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tv   Fox News Night  FOX News  January 22, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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it's awesome and lucky her because i love going to israel. by the way, they spend 1.3 billion a year on relocating the illegal immigrant unaccompanied family units and children and family units every year. that is how much they spend. keep it stay tuned right here. shannon bream from israel. shannon, take it away, have a great show. >> shannon: thank you so much, laura. here's what we have coming up tonight. "fox news @ night" live from jerusalem, exclusive interviews with vice president mike pence on middle east peace, moving the embassy from jerusalem, and the top negotiator from the palestinians slams donald's diplomacy while the israelis share their views on the president as the vice president advances president trump's agenda here in the holy city, de under fire from their progressive base. chris stirewalt weighs the winners and losers from the shutdown. all of that and more on a
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"fox news @ night" live from jerusalem. ♪ hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream coming to you live from jerusalem. no greater friend than israel, that is how israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is reacting to vice president mike pence's a historic visit tonight. the vice president's middle east trip is continuing today. it is tuesday, already in the holy city, where he will visit the western wall in a short while and had to the world holocaust remembrance center. these are deeply symbolic moves for israelis, a day after the vice president announced that the u.s. is fast tracking plans to move the embassy to jerusalem. we've got an exclusive interview with the vice president and exclusive reaction from the palestinians top negotiator, saeb erekat. but first, we'll take you back to washington where lawmakers have apparently struck a deal ending it. a government shutdown. team coverage tonight,
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rich edson on the latest from the white house where the president signed a new continuing resolution just a short time ago. first, chief national correspondent ed henry on dissension among democrats over the truth with republicans. >> we can report two key facts, not opinions. democrats caved in exchange, they got very little. chuck schumer tried to shift the blame today to president trump. there's a reason why the hashtag schumer shutdown on social media became the hashtag schumer surrender and schumer sellout. he voted to reopen the government after democrats abandon their leader and broke with the left. schumer and his allies tried to claim they are now better position to get what they want when funding runs out again next month. but republicans think he was just looking for a fig leaf. >> while this procedure will not satisfy everyone on both sides, it's a way forward. it's a good solution. i will vote for it. >> with a pointless, damaging,
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partisan theatrics of the government shutdown behind us, serious and bipartisan negotiations can resume. >> one of hillary clinton's fund-raisers tweeted, "dems have pocketed a big win on funding chip and have a real process to pass a daca bell in three weeks. everyone should focus on making that vote successful. the president and republican leaders, though, gave schumer six years of chip friday in the bill that schumer and many democrats voted against. as for daca, democrats get a vote on the senate but no guarantee that version can one of her house conservatives. interesting mesic scott dworkin veteran, said that democrats won multiple battles, we got chip funded, we got a commitment from the g.o.p., and a daca vote in the next few weeks. if they are lying when the government shuts down before daca expires, g.o.p. caves, g.o.p. lost big time, it's time, #trumpresigned.
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the democratic approach, we want not, but if we end up not winning, than the president should resign. shannon? >> shannon: ed henry, we'll check back with you on another hot topic in just a few moments. thank you. the continuing resolution to keep the government open passed by the senate and the house is now the law of the land. the white house releasing a picture or a short while ago of president trump signing the bill. richardson is here with more from the white house. >> president trump's signature has officially ended the long weekend shutdown is the bill cleared congress, the president and a statement said "i am pleased democrats in congress have come to their senses and our funding the insurance for vulnerable children." earlier this evening, republicans delivered a fund-raising email sent out of the president's name with a subject of "democrats caved." the white house is framing this as a victory for republicans, particularly the president.
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>> what the president did clearly worked. they vote just came in 81-18. i would say that those numbers are much more in the president's favor then in senator schumer's favor. i am not sure what changed for him and what he gained other than maybe nancy pelosi taking a bunch of republican members out for dinner to celebrate their shutdown. i'm not sure what positive things came out of this weekend for democrats. sorry, democrat members. >> publicly came out with the president it is somewhat unclear. he spent most of the shutdown away from television cameras. chuck schumer charges the president has been absent from these discussions. >> since our meeting in the oval office on friday, the president and i have not spoken. the white house refused to engage in negotiations over the weekend. the great dealmaking president sat on the sidelines. >> the white house as the president spoke with members of
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congress, directed his cabinet to manage their shutdown in a way that, unlike 2013, how does little impact as possible, and stood firm on there were public and position. democrats say the shutdown resulted in a commitment from sin or and leadership to consider immigration next month. republicans say that they were planning to do that anyway. while this short-term funding measure opens the government for a few weeks, the policy differences that started this all still remain. it will be continue negotiations to protect from deportation the nearly 700,000 dreamers, those brought to the united states illegally as children. then, there's the white house's immigration principles, ending family-based or chain migration. the visa lottery system, and funding for a wall on the u.s. border with mexico. in a government funding bill, there are also differences on government funding. democrats want republicans to plan to increase military spending, to also include a boost in domestic spending, as well. shannon, back to you.
