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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 16, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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being and not always throwing punches and being balls and partisan polarized america. >> greg: never miss an episode of. >> the national pastime in the nation's capital one night after what could've been a national tragedy. this is "special report" ." good evening. i am john roberts infrared firebird we are an hour away from the first pitch in what is normally a low-key annual charity baseball game. between republicans and democrats in congress. this year's edition is anything but normal. the number three republican in the house, steve scalise remains in critical condition after being shot yesterday during a morning practice session in virginia. a lobbyist who was shot has been upgraded from critical to serious condition. we're learning more tonight about the shooter, who was
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killed by police, and his troubled life. we have fox team coverage. mike emanuel on capitol hill where both parties are vowing to dial down the partisanship. peter doocy is at nationals park where players and fans are gathering. doug mckelway with an update on on the victim's conditions. start with our chief intelligence correspondent catherine harwich. good evening. >> tonight the fbi says there is no's to suggest that weapons were bought illegally. >> 99% are getting pushed around in the 1% are just not giving a [bleep]. >> that it's james hodgkinson six years ago. the fbi issued this poster seeking any information about the suspect before he opened fire on republican lawmakers. >> it was a high-powered rifle.
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>> hodgkinson's neighbor says he witnessed a strange incident in march when the 66-year-old opened fire in their backyard. >> i yelled at him, hey, stop shooting. there is houses. i didn't get any kind of notion from him that he heard me or that he cared. >> the sheriff that he was called to the scene and counseled hodgkinson, who had a valid firearms larson's. >> we made sure he knew about the safety risks and there's homes around here. we wanted to make sure he understood all that. once he did, he stopped. >> the fbi believes hodgkinson made his way to virginia after the run in place to go law enforcement has reason to believe that the shooter has been in alexandria, virginia, area since march of this year. to go after searching the suspects white van parked near the ball field, agents recovered his phone, computer, and a camera.
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investigators are hopeful that the digital forensic trail will reveal whether the shooting was premeditated or opportunistic. >> we are looking to clean what we can from the contents regarding his electrical device devices. >> investigators remain in alexandria where the baseball diamond and immediate area are a crime scene. agents are working on the ballistic's evidence and investigating the trajectory of the shots. law enforcement officials say the investigation or proceeding on multiple fronts. whether hodgkinson had any help planning or executing the attack. at this point, they are leaning towards the conclusion that hodgkinson acted on his own. >> john: questions unanswered. thank you. the calls for unity in the wake of the shooting continue on capitol hill and all around washington. how long will the political cease-fire last? chief congressional course on it mike emanuel that the capitol hill club where a pregame bipartisan reception is underway. >> forgive us also when we seem
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to forget that words matter. >> a reminder today from the house chaplain for all to strike a more peaceful tone. >> more important than ever to help each other, care for each other, and remind each other that we are all united by our love of our great and beautiful country. >> the house unanimously adopted a resolution honoring those who did yesterday and saluted the performance of capitol police and first responders. house republican whip steve scalise is popular with democrats and republicans and today there were more expressions of concern for him. >> when we hear the word critical attached to his condition, it sends shivers down our spines paired we hope and pray for a quick and full recovery. >> also the fear that nasty rhetoric could jeopardize the health of the nation. >> the country is fraying at the edges and we have to pull it back together. >> the issue of security is on
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their minds. particularly when multiple members of congress are at an event away from the capital. >> i have suggested they need a bigger budget. right now they have a perimeter that they cover, and these parks are outside the perimeter. >> the key is to make sure there is security there who can perhaps stop the second, third, or fourth shot. >> my wife and i will drive around the state talking to people of wyoming, and i'm not looking for additional protection at all. speak with the congressional baseball charity game tonight, perhaps there's an opportunity for a new spirit and politics to prevail. >> i hope there's going to be a lot of unity before the game, after the game, that we can apply to what we do here. >> in the senate, an issue that divides. digestions republican leaders are getting closer on health care reform, hoping to have a bill next week. >> we are committed to helping americans trapped on the
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obamacare exchanges, committed to addressing the skyrocketing premiums, committed to preserving access to care for americans with pre-existing conditions. >> scrapping obamacare may jeopardize the spirit of unity with democrats already complaining about the process. at the reception behind it, folks seem to be having a good time together. >> john: making nice at least for now. earlier today, president trump said steve scalise is "in some trouble" but will hopefully be okay. let's check in on the congressman's condition. doug mckelway is at the medstar hospital center. >> information from officials here continues to be sparse. the last full update we got came at 8:00 last night. with the one exception of the text i just received, confirming steve scalise did undergo his
