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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  December 28, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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displayed alongside similar p t portraits of trump's 44 predecessors. everyone, thanks for joining us today. see you tomorrow. in the meantime, here's jon scott. he's in for shepard smith. secretary of state john kerry defending the united states for refusing to veto a u.n. resolution condemning israeli settlements. kerry explaining the obama administration's reasons and what he thinks it would take to bring about peace. ahead, analysis and reaction from washington and jerusalem and why the israeli prime minister says secretary kerry ignored a big part of the problem. plus, donald trump tweeting today that israel's been treated with disrespect. and trump promises things are going to be different soon. the president-elect also ripping president obama for how he's handling the transition of power. ahead, more on what he said. and trump's team staffers promising big news on the economy this afternoon. they say american workers are going to like what they hear.
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that and all the day's news coming up this hour. i'm jon scott in for shepard smith. secretary of state john kerry says the u.s. made the right call by not vetoing last week's resolution at the u.n. the vote condemning construction of israeli settlements in the west bank. the u.s. abstained from it allowing it to pass and israeli leaders blasted the white house over its decision. but secretary of state kerry said today it falls in line with decades of u.s. policy. >> the united states did, in fact, vote in accordance with our values. just as previous u.s. administrations have done at the security council before us. they failed to recognize that this friend, the united states of america, that has done more to support israel than any other country, this friend that has blocked countless efforts to legitimateize israel, cannot be
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true to our own values or even the stated democratic values of israel. and we cannot properly defend and protect israel if we allow a viable two-state solution to be destroyed before our own eyes. >> secretary kerry also said it's the only way to ensure israel's future as a jewish and democratic state and that friends need to tell each other hard truths. senior member of israel's cabinet called kerry's speech a pathetic step. even before the secretary gave it. israel's prime minister said it was biased against israel and even thanked our next president for his support. we have team fox coverage, john huddy live in jerusalem for us, trace gallagher with more reaction from president-elect trump. first, let's go to rich edson live at the state department. rich, secretary kerry focused mostly on the settlements. >> reporter: he did and the state department billed this speech, jon, as the obama administration laying out its principles for what it hopes to achieve in a middle east peace process and the next steps that
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should happen after the obama administration leaves office. however, a clearly agitated secretary of state john kerry spent much of this speech responding to the criticism that the obama administration has gotten after it allowed that u.n. security council vote on friday, which condemned israel for its settlement building. kerry spent mituch about the speech talking about the settlements and say they among other issues are an impediment to peace. >> in the end, we did not agree with every word in this resolution. there are important issues that are not sufficiently addressed or even addressed at all, but we could not in good conscience veto a resolution that condemns violence and incitement and reiterates what has been for a long time the overwhelming consensus and international view of settlements. >> reporter: kerry also says the united states and in particular the obama administration has been extremely supportive of israel. it has vetoed a number of
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anti-israeli resolutions at the security council and other international forums and points out the u.s. offer billions of dollars a year in aid to israel, jon. >> secretary kerry also criticized the palestinians, though? >> reporter: he did. he did mention that rhetoric from both sides, demonization from both sides, is leading to this impasse you're seeing in the peace process and also specifically called out the palestinians for failing to do more to stop terrorism. >> despite statements by president abbas and his party's leaders making clear their opposition to violence, too often they send a different message by failing to condemn specific terrorist attacks and naming public squares, streets and schools after terrorists. >> reporter: so while he did criticize the palestinians, much of this speech focused on israeli actions, the government of prime minister benjamin netanyahu which he called the coalition he governs the most right wing in israeli history with an agenda driven by its
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most extreme elements, jon. >> but the secretary said, again, the obama administration was not behind that resolution at the u.n.? >> reporter: yeah, the secretary of state is addressing this israeli criticism which we saw on friday right after the vote, that the obama administration did more than just abstain from this vote, that it, in fact, orchestrated and pushed this vote on the u.n. security council. kerry says that the united states did not draft or originate this resolution, nor did we put it forward, but he did make mention of the fact that the united states has spoken to israel about the fact that had this settlement continued and had they continued to increase, that that issue may come up at the u.n. security council. in the end, there are plenty of questions as to why the secretary of state and the obama administration would lay out its principles now with only three weeks to go in the administration, and such a different administration with different policies taking over in just three weeks. he says that he didn't want to give license to further unfettered settlement construction that they fundamentally oppose, put them