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>> shannon: rich edson live in d.c. thank you so much. most republicans sort of playing it cool but many democrats, especially progressives, are not. they see their leadership caved and brand-new polling shows good news for the g.o.p. after passing the tax bill. several generic polls show the democratic lead in 2018 is narrowing. sue who comes out ahead, if anybody come from the shutdown? let's talk about it with chris stirewalt, fox news politic editor, great to see you long distance tonight. okay, let's talk about this. how much did the tax bill lead to this victory on the shutdown, if we can make sense of that? >> i think bigly. this is the first shutdown of 2018. i would be very surprised and i confess impression of congress on the white house can navigate through the rest -- remer, there is not just funding, there is also daca, obamacare patch, military authorization, plenty of stuff that they have to get done in the fairly near term and
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we also will have a debt ceiling increase. this may be the first. the republicans are ready to win the first one. there was popularity showing up in the polls for a tax cut that had been very unpopular before the republicans were finally starting to see their bounds, they have more confidence, the house was ready to work together, they were in a positive mind-set as opposed to you when we saw them for example fall apart and obamacare last year. they felt better about themselves, they were more optimistic and they took the fight to democrats. >> shannon: okay, so we have the left saying -- and you saw them in statements -- they say we got what we want to we will force the g.o.p. to the table on the discussion of daca. a victory. a lot of people are not buying that, including a lot of folks on the left. we have a political director for a liberal group saying, "it's official, chuck schumer is the worst negotiator in washington, even worse than trump." so how does the senate minority
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leader move forward now? >> john boehner is somewhere pouring one out for chuck schumer, justin, my man, chuck. that is what happens when you are in leadership, the backbenchers and the activists say, you are the worst, i would have gotten us everything we wanted, tenant painlessly, it would have happened instantly. the truth for all of us, though, for everyone in the country, is that when we get to these next deadlines, we are not far away from the next deadline already. the likelihood of a longer, more acrimonious shutdown goes up because now humor is going to have a harder time placating liberals who are quite falsely operating under the belief that they could have gotten everything they wanted all at once in this package. >> shannon: let's talk about a little bit of an evolution in voters minds about what the g.o.p. is or isn't getting done, how they are favoring some of the latest polling. we have seen in polling, and if you look at where we have gone, and december, it asked on this generic -- if you have to vote today and your congressional
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district, which party would you go far, back in december, it was 56% democrat, 38% republican. if you now look in january, we've gotten to, it's closed a bit. democratic party canada get woody at 49 percent did, republican, 44%. that is quite a gap to close in a short amount of time. i'm assuming part of that is the tax bill but is it now the belief that after a year of the g.o.p. not getting big promises done, they finally did get one done, and maybe now we see how this many shutdown also contributes to those numbers? >> not sucking out governing is helpful. i think it is one of the inherent truth is a political science. the republicans are finding out a way to do this, they have no more stability at the white house. there is more predictability. they have figured out a way to work with trump and trump, to some degree, to work with them. i want to reiterate -- this is the most important part to remember -- we are just starting what is going to be a multi-month process, at least to grow months, of going through,
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figuring out how to do these things. all of these alliances, all of these loyalties, and there's no popularity for the republicans, or less in popularity republicans. as we move forward, this will all be tested, and now schumer has a lot of impetus behind testing match. >> shannon: as we have seen, voters and polls can be very fickle and it's a lifetime between now and the midterms in the fall. so we will watch ncs we get lots of different numbers on roller coasters along the way. chris stirewalt, great to see you in washington. >> come home safe. >> shannon: i shall pray thank you. vice president vice president mike pence announcing an ambitious timeline for the u.s. embassy in jerusalem. we are here in jerusalem to ask him how the administration plans to get that done, what's wrong with the u.n., and what he thinks of the palestinians harsh accusations for the administration. it is all straight ahead in a fox news exclusive. plus, we'll hear about proposals for trump boulevard and trump municipal park, right here, all part of a budding love affair
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with the president here in the holy land. lawmakers are governed over several hundred pages of newly released texts between two key players in the fbi admitted the mueller investigation but it is what is missing tonight that is by far getting the most attention. ♪ rodney -- mastermind of discounts like safe driver, paperless. the list goes on. how about a discount for long lists? gold. mara, you save our customers hundreds for switching almost effortlessly. it's a gift. and jamie. -present. -together we are unstoppable. so, what are we gonna do? ♪ insurance. that's kind of what we do here.
