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tv   Fox News Tonight  FOX News  October 20, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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the orleans arena. the special edition of "hannity." ♪ ♪ >> trish: good evening everyone, i am shannon bream. a president trump condolence call -- it isn't going away. the left even playing the race card on this issue. for details on the developing story, let's check in with ed henry. good evening, ed. >> shanna, great to see you. john kelly yesterday really tried to end this ugly back-and-forth with that emotional, relayed to remarkable defense of president trump and his phone call to the widow of a slain army soldier but in the
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last 24 hours, this has only gotten uglier with a democratic congress woman and others now injecting race into this controversy. today, sarah sanders at the white house podium declared to a reporter it was "highly inappropriate to challenge a four-star marine general like john kelly on this issue." he spent 18 minutes describing the heartbreaking procedure for notifying families that their loved ones had been killed in action, by bravely recounting how he found out how his own son lieutenant robert kelly had been killed in 2010. somehow that has led various people on the left to start attacking john kelly. in fact, a former aide to liberally to back hillary clinton -- brian fallon saying kelly is not as an enabler of trump, hugh the believer of him. that makes him as odious as the rest. don't be distracted by the uniform. then he retreated this from the
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liberal group planned parenthood. this is part of the pattern of the trump administration attacking and undermining black women. it's despicable. we stand with women back wilson and all black women. the congresswoman's going much further charging the white house itself is full of white supremacists adding that some people in the white house are racially biased by saying they are making themselves look like fools. they have no credibility. the congresswoman is also charging general kelly's use of a racist term "empty barrel" when she claimed she tried to hog the credit for an fbi building in her home state of florida. here's what general kelly said. >> the congresswoman stood up and in the long tradition of empty barrels making the most noise, stood up there and all of that and talked about how she was instrumental in getting the funding for that building. even for someone that empty
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barrel, we were stunned. >> after a video that 2015 speech emerged, wilson did not talk about the funding. the congresswoman made other comments that day, grandstanding about what she had accomplished. interesting how the congresswoman has spoken out and said the white house is monitoring her words so closely that she will have to tell her children she's a rock star. shannon. >> shannon: ed henry live rest tonight. we have heard general kelly called congresswoman wilson and empty barrel. apparently congresswoman wilson said that the racial term or has racial overtones. >> empty barrel, makes the most noise. he was using that -- like getting that you. basically -- >> that's a racist term too. we looked it up in the dictionary because i had never heard of an empty barrel.
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i don't like to be dragged into something like that. >> shannon: joining a snuffer reaction, the national director of the national diversity coalition for trump and a democratic strategist. welcome you both. i will start with you. have you heard that her before? i did a little digging. some credited plato or shakespeare but a lot of people feel like people go to race as the issue, do think it is an issue in this case? >> primarily with people of color as opposed to others, that being said, i don't know whether it is a racist term or not. it would be new in my vernacular but let's just say this, it was certainly an offensive term and one that had no real basis. even if you disagreed with congresswoman wilson, the name-calling coming out of the white house, empty barrel, wacky and what have you, it has no
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place in our dialogue about this. we have four dead soldiers and they are underneath all of this. and then you have the president and kelly and wilson going back and forth with the name-calling, the accusations, the lies. videos and what have you. we don't even know why our men were in niger and how they died, white two were left over. i think it's disgusting inside and i don't think the name-calling helps anything at all. the reality is this, this white house and kelly and trump, they drive this narrative. they love to fight and they are driving the narrative of name-calling it would have you to a sitting congresswoman. why is she an empty barrel? it's offensive because why she an empty barrel simply because they disagree with her? she happens to be african-american. you're going to take your cues from that or most people will.
