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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 21, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> tucker: that's it. we are out of time. there is a lot going on in the world right now. we hope you have a great weekend anyway. "the five" is next. we will see you monday. >> kimberly: this is a fox news alert. i'm kimberly guilfoyle. we are awaiting a press conference in minneapolis, minnesota from mayor betsy hodges following the resignation of the police chief at her request. she lost confidence following the shooting death of an unarmed australian woman by police officer. we are going to bring that to you when it begins. we are also following another big day of breaking news in washington. sean spicer is out as a press secretary. sarah huckabee sanders is in it. and anthony scaramucci will now lead the white house communications team. spencer resigned after the president appointed scaramucci to the post. he gave his interview to sean hannity. it will air in an hour from now. at 10:00 p.m. eastern. we have some previews.
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>> from what i understand, all of the reports are, the president did not want you to go. tell us what happened. >> he didn't. >> he has been very gracious throughout the process wanted to bring some new folks in to rev up the communications operation. and after reflection, my decision was to recommend to the president that i gave anthony and sarah a clean slate to start from so that they can talk about the president's agenda and help move it forward. and he after some back and forth understood that the offer that i was making was something that was in the best interest of the administration. i thanked him for the opportunity. i'm looking forward to watching anthony and sarah do a tremendous job. >> kimberly: a lot of nice things to say about sean spicer despite the reports of a few. >> i want to thank personally sean spicer, not only on behalf of myself, the president, the administration, but sean is a true american patriot. he is a military servicemen. he has a great family, and he has done an amazing job.
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this is a difficult situation to be in. and i applaud his efforts here. i love the guy. i wish him well. i hope he goes on to make a tremendous amount of money. i would love to have him here. sean decided that it would be better to go. his attitude is, anthony is coming in, let me clear the slate for anthony. i appreciate that about him. i love him for that. because of that occurred today. no one better to go to than yourself. >> dana: i love the job of press secretary. i'm glad that it had an end date, i might still be there, because i really did love it. but the job has changed a lot even since i was there. in january of 2009 when i left, i did not have a twitter account. if you think of how social media has changed the way that we communicate with each other and the scrutiny that comes with the job anyway, it was tough. i also think that sean who i worked with in the bush administration. he was a trade representative
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spokesman. great on strategy, excellent tactician. wonderful guy, right? on his very first day as press secretary when the president asked him to go into the brief room. we were live on "the five." we were watching it and thinking, what in the world is happening? and from that day on, he had kind of a rough road. because of the proud ties press conference. >> ran out with a meat accent tried >> kimberly: slaughterhouse to cleave various members of the press. south. >> that was the day, from that first day, people said he was going to get fired. but he showed a lot of tenacity. i think you did a really good job with what he was asked to do. and i think some of the reporters in the briefing room thought, why are you fighting with us all the time? i think that's what the president wanted to see. and then recently has not been doing as many on camera briefings. serving and abdul rule as a communications director. that's impossible. it is not possible to do both jobs well. both need an absolute focus. you get about four hours of sleep if you are doing either job, trying to do both is too difficult.
