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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 26, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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>> climbing is greattor kids, you learn how to fall. you got to learn how to fall. >> you got to learn how to bounce. >> thank dpold it's friday. we will be back on monday. "special report" is up next, chris wallace in for bret. >> have a great weekend. president trump trump tells world leaders america is open for business, while ge nieing he tried to fire the russia special counsel. why is alabama considering an end to marriage licenses. whatever happened to reforms at veterans hospitals? this is "special report." moat. ♪ ♪ >> good evening, welcome to washington, i'm chris wallace in for bret baier. president trump is on his way home after a two-day sales trip to europe. he told the world economic for numb switzer land the u.s. is open for business and as america grows so does everyone else. mr. trump is coming home to new
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questions about whether he tried to fire the special counsel who's investigating alleged collusion with the russians as well as possible obstruction of justice. chief white house correspondents john roberts is in davos, switzerland with the good, the bad, and the ugly for the president. hello, john. >> chris, good evening. the question of whether the president actually tried to take of the the special counsel is an important one. which was the president discussing possible optioning or was there an attempt to obstruct justice? president trump began his day in davos talking not about the economy but a new bombshell report that last june he ordered his white house counsel to fire robert mueller. >> president trump: fake news, fake news, typical "new york times" fake story. >> the "new york times" reported that trump only backed down from the demand to fire mueller after don mcghan threatened to quit. it surfaced last june after a trump friend said the president
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was weighing whether to fire mueller. >> i think he's considering, perhaps, terminating the special counsel. >> fox news was told at the time that the president did discuss firing mueller with mcghan and other aids, after mcghan told him the result would be disastrous. the president went so far in that meeting they say as to whether he would talk to deputy attorney general rosenstein about the idea of firing mueller but never ordered him to be fired. associations say mcghan they ever threatened to resign. despite the denials, democrats were shocked that he was talking about firing the special counsel. >> he order the attorney to fire the special counsel? the president is panicked over the truth coming out about his team's collaboration with the russians. >> members of congress in both parties to have step up and
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decide whether our eli jans is to the constitution and oath of office or we're going to allow these kind of actions that i think will cross a red line. >> the latest controversy distracted from the president's core message in davos. speaking to a gathering that has both snubbed and ridiculed him, 789 trump declared the u.s. open for business. >> president trump: the world rewitnessing the resurgence of a strong and prosperous america. i'm here to deliver a message, there is never a time to hire, build, invest, and grow in the united states. >> the president tried to allay fears among the audience that his america first policy amounts to protectionism. he insisted that global made must be reformed, to level the playing field. >> it needs to be fair and it needs to be precip row cal.
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unfair trade undermines us all. >> rare apology of sorts from the president today. after being scolded by british prime minister theresa may for retweeting unverified videos posted by a u.k. ultra-nationalist group, president trump told itn tv he had no idea the videos weren't genuine or who the group was. >> if you're telling me they're horrible people, horrible, racist people i would apologize if you'd like me to do. that i know nothing about them. >> the president is scheduled to land in washington, d.c. within the hour. he will spend the weekend trying to dig out from this latest controversy and turn his attention to toward tuesday's state of the union address. chris? >> john roberts reporting from davos, safe trip home. congressional republicans are torn tonight between who some consider compassion and others view as amnesty. reaction to president trump's immigration plan and what he is offering the so-called dreamers
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is dividing many of the president's supporters. and fuelling his critics in both parties. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel has more from capitol hill. >> president trump: america is a cutting edge economy. but our immigration system is stuck in the past. >> at the world economic forum president trump started making the case for his immigration blue print. >> president trump: we must replace our current system, of extended family chain migration with a merit-based sis telling of admissions that selects new arrivals based on their ability to contribute to our economy, to support themselves financially, and to strengthen our country. >> the headlines of his plan were $25 billion for his proposed border wall system and path to citizenship over 10 to 12 years for an estimated 1.8 million people. the attorney general highlighted switching to a merit-based system. >> for some reason when we are
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admitting new americans, the future of our country, our government uses a randomized lottery system and chaining my grace. >> from the right, breitbart called the president amnesty don. from the left, house democratic leader nancy pelosi launched this attack. >> that plan is a campaign to make america white again. it's a plan that says over 50% of the current legal immigration will be cut back. that many people will be cents out of the country. >> the senate democratic leader chuck schumer got into a twitter feud with the president today. schumer tweeted, unfortunately this plan flies in the face of what most americans believe. the president fired back, daca has been made increasingly difficult crying chuck schumer took such a beating over the shutdown he's unable to act on immigration. a lawmaker involved in bipartisan immigration talks says senators will continue their work. >> they're not going to be
