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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  March 4, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PST

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leland: president trump nixing pants and policy at the annual annual -- gridiron. eboni: the president gets tough on trade outlined in their care outlined in their care proposal for for aluminum and steel imports. what sort of impact will it have on the american worker? we'll discuss it with congressman mark campbell. leland: doj were doing the actions of oakland's mayor for she says not everybody agrees with charges she could face.
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♪ so many in washington are recovering from the gridiron dinner. the after parties not us. we were in bed early and we are here for you. nice to be with you. i'm leland vittert. >> and i am eboni k. williams. despite threats of retaliation from other countries and american businesses expressing their concern over president trump's plan to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum, the administration is that wavering. >> when you're talking about the massive costs, there are no price effects on their industries that are significant. eboni: the hindenburg has the latest. turn at the trump administration is not wavering in not offering any exemptions to any country. officials say today 25% tax on all steel committed to the
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country and a 10% tax on all foreign aluminum to even the trading playing field they say at this point no exception. >> as soon as he starts exempting countries, he has to raise the tariff on everybody else. as soon as the exams one country come as phone starts ringing from heads of state and say why not me. >> in europe talk free trade and practice protectionism. they are far more protectionist than we are. our automobiles is to .5%, europe's tariff 10%. china's tariff 25%. that is a funny kind of comparative advantage. >> president trump spoke on the phone with british prime minister theresa may according to the office of prime minister voiced deep concern at the impending terrorists inside the multilateral action between nations was the only way to
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resolve the problem of global overcapacity. a country such as china who overproduce meddlesome dump them in u.s. markets. republicans have been critical of the president's terror strategy saying it will lead to increased cost of homes and won't get to the heart of the matter. >> you are letting china off the hook. china wins when we fight with europe and when the american consumer has higher prices because the tears that don't affect chinese behavior. reporter: joe manchin says his state has lost thousands of jobs because of unfair trade practices and he likes, quote, where the president is going on this. eboni eboni: thank you, molly. south carolina congressman mark sanford. thanks for joining. >> my pleasure. eboni: generally speaking it seems to be to almost very quick responses to the president's proposed tariffs. on one hand it seems like american manufacturers seem to
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like this. they might indeed raise prices for their wages and have them with better benefits long term. however, companies and businesses rely upon imported steel and aluminum, like the ones in your state, bmw certainly. bowling in those types of businesses that seem to be concerned about what the tariff could mean for jobs, job losses in particular and economic negative impacts. based off of those businesses in your state, i remember what a big deal of buzz when bmw open nevada and south carolina of course a very huge employer for your constituents. what is your response to this proposal? >> i think it would be disastrous. what is interesting as i'm not alone in saying that. it's interesting the united steelworkers have said you want to extend canada because of jobs
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lost. gary cohn, the president on chief economic adviser has said this is a bad idea. it's interesting the stock market dropped 600 points over thursday and it is a consequence for this idea. many different levels, it's a bad idea. we have real history on our side that proves this makes no sense. if you look at the tariffs at 1828 of all things proved to be disastrous to protect jobs and investment. follow that about 100 years later, they prove to be disastrous. the same kind of advertising health protecting jobs in the industries. didn't do either. and so, what our allies have said if you do this, we are going to respond in kind. this is the beginning of real trouble not just for south carolina, but her whole country. eboni: let's talk about the policies of this bid i would submit other than his promise to build a wall, president trump
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campaign promises to bring back manufacturing jobs for americans was a chief campaign promise. would you agree with that? >> i would. but the question is how do you do that? we are on the right road with the idea of reducing the regulatory load. consistently praised by folks in and out of industry. we are in the right road that is more competitive with a lot of tax regimes around the road. we are on the wrong road on this tariff angle. eboni: thankfully if we are on the wrong road and i totally appreciate your is here, but what do you say in response to those that are excited to see the president shake up some of these deals that they do feel are bad for american businesses and they feel the income on these roles for american producers of these types of products and say this is why they elected president trying to get americans for say a better
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deal? >> i say a couple things. a tariff is a tax and what we talk about here is increasing taxes on not just businesses, the consumers in the united states. eboni: congressman, if that increase in tax ultimately leads to an increase wage and better working conditions for american workers, what is your response to that? >> a response of the word is 50% to the experts go in the united states? it goes to canada. if we impose sanctions on them and they have said if you do it to us, we'll do it to you. where are we selling this deal that would be added in the steel sector. we are talking about a size of 150,000 jobs on the steel side. five, 6 million jobs in terms of manufacturing whether this caterpillar, john deere, volvo in south carolina are bmw or boeing is aluminum. i could go down the endless list of other jobs negatively impact
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it. the question in fairness is not whether it protects the it protects a couple of steel jobs or even 100,000 steel jobs. the question is would it have a greater negative impact on the rest of the manufacturing in the history on that front is quite clear in particular poignant given what our allies have said. national security threats of trade with canada i don't know, but our allies is that if you do it to us, we'll do it to you. eboni: certainly, congressman. i do believe the split response will remain the manufacturers and those that do rely as you say on those imported goods. thank you so much, congressman. for much more in the tariff for checkout "fox news sunday." chris wallace will check with white house trade adviser peter navarro on the call for steel tariffs and suggestion that a trade war is a good thing. you can catch it immediately after this program at 2:00 p.m.
