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tv   All American New Year  FOX News  December 31, 2017 7:00pm-10:00pm PST

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♪ ♪ i tbot that sunshine in my pocket ♪ ♪ >> welcome to the party. we are counting down to midnight here on fox's all american new year. i'm jesse watters. >> kennedy: and i'm kennedy. so glad you're joining us to ring in 2018 for the best night of your life. we're in the center of it all coming to you live from the heart of times square right here in balmy new york city. jesse: anticipation building. we're only two hours away from
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2018. the crowd is bundled up in times square because it's below freezing out here. and all eyes are on the massive ball decked out in sparkling waterford crystals. stay tuned. we're going to give you a front row seat to all of the festivities. kennedy, we're going to break some records tonight and i'm not talking about the records you're going to break later. i'm talking about the weather. kennedy: for the 110th year in times square. they took a couple of years off during world war ii because they were conserving energy. jesse: this might by the top two or three coldest. i have three gloves. this is like o.j. i couldn't get them on. i'm so cold. you look great in the pink. kennedy: thank you very much. it's all about positivity. it's all about picturing yourself on the beach in
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sandals, a tropical scenario. you have to mentally transport yourself some place else because it is colder than the freeze ner haiti. jesse: where is al gore's global heating when we need it. it is ridiculously cold outside. kennedy: isn't that why you took this assignment if you thought it waassignmentyou thought it we 70 on nowier's eve jesse: we saw pigeons huddled up trying to get warm out here. the birds are cold. kennedy: they flew into the flyefryer at mcdonald's. jesse: i don't know how they're doing this. they came from miles away overseas and they look like they're in severe pain. what was that old show on fox where people did really, really scary things.
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kennedy: fear factor? it was on fox. jesse: tonight a billion people are freezing. kennedy: the people here are so optimistic and brave. we've had a few terror incidents here in new york city. the counter terrorism task force and the nypd are the best in the country. they're working hard to get 2 million revelers safe. these people not only brave their climate, they're here, they know the nypd is going to keep them safe but they're also -- they've been standing for about eight hours. jesse: right. this is the safest place probably on the planet right now. isis is dumb but they're not that dumb. i feel very safe. there's snipers on the rooftop, bomb sniffing dogs. they're doing a tremendous job of keeping everybody safe. i think we're going to have an interview with the chief of police later. first we want to go to carley.
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kennedy: where it's warm. jesse: let's go to south beach. i think carley is down there. kennedy: carley shimkus. jesse: how did she get that assignment? that's like a watters world deal. kennedy: she's like i'm carley and this is my world. jesse: she's there. carley, what is going on down there? carley: i heard that there were a lot of cold pigeons in new york city. did i just hear that right? there are a lot of warm bodyings and some say gulls here as well. it is a fantastic night. i am at the wet pool bar at the w hotel in south beach. the party is absolutely incredible. doors opened at 9:00. people are just now sphargt to file in. look at these gorgeous girls. jesse, i know you're a married man, but come on. look at this. now what's your name? >> alyssa. carley: what is your new year's resolution?
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>> to be a better person. carley: to be a better person. how about you? >> i don't have one. >> i don't have one. carley: set the expectations low. that means that you don't ever to be disappointed in 2018. i respect that attitude. now i got the say, what was the best thing -- new year's is a time of reflection. what is the best thing that happened in 2017. >> fitness. i got in better shape. carley: there you go. and now you're showing it off in miami. what about you? >> vacations. carley: this is definitely a vacation spot. 1200 people are expected to be here tonight. the entertainment is provided by nirvo. an australian duo. sisters. they're gorgeous. we're going to talk to them a little later. a whole lot going on. the drinks are flowing. the party is just getting started. having a lot of fun. back to you guys in new york. kennedy: that's so weird. it's a hot model party.
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i'm surprised they didn't invite me. 12%, the two highest new year's resolutions for people who are bold, 12% say they want to be a better person like that young woman drinking wat water, and te other 12% say they want to lose weight. jesse: that's why this whole festivity is hosted by planet fitness. that was very on brand. i liked the young lady who said she didn't have a new year's resolution. if it's not broken, don't fix it. kennedy: stay in your lane. if you're going fast and passing everybody, absolutely right. jesse: now i think we have kat timpf and fowler, my man richard out there. they're right down in the pit. what's cooking down there, guys. kat: it's great. i got my wisdom teeth out. it was almost as fun as this. so, yeah. richard: i got to tell you, kennedy and jesse, it is frigid
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but the people are happy to be here. we thought we would play a game of what i who is the news maker. kat is going to go first. kat: this guy right here, the clue is he's a very very bad man and he likes bombs and he wants to bomb us, bad bad man. anybody know who s this man is? you got it. what is it? yes. give me a football. yes. there we go. richard: we're going to go over here to georgia. how are you? >> i'm great. how you doin'? richard: how long have you been out here? >> i've been out here since 8:00 this morning. richard: having a good time? >> it's a little cool. richard: when is the last time you went to the bathroom? so she got the clue because iz was intimate and personal witheh
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her. the youn famous sister appeareda pepsi commercial that backfired but she handed a coke to a cop during a demonstration. who is she? [ inaudible ] richard: hey, hey. don't steal her shot. >> yes, she did but her name is kendall jenner. richard: kendall jenner, she got the football. kat: people are going crazy for these footballs. these are the hottest item. richard: hottest item in times square. kat: this is another one. another very very, very very bad man. you might -- he had his house of cards come crumbling down because of sexual assault allegations. who is this man? what was that? [ inaudible ] >> kevin spacey. kat: that's right.
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kevin spacey. everybody is so jealous after you and your fox football. i'm jealous. richard: these are going to be collector's items in just a little bit. this toy, over 2 million made in 2017. what is it? >> fidget spinner. richard: you're right. where are you fram? >> utah. richard: how long have you been out here? >> way too long. richard: back to you kennedy and jesse. jesse: i don't think you should be giving them footballs. give them a flask of whiskey or something to keep them warm what are they going to do with a football? i also want to know did the guy say little rocket man or kim jong-un. richard: little rocket man. jesse: very good. richard: hhe's from utah and he
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said little rocket man. jesse: there you go. thanks a lot. kennedy: let's head to nashville where griff jenkins is at the wild horse saloon. i hope it's warmer there. griff: kennedy and jesse, it's music city usa and we're on stage at the wild horse saloon. look at these people, ready to get fired up and do a little honky tonk dancing. i was trying to do a little line dancing earlier. i'm going to sneak in with the band. you don't mind if we do a quick interview on fox news, do you? [ inaudible ] griff: look at that. all right. now holland, tell me why is it so special for you to play here? >> we've been playing here for about five years.
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it's our favorite place to play in nashville, tennessee, the biggest dance floor in the world and the best country music you'll find anywhere. griff: what is your name? >> rob. griff: you play guitar here. >> that is true. griff: i'm totally screwing up the band. >> we're down for this. griff: nathey do this thing here that holland is going to teach me. hold on. i got to get this real quick. hold on. you hear that? now it's something called holler and swoller. explain it to me. >> everybody has heard of this before. this is what happened. griff: i'm being made to do this. >> what's going to happen is on the count of three everybody is going to scream to the top of your lungs and you take a big ol' drink. griff: can i lead it? >> yes. griff: you ready. here we go. holler!
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and swoller! well we got that started. thank you very much. carry on. jesse: that definitely helps with your dance moves. kennedy: when you're in nashville and get pulled over by the police in nashville, can you line dance instead of walk the line? griff: what's your name. kennedy: it's going to be a long night for griff jenkins. jesse: i wish i had a little of what griff was drinking. i could have used a little bit of that right now. we just got started. kennedy: but we only have 15 hours to go. it's going to be the best night ever. let's talk to bryan llenas who is in times square. our news man with the news.