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on record and he says that those settlements and the construction of those settlements along with all the other issues we spoke about are impediments to peace and they wanted to lay that out before leaving office, jon. >> rich edson, thanks. president-elect donald trump blasting the united nations today and telling israel to stay strong until he's sworn into office next month. team fox coverage continues. trace gallagher has more on this. it sounds, trace, like the president-elect took a few swipes today. >> he did, jon. yeah, he began by lashing out at president obama for recent foreign policy moves made by the administration, accusing the president of making the transition of power more difficult and then mr. trump fired off a pair of tweets that simultaneously went after the administration and promised a dramatic shift in u.s./israeli relations saying, "we cannot continue to let israel be treated with such total disdain and disrespect. they used to have a great friend in the u.s., but not anymore. the beginning of the end was the
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horrible iran deal and now this with u.n." in parentheses, "stay strong, israel, january 20th is fast approaching." critics urged the president-elect to use more conventional channels when it comes to communicating on international matters, but so far it appears that mr. trump appears to prefer to use twitter instead of those other means. jon? >> and what about benjamin netanyahu? the israeli prime minister. how is he responding to what trump has to say on twitter or any other means? >> yeah, well, as evidenced by his speech just a short time ago, benjamin netanyahu clearly believes the united states is behind the u.n. resolution calling israeli settlements and occupied land illegal. netanyahu responded to donald trump tweets by retweeting the president-elect then saying, "thank you for your warm friendship and your clear-cut support for israel." netanyahu has made no secret of the fact that he is very much
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looking forward to the u.s. transition of power in january, but it also appears the israeli prime minister has softened his stance a bit by asking the jerusalem building authority to hold off on approving 500 new housing units in jewish neighborhoods in east jerusalem, of course, one of the disputed areas. since israel began occupying parts of the west bank and east jerusalem in 1967, some 500,000 jews have moved in to about 140 settlements in those disputed territories, jon. >> trace gallagher, thank you. continuing our fox team coverage, john huddy is live in jerusalem right now. john, what are the israelis saying about all this? >> reporter: well, jon, first of all, there's been no love lost to say the least between israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and secretary of state john kerry. the prime minister saying that he was disappointed with secretary kerry's speech and
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that was probably the nicest thing he had to say. he went on to say that the speech was skewed against israel, much like he said the u.n. resolution vote on friday adding in part, this. listen. >> secretary kerry paid lip service to the unrelenting campaign of terrorism that has been wage by the palestinians against the jewish state for nearly a century. what he did was to spend most of his speech blaming israel for the lack of peace. by passionately condemning a policy of enabling jews to live in their historic homeland and in their eternal capital, jerusalem. >> reporter: now, israeli officials including the prime minister maintain that secretary kerry worked with the palestinians and egyptians in crafting and orchestrating friday's resolution and a senior israeli official told me that it's, quote, just the tip of the
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iceberg, farce u.s./palestinian collusion. the prime minister basically saying the same tonight. but secretary kerry maintained in a speech that the resolution was drafted by egypt and that the -- said that the u.s. said if it was balanced, the u.s. would not block it, but that the u.s. was not the driving force behind the resolution, jon. >> what about the palestinian side? any reaction there? >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas released a statement saying that the palestinians are willing to negotiate and go into peace talks and resume peace talks if israel is willing to put a freeze on all settlement activity, but another israeli official that i spoke with tonight said that's not an option, israel's policy has always been no preconditions going into any peace talks, going into any negotiations. and another point, palestinian authority president abbas said
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in order to continue negotiat n negotiations the palestinians wan jerusalem as the capital of a palestinian state and israelis say that's not an option as well. jon? >> john huddy, thank you. much more ahead on israel's reaction to the united states and washington's decision not to veto the united nations controversial settlement measure. can the trump administration repair relations with the jewish state and pave a path toward peace in the mideast? plus, russian soldiers on the ground in aleppo, just days after syria's murderous dictator bashar al assad declared his biggest victim ary yet. that's coming up. this is my body of proof. proof of less joint pain. and clearer skin. this is my body of proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis with humira. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further joint damage, and clear skin in many adults.