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>> shannon: welcome back to "fox news @ night." we are live from jerusalem or vice president mike pence has been celebrated by israelis and condemned by the palestinians and their allies. it's not just about the historic u.s. embassy moved to jerusalem. millions of dollars in aid funding also at stake at high wired diplomatic moves with allies in the region put an edge by rapidly shifting american priorities. in our exclusive interview the vice president here in the holy city on monday, i began by asking him about the ambitious plan to relocate the u.s. embassy to jerusalem by the end of next year. >> vice president pence: president trump has met his word. he made history in december when he announced the united states of america will recognize jerusalem as a capital of israel. in the same breath, he said we would make plans to move the united states embassy here to jerusalem and it gave me the
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great honor of announcing that it will all be done by the end of next year. it's so important the people of israel know how strongly the people of the united states stand with them and support them and by making the nbc move, by setting a hard deadline on it, president trump wanted to make it clear that he met when he said, said what he meant, and we will follow through and strengthen the relationship that we had with this wonderful ally. >> shannon: obviously, there are many people who did not receive that announcement well. let's talk about your visits to jordan and egypt where i understand you had conversations that were frank, they were candid, but what did you hear from the leaders there about how they feel about the announcement? >> vice president pence: i meant with president el-sisi in egypt and president abdullah and jordan. they were very good conversations between friends and allies. as king abdullah said, we will
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agree to disagree on the issue of recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel. i truly do believe as the president does that in making the decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel, that peace is now more possible, not less possible. >> shannon: we went into ramallah yesterday, the top palestinian negotiator, dr. saeb erekat. i know he's been to the white house and you have had conversations with him. he said in his mind it's over. >> as far as i'm concerned today, the united states, it can no longer be the arbitrator, or the peace process. we were promised by president trump that he would never impose or dictate a solution on us or on israelis, then why did you move to take this decision? why couldn't you leave jerusalem to renegotiate between metrical sides, as both sides agreed? speed when the negotiations are over, that announcement breached the trust. >> vice president pence: the truth is, the palestinians have
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walked away from negotiations for peace with israel since 2014. it is time for the palestinians to come back to the table. the reality is, president trump made a promise to the american people and he kept that promise and recognizing jerusalem is the capital of israel. we've made no determination on the final status of boundaries of any peace agreement and both sides come together and agree, we'll accept a two state solution. it is time for the palestinians to come together to the table. >> shannon: once he heard jerusalem has been recognized as a capital, he felt everything was shut down from this point, there was no new wants for him. he just could not foresee a way that he comes back to the table. how do you convince him otherwise? >> vice president pence: well, i think this is a very different time across the wider arab world. now we are actually seeing a dialogue, a new dialogue between countries like the united arab admiral's and saudi arabia that are now beginning to look to the common thread threat ever ran,d
8:20 pm
countries to come together. my hope is that as we come forward, the palestinians will see that opportunity, they'll see this renewed alliance and they'll see that this is a different time under president donald trump. he is someone, the man wrote "the art of the deal," he believes that peace is possible, but it's necessary for both parties to come together. >> shannon: you know, they are also upset about $65 million in aid that will be withheld, and speaking with him yesterday, they wonder whether the administration has considered the ramifications of that, the fact that ben many of their pee are depended on it. they have no other place to go. >> vice president pence: president trump made it clear, first and foremost, it needs to be reformed. this is a united nations program that is fraught with waste and fraud and abuse.
