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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 26, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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years ago today. we should have barrel of bourbon between here and the newsroom. that's incentivizing. employee morale. have a great afternoon. here's cavuto. >> neil: all right. we're just getting word from the dow jones, the "wall street journal," that a big deal is in the works involving aetna. show shares were jumping 12% today. now we know why on word that cvs is in talks to buy the company outright. aetna shares were up on anticipation of some deal. when we get more, we'll let you know. again, more transactions to report. more mergers to report. more frenetic activity to report. one of the reasons why the dow was advancing today. that also had is something to do with tax cuts and the closer we get, the better stocks look. that was sealed with a development on capitol hill
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involving a certain budget. by the narrowest of votes and despite a lot of infighting that speaker ryan was allowing to. let's listen to speaker ryan earlier today. >> if we're calling each other names or calling each other out or saying things against each other, what does that do to help a working mom get ahead? what does that do to advance tax reform which will give us bigger paychecks? nothing. >> neil: he's right about that. the fighting not withstanding and all the little tussles back and forth, the fact of the matter is, despite that, it was close but in the end, the house did approve the senate budget. but i do emphasize close by a vote of 2016 to 212. we could see that there were 20 republicans that weren't keen on that. most of them were from the high tax states, very concerned that if they have not settled this issue of deductions and whether deductions would be allowed for state and local taxes, a big
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issue for them, then they wouldn't be all over this attempt. we'll explore that more and we're all over it with marco rubio. the rnc head, ronna mcdaniel and chris coonce. we have peter doocy right now. they got it done, right? >> they did. it was very close, neil. however, it was a runway for the tax reform bill, according to ways and means committee chairman kevin brady who is writing the tax bill. he says when that hits the house floor, the vote won't be that close. in the senate capitol, bob corker who would not vote for president trump again if he had the chance, will vote for tax reform. >> it would be like somebody in you're listening audience representing their company, sitting there across the table
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from someone that they may have a low regard for, but are they going to do something to damage company because of that? absolutely not. this can be great for our nation. i'm all in. >> at the white house, president trump has been daring democrats to vote against the tax bill that would mean cuts for most. saying he will campaign against red state democrats that go against the tax bill. but because republicans still have not released specifics of the plan, democratic leaders are taking the first shot saying people are going to lose more than they gain. >> the moment of definition. we will not allow them to misrepresent the facts on this tax bill to the american people. heart breaking because we could have done something in a bipartisan way that would be sustainable. >> for weeks republicans have been saying you have to pass
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this budget to get to tax reform. even if you don't like it. 20 republicans just could not stomach it. they voted against it anyway. 11 of the 20 were from new york and new jersey. those are states with very high state and local taxes. the lawmakers say that they want to make sure deductions for those high taxes, state and local, stay in place. otherwise they may bail again. neil? >> neil: thanks, peter. so where to from here? they are going to meet and hammer out a tax cut accord. but those efforts are a little bit bumpy. we're told, for example, that just trying to come to agreement on those write-offs for your state and local taxes as well as protecting the integrity of 401(k) contributions, that they were trying to find some compromises on them and came up short. the washington examiner's susan is here with us.
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if you had to gauge it, sounds like a lot of republicans would still support a tax cut. the question is, how many do so. what do you think? >> depends what the loop hole closures are. one person's loop hole closure is another lawmakers very important tax exemption. so i think that you will get a lot of republicans on board. but the question is will they get enough to pass it, particularly in the senate. it all boils down to the deductions. if each lawmaker examines the deduction and one determines that their constituents will lose out, you have a problem. we're looking at the state and local tax deductions, whether or not that will negatively impact constituents in certain statements, certain districts and then you have the debate over the 401(k) deductions. i talked to lawmakers that told me that republicans, that you would think would vote for the tax bill no matter what says don't touch the 401(k). they don't even want to go there. the problem republicans have, yes, we love to lower taxes for
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everybody but they have to find offsets. offsets are the way to pay for them so you don't blow a big hole in the deficit. they don't have a solution yet. we'll see the legislation next week. as we speak, they're meeting in the capitol and they're trying to hash out a way to actually close some loop holes, pay for it without losing republican support. that's where they are. >> neil: an uphill battle to put it mildly. thanks, susan. we're finding out more about the cvs deal in talks to buy aetna. it would give aetna a market value of $53 billion. the two have been kicking each others tires. whether or not this has anything to do with a republican revamp and the fees we pay to these guys through tax dollars, anyone's guess. what we know is that deals are popping. this one is big. i mean big. now to the senate and what they do with what they're left with. a battle royale over what is in
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and what is out with florida republican senator marco rubio over what he thinks will be the ultimate winner.