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locked down by thinking about what the house might do or what the white house might, do we'll move on our own. >> a leading house conservative says the focus needs to be on border security and fixing a broken system. >> if it's the other way around, which is what mr. durbin wants and senator graham wants, a focus on daca first then pretend security and pretend border wall and pretend chain migration that's a dirnts animal, i won't be for that. >> some of the moderates don't want the president's blueprint to derail their work. but after complaints of some lawmakers they didn't know what the president wanted, now they know. chris? >> mike emanuel on capitol hill, thank you. the education department and the house energy and commerce committee are the latest to announce investigations into the sexual abuse scandal involving former michigan state university and usa nim gymnastics sports doctor larry nassar. the school's athletic director resigned today. yesterday,mate's president quit.
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wednesday, nassar was sentenced tos ams 175 years in prison. many victims say their complaints about nassar were ignored to school officials. the entire board of usa gymnastics announced it will resign today. some republican lawmakers now say the fix was in during the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. this comes after the release of the latest batch of texts between two now-former members of the special counsel's team. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has the latest tonight. >> republicans on the house inkell generals committee predict the four-page staff memo documenting alleged surveillance could be released soon. >> within days, two weeks at the most. >> 190 republicans and a dozen democrats read the document. fox news understands it was crafted for wide distribution. sensitive information was kept to a minimum and limited redactions are needed. >> there's nothing in there at
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all which can tip an enemy off as to what methods we use or sources we have. >> the committee's ranking democrat, adam schiff, drafted his own memo and joined forces with senior democrat dianne feinstein. they want facebook and twitter to investigate claims that it was a top trending # operated by cripple lynn groups. as momentum builds, texts made public seem to reinforce concerns about fbi senior leadership under director comey. >> before we got these text messages we all suspected the fix was in on the clinton investigation. now that we've seen the text messages, we know the fix was in. >> republican senator chuck grass lee released text messages from february 2016. that suggest now demoted fbi agent peter schrock talked about hillary clinton and handling of position. paige rights, she might be our next president.
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the last thing you need is going there loaded for bear. do you think she's going to remember or care it was more sd o.j. than fbi? strzok replied, agreed. they talked about a special counsel to take on the clinton e-mail case and floated patrick fitzgerald. the texts reference the use of nine government e-mail accounts and enkrapted apps for fbi business, a possible violation of records laws. before the justice department confirmed thousands of texts were recovered, grasslee said the timing was disconcerting. >> maybe there is a legitimacy for it but doesn't it seem strange? >> the senator wants to release trips p the committee's investigation of the june 2016 trump tower meeting including an interview with the president's son. feinstein released the transcript on her own about the dossier. she said she wants the transcripts out as long as it doesn't interfere with the
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special counsel's investigation. >> a new report hillary clinton intervened when her weight campaign manager wanted to fire a senior advisor because of sexual harassment claims. that according to the "new york times." it says burns strider, clinton's faith advisor and was married was accused of harassing a colleague. he was docked pay and ordered to undergo counseling but kept his job a clinton spokesman provided a statement that the scam pain had a process for dealing with complaints. in this case it was no exception. the "wall street journal" reports what it says was a pattern of sexual misconduct by billionaire casino owner steve wynn who serves as finance chair for the republican finals committee. the journal says wynn paid a $7.5 million settle don't a pan cure interest who said he forced her to have sex. wirn says the idea he ever assaulteded woman is present produce r pros to us. wynn has no plans to leave his
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republican party position. some conservatives in alabama say a bill calling for an end to marriage licenses is a surrender in the fight for traditional marriage. supporters of the measure say it's the most realistic way to deal with the changing culture and the law. correspondent jonathan serri looks at both sides from montgomery, alabama. >> all i'm doing is changing the procedure so everybody can get married in alabama. and everybody can exercise their own beliefs. >> republican state senator greg alperin is trying to bring alabama into compliance with federal law in a unique way, introducing a bill to drop the state's requirement for a marriage lice edges and ceremony and allow couples to marry by submitting an affidavit. he says his bill respects the beliefs of some probate judges who still refuse to issue marriage licenses because of their opposition to same-sex weddings. >> if have interest protects the people of alabama so that we can have marriage throughout the state. complete.
