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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  January 26, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PST

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in the meantime, most-watched, most trusted, most grateful that you spent the evening with us. good night from washington. i'm shannon bream. ♪ >> people are very happy with what we have done, not just the taxable but cutting of regulations and being a cheerleader for our country, you need a cheerleader for your company or your country no matter what happens. heather: the president's plan focuses on the four pillars of immigration, daca, border security, end to chain migration and ending the visa lottery program. >> we get crumb, they get a banquet. >> it is a tradition to stand and appreciate the national anthem and give the game of football back to family. ♪
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♪ here comes the weekend ♪ ♪ heather: good morning, you are watching "fox and friends" first on friday morning, you made it to the weekend, thank you for joining us, we appreciate it, you are watching "fox and friends" first. donald trump will become the first us president to address leaders at the world economic forum in almost 20 years was that milestone following a successful first day in davos for the commander-in-chief, business leaders praising his accomplishment. >> we developed the next generation of gas turbines. >> it is a tribute to the
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momentum you have created in the global economy. jillian: griff jenkins joins us with more on his successful first day and what we can expect today. >> reporter: talk about making a good first impression, not only at first visit by a sitting president in 20 years for the first time donald trump has ever been invited to the conference. as president he came bearing and an apology message of america first with the sales pitch america is open for business. >> there has been a lot of warmth, a lot of respect for our country and a lot of my billions of dollars coming into the us, people are very happy, a cheerleader for your company or your country, no matter what happens it is not going to work. rob: there is a lot of criticism of the america first message, an outpouring of praise for the
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most powerful ceos followed, anheuser-busch, in bed, touting donald trump for giving the world economy a boost by cutting taxes and spurring investment. >> biggest investment program in company history. >> we opened a plant in georgia. >> announced a program, $2 billion. >> thank you for having me and spurring on this growth. >> reporter: the president is en route to congress to hold a bilateral meeting with the rwandan president to discuss trade and security and he will meet with switzerland's president, we will bring that you life if we can and give the closing address at davos. >> that meeting is supposed to be a 4:15 this morning.
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have a great weekend. there was speculation that donald trump could have issues with world leaders critical of his america first message but former education secretary bill bennett says day one in davos couldn't have gone better for the president and it is a good thing the cameras were there to capture it. >> we would have heard trump met with a number of ceos, was cordial but distance, in fact it was not, it was extremely friendly, they went around the table and anheuser-busch, nestlé, huge companies and they not only said congratulations on being president, congratulations on your tax bill, getting fat through and then they said we are coming to america to invest $2 billion, 10,000 jobs all over america. this was a tribute to the
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president's leadership, glad we saw it life because i'm worried how it might be reported. >> the president's toughest critics admit he made an impression. washington post headline reading trump windsor global leaves at davos, all it took was $1.5 trillion tax cut. the new york times, quote, trump and davos not exactly best friends but not enemies either. she might be the next president, standing newly revealed text messages show fbi officials were worried about being too tough on hillary clinton during her email investigation. todd pyro has new developments and joins us live. republicans say it is piling up. >> the latest bombshell following the release of new
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messages between peter strzok and lisa page. they were worried about being too tough on hillary clinton during the fbi investigation into her email server because she might hold it against them as president. page wrote she might be our next president, last thing you need is going in loaded, strzok replied he agreed and relayed their discussion to someone named bill. strzok worked on the clinton case was assigned special counsel probe into russia and the trump campaign. page briefly worked on the russia investigation. >> this is the unvarnished truth as they view the investigation and how they wanted to turn out. keep in mind all of this is done before she was ever interviewed. the fix was in. before they even interviewed the target of the investigation. >> reporter: republicans on the house until committee are on the verge of defining the department
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of justice and releasing a classified pfizer memo they say will reveal misconduct by senior fbi officials involved in investigating the trump campaign. >> the american people have a right to know this just like some other investigations. >> you are confident they will. >> i am said to say the democrats will vote no but when the people of america see the four pages and additional documents, what they are going to see is we have a problem. >> democrats charge republicans are making a push to declassify material for partisan gain but it is republicans who will determine the documents faith and if their allies's, turn indication it will be released. >> people wanted released on both sides of the aisle. >> feel like the government is hiding things. >> we are going to talk more
