials, has been meeting. there was a national security meeting yes. so yes, it looks like they would respond. the foreign secretary said sanctions were a possibility. think -- you think of london it's the financial hub of choice for many russian. we could see a tightening of economic sanctions for russia. >> bill: what a story. ryan chilcote live in london, thank you. >> sandra: a fox news alert, jeff sessions set to make a big announcement the federal government planning to sue california over its immigration laws. we'll bring that to you live, next.
7:57 am
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>> bill: have so much for snow-namgedon. i think that i can make it back. >> sandra: we will see you then, "happening now" starts right now. >> jon: we start with this fox news alert, just minutes from now, the attorney general jeff sessions is expected to announce that the justice department is suing california over the sanctuary state policy. at the attorney general in sacramento ready to speak to the california peace officers association this morning. this comes less than two weeks after the mayor of oakland warned residents about an imminent ice raid in the bay area. we will bring you the attorney general's comments alive as soon they begin. ♪


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