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without argument. without lawsuits. >> by a vote of 19-1, the bill was approved by alabama's state senate. the legislation is expected to goal before the state house as early as next week. representative patricia todd openly gay democrat, says she expects the measure to pass but has concerns. >> we're only doing this because we have a couple of homophobic probate judges who won't do their job. >> lawmakers are receiving fliers and letters from social conservatives who believe removing a judge's ability to deny a marriage will water down the institution. a group identified as concerned citizens of alabama writes, the cowardly abandonment of protecting the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman will irrelevant irreversibly change and damage alabama the beautiful. auburn political science professor says the proposed solution to the marriage debate is one of a kind. >> even in states like nevada require services that are
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performed by licensed individuals who meet state qualifications. >> since the supreme court's 2015 ruling legalizing same-sex marriage other states have adopted policies to punish or accommodate clerks who refuse to issue lice eveningses because of moral or religious beliefs. if the alabama bill becomes law it will be the first in the nation to attempt to address the issue by doing away with marriage licenses all together. in montgomery, alabama, jonathon serry, fox news. >> joseph kennedy iii will deliver the democratic response to president trump's state of the union address on tuesday. party leaders say kennedy, the grandson of robert f. kennedy, is a fighter for working americans. you can see the president's speech and kennedy's response live tuesday here on fox news channel. up next, whatever happened to all those reforms that were supposed to take place at veterans hospitals? first, here's what some of our fox affiliates around the
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country are covering tonight. fox five in new york, the defense lawyer for joaquin "echapo" guzman said he promises not to kill any jurors during the priel. they argue against a prosecution request for special protection for jurors. they say that gives the impression guzman is dangerous, and guilty. fox 13 in tampa has all 67 counties in florida report flu activity, and widespread absences from schools. gulf county has closed all of its schools so they can be san died. the cdc says the flu has killed at least 30 children nationwide. and this is a live look at honolulu from fox khom, the big story there tonight, the state employee who mistakenly sent it a letter about an imminent nuclear attack is refusing to cooperate with negotiators. state officials say the worker who has been reassigned is no longer talking after giving an initial statement. the false alarm earlier this
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month was not corrected for 38 minutes. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from special report. we will be right back. ♪ when you have a cold, stuff happens. ♪ { sneezing ] shut down cold symptoms fast [ coughing ] with maximum strength alka seltzer plus liquid gels. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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happened to" segment, the center of the veterans healthcare scandal. viewer steve spencer asked us whatever happened to common sense and decency for veterans that fights so hard for the freedoms we all enjoy. will carr has answers tonight from phoenix. >> four years after scandal rocked the v.a. president trump continues to pledge that care will improve for veterans. >> president trump: we've already made tremendous strides in delivering for our veterans,
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including passage of long-awaited veterans accountability legislation. >> in fact the v.a. enter bureau ratings show significant gains for many hospitals. in phoenix considered ground zero in the 2014 scandal after dozens of veterans died while waiting for care, the facility once again ranked as one of the worst in the country in 2017. the report gave phoenix one out of five stars for the second year in a row. >> we are worlds away from where we were when 2014. i think it's, you know, the veterans were regaining their trust, even though it's one veteran at a time. >> the seventh director to run the phoenix v.a. since the scandal broke took over in october of 2016. >> one out of five the year before. so when you talk about trust, when you talk about the thoughts of the veterans here, in arizona, why are the improvements not happening faster? >> they need to happen. we all know that. and we still have a lot of work to do. our work is incomplete. >> nelson touts a tra dat mick
