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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  July 17, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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yet, i want to wish you a happy world emoji day! no. apple getting in on the celebration by announcing a new collection of ee me joes, will t.'s a dinosaur, zombie, and coconuts. i'm ship. >> shepard: 3:00 in d.c., noon on the west coast, members of the trump team looking to shift the focus back to their agenda. the president tweeting about plans for the week while continuing to defend his son's russia meeting at trump tower. questions about that sitdown loom over the administration. the president's lawyer says absolutely nothing in the meeting broke the law. and the republicans plan for overhauling health coverage postponed after senator mccain's surgery. we'll see whether that delay could actually give the dp o.p. a better chance of rounding up enough support. plus it started with a woman calling police for help. and ended with a police officer shooting her dead. >> i have a lot of questions about why the body cameras weren't on. questions that i hope and
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anticipate will be answered in the next few days. >> shepard: how anger and heartbreak. a community looking for answers. let's get to it. >> announcer: now shepard smith reporting live from the fox newsdesk. >> shepard: good monday afternoon. the white house holding an off-camera briefing with reporters right this minute, it's been going on for the better part of 20, 25 minutes. we will be able to play the sound for you as soon as it wraps up. the white house is apparently trying to change the subject from the russia investigation and understandably so. but president trump is still tweeting about it. the white house today kicked off a "made in america" week as it calls it. the president right now set to take part in a product showcase featuring items from each of the 50 states. he spent the weekend at his golf club in new jersey. last night he tweeted, heading back to washington, d.c. much will be accomplished this week on trade, military, and security. but this morning, the president was back on the topic of his oldest son's meeting with the russian lawyer.
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and a russian-american lobbyist who once served as soviet spy or at least in the soviet spy unit. the president tweeting, most politicians would have gone to a meeting like the one don jr. attended in order to get info an opponent. that's politics. that said, his own fbi head nominee, or nominee to be the head of the fbi, said instead of taking the meeting one should call the fbi should you get word that the russians are offering up campaign help. the response from the white house ahead. e-mail showed donald trump jr. took the meeting after a middleman told him a russian government attorney had dirt on hillary clinton, dirt that was part of the russian government support for the donald trump candidacy. the president's soin, jared kushner and campaign chairman at the time, paul manafort were at that meeting. a member of president trump's private legal team went on every network on sunday to show and defend the defense. here's what the lawyer said
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about donald trump jr.'s meeting with the russians at trump tower. >> i wonder why the secret service, if this was nefarious, why did seat kret service allow these people in. the president had secret service coverage at that point. >> shepard: it didn't. now the secret service has responded with a rare public statement. an official with the agency tells fox news, i quote, donald trump jr. was not a protectee of the u.s. secret service in june of 2016. thus we would not have screened anyone he was meeting with at that time. we have team fox coverage for you, chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge in washington, first kristin fisher at the white house. what are they saying about the president's tweet on the russia investigation today? >> not a whole lot, ship. today -- shep. today sean spicer in this meeting that's ongoing, said he would defer all questions about don jr.'s meeting with the russian attorney to president trump's private toerp. we're not getting a lot of meat
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there. instead what sean spicer said, which is still going on why we can't play any sound bites from it, is that today is "made in america week." the white house trying to get back on message, a lot of flashy things taking place on the south lawn of the white house. march rein one, made in connecticut, is on display there. they're going to have a big tractor made by cater pillar on the -- caterpillar on the lup as well. a lot of questions about the president's own business practices. i mean, shep, don't forget there was a lot of talk about how so many of his products are, in fact, made overseas and not just the president's products but the trump organizations products, i should say. but his daughter, ivanka trump's clothing line, most of that is made overseas. so sean spicer was asked about, you know, how do you reconcile those two things and whether or not there would be, perhaps, a commitment from the white house to produce some of these
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products here in the u.s. but sean spicer said he simply wouldn't say, he didn't feel like it was appropriate to comment on the president's family's business. >> shepard: kristin fisher live on the north lawn, thank you. i told you that the white house news briefing was under way. sean spicer giving the briefing today, but, again, the white house rules for today are, that we could record the audio but not the video of the meeting. and we could play that audio back for you once the news conference was over. but not until. now the news conference has ended. we want to play it back for you, unedited so that you can hear it. we'll begin with the first question for sean spicer. >> your counterpart in russia, speaks for vladimir putin, says they expect their properties that were received by the prior administration to be returned without any sfip ulations or -- stip you alations or attachments to it. was it discussed with the president, does the president have a strong view, what is it