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third surgery today. our producer tells us that steve scalise's wound is complicated. doctors are evaluating his condition. they say that the bullet shattered his pelvis. altogether, we've got a shattered pelvis, damage to organs and veins and arteries. president trump with the first lady visited the scalise family. >> it's been more difficult than people even thought at the time. he's in some trouble but he's a great fighter and he's going to be okay, we hope. >> vice president pence and his wife visited the hospital this morning where they thanked doctors and staff. meanwhile, matt mika, who was struck multiple times, george washington university hospital reports he has been
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upgraded to serious condition. he will undergo more surgery tomorrow. the hospital says it's the last word they will have about him to protect his privacy. zack barth was remarkably back at work at the united states capitol today. he described how he tried to stay alive when he heard the shots. >> he hits me in my leg and at that point my adrenaline is pumping in my fight or flight reflex has taken control. i decided if i want to live, i need to get to better cover. >> the two police officers, crystal griner and david bailey are going to be fine. john, back to you. >> john: thanks. let's talk more about tonight's game and the current political environment.
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mo brooks of alabama as a member of the g.o.p. baseball team who gave aid to congressman scalise after he was shocked. congressman mike doyle of alabama is the manager of the democratic squad. i spoke with him earlier today and started off asking representative brooks whether he realized just how gravely congressman scalise was wounded. >> i knew it was serious. steve was losing communication abilities. he was still conscious, and i am no md. it looked like he was going into what i would call shock. anytime you have a bullet coming in that doesn't come out in the hip area, there's all sorts of things that could go wrong. my hope at the time was that it hit the muscle tissue, but apparently he did more damage. >> we understand that it looks like it's going to be a much longer road home for congressman scalise than initially believed. certainly our prayers are with him. congressman doyle, yesterday after the shooting, congressman
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davis who was there, said we need to ratchet down the political rhetoric, that what we are sitting out there, according to him, is "political rhetorical terrorism" and it has to stop. do you believe we are at an inflection point? >> i hope so. time will tell. i think all of us need to reflect on our own personal behavior and how we interact with one another. we have disagreements and differences of philosophy, and the founding fathers wanted a vigorous debate but there's no reason that debate shouldn't be civil. the way we talk to one another and talk about one another should be simple too and by all means, nobody should ever advocate hatred and violence. i think both of our parties and our members here condemn that. >> john: congressman doyle, i know you issued an invitation to the republican team to join you
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for dinner. unfortunately they already had a dinner planned for a new set of the invitation "maybe if the leadership is civil to each other, the american people can be too." congressman brooks, do you believe there's an opportunity to lead by example? >> i hope so. no question the rhetoric has been heated. probably began to some degree with the election of barack obama. he certainly has intensified with the election of donald trump. the literal is at levels i've never seen. >> john: congressman doyle, i heard it yesterday, as people were what happened yesterday in virginia, and that is what is going on in america? let me ask you. what is going on in america? >> that's a question we all have to ask ourselves. the way we communicate has changed dramatically. the technology, social media, the ability to have communication without looking at
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one another in the face, anonymously. it's -- people are speaking at a ruger level. i think we all have a responsibility. people tell us they want us to be bipartisan but sometimes our constituents don't act very bipartisan. i think we all have a responsibility to take a look in the mirror and ask ourselves how we can improve ourselves first. >> john: congressman brooks, what do you hope is achieved by tonight's game? congressman doyle, we will get you to weigh in. >> i hope we are able to work together in a bipartisan spirit, have some friendly competition. this is as an aside, but i hope the fbi will release my baseball glove so i can catch something in the outfield. they haven't released my glove. i don't know what's wrong with it. i hope we have a big attendance
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tonight. i hope we raise -- raising $600,000? i hope we have a new record. certainly it looks like we are going to have a new record and we can help a lot of disadvantaged children in the d.c. area. >> i want to assure mo that democrats had nothing to do with impounding their baseball gloves. it's going to be a great game. it's always great competition. i told the republican manager i loved him before the game and i'm going to love him after the game but during the game, i am from pittsburgh, and we play to win. we are going to give the fans good competition. >> john: let me ask you, we have had inflection point in this country before. we don't need to name them. the unity that was precipitated out of these inflection points has never lasted. if anything, the rancor between
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the two sides only seems to get worse. can we make it last this time, or is it destined to fade? >> i think we all have a responsibility. the media has a responsibility to showcase people doing positive things and working together in a bipartisan way. i know that's not very exciting and it might not be good for the ratings. i think we all need to think about how we can do better. members of congress, the public, the media, everybody. let's all take a look in the mirror. >> john: congressman brooks, can we make it last? >> i hope so. we are in an environment where we have very serious disagreements about what kind of country and what america to be. i think this is a fork in the road and time will tell which direction the american people want us to go. hopefully they will learn public policy, make wide decisions.
