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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  July 13, 2017 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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deliver -- rob: cute kid. next the bad. scene not always for cookie. found in florida in the back of the car stuffed with cocaine. heather: finally the ugly, the democratic senator taking aim at the g.o.p. healthcare bill but she can't spell. saying medicad instead of medicaid. rob: more on that later. heather: bye. >> donald trump's meeting with a russian lawyer last summer. >> we have here a situation where an as a by -- claiming to be the cutout between vladimir putin and donald trump. >> president trump is now speaking out about his relationship with vladimir putin. >> he wants what's good for russia. >> yeah. >> and i want what's good for the united states. >> what's the conclusion? collusion? no. we don't have that yet. i see illusion and delusion. >> confirmation hearing for
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the president's pick to run the fbi was dominated by questions tied to the russian investigations in one way or another. >> did the president ask you to do something unlawful or unethical ', what do you say? >> first, i would try to talk him out of it. if that failed, i would resign. >> fox news confirming that congressman steve scalise is out of icu. >> president donald trump right now getting off air force one at the paris airport in france for a short two-day trip. the president is in paris to meet with french president manuaemanuelmacron. ♪ then i saw her face ♪ now i'm a believer ♪ without a trace ♪ of doubt in my mind. steve: yeah, it's i'm a believer made popular by the monkeys that's what it sounds like. hi, everybody, welcome to the
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number one cable news show ains it is thursday. very close to the weekend. brian: for a woman who loves her job you look forward to the weekend. brian: smash mouth. big hit. monkeys were sadly pulled off the air 1968. steve: i think they were on one or two years. two seasons. ainsley: they had a show? brian: i don't know before there was a group there was a show. steve: whole idea of the monkeys because the beatles were so popular, a tv producer in hollywood said what if we got four good looking guys together and had them be musicians. they have actually recorded some songs and sounded pretty good and sold a bunch of records. brian: david jones later appeared on the brady bunch. ainsley: we saw them arrive g-20 summit saturday and got
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on plane yesterday in france because is he there for bass bastille day. there he is with melania walking down the stairs of air force one. steve: two leaders looking to seek common ground as they look to find ways to combat terrorism. they are going to talk trade and climate change. brian: how much can get done in 27 hours. griff jenkins previews. >> just hours prosecute now i will be meeting with french president macron where the president is working to find ways on combating terrorism as tomorrow marks the anniversary of last year's bastille day in nice. they will also address differences on climate change which has been a source of tension after the u.s. withdrew from the accord last month. tight lipped what's on the agenda. >> when the president has his discussions with president macron is it your expectation
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he will engage him on this concept of climate change and the paris accord? >> we never get ahead of the president's conversations. we will certainly provide a readout and you will have a chance to ask the president himself. >> the two leaders holding a joint press conference after their meeting. you can guess what many of those questions will be about as the russia investigation continues to overshadow this trip. one area where the two leaders are likely to find common ground, guys, is syria. president macron has been on the same page with president trump. and could prove to be a key ally for the administration as they continue to put pressure on bashar assad. finally first lady melania took her own path this morning visiting france's biggest pediatric hospital, the necker hospital which is one of paris' oldest. she met with doctors. you see her there, doctors and young patients. we will see. the trumps are in france, of course, to celebrate bastille day tomorrow. guys? brian: thanks, griff. i think it's going to be very interesting. they say when macron invited the president to come over in bastille day he was on the
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fence. ainsley: back in may. brian: we are going to be having a huge parade. 100 years since you helped us out in world war 1. you probably want to be a part of it the president as soon as he heard about the military display he said i'm in. that's what he is going to be over seeing today. steve: if you are looking for the president tonight around supper time he will be at elaine famous restaurant famously located. ainsley: eiffel tower? brian: why not the hard rock isn't there is a hard rock paris? ainsley: eiffel tower might trump that. also is he going to have a press conference today around lunchtime. watch that on neil cavuto's show. he is going to be talking with macron. steve: he did one television interview with pat robertson, the founder of the 700 club and the christian broadcasting network. it will run tonight on the 700 club. it's interesting though, he
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was asked about vladimir putin. you know, it's all about russia these days. pat asked him about russia and putin. and donald trump had a really interesting answer regarding hillary clinton and president putin would have preferred a president clinton. listen. >hillary had won, our military would be disseminated. our energy would be much more expensive. that's what putin doesn't like about me. that's why i say why we want me? from day one, i wanted a strong military. he doesn't want to see that from day one i want fracking and everything else to get energy prices low and to create tremendous energy. we're going to be self-supporting. we just about are now. we are going to be exporting energy. he doesn't want that he would like hillary where she wants to have wind mills. he would much rather have that because energy prices will go up and russia, as you know, relies very much on energy. there are many things that i do are that are the exact opposite that he would want.
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brian: putting additional troops in bulgaria and making nato pay their fair share because nato really exists to counter originally the soviet and now the russian threat. look what he has done in syria. we have bulked up over there. a matter of weeks or months taking over he steam rolls everything in mosul and raqqa. if you look at actions as opposed to allegations, the president has been a lot harder to deal with for vladimir putin than barack obama ever was or hillary clinton would have been. no one can hearing what he said. ainsley: cbn released more of that interview that's going to air tonight. one question that pat robertson asked him was about healthcare. this was a very fascinating response. listen to what he said. this is a message to those folks serving our country in washington to get this thing passed. >> i'm sitting in the oval office with pen in hand waiting for our senators to give it to me. for years, they have been talking about repeal and
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replace, repeal, replace. i think they passed it 61 times repeal and replace. >> um-huh. >> that didn mean ything cause you had the minority, the republicans. they didn't have the majority. so it wasn't going to get to the president. if it ever did obama wasn't going to sign it. now we have a president that's waiting to stein. >> what's of the hold up? >> you need almost all of them. >> and that's the holdup. >> what will happen if they don't? >> well, i don't even want to talk about it, because i think it will be very bad. i will be very angry about it. i think a lot of people will be very upset. i'm sitting waiting for that bill to come to my desk. steve: all that has to happen is mitch mcconnell has got to deliver 50 republicans to say yes for it. here's the problem right now. keep in mind there are 10 republican senators who have said no. right now they are not even to the point they don't have the points to proceed at this point. later on this morning mitch is going to unveil the latest version of it the highlights
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of it, people who are critics of it say, look, you have still got a lot of the regulationregulations from obam. have you got the taxes from obamacare. you have the insurance subsidies from obamacare. people have voted over the last number of years people have voted to get rid of still baked into the new bill. that's why a lot of people feel there is a real good possibility this thing is not going to pass. brian: a guy like ted cruz has an amendment that really look at what ted cruz is putting forward. it's not perfect for a conservative like him. he understands center right plan is better than obama's plan which republicans view is wrong. rand paul joining us in an hour and 15 minutes says right now i'm a no. the senate bill does not repeal obamacare, not even close. however, you can't purely take out obamacare and put a new one in because you don't have 60 republicans. they if ticket democrats and got them all. bribe them and do everything. steve: we had me mo brooks on yesterday.
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why don't they use the nuclear option. repeal it and have a grace period of a couple years. brian: that would be a disaster. steve: that's what people voted for. ainsley: haven't decided what's best for the constituents of their state that may be the best way to do it. they risk there is a lot of pressure on republicans not only on mitch mcconnell to get this thing passed but to make sure it's right. if the same thing happened with this bill as with obamacare and insurance companies pulling out that's going to be a disaster. brian: nothing you said was wrong. i understand. ainsley: for a change. brian: picture. this repeal no plan. obamacare. two years go by. every month no plan. republicans have no plan. we still have no plan. insurers don't want to be part of anything that they -- there is no certainty in. steve: how many times did congress pass repeal and replace. brian: years to replace would be disaster. ainsley: put something in place that says we have to
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have it replaced in two years. brian: why would anyon believe that? because they just had seven years e. ainsley: pressure to do it brian: they had seven years. now they have power and can't produce a plan. going to wipe it out and fell you we have nothing. steve: conservatives on capitol hill are already saying we are not going to blame the president for this if it doesn't go through. we will blame mitch mcconnell. brian: pretty clear the president was running an empire he wasn't running a national healthcare plan. he was giving them an opportunity to do something. and i think everyone has got to give. in i'm not saying anyone has got it right or wrong but they have got to compromise. steve: i don't know. the whole thing about the affordable care act right now is there is some problems with it and if the new version doesn't fix it, penal are going to be steamed. if it's not cheaper and not better, people are going to go wait, we are spending billions of dollars for that? brian: reason why healthcare wasn't done for 80 years someone is always going to be unhappy. that's what you have to understand there is always going to be a segment not pleased. can tom price in health and
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human services can he hone it in the next three and a half and he hopes seven years to make it better? ainsley: people agree repealing and replacing would be idea so they could focus on other things and not have to keep going back to healthcare. send it over to jillian who has other news for us. jillian: let's get straight to a fox news alert right now. a grim discovery overnight in the search for four missing men in bucks county, pennsylvania. authorities finding human remains and identifying one of the victims. police outside philadelphia say the body of 19-year-old dean was discovered on 90-acre farm. is he one of four young men who vanished last week. you can see their pictures on the screen right now. investigators are working to identify several other bodies found in the same grave. >> i don't understand the science behind it, but those dogs could smell these four boys 12 and a half feet below the ground. ainsley: spotlight now intensifying on the person of
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interest. cosmo denardo back behind bars at this hour. right now only facing theft charges. accused of trying to sell a car that belonged to one of the missing young man. he is being held on $5 million cash bond. steve scalise out of intensive care this morning but remains in serious condition. the republican one of five injured after a gunman targeting republicans opened fire at a baseball practice. the louisiana congressman has remained in the hospital since that shooting last month and has had several surgeries. that's a quick look at your headlines a lot of breaking news stories. we will be sure to keep you updated on that one out of bucks county. brian: meanwhile, 13 minutes after the hour. fox news alert. president trump arriving in paris just happened this morning. getting a warm welcome from another ally. general jack keane on why that is such a big deal. that story next. steve: you heard it here yesterday. kid rock launched a new website. is he really running for senate in the website is
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brian: overnight president trump arriving in paris and our president open arms by our president. here to explain retired four star general jack keane. why does this matter?
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bastille day. military display marking 100 years since we entered world war i. >> i think it matters for a couple of reasons. something, you know, our viewers may not realize but the french is the only major european power that the united states has never fought a war with and as such, we have been allied with them in more wars than any other country. so, and our military, as a result of that, has a very close relationship with the french military. and by the way, president trump's appeal for more burden sharing among nato militaries, the french contribute about 1.8% and they will get to 2% in the next couple of years. so they're absolutely committed to what's going on in nato in terms of the collective defense of that entire alliance. the second thing here is, you know, while there is a huge difference in age between the two men. i think they have more in common than not. and the reason is that think were both ushered in by antiestablishment votes.