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eastern. >> president trump up in trading this morning. last night he let loose at the annual gridiron dinner here in washington. took a few jabs at celebrities and politicians and then he mixed in a demand for north korea. ellison barber from the white house north lawn this morning. >> the president just read it he had a great time at the gridiron dinner last night. for the most part come in the evening was made up of jokes. the president making jokes about vice president, make sense who he called the apprentice and a staff shakeup at the white house. he said in part i like turnover. the question everyone keeps asking us who is going to be the next elite? steve miller or melania. his son-in-law kushner was also at the dinner and told the crowd they had difficulty getting in because garrett had trouble getting through security, a reference to the recent security clearance downgrade.
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between the jokes he talked about some serious things and made news. president trump told the room north korea recently walked reached out and wanted to talk. i won't rule out direct talks with kim jong unc but the risk of dealing with the "mad men" is concerned, that's his problem, not mine. he added they called it a couple of hours ago and said he would like to talk and i said we would but you have two d. new beard prime minister benjamin netanyahu and rice in d.c. today after israeli police interviewed him and his wife in a third corruption case. police have recommended the prime minister be charged with bribery, fraud and breach of trust. he's in town for the aipac conference in a set to meet with president trump tomorrow afternoon. they will discuss the iranian aggression among other things. just across the street at the blair house there are often
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protesters here at the white house. it is a little more on this sunday afternoon then perhaps there normally are. protesters near the entrance of the blair house and also protesters in front of the white house at least 50 out there right now seem to be here as a response, and anti-netanyahu response. president trump will meet tomorrow at about noon. leland: a little bit more in that meeting later in the show. thank you. yesterday the president spent the day in palm beach where he dressed a group of donors. audio link to cnn in the firestorm began when they quoted him as praising the chinese president for becoming leader for life and president trump joking that maybe will come in in in the united states will have to give it a shot sunday. let's bring in south carolina radio host anton c. wright in
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the world of conservative talk radio in philadelphia. nice to see you. is the president not able to make a joke without the media and democrats jumping on them? >> i would've given president trump a pass on this if he had not expressed his admiration for authoritarian dictator third world type leaders he's heard from in the past. let's not forget his love and affection for vladimir putin. i would've given them a pass otherwise. i don't think you should joke about things like this because there are some people actually afraid of this happening. troon too rich, antjuan, return back to planet earth. heavy talk to anyone who's afraid of president trump trying to usurp the constitution and become president for life? >> no, nothing donald trump wants to be the progressive hero and literally die in office.
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no, i don't think you want to do that. this president has shown again and again he's trying to return power back to the legislative branch, back to the judicial branch for the left list is a dictator, fascist and they won't let go even though he's not trying to write lots of the executive office. he's just trying to let congress do his job and be president but the constitution says. tree into antjuan at some point and everything is outrageous and over-the-top in so dangerous and everything is a crisis, then nothing becomes outrageous or a crisis. president trump has said things people may disagree with our times are unusual for a president. if everything is suddenly a firestorm, do you expect the american people to know when you're calling and strikes? >> keep in mind if these would have come out of barack hussein obama's mouth, there would've
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been from you guys and a lot of people the treasury. we apply the same rules to donald trump the leader of the free world. leland: do you think the same rules apply? >> everybody understands who would want to be hold on. this is important. you just made that joke. what possible evidence do you have for that comment? you are saying the president wasn't joking. you're making an accusation. what evidence do you have? leland: how about before you make statements about that and accuse somebody of essentially essentially -- >> are you going to let me answer? why don't we give one example of where he's been an authoritarian but tater?