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there are three things that you can do in a situation like this. if your boss wants to layer in somebody on top of your next to you and you disagree with it, you can accept it and try to work within that. you can maybe acquiesce, that is fine. or you can make your case, lose, and to then decide that the right thing to do is resign, or you can stay and get better, leak against your colleagues. who do things that would be pretty despicable in washington. what we saw today was somebody doing something what you would hope other people in the government, not just in the political administration but the entire government, if you disagree and do not think you can do your job the way that you want to do it, resign. and honorably. and he also leaves the white house amicably. he has a good relationship with the president and with scaramucci and reince priebus. and good will still with the press, because people know them from before. probably the best outcome was to
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resign, and it looked like he felt a little bit better. [laughter] >> can you imagine? >> i should add that i don't think "saturday night live" ever knew my name. i cannot imagine how that must've felt every time. dealt with it pretty well. he laughed about the gum. suggestions for melissa mccarthy. but we know about being bullied on twitter by russian robots, it hurts. that humiliation takes a toll. >> juan: i think there is a different version of events that is circulating in washington. that sean was left to be deputy chief of staff to reince priebus. and to take the communications job. and the problem is that he was blindsided. you see the president very impressed by the fact that anthony scaramucci was able to get cnn to apologize. cnn to fire people, that he was combative with them, and
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won. and then he taps into jared kushner, to ivanka and his daughter. had a meeting that night. and reince priebus was not aware that scaramucci was going to be hired. he had blocked him previously. so now you have a situation where reince priebus looks like he is on the edge as well as seeing sean spicer pushed out. and you know, you think about what this means. it has been one hell of a week for the trump white house. think about the health care bill, now you have a situation where the white house the white house chief of staff is on the edge. >> dana: don't forget the made in america week. >> juan: i forgot made in america week. >> and i don't think they should be celebrating scaramucci coming into the communications director position. he is going to bring the democratic party a lot of pain and a lot of suffering. this guy is a straight up killer. he is polished. he is well-spoken. he is personable. he has made a ton of cash on
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wall street, and he commands a lot of respect. i think what you saw on the podium there tonight was a guy in total control. he did not miss a beat. he never stammered. he never started. he executes. he gets things done. whereas spicer did not have a mind meld going on with president trump. i think that scaramucci is cut from the same cloth. they are both from queens. they grew up in humble beginnings, so to speak. whatever that means for some people. and they are very successful -- >> juan: trump grew up in humble beginnings? >> jesse: if they are from queens and started off on the street. >> kimberly: long island. >> jesse: long island, queens, we are going to give him the border. [laughter] my point is that scaramucci is going to breathe new life into the white house. and from what we are hearing from our sources in washington is that we are going to go back to trump the campaigner. and trump the campaigner scares
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the life out of democrats, because that's who beat hillary clinton, and that's when he is most successful. when he is doing his rallies and among the people, when he is making moves. he is not successful when he is playing defense in the white house. he is most successful when he is driving the conversation. >> dana: like made in america week. >> juan: robert mueller ending investigation. scaramucci is coming into fights, you are right now. we are on the verge, this is like, who is the guy that comes out in big and says ladies and gentlemen, let's get ready to rumble? >> kimberly: and sometimes you do it in war times. but you have to have somebody in there that i think understands the president. he has a long-standing relationship with him. they get each other like jesse was saying, and this is somebody that enjoys the confidence of the president in the family, also a lawyer, graduated from harvard law, so all of these things are going to come into
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play given the investigations going on, so you want somebody that you can count on that you know can do your messaging effectively during a time like this. >> chris: the internal pressure and tension in the white house has been, do you go to war with robert mueller? do you get in a fight with him so that you can force him out, fire him, or when he comes to whatever conclusion he comes to, and i think the broad consensus is that it will not be all rainbows and sunshine when he gets to the end, whatever it is, paul manafort, whatever, there will be some bad news for the administration, do you try to push hard and advance or do you say, we welcome his participation. we are going to work cooperatively with him. they have been back and forth a little bit. i think the arrival of scaramucci, the ouster, the handwriting on the wall for spicer shows us that you are exactly right in the sense that this is a war footing. this is the time for the
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struggle, they are going to go against mueller hard. they are going to bring a lot of heat. >> kimberly: this is a fox news alert. we are going to go to the press. listen in. >> harteau has served the minneapolis police department and the people of minneapolis for 30 years with vision, determination, and strength. she has overcome barriers and chains to become one of the top law enforcement officials in america in a male-dominated profession. she deserves everyone things for her dedicated service. i have worked closely with chief for three and a half years. in that time we have done more faster to transform policing, public safety, and public trust and any other mayor, police chief, police department or city in america while putting the safety of the residents first and working hard every day to keep minneapolis a safe city for everyone.
