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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  January 3, 2018 8:00am-9:00am PST

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sitting at $440 million. you would still come to work with me the next morning and you enjoy it so much. >> correct on that. happy new year. >> happy new year to you. "happening now" starts right now. >> jon: a fox news alert on the first steps toward talks with north korea as that rogue nation reopens communications with the south. good morning to you. i'm jon scott. >> i'm julie banderas. kim jong-un's government agreeing to send a delegation to the olympics after south korea offered to use next month's winter games as an opportunity for high-level talks. china welcoming those moves. all this coming after the north korean leader's fiery nuclear threat and president trump responding to that by tweeting north korean leader kim jong-un just stated that the nuclear button is on his desk at all times. will someone from his regime
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inform him that i have a nuke button and mine works. >> jon: jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. any reaction from the pentagon to the president's tweet? >> no official reaction from the defense secretary but certainly there are concerns that the president's tweet ratchets up the brinkmanship and could interfere with efforts by south korea's president to engage north korea in talks after kim jong-un opened the way for those talks with south korea during his new year's address ahead of the olympics slated for next month. south korea has proposed the talks be held in the border village next to tuesday. in the past 24 hours north korea has resumed the hotline between the two countries which had been dormant for nearly a year. there have been two calls made between north and south korea. nikki haley delivered the
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administration's message to north korea yesterday at the u.n. >> we won't take any of the talk seriously if they don't do something to ban all nuclear weapons in north korea. we consider this to be a very reckless regime. we don't think we need a band-aid and we don't need to smile and take a picture. >> china's foreign ministries responded to the president's tweet this morning. >> currently the situation on the peninsula is sensitive and complex. we hope all parties concerned can remain restrained. what is said should be conducive to alleviating the situation and what is done should help the early resumption of dialogue. >> so far north korea has not officially accepted the invitation of south korea's president to meet next tuesday. the situation remains very delicate. >> jon: there are reports north korea is preparing for another ballistic missiles test. what are your sources telling you? >> last week the intelligence community saw movement as a known ballistic missile base
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near pyongyang that suggested north korea was prepping for another icbm launch. that test has been expected to take place this week. it could be in response to the third round of sanctions imposed on north korea by the u.n. late in december but more likely to build on progress made during the launch of the last intercontinental ballistic missile which went higher than ever before but failed on reentry. there are signs the test could be delayed perhaps because of the anticipated talks between the north and south. there is a strong likelihood i'm told if north korea does not begin dismantling its program the u.s. will take preemptive military action in the coming months, jon. >> jon: jennifer griffin at the pentagon for us. thank you. >> more than 20 people have been killed as iran enters its second week of anti-government protests. president trump tweeting his
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support for the demonstrations writing respect for the people of iran as they try to take back their corrupt government. you will see great support from the united states at the appropriate time. benjamin hall is following all of this from london. he joins us live. hi, benjamin. >> this is now the most serious internal crisis that iran has seen in almost a decade. it started with protests against the economy but it has morphed into a much bigger seven, eight day period of demonstrations against the religious leadership and the supreme leader himself khomeini. the u.s. will consider more sanctions with the regime gets violent. >> we must not be silent. the people of iran are crying out for freedom. >> the u.s. is also calling for an emergency u.n. meeting to discuss. this is a new wave of
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protestors mainly under 25, angry at the regime's corruption and crucially they come from the rural traditional strongholds. they're angry because they were promised a better quality of life. they have seen the government spending on war in other countries. there are now counter demonstrations across the country. many believe the crowds were bused in for the purpose. we've heard in khomeini himself. he blamed iran's enemies for this. some have predicted the fall of the iranian regime. it is too early to say that. it is a new series of protestors that rage aimed at someone different. we'll see over the coming days