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man. bryan. go! all right. bryan is going to come up in just a little bit. jesse, you may think you are the king of the man on the street interview and we're going to get back to bryan in a little bit. he's been arrested right now. i took a page out of your play book to see who people thought would be better at keeping resolutions, me or you. take a look at this. jesse: all right. kennedy: who do you think is more likely to break our new year's resolutions, me or jesse watters? >> jesse watt es? >> probably you because i don't know who jesse watters is. >> i'm watters and this is my world. kennedy: who is more likely to break our new year's resolution. >> gee jesse.
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kennedy: exactly right. do you love jesse watters? cold shoulder. jesse: this is kind of mean. kennedy: do you love jesse watters? >> i don't know. >> yes. >> he's lovable. kennedy: who do you think is more likely to break their new year's resolution, me or jesse watters? >> oh my goodness, who is jesse watters. jesse: yeah, that was hilarious. thanks for doing a whole package making fun of me. you had to hand out a lot of correct answers, i think. i hope so. kennedy: if anybody would know about heavy editing. jesse: we never edited anything in our life. only for time, not for content. but i think if you go anywhere, everybody knows "watters world." a lot of police officers
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recognize me. kennedy: i feel like you should have been in the pope mobile because you were so universally recognized by the nypd officers who are keeping us safe here tonight. jesse: that's right. kennedy: jesse, jesse watters, i love "watters world." jesse: blue lives matter. they're doing a great job protecting the city, all of the cities across the country. kennedy: that's why chiefs come here to new york city to find out about the ground breaking law enforcement that takes place every day, especially tonight here in times square where you have to keep the party going. you have to make sure that people feel safe, protected and happy and at the same time looking out for their best interest from every corner. jesse: the party is under way. keep tweeting us using the
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hashtag foxnews2018. and stay with us. kennedy: absolutely. ♪ ♪
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♪ jesse: welcome back to the crossroads of the world. we're almost frozen solid the new year's eve. but we're going to soldier on. here with me, actor, my friend
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within stephen baldwin. are you doing all right? >> it's a little chilly here in times square but such a treat and honor to be here to celebrate new year's eve. jesse: just got back from overseas. welcome back to the country. i'm surprised they let you back in. that would have been your brother if your brother had been coming back in, they would have hit him with a travel ban. >> happy new year's. i got to give a shout out to my friends in india. i just went to their wedding. i'm a new yorker. it is cold. it is cold. jesse: i want to read a tweet that the president of the united states just tweeted out and i want to tbe to get your reactio. as our country rapidly grows stronger and smarter, i want to wish all of my friends, supporter, enemies, haters and the dishonest fake news media a
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happy healthy year. 2018 will be a great year for america. >> absolutely. jesse: what do you think about that one? >> well i think i'm here in times square with mike lyn lind. we believe in the new year many many more americans will be in support of president trump because of the direction things are moving now. jesse: the haters and the enemies . >> i believe many haters and enemies are going to come crossing back over on the trump train, baby. i'm calling it now. jesse: do you think the fake news media is going to become less fake or do you think they're going to keep hammering away at the president? >> you know, jesse, haters are going to hate, brother. that's all i can tell you. jesse: that's what they say. now here in new york have you ever done the new yeesh's eve times square before, everybody
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sitting around with the fuzzy hats? >> do you remember a guy named dick clark? jesse: yes, i do. >> dick clark did the rockin' new year's eve. i did that two or three times. jesse: you didn't have a suite in the hotel looking down on all of the people. you were on the street. >> on the street. jesse: man of the people baby. >> now we have jesse watters who has taken over for guys like dick clark. god bless you. jesse: if i could only be dick clark one day. that's a tough guy to live up to. any advice for these people. have you ever done it this cold? >> new year's eve. jesse: yeah, that's what i'm talking about. >> yeah, pretty much. jesse: what should they be doing. they don't have bathrooms. they're not allowed to drink anything. just body warmth. >> a lot of pocket warm eshes. think positive. you want to stay warm, think
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positive, think happy new year, go president trump. that will warm you up. that will make you feel good about the new year. jesse: cold is just a state of mind you're saying. >> i have a question. jesse: yes, sir. >> i just heard that they have a new video coming out from the white house christmas party and scott baio was there. jesse: yes. >> and here i am with you, but i don't recall getting my invitation to the white house christmas party and there's scott baio and i'm sitting there going wow, if baio is getting in i should definitely be in mar-a-lago. >> maybe next year. jesse: maybe it got lost in the mail. you had the indian wedding you had to go to. they probably new. >> yes. jesse: and the mar-a-lago thing, that looks nice. >> it's lovely. jesse: are you ever been? >> i have not been. jesse: maybe next year we'll crash it. >> the people at the white house, we'd love to see you some time either at the white house
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or mar-a-lago. that works for us. jesse: and you know the president is watching right now because he doesn't watch fake news. so i think we probably will get that invite. >> wonderful. jesse: when the clock strikes midnight, what's your plan, baldwin? are you going to be asleep? are you going to be passed out? are you going to be running through the streets? what's the plan tonight? >> i will be home with my wife, nice and toasty in front of the fireplace ring in the new year. jesse: watching us, watching kennedy and i freeze. thank you. you're going to have a little fire, maybe some cocktails. >> a little ho hot cocoa. jesse: happy new year. >> god bless you. jesse: we're going to see you in mar-a-lago next year. >> yes, sir. jesse: earlier we had a chance to meet a u.s. army lieutenant
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who got a very special new year's surprise. take a look. >> caring for our wounded wet rans is no easy task. many of them require special attention to help them get through life. because they're wounded protecting our freed come, we should go the extra mile to help. with us is garrett speers. he was struck by lightning in the 2013, his heart stopped and he was badly burned. he's joined by his family to talk about taking care of our wounded vets this new year's. happy new year's garrett. >> thank you. >> we have your mother here laura speers and father michael flint. lawsh ra, tellaura, tell us whae taking care of garrett? >> it's made a lot of progress. gone from being in a coo ma to learning how to walk again. he uses his walker at home. he still requires a lot of attention but he gets around
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very well and we're very proud of him. >> that's fantastic. >> and michael, tell us a little bit about his injury. when was he injured? >> he was injured in october of 2013. kennedy: so it's been a little over four years now. >> yes. we were in icu for several weeks and then we moved to different stages throughout the time and finally getting discharged in '15. jesse: and so he was in a wheelchair and he has a walker. that must be difficult in the house. >> it's very difficult in the house. the house obviously was not initially made for any kind of accessibility issues. so getting him around, getting to the bathroom. we have a two-story house. none of that was something that we planned for ahead of him. so that has been something that's been difficult for us. kennedy: garrett is a proud graduate of texas a&m, the school loves you very much. and your story resonated so
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deeply with the texas a&m family. they told a wonderful organization all about you and we would like to bring in dan. jesse: operation family home. kennedy: operation finally home. jesse: operation finally home. dan, welcome. >> how are you doing today? kennedy: thitell us a little bit about you organization. >> we provide mortgage free custom built homes for our wounded ill and injured service members, our military heros. we've been doing this since 2005 and right now we've built over 200 homes in 34 states and we're just so thrilled to be here today. jesse: garrett, when we learned of your story to the texas a&m community, we were touched by your service and sacrifice but more so by your perseverance and drive which also shines through in your family. kennedy: this is rusty carol by
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the way. >> we were touched by your service and sack fries but more so about your perseverance and drive that shines through in your family which can be attributed to your remarkable recovery. and because of that operation finally home, along with our builder partner, are honored and blessed to announce we're going to provide you with a custom built mortgage free home in sann antonio. >> oh my gosh! >> how do you feel? >> great. kennedy: what an if incredible gift. jesse: isn't that great? going go aggies, right? kennedy: so you guys have a brand-new homecoming your way. operations finally home has built this for you. it's mortgage free and it's
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truly custom made for all of garrett's needs and his sacrifice. how do you guys feel about that? laura? >> great. >> speechless, oh my gosh. this will be totally amazing for his progress and his recovery, the fact that he can do things himself because of this. thank you. jesse: that's terrific. dan and rusty, thank you guys very much. it's a great organization and you guys are doing god's work. thank you very much. he's going to be really happy and so are his parents. kennedy: what a connection texas a&m to an incredible family and a true hero. garrett, congratulations. jesse: now go get warm! there you have it, a free home for garrett speers. fantastic. now the parents and he can live comfortably. a lot of generosity. kennedy: he's such an american hero and he has a great spirit. it's difficult for him to communicate but you can tell that he knows what's going on. he was so excited about the new
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house, she was smiling and his family was delighted. we saw them a little later in the building and they were speechless. they couldn't believe they got a mortgage free custom made home because of that incredible organization. jesse: speaking of speechless, i don't know if you saw baldwin, i couldn't believe he didn't get the invite to mar-a-lago and scott baio did. very controversial. kennedy: a little rude. coming up, keeping american safe in the middle of times square. we've got an update on the massive security efforts jesse and i were talking about here in new york city. stick around. we've got a special new year's guest. jesse: we do? kennedy: you do not want to miss. jesse: whoa. kennedy: your new year's eve is about to be complete. the all american new year's, jesse watters and myself here in
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times square. ♪ >> i hope you and yours have a fantastic new year. we'll see you on the fox news day. dsk
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♪ jesse: welcome back everybody. in less than two hours confetti is going to rain down on times square. and we did a test run. check this out. >> hello, times square. please welcome the cohost of fox news channel all american new year, kennedy and jesse watters. jesse: how are you doing? >> welcome back. welcome to the cold. looking gorgeous k, kennedy. kennedy: thank you for having us here. a beautiful crowd. the only place to be on the planet earth. >> we have an awesome tradition here. people come in and write their wishes for 2018 on actual pieces of confetti. jesse: so beautiful. let's read some. >> let's do it.
