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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  April 6, 2017 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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i'd love to meet you. we're having a book signing at presstonwood baptist church on friday and be in plano on saturday. >> bill: a live look from the east room in the white house. we expect the white house any moment host group of veterans for the wounded warrior project and they spent the past four days around the washington, d.c. it's been an annual tradition beginning with president bush in 2008. we'll take you there live to the white house. but first, president trump saying susan rice may have broken the law being call to testify. the house intelligence committee meeting in a private session on the hill. all ahead of a busy day for president trump. i'm bill hemmer.
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welcome to "america's newsroom." >> shannon: good morning. i'm shannon bream in for. martha maccallum. the president accusing susan rice of a crime. the president suggesting she may have been behind the leaks of classified material. rice denies that and claims politics played no role in her actions. vice president mike pence said he's confident congress can get to the bottom of what happened. >> people have a right to know if there was surveillance of any private citizen in this country and the identity of those citizens were revealed people have a right to know why. the fact it involved our campaign and our transition i think should be deeply troubling to anyone who cherishes civil liberties. >> bill: we begin our coverage perfect the white house. does the president or did the president offer evidence to support that claim, that comment that rice may have committed a crime? >> that's the $64,000 question.
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the short answer is no. there have been people out there frankly that have suggested making a charge of this sort without proof is irresponsible but white house officials told me look, while an investigation is ongoing sharing details or evidence would also be irresponsible and confident and content to let it play out. the real question remains is what happened in the unmasking. was it because it was a national security issue or is the fact that there were detail that were not of a national security nature in and of itself unlawful and the president and vice president and there's more calls to have ambassador rice testify before congress. when asked if he thought rice committed a crime he told fox's john roberts it certainly looks
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like she may have. emphasis there on the word "may." >> bill: kevin, topic two and a big one as well. the president meets with the chinese president later today in florida. what is the level of leverage he can apply to get china to come to the table regarding north korea? >> the short answer is significant. keep in mind in addition to being the major trade partner for the chinese the chinese government holds a great deal of american debt as do chance businesses. there's an interconnectivity and the problem as the white house sees is is the playing ground has not been level. they can bring their goods and services here freely. in fact we heard the president earlier said the conversation coming up with president xi jingping should be interesting and they should come to an
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agreement. we'll be pitching and i feel confident about our chances. >> bill: thank you, kevin corke leading our coverage from a rainy washington, d.c. >> shannon: we're also awaiting a live news conference from house speaker paul ryan. we believe he's said the to unveil new details in the gop's plan to replace obamacare. and ryan was at the white house late last night reportedly trying to keep the repeal efforts alive. vice president pence has been trying to shepherd a deal and is confident it is going to happen. >> clearly a few weeks back congress wasn't quite ready. we've made good progress and i've seen good faith on all sides. there are good faith discussions underway and the president and i are encouraged. not that it will get done in an particular period of time but it's going to get done. >> shannon: well, peter doocy is
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live on capitol hill and will tell us about the last-second push to stop the members from going on recess. any chance that happens? >> we still expect to see a long line of cars and ubers taking lawmakers to the airport for their easter recess hours from now. but late last night paul ryan was at the white house meeting with the majority leader and the vice president, mike pence, talking about the way forward. in some time ryan is expected to talk about expanding insurance risk pools. the last time he was refused to handicap the chances of anything getting passed anytime soon. >> i'm hopeful. i don't want to put any specific odds on it or an artificial time
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line because what needs to happen is we need to talk to each other to get a better understanding of concerns. that's how you bridge gaps. >> so no vote on health care today but members going home will have something to think about while they're there. shannon. >> shannon: so any chance any democrats are closer to playing ball with the changes proposed? >> only if the repeal and replace efforts drops the repeal part. >> one thing we have to do is stop talking about repeal and replace. talk about improving the law as it exists right now that includes working with democrats on the idea of improving the risk of insurance in states that have been struggling in terms of the exchanges. >> it's not just health care lawmakers are looking at before they head home for two weeks.
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there's a house intel committee meeting set to start any minute behind closed doors. we don't foe the set agenda but this is where all the action has been recently with the russia meddling in the election and we're hoping to catch some republicans and democrats going in to see what they want to see before they go home for two weeks. >> shannon: peter doocy, thank you. >> bill: this was a tender moment from the east wing of the. these are wounded warriors to start the soldier ride and this is a rehabilitative bicycle ride. they'll honor the service and sacrifice of our bravest. president trump will be in the room in the moment, the first lady will be there and the vice president and the vice president's wife. this is something the white house is trying to put a focus
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on too and rightfully so going back to 2008 with president bush. as that continues i want to bring in chris stirewalt. chris, we'll keep the screen up so viewers can see what's going on and there's a lot going on. big shocker there. start with health care. what's paul ryan going to say in 30 minutes that might keep this on track or not? >> it depends on what the track is. if the track is basically by the end of this year or this fall in order to do something to stave off the worst of things coming for obamacare it could be on hack. -- track. if we're talking about replacing obamacare while baseball is still being played that's not happening. >> bill: there's going to be stops and starts. i think we'd be ill served if we didn't refresh our memory from how many stops and starts there were in 2009 and 2010. you also have the comment with
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the president with "the new york times" about susan rice. what is your sense in washington where the story is headed? >> the president as he likes to say is a counterpuncher. this is the counterpunch. you say may campaign did illegal things. you say i'm a criminal, i say your a criminal. that's how he's done things in private life and how he's doing things now. the sense in washington is people are concerned. one is the people who worked for donald trump or his campaign colluded with the russians and equally concerned that people inside the obama administration and his national security apparatus were leaky were inconstant in dealing with the insensitive information they had in their hands.
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both things are potentially huge scandals and both things could conceivably be true and so both sides are on the edge of their seats. >> bill: we want to juxtapose the images from the east room. they are something we should all pause and give strong consideration too. >> shannon: absolutely. >> bill: on this day and every day. chris stirewalt. we're watching this happening and there's a house committee of intelligence and it's behind closed doors. they could be talking about where to go next with susan rice. >> shannon: they have a lot of to talk about. coming up we're still awaiting president trump to address the wounded warriors at the white house right now. they put everything in perspective folks. we'll take you there the moment it gets started. first the president talking tough on syria. >> their deaths was an affront
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to humanity. these heinous actions by the al-assad regime cannot be tolerated. >> shannon: and we're going to talk to a senate committee chairman next. >> bill: and republicans face an imminent decision. will that go nuclear to confirm neil gorsuch. former new hampshire center kelly ayotte is the counselor and we'll go to her live. >> shannon: and the president think susan rice broke the law. was politics at play? >> the weaponization of the security services is what you expect in a banana republic and police state.
