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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 5, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PST

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as it's not smoked in public places. this new bill is to be voted on this friday and it does stink, smells like skunk, awful. "fox & friends first" 4:00 a.m. hour wraps up and i will see you tomorrow, bye bye. >> all right, it is monday march fifth, time for a change, president trump doubling down on his steel-tariff proposal, how his administration is firing back to critics saying he will spark a trade war at the expense of american worker. carley: putting aside personal and political troubles at home israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu as the world leaders discuss peace and north korea. >> we don't make them for money but to upset mike pence. >> to all the dreamers out there, we stand with you.
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>> as usual, it's supposed to be about the movies but the oscars' turn political bashing the president and the administration. "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ carley: all right, nice look at the big am, good morning, you're watching "fox & friends first", i'm carley shimkus in for jillian mele. rob: good song. carley: let's keep on listening to this. rob: we have 59 more minutes. i'm rob schmitt, thank you for waking us with us. time for a change. president trump doubling down on proposed tariffs on steel and aluminum. carley: critics warning that it
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could spark international trade war. griff jenkins live from washington, d.c. with how the white house is not backing down, griff. >> good morning, carley and rob, we are wide awake in washington and the construction crew below is us hammering away as the president is imposing tariffs and defending division on twitter saying we are on the losing side of all trade deals, friends and enemies have taken advantage of the u.s. for many years, steel and aluminum industries are dead, sorry, it's time for change, make america great again. now the plan imposes a 25% tariff on steel, 10% on aluminum and according to white house trade adviser peter navarro it's intend today protect u.s. industries, jobs and national security. >> this is an action basically to protect our national security and economic security. the president was quite clear you can't have a country that can defend itself and prosper without aluminum and steel
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industry. >> retaliation from british prime minister theresa may who expressed deep concerns and lindsey graham and scott walker who is asking the president to please reconsider, concerns that american companies will feel the negative impact and that means products like harleys, levi jeans and bourbon and beer and wilbur ross says the impact will be quite trivial. >> the impact will be about 1 and a half of 1% to three quarters of 1% depending on the car itself. the impact on a can of beer will be a fraction of 1%, the important fact is how trivial these amounts are relative to their business. that's the proper measure. >> white house officials say that policy changes can come in the next few weeks and while there's much focus on china,
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import from canada, méxico, south korea and the eu, guys. rob: two sides to this story and both really believe they are right and we are going to analyze the heck out of it this week, i'm sure. carley: thanks, griff, politics taking center teenage on hollywood's biggest night but instead of letting stars shine, host jim ci kimmel mocked our president and vice president and fox news. >> stunning lupita born in méxico and raise in kenya, let the tweet storm from the president's toilet begin. oscar is 90 year's old now and is probably at home watching fox news. we make them to upset mike pence. [laughter] rob: is anybody surprised? is anybody really surprised? comments over dreamers and controversial topics. >> to all the dreamers out
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there, we stand with you. >> tell the nra they are in god's way, a president that shows hate and don't control our fate because god is great. carley: awards were actually handed out actually, best picture award going to the film shape of water, guillermo del torro and gary oldman winning best actor for the darkest hour also a fantastic movie. rob: i didn't see the movie but i love gary oldman. dplents viewers as -- comments m viewers. didn't watch the disrespect of both the president and vice president and his supporters is a disgrace. carley: lynn e-mailed us, so over irrelevant actors thinking political opinions matter, they are the americans that live in hollywood bubble, they have no
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clue how the other 99% of americans live. rob: viking man weighing in on twitter saying jimmy kimmel is not helping his career with dumb political jokes, i used to watch him all of the time before he became political, i think that's the opinion of a lot of people. carley: viking man. rob: everybody could enjoy him. carley: it was political, not as political -- rob: you watched it. carley: it was like five hours long. i'm exhausted. rob: let's move onto other news, deadline protecting of so-called dreamers expires today and after six months with back and forth with no solution. federal judge ruling the trump administration could not completely end applications for dreamers under the obama era inteal so that took a lot of the pressure, so now lawmakers have more time to strike a deal but president trump claims democrats are not
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interested, congress could address daca by march 23rd when the next spending bill is due, we shall see. carley: all right, president trump is hosting benjamin netanyahu in washington as the israeli prime minister faces potential legal battle at home, molly brings us the latest. >> i have known the president and i have known his family and his team for a long time. >> this is expected to be a positive trip to the united states for israeli prime minister netanyahu, president trump a major advocate for promoting peace in the middle east to recognize jerusalem as capital and move from tel aviv. >> every president campaigned we will recognize jerusalem as capital of israel. you have been reading it and never pulled it off. >> but the prime minister's arrival is overshadowed by investigations over him and
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three netanyahu be indicted on charges of breach of trust. >> mr. netanyahu has no integrity, no responsibility and no sense of shame. he's holding onto his post even though there are four major investigations of corruption against him. >> trump and netanyahu who have met several times before are expected to discuss a range of issues beyond israeli-palestinian peace with iran, syria and now north korea topping their list. in new york molly, the fox news. rob: all right, right now urgent police to find mother and three young kids, asking public to be in the lookout for a discarded
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plastic fuel can believed to be linked to the murder, the husband was in california on business at the time. carley: horrible. south korea, north korea sitting down for talks today, the south korean president envoy arriving in pyongyang overnight, they'll be meeting with kim jong un during trip to discuss the rogue nation's nuclear program. if kim jong un shows willingness to disarm, could lead to restart of dialogue between the north and washington to diffuse the nuclear stand-off. rob: all right, turning to extreme weather now, restoring power to people as the northeast braces for another storm. >> at least nine people were killed including 11-year-old boy after fierce winds knocked trees and power lines on top of homes and cars. police warning people to be cautious of live wire like this one on the ground. rob: senior meteorologist janice dean is tracking next.