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about that later. other headlines at this hour, manhunt intensifying for two suspect involving to be shooting of a sheriff deputy. authorities in colorado say one man is in custody and they are on the hunt for two men, just in black, heath gum was shot in the chest when facing an assault suspect. he loved his job, loved playing hockey. the 5 year veteran of the force came from a family of first responders. investigation underway after an fbi agent shoots the kidnapping victim held in a home in houston. the swat team finding the man was bound with duct tape during a raid and shooting him for unknown reasons. >> the system failed whether accidental or not. the man is not going home to his family. >> 3 suspect on custody accused of holding them for ransom
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claiming they were with a drug cartel. the agent who fired the fatal shot is on administrative leave. to north korea, using a us spy ship captured at the height of the cold war as a propaganda prize, the rogue regime shoveling thousands of people on board the uss pueblo every day. it is used as a floating museum to highlight the attack and capture of 82 american soldiers. a military official telling state media the ship is a symbol of how the us will suffer a crushing defeat if it tries to interfere with their country. as tensions run high with north korea were learning the person who sent the fake missile alert in hawaii is refusing to cooperate with investigators, telling a senate committee i why's emergency management agency has been helpful but they are, quote, disappointed with the employee behind the scare. it took 40 terrifying minutes for the state to correct that false alarm. nikki haley slamming palestinian leader abbas accusing him of
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following, quote, outrageous conspiracy theories hindering peace in the region. >> we will not chase after a palestinian leadership that lacks what is needed to achieve peace. he rejected any american role in peace talks. he insulted the american president. >> the un session coming after donald trump spoke alongside benjamin and yahoo and diverse and forward the peace process. and melania visited the holocaust museum ahead of international holocaust remembrance day tomorrow. the first lady touring the museum, taking a moment of silence to pay respect to the millions of jews who died a band of nazi persecution calling it a powerful and moving tour. she was originally scheduled to accompany donald trump on his trip to diverse -- davos but she
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canceled due to scheduling conflicts. it is 10 minutes after the top of the hour. the fbi ready to grill donald trump on russia collusion but remember when hillary clinton was cleared in her email scandal before being interviewed. is all this a trap and can the president avoided. our next guest says he may not have a choice. >> this administration will start separating families, ripped from from the american fabric in which they are embedded. >> democrats crying armageddon for illegal immigrants despite donald trump offering a pathway to citizenship so what is next if they tried to kill the compromise and your morning cup of coffee california brewing avenue warning that it could kill you.
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>> donald trump has nothing to hide, ready to meet with the mueller team. >> just a minute. no collusion whatsoever. no obstruction whatsoever. and a legal trap. and why should he not do this. >> i would never advise the president to meet with mueller and his team personally, certainly not under oath. there needs to be a framework around this investigation, the purpose and scope of this need
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to be well defined. a way to do it is written interrogatories similar to the ronald reagan white house around iran contra. they were able to control the questions coming in and the written responses back. we don't have any evidence of any federal crime here. russian collusion, the idea of collusion being a crime tells your viewers there is no such crime under federal law under collusion and we have not seen a shred of evidence. the president wants to defend himself but even the firing of jim comey, the fbi director serves at the pleasure of the president and therefore the president can fire him with or without cause. heather: let's look at current and former trump associates interviewed by the mueller team. sessions, comey, hicks, kushner, the list goes on. does donald trump have a choice
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in this? >> he would like to, politically speaking, he wants to get ahead of this, it is clear from the president's statements that he has nothing to hide. no collusion whatsoever even if it were a crime, he wants to get this finished and done and get on with the business of being president, but legally speaking, we got to honor the subpoena power of the court. then again it is all about the scope and purpose of what that subpoena is. my question would be where is the crime for them to investigate? they can't subpoena somebody and go for a fishing expectation. heather: there seems to be biased going on because there was a determination made before one person was even interviewed, that being hillary clinton, this is an email sent by james comey and you see what it says. before hillary clinton was
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interviewed. >> it is a dangerous thing when you have such ingrained bias inside law enforcement, fbi and doj. to be fair and equal to everybody. and and >> the email was sent in may and she was interviewed in june. republicans are said to d5 the doj, release the pfizer memo revealing misconduct by fbi officials investigating the trump campaign. how will this change the
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investigation? >> we don't know what the contents and details of the memo are, it is lining up to be political, democrats are trying to discredit it but that goes to show everybody how politicized the doj, democrats are trying to make the department of justice or the fbi, it just should be the law-enforcement memo come out of the doj and fbi. sunshine is the best antiseptic, let's take out whatever confidential information there is, make sure it is that it but let's not let the public see it and let them decide, it shouldn't be a republican memo versus the democratic memo, the doj or fbi memo, let people make their own decision. >> it seems they both have different perspectives. thank you for joining us, appreciate your insight this morning. >> good morning and thank you again.
