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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  January 28, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PST

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by. >> i think an idea what you're doing >> president trump is gearing up for his first state of the union address. today, new details about his message. he's planning to take a unifying tone and focus on building on building a safe, strong, proud america. i molly and you are watching the fox report. >> molly: mr. trump is back in washington tonight, returning yesterday after a speech in switzerland. he touted america's economic suspects. he's going to address that on tuesday night along with infrastructure, immigration, trade, national security. here's more and all of this. >> good evening. senior ministration officials
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are giving more detailed look at what the president will save to congress and the nation on tuesday night when he delivers the state of the union address. he will address infrastructure and a plan with about $1 trillion to rebuild infrastructure in the way the white house is will be right and fast. the president will outline efforts to fight terrorism, discuss north korea, and provide an emphasis on fair and reciprocal trade. a number people are looking to see which way the president will go on changing the international trade regime. an official involved in the discussion with the president state of the union address says there will be a more empathetic president. a more bipartisan president. after the speech, cabinet officials will fan out to reinforce the message. one will be about congress moving to action, also about
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items that this white house has already accomplished like tax reform. you should expect another speech on tax reform from the white house for the president early next month. part of the discussions going on evolve immigration and keeping the government (the funding authority ends on february 8. the white house has given an offer on immigration, protecting 1.8 million dreamers. those who brought to the country illegally as children, and extremely billions of dollars and a border wall and ending chain migration and the visa lottery system. the president is interested and wants to keep the daca recipients in the country. >> if we make the right deal, i think they will. these are people with very strong opinions on daca and on immigration in general. i happen to think they are largely right.
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look, we're going to try to ma e a deal on daca, we have a good chance of making it. we need the wall, we need security at the border, we need to stop the drugs from coming in, we need safety, we need a strong military. >> chuck schumer has rejected that offer us negotiations continue on capitol hill. they're trying to figure out a way to deal with immigration, the dreamers and all the issues have been tied into one another. when the government was recently shut down those discussions continued. >> molly: a fascinating we can have ahead. thank you for the report. as president trump readies for the state of the union he continues to tout america's economic progress. he is using his speech betwee be
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world leaders to push america first and push global investment in the united states. >> there has never been a better time to hire, bill, invest, and grow in the united states. america is open for business, and we are competitive once again. the american economy is by far the largest in the world. we just enacted the most significant tax cuts and reform. in american history. >> molly: joining me now, eddie is here, thank you for being here. let's talk about what happened in switzerland. perhaps the most talked about line in the speech when he was there, america first does not mean america alone. that might be the signal to the allies abroad, maybe those who have soured abets that the united states had pulled out of international agreements that the u.s. wants to work with the world. >> it was a big stage for the president to give a better
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explanation of what america first means. what he was saying is that america first does not mean we are retreating from the world. i am paraphrasing what he said. expanding on the quote, he said i'm putting our citizens first. my priority is our citizens just as i suspect the leaders of your countries will be putting your citizens first. it was a diplomatic tone compared to what you may have seen during the campaign and what you have seen while he's in office. that was the purpose he was serving. >> the president is taking time to bring about america. take a listen. >> we had a great first year. so successful in many different ways. when you look at all of the different charts and pulls, as an example you see african-american unemployment at the historic low. it has never had a time like this. the same with hispanic women at
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a 17 year low. it's very heartwarming to see. >> molly: what is the overall message? that america is back to work? it's a great time to invest in america? >> he is there to talk about gorgeous when you're in his term about how great things are going for him as he sees it. is there to cover investments in the country. we had a meeting before the speech in the same location, he was given a meeting with different european and business leaders. he had a good report and very from the report. he had them go one by one and say what the plans are for investing in america. they gave very positive assessments. that was in large part another purpose. to have them promise some kind of commitment and to say the conditions for them are very good.
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>> molly: as you talk about this warm report, the president talked a little tough when it came to trey. he said the u.s. would no longer turn a blind eye to unfair economic practices. we cannot have free and open trade when some countries exploit the system at the expense of others. is he sending a message there? i'll work with you, trade is okay, but america first. >> policy wise he has been incredibly consistent from his campaign rhetoric. the idea that he's threatening to pull out of nafta and he pulled out of the paris climate deal because he didn't feel that was fair to america and american workers. he was consistent with that in his speech in switzerland. he may have been more diplomatic, but at the same time he's been very consistent and
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the thing that i will be working out for american workers and if i don't like it i'll be pulling out when we can renegotiate. >> molly: the last president to attend this big meeting with her talking trade and investments was president bill clinton. is this the type of meeting that suits this president? >> he is very comfortable holding court when it comes to these meetings, with people that are very important. if you watch the footage they live streamed it on fox and other channels. he got them laughing and feeling good about talking about what their investment plans were in america. for this president he might be at its highest. he said during the negotiations over immigration a few weeks ago they seem to be getting along well in a fairly good way.