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forget your spin coming or talking. give me one concrete example where trump has gone beyond the constitution, round the legislature and tried to be authoritarian. give me one. >> i don't need to. i can't, but i don't need to. all i'm saying here is donald trump matters. that's the most relevant example. leland: what's the most relevant example? >> he loves -- what i'm saying to you is -- >> yang cuddling with putin, you can't get one concrete example of trump unit dictator. >> look at all these executive orders since he's been in office. >> blue and on a couple of facts here. president obama has more executive orders than anybody in the way he handled using
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executive orders. numbers two, in terms of cozying up to russia, a lot of questions on not as well, especially now that the u.s. is selling lethal weapons to the ukrainian. discussion for another time. antjuan and rich come appreciate your spirited debate. next time will come back with a few more facts. thanks, guys. eboni. eboni: at least nine people have been killed and more than 1.5 million people in the northeast are still without power after the nor'easter pounded the region this weekend. condition slowly improving as crews clean up the damage by flooding and high winds. forecasters watching for another potential weather system that could bring even more rain later to the area this week. meteorologist adam klotz is that the fox weather center for more with the potential weather system. what's the latest?
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>> unfortunately we're talking about sleeping across the country. it's always right along this cold fronts. the cold air back behind has been a slow mover in the west eventually something that will affect the entire country as it sweeps across the northern tier of the country. right now you see it moving off the coast. this is the center of the circulation. it is in a huge star mia will pick up a little more moisture and you will see this pic upwind and begin to drop a whole lot of snow. winter tour and untruths or watches getting up in the portions of the great lakes. a bit of a bull's-eye for you. that is a blizzard warning tomorrow into tuesday. areas along i. 90, i 94 very difficult to drive coming up the next couple days because of the strong system. your future radar in motion for you from sunday and monday and tuesday are moving across the northern plains. a whole lot of rain moving across the region but the other
10:18 am
big concern is when getting up to 50, 60 miles an hour. a big system we are watching here to the middle of the upcoming week. eboni: marquess and very aggressive whether. leland. leland: ice around the country for what should happen if a mayor ships off illegal immigrants? it happened. a breakdown of what law should group in an vladimir putin seen his nation's nuclear muscle from his post by the invincible nuclear missile means for the united states. the russia probe now expanding yet again where robert mueller spoke of being and how the white house is responding to the latest shakeup connected now to the investigation. >> i think when he feels frustrated about the russia probe and all of the things that he watches on television or reads about in the paper, he feels slighted by attorneys not
10:19 am
going to let it go. he's a person who doesn't pull a punch and he said that as much when he was campaigning. theratears®. morning on the beach until... it... wasn't.
