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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  January 16, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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consequence. let us pardon reciprocally each other's folly. that is the law of nature. email us your favorite quote at the tucker is up next. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. democrat phil murphy replaced chris christie today as governor of new jersey. one of the very first things he did was create a new high profile state agency. can you guess what it's gonna do? it won't be stamping out rampant opioid abuse in new jersey, unfortunately. won't be working to boost that state's lagging economy either. it won't fix the budget which pe perpetually in deficit or fill some of those ubiquitous shock absorbers when you pull off for coffee it certainly won't be fighting crime. in fact, doing just the opposite. governor phil murphy's new state task force will exist
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specifically to subvert and undermine america's existing laws. the office is called the office of immigrant defense protection it will offer legal assistance to illegal immigrants so they can evade deportation or at least delay it long enough to receive the drivers licenses and taxpayer funded college aid that governor murphy also wants to give them. so the message of all of this could not be clearer. governor murphy's top priority is not the citizens of new jersey but, instead, people who shouldn't be there in the first place. if you don't believe that take a look at new jersey cities. nearly all of which are hurting badly and have been for generations. camden across the river from philadelphia is one of the touchest places on this con continue inept. unemployment rate is more than double the national average. 30% of its residents live below the poverty line. parts are so dangerous you won't walk down the street. newark and parterson are not much better than that governor murphy has not announced a new state agency to fix those places.
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no other liberal governor in america is doing that either because, let's be honest, democrats have given up on blighted american neighborhoods. the schools are terrible, they are not getting better. the people there shoot each other, who knows why. unemployment, broken families, drug addiction, it is a tragedy in slow motion and everybody knows it. but where's the energy to take any of it better to help our fellow americans? well, it's been siphoned off to serve a new and more fashionable cause, one not incidentally long-term electoral prospects. illegal immigrants. that's the new cause. as for the american poor, people whose families have been here for 300 years and are still suffering and dying young, as long as democrats take their votes for granted, they will continue to get lip service and that's it. john mccain is a member of the new jersey assembly and he joins us tonight. thanks for coming on. >> thanks for having me on, tucker. >> tucker: i checked the
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numbers in newark, new jersey about 12% of high schoolers are adequate in math. in camden, among kids in grades 3 through 8 it's 7% have reached the math standard. why wouldn't the incoming governor make that his priority and not legal aid to illegal aliens. >> i think you are unfair in the premise you said. first and foremost as it relates to new jersey there is 500,000 undocuments in our state that's 6% of our population. so they're not the criminals that you purport them to be. they are our neighbors. >> tucker: i'm not calling them criminals. what i'm calling them is non-americans which they are. and i'm not against them, actually. i think they are probably mostly nice people. the government hats duty first and foremost to protect its own people. in new jersey i used to live in the state so i knew, too. has cities crumbling and that pa they thick and dangerous and the schools are terrible. where is the emphasis on that. >> i don't know where you say the schools is terrible. governor murphy going to make schools funding
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priority. can you pick score cities and try to make -- >> tucker: is newark the biggest city in new jersey 12% of high schoolers adequate in math. do you think that's a success. >> of course it isn't. then we can always do better. that's one of the governor's priority. i thought we came to talk about the department that is going to look after those who are refugees, those who are dreamers. those who are green card holders. we have to make sure they have access to adequate information. no different than adequate legal services. >> tucker: so i think we will both agree that a government's first job is to take care of its own citizens, the ones who put it in power in the first place, whose votes give it legitimacy. how does giving financial aid for college tuition to i will illegals help new jersey. >> you are skipping ahead. when it comes to it, what we need to do when you look at what's happened in the last year and a half or year of president trump, we have
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seen statistics go down from a crime reporting perspective among the latino population as it relates to the domestic violence, as it relates to sexual assault, down by as much as 20%. why is that? it's because they are afraid to report it. is that in our best interest to keep yo us safe? do you think that criminals are discriminating and going after undocuments? >> tucker: we may be having parallel conversations. our governor said the plan is to help the children here illegally go to college. i know why it's great for them and why they are happy about it why should a new jersey resident who is an american citizen think this helps him. >> overall you are taking peeves the component what we are going to be talking about. we are going to be talking about drivers licenses. guess what, undocuments drive anyway. isn't it better to make sure they take a safety test. better prepared to do so and drivers get insurance. >> tucker: i don't know. probably best if they left. since they are here i get it