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that the president would like to see in return? >> i know that secretary tillerson, falls under his purview. he's been involving discussion and i refer you to the state department. >> this came from vladimir putin's office. >> in our country the secretary of state is handling that portfolio. i refer to you that. >> did the president bring it up in his conversations with vladimir putin? >> i don't know. i would be glad to find out. i don't believe they did. >> thank you, sean. the president tweeted that more politicians -- most politicians would have gone into the meeting like the one that don jr. attended to get information on opposition, that is politics. any the fbi says anyone contacted by another country about opposition research should notify the fbi. which is right? >> you know i'm not going to get into the specifics of this. but i will say that it is quite
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often for people who are given information during the heat of a campaign to ask what that is. that's what simply he did. the president made it clear to his tweets, and there was nothing as far as we know that would lead anyone to believe that there was anything except for discussion about adoption. but i would refer you back to counsel on that one. >> i'll ask about counsel, about mark kaskow. tz, reportedly exchanged e-mails with a private citizen with a number of threats and profanity laced set of comments. did the white house and the president still have confidence in him to speak for the administration on on this russia matter. >> yes, he does. i know he's issued an apology in that matter. >> followup on that question, the president tweeted this morning regarding the fbi investigation, the vet test, his
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job manage the president's response to the russia investigation? >> for cobb, as you know, within the counsel's office there are various attorneys that have different portfolios. while we have outside counsel a lot of times the requests that we get from this room requires to us go to counsel and say can we answer this question. what can we say or can't we say. you do you do your best to get us to make a case that should be answered by the white house. we end up spending time talking to the counsel's office about what can and can't be referred to outside counsel. what still remains in our purview. it was the decision of the white house to bring some one onboard like in a lot of other areas they have a counsels dedicated to that, there was significant interest in the subject to do that. >> the president's tweet this morning, that this went through mr. cobb? >> i don't believe so. >> what is the follow on that made in america, you mentioned
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the helicopter on the south lawn, march rein one. who paid for that to fly here from i guess quantico? also is it appropriate to do military -- >> well, it would be a boeing. where i believe that's held. you know, i think we're very proud. the idea is to showcase this week things that are made in america. i know sikorsky in the state of kentucky connecticut, they're very proud of the fact that they contribute to our national security, that there are i assume hundreds if not thousands of people whose jobs defend on that. like most americans we're all proud of the helicopter and other military equipment that some of the americans work tirelessly to do. of course it is appropriate to highlight that. hunter? >> thank you, sean. i'm wondering whether you can tell us if "made in america" will include the trump organization or ivanka trump brand committing to stop manufacturing wares abroad. >> again? >> as part of made in america
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week, is the trump organization or ivanka trump's brand will make any kind of commitment to stop manufacturing gifts, clothes other wares abroad? >> there are a couple of things interesting about that question. first, what is really important, is the president's agenda. regulatory relief and tax relief. focus on trying to make sure that all companies can hire here, request expand here to manufacture here. that's something that he wants for every company, you see him talk about that extensively. with respect to his own companies, obviously it is inappropriate to discuss how anything would affect their own companies. but can i tell you in some cases there are certain supply chains or scaleability that may not be available in this country. i won't comment on specific products. but the overall arching goal of course, is to grow manufacturing. to grow investment here in the united states and to grow u.s. workers here. that remains the overall objective. >> obviously it might be a sacrifice given certain
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questions about rates and stuff, but wouldn't it be a way to show leadership, to -- >> it would be -- it's not appropriate for me to stand up here and comment about a business, i believe, that's a little out of bounds. i would go back to the president's broader goal which is to create investment here, to bring back the manufacturing base. when you look at these indices that measure confidence, both in terms terms of ceos, manufacturers, that they're at all-time high. there's a lot of confidence in the president's agenda is going to accomplish that. charlie? >> just a question about the decision to allow 15,000 new temporary worker visas. how does that not conflict with the hire american action of the president? >> one of the things you're seeing through this is it's not just a number, it's a lot of the qualifications and the -- a lot of, goes through there to ensure that we are hiring and bringing in the people. as you know the president has been supportive of the rheys act
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by cotton and purdue, seeks to really look at more of a merit-based immigration system. something that he continues to push for and will continue to work with senators kwot ton and purdue to get that in a place that will focus on merit-based and provide the overall reform that he's been talking about for a long time. dave? >> sean, thanks. what is the white house reaction to the government of iran announcing that the -- they have chinese-american sentenced to 10 years for espionage. also, could you fill us in on any new sanctions on iran? >> i'm not going to comment on any new sanctions, at that point, treasury would be the one to make that announcement. obviously we're disappointed in that. with respect to that individual. he is some one we're keeping an eye on. >> with regard to, i want to ask you about the steel tariffs.