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for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. more now on secretary of state john kerry's speech defending the white house decision not to veto last week's vote at the united nations. also, president-elect donald trump blasting the obama administration over its handling of israel and israel's prime minister thanking trump for his support. what does this all mean for the united states' relations with israel? let's bring in elianna johnson, national political reporter for politi politico. elianna, i heard a lot of speechspeech s from john kerry over his years as secretary of state and before but rarely heard him as exercised as he was today. he seemed really hot about this construction issue. >> yeah, kerry had to go out today and defend what is widely unpopular decision by the obama
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administration and been denounced by republicans and democrats alike not to defend israel at the u.n. that's something that has been the u.s. role for the past several decades. and kerry was exercising, pointing the finger at israel, and in particular at the construction of settlements as the obstacle to peace. and it's noteworthy he did not distinguish between the settlements west of israel's security barrier where 80% of settlement construction has taken place and which is relatively uncontroversial within israel and settlements east of that security barrier which is more controversial and which far less settlement construction has taken place in, and which has been part of peace offers from israel to the palestinians on three previous occasions. so i think that's incredibly significant and in particular what's making the obama administration's policy here controversial. >> well, because secretary kerry
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defended the administration basically saying we're doing the same kind of thing the previous administration have done but chuck schumer, democratic senator from new york, senate majority leader, is upset about this abstention. george mitchell, former middle east peace envoy said it was not particularly helpful. obama is getting pushback from within his own party. >> yeah, in some respects kerry's right, it is consistent with, say, the carter administration's policy toward israel, but president bush in 2004, departed from those policies and said that the u.s. -- that there will be no are return to the pre-1967 israeli borders. and he conceded that these settlements west of israel's security barrier are likely to become part of any settle -- they're likely to become part of israel, remain part of israel in any future two-state peace agreement. and what this resolution did would say that the u.n. is
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calling on israel to return to its pre-1967 borders. that's inconsistent with what had been u.s. policy under the bush administration. so that's incredibly controversial and kerry is wrong, it's not consistent with what had, the policy under the george w. bush administration. >> so much of the speech was spent talking about settlement construction, and not much time talking about the infauda, and thinks the palestinians have done to sabotage the peace process. >> you'll hear chuck schumer, what you heard benjamin netanyahu say, there was a lot of finger pointing at israel but no calls on the palestinians or any countries surrounding israel to do their part to make peace in the middle east, to recognize israel's existence, or to recognize israel as a jewish state. i think what has been widely recognized by people on both sides of the aisle was israel will have to -- in any peace settlele, israel will have to e
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cede land for peace and the palestinians will have to give up the right for return, that is palestinian refugees will not flood israel and make it a non-jewish state. and so the obama administration here is calling on israel to make concessions in terms of its borders, but is not calling on the palestinians to make any such concessions. >> eliana johnson from politico. thanks. >> thanks so much, jon. well, there's word turkey and russia have agreed to a cease-fire plan for all of syria. that according to turkish media which reports the deal would take effect at midnight tonight. but a spokesman for the turkish government would not confirm the agreement and he says talks are still ongoing. some rebel leaders say they won't agree to anything until they know more details. the u.s. has not been a part of those talks. russia state television aired video today of soldiers on the ground there clearing ammunition from the streets in aleppo. the country's largest city. earlier this month, turkey and russia brokered a deal for a cease-fire in aleppo, but all other attempts for a nationwide
12:19 pm
pause of the fighting have failed. russia is an ally of the murderous syrian dictator bashar al assad who has killed countless of his own people. the u.s. has supported rebel groups looking to overthrow him. syria's bloody civil war began nearly six years ago. since then, it's killed around half a million people and forced millions more from their homes. the man who plowed a truck into a christmas market in berlin might not have acted alone. what we know about a new suspect who prosecutors say might have been involved in last week's deadly attack. and the u.s. isn't buying russia's claims it did not interfere with our presidential elections. there's word the obama administration is preparing a possible punishment. that's ahead. rs. you're smart. you already knew that. but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is, and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar.