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since you are not going to answer my question about college tuition. millions of african-americans, americans, citizens who don't have drivers licenses. why is new jersey starting a program to get them drivers licenses, instead giving them to illegal aliens with a new program. i'm missing it. >> i didn't know the show your vent was to force people they can otherwise do. you wouldn't suggest we should force licenses on people, right? that's not your philosophy. >> tucker: i'm not suggesting that democrats are suggest would he go can't have voter i.d. laws because african-americans don't have here your state is saying we are going to help people here illegally get ids. why not help your own people first. that's the theme i'm asking for. not getting answer. >> don't even get into the voter i.d. piece. it's about voter suppression. picking on groupings of people who happen to vote democratic that you are trying to keep. >> tucker: i'm not picking on anybody. i'm asking why you are not helping them and instead helping illegal aliens. let's get to my question
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about college aid. subsidizing the cost for illegal aliens. why does it help citizens of new jersey? >> didn't you say as you said you should throw them all out. could you really be suggesting we are going to take half a million people in our state and deport them? could you be suggesting. >> tucker: you are not going to answer my question because you don't have an answer. you don't have an answer. let's start with. >> that's a different thing. >> tucker: maybe you should start with explaining to our viewers why it's in their interests as american citizens to see their tax dollars goes to educate people here illegally. how does that help them? it's a fair question. >> it's a fair question eventually when there is san toy nught with a. when there is a path to citizenship 11 million people here undocumented because they will never be all removed you know that those allowing individuals to become educated will make them more productive citizens an important part of our finener this country. that's why it is to our advantage. why isn't it ever to anybody's advantage to provide aid to people? it's to make them more
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productive and better citizens in our country. >> tucker: there are lots of americans, a lot of americans, most americans who worry about the cost of tuition for their kids. it's their country. why not take that money and give it to them to help their kids. i don't understand. >> whole different topic you know governor murphy in one of his priorities is relating to having junior colleges tuition-free for new jersey citizens that are good students. they they are much by way of programs that you are focusing on the one having to do with supporting those undocumented and particularly the dreamers, the refugees, as well as green card holders to have a clearing house. legal aid so they can understand what their options are and not be afraid. that's a fair thing to do. >> tucker: and fight federal law. yeah. i get it thanks a lot assemblyman, i appreciate it? >> thank you for having me. >> tucker: lawrence jones is a reporter as well as a radio and tuition host over at the blaze. he joins me tonight. thanks for coming on. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: i don't think i'm being unfair when i ask why
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in a state that has a limited pot of money the priority seems to be people who are here illegally over people who are born here and are hurting. >> tucker, i have been trying to sit quietly as this debate continued between you and your last guest. i set through 8 years of the obama administration that put other citizens, other country's citizens before its own and quite frankly i think the american people sent a message and said that was over. now we have another democrat that has taken office and essentially said, look, you don't matter. other citizens of other countries matter more than you. look, the fact of the matter is there are a lot of young black men and women that have dreams as well. their education is failing in new jersey. the unemployment is terrible. have you got poverty that a lot of that money could be going to benefit them. democrats would rather, despite black folks giving them 90-plus% of their vote put other people first
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before them. >> tucker: do you think it's despite giving 96% of the vote or because of it? if you think a vote is guaranteed. then why would you be concerned about the worries of those voters? have you already run them over. you don't need to tend to that garden. >> that's exactly right. that's why i'm talking to the young people, the people that are in my community. enough is enough. have you seen the benefits of the trump administration. black unemployment is the lowest it's ever been. you have to make a choice if you're going to continue to vote for policies that only produce poverty and not wealth. you know, tucker. the democrat want to talk about emotional. i have emotional argument for them that's also logical. when black people came here on slave ships unwillingly, they still have to have a constitutional amendment to get citizenship and get the rights of all other americans. >> why would we allow people here, give them government funding. give them free education, you know, social programs
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that benefit when we have people that came here unwillingly and they still have to go through a legal process. >> tucker: i agree with that you ought to side with your fellow country men first always. lawrence, thank you. i appreciate that. plans to sue allowing continuation of daca program. single unelected federal judge suddenly in charge of the country's entire immigration policy somehow. doj is fighting that. new and fascinating stats tonight on immigration legal and illegal and how it intersecketsd with crime in america as it often does. according to federal numbers released today, america's terror threat is clearly, among other things, an immigration issue. of the 549 people convicted of terror offenses between 9/11 and the end of 2016, fully 73% were immigrants. many of them entered this country dry through chain migration and the diversity lottery both of which allow immigrants here without