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the president told reporters on the plane last week he was considering tariffs and know thats regard to foreign steel. this made in america week, hah the president made up his mind on whether he'll do tariffs, quotas or both? >> the president's comments speak for themselves. when he's ready to make an announcement on that we'll share it with you. that's something the team is discussing. >> is the president resigned to the why the that it seems unlikely that the senate will vote on any kiep of repeal and replace -- any type of repeal and replace bill in the immediate future? >> i know senator mcconnell has said he would like senator mccain back, we wish him a speedy recovery. as soon as senator mccain can travel back and senator mccome feels it is appropriate he'll schedule that vote. we feel very confident about where we are now and look forward to getting that xwil on the president's desk and getting it signed. >> i wanted to ask a quick question, i realize you can't
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speak as you said, specifically about the president donald j. trump organization companies. but just wanted to get a view from you about what chrissics are saying whether the president is the -- about bl the. is right with this message. after all, he has shirts made in chien hah, and bangladesh and india, china, other products made, made in the netherlands. give me a sense of whether the president is the right vessel for the message that he's going to deliver later today before the press? >> actually i look at it in a different way, which is the president has been a successful businessman on a number of fronts and number of areas and industries. to understand very first hand what the tax burden and what the regulatory burden do to a business that wants to grow or expand here or hire here. so i think he actually is in a unique way, upped stands the
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challenges that our regulatory system and faction system put on businesses that want to grow here, want to hire here, need scaleability and capacity here that maybe isn't because of some of our arcane trailed laws, regulations, tax laws. i actually think he's in a unique way able to talk about the challenges that so many of these companies face as they choose to expand and some of the tariffs and quotas that they face in other markets. i know that some of the stuff you look at, a company like caterpillar is out, there you talk about the tariffs that they face going into other countries. when you talk about the earth mover, you know, d-11, something else, talking about a million-plus dollar piece of equipment, 20% tariff is $200,000. if you're going into a country where our company, our companies are disadvantaged by huge tariffs, that's immediately putting them at a disadvantage. the president understands what that means to a company that wants to grow and expand throughout the globe and meet new markets and go into other
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maces. i think he understands it probably uniquely. brad? -- fred. >> thanks, sean. >> we'll get to you andrew. >> thanks. couple much questions on the voter integrity commission meeting on wednesday. without full cooperation of all of the states, was that mission consider buy something of the registration information the way campaigns do or using private organizations? >> most of this information is available. i mean all of those companies are doing is buying it from the states. i don't think there would be any reason to go to a private vendor, we should be able to do this utilizing officials resources that exist within the state. there's been some miscommunication on what they're seeking. the commission has asked that each state provide that information that is public. that they share. because that varies from state to state what they're willing to
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give out the commission was illustrative in trying to describe what it was looking for. i think we will move forward very well. >> i'm sorry, i have another. there wasn't hacking in the voter registration roles. south carolina it was reported. is that going to be something the commission looks into at all? >> i think the commission has a broad mandate to make sure there's the greatest degree of integrity in our voting system and confidence it in. i don't want to get ahead of their agenda. but i think all areas like that are going to probably get brought up. but the first meeting is wednesday, we'll see what comes of it. >> sean, two-point policy question. what steps is president trump taking to ensure that the israelis are comfortable with the u.s. brokered deal in syria. >> you talk about netanyahu's comments? i would refer you to him. but there's a shared interest
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that we have with israel making sure that iran does not gain a foot hold in southern syria. so while we're going to continue those talks, obviously we want to have that productive cease-fire. but we also want to make sure we're not, one of our other objectives is remains to make sure that iran does not gain a foot hold in southern syria. we need to have that discussion with prime minister netanyahu about his concerns. there is a shared goal there. >> with the healthcare bill in limbo what is the administration's intention to move forward on fox reform, can you move on it without having healthcare? >> the senate is still on track to vote and the president will sign it as soon as it's, you know, as soon as it's possible. we'll continue to plan. we have had well into the hundreds if not close to 1,000 listening sessions with different entities. not, the number of entities not the number of meetings. they'll continue that outreach,
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continue to hear the focus, robust discussions with the committees of relevant jurisdiction. we'll continue that. but we'll keep moving that along. i expect activity in august, then into september. but we're still on track to do that. and we hope to have the healthcare bill completely locked up as soon as senator mcconnell deems it appropriate. >> there is concern among the support of the healthcare bill that the extension is going to give the opponents of the bill more traction. what specifically is president trump going to do to try to get this bill through? >> i mean he's been very active on the phone, he'll meet with senators, have senators over tonight. he's been very active over the weekend. the vice president has been extremely engaged as well. we'll continue those discussions. you know, i think we're going to do what we did the last time, the president is going to be engaged, get it done.