3:21 pm
drop in patient wait times, slashing the duration to get an appointment from an average of 30 days down to just 11. but in the statement arizona senator jeff flake tells fox news i am truly disappointed in the continued poor performance at the phoenix v.a., clearly greater oversight is necessary. >> i am disappointed, we are not where we are. we want to rate ours as 10, we're not there yet, we have lot of work to do. >> would you feel comfortable getting your healthcare at fat silt here? >> absolutely. i would absolutely be comfortable getting my healthcare here. >> now veterans once wary of the facility feel the same. >> i would almost have to say i used to feel like i was coming to the dmv and if anybody is familiar with the dmv, you know it's a stressful thing. >> the army veteran has received healthcare in phoenix since 2004. >> things have gotten a lot better as far as seeing providers, the wait times, prescriptions, getting notifications through e-mail. >> another positive out of
3:22 pm
arizona, one of the original phoenix whistle blowers, brandon coleman, has been promoted to the new v.a. office of accountability and whistleblower protection in d.c. >> we're taking a proactive approach instead reef active. that's a big change. >> coleman is traveling across the country to meet with v.a. whistle blowers to hear their complaints. >> we didn't have anything like this two, three years ago when i was going through my stuff. it was just me versus the world. >> we're all in this together. we have a mission to serve veterans. it's taking all of us to be able to achieve that mission. >> the director of the v.a. says she has the resources she needs to turn things around but says where there is a lot of room for improvementix public perception. will be a major emphasis on communicating with the community moving forward. chris? >> will, thank you. fighting since 2014 has pushed the arab world's most poverly stricken nation to the brink of disaster. the u.s. is encouraging saudi arabia to do more to help yemen.
3:23 pm
president trump is making it a point of emphasis in his foreign policy. more the situation from correspondent gillian turner. >> when we took food there's not enough for the children. and we get up hungry. if we have lunch we don't have dinner. and if we have breakfast then we don't have lunch. >> in yemen the middle east's poorest country, the world's largest humanitarian crisis is brewing. with 75% of people in need of food and medical aid and on the verge of star nation, the u.n. warnls of the largest famine the world has seen in decades. senior officials say it's a top tier pry orpt for president trump personally. >> the president was very concerned about the humanitarian issues in yellen. the risk of cholera and starvation taking place. >> the 4-year-old civil war raging on in yemen, hitting saudi arabia, a u.s. ally, against iran in a violent proxy con frifkt many the president's congressional allies are hopeful
3:24 pm
they will use this to leverage the u.s.-saudi relationship. >> the president spoke up about this issue, very clearly, and indicated that the saudi behavior must improve. >> saudi arabia's military continually threatening to impose blockades at yemen's ports which runs contrary to enter law and u.s. national security interests. but a hopeful sign this week, the saudi's rolled of the a new humanitarian program for the country. they say trump must do more to assuage suffering and demand urgency. >> those children could well die. save the children has said they think one child is dying about every 10 minutes and it could get considerably worse. >> just this week a temporary month- long agreement between the u.s. and saudi arabia expired. and now administration officials are working overtime behind the scenes to keep saudi arabia aid blockade lifted. the international community is standing anxiously by to see
3:25 pm
whether president trump can cut a deal that prevents this crisis from becoming a catastrophe. chris? >> gillian, thank you. as the president's america first policy does it help or hurt american consumers? i cannot imagine managing my diabetes without my dexcom. this is the dexcom g5 mobile continuous glucose monitoring system. a small, wearable sensor measures your glucose every 5 minutes and sends the data
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>> some critics of president trump expected his trip to the world economic forum in davos switzerland would be like a protectionist pull in the free trade loving china shop. there are still many questions about the president's trade policy and what america first really means. kor correspondent rick edson reports on what we know and don't know. >> president trump promised to dramatically change what he's called rigged international trade system. he confirmed it today at the world economic forum.