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eboni: major immigration
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crackdown. more than 300 people arrested during a series in the century cities. latest data for l.a. bureau with dan springer. >> the ongoing battle between the trump administration has definitely got more heated over the last week in california as usual right in the middle of it. connecting four days of raids intended cisco in the bay area and arrested 232 illegal immigrants. of those, 180 were convicted criminals ordered removed from the country or had our dependent worded. i says 150 were convicted felons peppermint is more controversial of what happened. issuing a warning to residents and shared several sources telling her a round up with eminem. she defended the warning saying she wanted families to stay together. the acting i.c.e. director had a much different take. >> what she did is no better
10:24 am
than a lookout beyond police when a police cruiser comes in the neighborhood except she did it to the entire community. i've been doing this for 34 years and this is a whole new law to intentionally were criminals one person is coming. >> in response, department of justice is considering whether to charge of obstruction of justice. in the meantime from protests in san francisco with a thin person and sanctuary cities. as the rest 41% in 2017 over the previous year. some is happening at courthouses, which is drawn protests an act of defiance from some judges. new york city for example is 87 and 2017 compared to just fix the year before. and then there is the threat of federal government with grants from sanctuary cities through lower courts so far has sided with the cities that the trump administration keeps pushing and is now requiring just sections
10:25 am
two through their complying with federal law from restricting immigration from people arrested are being shared with i.c.e. eboni: thank you, dan. leland: of a comeback, what is looking into now that goes far beyond russia. israeli prime minister benjamin not in yahoo! meeting with the president tomorrow. how they will commit the money every nuclear deal. >> i will thank him for this her decision to move the embassy. this is a very big precedent. i plan to discuss them a series of issues with this aggression come in nuclear aspiration and aggressive action for the middle east in general and on our borders. all of them. yup, money. in fact,
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eboni: israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is in the u.s. at the u.s. is demanding schedule that president trump. back home facing a major public corruption scandal. conor powell joins us from jerusalem with reaction to how this is playing out with the israeli people. >> trips to the white house are generally positive media experiences for israeli leaders. prime minister eboni: will be meeting with the president and donald trump and an administration that largely sees the world the same way. iran and iran's actions. the israeli leader would like to see the u.s. take a more sort of aggressive approach towards iranian actions in the middle east, particularly syria. prime minister netanyahu arrives in the united states after several brutal reeks of bad press. under investigation in several
10:31 am
different cases. he's charged with bribery, fraud and breach of trust although he's yet to be charged in any of these cases that there is expectation two of these cases could be charges in the next few weeks or months. prime minister netanyahu which is a conservative coalition continues to hold signs that some of his allies in his own government would like to see the prime minister go down. a lot of people of his own coalition itching to be prime minister as well. this mini with president trump and officials here is expect to to give him a boost domestically here in israel protest the last couple weeks about the corruption and he's really taking a lot of hits here domestically, politically with charges and accusations of corruption, but we are waiting to see if the attorney general in israel will actually place charges on prime minister
10:32 am
netanyahu. he will not step down and he will fight this until the very end. this is the big topic here. he leads israel and goes on a very big crowd of decision of corruption. eboni: certainly the prime minister has a lot going on in israel, but a lot to discuss with president trump during his trip to the u.s. >> a little more on that as prime minister netanyahu is in town for the aipac conference. dr. alan mendoza speaking there. we just heard from connor about this cloud over prime minister netanyahu in israel. is that in the united states or does it matter? >> it's important to tell the prime minister has been charged with anything just yet. he had never actually been
10:33 am
charged, so you have a case where the person has been under investigation many times with the charts. >> prime minister netanyahu is popular certain parts of the aipac group but it's not a coalition fully supportive of prime minister netanyahu. they support public affairs as they would say. does this weaken him at all with president trump? >> part of that will be to work with the government. the prime minister or the next one will still be working with them in the u.s. government as well. whether it will be given as the is another matter. the investigation as well. they might find a bonding experience to the trading notes on this. it is nothing to see here. >> you make an interesting point because the number of tactics in
10:34 am
dealing with the media that president trump used and users are exactly the same playbook prime minister netanyahu has been playing out of. one is north korea and president trump last night typically a place for jokes and a little bit of fun make the real news about north korea and whether he would sit down with kim jong saturday. we will post the quote of the dinner last night. i won't rule out talks as far as the risk of dealing with the "mad men" is concerned that's his problem, not mine. they called and said they wanted to talk. your thoughts. >> is a good one-liner from the president. but it reflects a very serious issue, which is if it is correct indeed north korea has reached out wanting talk in the area. so far they've been wanting talks for years and years. there will be talks at the
10:35 am
"nuclear option" is on the table. if north korea is saying right now -- leland: is there any reason even if they do say that, any reason to take them at their word? so many times they've made gilson broke and then and we are still of billions of dollars. >> that is correct or the danger of north korea always is. this regime will say anything. you just announced a second sanction on the country and they've responded the same let's talk. the test is to not lift anything. the president has been quite clear. there will not be any relief unless you have a denuclearization process. >> they've gotten a whole lot of cookies on the u.s. administration, whether it be the clinton administration, bush administration or a bomb administration. where did this go next? north koreans are continuing their missile program. how is this not just playing for
10:36 am
time? >> it's plain for time in the sense they want the issue to proceed on the table. what they want is the nuclear -- the sanctions revoked. it's clear they are worried about the economic impact that will have good they may also be worried about the purported next phase which could be a military strike. they may be concerned. do thumbscrews are continuing to tighten and we see the possibility of sanctions against specific ships, certain chips that are trying to evade sanctions can help the north korean government. thank you. >> pleasure. transfer robert mueller expanding its investigation into the russian meddling of the 2016 election. more information that another nation might've been trying to influence the u.s. political system. lauren blanchard has more. >> afternoon, anthony.