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we recently released some $60 million in funding for schools and funding for hospitals and the deal with refugees in the region. but in terms of providing additional funding through the united nation to the palestinian authority, president trump just believes we can't keep doing what we have always done an end expect a different result, the time has come for us to begin to call in both parties to come together, engage in negotiations, and engage a compromise. if the president's decision with regard to funding it is more of a desire to save the palestinian leadership that we are not going to keep going down the same road of foreign aid we have gone before. we need you to step up, we need the palestinians to come back to the table. we really do believe that peace is possible. >> shannon: to stick around with more from the vice president including his efforts to get egypt to crack down on north korea. you may have heard about apple's
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plans to bring back hundreds of billions of dollars in cash to the u.s. and hire tens of thousands in the wake of the trump tax cuts. california lawmakers are seeing green and they have big plans for all that money. next up, outraged night over missing text messages involving fbi officials and the mueller investigation and new demands of a be encumbered asap. stick around. we are live from jerusalem. ♪ bonds were definitely tested. frog leg, for my baby brother don't frogs have like, two legs? so they should have two of these? since i'm active duty and she's family, i was able to set my sister up with a sweet membership from navy federal. if you hold it closer, it looks bigger. eat your food my big sis likes to make tiny food. and i'm okay with that. open to the armed forces, the dod, veterans and their families. navy federal credit union.
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8:27 pm
close to dev a new tell fox he and other republicans are moving to begin the process of publicly releasing that four page memo at the center of allegations that obama officials at the justice department and fbi conducted surveillance of trump officials. these sources say devin nunes and two colleagues, trey gowdy and bob goodlatte, and the fbi's house judiciary chair, going through the steps they have to take to release them on much of the public by early february. under pressure tonight, the fbi is demanding a copy of this memo, they say, so they can take appropriate action if there was improper surveillance. so for the committee has not turned it over. these republicans, meanwhile, believe it will put pressure on attorney general jeff sessions to potentially appoint a second special counsel be on robert mueller to prove these allegations that during the campaign and transition obama officials were basically spying on trump officials. i am told devin nunes and other republicans were compelled to act because they are so angry about learning this week and the fbi is now claiming it did not
8:28 pm
retain text messages between peter strzok and lisa page from december 14th, 2016 to may 17, 2017. now that is an amazing coincidence because that covers a good chunk of that presidential transition, the early days of the trump administration, and also because may 17th happens to be the day that robert mueller was appointed to be the special counsel and take over the russia probe. so tonight, the attorney general put out a statement warning, "we will leave no stone unturned to confirm with certainty why these text messages are not now available to be produced and we will use every technology available to determine whether they missing messages are recoverable from another source." trey gowdy, one of the republicans i mentioned, is bringing in. >> for johnny i saw today was a tax about not keeping texts. we saw more manifest bias against president trump, all the way through the election and through the transition. >> among some of the new
8:29 pm
strzok-page text we are seeing, could be no trouble for james comey. remember, he testified under oath to congress that he did not give attorney general loretta lynch a heads up that he was not going to pursue criminal charges for hillary clinton. these texts seem to contradict that, shannon. >> shannon: all right, thank you very much. live in washington. a couple of lawmakers in california apparently are not big fans of the recently passed tax cuts and jobs act, calling tax or form a middle-class tax increase. two state assemblyman have introduced a bill that would force large companies to pay half of their expected tax savings back to california. trace gallagher joins us with details on the story. >> hey, shannon. these two democratic state lawmakers have decided the best way to combat the trauma frustration tax cuts is with a tax increase. instead of california's corporate tax rate dropping to 21%, assemblyman kevin mccarty and phil ting are proposing
8:30 pm
legislation that would force california businesses that make more than a million dollars a year to pay a 10% surcharge. the extra money would go to social service programs for middle and low income people, even though california already has the nation's largest entitlement program. along with the highest state tax, gas tax, and among the highest sales tax. the lawmakers pitching this idea say, quoting here, "it is unconscionable to force working families to pay the price for tax breaks and loopholes benefiting corporations and the wealthy individuals." they left out the fact that the new tax law has already benefited hundreds of thousands of californians through bonuses and that even liberal tax policy center's acknowledge more than 80% of californians will see their tax go down. business leaders say the new proposal would force more companies to leave california on the sacramento bee called the legislation "dumb," saying "it blithely seeks to soak the rich
8:31 pm
at a time of budget surplus and it serves nothing." critics point out that getting this bill passed is a long shot because it requires a two-thirds vote in the state assembly and because of sexual misconduct allegation, they have forced out three democratic state lawmakers in recent months, so the democrats no longer have a super majority, and even if it did pass, and was signed by the governor, it would still have to go before the voters. shannon? >> shannon: an interesting concept. thank you for filling us in. what comes next in the so-called dreamers? with the clock ticking, will lawmakers ever fix the daca program? will debate the odds of that in part two of the exclusive interview with vice president mike pence, we'll discuss the efforts to coordinate with the allies to crackdown on boko haram and north korea. first, how do israelis feel about president donald trump?