3:29 pm
>> president trump: we will restore integrity to our trading system. only by insisting on fair and precip row cal trade can we reit a a system that works not just for the u.s. but for all nations. >> consumers, workers, and businesses are waiting for the president's full trade policy to emerge. questioning whether president trump plans to launch an assault on long hive time u.s. open trade policies. >> we have a lot of tough talk. we see a lot of independent united states going to go it aloe. lone. that's been helpful, it's shaken people up, gotten them to look at new ways of the old institutions. but at the same time, we also need to modernize and improvement these trading relationships. >> key decisions on trade. the trump administration will decide whether to institute restrictions on imported steel or aluminum. the white house is also pushing changes to nafta, with officials throughout north america watching.
3:30 pm
>> sure, let's posture, negotiate, come up with a good deal. under no circumstances can the local government sit back and watch the federal government destroy our economy. >> officials are also considering penalties against chinese imports. for stealing american trade secrets. >> the united states will no longer turn a blind eye to unfair economic practices. including massive intellectual property theft. >> the question is, what actions do we take and are those actions effective in changing chinese behavior or lead to retaliation or imitation by other countries imposing trade sanctions on each other, creating a trade war. >> higher prices for american consumers and businesses. though some of the president's supporters claim it would remedy decades of trade abuse and address a more than $700 billion trade deficit. then there's capitol hill, republicans generally support free trade. though several top republicans have expressed concern with
3:31 pm
president trumped trade approach, especially when the president says he's going to pull out of nafta. chris? >> rich edson reporting for the state department, thank you. the democratic governors of new york, new jersey, and connecticut say they are forming a coalition against president trump's tax cut law and plan to sue. they say the new law discriminates against states with high income residents, states that also happen to vote democratic. other states are said to be mulling legal action as well. another huge day for stocks, with new record closes all around the dow surging 224. the s&p 500 was up 34. nasdaq jumped 95. for the week, the dow rose more than 2%. the s&p 500 up 2.25, nasdaq gained 2.3. a look at a segment of the workforce that seldom gets much attention but has a big impact. dedra bolten of fox business network reports on freelancers.
3:32 pm
>> every month the department of labor releases jobs date a as of 2017,ts unemployment rate is holding steady at a 17-year low of 4.1%. american employers hired more people than they fired. extending the longest ever stretch of job growth on record. in these statistics will there's one big group hiding in plain sight, freelancers. the government has difficulty in counting exactly how many flexible workers participate in the u.s. economy because with their entrepreneurial spirit some have full time jobs, part-time jobs, makes them difficult to categorize. where government figures are cloudy, private companies make them clear. >> the workforce has become really flexible, more and more employees out there want to be working freelance. right now, estimates about 53 million americans are working freelance right now. that's 34% of the american workforce. and projections are that half of
3:33 pm
all americans could be working freelance by the end. decade. >> another private study conducted by edleman intelligence shows the freelance american workforce is contributing $1.4 trillion to the u.s. economy. an increase of almost 30% since last year. companies such as we work have built an entire business model catering to the freelance economy. the third largest startup in the u.s. has a valuation of $20 billion. it rents office space on demand. entrepreneurial workers can rent space for $45 a month, workers have furniture, snacks, a fridge, a copy machine, and sense of community that some freelance workers occasionally want. in demand freelance skills such as computer programming or language translation can make at least double the national average salary of $50,000 a year. but they must also save for their own retirement and pay far their own healthcare benefits. most readily accept these risks. >> working for another company
3:34 pm
is more risky. you're dispensable, they can get rid of you whenever they want. when you're a entrepreneur you create your own destiny. >> the concept of stability is clear, being rede find. chris? >> thank you. president trump says he did not try to fire the russia special counsel. we'll ask the panel about that and the president's trip to davos when we come right back. liberty mutual saved us
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>> president trump: america is open for business and we are competitive once again. i will always put america first, but america first does not mean america alone. when the united states grows, so does the world. >> president trump acting as salesman in chief at the world economic forum in davos, switzerland. let's bring in the panel.