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take you live when the president speaks as well. >> when you kill innocent children, innocent babies that crosses many, many lines beyond the red line. many, many, lines. it's very possible and i will tell you it's already happened that my attitude towards syria and al-assad has changed very much. >> bill: the president making a shift towards syria after the chemical attack that killed 80 civilians. the al-assad regime claims it would never carry out such an attack. and senator, good morning to you. >> good to be with you. >> bill: no easy options here. what's the first step? >> well, i think the first step has happened. it's a tragedy. we've known of the moral depravity of al-assad and i've
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met with syrians almost weekly and the president understands and my first step would be putin can show if he's worthy of being on the world stage by withdrawing support and show moral clarity if he continues to support this monstrous dictator we have in al-assad. >> bill: rex tillerson will be in moscow in a week and we'll see if the message is delivered and more importantly what the response is in turn. we have american forces fighting on the ground in syria today. >> we do. >> bill: there doesn't seem to be a good military option. do you agree on that, first off? >> we are working in the raqqah
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area and working against isis. they're doing a good job. i met with general townsend just weeks ago and they're doing a good job and we're getting isis out through a military option. with al-assad things are more complex after obe obama did what he did and that put putin on the world stage as he is today. we had a ten-hour operation planned off the mediterranean that could have done a lot of damage. what i hope will happen is the military leaders, in fact i know it'sening, they're developing >> it's happening and while americans don't want to be in a drawn-out war we need to be have an action. the best response is putin showing he's worthy of being
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called a world leader and immediately withdrawing all support for al-assad. we need to get this guy in a war crimes court. we need to get him behind bars. we need to get him out of where he is today. >> bill: you believe al-assad's responsible for this? >> there's no question. he's been doing this for years. >> bill: can you answer this question, why is al-assad if he's guilty why now six years into a war you're winning? >> you mean he's winning? >> bill: al-assad. >> look, all of us i wrote with bob menendez the authorization to use military force in 2013 so this is not new to me. we've been to the refugee camps. we've seen what he's done to his people. this is a guy, bill, that tortures people. you've seen the photographs. he cuts people's genitals off and burns them. this guy's a monster.
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we had an administration that was willing to go along with that. we had 500,000 people dead there and 11 million people displaced. it's terrible what's happened but the awakening that we see at the white house around this issue of syria to me is refreshing. and again, i hope the president doesn't use heavy rhetoric that cannot be followed up on. i hope he'll be measured but there's something that we, the rest of the world, the west needs to do to respond to someone who is such a monster, a brutal dictator to do these kinds of things. they bomb hospitals purposely. every day that's what they do to keep average citizens from being able to have wounds treated. they withhold medical supplies purposely from people so they will die. this is what this guy does. again the west has watched this for years and years.
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we had opportunities, big opportunities when he crossed the red line. the world community was with us and we stepped away from that. president obama stepped away from that and now we have a president opefully -- hopefully to respond in an appropriate way. you said it from the beginning very difficult decision but we need to respond. >> bill: it's a tough story to even talk about and given how you talk about it i know how close you are in that region and what you've done personally with your own travel and research. senator, thank you. the president talked about it yesterday. nikki haly there at the u.n. thank you for your time. >> shannon: we take you back live to the white house. you're looking at some of our bravest heroes. the wounded warrior as the president pledges anew to take care of our veterans to those serving and have served the
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country. we'll take you there live as soon as the president takes the podium.
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>> we are awaiting speaker of the house paul ryan's weekly address. that's going to come up just shortly. we expect he'll talk about health care and where we stand on that. now we're at crunch time as we're looking at a recess for the house. as we await president trump's biggest meeting with a foreign leader so far. the president of china is a big topic and among those topics will be north korea and kim jong-un's ambitions and he fired a missile into the sea of japan and now a foreign minister said they may have a nuclear missile capable of striking the
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u.s. within years. our senior correspondent is live in seoul, south korea. greg. >> nowhere is that summit between president trump and chinese president being watched more closely than on the peninsula because it's so close to the threat. we spent time in busy seoul today. there's something like 25 million people including u.s. troops and american civilians within artillery range of north korea let alone the nukes and missiles. north korea launched another missile this week. it doesn't travel far but far enough to send a message to the summit the regime is still in business. we met today with former south korean minister and he confirmed to us what others had been blaming they could have a nuclear-tipped missile aimed to hit the u.s. during president
6:27 am
trump's time in office. >> how dangerous is north korea now? >> well, north korea's dangerous certainly for south korea, to the region as a whole and at the same time and to the rest of the world. >> china is the only ally and they were skeptical of anything coming from the summit but hopeful sanctions could occur from talks. for him and many here the military option which the president said remains on the table is unthinkable and death and destruction too much. finally, shannon, interestingly enough for the folks here the wild card at this summit and in this conflict is not president
6:28 am
of china is not kim jong-un it's president trump himself. the new kid on a very dangerous block. we'll see what comes. back to you. >> shannon: thank you, greg. >> bill: we're awaiting the moment and the president and first lady and the vice president and his wife have entered the room at the white house and they are surrounded by 50 of our bravest in america. wounded warriors from 15 different states there to represent so many others at home and serving overseas. here's the vice president. let's drop on in. >> to the patrons of this great project, members of congress, with my wife karen, it is my great honor standing beside the president of the united states and the first lady to welcome you all the white house. [applause]
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>> so many and many from armed forces today and those who serve our veterans, those who serve in the cabinet but behalf of the president and the first family a special it thank you. the wounded warrior project is a source of great comfort to our veterans across the country and it is an inspiration to the nation. [applause] >> since 2003 the wounded warrior project has faithfully served men and women injured in
6:30 am
the defense of freedom and paid a small debt of gratitude this nation will never be able to fully repay. the white house has hosted the wounded warrior soldier ride since 2008 and the president and first family and karen and i are so proud to be part of continuing this important tradition. in fact we're bikers and karen and i hope some day to join thea sunny day in the future. from the bottom of my heart let me just say thank you for your service. also let me say as the proud parent of a united states marine it is the greatest privilege of my life to serve as vice president to a president who cares so deeply about the men and women of our armed forces and the veterans of this country.