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regard for their skills or how well they would integrate into american society and clearly many are not incident graghts. the doj estimates more than 20 people in this country are murdered every year in honor killings mostly family members see them as too westernized. 1500 are put into forced marriages in this country annually. between 2003 and 2009 immigrants to the united states committed about 70,000 sex crimes. none of these facts require we shut down imation. they do demand honest discussion. not dismissive accusations of bigotry every time someone raises the suck. have you heard the response dozens of times shut up dumb america illegal americans are way more law abiding than you are. ♪ so fast a new report by the crime research center take as close look how illegal immigration affected crime in one state arizona. the numbers are stark. in the state of arizona, illegal immigrants are more than two and a half times more likely to commit murder
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as u.s. citizens are. they are almost three times as league like to whitman slaughter and sex crime against children as well as armed robbery. convicted illegal immigrants 45% more likely to be gang members. overall young illegal immigrants break the law and not just immigration law the rest of the laws at twice the rate of american citizens. so for at loos one state we know that illegal immigration is directly linked to higher crime rates. these numbers deserve honest discussion in the halls of power. not shrieks of bigotry and angry declarations that all imlegal immigrants are future medal of honor recipients. the fact we don't want to have that conversation says everything about the priorities. you are not on the list of priforts. attorney jeff sessions sought release and he joins us tonight. thanks for coming on. >> good to be with you. >> tucker: it does give new numbers to the immigration going on in washington. you were involved in a number of efforts in i think
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2006, 2007, 2013 to scuttle attempt at am nest city during that time i remember you saying the washington establishment supports any kind of border enforcement as long as it doesn't work. what did you mean by that? >> that's exactly correct. any time a proposal like a wall or to fix this idea that you claim you are afraid to go home and get to stay in the united states or have problems where we provide subi subsidies to people who come illegally. the more you subsidize it the more you get of something. these kind of failed policies are never going to work. and the american people don't believe in it. and we have been trying to reform it and every time you come up with a reform that works, gets blocked. and so president trump has said we need -- we have immigration. we want immigration. but we want to vet these people. we want to know who they are and make sure they are going to be productive people. people who are flourish in america, who are going to not be terrorists, not be criminals. and that's exactly correct
5:15 pm
for america. it's just unbelievable to me that we have the resistance we are having today to the reforms that are on the verge. we are close to having reforms that will actually work today. >> tucker: and that voters voted for. >> big issue in this election. trump took it directly to the american people. it was a huge factor in his victory. yet, the same crowd that fought for the amnesty before is still trying to scuttle good reforms today. >> tucker: apparently here are features of the proposal we are now looking at. it would fund about 10% of the proposed border wall about 70 miles out of 2,000. no enforcement basically can't deport anybody. expand chain migration. makes diversity lottery more unskilled. it did doesn't seem like it's moving in the right direction. >> totally unjustifiable. that cannot be that is not a proposal that has any prospect of success. they need to look at the proposal at house judiciary
5:16 pm
city congressman goodlatte has proposed it will work. end illegality. end process illegality and make the system work better. that's what the american people want. and the objectors, the sanctuary cities, the new jersey policy you just talked, about those are poehlers that favor illegality. they subsidize illegality. they encourage illegality. american people are sick of that it's time to end it. the choice is clear and it's going to be even clearer this year. we're going to have some votes in congress. people need to be held to account or you are going to fix this system, create a system that protects america we know as you said 73% of the people who have been arrested for terrorism came here were born abroad. so if they had been properly screened and rejected, we wouldn't have had these attacks in our country. >> tucker: someone i spoke to with direct knowledge
5:17 pm
said in his meeting on immigration lyndelle is i graham summed up his argument by citing a poem from the statue of liberty. not really a case you would expect for republicans to be making. why aren't there more artic could you say lat republican members of the congress makings case that you just made. >> i wish there were. actually. people need to get focused on this. we are not against immigration. the president is not against immigration. what the american people wants have a right to, and what's good for america is a lawful system of immigration. and when we admit people to our country, we should be like canada. we should evaluate them and make sure they are going to be lawful. they are not threats to us. they have the education and skill level to prosper in america. that's good for them and good for america. what good does it do to bring in somebody who is illiterate in their own country, has no skills and is going to struggle in our country and not be
5:18 pm
successful. that is not what a good nation should do. and we need to get away from it. a good debate needs to be happening this year. the president is right on the lottery. that's ridiculous. how absurd is that for a policy for a great nation. we need to tighten up on our admission of people from dangerous areas of the globe where we can't vet. where we have high numbers of terrorists that live in those areas. we should certainly be more careful and limit that kind of killing congratulation. >> tucker: when you left the senate it left maybe its best voice of wisdom. >> i appreciate it. >> tucker: me too movement meeting backlash as we have ansari backlash over what seems to be bad date. nick was born to move. 3 toddlers won't stop him.