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jesse: grab one for me. >> this one is for jesse. i'm using my. >> they're tiny things. jesse: good health for my friends and family. stephanie midland, new jersey. give it up for new jersey. >> and good ol' stephanie. i wish that for everyone. >> this is monica from my home state of indiana. she says i wish for united country. well said, monica. jesse: yeah, go hoosiers. good luck with that. >> one more? jesse: let's do another one. >> do we have time? jesse: cold is just a state of mind. >> it's difficult to grasp these thing. jesse: i wish to get my dream job asap rich also from new jersey. don't take my job, rich. >> what wish do you have for 2018. >> thank you very much for asking. i hope for a peaceful diplomatic resolution to the north korea missile crisis and i hope that congress cuts spending so
7:33 pm
there's an actual future for our children and grandchildren. jesse: wow. and i wish for a raise! >> that is the sound of the countdown. everybody is going in and countdown with us. ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one! >> thank you. jesse: and we are back counting down to 2018 and we have a special guest here at fox. kathy griffin. yeah, that's right. kathy griffin. kathy, why are you here anyway? >> i'm a fixture in times square. nothing is going to keep me from that hassle. jesse: i thought you were fired. weren't you fired from.
7:34 pm
>> i was just trying to get ahead. jesse: what have you been up to? do you have a job? >> i'm glad you asked. no. i've been working on a comedy special. i got a lot of funny jokes. you want to hear some? jesse: why not. >> why did the chicken cross the road. jesse: why? >> because anderson cooper kicked it off the new year's eve show. want another one? jesse: sure. >> north carolina. jesse: who's there. >> anderson cooper. jesse: anderson cooper who? >> exactly. you're dead to me. ready for some more? hillary couldn't be here tonight. she already dropped the ball once this year. jesse: oh, boy. well that was last year but that's okay. whatever. >> are you drinking to night, jesse? jesse: i wish. >> i bet president trump is drinking white russians. get it? because he colluded with the russians. jesse: very good. >> so fun. jesse: sure.
7:35 pm
why not. >> all of these people can't go to the bathroom and thousands of them are wearing diapers, just like bernie sanders. i got a million of them, jesse. >> let's keep them coming. >> why was six afraid of seven. jesse: why? >> because seven ate anderson cooper. kinky, huh? jesse: you seem really obsessed with anderson cooper. you're not over this are you. >> why does a golfer wear two pairs of pants? jesse: why. >> in case anderson gets a hole in one. jesse: i like it i don't know if i get it. but i like it. >> i'm looking at the screen trying to find his little white head. jesse: okay. well, what do you have planned for 2018, kathy? anything next on the agenda? >> nope. it's all done. no more work. nothing. i lost all of my friends, contracts, sponsorships, identity and my mental stability. jesse: well maybe you should be
7:36 pm
headed to the president. >> you and your detail. jesse: those are minor details. >> i can't take a joke. no one can take any of these. oh well. jesse: all right. and a lot of police officers. >> well i'm going to go ahead and keep hosting. there are a number of cops here in times square. let's go to bryan llenas who has been cracking the situation for days in the freezing cold. bryan: i'm here to save jesse from what just happened i guess there. >> how dare you, bryan. i'll come for you next. bryan: help me. all right, guys. look. this is a force like we've never seen unsush passed in terms of protecting. i want to give people at home an idea of how much is needed to protect. it's not only on the ground, it's in the air. look at the different vantage points the nypd has to think about when it comes to
7:37 pm
protecting times square. and obviously after what happened in las vegas, there there extra observations, snipers on a lot of the buildings. in side the hotels and office towers, there are uniformed personnel inside. for days before they were scoping out these hotels and working with hotel staff to make sure that they understood what suspicious behavior would look like. you can look at the hotel all the way over there, just one of 43 hotels in the area. if you look over here, we've got policpolice vehicles blocking te entrance into times square. 12 different security check points to come inside. every single one of these folks had to get checked twice before coming in and spending 12 hours out here in the freezing cold. there are also vapor dogs. these dogs are trained to sniff out bombs in the air and also on
7:38 pm
people. they're specifically trained to do that in a crowd of 50,000, they're able to find a potential suicide bomber and that is very important given the fact that we were reminded just two weeks ago when a failed suicide bomber detonated a pipe bomb underneath times square a couple of blocks that way. what they did here was released a new technical bulletin a couple of weeks ago in time for new year's eve to remind police officers what to look for when it comes to a suicide bomber. but also how to react in case they see someone that is about to detonate a bomb. so they have thought about everything. another thing to think about is obviously the weather. ems services are out here. we know the nypd has brought more and more people out here than they ever have in terms of ambulances to try to make sure they were here in case people had hyperthermia or frostbite.
7:39 pm
the police officers themselves have been out here since 9:00 a.m. and we know that the red cross has been out here specifically to give out hot coffee and hot chocolate to officers. and man oh man do they deserve it. not only are they here until midnight. they are here for the cleanup afterwards as well. the nypd has thought about everything as we can expect. fbi, atf, all here. it is impossible really to get out once you're in. and once you're in a pen if you leave, you're done. a lot of the folks who are here, even if they have to go to the bathroom, even if they're freezing, they're holding out as much as they can. the last thing they want to do is leave the secure pen. once they leave the pen, it's all over. police officers are doing their best to keep us safe. i feel safe. people here feel safe and we want to thank them. they could be with their families right now but instead they're out here to keep people like me and jesse and kennedy safe and we can't thank them
7:40 pm
enough, guys. jesse: all right. send some of that hot chocolate back up here. we could use it. not only do they have the people in uniform, they have the plain clothes officers too. so if you try anything funny, think about it. there could be a regular guy to take you downtown. kennedy: we talked about the terror attacks we've seen in new york city but also the incident in las vegas deals the way that law enforcement deals with crowd control. you have a lot more snipers and spotters who are not only here in times square but also along the perimeter and the streets and avenues that run counter to this part of the world. jesse: i think it's like a 12-block radius. very safe. people are starting to get fired up. kennedy: come on down. jesse: if you're crazy. coming up, richard fowler puts the times square partieser to pe
7:41 pm
test as we continue to count down to 2018. kennedy: stay right here. ♪ >> all right i'm doing a confession 2018 instead of a resolution. last year i winged it own everything, including my eye liner. this year i've got a plan.