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if it escalates or peters out. we don't know. a lot of support from the u.s. for those rising up. >> thank you so much. >> jon: now this fox news alert on a major meeting on the domestic front where a few hours from now on capitol hill top white house aides will sit down with congressional leaders from both sides of the aisle hoping to restart talks on the budget racing against a deadline to avert a federal government shutdown now about two weeks away. while the white house wants the talks to stick to spending, the hot button issue of immigration is expected to come up as well. >> this should be an historic year on immigration. that's a question for republicans and democrats together because this president won in part on taking a tough stand against illegal immigrants just coming over the border. people want to know that our borders are secure. >> jon: joining us now bill mcgurn from the "wall street
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journal" and speech writer for george w. bush. you've been around meetings like this one. what will transpire? >> there is a lot of -- there are a lot of issues that we've moved the tax issue off the table and a lot depends on how democrats and republicans respond. there is a lot of things democrats could get. they want the 800,000 dreamers legalized. they can get that. the price is probably funding some of donald trump's wall. the question for democrats is will they work with the president on deals that could be gettable or is their strategy going into 2018 to not cooperate at all to make -- for republicans they have to decide the very conservatives, whom i support philosophically, have to decide on spending whether they are going to empower nancy pelosi and the democrats by not giving paul ryan the votes he needs to pass. >> jon: he often has to rely on democrat votes. >> you look how close it is in the senate. there are a lot of balls in the
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air. a lot of hard choices that these guys have to make. that's what we send them there for. >> jon: the democrats have said no way will we tie dreamer funding, the daca, we're not going to tie that to the building of a wall. it's a non-starter. >> everyone says that going into a meeting because it improves your leverage. that's the way legislation is supposed to be made. some compromise, you give me something, i'll give you something. i don't think donald trump is going to agree -- whether or not you agree with his policy, i don't think he will agree to taking care of the dreamers without some funding for the wall that he campaigned on. >> jon: ironic that this is all an issue that a democratic president, barack obama, left to his republican successor. >> what i would say is a highly unconstitutional act the way that he did it. i think part of that is
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improving the process. they say there are ways forward. i walls in the white house when they made the immigration deal with teddy kennedy and so forth. it blew up almost the day that it was announced. it can be done. >> jon: i'm old enough to remember when ronald reagan signed an immigration deal that supposed to put an end to illegal immigration once and for all. absent a wall it didn't seem to do that. >> what people want, whether or not you agree with the wall, people want a system that functions legally. we all oppose illegality, right? after lived overseas and knowing a lot of people who obeyed the rules and held up for years you want a system that functions. i have three immigrant daughters adopted from china. let me tell you the hassle of the immigration system was really something to behold. so if you want people to do things legally, you have to create a path that allows them
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to do it legally. it can be very difficult. >> jon: i don't think there is much stomach in either party for sending 800,000 people back home. >> i don't think it will be done. >> jon: why not give on that issue and then let the democrats -- >> the question is get. donald trump has said that he is willing to talk on this but he is going to want democrats to do something they don't want to do, fund this wall. we'll see. a lot of this is oh poker play and there is a lot of bluff going into the meeting. it is what they agree to coming out or whether they really want a deal. whether on either side people want a deal. >> jon: let's hope they do. bill mcgurn, "wall street journal." thank you. >> what the democrats on the committee are threatening to do now. north korea pressing a new weapons test as president trump ramps up his twitter feud with
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kim jong-un. what the administration is now saying. >> this president made clear from the beginning and consistently throughout the first year of his presidency that a nuclearized north korea is not just a danger and threat to america and to any freedom and democracy loving people but to the entire world and the world is responding.
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take away tumor related symptoms and prolong life. and lower the psa. my psa is under control. ctca gave me an opportunity to accomplish my goals and my dreams. learn more at cancer treatment centers of america. appointments available now. >> julie: a brooklyn fire leaving several firefighters injured. it sparked in a crown heights apartment jump to another one. six firefighters in all and one officer hurt. thankfully their injuries aren't serious. none of the people inside were hurt thank goodness. the cause is still under investigation. the fire department does say heating devices may have played a part. >> if anybody in the trump campaign did engage in collusion with russia to hack the dnc or john pods take's emails they deserve whatever is coming to them.