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heather: she has had choice words for donald trump's tax reform plan and the budget deal. >> this is like giving you a ball of doggie do, putting a cherry on top and calling it a chocolate sundae. heather: wait until you hear her new comment and this time she is not alone in the disrespect doesn't stop there, major insult from the first family from the new york city museum, carly shimkus is here with the anti-trump artwork that is turning heads. ♪
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>> welcome back to "fox and friends" first, looking at a live shot from davos, switzerland, donald trump arrived at the world economic
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forum, donald trump in the middle, there he is. he will hold several bilateral meetings before he delivers his address. he is heading to a bilateral meeting with the rwandan president, that happens at 4:15 eastern, his speech where he will address the world economic forum will be at 8:00 eastern, where he will talk about america first, and tell them that america is open for business in the first day was deemed a success, we will see how they go, and all of that live here on fox news. can you hear what he is saying? >> including all of you people so that is good. i assume they are here because of us. >> your message will be
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discussed. heather: he thinks his message will be very well received. in the meantime, anti-trump artwork, the guggenheim museum in new york city insulting the first family by offering them a gold toilet dumped america in lou of a van gogh painting. carly shimkus with serious xm 115 with reaction to this. >> it is a little too early in the morning for potty humor. according to the washington post, the white house reports at the guggenheim museum in new york city, vincent van gogh painting to decorate the president's private living quarters, but they were offered an 18 karat gold used toilet instead. this toilet you see here is actually a piece of artwork that was installed in the public
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restroom of the museum. people used it throughout the year it was at the museum. many believe it is intended to mark the excessive wealth in this country and the museum's curator described it as anti-trump. possibly a direct insult to try to offer this to the white house. a lot of people saying this is causing the museum's reputation to go down the drain if you will. one twitter users is the disrespect for the office is blatant and promoted by the left and in what universe is this correct. what a shame you brought upon your self and your museum. a lot of other people are joking about this. another tweet says when you got a van gogh, you got a van gogh. >> other people asking if they get federal funding. heather: oprah 2020 may be over before it begins. >> not happening according to an interview she gave to in style
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magazine, i always felt supremely confident with myself in knowing what i can do and what i could not. i don't have the dna forward. crashed and burned according to this twitter user. i would love her running for president, would guarantee trump will be reelected. this is from conservatives who say the president would have been her in a 2020 matchup. the president said that himself when asked about oprah's potential run. we know it is not going to happen. heather: thank you. the time is 27 minutes after the top of the hour. addiction by express mail, the postal service to ship opioids in this country, doctor mark siegel here to answer the question, can the flow of drugs ever be stopped? millions of you are online right now,
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heather: welcome back to "fox and friends" first. in a surprise move the white house unveiled the framework for a bipartisan immigration plan. 2 million dreamers over the next we 10 years provides $25 billion for border security including the well. and eliminate the visa lottery that has been criticized for being abused. >> do we do something for the people -- the starting point should be a bill. >> real consensus that these young people have a future in our country. heather: despite the president's
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proposal democrats won't budget on an immigration deal was a former speechwriter for george w. bush says while the man behind the art of the deal is not willing to compromise, the left won't budget. >> compare the negotiating position that we decide put out this week, donald trump just offered a path to citizenship for 1.8 million illegal immigrants in this country, double the daca population that includes not just the bull who applied for daca and not just legalization which people were discussing but a path to citizenship. that is something that makes his base very uncomfortable but he is willing to go out there and do that. that is leadership. >> compare that to what chuck schumer did, he held a press conference where he announced money for the wall is off the table. there won't be a deal without money for the wall. one side is trying to reach a deal, trying to be reasonable and the other side in a tailspin because their base is in an
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uproar. heather: the white house hopes the senate will pick up legislation modeled around the plan in early february right before the next federal budget deadline. nancy pelosi downplaying tax reform bonuses calling the $1000 check -- the house my leader speaking out a trump text town hall meeting at florida university. >> we get the same bonanza, you get the crumbs, they get the banquet. heather: debbie wasserman schultz dismissing the bonuses. >> $1000 taxable goes very far for almost anybody. heather: the rising political action committee responding to those comments by delivering actual red cross to dnc headquarters was what do you think? do you agree is it crumbs?