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8:36 pm
very public thank you to the u.s. administration for its support. many jewish israelis think mr. trump is the best u.s. president in recent memory. >> i think he's great. he's very human. everyone relates to him. >> he is doing what other presidents of america said but they didn't do. >> he's good for america, he's good for the world. >> a november gallup poll in israel gave president trump a 67% approval rating. that survey was taken before mr. trump recognized jerusalem as israel's capital. >> we are profoundly grateful for the president, for his courageous and just decision. >> israelis have a special fondness for u.s. presidents. streets here are named for george washington and abraham lincoln. there is a memorial for john f. kennedy. soon, america's 45th president will join their ranks. plans are in the works for a new train station named after president donald trump.
8:37 pm
not just any station, but one that will be located near the holiest sites in judaism, the western wall and the temple mount. israel's intelligence and transportation minister came up with the idea. >> i think it's a very, very historical thing. i think the station, his name, donald trump station, will stay with us forever. >> jewish israelis approve of mr. trump, not only because of position on jerusalem or because of his views on a brand, terrorism, and west bank settlements. a minority of israelis, including veteran diplomat believe president trump is damaging the country. >> first of all, he's bad for israeli democracy. by the fact that with his deeds, not so much the declared policy, but what he's doing in practice, he is ruining the peace process. >> while it while israeli critics of president trump are relatively few in number,
8:38 pm
jewish voters in the u.s. are a different story. american jews give the president a 26 at 26 approval rating, significantly lower than their israeli brethren. shannon? >> shannon: david lee miller, thank you for that report in the streets of israel. if congress voted to end the government shutdown, a group of so-called dreamers temporarily blocked a disneyland entrance in anaheim, california. advocates for the young illegal immigrants were and we should expect more civil disobedience in the weeks ahead. so what will congress do about the dreamers and win? let's bring in david cantonese come with the senior politics writer of "u.s. news & world report" and charlie hurt, opinion editor and columnist for "the washington times," and a fox news contributor. thank welcome to you both. >> hey, shannon. >> shannon: they worked out a deal for funding through february 8th. what exactly is the g.o.p. obligated to do moving forward? >> frankly, they are not
8:39 pm
obligated to do anything. there is no law that says mitch mcconnell has to bring a daca belt to the senate floor. he just said it in a speech that he said if the democrats come to the table and we pass this short term government funding bill, i will bring daca to the floor. he put some caveats, he said as long as the government is not shut down, he would bring it to the floor. i think in talking to democrat sensing democrats' statements, especially liberal democrats, they don't trust mitch mcconnell, they are not sure that this is going to happen before february 8th because remember, last month in december, mitch mcconnell apparently told senator jeff flake, a republican, he guaranteed him a vote on the dreamers, a vote on daca this month. we now know that is not going to happen. a lot of democrats are pointing to that today as evidence to say we can't trust mitch mcconnell on this dreamers deal. >> shannon: okay, let's look at a recent quinnipiac poll.