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i give chief tremendous credit for taking on the body of work and leading through all of this change. as far as we have come chief harteau is not in a position to lead us further. and from the many conversations i have had with people around the city's especially this week, i know that some in minneapolis have lost confidence in police leadership. for us to continue to transform policing and community trust and policing both the chief and i concluded that we need new leadership at npd. in conversation with the chief today, she and i agreed that she would step aside to make way for new leadership and i asked chief harteau for her resignation, she tendered it. and i have accepted it. we are not slowing the pace of our transformation. the work will continue until it is done. until justice, dignity, and the sanctity of life are reflected
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in every police encounter. and until everyone feels safe and is safe and one minneapolis. we will not waver from that. now is the time for new leadership at npd to get us where we all need to be in every police encounter. following harteau's resignation, effective at the end of business day. i've announced that i will nominate current assistant chief as police chief. over the next few years, the minneapolis police department will work to continue the transformational change that we know we all need, and to strengthen and ingrain into the policing the changes that we have already made. i am confident that assistant chief is the right person to lead us through it. the experience working closely with him over the last week which has been so hard on everyone in minneapolis. it has solidified my confidence.
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assistant chief in redondo joined the npd in 1989 as a patrol officer in the third present -- he has served as a beat officer. he has also internal affairs and investigation experience. he has served as inspector for the first precinct and the deputy chief and chief of staff. >> we do not want you as you our mayor of minneapolis anymore. we are asking that you take your staff with you. we don't want you to appoint anybody anymore! your leadership has been ineffective, and if you do not remove yourself, we are going to put somebody in place to remove you. we do not want you as the mayor! your police department has terrorized us enough. your press conference is ineffective. you hear me now. we do not want you as the mayor of minneapolis. [cheers and applause]
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>> we do not want you as the mayor. you have been ineffective as a mayor. [indistinguishable yelling] >> i hear and understand for folks who are listening, i hear and i understand. >> you need to leave. you do not represent us. you are ineffective as a leader, and we want you to step down just as harteau did. and we don't want you we want you to take your staff to appoint anybody. with you. they have terrorized us enough. we don't need it any longer! [cheers and applause] >> we do not want you as the mayor any longer. >> i hear and understand. i hear and understand your objections and the work that we have done. >> this is our house. this is our house.
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we want you out of this office. [cheers and applause] you are ineffective as a leader and we did not want you as the mayor of minneapolis anymore. we don't want you to appoint a police chief because you have failed us for all the years you have been in office. >> if we can get on with the press conference -- >> i appreciate this appointment to the chief of minneapolis police department. so you will have to accept it. >> you are by yourself. you are by yourself. [indistinguishable]
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[indistinguishable] >> so i hear and understand people's objections. for the person who has a microphone on. and i am happy to sit down and talk to people about the future policing in minneapolis. i hear and understand your objections. i have heard you and i have listened. and i am happy to sit down with folks and talk about the future if we need to. tonight i am announcing that chief harteau is no longer the police chief. this is a tough time for the
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city. this is a tough time around the world. [indistinguishable chanting] >> i am happy to sit down with people. [indistinguishable chanting] >> bye, bye, betsy! >> bye, bye, betsy! >> bye, bye, betsy! >> bye, bye, betsy! >> bye, bye, betsy! we want to new leadership, we need -- we are looking for new leadership!
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>> we are tax payers. >> there is policy not being changed, and it is unacceptable. >> we are holding the press conference. >> it has now become the people's press conference! we have had enough here in the city of minneapolis. this is our house. [indistinguishable chanting] >> hang on a second. hang on a second. hang on. hang on. hang on a second, guys.
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>> listen to what the press conference is about, everyone. >> hang on a second. hang on. hang on. hang on. hang on a second, guys. >> it is time for our voices to be heard. so this is what a press conference is about, everybody! we are going to do it. everybody back up a little bit to get set, this is the people's city! >> everybody back up for him. >> so if i can say this, hang on, guys. if i can say this, hang on, guys. hang on, guys. okay, hang on. she is right here. >> no, the people are right here. okay. >> that is the chief in the corner.