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as i said before, there's no one better than mitch mcconnell when it comes to knowing how and when to make a bill successful in the senate. we have every confidence in the majority leader's ability to get it done and the president will do whatever he has to to support those efforts. >> one quickly on russia, president trump has referred to the russia investigation as a hoax, a witch hunt. given the meeting that donald trump jr. has does he acknowledge that special counsel has a legitimate investigation? >> i think they answered that question very extensively this weekend. i think it's been asked and answered. we did answer that. >> sean can you tell me how the election committee was selected and are they trump supporters? >> i don't. you're free to ask them. i think they will be out there, there are some folks, feel free to talk to hem.
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we asked for suggestions from governors and members of congress to give us a list. then working within the different offices here, ultimate selection was made. we sought input from the governors and congressional delegation. abbie? >> friday the president tweeted four times about healthcare but heless tweeted six times about the u.s. -- private property that is owned by his company. is the question, is it appropriate for him to essentially advertise his private business using his twitter feed, and when comparatively less time is spent on healthcare and issue that we know is the most important issue? >> i respectfully disagree in the sense sending off a tweet takes five, ten seconds. as i just mentioned to kristin, he's been extremely engaged with making phone calls, talking to folks, meeting with his team, getting updates.
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to compare a tweet with a meeting or a phone call, is probably a little -- >> but he did spend time, seems to be very engaged in it. tweets perhaps are a second long. but its indicates what the president is spending his time on. how do you assure the country that he is, in fact, engaged on healthcare? >> right, because i would suggest to you, one, i just told you, that he's been extremely engaged and talking to different senators. some of them have mentioned that they had extensive discussions with hem. number two, this is the seam group, we got a lot of, he'll never get through the house, we continue to work hard, continue to be engaged and it came out. we continue to do what we have to do and we'll make it work. we're going to get this done, we'll move on, do tax reform, infrastructure. the president has a robust agenda. when you look at the amount of activity that he's been able to do and the results he's getting,
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that speaks for itself. >> ivanka trump, the head of ivanka trump's business says that there is currently not possible to make her product here in the united states. so what is the white house or the administration policy for companies like that to say there's just no way to do it. how do they make their products here in america? >> well, i can't answer that question. in the sense that i'm not -- i can tell you, that it depends on the product. there are certain things that certain industries that we don't do as much any more and certain things we do do more much there's a certain thing that, certain aspect of technology and labor. but as i mentioned in terms of scaleability, there are certain things that we may not have the capacity to do here, having a plant or factory that can do it. the beautiful thing about a capitalistic society if there's enough of a demand for it, it will happen. that's what the president is
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trying to do. if you lower the tax rate, if you lower the regulatory burden, you know, you will hopefully grow businesses and grow manufacturing. i've talked to several ceos and business leaders in the past couple of weeks about tax reform. it is amazing how many of them tell that you they pay the 35% rate and you say to them, what will you do if that rate drops. and the number one thing they talk about is they're going to invest and build more in their company. this is what we need to do. some liens, some industries, some products, some lines may not have the scaleability or the demand in this country. but like so many on other things, if that demand, enough of a demand, hopefully some one builds a factory and does it. we've seen that, in industries, where you saw the decline of newspapers and you've seen a lot more online content and online publications. the evolution sometimes of industry. put i'm sure around the world
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some places newspapers get delivered of day in a much greater way than they do here. >> if there's no indication with the hand bags, shirts, whatever, if there's no capacity, is it appropriate to make those things overseas? >> think about all of the things that we buy every day. of course there's a market. because we depend in this country for so many goods and services. some of which are made in america, some of which aren't. we want to create an environment which more things are made here, more things exported from here. that's what the president's agenda sets out to do. birthday girl, kayla? i'm sorry, sarah. >> thanks. it's not my birthday, but -- >> it's kayla's birthday, she's not here. i saw amon, thought cnbc. >> i'll take the second question. >> i know you don't want to get
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ahead of the announcement about the recertification, but the administration has been reviewing it for some time now, even though the president has already made definitive statements about what he thinks should be done on the iran deal. did he make those statements without having sufficient information about the iran deal or is the review ongoing because he's open to changing his position on the iran deal if new information came to light? >> yeah, i've got to say, i think the president, from throughout the campaign until now, made clear that he thinks it's a bad deal. and initially, he recertified it because he was -- had the luxury of having an entire team here from state, national, d.o.d., nsc to review it that, time is up. and the state will make its announcement shortly. he has been consistent with the fact he thought it was a bad deal. andrew? >> thank you, sean. two questions and a short
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followup. when the president took office one of the things he ordered was 90 day cyber security review. that came and went. it's been several months, can you update us on where that report is, has it been completed? and if it hasn't been completed, why? >> i will get back to you on the report. he did sign an executive order on cyber, making sure that we have the resources necessary to protect our key critical infrastructure. >> last week there was a large online day of action on net neutrality organized by many of the largest companies in america. amazon, apple, facebook. a lot of the technology economy that's driving the u.s. economy. the fcc is an independent agency, but does the president believe that network neutrality is an important thing and open internet is important to the american economy? >> well, again, as you noted the
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fcc is an independent agency. i refer to you them with respect to that. i have not addressed net neutrality specifically. >> can you get back to us. >> i will definitely get back. katie? >> ukraine government went into damage control mode to make amends when president trump won the election with administration officials. this an issue that was discussed during the visit to the white house? and has the president discussed it with him? >> that's an interesting question, i will have to get back to you. obviously, there's been a lot more interest in recent days with respect to what the dnc did in coordination with the ukrainian government to could lewd and achieve a goal of having some one removed which ultimately did happen. i don't know whether that came up with the president. i would be glad to look into the call. i know that that story and the dnc's collusion with the ukrainian government has gotten more attention since that meeting. i'm not sure that it was necessarily topical at the time.