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but we've seen no evidence that anybody did that. instead you are getting this giant wave of story after story why is the f.b.i. investigating trump and the reasons keep changing? >> jon: former white house press secretary ari fleischer on the special counsel invest into the trump campaign and russia and a partisan face-off in the house intelligence committee's meeting. democrats are denouncing the majority's handling of the report and threatening to issue their own minority report. joining us now georgia congressman doug collins vice chair of the house republican conference and serves on the judiciary committee. ari fleischer in the sound bite was talking about collusion and there have been a lot of headlines about collusion. the question is there any evidence? >> well, what we've seen is not at this point. what he says is very true. let the investigation go. if somebody did something wrong we've always said those should
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be held accountable. at this point in time what we're finding out is more concerns about the way the f.b.i. has handled not only the investigation leading up with the clinton side of the house and emails that leads into collusion which nothing has been shown. the frustration here is what are we actually going for? the president has an agenda to move america forward. we have an investigation going on but yet we need to focus on what really matters. democrats are simply playing politics with this issue again. >> jon: this minority report that some democrat members of the investigative committee are talking about issuing, would that be helpful in some way? >> i think it might be helpful for them in their campaigns. the issue you have to look at let's see where the facts lead. this is being investigated not only through the mueller investigation if there is a russia connection but also on capitol hill in the senate and house. i think what you are finding here is what's amazing to me i remember a little over a year or so ago it was the democrats
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worried that donald trump wouldn't accept the results of the election. what we've happened now is president trump has become president and they can't accept the fact he got elected. that the american people didn't respond to their vision of government and they're grasping at straws hoping for the next election. >> jon: and huma abiden's was texting passwords to top secret portals to her yahoo account is something out of a novel. >> huma abiden and hillary clinton would have handled a sorority directory better than they handled the secrets of the country. what they were doing was wrong. huma needs to be held accountable. someone in the military who has watched far lesser offenses be prosecuted and people go to jail for this, this is something that needs to be done. democrats can say it's partisan.
8:18 am
i'm saying what's the lau. you can't be in their position and be in a position to say oh, i didn't know, oops, it was careless. no, it was gross negligence and that's what needs to happen here. >> jon: you asked james comey about that when he appeared in front of your judiciary committee. >> we did. another of us are asking for an independent counsel to look into the investigation. when you look into the investigation of her emails account and testimony recently they were writing her exoneration two to three months before they interviewed 17 witnesses including mrs. clinton herself. the f.b.i. is a fine organization but got misled at the top during the last election. >> jon: congressman collins, good to have you on. thanks. >> always good to be with you. >> julie: trump engaging in a war of words over nuclear muscle with kim jong-un. what experts are saying about his controversial tweet.
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>> as we hear reports that north korea might be preparing for another missile test, i hope that does not happen. but if it does, we must bring even more measures to bear on the north korean regime. the civilized world must remain united and vigilant against the rogue state's development against a nuclear arsenal. we will never accept a nuclear north korea. >> julie: u.s. ambassador nikki haley putting north korea on notice. the country conducting its
8:23 am
latest icbm in november. it has the potential to hit the united states. now the regimes leader touting a nuclear button on his desk and president trump is firing back and he tweeted this last night. will someone from his depleted and food starved regime inform him i have a nuclear button but it is a bigger and more powerful one than his and my button works. jack keane is a military analyst and chairman of the institute for the study of war. how does it look for the world of the free world to put out a tweet like that one about starting a nuclear war? >> i don't think he is saying that. i think it's a tongue in cheek comment thrust at kim jong-un certainly to remind him that unless he capitulates and denuclear eyess we're on the path to exercising a military option. that's what it is. frankly what president trump fundamentally turned around when he became president was a
8:24 am