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let the people come to the front! >> we are not going to be tricked by this effort, all right. the former chief was not doing her job, but we understand that it is beyond the chief. or that it is probably institutional. right? if it was not institutional, then those cameras, those body cameras would've been on the police the other day, right? but the problem is deeper than that. we are not going to be tricked. we understand that the chief looks like us, but we understand that he is not one of us. that he was, so the police department that has a history of brutalizing us, and we are not buying this prejudice will not work. what we want, we don't want them to change clothes, we want them to change institution. all they have done is a cosmetic change. and we want institutional change! and so if betsy hodges cannot and deliver it, then she should
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step aside and the people should run the city. >> who shuts this down? >> we shut us down. >> listen, i understand that people are in love with him, but those are people who have been paid off, who had been ineffective in our community. we see today, this is our house. you cannot lock us out of this building. you cannot lock us out of this building! you cannot hide from us, and we put you in office, today is day for the new world. we are not having that anymore. you are not going to give us the chance that we put in this office and likely put it in this office. we put these chairs in this office. we put you in office to represent us, and if you can't represent us, we are going to remove you out of those seats! so today harteau resigns.
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i'm asking that betsy hodges do the same thing. all the rest of the staff are ineffective. the city of minneapolis needs a new start. take all the people who have been paid off for the past 20 years who praise the activities of the police chief have been doing for the past 20 and 30 years. take them to eden prairie somewhere. we don't want anymore. >> who shuts us down? >> we shut this down. if the police don't get it? >> shut it down. >> if the police don't get it! >> shut it down! >> if the police don't get it! >> shut it down! >> if tomorrow don't get it! >> shut it down! >> if tomorrow don't get it! >> shut it down! >> if tomorrow don't get it! >> shut it down! >> if the towns don't get it! >> shut it down! >> if the towns don't get it! >> shut it down! >> if tomorrow don't get it! >> shut it down! >> if tomorrow don't get it!
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>> shut it down! >> if tomorrow don't get it! >> shut it down! >> if the towns don't get it! >> shut it down! >> if the towns don't get it! >> shut it down! >> if the towns don't get it! >> shut it down! >> if they don't get it! >> shut it down! >> if they don't get it! >> shut it down! >> if they don't get it! >> shut it down! >> if they don't get it! >> shut it down! >> all right, now today, everybody in this as you know, you are watching history today, you are watching history! we are taking it back, we are taking it back, we are taking the city back. no longer will we pay you to kill us. no longer will we pay you to kill us. that's what we need to do. change is coming!
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change is coming! america, we want our city back. we want our city back. >> are you all right? >> yes, i probably do need a little bit of staff. i have a really loud voice. i'm going to be heard. let me tell you, these problems did not start with harteau, they are not going to end because harteau leaves. that's the reality of things. this tragic killing of justine by the police officer has exposed to the world, not just the city, not just the state, not just the country, but the whole world knows how rotten cops are in minneapolis. these problems, they fall strictly at the feet of the city leadership. strictly at the feet, and that means that betsy, the city council, and yes, it was on harteau, and it will be on whoever takes over for her
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whether it is rondo or somebody else. because that's what has been going on. >> we can't allow them to appoint nobody. >> that's right. through this incident, through this incident, we have learned what some of us already knew is that the body camera policy was screwed from the get-go. back in 2015, some of us were pushing for a decent body camera policy, the cops did not do it. the city gave them the money without making them do it, and we ended up with people dying with no body camera put in. and with cops floating five to six hours, months of body camera footage. and that is unacceptable! that is simply unacceptable! we also known roll it back four years, we had a civilian review authority, and it was civilians, they took it over by the city in the secret process that the police conduct review, yes, we had problems no doubt.
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but the office of police conduct review was a backward step. we went from having about a five to seven sustained rate and discipline rate of police complaints to a .3%, a 0.3 sustained rate. it is a damn joke! who has a 0.3% sustained rate? >> shut down the police force! this is ridiculous! we have real problems in this town. but you are looking at the people who are going to solve those problems. it is not going to be these damn people here. they are not capable of it. we are going to run them out of office, take over city hall, and run the town like it needs to be run! >> who are we? >> who are we? >> powerful people! >> who are we? >> powerful people!
