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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 31, 2017 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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minutes before the officers cut him down. how humiliating. he has to reconsider his choice of friends. abby: poor guy. that's a way to end your friday morning. thank you for joining us. have a great weekend. "fox & friends" starts right now. heather: bye. >> the american people b bye bye an 80% margin believe these sanctuary cities are wrong. >> mike flynn could testify if offered community. >> doesn't trust the prosecutor hell bent on putting a trophy on the wall. >> donald trump taking a swing at the freedom cawxz on twitter. >> very underunderstandable the president is frustrated we haven't gotten where we need to go. >> staffers national security council came across a number of president-elect himself were showing up in intelligence documents. >> you are saying giving up a seat for a soldier in uniform made you want to vomit. >> u.s. troops need real support. they don't need symbolic gestures.
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>> prepares for all-out traffic crisis. this after massive inferno causes a bridge to collapse. >> the white house says president trump will not throw out the first pitch at the washington national. apparently he is afraid of tweeting ♪ this is going to be the best day of my life ♪ my life ♪ this is going to be the best day of my life. steve: we are waiting for that man to wave, thank you very much, joel. brian: the reason why we only see a silhouette of joel. we have not paid for the rights to air joel. if we could afford the rights to joel why could see what he looks like. ainsley: trying to keep his anonymity so he can eat breakfast with friends without being recognized. steve: pete, you are not in the witness protection program.
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are those pancakes or waffles? pete: look at those stack of pancakes. one of the most beautiful set of pancakes as i have seen. as you all know i'm a connoisseur of pancakes. we are in tulsa, oklahoma, put your finger on the map of america that's where we are freeway cafe. we are already packed here. brian: about a month ago when i tossed out to you. i aciewrsed you of wearing untuck it will shirt. are you wearing a scotty vest with a bunch of pockets. pete: i'm going to learn about it and do some research but that's not what this is. you are already wrong. ainsley: you are on the best show because we are going to be talking about the scotty vest coming up, i have a feeling. steve: he is at the freeway cafe as he african-americanens up that person's coffee.
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ainsley: i heard you invite your radio listeners because have you a radio show there. brian: just told this morning i just hopsd on the air to tell everybody in oklahoma they are the most loyal viewers and listeners of fox to go down there and give pete some company obviously they heard. ainsley: we have big news to get to this morning. the white house says they have evidence to prove that the trump team was under surveillance and the white house is inviting congressional leaders to come and see it. steve: that's right, white house lawyer done m mcgan. info on whether u.s. persons was mishandled and leaked. it's interesting as soon as the offer was tendered then adam schiff of the great state of california said, you know what? i'm coming over as soon as i can mean while the folks over on the senate intel committee which is also looking at the russian stuff they said you know, why don't you send it over here. go ahead and sebsd it over here.
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we don't want to make the trip too complicated, too political. send it to us. brian: some facets to the story. what do you really care about? people are so focused on devin nunes the chairman of house intelligence and how he got information, why he went to view this information. why he hasn't produced it yet. they are not focusing on what's been produced and what are we beginning to get confirmation on. which is stunning. first that there were dozens of documents and in the possession of obama officials. second the information of this documents contained was not rawcial-related so, therefore, it has nothing to do with the investigation but talked about the possible surveillance of the obama administration of the future trump administration. third by many reports did mask identities person one, personal two. other used actual names and so easy for anyone to figure out on the transition teams it was stunning nobody a guy like devin nunes who was on the transition team. finally one incidence other
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than mike flynn outright unmasking and flagrant unmasking of a trump official was there for everybody to see and was somebody else pushing all this information out through all the intelligence agencies? so this is what devin nunes found out. but what everybody else is focusing on is how he found it out. ainsley: right. including the "new york times." one of the headlines is trump aids gave reports to the inquiry. their colonel is devin nunes is over this committee that is not supposed to be partisan. other people are saying who cares how he got the information. we want to see the information. if it proves the trump team was surveilled that's what we care about. steve: sure. here is sean spicer. >> on that story would be to validate certain things that i'm not at liberty to do. in the same way that you protect sources, when i call you and say you've got 18 anonymous sources and you go well, gentleman reveal my source. chairman nunes has an
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opportunity t reveal his sources. smart move was to make all the materials available to the chairman and ranking member of the relevant committees and i understand the obsession with the process piece. but we are focused on the substance. steve: they are focused on the substance because ultimately had comes down to this were laws broken and it kind of looks like it. the "new york times" came out with a blockbuster story yesterday it named two white house officials. one wadnic works with the nsc and ellis. they helped nunes review the intel in the eisenhower building on march the 21st. sean spicer refused to say whether or not they were nunes' sources. they are not necessarily both whistle blowers. they do have access to the white house grounds. it could have been that they simply helped nunes look at
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some things that were brought to his attention, using their facility. keep in mind, one other thing to keep in mind is the fact that michael ellis, who was one the people named, used to work with mr. nunes on the house oversight committee. if nunes needed help at the white house who else are you going to call, someone you used to work with. ainsley: if there is illegal activity going on and you know about it, don't you need to tell the house intelligence committee? i'm just confused with what the problem is with these individuals? maybe you can clear this up for me, these individuals releasing the information. if they knew information about something that was going on, why aren't they allowed to tell mr. nunes. steve: are you talking about whether or not they are whistleblowers? when i are a whistleblower there is a process. ainsley: he is goin over the intelligence committee. steve: have you to ask for protection. brian: room in my uber, you
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want to come over. ainsley: both go republican and democrat. brian: my opinion and from people i have talked, to there is not much trust between them. adam schiff, people devin nunes says can you be impartial in this investigation? why aren't they asking adam schiff can you say anything positive at all about donald trump or his administration? ainsley: just in case you don't know adam schiff is the top democrat on the house intelligence committee and devin nunes is the republican. steve: on the house side it has become very, very partisan and down right nasty. brian: talk about something else that broke i think during "special report" yesterday. that is michael flynn's lawyers contacted intel the senate side and house side and said my guy would be willing to show up and tell you everything if you gave him immunity. he would be anxious to do it and there was a long statement there. we know him well. book tour there i wouldn't have doubt that the first time the president saw him watching him do different interviews from bret baier to our very couch. but i think that it's been
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very hard for general flynn to sit on the sidelines to listen to everybody talk about what he did. ainsley: why is he asking for immunity if he hasn't done anything wrong? >> it could mean if i'm going to stand up here and reveal everything i know and tell you all everything i know, i want immunity from that i don't want to be in trouble for that. steve: yeah, but here's the big deal, in addition to asking both houses of congress for immunity and various committees, he also asked the finn. fbi for immunity as well. keep in mind what got him in trouble and this is all going to make perfect sense in just a minute. what got him in trouble, he lifd to the fbi about i don't remember talking to the russians about any sanctions. okay. then somebody came one a transcript and said well, take a look at this intercepted communication right here where you are talking about just that. and he goes i completely
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forgot about that. remember, it's all about those leaked transcripts. once again, it comes to somebody unmasked a bunch of american names through the course of this incidental collection and wound up leak egg it to the press. that is what sean spicer is talking about. and that is what got michael flynn in trouble. that is probably why he is asking for immunity. brian: if you want to see testimony that will have you rifrivetted michael flynn being questioned by any committee would be riveting. he is the most decorated officer we have seen serving this country. direct in his comments. it's something that we should saul -- i look forward to an opportunity for him to defend himself because he hasn't been able to. evelyn farkas who played a role in the obama administration and advisor-consultant to hillary clinton's campaign came out and basically said she was the source of the "new york times" story, it seems, that fanned out everything through the obama administration through
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intelligence agencies through an executive order, right before barack obama said goodbye to the white house. she talked about how disturbed she was about the russian connections with donald trump. well, all the sudden she realized that happened march 2nd what a firestorm this caused because she was being honest. she tried to backtrack on cnbc. ainsley: saying it was fake news and blaming russia. listen. >> i was concerned because i knew how the russians operate. i was reading these reports about them hacking into the elections and giving the information to wikipedia and that trump people. on a dark campaign of fake news, you know, that's still ongoing, we see even someone like myself get sweeped up in all of this. >> right. >> you know, when people like me are speaking on behalf of process, people spin it to suit their needs. i think it may be that the russians are behind even such fake news. steve: so in the sound bite that we played for you yesterday it sounded like she
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said the trump people were surveilled, they were also, in addition to that information was leaked after things were unmasked. now she is back and tracking and it's dark news. it's fake news. it's russia. brian: her own sound was played on every network because people couldn't believe what she said and now she is saying russia played a role. ainsley: let us know what you think steve: there was one other interesting tid bit in the the fact that one the witnesses said, you know, everybody is talking about how the russians were apparently trying to help donald trump. keep in mind, the russians were also trying to help the democrats. they were trying to help bernie sanders as well. so that whole argument about they were just out to get donald trump elected. not true. brian: marco rubio too said his campaign was hacked. steve: this week i goes to show you the russians are still at it. brian: or giving them way too much credit. 12 minutes now after the hour. ainsley: president trump
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putting pressure on conservatives calling them out and tell them to get a deal done on healthcare or else. the president's plan to shame the freedom caucus ripped right from the book art of the deal. brian: what happens when this guy belly flops into a pool of gators. steve: tell me those are not real. brian: tell me that's not his real belly. ♪ you and me going fishing in the dark ♪ lying on our back and counting the stars ♪ where the cool grass grows ♪ down by the river ♪ it's our little differences, that can make a world of difference. expedia, everything in one place, so you can travel the world better.