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this is the thing he seems to enjoy and strive it. he gets good press out of it. all in all, the trip in speech was pretty good. >> i wanna look ahead at the state of the union address just around the corner. time flies when you think about that. who we are looking for the big speech. the theme is building a safe, strong, proud america. how much of the speech will be a victory left and how much will be looking forward? >> a good portion will be about the tax law that went into effect. we have seen early different company say that they are giving raises and giving bonuses, crediting the tax law for that. so i think he has every reason to take credit for that. going forward have a lot to do. they want to talk about immigration right now i think you might see some victory lapping. that's really the only major legislative accomplishment he has.
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the rest of it likely will be about immigration, infrastructure and other policies. >> molly: it's like a tease for what is coming. later in the show we are we'll talk immigration. we are also learning that senior fbi officials consider naming a special prosecutor in the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. that did not happen. revelations coming from newly released text messages between agency officials, peter strachan lisa page. it was alleged proof of a pro- clinton, antitrust bias. here's lead talking a few moments ago. >> with everything were seen as trey gaudi says, were seen how people are allowing their biases to overcome their better judgment. we are connecting the dots of all of the ways that improperly, how and way the trump russia
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probe began. >> molly: laura is a washington with more. these techs are showing not only possible bias according to some, but also suggest officials were concerned about being too tough on hillary clinton's e-mail use. at first we didn't have the text but now we do. >> the doj inspector general says after a technical glitch they were able to recover thousands of text messages found him for phones that belong to the officials, now demoted fbi agents and reassigned fbi agents. the chairman committee suggest senior fbi officials were concerned there could be backlash from hillary clinton if the bureau investigated her e-mail use to rig ruthlessly and she was elected president. some lawmakers say the investigation was fixed in clinton's favor. the attorney general is defending his department which lawmakers are becoming frustrated with.
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>> my purpose every day is to get the department back to its fundamental mission of enforcing the law protecting the safety of americans with integrity and fairness. >> the text show in march of 2016 there is a proposal securely daemons and meetings to name former u.s. attorney, patrick fitzgerald is special prosecutor of an e-mail probe. he was never appointed, despite republicans calling for. >> the other side has to do with the russian investigation. >> this goes back to the two officials, they both briefly worked on the russia investigation. those are boosting republicans who believe the special counsel robert mueller's investigation into possible russia collusion
2:13 am
is biased while they are no longer with the investigation, it has many split and if there russia probe can still be fair. >> i don't i think mueller is a man of integrity and hell do the right thing. >> mueller has ethical issues and conflicts that need to be resolved. >> senator grassley who released the text also have question the timing of the release from the justice department saying it's disconcerting and raises questions. >> molly: thank you for tracking this. we appreciate it right now, steve nguyen is out as rnc finance chairman. the file continues from the sexual misconduct allegations. plus you development in the olympic scandal. a famous university is in the crosshairs as one question how
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may be more likely to misuse lyrica. with less pain, i can do more with my family talk to your doctor today. see if lyrica can help. >> molly: sex abuse scandal that rocked the limbic world could soon rock at college athletics two. investigation will be launched and what happened at michigan state university after the former sports dr. larry nasser's sex abuse scandal. the attorney general said no department will be off limits at the university. >> no individual and no department at you michigan state university is off limits. we'll put a bright light at every corner of the university. this will be done right. >> molly: larry nasser is facing 40 - 175 years in prison for sexual abuse in similar
2:18 am
country's top gymnasts. more than 150 girls and testified against him. the near casino owner, steve nguyen is stepping down as finance chairman of the rnc after multiple regulations of sexual misconduct. the number of women that have lit worked with him described a pattern of inappropriate behavior going back decades. wooden resorts denies the claims. it sent the shares down 9% on friday. will is live in los angeles with more. were hearing from others at this hour. >> late this afternoon he explained his decision to step down in a statement he said in part, the work we're doing to make america better places to important to be impaired by this distraction. i think the president for the opportunity to serve and i wish him continued success. this was sparked by an extensive
2:19 am
piece at the wall street journal. the journalists contacted more than 150 people, dozens who conveyed a pattern of alleged sexual misconduct that has lasted for decades. one of the more damning allegations comes from a manicurist who accuses window forcing him to have sex with him. when later peter seven and a half million dollars in a settlement. he tells fox news that the idea that i ever assaulted any woman is preposterous. the idea we may find ourselves in a world war where people can make allegations regardless of the truth. and the person is left with either tolerating better having lawsuits. they said it stemmed from a divorce. verify the special committee to invest in the claims.