clear departure from three predecessors he is put a military option on the table. and he wants to continuously remind the regime of such because that's clearly what differentiates him from his predecessors. kim jong-un fundamentally believes this, that once he has the nuclearized icbm capability with the reentry capability and nuclear warhead. when he has it all together he thinks the united states will accept that just as we have done in the past. that's what he is banking on. trump understands that and he is trying to convince him of something else. >> julie: the past regime, his father thought of the united states as a toy, as a game and we have been toyed around and now we have a president who is not joking around and he is not -- he is not going to take this lying down. california congressman ted lou tweeted this. thankfully there is no actual nuclear button that potus can
8:25 am
press. it's a process that requires the secretary of defense to execute the nuclear order. that's why we should all be praying for james mattis to have good health, wisdom and rationality. the president did not mean that he was going to initiate any kind of nuclear war with north korea. he was simply responding by saying that we have the capability to do even more if they were to threaten our safety. obviously we will protect ourselves. how much of his advisors do you think are consulting him? i have a feeling that james mattis, for example, and his secretary of state rex tillerson didn't necessarily consult him before he sent out this tweet considering they had hoped for diplomacy with north korea in 2018. >> i'm confident the president has been briefed on detail of what our main effort is. our diplomatic economic sanction option and now we're shutting down countries doing business with north korea and what our expectations are china are and what they're actually delivering. that's number one. number two, he has been briefed
8:26 am
in detail on all the military options that are available to us from simple naval blockade to shooting down a missile being fired to eliminating launch facilities and the escalation goes on and on and on. a nuclear war would be something at the end of that process rather than something at the beginning of that process. certainly, yeah, he is very much aware of all of these options and i think he gets continuous updates almost daily updates on what is taking place. >> julie: let's not forget the words that have come if we talk about words. maybe kim jong-un doesn't get on twitter. he made threats to the united states and threatened guam. that he could reach the west coast of the united states and he threatens that he has an icbm to fire off if tested. the president needs to push back. the question is there are congressmen and politicians trying to push through this
8:27 am
legislation which basically would prevent the president from launching a nuclear first strike without congressional authorization. what do you think of that proposed bill? >> that's not going anyplace. the president of the united states has a right to protect america and the fact if he thought there was a nuclear strike inbound toward the united states about to be launched and he had to do something about that he has the complete authority now to do that. no one will take that away from him. nobody. that's malarkey on congressmen exercising muscle. it's an empty bag. >> julie: i want your reaction to the congressman's tweet. he had several last night. this got so ugly. he writes dear donald trump. if the u.s. used nuclear weapons in north korea it could cause china or russia to miscalculate. they have a nuclear button that
8:28 am
can annihilate america. this is a very touchy issue. how does the president's provocation with kim jong-un affect south korea's attempts as peaceful talks recently? >> i think certainly south korea wants to talk to north korea. i can understand their motivation. they are sitting under the potential barrage of thousands of artillery rounds landing in seoul. that is a motivator. but the fact is, this is a chapter out of an old playbook. kim jong-un and his father and grandfather before him have always used negotiations to buy time to advance their technology program and it's likely what he is doing here. maybe there is something else here. maybe this is actually going to be a marker and a movement in the right direction. let the south koreans play it out. our administration is clear eyed about north korea and what their motivations here and what china's motivations are as well. >> julie: thank you very much. always great to see you.
8:29 am
>> jon: big question in politics will mitt romney get back in the game? which office the former presidential candidate might run for and what it could do to president trump. plus multiple states enduring record cold and it is only going to get worse for people on the east coast. what weather conditions are coming your way next. >> because of the intensification of this system that's only going to reinforce the cold air. some areas this batch of cold air will be worse than what we've seen so far. you do all this research
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liberty mutual insurance. >> julie: a fox news alert. the cold will not go away. single digits on the east coast and teens in the midwest and check this out. florida even got some snow. i bet those people are probably pretty happy about it. a lot of people in florida since i'm from there have never seen snow in their lives. this is pretty amazing. it's not the only place getting it. the nor'easter will bring a big blast of it. jonathan serrie is live in atlanta. give us a timeline what to expect. >> just minutes ago charleston international airport on the south carolina coast had to close its runways due to icy conditions. the first major storm of 2018 is impacting areas that rarely see winter weather like this.