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♪ brian: members of his own party get in line on healthcare. calling out three specific members of the freedom caucus saying this in a tweet, if would get on board we would have great healthcare and massive tax cuts and reform. while some are surprised that the president is calling out conservative members, is this tactic part of art of the deal and the way he found his success in business? joining us now the author of this book the trump factor brad thomas. is this according to a playbook that he wrote? >> no. i think it's really part of the trump factor is the persistence factor. how he is able to maintain and really grow his team. part of that blueprint that i wrote about in the book is how he has been able to assemble a
3:18 am
team of engineers and architects and put that team together. he has only had 60 days to put that team together. it will take some time to put that blueprint together. this is what he is known for. that's part of his d.n.a. brian: when the billie bush tape came out one of the groups that stayed with him was the freedom caucus. this shows disloyalty. that's a typical to donald trump. i thought loyalty put first. >> it is. loyalty, trump surrounds himself with very loyal people, again, years and years, his employees and contracts. his engineers have been around him for such a long time. brian: this is not loyalty. >> this is not showing loyalty. again, i think that's party of that loyalty is being able to deal with those different people within that organization. brian: here is an excerpt from the book shaming those who don't get on board with the deal. as much as it pays to emphasize the positive. there are times when the only choice is confrontation. in most cases i'm very easy to
3:19 am
get along with i'm very good to people who are good to me. when people treat me badly or unfairly or try to take advantage to me my general attitude all my life has been to fight back very hard. that's how he views? >> part of the trump factor is being tough. donald trump is a tough negotiator. that's why he was hired for this job. i is a battle-tested ceo. that's why people voted for him for his track record for being tough. for being a tough negotiator. we are starting to see that we will see more and more of that. that's really a critical part of the trump factor. brian: also, he has not ruled out dealing with democrats. as charles krauthammer writes today in his editorial don't even think about he is not thering about a single pair north to get this passed. let's take a look at another excerpt from the book that i think is important to share. that is not getting too attached to a deal. i never get too attached to one deal for starters. i keep a lot of the balls in the air. most deals fall out no matter how promising they seem at first.
3:20 am
even to the best laid plans even for something you believe. in as eric was saying the other day, sometimes the deals you don't make are the best deals. >> when trump started 3weu8ding his first buildings here in new york city, the pundits would say no, it's not going to happen. he can't do this. he can't do this. he is a failure. we heard that last week with the healthcare bill trying to pass. it's a failure. that's all we hear. look, this is energy for donald trump. he takes that adversity and turns it into something. it's power for him. it's energizing him. that's what the trump factor is all about. brian: he did have fun. he said i didn't know politics could this fun. people are say rug saying that? he is having fun. >> he absolutely is having fun. he has a billion dollars of golf property. that's having fun. not all business for donald trump. i think that's an important attribute as well. brian: he gave up a lot to do this job as in billions of dollars. good to see you. brad thomas. meanwhile straight ahead, joe biden calling out hillary
3:21 am
clinton saying she lost the election. plus we have a college professor he said he wanted to throw up when he saw someone do something nice for a soldier. rob o'neill seal team six will be here next to respond ♪ just to keep them alive ♪ it's the eye of the tiger ♪ it's the thrill yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. and i finally found our big idaho potato truck. it's been touring the country telling folks about our heart healthy idaho potatoes, america's favorite potatoes, and donating to local charities along the way. but now it's finally back home where it belongs.
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♪ ♪ steve: welcome back to "fox & friends." earlier this week we reported incorrect information regarding john podesta's financial disclosures. we want to make clear john podesta fulfilled his financial reporting obligations. ♪ ♪ ainsley: a drexel university professor under fire after tweeting this. some guy gave up his first class seat for a uniformed soldier. people are thanking him. i'm trying not to vomit or
3:25 am
yell mosul. steve: when he tried to defend himself he got schooled by tucker carlson. >> i think it's blindly irresponsible to support wars that send off young people into wars, 200 people incinerated byist bombs and not do that in a way ethics pandz anyone's freedom that makes anyone less secure. >> you are not saying giving up a seat the guy who made the war policy but the soldier. >> they don't need to be deployed. lives risked. taken away from their families for wars that do not do good for anyone. steve: what does the guy who risked his live to kill usama bin laden think of that rob, what did you think. >> my first thought i was getting tweeted about it and i went to see this guy. he had already blocked me from seeing it. i wasn't sure what was happening. i found out what was going on. i started getting hit up by friends of my mark luttrell. why am i not on a plane when
3:26 am
stuff like this happens. that would have been funny to watch, too. he probably would have vomited for different reasons. steve: he didn't say anything on the plane. he went back into the privacy of twitterville. >> this is a guy who lives in a bubble. is he a guy who deals with students all day. they need his grade to get on with life. is he a tough guy. i'm not sure what course he teaches how to grow facial hair without testosterone. teaches like a polysigh course. he has never been in a real world. he teaches from a guy who learned from a classroom. ainsley: our guys need real support they don't need symbolic gestures. >> that's a bunch of nonsense. use somebody just showing his support for one of the troops by giving a first class seat to try to blake it something political which is what he does. he doesn't know what the war effort is. ainsley: why can't they have real support and nice gestures. >> that is support. someone saying i'm for the troops but against this and this. that is support of the troops. most of the troops are very humble. and when they hear thanks for
3:27 am
your service, they kind of shy away. but support for the troops is buying them a beer at the airport. pay for their meal and giving them a first class seat. sea blow ladder. he likes attention. has nothing going on. one of those things i heard before. saying you get experience from a college professor is saying you are not hungry because you memorized the menu. we kind of laughed by this guy because he is really a joke. steve: here is what drexel university said because they felt the heat. said the recent social media comments by george si sis sis ciccariello. were made out the classroom and are his own and do not represent the university's views. drexel is committed to and vigorously supports our rotc student veterans and those who have served. >> cutting checks to.
3:28 am
i would hospital parents would see what they are doing what kind of education or miseducation. steve: or the alum nine that support them. ainsley: how would you feel if your kids wanted to go to drexel university? >> i'm about free speech. this guy has the ability because of one of the soldiers that the seat was given to. you can say what you want and whether or not you open your mouth and look like an idiot that is protected by people who go to places like mosul to. back up and say people being insinuated this guy flying to see loved ones or temporary assign you had duty. ainsley: calling for white genocide. it looks like the university is not supporting him. supporting the rotc program. college students have the close to sign up for his class. >> if my kids want to go, too. anywhere they want to go i would support them. i wouldn't recommend taking this guy's class. i feel like pretty much everyone in the country does and i'm sure a lot of the people at drexel university they probably wanted to vomit. this guy is not going to stop. is he going to keep going. he loaves the attention he is
3:29 am
getting now. steve: got attention today with rob o'neill talking about him. ainsley: thank you for serving our country. coming up is, chuck schumer's nomination to the supreme court dead. why two members of his own party are bucking the senate leader. steve: ultimate leap of faith happens when this guy does this. those are alligators. what happens next, you are not going to want to miss it. ainsley: pete helling seth is in still is a, oklahoma having breakfast with friends. hey. peta. >> >> we are at the freeway cafe in tulsa, oklahoma. here with phyllis and jean. they have worked in healthcare for years. effects of healthcare how important that be addressed. we will talk to them. it is already packed here in tulsa. great patriots and we will bring them to you on "fox & friends." stick around. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ brian: i also am very impressed with the scotty vest. you see the scotty vest with all the pockets in it? do you know what i'm talking about? pick it up and hidden pockets. steve: we are missing it a lot. brian: untuck it shirt and scotty vest has me raptured. at that point i didn't think steve and ainsley. i have a man bag and pockets jammed with stuff. you aren't. you are clutter free. so the scotty vest, i just mentioned on the air. well, sure enough they mailed us three of them right away. steve: fantastic. ainsley: we're going to see if it make yours life easier. brian: if it makes my life easier. it's the weekend grasp my vest and go. newspaper if you haven't seen the commercials. brian: so inside there are all these pockets.
3:34 am
start handing me stuff. ainsley: i like the vest. newspaper goes in the back. brian: hold the camera up. chris chulo. ainsley: let's flatten it out so it doesn't look weird. you have got to zip it up. steve: one more thing. brian's book goes back there. these all your reading materials. brian: don't weigh me down, steve. steve: back support. ainsley: have you to do it there's a so it doesn't look weird. brian: so i got my newspaper. i'm not done. i need my ipad. someone give me my ipad. brian: where is my ipad? it goes right there. my ipad it is there. i'm not done. what if i'm pulled over because i like to speed. my license. ainsley: put that in your wallet. brian: my i.d. here. ainsley: need to give your license number.
3:35 am
it's right there. brian: what about my phone? ainsley: we're going to need a staple. ainsley: staple your notes together. brian: what about my hat? steve: on your head. ainsley: need to put that in the pocket until he goes outside. brian: shirts with little things here. ainsley: you need some hair spray. put that over here. hold on. brian: look, i have got another pocket. this is unbelievable. steve: brian, i think what we're learning is the utility of the scotte vest is fantastic. you are a guy who will forget which pocket it is in. brian: where is my license. i will spend my whole day patting myself down. ainsley: stand up and flash everyone. brian: it's the weekend. [cheers and applause] ainsley: if you get robbed,
3:36 am
just hand them your vest. [cheers and applause] ainsley: is it comfortable? brian: looks totally natural. this is impact exactly how i want to live my life. steve: pete hegseth is out at the freeway cafe in oklahoma. pete: i can't compete with that where do i put? ainsley: you need that scotte scottevest. he grey. pete: while you are filling your vest full of things. we will ask folks how things are going. i'm here with valjean and phyllis, a number of diners here. had the pleasure of spending the morning with you here. what's your sense so far of how president trump is doing? >> i think he is doing very well. he could use a little more support. pete: from who? >> well, from congress and a little more support from the
3:37 am
republicans and the democrats. but i feel like that he has been able to accomplish a lot. but he still needs their support to go forward with the agenda. pete: both of you work in healthcare specifically the repeal and replace of healthcare. >> i wasn't happy with the plan that was put in place. i think they need to take time and i think they need to look at replacing the whole thing instead of just trying to put a band-aid on it to get it through. i would like to see tax reform come in and be done by the end of the year. pete: so you feel like they can get healthcare done but tax reform ultimately is where you think the most important thing is. >> yes, yes, i do. pete: i love the short by the way deplorables unite. a lot of deplorables here in tulsa for sure. bruce, you are a truck driver. you have been all across the country. you mentioned there is something really frustrating you rite now about the conversation in the country.
3:38 am
>> yeah. this russian deal, it's really kind of a bad deal for -- seem like they are not letting -- they got all these investigations going on in to that and they are not letting trump try to govern. and i mean, they are piling on him from every angle and i just wish they would relax and let him try to govern and some of those democrats come in there and try to help him. pete: you feel like they are piling on and russia is their chance to do so? yeah, absolutely. karen, real quick, what are your thoughts on president trump? >> well, i think he is doing a good. i wis -- people knew what he was accomplishing. good news, instead of only bad news. no collusion. i wish they would move on. pete: russia at the front of people's, russia is such a
3:39 am
reuse, why focusing on it. we are near tulsa and keep bringing these views to you and i will put my fike phone in my jacket. steve: all right, pete. thank you very much. delta came out and said you absolutely can wear spandex. ainsley: absolutely right. it was not delta. steve: is this something you took out of your pocket called the ipad. brian: looking stuff up. i feel totally comfortable. i just have to figure out which zipper. there are 20 on my body. steve: wear that the entire program and every guest will give you something different to put in your pocket. ainsley: i think guys look great in vests. do you wear vests? steve: i have vests at home. ainsley: abby, do you like a vest on a man? abby: especially when they stick a stapler in it. brian: i like a guy with just sleeves. abby: i love the vest.