7:42 pm
krn one o. kennedy: one of the jonas brothers. welcome back to the party. let's go to richard fowler. he's in the middle of times square braving the crowds. we hear you found some party people for your impromptu singing competition. richard: of course we do. i want to tell you how cold it
7:43 pm
is town here on times square. not even the hand warmers are working. they're being thrown on the floor. but it doesn't stop people from having a good time. let's go! come on! so we found some talent. we found some talent here. we have two contestants. tell us your name. >> my name is 0ly cooke from aweaustralia. >> my name is rebecca from mariana, florida. >> oli. >> rebecca. richard: rebecca's son. they're going to sing their favorite song and then we're going to have jesse and kennedy pick the winner. we'll start with ladies first. why not. go ahead. give us your best 30 seconds, love. >> i'm singing why don't you and
7:44 pm
i ♪ every time i try to talk to you i get tongue-tied ♪ everything i say to you comes out wrong, it never comes out right ♪ ♪ so i say why don't you get together, take on the world and be together forever ♪ ♪ heads we will, tails we'll try again ♪ not so i say why don't you and i hold each other fly to the moon an straight on to heaven ♪ ♪ because without you they're never going to let me in ♪ richard: that's contestant number one for those watching at home. and now contestant number two. >> ♪ i have died every day waiting for you ♪ ♪ door ling don't be afraid i have loved you for a thousand years ♪ ♪ i've loved you for a thousandd more ♪ ♪ all along i believed i would
7:45 pm
find you ♪ ♪ time brought you heart to me and i have loved you for a thousand years ♪ ♪ i'd love you for a thousand more ♪ ♪ richard: before we pick a winner, we're going to meet their friends. what's your name. >> cameron. richard: where are you from? and your name? >> liam. richard: jesse, kennedy, do you have a winner for me? jesse: i do. i don't know about kennedy. i thought the awes trai australs better but i'm going with the american. richard: kennedy? kennedy: the australian had a lovely tone to his voice. and i'm going to give it to him. richard: al richard: i am going to add to your vote and i think that the
7:46 pm
australian has won this competition. kennedy: good job, meat. let's go throw a shrimp on the barbie. jesse: party still going strong here in times square and all around the globe. we're going to take you to the reporters in the middle of it all in just a moment. first, a look back at the best and worst movies of 2017. take a look. >> all right, guys. as 2017 comes to an end, hollywood is closing out another year at the box office albeit slightly down from a record breaking 2016. so what were some of the best and worst movies of the year? let's take a look. starting with the worst of 2017 coming up in at number three, the emoji movie. no other movie in 2017 symbolized the studio's
7:47 pm
desperate attempt to create a franchise from pop literally. number two, "the mum my" dead on arrival. even the biggest movie star on the planet could not safe this movie. note to universal, audiences don't care about this expanded dark universe you're betting on. if the memory is indicative of the upcoming bride of frankenstein, let's wrap up the contest. the worst movie of 2017, the crown goes to "king arthur." it only hoped to $15 million. has there ever been a bigger flop. the legend of king arthur has been told so many times it's far from legend. hello, transformers 30, this guy never would have been green lit. in a year when women made history, arthur failed to have
7:48 pm
any compelling female characters of note. not a record for success. what were the best movies of 2012017, coming in at number the "the post." stephen spielberg dealt with the most important movie of the year in his telling of katherine graham and the washington post struggle. number two "the greatest showman." hollywood at its best. this would lead p.t. barnum proud. the best movie of 2017, number one "get out." why? it's the best reviewed movie of the year, rotten tomatoes giving it a 99% fresh score. second, made for a mere $5 million, it grossed over $200 million at the box office. probably the most successful movie of the year. and third it was the most
7:49 pm
relevant movie of the year forcing audiences to tackle a race issue. and finally with two golden globe nominations, it could go on to take the top prize of this year's academy awards. what can we expect for the year ahead? more dinosaurs, more monsters, more sequels and more star wars. back to you in times square. kennedy: thank you very much. jesse: do you smell pot? i smell pot. kennedy: to me that just sounds like a skunk or some sort of a kitchen fire. let's leave it at that. jesse: my friends tell me that's what it smells like. kennedy: while i celebrate your freedom, i don't engage in it. jesse: neither do i, kennedy. neither do i. i didn't see any of the movies that were the best and the worst. it didn't bother me. kennedy: don't you wish you were in a movie ther theater right n?
7:50 pm
jesse: i do. kennedy: it was a great year for music. and here are the top five songs of the year. something just like that, chain smokers and cold play, humble, one of my daughter's favorite songs, "that's what i like" bruno mars. you know what i like? warmth. very much. jesse: never heard that song. kennedy: yeah. jesse: never heard it. kennedy: "shape of you" ed sheeran. coming up we're going to meet one lucky veteran who gets to ring in 2018 request an adorable furry friends. keep using #foxnews2018 stay with us jesse: we'll be right back.
7:51 pm
♪ hey, it's tucker carlson, 2017 i think we can all agree has been the wildest year in our life tiems is about an hour from ending. 2018 is going to be great. we can feel it. i hope you join us on the show for the length of it. happy new year. ♪
7:52 pm
7:53 pm
7:54 pm
♪ jesse: welcome back to the party, everybody. earlier we had a chance to meet some amazing people from pets for vets. kennedy: what a great organization. >> we're here now with heidi from pets from vets. also with us, jarwan the beagle and retired u.s. army lieutenant bill greene along with bill's wife martha. well come heidi and bill and martha and friends.
7:55 pm
four legged and otherwise. tell us about pets for vets. >> pets for vets is a national 501(c)(3) organization and we have 30 chapters across the country in about 20 states. and what we do is provide well-trained shelter dogs and rescue dogs for veterans who could use help with a companion animal to assist with ptsd. jesse: bill, you served in vietnam and desert storm. this is kylie, your dog. >> that's correct. jesse: how does she help you out? >> she's great. she's a good friend and everything else like that. she likes to come over, wake me up, take her for a walk. and that type of thing. kennedy: better than an iphone. an alarm clock. >> you don't have to see the iphone. kennedy: probably doesn't have as me glitches. heidi, let me ask you. bill and martha, they obviously have their own set. how do you match your dogs with
7:56 pm
different veterans? >> so, our trainers and volunteers work really closely to get to know the veteran and their family, their lifestyle, personality and what type of dog will be a perfect fit for them. once we get to know them well, we go out and begin interviewing dogs at our rescue partners and that's the most exciting part. just getting to meet all of the dogs that will one day become a perfect match. jesse: how does the dog interview go? kennedy: do they lie on their resume. jesse: what is your biggest strength. kennedy: i lick too much. jesse: is there a certain dog that's better at being an animal that's compatible with a veteran, does a hot dog do worse than a shih tzu? how does that work? >> we're looking for dogs that aren't any certain breed but they have a really high bond towards humans. that's what we're looking for, the dog that will immediately
7:57 pm
bond with us as a trainer and then we know they're going to be a great fit for the veteran. we make sure they're the right personality and temperament and active lifestyle match. kennedy: can you tell when you meet a dog that they will be a good match or is it something where you train the dog and pull the goodness out of them over time. >> surprisingly in the first two minutes we watch for signs of socialability, we call it. and each dog is really different. but the dogs that are highly social will come right up and be solicit iting affections ca affh you and eye contact with you. we know they're going to be social in a lot of different aspects. kennedy: diely ikylie is wonder. they're obviously cold so we're going to let them get inside. jesse: before peta contacts fox news. kennedy: thank you for your service, lieutenant colonel. jesse: hopefully we don't get brought up on animal cruelty
7:58 pm
charges. kennedy: those poor babies were so cold. jesse: shivers out here in the freezing cold. kennedy: they were happy to get back in the fox building. they were all hanging out. some of our military heros got to meet each other. we saw lieutenant garrett speers earlier in the day get a free house for his familia family. and there you saw the kind people from pets for vets. what an incredible service they provied. they're really beautiful. you know what else is beautiful, jesse? jesse: tell me. i was thinking i needed a nice fur coat right now. kennedy: a lot of people pack their furs and they came to new york city to times square to celebrate new year's eve in the mecca of partyville. jesse: i don't know if they're regretting that choice. they're not even like hootin' and hollerin'. they're standing there like this.
