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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  December 27, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> i look forward to the second hour. see you back here then. "outnumbered" starts right now. sandra: fox news alert. you're looking live at the dow jones industrial average. the u.s. stock market surging to new records. you're looking at 19,954 on the dow. the big number to watch? 20,000. we've never been there before. the dow is up 21 points right now. we'll keep our eye on it because this might be the day it breaks through there. you're looking at multiple record closes for the dow since donald trump was elected president. will the trump rally continue all the way to the end of the year? we shall see. 20,000, we're watching it. another fox news alert for you. tensions mounting as america's strongest ally in the middle east, israel, says it has evidence that the obama administration was behind a u.n. resolution condemning its settlement activity. after prime minister benjamin netanyahu slamming the u.s.
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refusal to veto the resolution as quote a shameful anti-israel ambush. this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. here today. host of "kennedy" on fox business concerned ditch. from fbn, dagen mcdowell is here. news editor for, katie pavlich, today's #oneluckyguy, iraq and afghanistan veteran and fox news contributor pete hegseth he is outnumbered. we will always remind you of that, sir. >> i always feel outnumbered. surrounded and it is a ambush. >> i will always call you hung of burning hegseth. made you blush. sandra: intensifying standoff between the u.s. and israel after the union security council vote condemning israeli settlements as violation of international law. the u.s. has veto power from the security council abstained from friday's vote to shield israel from u.n. condemnation. israel's ambassador to the u.s.,
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ron dermer saying that they have evidence that the obama administration was behind this. >> we have that evidence. as i said earlier, we're going to present it to the new administration. if they choose to share it with the american people, that will be their choice. it is very clear that the u.s. orchestrated that. look, had they even said up front, this is our policy this is what we want to do, we would be in the same place. ultimately we have to deal with the resolution on the table and its long-term consequences. sandra: deputy national security advisor ben rhodes firing back in an interview with israeli television. >> it is not an ambush when president obama and secretary kerry have been saying in hundreds of conversations and in public comment that israeli settlement activity was pushing into the west bank in a way that was making the two-state solution unachievable. when we see laws that aim to legalize outposts, when we secret rick that suggests that this is the most pro-settlement israeli government in history,
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we feel compelled to speak up against those actions. sandra: meantime the issue quickly becoming a tug-of-war between the outgoing and incoming administrations. president-elect donald trump highly critical of the security council resolution and the u.s. abstention tweeting quote, as to the u.n., things will be different after january 20th. john huddy joins us live from jerusalem. john? reporter: well, sandra, adding to what ambassador dermer said a senior is israeli official told me today, he had seen, these are his words, sensitive material and information proving without a doubt that the obama administration and the u.s. was directly behind this resolution that orchestrated the resolution and pushed it to a vote on friday. but again, as with ambassador dermer and this official i haven't seen any specifics. no specifics were given. so hopefully maybe we'll get more on that. i'm waiting for more information. that said, this remains really
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the position of prime minister benjamin netanyahu here in israel, that the u.s., that the obama administration was behind this, who over the weekend he talked about this in the intro, sandra, called the resolution shameful and an ambush by the u.s. and that israel, he said would hold its ground when it comes to israel's settlement policies. the prime minister also adding this, listen. >> as i told john kerry on thursday, friends don't take friends to the security council. i am encouraged by the statements of our friends in the united states, republican and democrats alike. they understand how reckless and destructive this u.n. resolution was. i look forward to working with those friends and with the new administration when it takes office next month. reporter: now beyond the political rhetoric there is already been actual political fallout as far as what the
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administration here and what eliminate -- netanyahu is doing, they recalled ambassadors from 10 countries that voted for resolution and israel will look at its ties with the united nations. israel in the short term is unlikely to change the settlement policies, it is moving forward with construction of settlements in the west bank that were slated for construction however, even before this resolution was passed. but there remains concern, sandra, if israel doesn't tread lightly there could be another resolution before president obama leaves office that is more binding than the one voted on friday and here in israel, as you can imagine this has been the talk on the street in coffee shops, restaurants. people disappointed by this but not exactly surprised given the prime minister netanyahu and president obama. sandra: john huddy, thank you for that report.