3:40 am
brian, it looks great on you. headlines want to bring you right now. a state of emergency in place as atlanta prepares for all out traffic crisis. this after massive inferno causes a bridge to collapse on the heavily used interstate 85. oh god [bleep] that's hot. abby: police officers credited with saving lives by turning lives around just minutes before that bridge collapsed a two mile stretch of i-85 closed indefinitely. officials calling it a transportation crisis. schools in the area have been closed today and right now a live look. the fire still small dering as inspectors arrive this morning to investigate. one theory we are hearing pvc piping may have somehow caught fire under that bridge. keep a close eye on that one. first he claimed he would have won the 2016 election. now former vice president joe biden slamming hillary clinton for losing the white house. listen. >> this is the first campaign that i can recall where my
3:41 am
party did not talk about what it always stood for, and that is how to maintain a burgeoning middle class. abby: that was yesterday in philadelphia. the former v.p. went on to say the people that went on to vote for president trump are not racist because many of them voted for presiden presidea in the last two elections. noreen frazier who led the fight against cancer while battling it for more than 15 years she has died as the founder and producer for the stand up to cancer telethon. fraser raised millions of dollars for research and treatment. fraser learned she had breast cancer in 2001 just 46 years old. within two years it spread to other bones and then to her liver. her motivation for fighting the people she loved most. >> she will not die from this. i'm not going to die, she is not going to die. and my sisters are not going to die. and then everybody else we are
3:42 am
going to save at the same time. abby: noreenfraser leaves behind a daughter and son. she was 63 years old. ainsley: she has helped some men and women. steve: we have known her over a decade. abby: she turned it around to help so many amazing people. ainsley: i hope we find a cure for this nasty disease. abby: we all do. brian: thank you, abby. michael flynn says he has a story to tell. one condition, he wants immunity. will congress get on board? will the fbi get on board? we'll ask the former cia officer lieutenant colonel tony shaffer next. ainsley: plus, it's a new trend plunge college students to violate the first amendment rights of college speakers on campus. and conservative author charles murray just got ambushed again ♪ you can never know what it's like ♪ freezes just like ice ♪ cold and lonely light shines from you
3:43 am
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3:46 am
promo code tv. ainsley: some quick headlines for you. an alligator trainer in florida belly flops into a pool packed with beasts to prove how plight and tame they are. they didn't move a muscle. i think those gators were fed like probably an hour before. look at this. falcon 9 blasting a recycled rocket booster into space and bringing it back down to earth for safe landing. that rocket already used years ago in an orbital mission by nasa. brian already took the vest off. ainsley: get dressed, brian. steve: meanwhile, former national security advisor michael flynn in talks apparently with house and
3:47 am
senate intel committees to testify on possible ties between russia and the trump campaign in exchange for immunity. apparently, reportedly made the same deal with the fbi. his attorney, writing a statement last night, no reasonable person who has the benefit of advice from counsel would submit to questioning in such a highly politicized witch-hunt environment without assurances from unfair prosecution. former cia intel officer tony sure. >> i think you have to understand, steve, in this town, going after people is a blood sport. let me be clear on this. this is like a bad episode of seinfeld. have you george castanza guy over at cnn making stuff up. a bunch of kramers out there gladly report. mike flynn goes to get a flu shot, translated into he is main lining heroin. we have to understand there is a lot of things going on and
3:48 am
franksly mike flynn would be stupid to not actually figure out a path forward regarding what circumstance, who he talks to and what he talks to regarding the issues. i don't see anything evil here. i think this is one of those things that people want to know what mike flynn said, his lawyer said. he has a story to tell. he wants basically a good path to tell a story. ainsley: immunity from what though? >> that's a good question. i have not seen the documents. i haven't seen the letters going back and forth. i can tell you this, based on my experience and, look, i have been talking to you guys since 2005. if there is anything bad out there that relates to the russians, and mike film, it would already be out. just remember that miss farkas on msnbc today admitted to all this targeting and that sort of thing. we have to understand if something is bad it would have already been used. i see this much more as the wi circumstance of specific things going on behind the scenes.
3:49 am
look, i talked to mike flynn before and of a he went to russia. he went to russia like any other intelligence officer would do to try to assess the rugs russians for the purpose of them being adversaries. there wasn't anything that i see he was trying to cozy up to him. brian: if you read his book. he is not kind to the russians. he identifies them for what they're a them sits around the world like mitt romney spoke about. this is what everyone is emphasizing. his representative says he has a story to tell. >> he does. brian: that in normal vernacular that's no problem. in legalese they say that's intriguing enough to bait somebody to give that you immunity. >> brian, i think there's a lot of things we don't fully understand about what happened over the last six months of the campaign and particularly with mike. i think we have to be a little bit patient here because the -- again, the mainstream media will do whatever they can to either basically blow things up out of proportion or lie. so i think we do owe it to the committees and to the fbi to
3:50 am
state exactly what their intentions are regarding mike and what the plan is regarding his hearings. and, you guys, remember, the first time we met is when i had to testify on something called able danger. this is no small thing. when did you go talk about classified information, have you to lay out a clear path. have you to talk about protecting sources and methods. all these things have to be done, and you have a back drop right now clearly that the information that mike flynn was talked about was leaked to the media, to the "new york times." this is very complex and i think we need to wait to see how everything plays out in the next few days. steve: it was all about inflicting maximum damage. steve: absolutely. tony, thank you very much for joining us live. ainsley: thank you. brian: one of the finest military officers of our generation. meanwhile, straight ahead. hillary clinton left her role as secretary of state in 2013. why did she and her staff still have classified information, why was she still able to access that? ed henry is here. but, first. steve: president trump. ainsley: he is about to sign that law that will put your
3:51 am
internet history up for sale. steve: i'm going to -- ainsley: kurt the cyberguy with all you need to know about this ♪ i have no privacy ♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me ♪
3:52 am
3:53 am
3:54 am
ainsley: president trump is set to sign a new law that will put your internet history up for sale. brian: fantastic. ainsley: congress force service provider to get your permission before making online history public. steve: how do you protect yourself let's talk to kurt the cyberguy who joins us right now. >> the email is lighting up on this one. steve: because what people have learned with the trump thing is the government has ways to spy on all of us. >> they always have.
3:55 am
they always have. and i think what's going on right now is we don't quite know how they might in the future. especially with the idea that congress has just now said okay, we're going to repeal what was set in motion last october. which is this protection act that would protect our privacy so that the internet service providers we use, in other words, the bill you are paying every month at home for internet e as well as the provider that does your wireless phone that they can't just arbitrarily sell all of our data. this capped it down and now what congress said is uh-oh, now they can do whatever you want. steve: why would you want to do that? >> number one reason is it was too restrictive it would not allow companies to give us the kind of benefits that we would get otherwise such as let's give a good example. let's say that dunkin' donuts, for example, wanted to partner and know where you were at any given time it might be to our benefit to get a deal walking by somebody.
3:56 am
those kinds of things. here's the deal. ring the bell loudly that your privacy is in jeopardy. and not just because of this, but just the way all of this has made us wake up to this. here's the deal. number one, you should already have been taking these kinds of steps. steve: to protect yourself. >> you say oh my gosh, what can i do to stop my stuff from being sold, your browsing history, where you go with your phone. very simple. take a look at this. if you use a browser called tour browser tor. i will show you this on a video in a matter of minutes. the deal is you can browse on that and it sends your requests all over the internet so that it's no one can catch you and they don't know what you are doing and what have have you been doing there the other thing is on a chrome browser, you can add this thing called https everywhere. it makes your connection secure. i will show you how to do all
3:57 am
these things. they are free and easy to do. no reason not to use it "fox & friends" such for me on facebook i will put this there too. ainsley: thank you, kurt. >> heavy stuff. ainsley: interesting. steve: thank you, kurt. brian: healthcare is it alive? navy federal credit union." whoa friendly alert! i got a great auto rate outta that guy. now i have a wonderful hybrid. slate blue. crème interior. he was so nice! open to the armed forces, the dod, veterans and their families. navy federal credit union.
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♪ >> i think there is a belief that the president has maintained that there was surveillance that occurred during the 2016 election. >> ousted national security advisor general michael flynn now offering to testify if offered immunity. >> seems like a bad episode of seinfeld a bunch of kramers out there gladly report mike flynn goes to get a flu shot and that is translated that is he mainlining heroin. >> president trump taking a swing at the freedom caucus on twitter. >> he is a battled tested ceo and that's what people voted for. >> no, no. you are saying giving up a seat for a soldier in uniform means you want to vomit. >> u.s. troops need real support. they don't need symbolic gestures. >> support for the troops is
4:01 am
buying them a beer at the airport. buying them a meal. giving up a first class seat. this guy is a blow hard. >> i'm a guy with a man bag. my pockets are always jammed with stuff. the scottevest i just mentioned on the air. sure enough, they mailed us three of them. steve: here is the problem. you are a guy who will now forget which pocket all that stuff is in. brian: that's true. ♪ you ain't seen nothing yet ♪ baby, baby, baby ♪ you just ain't seen nothing yet. steve: in fact, he couldn't find his phone so he had to take off his scottevest to go through it pocket by pocket. ainsley: i feel like we are getting our little boy ready for school. brian: it's a cool vest, i have to say. steve: very cool. brian: we just were exchanging because people were reaching out and saying that is very military like. because in the military you have a lot of things. a lot of fishermen do and these type of things. can i put it into every day use that's the question. steve: the key is routine. i don't know about you but i always put certain things in certain pockets every day. i think that's why you like
4:02 am
the scottevest because you aspire to the organization. brian: right, i do. i'm still not used to the fact bring in pete hegseth now in oklahoma at the freeway cafe. i'm not used to the fact that i gave up my wallet and i jammed everything in. steve: why did you give up your wallet? brian: i'm trying to condense my life. ainsley: pete, what do you have in your vest? pete: i don't have a scottevest but i am a veteran nut military guys so i do hide things in vests. steve: you look more like a shoplifter. pete: menus. we are here at the freeway diner in tulsa talking to people as i pull ketchup out of my vest. talking about what is happening in the country. what we care about is what the punditpeoplethink. how do you think president trump is doing? what do you think about the russia reuse. ask them all morning. stick with us on "fox & friends." steve: there you go. that was funny.