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the best thing to bring us together is for the american people to coalesce and what kind of country they want to be. >> john: both sides together in the ballfield tonight. thank you for joining us. well, in a sign that the political environment has not changed a whole lot, georgia republican aggression candidate says packages containing threatening letters were sent to her home and her neighbors. she says her street was being blocked off while law enforcement investigates. she was running against john jon ossoff. the father of an american student who has returned home from north korea in what doctors call a state of unresponsive wakefulness says the communist regime is lying about his son. on that point, he appears to get some backup from doctors. the dad is suggesting former president obama should have done more to help. our correspondent has the story
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from cincinnati. >> doctors say otto warmbier is suffering from a severe neurological injury after he was returned to the u.s. from north korea. >> he has spontaneous eye opening and blinking. however, he shows no signs of understanding language. responding to verbal commands, or awareness of his surroundings. we have no certain or verifiable knowledge of the cause or circumstances of his neurological injury. >> this is where he grew up, in wyoming, ohio. these ribbons are for him, and this is where he went to high school. it's where his father stood in the same jacket his son war in march of 2016 when he was sentenced to 15 years of prison in north korea. >> we are thrilled that our son is on american soil.
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we are in the school he thrived in and i am able to talk to you on otto's behalf. >> he landed tuesday. an ambulance and his family met him on the tarmac. >> i knelt by his side and hugged him and told them i miss tim and i was so -- i missed him and i was so glad he made it home. >> he allegedly stole a propaganda poster. north korea says he slipped into a coma a year ago. the north koreans claim he contracted botulism. the family doesn't believe it. >> if you believe their explanation of botulism and a sleeping pill causing the coma, and we don't, there's no excuse for any civilized nation to have kept his condition secret and
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denied him top-notch medical care for so long. >> doctors say warmbier suffered extensive loss of brain tissue. no word on the cause. out of respect for the family, they would not comment on his prognosis or future treatment. >> john: thank you. state department says the u.s. envoy who traveled to north korea to bring otto warmbier home also made contact with three other americans detained. the administration is not commenting on the medical conditions of those prisoners. spokeswoman says that u.s. hopes the other americans will be able to return home. we will go live to nationals park in washington where they are getting ready for tonight's congressional ball game.oooo. you're searching for something. like the perfect deal... ...on the perfect hotel. so wouldn't it be perfect if there was a single site where you could find the right hotel for you at the best price? there is. because tripadvisor now compares prices
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>> john: this is a live picture from nationals park in washington where we are about an hour away from the start of the congressional baseball game. president trump will not attend in person but he has recorded a video message that will be played. it peter doocy is live at the stadium where they are about to play ball despite yesterday's shooting. good evening. >> for the last four hours, the security here inside and outside nationals park has been about as tight as any event you will ever see in washington, d.c. the street in front of the park is lined with u.s. capitol police canine vehicles. d.c. metro police department in full force as well. the heavy security one reminder of what happened at yesterday's practice. all of the lsu gear we are seeing from both teams in his
1:23 am
honor. >> i didn't think we would ever see a graduate of texas a&m wearing an lsu shirt. special times. everybody that can get an lsu shirt is wearing one for steve. >> we are rooting for him and for him to recover. this game brings a lot of intensity and passion. we are with him tonight and we wish he were here. we wish him a speedy recovery. >> the intendants has risen dramatically. more than 20,000 tickets sold to people who want to watch the democratic lawmakers played the republican lawmakers. the attendance number is so much higher than predicted, they had to ask nationals to open up more seating, which they did. extra attention means a lot of extra money for the charity it's
1:24 am
supports. washington literacy council, washington national dream foundation and for the first time the capitol police memorial foundation. corporate donors have stepped up in the last 24 hours. more than a million dollars has been raised. that is more than double what they took in last year. >> john: that's terrific. it should be a great night. the trump administration has added three senior members of the islamic state group to a terrorism blacklist. included is the isis leader in india. also the senate passed new sanctions on russia for interfering in last fall's election, and on iran for its ballistic missile program. this is a fox news alert. president trump is reversing an obama era move with a get tough policy toward cuba.