8:40 pm
when asked if you would support or oppose a bill that would allow undocumented immigrants who were brought here as children to remain in the u.s. illegally, overall 73%, charlie, said they support getting something done. is that the pressure in the g.o.p.? >> i think that president trump himself has made it clear that he doesn't want to make something work on this. but he doesn't want to make something work that doesn't fix the problem in the first place and the problem the first place, of course, is the lack of security, and to do what democrats are calling a clean daca bill would basically mean you would legalize hundreds of thousands of illegals who were brought here as minors, without fixing the original problem that created this in the first place, which is allowing all these illegals to come into the country and bring their underage children. so i think that there is pressure. i think that donald trump surgically wants to do something about this. but he doesn't want to do it
8:41 pm
without doing something about security to prevent this from happening again in the future, so we don't find ourselves in the exact same situation. i have to say that for make tactical situation, it's a bad thing. i don't really know what the democrats were thinking, i don't know what chuck schumer was thinking because he basically did two things. one, he shuts down the government. he led his party to a shutdown of the government over illegals, standing up for illegals in the first place. then three days later, reversed that, at the close illegals, and he's kind of alienating everybody in this situation. >> shannon: the left is definitely unhappy. we have one of the dreamers liberal groups putting out the statement today. the individual here is a dream or herself. "when they were looking at whether folks would vote today to actually get rid of the standoff and actually move onto the funding, "anyone considering such a move, let me be clear, promises one protect anyone from
8:42 pm
deportation. delay means deportation for us." taking plenty of heat from the democrats saying, we got nothing, march 5th is coming, that is the end of daca, sort of an arbitrary deadline, but it's the one that is coming from the administration. there are legal battles in play here, who knows of the supreme court gets involved. in the meantime, the left is saying, what did you do for us? >> the left is furious. every statement i got from a progressive organization was trashing chuck schumer for dealing with mitch mcconnell. i think what chuck schumer was doing, if i'm climbing into his head, he was thinking for his 2018ers. if he is democrats running in trump estates, claire mccaskill in missouri, heidi heitkamp and north dakota, joe donnelly in indiana, they will have tough races and he didn't want to shut down to go down longer and risk getting th. so i think he is gambling here a little bit, for sure. he is taking short-term heat with his base to say i will get
8:43 pm
you this eventually, i will get you this before daca runs out in march but i also think he's making a longer-term calculation that the midterms are going to be about donald trump in the end and that donald trump still remains unpopular and that he is taking some short-term heat and i think democrats did lose the short-term battle. i think long term, he thinks he can win the war. >> shannon: february 8th will be here before we know it. there will be another war or a fear battles between here and there as we near the cliff of a potential shutdown again. thank you both. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: you heard from the vice president about the big move of the embassy come a very ambitious timeline. but how is he looking to bring the partners in the region together, the threats of iran and north korea? more of our exclusive with our vice president just ahead. ♪ we've been preparing for this day.
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♪ >> shannon: welcome back to "fox news @ night" live from jerusalem, our vice president mike pence made waves in the region earlier today by announcing that plans to move the embassy to jerusalem are moving ahead of schedule. i asked him about that and also about working with the allies in the region to get tough with both iran and north korea. >> vice president pence: iran is the leading state sponsor of terrorism in the world.
8:48 pm
and they are not just exporting tierney but we saw them, there were oppression focused on their own people, putting on the latest protests in the streets. the influence of iran in the region is dangerous. they continue to export violence, they continue to seek to expand their influence, not just in syria, but also in iraq and yemen. we have an opportunity today, working with new and renewed alliances that president trump has forged in the arab world to be able to push back the influence of iran at the region. the last thing that we want to see after driving ices out of a rack and literally, on the cusp of driving isis out of existence iran and the iranian revolutionary guard fill that vacuum in the united states of america and our allies are simply not going to let it
8:49 pm
happen. >> shannon: in another region, i understand that you talk to egypt about north korea, and the importance of them breaking any demotic ties or any support for north korea. >> vice president pence: when i was with president el-sisi in egypt, he called on them to break their diplomatic ties and to break any communications between the government on the government in pyongyang. president trump has made it clear: the era of what was called strategic patience is over. the american people have been lot along a path for the last 20 years with the kim regime that is only resulted in broken promises and the steady advance of the nuclear ambitions and ballistic missile programs, followed on by continuous threats against the people of the united states of america united states of america. president trump has made it clear, all options are on the table, and he will make that clear again when we visit south korea just a few short weeks. we continue to hope, with
8:50 pm