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>> here we go again. before we get to nor'easter that's coming wednesday or thursday, you could see all of this energy moving in towards great lakes an blizzard warning toward parts of dakotas and nebraska, this is energy that will bring us for potential nor'easter on wednesday and thursday, we are dealing 6 to 12-inches here and we watched the future radar, watching chicago across the great lakes and then this will hook up with some energy across the atlantic and bring us next winter storm. this will be different because it's going to be a little less stronger than the last one but more snow for areas that didn't get snow like coastal new jersey, up towards new york city and towards connecticut, here we go wednesday into thursday, the big weather-maker will be throughout the day on wednesday lingering into thursday, so we will be watching obviously over
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the next couple of days, winter storm watches already posted for parts of the northeast, i sent an e-mail out just this morning preparing folks, we might have a difficult time getting in on wednesday and even thursday morning for the northeast, thank you. not over yet. carley: i hate march. march is the worst. rob: ground hog was right. all right, thank you so much, we will keep an eye on it. 11 minutes after the hour, fisa boomerangs calling for second special counsel. >> to open an investigation into a campaign and politics is not what the fisa court should be used for. it's not. rob: just how far did the administration potentially go to spy on president obama's successor? we are live in washington. carley: here are some irony, convicted criminal chelsea manning set to give a speech on ethics, the campus rolling out
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the red carpet. rob: here comes the primaries, texas this week, pennsylvania special election is on deck, what can we expect and what will they tell us about november? scott here to break it all down, stay tune.
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art. it can be sculpted in beautiful detail. or painted in luxurious strokes. and in rare cases... both. carley: two very important elections happening this month. voters in texas heading to polls tomorrow as the people of pennsylvania will turn out next week. so what can we expect and what will these elections tell us about november? here to break it down editor at large for ballot pedia, scott, scott, it feels like everybody went to the polls like 2016 was yesterday, but people are going to be casting votes again coming up pretty soon, what's going on. >> well, people in texas will be casting votes tomorrow, hard to believe.
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carley: unbelievable. >> next week pennsylvania for special election. >> in texas three congressional seats and other races going on. by the way, there's a lot of state legislative races that are determining the future of texas politics. carley: both of the areas, special election and, of course, the state of texas trump country but we are seeing a lot of enthusiasm in the democratic party. >> so far in early voting, democratic turnout has doubled what it was four years ago, republican turnout is up just a little bit. one of the things i will be watching on tuesday does this translate massive increase or case of democrats getting voters out earliment one sign to watch, the second question, though, how far left would the democrats go, the energy, the enthusiasm, you saw it on tv last night, the energy for the democrats is coming from the left edge of their party, will they begin to nominate candidates who are far to the left to win, texas 7,
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hillary clinton won the district by 3 points, and the democrats have a primary where their national campaign committee has attacked the progressive candidate because they are afraid she will win. carley: if they are too far left is that bad during election? >> absolutely. this is the mirror image of it. carley: all right, take me to pennsylvania. >> you have a special election coming up. this is trump territory, this is a district donald trump won by 20 points. there should be no question but we have seen a lot of special elections in the last year and a half where all of a sudden the democrats think they have a candidate, connor, pretending he's not a democrat, distancing himself nancy pelosi, talking about issues that democrats won't talk about, the republican is talking about donald trump. we will see what happens. big concern here, he didn't do good job of fund raising in the
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first six weeks, 5 to 7 to 1 margin but republicans stepped in to make sure he has plenty of funding. carley: let's look ahead at the midterms as whole. >> it's way too far to tell exactly what's going to happen in november, but the signs that will be looking for on this in pennsylvania if the democrats win, it could be a sign there's a big blue wave that the republicans could really get wiped out in november. if the republicans win, well, they are expected to win this district, we are back to the same sense, probably 50-50 shot as who control it is house. this is just the first sign. >> i believe that president trump will be visiting pennsylvania because he does not want to lose the race. >> mike pence has been there. carley: big number 24, that's the number that democrats need. >> democrats need to win 24. >> the number to look out for.