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>> neil: all right. amazon is in with earnings and sales after bell to handily beat estimates. that stock already touching near $1,000 a share. soaring an additional $60 in after-hour trading. that could be volatile and a passi passing phenomenon. back to the budget issue. the house voting on the senate measure. 20 republicans voting against it. what a lot have problems with is the plan to wipe out local and state tax deductions that doesn't fly from those that come from high tax states. i raise that issue with marco rubio just a short time ago. >> is it your sense that that provision will be in the final tax package, should it be?
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what do you think? >> that's what they're going to work through on the committees. it's not a reason to vote against the budget. the budget is a vehicle being used for tax reform. that might be a reason for them to come out against tax reform or change the details, but shouldn't be a reason to vote against the budget. so again, that's one -- there's real committee hearings here in front of the public and debate and votes. we're going to get to a place we need to get to. we need to get it done. there's no alternative. you can't let the enemy be the perfe perfect -- be the enemy of good here. >> neil: you had this idea to significantly up the child tax credit from $500 to $2,000. but what struck me with that, and maybe i misread it, senator, would that apply to families as well who don't pay any federal taxes at this point? federal income taxes. >> i want it to apply towards
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payroll tax. the family is the most important institution in society. parent is the most important job any of us will do. something that mike lee talks about, there's a parent penalty. so all of us, when we retire, we want social security and medicare. who pays for that? today's workers pay for today's retirees. if i have four children and someone has no children and we both retire, i just spent basically $250,000 per child to race four taxpayers that will pay for your retirement and you have no children. the tax code should account for that. the $2,000 doesn't come close to making up for the gap but it accounts for the increase and is a way to help families move ahead. by the way, if we don't do the child tax credit and we don't make it refundable, you'll see middle class families get tax increases and the president won't seen that. people won't support a middle class tax increase.
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it won't pass. >> neil: you think it opens up with the best intention but a slippery slope where we give tax breaks to those that don't necessarily -- you're right. they pay fica and related taxes but not federal income taxes. so we're in a battle to provide benefits to those that are not kicking in for federal income tax? >> when you work, they take that money out. it doesn't matter if it's income or fica, it's less money. it's a tax. just in a different bucket. number 2, hopefully, the growth in the economy, the other part, the big part of the tax reform will move people into income brackets over time that they'll be making more and they will be. not because the rates are higher but they'll be in the brackets paying income tax. that's the second part. the third part, you don't get it unless you're working. you have to work. it's a pro work endeavor here. it certainly is -- it's better for families and our country
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than stay home and be eligible to collect government benefits in an amount or greater than the credit. >> neil: if it wasn't include, would you vote for it? >> the president wouldn't sign it. it's a nonstarter. we have to do it. we will do it. >> neil: because it's not in there now. >> it's in the frame work. there's no bill because the details will get worked on now. >> neil: so next week when we get the details, it will be in that? >> it will be there or in the end. it will be there. the president will not sign it. the president is not going to sign a tax increase especially on working families. that i'm confident. >> neil: how is your relationship with the president? the reason i asked, you asked about the dust-ups with senators flake and corker. you said, i believe yesterday, the republican party is going through a moment of re-alignment internally. ininternal debate about what the party will be about and
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represent in the years to come. are you saying those senators are the old party and donald trump is the new? what are you saying? >> no. i'm saying that's what everyone is going through. the rest of that statement so are the democratic party. so is the media and academia and every institution in our society. the world has changed. the economy has changed. it's challenged all of us to reexamine what the role of our institutions are -- >> neil: but some don't like the change in that direction. the president is debasing the party and the nation. do you agree? >> well, everyone will express themselves. jeff flake is a friend of mine. someone i admire. we agree on a lot of things. we disagree on a few. that's the way it is. you asked about my relationship. it's straightforward. if i agree with him, i'm going to support him. if i disagree with him, i'm going to try to change his mind. he was elected president. i'm going to work with him for the good of our country.