4:03 am
talk a little bit about what is going up. remember a couple days ago devin nunes said he had gone over to the white house and spoke to whistleblowers. now the white house is inviting the intel committees from the senate and also the house as well over to the white house to take a look at exactly what nunes saw. white house lawyer done mc mcgfan said documents on whether people in the documents were mishandled and leaked as said in the past happened at the white house. brian: scenario where devin nunes gets alerted he has an opportunity to go see intelligence that would aid in his investigation. he went over to the white house and then the next day he held a press conference. he didn't tell the ranking member. that seems to be the focus of everybody's interest. it's really maddening. because i think what's more important, yeah, it's absolutely relevant to find out why how devin nunes got this information and still masking the name of the whistleblower, got it however, what i think is more interesting is the fact that
4:04 am
more information is coming out that there might have been some surveillance of the obama administration on the incoming trump administration as far as back as the summer. so, what he found has put -- has been pushed back to how he found it. ainsley: right. people are wondering who he was talking to, who his sources are did they do something wrong by giving him this information? bottom line is though if there is information that he says is improper, was improperly distributed about the trump team and their communications, i think just give us the information, just see if there was anything wrong. if not, let's move on. if there was, then we need to find out who is responsible for this. steve: sure. yesterday and the congress invited over. adam schiff said as soon as i could can i will come over and take a look. intel committee said we are not going to come over. just send it to us. we have the equipment over here. bring it to us. now, what's interesting, two names have been identified
4:05 am
yesterday by the "new york times." ezra cohen wattnic national security and michael ellis in the white house council's office. they apparently helped nunes review some of the information in the eisenhower building on march the 21st. sean spicer yesterday refused to call -- say whether or not they were the sources. they apparently are not necessarily whistleblowers. perhaps, they could simply have helped nunes to figure a way to get the information. for instance, if one of the whistleblowers worked in another part of washington, couldn't really go over to where they worked to look at it. so they went over to supposedly neutral ground of that, for instance, michael ellis who is one of the guys who is named. is he white house counsel. he worked for nunes on the house oversight committee. so maybe nunes picked up the phone, hey, i have got a whistleblower and i need to use this super secret computer to look at it. can i come over?
4:06 am
thamaybe that's what's happenin. brian: read the "wall street journal" today. i have a question to ask anybody. if somebody ever goes donald trump's direction in this investigation, for example if there is no collusion and there was surveillance. will they ever say it? if any of these story lines go to donald trump's direction, everyone gets panicked and focuses on process, democrats, anti-trumpers on the right or anyone on the left, has adam schiff ever given the president the benefit of the doubt as the nonpartisan ranking member where politics doesn't enter in? ainsley: i don't know. let us know what you think. also, president trump, he is not skipping a beat. he is working on healthcare reform. and see his tweets, is he really upset with some members of the freedom caucus in the house because they didn't pass repeal and replace. and this was his tweet. if representative mark meadows, jim jordan, and raul
4:07 am
labrador would get on board we would have both great healthcare and massive tax cuts and reform. brian: this is a week after this whole he was showering praise in the freedom caucus saying they are friends of mine. then con tan con tank. #repeal and replace #obamacare. steve: that was a series of treats in the afternoon. earlier in the day what he did was threaten a campaign against members of the freedom caucus himself. ainsley: urging other republicans to run against them in 2018. steve: slil. so, shortly after that one of the congressman in the freedom caucus, congressman amash was walking out and there was a camera, asked him what he thought about the president going after somebody in his own party, and he said this. >> most people don't take well being bullied. it's constructive in fifth
4:08 am
grade. it may allow a child to get his way, but that's not how our government works. steve: okay. so bullied and child from congressman amash toward the president. brian: i'm not sure if there is a method to the madness. is there going to be a new healthcare plan? are they going to try to do this one again? steve: no. brian: why are we having this conversation? why are we having this exchange of tweets? when he said evidently mick mulvaney went over to one of the freedom cawngs and said my message from the president is we are going to run against you unless you get on board and he wanted me to say this to you directly. tom garrett, the congressman from new jersey was on with neil cavuto and said this to these threats. >> what did you think of not only the president singling out the caucus but amash and some of the other colleagues respond. >> last wednesday was you shouldn't treat your friends like your enemies and enemies like friends. when he tweeted he might have
4:09 am
torque would against us in 2018. i would like to take this opportunity i will be working for him in 2020. steve: that's a good message. keep in mind over the last 48 hours or so the president has also suggested maybe he would work with moderate democrats to get stuff done he couldn't count on members of the freedom caucus. they said this is not what lee ran on and promise. we said a complete repeal and replace. the thing that paul ryan came up with was way short of that ains it's tough. you don't want people to vote on something they don't agree with. yet you want the party to be united. brian: congressman adam kinzinger called on them to get on board. freedom caucus stood by him. ainsley: you are right. brian: speaker ryan said drop donald trump after the billie bush. ainsley: he tweeted that out. brian: lieutenant general michael flynn was the top ping yesterday as his generals reached out and said he was looking for immunity in terms
4:10 am
of his testimony. and then he tweeted this out. steve: president trump tweeted this out just within the last minute. mike flynn should ask for immunity in that this is a witch-hunt. excuse for big election loss, by media democrats of historic proportion. keep in mind, michael flynn, pictured right there, he was the national security advisor to the president of the united states. he was early on in the days of the trump administration. he was asked apparently by the fbi, hey, did you talk to the russians during the transition period about sanctions? and he said no, i don't remember doing that and then suddenly somebody from one of the major newspapers has got the intercept between flynn and russians and said nope, he said it right here. how did that newspaper wind up with this? that's really what the committees on capitol hill and the fbi are looking at. how did american names get unmasked and passed illegally and perhaps feloniously to members of the mainstream
4:11 am
media. brian: keep in mind if you ever meet michael flynn he is one of the finest americans you will ever meet. i don't know how this will play out. what he did in the military for 33 years most could only fantasize. abby huntsman have you more news. abby: i do. thanks for watching this morning. i do want to bring you hid lines happening right now. safety emergency in place as atlanta prepares for all-out traffic crisis. this after a massive inferno causes a bridge to collapse on interstate 85. >> oh, god, it's so hot. holy [bleep] that's hot. abby: police officers credited with saving lives by turning cars around just minutes before that bridge collapsed. a two mile stretch of i-85 now closed indefinitely. and right now a live look. the fire still small dering as inspectors arrived this morning to investigate. one theory we are hearing, pvc piping may have somehow caught fire under the bridge. is another one of president trump's predictions beginning to come true?
4:12 am
>> i think what will happen is obamacare, unfortunately, will explode. it's going to have a very bad year. abby: well health insurance giant anthem reported leaving obamacare in many of the many where health plans. if that happens millions of obamacare customers would be left with fewer choices next year. that could causes a you can imagine disruptions nationwide. and tackling the trade deficit. today, president trump is expected to sign two executive orders to fight trade abuse. the orders will start a review to find the biggest causes of a half a trillion-dollar deficit and give u.s. agencies more power to fight trade cheating. the president taking to twitter saying trade will be a hot topic in his meeting with china next week. we can no longer have massive trade deficits and job losses. interesting to see how that meeting goes with china a week from now. brian: he tweeted out a promo,
4:13 am
it's not going to be an easy meeting. abby: we will see. ainsley: thanks, abby. steve: we will have the secretary of commerce on this program less than an hour from now. hillary clinton left her role as secretary of state back in 2013. why did she and members of her staff still have access to classified information long after she left? hmmm, ed henry has been digging into this. come on, in ed, and dig some more. ainsley: vice president mike pence and his wife karen happily married for 32 years. why are liberals mocking the vice president for being faithful to his wife? brian: how dare he? ♪ dream on, dream on ♪ dream come true ♪ dream on, dream on ♪ dream on, dream until your dream comes trueby ♪ try clarispray clarispray provides unsurpassed relief. it's 24 hour, non-drowsy and prescription strength. free yourself with clarispray, from the makers of claritin.
