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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  March 19, 2017 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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that's all for tonight. follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. "justice with judge jeanine" is next. mains a disapproving postcards to the president. will this make him rethink his policies? i asked about that could happen. the number of times it teenagers could be replacing drugs with phones. >> finally a woman named alexis center life is a waking nightmare because of alexa and digital siri.
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>> thank you, andy. let's welcome our gas. she is studying law, so enjoy her morality while it is still here. madison is a student of north korea and explains why he has no soul. observer columnist michael malice. four more years of his sadness. four more years. political liberal honk, kyle did four. and he has the place of an angel and the mind of the devil. sitting right next to me, the host of the show on compound media. all right, let's start the show. >> big bird has been a big burton of taxpayers for too
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long. on thursday the trumpet ministration of delta budget proposal that would eliminate all federal funding for the corporation for public broadcasting. tv and radio entity that includes pbs and npr. the move would save about a $485 million, which is about a third of total federal spending, and believe. you have a chart for that? that's it. three easy slices. mc mulvaney defended the cuts in the interview. you talk about place that will reduce spending a lot of the questions we asked us can we really continue to ask a coal miner in west virginia or arc a single mom to pay for these programs and the answer was no. we could ask you pay for fans and we will probably can't for public broadcasting. >> michael, what do you think. >> is it high time we cut off pbr and nps, that whole thing.
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>> i think that people should be pardoned but this is the best bang for your buck in terms of cutting the budget because these agencies exist exclusively to spread progressivism as our lot's of a half of the government for all the population. so by getting rid of the groups that just print this kind of anti- american globalist ridiculous message, it is hard to wash a brain that small. the first place you should be cutting money. >> what do you say to that? i am much prettier than you. >> i think michael malice is pandering to conservatives. conservatives don't want to cut anything. >> i think that is talking power to power. >> every might i listen to npr and the watchdogs are people in
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rural areas. look. i listened them i like the shows and listen to podcasts. the npr in the local station podcast, they're great in that space. i don't think they should get the federal money. what do you think of that. >> you know you want, you want sesame street to go to hbo like it is. >> good ideas. you want -- different educational programming on the market. you get your kids candy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? >> no. you know what, i preferred the kitchen is that are on cbs. my kids watch the pbs shows. >> they're not going to go goodbye because, it is about 15%. they can do without that extra boost. >> absolutely. parted they have half their two. -- stupid fundraisers for the tote bags. we are sitting through those. look at the answer. it is easy. military eyes sesame street.
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and it solves the problem. we just pumped through and big bird, part of the air force. they wouldn't really five that they would be in the equipment and it would be much more interesting to watch. it would be storm troopers with muppets. >> that wouldn't be bad. >> wearing the fatigues. madison, did you grew up in the shows? >> i grew up and sesame street. kaman, there still going to be on regardless of whether they have federal money. they're not playing monopoly. this is the real world. that got we've got to cut somewhere. and every don't manziel. a small percentage of our federal spending that is so important and we have to cut. >> for me tell you liberal advocates, they always say it is just 1% of 1%. it's a small percentage of the budget. bike if we have big bird. but you say to that? >> they are still going to have big bird whether or not federal
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money pays for it. >> like i said, every dollar adds up. so if we say this is too small, although we are going to be cutting his things that takes up a large% of the budget. >> that is how that was a lot of money. >> the market creates programs that sell sugar cereal. in the 80s and '70s and the way it was created, it was a brilliant idea. that was not pbs. that was a stupid version. >> no, you keep talking about sesame street. the television workshop can sustain themselves. most of the money goes to local stations and there are so many of them and i think that they can do that. in fact, they are restricted because of the federal money and i think that they got to hit the marketplace and let them compete on the market. let them take a couple of commercials and things like that.