additional support from allies like egypt and additional pressure from china and other countries in the world, that we'll be able to isolate north korea economically and diplomatically and achieve, by peaceable means, what the world is not been able to achieve for decades, a nuclear free korean peninsula. >> shannon: we've got much more coming up with a vice president tomorrow night, as well. in the meantime, palestinian lawmaker is accusing the president of using his religion to set double medic policy. >> he brought his ideological fundamentalist interpretation of the bible in order to punish the palestinians and the aggressivee aggressive israeli occupier. it is illegal, immoral, inhuman. >> shannon: joining me know, "the new york times" best-selling author and founding member of the alliance for the piece of israel jerusalem, joel
8:51 pm
rosenberg. we have really enjoyed our time here, though it's been quick, not surprising that the palestinian lawmaker you heard from did not appreciate the vice president's use of the bible, also hearing from a top palestinian negotiator who we talk with a couple of days ago in ramallah saying this, "the messianic discourse of pence is a gift, and it's proving that the u.s. government is a problem, not the solution." big it was not surprising that the top house leadership is so upset but it's surprising the fact that pence -- i was there -- we need to pray for the peace of jerusalem. he called her palestinians to come back to the table. he is saying that the boundaries of jerusalem are not even settled. he reiterated what president trump had said it has jerusalem announcement in december. the point is, this is the moment for palestinian leaders to say that they are not negotiating, they are not final, let's have that discussion. jerusalem is the toughest issue in this conflict. as a divisive one but it's not
8:52 pm
clear why the palestinian leadership is saying, we want to talk, forget it, it's over, your interview was illuminating and fascinating and mock mahmoud abbas saying in a big speech the other day, saying that you may not see me again, this may be my last speech. we may be heading for a post- post-abbas era. >> shannon: it's interesting, erekat continually push the fact that the president had nuance at what he said, he wanted us to be not defending their borders, not making a final assessment, we are outside, just think that we are recognizing you jerusalem is a capital. to erekat, there was no difference. he said we heard the headline and that is at. >> that's a challenge. i know that vice president pence spoke to president el-sisi in egypt and king of della and jordan about this. it's a very sensitive issue. it's interesting, effectively
8:53 pm
with the president and vice president are saying is blessed jerusalem is a set issue, and it has been. the palestinians are not asking, at the leadership level, for west jerusalem. so the debate is over east jerusalem, or some neighborhoods in east jerusalem, if they don't negotiate, then a generation of palestinian suffering go on infinite him. it is not clear how this leadership, abbas and erekat, what their plan is. you were talking to erekat about his health, he just had a lung transplant in the united states, i'm so glad that has gone well. but these men seem tired. everybody in the region is tired of the fight. but if you want to sit down and negotiate, it's not clear how to make the situation better. i thought the pence speech was excellent in calling for peace,
8:54 pm
saying, clarifying the president's position, but affirming that the united states is with israel as an ally but it's also with jordan as an ally, egypt as an ally, and in fact, pence noted that many people think peace is not possible but this is not theoretical. the vice president was income of the united states has helped egypt to make peace with israel and israel make peace with jordan, two of the most difficult elements of this conflict have been dealt with and these treaties have lasted. the question is, those treaties happened because men were willing to sit down and make hard choices face-to-face. i am sympathetic to the palestinians but i don't understand how they make their lives better for the people if they want to sit down. >> shannon: i have repeatedly asked erekat what would get them back to the table. i know using negotiator so he won't tell me but there is no answer that he would give me and we know that's not going to happen. they gave very much for your
8:55 pm
insight. >> it's great to be with you. these are interesting days and a challenging moment. >> shannon: we appreciate your expertise. thank you. vice president pence planning to visit the western wall and a short while. much more to come as we broadcast live from jerusalem. ♪ i've been a soldier for 3 years. i've scaled the toughest terrain and faced plenty of my fears as part of my training. and for the past two years i've been a navy federal member. so even out here i can pay securely with mobile pay
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only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. tylenol can't do that. aleve. all day strong. all day long. and for pain relief and a good night's rest, try aleve pm for a better am. >> shannon: jerusalem is an amazing city, holy and sacred to believers from three major religions, a place that has been fought over for millennia. we are here tonight and do battle over the future of jerusalem. one fought by a new president for a very different version of achieving peace here that has predecessor. meanwhile, the vice presidents visit continues here, as a sun rises, he will meet with the is really -- israeli president, and jerusalem's holy western wall. tomorrow, we will have the rest of the vice president's comments on christians in the region, trying to work with those who have been persecuted, and the interview the top palestinian
9:00 pm
negotiator, saeb erekat. it's fiery, you don't want to miss it. thanks to everyone in jerusalem who has made this possible. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you have spent the evening with us. fromne jerusalem, i am shannon bream. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." today was a big win, or seemed to be, for republicans in the congress.tu democrats caved to their demands, the government is back open. details on that in just a minute. new text messages tonight from the fbi with stunning revelations about the hillary clinton revelation. even if you think you know a lot about it, stay tuned. pretty remarkable. but first, for more than a year, on this show, we have discussed our country's immigration policies. pretty much every night, we have asked supporters of open borders how can you justify this? do american citizens benefit from these policies or not? we still don't know. a finally from msnbc comes an answer.


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