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>> in the last midterms, four times out of five the party has won more seats. rob: 18 minutes after the hour spying on you through smartphone, is your information being sold without your knowledge or consent? the brand-new report. president trump making the forgotten men and women his priority on the campaign trail. >> we will put american steel and aluminum back into the backbone of our country. rob: well, steel worker who said he voted for president obama twice but then flipped vote to trump in 2016, he joins us live, stay tune. at bp, everyone on an offshore rig depends on one another. that's why entire teams train together in simulators, to know exactly what to do before they have to do it.
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>> i've heard that for seven years. >> are you an american traitor? >> no, i'm not. rob: denies being a traitor but convicted and will speak about ethics, ethics and public service and activism and former intelligence analyst was sentence today 35 years in prison but then president obama commuted her sentence. carley: former fbi director james comey set to give first interview since fired by president trump. comey will sit down with george's stepanopoluos, comies was fired last may over handling
2:24 am
of the investigation into hillary clinton's private e-mail server. all right, tracking your every move without your permission. rob: that's right, i was from the phone being sold without your knowledge or consent, tracee carrasco from sister network, good morning, tracee. >> every time you say yes to app allowing location, you're allowing app to sell information, maybe it's weather app or traffic app. last year marketer spent $16 billion on location targeted ads, ads based on location, all of a sudden you see ad for restaurant and right across the street is the restaurant. these are the types of ads, you to remember to turn off tracking information if you don't want to contribute to the ads that are being purchased with your information. carley: one of those ads might be for starbucks and they appear
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to be adding something new to menu for spring? tracee: yes, just in time for spring, add two new drinks, hazel mocha coconut machiato. available now through spring, hot or cold, they are on the screen. they look pretty good. the cinnamon reminds me of horc horchata. >> does that have alcohol? >> no, mexican drink. rob: the reason they sound so good is because they have 1500 calories. tracee: coconut milk and almond milk, they are popular. carley: time now is 25 minutes after the hour, fisa gate boomerangs to the obama administration sparking new call for a second special counsel, just how far did he go to spy on his successor?
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live in washington. rob: and how far left is the democratic party heading? well, california is making a real hard turn as we head into the midterms. is this the perfect scenario for republicans moving forward? we will debate. (avo) help control cravings and lose weight with contrave. it's fda-approved to help adults who are overweight or struggle with obesity lose weight and keep it off. contrave is believed to work on two areas of the brain: your hunger center... i'm so hungry. (avo) and your reward system... ice cream. french fries. (avo) to help control cravings. one ingredient in contrave may increase suicidal thoughts or actions in some children, teens, and young adults in the first few months. serious side effects are mood changes like depression and mania, seizures, increased blood pressure or heart rate, liver damage, glaucoma, allergic reactions, and hypoglycemia. not for patients with uncontrolled blood pressure,
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or you could just trust duracell. (silence) ♪ carley: growing list of lawmakers either pushing for or open to the idea of a second special counsel to investigate fisa abuse. rob: this as doj's report on clinton probe could come at any time now, kelly wright with the very latest, hey, kelly. >> good morning to you both. some members of congress say there are reason for wanting another special is to get to the bottom of the fbi's possible abuse of the fisa court. house oversight committee chairman trey gowdy explained that it's not possible for the
2:30 am
fbi to inspect itself on the issue, he believes a special counsel is needed. >> congress has proven itself incapable of investigating this fisa abuse, doj should not be looking into it, we need an independent arbiter that's either the general or special counsel, someone else has to do it and i am reluctant to call for special counsel but i think it may be unavoidable in this fact pattern. kelly: house intelligence devin nunes breaking from president trump's position, if the fbi violated guidelines for using documented information for fisa warrants, in this case used the dossier. >> they were working with steele to compile the dossier. the fbi has the documents.