6:31 am
[applause] >> now let me say to all the heroes with us and their families it is my high honor and distinct privilege to introduce this morning your commander in chief, the 45th president of the united states of america, president donald trump. [applause] >> thank you very much. i want to thank you, vice
6:32 am
president for your wonderful introduction and maybe more importantly for your incredible service to our country. you've done an incredible job. thank you very much. [applause] we're honor to join you all today among real heroes. these are real heroes. secretary shulkin and zinke in front of us. i want to thank you as we pay tribute to america's warriors and i call them america's winners because they are winners and mark this year's soldiers ride. it's been very unique. lieutenant general livington, devan shey and all the dedicated people at the wounded warrior
6:33 am
project, thank you for organizing this event. really great job. an amazing event and thank you for serving those who have so bravely served our nation. on behalf of the country, let me extend to all the riders and your families the warmest possible welcome into i call it the people's house. this is the people's house, the white house but it's the people's house. i thank you all very much. especially all of the folks that are on the stage with me. you are something very amazing. you've risked all you have, all you possession to keep our people safe in our democracy secure and we're going to keep it going, folks for a long time
6:34 am
i can tell you in your honor we'll keep it going. you've earned our freedom with your sweat, blood and your incredible sacrifice. we salute you, we salute your service and we absolutely the flag you have so courageously protected. we love our flag. thank you. [applause] the story of today's event is a story about america and our strength in citizens. in 2004 a young man working in a tavern on the east end of long island, i know that area very well was moved by to help his fellow americans returning from iraq and afghanistan. so chris carney had an idea, with the support of friends chris rode a bike across the
6:35 am
country to raise funds and awareness for the wounded warrior project. great people. he biked 4,000 miles -- wow, where is chris? stand up. [applause] and raised at the $1 million. his act of devotion inspired others and since then the soldier ride, why we're here today, has become an annual event that units and uplifts our nation. president bush hosted the first soldiers ride at the white house in 2008 and i'm proud to continue this incredible traditional. we're going to keep it going for a long time. i should have it for about seven
6:36 am
more years. most of all i'm proud to stand here before all of you and share with the nation the depth of our gratitude and the height of our total admiration for these folks, for our veterans, for anybody in uniform. and that includes our great men and women in blue. i want to thank all of them because they're incredible people. each of you has forged in battle the sacred bonds of loyalty that link our people together. our country, our values, our very way of life endures because of you and it endures because brave americans raise up in every generation and they really do, they rise to the occasion
6:37 am
like nobody can rise to an occasion, to fight for this country and to defend its citizens with every ounce of blood, sweat and tears in their bodies. our way of life continues because of men and women who are willing to sacrifice anything and everything to protect their fe fellow warriors and all of us. you not only poured out the blood and all of your blood in some cases for this country but you have poured out the love from your souls and from your hearts. each of you has carved your place into the history of this incredible nation and i can tell you into our hearts. this is that love which brings us here today which binds us together as one people and which
6:38 am
offers us the hope and promise of a future that is safe and secure and free. with one grateful heart and one mighty spirit the people of our nation thank you. they really thank you and embrace you as you carry on this magnificent soldier ride. good job. good job. may god bless you, may god bless our incredible country, may god bless our warriors and let's have a great ride because i'll tell you what, i couldn't do it. thank you. thank you. congratulations congratulations. >> bill: a touching moment from the white house honoring 50
6:39 am
wounded warriors that represent so much to so many here and abroad for the annual soldier ride. something that really started back towards the end of george bush's second term in 2008 and we're working on eight and nine years of this event and something when you hear the president talk about this and the focus they need and the money they need is wrapped up at the event at the white house. well done, we salute all of them proudly yet again today. >> shannon: as they head out to the rain. another big story today we'll be covering, the senate debate on supreme court nominee neil gorsuch. that's all expected to begin next hour. the majority leader mitch mcconnell expected to put an end to the democratic filibuster. they didn't get 60 votes. it begs the question will republicans go nuclear. it doesn't look like they have other options let's talk with
6:40 am
the counselor to neil gorsuch and she has been there as a voting senator as well. great to have you with us. >> good to be here, shannon, thanks. >> shannon: we heard there was a weekend conversation looking to make a deal. they didn't get there so what happens next? >> well, i think unfortunately the democrats have left the republicans with no choice. they're going to have a series of procedural votes where they change the threshold to 51 votes instead of 60. if the democrats were willing to filibuster such a qualified nominee like neil gorsuch it's clear they would not approve anyone president trump would put forward. they're left with the situation where that will happen, i believe, through a series of votes and the final vote will happen friday night if the democrats run out of time. >> shannon: i believe mitch mcconnell who said right now if the republicans put up ruth
6:41 am
bader ginsburg even she would get filibustered at this point because the democrats are so upset about what happened with merrick garland, president obama's nominee who didn't get to this point. do you think some democrats will change their vote so they don't change senate precedent with regard to filibuster. do you think they're weighing that or it's done? >> i think unfortunately it's done. i say unfortunate because the whole issue over judge garland the american people clearly weighed in. it was an issue in the presidential election and they elected president trump and he nominated someone exceptionally qualified in neil gorsuch. he has broad support, he's in the mainstream. he has support across the political specter including from the former solicitor general and the highest rate from the aba and they're block him so we're in the situation where i rules will change, i believe, and
6:42 am
though the republicans don't want to go down this road the democrats aren't leaving them with any choice. >> shannon: how do you think he'll impact the court if as we expect all these things play out on the schedule we see tomorrow night he could be officially confirmed as the justice. the court's been without nine just -- just justices and do you worry about changing the legislative full buster down the road? >> i think he'll have an impact on the court and he is a judge's judge. he applies the law and believes hes up to congress and the president to change the laws and he needs to apply the law fairly to everyone who comes before him. he has a very good relationship with everyone on the court currently so i think he'll be a positive force for making sure
6:43 am
our constitutional rights are protect and that's so important. i think about that as the mother of two children. i think we'll be honored to have him on the court. in terms of what happens going forward, i think leader mcconnell has said he doesn't plan to change the filibuster rules for legislation. >> shannon: we'll see because we didn't think we'd get to this place either. former senator kelly ayotte. we appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> bill: here is a stunner. probably something you did not expect today. this is devin nunes the republican congressman from california head of the house intelligence committee has just released a statement. 40 minutes ago we talked about the meeting behind closed doors here's the statement i'll read in total. several left wing activists groups sought accusations against me the charges are false and politically motivate and being leveled as the american truth are beginning to learn of
6:44 am
the unproper unmasking of u.s. citizens and other abuses of power. despite the baselessness of the charges i believe i should have representatives temporarily take charge of the russia investigation while the house committee looks into the matter. he concludes i'll continue to fulfill my other responsibilities and requesting to speak to the ethics committee at the earliest possible opportunity in order to expedite the dismissal of these false claims, end quote. it goes back to his meeting on the white house grounds and what evidence he was given on behalf of his sources with the alleged surveillance conducted over trump team transition members and the transition from the obama white house to the trump white house. this is a major development and something worth tracking down
6:45 am
from capitol hill. >> shannon: important to note also anyone can file the charges with the house ethics committee. we'll see. >> bill: peter doocy is working the story live and more and more on deck. stand by.