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>> who are we? >> powerful people! >> who are we? >> powerful people! >> who are we? >> powerful people! >> kimberly: this is live coverage of the protesters interrupting the press conference of the minnesota mayor, betsy hodges. they have called for her resignation, all of her staff, everybody says that they require institutional change at this point, they are going to kick everybody out of their lazy boy chairs. they are going to take over city hall and that there is a need at this point for widespread change. and they are commenting on the situation here of the fatal shooting in minneapolis. and now you see some of the protesters have taken to the microphone, mayor betsy hodges has left the room and the press briefing because she lost control, there was no ability to gain it back from the
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protesters. they are tax payers, they have put them in office prior to that this is their right. this is their prerogative to do this. and this is what we are witnessing right now as you see. we will listen back in. >> we are going to take back this building! the community will take back the precinct and turn it back into recreation center! we need a recreation center. we need something for the community to take control of the police, not some other control, not a hazmat control. we are not going to bake the city council to get rolling. we have to take it directly, we went hiring, firing, we want control of the union! we want the removal approach! we are going to get that in the community control! we are not going to give up our right to have democracy and control to the fake ass city council people and mayor.
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the time is over for that! we are the damage control. this is what we have been fighting for, not just reforms and more. >> we are powerful people! >> i'm going to make this really short, everybody that her activists and organizers, they have the answers to the problems in the city. 's people have been working hard in the community bringing the people together, our voices will be heard. we will no longer tolerate all of the things going on, we will have new blood and share and aside from that, i want you all to be very aware of the polices specific campaign to take the name off of the training field. trying to wipe that man's name off of that training bill so that they do not have to say his name. police killed that man. his name is on the bill.
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>> who sets this town? >> we set the town! >> we will fight for our freedom! >> we will fight for our freedom! >> we are free to win! >> will support one another! >> we have nothing to lose for -- >> kimberly: as we see the protesters taking it over, betsy hodges is fleeing the scene, unable to control the podium and microphone part of the protesters taking it over, having their own essentially community, press conference. calling for community control, more on that later. we are going to take it around the table and see in fact, what is it that they want? they want for the mayor to be gone as well, for everyone that works with her, they want institutional change, they said that they are taxpayers. they are going to take over the building, essentially. they want to new blood.
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they want it now. >> chris: they say they want community control, yes, these are called elections. there is community control. you can vote out the mayor. there is a system. there is a process. and part of the problem that we have in the united states is the people who feel most disenfranchised by the system tend to be the people that participate at the lowest rate, this is a big problem that we have in america for people and people of color, tend to participate in elections at a lower rate of an affluent white people in suburbs. and as a congruent, they feel disenfranchised. then when things turn out the way they want them to come rated. they get angry. think the voters of metro minneapolis, st. paul tonight, the people who vote regularly in the suburbs, think they feel do they feel reassured, or do they say we need more cops, comfortable? tougher line, take it harder? i doubt they won many conference in the voting public opinion. >> juan: the story is fascinating to me largely
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because of what you just said. imagine that we flip the script. last saturday, and a half billion women, white woman, 40 years old, called and says that she thinks she hears a rate is occurring nearby. she called twice. the police finally show up. she's frustrated. she is wondering where the cops been? she approaches the police car, at that time according to one of the cops in the car, there is a loud noise. his partner who is a somali born african-american. >> a multinational. >> turns and fires to the window of the car door shooting justine damond in her abdomen and kills her, so for much of the week, the question was, how come black lives matter is not standing up for this suburban white woman, chris? but then we saw the response, where his blue lives matter in terms of standing up for the cop? and all they talked about was why wasn't a body camera on
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why, wasn't a body camera on? but they don't stand up necessarily for the officer. so what we have seen is racial reverse of rules. all of a sudden, i saw a lot of the kind of ways that america typically respond to these incidences out the window until tonight. tonight is the first time we have seen in a racially mixed crowd there black activists standing up for this white suburban woman. >> that goes to show you how the black activists there feel that the police department of minneapolis has been running wild in their opinion for so many years regardless of race. but i have to go back to the mayor there. she got absolutely steamrolled. i have never seen a public official just get blown up like that. she had no control. no law enforcement there, the staff was whispering in her ear. what you need to do, just take a lesson, this is what you need to do the next time the stuff happens. you let them speak for 30-45 seconds.