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the president will unveil the details tomorrow. kevin corke. >> the president keeping a promise to revise obama era cuban u.s. policy. the president making sweeping changes. trying
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>> steve, in his own way, may have brought some unity to our long divided country. >> we will all be team scalise. >> we seem to forget words matter and can become seeds that
1:37 am
will bring a bitter harvest. >> the anti-trump fervor that inspires people on social media, in hollywood. >> i would argue that the president is partially to blame for demons that have been unleashed. >> john: calls for a rhetorical cease-fire from yesterday's shooting in alexandria, virginia, more calls for unity. how long will it last? let's bring in the panel. judge andrew napolitano, mara liasson, national public radio, editor-in-chief of lifezette laura ingraham and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. the shooting coverage lasted a day before "the washington post" came out with the story yesterday that now the president is being investigated for potential obstruction of justice. seems like we can't stand one thing very long without it coming back to the political divide. >> five anonymous sources in "the washington post" story indicating that the special
1:38 am
counsel has interviewed members of the intelligence community. five people unauthorized to speak. i think what you thought today was nice. it was heartening. i think some of the kumbaya mentality we have heard over the last 24 hours does kind of gloss over how low we have gone. i would say from the ferguson riots to baltimore, the total lack of respect for the police, to berkeley, middlebury, where someone like a charles murray is treated abysmally where you justify burning cars, turning them over, writing the f word on the american flag. this is the type of carnage which is going to get worse unless both parties speak out against how it incites the already deranged among us. >> john: we have seen calls
1:39 am
for unity in the past. they lasted maybe a couple weeks after 9/11. how long do you expect this is going to last? >> i agree with everything laura just said. i don't like this call for unity will last much longer. i was telling mara that i feel for and worry about steve scalise. it doesn't look good at this point. but whatever happens, i think they are going to be back in the pits, at each other's throats, fighting tooth and nail, using language which sends the wrong signals the young people who regurgitate it on social media. this is self-fulfilling and self producing and self regenerating the concept of every hill is worth dying for and every battle is a battle towards the death. see one nancy pelosi was saying identify with their marks of the speaker of the house. listen to what she said today. >> i think the comments made by
1:40 am
my republican colleagues are outrageous. the indignity -- how dare they say such a fame? >> john: she was reacting to some comments by republicans that the democrats need to tone down their rhetoric. can these to stop warring with each other? >> they should fight tooth and nail over policy. that's what we expect but blaming each other in using rhetoric that incites violence has to stop. both parties have a lot to do with it. there's not one party that's guilty. if republicans are blaming democrats for this incident, that's just as bad as the democrats blaming republicans for other incidents. i think it can change. it takes political will and everything we saw in the last 24 to 48 hours was pretty good. you had the president who was
1:41 am
very quick often to be divisive because that's a political strategy that works for him. he didn't do that here. let's see what happens. >> john: in the middle of this, charles, an editorial in "the new york times" which repeated the much discredited meme that a sarah palin ad was responsible for the gabby giffords shooting. >> the editorial this morning repeating that was not only scandalous but unbelievable because it is a 6-year-old story that's been debunked within three days. it turned out it had nothing to do with her. the man who did the shooting was a paranoid schizophrenic. i think the problem here is twofold. it's not just a style but it's the objective. people ought to fight over policy but once you begin to question the motives, the
1:42 am
patriotism of your opponents, you have gone too far. the worst thing, and i think this is overlooked, the two parties, the two ideologies, you might say, speak about the politics in apocalyptic terms. if the other guy wins, it's the end of the republic. if the other guy wins, it's the end of the world. the man who did the shooting yesterday is a man who bought into that quite literally. you speak about it hyper by clay. when those stakes, when you say unless we stop hillary clinton or donald trump, the republic will not survive, then it justifies anything. that is the language, the ideology, the rationale of terrorists. the defeat of the world hangs on this. and it's up to the leadership to say these are policies. this is not the fate of the republic. >> john: it happened today in