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i spoke to governor huckabee this morning, he is on his way there. he indicated he expected to hear the same sentiment there. that being said who is to blame for this be, pete? trump is using this as opportunity, saying hey, january 20th, things will be a lot different. >> barack obama. ben rhodes is making a pro-palestinian and anti-israel argument. i was in israel, if you understand the settlements in judea, settlement west bank. the two-state solution is dead. it has been for a long time. if donald trump sticks to his pledge to move the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem, it would be something we've been saying we're going to do for a long time, and we're committed to state of the is rail. what barack obama did at end of the day what he wanted to do for a long time, give in to the u.n. left. a bludgeon on israel. by abstaining they were voting for it. sandra: speaking of that, kennedy, this is what trump
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tweeted about the united nations, that the u.n. has such great potential, now it's a club for people to get together to talk and have a good time. so sad. kennedy: like oprah's book club or country club. >> about as effect all. kennedy: this is much more serious -- >> with $3 billion every year of our money. kennedy: a lot of it our money. here is what the president has done, we saw it recently with some oil drilling, executive order mandates and obamacare. he makes things so incredibly complex they're difficult to undo. the security council vote came to be before leaves office just so they would have that unanimous vote against israel. and the united states abstained much, in the same way that then senator and state senator barack obama did because as you remember many of his votes were neither yea or nay. >> chicken way to do it. kennedy: very passive aggressive and very complex. he knows the vote can not be
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undone. and also, gives donald trump -- and i am surprised that the president was so myopic on this, gives donald trump a perfect opportunity to dive off one of his campaign platforms into the welcome and loving cup of israel. >> he should. this is now a launching bad for donald trump to do exactly what he said he would do on the campaign trail, move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. you know, the white house is now denying they had anything to do with making sure that this u.n. resolution passed or the abstention. but they also denied sending obama operatives to campaign against netanyahu in israel. came out later that they actually did do that. so i'm not so convinced that the white house is telling the truth making sure this resolution pass and it is amazing to me that we still take the u.n. seriously. i would disagree with donald trump saying it has potential. what have they done over the past 30 years to prevent genocide?
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on israeli border a genocide is happening. 500,000 people are dead. there is genocide of christians down the road in iraq and u.n. has done nothing to condemn that and condemning only democracy and safe place in the middle east. >> we can hold our assessed contributions to the u.n. it is about a quarter of the general operating budget and peacekeeping budget. $3 billion. john bolton thinks we should do that to start with. but bret stevens in the "wall street journal" to your point, has aer seeing scathing editorial, this is not just about israel. this about the deception of the obama administration and the horror that its wrought quite frankly across, across the world in terms of what is going on in iraq organ fan and iran and just to paraphrase, the administration was deceptive about the motives of the 2012 benghazi attack. it was deceptive about bowe bergdahl's record to release those taliban leaders.
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it was deceptive when it came to nuclear negotiations with iran, ultimately what was in the deal and, what the endgame with the nuclear deal. deception across the board. why would this be any different? >> of course it is deception, you're exactly right from the white house. ron dermer, ambassador from israel is bibi netanyahu's guy. he is speaking for bibi netanyahu. how ironic, we'll not give it to obama and give it to the president-elect to him to decide what to do with it. this isn't about settlements in judea and is samaria. this is the about the temple mount, occupied territory. they condemn the western wall as occupied palestinian territory and jewish quarter of east jerusalem. this is about the ability for the international community to condemn israel for decades to come, which is how they will try to use this. sandra: what does he do going forward?
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>> he does everything he can to clarify absolutely what u.s. policy is. you do that by moving the embassy. and intifada part 3 could come as a result of that. you stand by israel and do what they need to do to beat it back. you show you're a real friend in critical times. >> speaking of real friends, the obama administration mate it clearer than ever whose side they are on, with the iranian deal, giving them billions of dollars, millions of dollars in cash. guess where the money is going to? to hezbollah to attack israel. they're directly funding in terrorism against israel to -- >> deception. >> the idea we're supposed to work with the palestinian government when hamas still has a huge role in deciding what the policy is there? they're a terrorist organization. the obama administration is choosing that side of it, rather than choosing the side of israelis condemning all parts of resolution. >> how do you turn a blind eye to that?
