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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  March 1, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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>> harris: watch special coverage of the funeral of reverend billy graham tomorrow begins at noon eastern. i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: president trump carrying out more of his america first strategy by announcing new tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." the white house also dealing with a report about jared kushner and his family business as the communication director hope hicks, one of the president's closest aides steps down. john roberts is live on the north lawn. >> reporter: good afternoon. let's handle steel first. the president let the cat out of the bag earlier today when he was meeting with steel and aluminum company ceo's about tariffs that he wants to slap on foreign steel. the white house is telling us just moments before the
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president had the meeting that they were going to hold the announcement until next week, but the president let it be known to some of his advisers last night that he wanted to get the news out today and get it out there he did. saying next week the united states will be slapping punitive tariffs on steel and aluminum being dumped into the united states. listen here. >> it will be 25% for steel, it will be 10% for aluminum. it will be for a long period of time. >> reporter: you heard it. 10% for aluminum, 25% for steel. something the president has been talking about since the days of the presidential campaign, saying he wants to revitalize the american steel industry. also framing it as a national security issue because in a time of war, he said, the united states cannot rely on foreign steel, particularly from china, to build ships, tanks and other weapons. the steel industry appears very happy about the announcement. listen to what one ceo said
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after the meeting. >> speaking for the steel industry, we're convinced that we will see very quick action, definitive action and action that is meaningful and long-lasting. while we have not received any of the specifics, we are confident that it will be a good conclusion to the 232 and it will happen very quickly. >> reporter: now, the 10% and 25% isn't necessarily hard and fast. it could change between now and next week. of course, dana, you're an expert on trade because you answered so many questions about the world trade organization when you were the press secretary here. there are some people who are complaining that the president, in fact, has declared a trade war. robert lighthouse, the u.s. trade representative, said such talk is absolute nonsense. this is not a trade war. dana? >> dana: i wanted to ask you two things. at the white house briefing that was scheduled for 2:30 p.m. do you expect they'll have somebody from the trade world to come in and explain this?
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or are they going to try to wait until next week? i wanted to ask you about hope hicks stepping down and then the new controversy with jared kushner. >> reporter: i don't necessarily know they'll trot somebody out today. this wasn't supposed to happen until next week. we were getting conflicting information this morning. the president wanted to get the word out. now in terms of personnel changes here at the white house, the person who is the closest to the president, other than family, at least for the last three years, hope hick, is departing the white house. the president losing hicks is going to lose one of his closest adviser. she's literally been at his side all during the campaign and since his time as president. she has been talking to a small group of people saying she was thinking that it was time to leave the white house. i'm being told her departure had nothing to do with the statement that she made to the house skpwrepbls committee yesterday about the fact that from time to time she tells white lies on behalf of the president.
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and then onto jared kushner. there's an article in "the new york times" that says the kushner companies got hundreds of millions of dollars in loans from apollo global management and citi group after jared kushner met here at the white house with the ceo's of those companies. the white house has stayed silent on this, referring any comment to outside groups. spokesman for the kushner, for kushner's attorney, abby lowell, telling fox news he has no role in the kushner companies since joining the government and has taken no part of any business, loans or projects with or for the companies after that. spokeswoman for the kushner companies telling fox news in the 33 years kushner companies have been in business, we have done tens of billions of dollars in transactions and loans with all the top lenders and continue to have a good working relationship. to say that we do business differently than we have in the past is made up and without
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substant kwraeugs. here's another case of jared kushner and his complex business dealings being in the news at the same time he is in the news for having his security clearance downgraded because of all the complications associated with the investigation into his security clearance. dana? >> dana: all right, john. thank you. for more on the new tariffs the white house announced today, we bring in rob portman of ohio, a member of the finance home land security and foreign relations committee. sir, i wanted to ask you, as we watch the dow jones, down about 487 after this announcement. do you agree with the president's proposal to add these tariffs next week? >> well, dana, we'll see what it is. i'm also a former trade representative and been involved in lot of these negotiations over time. it depends what countries might be exempt, what products might be exempt. we don't know the details yet. i understand that will come out