3:19 am
remember, all the political parties in france were defeated except macron and le pen's party which is far right wing conservative party. he ran on national populism, which is fundamentally what president trump was running on as well. and it is a movement that is a way moving across europe. i also think that the other european leaders led by angela merkel made some terrible bets. number one, is open borders, number two is mass immigration with no vetting. number three is multi-culturallism which has led to isolated muslim communities which are breeding grounds for radical islam. macron has that in his own country and knows it and is going to deal with it. >> general, going to talk syria and we know that the french have been active there what do you hope comes out of that meeting? >> we have a long way to go on syria. listen, we have got to be
3:20 am
upfront about this. the russians and the iranians have succeeded in propping up the assad regime indefinitely. they are not going anywhere. there is no political leverage to do anything about that. this war will end when the opposing forces are willing to put their arms down and there is no end in that. they are absolutely committed because assad and the russians and the iranians are killing and destroying their neighborhoods, their families, and their kids and everything. that is where we are. it is intractable. e. brian: general, thanks so much. we will talk to you again in depth on that. day five of a cease-fire. that means no one has died yet today. that's good news at the very least. >> that's very good news. brian: general, thank you. meanwhile straight ahead on this show nypd -- -- many in the mainstream media
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steve: all right. we are quick morning headlines for you right now. former president barack obama making his return to politics headlining a closed door fundraiser in washington later today. the event supports the democrat redistricting committee. the group hopes redrawing state districting maps will help them win back congressional seats. okay. and donna brazile is also back she is set to release a new book called hacks. politico reporting the book
3:25 am
would come out on the one-year anniversary of president trump's victory. and the former interim chair of the dnc faced a wave of controversy facing questions to hillary clinton before a cnn town hall with bernie sanders famously. we already showed you kid rock for, so is it a real website? ♪ because i want to be a cowboy, baby. steve: kid rock tweeted out the big news, he said the site is real if he were to run for senate of he could most probably challenge michigan democrat debbie stabenow. kid rock who has houses all across the country, is a big michigan -- son of michigan and everything he does is made in detroit. brian: see if he wear as t-shirt if he does in fact win every day. ainsley: can he take that deer to washington? brian: got to be right next to him. steve: that's some of the news. 25 minutes after the top of the hour.
3:26 am
brian: james o'neil honoring fallen officer familia and denouncing antipolice hate yesterday. >> let me tell you something, regular people sign up to be cops. they sign up for this job of protecting strangers knowing their inherent risk. not one of us ever agreed to be murdered in an affect indefensible hate. not one of us signed up to not return to our family or loved ones. so where were the demonstrations for the single mom who cared for her elderly mother and her own three children? [applause] steve: well, on the heels of that police in new jersey held a coffee with cops event to connect with people in the community. ainsley: "fox & friends" correspondent todd piro was there and he joins us now. hey, todd. todd: hey, ainsley, brian and steve. this was casual event called coffee with cops as the name implied. intimate event. people got to come from that community to talk with cops and each other about what needs to be done do improve the discourse here in the country. we got to speak with some
3:27 am
those folks. take a look. >> what was your reaction to mayor de blasio's reaction following the death of officer familia? >> i thought it was disrespectful. he should have been there. >> oh, i think he should have been in new york after it happened instead of leaving the country and going where he went. he should have been here supporting the other officers and family that was involved. >> when you watch the news, and you see how cops are treated, what's your response? >> i'm sick, okay. they are treated bad all over. okay? >> i think that there's a lack of respect for authority. i don't think that they necessarily always get the respect that they deserve. >> it's a little scary that the people don't trust police more. their first thought is to assume the police were in the wrong that they did something wrong, when most of the time they're just trying to help everyone out. >> there is a lack of communication in the communities. i think the more people --
3:28 am
whoever they are, policemen, anybody who are different or doing a different job. the mother they can communicate, that's something we stress very hard in this school with the children you get along with people if you communicate with them and solve your problems. >> cops are approachable and we want to be there to help people. that's one of reasons helping people like this people can come up and talk to us and see what we do on a daily basis. and that we're there to help them. >> obviously the focus was the assassination of officer familiar i can't. the theme in america just generally about the lack of communication that occurs, especially in inner cities between officers and their communities. and i'm no expert on the subject, but i have to think that an officer being present at all events for a slain officer -- or the mayor i should say being present in an event for slain officers would
3:29 am
have helped the discourse go along. not being there certainly not helping the discourse. steve: some of the things we heard about officer familia after she was murdered people in the neighborhood are going to miss her she was actually somebody in the community. they knew her. they went out and talked to her. >> we had father jonathan morris on the weekend show he was explaining the same things. he was in that community. she was in the community. they were often together. it's a sad story all the way around. now the question is beyond this assassination, how do we bridge the gap here in the country? we're a long way from doing it. i think they have it figured out. we didn't hear lot of negativity. people were positive about the officers in their community. home dale is just one town in our big country. ainsley: thank you for bringing it to light for all of us. brian: thanks, todd. ainsley: coming up all you hear these days is russia, russia, russia. do measures even care? we are going to find out when we talk to our panel of seven moms. there they are coming up next. brian: very well behaved. they have sat there so quietly
3:30 am
waiting for their moment. big show on tap. we have ronna mcdaniel romney here. romney mcdaniel i should say is here along with senator rand paul and michelle malkin. steve: first, happy birthday to sarah patrick stewart the actor turns 77. can request ♪ ♪ ♪ more kinds of crab than ever, new dishes, and all your favorites.
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what in real time?stomer insights from the data wait, our data center and our clouds can't connect? michael, can we get this data to...? look at me...look at me... look at me... you used to be the "yes" guy. what happened to that guy? legacy technology can handcuff any company. but "yes" is here. so, you're saying we can cut delivery time? yeah. with help from hpe, we can finally work the way we want to. with the right mix of hybrid it, everything computes. >> being sort of a myopic lending like ant on a sugar cube mentality by many in the media. just this culture of sameness. everybody sounds the same.
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do you realize the president of the united states met with the president of russia 2 hours and 15 minutes. yet we are talking about this and not that do you realize you have people in the media lower third kyrons come out of their mouth. they talk more about russia than america. ainsley: mainstream media still the trump administration's alleged ties to russia do. every day americans care about this? we brought in panel of moms from all walks of life to find tout. it's a segment we are calling parental advisory. thank you, ladies, for being with us. >> thank you. ainsley: yesterday we had lee carter on. she polled a lot of people to find out what they cared about. the things they wanted to hear about jobs and economic growth. the thing they wanted to hear least about was trump administration's ties with russia. i want to talk to you all about that and what your main concerns are. start with you, hope in the back and go through each with you and find out what your concerns are what your concerns as a mom? >> as a mom i'm concerned about tax reform and the economy and reform of healthcare. because i have six kids and
3:35 am
they are all kind of entering the workforce after the different stages. and i really want a robust and positive economy for them to participate. in. ainsley: so they don't have to move back in with you. >> that's right. ainsley: daniel, how about you? >> i think there has been at love talk in the media about russia. i also think that the president and the administration could probably tamp that down by speaking a bit more clearly and directly about what actually happened and what context the campaign might have had. to hope's point, i care about the economy. i have a two and a half-year-old. but i care about a president and administration that is thinking about the economy not just now but in 10 years or 20 years when she is going to be thinking about jobs and college. ainsley: re beck canchts i want my 12-year-old daughter to hear about syria. ainsley: north korea a concern for you. >> north korea a big concern. i would like to hear more of that news. what's north korea doing with its missiles? what's up with france? i want to hear the international reporting. importance of her future
3:36 am
world. ainsley: she brings up a good point. do you care more about how russia is connected to syria and this donald trump's son beating with a russian lawyer. >> absolutely not. i don't think it's binary. i think we can focus on russia. we can walk and talk at the same time. as a mom of a 4-year-old and 2-year-old. i want to know how betsy devos secretary of education is doing in her role. how shoe s. that evolving. we should talk about all of these i at the same level. ainsley: carley, you are shaking your head. >> i'm not concerned about russia. we feel there is no evidence that is putting our president, commander-in-chief in a bad light. we have full confidence in our president that is he going to do an amazing job. but the economy, he has hired tens of thousands of employees. is he highly successful. we are very confident in the team that he has put around him. ainsley: cathy? >> likewise. the issues regarding jobs, taxes, healthcare, all those things are very important. and one thing that has not been mentioned yet, i'm also concerned about the rampant
3:37 am
amount of lawlessness that we are seeing on the streets as well as throughout the ranks of our government. when i have to think twice about wearing a donald trump t-shirt because i don't know what kind of liberal lunatic is going to meet me at the grocery store i think that is a very important concern of ours today. ainsley: angel? >> i agree with that something somebody didn't mention is obamacare i'm waiting for that to be repealed and replaced. for my family our premiums have gone through the roof. that's what i hear a lot of moms talking about for our kids. ainsley: what's most important when it comes to healthcare for you. >> i think affordable healthcare across the board. and, you know, take their time. we don't have to do a quick fix. i would like to see something this year but, you know, we don't have to rush it. get it right do it right this time. ainsley: are you talking about the meeting that donald trump jr. had with the russian lawyer in your houses. >> no. ainsley: cathy, you say no? >> the media's breathless
3:38 am
coverage of donald trump jr. borders fake news not because the content of it is inaccurate but because their slant on how they are reporting the content is misleading. there is nothing unprecedented about it what sorry. when you have and we all know now because of documented, hillary clinton's campaign meeting with ewe ukrainian element for the exact same purpose that creates a precedent. when you have nancy pelosi meeting with the now mexican president for the contact same purpose of getting information against donald trump. that creates a precedent. no, we are not talking about it we don't care. ainsley: wenty, daniel, it is a concern for you, why? >> first it was about adoption. with people that donald trump didn't know. and then the story changed and changed and then the emails were released, which i actually give credit for the president's son for doing. i like to see that kind of transparency. there were some falsehoods
3:39 am
circulating around. this you had to ask why. why not come out when you are asked? why not apparently the intelligence community knew about this in april. why hide it if there is no problem here. ainsley: wendy, are you a democrat? >> i am. ainsley: i guess you didn't vote for the president. you voted for hillary clinton? >> i did. ainsley: what can democrats learn from his win? >> i think that's what's really important here is that democrats need to know, going into 2018 in the midterms we cannot have the same rhetoric. we need something new. we need new energy. and i think that's what donald trump brought to america in essence, right? i often tell my friends that a lot of times when we think of obama, we think he brought hope. for a lot of people whether you want to hear it or not, trump brought hope to seeingment of the population and that can't be denied. so, going into 2018, i would say for any democratic leader we have to think of new blood, new tactics. we can't have the same, you know, rhetoric because it is not working.