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that is a thing i don't understand. people may have fundamental difference. a lot of libertarians do they don't think we should be investing as much money in israel as we are, look at only democracy in the middle east sure is rounded by terrorists who want nothing more than to eradicate them in the most violent and ongoing way possible but how do you turn a blind eye -- take hamas alone. how does the president rationalize that? that is something i don't understand. >> it does shine a light on the growing, rise, frightening anti-semitism among some on the left. >> yes. >> you see it on college campuses across this country. see it front and center across europe. nobody will talk about it except conservatives. >> that is exactly right. not because it is is not a blind eye. it is anti-western, view of the world it is colonialism. it white, all the things we're hearing on college campuses. that is where barack obama came from. that is what he believes. he is unleashed to do it because he is not accountable.
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i think we'll see even more. >> i think this is preview of post-barack obama after he is out of the white house, what his pet projects are going to be. i guarranty you they will be much more of this when he doesn't have the white house around him to -- sandra: by the way want to get this in before we finish this particular segment. netanyahu just tweeting out the nations of the world respect strong countries that stand up for themselves and do not respect weak countries that bow their heads. i imagine he is referring to you know who as the weak country. that is the very latest. thank you, everyone. president obama claiming if he could have run for a third term he would have beaten president-elect donald trump. mr. trump says, no way. we will debate. and there could be a new party of no in town.aring up for turn as the opposition party. whether it is going to slow down president-elect trump's act to govern. after a the show, remember you can join our live chat by clicking overtime tab at
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♪ kennedy: welcome back to "outnumbered." isn't it glorious? president obama leaves the white house in just over three weeks but before he goes he is triggering a bit of a war of words with his successor claiming he would have won a third term if it hadn't been for the pesky 22nd amendment to the constitution he could run again and voters still relate to
9:18 am
his message of hope and change. >> i'm confident that if i, if i had run again and articulated it, i think i could have mobilized a majority of the american people to rally behind it. i know in conversations that i have had with people around the country, even some people who disagreed with me, they would say the vision, the direction, that you point towards is the right one. >> okay. president-elect donald trump firing back in a tweet saying, president obama said he thinks he would have won against me. he should say that. but i say no way. jobs leaving, isis. etc. pete, i would argue not the jobs leaving, but jobs people don't have they desperately want. the climate and economy that the president set up. >> yeah. >> but man, very, very little self-awareness with this outgoing president. >> a great deal of self-awareness.
9:19 am
a clear shot at hillary clinton who, ran effectively on his agenda, ran on a third term, that is the case he is basically saying if i could have made this argument it would have been bert. it is hard to argue with that. she is such a terrible candidate, if they ran on same issues and he was candidate he would have performed better. i don't think he would have beat donald trump. i love he says, in the tweet, and he should say that right? he recognizes that someone should be confident to think they could win a third term. this was a year for donald trump. he spoke to it. he tapped into it. ultimately if there is an economic message to be bad, your job isn't here anymore i will bring it back or the type of job you have and trump wins argument. kennedy: argument that no one had padlock to bet donald trump. not field of 16 republicans. not bernie sanders. certainly not hillary clinton. so if president obama had the key, if he had the secret to success and victory over donald trump, why didn't he share it with hillary clinton?
9:20 am
>> i can not believe after this year i'm asking, you're asking me to do another prediction who would have won or lost the election. but i don't know. look at the numbers and look at the coalition and the fact is that the obama coalition did in the turn out for hillary clinton despite his efforts to get them out. donald trump was able to flip 200 plus counties that barack obama won in 2012. now would obama been able to hold on to all of those? i doubt it but barack obama is a different candidate than hillary clinton is. he is more relatable to some people. but, going back to his economic message, i don't think that people really would have want ad third term with obama based on how people were feeling, especially since at the end of the campaign i think it wasn't the fbi that did hillary clinton in, it was obamacare premiums coming to fruition and people, how am i going to afford this. kennedy: they went up by 160%. dagen: kellyanne conway knew that earlier on. i talked to her off-camara when the premiums increase.
