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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  December 28, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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>> good morning. you are watching "fox & friends first." >> it is brand new year soon. thank you so much for starting your day with us. laerts get start to the top story. israel bracing for another potential clash with the obama administration. >> hours from now secretary of state john kerry set to as tensions reach fever pitch. >> good morning kristin. >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is concerned with what secretary of state kerry is going to say today. he feels it is his duty to outline his path for peace in the milled east. two state solution between the israelis and palestinians. this is taking place days after the highly controversial vote
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which the u.s. allowed it to pass condemning set elements in the west bank. the israeli government continues to insist it has hard evidence the obama admin stlapgsed orchestrate the resolution and vote. they are vowing to share that evidence with the incoming trump administration. >> we know there was deep collusion with the palestinians in order to push this united nations council resolution forward. that is deeply disappointing. historically america has protected israel at this very, very biased body. yesterday a spokesman rejected that u.s. was the driving force behind the resolution. >> we did not take the lead in drafting this resolution. that was done by the egyptians with the palestinians. >> ben rhodes said the u.s. is not trying to resolve the
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israeli palestinian conflict through the u.n. resolution. that does little to calm the concerns of israelis who will be watching the secretary of state speech very closely later today. lisa and heather back to you. >> it will escalate over the weekend. >> thank you so much, kristin. appreciate it. >> thank you, kristin. >> that brings us to "look who is talking." fox news contributor is slamming the obama administration saying secretary of state john kerry should not be giving today's speech. >> first of all who cares what john kerry says. he's a lame duck secretary of state and lame buduck administration. if he had a great plan for middle east peace he should have tried it three weeks ago not three weeks before he is leaving. they have provided disaster after disaster in the middle east from the rise of isis to afghanistan to massacre of half of a million people in syria.
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we don't need his advice. there's a tradition after an election the outgoing administration shows difference to the incoming administration when it comes to major policy decisions. for the obama administration to mess around with the united and saddle them with a mess in the middle east is unprecedented. they are supposed to defer to them. get out of the way, be quiet. >> the obama administration could be announcing punishments against russia over the lijed interference with the 2016 election. new york times reports the obama administration is working to revise a 2015 executive order gives the president authority to respond to cyber attacks overseas. the original mandate doesn't and
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the clock is ticking to establish that authority. the president elect firing back at president obama for saying he could have won a third term if he wanted to. >> i am confident if i had run again and articulated and i think i could have mobilized majority of people to rally behind it. >> mr. trump says the lame duck democrat would not have stood a chance since he failed to help hillary clinton tweeting quote president obama campaigned hard and personally in a very important swing state and lost. the voters wanted to make america great again. well this coming as president elect names tom bosser as president to homeland security and greenblatt as special representative to international negotiation. >> for the first time ever a sitting japanese prime minister and american president visit the site of the pearl harbor attack.
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the japanese leader did not apologize for the 243 american lives that were lost. i offer my sincere and ever lasting condolences to the souls of those who lost their lives here. >> last spring president obama did not apologize for the atomic bomb when he visited hiroshima in japan. >> sad news tribute the pouring in as hollywood mourns the loss of a princess. >> you are biering than i thought. >> come on. >> star wars actress kerry fisher has died days aftersuffe. >> jackie ibanez is here with a look back at her career. kerry fisher was literally born to be a star. the only daughter of actress debbie reynolds and eddy fisher. he played the role that would define her career.
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>> somebody has to save us. >> fisher became a pop icon playing princess leia. she was also in "the force awakened." >> luke can bring him home. >> don't do that. >> do what? >> anything. >> off screen fisher battled drug addiction and bipolar disorder. she opened up about her struggles in her semi autobiography post cards from the edge which was made into a movie starring meryl streep. she would play dozens of roles including parts when hair rae met sally and the blues brothers. for some she will always be princess leia. she was returning home when she collapsed on a plane and wasn't breathing.