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6:48 am
>> bill: again this story just breaking from capitol hill. devin nunes the california republican will step aside regarding the russian investigation and the house intelligence committee. he's the chair of the committee, temporarily he says regarding russia matters he'll step aside. peter doocy has been waiting for house speaker ryan we're expecting to update us on the negotiations on hea do you have? >> the last couple weeks there's been a ton of pressure from democratic lawmakers including the house intel committee asking for chairman nunes to step aside thinking he improperly released the information from a source at the white house. nunes in his announcement,
6:49 am
you'll note, about stepping aside for now as the chair of the investigation. he said it was left-wing activist groups levelling the charges. he does not say he's leaving because of the appearance of impropriety and he said they leveled a congressional ethics charge we hope to get details soon maybe when the speaker comes out. he says that's why it's happening and happening within a few hours of lawmakers heading home for recess for two weeks. >> bill: the house ethics committee will investigate nunes. is that the next chapter in this? what he said at the end of the statement, i'm requesting to speak to the ethics committee at the earliest possible
6:50 am
opportunity. will he now be under investigation? >> that's something we'll have to wait for leadership to talk to us about or the ethics committee. remember leadership went at do you have confidence in chairman nunes to continue as head of the investigation and they said yes. they supported him at least up until now and nunes is saying it's his decision to step aside. again we'll have our first chance to hear from the speaker of the house just minutes after the news broke. >> bill: peter, thank you. stand by. we'll get viewers back to capitol hill when the news comes out. the party said devin nunes has earned my trust over his many years for integrate and critical work for the intel community does and will continue and i'm confident conaway will oversee
6:51 am
the investigation over the russian actions and follow the fact where's they lead. and a former adviser to president clinton and fellas we brought you in to something related. we didn't expect this. matt, what's it say about the pressure on nunes to step aside? >> it's very difficult. these ethics charges can be levelled by anybody for any reason and a lot of times politics is the number one reason -- >> bill: my apologies, matt, i'm sorry, things are moving quickly. here's the house speaker and we have been waiting on this and expect a statement to clarify what happened overnight with regard to health care and given the news on devin nunes we expect something to happen on this. and i want to drop in and hear
6:52 am
what the speaker has to say about things moving on the hill on the eve of the easter recess. let's go. >> well, this has been a very productive week in the house as we continue our efforts to repeal and replace obamacare. as i said before, this promise is just too important and the consequences of inaction are too dire for american families for us just to give up. that's why over the last couple weeks we have encouraged members from across the conference, you see many represented here today -- from across the conference to come together and try to find consensus. in particular, i want to thank kevin brady and greg walden. our two chairman for being so engaged in the conversations and talks. while we have work to do to get there we have made real progress this week and we have come together on a new amendment we believe will provide added protections to those actions for
6:53 am
affordable health care and this idea was offered by two of our most conservative members but it has been embraced by a strong spectrum of our conference. as you can see by a few of the members here today. i would let the author speak more about it but let me say the amendment creates a federal risk sharing program and lower costs for everyone and the authors of the amendment will go in more detail. following votes i've asked the house rules committee and mark it to what we were considering before. i want to ask gary and dave for being so productive. their amendment makes it a better bill and gets us closer. this is the kind of collaborative bottom-up effort we have been looking for. we have more work to do and those conversations continue to take place and they really show promise but the amendment alone is real progress and help us build momentum for delivering on
6:54 am
our pledge to the country. i'd ask the majority leader to speak. >> good morning. i think the results of the past couple weeks have been progress, valuable progress. from every aspect and caucus and group is united around this amendment. every day we move closer and closer to finding agreement in the best way to repeal and replace obamacare. you can already see some of the result. that's why today the rules committee is going to meet to add an amendment to the american health care act. i want to be clear we still have more work to do but the amendment by allocating funds to a risk-sharing program will lower premiums for the american people. this is an improvement on our bill that will help the american people bring us closer to our ultimate goal to repeal obamacare and replace it with
6:55 am
something much much better. the work throughout all three committees has been tremendous and our chairman have continued to lead the way. in doing so they found working with other elements of everybody throughout this conference that there are a lot of great ideas on how we can improve this. but i want to thank chairman walden and chairman brady for their continued work throughout their committees and i to bring up right now mr. palmer. >> thank you, i want to say how encouraged i am with the progress that we're making on this bill and the whole point of what we're trying do here is to keep our promise to the american people we want to do something that brings down premiums and make sure we take care of people with preexisting conditions and i believe we do this and have a model for this in the state of maine. they have this risk-sharing arrangement that's worked well
6:56 am
there and brought down premiums and increased the number of people insured. this amendment is modelled after maine. we believe when it's implemented it will be a federal program for three years and then the states will be able to take it over and i think we'll see premiums coming down i think perhaps by next year. i tell people we believe we can bring down premiums quickly but that's quickly in an actuarial meaning. i'm encouraged by the work of the committees. they've been helpful and cooperative in the process and had input by a number of members and he has helped build a consensus around it. i'd like congressman schweikert to speak.