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>> shannon: she said the white house is full of white supremacists. >> wow. it's so sad. thanks for having me. unfortunately i've been dealing with this race mess all the way since 2015. the democrat party is failing. they have no plan. their dnc is in shambles. $3.5 million in debt. every time they get pushed up against the wall, the only thing they can come up is race. the unfortunate part of it -- i was thinking about this empty barrel deal. my dad who is retired commander sergeant major, he made a comment to me one time in high school -- you ain't talking about nothing. you are an empty barrel. my dad is african-american, news flash. to drive it into something that's race, it's typical of the democrat party to come out with this narrative, to paint everyone that's a racist -- this is drama. i actually got to meet
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general kelly at the west wing. i got to talk to him. i told my dad, my uncle served in vietnam twice. my dad served twice in vietnam. my uncles all served. i grew up in fort hood and a military family. i've been to funerals where these soldiers are laid under flags. my dad's fallen comrades coming back to fort hood, going to a funeral at the little boy with the gun salutes and all the things, all the family crying because he had a friend that lost his life. let me tell you something, general kelly, what everyone did not talk about is he made reference that he went over to arlington national cemetery for reflection, he was so upset. this general has to send other soldiers over, make decisions that these soldiers died and his own son died. >> what does that have to do with the racism issue?
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>> it's offensive generally. i don't know about the empty barrel but it certainly an offensive term generally. >> know it is not, sir. >> you guys call the sky is falling racism. the democratic party is failing. >> >> shannon: they are not part of the white house anymore. >> re-encouraged by what scott d to say? the most important thing for everyone is that we have four grieving families right now. to think it's fair to say both sides have added to this conversation ratcheting up to where it is now? >> all i know is that we have some gentlemen that went home to the lord and lost their lives in battle, they will lay under that flag, who have fought for me to
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sit on this show it to be where i am at as a black business owner in atlanta and all the freedoms we cherish so much is because of that gentleman that lost his life in general kelly who served and my father and uncles and everything else. the president made a reference that he called the folks, i know the president of the united states, ladies and gentlemen. he's a good man. remember, he signed that executive order to let veterans for the first time in the history of the united states choose another hospital. as canada trump before he was president trump, he raised half a million dollars for veterans. as a candidate. the list goes on. the passion runs deep. >> shannon: is it possible that what the congresswoman was saying -- we don't have a draft now, everybody was kind of, these are people who are selfless. they are heroes because they
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know what they potentially are walking into. do think that's potentially been misinterpreted? >> the reality is this, belgium can be both. he can both traffic and racism but be very patriotic if you will. held the process -- what donald trump said and what he meant, they can both be right. i'm sure he was rather clumsy with it. donald trump doesn't have a history of leadership or consoling. he cares about money, his development properties and his family. >> shannon: do not think he cares about fall and soldiers? he reached out to general kelly who lost his son and has had to relive that publicly because of the conversation we are having. he said to general kelly how do i make these phone calls? >> he politicized kelly's death of his own son to relive. >> shannon: i don't think anyone's forcing general kelly
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to relive anything. >> he is part of the white house. he's the chief of staff. he did it on his own, fine. but let me say this to you, donald trump when he said what he said, clumsily or not, the reality is that the family processes it that way, certainly there should have been a follow-up call to explain because both sides could be right or wrong but why are we driving this narrative with name-calling and lies and bringing kelly out and so forth and so on? that's not making him look good whether it's a race issue or not. it makes him look like he's on the ground fighting when he is the president and he ought to be presidential and console her in chief. he continues to fail in these situations. i don't let him off the hook, shayla. both sides could have misunderstood and ought to be talking but they ought to stop driving this narrative of negativity. that's what's wrong with this country and that's what you get with the truck white house. >> shannon: i will give you a chance to respond to that because no there's a lot of
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gasoline coming onto the fire. to think they should have another private conversation? where they can console her or clarify in a different way? or has it been so politicized at this point that there's no way to wrap it up civilly? >> all this drama started with congresswoman wilson. >> i think it started -- >> i didn't interrupt you, excuse me. okay? fix the failing dnc party. listen. >> [laughs] >> shannon: focus. >> it is what it is. congresswoman wilson should spend more time in her district with a very extremely high unemployment rate and concentrate on trying to bring jobs back to her district instead of making up this false narrative on the president. i don't know what her motive is or what she's trying to do but
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it is doing a disservice to her district with a 16 plus percent unemployment rate. a predominantly african-american district which president trump in his tenure since he's been president, we have the highest unemployment rate for african-americans. also, news flash, the highest african-american vote since richard nixon. keep this up. we will double it in 2020 because if you guys don't get a plan together the whole dnc fall off a cliff. >> shannon: we are getting way off -- >> we are way off subject. >> i'm not off subject. [over talk] >> shannon: i'm going to ask you both to go a little kumbaya on me now. we are out of time. i think the good thing is we all agree and we do recognize the most important thing are the four grieving families. congress will be fighting to get answers. the secretary was on the hill. we will talk about that coming up. most important thing.