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but now that there's been renewed interest in what the dnc did, i'm glad to look further. >> the dnc, what impact did it have on this policy toward ukraine? >> again, it wasn't something that was discussed at the time in the visit that i'm aware of. i would be glad to follow up and find out whether that came up. but my only point is at the time of the visit i don't believe it was topical as it is now. george? >> in a briefing last month, you said you didn't believe the president factored in when he made a trip what his popularity is in that country. now, we have a report of a transcript of a conversation between the prime minister and the president in which he asked prime minister may to fix his popularity so he gets a better reception. do you have any reason to doubt the accuracy of that transcript of that conversation that it took place, do you still believe that he doesn't factor in popularity?
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>> i believe i'm not going to comment on leaked -- rumored leaked conversations. i will say that he was pleased to accept her majesties invitation and looks forward to visiting the united kingdom. >> what is the president's view and are there certain conditions that the president would like before the talks take place? >> that came out of the republicans, i would refer you back to them. the president has been clear with respect to any type of conditions that would have to be met are far away from where we are now. >> sean, the white house has been monitoring the demonstrations in venezuela, any reaction to that? >> we obviously are concerned about that. we've been watching what's been going on. we congratulate the venezuelan people for the huge turnout in the referendum and the unmistakable statement that they made, that they delivered to their government. we condemn the violence inflicted by government thugs
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against innocent voters, an effort to erode democracy in conveniences well a we call for the constituent assembly of july 30 to be cancelled, and for free and fair elections to be scheduled. >> on iran, the revolutionary guard said that the united states designated a group a terrorist organization and applies sanctiontion it would be perilous for peep in the region. >> i don't think our forces will ever be, what was the word? >> in peril. >> no. i think our forces are the greatest fighting machine in the world. we'll do everything we can to protect our country. and to make sure that we extinguish any threats that we face. thank you, guys, hope to have you get a good look at what's going on outside, the pool will do a great job. >> shepard: about 25ments of q and a from sean pieser at the white house. and russia, one of the biggest topics, our chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live in washington.
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>> about half way through the questions on these concerns over the meeting in june 2015, donald trump at that meeting with the russian lawyer and others and where was the secret service in all of this. the president's lawyer said they should have had a role or suggested they should have had some kind of a role vetting these people, if they were so nefarious. to bring everyone up to date, we're in a situation today where we have had an unusual statement from the secret service. secret service official put out this language, that says, really the issue comes down to timing. and that in june 2016 the secret service was responsible for then candidate trump and his wife what they call protectees and the secret service was not responsible for the trump children. so they would not have screened anyone, donald trump jr. met with. at that type the secret service was in charge of physical security at trump tower when the meeting with donald trump jr., former campaign chairman paul manafort and jared kushner met
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with the russian attorney and others. so that does not include vetting these visitors, the russiantiontion for intelligence purposeses. it means the secret service was responsible for wanding them to make sure they weren't bringing in weapons into the building. really comes down to this distinction of physical screening for people entering trump tower versus intelligence screening which is a kind of thing that would have applied to mr. trump and his wife only at that time not the children. >> shepard: there's an update on americans, identification of americans in the intelligence report? >> the unmasking what we call it. after subpoenas were issued in may a source tells fox that the fbi, cia and national security agency, nsa, have fully complied with the house intelligence committee providing records that suggest the unmasking or identification of americans in these coded intelligence reports does go beyond the can by former cia director john brennan, former advisor susan rice and
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former u.n. ambassador samantha power. the source said more than half dozen senior obama administration officials are now of interest to house skresors. these subpoenas were issued by the house intelligence committee chairman devon nunez who took himself out of the russia investigation earlier this year after an ethics complaint was filed, that he violated federal rules when he confirmed at a press conference that trump campaign associates were incidentally collected by the intel jeans community. he disputes that charge. democrats criticized him for sharing this information with the white house rather than committee members. there's been a lot of anticipation that susan rice would testify behind closed doors on capitol hill as early as tomorrow before the house intelligence committee. but based on our reporting that seems to be off at least for now, shep. >> shepard: catherine herridge, thank you. >> a lot of stuff. >> shepard: job shurt. a lot of things. job security.