7:59 pm
freezing. kennedy: here are the top ten travel destinations by u.s. residents in 2017. china at number ten, spain at number 9, eight at jamaica. jesse: i wish i was in jamaica now. kennedy: number seven, germany, france, italy, dominican republic six, five and four, the uk number three, canada number two and the number one travel destination for people in the u.s. in 2017, what do you think it is. jesse: i was thinking all of the liberals moved to canada after trump was elected. kennedy: mexico, the number one spot people slingshot themselves over the big beautiful wall. jesse: you know they're going to pay for it soon. don't go anywhere. there's a lot of partying still to go. next hour we have much more from miami, nashville and here inside the square. kennedy: plus, keep using #foxnews2018. we're going to show your tweets throughout the night.
8:00 pm
stay with us. we're going to be back. >> we are so angelic. i am kennedy. >> i am jesse watters welcome to the party. >> you are joining us to bring in the new year we only have one hour left on the east coast in 2017 spin i get has
8:01 pm
been a trump year i can tell you that from twitter to all the drama the little rocket man the shootings and fake news and a rocket stock market topsy-turvy year i think we are finishing strong here in times square where it is absolutely frigid. i have been drinking but i can't feel my face. >> you are like the weekend. but it has been an interesting year for the president he coined the term fake news i will give you a fake news quiz later in the show you have to tell me of the stories are real or fake. >> you make me look stupid like i make people looks to?
8:02 pm
tee14 ♪ ♪ is back our national correspondent henry we wanted you guys to suffer just as much as we are you have been out here a lot longer than we have you guys look fine. >> this has been intimidating from the start. it is very cold and he says you're not using a blanket are you? >> so we start the show and within minutes my phone is going off and getting tasks from home to say are you wearing mittens? >> not only are you wearing
8:03 pm
that in but who tied that scarf? did you? it looks very safe that's just wrong. >> don't knock the mitts. that is for the party professionals. he was wrapped up in a little blanket. >> the term is swaddled. >> i have a confession to make. there is no shame in my game at all.
8:04 pm
it is very important. what is the craziest thing you have seen so far? you have seen more action. >> he was in his briefs and it was called and that is ongoing to say. [laughter] >> but the flipside is after the segment a few minutes past we are about to go to break ice by the naked cowboy but he has close. >> and how do you know it's him? >> that's a good question but he had a guitar and that curly hair it is just weird to see the guy that is normally naked in times square looking like a
8:05 pm
cowboy. >> i was going to do that whole look like they do in the buffalo bills you know what i mean. kennedy said it is too dangerous why decided to bundle up. >> cut his microphone. [laughter] if you cover yourself in crisco maybe you stay warmer. he was basting himself. [laughter] >> now i'm hungry. >> pantyhose under that uniform? >> pantyhose?
8:06 pm
tee15 i feel like i have woken up in a scene from silence of the lambs tee14 we will let you go. stay warm and bundled tee15 happy new year to both of you. >> 2 million people here in times square one of the best cities to celebrate in style, miami carly is there at the wet pool i am so jealous. >> the party is well underway right now. some people are having a blast on this side of the bar but look at those happy people.
8:07 pm
but the magic happens on this side. the resident mixologist pouring drinks all night. you set up one of the most popular drinks looking forward to something on 2018? >> we will still be there 2018. it was actually one of my cocktails i created. >> the woman that behind the cocktail will make it for us right now. if you need drink ideas this may be one. >> lime juice. our special recipe. and a little sweetener to balance out. >> that looks gorgeous. shape it up -- shake it up?
8:08 pm
and always shake with a smile. >> i was a bartender at applebee's once. but nothing like this. >> a little double strain action. there you go. so a very lucky person will be drinking that very soon but over here we have people from the north who escaped the cold.
8:09 pm
what is your new year's resolution? >> restore my mind and body. >> what is your favorite thing about this great country? >> united states can come together and work together and work for a common goal to overcome any obstacle. >> i love that positivity. i have to show you how cool this party is. check out this crowd. it is amazing. i will bring it down. i don't know how people are not falling in. but that cabana cost $15000.
8:10 pm
now the entertainment tonight is provided by the australian dj duo. right now a resident dj people are having a blast. do you have a new year's resolution? >> i forgot. be positive. >> i love it. what about you gentlemen? >> hi. i love you mom. >> we are having a lot of fun. >> i am positive part of her dress fell off and she was talking to you.
8:11 pm
>> let me get one thing straight. you were bartending at applebee's and now paid to host new year's for fox in miami? >> i did. i would agree with that. make sure nobody falls in the pool. >> all of those people are having the best time. fantastic music. >> have a great time. >> one of the coldest new year's eves on record in times square. that doesn't stop people from having the time of their life.
8:12 pm
>> with the security details. >> this is the chief of police nypd. >> it has been quiet because it is time square but things are going well we have thousands of cops keeping everybody safe out here on ground level but you have to pay attention what is going on. a lot of good work being done out here with the checkpoint making sure we take care of the dogs chief of patrol terry monahan.
8:13 pm
and then talking about the nuts and bolts. >> this year is different than past years. >> we picked up a lot of security. we have magnetometers but we covered the hotels. this doesn't end when the ball drops we have cops all over the city. >> and logistically. >> playing january 2 of this year but it is a culmination of one year planning. so talk to us real quick.
8:14 pm
have we seen any phosphite? >> people are pretty smart they knew they would be out here for a number of. nar dressed pretty well and packed pretty tightly. it is hard to be out here for such a long time. nobody does it better than you guys. homicide is down and crying then shootings are down. and through the etf and the marshall service. but most importantly the eight
8:15 pm
half-million people if we continue to do that we will make new york city save her. >> we think about the ny fd and the nypd with the remember of those to sacrifice. >> you cannot take it for granted from november 2016 steven passed away january 10 and then even july 5. douglas county colorado. and another was killed and others injured. it is a difficult task and we never forget about the families. >> this is your life. you love the city. >> yes. and this job and the hard work and the men and women of the
8:16 pm
police department. it also to have a prosperous new year and save 2018. >> thank you so much and all of us from fox news appreciate it. incredible work they have done with commissioners talking about the sacrifice they make every single day being out here since 9:00 o'clock a.m. and across the country 39 police officers lost their lives this year. we remember them as we bring in 2018. the one thing the police cannot protect us against are the elements. it is cold. layers upon layers? >> tight but we do have electric blanket but they
8:17 pm
checked the electrical unit away from us. the nypd. they said it isn't safe they want to make sure we don't bring any contraband by the chief made a great point with the view of times square. they are serenading us right now. >> we should and we are nearly there. less than an hour before we see the times where ball drop. nearly 12000 pounds. dean cain has nothing on this. new york extravaganza.