3:40 am
we need something new here. ainsley: is there one leader we should be following and looking out for? >> right now my eyes are completely open. and i'm just looking for whoever is best fit for the job. there are some people who are bubbling up in the conversation. but i don't have one right now that i'm like this is a sure bet for us and this is who is going to move the needle for our party. ainsley: thank you, ladies for being with us and thank you for being such great moms. coming up next on the rundown, a satanic display about to go up in a public park. how do you like that, moms. they are all mouths wide open here. donald trump's emails dominating the evening news on tuesday, taking up more than half of the coverage. so, what are they missing? we are going to break it down. they clearly didn't talk to these ladies. we have a huge show on tap. rnc chair woman ronna mcdowell and mitch rand paul and michigan 14e8 malkin.
3:41 am
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help stop the journey of gum disease. try new parodontax toothpaste. ♪ imho. jillian: president trump's pick to head the fbi christopher ray wray grilled at a senate hearing. answering tough questions wray said he would resign if asked improperly to drop an investigation by the president. >> first, i would try to talk him out of it and, if that failed, i would resign. my loyalty is to the constitution, to the rule of law, and to the mission of the fbi. and no one asked me for any kind of loyalty oath at any point during this process, and i sure as heck didn't offer one. jillian: the question stems from former fbi director james comey saying the president asked him for loyalty before he was fired. wray also says he would never go about the hillary clinton email investigation the same way comey did. and hateful rhetoric of
3:45 am
president trump hits a new low. a democratic state lawmaker going on a profanity laced tirade against him. maine state representative hammond posting a rant on facebook i read it it's long and vulgar calling him a racist. saying is he a half quote president at most. especially if i ever get within 10 feet of explicative. the post has since been deleted and he has since apologized. small town in minnesota getting the first satanic monument on public land. it's set to be installed in a public veterans memorial parker. the monument approved by the town of bell plane, minnesota features upside down helmet on black cube. the city allowing the monument to group after the group threatened to sue over another statue featuring a soldier praying over a grave with a cross. ainsley? ainsley: summer blockbuster season and highly anticipated
3:46 am
installment of planet of the ape franchise hitting the big screen. >> all of human history has led to this moment. the irony is we created you, the nature has been punishing us ever since. steve: ever since. let's stop in to the spotlight with micah tammero. >> good morning, guys. steve: original planet of the apes so iconic final scene statue of liberty sticking out of the sand was so haunting. >> very haunting. and this movie plays homage to the 1968 version in many days. that's how it happened. originally sat down with andy circus who is a motion capture genius and director matt reeves who told me all about this latest installment. >> together strong. >> have you seen them rise. we have seen their dawn and now it's time for war.
3:47 am
where do we find caesar after the last one? >> at the end of dawn, we saw the apes on the brink of war. now we pick up three years later and they're suffering. in a bad way. clinging on to survival as are the humans. >> he is trying to find some way to get through. this he gets pushed by the extremes of war to a place that he has never been pushed before. >> this is war. >> in the cycle telling of these films, if you think about this as a thrilling of caesar, that last leg has to be the thing that turns him in to the seminole figure of history who all apes will look back to wow if it wasn't for him we wouldn't be here. >> i did not start this war. i fight only to protect the apes. >> what was it likes a an actor? >> it was amazing to actually
3:48 am
get to this season of life and to become completely different being. >> combined with that is evolutionary journey. very heavy complex mix. and that was just. >> come to save your apes? >> i came for you. >> get ready to go bananas. opens nationwide tomorrow. brian: sounds like we will end up rooting for the apes. ainsley: got me with the ape family. the mom holding the baby. brian: do we roo rout for the apes? brian: first planet of the apes i saw in a drive. in scared me as a child. >> was it long island. >> i think it was more cope hague. it opened up with blue water. shark movie. i didn't want to go in the jungle or the water.
3:49 am
steve: scared for life. >> prepared you for show business. brian: yes, it did. steve: michael, thank you. >> thanks, guys. steve: coming up, donald trump's emails dominating the evening news taking up more than half of their air time. so what stories are they ignoring? we are going to talk about that coming up. brian: clock is ticking for the senate to hand president trump healthcare bill. county republicans deliver in the clutch? senator rand paul so far is a firm no. will he change his mind in the break? ♪ don't you worry ♪ got a plan for you ♪ don't you worry, don't you worry ♪ ise) (flourish spray noise) (flourish spray noise) the joy of real cream in 15 calories per serving. enough said. reddi-wip. (flourish spray noise) share the joy.
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♪ steve: the release of donald
3:53 am
trump's jr. email dominated the evening news coverage on the big three networks on tuesday night. abc, cbs, and nbc spent a combined 54% of their newscast discussing it and of course russia. if they are spending most of their time on that one story, what are they missing. here to discuss is brian. how are you doing. >> how are you doing? thank you for having me. steve: doing good. if you are interested in happening on the world and turn into the nightly news, you are going to see happening in russia, russia, russia or president trump and missed the rest of story. >> on tuesday the donald jr. stuff was obviously a big story that hits home and people wanted to hear about it but, i mean, the senate delaying recess for the first time since 1994. steve: that was big. >> it was barely discussed. i think nbc was the only of the big three that even mentioned it. and the truth is, the evening newscasts were all down in the second quarter compared to the second quarter last year.
3:54 am
but then they see msnbc and cnn going up and up and up. steve: because they are anti-trump, business model, maybe that makes sense. >> it seems like they want to go in that direction. and i can can see that the wrap we are an entertainment site basted out of l.a. and sometimes we will have great original reporting about who is starring in the next avenger story or joe scarborough saying something about trump will get more traffic. steve: people are interested in controversy. take look brian, wednesday is donald trump jr. network coverage. abc over on abc, as you can see right there, they spent 30 minutes between gma and the "world news tonight." and over at nbc, they spent 22 minutes on today and nightly news. and cbs 30 minutes betwixt their morning show and their evening show as well. what do you make of that?
3:55 am
>> see, i think, again, i think it's them just looking for ratings. it's -- i think there is enough people. steve: isn't it boring though after a while? >> there is enough people in the media industry on the left who are anti-trump and want to do what they can to be involved and getting trump impeached or whatnot. if that's their goal. but i don't think lester holt and david muir are really at the top of that list. steve: what about scott pelley who was at cbs for a number of years and now is he out after he did some anti-trump stuff. >> they say that he is out because they want him to focus on "60 minutes." he was clearly the most aggressive wet anti-trump stuff out of the big three. it's going to be very interesting to see who cbs hires to replace him on a full-time basis. like, if we hear that keith olbermann is the new cbs evening news guy. steve: that would be an indicator. then we know what direction they are going. in brian from the wrap.
3:56 am
thank you for joining us live. >> thank you. steve: what do you think about that email us at number of illegal immigrants still in the country is astounding. going to break down those numbers straight ahead. president trump touching down in paris a couple hours ago. bonjour. john roberts is live in france from what we can expect from this great but critical trip. later on in the program senator rand paul, michelle malkin and mark steyn. busy two hours starts next ♪ i want to rock and roll every night ♪ and party everyday ♪ i want to rock and roll all night ♪ and party everyday ♪
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i'm the one clocking in... when you're clocking out. sensing your every move and automatically adjusting to help you stay effortlessly comfortable. there. i can even warm these to help you fall asleep faster. does your bed do that? oh. i don't actually talk. though i'm smart enough to. i'm the new sleep number 360 smart bed. let's meet at a sleep number store. >> an outrage bomb went out because donald trump's meeting with a russian lawyer last summer. >> president trump is now speaking out about his relationship with vladimir
4:00 am
putin. >> he wants what's good for russia. >> yeah. >> and i want what's good for the united states. >> really, it was a policy substance interview. >> what's the conclusion? collusion? no. we don't have that yet. i see illusion and delusion. >> confirmation hearing for the president's pick to run the fbi was dominated by questions tied to the russia investigations in one way or another. >> if the president asks you to do something unlawful or unethical, what do you say? >> first, i would try to talk him out of it, and, if that failed, i would resign. >> house majority whip steve scalise out of intensive care this morning but remains in serious condition. >> president trump arriving in paris just happened earlier this morning getting a warm welcome from another ally. >> the only major european power that the united states has never fought a war with they are absolutely committed to what's going on in nato.
4:01 am
♪ ♪ me and my gang ♪ we live to ride. steve: hi, everybody. welcome to studio f as in "fox & friends." pretty gait morning show. brian: i guess they know that hollywood reporter. they mention that. ainsley: you could say me and my gang because we are your gang. or as brian likes to say this is brian and gang. brian: that is not true. our gang was a spin off of little rascals, not as successful. is that true? steve: i don't remember. ainsley: can i hear janice saying yes. we need to be talking about where our president is. he is in france for his third trip overseas.
4:02 am
is he arriving there or did arrive there here is a picture of him coming off air force one. brian: ainsley, quick trip, both leaders hoping to see common ground as they look for ways to tackle terrorism. steve: chief correspondent john roberts i'm sure we are going to see his expense account. he had a fantastic meal last night. 1:00 in the afternoon where the president has a full day. mainly behind closed doors. john? >> my expense account only allows me to eat at three michelin restaurants. this was a hastily arranged visits but one the president is really looking forward to. my colleagues aboard air force one said he was in a terrific mood. the president is going to be the guest of honor tomorrow for the bastille day celebrations. this akin to america's fourth of july there is a big parade. and the presidents will be there. it's also commemorating the
4:03 am
100th anniversary of the entry the u.s. troops into world war i and most importantly, this is a show of solidarity between the united states and france in the war against terror because you will remember that on june 14th, 2016, a terrorist using a truck as a weapon mowed down more than 500 people along the promenade of the coastal city of nice killing 866 of those people. the president this afternoon will hold a blawrl meeting with the president here emanuel macron. the two of them have had disagreements in the past. there is an interesting chemistry that's developed between the two. they will talk about trade, they will talk about security. and syria as well. then they will hold a press conference. at which we expect questions will come up about what donald trump jr. was doing when he had that meeting with that russian attorney, in june of 2016. the president yesterday in an interview with reuters saying he doesn't fault donald jr. for having that meeting. he said basically i think many people would have held that meeting. he said it was the decision
4:04 am
made in the upstart of presidential campaign. he said he only learned about it a few days ago. in that interview with reuters the president again confirmed there was no collusion as far as he knows between the gain and russians. he was also asked whether or not he believed vladimir putin's assertion during that blawrl meeting thebilateral meen hamburging that nothing to do in the election. something happened. we have to find out what happened because we can't have that talking about dinner, expense accounts, of the president tonight is going to have dinner that little thing over my -- it's over my left shoulder. the eiffel tower, i'm sorry it was over my left shoulder last night at the jewels vern restaurant. blue lobster, caviar on the menu. famous blue lobster no. word on the menu. did i see steak with ketchup. brian: that's impressive.
4:05 am
steve: they will improvise. brian: we know how upset macron was and how he tweeted out the scientists after we backed out of the paris agreement. hey, you can come here. we care but. is there a chance that he is going to try something to make our president look bad? >> no. i don't think so. at the g-20 conference, theresa may the prime minister tried in a bilateral meeting with the president to talk him in to staying in paris. he said he wouldn't. he was disappointed, dismayed by that it may be in a private meeting macron does something like that. i don't think there is any possibility he is going to publicly try to embarrass the president because this is a very important visit on a very important day. really kind of sighting and honoring important relationship. i don't expect any high jinx in that. thatsteve. [speaking french] >> now is he just showing off.