8:34 am
here in georgia cold temperatures have frozen some of the iconic water fountains in savannah's historic district. the governor declared a state of emergency in 28 counties. coastal residents have stocking up on supplies including pipe protectors, rubber seals and foam to fill graps and cracks. >> you can feel the cold air coming in which makes your heaters work harder. if the heaters are working harder and when they don't need to, then there is potential for the heaters to go out. >> they don't have a lot of -- near dallas police dash cam video shows a car sliding on ice narrowly missing an officer responding to an accident. >> i was coming trying not to fall and trying to stay away from the traffic that was in
8:35 am
the lane to my right but unfortunately ended up falling but fortunately far enough away from that vehicle. >> that was officer jonathan kramer. he says he didn't give the guy a ticket. the driver apologizeed and wanted to send him on his way to handle many other wrecks taking place due to icy conditions. julie, back to you. >> julie: everybody, please drive safely and slowly. thank you so much. >> jon: a fox news alert and take a look at your 401k today. right now the dow is in new record territory. its previous high close 24,837. we're 40 points above that right now on the dow. the s&p 500 and nasdaq also hitting all-time high. good growth prospect for business in this country. things are looking good on wall street right now. >> the president certainly has
8:36 am
the greatest and deepest amount of respect for senator hatch and his over four decades of experience in the senate. he is particularly thankful for the senator's leadership and massive effort that he played and the role he played in getting the tax cut and reform package passed and the president certainly praises his service and is very sad to see senator hatch leave and knows he will certainly be missed. >> jon: that's the white house reacting to the news that utah senator orrin hatch will retire at the end of his term. the announcement fueling speculation mitt romney might run for that seat. they noticed romney changed his location yesterday from massachusetts to utah. let's bring in leslie marshall radio talk show host and vince, editorial director for the daily caller. if you are a utah resident on twitter, leslie, does that make you eligible to run from the state of utah for the u.s.
8:37 am
senate? >> funny. i was looking that up this morning before you asked and i think it does. remember that mitt romney has residences here in california in the san diego area, he has a residence in massachusetts, i believe also new hampshire as well as utah. he would be eligible to run. i'm not sure that's in his or the republican party's best interest. i think actually mitt romney running against donald trump for president which he still could do if he runs for orrin hatch's seat he could win would give him some momentum. i think that's the bigger fish he wants to fry. in the senate he could become weakened as we've seen many republicans, mcconnell, ryan, graham and who fought against the president and going in lock step with the president and certainly with the party. i think that's what will happen to mitt romney if he becomes a senator and takes orrin hatch's seat. >> jon: there is a difference caving in to pressure and
8:38 am
warming up to persuasion and maybe some of the people leslie mentioned have warmed to this president. >> i think there has been a difference in tenor between republicans who cast themselves as never trump and those republicans who decided okay, this is the president of the united states, whether or not i agree with him i can help him along in his policies and guide him in the direction that i want to go. i think people like marco rubio have been a good example of people who attempted to do that. mitt romney is a politician and generally a good man and wants to reconcile with the president. we saw it despite him declaring unfitness for office on the part of donald trump. by the time he got to the presidency he was open to the idea of becoming his secretary of state and having those conversations. you'll see that if he comes to the u.s. senate and be a crucial republican vote in supporting the president's agenda. >> jon: do you think the secretary of state was real? >> whatever it was it
8:39 am
demonstrated within mitt romney a capacity to reconcile with president trump and i think that could happen again. i think he is willing to come to the table on policy. you can't criticize the president of the united states as being insufficient or somehow childish for whatever weird criticism you want to come up with if you can't be adult enough to go along with the policies you like of his. >> jon: interesting that mitt romney has been the head of his own firm. he was a governor. those are executive positions. all of a sudden you are a u.s. senator and you are one of 100 and i don't know, a lot of these executive types don't find that a very palatable place to be. >> i was just talking about this with my radio crew yesterday. this is a step down. if you were the republican nominee and could have been president of the united states, this is no offense to senators, a step down from where mitt romney has been as governor of
8:40 am
massachusetts, the head of his company and almost a president of the united states. that's why i think he should set his eyes not on the senate but on the oval office and i agree with vince. i think what would happen if he comes into the senate, he just becomes another senator, another vote. he doesn't stand out. he is not just a politician but a politician who wanted the oval office and that's a much larger and bigger shoes to fill. >> the one thing the idea he is stepping down. maybe he is settling in the role he is capable of achieving. he got the nomination for president and rejected by the american people and a lot of that had to do with him lacking the authenticity that donald trump had. maybe being the senator from utah is the place for him to be if he is going to be involved in the federal government at all. >> jon: i'm sure the republican establishment is hanging on leslie's every word about political advice. we thank you both for sharing your thoughts today leslie and vince, appreciate it. >> julie: a scare in the air
8:41 am
for passengers of a delta flight from atlanta to london. why the pilots had to turn around the plane not once, but twice. protests into iran continue into a seventh day of violence. why the u.s. is calling on the u.n. to take action. >> we must not be silent. the people of iran are crying out for freedom.