3:38 pm
byron york of the washington examiner. rachel bad from politico. and charles lane of the "washington post." this was always an odd fit, the man preaching america first speaking at the world economic forum to maybe the greatest concentration of global interests in the world. byron how did the president do? >> i thought he did a good job. i thought it was good speech. he did what he wanted to do, promote american business, promote his own economic record which of course you want to talk about. i thought he had a memorable phrase saying america first does not mean america alone. on the issue of trade, at some point some of the people there are going to have to accept he does have a points about some things. imf official at davos came out and said as far as china is concerned trump is making a point that needs to be heard. i thought that a trip to davos putting aside all of the other stuff in washington, was a success. >> let me pick up on what i think clearly is the most
3:39 pm
delicate subject at any meeting like the world economic forum. and that is trade, especially the same week the president slapped tariffs on the import of solar panels and washing machines. here's what the president had to say about trade. >> president trump: resupport free trade but it needs to be fair and it needs to be reciprocal. the united states will no longer turn a blind eye to unfair economic practices. >> how did the president do on trade and did he reassure a lot of the foreign leaders concerned about protectionism? >> he did one thing that was important for his own cause, in a way come back afterping went and took the thing over last year and show the flag and speak in his own voice and make the case for his own policies. but like always when he says free but fair, people want to know the specifics. and there weren't a lot of
3:40 pm
spechices. what they have seen, as you mention, a couple of punitive tariffs, focused ones, seasoned certain signal. he's in the middle of this nafta renegotiation with mexico and canada. i think typical davos response to that was probably something like, well this is nice to hear but we're waiting to hear what comes out of the talks in montreal to see what really kind of flesh is going to be on the bones of this policy. >> interesting on tpp, because the president who pulled out of the pacific trade partnership said when he was in davos, i would be willing to come back in. but the. 1 other nations made a deal and they don't sound particularly anxious to have him back in any more than the paris climate accord peep. >> they have moved on, that is another reason why the nafta piece is so important. it's going to be his specifics, his answer, his model that will tell people what the u.s.
3:41 pm
alternative is. >> as so often happens when the president is on a trip overseas, his visit was somewhat overshadowed by news at home, especially the headline. let's put up right here, this was in today's, no newark times, the president that the president -- "new york times" the president ordered special counsel robert mueller be fired last june and only backed down when his top white house lawyer, don mcgahn, threatened to quit. what is the reaction on capitol hill? >> the president called it fake news but a lot of sources, even republicans on the hill, believe it's true because there were so many reports back in june and people on the record saying he was thinking about this. republicans aren't up in arms right now, because this happened seven months ago. ultimately, he did not fire mueller and did not november against him. >> let's -- did not move against him. >> we have breaking news, right now, let's put up a picture. there you see the gangway being brought up to air force one, the president has just landed at
3:42 pm
andrews air force base, i guess i should say joint base andrews. back from his trip to davos. made his speech there earlier today. through the magic of that beautiful airplane, is back on american ground. why don't we keep those pictures up and you keep talking. >> sure. democrats have definitely taken this report, held interest up and said this is the latest example of the president trying to obstruct justice. also bringing up the fact that the president asked comey for a loyalty pledge and then fired him. so they say this is continuing in that vein. republicans think they have mailed the case to the white house that if he fires mueller, his entire agenda is going to totally explode and they could lose their majority in congress. there are democrats who, although they say this would be terrible, if the president were to fire mueller, would probably be secretly excited, they would have a better chance of the election and winning in the mid terms. >> byron, the special counsel
3:43 pm
reportedly was told about this incident, at least according to the "new york times," in his interviews with current and former white house officials. and that's one of the key things, we don't know what he learned at all of these interviews with the people he's done for so many months now. but if this is true, does this help him build a case and does this help in terms of proving intent which is very important, on the issue of obstruction of justice? >> well, the first thing is shows you just how much this is moving toward the idea of obstruction of justice. he, you know, don mcgahn, white house counsel comes out as the hero, the one who put his job on the line to make sure the president didn't go through with the self-destructive act. i think what we're going to end up seeing is the lawyers all say there is a case to be made for obstruction of justice. this would be one more piece in a number of pieces that would put together this case. the political story.