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4:18 am
clearances where they still had access to top secret and classified information. steve: why? >> why? they were titled research assistants. so the assumption on capitol hill is it was because she was writing her memoirs and saying, look, i still need access to this information in order to go through what happened in syria and what happened in russia. think back to what james comey said how hillary clinton handled classified information. watch. >> although we did not find clear evidence that secretary clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling the classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive classified information. >> she mishandled it and chuck grassley went on to say it is unclear to say what steps the state department has taken to impose administrative sanctions. any other government workers who engaged in such offenses
4:19 am
would at a minimum have their clearances suspended. the only positive for chuck grassley is there is no longer a democrat at the state department. have you rex tillerson. if they have these documents about why she retained this rets clearance, and for example does she still have the clearance today. a lot of former officials get to keep these clearances for years, even when they are consult-ins. ainsley: why though? >> some like to retain it because they say look, i was in the middle of all these important issues. i need to keep abreast of it some of these folks in washington talking about draining the swamp are then consultants for various. steve: log rolling. this is reminiscent for some odd reason sandy berger. remember when he was doing some research. >> at the archives. steve: national archives. >> documents in his socks. people thought some the documents he said he was working on a memoir and needed access to documents from the clinton era and then all of a sudden it appeared some of these documents were disappearing because some of those documents did not shine
4:20 am
well on the clinton legacy. brian: nothing was tightened up. from what hillary clinton was doing when she was in office and what she was doing after office. defense department official circulating. >> when we would ask her in the campaign look, what did hillary clinton think about syria or this issue in 2013 was she was no longer secretary of state she was gone. also now turns out she had access. ainsley: well, she had to write her memoir. >> working on a book. steve: she came out of woods to go to barnes & noble. >> good to see you guys. ainsley: thank you, ed. liberals criticizing vice president mike pence for respecting his marriage. when did having value become a bad thing. federalist molly hemingway is sounding off on this next. brian: brand new trend of college students violating the first amendment right of conservatives on campus. last night charles murray ambushed. [chanting charles murray no more, antiwoman, annual at this war]
4:21 am
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steve: all right. we have a quick look at your morning headlines on this friday. first up vice president mike pence casting a tie-breaking vote on a bill give states permission to withhold money from planned parenthood and other abortion providers. the bill now goes to president trump for his signature. leaked audio of democratic senator of clair miscass kill exposing her fears about her party's plans to filibuster supreme court nominee neil gorsuch. listen. >> they go on the supreme court and then god forbid ruth bader ginsburg dies, then we are not talking for scalia vs. scalia which is what gulch is,
4:25 am
we argorsuchon the court for soe who shares our values. steve: joe manchin and heidi heitkamp both senators saying they will vote for gorsuch calling it their constitutional duty. all right, ainsley? ainsley: thank you so much, steve. "the washington post drawing attention to an old article on vice president mike pence after one of its reporters tweeted. this mike pence never dines alone with a woman not his wife, nor does he attend events with alcohol without her by his side. well, the left wasted no time attacking the vice president on social media. so the g.o.p. is up in arms over sharia law yet mike pence won't have a business meal with a woman that's into the his wife. sure, that checks out. the editor and chief of mother jones said if pence won't eat dinner alone with any woman but his wife. that means he won't hire women
4:26 am
in key spots. when did having values become a bad thing? here to weigh in on this is senior editor of the federalist mollie hemingway. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. ainsley: i read your article. have you excellent points. tell the viewer at home who hasn't read basically your thoughts on. this it says something about washington, d.c. that it's not couples who are unfaithful that draw attention but couples that do. here you have a marriage that has lasted for many decades that has been not just successful but very intimate and close and they have guidelines that they have set up, no dinners alone, no boozing it up unless the spouses are together. and a lot of people were genuinely truly upset. it's almost boggles the mind that people could be upset about some simple guidelines for how to have a successful marriage. ainsley: this was original quote he wrote in 2002 if there are alcohol being served and people being loose i want to have the the best-looking
4:27 am
brunette in the room standing next to me. i would be so glad and honored he is protecting our marriage. >> everyone has different guidelines and this is theirs. a lot of people saying this sexist that he won't booze it up with a woman who is not his wife. also a way to show tremendous amount of respect for the most important woman in your life, which is your wife. ainsley: i did talk to some of his staffers yesterday. they were saying that was in 2002. that was in the beginning of his political career when he was a congressman. that was during the gary condit scandal and also he does hire, remember the tweet i read at the beginning does he hire women in key spots? they said that his deputy chief of staff is a female. national security advisor is a female. her top deputy is a female and the director of intergovernmental affairs is a female and so is her top deputy. >> is he actually known for having a bunch of females on staff and for women who have very happy to have worked for him and also promoted and go on to really great things. also, you know, a lot of members of congress have to leave congress because they don't have these guidelines that help them keep their
4:28 am
marriage faithful and even mark so you der had to leave because he had a affair with a staff. it can happen when you have a close working relationship. if you are smart, you will set up barriers. ainsley: alcohol can lower your ini hayour inhibitions. he must not know the people i know or suffer the temptations i face. they must not read the headline us about marriages ending due to inif i delegates. i have far too many friends who found their inhibitions low lowered by alcohol and distance from their spouse the end result in lapse of judgment has in some cases been the destruction of their marriage. what does the -- what do they want? do they want him at strip clubs and putting himself himsen bad positions. >> interesting presidential candidate got in trouble for the way he talked about women. and had you bill clinton who had some troubles with how he
4:29 am
handled himself in the white house, you would think that people would want people to have a little bit more respect and think about how they carry themselves. it just doesn't -- i mean, it almost is amazing that you would have this be a controversial thing given how rare it is to see people who actually just treat their spouses well and care about their marriage. ainsley: yeah. well, a lot of people look up to him as a role model. i know a lot of evangelicals do. and i just hats off to him for treating his wife this way. i think it's beautiful. thank you so much, molly, for being with us. >> thank you. ainsley: you're welcome. high school stoonts just got a hall pass to smoke pot. how one city is coming up for legal loopholes for a very illegal activity. president trump putting pressure on freedom caucus to get healthcare done or else. a member of the freedom caucus here to respond. pete is having breakfast with some voters in tulsa, oklahoma. pete, oklahoma showed up in a
4:30 am
very big way for president trump. pete: they sure did, ainsley. i'm having a good time. here at a table community leaders near tulsa. including john the darth vader of tulsa politics so i'm told. we will talk to ken of ken's welding as well. lots of great folks with opinions about this president and how he is doing. stick with us on "fox & friends." ♪ all around the world ♪ when did you see the sign? when i needed to jumpstart sales. build attendance for an event. help people find their way. fastsigns designed new directional signage. and got them back on track. get started at
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steve: well, we've got some mega morning deals as ainsley hides her coffee. ainsley: i brought breakfast. steve: it's peanut butter. brian: natural peanut butter. ainsley: i'm cleansing my body of toxins. steve: you know we are on tv. [laughter] ainsley: she just saw because we were having conversation. steve: you don't see that every day.
4:34 am
brian: doesn't matter we are on air. just relax a little. [laughter] ainsley: do we need some hair spray? steve: john, what are we doing now? let's toss over to abby. abby: this is so great. i do have some headlines to bring you this morning. starting with this. a trump administration not giving up on trying to secure our borders. the doj definite block on the president wants revised immigration order. and it comes one day after hawaii's u.s. district judge derek watson extended the halt on the travel restrictions from six muslim majority countries. he says it discriminates against muslims. the trump administration maintains it's necessary for national security. and one of the rockville rape suspect also stay behind bars. judge denying bond for 17-year-old jose. he and jose sanchez mill.
4:35 am
demanding accountability from the district. >> they are there to learn not to be attacked. >> we are concerned about safety and accountability in our schools. we have grown men with little to no education wawtion the hallways with our young children. abby: the suspect's lawyer claim that was consensual. attempt to silence the free speech of charles murray of villanova university. this time they did not succeed. >> those protesters shut down an immediately hauled off by campus security. yeah, good for them, 10 minutes later the speech went on planned. murray one of the victims of liberal protesters tried to silence conservative views on college campuses. and for some women, coffee comes with a side of booze.
4:36 am
>> you got that right skeletor. >> what are you doing? >> getting drunk. abby: new study shows older women are binge drinking more than ever before. 60-year-old women rose by 4%. binge drinking men that remained the same. it seemed all been drinking this morning the way the show is going. steve: we are not suggesting that betty white is now binge drinking. brian: yes we are. ainsley: it's just a show. abby: it's okay. ainsley: why are more older ladies binge drinking? brian: it's fun. it's a lot of fun. ainsley: maybe it's because they have been with their husbands so long i have got to have a drink. [sigh] steve: maybe one drink or two. brian: dull my senses. steve: attack you out to the heart of the country in tulsa, oklahoma, pete hegseth is live
4:37 am
at the freeway cafe that is really busy on this friday morning. pete: extremely busy. as i said earlier, if you literally put your finger in the middle of america you would put your finger on tulsa, oklahoma which is where we are right now with fantastic americans. i ran into a good part of the ken's welding crew here. you guys eat here almost three times a day every day. i love oklahoma and states where folks open carry which i feel like everyone in this place is armed and feel incredibly safe as a result. ken, you own ken's welding and you have been doing it for decades. how is your business going right now especially since the president was elected? >> since trump got in there, we started out around the first of the year with seven employees. we are up to 23. it's growing every day. pete: what do you attribute that to? >> trump's new policies. he is behind the american people. pushing the working man. pete: had you a message for the president, something you would say. >> i do. mr. trump, working americans
4:38 am
first, buddy. [laughter] >> my name is ken troxol and i approve this message. pete: these guys a riot. having a fun morning all morning. this is one of ken's sons. you work there. what is your assessment of how the president is doing. >> i think he is doing a fair job. pete: why do you say that? >> because he seems to be putting the american people first and thinking of us and not the elites. pete: you eat here three times a day, correct? >> yes. >> what's the best thing on the menu. >> italian chicken. pete: basically chicken parm. don't watch yourself on tv you can't because we are live as well. how are you doing? >> good morning. pete: you are a democrat, a county commissioner, where do you feel like there is ground that the president could work with democrats? >> i would hope this administration would focus on getting infrastructure fixed in this country. bring us into the century. our roads, our bridges our
4:39 am
rails are third world. we need to focus on that. that's something i think you can do to unite. we have got -- i'm a lone democrat here but that's one thing we can agree on. pete: democrats could tone down their discrediting of the president. >> i think you have seen that in every administration. both sides. pete: especially now? >> there is a lot of issues right now. i think we could all agree on that. again, i just go back to this administration wants a positive legacy, focus on the infrastructure. don't spend our tax dollars building a wall but focus on building our roads and our bridges and i know how you feel about that. pete: the rest the table says build the wall, right,. >> build the wall, pete. build the wall. pete: starting with infrastructure build the wall and make it 10 feet higher, right? having fun at the freeway cafe. from ken's welding to county commissioner. want trump to drive forward with his agenda.
4:40 am
steve: bipartisan brunch right there in tulsa. pete: that's right. brian: by the way that's where folds of honor is located. some the most patriotic people in oklahoma located. steve: president trump putting pressure on conservative members telling them to get a deal done on healthcare or else. will they come to the table? health freedom caucus member warren davidson is going to answer that question. is he coming up next. ainsley: these towels normally go for 140 bucks. this morning they can be yours for $38. our exclusive mega morning deals coming up. brian: plus geraldo will be here. no last name needed. bo dietl on deck maybe the next governor of new york. try to play along. which one is geraldo and which one is bo dietl? ♪ but grandma, we use charmin ultra soft
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brian: 500 students are hitting the books from home after being suspended. a new principal at harrisburg high school in pennsylvania cracking down on unexcused absences, suspending nearly half the school. the principal said she needed to do something radical to get the students' attention. but it's a much different story for kids in new york city. there is the department of education doesn't want high schools to keep records on marijuana or disorderly conduct incidents kno anymore. supporters say it keeps kids out of court for low level conduct. talk about that -- ainsley: one week after the failed healthcare overhaul president trump taking on the freedom caucus for their opposition to the bill. tweeting this: the freedom caucus will hurt the entire republican agenda did they don't get on the team and fast. we must fight them and dems in 2018. steve: will the conservative caucus come to the negotiating table or risk getting left behind? here to answer that question is freedom caucus member and
4:45 am
member of the congressional delegates from the great state of ohio warren davidson. congressman, good morning to you. >> good morning. thanks for talking with me. steve: so what do you think the president is trying to do with these tweets? it sounds like he is steamed at you guys. >> yeah. i can understand his personality taking this as a personal affront. he certainly has got very helpful and productive in the negotiations. i any, you know, as people started talking about what is in this bill and what isn't in this bill, people had a lot of concerns about what the bill didn't do. it didn't fully repeal it. it didn't fully replace it. it essentially solved the problem for the individual market differentia differently e obamacare approach. as conservatives started talking about it the bill continued to get better. the original bill did not have work requirements, for example. most americans support a plan that has a safety net, but they like the plan that for able bodied adults involves work.