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: well, the me too movement could finally have gone too far even for many of its supporters the site no one had heard of until last week published sexual misconduct allegations against a comedian called aziz ansary. most people believe did he nothing wrong or seemed to. ashley banfield denounced the anonymous accuser who attacked ansari who said she was trying to ruin a man's career over bad date. here is part of it. >> had you a bad date. your date got amorous.
5:23 pm
you did not give up and move you continued to engage in the sex encounter. what you have done in my opinion was appalling. you went to the press with a story of a bad date and you have potentially destroyed this man's career over it. >> tucker: now is he a big liberal which may account for. so defense you are hearing. still the ladies at "the view" even were mad. they were worried this story could cripple the me too movement long term. here it is. >> so if you are on a date and he is not as good as you thought and you are uncomfortable and you are going does that mane stop, get out, go away. whatever happened to stop or i'm going to knock you in your nuts. >> nonverbal it's very tricky. you are asking a lot. nonverbal is just too vague. i think you have to be verbal. once no is established then that's established. >> i'm concerned about what this does to the me too movement. i'm also freaked out about talking about this on television because i think
5:24 pm
there is going to be a huge backlash. >> tucker: again an caesary is a liberal may account for a lot of the it. still interesting points. cathy areu is joining to us talk about it publisher of catalina magazine. she likes the babe piece. thanks for coming on. >> hi, thanks for having me. >> tucker: i guess what struck me about this is the woman making these accusations against this man conceived in the body of the piece. >> right. >> tucker: she both had extensive sexual contact with him and never expressed discomfort, displeasure, asked him to stop, never said anything about it. so it's hard to see how that would be assault or anything even in the neighborhood of assault. how is it? >> well, she was trying to let him know, i guess, nonverbally that she wasn't into the moment. and she didn't realize like in the 1970s women would slap a guy in the face and get up and leave and perhaps new sexual revolution is needed in our country or in the world. and she didn't know that she could actually do that so,
5:25 pm
women need to be educated and the me too movement is great because letting women know can you get up and leave. >> tucker: let me just say that i thought ansari came off creepy in the piece and selfish and bore irish. those aren't crimes. >> right. >> tucker: in the 70's women would have slapped men now they won't. despite almost 50 years of nonstop feminist indoctrination of every living american women have become more passive and less willing to speak up for themselves? how does that happen? >> >> we haven't had sexual revolutions happening every 10 years. we had sexual revolution happening in the 1970s and kind of assumed that women knew they had strength in power. until the me too movement that hasn't been the case. >> tucker: who are these women? i know loot of women and lived with a lot of the women. i don't know any women who would feel uncomfortable saying knock it off someone doing something they didn't like. who are these passive unique women that you spend time
5:26 pm
with whose fault is that. >> the woman who published the piece at the babe magazine. that's why it's getting so much recognition u. >> tucker: what's her point that if you don't read my mind you are a criminal and i get to destroy your reputation? is that a good standard? >> if you are a guy who is acting a little creep ynsd at woman is uncomfortable and you keep going and you are having a great time while the person you are with is obviously miserable you are not picking up with it it's a-okay and the me too woman is letting people. >> tucker: why doesn't the woman say i'm miserable? is that too much to ask of another human being? >> she finally said it. she said it too late. >> tucker: no she didn't. she wrote this piece anonymously and was too cowardly to identify her. he gets smeared but she hides behind the vale of anonymity. >> he didn't say it was a lie. did he what he did. why is that smearing? if he did what he did. >> tucker: attacking him anonymously in piece about
5:27 pm
sex life. >> she gave the facts of what happened that night. it's up to the reared, the person to say was he right? was she right? was that ira awkward. i don't think it was an attack. that's what he did. what do you think? >> tucker: what i'm struck by you are obviously a professional feminist. i'm definitely not. i seem to have a higher opinion of women than do you. you seem to think that they are. >> no i have very high opinion. >> tucker: so weak and helpness understandable to say i don't like that. >> trying to say it thought saying it in the right way. >> tucker: how about saying it at all? she didn't say one word. i think women are adults. you don't apparent live1 but i do. capable of saying what they think. >> women need to feel more empowered because women are powerful and need to feel more empowered and me too and for these type of stories women will know i'm not going to let that happen to me. i'm going to speak up. thank goodness this story is written. >> tucker: it's all insane.