4:06 am
jack keane on the program. four star general, talking about how this is going to be a good visit for our president. >> i think they have more in common than not. the reason is that they were both ushered in by antiestablishment votes. he ran on national populism, which is fundamentally what president trump was running on as well. i also think that the other european leaders led by angela merkel made some terrible bets. multi-culturallism, which has led to isolated muslim communities which are breeding grounds for radical islam. macron has that in his own country and knows it and is going to deal with it. steve: we are going to hear from both the leaders later on as the president is in paris and there will be a press event. brian: i think it's going to be impactful because both leaders will be shoulder to shoulder. one quote that one of macron's aides says he wants to make sure this president knows is he not isolated. this is one of the reasons he did it then when he told the
4:07 am
president on june 27th when spoke got to come to bastille day, it's going to be a major show of military strength and force and commemoration to 100 years since you guys entered world war i. he said i'm in. steve: mr. macron wants to raise his profile in the international stage. and by having sitdown supper there in the eiffel tower with the president, bingo, that does it. ainsley: president has only had one tv interview this week. we saw him come back from the g-20 on saturday. obviously i was going to say hitting the road. hitting the skies to head over to paris yesterday. but, in between his time -- or hirst time here in the u.s., he did have that one sit down interview with cnn founder pat robertson. in that interview, which airs tonight, they have released a few of the clips already, he talks about how vladimir putin really wanted hillary to win. watch. >> hillary had won, our military would be disseminate disseminated. our energy would be much more expensive.
4:08 am
that's what putin doesn't like about me and that's why i say why would he want me? from day one i wanted a strong military. he doesn't want to see that from day one i want fracking and everything else to get energy prices low and to create tremendous energy. we're going to be self-supporting. we just about are now. we are going to be exporting energy. he doesn't want that he would like to have hillary who wants to have wind mills. he would much rather have that energy prices would go up and russias as you know relies on energy. many things i do that are the exact opposite that he would want. brian: bulking up our presence in syria. including sending tomahawk missiles in and putting increased military presence on his border on bulgaria. forcing nato to reaffirm their financial commitment to the defense department respective nations in order to counter the rise of russia he divots not do this with the same bluster as he talks about domestic programs.
4:09 am
that's his approach to foreign policy. his foreign policy is action over words. he likes to get behind closed doors look what i have done, now let's talk deal. steve: with the foreign policy, he doesn't necessarily need congress. that is the impediment. so, while you have got that interview with pat robertson tonight on the 700 club where putin says, according to mr. trump, he would have preferred -- putin would have preferred hillary, mr. trump, the president of the united states, apparently behind the scenes is frustrated that because of the russia, russia, russia thing. his agenda, the domestic agenda is not going forward. but the obsession by the mainstream media has gotten to this level and it has prompted kellyanne conway to use props to explain what's going on. >> this is how we see it so far. this is to help all the people at home. what's the conclusion? collusion? no. we don't have that yet. i see illusion and delusion. just so we are clear everyone, four words, collusion?
4:10 am
, no. illusion, delusion, yes. i thought we would have fun with words. sesame's grover word of the day, sean. brian: nobody says that he don jr. email chain was not a huge story. nobody is saying that the way people blew out all their shows and breaks to run with it. ainsley: did it change the election results? no. was it smart of him to do that meeting? no. it wasn't. you are right. steve: we had corey lund on the program yesterday. he said people take this kind of meeting all the time. somebody comes in and says i think i have got some dirt on your opponent. what was unique about this though and now we know apparently this woman, the russian lawyer was a lobbyist. she was trying to get the russian adoption. brian: going to talk about that. ainsley: wasn't supposed to be here. steve: she wasn't supposed to be here except she wound up with a special visa granted to her bylor let that lynch in the previous administration because she was actually
4:11 am
working for a land barron over in russia. he was on 230-million-dollar moy lndering defense here in the united states. so she was brought into the united states lawyer. the visa was supposed to expire in january of 2016. she didn't have the meeting with don jr. until june of 2016. and that's why charles grassley was on this program yesterday saying who exactly said she could stay in the country because that's when she clearly was lobbying about the majenski but she wasn't registered as a foreign agent. brian: how they found this story. steve: a leak. brian: don jr. didn't put it forward made it bigger than it actually is. ainsley: hand it over to jillian who has headlines for us. >> we continue to follow this breaking news story out of bucks county. fox news alert. a chilling discovery overnight in frantic search for four young men who vanished in pennsylvania. authorities finding human remains and identifying one of
4:12 am
the victims. police outside of philadelphia say the body 19-year-old was discovered on 90-acre farm. now investigators are working to i.d. several other bodies found in the same grave. >> we had cadaver dogs and i don't understand the science behind it, but those dogs could smell these four boys, 12 and a half feet below the ground. jillian: spotlight now on a person of interest. he is behind bars at this hour. right now is he only facing theft charges accused of trying to sell a car that bloonged to one of the missing young men. is he being held on 500 million cash bond. 8 of the service members. friends and family have identified sergeant julian. brandon johnson. staff sergeant joshua snowden. staff sergeant william con drun. call len leach.
4:13 am
mark hopkins and dan. investigators are still working to find what caused the plane to go down on its way to arizona. today, little charlie gard's parents will make a desperate last pitch to keep their young son alive. the u.k.'s high court set to rule on whether the terminally ill infant can come to the u.s. to experimental treatment or life support. comes just hours after the parents submitted new evidence proving ground breaking treatment can reverse brain damage. that's a look at your headlin headlines send it back to you in a little bit. steve: come up, investigation swirls around the president's pick for the next fbi director. could another potential probe expose a double standard for democrats regarding the dnc and the ukraine? rnc chair woman ronna mcdaniel sounds off. she is next on "fox & friends." ♪ working for a living ♪ i'm working for a living
4:14 am
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4:17 am
ainsley: president's nominee for fbi director is confirmed it could spell trouble for the dnc. the dnc accused of working
4:18 am
with ukrainian government to hurt the president's election campaign. that happened last year. steve: wow, i haven't heard about that much on the other channels. here to react to the dnc trouble is the rnc chair woman, national chair woman ronna mcdaniel. good morning to you. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> hypocrisy is high, isn't it? >> the hypocrisy is very high. to see that a dnc staff met with the ukrainian embassy to try to get dirt on the president and paul manafort and now this outrage everywhere. i just want to say i don't think russia wanted president trump. and i think the president are articulated that very well. a pillar of russia's economy is oil. we have now made the united states an energy independent with the keystone pipeline, dakota pipeline. 4.3%. action in syria. this is not a president they wanted. but, you know what putin loves in the media. the media that has obsessed on russia and created chaos in our system, 353 minutes last
4:19 am
month by the mainstream media. you know which station didn't do that? fox. fox is covering the things that america cares about. that's it right thing. brian: how much trouble is the president's agenda n? it's not a dictatorship. best ideas or worst ideas. need congress. he has it without the 60 votes. how loud is the clock ticking? >> it is. it's that's one of the reasons the president called for as well as myself for the august recess to be cancelled. i'm traveling the country all the time. i'm in philadelphia or pittsburgh or michigan and voters are saying, listen, we put our faith in you. we put our faith new. we gave you the white house and the senate and the house. you need to deliver. because we need relief. brian: good people aren't agreeing. not saying rand paul is a bad person or susan collins is a bad legislator. they disagree. they are in the same party. where does the rubber hit the road there? where do you see your role. >> they have to agree.
4:20 am
my role is to bring the grassroots to congress and let them hear what the american people are saying. ainsley: if it doesn't pass who do republicans blame? do they blame the president or lawmakers in congress? >> it's going to pass. that's what i think. i'm optimistic because there is a recognition that people are hurting across this country with premiums doubling. deductibles so high. insurers pulling out of the marketplaces. 2018, 44% of the counties with one insurer. ainsley: not everyone is confident it's going to pass. >> they have to. ainsley: need 50 senators and 10 of them not on board. >> you do have to recognize the democrats have run away. this the is greatest game of hide-and-seek ever. where are the democrats on this? because they put this problem in place and coach to abandon the american people for their own political gains. republicans are working on it. but we have to get it done. the voters put faith in us and they are expecting us to deliver. steve: mitch mcconnell is going to deliver the latest version we will see what's in it thanks for joining us live. >> thanks for having me.
4:21 am
brian: rand paul will be on in a half hour. steve: president trump revealing new details about his big meeting with vladimir putin. he spoke with cbn and their white house correspondent david brody is going to join us next. add one a day men's complete with key nutrients we may need. plus heart-health support with b vitamins. one a day men's in gummies and tablets. we send our kids out into the world, full of hope. and we don't want something like meningitis b getting in their way. meningococcal group b disease, or meningitis b, is real. bexsero is a vaccine to help prevent meningitis b in 10 to 25 year olds. even if meningitis b is uncommon,
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4:24 am
steve: quick headlines from new york city. could be as many as 12 million illegals in the united states. that's the word from the ice director thomas homan. saying no undocumented immigrant should be comfortable as he plans to carry out president trump's order to enforce federal law. he says the u.s. could potentially deport 400,000 illegals this year alone. and the united states reaching its limit of refugees allowed into the country. the department of state says that now the 50,000 cap is
4:25 am
enforced. only refugees with family members in the united states will be allowed to enter. the exception stems from president trump's partially reinstated travel ban that restricts travelers from six middle eastern countries. all right. ainsley? ainsley: president trump sitting down with the pat robertson of the christian broadcasting network. >> he wants what's good for russia. i want what's good for the united states. >> okay. >> and i think, like in a case like syria where we can get together and do a cease-fire and there are other cases, there are many other cases where getting along can be a very positive thing, but always putin is going to want russia and trump is going to want united states. and that's the way it is. and sometimes you're not going to get along on things and sometimes you will. but we had a good meeting. ainsley: joining us now is david brody, the white house correspondent for the christian broadcasting network and a friend of our show.
4:26 am
good morning to you, david, thanks for coming on. >> you bet, ainsley. ainsley: what are the highlights of the interview that we're going to be see in its entirety tonight. >> first of all, it's a very much a policy driven interview. i have to tell you i have done personally about 10 interviews or so with the president over the campaign. that's the most policy that he has talked about throughout -- it's about a 25-minute conversation or. so i think that's interesting in and of itself. the other part that i thought was interesting was very measured during that there are times where donald trump will want to either take some shots at the media or kind of go off and just, you know, let him have it didn't do that in this interview. i think it was pretty substantive. the other issue is vladimir putin talking specifically about this idea of why in the world would putin want trump as he would say because of the energy issue. and i thought that was an interesting angle. we haven't heard too much from trump did b. that as it relates, to look, energy is a problem for putin and the last thing he wants is trump in the middle of all of that.