4:46 am
just because most americans get their insurance from work. so, there is improvements like that that have come along the way. i think the president was helpful in getting it to move forward. ainsley: congressman, i know you campaigned with the president in ohio. are you worried about going a different direction with the repeal and replace and how that's going to effect you with your next election? >> no, not really think guilty about next election. i'm thinking about solving this problem. that's where this district is. and, you know, where i have been is we like president trump and we want to solve the healthcare problem. and right now there is a lot of concern that this bill doesn't yet do it. the reality is there was a lot of progress going forward and i think kind of right now the concern i have got, i started out as an infantry guy in the army and spent the last 16 years in manufacturing. and kind of in both places. when you start blaming folks you're not talking about the problem anymore and not focused on solutions. brian: congressman ted poe
4:47 am
left you guys because he said you were never going to get to a no. you have to get to a yes. he didn't think you were negotiating in a way that was showing any flexibility. what's your response to that? >> well, you know, that's not how i experienced it. you know, i'm not sure which meetings he was in that i wasn't in. you know, there is a handful of people that are on the more moderate end of the republican party that are never going to be a yes on this bill. and there is a handful of people on the conservative end of the party that are never going to be a yes on this bill. but the vast majority of people that i know and certainly where i have been is we are looking for a way to say yes. because what we promised people is we were going to help solve the problem. and, you know, why are not going to be able to solve it within this context of a budget reconciliation path that gets one shot at repeal. this won't be fully repealed. and i think it's important for people to know that that this is going to be a multiphase effort. and if you can't -- brian: because you can't get 60 votes in the senate.
4:48 am
that's why he did it paul ryan is as conservative as you. he has a more practical approach. you just don't see it that way? >> no. i disagree. i understand. i think there is a buy-in to the process of a multi-phase approach. there are some people that aren't there. i'm fine with a multi-phase approach and incremental progress. we need first downs. this is where this discussion is breaking down. so the republican approach in the american healthcare act shifts the safety net to a tax credit, a refundable tax credit. and moderates are concerned because that tax credit is less generous than the current approach. 24% of the abled body people that get medicaid work full time year around. in the american healthcare approach to get the credit you work and it's lower. people will be able to afford it. but the conservatives are concerned that you are not actually making it affordable. have you got to take the costs down to people can actually afford it. steve: let's see what happens.
4:49 am
congressman, thank you for joining us today from cincinnati. >> thank you. steve: all right. meanwhile, straight ahead, that coffee maker won't just brew your coffee. it will sync up. meghan is here to explain it coming up next. ♪ i'm going to make this place your home ♪ [ upbeat music ] strut past that aisle for the allergy relief that starts working in as little as 30 minutes and contains the best oral decongestant. live claritin clear, with claritin-d. z282uz zwtz y282uy ywty so how old do you want uhh, i was thinking around 70. alright, and before that? you mean after that? no, i'm talking before that. do you have things you want to do before you retire?
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♪ >> my plan would be stupid not to actually figure out a path forward, under what circumstance, who he talks to. i don't see anything evil here. >> staffers at the national security council came across a number of instances which the president-elect himself was showing up in intelligence documents. >> president donald trump taking a swing at the freedom caucus on twitter. >> when you start blameing folks you're not talking about the problem and focusing on the solution. >> he is a battle tested ceo. that is what people voted for. >> atlanta prepares for all-out traffic crisis. after this massive inferno cause as bridge to collapse. >> the utility of the scotty vest is fantastic. you are a guy who will forget which pocket all that stuff is in, pete hegseth. >> i don't have a scotty vest but i am a veteran, military guy. i hide things in vests.
5:01 am
steve: you look more like a shoplifter. ♪ steve: we're getting it started in here. geraldo rivera just came down for this friday morning. >> yes. brian: studio 54 days, this song was on in the '70s, and we would dance all night. >> reason you stay up all night because you have morning tv. ever been to a club? [laughter] can i say one quick thing? i think you're picking the wrong side between the freedom caucus and president of the united states. steve: we're not picking any side.'re overly sympathetic to 40 congress members, stab their party's president, our party's president in the back. brian: we're trying to be referee actually.
5:02 am
>> when you have 40 republicans who stand for nothing, the president can pass nothing about just saying no. what do they stand for, the freedom caucus? you have to compromise with health care. steve: you know what they say. we ran on complete repeal and replace, this was way short. that's what they say. going forward we have to do something. >> repeal is easy. replace, you have to replace it with something. what the president and paul ryan and the heart of the republican party did was craft a bill where fewer people got benefits, money was saved for the deficit. that is what republicans stand for. a quarter of a trillion dollars over a decade, right? 250 billion saved to the deficit. that was compromise. it is painful because people lose services, but on the other hand you keep a promise of lessening the deficit. what does, what is their any health care legislation whatever
5:03 am
that gives health care to poor people that the freedom caucus would support? i submit there is none. steve: we'll see where it call goes. the president has been tweeting. in fact this morning he was tweeting about mike nine. ainsley: he wrote mike flynn should ask for immunity. this is witch-hunt. excuse for big election loss by media and dems of historic proportion. what do you think about that? >> i think the president is wrong on this issue to this extent. i think mike flynn really has some vulnerability. perhaps is the main perpetrator, the person most vulnerable why? it is never the crime. if donald trump picks up the phone and talking to vladmir putin during the election campaign, hey vlad, i hear you got some great stuff. it would be terrific next couple weeks you release it. donald trump hang up the phone. i love wikileaks. i love wikileaks. is that collusion?
5:04 am
is that a crime? i don't think so. steve: that never happened. >> i don't think it is a crime even if it did happen. steve: just happens in the normal course of reaching out to foreign governments. >> it is never the crime, it is always the cover-up. steve: lying to the fbi. >> general mick nine was dismissed as defense intelligence agency head -- brian: company trying to do his job. barack obama didn't like it. >> he came to donald trump with a real big chip on his shoulder. locker up, lock her up, very vigorous campaigner. he lied to vice president pence about the nature of his communications with the russian ambassador. that is why he resigned from the nsa. steve: misspoken what he remembered about the fbi. >> when you remember that rule, it is never the crime, it is always the cover-up, did he, as he lied to vice president pence also lie to the fbi? because even if he is not under oath, and you lie to the fbi at
5:05 am
the same time you were lying to the vice president, you're in deep trouble. steve: not against the law to lie to the vice president. >> it is not against the law to lie to the vice president. >> it is against the law to lie to the fbi. ask martha stewart. >> exactly. exactly. ask oliver north our dear colleague back in the iran-contra days. >> they will put two and two together they will realize in the past he lied to the fbi. >> no. with i'm saying, why is general flynn asking for immunity. that is the issue. ainsley: we don't know. why? >> he wants immunity for prosecution because he has a good lawyer who understands the peril that general flynn is under. what is the peril general flynn is under. he lied to the vice president. did he also lie to the fbi? now that is a real serious federal crime, lying to the fbi, even if you're not under oath. so -- ainsley: where are you getting that though? why do you think he lied to the fbi? we haven't heard that. >> we don't he they.
5:06 am
he lied to vice president pence. ainsley: we know that. >> so if he is lying to vice president pens, if he told the fbi one story and vice president pens another story? i think that is unlikely. what is likely he is vulnerable. he may be the most vulnerable of players involved including the president 6 the united states. steve: nobody is taking him up on it. >> nor will they. he may be the principle and only perp. brian: you always tell us, don't give someone immunity unless you want something bigger. he might be the biggest in this investigation. >> you know what will happen? he will not get immunity. he will be dragged before the congressional committees and plead the fifth amendment. you will see general mike flynn, former nsa pleading the fifth amendment. it will be an ugly scene. people better get ready for it. brian: let's talk about something else without people getting their eyes rolling into
5:07 am
their head. devin nunes -- >> was i too complicated? brian: no, fine. just changing gear. >> your eyes are rolling. brian: my eyes are rolling because i don't concentrate well. devin nunes. he went to the white house of the was able to look at information that perhaps revealed the trump organization was being surveiled on some level. nothing to do with russia but he couldn't produce the paperwork. they were upset, adam schiff, the ranking member wasn't part of this. we have investigations and "washington post," "new york times," three people they say helped him. ezra cohen. nsc lawyer, john eisenberg, mike ellis. a lot of people push back on this. nunes sees this. white house reaches out to adam schiff, do you want to see that. we're focusing on process. they found out perhaps trump tower was surveiled, the president's dialogue was picked up. >> as i said on this couch, it is now three weeks ago, it is
5:08 am
inevitable there was incidental clubbing shun, inevitable, that some americans names were picked up as they were surveilling the russians because they knew the russians were meddling with our election. i think we have establishedded that trump was in a general sense correct in his tweet that the obama administration surveiled or wiretapped the trump tower. in broad strokes he can make an argument. here's the problem. here's the problem. the white house has the proof of the incidental collection. so i'm in the white house. i have the proof. why doesn't the white house say, okay, america, here is the proof of the incidental collection. that is not what they did. they had the proof, instead of releasing it to the people, they had nunes come over to the white house. here, you release it, make it seem if it is yours. and that's where the problem is. why this cut-out? why are they going through these gymnastics to make it look as if
5:09 am
an independent legislator came up with the evidence that the executive branch, the white house had? steve: i don't know, we don't know for sure whether or not these people listed are actually the whistle-blowers. in one case one of the guys worked with devin nunes at the house oversight committee. hey, i bottom a whistle-blower, i need to look at your supercomputer at the white house. there are -- >> you don't go to the white house -- what is he doing on the white house grounds? steve: that is where he works. >> he didn't go to the white house grounds to look at the cherry blossoms. he went to the white house ground to look the document he would pretend he came up with independently. ainsley: could it be because the house intelligence committee carries more weight? they don't want to release it, about themselves. so they're handing it to them they're taken out of it. >> yes. that is sleazy. that is sleazy. ainsley: why? because the american people might say of course
5:10 am
donald trump's team will release that information. because that is trump's team. if the house intelligence committee says, yes, wow, that is shocking, that is damning evidence, we'll release it, that carries more weight. >> you know, once you start lying and twisting and -- ainsley: is that lying though? is it? steve: who do you think is lying? >> i think nunes pretty clearly misrepresented the source of his information. brian: if "the new york times" is right. >> i don't think anything nunes says contradicts it now. nunes is saying now he did get the information from the sources on white house grounds, by definition makes them a white house official, by the way. >> you are connecting people who were listed as whistle-blowers. >> who was it on the janitor of the white house grounds? steve: what if somebody else in the federal government gave them information at white house grounds. ainsley: does it really matter where you get information? what about the information itself? if they were surveilling trump
5:11 am
team -- steve: i don't like whistle whistle-blowers. >> i absolutely agree with you. the fact that the incidental surveilling of trump campaign -- ainsley: it is illegal. >> the campaign and transition, forget about illegal or not, apparently it happened. we have now pretty certain information that trump was incidentally collected, trump or his associates and or his associates were incidentally collected. but nunes, as the head of the house intelligence committee has a certain, an aura of authority. they wanted to give him the information so it would have the color of his authority as he released it. brian: gotcha. >> they cut themselves out. now got caught. now it looks bad for the president. very sloppy. very heavy-handed. if at first you practice to deceive, you know all the rest.