6:57 am
>> have you had the moment when you're heading towards the microphone and someone is whispered don't geek out. we'll try to avoid the math. >> this is a neat experience with the members you see behind me and the leadership where i'd love to say this is eye unique idea to a couple of us. it's not. it was one of those when you listen to the membership from the folks from all parts of the country and districts it was this unifying theory, what are we doing to lower premiums for those individuals in that individual health care market. and i think this does it. it actually has a certain elegance from a budgetary mechanic to grabbing the top piece of risk. you all know the number, 5% of our brothers and sisters with chronic conditions are funelling
6:58 am
50% of our health care costs. because of that we have this hockey-stick curve. i believe what we have written helps mitigate their need to stay in the health care system and mitigate the extraordinary costs transferred to other folks trying to buy health care coverage. so i'm excited. this doesn't close this chapter but i think it gets us closer. thank you. and with that chairman, walden. >> good morning, everyone. i'd like to commend all the members up here today who have worked so hard and to thank the vice president, the head of hhs and others who have been a very important part of this process as have the president. we all know legislating in this town is never a straight-line process lots of ideas from different directions and we fund a good one with the shared
6:59 am
support system with those most in need. a great model comes from the state of maine where it's increased enrollment and we knew we needed to do more work in this area to make sure people can get coverage they can afford. i want to thank my colleagues, the representatives, are great listeners and have great ideas and brought people together so i commend them. this is another step in the right direction and know we'll keep moving forward in this process as we work to refine our product and get to the goal of saving americans on their premiums, making sure the affordable care act exchanges don't fully collapse. we see examples of more insurers contemplating pulling out of the market. our job is to try to reform this process in a timely manner. these policies will lower
7:00 am
premiums and return power back to doctors and with that i'd like to welcome the chairman of the ways and means committee. >> thank you. this is good news for those who are worried about very expensive health care costs. >> bill: so it is 10:00 on the capitol. part of the reason it's significant there were late night meetings on health care and they're moving closer but there will be no vote prior to the easter recess. while that's happening you have this bombshell by devin nunes as it relates the russian investigation and susan rice and what did or did not happen in the last days of the obama white house. >> shannon: he says left-wing groups have come after him and a filing with the house ethics office. that's something we can go down and file those.
7:01 am
it's not something instigated by another member or a congressional investigation. he's saying i'm innocent of this but it's going to take time to sort through and today paul ryan issuing a statement saying this say process that will play out but it takes time and it's a distraction so he's going to step aside for now. >> bill: we do expect questions on all this. when that happens we'll take you back there. we haven't left but i see paul ryan coming back to the microphone now so let's go back. >> reporter: can you explain to me how you bridge the clear divide between what the house freedom caucus wants and what the believe the president has proposed. >> i think the divide is narrowing quite quickly. what the idea represents is a goal that everybody perfect the freedom caucus to every other group represented here is
7:02 am
seeking. how do we lower premiums, how do we lower premiums and continue the protections for people with preexisting conditions. this brings people closer towards consensus. there's other ideas we're still trying to build consensus on to continue to do just that, lower premiums even further, give states more flexibility to address the unique needs of their insurance markets and still keep protects for people with preexisting conditions. this is one of those ideas that gets us closer to consensus. there's more ideas we're work on and why we'll keep working in the days and weeks ahead to try to get the bill done. >> reporter: back in philadelphia in february or january you talked a lot about the schedule for the year. you talked now recently about not setting artificial deadlines and i'm wondering to what extent
7:03 am
does that mean you're a believer in the gant chart -- >> i'll never stop believing in gant charts. i'm always a believer in project management. we have in our time line lots of flexibility builtin because built in to work the senate. it moves more close than the house does so we have plenty of cushion in our plan and we're well within that spectrum of time line in dealing with the obamacare legislation. >> reporter: and the resolution -- >> all those things are still in the still time line we've been on. >> reporter: mr. speaker, devin nunes has stepped aside from the probe into the russia potential ties and meddling in the election. do you still have faith he didn't do anything wrong and did he mishandle classified
7:04 am
information? >> let me just tell you what my statement is. first of all, devin nunes has earned my trust over the years for his integrity for the work he does and is eager to demonstrate to the ethics committee he has followed all proper guidelines and laws. in the meantime it's clear it would be a distraction for the investigation into the russian interference in our election so chairman nunes has stepped aside and i support his decision and we'll now have new leadership on this investigation and confident he'll oversee the investigation and follow the facts where they may lead. [question indistinct] >> chairman nunes wants to clear
7:05 am
himself while the investigation continues on without any kinds of distractions. >> reporter: to be clear on that, given the fact he has your support and you reiterated several times your trust but the fact it's been a distraction do you feel confident for him to lead the committee overall? >> i do. >> reporter: the freedom caucus wants to see an amendment to waiver out of the community rating requirement that could effectively undermine preexisting conditions because that can cost people more -- >> i won't get into the details of the conversations going on but we believe there's additional reforms and ideas that can do both, protect people with preexisting conditions and lower premiums so more insurers come to the marketplace. a concern is insures are leaving
7:06 am
left and right leaving people with no choice. that's not good. having a monopoly isn't a choice. it's a monopoly and we're trying to find more provisions to bring more insurers to the marketplace and with more choice you have more competition and have you lower prices. we're all dedicating to making sure people with preexisting conditions still get the kind of coverage the need and affordable coverage and want to find a way to do that in such a way everyone else in the insurance market can also get lower premiums, affordable choices and more competition. that's what this is all about. i'm not going to go in the details of the particulars but those are the kinds of debates we're having and why this is a step in the right direction and closer to the final goal and agreement and keep working until we get it right. >> bill: so two main stories on the health care ne we're getting closer and we didn't expect to hear devin
7:07 am
nunes temporarily stepping aside from the investigation and we're juggling both stories and it's important to point out he said he'll step aside for now until the ethics complaint against him is clarified. it's not an investigation on behalf of a committee but an office, let's say. >> shannon: they're quicker and less involved so speedier. so it may not be as long as it appears. >> let's bring in matt schoen and katy pavlich and we interrupted our segment and now we have the headlines. matt, you start, how significant is this when it comes to the investigation or is it not so? >> i think it's ironic, bill, remember the office of congressional ethics a separate entity established by nancy pelosi. this is the office early in the congress republicans wanted to get rid of because it's been used by for so many times for
7:08 am
partisan political reasons. you can see anybody can bring any charge to the office of congressional ethics and now the ethics committee is going to pick up and look at this as well. this is why ethics in congress gets so pollute and devin nunes is doing the right thing, step away, get it cleared up, don't do anything to derail the investigation. >> shannon: doug, i have to think for democrats they're going to count this as a big win. there's many people within the investigation they've been critical of and nibble away at but i imagine they'll be celebrating this today and though it's temporary and innocent until proven guilty. >> a win in one sense but given the controversy about his visit to the white house, what information was shared with him, what he shared with the president, i think it's in the broader interest of the country that he step aside. i think it will help the investigation. certainly we have the senate
7:09 am
probe. i think this will reduce the tension on the house probe and it's good for america. let's probe it and get to the bottom of what he did and when he did it. >> bill: katie, what's you're view on this and in the context of what the president said that he believes susan rice committed a crime? >> we have to say the committee is in good hands with congressman conaway and trey gowdy to take a role. in terms of backing nunes i'm sure the white house will come out with a state statement saying they have full confidence in him and paul ryan saying he still trusts him. it looks like democrats and lawmakers on the hill in the house and saying we for his resignation and they called for his resignation to step aside and refuse to do it. to me it looks like some democrats on the hill got in touch with the group and said why don't you file the ethics
7:10 am
complaint to force him to step aside. >> and they did it, bill and shannon, right when the susan rice -- she's given three different answers. they did it on top of it. >> bill: the point about democrats getting a short-term vsh victory and they're nibbling away. thanks to all three of you, doug schoen, matthew schlapp and katie pavlich. >> shannon: we have more breaking news and we've been talking about devin nunes announcing he's stepping away from the russia probe and the judge will be here to weigh in next.