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let them air their grievance, then you say i hear you, i understand you, now is not the time to discuss this. i am here to appoint a new police chief, thank you and good night. but she stood there and got humiliated. >> she said that several times. >> she got drowned out. she had the microphone and she got drowned out. that was the weakest performance of the mayor, besides bill de blasio. i've seen in a very long time. >> dana: she is a woman who was trying to do right by her citizens. she's going to give a press conference. i don't know why they had a press conference in a room where they had all of these people as well. i don't understand that. she will probably have to rethink that one. i do think, she kept saying, i hear you. and it was like, if you are in a hostage situation. i hear you, i understand. i hear you, i understand. it was ineffective, but there was no security there to stop it. she cannot stop it on her own. she knows that the cameras are running coming into the other thing, this is interesting. not a violent thing, it's people yelling and protesting. but it is how america works it
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out, right? they are arguing with each other, but what is interesting is the woman that was speaking, it seems to me that she agrees with them, so there might be some more common ground than we realize -- >> chris: you mean the woman in a crossing guard vest? >> jesse: if you have a crossing guard vest, that puts you in an immediate situation of authority. >> let me try that next time on the five. >> kimberly: she came dressed for success indeed. for more back on the story, we will go to in the newsroom and trace gallagher standing by. >> and, kimberly, you have to realize the genesis of this. this was back to last saturday night and the way this whole thing was handled. one was touching on this earlier that the fact that the police officers were supposed to have their body camera turned on. the body cams were not turned on. they were supposed to be before you have any contact with somebody about supposedly violent offense. the camera should be on. there was no dashcam are on.
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the only audio in this entire thing was the radio calls between the police officers and dispatch, which said this woman thought that she heard a sexual assault in her alley, so she went out and her pajamas. she was at the driver side door, the two police officers were inside the squad car. they heard what was a loud sound, and for some on explained reason. the officer who has been on the force for two years fired, and killed that woman right there, justine damond. the way that the police handled this was also very controversial because they did not say anything for days and days and days. in fact when the police chief came out yesterday for the first time and was very critical of the way that the police officer handled this saying he was not trained this way, that the woman should still be alive, and they were still working on this, that was criticized by the mayor. remember that the whole thing was pushed off into the minneapolis bureau of criminal
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apprehension. the police department did not say a word for several days. the bca was given the task of trying to explain this. they did not do anything at all. and now you have what leads up to the mayor asking the police chief to resign, now you have this crowd asking the mayor to resign. this goes back to the shooting last year of castile in minneapolis. the police officer in that case was exonerated. so tensions with the police department or high to begin with going into tonight's meeting. >> or kimberly! [laughter] >> kimberly: so when i see a situation like this, the former prosecutor, you see the protesters. i'm thinking to myself, our rights, that type of thing, so if you are involved in public safety, the first thing that she should be doing is trying to coordinate, and obviously inopportune timing, because the police chief has a resign,
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someone new taken the position. i'm saying to myself, you want to make sure that this does not propel and galvanize forward to some kind of public demonstration, protest, i'm thinking about public safety, rioting, looting, and ensure that there is some composure, stability. >> chris: and because of philando castile, this becomes minneapolis which has had racial grievances, had issues in the past because of philando castile, this is a hot bed. the fact that the race is switched is not is what is important to protesters. these processors don't care about this case in particular. they they want a wholesale change. just want everybody out. >> kimberly: we will get your reaction to this. >> i go back to this watching them. it is not violent. it is like an old-fashioned
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meeting with a little bit more length and muscle. they are not being hateful to each other. you can have this also remember, it is friday kind of discourse. night. these people are not out partying, they thought it was important enough to come to city hall in order to have their voices heard. they are getting them here tonight. >> kimberly: it is interesting, it was an australian woman that was killed, and you saw a little bit in the press, but now obviously it has catapulted to a whole another level in terms of national discourse that has been going on here. we saw it with ferguson, et cetera in terms of police and abuse and authority, force in a situation like this, deadly force with a woman killed, actually trying to be a good samaritan to fulfill her public duty to try to alert the police department there was a violent crime that was transpiring. >> jesse: you are right, but you want to keep it as a discourse. you do not want to see ferguson, baltimore, any room to riot.