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>> npr? >> yes, let them sell some ad space. that's the marketplace. that's news. we exist to sell first mortgages. i like public radio. they have a great put -- that a great product and they can survive in the market. i think the product would be different for a different generation and i will be the same kind of trash. conservatives are always railing again. >> you are right. conservatives are rallying again. >> that always rail against culture and that is what the market is giving the people. >> all right, next story. -- is going to send trump and a great postcard. aiming to flood the white house with postcards, venting at the president. to participate, right one or write a dozen. not take a picture of your cards and post them on social media. that on march 15, mail your cards president for now.
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i'm not sure why they included stuff for now. until 2024 sons a lot battery -- a lot better for me. >> nothing says protect the environment i think the postcards in the garbage. so as you can see, americans are standing up to the trumpet ministration tone of divisiveness and disrespect. instant they're calling for inclusiveness and understanding. madison, what do you think of this? old-school rex put a stamp on it and send them to the white house? >> i really doubt that they're going to see any of these postcards. march 15 is over, by the way. i don't know why they are still pushing for this. >> the eyes of march, which is march 15 i think it is disrespectful to the president. when you look at most of them that they have been sending, they are not even talking about issues. a lot of them are on think that
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they don't like about him. he is here to stay in the better get used to it. >> there it is, get used to it. pretty think of that? >> he is the president. is that first arguing? >> i'm arguing what? >> no, they are arguing it. >> you know, what if, what if the president before he goes to bed at 6:00 p.m. sits down and pits a couple hundred thousand postcards and had an ebenezer scrooge moment. >> you have to take food away from poor kids, i like it. then he has a moment. he has a moment where he realizes that he is wrong. may be, although i don't know if they're doing much convincing on the postcards because there's a lot of things with all your orange here and you are deplorable and all of that. >> these are disgusting people who have no right to be doing their job.
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what we are seeing here is the left is been this -- deceived by trump because you have to campaign and people were going door to door and betting heavily against him. then he had the women's march announced is to the point where it is i will just write an out. these people have no tools that the mayor tool bits and they are freaking out. psychologically they feel they have to do something because he is hitting them where it hurts. they don't have much luck. >> anthony, obviously you are having fun watching this. the eyes of march, gino that is famous for? >> yes, that is julius caesar. >> do think if they had been eyes of march they would have an assassination or something. >> is that double standard, tom? i should tweet about it. >> no, this is doubly won of the most dangerous things that they've done because they could get a paper cut and they would cry over that. the postcard are lucky some of them. looks like they got a child
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class to break to the president. a lot of coloring and things. for now for now. that means -- the makes no sense. and if trump is it going to his mailbox, more of these outside on pennsylvania avenue to the mailbox, more of these things, i were to our richard the host dixon when i was a kid. he was the president at the time. >> and i wrote and i got a postcard back from him that was just stamped richard m nixon. so even been is a kid i knew it was bs. >> help me, henry. he is on to me. >> he's not even going to know they got to the white house.
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>> they talk about conservative media having something to talk about. it is send their head. >> you're getting an hour ahead. >> in our meeting last week. how do we screw a sean hannity. >> why didn't they have to gets to send them. that the photograph them up with them on social media. >> it is not real. look at what i've been doing. >> resist, resist. they are resisting. >> next story. american teenagers are growing less likely to do drugs. they're too busy doing things like this. ♪ >> that's kind of beautiful. >> actually researchers think the teenagers have become less
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interested in drugs over the last decade because they are glued to their computers and phone. the new york times notes that the use of smartphones and tablets has exploded over the same period. grunts use has declined. while a correlation does not mean causation, scientists say interactive media appears to play a similar impulse as drug experimentation, including sensation seeking and the desire for independence. gadgets also gobble up lot of time that have been used for other activities like partying. one girl said the phones are useful for kids that don't want to do drugs the parties because you can sit around and look like you're doing something even if you are not doing something, like just surfing the web or instead of sitting around on your phone, you could impress your friends.