9:21 am
just wait, we'll run ads in all these areas across the country. what president obama is essentially saying is, hey, under me, worst recovery since 1949. lowest labor participation since the mid to late '70s. but i've got better smoke and mirrors than hillary clinton us d i'm better at hoodwinkerry, if you will. he punched her in the face with that comment. why isn't that sexist? sandra: whoa, you pulling that card? dagen: every turn it was always her gender. in this case, you remember, she was the most qualified -- sandra: person for this job. kennedy: ever to run for the presidency. she is absolutely right. every time, whether joe biden or the president or a number of pundits and senators who weighed in, every time they make an assessment it really is a gut punch to her again. i argue this entire election cycle was a reaction to president obama.
9:22 am
therefore, if it was such a reaction to him, he could not have run again. sandra: this is the fourth hour of television i have done with dagen this morning. actually this afternoon, now, okay. we're here. dagen: we still love each other. sandra: so was that not a real moment in the white house when they got all warm and fuzzy and shook hands and had the photo-op? president obama and the newly-elected donald trump. i mean do you remember that moment? was that not real? they seem so nice and cordial. now he is like -- >> politicians have public positions and private positions is that what you're telling me? no. sandra: he would have a really hard time bragging about his, the job situation that he is leaving after eight years. he probably would tout the stock market gains but not a lot of people are able to benefit from that. dagen: maxine waters stock market and rally if financial stocks is appalling. the record run in the market initially after. president trump won was
9:23 am
appalling though it was awesome during president obama's -- >> willing to take credit for wall street when it is good. but when it is bad they blame everything else. one thing to point out obama's comment in the interview just another example that the left refuses to accept the results and moving on. i'm moving out of the white house. i had a great two terms. i wish the president-elect well. he has to issue a parting shot towards trump and hillary clinton. if i wanted to, a democrat would still be in the white house. democrats lost. republicans won. trump will be president. kennedy: what about the 1000 democrats and national and state levels who lost their seats in eight years? >> right. kennedy: according to "new york times" under president obama. his coattails are teensy, they short sheeted. they're negative too. dagen: sandra's question was that civility real or not. i think what you're seeing -- sandra: i would like to hope it was. am i naive?
9:24 am
dagen: had his night mouth guard to get through that meeting. >> a retainer? dagen: what is going on, he sees his entire legacy about to get torn up, whether obamacare, all the labor regulations, all of the ecological epa regulations. kennedy: that's right. dagen: you name it, g-o-n-e, out of here. >> obama care, the list goes on and on. he is so shallow. he said this is about preserving my legacy. that was the plea that he made to voters during the campaign season, do me a favor, and solidify my legacy by voting for the person that i have personally endorsed. >> i actually secretly despise. wouldn't it have been fun to watch obama debate trump though, if we could have seen that. sandra: that would have been pretty good. kennedy: my dream team, lebron versus jordan, would be trump and sanders. that would have been a little crazy. dagen: and biden.
9:25 am
uncle joe is like, ah, every day, every day. kennedy: oh, man, i'm only five years old in 2020. japan's prime minister in pearl harbor with historic moment with president obama but should he apologize for the attack that plunged america into world war ii? or is it simply time to move on? plus, say it ain't no! after blasting republicans as obstruction its for years, dems are now preparing early roadblocks for president trump. so is the shoe about to be on the other foot? cinderella. ♪ tomorrow's the day we'll play something besides video games. every day is a gift. especially for people with heart failure. but today there's entresto... a breakthrough medicine that can help make more tomorrows possible.
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♪ >> welcome back to "outnumbered." japanese prime minister shinzo abe is meeting with president obama in hawaii and becoming the
9:29 am
first sitting japanese prime minister to accompany a u.s. president to the uss arizona memorial at pearl harbor. he laid a wreath at american military cemetery there this morning and will visit the memorial with president obama later today but there are questions over whether prime minister abe should apologize for the attack that killed over 2,000 americans and pulled the u.s. into world war two. white house correspondent kevin corke with the president live in honolulu with more. hi, kevin. reporter: pete, always great to talk to you, my friend. no there will not be a apology forthcoming nor was there when president obama visited hiroshima earlier this year. today is a day of reconciliation as they mark the 75th anniversary of the attacks that propelled the americans into the pacific in world war ii. we're talking about uss arizonas as you point out. this is solemn, hallow ground, if you haven't had a chance to be here you should try to take it in. it is something to behold.