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bruce and scott. thank you both very much. you will not believe what nancy pelosi is saying about president trump and dreamers. we will have a live report and let you weigh in directly ahead. rodney and his new business.
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>> shannon: last month, the trump administration announced it was phasing out the aca. president trump says he's willing to sign legislation to protect the so-called dreamers and as a long as the bill includes a whole lot of other things. the president had some productive talks with democrats on the issue but top minority leader nancy pelosi didn't sound too positive on the view today. >> there was never a deal. the agreement was he would support the dream act and we would work with him on some border issues. we have a responsibility to protect our border. we don't have it responsibility to have the dreamers start a reign of terror in our country by going after their families and other people. >> shannon: joining a snuffer reaction, dr. gina lowden.
7:19 pm
and executive and resident at american university school of public affairs. good to see you both. >> good to be here. >> good to be with you. >> shannon: it's a nice night here in d.c. too. i asked my newer day said it would be unleashing a reign of terror. the president doesn't step in on this. they had that little dinner. chuck schumer was over there. when he came out and they come out and said basically there was a deal, the right freaked out. the president has now said we will do a deal on dreamers but here the 70 things i will need from you including the border wall. where do we go from here? if there's a number of provisions and my understanding, democrats and republicans can come together. for example, e-verify. the issue of the wall was something democrats were talking about 2013. if you're focusing on some of those things as opposed to ripping families apart, i think
7:20 pm
there's concern about what may happen as far as cracking down on on accompanied minors for example. that's pretty inflammatory language but i think that's where the reign of terror is coming in. we need to take the rhetoric aside and focus on the areas that we can agree on. if we really do care, there are deadlines in place. we need to work together to figure out the places where we can come together and build upon that. >> shannon: when you talk about e-verify, this is a system that would require employers to make sure employees are legit. >> anyone can agree on that. at the end of the day, employers, they are the ones creating the demand for undocumented individuals. if they are not going to employ these folks and maybe they are employing them because they don't want to pay withholding taxes, one of the great ways if we want to raise money is let's actually find these folks, withholding for medicare and
7:21 pm
social security. for workers comp. what a great way to crack down on demand for undocumented and actually put some money back into the coffers for things like social security. >> shannon: when we talk about middle ground on these issues, we know there are many issues where there is no agreement because the president came out with his list like the so-called dreamers. but here are all the other things that we want. chuck and nancy -- as they are affectionately called, they said this is a complete nonstarter. there's no way. now we have her on abc talking about a reign of terror. how does this get together and get anything done that's just not more inflammatory like we talked about in the last block of the show? >> i'm so glad that both of you have brought this up in the way they have. chuck and nancy reminds me of the child hard to make childhood cartoon. i love when i hear democrats talking about just really
7:22 pm
logical negotiations that can take place the way politics is supposed to function, unfortunately i don't hear that a lot out of other democrats such as nancy pelosi. using inflammatory language. i feel like their playbook is -- like what you talked about in the first segment, shannon, if that doesn't work just go use some kind of scare tactic like reign of terror. we are not talking about a reign of terror. as capri pointed to and you did as well, there's a lot to agree upon here. there's a lot of good that can be done for america and do you know what? after vegas and everything we've been through recently, i think americans deserve to criticize the reddick and talk about what we can do that's productive and constructive for america. >> shannon: with that in mind, capri, this is interesting to me. the same appearance where house minority leader talked about the reign of terror, she also said these things. i am confident that president trump will not walk away from his support for the
7:23 pm
dreamers. is it support for the dreamers or is it reign of terror? i'm confused. >> union to be both. maybe what this is -- rhetoric out of leader pelosi -- just a few weeks ago out in san francisco in her district, she was getting shouted down by folks that were immigrants saying you are not doing enough. on the one hand, she's tried to placate some of the more extreme elements of the base or this group and at the same time, sending a signal to the white house to say we are still willing to play ball. a lot of this goes on behind closed doors. i can tell you i was the minority leader in the ohio senate as well. sometimes what is presented publicly is not necessarily what's happening in negotiations behind closed doors, for better or worse. >> that's the way a lot of washington works and a lot of how this gets done. we have back channels going on. we find out often, i hear around