5:28 pm
i don't know what to say. you are sherpa into the weirder regions into the american left and we are thankful that you are. thank you. >> thanks. >> tucker: college advisor has resigned after publicly hoping that a conservative commentator would suffer sexual harassment or assault. alli stuckey is a crtv host and blogs at the conservative millennial and jeff bernstein was an advisor for georgetown service foreign masters program tweeted this the at stuckey wishing you a me too movement maybe then you won't be so insensitive. bernstein resigned from the board yesterday after threatening alli stuckey who joins us right now. alli, thanks for coming on. >> thanks for having me. >> tucker: you know, people have suspected for a couple months now that the left is using the me too #and the movement as a weapon against its political opponents but this guy didn't each try to hide it he just said it. >> exactly. and i think that's one of the many problems with the me too movement.
5:29 pm
i take sexual harassment and sexual assault very seriously and its victims very seriously as everyone does. however, i think one of the fatal flaws of this movement is the weaponization of me too. not just against almost all men but also against conservatives to shame us for our political views. and, unfortunately when i dug a little deeper on mr. bernstein, i saw this is actually a pattern that he had of targeting not just young women but young conservative women online making very subjective and inappropriate and harassing remarks like he made to me. and unfortunately he is now reaping the repercussions as that kind of tribalism. >> tucker: he sounds like a total creep. wishing you sexual harassment or assault on you. is that how you took it? >> right. >> tucker: i'm not misinterpreting his sentiment, am i. >> that's exactly how he took it i was confused because the tweet he was applying to that i said was very noncontroversial i simply made the comment that i think that me too is a symptom of a broken world and that our world is in
5:30 pm
need of redemption far more serious than any fix of taking down the so-called patriot issue or any kind of legal reform that we can actually do. i thought my tweet means i take me too very seriously. he took it upon himself wish i was sexually harasseddor assaulted so i would believe the things that he believes. it's sad to me that that's where we are in society that we think that wishing someone harm is an acceptable form of communication and dissent. it's not. >> tucker: yeah. so he loves women so much that he is wishing. >> right. >> tucker: physical harm on an actual woman. really, there are a lot of problems with the american right and conservatives but they are not like that. to be that perverse you really have to be on the left. i mean that too, i have watched it for a long time. alli, thank you. >> thanks so much. >> tucker: steve bannon testified before congress today about russia. he didn't have a lot to savment congressman trey gowdy is there, still.
5:31 pm
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5:35 pm
that prompted committee members to subpoena him on the spot. congressman trey gowdy of south carolina was there and he joins us tonight. congressman, thanks for coming on. >> yes, sir. thank you. >> tucker: did bannon admit being a russian agent? did what did we learn? >> we learned about a new privilege that before today did not exist. it's executive privilege that covers transition communications communications while you are working it he white house and communications after you separate from service at the white house. that's why the subpoena was issued because it is the most tortured analysis of executive privilege i have ever heard of. so, when you make very provocative claims like treason and unpatriotic and there is zero percent chance that these russian lawyers weren't walked up to see candidate trump then you are going to be asked about it. and you are going to be asked a lot about it and that's what we tried to do today. >> tucker: does anyone believe those claims are true? i'm sort of losing track of
5:36 pm
the point of this whole exercise. does anybody on capitol hill think the trump campaign colluded with the russian government in order to subvert our democracy. >> i can't speak for my friends on the other side of the aisle. adam schiff said he had evidence of collusion before we even started. i have seen no evidence of collusion between the russians and president trump, between the russians and the trump campaign. but it was steve bannon who used the word treasonous and steve bannon used the word unpatriotic. those are two serious accusations to level particularly at the president's son. so you are going to be asked about it and he also needed to be asked about things that happened with respect to comey. the reason we had a little hiccup this morning is because executive privilege now covers things before you become the chief executive which is just mind-numbing and there is no legal support for it but we can't make a witness answer a question.