4:27 am
ainsley: david, lets' play that clip you are talking about. watch this, folks. >> there are many things that i do that are the exact opposite that he would want. so when i keep hearing about he would rather have had trump, i think probably not because when i want a strong military, she wouldn't have spent the money on the military. when i want a strong military and when i want tremendous energy, we're opening up coal. we are opening up natural gas. we are opening up fracking. all the things that he would hate, but nobody ever mentions that. ainsley: david, did he talk about his son meeting with that lawyer from russia last june? >> no. that was not part of the discussion. of course, i think what part of this interviewer or a lot of this interview had to do with was other issues, china, trade, a lot of north korea, there is a lot -- there is a chock full of in information in this interview. that's the information people care about. last time i checked i don't think people are gathering around the kitchen table going how is donald trump's email
4:28 am
chain going to effect me and my pocketbook? i don't know if that is happening in peoria, illinois. ainsley: david, thanks for coming on and talk about it preview that interview tonight. folks at homeworking, we will be showing a lot of that interview tomorrow i'm sure. thanks, david. the mainstream media boosting the russian narrative to nearly wall-to-wall coverage. is that what you at home really want? our mom panel is back to tell us what they really care about. and, haters of the president pressured peyton manning to not golf with president trump. how peyton manning responded next. o whoop there it is ♪ there it is ♪ she also prescribed lyrica. fibromyalgia is thought to be the result of overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. woman: for some,
4:29 am
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4:31 am
♪ steve: well the mainstream media's number one obsession appears to still be the trump administration's ties to russia, if there are any. but do every day americans even care? here to weigh in a panel of everyday americans who also
4:32 am
are mothers in a segment we're calling parental advisory. ladies, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: okay, first, allow me to exhibit my inner regis. i'm going to poll the audience. can i see the hands of people really interested in russia collusion. two people. why are you interested? >> i'm interested because i care about our democracy and i care about knowing what may have happened with a campaign and the lead up to the election. >> and i care about america and that's part of it. steve: absolutely. if they did some tampering we want to know about it. >> if they didn't, i want to get passed it. steve: wenty, over to you. >> i want to know if there was anyone that interfered in our democracy and we have 2018 coming up. if they did that they can do it again in 2018. we need to get out in front of it. steve: when you turn on the other channels, one of the other morning shows yesterday i they did 95% just about don jr. isn't that overboard? >> is it overboard? yes. is it necessary for us to have
4:33 am
that discourse, yes. because we have to have this conversation to see if anything happened. but not 95%. steve: no kidding. well, we tried to balance things out. there was a recent poll that found that fox news the most balanced when you look at everybody. if you are not talking about russia all the time at your house, what are you interested in? >> well as i said before we are really interested in tax reform. we are really excited about the way to get the economy going again. we are also very interested in healthcare and getting that under control again. steve: okay, when it comes to healthcare, right now the senate apparently they are going to wheel out some new version. it sounds an awful lot like the affordable care act. some of the taxes still in there insurance subsidies, slush fund in there. is that what you want? >> no. they need to get a plus on healthcare. they need to take their time and do it right. steve: all right. rebecca? if not russia, what do you want to hear about at your house. >> my daughter and husband we care about the military. so we do want to hear about russia. we want to hear about what
4:34 am
russia is doing lighting up our in syria. ground missile defense work. we want to hear international issues that are important to us right now and important to my daughter's future world. steve: you are talking to your daughter about ground based missiles at your house? >> you bet. we have a really fun house. [laughter] we will explain it all to you any time, steve. steve: no kidding. let me ask you this. he is only about 200 days in. how is president trump, our commander-in-chief doing at your house. >> is he doing well at our house and around the world. we have to have a stronger military posture. we need to know that ground missile defense works. we have a site in alaska and california. trump is going to face a nuclear armed north korea those are the big issues at my house. >> in the back row we have a hope front row we have an angel. what about your house? >> economy and jobs. you know, i would like to see more focus on the economy and growing the economy. steve: how do we dethat that.
4:35 am
>> that's what i think president trump is doing a great job so far. the last report i saw was 800,000 jobs have been created so far on his watch. so i think if he can just keep plugging ahead and knot get distracted by the whole russia thing i think that would be good. steve: cathy, i know you home school your children. >> i do. steve: god bless you. >> i need the prayers. steve: no kidding. so you know, your -- you have got a captive audience with you all day long. what do you talk about? >> my babies are 8 and 11. y yes, they are still my babies. steve: they always will be. >> they will always be my babies. they are a little too young for me to tell them to think independently. instead what my husband and i are focused on is expanding knowledge base and teaching them how to think logically and clearly so they are not manipulated by uninformed emotion. the last thing we want are for our children to be standing up in a university campus going through a puppy therapy
4:36 am
session. steve: maybe i should home school your kids in college. >> i don't know. but i want them to be informed. i also want them to know that truth actually exists. and that more rattle matters. these are the kind of things that we talk about to our 8 and 11-year-old. steve: that's fantastic. carley, what about at your house? >> in our house we say that polls are good for two things, strippers and skiers. they are not very accurate. steve: what kind of house do you have? how old are your kids? >> a really fun one. i have three girls, 16, 14, and soon to be 12. steve: oh, man. >> i know. what's really important to our home is that we have seen that sharia law has been glorified and a mom of three little girls, we talk a lot about how that is when you read through the female genital mutilation and that women are not, you know, they are second class citizens. that's really important in our household is just having women's rights. steve: that's what you talk
4:37 am
about at your house. occasionally you do leave your house and with the exception of cathy. >> i home school but i still go out. steve: there is no carpool life for you. are you reluctant to talk about politics with some of your neighbors because not everybody is on the same political page. >> not at all. steve: you are not. >> because of the culture we live in, we have to get outside of our bubbles and start engaging our neighbors and speaking clearly of what truth is. and we have to get beyond ourselves with the whole fear aspect of it. >> teach our children truth. if our children do not recognize truth, they are going to believe the counterfeit. that's big in our house. just reading through the declaration of independence, bill of rights. steve: you talk about those things when you are not talking about the stripper pole at your house? >> yes. steve: i teach politics so it matter to me. >> we need educated democracy. jefferson we need educated democracy. steve: dialogue.
4:38 am
indeed the dialogue going on today. thank you for joining us live. very nicely done. all right. have the downstairs to have the mezzanine level and here is jillian with the news. jillian: it is a wild time downstairs in this studio right now. good morning to you. we have brand new video disturbing. surveillance video just released showing the fatal beating of american college student in greece. we do want to warn you some people might find this video disturbing. can you see him running from a mob of angry men. he is body 14r578d into a car. violently kicked and punched with brass knuckles. this savage attack lasted 15 seconds. some witnesses say the fight started at a bar either over a selfie or table nine men under arrest. c isn't always for cookie. in this case it's for cocaine. a florida's deputy pulled over a driver for a traffic violation but then found the cookie monster toy and noticed it felt heavier than it should have and found more than 300 grams of cocaine stuffed inside.
4:39 am
the driver and cookie monster are now in custody. a monkey who just wanted to take a selfie taking his legal battle to an appeals court. seriously. the monkey snapped pictures with the photographer's came are a that then ended up in nature book. peta sued saying copyright owner and needs a piece of the action. the monkey has no use for money. the judge last year wasn't monkeying around ruling copy rights don't extend to on malls. former nfl quarterback peyton manning opening up about that game of golf with president trump last month. now, manning defending his decision to hit the links with the president. take a listen. >> i had a lot of people tell me not to do it. i heard arnold palmer one time if the president of the united states ever asks you to play golf, do you it. it was a no-brainer. it was a fantastic experience. it would have been unamerican to say no. jillian: manning called the president the great host. revealed the two were on the same team.
4:40 am
he also said that president trump is pretty generous with the putts. as a golfer, i can appreciate that those are a look at you're headlines go. outside to janice dean. janice: we are expecting a very warm and humid day across the east coast. showers and thunderstorms for the midwest and the great lakes moving into the northeast. so know what to do if there is a watch or warning in your neighborhood. what's your name where are from you. >> michael lang. >> and yourself. >> >> what's your name. >> carley. >> is it a big day for you. >> yeah. janice: what? tell me. >> tell her it's your birthday. >> what? >> say it's your birthday. >> july 13th. >> today is her birthday. janice: happy birthday. what's your name? >> jacob. >> and you are with her? >> um. >>um are you doing anything fun today? >> just seeing the city. janice: is it nice and hot today? you too, sir. what's your name. >> johnny. >> where are you from. >> south carolina. >> thank you for coming. dew points to say hello to steve, ainsley, brian in the
4:41 am
studio wave to them. they like. weather for friends, everybody. very nice. back to you. ainsley: oh is he from south carolina. steve: your home state. 20 minutes before the top of the hour. crunch time to hand the president a healthcare bill. senator rand paul is here on if they can do it. so far he is a no. ainsley: it has been three years since we last checked in on this pint sized pro. this 6-year-old is taking golf by storm and he is in our green room ♪ this is how we roll ♪ we hanging arounds ♪ singing everything on the radio i ♪ at your lexus dealer.
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4:45 am
for years. they have been promising it ever since obamacare, which has failed. it's a failed experiment. it is totally gone. it's out of business. and we have to get this done, repeal and replace. brian: but our next guest warns this new bill does nothing to repeal obamacare. here to explain g.o.p. kentucky senator rand paul. senator, are you encouraged at all about any changes over the break as we get set to all find out the details of this plan? >> yeah. you know, unfortunately, the new plan actually doesn't repeal obamacare. it keeps about half of the obamacare taxes. keeps most of the obamacare regulations. keeps most of the obamacare subsidies and it creates a giant insurance bailout super fund. and i just can't vote for a bill that creates a 200 billion-dollar fund to bail out insurance companies. i'm just not for that i promised to repeal obamacare not to continue obamacare. brian: you know you can't repeal it because you don't have 60 votes to replace it.
4:46 am
so that's not going to happen. so, judging by the fact that this bill, even with its false that as you view it, this bill is better than obamacare, why not pass it and make it better over the next three years or maybe over next five years through your health and human services secretary. >> i don't know that this is better than obamacare. we keep in place the fundamental flaws of obamacare. the fundamental flaw of obamacare, which has caused the death spiral is that we tell people hey, you don't need to buy insurance now. you can get it after you are sick. what a great deal. and we have these regulations that make it really expensive for young, healthy people. all of that remains and so the republicans don't fix the death spiral of obamacare, they subsidize it. so this nearly 200 billion-dollar insurance bailout fund is to subsidize the death spiral. we don't fix the death spiral. i can't vote for surgery that doesn't repeal obamacare and doesn't fix it. brian: tell me about the 200 billion-dollar fund you are referred to. >> there is something called insurance stabilization fund.