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german prosecutors are say they detained a person who may have been involved in last week's truck attack in berlin. they have not released his name but say he's a 40-year-old tunisian and they first questioned him after finding his number saved in the cell phone of anis amri. police say they believe amri was the driver of the truck that plowed into a christmas market killing 12 people and injuring dozens more. amri died during a shootout with police in italy after a four-day manhunt. isis claimed responsibility for the attack. prosecutors say they have until
12:23 pm
tomorrow night to decide whether the case is strong enough to seek a formal arrest warrant for the new suspect. that would allow them to keep him in custody, pending possible charges. the obama administration is planning to announce measures to punish are russia for interfering with the u.s. presidential election. that's what u.s. officials told the "washington post." but they say the administration is still finalizing details. russia has denied involvement in the hack attacks on the democratic national committee, and hillary clinton's campaign chairman john podesta. but all 17 u.s. intelligence agencies have reported the hacks came from the highest levels of the kremlin. and the cia and fbi have both signed off on the assessment that russia was trying to help donald trump win. kevin corke joins me now from honolulu where the first family is currently on vacation. kevin, we are hearing the punishment will come in the form of new sanctions. >> reporter: that's right, jon. and i can actually update you, we've just heard from our matt dean who does a tremendous job
12:24 pm
here at fox news, keeping us abreast of situations like these. he's reporting for us tonight that, in fact, we will hear from the administration on these sanctions and they are certainly coming perhaps as soon as tomorrow. it's interesting, too, because there are a number of people within the administration, as you rightly pointed out, who point the finger of blame squarely at vladimir putin. they say, listen, this only happened at the highest levels of the russian government. if you're going to get involved in hacking, in particular, specific hacking of the dnc, which is what occurred during the 2016 election run-up, it had to have come from vladimir putin. that is what we have heard from security forces and what the administration continues to say even at this point. it does beg the question, then, if that's what's happening, why not wait, perhaps, on the sanctions. let me share a bit of what one of the lawmakers on capitol hill has to say about this. listen to lindsey graham from south carolina. >> russia is trying to break the back of democracies all over the
12:25 pm
world. you're constantly bombarded in latvia with russian propaganda and interference in your society. you can expect that the congress will investigate the russian involvement in our elections and i predict there will be bipartisan sanctions coming that will hit russia hard, particularly putin as an individual. >> reporter: "hit putin hard," "hit russia hard." probably going to talk about hitting their economic sector, in particular their energy portion of their economic sector, and very quickly, i want to add, i know i've gone a little bit long here, jon, again, what we're expecting is to hear from the white house perhaps as soon as tomorrow about specific sanctions which in a number of ways could paint the trump administration into a corner by acting forcefully against russia now, it would either force trump later to try to undo the damage, if you will, and back off on the sanctions, or go along with the program which could sort of muddy the budding relationship between our
12:26 pm
countries, not that it's been great up to this point. jon? >> so with just a few weeks left in the obama administration, why not let the trump administration handle the response? >> reporter: well, and i think that's sort of the poison pill. we heard from jonathan turley today, a tremendous source on stories like this and said this like sherman burning his way through atlanta. this is a scorch-earthed policy by this administration. what the president is attempting to do, i think he may be right about this, is really force the hand of the next administration by acting forcefully. or you can make the counterargument, look, they deserve to be punished for trying to meddle in our affairs in the 2016 election which lawmakers on both sides of the aisle say is an important step to take. here's what john mccain had to say about that today. >> our goal continues to be to send a clear message to russia or others not to do this to us because we can do stuff to you. but it is also important for us
12:27 pm
to do that in a thoughtful, methodical, way. >> reporter: now, that was actually my mistake. i was talking about john mccain in an earlier hit. that was president obama talking about making sure there was a smooth transition, jon. again, smooth as in the eye of the beholder. we'll be watching very carefully in particular between now and tomorrow when it is expected the administration will announce their new sanctions. so much for smooth sailing. back to you, my friend. >> traveling with the president in hawaii. kevin corke, thank you. well, president-elect donald trump going after president obama again on fwtwitter today, this time accusing the president of making inflammatory comments during the transition. details on that ahead. plus this year's presidential election was one for the history books. a billionaire with no political experience facing off against the first woman presidential nominee of a major political party. a look back on politics 2016, coming up.
