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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  January 25, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PST

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that, as well. in the meantime, most-watched, trusted, and most grateful you spent the evening with us. good night from washington. i'm shannon bream. ♪ >> the department of justice has started and is recovering five month of missing text messages from trump hating fbi agents peter strzok and lisa page. >> no collusion whatsoever. >> reporter: the president departing washington wednesday night for an economic forum in bowe bergdahl --davos switzerland. >> the whole thing was a charade. >> we don't support sanctuary cities go we support enforcing
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and following the law. ♪ ♪ marching in the usa ♪ rocking and rolling ♪ rocking in the usa ♪ >> wherever you are it is 4:00 on the east coast and you are watching "fox and friends" first this thursday morning. thank you for joining us, a game changer, fox news exclusively confirming the department of justice is in fact starting to recover the missing text messages from the anti-trump fbi agent as donald trump says he's
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looking forward to being interviewed about the alleged russian collusion probe. griff jenkins joins us live with the new details unfolding, every single morning i am saying new details. >> reporter: it would be something to be one of those reporters waiting for the president to depart for davos because they were stunned when the president give a determined answer whether he intends to speak with robert mueller saying he looks forward to it under oath and giving a timeline on it. >> will you talk to mueller? >> i'm looking forward to it. there has been no collusion whatsoever, no obstruction whatsoever and i'm looking forward to it. >> reporter: it might have cut
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white house lawyers by surprise but while the president may have spoken hurriedly out the door they stand by their message about full cooperation with mueller including talking to him. the details are still being worked out, what form it may take, the president weighed in on those text messages, thousands of them between peter strzok and lisa page, a law enforcement official telling fox news a few thousand cell phones may have been affected during this 5-month period between december 2016 in december 2017 and taking steps to recover those messages and according to sean hannity, he confirmed the department of justice started and recovering some of those missing messages, interesting to see what that is and one more detail in washington, about that pfizer memo, the justice department sent a letter trying to get the chairman of the house intelligence committee devon nunez not to release that memo. lot of development in washington today. heather: thanks, appreciate it.
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america losing trust their government agencies aren't being used for political purposes, the question being raised, can the fbi really be trusted? florida congressman matt gates who has seen the memo and wanted to be released so he can expose what he calls a deep-seated corruption. >> we will see it in the next two weeks. now democrats are making a claim the memo is conclusory so chairman nunez is right to look at what supporting information can be released along with the memo that validates it. that will help us to have a more robust discussion other than lobbing conclusions at one another and why the memo hasn't been released yet. the chairman and committee rightfully going to the process so we don't disclose sources and methods, putting americans who are downrange in any jeopardy but expose what i believe is a deep-seated corruption that has
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undermined this presidency unfortunately. >> a personal lawyer for donald trump says 20 white house personnel have voluntarily given interviews to special counsel and 20,000 pages of records were provided in the russia investigation, describing the level of cooperation as unprecedented and we will continue to follow that. another fox news alert, two violent attacks on law enforcement overnight, one man in custody and two more on the run after a sheriff's deputy shot and killed chasing an assault suspect, dozens of mourners lining the streets with blue lives matter flags, the 5 year veteran of the force leaves behind a wife and family. in detroit a police officer fighting for his life after being shot in the head. >> trying to get status on that. a barricaded gunman.
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>> a mental breakdown. heather: the suspect firing on the unidentified officer sitting in his patrol car. the man accused of assault arrested after an hour long standoff with police. we now know the four americans killed at the hands of the taliban in an upscale hotel in kabul, state department confirming two others wounded when the gunmen stormed inside targeting foreigners in the 13 overseas. glenn clake from wtbt in tampa, visiting afghanistan on a business trip. and donald trump is heading to switzerland overnight for the world economic forum in davos. he would join thousands of world leaders pushing the america first agenda. kelly wright joins us with more on what we can expect.