4:47 am
to my mind it's a bailout of the insurance companies. the insurance companies make $15 billion a year. they have got their hands all over this bill. they have written everything in the bill is to benefit insurance companies. what kind of business is it to be in a business where everybody has to buy insurance and then it is subsidized. insurance companies don't need taxpayer money. i think it's a crazy idea. and i just can't support more big government. i promised people i would repeal obamacare. this bill doesn't repeal it. brian: in reality. i was listening to jason riley conservative columnist on sunday. might be as conservative as you. he said in reality, in today's america you can't take back america's entitlements. can you shape it and work the edges but not do it all over again. >> i disagree. i have think we can offer something better than obamacare. 27 million people left behind by obamacare who have no insurance.
4:48 am
i offer a insurance to all of them. let every individual in this country, plumbers, let them join together so they can get group insurance at a cheaper price. you have to believe in freedom and leaving people alone will bring the market prices down. brian: no one questions your intellect and experience especially with medical background. ron johnson a conservative says i'm going to try to make this better. it looks like he is ready to get on board. ted cruz wants to be part of it i get the sense that he would bite his tongue and get on board. if it would show a victory for republicans and be better and you can make it better, why not do it and then over the course of time, through a presidented who believes what you believe in many cases who you get along with at least golf with why not try to make it better rather than just drop it and lose. >> it's not an either/or situation. i think you can still have a conservative, clean repeal.
4:49 am
i think if this bill fails, i think there is still a chance it will fail. our backup plan should be divide the bills in two. have a clean repeal what we promised the american people. clean repeal evidence obamacare. if big government republicans want to intend leeft money they can work with democrats on a separate biffle that spends money. you can't have conservatives myself voting for something. brian: governor, up against a break. buff these people believe what you believe buy they less know they can't get 60 votes. >> it's a simple majority. 52 republicans. every one of them promised to repeal obamacare. why don't we put forward the bill we voted on a year ago. we voted on a clean repeal a year agency. every republican say one voted for it why don't we do that again. brian: i understand. that year with no plan will be also -- could destroy a party. >> just lack of resolve and lack of commitment and people forgetting they promised the american voter they would
4:50 am
repeal it. brian: always great to have you. thank you, senator. >> thanks, brian. brian: mother of three children before she was assassinated in her own cop car. the daughter will be speaking out and talking about her mom's sacrifice next hour. debate cheater to election. donna brazile write about election hacks after terrible loss and exposure. we tee off as one of best young golfers of the world. baby james grind joins us next ♪ shall ♪ swing, swing ♪ my heart ♪ can you tell me ♪
4:51 am
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4:53 am
what should i watch? show me sports. it's so fluffy! look at that fluffy unicorn! he's so fluffy i'm gonna die! your voice is awesome. the x1 voice remote. xfinity. the future of awesome. ♪ steve: at just 6 years of age
4:54 am
he is already ranked as one of the best golfers in the world. we last checked in with this pint sides pro-back in 2014. ainsley: look how cute is he in that video. so adorable. in just three years he has competed in more than 60 matches and won nearly half of them. and now he has got his eye on an even greater prize. baby james grimes joins us now. hey, james. how are you doing? >> good. ainsley: good. steve: you almost just took out janice dean with that one. went through the wishing well and hit her. james, why do you love golf so much. >> i love golf because of the challenges. ainsley: because of the challenges. steve: sure. ainsley: it's a challenging game, isn't it? steve: do you have a favorite golf course. >> they are all challenging to me. steve: james' mom nicole is with us in the studio. i understand. you can go ahead and do some golfing. we set up a fantastic course here thanks to our friends at
4:55 am
magic call productions entertainment. he started golfing when he was, what, 15 months old. >> yeah. 15 months old. steve: why golf? >> he actually used to watch the pros on tv at 2 years old. and he would imitate their swing. and he just loved it my dad golfs a little bit. but he would get excited when he would see my dad's clubs in the bag. they would watch on tour. he would get excited when the ball would go in the hole when the pros would play. ainsley: what is his actual score. >> in the 6 and under division he recently moved to the seventh. best score was a 33. he was shooting under par. steve: unbelievable. currently the number one golfer for his age in louisiana, mississippi and now georgia. at this sage age, what's next for him? >> he will be playing in the world championship at pine hurst in the u.s. kids world championship. steve: i didn't realize they had it. >> 1800 golfers all over the
4:56 am
worldance just james' age division there is over 100. ainsley: key teach us how to play golf? >> he enjoys teaching. ainsley: what are your tips? japan january show me the best way to do this. >> the best way? for you to get up up that uphill, you probably have to have your head face. straight. up there. then you just got to like hit hard and just go. steve: just hit hard. steve: almost. it's a little challenging. janice: just challenging enough to get it in here much less up there. janice: do you have one of these at home in your basement. >> actually, i don't have anything like that. janice: would you like one? >> i would. steve: maybe for christmas. nicole, does he want to be a professional golfer when he grows up? >> yes, sir. that's what he said. he says he wants to be on the pga tour.
4:57 am
janice: do you have a favorite golfer? >> my favorite golfer? awful them really. ainsley: good answer. he. steve: remember this kid. thank you very much. ainsley: could i be your caddie? a trip back to the dthe doctor's office, mean just for a shot. but why go back there, when you can stay home... ...with neulasta onpro? strong chemo can put you at risk of serious infection. neulasta helps reduce infection risk by boosting your white blood cell count, which strengthens your immune system. in a key study, neulasta reduced the risk of infection from 17% to 1%...
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84 degrees in midtown, going for the high to low 90s; right? it looks like that's going to rain.
5:02 am
ainsley: the two leaders looking to reach common ground as they discuss ways to combat terrorism. steve: chief white house correspondent john roberts talked them into flying him to paris yesterday, and he has there for the last 24 hours or so, and he joins us to a thorough report on what the president has in store. >> steve, ainsley, brian, good morning to you. if you've got to hang out somewhere, this is as good of place as any as you await a couple of days for the president's rival. this was a very hastenly arranged trip put together in hours, really, but this is something important for the president because he will be here tomorrow a guest of honor at a big military parade to mark france's equivalent of fourth of july.
5:03 am
and because this is the 100th anniversary of the engagement of u.s. troops in world war i, there will be a janet of u.s. members who are marching in that parade tomorrow. so that will be a real moment for president trump. this also is an opportunity for the u.s. president and the new french president emmanuel macron to stand side by side in solidarity against isis and terrorism. because it was july 14th last year that a truck driver, a terrorist mode down more than 500 people in the promenade in the coastal city killing some 86 people. so this is a opportunity for the two presidents to stand shoulder to shoulder to say it we're going to do whatever we can to fight this. there are lots of places of commonality between the u.s. president. the u.s. intention to withdrawal from the paris climate accord is one. trade is another. the two of them will have a bilateral meeting this afternoon, and then they will hold a press conference where each leader is expected to take two questions. you can bet that president trump will get a question on the meeting that his son don
5:04 am
jr. had wit in june of 2016. the president weighed in on that yesterday in a interview with reuters saying he doesn't fault donald trump jr. for that meeting. it was in the heat of an upstart campaign. the president said many people would have held that meeting and that he only learned about it just a couple of days ago, really, when the news broke. in that interview with reuters, the president also weighed in for the first time with his meeting with vladimir putin at the g20 last week. when asked whether or not he accepted putin's assertion neither he nor russia had any interference with the u.s. election, the president didn't answer definitively, only to say that nothing happened and this sort of thing canned transpire. in addition to the meetings that will occur over the next few days, the president will also have a private moment with his wife melania, the first lady, and the president of france and his wife when the four of them have dinner in the second floor of the
5:05 am
eiffel tower described by the owner more than a restaurant, it is a place of dreams and memories. which is the sense that i always get when i get into a classic chicken sandwich at chick-fil-a. brian: any nation. ainsley: you can wait for a long line and hope for a window seat because it does turn around. steve: our chief white house correspondent who would really rather be a food and wine critic. john roberts, thank you. meanwhile, let's bring in conservative review and senior editor and host of michelle malcolm investigates who joins us today from vermont, of all places. michelle, what do you make of what we heard the president say so far about the involvement with russia, russia, russia, and the don jr. meeting where he said he understood that he -- why he took it. >> right. and let me say this. i think that president trump
5:06 am
is absolutely right when he said and asserted correctly that putin would have far preferred a hillary clinton presidency. putin would have benefited far greater from an america that was weak, that deemphasized its military, and did not believe in its sovereignty the way that our president does. putin would have benefited far greater from a woman in office whose family ran a foundation that essentially was a special interest and pedaling foundation and cash machine for around the world. and i think that's what's lost here is that all of this russia hysteria and russia obsession really highlights the selective outrage and the selective outcry of a media that is bent on bringing the trump administration down.
5:07 am
steve: i'm fascinated by this, michelle. all of a sudden started looking into this russian lawyer. how did you get here? what are you doing? it turns out she got here, she had to get a visa to allow her to come to this country to begin with. before she set up this meeting, which actually the theme of the meeting that don jr. talked about, she actually reflected that. she went to a documentary about this act, and then she went to a hearing about russia american relations. but she's only here because the last attorney general loretta lynch. loretta lynch allowed her to be here, and i just talked to one lawmaker who said this is extremely rare. what's going on here? >> yes. exactly, brian. this is the question. where are all of the conspiracy mongerrers for how this woman got into the country in the first place. and of course, we had a report in the hill, john sullivan was one of the good reporters on this talking about loretta
5:08 am
lynch. granting the special visa. and then, of course, immigration parole. because once her visa was expiring, she was begging the administration to stay even longer. and then it's not even clear now how it is that she was still around in the country when this meeting with donald trump jr. took place. and i think that that is -- that raises larger questions about the obama administration's immigration policies. and the kind of people they let into this country and why. ainsley: michelle, we had a panel of moms, i interviewed them in the first hour, and they were saying brian had nothing to do with them. so we talked to them. they said they don't care about the russia, russia -- or the majority of them say that the russia thing is not something they're talking about when they're sitting down at the dinner table with their family. what are you hearing? and what do you think are the most important issues for the american people?
5:09 am
>> ainsley, i'm hearing the same kinds of things, and i'm so glad we're finally getting this perspective in the media about what people outside of the coastal bubbles are actually concerned with about. those bread and butter issues. the issues that donald trump has been trying to get into the headlines that the antitrump media doesn't want to talk about. jobs, education, overregulation, the ever increasing intrusion of the federal government into our lives. i think it would also be interesting to have a focus group -- they probably have to be anonymous -- of actual people in homeland security and intelligence. and what they consider the biggest threats to america. the exstennel threats to our country, whether it's jihad or north korea or any other country that had been medaling in our affair that pose much greater threats.