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the real gift isn't what's inside the box... it's what's inside the person who opens it. give ancestrydna, the simple dna test that can reveal their ethnic origins. order now at president-elect donald trump accusing president obama of putting up road blocks for his transition team. president-elect tweeted out "doing my best to disregard many inflammatory president obama statements and road blocks. thought it was going to be a smooth transition. not!" trump has repeatedly taken shots at president obama on twitter this week. after president obama claimed he could have beaten the billionaire in an election. peter doocy live in palm beach, florida. do we know, peter, how often
12:31 pm
trump and president obama are actually in contact? >> reporter: apparently, despite everything that you just read off there, the two are still talking pretty often. that is, of course, even though the current president obama has been putting new focus on a hypothetical and impossible election victory over mr. trump for a third term. and mr. trump has been calling president obama out for failing to excite voters in swing states for his preferred successor, hillary clinton. but transition officials say, mr. trump knows there's only one president at a time, that the current one is allowed to do whatever he wants for the next three weeks and change. the president-elect has had a pretty full schedule here in florida today, though. his first day back in the swing since christmas. sitting down about the open secretary job, meeting with a group of executives from some of america's best hospital groups including johns hopkins, the mayo clinic and the cleveland clinic. dr. toby cosgrove from the cleveland clinic is said to be a leading contender for the v.a.
12:32 pm
job. the press pool spotted david ruben steen coming and going from the front door several times today. we've seen the president-elect come to escort some of his guests out but hasn't responded to any of the questions reporters have barked at him just yet, jon. >> president-elect trump is expected to make an announcement on the economy soon. what do you know about that? >> reporter: all we know is that it's supposed to be something that the transition team says will be positive for american workers. and it's going to come just a little while after the president-elect said he thinks his win has been positive for the american economy as a whole. we know that because, as usual, he tweeted it and most recently saying this, "the u.s. consumer confidence index for december surged nearly four points to 113.7, the highest level in more than 15 years. thanks, donald!" transition officials have been keeping pretty quiet about the details of this announcement other than to say we should expect to know what it is within the next 9 0 minutes or so. jon?
12:33 pm
>> peter, just moments ago, the president-elect came to the door at mar-a-lago, his estate in florida, and told reporters who asked about the transition that everything's been going very smoothly. so you can make of that, peter, what you will. peter doocy in florida. thank you. more on the trump transition effort now. donald trump has chosen one of president george w. bush's top national security aides to work in the new administration. the transition team has announced thomas bossert, for homeland security and counterterrorism. he's expected to work closely with trump's pick for national security adviser, retired lieutenant colonel, i'm sorry, retired lieutenant general michael flynn. michael flynn does have any white house experience. bossert is another example of trump filling his cabinet with people who disagreed with him on key issues. trump's been, as you know, a major critic of the iraq war,
12:34 pm
while bossert defended the position to use military force in that country. let's bring in our panel now, democratic strategist, jessica, and republican strategist, even sigfried. is there anything weird about him bringing in a guy who supported the iraq war as his homeland security adviser? >> i think weird summarizes everything that's been going on here throughout the election and into this place. i mean, donald trump, he ran for the republican party nomination, obviously, one, but he was really running as a third-party candidate. his positions were so all over the place, no real ideology there. so i'm actually heartened by this to see someone with experience in the white house before coming in and i have grave concerns about general michael flynn so i'm actually, i'm in a bush mood today. i'm excited about this. >> evan, most republicans are, you know, are kind of hawkish about federal spending and the deficit. donald trump has chosen a guy,
12:35 pm
rick muleeny to be his budget director who does not like deficit spenting. donald trump has indicated he wants to start spending money right away on infrastructure and so forth. how do you justify this? >> it's important to remember that everybody that donald trump appoints and chooses works for donald trump. he sets the direction of the ship of state. everybody else just rows the oars and if they're not rowing the oars, he's going to show them the door. so as long as they are going out and understand the issues that they are tasked with overseeing and follow the president's direction, then we'll be okay. i think it's positive. >> this appointment, for instance, do you see anything necessarily conflicting about putting a guy in that position who in the past said the iraq war is not a bad idea? >> at the end of the day he's going to be tasked with helping the president-elect then president trump keep the nation safe. he has the qualifications and skills to do that. so i understand that there's
12:36 pm
some people who are seeing that, well, he disagreed with the president-elect during the campaign, and on iraq, but he still is immensely qualified and he should be in that position. >> jessica, you have a boss, you ever disagree with your boss? >> not on television. yes, i think that happens. it certainly happens in the political world. there are so many disparate issues you have to consider, you're going to have variations on a theme. now this is a pretty big one since it was a huge deal. remember, donald trump didn't want anyone to talk about the fact that for eight months he was for the iraq war before he was against it, and it was a huge point of contention in the election. but i'm going with the experience angle here. i think it's good to have people who've been in the white house before, donald trump obviously not a professional politician. and he's picking a lot of people with that kind of experience, so, listen, i think the iraq war was a mistake. majority of americans think it was a mistake. it doesn't mean that he's going to get us involved in another war. just because he did in the first place or has defended the decision which a number of george bush officials have.