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next week. the president preempted it with his comments today. i have argued that some industries do need mediate pretech shun. it's for national security reasons. electrical steel is an example. we have one manufacture left for this important steel that goes into transformers that's needed for our electrical grid. they tell me they're going to go out of business unless they get some relief. there's a national security concern there. we need it. also in some of our oil products. i do think we need some relief. we also need to keep being aggressively administering our trade laws because the more long term solution here is to ensure that countries don't dump or subsidize which is illegal under national rules by bringing these trade cases and winning them. we passed laws making that easier. >> dana: one of your colleague
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tweeted let's be clear. protectionism is weak, not strong. you'd expect policies this bad from a leftist administration. that's strong. i also wanted to ask you because you and i both worked in the bush administration. when president bush put forth trade tariffs it was considered counter productive. why would it be different this time? i understand the politics are different. are the economics any different? >> again, it depends what he does and what he exempts. can those be exempted? we don't know that yet. we'll have to see. you're right. during the bush years, there were tariffs put in place. they were broad based. they increased the cost of automobiles or other manufactured products made with steel, steel or aluminum. it needs to be balanced. we've got to be sure we have a steel industry in this country. the difference between now and when george bush did this is that china decided to essentially be the dominant player in the steel industry.
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at that time, china probably had 20% of the production of steel in the world. now they have more than half of the production in one country. it's overcapacity. they don't need it for their own country. yes, they are providing steel to other countries in addition to sending it directly to us. we do need to be careful that we still have a strong steel industry in this country. >> dana: i want to talk about opioids. i do note china is 11th on the list of our steel exporters. are you saying the exemptions might be for more of our allies like canada, south korea, brazil? >> yes. by the way, the canadian steel goes to other countries then comes to us. korea is an example. korea doesn't have a single oil rig yet they're sending us pipe and tube made from chinese steel. some of that is going at the lowest cost which is the definition of dumping. this is an issue that we have to address. we have to do it carefully. >> dana: let me ask you about the opioid bill you have put
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forward with several other members of the senate, from the bipartisan background. i'm very interested in you have for the particular interest because of ohio. what in the legislation you're putting forward do you think would actually have the most dramatic impact on helping ohio deal with this? >> yeah. two things. first of all, we have a huge problem in ohio. it's an epidemic across our country, but in ohio and several other stateses we're seeing increase in overdose and death at a time where it's already the number one cause of death, of crime. we've got to do something. the legislation, there's a couple things that are really important. one, you recall in the budget agreement, there was an agreement to put additional money against this opioid crisis. we've got to make sure it's spent right. we don't want to just throw money after the problem. we want to make sure it goes to programs that focus on prevention and education. for people addicted, more effective treatment and longer term recovery and helping our first responders. there's also another part of the
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bill that goes to the core of this issue which is more and more people getting addicted from prescription pain pills. if that continues to happen the overprescribing issue has been addressed in some states more aggressively than others and by some in the profession more than others. the fact is we still have most people who die of an overdose starting on prescription drugs often legally prescribed. >> dana: there's some great things in here for financial impacts and also for veterans and the veterans core issue. that's important. i am curious. because not everybody is getting addicted because of a prescription. is there anything in the bill that would deal with sort of just the supply eurb owe show -- sorry, the demand issue. it's not always coming for the prescription. >> first time use might be heroin or fentanyl. fentanyl is the bigger killer in ohio. yes, we focus on those drugs.
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you know i have separate legislation dealing with fentanyl and the supply side of that. it's crazy it's coming in mostly from china and the u.s. mail system. we need to choke that off. this bill focuses on the fact that addiction is a disease. we need to treat it like it is a disease. which means we've got to get people into treatment, longer term recovery. their chances of success are greater. we've got to do much more on the prevention and education front. we have $9 million set up for a national campaign. it's time to go back to that. we have a situation now where everybody's affected. every community. no zip code is immuned. national chamber of congress talking about the impact on work force. businesses need to be more engaged in this issue as well. >> dana: i'm going to look that up. i want to learn more about that. you also had some forward movement about bills to combat online sex trafficking. we will follow up with you on that. >> thanks, dana. take care. >> dana: republicans facing a fight to keep control of
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congress in the midterms. my next guest said republicans may be very well positioned in a couple of states. plus president trump raising eyebrows talking gun control yesterday. now some on the right are pushing back. >> like this guy. the police saw that he was a problem, they didn't take any guns away. that could have been policing. they should have taken them away, whether they had the right or not.