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more on latest defense of the meeting with the russian lawyer, offering dirt on hillary clinton and the white house trying to shift attention to the president's agenda. let's get to aim a.b. stot ard. >> happy monday. >> shepard: made in america week. sean spicer asked about made in america week by john decker from fox news radio talking about ivanka products, which aren't made in america according to the reporter's questioning. made in america week, it's not getting front billing. >> right, i think it's great that they're trying to have these team weeks where they're at least trying to show voters that they're paying attention to if not acting on these campaign promises. while a big campaign promise of healthcare repeal and reform is really imperilled and hasn't been able to be -- a promise they can't fulfill yet and may never be able to. the idea that the white house in the middle of all much this
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would come up with a theme that would beg the question about why trump organization proth and ivanka's products are still made overseas in china, et cetera, is really aunder toing. i he can the props and -- astounding. i like the idea of it. but if it brings questions back to why they aren't pursuing the same leadership, one of the questioners said, why don't you get out there and lead the way, it put sean spicer in a bad position about having to answer, about his agenda is really bringing manufacturing back and it's not really about this company policy that i can't answer to. kind of an odd one, made in america week. >> shepard: while they're trying to make that the topic from the white house, the president this morning, again, tweeted about russia. >> well, president trump has really been consumed with the russia investigations. on weeks, and specifically on days where this high stakes
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drama on the hill over persuading reluctant senators or congressman on the house in the spring to come onboard and vote for, this he chooses most of the time not to vote, to feet about healthcare but to talk about the fake news or witch hunts or hoaxes that are made up because the democrats lost the election. and it's not something republicans find helpful. it is not president trump's fault that republicans can't come to a unified position on healthcare. they would really like his help selling it and don't want him to be tweeting about russia's investigations any more than his lawyers want him to be tweeting about it. >> shepard: has anything changed on capitol hill? i was looking at the polling. his approval numbers are very low. historically low, no question about that. the numbers among republicans, the numbers among his base are well over 80%, still. why would people on capitol hill start speaking truth to power? >> well, what they have been telling me in recent days since this meeting, shepard, because
12:38 pm
that story changed so many times last week from something about adoption to dirt on hillary, to yes i got an e-mail saying that the russian government was trying to help my dad to we don't know all of the attendees, oops there's another one. we found out from reporting at yahoo that the president's legal team knew about the meeting in june which begging the question when the president himself learned about it. republicans told me late last week they won't talk about this any more. you saw them go on the record with reporters saying they wouldn't have taken the meeting, it was unwise. basically they have told me they're tired of being embarrassed by stories that change coming out of the trump white house. so you see those numbers where republicans still support him in 80% range, that will keep him safe for a while, putting their nose down and trying to get healthcare reform out. they're desperate to do tax reform so that by the beginning of next year there's some kind of boost to economic growth that people can feel before the mid-term elections. they want to do it with or without president trump.
12:39 pm
you'll find conservatives like senator langford of oklahoma, trey gowdy, scott taylor, they have said this white house better get these details out and stop changing their story. >> shepard: a.b., thank you. inviting republican senators to the white house to talk about the healthcare bill. the senate vote on hold at least for a while, as senator john mccain works to recover from his surgery. will the delay help or hurt the bill's chances? more than one way to look at this thing. we will get a live report from capitol hill coming up. liberty mutual stood with us when a fire destroyed the living room. we were able to replace everything in it. liberty did what? liberty mutual paid to replace all of our property that was damaged. and we didn't have to touch our savings. yeah, our insurance won't do that. well, there goes my boat.