5:37 pm
democrats drag dragging this out as long as they possibly can and they were really really let isn't a to start. so once you are let isn't a to start, that tells me that you don't have an end date. they want this to drag through the 2018 elections. they want to retake the house. it is our responsibility to conduct as thorough an investigation as we can but also do it in the most expedited way that we can it would be really helpful if the democrats wanted to get started a little sooner. like in march or april of this year. but they didn't. so that's the politics but quite frankly, tucker, i don't think any of your viewers are holding their breath waiting on what a congressional investigation uncovers. i think they are waiting on bob mueller because his investigation carries more credence than ours does. >> tucker: the whole thing seems so stupid to me. i'm willing to believe
5:38 pm
wrongdoing on a lot of levels by a lot of people but russian collusion seems unproven. i wonder just hypothetically if roles were reversed and democrats held all the levers of power do you think republicans would be able to do what democrats have done, which is drive this investigation from the beginning? >> no. i can tell you firsthand we will not be able to do that because, when president obama was in office, we had an impossible time getting access to documents and witnesses when i was leading another investigation. but the biggest head wind of all wasn't president obama. it was the media. the mainstream media could give a damn less about what happened in benghazi. they are really really interested in what happened in russia, in part because they don't know anybody that voted for donald trump. so, they are still trying to figure out how this election occurred and how his election occurred so the mainstream media is the biggest difference to me between investigation i did a couple years ago and the one we are doing now. >> tucker: yeah it, sure seems that wait a minute congressman, thanks a lot
5:39 pm
for coming on update of those events. appreciate it. >> yes, sir. >> tucker: another hate crime allegation goes down in flames. this time in canada. everyone is acting surprised. should they be surprised? that story next. ♪ ♪ when a critical patient is far from the hospital, the hospital must come to the patient. stay with me, mr. parker. the at&t network is helping first responders connect with medical teams in near real time... stay with me, mr. parker. ...saving time when it matters most. stay with me, mrs. parker. that's the power of and.
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5:44 pm
fabrication. few supreme surprised it shouldn't be most high profile vims are indeed fake in this country and in canada nice people don't do that much. remember at the air force academy bigoted slurs written outside the dorms of five african-american cadets. general's denunciation of that attack went viral. less viral was the later revelation that the attack was fake. made up by one of the victims. a total lie. there are dozens of examples like this unfortunately. and can you see some them on our twitter page. these fake attacks may be the last one. they may fuel hate and divide the country. they serve the left's short-term political interests so people will continue to invent them. unfortunately out scars are lasting. i want to bring update tour seriesed drugged. our own government appear to be playing a large and shocking role in the opioid epidemic the one keu8d 60,000 americans in the last year. turns out the disaster has
5:45 pm
been fueled in part by medicaid the federal program that provides medical care for poor and disabled americans. medicaid recipients typically pay a small co-payment for medical expenses and medicines and that includes opioid painkillers. according to a new report released exclusively to this show by the senate homeland security committee a medicaid recipient can pay as little as $1 to receive 240 opioid painkillers. those pills can be resold on the street for $4,000 and, of course, that creates a huge incentive for black market sales which, unfortunately, are common thousand people charged with medicaid fraud. not just medicaid, medicare and v.a. have seen extensive opioid fraud as well and many people have died as a result. the federal government is literally playing to flood communities with addictive pills. senator ron johnson is holding a hearing on this part of the crisis tomorrow before the senate homeland security committee. hopefully the rest of the
5:46 pm
congress will take notice of it. spent today's obsessed with the president's routine condition. they are obsessed as all fashionable rich people are with what he eats. of course they are. brit hume breaks it down next. ♪ ♪ (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything
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>> tucker: probably the most high profile routine political and physical history white house physician ronni jackson spent a full hour in the briefing room about the president's physical and
5:51 pm