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>> reporter: he will be the first us president to attend the world economic forum there since bill clinton in 2000. he will be promoting america first but not america alone. >> i'm going to davos to get people to invest in the united states. you have plenty of money but i don't think i have to go because they are coming at a very fast clip. >> he travels with confidence in the us economy. a fox news poll shows 40% of americans believe trump administration is making the economy better but when the president joined 70 other heads of state in davos he will face resistance from those like germany's angela merkel who take issue with his america first agenda calling it right-wing populism. >> translator: this generation born under the second world war have to prove that we have truly learned the lessons, setting ourselves up against the rest of the world, isolating ourselves
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will not lead us into a good future. protectionism is not the proper answer. >> reporter: the french president macroin is critical, joking about donald trump at the office. >> for sure when you look outside it is hard to believe in global warming. obviously you didn't invite anybody skeptical with global warming this year. >> donald trump will have supporters, he will meet with israeli prime minister benjamin and yahoo today and will discuss iran and the middle east peace agreement, this is on the heels of mike pence having visited
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days ago. >> before leaving on his trip donald trump taking a moment to reassure dreamers, commander-in-chief revealing he would be open to a path to citizenship in 10 foster 12 years. >> a good strong -- treat people very well and solve a problem and a problem that hasn't been solved in many years. after we do daca we will look at the bigger immigration mess. >> reporter: the president wants $25 million for the southern border wall, he will promote immigration bill next week. the state of the union address where the president is expected to announce his $1.7 trillion plan to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure speaking to mayors from around the country. >> the state and local government to find the most
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innovative ways to rebuild our waterways and airports. on time and under budget. >> the president promised to repair bridges and transit systems on the campaign trail and a new member of the "fox and friends" family. brooks was welcomed on monday night at 8:4:05 pm australia time. she weighed in at 7 pounds and has has had visitors from across the world, her parents, mom and baby are doing great and dad thinking about which sports brooks will be playing, just enjoyed your first glass of wine in 9 months. congratulations and if you want to follow them on twitter or
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instagram, full of pictures, the time is 10 minutes after the top of the hour and century city showdown. mayors nationwide vowing to define donald trump. >> what do you tell the police officers. i asked you a question. >> brand-new threats from the doj to sanctuary cities across the country. no longer leading from behind donald trump said to send shockwaves on the american stage, why the speech will be historic. >> the man you just really want me to be. >> breakouts and a star blasting the american media. ♪
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you won't see these folks at the post office. they have businesses to run. they have passions to pursue. how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters, ship packages, all the services of the post office right on your computer. get a 4 week trial, plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again. heather: a handful of mayors boycotting an important meeting about economic and safety issues because they were ordered to follow the law.
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donald trump lashing out at the no shows after the justice department threatened to subpoena sanctuary cities. >> century cities are the best friend of gangs and cartels like ms 13. the result in the death rate around sanctuary cities in and around is unacceptable. heather: bill diblasio calling the move racist tweeting it doesn't make us safer and violates americans core values. the mayor of santa fe skipping white house meetings, martha maccallum calling out the democrat for defining the president. >> what do you tell the police officers. >> what the president wants us to do. he said he would approve of morphing for the dream is to citizenship so answer my
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question, are you in favor of building a wall if the trade-off is protection for the dreamers. >> building a wall is not going to do anything to help secure our country. jillian: gonzalez vowing not to comply with federal law. donald trump expecting to put america first of the economic forum in switzerland and hasn't even landed in davos yet but world leaders are taking aim at our commander in chief. is the measure of a good president really what the world thinks or what he does for his own country. in new york city, brian joins us to talk about this. big deal here, the president speaking in dollars. explain to people why this is significant. >> you are hearing all this talk about the president and isolationism and america only. he is going to say america is open for business, we are growing again, there's opportunity again, you should
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come here and invest, this is the best place to invest, that is good for americans, we should be happy about our economic salesman in chief going where the money is even going there. he's not going there to rub shoulders, to make friends, pander to global elites, he is going to say we are great for business, this is a great place to invest and if you are not here you are making a mistake. his pitch is simple, he is selling the data we are seeing in the us over the past several months. heather: let's look what americans think about the economy and this paul looks at compared to years past across the board it has gone up from 6% people thought it was excellent in 2017, now 17% feeling more positive, specifically if you look at the economy under donald trump, 40% under trump specifically is better. >> when you get into january and
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start seeing headline after headline about company after company raising wages, giving out bonuses, raising retirement contributions you can't argue with the data. people feel great when they see wages going up, we haven't seen that in a long time and we are seeing it now. not surprising people feel better about the economy and giving donald trump some credit for it so that is why he is going to davos. look what is happening to wages, how the economy is growing, you want to be part of this. jillian: the more americans feel positive about the economy themselves how does that translate in terms of investment from abroad? >> world political leaders will continue to crumble and be upset about various things but watch the world business leaders, people talking about, taxes, just below the headlines you will find all these guys talking about the tax rate, regulations,
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don't watch the political leaders, never going to make peace with the president. watch the business leaders, watching the us, saying that is where we want to be, got to start investing in that. heather: american companies back home from overseas. and and everyone watches political leaders. and something about what people value. and the return to growth for a long time. heather: thank you, great advice, 19 minutes after the top of the hour, and attempt to silence a conservative after putting strict rules on ben schapiro's latest college campus appearance.