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you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> shepard: the president says he's working the phones and plans to meet with senators at the white house tonight in an effort to try to pass the gop's healthcare bill in the u.s. senate. that's the word from the white house today. the senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell, was pushing for a vote this week. but then he said he was delaying
12:43 pm
it because senator john mccain was recovering from surgery and wouldn't be available for a vote. as it turns out, doctors removed a blood clot from above senator mccain's eye. sources close to the senator tell fox news he will be out for at least a week. two mub an senators have come out against this bill, rand paul of kansas sushgs san collins of maine, say no way no how. just one more republican joins them, this is dead. there are a lot more republicans on the fence, as many as six more, could be seven more. before his surgery senator mccain said he had concerns about the legislation. and said he was -- said it was probably going to be dead but not how he would vote. they are expected to have a score on this bill, it was postponed, it will be out shortly. mike emmanuel has the news live on capitol hill. >> hi, shep. there's no rush with senator
12:44 pm
mccain on the mend, sources tell fox it is unclear when senator mccain will return to work at the capital toll. i'm told he is in good spirits and eager to get back to work but his doctors do not want him flying. i'm told he would consider driving if he's given the all clear. majority leader mitch mcconnell announced consideration of the healthcare reform package would be delayed. there's work to be done to get 50 votes to pass it and strong opinions on this bill. another member of mcdone's leadership team says they're trying to bring relief to the american people. >> we need to focus on lowering the cost of care and the cost of insurance for the american people so they can get the care that they need from the doctor they choose at here costs, all of these things have been lost under obamacare. >> i'm not willing to trade medicaid reform for an insurance company bailout and insurance company entitlement. they call it a temporary stable savings fund of nearly 200 billion. >> senator paul says this bill does not foe far enough.
12:45 pm
senator susan collins says it goes toof. shep? sls what about democrats they say no or is there more? >> democrats are trying to keep up the pressure on their republican colleagues and they're saying this bill would have a devastating impact. >> what they're doing is a political exercise. and that's what they don't understand. health insurance is personal. if my child is sick i want to take them to a doctor f high mom has aldz 450i78er's i want to make sure she has the nursing home care that she needs. they're doing a political exercise on something that affects every single one of us. >> this was expected to be the big week in the senate for healthcare reform. now the timing of that is tbd. >> shepard: mike ee nanual on the hill -- emmanuel on the hill, thank you. much more ahead, we'll hear from a congressional reporter who says that without senator mccain there is no repeal of the aca or obamacare. and that the longer the senate
12:46 pm
bill is on hold the less likely republicans can pass the measure. that's what the reporter says. i got to challenge her on that, coming up. new bike? yeah, 'cause i got allstate. if you total your new bike, they replace it with a brand new one. that's cool. i got a new helmet. we know steve. switching to allstate is worth it.
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>> shepard: hello, welcome back, this is a live look at the white house where the president is about to speak. rep, this is president trump speaking after participating in a made in america product showcase at the white house. remember, the white house is sort of giving a theme to each week for the next few weeks. they've done it before other white house is have done this, want to focus on something that can show accomplishment for the white house and give people an idea about what the business the white house is doing. this particular one is about, he's going to have a product from every state, it's our
12:50 pm
understanding and the president is set to sign a proclamation, a made in america proclamation. looks like he found himself a big, big hat. texas, maybe? let's listen. [applause] >> shepard: representatives from different companies and different states, there's big rigs out front. while we wait, he's going to speak on this matter in just a moment, we'll let you listen to. that but we want to talk about healthcare. rachel bad is here, to talk about the republican efforts at the white house. she's a congressional reporter who is joining us live, and from po lit i co-. plate to see you. >> having thank you. >> shepard: your talking point sounds like is this, the longer this gets drawn out, what does that do to the chances for getting this thing passed? >> time is not on republicans'
12:51 pm
side. this the longer this bill us is out there, the more opportunity critics to have come out, blast the legislation, and pressure moderate republicans who already are skweem yir about this bill to get them coming out against the bill. over the weekend, dean heller, his las vegas office was broken into. somebody left a note saying if you vote for a bill i'm going to die and i'm going to bring with you me. that's a threat. he obviously is a moderate republicans who is on the fence. whether or not to support this. what do you think this will do in terms of his deliberation process? another thing, the mub an governor of vermont came out against this bill this -- republican governor of vermont came out in opposition, this could lead others come to come out against it. they're toeing the line, not wanting to pressure the senators into voting against it f more republican governors come out against this you could see serious pressure being asserted on republicans from states where republican governors do not like this bill and that will lead
12:52 pm
them to vote against it. >> shepard: don't forget, mitch mcconnell is leading this effort. nobody on that hill doubts mitch mcconnell's wrangling of votes efforts. here's the vice president to introduce the president. >> made in america. [applause] in fact, this president has signed more laws slashing through federal red tape than any president in american history. [applause] under president trump's leadership we've been fighting for trade that's both free and fair so that american business and american workers can compete and win with companies anywhere in the world. in fact, as we were just talking down the hallway, just last month thanks to the president's leadership, american beef is now being shipped to china for the first time in 13 years. [applause] we've been unleashing american-made energy, rolling
12:53 pm
back the clean power plan, approving the keystone and dakota pipelines. when he did so president trump took executive action to make sure that new pipelines in america would be built by american workers using american steel. [applause] thanks to the president's leadership american manufacturers haven't been this optimistic in more than two decades and the confidence of american farmers is soaring to near record levels. we're going to continue to fight every single day. design the best technology in the world, president donald trump knows that made in america will make america great again. so, with gratitude for his leadership and at mirration for his unwavering confidence in the boundless capacity of the american people, it is now my
12:54 pm
high honor and distinct privilege to introduce to you the 45th president of the united states of america, president jonld trump. president donald trump. [applause] >> president trump: thank you, mike. it is true as i walk through the halls we saw so many great companies. but the gentleman who was in charge of omaha beef, they do beef, he hugged me, he wanted to kiss me so badly. [laughing] because he said, our business is a whole different business now, you got china approved. the other administrations couldn't even come close. and i told him, you know how long it took? one sentence. i said, president xi we'd love to sell beef back in china again. he said you can do that. that was the end of that. right? the great sonny purdue. we're very happy.