7:24 pm
the hill there are bipartisan conversations going on. tax reform he had all kinds of other issues. even on immigration their groups working together but publicly there since rhetoric that heats up and inflames the most adverse sides of the conversation and i don't know that it gets us any closer to a solution when it comes time to vote. >> right, i agree with you. especially with the inflammatory language and the use of words. when we have real terror threats in this country, president trump is certainly not a terrorist threat nor are any of his policies. when we use words like that and refer back to the identity politics, these are the things that were picked apart the fiber of america. that's what americans voted against i believe they voted for president they knew would be willing to lead to and from the republicans perspective and perhaps for the trump base, they can know that this president is probably going to negotiate
7:25 pm
hard-core and come away with something, something republicans haven't been able to look forward to in the last several administrations. it's been whatever the democrats demand and the republicans will just fold. i don't think we will see that under this president's leadership and i think we do have a real chance to come to some strongly negotiated, good things for this country under this president. >> do think we get there? >> i do. honestly for the sake of the dreamers and their families and for the sake of america, i certainly hope that's the case. we are up against a march deadline. americans want to see cooperation. inside the beltway politics, maybe they don't want to seek cooperation and they think it's a dirty word, most americans want to see people come together. >> shannon: they do. capri and tina, thank you very much. have a great weekend. a major ruling in a case that
7:26 pm
has an illegal immigrant in u.s. custody, a minor seeking to force the government to provide her an abortion. it's a hot topic and we have many things to say about it. we will be right back. plus our classics like garlic shrimp scampi. try as much as you want however you want 'em, but don't wait, it ends soon. like paperless, multi-car, and safe driver, that help them save on their car insurance. any questions? -yeah. -how do you go to the bathroom? great. any insurance-related questions? -mm-hmm. -do you have a girlfriend? uh, i'm actually focusing on my career right now, saving people nearly $600 when they switch, so... where's your belly button? [ sighs ] i've got to start booking better gigs. [ sighs ]
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tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots. plus had less major bleeding. both made eliquis right for me. ask your doctor if switching to eliquis is right for you. >> shannon: breaking news, a pregnant illegal immigrant teen in u.s. custody in texas is trying to force the federal government to facilitate her to have an abortion. just tonight, the washington, d.c., court of appeals one step below the supreme court ordered the federal government by october 31st to find a government approved sponsor who will take custody of the teen and if she wants, to help facilitate the abortion. if the feds do not do that, it will go to a lower court judge who has ruled that she should be able to get the abortion. she is very likely to get the abortion right in the u.s. unless the supreme court gets involved. joining is now to talk about
7:31 pm
that, elizabeth and good to see you both tonight. let me ask you as our resident legal eagle -- what are the odds this ends up there? >> if it were to get to the supreme court, this is really an extra neri case where we've had people suggesting -- fortunately not the trump administration that undocumented immigrants don't even get the constitutional protection of people. that's breathtakingly wrong. we have a case of the trump administration really putting what the supreme court would term a substantial obstacle in the way of this young woman's constitutional right. she's complied with texas law, within the period of which she's allowed under texas law to get an abortion. if there's a further delay, she might move out of that period which is why time is so of the essence here. we get the skates up to the
7:32 pm
supreme court, we will see another ruling like we saw coming out of texas most recent terms -- with the supreme court reaffirmed that a woman has a constitutional right based in her dignity and reproductive autonomy, she's covering for herself whether she chooses to have an abortion or to choose to carry a pregnancy to term. >> shannon: i know a lot of pro-life groups are worried about the precedent this could set. they don't want this to be a magnet to pull young women across the border. maybe where they are from the could not get an abortion. and then there will be a legal ruling that would allow them to come here to get an abortion they could not get it home. it's interesting, they said we know the government has for purposes of this case, the young woman, and unlawful immigrant detained shortly after unlawfully crossing does possess a constitutional right to obtain an abortion in the u.s. is that already setting a precedent? >> that's a concern but backup
7:33 pm