10:37 am
special counsel robert mueller now looking in to ties between a lebanese american businessman, united arab emirates and 2016 trump campaign. according to the services come investigators want to know if there were any attempts by the members of the uae to buy political favor to a campaign money. the businessman at the time was a frequent visitor to the trump white house in 2017 advising top trumpets on policy ahead of the visit to saudi arabia last year and neither has been a sort of adviser to one of the leaders of the uae. special counsel is interviewing witnesses that an iraqi influence on the president son-in-law, jared kushner's family ties to the middle east and why the white house is broken with his secretary of state position on policies related to persian gulf nations. >> we cannot understand why the trump administration was so
10:38 am
firmly taking the saudi side in this dispute between the saudi's and underwriters and qataris. the reason they put u.s. troops at risk from qatar was to protect the financial interests of, and that's all the evidence you need to make some big changes in the white house. >> the revelation would suggest to russia probe is moving beyond election meddling. the investigation is a couple months shy of the one-year mark. >> my own view is skewed to serve his own interest if he drags it out to the point where there is a prior special counsel their for about three years plus. everybody could see that was a mistake had >> all this comes after the mueller investigation last month indicted 13 russian nationals and three russian entities for there will in an alleged plot to interfere in the presidential election. mueller has secured a guilty plea from former trump campaign adviser rick gates a money laundry and lying to
10:39 am
investigators and has indicted the former campaign chairman, paul manafort. eboni eboni: another day, another investigative layer. leland: countdown on the oscars coming up. last-minute preps in tonight's top contenders. new technology to keep you safer the next time you climb aboard transportation. pretty cool. >> this is a proper system and people pass right by and they don't have to stop it and go through an airport type of check easily digestible, it makes her favorite entrées even more delightful. fancy feast creamy delights. love is in the details.
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>> longline vegetarians to the next presidential election. this is one of the most uncertain and years after the campaign is marked by neofascist rhetoric which could lead to weak of heart going in a
10:44 am
coalition government. eboni: did tsa is to make your ride with amtrak safer. the new technology that can help officials detect whether or not an individual might be wearing a suicide vest. rick leventhal has more. >> new york's penn station is the busiest commuter rail with 650,000 travelers passing through every single day. several agencies patrol the station and do random bag checks for screening every person at them would be impractical and expensive. now amtrak and the tsa are testing new so-called passive devices. standoff units set up the natural point checkpoints like escalators and stairs use high-tech imaging to reveal italic or nonmetallic objects
10:45 am
blocking a person's body heat. they don't show anatomical details, just colored bars are agreeing ghostlike images with an officer watching the screen ready to be on the side for us closer inspection. >> they don't have to take anything out of their carry-ons. they just walk by. >> devices are portable so why they may not have enough that every single exit they can move it whenever they want. machines are being tested at a metro station last december under very by a would-be suicide bomber detonated a pipe bomb strapped to his body at a pedestrian tunnel in new york city injuring himself and several others. the tsa says the screeners could have spotted that device but they are still not ready for mass distribution. after more than 10 years of development. >> why is this taking so long? >> that something developers continue to work on.
10:46 am
if he was easy to build it would be out there. >> chuck schumer has been pushing for the testing saying these machines need to be deployed everywhere as soon as possible. >> the idea they have this technology is good. the idea that it's taken them so long to develop his dad. i would say i can guarantee the tsa that congress will give them all the dollars they need to do this. >> tsa says it could be up and running full time by the end of this year. in new york, rick leventhal, fox news. eboni: police investigating why central michigan university student allegedly gunned down his parents friday in his dorm room. police say james eric davis junior was brought to the hospital the night before because the strange behavior and a possible drug overdose. his parents picked them up from the hospital and brought him to his dorm. facing two counts of murder in a weapons charge.