1:43 am
georgia. the race for the congressional district. suspicious packages. she had a statement saying we had suspicious packages delivered that it contained threatening letters and a suspicious substance. the street is being blocked off and we will coordinate with law enforcement. i read the letter. you can't repeated on television. the vitriol was violence. >> echoed by other congressmen who say that at these town hall meetings, it's not just raising your hand and asking the tough question which i think is great. but it's a level of viciousness and vitriol that we see on social media but usually it's anonymous. now people are emboldened and they are saying it in person. they are doing chalk drawings of people and their families in the
1:44 am
driveway. charles is right. this is apocalyptic language. we hear it on other cable networks, respected holes to get up and say will be republic survive donald trump? the resistances of physical resistance. if you believe your survival is at risk, you have the moral duty to physically resist it. and i think this freak yesterday took it to heart. >> john: can we dial back? how do we do it? stick every time members of congress appear in public, do we need 50 cops? are they going to start carry weapons themselves? many carry sidearms at home and they are not allowed to carry them in d.c. >> how about members of congress doing things together, the baseball game is incredibly rar rare. that's how things used to work a long time ago. the president can set the tone. he can keep it up. doesn't have to demonize his
1:45 am
enemies. every single person in a position of leadership can conduct themselves with restraint, and they know -- every member of leadership will tell you they can't stand what's going on and how things have devolved. change it. >> the president can declare in advance that the outcome of the ball game is a tie. [laughter] is the one we will leave it there. next up, president trump called it the greatest witch hunt in
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>> was this the right move? >> the entire thing has been
1:49 am
witch hunt. there is no collusion between certainly myself and my campaign, but i can always speak for myself and the russians, zero. >> it's not a witch hunt. he's got a job to do. we understand that. it's in everybody's best interests if we let him do his job and we do ours. this is a man who many believe on both sides of the aisle has tremendous integrity and will do his work in a very diligent way and in a straightforward way. >> john: this time last night, we were talking about the fact it had been leaked that the president was being investigated potentially for obstruction of justice. we come back to the panel. laura, does there appear to be any obstruction of justice? >> certainly haven't seen it to date and getting back to the question of leaks, if the leaks are coming from the office of special counsel or individuals who work for the intelligence chiefs who've been interviewed, including the deputy nsa
1:50 am
director, who worked for obama. we have obama's former guy, head of the dni and you had dan coat dan coats. and admiral rogers. whoever is leaking this information is committing a crime. that's illegal. you can't do what they are doin doing. that's one issue we have to examine. on the issue of obstruction, david french's peace said you cannot have obstruction with a motive that is not corrupt. donald trump understood from comey he wasn't under investigation. so if you talk to the intelligence chiefs, there is no reason for this. he truly believes there was no reason. that's not obstruction. and he has the right under the constitution to fire jim comey anytime he wants for whatever
1:51 am
reason he wants. might not be prudent but he has the constitutional right to do so. >> obstruction questions are about asking comey to let go of the flynn investigation. but the question, the fact that he wasn't under investigation, he was right. not only did jim comey tell him all those times but he told the senate. grassley and feinstein said yes, we have never been told anything to contradict what the president said in the firing letter. the question of obstruction is going to be something that bob mueller has to determine. and even if he decides there is, there is a long-standing doj legal opinion that says special counsel should not bring any criminal indictment of the sitting president. that is the job of congress. >> a couple points. >> john: this is a point we talked about before we came on. karl rove had an interesting op-ed suggesting it is in the
1:52 am