for one moment and realize what we are talking about. she is 15 weeks along in her pregnancy. that means this baby has all her major organs. eyes and eyelids and ears. she can hear her mother's voice. we can see a baby at that stage sucking his thumb on a sonogram. this is a fully formed baby girl or boy. there are two patients here. two people that crossed that border in this young woman came unlawfully into our country and is asking our country to facilitate her abortion. the vast majority of people in this country do not want to burden their conscience nor most people in texas with someone else's abortion. we are very concerned that it sets a precedent in which people from around the world will come to our country in order to seek an abortion. in texas, the attorney general filed -- they were concerned
7:34 pm
about texas becoming a magnet for people coming across the border for abortions. if the deep concern. >> shannon: i want to read something we got tonight. an official statement from health and human services. essentially, they oversee the care of these undocumented miners who come to the country illegally, one way or another. she's in a federally funded shelter watching over her because she's not of age. they say for however much time we are given, the ones that are tasked with watching over her will protect the well-being of this minor and all children and their babies in our facilities and we will defend human dignity for all in our care. it seems that that's where we break, the two sides are breaking on what is dignity and care for the 17-year-old. >> the supreme court and constitution have already decided that. i absolutely respect their people that think it should be different for moral or personal reasons, reasons of conscience and wish that it was otherwise but that simply is not the case. she's 15 weeks along but she has
7:35 pm
a constitutional right under texas law. taxpayers are not going to pay for this abortion. that's a misstatement of the facts. it is undisputed in court, it was in the court's ruling today that the lawyers for this young woman will pay for the abortion and transfer her there themselves and the government doesn't have the constitutional authority to force you to have an abortion or to force you to keep a baby. >> they stop to care for her after this is all done. she's in the federal care of hhs. the current administration and majority of american people don't want to be entangled with someone else's abortion or buried in our conscience and using our tax dollars. >> they are punishing her because she's an illegal immigrant. >> she can go home. >> how much does it require to give up your constitutional right >> she can go home. >> that's not how the constitution works. >> she 17 years old too.
7:36 pm
she's young. under texas law, she would have to either get parental consent or a court order. she got the court order when she was nine weeks along. if we go to the october 31st deadline, for finding a sponsor who will walk her through this process, the team says she will be 6.516.5 weeks along. it becomes that much more controversial for people. >> right, she came to this country unlawfully. she was offered the idea of going back home, they were going to expedite her and she said no, she wants to be here. the hl you is working to set precedent. the idea that it's different when we are talk about minors. people need to be -- parents need to be involved for this important, life-changing decision for not one person but two people. that's the important point here. this is not just about one person, this is about two people that crossed the border into our country. >> shannon: what about the
7:37 pm
issue of finding a sponsor? i heard from both sides that were upset about -- we talked about this a little bit before hand. we had the pro-choice group saying she should not be delayed while they find a sponsor by october 31st. the other side is saying they will find a monster by october 31st and she will still have the abortion. what is your issue with finding a sponsor? it will be the side of the reporter to border. >> that's really important to put that in context when we think about that. this young woman came through treacherous conditions to the united states flaying abuse and persecution. >> we don't know that. >> that's what she's claiming. we have legal processes to go through to determine that. she has the legal right right k asylum and refugee. certainly if she cannot seek refuge here, she will be deported. but she has the right to seek that and you can't ask her to give up that legal right which she clearly has under the law and order to exercise her
7:38 pm
constitutional rights. while the information is kept private because she is a minor, we do know the country to which she would be sent back does not allow abortions. essentially the top administration is forcing her either by keeping current cost to be here or sending her back to a place where she could face abuse and persecution in order to force her to have a pregnancy. >> again, they offered the idea to expedite and sent her home and allow her to deal with this in her home country. u.s. citizens should not have to fit the bill and in some way there will be entanglement because she has to be cared for before and after the procedure. she is in our custody. our country wants to care and use compassion and not and life. >> shannon: we will leave you with your agree to disagree. penny and elizabeth, thank you for being with us. tough topic. our experts break down the biggest political stories of the week, stay with us.