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>> dana: president trump hosting lawmakers at the white house to talk school safety and gun control yesterday and shocking many in that room and watching at home on tv when he talked about seizing guns from people like the florida school shooting suspect. >> take the firearms first then go to court. by the time you go to court it
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takes so long to go to court to get the due process procedures. i like taking the guns early. like in this crazy man's case that just took place in florida. he had a lot of gun. they saw everything. to go to court would have taken a long time. you could do what you're saying but take the guns first, due process second. >> dana: karl rove is a knox news contributor. dana lash at the nra, she had this to say in response to that. >> one of the things the nra leadership stressed to the president on sunday is that due process must be respected. >> dana: then tom tellis, the senator from north carolina said, i don't think he was saying there's a place where you suspend the constitution and suspend due process. i just don't believe that. i know you heard the words. i just don't believe in my heart of hearts that's what he meant. he's got a legal scholar. karl, one of the special things about these free flowing meetings that the president is
11:17 am
having, you get to see some initial reaction, some spit balling, some ideas. what the president said might not sound outrageous for people who think, how else are you going to prevent these types of mass shootings? >> you're right. we see a lot of top of the mind, shoot from the shoulder, shoot from the hip comment. there are ways administratively for the police to, in these so called red flag laws, to be able to obtain weapons temporarily from somebody who is troubled. but they have to be able to show sufficient grounds and have enough evidence that would lead them to believe that this is a necessary step. this is better done within the law and not just simply by impulse because what would happen if we did it without due process is that people would be denied their rights and those rights would be affirmed by the court. so do it the right way when you
11:18 am
do it. >> dana: what is your experience and now your gut instinct tell you about where possible legislation is going? >> i think it's unlikely at the federal level that there's no chance of an assault weapons ban. last time this came up in 2004, it was defeated in the senate by a vote i think of 90-8. there was overwhelming lack of enthusiasm. remember, columbine happened midway through the experiment with an assault weapons ban. >> dana: yeah, '99. >> 1999. the assault weapons ban basically said we're going to take guns that look dangerous when in reality, every gun is dangerous. i think there's a good chance if people stay focused on this of having the cordin murphy bill. this is sponsored by john cordin, by chris murray to fix the problems and the national crime registries so law enforcement has this is
11:19 am
reliable. remember we had what was it, 7,000 air force personnel who should not have been able to buy weapons as civilians and yet were able to because the problems with federal registry. this fixes those federal registry problems. i think that's likely to happen. >> dana: you wrote a column in your wall street journal weekly piece that there's good news for republicans. i wonder if this gun debate fits into that. i'll show you the terence group that did a poll for the national republican senatorial committee. it is partisan leaning but a good poll nonetheless, from its methodology. it shows kevin kramer in north dakota, 49 over 44 for heidi highcamp. he just got into the race last week. is there because there's momentum for republicans in these states where trump won but you have a democratic senator who's up for re-election? >> i think each one of these states like north dakota and arizona that i talked about in my column, it's not a general upward momentum. it's a specific state momentum.