2:20 am
he built numerous hotels and casinos in las vegas. and took over finance chairman after trump took office. >> molly: this story has political tones as well. >> s. the allegations are rippling across the political world. especially after the harvey weinstein scandal in his link to democrats. the dnc released the statement, few stand for training women well and respect for women, you should not take money from someone who treated someone with the highest level of disrespect. she released her own statement today. i accepted steve nguyen's resignation as a finance chair. were waiting to see a president trump will weigh in. he has been a business rival and friend of his for years. >> molly: thank you. the taliban taken responsibility for an ambush involving an ambulance in afghanistan.
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2:25 am
attack in afghanistan. a suicide bomber triggering an ambulance to take out the attack. present trump said in part, this murderous attack renews our resolve and that of our afghan partners. this cruelty will not prevail. the united states is committed to a secure afghanistan free from terrorist who will target americans, our allies, and anyone who doesn't share their wicked ideology. david has more. >> the attack is being called an atrocity and massacre. there is outrage not only because of the high death toll but because an ambulance used to save lives was used to destroy so many. the explosive ambulance passed a checkpoint after the driver told police he was taken a patient to hospital. soon after he detonated the
2:26 am
device. most of the debtor civilians. security forces were also killed. the force of the blast shook the capital. >> i was in my shop when the explosion came through. all windows were shattered. i was sitting in the office and right after it collapsed . >> the taliban has taken responsibility. the tillerson issued a statement saying, taliban's use of an aimless as a weapon to target civilians represents inhumane disregard for the people of afghanistan and those trying to bring peace. it is a violation of the most basic international norms. one week ago the taliban, more than 20 people to cabo hotel including for americans. isis is trying to also
2:27 am
destabilize the country. on wednesday they took responsibility for the group a the children. four people were killed then. the latest attack will increase pressure on the afghan government and the u.s. to combat militants in the country. the us-led international force in afghanistan says none of its members were killed in the blast. >> molly: thank you. the main river that goes to paris is overflowing. look at the video. this river goes straight through the french capital. water levels are now nearly 11 feet above normal. it is closed many roads and cancel boat cruises. authorities are shutting down train station, parks, and the bottom floor of the louvre museum. the expect letter to keep rising. season hitting a deadly peak.
2:28 am
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>> molly: this is the foxreport. if you're just joining us, activity is blanketing america. all states reporting widespread cases with the exception of hawaii. it might be the worst season in a decade. the cdc says one out of every 15 dr. visits were for symptoms of the flu. that's the highest level since the swine flu pandemic of 2009. the old and long are the most vulnerable. toby rhode island died this past tuesday, the community middle school student as being more by his friends, classmates, and stunned family. >> everything was normal. just a regular cold. and then shocking, you get a call that he is pass. how does that happen? take care of your kids, hug them
2:33 am
a little tighter. consider having that flu shot perhaps. >> 37 pediatric deaths have been reported. health officials expect their be more in the coming week comparing this year to the 201,415 season when their 148 pediatric deaths. this year the flu strain is a especially by roland. officials were that the season season is far from over. >> we been talking with the state health department asking what kind of flu activity there same. this is the third week 49 of 50 states or indicating there is widespread activity. health officials continue to
2:34 am
encourage people to stay home if they're sick, cover your cough and get the flu shot. president trump will outline his immigration framework on monday amid tensions on daca. the white house is proposing a path to citizenship for dreamers in exchange for funding a border wall. democrats have their skeptical while supporters insist it's a deal that must be made. >> misspelled the wall on the southern border because when sovereign nation. if we do that and and sanctuary cities and the visa lottery system and chain migration, look at the 1.8 million people who are already here and have a potential path to citizenship over a ten or 12 your time. there is no path without the wall. >> molly: allison has more from lawmakers. >> mitch mcconnell called the white house framework guidance that indicates what is necessary for the president to sign a bill
2:35 am
into law. he said i'm hopeful that is discussions continue on the subject of immigration members on both sides look for guidance while they work towards agreement. the element its way to congress. the senator involved said talks in the senate would continue regardless of what happened at the white house. >> when i can be locked down by what the white house might too. >> the white house hasn't released a blueprint, only framework. there are critics on the left and right. >> they went the ransom for these children to be $25 billion for wall when we have all the needs structure own country. >> if president does this reduces the number of chain migration that come in, that sand of his enforcement that he's gonna get in his
2:36 am