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>> isn't that amazing. there introducing a whole new generation to the wonderful song free bird, we can all believe -- agree it's a good song. >> what you think of that theory, spending time on the phone and not doing drugs. >> there's been -- it affects all types of things, dopamine and serotonin. people get addicted to them. you are like a drug pusher of social media. your job was to make people look at viral videos. >> i have a long sordid history. if this was a click the election and all of the internet is run on emotion, we are going to -- >> no, never. i've got lipstick on my chest and my shirt. take this company down to the inside. >> okay. >> michael malice, doesn't make sense to ten?
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>> why do you tend in the middle of winter? >> i love tanning. >> michael. if if the devices are replacing drugs, isn't necessarily a bad thing? >> people saying you are addicted to your phone. is not better to be addicted to a phone that a drug? >> it depends on the drug. if it's going to help your term paper, then no. i think what is generally happening is when we were younger people didn't know what drugs actually did and there was a lot of misinformation, thanks to nancy reagan, that you experimented to find out the truth. now you can go on youtube and every drug that anyone tried, someone will explain the whole experience. and you think i will watch the youtube and that will go to my smart phone. that is what is happening in there realizing that drugs and medical because there is a stigma out there. >> michael is making good sense. the more information we have,
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maybe people don't want to do this. >> i think it has something to do with people not being able to afford drugs bit of people want to sit on phones instead of playing xbox, that's fine. that's better than people going out and doing drugs. at the same time when you look at what the research says, they are saying this is for teenagers. college concert doing no less drugs. they are on social media just as much is teenagers are. i don't buy it. >> it is dangerous to do drugs and drink and use social media. other than that -- >> you've got to go the other direction. i think it's true because i was walking here and some guy was like, hey, twitter. stepped jack, do you want some staff chat. so it's kind of taking over. i think it's harmless. i think that always go to the extreme. it is drugs that are going to hurt you like that. you can waste a lot of time and put it to better use like playing battlefield one.
12:17 am
>> is it zapping their life force? >> maybe this is by the music sucks now. too much twitter and not enough methamphetamine. people are able to engage and they're making music on the devices. >> you know what they did in free bird, it was amazing. >> fly high. >> coming up, honey i shrunk the mammal. white something tiny animals are our future. >> go ♪ there's nothing more important than your health. so if you're on medicare or will be soon, you may want more than parts a and b here's why. medicare only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you.
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love --
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>> people trying to focus on the positives of global warning -- global war and maine. it is true. a new study found that warm-blooded animals got smaller at least twice and earth history when carbon monoxide levels soared and temperatures spiked as part of natural warming. here is an example. 54 million years ago, when the planet suddenly heated up, and early many are seeing here next to a modern one, about 15% smaller. the researcher explained that these guys are probably about the size of maybe a dog when they dwarfed. they may have gone down to the sirs -- to the size of a cat. in the same phenomenon happen again? scientists think so. they could say at the porsche like this one could be small enough to sit in that nice ladies lap and look what could happen to another large mammal.
12:24 am
i could live with that. that would be awesome. don't let them in the circus anymore, anthony. >> no. it would be a new trend for everybody. besides if you shrink or hearse like that, the message that they could send wouldn't be impressive. he put be like what is that. >> what about like a dozen of them? a bunch in quantity. make it up in quantity. with little many horse heads. >> all this bruises there was global warming before man ever built anything. so it just negates the whole global warming thing. it's just ridiculous. >> natural warming. 54 million years ago, the climate change so much that it shrunk courses. the amount of change in the climb in the past 150 years is without precedent in history.
12:25 am
>> what about 65 millimeters -- >> that is the dumbest thing. >> we are talking about man-made at one point there was a meet here that hit. >> look, you know what, i like climate change research pretty know who doesn't? donald trump. his budget they cut all of it. >> there's plenty of it being done in the private sphere, is it not at the university level? everybody is studying climate change. one of the things, we're also mammals and can you imagine -- little tiny you writing letters to richard nixon. >> michael malice, we think of the idea of shrinking mammals. >> it's like some people.