8:42 am
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8:44 am
>> jon: trouble in the air for a delta flight heading to london from atlanta yesterday. the aircraft had to be turned back shortly after take-off because the pilots heard a strange noise coming from somewhere on the plane. that's never a good thing. the second flight was also forced to make a midair u turn due to an inusual sound. mek
8:45 am
-- they're trying to figure out what was the problem. >> julie: demonstrators clash with government forces for a seventh day now in iran. the leaders are blaming the unrest on foreign agitators, meanwhile the u.s. has called for an emergency meeting at the u.n. to discuss a possible solution. here is what sarah sanders had to say. >> the international community can't sit silent as it did then. we call on the regime to respect its citizens right to peacefully express their desire for change. america longs for the day when iranians will take their rightful place alongside the free people of the world. >> julie: joining me now is a former senior advisor senate foreign relations committee and house intelligence committee. thank you very much for talking to us. sarah sanders is exactly right. it is about time the international community not be silent when it comes to the atrocities the iranian people
8:46 am
are fighting up against. some people are being threatened with the death penalty for protesting. more than 20 people killed, 450 arrested. how many more will it take for change or will it make any difference? >> it's a great question. this is the real problem. back in 2009 when the iranian people rose up and protested against their government our government and the europeans sat silently and the u.n. did nothing. it's good to see our administration standing up for the rights of the iranian people. we need to support their efforts here. >> julie: president trump tweeted his support for the demonstrations. such respect for the people of iran as they try to take back their corrupt government. you will see great support from the united states at the appropriate time. what do they mean by the appropriate time? what do you think the united states plans to do? >> i think what he is saying to the protestors it's your job to take your government back. at the same time we'll stand behind you. this is not about us, this is
8:47 am
about you but we stand ready and stand behind you in your desire and thirst for freedom. >> julie: what if the united states had intervened years ago and done it differently in 2009? would iran be where it is today? where does president trump's support for the people make a difference? >> in 2009 we didn't back them. it took the obama administration weeks to come out and not even very strong. today you see former obama administration officials on twitter saying the president ought to say nothing. that's exactly the wrong approach. we should not be negotiating with this corrupt regime that is against american intsz. there are a lot of young people in iran. half the population is under 30. they thirst for freedom and economic opportunities. their government isn't giving it to them. we ought to support their efforts to get freedom in their country. >> julie: a lot of word has
8:48 am
spread on social media. as you know, social media was banned. some 14,000 social media websites were outlawed in that country. the protests have spread to 10 cities. a lot of the spread is because the word is getting out there on social media. how much can that kind of social pressure help the people of iran? >> we saw the stuff in the arab world with the revolution spread over social media. that is happening here. you see protests in smaller cities where we haven't seen protests before. outside of tehran, across the country. it is spread across the entire nation and a unique opportunity for the people to express their concerns and the government is shutting down telegram and instagram. you see the companies helping the government. the u.s. government ought to try to give the iranian people
8:49 am
access to more internet, access to more information from the world media so they know what is going out in the world and that we support them. >> julie: the u.s. is calling on the u.n. to intervene. like north korea diplomacy has never quite worked and with iran it is the same. the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. recently praised iranian protestors and went as far as saying the u.s. will seek emergency meetings with the security council here in new york and the human rights council in geneva regarding iran. what good will that do? what do you expect to see come out of that? >> it's hard to know. the u.n. is a body hard to get your arms around. the europeans have economic interests also in working with iran. it is not clear where they'll end up. at the end of the day it is clear the united states supports and the united states administration from ambassador haley to the president support the iranian people. we continue that message and try to get the u.n. on board. will the u.n. stand up and do the right thing? >> julie: let's hope so.