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i focus my time on helping the people watching this, not the people covering this. for many, the sort of daily back and forth is interesting. everyone has a right to do it. some of it is valid stuff being talked about. i choose to spend the majority of my time getting tax reform done and the v.a. reforms and strengthening our military and helping pediatric cancer issues and helping florida from recover. >> neil: so you think the tit for tat on the president's part is counter productive. >> it waste as lot of times on things that are not relevant. that's what i believe. everybody will do what they do. i can't control what other people do. i can control what i do. i try to focus on what people have sent me up here to do. that is make the country and their lives better. >> neil: senator, there's a lot of back and forth on the legitimacy of this growing scandal around hillary clinton and barack obama regarding the so-called uranium one.
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whether the russians were able to curry favor were the bomb administration and more in the roll of hillary clinton at secretary of state benefitted the clinton foundation. do you think she had to have been aware of a lot of these details she says she was unaware of? >> i don't know. that's why i think it's probably within the scope of mueller's special prosecutor investigat n investigation. i believe that's within their scope. should be investigated. >> neil: do you think he will? >> i don't know. if he doesn't look at it, he bet very a good reason why. they're called independent for a reason. they don't coordinate with us. i believe it should be. it's a legitimate issue. i suffice it to say if that were us or about the trump administration, there would be a lot of coverage on it right now on some of the other networks. just seeing it as i see it there. >> quickly, sir. a number of democrats have said there's no equating the largest
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charges with donald trump jr. meeting with russians for a meal and discussing dirt on his opponent. republicans argue that's essentially what is arguing here. you remember thoughts. >> i don't know who said that. i don't know. a deal to purchase radioactive material in exchange for cash and other things is a little more relevant in my view. doesn't make anything else irrelevant. it's a big deal. certainly more important than opposition research in a campaign in my view. >> neil: senator this tax package, the time line seems that the house voted on the senate budget, that saved some days to get in done. are you confident this will get done by the end of the year? >> i am. it's not going to be easy. it shouldn't be easy. tax reform is big and important and should be hard and should be debated and should be well understood. we don't want any unintended consequences. i'm confident we can get it
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done. like what it would mean to our economy? why are we here? why would you elect people to the house and the senate and the white house that support tax reform and can't do tax reform? i think people have a reason to ask, what is the point? i can't imagine not doing it. it would hurt our economy and confidence. i think it would be devastating politically as well. i imagine most people around here understand that, too. >> neil: in the end, the two things kicked around like the deduction for state local taxes, the deductions for 401(k) contributions, are you opposed to both? >> somebody is out there talking about what are the options. what are the things you can go after and they start floating these to see what the reaction is. in the end, i want tax reform passed. to do that we have to make difficult and unpopular decisions. the president says he doesn't want the 401(k) thing. maybe the house will produce something with it in there. in the end, that will be debated through. there's going to be things in there that people don't like. i don't think it will be the 401(k) provision.