12:26 am
i first job was writing for an aquarium make seeing when i in high school. doctor malice, that's interesting. can you name -- [speaking at once] >> come on, there were all extinct from all over the world except africa. you had that bears and the woolly mammoth. this happened intermittently. you had actually amateur mammoth off the coast of california and the last 2,000 years. this is something that happens very frequently and other animals change and adapt. that's what you have the indian elephant and the african elephant. >> so we adapt. madison, what you think of the tiny woolly mammoth. >> where are the scientist, tom? i'm concerned about that.
12:27 am
even if we were to say they are correct and this is going to happen, i don't believe it and i'm not buying it. i'm worried about our dogs in house. so if forces are going to shrink down to dogs, how big are our dogs going to be. my dog is 80 pounds and i'm it's all about what would he be? 2 pounds? that's concerning to me. i care about my pets. >> i think the pets are going to be paid because they will still be fed -- pets are getting bigger and bigger, are they not? >> we have air conditioning and houses. >> so what is global warming going to do to them, tom? >> this is scare tactics. getting is all frightened of little horses running around the world. devore, you are pulling out the big guns now. even i am getting scared. >> you should be. >> you know how small horseshoes would be? >> you like them and put them on. >> coming up, a brand-new episode of the red eye podcast
12:28 am
available now.
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welcome back. is time to find out what we got wrong or what we missed. so over in the red eye news. >> happy friday, tom. >> yes, big time. >> trump will kill arts funding. i'm just going back to the sesame street thing. html has rights to all the
12:32 am
sesame street shows but after nine months they air on pbs stations and no charge. so some of the stations don't go out of business, sesame street will still air on pbs. that brings to something you said. he didn't say time. you said pbs -- that would've been a weird if you said that. >> federal money is only like 15% of their budget. you're right, in the big markets like bp -- near combustion, they will be any problem. >> this is in the maybe more rural and suburban areas. >> i think that the big city pbs should give them a little scratch. >> so i have got to wait nine months to tweet about sesame street so i don't spoil it? >> that's crazy. >> i love being lied to about sesame street. that is -- the poor kids can't afford to twitter. >> , you talked about how these are the easiest cuts for a republican to make, which i
12:33 am
think is absolutely true. i also think that the budget director is being disingenuous when he says things that we can't ask all minors to pay for pbs. they are paying for pbs. >> this is a cultural issue. >> absolutely. >> pay for pbr. >> devore come i don't think that malice is kick pandering to conservatives. >> the show is not pandering. it is just crazy fanaticism. >> what a courageous man he is. >> thank you. on the other hand, devore, -- >> it was a subpar market of sesame street. i don't remember thing about it other than it was a great show. >> charles nelson reilly. >> that was another one.
12:34 am
>> that was match game. >> the odds of trump postcards. i'm with you. this means absolutely nothing to trump. he will not see another one of these. but it does is cause more primes for postal carriers and whatever poor slump test go to the white house mail. >> yes, 100%. >> you said earlier seeing is the left been defeated by trump. >> they said the independently organized event is spearheaded by two california persistence meters. >> it is just these people want to feel like they are important and matter and that is one of the big lies about democracy. most people don't matter, especially john devore. >> remember back in 2009 when conservatives had a mental breakdown and they pressed out like colonial williamsburg? you remember that when they lost their mind and they put on
12:35 am
wings? >> are you talking about the patriotic movement known as the tea party? >> it's during a crackerjack job now with legislation. >> anthony, you said you were to nixon when you are young. to be fair, he was probably dealing with some serious [bleep] at the moment. >> that whole thing like watergate and -- >> all right. i will cut him some slack. >> post cards are down because all the employees can what you said. >> i've considered sending post cards my friends at the rash cleared up. >> i love your last erotic postcard, by the way. >> absolutely. >> teenagers are replacing drugs with iphones. my main take away is that teenagers at multitasking. >> they have a problem here.