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and right now as much as i disagree with some of the outlandish behavior and some of the language, they say democracy is messy. it's a little bit more than messy. this is sloppy in my opinion, but these people are like you said, on a friday night, no one is throwing any punches. no one is burning anything. they are being active civic participants. they are angry. it is in a public sphere, apparently. i say air it out, and don't let anything on fire. everybody will simmer down. >> juan: what is interesting to me is that black lives matter a few years back was a much bigger player on the scene. and this summer, in the middle of the center we have not heard much from the black lives matter movement. i think they have lost a lot of traction. we had a situation this week in baltimore where police were found to be planting evidence, another out west in california where a woman who was selling flowers without a license got beat up by police. and now the situation in
9:41 pm
minneapolis, but this is something that america is going to have to deal with and get away from the racial energy that has driven the story until now. >> when americans see them just talking and just yelling and not lighting things on fire, i think that engages more rational americans to say >> juan: i agree with you. maybe we should take a listen. >> kimberly: we will ask the fox news channel, big breaking developments coming out of the white house today. a new communications director is in. anthony scaramucci. sean spicer resigning, we have statements coming up. an exclusive with sean hannity. reince priebus, sean spicer, keep it here.
9:42 pm
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>> dana: are back now with more on today's resignation of sean spicer. here's more from sean hannity's exclusive interview tonight with the outgoing white house press secretary. >> share the podium with sarah huckabee sanders. anthony scaramucci comes in. did you feel in any way that this was against you? did you feel that you are pushed
9:46 pm
out in anyway. was this totally your decision? >> is a mention, the president wanted to add to the team more than anything. it was in the best interest of our communications department, the press organization to not have too many cooks in the kitchen. c >> dana: and kimberly, we found out that anthony scaramucci will have some press appearances this week. i have to say, let's hear it from the italian-americans. we just keep kicking it. w >> kimberly: a lot of pride tonight coming from the humble background. nice middle class family out of long island, really the example of the american dream coming to fruition on america entrepreneur. a real patriot, believes in the message. the president has enjoyed a close relationship with the president and the family membern with ivanka, don jr, eric. maybe it's good to have somebody who understands you, that you
9:47 pm
can trust, i think sean spicer was incredibly gracious, and we will hear from anthony scaramucci on "fox news sunday" with our very own chris wallace. that will be one definitely to watch. >> dana: it is interesting that he was able to overcome what others were not able to. he was now poor president trump in the campaign, and he is on tape. he says several things that a lot of people have been basically --in >> jesse: boy, is he on tape saying some things. >> dana: the administration said, no, not happening. one time retweet it something that was not positive. anthony scaramucci was able to get over theot hump somehow. >> jesse: i think trump has a special bond with him. i think sean spicer came in as a two-for-one package deal when he came in with reince priebus. not a lot of connection to them. but a personal connection to scaramucci. a lot of people succeeding l in the trump administration have business backgrounds.