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she never actually regained consciousness. >> harrison ford her love interest on and off the screen said sheets one of a kind calling her quote funny and emotionally fearless. she lived her life bravely. mark hamill said she played such a personal role in my professional and personal life. both would have been far emptier without her. she was our great and powerful princess feisty, wise and full of hope. kerry fisher was 60 years old. >> so sad. she was just 60 years old. thank you, jack. >> now to a fox news alert. two strong earthquakes rattling two states overnight. a 5.2 mag stewed quake over nevada and california. another happened seconds later. they could be felt as far away as sacramento and carson city. no reports of major damage or injuries. >> a winter wallop strengthening
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as it heads east. thousands still without power across the great plains as they dig out from a christmas day storm. >> moving across the great lakes toward new england 50 mile per hour winds leaving a trail of destruction near boston. this tree has completely crushed a home there right in the middle. >> winter storm watches in effect that could ruin your new year's eve plans. >> janice dean tracking what we need to know. i was flying home and was delayed because of the winds. strong winds at now ark airport. >> that storm thankfully has departed. this next storm is going to be a problem tomorrow and friday. i think by new year's eve we will be okay. look at the temperatures right now 21 minneapolis. 38 in new york. remember this time yesterday it was 20 degrees warmer than that. this storm you are talking about is exiting the coast. we are watching a storm across the great lakes that will
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transfer energy to a coastal low that is going to develop tomorrow into friday. new york, new jersey, baltimore, delmarva here, mainly a rain event. the snow will be across interior sections of the northeast and new england. by thursday still spinning offshore. this is going to be a new england event. new england, massachusetts, connecticut could also get some snow up towards vermont and maine. this is going to be the storm you need to monitor because you could see abig slow down from the storm system. on friday it is offshore and quieter conditions as we head into new year's eve and new year's day. winter weather advisories already posted for this storm system. mainly arain event. this is going to be a nor' easter. a nor' easter tomorrow and friday. back to you.
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>> it is that time of year, though. >> it is my friend. >> important information for viewers. thank you. >> across the country they are ramping up security as police say there's no ed to link a rash of christmas day roles. they are turning over cell phone videos to pinpoint the source of the violence. organized social media posts and snap chat helped spur mass chaos. at least 30 people have been arrested as a result of all of this. >> that's why online shop. >> the time is 5:10 on the east coast. donald trump says he has proof he's already making america great again. the latest comments and the evidence he says backed him up. >> if you are a trump supporter you can't meet here. that's what one restaurant has to the patrons. the outrage boiling over. >> meet the cowboys fan who got
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epic revenge on her ex fiancee for breaking up
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so, mr. harris, we have your fingerprints on the safe. a photo of you opening the safe. a post using the hashtag "#justrobbedthesafe"
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so, what are we supposed to think? switching to geico could save you a bunch of money on car insurance. excellent point. case dismissed. geico. because saving fifteenance woo! because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance is always a great answer. >> the hunt for the last of six inmates that broke out on christmas day are still out there. convicted felon 54-year-old david wayne frasier at this hour. they say he's dangerous. frasier and five other men escaped an over crowded jail known for lax security by ripping toilet with rusty bolts and nails off the wall. new overnight a man with a long wrap sheet officially charged with the group of murder from the movie step up vanished from
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christmas day. after he strangled trisha macauley and stuffed her body in a car. johnson was caught after an employee called 911 saying he attempted to buy a basket full of soap and assaulted her. macauley and johnson did not know each other. >> police searching for a trio of thieves after they made off with millions of fur coats in new york city. the crook smashed the glass door. one of those coats could cost listen to this, up to $200,000. that is just for one. a car speeding down the highway encounters a deadly disaster from someone no one could have predicted. >> this heart stopping dashcam
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video taken by a driver in the netherlands captures the moment a self driving tesla slams on the brakes avoiding a horrific crash. one of the cars flipped over multiple times as the tesla safely pulls off on to the shoulder avoiding what could have been a much bigger disaster. >> that's a big story about one of the self-driving cars. >> now to a fox business alert. u.s. consumer confidence has reached a 15 year high. >> cheryl casone here with the president elect's response. >> he certainly took some credit, guys. good morning for the big consumer con dpins number he got. i want to show you some treats. confidence index for december surged. the highest level in more than 15 years. giving himself credit. from a survey from the university of michigan people felt better about the economy and jobs picture and a lot of
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that has to do with the election and the change of leadership in the white house. building consumer confidence, this is the best reading we have had since 2001. consumer confidence guide back to prefinancial crisis level. not only record levels of confidence with consumers but also confidence in the president elect himself. >> he was tweeting about the $1 trillion holiday spending. >> he was taking credit for the fact that the economy might be on the mend. he also promised to bring jobs back to america. something else he was saying it happened in new york state. tesla is bringing more jobs back to the united states and they are building a plan in noeshg northern new york state making solar cells 1400 jobs will be created. this is combination of tesla and panasonic.