2:31 am
but this time there's already this investigation that's been open into the trump campaign so it's hard to believe when you have all of the people as you mentioned earlier signing off on this investigation how would they not know about the existence of dossier and that's one of the things we are trying to get to the bottom of. kelly: trying to get to the bottom of whether or not president obama knew about the dossier and everything else leading up to the election and beyond. democratic adam schiff optimistic on challenging and political star is rising and a lot of people are questioning what he will do next for political move after this all said and done, rob and --i almost said jillian but it's carley. carley: that's okay, i take it as complement. florida senate to cast vote, lawmakers debating dozens of
2:32 am
amendments, one rejected ban on assault rifles that killed 17 people at florida high school, lawmakers eliminating a program aimed at arming teachers, the bill will go to the house before legislative session concludes on friday. alarming new numbers show just how far the opioid crisis is affecting children. a university of chicago study revealing spike in hospital visits for kids ages 12 to 17 and ages 1 to 5, the numbers nearly doubling, widespread availability combining with parents leaving their drugs unattended have led to the rise. a conservative speaker shunned at a university but a woman who called for jihad is welcome, the university of connecticut allowing muslim activist linda to speak this week, this after restricting access to conservative ben shapiro speech. yukon students marlina called it
2:33 am
one sided. >> our university is just kind of giving in to this -- to this sort of just inclusive and tolerance and they are pander to go that attar. heather: inclusive and tolerant to one side only. >> that's the unfortunate part. carley: uykon says different views should be expressed respectfully. rob: all right, california democrats taking a hard left as we head into midterms, democrats in the state refusing to endorse senator dianne feinstein for reelection because she's not progressive enough. so is this the best possible thing that could happen for president trump and republican party, here to debate kelly and former dnc deputy press secretary josé muñoz. josé, i want to start with you today, we've got -- my question for you is should dems make this
2:34 am
hard-left turn, sorry, i lost my train of thought there, if they are going to choose a direction to go for upcoming 2018's, is it better to be moderate in an environment like this or is it better to go hard left? >> i think it depends on the state and that's the beauty of the diversity of our country. the democratic party will continue to evolve as the country continues to evolve. so we will see. i think at the end of the day, we will continue to put out candidates that represent our party and represent values. rob: kelly, over to you, you know, how out of touch do you feel california left-wing democrat is on a national scale if they are going to pick somebody for national, potentially national position, if that person comes out of california as leftist, can they even get into touch with the rest of the country? >> absolutely not. look, this is a party where bernie sanders won 43% of the vote, bernie sanders said that
2:35 am
the american dream is more to be realized in venezuela, i kid you know, socialist, people are fleeing, that's the democratic party, the american people poll after poll say they want bipartisanship and yet democrats have not come to the table on immigration even though they have a generous deal by president trump, haven't come to the table on infrastructure, haven't really come to the table on this gun issue as well. so people want bipartisanship, the democratic party wants socialism. rob: josé, do you think this is the way for democrats to sure up the base and inspire people, is to move into a direction that's just as far as of our current situation and current policy as they can get? >> look, our party is energized, this is why we have been winning elections back to back, new jersey, virginia and alabama and great thanks to political operatives like sergio gutiérrez who understand data analytics and we will win and take back congress. we have a president with very
2:36 am
low approval ratings and who continues to live in a white house scandal by scandal. we will reenergize voting base and make sure people come and vote come november. rob: kelly, over to you, when you have a party in party, the other party has advantage when you go to midterms or next election, that's the way the balance works and the swings, the republicans have uphill battle, wouldn't you say? >> we have to be energized. i would argue about josé, he talks about approval numbers. tied with president obama, pretty soon they'll be exceeding president obama and among millennials this is shocking, a republican president, president trump is winning millennials by 50 to 48%, that's a huge sign that there's enthusiasm behind the president. we cannot be complaisant but encouraging sign when democratic
2:37 am
counterparts are deciding to be hijacked by far left wing. rob: quick response from you. >> i don't know why we are talking about president obama. the majority of americans don't approve of the job that president trump has done. >> that's not true. >> he hasn't really passed any major legislations -- >> are you kidding? tax cuts. >> it's a scam. it's a scam. it hurt it is middle class. it's for billionaires and millionaires, he helps billionaires and millionaires. >> keep using the crumbs line. >> time will tell what happens in november. democrats are ready to take congress back. rob: okay, thanks for coming on this morning, we can go another ten minutes on taxes if you want -- >> that's right. thanks, rob. >> thank you. carley: abc reporter attempting to push dolly parton to bash president trump. >> we have a president of the united states who said those things on that bus. carley: how legendary star
2:38 am
quickly shut him down. rob: it was supposed to be about the movies but the oscars, of course, quickly turn today politics. >> we don't make films call me by your name for money, we make them to upset mike pence. >> to all the dreamers out there, we stand with you. rob: a guest coming up that says this was leftist activism disguised as entertainment. ♪ the morning walk was so peaceful. until... it... wasn't. don't let type 2 diabetes get between you and your heart. even if you reach your a1c goal you are still at risk for heart attack or stroke. talk to your health care provider today about diabetic heart disease. and find out more at your heart and type 2 diabetes. make the connection.