12:37 pm
>> what about the trans-pacific partnership? donald trump railed about that consistently on the campaign trail said, you know, he would drive a silver spike through it. a number of the people he's appointed, wilbur ross, his commerce secretary, terry branstad, ambassador to china, james mattis, all have said that the tpp is not such a bad idea. >> well, listen, many republicans including mike pence said the tpp was a good idea. aisle o i'm one of those republicans who believes in tpp. if there's a way to reform tpp to be more beneficial to the united states as well as other parties, that's good, and if wilbur ross, james mattis can provide expertise and insight from their experiences that help donald trump make those decisions that make it even better, that's a positive role. >> do you think some of this is posturing on the part of donald trump? >> yes. >> i do. >> just to get better deals. >> just to get better deals. listen, he's completely rewritten the playbook. he has free traders, people who have been 30, 40 years in, you know, government, or in business who are pro-free trade, he's got
12:38 pm
them saying, yeah, 30% tariff, that's not that bad. donald trump i believe on the tpp point was piggybacking off of bernie sanders and knew he could put hillary clinton in a bad position because she called it a gold standard of trade deals. he ran on that. that argument made sense. now, modifications to tpp are smart. i happen to be a democrat who supports tpp, but would love to see some modifications and more protections for the american worker. donald trump said a ton of things. he's "a," never going to be able to do, but "b" i'm not altogether sure he believed in in the first mace. >> it's important to remember when you're in negotiation, you put yourself out. you fire something, you ask for the moon when you only expect to get a certain amount. if you were going out, as your opening bid, say i want what you would ultimately get, people would take even more away from that. you're going to see democrats and people opposed to trump come away from some sort of -- some sort of original goal of trump's and make -- they'll believe that they have won the day when it
12:39 pm
was trump's goal all along. >> that works on economic issues but i don't think a number of these people in the administration or republican party as a whole, for instance, want a muslim ban. there are certain things that he said that people don't want. not only because it's unconstitutional, but it's just offensive really to most people. we've had paul ryan say it was the very definition of racism, what he said about judge curiel. so it's not all that way. i think in economic policy, it works that way. there are a number of things donald trump has said, policies he's put out there that they're going to have to flatout ignore. >> often described that his supporters took him seriously but not literally. >> i know. corey lewandowski, the only thing he ever explained to me was that. >> thanks very much. >> thanks, jon. all right. it was a wild and bitter race to the white house. with an outspoken billionaire reality star claiming an upset victory. 2016 full of twists and turns and fox news correspondent joel waldman has a look back at the year in politics. >> i know how disappointed you feel because i feel it, too. >> reporter: it's one of the
12:40 pm
biggest surprises to come out of 2016. hillary clinton's loss to donald trump in the race to become the 45th president of the united states. >> our campaign was never about one person or even one election, it was about the country we l e loved. >> reporter: after a long primary race with independent senator bernie sanders clinton became the odds-on favorite. preelection polls proved to be off. >> i just received a call from secretary clinton. >> reporter: trump who fought a bruising primary against 16 gop rivals not only won a decisive victory in key battleground states, he also swept wisconsin, michigan and north carolina, traditionally blue states where clinton seemed to have a lock. striking a conciliatory tone, the new president-elect heaped praise on the woman he mocked throughout the campaign as crooked hillary.