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tesla has 5 billion in new york state over the next five years and new york state putting in 750 million as well. >> not even in office yet. >> he tipped his hat to this with the carrier deal as well. >> the last one, before you get to it, really surprised me. scarlet johansson. i don't even recall what movie she did. >> maybe you are not a marvel comics fan. basically what this list has taken is the top global ticket sales for the actors combined. scarlet johansson coming in at number 1 verses co-star chris evans from captain america. she brought nearly a billion dollars in revenue. chris evans robert downey, jr. tying for number 2. marco roby and amy adams who is in movies up to 2027. >> see you back. the time is 18 minutes after the
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top of the hour. most popular christmas gift. >> alexa what is on the calendar today? >> you have 12 events scheduled. >> alexa can be used to solve a murder mystery. >> we will have those details ahead. >> president elect trump's cabinet is filling up quickly. the nominations only half of the battle. which fight might be the toughest?
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>> the future of the democratic party is old. that is according to senate minority leader harry reid when
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asked when he would support biden for president in 2020. he told new york magazine it depends who is running. it appears we love an old folks home. elizabeth warren, bernie sanders will be 79. if hillary clinton ran again she would be 73. >> little honest truth there. the e-mail scandal that may have led to her demise. this election cycle has already come back into the spotlight. appeals court reviving two lawsuits arguing there was not enough done to restore hillary clinton's missing e-mails. the state department and national archives to get the e-mails. president elect donald trump cabinet is almost full. veterans affairs to be nominated as well as u.s. trade representative. nominations are only half of the battle. the senate still gets a say for
2:24 am
some of the nominees. some saying they refuse to cooperate. carl cameron has the latest. >> republicans control the majority and there are few complaints. >> it is possible he will have to withdraw one or two because of problems that emerge. >> mr. trump tapped five members of congress. first up alabama senator jeff sessions for attorney general who with the express support of democrat joe manchin will kickoff with a bipartisan approval. health and human services led the repeal of obamacare congressman tom price an orthopedic during son. despite the opposition all of the nominees may be confirmed. >> there isn't usually that much they can do. >> rex tiller son secretary of
2:25 am
state mate be the most contentious. the ceo has done business with world leaders including russian president vladimir putin. some gop hocks aren't committed to tillerson until they better understand the relationship. tillerson disagrees with donald trump on climate change and believes it is real. former marine general james mad dishas fans in both parties because the law requires military men to have been retired seven years before serving as civilian defense secretary he needs the congressional waiver. elaine chao is a shoe in. she has been transportation secretary in prior gop administrations. former stexas governor rick pery famously vowed to abolish the agency. attorney scott pruitt has been a leading critic of epa to curb
2:26 am
carbon pollution and halt increased use of ethanol which trump supports. among those committed are among six millionaires including munch ch mnuchin and they will avoid conflicts of interest. >> of course the president elect has his own business conflicts of interest to sort out and will show how he plans to do that before he is inaugurated. carl cameron, fox news. >> things could get interesting in congress this year. >> the time is 5:26 on the east coast. the action the white house is about to take for the alleged election interference. where has bernie sanders been. we found him and you won't believe where.
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doctor's office or pharmacy.