5:10 am
i mean, where is the rest the of the country for mexico that medalled in our elections? and i raise forecast and china. i can recall a time when none of these journalists cared. they were the ones who reluctantly had to cover the buying of our election by people like john and charlie and maria. brian: good recall. congratulations on that. all right. michelle malcolm investigates. thanks. we'll continue to watch that. >> you bet. take care, guys. steve: meanwhile, it's ten minutes after the top of the hour, and jillian joins us with a fox news alert. >> that's right. let's start with a fox news alert right now. a chilling discoveryvernht
5:11 am
in the fntic search for four young men who vanished nowhere pennsylvania. authorities finding human remains and identifying one of the victims. police outside philosophy say the body of 19-year-old dean was discovered on a 90-acre farm. now investigators are working several other bodies found in the same grave. >> we had kebabber dogs and i don't understand the science behind it, but those dogs could smell these boys underground. >> right now, he's only facing theft charges accused of trying to sell a car that belonged to one of the missing young men. he's now being held on a $5 million bond. afghanistan will be allowed into the u.s. to compete. after they were denied visas to attend next week's event in washington, d.c.
5:12 am
the department of homeland security agreed to allow the girls in for ten days. around 160 countries are sending teams to participate in the first ever global challenge. former president barack obama making his return to politics today. headlining a closed door fund-raiser in washington, d.c. the group is headed by former attorney general eric holder and hopes that redrawing state districting maps can help the democrats win backseats in houses. and a moment of prayer for the president. take a look at this picture. it's going viral of a group of pastors laying their hands on president trump's shoulders, as you can see his head is bent in prayer. the president had invited the group to the oval office for a special prayer session. the pastor who tweeted the picture calling the moment an honor. and i was actually reading a facebook post of one of the men in the room there ask and, you know, he came to america in 1987 from south africa, and he said that the moment was just humbling, it was
5:13 am
inspiring, it was just so real. steve: i bet the president was humbled by having all of those people's hand on him. ainsley: that's a great picture. we all need to remember to pray for our leaders. brian: meanwhile, 12 minutes after the hour, coming up straight ahead, what happens if republican lawmakers can't get a bill passed? >> it will be very bad. i will be very angry about it, and a lot of people will be very upset. brian: so what happens next? a man who knows. senator majority john, a lot of pressure on his shoulders, he joins us with the inside story on health care. steve: and you thought first yesterday on fox and friends kid rock for president. democrats are already responding for my constipation,
5:14 am
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5:17 am
brian: senate getting its new version of the health care bill hours from now, and the president says he will be quote very angry if senators can't get it done. senator, you don't have a
5:18 am
jacket on because you are are blue collaring it. can you give us details that are going to be in this bill? >> well, we said all along, brian, that we need to stabilize the insurance markets because insurance is fleeing because they're losing money under obamacare. we're going to be sure that people with preexisting conditions are protected. we're going to do everything we can to get premiums done and indeed under the preliminary plan would go down by about 30% in a few years. and then we need to make sure that we put medicaid, the safety net for low income americans under a sustainable path. those are the sustainable four principles. >> what about the $46 billion for opioid. is that something we can see in there? >> that's going to be an additional piece of the bill that you'll see ruled out this morning, i believe. there seems to be a growing consensus that this is a epidemic we need to address. so we'll be taking steps to address it in the nah very aggressive way.
5:19 am
brian: rand paul was just on with us, and he really is upset with the bill that you guys are about to present. he says one of the things that boars him most is going to be 200 billion-dollar payout to insurance companies. you say those are tax credits for people to buy insurance. here's a little bit more about his objections are. >> i think we can offer something better than obamacare. what i've been offering is there's 27 million people that were left behind by obamacare who have no insurance currently. what i've been offering is a plan that would offer insurance to all of them and at a cheaper price. let every person in this country, plumbers, welders, let them join in so that they can get group insurance at a cheaper price, but you have to believe in freedom. you have to believe that leaving people alone will bring the market price down. brian: that is not included in your bill. why not? >> well, if senator paul can show me 49 other votes for his bill, then i would be all for it. but, unfortunately, the practicality is we have to
5:20 am
pass a bill. and if you vote "no" on this bill, it essentially is a vote for obamacare because that's what we're going to be left with. brian: real quick, on this whole u.s. russia thing, you believe this isn't about president trump and russia. this is about u.s. verse russia. in what respect? >> well, i firmly believe that putin was trying to interfere with our election. he expected hillary clinton to win. that didn't turn out that way. but this is not about personalities, which is why the mainstream media wants to make it. this is against russia, against the united states. always has been, always will be. and that's what we ought to be focusing on and protecting our elections and institutions from. brian: the president's over in france, he hopes you'll get something going, voting next week, and you believe the vote will take place next week. senator, if it does pass, you'll deserve a lot of the credit. and if it doesn't, a lot of the blame. that's part of leadership. senator, thanks so much for joining us. >> thanks, brian. brian: straight ahead, paid a tearful tribute to the her
5:21 am
mom. the nypd officer who was assassinated in her car july 4. genesis is here to open up about how the lost and the brother of a firefighter killed on 9/11 is helping her family heal. performance at the lexus golden opportunity sales event before it ends. choose from the is turbo, es 350 or nx turbo for $299 a month for 36 months if you lease now. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. binders, done. super-cool notebooks, done. that's mom taking care of business. but who takes care of mom? office depot/office max. this week, get this ream of paper for just one cent after rewards. ♪ taking care of business. everything i did circled smaround that cigarette when i started taking the chantix that urge just slowly diminished and it was a great and empowering feeling. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix reduced my urge to smoke.
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5:24 am
ainsley: it is a horrific crime that nypd officer executed while sitting in her patrol car simply because she was a cop. and you can tell by the smile on her face that she was wearing that uniform, and it was her lifelong dream. her oldest daughter genesis with her brother and sister by her side, twin brothers and sisters, and tears streaming down their face remember the last time that they saw their mother during a beautiful speech at the funeral. listen.
5:25 am
>> before she left to go to work, she came into my doorway, and she said i love you. i'm going to work now. and she came, and she gave me a hug. she gave me a really big, tight hug. and i said, oh, i love you, mom. ainsley: joining us now is officer's daughter and the ceo of tunnel to towers foundation frank who lost his brother in 9/11. the foundation has stepped up in a major way to help genesis and her family. but first, genesis wants to tell us about her mom. genesis, thank you for being strong enough to be here and to speak on her behalf. tell us, first of all, about that day when you found out this terrible news. >> the day that i found out, it was 2:30 in the morning, and a police officer, he came to my door, and he said that my mother was in the hospital
5:26 am
and that she got hurt. and when i heard that, i thought, oh, maybe, you know, it's nothing major and maybe a car accident, maybe it was on the street or something. but just after i walked out of the door, a lot of anxiety had come, and i thought, well, maybe this is something she can't recover from. maybe this is something more serious. and the entire time when i went to the hospital, it was just scary. that day was scary. it was probably the worst day of my life. ainsley: i'm sure. you go to the hospital, and she's still alive at this point? >> i go to the hospital, and she's not. she is on life support, so she's unconscious and on life
5:27 am
support. but her vitals are still going. and i was in there when they lost her. ainsley: you were able to be there with her when she took her final breath? >> yeah. in her last moments, i was with her. ainsley: did you have a message in the room with her? did you talk to hardwar? >> i held her hand, and i said mom, you're strong, don't go. please don't leave, and i prayed over her. i said a prayer, and i told her that i love her. and i love her a lot and i don't want her to leave us. ainsley: i know we talked on the break, and this was her calling. she loved being a police officer. tell us more about her. >> obviously, her profession was important. but she was more than that. she was really funny, she was
5:28 am
incredibly hilarious, she was really smart, she was very well spoken, well read. she was super positive and smiley. she always knew how to block out the negativity. you know, she taught my siblings that we should never allow people to bring the negativityity towards us. but we didn't need that sort of, like, just bad energy. and that's how she likes to keep our household happy, light, and fresh because that's what she was and still is happy, light, and fresh and bubbly. ainsley: is this when the twins were born? you have twin brothers and sisters. peter and delilah. how are they doing? >> you know, they're taking it really hard because we were all super close to her. we were in love with her. we had a very strong relationship. our tiny family, it was a strong tightly in it family that we had and that we still have.
5:29 am
but just like me, we're taking it day by day. and, of course, there is, you know, the waves of emotion that come up when, you know, we're -- when the reality starts to settle in that we won't see her again. ainsley: well, you were so strong, and you look so much like her. you have that beautiful smile. both of you are gorgeous. i was curious to find out when i heard she was a single mother, what happens to the twins. are you going to raise them? >> i'm going to be here for them. now i've taken on that role of protector and defender. ainsley: you've probably been a second mom to them because you're 20 years old. >> yeah. she's been doing it for a while. ainsley: frank, we want to bring you in because you're doing some amazing things to help the family. tell us what you're doing and why you have a heart for them? >> well, i have a heart for them because when you see a police officer just senselessly murdered, assassinated for no reason other than they're a police officer and how much it has changed their lives forever, that our foundation knows all about that, and my brother was
5:30 am
taken in an instant. so we know it's important to help families going through this. we want to take some financial burden off of them. we want to make sure that their immediate housing needs are taken care of, but we want to set up a trust fund for them because you know what? >> education was paramount to my mother. >> and wanted a certain quality of life for her children, and we want to help make sure that that dream becomes her reality. so we're raising money tunnel to it's important that the whole country comes together when they see something like this. we did something, you helped us with the dallas police officers in des moines, iowa. and of course ramos, the first ones here in 2014 were assassinated, you guys helped out. so tunnels to it makes a difference. tell the families that we're standing tall with them. ainsley: and we did put a link to your website on our website. for the people out there watching, we have the most generous viewers.
5:31 am
we all want to help you. your mom gave up her life for the community that she loved. and as a community, we want to help you. what do you need? obviously, you need money for school, housing, to take care of the twins. >> we need support, but we need support everywhere. and support in all senses of the word. i'm sorry. ainsley: you're doing great, honey. you're so strong. you're doing great. well, we want you to know that we love you here at fox. all of our viewers love law enforcement, men and women in blue. god bless you, and your mother would be so proud of you. i love that you said we were in love with her. every mother would love their child to say that, so it seems she was just a phenomenal person and mom. thank you for being with us. thank you, frank, for your generosity. we'll be right back i have the jefferson nose right there on the front of my face. when i think about being related to thomas jefferson,
5:32 am
it certainly makes me feel a sense of pride the tenacity of not only that he showed in his life but was given to me through the slaves that i'm birthed through as well. it makes me think that there's really no excuse for me in any area of my life to not be able to conquer anything. ♪
5:33 am
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5:35 am
>> if there had been enforcements of the immigration laws, wouldn't have been in the country. and the other thing is if she was representing a foreign government, and i don't know that for sure, but investigations registered under the federal agency's registration act as well, so that's another thing that we're having a hearing on within a few days on the lacks of enforcement. brian: and that was chuck grassley yesterday talking about the fact that, yeah, this lawyer met with don jr. i want to find out more about that. i also want to find out why this lawyer got here with an expired general and why the attorney general loretta lynch allowed this to happen. steve: we have a stranger on the couch with us right now. mark, the right side of the curvy couch.