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>> they don't want us to hear what he says. heather: todd pyro was there and he is here to tell us the story. the price was right. carly shimkus, a live tv takedown. ♪
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i'm a small business, but i have big dreams,
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and big plans. so how can i make the efforts of 8 employees, feel like 50? how can i share new plans virtually? how can i download an e-file? virtual tours? zip-file? really big files? in seconds, not minutes. just like that. like everything. the answer is simple. i'll do what i've always done, dream more, dream faster, and above all, now, i'll dream gig. now more businesses, in more places, can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. >> my social media has nothing to do with my skill. the breakouts in a star, and serious xm 115, how he is blasting the american media. >> he is getting as much
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attention, skills on the court after controversial accounts that show him debating pizza delegate and interacting with members of the alt right including one person who attended the deadly riots in charlottesville. after getting knocked out of the australian open semi finals, he called out the media during the press conference over that negative press coverage. >> you want to -- the host of angles, dehumanize with pen and paper, what you want me to be. >> calling for him to apologize for this. he does not support all alt right years but has deleted
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controversial tweets. >> the field of dreams baseball field in iowa. vandal damaged it. >> and donuts on the field. and getting the field ready for opening day which is in april. i hope the vandals get haunted by mad baseball players, it is official, nothing sacred anymore. >> you shouldn't knock down the host of the price is right, but apparently she meant by it but host drew carey might be nursing a little bit of a sore back after an excited fan accidentally tackled him, swept him off his feet, leading to a whole new definition to the phrase come on down.
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they found this very funny asking that she when a car. she did not win a car, she won $200,000 and the treadmill. all that energy to good use. heather: i like your phrase come on down, perfect. thank you, thanks a lot. the time is 26 minutes after the top of the hour, the white house refusing to waiver after sanctuary city mayors turn their back from donald trump and the security of their citizens. >> we don't support sanctuary cities, we support enforcing the law and following the law. >> will way get serious about the law and order agenda? we debate it up next. carjacking, dragged down the street with one of america's heroes, and camera. ♪
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>> here is a look at burke international airport. and they will had to davos on marine one. for the economic forum. and later this morning there will be a bilateral meeting with theresa may and we will bring that for you. a game changer breaking overnight, the department of justice is starting to recover some of the missing text messages. that is the latest develop and in a scandal rocking the fbi. the white house is donald trump a few troublemakers to tarnish confidence in the top cop.
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>> 100% confidence, he feels he is the right person to leave the fbi and a few bad actors will not tarnish the entire group. any changes that need to be made will make those changes. >> that is according to recipes and reports. >> the us military tracking the victor lenovo off norfolk, virginia. the ship is designed to pick up communication signals, it was spotted heading north from the caribbean last week.
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and calling for unification. and they need a breakthrough without the help of other nations. and pyongyang would smash any obstacle community. and this is the only joint team for the koreans. new threats against enforcing immigration law. hours before donald trump sat down with city mayors. donald trump blasting the political center. >> the department of justice announced a legal step to hold accountable sanctuary cities and mayors choose to boycott this event put the needs of criminal
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illegal immigrants over law-abiding americans. heather: who do these mayors represent? here to weigh in his talkshow host jean 11, thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. let's start with that question because that is what i was asking myself when i heard repeatedly about these mayors, we are going to boycott the meeting altogether. who are they representing? their constituents or just a certain specific chosen element of their constituents? >> a very narrow, highly politicized segment of their own minds really because if you think about it this is what this president was elected primarily to do. donald trump ran on the issue of securing our borders. if these mayors are going to go against what many of their own constituents voted on, talking
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about an infrastructure meeting here, to provide security to their citizens and infrastructure to their citizens, not sure what their purpose is. heather: let's listen to what bill diblasio said about boycotting the meeting yesterday. >> we toured told they were going to be a good dialogue. and a group of american citizens and threaten them. and what i got was a publicity stunt from the trump administration. >> or is it following the law? >> we are talking about the rule of law. it any mayor, not only illegal, this is to criminal second time
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criminal. he -- protecting people committing crimes, already committed the initial crime of coming here illegally. that is what century city provides integrated, those committing crimes. heather: this is their statement on canceling the white house meeting, quote, many mayors of both parties were looking forward to visiting the white house to speak about infrastructure and other issues of pressing importance, the 82% of americans who call the city home. unfortunately trump administration decision to threaten mayors and demonize immigrants yet again and use political props in the process made this meeting untenable. what is your response to that? >> exactly right. if you want to know the dangerous place to be in america, as we move forward if these mayors dig in their heels and continue to act against rule