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>> it is wednesday december 28th. our hands are clean. the white house denies it is not behind the white house resolution as the key oally doubles down. >> there was deep collusion in order to push this united nations security council resolution forward. >> this as secretary kerry prepares a big speech for today which some say is about to make things worse. >> a war of words. taking aim at president obama again on twitter. what he said moments ago. >> the amazon echo can be -- can solve a murder mystery. "fox & friends first" continues
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right now. a a>> good morning to you from the streets of new york city. the sunshine has not come up yet. but we expected it will arrive like it always does. >> you are watching "fox & friends first" and i am heather childers. >> i am lisa boothe and it is 5:31 on the east coast. israel bracing for another potential clash with the obama administration. >> hours from now secretary john kerry is set to start the peace process. >> we are live at the capitol with all of the details. tell us what's going on here. >> the israeli government is urging the obama administration
2:32 am
to stop what it described as a diplomatic assault against israel. the u.s. refused to use the veto power for the anti settle element solution. secretary of state is expected to outline the vision for ending the israeli palestinian conflict. the spokesman says he's worried these are all signs the obama administration is racing to put before president elect trump takes office. >> we believe this may be the first of another series of pushes before the obama administration leaves office. that would be a real travesty if kbs were attempted -- if conditions were imposed upon israel which prejudice the outcome of directing bilateral negotiations. >> the israeli government is continuing to insist it has hard evidence the obama administration orchestrated the
2:33 am
u.s. resolution and vote. they are vowing to share the evidence with the incoming trump administration. yesterday the state department spokesman denied the charge and instead pointed fingers at two other nations. >> it did not take the lead in drafting this resolution. that was done by the egyptians with the palestinians. >> when asked why secretary kerry is delivering the speech now that spokesman said he feels it is his duty to do so in the final days as secretary of state. >> i know i will be watching the speech later today. >> that brings us to look who is talking. this morning the chairman of the american conservative union matt slap is changing the way the president has treated our allies. >> why do you want to be our friend? why would anybody want to be america's friend with how we street our strongest allies. he has dogone and the globe apologizing to everyone including apologizing reaching out his hand to the castro
2:34 am
brothers. that sets a terrible example to the authoritarian leaders. look how we treated our friend. we have the tail end of the obama administration basically the third term was denied. he ought to do the right thing for the country which is kind of manage everything until he the new president gets inaugurated. allow the next president to try to build important relationships across the globe. obama is doing everything he can to fibind president elect trump hands. >> secretary kerry is set to deliver his speech later today at 11:00 a.m. >> the obama administration can soon be announcing a series of punishments against russia over the alleged interference in the 2016 presidential election siting u.s. officials the new york times lorps the obama administration is working to revise a 2017 executive order which gives the president
2:35 am
authority to respond to cyber attacks from overseas. the original mandate does not cover interference with the electoral system and the clock is ticking for the president to establish that authority. >> we have the president elect firing back at president obama for saying he could have won a third term if he had wanted to. >> i am confidence if i had run again and articulated it, i think i could have had the american people to rally behind it. >> mr. trump says the lame duck democrat would not have food a chance since he failed to help hillary clinton. president obama campaigned hard and personally in the important swing states and lost. the voters wanted to america america great again. this coming as president elect names tom boss ford as assistant to homeland security and counter-terrorism. a special representative for international negotiations. tributes continue to pour in
2:36 am
as star wars fans mourn the loss of their princess. >> you stuck up, half witted scruffy looking nerf burger. >> who is scruffy looking. >> actress kerry fisher has died days after suffering a heart attack. jackie ibanez is here with a look back at her career. >> good morning, lisa. the news is a shock. two-days ago fisher is in critical condition she never regained consciousness. her role as princess leia made her a pop culture icon. >> i should have expected to find you holding vaider's leash. i recognized your foul stench when i was brought on board. >> the part in four star wars movies most recently in the fourth awakened she wrapped for star war's next movie. she repeat about the struggles
2:37 am
in her book post cards from the edge. her lover on and off screen called her one of a kind. her mom said thank you to everyone who embraced the gifts and talents of my beloved daughter. kerry fisher was 60 years old. >> definitely a loss. way too young. way too young. >> now to a fox news alert for you. two strong earthquakes rattling two states overnight. the first over nevada border in california. the second minutes later. they can be felt as far away as somebodying krement toe and carson city. no reports of injuries or damage. a winter wallop strengthening as it heads each. thousands without power as they dig out from a christmas day snowstorm. >> it is moving across the great lakes towards new england. 50 mile per hour winds leaving a stral of destruction. this is near boston.