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that's what the debate will be about. in the end, not doing anything is not an option. so there's no way this tax bill will have everything i want. it's not. the question is does it make things better or make things worse? if it makes things better. i'm for it. >> neil: and now from the other said, chris coons will be joining me. i want to update you on the blitzkrieg of earnings coming out. microsoft beating expectations. google's shares are up sharply. the winner of the day easily appears to be amazon. i think they were looking for 3 to 4 cents a share. turned out to be north of 50 cents a share that blew everyone's most bullish estimates away. that stock up 60 bucks a share. so it goes. more after this. (avo) when you have type 2 diabetes, you manage your a1c, but you also have a higher risk of heart attack or stroke. non-insulin victoza® lowers a1c,
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>> neil: all right. no democrat voted for this budget in the house today. what happens now in the senate with chris coons, the democratic delaware senator, also served on senate judiciary committee. thanks for being here. >> thanks, neil. >> neil: as you see things now, how would you vote? >> as i see things now, how would i vote on what? >> the tax frame work that -- you're right. we won't know the details until next week. many in your party say it's tilted to the rich. what do you say? >> it's about nine pages but it's not a bill. it's not been analyzed or scored. to the extent that it follows the broad frame work and cuts $470 billion out of medicare and
1:25 pm
a trillion out of over ten years, i oppose that. there are things that we could and should be doing on a bipartisan basis. neil, i introduced a bill where my lead legislative partner is ted poe. one of the most conservative house members from houston, texas. my partner here in the senate is jerry moran from kansas, a bill that would help energy production in the united states that is good for oil and gas and pipelines and for renewables. i would have other bipartisan proposals that would help strength in manufacturing. there's things that we can do in tax reform that would make it get bipartisan support. so far, it's been written by one party and it would be hard to succeed. >> neil: one of the arguments republicans have been raising is maybe if they make -- and we'll
1:26 pm
know details next week -- is offering an additional bracket for the very rich, that their taxes will stay the same and maybe go higher and that might win over democratic votes. would it? >> making the tax system more progressive, but simpler and fairer and making it a tax frame work that encourages investment and job-creating activity like infrastructure and photograph -- infrastructure, that would move in the right direction. >> neil: what about 401(k) contributions, where do you stand? >> i'm from the state of delaware. we have relatively low property taxes compared to our surrounding states but relatively high compared to the rest of the country. about a third of all delawareans take advantage of the deductions. it would mean a significant tax increase for a number of
1:27 pm
delawareans and delaware families if we got rid of state and local. we'll see it's unpopular in the house. in a broader range of districts that might have been expected. the 401(k), we have a retirement savings crisis currently and growing in the years ahead. my very first job here in senate as an internal is for bill roth, republican, former senator from delaware. author of the roth ira. he saw saving for retirement is one of the biggest challenges for america. we'll see limiting the 401(k) deduction is something that will face a lot of resistance. that's why it's hard to put together a tax reform package. there's no unguarded money here in washington. i think we're going to find it controversial if in looking for revenue the tax package, once it comes out next week, includes cuts to either state and local deduction or the 401(k). >> neil: yeah, you reminded me of senator roth.
1:28 pm
remember they went back and forth on whose name should go back and forth. >> exactly. >> neil: thanks, senator. >> thank you. >> neil: a lot of those secret j.f.k. assassination files will be released, maybe all of them. we have more on why it's important next. looking from a fresh perspective can make all the difference. it can provide what we call an unlock: a realization that often reveals a better path forward. at wells fargo, it's our expertise in finding this kind of insight that has lead us to become one of the largest investment and wealth management firms in the country. discover how we can help find your unlock. this is not a cloud. this is a tomato tracked from farm to table on a blockchain, helping keep shoppers safe. this is a financial transaction secure from hacks and threats others can't see.