3:44 pm
and as far as the president is concerned, it's really all about the house and the senate. we saw the president on the way to davos when he just stuck his head in, this group of reporters, say, look, if you fight back they call it obstruction. and he's going to make a very political case that he was not suspected of any wrongdoing in terms of any sort of collusion. and he simply tried to push back on this unjust investigation. it's a political case for him. >> let me pick up on that with you briefly, about a minute left in the segment, chuck. that's his argument, i'm under attack, people are trying to delegislate maze the election and all i'm doing is pushing back the way donald trump always has. has nothing to do with obstruction of justice. >> maybe we will resolve this politically threw an election. possibly the mueller charge, whatever it is, will come out in may or june. it's possible that he won't
3:45 pm
indeed more than possible he won't indict but rather present it to the congress to see if they want to do something about it. the republicans and democrats can have it out in the campaign over, well, do you want to elect a democratic house to impeach this president. that might be what the entire -- much of the campaign turns into. >> rachel, quickly? >> yeah, i think that the mid-term elections are going to be largely about russia. and i think that that is exactly what we're looking at. >> more than about the economy and the state of the country? >> well, the democrats make it about russia. >> the democrats want to, some want to make about it russia, some want to focus on the economy, something they're bickering ore. >> there we see the president. making his way, i guess it's always interesting, when i went to abc, they used to have a bet on inauguration day you could try to get through the day without saying "making his way." whenever it's the president, that's an expression we use.
3:46 pm
we are safely going to assume the president is going on get to the bottom of the stairs, get on marine one and head back to the white house. next up, the friday knight lightning round. you're still he? we're voya! we stay with you to and through retirement. i get that voya is with me through retirement, i'm just surprised it means in my kitchen. so that means no breakfast? voya. helping you to and through retirement. successful people have onthey read more.on. how do they find the time? with audible. audible has the world's largest selection of audiobooks. for just $14.95 a month, you get a credit-good for any audiobook. and you can roll your credits to the next month if you don't use them. audible members get free, no-hassle exchanges... ...and use the mobile app to listen anytime, anywhere.
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>> president trump: america is a cutting edge economy. but our immigration system is stuck in the parent. >> not a senator in congress that doesn't want secure borders. but the way this president is going about it, seems to be more about a campaign promise than campaign rhetoric, than what's best to secure the country. >> president trump and democratic senator corey booker in a transatlantic debate over the new white house plan for a deal dak kachlt we're back with the panel for the friday
3:50 pm
lightning round. immigration, the white house laid out its plan for a compromise over the last 24 hours. here's part of it. a path to citizenship for 1.8 million people elible for dreamer status. 25 billion for a wall. limiting chain migration and an end to the vees ta lottery. is that -- vees ta lottery. is that the basis for a deal or the obstacle to a deal? >> i think it's probably a path forward, i would say republican leadership feels like that. there are people on both sides of the aisle panning this, conservatives saying it's basically giving amnesty to imlegal immigrants and democrats saying republicans, the president really wants to hold up dreamers and hold them hostage until they get conservative immigration possible sis. imgts ee not dead on arrive. -- it's not dead on arrive. this is a huge concession to democrats. >> this the lightning round, let me remind you. >> 1.8 million dreamers, pathway
3:51 pm
to citizenship is going to be really hard for democrats to reject. and schumer has already said that he is okay to put 25 billion on the table for a wall. >> calling on your male colleagues to be a little more lightning. >> you put up that screen, there's a lot that trump can give away in that. there are things that can be bargained away. seems like a deal, legalization, in exchange for a wall, is really actually possible here. >> the president, really wants to end china migration or really wants to end the vees ta lottery. >> to be you can -- visa lottery. >> we have something that could happen attached to things that won't happen. the thing that can happen is daca for money. it's hard money in a trust fund, that trade might happen. he's atached a whole bunch of other things that are too controversial to digest. >> let's go to the second issue, that us that the government
3:52 pm