2:38 am
you can see the tree went down the milled of the house crushing the home. >> winter storm watches in effect that could ruin your new year's eve plans. >> janice between in the weather center tracking what we all need to know not ruining new year's eve plans, janice. >> we don't think so. it should be out of here by friday. that's the good news. we will have snow p on the ground blustery conditions for the northeast. the bulk of this nor' easter we are going to be talking about tomorrow through friday, we have some unsettled weather across the northwest. that's not out of the ordinary rae this time of year. we have some lake-effect snow across the great lakes but the storm system we are watching is going to develop tomorrow through friday. let's take a look at it as we advance our maps and i will show you our future cast system. moving into thursday tomorrow morning watching this system transfer some of its energy towards the coast, and we have a developing coastal storm what we call a nor' easter this time of year where winds come from the
2:39 am
north and east. interior sections that's where we could get a bulls eye of big time snow. coastal areas are going to be mainly a rain event but it will be blustery. for tomorrow morning's commute it could be trying for a lot of the i95 corridor. let's move ahead and i will show you as the system exits. new england you need to be paying close attention because we could have a significant storm on our hands. new year's eve looks pretty good for new york city. temperatures in the high 80's -- the high 80's. maybe in florida. 30's mostly cloudy skies for new year's eve in new york city. >> anyway, doesn't sound bad. >> thank you so much, janice. >> thanks, janice. >> in mall i across america ramping up security. police in a dozen states chasing down leads and asking people to turn over cell phone videos to
2:40 am
point the source of the violence. organized social media posts and snap chats helped stir the mass chaos. 30 people have been arrested. >> one of the hottest holiday gifts of the season could help police maybe solve a murder case. arkansas police issuing a warrant for information from james andrew bates amazon echo device. bates is accused of strangling and drowning a man in a hot tub. the amazon echo has a personal assistant that responds to voice commands and it is always listening for its wait word, alexa. amazon is refusing to hand it over, though. >> two firefighters go above and beyond the call of duty where a man suffers a paheart attack at the patriot's game. john toomey and crocker jumping in moments at gillette stadium. >> dad, dad, wap up. what's wrong? >> we got him on the seat on to
2:41 am
the ground and performed compressions. >> thanks to all of that the man is recovering at home. >> the firefighters saving him, they say it was like winning the super bowl. good for them. >> now for some sports headlines. the buffalo bills are in the market for a new head coach. >> rex ryan fired after less than two evens on the job. he posted a 50 to 16 record with the bills. his brother rob ryan also fired as defensive coordinator. >> lebron james bringing home another title to cleveland. he was named the associated press male athlete of the year. james beat out michael phelps and hussein bolt. army capping off an excellent football season with a big bowl game win. the black nights beating north texas in over time in the heart of dallas, though. final score 38 to 31.
2:42 am
meet the dallas cowboys fan who got sweet prevenning on her ex fiancee. she held up a sign my fiancee dumped me in a text message. she bought him tickets to monday night's game between the cowboys and detroit liaisons. she used the tickets and watched her team win big. >> good for her. 15 minutes until the top of the hour. if you are a trump supporter, you can't eat here. that is the message one restaurant has for its patrons. the outrage is boweling over. >> plus money moves to make before the new year. what you need to know coming up next. when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue.