11:20 am
kevin kramer is a very popular member of congress. he and heidi high camp went to washington at the same time. she was at the senate in 2012 and him to the house in 2012. what happened in those elections is, she won by .09 of a percent and he won by 13 points. he ran ahead of president trump last year by considerable margin in north dakota. north dakota was i think a 36% win for president trump. so he's a very good candidate for north dakota. there's great contrast between he and heidi highcamp. he and the state's very popular senior senator have been over here and she's been over there on virtually every major issue. the good news is we've gotten really good candidates in north dakota and arizona given specific advantages in those states. >> dana: all right. karl rove, thank you. >> thank you. >> dana: fox news alert. the dow is down big time today after the president announcing new tariffs on steel and
11:21 am
aluminum aimed at china and other nations. some economists warned this could mark the start of a trade war with china. russia sparking nuclear concern, claiming it has new weapons that are invincible. how will the u.s. respond? plus president targeting unfair competition. not all u.s. solar companies are happy. who's complaining and why?
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>> dana: earlier we told you about president trump's decision to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum. hraflt month he imposed a 30% tariff on solar panels sparking the battle about solar power that's getting mixed reaction in the u.s. solar industry. alisha? >> hi, dana. this was a major campaign promise by the president, with the goal of protecting american companies. but there are some in the solar industry, they fear that there could be a loss of jobs for american workers. back in january when the president made this announcement, he said he wanted to protect american companies and he wanted the solar panel to be made here in the good old u.s. of a. those words newsic to the ears of a company that said it was being outdone by chinese manufacturers so he and another company sought protection against unfair foreign competition. >> at the moment 50% of our
11:26 am
capacity and want to go further and bring people back to work. we have a lot of people are happy now to return to their work. >> the solar energy industry association said more than 250,000 people work in this business. 2,000 of whom build those panels the president is putting the import tariffs on. association estimates 23,000 jobs will be lost this year as a result. now, paul spencer, who heads the solar collective that allows customers to subscribe to solar energy, says jobs will be lost. installing them and selling the solar power itself. >> should we take advantage of that cheap price of an energy product and be able to have cheap energy for all our residents or should we increase everybody's price of power so we can have a couple companies survive making solar panels in the united states?
11:27 am
>> and just adding to the mix, this is interesting. just a week after the president denounced those tariffs a leading chinese manufacturer of panels announced its first ever american manufacturing plant that they're going to be building in jacksonville, florida. >> dana: interesting. when lived in denver, my parents put solar panels on our house. works well. >> lot of them here. >> dana: thank you, alisha. we are awaiting the white house briefing set to start at any moment now. we'll bring that to you live. plus the fighting rages on in syria. even with a cease fire in place. we are live in the middle east with the latest. and russia developing new nuclear weapons as vladamir putin makes some scary statements. how should the u.s. react? >> translator: russia was and remains a nuclear state. no one wanted to speak with us constructively.
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>> dana: president trump announced tariffs on steel and aluminum. the dow now down over 400 points, nearly 500. let's go to nicole down at the stock exchange. >> we did see the dow drop 587 points. this spooked wall street, not particularly about steel or aluminum, but tim port tariffs would be 15% on aluminum, 25% on
11:32 am
steel. in fact, steel stocks moved to new highs. the big picture is the concerns of a few things. one, a trade war, somewhat of a tit for tat, boeing and caterpillar for example are each down about 3% because they would then in turn face higher costs for raw materials possibly. in the meantime, boeing and caterpillar are both dow components. now down 500 points. we've been in a bull market. traders are used to a volatility and consolidation in these areas. what they don't want to say is taking out the february 9 levels where we were in correction territory. they want to see us hold that. the other thing that's been causing the selloff is the fear of inflation and rising interest rates. sometimes they seem to be a little more comfortable with the idea and sometimes they get spooked on the whole thing. we are expecting three to four rate hikes this year. we'll learn more on march 24th.