administration's unless we come up with other amnesty. >> some said they like the white house's proposal. patton called the general sentiment, a balance between protecting dreamers and securing the border. in the past some said they were frustrated because they didn't know what president trump wanted in an immigration proposal. mcconnell seem to suggest that this is that clarity. >> molly: allison, thank you. from our and the debate let's bring in eddie. thanks for coming back. the trump administration plans to unveil this legislative framework. they released a one-page paper that give us a hint of what were looking for. scranton a pathway to citizenship for nearly 2 million people in exchange for things that have been on the trump administration wish lists. the wall, and then to the visa lottery system, will there be a
2:37 am
compromise? >> i don't know. both sides are very upset at least initially they been upset about what the plan proposes. both sides get a lot more than what they asked for to begin with. democrats get a path to citizenship for more of the daca people. republicans are getting more money for the border wall. the getting legal immigration in the years to come. legal immigration could be reduced by half. however, both sides to like that the other side is getting more. it's interesting. >> that i think about what they're not getting. the president took a hard-line stance over the course of his campaign. seems like he softened his
2:38 am
heart. take a listen to what he said a few days ago. >> over the next few years of 70 does a great job whatever they're doing if there do a great job i thinks it it's a nice thing to have the incentive if after certain years to be able to become a citizen. >> he signaling that this pathway is a potential impossible. is it the key to this entire compromise? >> for democrats it is. it depends on how much the winner extends legal staff to these people. the deadline is there so it just depends on how much democrats care about the issue. he said the president is softening on immigration. he is not softening on the wall.
2:39 am
seems to be that he understands the complexity of the issue just like you did with healthcare. he came into office saying were gonna get rid of obama care but i think that's more complicated than he realized. the same is true in immigration. they put a plan out, looks like both sides will get a lot to talk about. like all things go well once i will put forth or take away will change everything and it goes back and forth .
2:40 am
>> the rhetoric is tough on both sides. senate minority leader chuck schumer said that daca is a tool to tear proto- legal immigration system and adopt the wish list that hardliners have advocated with for years. republican from iowa, steve king says illegals have no right to be here and have all violated our laws. here those two sides, or defend the balance? where we leaving the septa folks to find a compromise. again, they're up against a deadline. to call it a wish list the white house has always been open about if they're going to deal with before their skin before issues, will and chain migration, chain migration and the border wall. has the most to lose? i think it's democrats. they're the ones who are up against a wall. you do have the republicans asking for a lot.
2:41 am
it will be a quick issue to get through. >> at the president wants the senate to draft this legislation based on the framework and introduce it by february 5. in just a couple of days before the funding runs out. will they get much done? >> it didn't go well for the democrats for shutdown. based on daca. don't know if they want to run that again. the american people believe it's an important issue but not important enough to shut down the government. i doubt they want to run into that again. but maybe they feel like they have a better hand to play. >> thank you for joining us. monday and tuesday will be interesting. >> molly: it's been nearly 50 years since the offenses in vietnam. we were able to see a combat photographer who captured this
2:42 am
iconic photo. plus rex tillerson is in poland for international holocaust a. that's next. >> we honor them many heroic actions taken by those who gave shelter to the many who were condemned and put themselves at risk in d if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis and you're talking to your rheumatologist about a medication, this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further irreversible damage. this is humira helping me reach for more. humira has been clinically studied for over 20 years. humira works for many adults. it targets and blocks a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions,
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>> a solemn day across theworld. people mark international holocaust remembrance state. the international community is
2:46 am
reflecting on the people killed. rex tillerson is speaking at an event in poland honoring the lives that were lost in vowing to confront hatred and all of its forms. >> we acknowledge the survivors, the loved ones in the friends of those who walks and grieved it today. we walk along their side. on this occasion reminds us that we can never be indifferent to the face of evil. >> 6 million european jews were killed in the holocaust. this tuesday marks 50 years since the tech offensive. a series of surprise attacks i the viacom. it ultimately became a key turning point in the war. we have the story of young combat photographer able to capture the battle, one of the largest military campaigns of the conflict. >> one of the most iconic images of the vietnam war. the photo taking during the battle in 1960 capture the carnage born out of the
2:47 am
bloodiest fight. behind the lens. >> i was a 20-year-old u.s. army draftee aside to stars & stripes newspaper. >> john remembers arriving there. >> i'd never seen anything like it. the friday night scene was all jungle fighting. this was a pile of rubble, we are met by 18 and 19, 20-year-old marines. >> that was 50 years ago. today, his work is featured in a new exhibit at the museum in washington, d.c. uniquely some versions were created for the blind. he sought to find the voices behind those he immortalized in film but not all survive. others remain nameless. this photo central figure is a handsome young marine line close to death shot through the chest. >> i knew i was hit bad. i thought it was my last.