8:50 am
thank you. we appreciate your word. >> jon: federal immigration officials are putting california on notice. we'll tell you why more immigration and customs enforcement officers will be assigned to the golden state in the coming months. plus while most of the nation is in a deep freeze, they are even seeing snow flurries in some parts of florida, alaska is enjoying a warming trend, what? a freaky phenomenon explained next. >> i'm from montana and it is colder there today than it is in alaska. my children are jealous because i have 40 degree temperatures here. when heartburn hits... fight back fast with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue... and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum tum tum tum... smoothies... only from tums
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>> coming up on "outnumbered". the vice president will swear in doug jones and tina smith to the senate as orrin hatch announces he is retiring. that waves the way for mitt romney to run for the seat. whether voters can get behind a candidate so critical of the president. >> the president tweeting back to kim jong-un that his nuclear button is bigger and more powerful. critics say it is pushing us toward nuclear war. >> we'll talk about it our #one lucky guy who used to be on the hill big time. "outnumbered" top of the hour. >> julie: new information on the so-called sanctuary state of california with a warning now from the acting director of immigration and customs enforcement who says california better hold on tight because the state is about to be flooded with additional special agents and deportation officers.
8:55 am
jonathan hunt in live in los angeles to explain. >> acting ice director is not making any attempt to hide his anger at the new laws and his anger at california governor jerry brown for not only supporting them but also for not supporting much of the work of federal immigration authorities. the acting ice director repeatedly warned californians about what he predicts will be dire results and said to combat those results, he is going to put a lot more ice boots on the ground. >> california better hold on tight. they're about to see a lot more special agents and a lot more deportation officers in the state of california. if the politicians in california don't want to protect their communities, ice will. >> it is important to point out california has never officially declared itself a sanctuary state. the legislation containing the new laws is, in fact, called
8:56 am
the california values act. critics, of course, say it amounts to the same thing. put simply the new law strictly limit the extent to which local law enforcement agencies can cooperate with federal immigration agents. how that will work in practice remains to be seen but the acting ice director clearly feels it will make his job and that of his agents more difficult and dangerous. he wants politicians who pass such laws to themselves face prosecution. >> more citizens are going to die because of these policies. the these politicians can't make these decisions and be held unaccountable for people dying. we need to hold the politicians accountable for their actions. >> does the president share your view? >> absolutely he does. >> this fight between the trump administration and california looks set to run and run. >> julie: jonathan hunt in los angeles, thank you. >> jon: the political fallout now that senate orrin hatch plans to retire and not run for
8:57 am
reelection. does that open the door for a critic of president trump to take that seat? as master sergeant. they really appreciate the military family, and it really shows. we've got auto insurance, homeowners insurance. had an accident with a vehicle, i actually called usaa before we called the police. usaa was there hands-on very quick very prompt. i feel like we're being handled as people that actually have a genuine need. we're the webber family and we are usaa members for life. usaa, get your insurance quote today.
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>> jon: most of the lower 48 in a deep freeze and in alaska a heat wave, 45 in anchorage yesterday. >> julie: have you been to alaska? >> i want to go north. outnumbered starts right now. >> harris: we begin with a fox news alert. the senate is back in session right now. and vice president mike pence is going to be swearing in two new democratic senators at any moment. senator elect doug jones and senate appointee tina smith bringing the republican majority of the senate down to just one. this is outnumbered. i'm harris faulkner. here today sandra smith. co-host of after the bell on fox business melissa francis. the editor of town, katie pavlich and joining us today outnumbered we say former utah congressman and fox news contributor jason


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