12:36 am
>> i thought this was curious when -- else of the all agreed that free bird is a good song. you made a face. >> i was just wondering. it didn't make sense like why is he using free bird for this. >> okay. you are agreeing it is a great song. >> i love free bird. it's a little overplayed, especially if you grew up with wba be out of long island. >> exactly. it's a national anthem that we love. >> you are going to get some tweets. >> devore we talked about the internet effecting brains and stuff like that. i don't know if there's a direct correlation with the drug thing and phones. i'm a doubt that these smart phones is completely rewiring our brains. >> and turning us into devore. >> singularly. >> it is coming. madison come you talked about this being more about the fact that people can't afford drugs.
12:37 am
i feel like anyone who wants dogs can afford drugs. >> no, i don't agree with you. they just give up other stuff like food. >> i don't agree with you. this is one that should be told about what happens when you really want that drug. >> i don't want to put that got to have it. >> [inaudible]. >> smartphones make people waste a lot of time and it could be doing things like playing battlefield one. let's talk about things that are addictive, video games. i'm thinking about horizon zero dawn right now. i don't know what to say. i have a videogame time. it is like shifted time.
12:38 am
workout time is the longest time to ever -- video time is little be up and buy. if back and your girlfriend or was here is a different color. she is mad at you. >> one more level. i just got to get one more level. >> i'm a change will be shrinking animals. by did you call this a negative aspect? >> because we want our animals the right size. if you want to ride a horse, you don't want your feet to touch the ground. >> you are going to shrink to. is going to be proportionate. >> we talked about that, madison. devore, you said that humans are also mammals. the research said this does not apply to humans. >> none of the guys have to worry but shrinkage.
12:39 am
i would love to hunt. >> you're going to get the crops and the food. he will get will need. they will be chewing the quality grass it will be dead. >> that is the thing with the month of for her hair in your body or something like that. >> i will buy it. >> he said if you should the horse, it wouldn't be as impressive. you could have a little godfather series where they are all babies. like little godfather. you are just to write a great idea out there to the masses and it's going to get stolen. >> i have to go because i need to work out. >> what is the matter with you? >> thank you, eddie. a woman with the most unfortunate name. trust me, you'll be glad it is let me talk to you about retirement. a 401(k) is the most sound way to go. let's talk asset allocation. -sure. you seem knowledgeable, professional. would you trust me as your financial advisor?
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cast. that the got it. now back to red eye. >> for one new jersey woman, that digital assistants alexa in siri have ruined her life. the 21 -year-old student shares her name with the two popular pieces. she describes it as a waking nightmare. >> it started off with my first manager my other job called miniseries all the time. we talked through headphones and
12:46 am
she would say siri, come get the paper and do that. and i was like, okay, all right. >> she puts to using siri on her phone, she refuses to get the amazon, echo, and alexa. >> here's a crazy thing. in the late that she share series name, she's able to sound exactly like her. >> the of the weather is -- >> i'm terrible. the weather is very windy outside. >> that is a solid impression. she does these impersonations and you would think it was the real people. >> it is trouble. would you change your name? when you're in a café and some orders the frozen italian dessert known as jesse auto, do you get confused? >> no, if i was alexis siri, i would be taking advantage of it. she should go be the next face of apple, the next face of amazon. he's up to her advantage. earn money off of it.