7:11 am
7:12 am
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and virtually no referrals needed. see why millions of people have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now. news on capitol hill. ranking member adam schiff we expect him. he may come out and address reporters on brand new news the man who chairs the house intelligence committee is temporarily stepping down. in the meantime judge andrew napolitano joins us live. let's talk with the fact it's a big move for him to step aside and say i'll let other investigators do this on the committee while i handle the ethics issue which is an office
7:15 am
anyone can go and file a claim. it's generally more quick than a congressional investigation. >> you're right, there's no screening for the claim. to the people who file the claim are not other members of congress they're outside advocacy group but if an outside advocacy group, conservative, liberal, republican or democrat can file a complaint against any member of congress it wants and disable that member from doing its job is not a healthy way for the government to operate. it's a reason the republicans in the house wanted to tamp down the authority of this group that receives the complaint even if there's no basis. having said that, we haven't seen the complaint. i believe congressman nunes is a man of honor and wanted to avoid even the appearance of
7:16 am
impropriety but i would argue the more important investigation is what the fbi is doing. is the fbi investigating susan rice, for example? because they know how to get information from the cia and nsa. >> shannon: we talked about there's allegations and our reporting has shown there's hesitancy from some of the intelligence community groups to actually help hand over the information. they said they're complying but house and senate sources saying it is not. >> there's a longstanding rivalry between investigators for the senate and house intelligence committee and the house intelligence committee members themselves. remember two years ago when the cia was spying on the staff of the intelligence committee and they in turn were spying on the
7:17 am
cia and it was revealed by dianne feinstein. one of the reason the intelligence community often doesn't want to cooperate fully with the fbi is they don't want to admit they have this stuff because some of it is not obtained consistent with what the public believes the law is. >> shannon: we're looking live again as we expect the ranking democrat on the house intelligence committee, adam schiff on the way to the mic. he's coming down the hallway he's going to -- we think, address devin nunes stepping aside temporarily. let's listen in. >> in respect to the chairman's decision to step aside from the russian investigation. i just want to express my appreciation for what the chairman decided to do. i'm sure it was a difficult decision for him but as he mentioned i think it is in the best interest of the
7:18 am
investigation. it will, i think, allow us to have a fresh start moving forward. i look forward to moving with mr. conaway. this investigation is of such critical importance that we need to get fully back on track. it is, i think, worth noting the investigation never went into hiatus. we've been continuing to develop our witness list and work out logistics in how we bring people before the committee and what the process will be. we continue to go through the documents. as i understand it now the materials the chairman viewed at the white house that i subsequently viewed are now being made available to the full committee. i think that's a positive step as well. so i do want to say i look forward to continuing to work with the chairman on the whole range of other issues our committee has to deal with. we have i think worked together very well on a range of other
7:19 am
issues and obviously the russia investigation is important but there are a whole host of other issues the committee deals with on a daily basis including of course some of the preeminent threats to the country posed by al-qaeda, by isis, north korea, iran, the challenges with china among others. a lot of continuing and important work to do. i look forward to work it chairman on those issues. i look forward to working with mr. conaway and the others in the investigation going forward. i have great admiration and respect for mr. conaway and look forward to our continued work on that together and i thank you. >> shannon: ok. no further comment there. we got a written statement from congressman adam schiff the ranking member on house intel and said we have a fresh opportunity to move forward in a unified and non-partisan way in
7:20 am
the way the investigation demands. though the democrats may be happy they have devin nunes off the investigation for now maybe it will take away the criticism that it would get done in a partisan manner. bill. >> bill: thank you. that to work its way in the capitol. this is mitch mcconnell. moments ago he sent the following tweet despite the filibuster no one has ever voted to filibuster a supreme court nominee, ever, period. end tweet. judge neil gorsuch is on the line today. will they have the votes or republicans go nuclear? that is next here on "america's newsroom." mom let me know she'd always be there for me. and she was.