11:33 am
we'll watch for that as well. we have a strong dollar. that's weighing on commodities such as gold and oil which are all to the down side. dana? >> dana: thank you. fighting continuing in syria even as the united nations backed cease fire enters its second day. a group standing by waiting to help citizens looking to escape the eastern ghouta region. conor powell is at our eastern jerusalem counsel. >> reporter: people are supposed to be able to leave eastern ghouta to get to safety. for the three days they've been ghost towns. nobody's coming in and nobody's going out. that is really the situation there. despite this effort on saturday, the u.n. voted to push for a 30-day humanitarian truce, supposedly, in that area. then on monday, vladamir president, president of russia, said he would approve a five-hour cease fire. neither have taken hold. you have about 400,000 people in
11:34 am
eastern ghouta who are desperate for food, water, medical supplies. they've been utterly destroyed, that entire area. for the last four, five, weeks it has been bombed by the assad regime and russia. there are at least 600 people have been killed in the last week. getting them out is proving to be difficult. assad regime saying the reason nobody is leaving is because the rebels continue to shell these corridors. the rebels there saying the assad regime in russia, the air strikes are continuing so they're not gonna let anyone in or out. what you have now is a humanitarian crisis brewing. what we've seen there for the last couple years is reminisce sant of what we saw in elepo about a year ago where you saw heavy bombing, talks about truce and cease fires but nothing ever material as i -- materializes. >> dana: let's bring in adam
11:35 am
kinsinger. the washington editorial board saying putin is getting away with murder in syria. a few thousand american troops are in the midst of the world's most vicious war rubbing up against russian, syrians, turks, iranians and lebanese. it's more vital than ever that the trump administration articulate a clear strategy for american involvement in syria. your thoughts? >> david french writes some good stuff. he's right on. this is a resting place for empaoeurs. when i say resting place, we're all there. united states, russia, turkey, iran, israel just had a scuffle with syria. took out a lot of their defense. i have been worried about syria from the beginning but it was more from a humanitarian perspective. this could spark a massive regional war. i think the president needs to lay out a clear strategy.
11:36 am
yes, we have to defeat isis. we're all there as a blocking force for iran, for our allies in the region. the president needs to articulate that. i think put whatever combat power is needed to pain taeupb that. >> dana: what about the report that north korea has been sending chemical weapons and maybe other things to syria? the president had acted once when assad used chemical weapons. do you anticipate he would do it again? >> i sure hope he does. part of the nuance, assad is using chlorine gas which is not prohibited because it didn't exist when this treaty was written. but it's the spirit of it. the president needs to enforce it. without getting involved in a civil war, we can destroy assad's air force and ability to deliver chemical weapons. it's important that we say there is no use for chemical weapons on the battlefield ever in the civilized world. >> dana: especially if north korea is selling them. putin is there. and then today he did this. president putin claimed russia
11:37 am
has developed a new nuclear power cruise missile. he said it has unlimited range and a hyper sonic missile both of which putin claims can avoid current missile defense systems. he also boasted of a new under water drone and anti-satellite laser weapon. he issued this warning. watch this. >> translator: any use of nuclear weapons against russia and its allies, small or medium or any strength, will be perceived as a nuclear at act on our country. the response will be mediate and with all due consequences. >> dana: then he shows this video that basically shows he says he has a weapon that could hit florida without being detected. he's also up for election in russia. >> right, election. >> dana: he's trying to show they really got things going on in russia where the truth is, the country is not doing well at all. >> see, little vladamir, i think trump should call him. he is a weak man, insecure man.