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rob: welcome back, it took less than two minutes for the oscars to get political last night. >> she was born in méxico and raised in kenya, let the tweet storm from the president's toilet begin. we don't make films like call me by your name for money, we make them to upset mike pence. >> to all the dreamers out there, we stand with you. >> tell the nra, they are in god's way, a president that
2:42 am
shows hate and don't control our fate because god is great. >> you relate to that, it's not that hard, i've done it my whole life. carley: here now to react is the host of the michael mill show, michael, thank you for being with us this morning. now, ahead of the award show producers said that jimmy kimmel was going to avoid pointed political commentary, do you think he succeeded on that front? >> no i think he just avoided jokes and entertainment. jimmy kimmel i think made history last night, first joke-free opening monologue to any oscars telecast and perhaps happy that he didn't cry, he may cry when ratings came out. last year was nine-year low for oscars, i suspect this year will beat it. jimmy kimmel, it was amazing in opening monologue, he actually told us that hollywood celebrities, him included consider their primary purpose to push left-wing activism, not
2:43 am
to entertain, to push activism, the speeches are a great platform and have to change the world and that is how they were used throughout the entire night. we might call this the intersectionsal oscars, some person as we played named common went out and sang about how the nra is not god's way, all while ironically he was joined on stage but richards, the president of planned parenthood who has killed 3.8 million babies in her time at that job, it was all activism all night long. the jokes that you heard, the barbs from jimmy kimmel, tedious, low-hanging fruit you can hear, the republican president is a racist, we never heard that one before and the best that vice president mike pence is uncomfortable, we make movies such as call me by your name to make mike pence uncomfortable, aren't we all supposed to be uncomfortable by
2:44 am
that? what happens to the me too movement and the most ironic moment at all is the academy in the year of harvey weinstein awarded a statute to kobe bryant, prominent accused rapist in the united states. rob: all right, it's interesting and i i just want to talk about happens to the actual show because i think the reason they see the ratings decline is that people, a, don't want to lecture and, b, this country is compromised of people on the left, people on the right and some people in the middle, if you're on the left, you would have loved the show like last night. if you're in the middle probably uncomfortable and if you're on the right, you would have hate it. i don't understand why you would want to break apart your audience like that. >> i think they can't resist, donald trump has driven them crazy as we have since since 2016 and there were a few moments last night of gracious speeches of entertainers who primarily entertain and pursue their art such as gary oldman going up there, he thanked
2:45 am
america, he thanks winston churchill and he thanked the academy, and left, but fear not if you were shown and how millionaire actresses should make even more money, they cannot resist it, they think that their primary role is to push politics and not to entertain and the more that they believe that, the more people are going to tune out. >> well, yeah, i know that you watched the whole entire thing because you were live-tweeting it because you must be pretty tire, there were also a lot of nonpolitical moments as well and awards handed out, so politics but a lot of fun as well, michael knowles. >> thank you. carley: will spark trade war at american workers expense but one hard worker american disagrees and says that the president's proposal is already a win.
2:46 am
rob: first let's check in with steve doocy and see what's coming up. hey, steve. steve: hey, rob, hey carley shimkus, good morning to you. we have three hours, a whole bunch of guest to fill up the time, mike huckabee, former governor of the great state of arkansas talk about the news of the day plus just the fact that he was on the american academy of country music awards council and then suddenly he wasn't, what was up with that? we will talk to peter navarro who is the president's trade guy. a lot of flak over the tariff, plus, governor bruce is governor of illinois, he's a republican, he's facing reelection, what's up there? and finally dr. bill bennett, you will love his wisdom, we will talk to him a little bit about the president's suggestion that perhaps drug dealers should face the death penalty. plus first we are going to talk about the oscars and so much more, "fox & friends" kicks off in about 14 minutes here in the channel you trust for morning
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carley: all right, don't try to get country music legend dolly parton to talk politics and bash president trump, here is what happens if you do. >> i do not get into that. of course, i have my opinion about everybody and everything, but i learned a long time ago keep your damn mouth shut if you want to stay in business, i'm not in politics but entertainment. carley: this in interview, dolly parton showing reboot. rob: everybody has an opinion, we don't need to hear it.