7:21 am
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7:25 am
al-assad has changed very much. if you look back over the last few weeks there were other attacks using gas. you're now talking about a whole different level. >> bill: the president making a strong statement on syria signalling a change in policy as well. this in the wake of a chemical weapons attack that left many dead and member of the house committee. woman, sir. you've been -- welcome back. what do you do? >> there's a short term and long term. let's look at the short term for now. we've never accepted the use of chemical weapons on the battlefield, we being the world have not accepted the use and adolf hitler used him against his domestic population but not on the battlefield. i think what needs to happen in
7:26 am
the battlefield is strikes against the regime to make clear the use of chemical weapons the benefit you'll gain are outweighed by the costs incurred by strikes. decapitating al-assad from his field of forces and hitting his command and control and hitting his ground force by hitting the airfield and destroying the rung ways -- runways is how you prevent the use in the future. >> bill: you have russians there. you have isis there. you have several hundred u.s. service members on the ground there. i think the ultimate question then becomes if that's the course of action you take you have to fill in the next question that is what does al-assad do then and now you're out of the vacuum of a controlled situation and you're waiting for the response. >> i can tell you what al-assad is doing now without a response he's creating a generation of
7:27 am
people so angry at him they're radicalizing as well so you're creating the next generation of isis and i think he'd use chemical weapons again if he thought there'd be no repercussions. the broader issue of syria needs to be dealt with probably at the negotiating table where al-assad can't stay and the use of chemical weapons it had to be clear that was a red line and the cost of using it is huge. >> bill: nikki haley yesterday said this. >> if russia the influence in syria it claims to have we need to see them use it. we need to see them put an end to these horrific acts. how many more children have to die before russia cares? >> bill: rex tillerson will be in moscow in about a week
7:28 am
meeting with vladamir putin. what can you get from russia? >> i don't know. look, nikki haley was extremely charismatic and made a strong point. moscow's response to this attack and laughably it was repeated by another member of congress on another network is they struck an ammo depot that spread the chemical weapons -- that's what the russians are saying. the idea we can somehow become partners with russia against al-assad is unrealistic but said the u.s. is prepared to act if the rest of you aren't. >> bill: last question. you're six years into this war. i hear you, al-assad's a bad guy people want him in the hague tried for war crimes tonight. absent that, why do this now in a war six years on and a wore that's turned in your favor? >> you have to do it now because he used chemical weapons --
7:29 am
>> bill: but why now? >> a, he's testing trump and testing the international community and number three or b, the second reason he think there's a psychological impact to the population. he's about inflicting collective pain. there's no other reason to bomb hospitals except to make it more miserable on the population. >> bill: that leads to genocide. >> it does. >> bill: adam kinzinger thank you for your time. more to come on this. >> shannon: it sounds like there's some progress on health care. republicans creating a new plan for a high-risk pool with lower costs but is congress at any consensus how to replace obamacare. and today john glenn being laid to rest right now at arlington
7:30 am
cemetery. words of praise for the hero, the man who orbited the earth, came back and certained his country in the senate as well.
7:31 am
7:32 am
7:33 am
>> shannon: a bit of a shake-up at the house intelligence committee as the chairman nunes steps away from the russian investigation and has had charges charged from a left-wing group from an ethics taking complaints from anyone. this goes from the house ethics committee now saying they also will do a formal look into whether he mishandled classified information. he said as a distraction he'll step aside and trey gowdy will step forward to lead the investigation and the leading member, adam schiff looks
7:34 am
forward to going forward and said they'll continue their work and get to the answers in a bipartisan and productive way. >> the insurance market get get lower premiums and more comp competition. those are the kinds of debates we're having and it's closer towards the final goal and agreement. >> bill: that was 30 minutes ago and republicans in the house making moves overnight trying to come together on health care. the speaker announcing a new amendment to create a special high-risk pool. republicans saying it brings them closer together to a consensus as you just heard. a former communication director and marjorie clifton former consultant and dr. siegel here
7:35 am
in new york city. now, alex, it does not appear you'll have a deal before the easter break but i don't know a lot of people expected that. do you truly believe based on what we've heard so far they are moving closer to getting a consensus? >> i think what they've done is recognize that this is the republican party's problem now. the republicans are in charge as the health care system collapses and republicans will be punished at the ballot box at the midterms and beyond and doing what they need to do to stabilize the market place. insurance companies and others are looking if they'll even offer coverage in 2017 and 2018 and they need to take steps to stabilize the mark in the short term and then repeal and replace obamacare with something better. >> bill: and it may go on for a long time or it may go on until this afternoon. i don't know.
7:36 am
it's a continuing negotiation, end quote. marjorie, it appears the sides are committed whether it's now, a week or six months from now to getting this done. >> whether they get it done or not the optics of the loss was any side of the republican party whether more conservative or moderate. i think everyone felt they had to go back to the table and go through the song and dance of having to negotiate something and realizing health care is complicated. the devil's in the details and what the party members can carry back to their district as a win. whether it will happen now or at all i think the negotiation is the key point and throwing up their hands and walking away before got them in trouble and frankly there haven't been a lot of wins from a policy standpoint. they need something. >> bill: and so we await on that. doctor, when you see the
7:37 am
shifting positions of how this bill can change can you enlighten us on how it would change for you as a doctor? then perhaps the patients you see. >> bill, to marjorie's point on the optics of the situation they'll improve from a doctor-patient situation if you create the high-risk pools and create an opportunity for patients that have very sick problems. preexisting conditions, alcoholism, overweight, diabetes. if you can separate sick cancer, separate them out, premiums for everyone else are going to be lower. if they can go back to their states way win, saying, hey, we got rid of the mandates and give you the option of lower premiums for less by separating out and creating high-risk pools -- >> bill: is that better health care or insurance? >> it's better health care if someone comes in my office and
7:38 am
say i can't afford my premiums and have a huge deductible and can't afford the health care. you're more relaxed and your expectations are lower. the doctor's office is a tough place right now. everyone wants a lot because they're paying a lot and we can't deliver it. >> bill: alex, back to the negotiations on the hill, it's largely thought you can give more to the conservative members, the house freedom caucus that stopped this three weeks ago but you may isolate more moderate members of the house. how do you figure out what the right balance is or do you see both sides willing to accept less than what they will get because i think in some circle so far it's not been accepted. >> the house freedom caucus is famously difficult to negotiate with because they never say no. they never give yes forrance
7:39 am
answer. the white house was giving the freedom caucus everything they want and yet the freedom caucus still with a bit signing on and lesing moderate votes. they need to take a step back and the president needs to set out high-level goals on what he wants to accomplish for replacement for obamacare and political support around the country for that vision. let the speaker and policy leaders in the house fill in the framework and reintroduce it in a comprehensive campaign and get it passed. >> bill: we have more breaking news. thank you to all three of you. back to washington now. >> shannon: and we're keeping an eye on the internment services for john glenn at arlington national cemetery. there's been calls for flags to be flown at half staff in ohio and for president trump for federal buildings, the white
7:40 am
house, navy ships and install s and military bases. this is a private service with his family allowing the world to watch in as we say good-bye to a man who was 95 when he passed in december and was the first american to orbit the earth and coming back and running successfully a couple times for the senate and ultimately serving a lengthy term of service serving in a different way as well and today we all say good-bye and honor him. >> bill: what an honor it is. this now is more breaking news that keeps rolling today. senators debating the nomination of neil gorsuch at the moment. minutes from now they'll take a key vote. we'll bring you there live to see the progress or lack there of. >> shannon: and president trump said america should always come first but at the chemical attack in syria he said he's seeing
7:41 am
things in a new light. is the signalling a change in foreign policy? and at southern company we're building the future of energy, for you.