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>> shannon: welcome back. it's been a roller coaster week in washington. what the biggest stories were come on let's bring him to reporters. white house correspondent for the independent journal review and writer for the "washington examiner." we all have this whole dispute with general kelly, himself part of a gold star family and the president, congresswoman, where does this go from here? >> they need a champion in this
7:43 pm
culture war and they found one in chief of staff kelly. when he stepped behind that podium and he talked not just as chief of staff but as a father who got the phone call himself, not only did he would not points with own base but in the white house press pool, i think he captured their attention and he change the narrative. we will see a lot more of general kelly. >> >> shannon: i think it's more of a behind the scenes kind of guy. >> he has a ton of credibility and that was really important and he dominated the week. there were some problems with what he said and that will go into the next week for sure because what he said that frederica wilson said about the fbi building dedication wasn't completely accurate. for much of what did, i think it was tuesday when he came out and talked emma he gave a civics lesson and that was really important and that was a really good piece about what's going on with the trump administration. we are teaching the american public about what goes on a high
7:44 pm
closed doors with our government and that's important. >> shannon: he speaks with full authority on losing a child. it's not something i think he enjoyed speaking about publicly. it was a very bold decision on his part. to reopen and settle and explain what the president may be not perfectly but what he was trying to do. it seems as if there's always another tweet or interview especially after the congresswoman side -- my understanding what she was going to talk about it and then i get up and she's on another network talking about it this morning. the story has legs. we will talk about more about the underlying investigation as to what happened to these men. that's critically important. some other top stories, you had another one saying the fcc commissioner is defending -- >> as one of the most important but less focused on topics this week. president trump has been flirting with censoring the process and he batted his eyes -- the fcc chairman
7:45 pm
completely shut that down. in a really important and smart way. he talked about legal precedent in the first amendment. he didn't even mention trump. by being low-key, it was a very strategic -- able to dismiss and disarm that issue. >> shannon: you are open to an investigation? >> cbs and washington to post it a joint investigation. the pennsylvania republican -- to be the drug's art had to withdraw that nomination because there is so much criticism about the donations he had gotten from the drug industry and helping see through this bill in congress that made it easier for people to have access to opioids but in general, the opioid story continues to dominate. at such an important story. it impacts on the people across the country. >> shannon: more and more, we are all experiencing personally and people close to us that this is something we heard about it for a couple years and now it's
7:46 pm
really heading home for a lot of people in a very personal way. at least as bipartisan agreement, it needs to be attacked head-on. okay, let's also talk about yet another republican congresswoman stepping away. >> we've seen a lot of these congressmen just quitting congress early. now we have a guy who has been in congress for 17 years. he comes from a deep red district. he could have kept his career going in the house for as long as he wanted but it's something we saw was senator corker early on with che fits. it's a mix of republicans being shell-shocked and a bit of malaise. they are tired of this internal conflict with the party and not winning anything in the majority. >> shannon: when you see all these retirements, it generally suggests i could certainly be a flip. he saw those with democrats going into 2010. a number of democrats retired and we thought into thousand six as well. with midterms, they usually go
7:47 pm
against the president in the first term, man, it will be an exciting year. all is political -- it will be fun. we have the issue of the budget passing the senate. it is something getting done and washington but it wasn't done on a bipartisan basis. >> it was not. they had to do it in order to move ahead with tax reform. we have the big story because they did get it done and remember, the budget didn't pass for a number of years until the last several. it was a big thing we finally got done. >> >> shannon: it opens up doors for the next big process, tax reform. we've been hearing that there are bipartisan conversations going on. to think if we get the tax reform or whatever they want to call it, they are managing expectations, there will be bipartisan buying into some kind of package? >> majority leader mcconnell, they made clear the way for a tax reform. it was symbolic and now they need to get something on paper. they need to do it now so that come november and december they
7:48 pm