1:34 am
the campaign trail on the campaign trail, donald trump promised to keep guantánamo bay open, now he is keeping his promise on that. >> we are going to load it up with some bad dudes, we are going to load it up. heather: the president announce plans for an executive order during his state of the union address to reverse the obama direct to close the bill the military prison. 41 detainees remain in gitmo. a former va database manager trying to sell information on veterans, their families and va workers to an undercover cop for $100,000. police recovering ava computer from the arkansas home and arresting him before he can sell that data including social security numbers. he now faces several charges and will appear in federal court in march. the post office and border patrol getting a wake-up call
1:35 am
after senate investigation found lapses of security checks contribute to the country's opioid crisis. >> it was shockingly easy to do so. all you had to do was search fentanyl for sale. that search returned hundreds of websites, many affiliated with chinese labs. heather: here to weigh in, doctor mark siegel. thank you for joining us. we were discussing before the segment started at rob portman is important in this because of the state of ohio. >> i want to connect the dots for our viewers, putting out a report in october that said they went to 10 states one of which was ohio and found of the overdose deaths the majority of the problem was fentanyl and the majority of that time it was illicit fentanyl, illegal fentanyl. what is fentanyl?
1:36 am
and opioid that could be made synthetically and turns out is 50 times more powerful than heroin. you think you're getting her when, you stop breathing can you get the drug overdose. heather: some of these numbers -- >> fentanyl it is not just leaking across the border from mexico, not only the fentanyl used because doctors write prescriptions for people to take illicit drugs but as you said, the chinese making fentanyl in labs and mailing it over here. ups and fedex has laws against this but they find ways around it. the postal service, there's not even a law preventing them, they mail it without advance notice. trying to get a law -- >> it is a synthetic drug.
1:37 am
>> a synthetic opioid that is 50 times more powerful than heroin. that is killing people more so than anyone else. heather: the number of deaths on synthetic opioid in 2016. that is 20,000. >> it is coming from these labs, mexico, into the state of florida in small packages, you got online, you are getting around things, the postal service helping administer it. president obama addressing this problem and this president did not. looking at trying to address it with a new law with congress. if address they may find ways around it. coming across the border, being mailed in packages --
1:38 am
heather: are you hopeful about this problem? >> the huge problem is to talk about it. and identifying fentanyl as a cause reversing on the scene of the crime. heather: hopefully this administration can do it. >> they will take it more seriously. heather: thank you, great to have you on set with us. 20 minutes until the top of the hour, the fbi coming up empty on russia but could facebook be the key to disproving collusion claims once and for all? the brand-new testimony that could put it all to rest. >> a time honored tradition to stand and appreciate the national anthem with any sport in america. heather: the x fl is back into with the nfl won't, getting fucked football back to the fans but it will be easier to find an airline seat this year. is that true? ♪
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>> facebook can't prove or disprove any collusion between russia and the trump campaign to sway voters with the senate intelligence committee, and and purchased during the 2016 election. a standardized test make strategic is can spot fake news will not be coming to the us, designed to see if students can tell when information is told in a misleading way and if they can separate fact from opinion. 28 countries opted to use the exam but the department of education reportedly wants to wait until the test has proven technical stability. in the meantime a foxbusiness
1:43 am
alert. another company continuing the bonus boom. another big payout thanks to donald trump. good morning, more good news. >> reporter: bonus boom, bonus bandwagon, home depot the latest to give its employees bonuses. starting at $200 up to $1000 depending how long you have been with the company, this is because of sweeping changes to the tax code we are implementing. home depot is evaluating how the tax code will play into it 2018, how well they would do financially. it will likely be beneficial. we are seeing bonuses and things from disney, starbucks, jpmorgan, this week alone. heather: we can say goodbye to some annoying ads. is that possible? >> from google, those ads that stock you around on the
1:44 am
internet, looking to buy things that are still sitting in your online car. will those ads go away? these are things you recently checked out on other websites. this is the so-called reminder, google is letting you mute those ads, 2 million websites partnering with google. less annoyance on the internet. heather: it is so scary monitoring everything you look at. airlines, some good news here. >> some inconvenience is going away, a little more seats available for people that are going to be flying. between 4% to 6%, southwest also adding more capacity, a 5% increase, more seats means it
1:45 am