president's preview to ask for any investigation to be shut down. he has the constitutional authority to do it. he said investigations could take on different tones. if president john f. kennedy had ordered j. edgar hoover to stop investigating martin luther king, would that have constituted an obstruction of justice? >> karl rove on the mark and ane answer is no. if president trump says to jim comey, there is more important things to do. terrorist investigations and i want you to move resources away from the russia and flynn investigation and not to others, that is a benign and lawful interference but if he does so for corrupt reasons because he fears flynn might be indicted and become a government witness, that's an unlawful interference. we don't know which one. we don't know what jim comey has said about mueller but we do know bob mueller has the duty to
1:53 am
investigate whether it's reasonable suspicion to believe there may have been a crime. whether he can indict the person or not. we also know that the fbi investigates to exculpate someone, exclude them from the realm of criminal activity. we don't know the status. >> john: prosecutors are saying proving a negative is difficult. proof that the dog did not bark. president saying: "they made up a phony collusion with the russians story, found zero proof, so now they go for obstruction of justice on the phony story. nice." then he says: "you are witnessing the single greatest witch hunt in american political history - led by some very bad and conflicted people! we do not know that he was talking about mueller but there's a threat out there because mueller is a buddy of comey's, maybe he's conflicted. >> the president could be right about all that but i think it's
1:54 am
unbelievably imprudent for him to be tweeting about it. you can make an argument that had he not tweeted about this entire story, not made statements, not complained about it, he would be infinitely better off. let it develop itself. it's pretty clear that the original rationale, the original excuse, if you lh collusion with the russians is, as of today, there is no evidence. show us the evidence. because the president was enraged that comey wouldn't clear him in public, having said in private you are essentially exonerated. we are not investigating you. he got into this twitter stuff and by speaking obliquely about tapes, he triggered the
1:55 am
situation. i sympathize with the president. he is getting caught up in something of his own making which is, i would add one thing. it's not just karl rove republican who claims there is no obstruction alan dershowitz, a famously liberal man, says you can't be accused of obstruction of justice, what you are doing is within your constitutional prerogatives. to end an investigation is entirely within the constitutional prerogative of the president. so there cannot be obstruction. >> i would remind everybody comey had a responsibility. if he believed there was a good chance this was obstruction of justice, he had a duty to go to his superior, road rosenstein. rod rosen.
1:56 am
he didn't do that. >> what i think is interesting is that undermining mueller's credibility, you don't hear that from from republicans. >> john: panel, thank you so much. great conversation where we come back,,
1:57 am
♪ >> john: finally tonight you
1:58 am
might recognize this symbol from many different places but kiss rocker gene simmons is trying to trademark as his own. he's filed an application with the u.s. patent and trademark office to trademark at the rock on a hand gesture, he says he was the first person to use it back in 1974. however, you might also recognize it from the very famous single cover, the 1966 yellow submarine cover shows john lennon displaying exactly the same gesture with his hand and turned around. most notably, the gesture it says i love you in american sign language which has been around since the 180 heather: it is june 16th. breaking overnight donald trump following through on another campaign promise overnight to make america safe again with the
1:59 am
major announcement set for today. >> the father of the american students freed from north korea speaking out praising the trump team to secure his son's release. the same time slamming the obama administration. >> do i think the past administration could have done more? the results speak for themselves. rob: what he revealed about his son's condition. heather: liquid from your bag at airport security. this scanner is for you. the new screening procedure being tested. plus the best and worst airlines revealed. "fox and friends" first starts now. ♪ ♪ in the moonlight ♪ ♪ take a shot ♪ rob: good friday morning to
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you as we look at new york city in manhattan, a rainy friday. it is friday. "fox and friends" first on friday morning. heather: thank you for starting your day with us. steve scalise remains in critical condition in the hospital but doctors say he is improving after being shot in the hip and the hopeful update as lawmakers come together in unity at the congressional baseball game. rob: what we are now learning about the shooter. >> reporter: we are told that steve scalise is recovering from another surgery for his internal injuries and the broken bone in his leg and he