8:18 pm
8:19 pm
8:20 pm
>> it is one of the coldest new year's eves on record right here in times square. we are keeping warm right in between the sandwich with jesse watters and cat is on this scheme -- on the scene. there are people here they are
8:21 pm
close but they love each other. where are you from? you are really warm right now who's idea was this? that is what i thought. but you love each other. do you want to guess? kiss. that is very cute. we also have a mother and daughter did you want to? kind of that is how we all feel. show some support. very cute. very, very cute. so here all the way from india. check it out.
8:22 pm
we have one more down here. this is crazy. where are you from? but i am a big baby about this. so you already got married? obviously if you are not married you cannot kiss unless you are married. this is your honeymoon? >> we are treating it that way. >> i don't know if i will ever be married but i will have a climate controlled honeymoon. are you happy? >> we are very excited. kiss cam. they are kissing. this is america we asked them ahead of time so we are not pressuring anyone.
8:23 pm
>> that is what i appreciate about you and to be upfront and honest but i can feel the love all the people that are in love here and they just put a smile on your face but can you feel your toes? >> yes i can. >> that makes one of us. that is all that matters. find the love and bring it together and keep us informed. >> i was impressed. >> that is the hot heat of romance. absolutely.
8:24 pm
and also asking them a happy new year. the party is just getting started. if you think it is any warmer there. because the other man of steel is keeping warm. >> i have acquired a hat. this is skyla can i interrupt you for a second? >> happy new year. >> i am teaching a dance called money bags. >> how does it go? >> teach it to me.
8:25 pm
>> stepped to the right and back with your left. out with your right. >> isn't there a lasso move? can you guys show me how to do it? money bags. >> they are absolutely having a blast. so for a quick question how
8:26 pm
bad did i butcher that dance? >> you did pretty good. >> where you from? michigan. >> cap he knew year to anybody? >> happy birthday to you what are your new year resolutions? you are running out of time. and jacksonville. >> you want to say happy new year to anybody? there you go the lasso. the favorite part. happy new year mom.
8:27 pm
>> back to you. it may be go long -- cold outside but it is warm inside they are getting fired up. >> new year's resolution should not be to dance ever again. it was a poor showing. >> but he looks good doing it. >> next year he will be doing zumba. >> he is making it work. countdown continues just over 30 minutes away. very close kennedy. coming to you from time square after the break.
8:28 pm
>> my resolution 2018 is not to sweat the small stuff and my husband is happy to hear that. have a wonderful new year.
8:29 pm
tee15 an estimated 6000 police officers are here in times square this evening. earlier jesse and i heard a police officer was killed on duty. >> on july 5 nypd officer sitting inside a mobile command unit in the bronx when the gunman opened fire killing her without warning. now the amazing generosity from the foundation the children have a new home for the new year. joining us from the tunnel to towers foundation and one nypd officer genesis, your mother
8:30 pm
is such a hero and so brave our heart and prayers go out to you. you have a new home? tell us about that. >> we are excited and appreciative and grateful. >> that is all the mother once. with an incredible act of generosity. how did you start? running for the brooklyn battery tunnel and we just wanted to honor the sacrifice and what better way with the
8:31 pm
first responders families but to live in riverdale. that is where they are living with a mortgage free home another promise kept. we will take care of the fallen. >> that is an amazing legacy. with your mom's legacy. and the love that you have in your family. >> it is so incredible that we can live in a place medicine which a great cumin mom -- community where our mom wanted
8:32 pm
us to live. >> who has a bigger room? you or your sister? do you share? >> each room has the best quality. she has a best lighting but i have the best size. >> and in riverdale you are surrounded by nypd officers that feels like family. >> yes. >> by the way the rooms were the exact same size. we made sure of that laugh laugh. [laughter] who hogs the bathroom? >> if you have a date you are in there for a while. >> when i was 12. >> have a safe holiday
8:33 pm
congratulations on your home and to be such an example to face tragedy it is an incredible story. >> to your fox followers they donated so much money. happy new year. >> happy new year. >> we think of the officer and all those who have lost their lives doing what they love and protecting their freedom and it is incredible so we can have a great time like our personal destiny supposedly her destiny is written in the stars what does it hold for
8:34 pm
you or me? welcome to fox news. >> hello kennedy. >> you have a big shakeup and in your natal chart because you are a television celebrity. >> you need to take off those rose-colored glasses. >> very good. can't wait. >> i have a lot of notes but the future does not look very bright. >> impeachment? will the tax plan not pass?
8:35 pm
>> with fox all-american new year. >> predictive astrology looking at the eclipse. >> not the car. we are entering the eclipse season january 31. the solar and lunar every six months. we are having a full moon tomorrow falls exactly on the sun on the naval chart. >> are you kidding me? >> it'll be full of sexual scandals. >> what? >> so there will be some
8:36 pm
eye-opening experiences. >> lunar means moon so the secondary conjunction so in layman's terms uncovering scandals and where he is at emotionally right now. this is dark and dirty stuff. >> everybody knows. >> how this falls in the united states but on february 15 there is a solar eclipse that means son. to be opposite trump. that is dangerous.
8:37 pm
>> what about bruno mars? >> hold on. and then talking about mental health and the solar eclipse that is bad p.r. that is empty march 30 and may 6 will go opposite which can cause him to be depressed and have people talk badly about him. >> and that is also his birthday the solar eclipse on july 12 will be in jupiter so legal controversy and october 12 jupiter will be opposite jupiter will be opposite in his career.
8:38 pm
>> there are so many things to remember how do you keep it straight. >> that's why i write notes. >> we have to continue this in the break we have 22 minutes left. you are a cavalcade of information. >> the female god of war and she is opposite the son of the united states tee15 in just over 20 minutes we will see the ball drop in times square. and it rolls on from the one and only time square. stay with me.
8:39 pm
>> happy new year america. i am so much warmer than jesse and kennedy right now.
8:40 pm
tee15 we are back on fox news channel jesse f nothing else when i want to do for you is give you a real fake news quiz. >> bring it on tee15 headline number one. you tell me. time square got its name when the new york times moved uptown. real or fake?
8:41 pm
>> fake. >> it is real news. that real happened. president tromp want to name it the failing new york times square. >> in nevada high school student asking for a year of free wendy's chicken nuggets. the most retreated of the year. real news or fake? >> real. >> only 3.6 million here you go. sales of bonnie taylors total eclipse of the heart increased by 503% this august mike i have no idea what you are talking about. >> i don't understand the question. >> real news.
8:42 pm
>> i slept through that. go ahead. >> bill and hillary clinton has earned $100 million since i left the white house. >> fake. >> 230 million. >> you said over. that is technically right. >> harvey weinstein of 2017 real or fake news? >> real. >> not right. matt lauer was number one and harvey was number four. >> i could see that. >> arianna grande a top selling artist 2017? >> fake. taylor was number one at sharon was number two. new york is the greatest city
8:43 pm
in the world. >> that is real news everybody would jump you you did not win but i will give you the complementary bottle of champagne. >> i didn't like some of those questions. tee14 you set me up with your package now you hit me with those questions. >> okay this is a family showed up left. >> we are glad you are here. we are getting ready for the ball to drop to say hello to 2018. coming from time square and miami and nashville for the all-american new year. >> you better believe it.
8:44 pm
8:45 pm
8:46 pm
8:47 pm
>> welcome back to fox news channel we are having a great time here in time square i am jesse watters here with kennedy minutes away from 2018. >> that glorious beautiful 12000-pound crystal ball drop. this night is shaping up to be legendary. >> legendary i can tell you. >> fox news reporter. in miami beach. >> it is getting hot in here. look at the party and the people having an amazing time having an unbelievable
8:48 pm
experience with a special treat for you right now the ladies of the hour grammy award-winning djs ladies and who doesn't love a pool party in miami? so when do you sleep? so what made you come to miami? you could have went anywhere. >> so with airplanes and buses. >> like i know exactly what you mean. why did you decide to come to miami?