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of law it will be cities calling themselves sanctuary cities because the only people they will be sanctuary to our people who are criminals more than one time, people who have been arrested for times when they are already illegally here. not immigrants, illegal immigrants. and also remember the illegal immigrants may be thinking they want sanctuary or legal immigrants, these are neighborhoods that are the most mystified by those who are not accountable and given sanctuary instead. heather: we talked about that in terms of ms 13 targeting the immigrant community. thank you for joining us. appreciate it. 20 minutes until the top of the hour, and an innocent driver hit head on, the chase doesn't end
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there. >> a college campus. >> an attempt to silence conservatives, and todd pirate will tell us all about it. airlines made a deal, to help fly stranded passengers,
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the latest research and conducting clinical trials-to help each patient get the personalized cancer care they deserve. start at one of the cancer treatment centers of america hospitals near you. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at appointments available now. >> welcome back, foxbusiness alert, apple releasing another update following revelations the company slowed down your old iphone. how the tech giant is trying to make up for the battery fiasco. >> apple announced it will have a new update that will allow customers to use that
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controversial feature, to turn it off, that slows down the iphone when batteries are running low. this will be the ios 11.3 beta release, not sure when it is coming up but it will show battery health and recommend of the battery needs to be serviced. you will also be able to see the power management feature that prevents the unexpected shutdown. you can choose to turn it off if you want to. heather: so it is your choice. >> is your choice if you want a slow battery. heather: american and delta making a deal to help passengers who are stranded. >> hopefully, stranded passengers at the airport, events like hurricanes or snowstorms, delta and american teaming up, they will be able to fly each other's passengers. this should be a relief to people who may be stranded this
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winter. they had a deal like this in 2015, not sure what happened then but they are reviving that deal now. heather: hopefully it will not happen again. people are feeling really positive about the economy. >> voters rate the economy positively more than they have in two decades, this is what the fox news poll says that donald trump is made the economy better, 42% say that, a third, 34% say there is no difference. heather: we will see how that changes have more positive things happen on the economic front. thank you, appreciate it, have a great day. another attempt at silencing a conservative speaker on a college campus, university of connecticut been in the public from ben schapiro's appearance last night offering counseling to any student offended by what he had to say. todd pyro was there, did you need counseling?
1:43 am
>> i need a nap. it has been a long night. ben schapiro at the university of connecticut, college democrats, we visited both, check it out. ♪ >> here to see ben schapiro, always wanted to see him. >> intellectual person. >> i'm here to listen to his ignorance and listen to him and hopefully get a word in. >> i love the way he really comes forward with thought-out ideas. >> we should be able to freely be open about who we are, whether we are democrat or republican. [applause] >> something has to be done about a system where a few great leftist decides they don't want to hear somebody speak and therefore people from the outside, universities like this one can't get in. that has to stop.
1:44 am
>> why is an event like this import for first amendment right? >> people who are not necessarily the prevailing political view to talk to students who are not used to hearing these viewpoints particularly if they find them uncomfortable. >> reporter: the university's responded an overreaction to what happened a few months ago? [shouting] >> no question it is an overreaction but security assessments, i'm not going to second-guess their security assessment but i will second-guess their assessment they need to close it off to the general public. >> let the guy talk. >> free speech is more important than people's feelings, there should be actss of violence because people disagree. >> reporter: what do you think of the university offering counseling to those who may not be able to handle mister schapiro's speech. >> if you can't handle it that is kind of sad. most people here i think can handle a leftist speaker. >> reporter: the fact house and a ben schapiro event stretching around the block, check out the counter events going on at the
1:45 am
same time. >> this is a much better alternative than going and giving ben schapiro what he wants which is for people to come and scream at him and protest him so he can post a youtube video, ben schapiro destroyed you can liberals or something like that. >> reporter: the university is offering counseling to those who don't agree or can't handle mister schapiro's opinions, what are your thoughts on that? >> anyone who feel they need mental health is entitled to those services regardless of the reason. >> reporter: what does it say about the state of the first amendment that university has to limit participation in any event the 20 years ago would have been open to anybody from all sides to have a discussion? >> there should be full discussion between all sides and all points of view. >> it is a great thing, universities have people like me and the person speaking on this campus to give a variation of ideas, a wonderful thing, thank
1:46 am