could lead to a bidding war with these airlines which means cheaper tickets. it is not smaller seats, more flights. heather: thanks for clarifying. thank you, appreciate it. could these be the words of a future us president? >> go out and kill some people. perhaps the media will do with the service. heather: speculation swirling about 2020 run from john kerry, the same man who gave billions to iran and told the media to stop reporting on north korea. ryan morrow says it is all just a dream for democrats and you might want to skip that sandwich at lunch. apparently they are causing global warming. ♪
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>> the college will take $55,000, handing out pocket constitutions. >> under arrest for trespassing. you are now banned from this property. >> community college in michigan settling in court paying attorneys fees and damages but not admitting wrongdoing. the students were arrested because of a school policy that says any solicitation needed approval, they claim it was a violation of free speech, the students claim that. it is official, the x fl is coming back and this time there are no gimmicks. vince mcmahon announcing the
1:50 am
league will return in 2020. eight team is playing ten week schedule with a two our gametime goal, players with criminal records will not be welcome and there will be no kneeling during the national anthem. >> to stand and appreciate the national anthem with any sport in america. >> it only lasted one season. that was back in 2001. >> john kerry may throw his hat in the ring in 2020 challenging donald trump. he told the media to stop covering north korea. >> the rhetoric stepped over the line, the message is being sent. >> if you decide one day you are going to be a terrorist and go
1:51 am
out and kill some people you make some noise, the media will do as a service. heather: this is the report service the former secretary of state urged the palestinian leader to resist the peace deal saying donald trump -- here to discuss this is ryan morrow, we appreciate you joining us here. and and what do you think of them running in 2020. >> he is as delusional about his president a prospect as he is delusional about the ideology of radical islam. it was his state department that set isis is caused by unemployment and poverty. that came under his leadership.
1:52 am
also under his leadership, deciding not to crack down on the hezbollah terrorists. and kerry seems to say worst things about republicans, donald trump, and what about the palestinian leadership. >> they said don't cooperate with donald trump because he will be out in a year. >> it is creepy, insulting to me as an american to advocate to an enemy of the united states which is what the palestinian leadership currently is based on their rhetoric that they would be encouraged to resist the american president so he could come in and save the day and this dream he is. when the palestinian leadership
1:53 am
lies, how much propaganda he may regurgitate, the palestinian and -- and in national security when you say things like you repeat propaganda against israel or american soldiers in iraq are terrorizing iraqi children. >> if he runs in 2020 would it injure the democratic party, benefit republicans? >> i'm not convinced many democrats think running a is a good idea, john kerry as friends tell him what he wants, they want something from him because there is no logic. this would be a gigantic president to donald trump, use when his favorite insults, loser from 2004 and low energy because john kerry, not the most
1:54 am
charismatic guy. heather: a good question for social media followers, what do you think donald trump's nickname would be for john kerry if he runs for president in 2020. >> the horse, that is my prediction. heather: thank you, appreciate it. >> green energy advocates grabbing at straws, a california democrat is looking to lock up waiters and waitresses to combat climate change. ♪
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heather: here is alive look in davos, switzerland where donald trump is heading to meet with the rwandan president, as expected, to meet with the president of switzerland and following that, at 8:00 eastern, talking about america first, america is open for business. we follow this live throughout the day as the president continues his trip to davos, switzerland. now time for your morning pick me up and that could be declared
1:59 am
a cancer risk. reviewing a law that requires businesses to post warnings about health risk. the drink contains acrylamide listed as a carcinogen by the world health organization. every place that serves coffee in california would post warnings signs. next time you eat out you might have to ask for straw. a lawmaker and company are providing a bill that would punish waiters for providing unsolicited plastic straws. rule breakers could face up to 6 months in jail and a $1000 fine. the lawmaker says he is trying to create awareness about how bad straws are for the environment. do you know what else is bad for the environment? >> sounds crazy but this is the greatest sandwich in the world. heather: sandwiches.
2:00 am
scientists saying ingredient and packaging contribute to climate change and carbon emissions was the worst offender, prepackaged breakfast sandwiches with egg, bacon and sausage. that wraps up this hour at "fox and friends" first on friday morning. "fox and friends" first continues, goodbye. >> hundreds of millions of dollars of aid and support, tremendous numbers that nobody understands. that money is not going to them unless they sit down and negotiate peace. >> donald trump on the world stage that america first does not mean america alone to watch their mouths and it is highly anticipated


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