2:48 am
>> alvin was just 18 years old. had an aid station he was nearly left for dead. >> they figured i was too wanted to say. but after a bit i heard someone say, this one is not dead yet. >> is now a grandfather of 11 who admits that the war still haunts them but he's willing to share his reflection. >> i hope it tells a story. so moment where you can see the carnage. it's an eerie picture. i'm kinda proud of it too. >> molly: olson continues to look for the men in his photos. he set up a website where the public and aided his shir searcd share stories. the exhibit will remain on display through july. the u.s. mayor getting pulled out of office as she faces corruption charges.
2:49 am
the details about an undercover sting operation. plus, the white house says its necessity but environmentalists say it could have devastating effect on wildlife. a report from a texas community who is in the middle of it all.
2:50 am
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>> molly: a florida mayor has been suspended from office in a felony corruption charges. they arrested joy cooper on friday. she's the mayor of hallandale beach, north of miami. she's accused of accepting illegal campaign contributions through former attorney. undercover agents gave the attorney at dunkin' donuts a bag containing $8000. she says she will vigorously fight the allegations in court. the charges carry five years behind bars. environmentalists gearing up for fright over president trumps border wall. group say the barrier could harm more than 1515 species of birds, plants, and animals. here's a report. >> tucked away in south texas, a place unlike others.
2:54 am
>> this has largest diversity plants and animals and every refuge. the national wildlife refuge spans more than 2000 acres. segments of the trumps wall are supposed to be built here. the refuge was created and 43 to preserve and sustain wildlife it will become a death trap. it will put all wildlife on an island limiting their food supplies and trapping them in a flood zone. it would prevent animals from reaching higher grounds when waters rise. anything that cannot fly out were drowned. >> to lose something like this is unthinkable. >> if the border patrol says they have to have the wall, we will live with it. >> frank's massive farm ends
2:55 am
where the border begins. security is a top concern with people and drugs being smuggled almost daily. >> my granddaughters play in the backyard back here. couple hundred yards away from where the wall will be. they will be more secure. >> he remains torn. the environmental impacts worry him. and the family will have to sacrifice something deeply personal. >> right where you're standing the proposal will be built. >> they could lose more than 1000 acres of their prosperous farmland. >> it's a horse productive ground we have, yet, holding back tears he says he would do it if it meant every american would feel safer. legal challenges are stacking up in court. environmental groups not just in texas pulling out stops to try to halt construction whereby more time to come up with a plan. >> thank you.
2:56 am
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molly: that was a florida couple to found a message floating back to shore after 30 years. inside was a children's school project all the way from scotland. the couple learned the teacher and her class had thrown that bottle into the north sea in the 1980s. that's how fox reports this january 27, ♪
2:59 am
[national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ ♪ [national anthem] ♪
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daca ♪ >> the countdown to the president's pursuit of the union has not appeared while the battle over immigration reform intensifies on the hill. >> the white house has given enough for an immigration protecting a 1.8 million dreamers. senate minority leader chuck schumer has at the white house software. >> democrats want to use this as a political issue. this is about fixing the immigration problem across the board. >> the white house responding after 100 people were killed and dozens more wounded in a terror attack in afghanistan. president trump saying how it will not prevail. >> the clash between the white


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