9:30 am
that is ship was felled at brutal attack on the fateful morning that cost the lives of so many americans. it was after all december 7th, 1941 as president roosevelt and politcally powerfully said, a date that will live in infamy. it is a date marked by sacrifice and heroism to go along with the loss of life. this visit by prime minister abe is the back end of an earlier exchange at hiroshima we talked about when president obama marked the end of the war and lingering effects of the first atomic bomb blast to strike the city. for the japanese prime minister, this is also more, pete, than just about the past. it is truly about the future between these two countries. that should be a promising future if you ask america's diplomat to japan. >> i think the alliance is so strong and it has so much bipartisan support. i think president trump, i think that he will recognize that. reporter: busy day to include the tour between the two leaders. we'll have remarks from them as well later on this afternoon. weil be here to share that with
9:31 am
our audience. granted this is the 75th anniversary, a few weeks after the actual dates but this is also an important reminder for the greatest generation, pete. i'm sure you can relate to that. a great many of them this will be the last major recognition of this event. we look forward to bringing that to you later on fox news. >> kevin, great report. certainly reminder of a generation we're losing. that day is seared in their brain and consciousness of our country. kennedy, what do you think, so much happened 75 years ago. we're a world away from that world war, in the relationship with japan. is this the right thing to do and should there be an apology. >> i think it is right thing to do and there should be a apology. i am patriotic person and i think it was horrific and dirty, sneaky attack and thousands people died. there is no direct comparison between the bombs at hiroshima
9:32 am
and nagasaki. sorry. >> it was military attack on military installation. what is your opinion? >> asking for apologies surrounding war events, especially that happened 75 years ago is difficult because it is never going to happen. obviously leaders of whatever country it is made decisions at time thinking their best interests of the country were in mind. that being said i agree with kennedy. what they did was sneak attack. got us into world war ii. it. it created a situation where we had to drop an atomic bomb to end the war which they are responsible for in my opinion. so we're not going to get an apology. i think it is important to emphasize the relationship now with japan is different than it was then. it is an ally that we need in that region of the world. and i'm just glad that president obama did not apologize when he went over to japan. breathed a sigh of relief. kennedy: you thought that he might. >> i thought he might. i'm glad he did not. the white house should apologize to the veterans they call bitter
9:33 am
who have issue what is happening today. >> read articles of number of world war ii vets that were there during that day and lived with the difficulty as it unnoted. with a former enemy recognizing that, and whether people are apologizing or not and we helped reassert and rebuild that country into the world community. dagen: this is incredibly crittably important relationship we have, our most important in the pacific and asia. this relationship between abe and president-elect trump is going to need to deepen even further. we have can't, again, worsening relations with china, continued nuclear threat of north korea, and many other developments in other countries, whether you're talking about south korea or even the philippines, that are unnerving, you had abe, he was the first leader to fly to new york, the first foreign leader to meet with donald trump. i think that speaks volumes. and what's happening at pearl harbor speaks volumes about how
9:34 am
close we are today and how we need to continue. >> sandra, how important is that relationship? china inserting itself there. sandra: i want to lean on you a little bit more, i like you so many stories of surviving veterans. some want apology. some want him to mourn with them. because you speak to and represent veterans and you are one yourself, what would you like to see happen here? >> i think everyone internalizes and deals with stuff like that differently. some might want an apology adamantly. others turned the page. others think it is great to mourn and honor it. i'm really glad we didn't apologize in hiroshima. i understand why they wouldn't as well even if we want that. i think it is slippery slope apologizing for every action we take in war. kennedy: that was big one though. >> that was big one. they made a strategic decision that they were going to attack a military installation was not properly defended. it was a sneak attack. sandra: what do you make of his presence there then?