mental state. remarkable exchanges. shear part of it? >> do you believe he is fit for duty. >> absolutely fit for duty. >> what does his plan look like. >> elliptical machine? what does it look like, limited to one scoop of ice cream now. >> i don't limit his diet at all. >> some people have suggested that could be related to dentures. does the president wear dentures. >> he does not. >> did you address drug addiction. >> yeah. >> any other drugs? >> he has no drug addiction, absolutely not. >> thank you for your time. >> can you explain to me how a guy who eats mcdonald's and kentucky fried chicken and all those cokes is as in good a shape as he is in. >> it's called gwinnett particulars. >particular. >> tucker: does the theater say much about the president or the press? fox news political analyst brit hume joins us tonight. thanks for coming on. if trump runs again and i was in charge, i won't be. if i were i would just run a
5:52 pm
tape of reporters asking does he wear dentures? what's his life expectancy? what's his waist circumference? i think that would get him elected. >> i don't know about that, tucker, he got a pretty clean bill of health that's for sure. part of this is the function the fact that he told admiral jackson, his doctor who by the way was previously the doctor to president obama and president george w. bush and enjoy as very high enren station. he told him to go out and not refuse any questions. answer all questions. the press seeing this is open season is soon into dentures and eating habits one exchange of questions about his waist line and all that they didn't measure his waist line because there was no reason to do it. >> tucker: is he not a tailor. >> and probably most everything the current furor over his mental condition,
5:53 pm
the president had asked although it wasn't clinically indicated that this doctor give him a cognitive exam and he gave him one, which concluded, because he got 30 questions out of 30 correct. that his cognitive faculties are very much in order and that he is sharp and on it and coherent. now, that's not a psychiatric exam. it should be noted. but it's a pretty good test of whether someone is sort of mentally fit. and he passed that with flying colors. there was some, you could detect a certain skepticism and disappointment in the room about it. the doctor was pretty emphatic and to any fair minded viewer pretty convincing. >> tucker: i remember during the last presidential campaign when hillary clinton had some kind of collapse in new york, i think it was on the anniversary of 9/11. we were explicitly instructed by "the washington post" not to ask about her health. when did the rules change?
5:54 pm
>> well, i think we did end up asking about her health. >> tucker: we did. i did. >> i did. and there was not a lot of answers forthcoming. and, you know, to be perfectly fair about it, tucker, one is entitled to have a confidential relationship with one's doctors about your mental condition and the president just waived all that no president i have ever heard of has ever done anything like that. of course we know if we go back far enough you come across presidents like president roosevelt who concealed his paralysis to the greatest extent possible so most americans did not know about it until after he was dead. the press was complicit in that all the way through. reporters who covered him knew it but never reported it. that's how much the atmosphere has changed. of course, you know, at this stage it's open season. i think the president obviously felt if these questions were going to be raised and is in remarkably good health good genes a man
5:55 pm
who is 71, 6'3", 239 pounds. he wanted all of that out there. he was partly responsible for this. the thing went on for 56 minutes. which really have unprecedented. >> tucker: it really was forensic. unbelievable. brit hume, thank you. it was great to see you tonight. >> you bet, tucker. thank you. >> tucker: more on the show to come plus sean hannity following the show. we'll be right back. ( ♪ ) only tena intimates has pro-skin technology designed to quickly wick away moisture to help maintain your skin's natural balance. for a free sample call 1-877-get-tena. for a free sample trust #1 doctor recommended dulcolax. use dulcolax tablets for gentle dependable relief. suppositories for relief in minutes. and dulcoease for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax. designed for dependable relief.
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6:00 pm
smugness and especially group think all of which are mandatory now in america. dvr it if you haven't already. above all stay tuned for sean hannity. he is next. >> sean: lying pomposity, smugness and group think. i got it great show as always. welcome to hannity, major breaking news tonight. the president is in excellent health but the liberal mainstream media is not. absolutely melting down about the president's great medical test results. it's unconscionable. wait until you see "hannity." plus, everything we have been reporting the media's been ignoring it is now unfolding. the phony clinton russian propaganda dossier. there's an indictment in the uranium 1 scandal and a key witness in the exoneration of corrupt hillary


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