reopened, after a shut down on tuesday. i think it's fair to say the consensus was that chuck schumer and the democrats lost. how badly has that hurt schumer's position and in a sense set democrats at each other's throats, rachel? >> pretty badly, i'd say. schumer basically, like we said, put 25 billion on the table. right now he's talking tough, saying he's taken interest off the table. but i think the concession was made. also, you're right, democrats are at each other's throats right now. progressives are furious at schumer, they say sold out. >> go back to 2013 and the republican-caused government shutdown, many predictions of doom for republicans that they would, in the next year, 2014, lose everything. in fact they won control of the senate in 2014, they kept control of the house then, and then they won everything in 2016. this is a defeat for democrats, they lost this. but i don't think it's going to
3:53 pm
mean a lot in november. >> we have to jump ahead, because we've taken a little too much time and we're going down the row starting with you, chuck, winner and loser of the week. >> my winner of the week is a group award to all of the women who testified in that court in michigan on the sexual abuse that they suffered at the hands of larry nassar. i think they exemplified courage and forthrightness in willingness to stand up and tell their stories. loser of the week, a group award, pennsylvania republican party. they got two setbacks, they lost a number of incumbents, pat meehan stepped down in the sex scandal. and the supreme court. state said they have to recraw their gerimandered laps to advantage democrats. >> rachel? >> loser, chuck schumer, enough said. winner, suzanne collins. >> the winner? do it again, too fast. >> the winner, susan collins of maine who ulgsed a talking stick to help negotiate and bring the
3:54 pm
senate out of a shutdown. and the loser, chuck schumer, enough said. >> enough said, without the talking stick. byron? >> my winner is the flip side of rachel's loser, mitch mcconnell, actually laid to rest the notion that republicans always lose government shutdowns. my loser is the nfl, ratings for the conference championships down 8%, ratings for the divisional playoffs before that down 16%. super bowl coming up, i think they show they're still troubled by politics. >> and the winner is fox ball games we're not carrying the super bowl this year, in two years everything will be good. thank you, possible. when we come back, this week, notable quotables. heartburn. no one burns on my watch! try alka seltzer ultra strength heartburn relief chews. with more acid-fighting power than tums chewy bites. mmmmm...amazing. i have heartburn. ultra strength from alka seltzer. enjoy the relief.
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15 or more headache days a month each lasting 4 hours or more. it's injected by a doctor once every 12 weeks. and is covered by most insurance. effects of botox® may spread hours to weeks after injection, causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away, as difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing, eye problems, or muscle weakness can be signs of a life -threatening condition. side effects may include allergic reactions, neck and injection site pain, fatigue, and headache. don't take botox® if there's a skin infection. tell your doctor your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions, and medications, including botulinum toxins, as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. with the botox® savings program, most people with commercial insurance pay nothing out-of-pocket. talk to your doctor and visit botox® to enroll. >> finally tonight come of the week's notable quotable's. >> this is the trump shutdown.
3:58 pm
>> this is the schumer shutdown. it has a nice ring to it. >> president trump earned an f for leadership. >> math mathematics is the problem. >> he's during a 2-year-old temper tantrum. hopefully he'll get over that. >> i wonder if they're marching for praise for the president. >> women will be the reason this administration ends. >> i ask how much of the little girl worth? >> it is my honor and privilege to sentence you, because sir, you did not deserve to walk outside of our prison ever agai again. >> there's so much smoke here. where there is a smoke, there's fire. >> in spirit, these theories have virtually no facts. are they afraid of the truth of the miller investigation? >> i will always put america first. >> america first is not america alone.
3:59 pm
>> it brings a tear to the eye to the statue of liberty. >> there's a history where after of people screwing up immigration on both sides. i would like to bring that. >> you can see it's a beautifully beaded. they refused to have control of debate. >> as brett always says, it's such a week. i think we need a talking stick around here. another wild week around here. make certain to tune into fox news sunday. i'll talk with white house director of legislate of affairs mark sure about the president's state of union speech. at that special report for tonight. i'm chris wallace in washington. "the story" with martha maccallum is next. happy friday. >> martha: happy friday. thank you.
4:00 pm
here tonight on "the story," and exclusive. dominique moceanu captivated the world as a 4'6" inch 14-year-old picking up gold in the 1996 olympics. what the world did not know was that this famous spunky superstar was in english. she was the first to break the code of silence in her sport ten years ago about what she says was emotional and at times physical abuse by the world-famous coach bella caroli and his wife martell. it will he become -- it was at the ranch that he was the only adult nice to them. larry nasser was sentenced to 175 years for


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