9:35 am
>> i think he is doing it respectfully and as an ally. recognizing it was emperor and idea log 75 years ago led the world to war and horrific massacre. i think they have @toned for that. part of this is continue to at toned. >> i'm sure hitler is not too happy about pearl harbor, because if the united states had not been in the conflict? >> we were asleep. focused us. dagen: no apology. there could be a new parity of no in town after blasting republicans for years over their blockade of president obama's agenda, democrats gearing up for their turn as the opposition party, planning to throw up early roadblocks for president-elect donald trump's agenda and cabinet picks. in the past week house democratic leader nancy pelosi issuing a call to action to her rank-and-file members to fight gop efforts to undo obamacare and overhaul the tax code. she is even planning a so-called
9:36 am
day of action. the weekend before the inauguration. meantime democrats also signaling a big fight for some of trump's cabinet picks. last week a group of 16 dems said no committee should vote on a nominee until they have provide ad financial report, an ethics agreement and cleared fbi background checks. guess who lost, katie pavlich? >> i think democrats are regretting the nuking the filibuster under harry reid right about now. they gave all that power for sake of their own and now they don't have much of it left. one thing i think it is important to point out here with nancy pelosi's day of action before the inauguration. she and a lot of democrats like her, celebrities planning a counterconcert down in florida on same day as inauguration are purposely dividing country. can you for one week come together as americans, might not like the guy, a lot of people who don't like him, that's fine and respect the process and the
9:37 am
peaceful transfer of power. yet, here we have democrats on campaign trail trump might do this, purposely dividing country, not coming together for sake of swearing in the next president of the united states, i find it appalling. >> fox news alert, nancy pelosi is partisan. this is who she always been and -- kennedy: she is not michael moore. what is this he day of action in florida? celebrity concert. oh. thanks, nance. dagen: making another scintillating video to the hamilton electors? one last shot, #nevertrumpp. kennedy: good lord. if you want to do this something. get people aligned with who are elected. you know who can't do that? nancy pelosi. sandra: can i quote one democratic congressman from massachusetts talking about plans to overhaul the tax code and this will be part of the big party. there will be opposition if these tax cuts are directed to the people at top again.
9:38 am
we're going to be pretty united on this. so you think it was just obamacare, no, they -- come on, donald trump won on his policy on taxes. >> to your point exactly. they're on dangerous ground, look like obstructionists to policy positions that have had broad appeal across their own traditional constituencies, working men and women across states they previously won. if they're resistent to the things donald trump will do for the folks it will keep hurting them. dagen: house republicans have a tax reform plan. donald trump has a tax reform plan. the democrats don't have a tax reform plan. >> called raise it. dagen: by the way we raised taxes in the last eight years. we ran up the deficit. we reregulated vast swaths of the economy. sandra: can i, by the way, can i show you what the people think about donald trump's tax plan? look at the dow! dow is near 20,000! dagen: if democrats get in the way of tax reform and stock market tanks and people are a
9:39 am
little angry about that, i hope they have to own that. >> they have proven they have learned absolutely nothing. kennedy mentioned this early in the show. they have lost thousands of seats at state level. republicans are running show with regard to governorships. they lost the house in 2010. senate in 2014, presidency now. they have ignored key constituencies they used to own. here they are now, stonewalling on economic plans that could benefit both republicans and democrats. dagen: here is what i can not wait to sigh. you know democrats who stonewalled trump tax reform, efforts to reform obamacare, whatever it is, he is going to tweet about them by name, to that person's constituencies and say, are you happy? tax reform? i was going to give you more of your money back. you're going to get a pay raise. your congressman so-and-so, is getting in the way of that. how do you feel about it? you know that -- kennedy: that would be more money in your pocket.