12:41 pm
>> we owe her a major debt of gratitude for her service to our country. >> reporter: within days of his win, trump met with president obama who promised a smooth transition process. green party candidate, jill stein, however, was not so cooperative, filing recount petitions in several close states citing the possibility of election fraud and computer hacking as a reason. >> this is about the american voters who deserve to have a voting system we can trust. >> reporter: one of the big issues of the presidential campaign had to do with a future makeup of the supreme court. that point was underscored by the death in february of conservative justice antonin scalia who died of natural causes while hunt in texas. >> he will no doubt be remembered as one of the most consequential judges and thinkers to serve on the supreme court. >> reporter: president obama nominated merrick garland, chief judge of the u.s. court of appeals for d.c. the nomination never made it out of the senate judiciary committee, as republicans argued it should be the next president
12:42 pm
who chooses scalia's replacement. >> the president has an absolute right to, you know, to submit a name and to, you know, pick a person. on the other hand, it's the senate's right to confirm or not confirm. >> reporter: senate minority leader harry reid who had pushed through a billowering the threshold of votes requiring the -- retired from the senate after serving for 30 years. >> i didn't make it because of my good looks, i didn't make it because i'm a genius. i made it because i worked hard. >> reporter: the senate also paid tribute to outgoing vice president joe biden who also served three decades in the chamber. new york democrat chuck schumer will take over for mr. reid when the senate returns in 2017. but it remains to be seen what kind of working relationship he'll have with the new president with whom he shares a long history as a new yorker. in washington, at the capitol, joel waldman, fox news.
12:43 pm
well, cell phones make it easy and convenient to check the weather, order takeout, even request a ride, so why do 911 dispatchers say they sometimes have trouble locating people who call for help from those same devices? that's ahead. more celebrities are reacting to the death of actress carrie fisher including her ex-husband, singer paul simon, coming up.
12:44 pm
12:45 pm
more and more people are
12:46 pm
reacting to the death of carrie fisher. the actress famous for playing princess leia in the "star wars" movies died yesterday. days after suffering a heart attack on a flight from london to los angeles. today fisher's ex-husband, singer/songwriter paul simon tweeted, "yesterday was a horrible day. carrie was a special, wonderful girl. it's too soon." claudia live in los angeles with more. claudia? >> reporter: and jon, the condolences continue to pour in and they are giving some comfort to carrie fisher's family, including to her famous mother, debbie reynolds. on facebook the 84-year-old star wrote, "thank you to everyone who has embraced the gifts and talented of my beloved and amazing daughter. i am grateful for your thoughts and prayers that are now guiding her to her next stop. love carrie's mother." prayers also going out to fisher's 24-year-old daughter, billie lord, who's also an actress and worked with her mother in the "force awakens." fisher had already wrapped the next "star wars" movie episode
12:47 pm
eight, so fans will be able to see her reprise her iconic role one more time on the big screen next year. beyond princess leia, fisher made her mark as meg ryan's best friend in "when harry met sally" and who could forget how she was bent on revenge in the "blues brothers" but couldn't resist joliet jakes' bedroom eyes. a cameo in "austin powers" as a therapist. fisher is also being remembered as one of the best script doctors in hollywood who would come in and fix dialogues that wasn't quite working for "lethal weapon three." she talked about her issues with substance abuse and bipolar disorder always with whit and humor. her books are once again bestsellers. has five of the top ten books on amazon's movers and shakers list which tracks spikes in sales over the past 24 hours. >> and what about the bereaved fans, how are they paying
12:48 pm
tribute? >> many are finding ways to pay their respects that capture carrie fisher's spirit and sense of fun. some who were drawn to hollywood boulevard's walk of fake were shocked to learn she doesn't have a star there, so they made one for her. under her name the message reads, "may the force be with you, always hope." fans are also holding light saber walks and vigils at space museums. funeral plans for the 60-year-old fisher are still pending. jon? >> thanks. if you need to call 911 you're better off using a landline phone if you can. emergency dispatchers say if you use your cell phone, first responders could have a tougher time tracking you down. more on this. so why is it so hard, jonathan, for 911 centers to figure out where you're calling from if you use a cell phone? >> reporter: yeah, hi, jon, it's because many centers are using technology that was developed 20 years ago.