5:12 am
brian: we have to agree we don't know everything. we're counting on two sources, "washington post," "new york times," who are out to destroy this president. >> i think nunes pretty much admitted he got the stuff from the white house. brian: at 3:00 p.m. today, let's see if we say the same thing. ainsley: thank you, geraldo. >> circles and circles and circles. brian: see you on radio. coming up straight ahead president trump about to sign two executive orders on trade. commerce secretary wilbur ross, perhaps one. most important jobs in the administration. he is up next what it means for your wallet. steve: pete hegseth talking to diners at the cafe this morning. that is coming up. ainsley: leap of faith. what happens when bellly flops into a pool of alligators. steve: no more belly. ainsley: that video leaves you on the edge of his seat. we'll tell you what happens coming up. the tonight, i'm all right, on
5:13 am
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5:17 am
i like the other guy that i have had down pat. next meeting will be very difficult. one we can no longer have massive trade deficit and job losses. american companies be prepared to look at other alternatives. wow. steve: as president trump prepares to sign two new executive orders on trade today. what are the details of those orders? let's talk to secretary of commerce, wilbur ross. morning mr. secretary. >> good morning. steve: tell us about the two executive orders. what are they going to do? >> the first one commissions us at commerce to do a 90-day study, country by country, of the causes for our deficits with them. steve: okay. >> as you know we have 500 billion of total deficit. this will be a real analytical pinpointing so it can form the basis of policy decisions. ainsley: what does that mean for the american people, the folks at home that are listening? >> for the first time there will
5:18 am
be a systemic analysis of the problem so that we can have very, very detailed and very accurate solutions. brian: so will we get a report on this? will we have something for the public? >> yes. this will become a public report as will the actions the president takes in response. brian: president probably got elected mostly on his trade policies and willingness to rye vamp them, talking truth to power. power comes to mar-a-lago next week as the chinese leader comes. he says it will be a tough, a tough talk that they're going to have. where would you hope comes out of that meeting? >> well, what we would hope would come out of the meeting, i will be at the meeting, so it won't be guesswork at that point in time. what i would hope would come out would be a commitment to start abiding by the rules and a commitment to working collaboratively to help reduce our deficit. steve: when you say working by
5:19 am
the rules, that involves a second executive order that the president is going to sign today, that has to do to strengthen the anti-dumping rules because china and other nations put their products out on the international market at a much lower rate and we can't compete with that. >> what the second order -- you're right but what the second order actually does is it corrects the problem we've had in collecting the anti-dumping duties. there are $3 billion worth of duties that have never been collected because they set up straw man importers that don't have any financial substance. so by the time the case ends, there is nobody there against whom you can assess the fine. steve: let's get the money. >> what these orders will do, letters of credit or insurance company bonds or cash to be put up so that there will be someone against whom we can actually levy the fine.
5:20 am
steve: great. ainsley: secretary ross, thank you for joining us.have a great. >> thank you. ainsley: we look forward to what is happening at the meeting with the chinese president, thank you. a college professor said he wanted to throw up when he saw someone give their first class seat to a soldier. then he tried to take on tucker carlson. you know how that ended up. he got schooled. >> you're saying, you're saying giving up a seat for a soldier in uniform made you want to vomit. it is enshrined in the bill of rights. ainsley: more on that fiery exchange coming up. steve: turns out crime does pay. new york city promising jobs for every ex-con. bo dietl running for mayor? don't like it! ♪ a heart attack doesn't care what you eat
5:21 am
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♪ ainsley: quick headlines for you. the head of the eu attempting to break up the united states in revenge for president trump's support of "brexit." e.u. commission president jean-claude juncker, urging ohio and texas to break away from the united states. unclear why he is focusing on these areas. is president trump's prediction coming true. >> what will happen obamacare unfortunately will, flowed. it will have a very bad year. >> ainsley: health insurances giant anthem will leave obamacare in many regions where they sell individual health plans f that happens, millions of obamacare customers would be left with fewer choices next year and it could cause disruptions nationwide. steve? steve: ainsley, thank you. crime apparently does pay.
5:25 am
new york city's bill de blasio, unveiled the jails to jobs plan that would put inmates to work after time served but it would end up costing taxpayers $10 million a year. our next guest thinks that is huge waste of money. former new york city police department detective bo dietl joins us right now. he is running for mr. de blasio's job. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: mr. de blasio, the mayor of this great city of new york city, he is saying anybody who gets out of jail, we will put to you work in new york city, we will pay you. >> so you know what i want people to do? people who graduated college, can't find a job, go out commit a crime and mayor big bird will give you money this is the most ridiculous thing i ever heard. this shows you his intentions. what he is doing with rikers island. he wants to close it. he wants also to -- steve: rikers island is big city jail.
5:26 am
>> on an island where they put everybody. that is the problem. the other thing he brought a commissioner from maine to head up the biggest correction facility in the country. big bird -- remember the lady he put with acs. everybody he puts in there, he is not a great manager. the fact these correction officers are being assaulted, being stabbed, keeping numbers down. he loves to play with numbers. i tell you what. i'm really excited about running against him in november because i will expose all this -- steve: here he is proposing to spend per year. $7 million for wages you would pay people who got out of jail. two million dollars for tuition and $800,000 for peer navigation. >> why do you rewarded people for committing crimes? a lot of people would love to get help. they're out of a job. only alternative commit a crime, you will get taken care of. steve: apparently nobody will be disqualified. you will get ought of jail, gang ties, sex offender, the city of new york city is going to give
5:27 am
you a job and pay you. >> look what he did. he knocked the i.c.e. office out of rikers island where they were monitoring ms 13 gang members. they're monitoring people illegal criminals. all of sudden he took them off rikers island. he makes the most stupidest statement, i.c.e. and fbi agents would not be able to come into a school facility. if you know someone has a weapon -- steve: what? made. >> he made that statement. the fbi. what will happen, blue-on-blue. fbi agents or i.c.e. agents arresting people stopping them from enforcing the law. the point we have real serious criminals. in schools, my old richmond high school, crime is not in schools. that is another issue. crime is high. get rid of the metal detectors. then all of sudden we'll get less weapons recovered. steve: we reached out to mayor de blasio. he has scheduling problem. that is why he is not here.
5:28 am
he never has been on program. >> he doesn't get up until 11 and goes to brooklyn to walk a treadmill. lazy. steve: if you're elected mayor of great city, would you end sanctuary status for new york city? >> i would end it for criminals and get it out of here, as far as families there has to be a path to citizenship. if they have children here in the united states. they're american citizens. we can't get rid of the breadwinners. steve: criminal record, they're gone? >> criminal record, bye-bye. steve: bo dietl, thank you very much. >> thank you. steve: straight ahead on friday, joe biden says it wasn't russia's fault hillary lost the election t was hillary's fault. ooh. this guy belly flops into a pool of gators. he said it's a leave of faith. what was he thinking. pete hegseth is down in tulsa, having texas with that guy. >> this is the chicken farm.
5:29 am
this is outstanding. i'm here with the carr family. we'll talk to them other side of the break. they wanted abby huntsman. they are stuck with me. we're having fun and chatting about politics with news of the day. "fox & friends," great folks to talk to straight ahead. ♪ stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. or how high the pollen count, flonase allergy relief keeps your eyes and nose clear. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances that cause nasal congestion and itchy, watery eyes. for relief beyond the nose. flonase.
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5:33 am
ainsley: that is a little scary. a lot scary. steve: see the shot 10 seconds after he jumped in. we keep cutting away. ainsley: must have fed them a lot right before. [screaming] brian: pick up the story where we left off. steve: you never know. brian: abby, can you pick this up? steve: pete hegseth is being fed at the freeway diner in tulsa where moments ago, is that the the chicken pa are. m you have for breakfast. >> i'm already plowing into it. pick it up this weekend for sure fantastic folks at freeway diner in tulsa, oklahoma. i'm here with the carr family, we've been chatting better part of the hour. the country we live in and status of our politics. his name is rusty carr. literally named him rusty carr. that is cool sense of humor that i love. anita, what is your sense how things are going in washington with the president. >> well, i love my president,
5:34 am
but i really wish democrats and republican was get along. i think republicans are more willing to work with the democrats than the democrats are willing to work with the republicans. i just want them to get along. too many friend and too many people that have splits over republicans and democrats. i want them to meld together get along to support our president. >> never seen anything as divisive as we've seen right now, the president's agenda is at risk of it. what would you like to see the president do? >> veterans better taken care of. cut fat and bureaucracy out of all the departments. get back to taking care of america. that is what we elected those people for, to take care of us. >> do what they said they were going to do. jared kushner recently put in charge of a new department that will try to streamline the bureaucracy of the federal government which a lot of people would welcome. >> indeed. >> rusty, what about you, what is your takeaway? >> i would like to see the president continue to work on
5:35 am
the economic situation. the whole rising tide raises all ships, i really appreciate that. things keep going better with the economy, gets better all the way around. >> i love you open carry. why i love tulsa. move to rick and mary. good to see you both. thank you for your service in the army, sir. appreciate it very much, so. what is your big take way from the trump administration? >> i'm exciting about things he accomplished. i think he would accomplish more and a little less distraction. seems like all the democrats, even some republicans are making a lot out of nothing to disrupt the flow of this presidency. i would like for him to get on with the business at hand. >> certainly feels like a concerted effort. ma'am, how about you, what are your thoughts? >> i totally agree.