8:49 pm
>> and then to celebrate new year's eve. >> there is always sexy somewhere. >> i would say most viewers don't know a lot about being a dj so what would you say. >> and happy new year. it is so popular it is unbelievable. mary, do you have new year's resolutions?
8:50 pm
>> it is very peaceful here tonight. actually one of the coolest things we have going. $50000. over here. happy new year. check out the pool. it is incredible. the energy is unreal. it is really cold in new york city but not the case here. it is 70 degrees everybody is having an incredible time. now back to you in new york. >> looking good. >> all of those glowing orbs in the pool.
8:51 pm
i'm not talking about the women. >> i would never go there. so mayor diblasio kicked me out of the tent. i tried to get in and security escorted me out. and now i just saw him leave with bernie sanders. >> a big socialist knitting party? [laughter] it is so cold out here. >> that is very similar. >> just trying to be vigilant. and those that want the patdown.
8:52 pm
>> and with stop and frisk? it is almost a record low temperature here. that now eight minutes until the ball drops and it will be absolute mayhem. so stay with us. this is platinum recording artist. several singles going platinum so now let's watch him.
8:53 pm
8:54 pm
8:55 pm
>> happy new year everybody.
8:56 pm
8:57 pm
8:58 pm
♪ no need for greed or hunger ♪ or brotherhood of man ♪ imagine all the people ♪ sharing all the world ♪ you may say i'm a dreamer ♪ but i'm not the only one ♪ no ... ♪ i hope some day you will join us and the world will be as one ♪ happy new year! happen i new year to you, i love you all!
8:59 pm
jesse: kennedy, we are just about a minute out to midnight. how are you feeling? kennedy: i feel fantastic. you tuned in at the perfect time. we are counting down the seconds until 2018. jesse: you have the mayor bill deblasio on stage. a minute until 2018. kennedy: the calendar is about to flip, jesse watters. i think 2018 will be legendary. it's a big election year. if hillary clinton is going to run it will be a gift to everyone. jesse: about 30 seconds left. here we go. kennedy: you have 25 seconds left. go grab a sailor. jesse: grab a warm body pap grab whatever is close by.
9:00 pm
kennedy: pucker up. jesse: ready? 10 will be 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! wha1! woohoo! happy new year! kennedy: we made it to 2018. [♪]
9:01 pm
[♪] ♪ start spreading the news ♪ i'm leaving today ♪ i want to be a part of it new york new york ♪ ♪ these havin. right through the very heart of it, new york new york ♪ ♪ i want to wake up in the city that doesn't sleep ♪ ♪ and find i'm king of the hill, top of the heap ♪ ♪ these little town blues ♪ are melting away
9:02 pm
♪ i will make a brand-new start of it in old new york ♪ ♪ if i can make it there ♪ i'll make it anywhere ♪ it's up to you new york new york ♪ ♪ new york new york ♪ i want to wake up in a city that never sleeps ♪ ♪ and find i'm a number one, top of the list, king of the hill, a
9:03 pm
number 1. these little town blues ♪ ♪ are melting away ♪ i'm gonna make a brand-new start of it in old new york ♪ ♪ and if i can make it there ♪ i'm gonna make it anywhere ♪ it's up to you new york new york ♪
9:04 pm
♪ new york
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9:08 pm
jesse: happy new year, america! 2018 how does it feel, kennedy? kennedy: there is something about overcoming fear in the elements. people from different walks of life celebrating with total optimism. i for one am very hopeful and am so glad i get to flip the
9:09 pm
calendar with you. jesse: you see people helping each other off the grounds. kissing and hugging and taking pictures with each other. for all the drama this country has been through in 2017, hopefully this is a harbinger of things to come in 2018. kennedy: it shows you people are very united when a party is involved kat timpf and richard fowler are in times square. >> reporter: it was quite a way to bring in the new year >> people have been out here for 12 hours, they see me shivering and they offer me their hands warmers. >> that's what makes this country so great. there is no better place to spend new year's eve. >> i think i'll tried to order
9:10 pm
delivery food only twice a day, even on weekends. and to not talk about dying so much. and to eat candy for breakfast no more than three times a week >> all of those. and i will run a little bit more and get a little bit more fit and spend more time with my family. 2018 you will make your dream come true kat: i'm never going to run unless it's for president. kennedy, what's your resolutions up there? jesse: i think you just summed up the american spirit. americans are crazy, but we are nice. kennedy: no better place to show that off than new york city. kennedy: kat is saying she is
9:11 pm
not going to eat candy for than three times a week for breakfast. y girls are watching, they are wondering if kat can come over. jesse: richard looks great. i'm not a resolution guy. i'm not going to try to pretend i don't do resolutions. every time i do i break it so i'll keep doing what i'm doing and hope it works out. a lovely carley shimkus as kind as she is beautiful surveying the scene. hey, carley. >> happy new year. can i feel it at home? i hope you aren't missing out on this. everybody say happy new year!
9:12 pm
do you want to say anything to people at home? what's your new year's resolution? you are looking at 1,200 really happy people right here. over there we have the group we talked to before. they are having a blast providing the entertainment. this is an amazing experience. that guy in a mask is having a fantastic time. happy new year, everybody. i didn't hear what he said. happy new year. let me see if i can talk to a few more people here. can you keep me some of your
9:13 pm
dance moves? he's having a great time. who is this lovely lady right here? what's your name? where are you from? >> from spain reporter: what made you want to come to miami for new years. >> i'm working, i'm a flight attendant. we are having an amazing time here. happy new year, everybody. kennedy: i'm surprised. they are having so much fun they almost lost their minds in celebration. jesse: i don't think anybody could hear carley the music was so loud. i'm jealous i'm not down there
9:14 pm
with her. kennedy: everyone at that party is definitely engaged, and the cops are engaged in times a square, jesse. jesse: yes, they are. brian llenas is here. we have seen the police officers and everybody here enjoying the time. they have been out here for 12 hours. look over there. you see the people with the confetti. now it's everybody's happy new year guys. they have been hugging each other. a lot of their families are here which is a nice perk for these cops that have been out here all day long to keep us safe. now the exit happens where everybody comes out from the side streets. but people are going to linker. that's what you do.
9:15 pm
you linger because it's such a great atmosphere. and the confetti came down, the light came down. it was an incredible experience to be here with the fireworks. i was thinking, the people who were here for 14 hours. it's something everybody should do once in their life, i think. it's really cold, right? how long were you out here? >> 12 hours. reporter: you are not even wearing anything. >> we are freezing. happy new year. take care of yourselves. everybody is hopefully going to get on their way to getting home. but the job only begins now for sanitation. there are 5 million pieces of
9:16 pm
confetti on the ground. that will get cleaned up. they will clean that up and open up the streets. an incredible experience. everybody starting to come together the last 10 minutes. police officers and ems and everybody together. we spoke to the commissioner and he said everything was put in place and it was successful. and he was right. i want to say happy new year to all of you guys over there. jesse and kennedy. it was a pleasure being out here with all of you guys. i'll see you back in the office. i want to get my own office one day. if i do, maybe i will get an
9:17 pm
office. jesse: if anybody is getting their own office it will be me. i think everybody knows that. kennedy: brianbrian brian, great reporting. let's go back to election ed henry and superman dean cain. they are literally frozen solid. >> i'm about to freeze to death. kennedy: we don't judge. ed: what happened to lisa boothe? she looks different. so, there you go. what the heck. he's a movie star. we almost didn't get dean to
9:18 pm
sign up for this. kennedy: we could on get green m & ms and they all say dean. er i talked to after, they said you are hosting new years eve with jesse watters and superman. jesse: i wish superman had some special powers to warp this place up. kennedy: you have x-ray vision, can't you set something on fire? ed: if you stand up you will realize your legs are actually frozen. kennedy: one of mine broke off after. ed: we are about to go back to the hotel and swaddle him.