12:47 am
>> you're not kidding. she is on tv now. she is getting attention. i have a friend whose name is michael hunt, so he has got some issues to deal with. >> did you ever have him paged at the airport? >> all the time. it is hilarious. >> it is one of those things. i have one of the alexa units but i change it at go. i don't like it. you could say echo, what is the weather or something like that. i like the clapper from the old days. it does the same thing. it turns her lights out. >> you don't like a human voice. >> i don't like that at all. and it turns on out of nowhere. it turned on and start to give me -- giving me an and. update i'm not asking for it. i should just unplug it. it's a problem not just for alexis siri, but it orders you
12:48 am
goods and services. you say something and a bunch of pantyhose show up. >> we need a crowning achievement of capitalize some. i'm in my apartment and i am like alexa, my love. it's the only woman that we'll talk to me. alexa, i need toilet paper and it shows up. >> i don't know if i do love it but i can't stop spending money. >> i don't get it because guys like you and andy, they like privacy. the don't like people knowing things about them. i am willy-nilly with my privacy and googling all this other stuff that you guys at the alexa. i wouldn't get it. >> why not. >> because i don't like that speaker listening to me. >> you know what else listens to you is your microwave. >> you should get rid of it. >> michael malice, can we put alexa series picture up? >> i'll see what we can do. you are not allowed to call for
12:49 am
pictures, but i am. >> this is that going to be the sake of anything. with those highlights and her hair. >> she's great-looking. >> look at her, she's fantastic. >> and i agree with you about the unit, because it sounds like howl from space tennessee. is to calm and creepy and i don't want watching me when i'm strolling around my house and my boxers. >> eventually you can fight it but your entire smart house is going to be voice activated. >> to me, medicine, i like typing. >> it doesn't take that long to type it, so i don't want it listening to me. >> i don't have an and i won't get one and i agree with you. in regards to miss for alexis siri, they she could be the face of it and she was very personal and funny in the video. >> fantastic. michael malice, i don't like that attitude. coming up, should you eat food
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most people aren't afraid to eat food that fell on the floor. they call it the 5-second role. what is the rush? a new study said that some harder dry foods that can be left for up to 30 minutes. researchers say not only did not pick up next bit. on impact with the floor, but they did not get any additional contamination over time. here is a helpful chart. sandwiches, cookies, and dry toast can stay on the floor for half an hour. with donuts, pay the chips come and pasta, you should still follow the 52nd rule. so the next time you drop spaghetti, give it another drop. don't wait, guys. madison, cookies can stay on the floor and tell the show is over. >> i know you follow me on my and all ie is possible and suites, the story didn't apply to me. and still picking up my free pretty quick but i dropped that.
12:55 am
>> some good liquor cookie, leave it on the floor. i'm not a cookie person. i'm on a donor person. a chips hard. did you understand that? >> they did it because they have salt and oil and that meant the oil would pick the bacteria more quickly. >> that may be the smartest thing said tonight. i want to know how do you know that? can you see when i click or do you just know that i follow you. >> because we tweeted each other. that would make sense. you tweeted me if you followed me and was your creeping me. >> if there's something going on -- >> how come everyone else here follow us me and you don't? >> i do. >> no, you don't. >> i follow you, michael malice. >> not on twitter. >> is this a highlander moment? there can be only one.
12:56 am
listen, it's not like you when you get food you injected into your bloodstream. you put it inside and it dissolves. >> is that how it works. >> yes, now you know. >> many animals don't have something. the point is, i almost lost my train of thought. we get lots of use for food and people think it's a good thing to do you because of builds up your immune system. >> eat the food off the floor and you can build up immunity. pretty think, anthony? >> it is directly proportional to how hungry you are. i was in school one day and my dad in california, it wasn't like breakfast. i was starving pretty much and i saw a cookie under the locker and i ate it. i don't know long it up and under there but i was starving. now if i drop cookie on the floor, i will throw the whole back away because i'm wealthy now and i don't care.
12:57 am
>> it's like that howard hughes thing. >> yes, bring in the melt. we only have 12 seconds left. say something quick. >> i did this years ago. i've been eating stuff off the floor i'm watters and
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this is my world. and judge jeanine: right now on "justice." >> all of these nos or potential nos are all yeses. judge jeanine: the art of the deal. president trump says he can do it. tonight i'll ask newt gingrich about the president's chances of making the gop healthcare bill law. >> trump made his living on making deals, and this is a test of that ability. judge jeanine: i'll get the former speaker's take on the budget and how he deal with the those in washington trying to stop him at every turn. he's president, they are not.


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