11:38 am
he is the president of a country that's declining in population, declining in value, declining in the economy and has a declining military that frankly their proxies got their back sides handed to them by american military forces. he knows this. he's trying to be robust and look like he's tough. they are a nuclear power. we've got to be careful about that. the reality, he's desperate to win reelection. i think we need to treat him to the same kind of stuff he did in our election. if we wants to put out misinformation, maybe we need to let the russian people know what he's real tkhroeuing. >> dana: how ab our defenses? he says that he has weapons that we couldn't even begin to fight against. is that true? >> in terms of nukes, possibly. we really don't have good nuclear defense. most people think we do. >> dana: that's not good. >> it's not good. that's why the north korea thing is so essential. we both could overwhelm each other's defenses. we still have mutual shared
11:39 am
destruction. putin's rational enough never to use a nuclear weapon against us, but syria is a flash point, something we need to be concerned about. >> dana: you didn't calm my nerves at all, but i'm glad you were here. thank you. >> thank you. >> dana: america's pastor is heading home. an honor guard escorting billy graham's casket from the u.s. capitol. we will be live in north carolina. plus the gun business is bracing for new state restrictions. why some companies are thinking about moving. (avo) help control cravings
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white house briefing should begin at any moment. no shortage of top eubgsices today. there's jared kushner and word his family's real estate business received more than $1 billion in loans after executives met with kushner at the white house. hope hicks is out or on her way. republicans are pushing back
11:43 am
against comments president trump made about guns. now the dow has been in a large free fall this afternoon after the president announced he will be placing tariffs on steel and aluminum imports as the europeans would say. top of the hour on shepard smith reporting. see you then. >> dana: so the debate over gun control raging on as congress remains divided over what action to take. this as some states look at bypassing congress and enacting their own tighter restrictions. what does it mean for companies doing business in those states. doug mcelway has more. >> reporter: we are in a little warehouse in new york, the finger lakes region of new york. it's about five hours from where you are, about a world away in terms of attitude. this is the home of just right carvings. just a little while ago we spoke with the owner here. tom told us that his own father
11:44 am
was strictly opposed to guns so it became a forbidden fruit thing that led tom to being a highly regarded designer and builder of semiautomatic weapons. this is what he produces, holding in my hand. it is light, weighing only 6.5 pounds. it is simple. has only 44 parts. it is reliable because it's simple and it is very, very accurate. they sell about 75 of these things every week. ship them across the united states. these are not necessarily good times here at just right carvings. >> i went to the shot show in 2013 and everything was fine on monday. tuesday morning i woke up my gun was illegal. >> reporter: new york state's passage of the safe act, secure ammunition enforcement act was held as one of the strictest in the country. at the time, the governor said mentally ill people should not
11:45 am
have access to guns. you want to limit the danger. the people at just right carbines said they were arbitrary and random. take a look at this. this is a pistol grip. also forbidden threaded barrels to which you could affix a silencer or a bayonet. they had to produce a different kind of weapon here. this does not have a pistol grip. it cost an additional charge of $200 per weapon. they had to seek suppliers outside the state. so they're having a lot of trouble here and are concerned about what lies ahead. it has all -- >> dana: sorry to have to cut off doug. here's sarah sanders. >> that's a message we should all stop and consider a little more often. the president and first lady will also be attending reverend
11:46 am
graham's funeral in north carolina tomorrow. i'd like to highlight positive work the white house did. a bill empowers federal state and will call prosecutors to hold websites accountable for supporting sex trafficking vick timms. the president and ivanka trump met with survivors and victims advocates at the white house. he made it clear that this administration will fight the hold sex traffickers accountedable and ensure survivors have the support they need. this bill is an important step forward in the white house appreciates the house taking action on a bipartisan basis. earlier this week i mentioned we were going to begin regularly highlighting the historic obstruction of senate democrats and issue that threatens the safety and security of the american people. as a reminder compared to the four previous administrations, this senate confirmed the fewest nominees. half of the president's highly qualified nominees are still
11:47 am
waiting on con tpeurpation. today we have another example. 276 days ago kevin mcilene was nominated to be -- kevin's primary responsibility would be to help safe guard american borders, keeping terrorists and their weapons out of our nation all while facilitating lawful international trade. kevin should be preventing terrorists and contraband from entering our nation, yet he is still awaiting senate confirmation. senator schumer should not stop putting the safety and security of the american people at risk and immediately confirm him. and with that, i will take your questions. john? >> sarah, the president announced at the meeting punitive tariffs on steel and aluminum imports that would take effect next week. 10% for aluminum, 25% for steel. he announced even though the fine details have not been worked out about what countries will be involved, whether there are exemptions. the dow is down about 500 points as a result of this.