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ask your doctor about xeljanz xr. an "unjection™". >> neil: all right. it's been more than half a century. but today, it's not official, the remaining officials of the assassination of john f. kennedy being released. casey stegall is where it all went down 53 years ago. sir? >> neil, we've been here since very early this morning. there is quite a buzz in the air out here. hundreds of thousands of people stopped by this spot every year to see the grassy knoll where we're standing, the road back here, which is the motorcade route and the orange building in the back ground, the old texas book repository where the fatal shot came from. again, that depends on what you talk to. one man says that he hopes the
1:33 pm
newly-released materials provide additional evidence that lee harvey oswald did not act alone, substantiating the conspiracy theories. another woman said visits the spot where history changed forever has long been on her bucket list and the teaming could not be more perfect. >> my whole lie, i wanted to come here. abbey road, coming here today is just amazing. the biggest thing that could happen to us here. >> a lot of people have been confused, asking us if the documents will be released at this location. it's not. it's being down through the national archives, over 3,800 documents in total expect to be released at some point today. it could shed some new light or provide us with some additional evidence in terms of the investigation on what went down
1:34 pm
right here on that cold november day in 1963. neil? >> neil: thanks, casey. and now to larry sabado, who has looked at an examined the kennedy years in great detail. larry, do you think we'll learn anything new? >> i'm hoping we will. i think we'll learn nuggets and details, neil. if anybody is expecting a document that reads the following were participants in the j.f.k. assassination conspiracy, they'll be disappointed. if there were documents from intelligence agencies indicating that this group or that group or that individual had a role in this, it could easily have been destroyed a long time ago or not turned over to the review board that was established by the same 1992 law that we are
1:35 pm
experiencing we hope today. we're still waiting for the documents. they have until 12: -- 11:59. >> neil: time is a wasting. a lot of people still cannot fathom after 54 years could take down the most powerful man on the planet and change modern history. because of that, we assign other groups, not minimizing the distinct possibility of that. now focusing on what lee harvey oswald was doing in mexico city the weeks before, who he was talking to, whether he could have had financial or other help. your thoughts. >> look, i think all of us have had a hard time believing that lee harvey oswald did it. pardon the expression, he's an insignificant nothing. he was a sociopath. he had loads of personal problems. you know, sometimes in history, neil, things line up just
1:36 pm
perfectly and the least significant person can eliminate the most significant person. >> neil: absolutely. >> this may be one of those times. i don't know. i'm not prejudging it. i'm open to a lot of different possibilities at least that lee harvey oswald maybe told some people in advance. perhaps in mexico city, about what he was going to do or that he was assisted by somebody. i don't think there was another shooter in the plaza. but there are millions of people that believe otherwise. >> neil: absolutely. you've been to deely plaza. i'm amazed how perfect it looks today like it did back then. the school book depository, is now a museum. but you realize the president's motorcade was almost done. he was going to speak to
1:37 pm
business leaders. and it really is a sight that sets you back, you know? >> it does. very much so. dallas has work hard to preserve that area. at one point, they wanted to take door the school book depository building. 200,000 people showed up to cheer j.f.k. one or if you prefer a few people showed up with murder on their mind. look, this is something everyone should go to see. that museum that you mentioned, they do a wonderful job there i urge everybody to go to it. >> neil: yeah, i fully agree. we'll watch very closely when the documents are released. it doesn't change what happened on that tragic day. as the good professor pointed out, it will be interesting to read and study nonetheless. new documents related to the anti-trump dossier paid for in
1:38 pm
part by the clinton campaign. that's heading to the house committee next week. the guy that heads up that committee next. liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance.
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>> neil: we're hearing that speaker paul ryan is saying that the fbi will be handing the dossier related documents to the house intelligence committee. we have with us devin nunes. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> neil: that stuff is important to have. >> yeah. we've been asking for it since march. it's a little late. better late than never. we're going to go through it next week, find out what we need to know. the main point is whether or not the trump dossier that was paid for by the democratic party and the hillary clinton campaign, if that was used as a basis for any of these investigations. if it was, there's going to be a
1:42 pm
major problem. >> neil: i'm glad you said this is something you've been looking for for a number of months, february and march. a lot of people think this is new-found when it's not the case. a lot of people are beginning to wonder, what the republicans were doing either in this case, in the donald trump case. obviously whether they had an agenda to elect one over the other, they wanted to screw up the election or get nitty gritty in it. >> none of that is new. what has allowed them to be successful in this sabotage of an election, they're trying to change public opinion. what has happened here with all of this commotion and all of the nonsense that was put out, don't you think it would have been important for the congress to know back in january when we were first briefed on this trump dossier, that it was paid for by the opposition party? so the people that made the russians successful are the democrats. the people that have continued
1:43 pm
this nonsense over and over again, looking for russians behind every tree, looking -- we continue to chase ghosts around this place. and i say this as the guy who warned the obama administration and/or intelligence agencies in april, march, april of 2016, i was the one that said this was the biggest intelligence failure since 9/11. so i take the russian threat very seriously. but doing what they have done here be creating this chaos and using this trump dossier, briefing it to congress as if it was something that real that we had to chase around for months and we still have no evidence of trump collusion with the russians. but it does appear like, if you take the trump dossier at face value, that christopher steele was getting -- this is the mi6 agent, he was getting that information from russian sources. >> neil: let's get back to
1:44 pm
another issue i wanted to clarify. maybe it's too soon. so i understand. that -- did the russians have a vested interest in one or the other candidate win something. >> according to our intelligence agencies that produced a report in january? yes. now that said, they did that report in four weeks. okay? this was before congress even had this dossier. did they use the trump dossier in that report? we think so. but also keep in mind since march, we've been conducting this investigation, we asked the question, who paid for this dossier? who paid for it? >> neil: that's something to find out. but your ranking member, adam schiff has said this uranium one problem is a distraction. he said it's being pushed by the white house and breitbart.