9:48 pm
you have scaramucci rising. exactly, ross, and a lot of other political people are slowly losing influence. where has linda mcmahon been? can we hear something from linda? we like linda. the hardest job in washington, d.c., you know as being the white house press secretary, even harder, being the white house press secretary. for donald trump. >> juan: let me say in response to your point, clean the swamp! all of the sudden another goldman sachs guy. but the key to me -- >> dana: oh, my god. briefly at goldman sachs. >> jesse: that's a badge of honor according to you! >> juan: i would say that the key for me is that this is no david gergen. this is not bringing in someone who knows washington, knows how the system works. professional with communications, and what really strikes me is that anthony
9:49 pm
scaramucci was offered the white house job back in january, and did not deliver on it. he got pushed off, and eventually export, import. now back because he beat up cnn. that is a great triumph. >> dana: the whole cnn thing happen, i remember saying, look how gracious he was about it. he said, hey, this is not right. when they apologize, he was like cool. so i don't think that he was -- he was not like punching them. >> chris: and moreover, this is for us. who is a public spokesman for the white house? >> dana: the president.: do they need a david gergen type? >> chris: oh, gosh, yes. badly. >> dana: we had all of that breaking news put moments away from sean hannity's exclusive interview with sean spicer, i believe. what they meant to say. and reince priebus. right there! i'm not really "there."
9:50 pm
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>> jesse: welcome back to "the five," what everybody has not spoken about is sarah huckabee sanders, a big promotion today, anything you would like to say? >> dana: that third person to be a press secretary. the second republican. a quick note with her today, we had an exchange in a new life is changed from the moment that you renamed the white house press secretary.
9:54 pm
it will be brutal and an honor that you carry with you for the rest of your life. to soak it all appeared to the other thing i advise, make sure you ask for the help that you need. because women try to do everything on their own. she is also a mother, so she has a lot going on. so poised at the podium, i wish her the very best. >> jesse: she does have a lot of poise, sheot is very effecti, chris. i do you think she will be more effective than sean spicer? and maybe will she possibly do something more on camera? >> chris: we don't know what kind of role, we doo not know f the office of press secretary is still going to be a thing. if you have a person that goes up, they point the camera at the wall, and the person gives a gaggle forer reporters, who car? because it could be anybody. the nature of being the white house press secretary in the last 50 years has been abous a person who goes on television and speaks for the white house. that is the really important thing.eabo who goes on television and speaks for the white house. if people do not go on television and speak for thehi scaramucci, anthony is more than qualified to go on television for interviews and speak for the president and on his behalf.
9:55 pm
the person that goes out every day and throws crackers to the ducks in the front row, if they do not do it on camera, it does not matter. >> jesse: i agree with that. we saw the president just tweeted something about today's big news. classic trump tweet. >> kimberly: i mean sean served the president in the country admirably in his military circuit. we are very grateful to him for that. i'm quite certain that he will have a bright future. i will say that sarah huckabee sanders has been doing such an amazing job. i think she was very good today. i noticed that they had an interplay between the two of them. they work well together. so weti will see. >> jesse: you have ten seconds. >> juan: her job is going to be to take on a fight. the president is going to the mattresses against mueller, investigating if he should be pardoned. >> jesse: she has her work cut
9:56 pm
out, but she is going to do a great job. we assume. stay right there, "the five" resumes in just a moment. that's cool. i got a new helmet. we know steve. switching to allstate is worth it.
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>> kimberly: welcome back to "the five," visiting newsday today with the direction of change in the white house with anthony scaramucci being named director of communications and sarah huckabee sanders being named as the press secretary for the president of the united states. lots of changes, this includes more changes going we will see you back heret on monday, and hannity's exclusive
10:00 pm
with sean spicer and reince priebus up next. stay with us. ♪ >> sean: tonight. >> i would like to read a statement from the president on the resignation of sean spicer. >> sean: change comesou to the white house. press secretary sean spicer resigned. >> he is a true american patriot. he is a military serviceman. he has a great family. he has done an amazinger job. >> sean: and anthony scaramucci is named communications director. >> as candidates i would like to be with you guys. it feels like there is a lot of media bias. >> sean: how all these moves impact the trump administration? >> there has been some speculation about me and priebus. we are a little bit like brothers, but we were up each other up a little bit. >> sean: sean spicer and reince priebus will join us tonight in two exclusive interviews


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