2:51 am
rosanne is back. >> what are you doing with my picture? >> i'm getting rid of the ones where you're fat. >> those are the only ones that we look happy. >> and go. >> they are back. >> i'm not afraid of you. >> give it time. rob: it was a good show. let's see how they do, the iconic running for special one-hour premier on march 27th, there you go. carley: president trump making the forgotten man and woman his priority. >> the trump administration will also ensure that we start using american steel for american infrastructure. we are going to put american steel and aluminum back in to the backbone of our country. rob: well, now he's following through on that promise with a controversial idea and while many push back against the president's tariff plan to pennsylvania steel workers, his
2:52 am
proposal is a winner. carley: all right, let's bring in one steel worker from the edgar thompson plan in pittsburgh, john, thank you so much for being with us this morning. i think a lot of americans don't really know a whole lot about the steel industry, so can you explain some of the challenges that you're facing? >> well, i think that for the most part with the tariffs and everything that should really help us out. it's been really tough with all of the unfair trade from china and i think that president trump is doing a good job and doing what he said he had to do to helping the steel and aluminum industry to help us move forward and possibly get a fair contract for the steel workers. rob: john, what have you seen happen to your industry over the past 20, 30 years, what's happened to steel in the state that you live in and in the rust belt as they call it? >> well, the steel industry is
2:53 am
pretty much been decimated, the infrastructure of our mills has, you know, it's fallen down around us pretty much and we really need something to help us out carley: you know, on the other hand, a lot of critics say that the price of things like cars, beer cans could go up, jobs could be lost and other industries, does any of that concern you? >> i can't really say where it would go up very much, but i think that it's important for everybody to know that in america we put out a quality product and, you know, you don't get that a lot from other countries and i think that we should be okay even with the tariffs coming through. rob: the president put out a tweet effective i will saying and we will put it out here, our steel and aluminum industry is
2:54 am
dead, sorry, do you feel like your business has been killed essentially over the last 20 years? >> well, it's been killed over the last 20 years and i know personally our wages have been flat for about ten years now so it's definitely affected us with all of the different import coming in. carley: if you could say one thing to president trump about his proposal, it's getting some criticism and some support, what would it be? >> it's about time and thank you. carley: very interesting stuff. rob: well, it's going to be debated. there are a lot of opinions, john, thank you so much for giving us yours. carley: great job. rob: 54 minutes after the hour, nicole kidman's fans flip out, the surprise appearance that she made moments before taking the red carpet. carley: they say there's no crying, one guy calls 911 because of clam chowder, the
2:55 am
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jillian: all right, it's 5:58 on the east coast and the sun is already coming up. rob: it's trying to. breaking through those clouds. looking south through midtown manhattan there and nice look at the empire state building. jillian: look at that. the time is now first the good, the bad and the ugly. nicole kidman surprises a bus full of tourists an hour before hitting the red carpet. >> hi. >> oh my goodness. >> what are you doing on that bus? [laughter] >> kidman rolling down her window blowing kisses to fans before the oscars. how about that? >> next the bad. 4-million-dollar robbery and murder plan foiled just hours before it was supposed to happen. dramatic video showing florida deputies taking three men into custody right there on the highway allegedly on their way to rip off an armored bank truck. the trio intended to kill
3:00 am
the drivers as part of the plan. jillian: and the ugly. 70-year-old man arrested for calling 11 over clam chow der, police in connecticut said the 70-year-old reported someone threw his soup into dumpster. he was charged with misuse of 911. best thing i have ever read in my life. rob: there you go. "fox & friends" starts right now. see you later. >> the white house defending president trump's controversial plan impose those sweeping new tariffs on aluminum and steel. >> the mission is to defend our steel and aluminum industries so they survive. >> benjamin netanyahu has arrived in washington for a meeting tomorrow at the white house. >> growing list of lawmakers either pushing for or open to the idea of a second special counsel to investigate fisa abuse. >> we are asking those very questions. when did you know the dossier was funded by the democratic party? did you brief president obama? >> congress has


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