1:45 pm
what do you say? >> we've been working with this informant. he wanted to come forward. he had interesting information, most importantly there was an open fib investigation dating back to as early as 2010. it was the same time frame that republicans in congress were opposed to selling uranium one to a known russian company. so i'd say to anybody questioning this, this is in fact our job in the legislative branch. if -- how is it that our government could approve a sale of 20% of our uranium at the same time there was an open investigation? it raise as lot of questions. >> neil: do we have proof even at this stage, chairman, that that deal to get that uranium translated later on and the folks behind it getting money to the clinton foundation? >> no idea at this point. no idea. we don't even know yet at this point whether or not there was an open fbi investigation.
1:46 pm
we have people that say there was. we haven't had a denial for d.o.j. or the fbi. the other question is, congress should have been briefed at the time on an ongoing investigation like, this especially something seriously the russians running bribery schemes. if this is true and congress wasn't briefed, this is another black eye for our intelligence agencies that looked like they had been weaponized by the democratic party. >> neil: we'll watch closely. chairman, thanks very much. >> thanks, neil. >> neil: the read from the rnc, ronna mcdaniel, next. where's gary? 'saved money on motorcycle insurance with geico. goin' up the country. later, gary' i have a motorcycle! wonderful. ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪
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>> neil: all right. i want to show you a quick fox poll that we have out now that might give you a close-up shot
1:50 pm
on where people's sentiment lies going for congress in their respective district. there's been a pickup in democratic support and a slight decline in republican support. that doesn't jive with money being raised where republicans are dwarfing republicans with money being raised. this young lady could have something to do with that. i'm talking about the republican national committee chairman, ronna mcdaniel. we called the head of the dnc and invited him to appear. so far we haven't been lucky. you never know. ronna, there's a bit of a split there. people that seem to think right now, well, i'm more inclined to vote democrat. when it's time to open up wallets, i'm more inclined to support republicans. what do you make of that? >> that poll is a generic poll. it's different district to district as you size up the candidates an their records.
1:51 pm
when it comes to rnc, we have raised the most money. we're capitalizing on the enthusiasm. >> neil: what did that? >> small donors. $200 and under and major investors are investing, too. we recognize with the past election, the important of being in states early, having to data, knowing who your likely voters are and what message you need to get to them. we're already in 18 states gearing up for 2018. we're investing the money we're raising into the ground. we're in an excellent position. >> neil: are you surprised democrats are having a devil of a time raising money or taking advantage of this? >> yeah. the dnc is still dealing with the division and the debacle of 2016 with bernie sanders recognizing that they had put their thumb on the scale for hillary clinton. they put the primaries in place and they put the debates in place to benefit one candidate. bernie sanders supporters have said no, hands off.