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
>> shannon: the u.s. senate resuming the consideration of supreme court nominee neil gorsuch. but we know republicans are preparing for a showdown because democrats are threatening to filibuster to block his confirmation or a vote on it. a vote on debate expected some time in the next hour and that will get us to the next step in the option. >> i'm not and i don't want to be the president of the world. i'm the president of the united states and from now on it's going to be america first. >> shannon: president trump campaigned on that america first philosophy. could tuesday's chemical attack change that?
7:45 am
the president said it changed the way he views syria and bashar al-assad and we have the executive editor of fox news to talk about this live. good to see you. as we talked about there's so much on the agenda with china. north korea probably atop the list but there's more. >> i think what donald trump is experiencing right now is the difference between being a candidate and president. when you're president you have to be able to handle multiple alarming situations simultaneously and efficiently and his campaign rhetoric indicated he'd take wild positions on anything he wanted to when he felt like it. >> shannon: and finding america's interest is complex when you look at the situation. their tentacles that feed to russia and iraq.
7:46 am
>> he'll send secretary of state to russia and tillerson doesn't talk for public consumption. he does back-rooming and i'm sure he'll come back with confidence we'll not have another chemical bombing. and syria is -- china is a competitor of our and trump will have to find a common threat with the president when he meets him at mar-a-lago. >> shannon: we're depending on them to put pressure on another korea and all options are on the table. >> within reason. china is a serious player. they are the only economic support north korea has. if they were to turn off the spigots north korea's regime would be out. >> shannon: we need their help and on another important front. we talked about the fact that
7:47 am
they are the supplier to 100% of the world on this rare earth mineral situation things we need for military and smart phones. >> rare earths are 17 minerals to make what are called permanent magnets and they've become a crucial part of fighter jets for military and catapults that launch off aircraft carriers and rocket-guided missiles and consumer goods like smartphones and gps systems. china controls the market. we used to be the biggest provider and gave it away to china late in the last century. >> shannon: how do we turn that around? >> president trump talked about bringing jobs back. he can get rare earth production moving again and we wouldn't need china. >> shannon: there'll be conversations in the next couple days. what do you think the mood will be like between the leaders?
7:48 am
>> chomp b -- >> somber. i think the chinese president will be sober and careful. i hope president trump does the same. >> shannon: more on fox news and people can read in. appreciate it. >> bill: great stuff. you have it, 12 minutes before the hour. house intel committee chair devin nunes steps aside from the matter involving russia. so where does that critical probe go from here? also, america marks 100 years since the u.s. declared war on germany and joined european allies in the first world war and today is a day of remembrance in so many ways and the war to end all wars.
7:49 am
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
>> you're looking live at the senate floor as debate is underway over supreme court nominee neil gorsuch. they're addressing the nuclear options. there's four democrats who said they would not go with the nuclear option to take the vote threshold from 60 to 51. republicans said they're left with no choice. one of the democrats against that move of filibustering the judge is senator joe manchin he said i'm deeply disappointed that later today many senators plan to vote for the nuclear option taking another step towards destroying the senate. as i said when i voted against the democrats nuclear option i believe the filibuster is vital to protecting the views and the coffee cooling saucer.
7:53 am
today it looks like senate precedent will change so it will now take 51 votes to get confirmation to the u.s. supreme court. >> bill: it marks 100 years since the u.s. joined the first world war. ceremonies scheduled today at the world war i museum in kansas city, missouri and the lawn of the white house. we have a retired lieutenant general. you have to think in the 1914, 1915 and the fields of france and germany is when the world existed. and there's a reason they call it the war to end all wars because they thought this was as bad as it could get and that was 100 years ago. how do you reflect on that now? >> well, it was obviously not the war to end all wars, was it
7:54 am
bill? as i reflect on is because it had such a distinct impression on me growing up as a boy because my father was in one of the first troops that went over in june so i grew up listening to that and he was also in world war ii and i lived in germany when he ran a mercedes plants and it instilled in me the thought and understanding it didn't work and why we had world war ii and why i was living there and as a had a military career in 35 years and seen the changes and i look as today because i think that's the importance in looking at the date. president trump has been given the worse hand since the end of world war ii with the instability in the middle east that grew from the end of the
7:55 am
world war ii and the south china sea and you look at north korea and the ukraine and then crimea. we have a very destabilized world. that's why it's important to reflect back it was not the war to end all wars. >> bill: no question. do you think president trump has the team in place to meet that challenge? >> he does not have the team in place. he's got key cabinet members but he doesn't have the team below him. he doesn't have the team in the nfc. he's got his hands full as i said in a very complicated world. >> bill: what could help change that, sir? >> i think if he'd get the people he needs in there and in defense and the national security council. get the right people. he's got too many obama leftovers and they're all sitting there making decisions for him and he's got this huge problem of syria and the nerve gas issue square impact in front of him.
7:56 am
>> bill: he's got james mattis. sir, thank you for your time and reflection today. general tom mcinerny in washington. >> shannon: the gorsuch vote is coming up and health care and chairman devin nunes stepping away from his panel's russia probe. where's the investigation go from here? that's next.
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>> had enough? >> how do we sum up this day because this morning has been all about news. >> chuck schumer is on the floor right now. this is the debate that's going on right now about al gore search and we will have news on this throughout the afternoon certainly. >> they will decide if the nuclear option is going to happen and change the senate forever. it will know soon. >> there was a touching moment at arlington national cemetery. we wanted to share all that with
8:00 am
you today. who knows what we do tomorrow? >> we know the house intelligence kim mitty has been checkup today. >> "happening now" happens right now. >> jon: a fox news alert, we are waiting for a senate showdown over judge neil gorsuc gorsuch's with republicans pushing ahead on a historic rules change and that supreme court standoff. welcome to "happening now" ." i'm jon scott. >> julie: and i'm julie bender, and for jenna lee. with the democrats refusing to budge on their filibuster. that would mean doing away with the 50 votes they needed to confirm a supreme court justice. and changing the rules to require a simple majority. meanwhile on the house side of capitol hill, congressman devin nunes, this breaking today, chairman of the


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