12:49 pm
think back to the 1999s. you were probably using a cell phone but not equipped with gps and a lot of money were calling 911 simply from landlines. the best way at the time to locate these mobile callers was to use the cell tower network to estimate the phone's location. problem is the tower your phone is pinging may be miles away or in another jurisdiction. watch what can happen. >> the 11, what's the address of your emergency? >> reporter: i'm with fox news going a test. can you tell me what address is showing up on your computer? >> currently showing your cell tower location which is at 3129 old melton parkway. >> and incidentally, that cell tower was more than a mile away from the 911 center where we conducted that test, jon. >> but there is a solution, apparently, from a tech startup that claims it has the answer? >> reporter: yeah, startup has developed a product called laser 911. what they say it does is uses the existing technology to
12:50 pm
communicate the existing gps information, the location information, that's already in your cell phone with the 911 center so when you call the 911 center the location of your phone appears they say that they can do this without any system or software upgrades at the 911 center. take a listen. >> our approach is to let each piece of the puzzle do what it's great out. not so great at figuring out where your phone is. your phone is very good at understanding where it is. >> so when we call that same 911 center this time using the phone equipped with this technology the operator immediately pinpointed our exact location. laser says it's working with a major android manufacturer to make this technology a standard feature on all their new phones. >> thank you. up next a powerful snowstorm
12:51 pm
setting its sites on parts of new england and could bring more than a foot of snow in some places.
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
fox weather alert and a powerful winter storm is targeting parts of new england ahead of the holiday weekend. chief meteorologist is live in the fox weather center.
12:54 pm
what's coming? >> a lot of people ski over the new year's weekend that's where most of the snow is going to be in the higher elevations across parts of new england. we have winter storm warnings in effect. parts of western massachusetts that's going to be the bulls eye. we'll see some of the high elevations maybe a foot of snow or up to two feet of snow in some of the lower elevations around a foot of snow. this is the future radar. watch how this plays out. not much going on today. tomorrow rain event along the i. 95 corridor from philadelphia up to boston. it's interior sections where all the snow is and it's going to be a really windy event as well. get ready for lake effect snow behind it as the colder air starts to funnel in. where is the snow? this is the snow forecast, really interior sections here, mostly in throughout the vermont and new hampshire, you see these dots that's where the elevation is and warmer air in place with this, that means we're not going
12:55 pm
to be seeing the snow in the coastal areas and it's where you go up in elevation and those are going to be the bull's-eye, maybe up wards of two feet of snow. rain as well and that's going to be rain here especially along the coast so some rough travel tomorrow and tomorrow night along with this with the rain along the coastal areas. also going to be windy. this is a nor ease ter. we wonder about where it's going to track. if it tracks further off the east it brings colder air. this one here, you see the center of this forming and moving right here much closer to the coast. we'll have warmer air here on the coast but really windy especially tomorrow late and into the day on friday. this thing really winds up here, we're doing to be looking at potential big travel delays on friday. a lot of people traveling home or maybe people traveling for
12:56 pm
new year's. we're going to be seeing big delays thursday night into friday because of all of the wind, it's interior areas rain along the coast. >> thank you. we'll be back with a look at when two brothers forever changed the film industry. g ne.
12:57 pm
you're smart. you already knew that.
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but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is, and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar. the bare foot bandit now out of his work release program, that's what the corrections department in washington state told a local tv station but corrections officer say they'll still keep an eye on colten harris moore. it was part of his punishment
12:59 pm
for stealing cars, boats and airplanes many times without wearing shoes. police say they eventually caught him in the bahamas. in 2012 a judge sentenced him to seven years in prison. last week we told you about how the bare foot bandit tried to set up a good fund me page to raise money for flying lessons the fed shut that down. they said he needed to pay back money for his victims before cashing in on any donations. on this day in 1895 people in paris attended the first ever commercial movie screening, two brothers charged people admission for a series of short films they made. they had developed a camera projector apparently based on technology that thomas edison invented. more than a decade later the first movie studio opened in hollywood but the film industry was born 121 years ago today.
1:00 pm
i'm john scott in for shepard smith today. your world is next. trish regan in for neil cavuto. president-elect donald trump set to omake a statement at any minute right now on the economy. you're looking at a live picture in palm beach florida. he will be speaking there at least coming to us in some way, shape or form and coming white house press secretary saying that the news should be very positive for american workers, so we'll see what it is he has to say. we've already heard him step in to help save some jobs at carrier, we saw him go and cut costs at boeing on the new air force one and of course pressure lockheed martin to reduce cuts for its fighter jets. what can we expect now? we're going to bring you that statement just as soon as we get it.


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