11:48 am
some of our allies including canada are saying these actions are unacceptable. why did the president announce this now, particularly before the details had even been worked out? >> the president is announcing his intent to sign those actions next week. we're not gonna get into any more details until those details are finalized. but that is what he intends to do next week. he was making that announcement. >> is he concerned about the results or effects his atphoupbment has had so far? >> the president is concerned about the men and women of this country who have been forgotten about, the industries that our country was founded and built on. this shouldn't come as a surprise to anybody. this is something, frankly t president's been talking about for decades. certainly something he talked about regularly on the campaign trail. something that he's delivering on, making that clear today and those details and that actual announcement will take place sometime next week. >> sarah, what the president often talks about stock market
11:49 am
reactions. is he surprised to see the market down after making this announcement without explanation on tariffs? and do you have any detail on why he decided to announce it today? it's been sudden when we were called to that event. it wasn't something on our necessarily public schedule. >> this is something, again that the president has been talking about for a long time. it's not a surprise. we're gonna continue doing what we can to protect american workers. that was something the plt committed to during the campaign. this is something that he feels is vitally important. that part is new. he's announcing his intent to make those things happen next week and we'll have more details on that. this is something the president's wanted to do for quite some time. >> why was it a surprise that the press gathered there? it wasn't on the schedule.
11:50 am
>> i don't think the president tells you guys everything first. it's something he's been talking about for a long time. >> there were competing events. >> these are conversations the president has been having for a long time. he's made his intentions very clear to the team at the white house. i don't think it came as a surprise to anybody here. >> 25 opinion or could that change? >> i think that's the intent, but until those details are finalized, i'm not going to get into any more specifics. >> number of people have -- [ inaudible ]. -- $31,000 dining set. the president talked about draining the swamp. does he plan on draining some of his cabinet? >> in terms of if you're asking if he's getting rid of anyone on the cabinet, i'm not aware that that's taking place at any point
11:51 am
right now. to be clear on secretary carson, the order that he referenced was cancelled and they're looking for another option that's much more responsible with taxpayer dollars. >> when the president loses confidence with one of his members of the cabinet he tells us. can you explain why the president has confidence with members of his cabinet -- [ inaudible ] >> look, starting with the va, with secretary shulkin, the president is proud of the job he's been doing, modernizing the va. lot of movements they've had there. he supports him in those efforts. but we have been reviewing these actions and making sure we are being very responsible with taxpayer dollars.
11:52 am
this is something the president has asked all of his team to go back and look at. >> senator mcconnell said the senate would not move forward and cornen said they would be discussing this. after yesterday's session it seems republicans are running away from what the president wanted, a quick resolution to this on this front. why didn't the president have the clout on capitol hill that congress, why can't he get congress to bend as well? >> i don't think it is about bending to his will. it's about an on going discussion about the best pieces of legislation that they can put forward. yesterday was certainly an important part of that. the president has met with a number of stake holders. next week he'll all be meeting with members of the video game industry to see what they can do
11:53 am
on that front as well. this is gonna be an on going process and something we don't expect to happen overnight. but something we're going to continue to be engaged in and look for the best ways possible to make sure we're doing everything we can to protect schools across the country. >> doesthe president want to get rid of the attorney general? >> no. >> how ab jared kushner? >> no. >> is jared kushner becoming a distraction? >> jared is a valued member of the administration. he's going to continue to focus on the work he's been doing. >> are there any conflict of interest given the meetings he had with top executives from companies that gave his family business millions of dollars? >> i would refer you to the statement that was put out by his attorney. >> are there concerns here? >> again i would have to refer you to the statement put out by his attorney. john? >> >> back to the tariff announcement. is the president concerned about
11:54 am
the impact this may have on american allies like canada, u.k., e.u.? >> the president's biggest concern is that we are doing everything we can to protect american workers. that was what his announcement on his intentions are next week are specifically geared towards. this isn't something he's shied away from or hasn't spoken about regularly and often or something he's going to stop talking about at any point. i'm sorry? >> is the president concerned about any retaliation coming from any of the countries being impacted by this? >> not that i'm aware of. >> just wanted to ask you about a comment and get your reaction to republican senator put out a statement in regard to this tariffs. he said president is proposing massive tax increase on american families, protectionism for the weak, not the strong. he concluded by writing the