12:55 pm
we're here today to celebrate american manufacturing. and to showcase the amazing products from all 50 states, made in the usa. remember in the old days they used to have made in the usa, made in america? but made in the usa. we're going to start doing that again, we're going to put that brand on our product because it means it's the best. just a few months, and moments, i will say what we've done over a short period of time and what we're going to be doing over the next six months, will be incredible. we've signed more bills and i'm talking about through the legislature, than any president ever. for a while, harry true man had us. and -- truman had us. i think i have everybody. i better say "think" otherwise they give me pinocchio. i don't like that. in just a few moments i'll be signing a presidential proclamation to launch made in america week. and to make today made in america day. we are thrilled to be joined
12:56 pm
today by so many incredible members of my cabinet. every member of my administration shares the same goal, to provide a level playing field for american workers and for american industry. [applause] and we are providing it much faster than other countries would like. so it's been really a pleasure. we want to build, create, and grow more products in our country, using american labor, american goods, and american grit. when we purchase products made in the usa, the profits stay here, the revenue stays here, and the jobs, maybe most importantly of all, they stay right here in the usa. in the audience today, in the
12:57 pm
audience today we have skilled workers, we have business leaders whose american-made goods we're proudly displaying all over the white house and outside. i saw fire engines, i saw tractors from caterpillar, i saw incredible machinery, make it right here. we thank you for being here. we're honored to showcase your creations. i will say, they've really taken on, some of you have built names that i know of so long and it's congratulations, right? you in particular. what a great job you have done, thank you. i saw on you television this morning, you were fantastic. i don't know what you do exactly but you could have a second career. you did a great job, thank you very much. american workers, farmers, and innovators are really the best in the world. we know that. and what we're doing, is displaying those talents. you construct and harvest the products that fill our homes. feed our families and defend our
12:58 pm
nation and enrich our lives. i want to make a pledge to each and everyone of you no longer will we allow other countries to break the rules, steal our jobs, and drain our wealth. it has been drained. it has been drained. [applause] you're going to see a lot of things happening over the next six months. statutorily and a lot of different legal -- through the legal process. takes a while to get it set so that you are allowed to do it, you aren't allowed to do it. but we have now mostly fulfilled all of that. over the next short period of time you'll see things announced that you won't believe for our country and selling product in our country, and making product in our country. and things that are great for american jobs. you will be seeing that happening really quickly. because we are totally set up much and the hard part, now, is done. it is a long, horrible process. we'll get rid of that process
12:59 pm
for the future. we're going to stand up for our companies and maybe most importantly for our workers. for decades washington has allowed other nations to wipe out millions of american jobs through unfair trade practices. wait until you see what is up for you. you are going to be so happy. this painful exodus of american jobs, and i've been talking about it for years, was also marked by a period of sluggish growth, falling income, surging welfare, and shrinking participation in the workforce. clearly it's time for a new policy, one defined by two simple rules. we will buy american, and we will hire american. right, governor? [applause] my administration is removing
1:00 pm
the burtds and regulation -- burdens and regulations on your companies so that you can compete, thrives, and grow. how many of you have noticed this so far because it's a big, big difference, right? that's a big, big difference. the people are coming up to me, can't believe it. we took the farmers land away, we took the home builders land away to have their land back now, building homes and they're farming their farms. it's a beautiful thing to see. so thankful. a lot of those regulations have been taken off, the rest are coming off. by the way, we will have better protection than we've ever had. but we'll also have something where you koentd have to wait 15 -- don't to have wait 15 years for a permit, then when you go to the board you lose. that's a big portion of your life wiped out wait informing ar permit. we won't let that happen. for our nation to really prospect, we must lower the tax on business. one of the highest in the world. and we must repeal job-killing obamacare. we have to do that.


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