you so much, thank you for coming out. >> reporter: it capped at 500 people, many more were turned away. the reaction to the explaining of the evening, having a very good conversation with a young woman, she was giving a counter point, that guy came in like the left silencing the left. jillian: they have are talking points and got to stick to them. why would anyone not want to see jeff gordon? he looks a little bit like jeff gordon. thank you so much. the time is 15 minutes until the top of the hour, sources conferring to fox news the doj is working to recover missing messages between anti-trump fbi agents. wasn't a glitch believing they were gone forever, former just as part of the ways and live up next. firefighters rushed to save a dog from a raging house fire. ♪ rescue me ♪
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heather: we now know the doj is working to recover some of the missing texts and cell phone of fbi officials peter strzok and fbi attorney lisa page. we are also learning thousands of fbi agents were impacted by that glitch that is blamed for wiping out five months worth of messages. joining me now is senior fellow at the heritage foundation and former doj official, thank you for joining us, appreciate it. talking about the timing, this is important, look at the events during this five month span of missing texts, december of 2016 through may 2017, the time of
1:51 am
the inauguration, firings of michael flynn and fbi director james comey and appointment of robert mueller as special counsel. this was a significant time period when these text messages, other fbi agents text messages as well, we learned, disappeared. what about the timing. is that questionable to you? >> that is a very crucial period of time and it is important they try not only to recover these text messages but also determine the answer to the question, was this a technical glitch or was this intentional? we don't know the answer to that. i will tell you something else. what they are talking about his recovery of the text messages from the official fbi owned cell phones individuals were using. i haven't heard anything about whether doj is recovering the text messages from their personal cell phones.
1:52 am
we have already seen text messages where they talk about going off the fbi grid, apparently personal apple devices. heather: there are no safeguards that fbi agents are using cell phones like you and i would use, exchanging these messages back and forth about information the rest of us should not be privy to or be able in any way to have access to. >> fbi agents know they are not supposed to for example use their personal cell phones and personal computers and email to talk about official government is this. when they are doing that they are violating the rules. fbi agents know that, so does the doj. heather: one of the text messages between lisa page and
1:53 am
peter strzok about the loretta lynch tarmac meeting in july where strzok says timing looks like hell, page says yeah that is awful timing and page says it is a real profile encourage that she knows no charges will be brought. that is pretty significant wording. >> loretta lynch said she was recused from the whole matter, keeping herself out of it. lisa page is not just and fbi agents, she is one of the lawyers at the fbi, one of the people dealing with justice department lawyers about it too, this raises questions about loretta lynch and her claims about not knowing anything. heather: we should point out the fbi saying they didn't have these text messages and lose them, they never had the text messages to begin with, that is what they were saying. >> i have a hard time believing
1:54 am
that, part of the archiving system all federal government agencies have is they are supposed to back up everything. it is hard for me to believe for five months they didn't realize they weren't backing up text messages from their official devices the agents are issued. heather: hopefully they will find the backup, have a great day. we will be right back. records... could learn you're from ireland... ...donegal, ireland... ...and your ancestor was a fisherman. with blue eyes. just like you. begin your journey at
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>> welcome back, like a scene out of the movie, look at this wild police chase, maybe it ended with this terrifying head on crash and dramatic detente was caught on camera. the red suv speeding down the street before crashing head on into another car and flipping over several times. you see smoke filling the air but moments later the suspect gets out and starts taking off before officers move in and finally take it down. thankfully, no one was injured. a vietnam vet proves he still has a lot of fight in him when a guy tries to steal his truck. robert jumping in, asking for a cigarette at a texas gas station, then dragging them to the ground. the suspect steal his wallet and
1:59 am
keys before driving away. >> no doubt in my mind -- if you hadn't been caught -- you will because it. >> he escaped with a broken leg. the suspect is still on the loose. the hero body camera video showing officers rescuing a dog stuck in an apartment fire. this is the dramatic moment when police in atlanta pulled the pup from the blaze carrying him to safety. another officer showing her compassion putting a jacket around him, the dog is now named smokey, he is alive and well thanks to the love of the officers that they showed him and now smokey is up for adoption. if you're in the market for good pup, there you have it. that wraps up our hour of "fox and friends" first. i will see you back here tomorrow, thanks for joining us,
2:00 am
goodbye. jillian: it is thursday, january 25th, fox news alert, missing messages found, breaking overnight sources, the department of justice started recovering some of the anti-trump texts between peter strzok and lisa page, whether the president had to say about the investigation. >> from this day forward it is going to be only america first, america first. rob: donald trump in switzerland to appear on the world stage, what we expect when he delivers his america first strategy to a very skeptical crowd. >> in order. >> what would you like to order? jillian: she can order things for you, play your music bu


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