11:55 am
policies would be expected from a leftist administration, not republican. do you have a comment on that? >> i don't know the president will or should ever apologize for protecting american workers. certainly, not to senators. >> you say you won't be getting into details at this point. should we read into it that there will be exemptions for certain countrys? >> again, i'm not going to get ahead of the final details that will be put out next week. at this point, there's no additional information to share as this is all being finalized. >> haspresident made up his mind in which countries he might exempt or is considering? >> again, i'm not going to get into any details on this front. i don't have anything further to add on his intentions that will take place next week. we're a little tight so i'm going to keep moving. >> yesterday was the deadline chairman gowdy set for the white house chief of staff to reply to
11:56 am
his questions ability security clearances at the white house. was that request met with the chief of staff? >> we're having conversations with the committee and we're going to continue working with them. i can't go any further than that. >> do you think you might answer the committee? >> we're in regular conversations with them. trey? >> this week the president expressed frustration with his attorney general and the department of justice as it relates to the process looking to fisa abuses. what would the president like to see done differently? >> look, the president's made clear he has a lot of concerns with the current fisa process. nothing makes the problems of fisa cleaner than what was outlined in the republican and democrat memos. the fbi used political campaign material to get a warrant to spy on american citizens. they failed to disclose to the judge that the dossier was funded by the clinton campaign and the dnc even as it was being used to spy on people associated with the trump campaign.
11:57 am
obviously that alone shows us that the process needs to be looked at closely and reformed to make sure we're doing everything we can to protect the privacy of american citizens. >> that tweet, could you elaborate on the relationship between the president and the attorney general? does president trump believe his attorney general disgraced him? >> the president's made his frustrations very clear. i don't have anything to add. dave? >> what's the president's reaction to what the mayor of oakland, california, did last weekend when she tipped off residents that there was an imminent immigration raid coming? does he feel that the mayor broke the law? >> i think it's outrageous that a mayor would circumvent federal authority and certainly put them in danger by making a move such as that. it's currently under review by the department of justice. i don't have anything else to add. olivia? >> two for you. i know you're averse to providing details about the
11:58 am
tariff plan. does the president plan to cut the plan with any policy to mitigate the impact on, say, the auto industry? >> again, i don't have else to add. >> did you take note of president putin's speech and do you have a reaction to his rhetoric and threats about weapons? >> yes. president putin has confirmed what the united states government has known all along, which russia has denied. russia has been developing destablizing weapon systems for over a decade in direct violations of its treaty obligations. president trump understands the threats facing america and our allies in this century and is determined to protect our homeland and preserve peace through strength. u.s. defense capabilities are and will remain second to none. and now, because of the new defense budget of $700 billion, our military will be far stronger than ever. as the president's nuclear posture review made clear, america is moving forward to modernizing our nuclear arsenal and ensure our capabilities are unmatched. john?
11:59 am
>> thank you, sarah. two short questions. first, can you confirm or deny that the president has made a decision to go for the outside for a successor to hold communications director rather than promote from within? >> the decision on that hasn't been made. i don't have a personnel announcement. >> the other thing is that the president's good relationship with senators manchin of west virginia and toomey of pennsylvania. has he been in touch with either of them to discuss further the proposed universal gun ban that's been floated around since last week? >> i know they were both part attended the meeting this week. the president also spoke i believe with senator toomey earlier today. but has not seen that final legislation as discussions are still on going. so i can say where we fall in position on that piece of
12:00 pm
legislation at this point. but he is continuing to have conversations and is going to continue to be engaged with members of congress across the board. >> the attorney general, jeff sessions, was due to be at the white house today. did the president have an opportunity to speak to him while he was here? >> not that i'm aware of. >> moving on to gun violence prevention. the president said yesterday that he would sign a bill and then he said, i will call whoever you want me to if i like what you're doing. if senators, if the house passes a bill that does deal with safety, gun violence, is the president committed to signing whatever they pass? >> the president is not going to unilaterally say without seeing the piece of legislation but he does want congress to come together and put forward a piece of legislation that addresses the safety in schools and gun


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