1:52 pm
we're not going to support the dnc. they have a trust issue. large investors are saying show your plan. they lost the four specials. the rnc is in a great place. the president is putting forth a great agenda. >> neil: and the tax cuts are everything. >> they are. >> neil: are you surprised it was as close as it was? >> no. i knew the freedom caucus wouldn't take it as so. >> neil: you think it could change how the senate republicans vote? you might lose a couple? >> we'll see. they're going to conference and hopefully with bipartisan support. we haven't had a tax cut for the middle class since reagan. it's time for washington to give money back to the hard working people. >> neil: the president has gone on record and had to dial it back when it comes to the deductions for continues to 401(k)s. he didn't think it was a good
1:53 pm
idea. kevin brady wanted to leave it out there. apparently they kicked this around today and decided to fight another day on this. we'll know next week when it's part of it or not. we know whether there's deduction for state and local deductions. you think it could cost the deal? >> we'll see what they come up with. they're being deliberate, taking the time to make sure that they can get the votes. we need tax cuts. it's something we ran on. our voters are depending on it. >> neil: if you don't, you think it's over? >> no. it's between us and the progressive agenda. >> neil: you think it's the nasty nast with the president and the senators will bite -- >> i don't. i think of the lakers. shaquille o'neal and kobe. they won their championships. their purpose united them. we're going to do that as a
1:54 pm
party. >> neil: what is your gut on mccain? >> i think so. i think they'll come together. this is a time for our party to show that we can lead and deliver for the american people that put us in the majority. >> neil: ronna, thanks very much. ronna mcdaniel, the rnc woman. the offer stands for her democratic counterpart. you never know. the "wall street journal" is reporting and we can confirm that cvs is kicking the tires of it aetna or could it be the other way around? so much going on. charlie gasparino on top of both after this. and i looked for bo. stop short. i don't see nothin' man. you don't see it, he feels it. you are my hammer out there. don't let these young guys see you fold. ♪ i'm only human, i make mistakes ♪ ♪ i'm only human, that's all it takes ♪ ♪ to put the blame on me i'm alive because of you. i'm not a hero. we're brothers, we look after each other.
1:55 pm
thank you for your service. rated r.
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1:57 pm
>> neil: this has to be one of the longest corporate merger teases. for the better part of the year, cbs and aetna and one other player will be looking at hooking up. "wall street journal" reporting those entities are considering just that. charlie gasparino on where this
1:58 pm
could be going. >> it could be signaling one of the biggest deals of the year. more than that, we should point out if you combine these companies, you are creating a health care company on par with apple in terms of revenue and what it does and how much money it generates. will be a huge deal. step back a little bit more. you walk into cvs. they have clinics. you get your prescriptions filled. you get your mouthwash and you can buy insurance there. think about that. this is one stop shopping in the health insurance business. one other thing, this is the political element. this deal would not have gotten done if the obama justice department were in power or if the hillary clinton justice department were in power. you will see other deals like this. mainly in telecom but maybe also health care. this is a factor of the trump justice department, antitrust division putting its mark on allowing more of these deals to go through. the obama, the clinton people,
1:59 pm
the left would say we think too much power in the hands of too few companies will ultimately lead to higher prices. it will gouge the consumer. free-market people might save some of these big companies are able to negotiate better pricing with hospitals. you can buy everything under one roof. there is a synergy that occurs. >> neil: wasn't that a concern with the president when it comes to health insurance? >> he mentioned he didn't like the fact that cnn with merge with at&t and create too much concentration under one roof. he's put in place people, bureaucrats in the justice department, fec which looks over telecom mergers. a very free-market that would allow something like this. if this happens, this is huge. i say "if" because these deals can fall apart. but they are talking. >> neil: thank you. charlie gasper in, fox business network.
2:00 pm
bottom line, we are going to be following this. we are going to be following the tax talks. they are having a devil of a time agreeing on how we need them. there is the issue of paying for it. we are all over it. >> kimberly: i'm kimberly guilfoyle with juan williams, jesse watters jesse watters, dana perino and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five" ." tonight democrats on the defensive as their own russian scandal widens. an fbi informant working undercover at the time of the controversial uranium one deal is now free to talk. the justice department's has lifted a gag order so we can tell his story to lawmakers who want to know more about the obama administration's uranium deal with moscow. and about the cash that flowed to the clinton foundation


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