10:47 am
he was arrested shortly after midnight when someone spotted him along railroad tracks. they are working hard to make sure nobody passes at a best picture were to the wrong movie again. still a lot to talk about as they relates to the oscars. live pictures now to valet. we'll take you to the red carpet for a preview of the academy award. and go have a cigarette? i just knew i had to quit, and chantix was the method that actually worked for me. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix reduced my urge to smoke. when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix, you may have nicotine withdrawal symptoms. some people had changes in behavior or thinking, aggression, hostility, agitation, depressed mood, or suicidal thoughts or actions with chantix. serious side effects may include seizures, new or worse heart or blood vessel problems,
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eboni: sense that happens in hollywood, actor night where we praise defends the film. president is marking, michael camero is live with the latest looking very dapper. >> thank you. it's the oscars 90th birthday tonight and it should be a night of celebration. starting to build after someone subdued and anxious couple of days to what people can expect from tonight show. what can you expect? let's take a look. >> preparations being made for sunday's 90th academy award ceremony.
10:52 am
jimmy kimmel prepared for everything following last year's must-have with the best picture award. >> you do have to prepare for things to go wrong. you have in your head everything will go perfectly but that almost never happens. you never expect something like would have been lasher to happen. it never occurs to anybody. expect even to get political with possible comments about gun control in the me to movement, but most of the spotlight will be on the nominees and winners. >> a major champion you'd hate me for it. >> so much fun to disappear i didn't have to worry about my double chin. i just didn't care. was not invited.
10:53 am
>> front runner for his betrayal -- portrayal of winston churchill in darkest hour. outside of missouri to win supporting actor and best picture. >> it now, and this year jennifer warrants and we'll all be handing out the leading actor category. previous years, those categories have been given out by the previous year's winner. this year because of his own allegations against him. also expect a return of warren beatty and faye dunaway and a repeat of last year's epic performance. >> we know earlier this award season, golden globes, all of the women nominated on the carpet all were black. any color schisms tonight
10:54 am
producing mob of color popping up the carpet? >> finally can expect a lot of starts to get political once again in turning off a lot of viewers. >> politics now has become in some ways overshadowing the awards themselves at these events. you perhaps should get some combat pay for being in hostile territory. you say i'm michael camero of fox news. what is the usual reaction? >> it's gotten a lot better but sometimes it goes like the on the frontlines because they've definitely merged and i don't think it's going to change anytime soon leland: a lot of folks we here are wearing orange pins about gun violence in the irony is that event is one of the most heavily guarded events in the world with a lot of guys with
10:55 am
guns. >> some would call that a bit of hollywood hypocrisy. his overture suggestion? >> i suggest nothing. i just asked the question. it's never the questions they get us in trouble. it's only the answers. eboni: was going to ask her people engaging in this political dialogue with you from fox news? >> you know, sometimes it depends what the topic is and if it's relevant to the person. most of the time i stick to the movies and performance than what is going on. because they are so politically charged, you have to ask the questions the way it is. i will toss out one name and we'll see what happens. ryan seacrest. >> that is the big question tonight. a lot of people wondering if people stop and talk to him.
10:56 am
producers and officials here are worried about. he's a big deal on this carpet. leland: a lot to talk about tomorrow morning. we need to get the outtake clips of what people say to you when you tell them you're from fox news. that'll be for the highlight reel. good to see you buddy. we will put him in for combat pay here coming up. you have to go watch the oscars. we'll see you back here next weekend "fox news sunday" a lot to talk about their. chris wallace, take it
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
>> i am chris wallace. a wild week in washington as president trump splits with conservatives on two fronts. ♪. >> on trade. >> 25 percent for steel, 15 percent for aluminum. >> i hope the president doesn't really do this because if he does, it will be a huge tax on american citizens. >>chris: and gun control. >> take the firearms first and then go to court. >> that's not how america works. >>chris: we will discuss the president's policies in disarray and the west wing with trade advisor, peter navarro. live on "fox news sund


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