9:19 pm
jesse: why isn't ed henry wearing gloves? kennedy: he was wearing mittens all night. jesse: you are bare knuckles now. ed: i demand a safe space. i will not do this again. jesse: she is putting warm clothes on and henry is taking them off. i don't get it. ed: we resolve to be on your show at least every other week. we love "watters world" a lot. there it is. happy new year, you guys.
9:20 pm
kennedy: it's officially 2018. we just witnessed one of the most of beautiful new year's celebrations we have ever seen in times square. we are not done yet. the celebration is still in full swing. jesse: we have more ahead for you guys, so stay right here.
9:21 pm
9:22 pm
9:23 pm
kennedy: it's 2018. i hope you are having as much fun as we are. it's a new year. that means new resolutions. jesse, you and i don't believe in resolutions. i don't like making a list of things that are essentially future failures. jesse: there was a bunch of crazy fireworks that went off. you are saying they do a midnight run in central park. kennedy: it's a bunch of people getting together who love fitness. kennedy: i hope they have irish coffee in them. jesse: are you doing anything? kennedy: i have a triathlon coming up in march. it's a swim, bike, run.
9:24 pm
it's 1 -- a mile swim, a 24 mile bike and a mile swim. it will be in hawaii in conia. you have to pick races in beautiful places. it's extra motivation. i'm trying to beat -- i'm trying to do it in under 2 hours 50 minutes. i did it in 3:03. i'm hoping i can whittle my time down slowly. jesse: i'm trying to whittle my waistline down and i'm not running anything. i'm feeling very weak compared to you. you are running marathons and i am running to mcdonald's. nashville, it hasn't hit
9:25 pm
midnight. kennedy: griff is at the legendary wild horse saloon. what's going on there, my friends? >> you know, they are fired up. it's 2017, there is a half-hour left. are you ready for the new year? they are fired up. i'm on stage with the premiere bands. you want to say happy new year to anybody out there? >> happy new year to my beautiful wife and my friends and family and everybody in the whole world. reporter: jess he, i should probably make up a new year's resolution. but he decided i should learn to sing. what are we going to do? >> country roads. >> you may have heard this song. i'm not sure you should try
9:26 pm
this. but i promised i would do it in 2018. who wants to sing country roads. here we go. country roads take me home to the place i belong ♪ west virginia ♪ mountain mama ♪ take me home country roads >> how did i do? it could be a new career. how did i do? >> i'm from west virginia reporter: happy new year. how did i do? all right? what's your name? >> teresa reporter: who would you like to say happy new year to?
9:27 pm
>> my mom and dad back in ohio. reporter: do you have a new year's resolution? too working out, keeping fit. [♪] ♪ west virginia, mountain mama ♪ take me home country roads ♪ all my memories gather round her ♪ jesse: that's griff jenkins, everybody. some have tweeting about the new year. this is from jessica simpson. thank you 2017 for the beautiful family time.
9:28 pm
self discovery and perseverance. 2018 means business, my friends. here we go. i like that from he will stop john who tweeted, ready for 2018? whatever you have planned have a safe and fun new year's eve. kennedy: larry the cable guy got er done on twitter. should have been hashtag fox news 2018.
9:29 pm
jesse: paris hilton, tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book. pretty impressive for paris. president trump tweeting this. as our country rapidly grows strong and smarter i want to require all my friends, supporters, enemies, heart is, and even the very dishonest fake news media a happy and healthy new year. 2018 will be a great year for america. kennedy: tonight's menu at mar-a-lago. a trump iceberg wedge salad. jesse: what's the difference between a trump iceberg web
9:30 pm
salad and a regular one? kennedy: it's bigly. then maine lobster ravioli. and the entry, sliced tenderloin and sea bass. dessert is baked alaska willisa murkowski will be if she doesn't vote for infrastructure. the new year just getting started here in times square and we are not done, not for a moment. so stay with us. jesse: we'll be right back. >> happy new year, everybody.
9:31 pm
2018 will and fantastic year, partly because you guys will be watching. we thank you and appreciate you. 2018 will be amazing because we'll learn more about the goodness of america, expose the corruption and have a great time doing it. enjoy the new year, be healthy, happy and counted your blessings.
9:32 pm
kennedy: . country music star lauren elena gave an amazing performance earlier tonight. should we take a look?
9:33 pm
9:34 pm
9:35 pm
9:36 pm
>> how you doing tonight? this has bent best year my life. i got my first two number one songs. if you want to sing it with me. [♪]
9:37 pm
9:38 pm
9:39 pm
9:40 pm
>> we are going to do one more for you all tonight. do we have any katy perry fans in the crowd? [♪]
9:41 pm
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9:44 pm
kennedy: i thought it was katy perry. 2018 is just getting started for us on the east coast. of course, we are not done yet. jesse: we'll take you back to nashville. we are 15 minutes away from midnight. stay with us. steve: good evening from los angeles. i don't want a new year's resolution, i want a new year's revolution. happy new year, everybody.
9:45 pm
jesse: how does this sound
9:46 pm
rolling off your tongue it's 2018. kennedy: we are almost 20 years into this new millennial. remember y2k? jesse: i had the money stuffed under my mattress. and i didn't need to. kennedy: is it still there? jesse: i'm not going to tell you. griff jenkins is down there in nashville. their countdown is coming up soon. but candy grammer has been setting the world on fire with huge platinum hits. this is from him earlier. [♪]
9:47 pm
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9:49 pm
9:50 pm
>> how are you? this one is about the new year coming. it's called "good to be alive." i have a feeling 2018 will be everyone's year. [♪]
9:51 pm
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9:53 pm
kennedy: very good to be alive. so refreshing here in times square. jesse and i will be right back with griff jenkins from nashville. stay with us.
9:54 pm
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9:56 pm
jesse: happy 2018 for everybody on east coast time. but in nashville they are just a few minutes away. and we have griff jenkins at the wild horse saloon. griff, what have you got? reporter: i'm about to ring in the new year.
9:57 pm
my friends here were chanting u.s.a.! are you ready to ring in the new year? all right. they have been rocking the stage here. we are going to ring it in. it's become a tradition in nashville for fox news to bring it in just a few minutes early. are you ready? prepare the cannons. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! now we have 2018.
9:58 pm
oh, yes! where are you guys from? >> we are visiting from chicago, illinois. reporter: do you want to say happy new year to anybody? >> i want to say happy new year to my family in chicago, illinois. it's probably cold outside. >> i want to say happy new year's to my mom and sister. reporter: jesse, kennedy, this is how nashville does it. one more time. happy new year. everybody hug somebody, kiss somebody. that's how they do it here. thank you, you guys from nashville. take it away, guys. jesse: a lot of warm and great americans out there. you look good.
9:59 pm
we were doing so well. i'm glad you brought it home in style. pretty in pink. that's what we call you. speak of, i had a great time. we survived. i am never going to forget this. you don't even if need to do the triathlon. if you can get through tonight, the triathlon will be a walk in the park. kennedy: if you can overcome the elements on nights like this. we are the last team standing, we are the last broadcast team. jesse: no one is here. they are cleaning up 40 tons of garbage on the street. kennedy: that's it for us from times square. i hope you had a wonderful new
10:00 pm
years. jesse: happy 2018, everybody. we love you all. happy new year. >> year fresh start. 2017 was a big year for the five. five. jesse: richard wants to know, ways your story of the year? greg: initially i was going to say moving to


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