are not relitigating some of these same flights. we could see collins or rand paul blow this up then. they want to get that done now rather than later. >> they might get heidi heitkamp or joe manson or joe donnelly. i think their room to get those three. we heard paul ryan say this morning he wants to have that fourth tax bracket at the upper echelon for top earners which take away a democratic talking point at least in part. >> shannon: all right. we love you so much and we want you to stick around. right now, we will take a break but when we come back, we will talk to you about a preview of next week's biggest story. friday night, you need to know. stay with us. with advanced safety. standard. lease the 2017 rx 350 for $399 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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>> shannon: welcome back. we are rejoined erin mcpike and philip -- let's start with this one. looking into niger, why are we there, what happened to these men? we saw the defense secretary all over answer questions for senators. they have to be a lot more answers coming. >> the defense secretary didn't really want to talk to reporters about this. they aren't ready which is just going to make the story go further. i will say after con put out a
7:53 pm
very wrong statement through the pentagon earlier today explaining why it is that the u.s. is in niger. it's basically that we are trying to help local forces with the terrorist threats that are happening throughout the entire continent. that's why they are in certain countries like this. again, you are hearing a lot of members of congress on both sides of the aisle saying what went wrong here and why are we doing this? what happened? >> shannon: i think it was senator graham who says this doesn't mean we will be doing less. we might be doing more. >> they will be looking into this -- this is something we haven't focused on because our attention has been in the middle east. as a threat that expands past state lines. this is going to be an expansion moving forward. congress will have to take a much closer look. >> shannon: you think we will see more of general collated too? >> absolutely. continuing into next week, general kelly is an asset, one thing that was interesting today
7:54 pm
was sarah huckabee sanders saying that the general, it was insulting to question some of the things he said. some of the things he did get wrong. it's just the opposite. inherently american to question that authority. this is going to be the next chapter of a civics lesson, i think. >> she was roundly criticized for that. >> shannon: she said of course everyone can be questioned but after listening to the heartfelt and somber account, impugning his credibility is not appropriate. yeah, you should be able to question any four-star general or anyone else. that's part of your american experience. we both think we will hear about details with tax reform in the contours of that. you mentioned the democrats may be willing to talk, what you think is next? >> people have and see what this bill looks like. the white house has laid out a couple of top priorities but this is going to be a 1,000 page bill or so. they will only take a couple of weeks or months to get this
7:55 pm
through. i know we are going to be seeing a number of meetings next week but i think we are going to start coming out into the public having hearings, laying out more and more details so we can finally see what this bill is going to have. >> shannon: if we know the president will meet with the g.o.p.'s tenders as well? >> he needs to impart a sense of urgency because this is our last chance to get something major done right before they break for the year. >> shannon: thank you both. more "fox news tonight" right after this quick break. fortunately, there's rocket mortgage by quicken loans. apply simply. understand fully. mortgage confidently. ... dealership has great customer service ... (muffled voice) ... and has great deals! ... and has ... ... complimentary donuts. ... that's the one! over 5 million expert and user reviews.
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yeah, i got some financialbody guidance a while ago. how'd that go? he kept spelling my name with an 'i' but it's bryan with a 'y.' yeah, since birth. that drives me crazy. yes. it's on all your email. yes. they should know this? yeah. the guy was my brother-in-law. that's ridiculous. well, i happen to know some people. do they listen? what? they're amazing listeners. nice. guidance from professionals who take their time to get to know you. >> shannon: before we go, check out my new upcoming show, "fox news at night." life at 11:00 p.m. eastern right here on fox news. we will be covering in evitable late breaking. recap of the breaking stories. we will be live every night at 11:00 monday through friday. it kicks off ten days from now.
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that is it from us tonight. monday night at 10:00 p.m. eastern, bill hunter will be in this chair. good night from washington. ♪ absolutely phenomenal. i'll have to tell my kids that i'm a rock star now. >> tucker: well, good >> that's amazing! that is amazing. absolutely phenomenal. i'll have to tell my kids w that i'm a rock star now. h >> tucker: well, good evening. welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." you will remember yesterday white house chief of staff john kelly delivered 18 minutes of mesmerizing remarks from the briefing room and begged politicians and the press not to politicize the mourning of gold star families. general kelly singled out florida congresswoman frederica wilson for special criticism and called her an "empty barrel" forever talking about herself and ever willing to exploit the dead to burnish her own reputation! her own reputation!


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