5:36 am
there is so much chaos and distraction happening right now, seems like being more addressed than the needs of the country. >> such an important point, and you know, if you read the failing "new york times" every morning you would think it's a failed presidency at day0. you come into the freeway diner, you talk to people, excited about a man going to washington, deliver what he said he would do. optimism, if people can work it out, actually support him. there is a chance to do big things for the country. i love the diner around these folks. great to get that opinion. more from what we hear from. steve: they're excited that donald trump, president of the united states has been able to do a lot with executive orders and he will do more today. ainsley: people love the diners. steve: chicken parm, pete. >> i will see you soon. ainsley: hosting with abby huntsman. he will be back tonight to host tomorrow morning. we'll keep diners going to drive
5:37 am
you crazy. brian: i love every second. ainsley: headlines we've been following closely. this one happening right now. state of emergency in place as atlanta deals with all-out traffic crisis after a massive inferno cause as bridge to he collapse on interstate 85. >> oh, god, [bleep] holy [bleep] >> police officers credited with saving lives by turning cars around just minutes before that bridge collapsed. a two-mile stretch much i-85 closed indefinitely. the fire is still moldering as investigators arrive to investigate. one theory, pvc piping may have somehow caught fire under the bridge. new details in a horrifying church bus crash that claimed lives of 13 parishioners. several people called 911 about a truck driving erratically before it served into the bus in san phone yo texas.
5:38 am
the senior citizens coming back from a bible retreat. one survived, fighting for their life. the 20-year-old truck driver who head the van head on survived. he has not been charged. he claimed he could have won the 2016 election and now formes slamming hillary clinton for losing the white house. >> this is the first campaign that i can recall where my party did not talk about what it always stood for, and that is, how to maintain a burgeoning middle class. >> honest words there from the somer vp. saying people who voted for president trump are not racist because many voted for president obama in the last two elections. we told you about a drexel university professor who shade watching a first class passenger gave up their seat for a soldier made him want to vomit. watch our own tucker carlson school him on those comments. >> you're not saying giving up a seat for the guy who made the war policy but for the soldier, guy who is risking his life.
5:39 am
why did that make you feel like throwing up? >> i think u.s. troops need real support. they don't need symbolic gestures. >> that is george zicoli. brian: back at christmas he warrant all he wanted was white genocide. then he said it was a joke. maureen frazier, a television producer led the fight against breast cancer for 15 years. she passed away. founder and producer of the stand-up for cancer telethon. she established and oversaw the noreen frasier fund for research. she learned she had breast cancer in 2001 when she was 46 years old. one two years, it spread to her bones and liver. her motivation fighting for people she loved most. >> i thought my daughter madeline, she will not die from this. i'm not going to die, she is not going to die, and my sisters are not going to die.
5:40 am
everybody else we'll save at the same time. >> noreen fraser leaves behind a loving husband, son and daughter. she was just 63 years old. boy, will she be missed. what an inspirational woman she was. steve: so courageous through it all. ainsley: what she did raised a lot of money. hopefully we find a cure. >> we have to find a cure. ainsley: thank you, act by. steve: we knew her and her family a number of years. our thoughts and prayers are with the frasers. brian: brian: dem democrats have not complaining since the election and no one is comparing them to saddam hussein's kids. >> imagining have a fight with jared and ivanka, with enormous power. brian: we have the whiners of the week. ainsley: tablets streams movies and touch-screen, could be yours for under $100. steve: what?
5:41 am
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5:45 am
future we have. march 28th, 2017 the day extinction of human life and earth began. >> wow. noted scientist michael moore maing in here. he is talking about climate change and regulations last second by president obama. regardless how you feel about climate change policy, what we should do as america vis-a-vis other developing nations and public policy, to use this type of alarmest rhetoric saying, trump helped hurry our extinction along, starting on this exact date, it doesn't help. it is unscientific. and it also, i don't think persuades virtually anyone. brian: he marginalizes himself with his ridiculous statements of the chris matthews, i don't get a chance to watch enough of him. he had an interesting comparison. let's listen. i get your comment. >> let me just say, you know, we kid, i kid about everything but, ude and working for saddam hussein, you couldn't have eye contact without those guys
5:46 am
getting killed. these people are really powerful. imagine getting into a fight in the office with jared or ivanka. >> that is the thing. >> they have enormous power. they are always going to be there. ainsley: comparing the president's kids to saddam hussein's kids? >> yes. saddam hussein's sons were murderous thugs who killed lots of people, right? they were horrible human beings who met a fate that they deserved. jared kushner and ivanka trump, there is no reason whatsoever to put those people in the same sentence or any remote comparison to be drawn there. and other thing is, chris matthews, liberal democrat i don't understand why he is not happy that ivanka and jared are in the room. they tend to lean a little bit more to the left. just, a bizarre self-discrediting comment from chris matthews. steve: maybe he thought it completely through. just saying. meanwhile number one crazy thing said this week regarding merrick
5:47 am
garland, democrats using case of his to justify why they might filibuster against the new guy. listen. >> this seat for the first time in u.s. history was stolen from the former president. this is a terrible precedent. mitch mcconnell is he free actor in this. this is the man who held, broke 230 years of precedent and held judge garland up for a year-and-a-half, and now is complaining? doesn't really wash. >> they bought the ads against mayor rick garland. now they are buying the ads for judge gorsuch, carefully targeted to have maximum political impact. steve: i love the fact, guy, nobody on the left seems to want to mention the fact it was joe biden, back in the day, who said, you know in the last year of a president's presidency they really shouldn't bring up anybody for the supreme court because it wouldn't be fair to the next person. >> schumer said a very similar thing in 2007.
5:48 am
that is the thing. it is so rich watching these democrats pretend like they're the victims in all of this. it is democratic party that for decades consistently been the aggressors in these fights. they have escalated time after time with one power grab after another, to reflect their own self-interests, and now finally when republicans retaliate a little bit, especially after that 2013 "nuclear option" from harry reid, oh, they're squealing like this is some great, great injustice. maybe they should have won a couple of elections and not spent the last 30 years doing this hardcore political hard ball which they have. it is laughable watching them say, this is somehow on the republicans. ainsley: throw in one more for a bonus round. dr. evelyn farkas, former deputy assistant secretary of defense for president obama, she was the one came out at beginning of march they were trying to get as much information as possible on then mr. trump who was running for president. this is what she said.
5:49 am
this is the reason that she said she did that yesterday. listen to this, guy, we'll get your reaction. >> you actually said i knew that there was more, i became very worried because not enough was coming out into the open, and i knew that there was more. and then you actually, then said that's why you have all the leaking to make sure we get it out? >> i was referring to the motivation, because there had been a lot of discussion in the media about why are people leaking. i was concerned because i knew how the russians operate. i was reading these reports about them hacking into the elections and then giving the information to wikipedia, and that trump people -- on the dark campaign of fake fuse you know that is still on going. we see, even, someone like myself get sweeped up in all of this. >> right. >> you know when, people like me are speaking on behalf of the process. people spin it to suit their needs. and i think, it may be that the russians are behind even such fake news.
5:50 am
ainsley: is that what she is doing? she is spinning it? >> she got wikipedia and wikileaks confused a little bit. that sounds to me like justification of leaking classified material which is a crime. steve: felony. >> something to keep in mind. brian: she looked scared to death. maybe she thought she was going to prison. he is guy benson. plays him is on tv. thanks, guy. >> thanks, guys. >> i love that, thanks guy, thanks guys. this tablet is usually $229. today it could be yours for under 100 bucks. our megamorning deals. steve: let's talk to the megaman up in ten minutes on the channel. what is true and spin, we'll sort what we know on the flynn matter in a moment. jason chaffetz in studio to answer questions on that. can the president and conservative house members shake hands and move forward. newt gingrich with analysis on the way forward.
5:51 am
jeff sessions on the fate of leakers in d.c. it's a busy friday. see you in ten minutes, top of the hour. calcu... shall we initiate the restart sequence? ♪ thrivent mutual funds. managed by humans, not robots. before investing, carefully read and consider fund objectives, risks, charges and expenses
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it has convenient docking station so you don't take up too much room in your house. a pole and a pop. switch everything really easily. ainsley: 35 bucks. >> 35 bucks. >> this phone is great for elderly parents. >> everything ask a little bit enlarged. the keys are bigger. there is a special awed yes assist button so it makes everything louder. has hd audio. put pictures on there, for favorite phone numbers, you like to program. cordless version as well as a base version. this is typically about $149, but for today, $39 for fox viewers. that is 74% off. ainsley: steve and brian is in there too. >> all of our best friends. we all chat on the phone. ainsley: how much is the tablet? >> basically like an independent pad, but the windows version. it is even better because it has u sb port so you can transfer data from different devices. do typical emails and music. nice quality, 299 bucks this
5:56 am
usually goes for. but today get it for $99. that is 67% off on windows tablet. really nice quality. been playing with it. >> when you put on, sometimes i put on lipstick, oh, i haven't put my shirt on yes, all over my clothes. this is quick dry. this is lip cream quad. you get four. got site minute e. all natural. ies in sections. get eye shadows, 12 of them. only $18. >> normally 50 buck. >> we all need wallets and clutches, lady. they're great all different styles. they have skins with protective casings for the cards. they retail for 40 bucks. today get them for $16. 60% off on the "fox & friends" website. ainsley: great. >> do we have deals or not? great bargains? ainsley: "fox & friends" moments away.
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>> today's program brought to you by the three-way diner in
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tulsa, pete. >> the free cafe has been fantastic. thank you for being such gracious hosts all morning long. >> everybody have a wonderful weekend. >> bill: good morning, everybody. there's a flurry of new information on the russian investigation. two white house officials giving house intel chairman devin nunes giving information that's open to democrats as well. good morning. i'm bill hemmer. split broadcast again today. the last one of the week live in "america's newsroom." shannon, how are you? good morning. >> shannon: things are good in d.c. i'm shannon bream in for martha maccallum. the report shows president trump and his team were picked up by


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