5:36 am
turns out the more we learn about the russian lawyer, sounds like she was a lobbyist, she was trying to do something about russian adoption, but she was also representing this guy who was involved in money laundering scheme in a big court case here in the united states. >> yeah. and the judge her emergency parole could be extended for a week, and she stays in the country another six months, in the course of which she's sitting in the front row at congressional hearings. she's going to washington cocktail party schmoozing with congressmen. she overstayed her emergency parole by six months. now, i'm an immigrant to your great land, and i wish u.s. immigration were as extraordinary relax and generous with me. brian: what is it like to extend your visa like that? >> well, they didn't extend it. they screwed up. what's interesting is she's a person of interest whose
5:37 am
privilege to remain in this country was extended, explicitly at the request of a judge. so this isn't some computerized visa form. this is all hand scrutinized and, yet, they let this person stay in the country overstay for six months. now, for democrats saying, oh, she's putin's best buddy, she's this kgb honey trap. brian: or her dad is somehow the kremlin. >> yeah. and close kremlin ties. steve: and loretta lynch. >> yeah. in that case, why is loretta lynch saying here's a pass for a week. come back and check with us six years time. ainsley: donald trump jr. met with her because he thought she had information about hillary clinton when her dad was running against hillary. but there's word now that the dnc could be investigated because they had the same thing and had connections with ukraine. >> right. ainsley: you heard about this? >> yeah. and actually, their connection -- they actually -- that's not an unofficial thing.
5:38 am
i mean, family members meeting with somebody just because some contact in this case arranges a meeting at trump tower. this is actually the official body of the democratic party is meeting on ukrainian territory in washington to get the goods on u.s. citizens. and actually took paul manafort out of the campaign with their collusion. their collusion had real results. i mean, donald trump jr. goes to this meeting with some goofball washed up music publicist and some russian lawyer who's in the country illegally and doesn't speak the lingo, and he's -- he concludes these are time wasters, and he's out of there. brian: the line is that russia wants to support president trump. almost seems like a bad episode of "house of cards." >> no. that's true. but the guy who said that is a -- you know, is a -- what
5:39 am
they call in ireland a chancer. she's just one of these guys who shows up, and he's biding himself up. so if he met you, he would say, yeah, it's great to see you, brian. i'm really tight with salad. it's terrific. any time you want to get ahold of salad, you just come by, and me and salad will set up a meeting. so in reality, he represents a washed up pop star who's only a pop star because his dad is a z lis list oligarch. >> but what he said got him the meeting. where's the dirt? there's no dirt. and he said you know what? we're not interested in talking about the thing you're lobbying on. get out. >> exaly. the ukrainian thing, theynd actually put it together, and they took paul manafort out of the campaign. so the democrat ukrainian collusion had consequences. and the don jr. wacky russian
5:40 am
lawyer overstaying her visa collusion went nowhere. steve: i'm sure when the mainstream media finds out about that story, they're going to go wall-to-wall. ainsley: right. no more russia, russia, russia. it will be ukraine, ukraine, ukraine; right? brian: he's got to do his job effectively. will go through all the campaigns, go through your computers because you're hurting the agenda of the united states of america. this is not just about you. >> no. i think you're right. i mean, they should just dump everything. because actually, just to go back to the u.s. immigration, the best way to get u.s. immigration off your back is always to declare. if you cross the border and say are you bringing anything back from canada? yeah, i have half of a doughnut i haven't finished. i don't have any laws. anything they've got, you know, with a minor accountant in kazakhstan, a software designer, just get it all out
5:41 am
there. get it all out there. steve: meanwhile, our president is in france and, of course, over here everybody is talking about the russia connection. but generally, the mainstream media loves lefty guy like mr. macron, so that's going to be an interesting thing going on. >> yeah. he's a cy-fair. no one actually knows what he believes. in that sense, he's less -- insanely less than let's say justin trudeau. and i wouldn't be surprised if he and trump don't find some points in common. and don't forget from the french point of view, they had a disaster last year. 86 people die in this truck attack in nice. and actually, the president of the united states showing up to be with them a year later is actually quite important to them. >> i hear personally that they have hit it off, and i also hear that the french are not comfortable tight with the germans, that they do want the counterweight of the u.s., and he sees that. >> yeah. and actually, he is -- the point about macron,
5:42 am
he's not really a lefty, he's sort of a technicrat and in that sense, he's not as other european leaders. steve: are you saying it's the art of the deal with him too? >> yeah. i think they could forge a relationship. when trump is back flapping with justin trudeau and angela merkel, they really don't get along, but i think he could have a relationship with macron. ainsley: we'll have to watch. thank you. >> it was great to see you. oh, yeah, that's my line. great to see you, brian. sorry. i should be more like that. great to see you, brian. brian: i just want a again win salutation. that's all i ask. think the mainstream media will change? think about. it's the president that has to change. he's here to make that case. as moms, we send our kids out into the world, full of hope.
5:43 am
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5:46 am
am. >> good thursday morning to you, back with headlines now. back in the spotlight and set to release a new book called hacks. the book covers quote the inside story of the break ins and breakdowns that put donald trump in the white house. the former interim chair of the dnc faced a wave have controversy before leaking questions for hillary clinton with a debate with bernie sanders. put out a one-year anniversary of the president's victory. is it real? ♪ ♪ kid rock tweeting this is no joke. he also says a big announcement is coming. and guess what? that has the democrats shaking in their boots. according to the hill, his potential opponent michigan democrat debbie sent out a fundraising e-mail in response to kid rock's news. let's go downstairs to steve.
5:47 am
hey, steve. steve: thank you so much, jillian. russia, russia, russia. mainstream media continues. columnist for the new york post michael goodwin joins us right now. so drip, drip, drip is the way this is going all along. a little news here. all along where they're trying to make it look like this was the dirtiest white house in the history of white house. >> right. and the worst part of it is, steve, we have now seen the future, and it looks a lot like the present and the past, which is that this endless cycle of the attempts to bring down the president and the president and his team making numerous mistaking that fuel the fire. and so just keeps repeating itself. one incident after another, and the unfortunate part is that it really does detract over time from the presidency itself to where it gets wigglinged down, the optimism drip, drip, drips away, and you have the sense that the country's business is being neglected.
5:48 am
steve: sure. after the president had a very successful g20 summit last week in europe, he comes back home, boom. new york times, and you write in your column blunted whatever good feeling the president had. >> yeah. the times used that as casual, so they had nothing to do with it; right? but, look, there is an attempt to bring him down. i mean, i think we should be clear about that. the president should be clear about that. this is not a game. this is a serious effort to overturn the election. steve: sure so the president is never going to get a fair shake from the white house press core or the mainstream media. so what should he do? >> look, i think he has to be a good president. and i think if he does that -- >> i think he's trying. >> well, of course, but i think he has to get things done. and that means working with congress. and every time he makes a mistake, such as using twitter to settle a personal feud or whatever, then i think that republicans and n congress get skittish because they put -- and then they pull away, and it gets harder to get anything done. so i think his behavior does
5:49 am
matter to congress. it may not affect his overall support among the general public, his core supporters, but certainly among congress, there is a fear that he is going to in effect blow up, and then they're going to be stuck. so i think he has got to really now discipline himself and the white house has to be smarter about these crises because they're going to keep coming at him. steve: you know, the number one thing, michael, i hear from people outside the tv land, they say regarding president trump, why don't they just let him do the job we sent him to washington to do? >> yeah. and i think even critics of his who are fair-minded would say do the job, and you'll get the public support. you will get things done. but we seem to be always distracted. and some of that is intentional by the media. they want to distract him. the democrats -- i mean, tim kaine who would now be vice president called what donald trump jr. did close to treason. i mean, this is like head expressing moment for the democrats.
5:50 am
and that's why i think the president and his team have to be better not providing fuel. because every time they do, they are the losers and the american people are the losers. steve: well, today is another day. let's see what they do. next up on the run down, you usually see her overnight if you're up early or early mornings on fox and friends first. but this morning, jackie has brought her whole family to work for cooking with friends. and a very big announcement coming up. four seconds on the clock, down by one. championship on the line. erin "the sharpshooter" shanahan fakes left. she's outside of the key, she shoots... ...she scores! uh... yes, erin, it is great time to score a deal. we need to make room for the 2018 models. relive the thrill of beating the clock. the volkswagen model year end event. hurry in for a $1,000 bonus and 0% apr on a new 2017 jetta or passat.
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brian: today, she has the whole family awake making their favorite rice pudding
5:54 am
work r espy with our cooking with friends series. this is going to be explosive, cutting edge. steve: you have jackie, along with her husband eddie and her two little girls jayla. >> they got canceled once for breaking news, so we've been talking about it for months. ainsley: what did she say? >> she repeats herself on tv. steve: jackie, where did you meet rocky? >> at a church. steve: church. >> yes, the best place of all to meet men; right? ainsley: that's exactly right. you met a good one. >> i was known as rocky, though. ainsley: what's dakota's personality? >> super sweet. everyone needs a child like cota. and as for jj. steve: you love rice pudding. why is this a family recipe?
5:55 am
>> eddie's mom made rice pudding once, and i thought it was for old people. i was, like, i'm not eating that. she made it, it was delicious. brian: so let's see if we know how. first get some rice. >> so you have rice, but it's not some rice, brian. it's boiled rice. it's kind of expensive. this whole thing is expensive. so if you mess it up, it's like 50 bucks in the drain. steve: are you kidding? >> wait until you try it. steve: can't you use cheaper rice? >> with your budget, you can make it. you boil it for seven minutes, drain it, then you have this, then you grab two cups of sugar. steve: all right. pour it in there. ainsley: eddie, do you help her do this? >> i eat it. brian: you toss the bowl over your shoulder. >> and then six cups of milk. steve: and how long do you stir it? >> you bring it down to a simmer, 45 to 50 minutes.
5:56 am
steve: and then through the magic of television. >> the magic of television. and we're going to eat it while you tell the folks at home your big announcement. >> oh, that's right. so i've been hiding it for about 17 weeks now but everyone was wondering what my big announcement is. i'm not going anywhere. i'm staying here, and i'm having a little baby. ainsley: congratulations. brian: let's go live to the baby. can we go live? can we go live? >> we do not have a camera in there currently. brian: i paid a lot for this. ainsley: are you so excited you're going to have a baby brother? look, there's your brother. steve: she's busy stirring. >> we couldn't believe after having two kids. i thought we were going to have a family of all girls. i came from a family of all boys. but at the end of the day, so exciting. >> but you have to put it in a phillies cup. brian: more fox and friends in just a moment. jackie and the family is sticking around [radio alarm]
5:57 am
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>> bill: well, the rice was nice. it is all going to be exclusively on after the show. hey, thanks guys, good morning, everybody. president donald trump is in paris, leaving a political storm here at home. we will hear from the french president, emmanuel macron, with a show of an alliance, just one year since the best deal date terror attack in france, it will be an interesting morning, good morning everybody, . >> excellent this morning, visited u.s. embassies staff, will be a welcome ceremony


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