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>> amazon is having the best holiday ever. 1 billion items ship around the world. we heard cheryl cassone nae talking about that. the top seller the amazon echo. it is no surprise so many people bought gifts through amazon. new reports found that americans are more up beat about the econ mae than they have been in years. >> it was a must have kids gift this christmas. some parents say the hatchables ruined their holiday. some saying the toys did not hatch and company spin master won't help solve their problem. the barbie hello dream house causing holiday headic aches. some folks complaining the $300 smart toy won't open the doors and has wireless network issues. uh-oh. >> a lot of people can relate to that whether you are in a barbie dream house or not. >> not for 300 bucks, though. >> the new year is almost here
2:47 am
and let's make financial changes before the tax season starts. >> cheryl casone is here with tips to help set yourself up for success in the new year. >> it doesn't sound so much fun for new year's eve but it is the end of the year. you have until friday to make some major changes in your financial life. especially when it comes to taxes. whether you need to sell a loser in stock portfolio to offset the games in the winning column or last minute charitable giving now is the time to do it like today frankly. if you want to get a head start on your plans for next year create a budget by writing down projected earnings and housing food, car costs to figure out what you can spend and what you can save for next year. shred all of the pa paperwork. tax returns from 5 years or older. that's my general rule. review your credit report. you can roll over 500 bucks of your fsa account from this year
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over next year. that's new. finally de clutter your home and donate. change your pass word. make a will if you haven't already and update your beneficiary information especially at your job and for your bank account. god forbid if something happens to you your 401k and accounts all of that would go to this. >> i want to know how many days are left in your year. that's a long list. >> i kind of already did a few. >> time is now 5:48 on the east coast and coming up, michael moore now leading the charge against president elect. his plan to stop trump just reve revealed. >> first let's check in with pete hegseth to see what's coming up on "fox & friends this morning. >> hope you had a great holiday. >> i did. lots coming up on "fox & friends" the latest on the u.n. vote condemning israeli sentiments what john kerry and
2:49 am
others may say. there is shocking stuff we will show. we have the 2017 political predictions. ed klein is here on what if anything president obama will try to do to potentially create a shadow government in washington, d.c. to fight donald trump from day one. interesting stuff there. we are counting down the craziest stories and there are insane ones from college campuses in 2016. from u.n. resolutions to college campuses. lots of insanity on "fox & friends" coming up. stick wugs. -- stick with us. they have pass to pursue. how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters, ship packages, all the services of the post office right on your computer. get a 4 week trial, plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to
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chaos there. a major security scare at trump
2:53 am
tower. people sent running for their lives as police investigated a suspicious package near the president-elect's home yesterday. it was a child's backpack filled with toys. sean spicer took to twitter saying thanks nypd to which bill de blasio said no problem. we'll send you the bill. that's not that funny, is it? the mayor asked the feds to pay for increased security in the city earlier in the month. all hands-on deck. michael moore not accepting mr. trump's win and is listing a five-step process to challenge his administration. the controversial liberal filmmaker is asking them to -- moore suggests forming a rapid response team to stand up to the trump administration. hmm. you can't eat here. a restaurant rielg up residents telling people who voted for the president-elect to find somewhere else to eat.
2:54 am
this sign plastered at cafe 8 1/2 at honolulu, hawaii said if you voted for hawaii, you can't eat here. some calling it racist and hate filled. the owners saying everyone is welcome but the sign is staying up. >> doesn't sound welcoming. remember the viral photo of hillary clinton recuperating on a hike near her new york state home. her former rival, senator bernie sanders was also spotted in the wild sampling cheese at costco. it makes sense he was spotted there since he loves the idea of paying for things in bulk like education and health care. >> whoa. >> the time now is six minutes before the top of the hour. the best boss ever. what one man did that makes you wish he was your boss. meet the dog who ruined christmas. you'll never guess why. ♪
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before you leave the house, here's what's happening today. another potential clash with the obama add mrngs. at 11:00 a.m., john kerry expected to address the media. americans are more upbeat. u.s. consumer confidence index
2:59 am
surged nearly 4 points to 113.7 the highest level in more than 15 years. thanks, donald. here's a live look at times square where security is increasi increasing at the crossroads of the world before the new year. time for the good, bad and the ugly. up first the good. he might be the best boss ever. the ceo of an iowa cabinet company taking his workers on a caribbean cruise. all 800 of them. talk about a food -- ate the entire christmas turkey dinner. the pooch collapsing on the floor unable to move after the feast. he is alive and well. finally rs the ugly. cinnabon at the center of major controversy. the late carrie fisher. the dessert maker posting this tweet that read, carrie fisher, you'll always have the best buns in the galaxy.
3:00 am
it was quickly followed up with a tweet saying it was meant as a tribute to her hairstyle. i'll see you back 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. "fox and friends" starts right now. good morning to you. it's wednesday, december 28 pt. i'm abby huntsman in for ainsley earhardt this morning. we begin with a fox news alert. the obama administration again denying involvement in the anti-israel resolution and word this morning that secretary of state john kerry could be about to make things a whole lot worse. then, trump tower gets evacuated over reports of a suspicious package. but new york mayor bill de blasio's office mocks the president-elect because of it. where is the respect? i'm not seeing a lot. drama kicking off for the rockettes after the group is confirmed to perform finally at president-elect trump's


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