9:40 am
democrat have much to be worried about because in two years they face, senate democrats face uphill battle in the election. if they do things, don't listen to the people, don't listen to the bottom line you've spoken about over a year, sandra, it is about the bottom line! if people don't have improved economic flexibility, if they don't have more money in their pockets and in their bank accounts, the uprising will continue. dagen: meantime nancy pelosi can lecture all the republicans about it is affordable care act. it is not obamacare. say it with me -- >> on white house website it is called obama care. not affordable. dagen: meantime move on to the this story. horrifying gun violence in chicago taking no holiday over the christmas weekend. dozens of people shot. at least 12 dead. what is to blame when the windy city has some of the toughest gun laws in this country? ♪ wouldn't a deal on car insurance
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liberty mutual insurance. ♪ sandra: horrifying amount of violence this weekend in chicago. chicago tribune reporting 61 people were shotgunning friday afternoon, including a 14-year-old girl in critical condition. 12 other people died from their wounds of the shootings are mostly gang-related. the number of murders in chicago are up by 275 from the same time period last year, according to the chicago police department. despite the fact that the windy city has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. but the police superintendent now saying chicago needs even stricter gun laws. >> this is the sickening reality, it shows yet again that our penalties for carrying and
9:45 am
using guns here in chicago are just not enough effective deterrent against repeat gun offenders. while we have promising leads, this unacceptable level of violence demonstrates the clear and present need for policymakers to convene in january and give chicago the gun sentencing tools against repeat gun offenders so that we can begin to change this narrative. sandra: wow, makes you wonder, are they, are they on the right message? how could they be talking about that when they already have the strictest gun laws in the country, pete? >> guns, reflexively go back to what they think they know and ignore, it comes down to a partisan lens they refuse to look through. 80% of the drugs on the streets of chicago driving gang violence, come from mexican cartels. yet they oppose securing border. rahm emanuel runs around how the city is safe because they're sanctuary city. they are obsessed with far-left
9:46 am
policies ultimately fueling violence in their very city. they don't have the backs of cops they ask to go into the dangerous movements and bow to "black lives matter." what else can they do? try to grab more guns. news flash, criminals don't give up guns. >> you may not want to hear this, the reason there is drug violence in cities like chicago because drugs are illegal. it create as black market and creates criminal activity. >> fair argument. >> they are fueled by these mexican cartels that rely on prohibition in this country. we have gun prohibition, we have drug prohibition. you see this insanely murderous cocktail results in places like chicago. people lawfully can not defend themselves. people who are bad, get guns illegally, are not paying attention to gun laws. if you are so motivated to take someone else's life to murder them, you are not going to listen to stricter gun laws.
9:47 am
the regular citizenry is unarmed there is nothing -- sandra: new laws apply to law-abiding citizens. >> we need to take back a step. he is not calling for more gun laws. he is calling for justice system to enforce laws on books and sentencing. you heard him say sentencing is not deterrent. you know why? they are letting these guys out of jail. said same thing a couple months ago we're letting these guys, these repeat gun offenders, not enforcing them to serve out the entire sentence. therefore there is no deterrent. outgoing washington, d.c. police chief, kathy lanier said exact same thing before she left their post. justice system is failing us, failing police and our communities. we have the laws on the books. d.c. is just as strict when it comes to guns as chicago if not more, people are getting out of prison and going, it is about the justice system. not about the gun laws. sandra: talk about the crime wave across the country, dagen. not just chicago.
9:48 am
chicago is seeing this huge up tick, but homicides jumped in 16 of 20 major cities this year. dagen: 37 out of 65 country's biggest police departments saw year-over-year homicide increases through september maybe. part is the drug epidemic, opioid problem. that starts with prescription medications quite frankly in many instances. it is part of that but not fighting the drug cartels. it is not enforcing our immigration laws. and it is not standing up for our police departments. >> yes. dagen: and behind and by and in front of our police. dagen: you have leaders in this country who stigma -- stigmatize police forces in this nation. >> when you throw your cops under the bus especially most violent neighborhoods you leave those communities behind. make it worse. kennedy: in chicago, illinois has huge union problem. they have so much money outgoing
9:49 am
to pensions of various public sectors unions, often times they can't afford enough cops. sandra: it is becoming a trend on more and more college campuses these days, u.s. history no longer required for history majors. >> oh, good. sandra: i just said that. but at a university named after the founding father, just how far will the pc police go!
9:50 am
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9:52 am
sandra: first jon scott with what is coming up it in second hour of happening now. >> outbreak of violence in malls from coast to coast. what happened to all the christmas here out there? what are the legal implications of the stampedes that resulted? plus, new analysis as to how hillary clinton lost the race for the white house. you might be interested in that.
9:53 am
we're awaiting a historic meeting between president obama and the japanese prime minister at the uss arizona memorial in hawaii. gordon chang will weigh in on the state of our alliance with japan, amid increasingly tense time with the chinese. that is all ahead. "happening now." sandra: we'll be watching, thanks, jon. >> thank you. kennedy: this next story may have the father of our country turning in his grave like cotton candy in a machine. the college fix reporting that history majors at george washington university are no longer required to take classes in u.s. history. it's a new policy the university says will help students keep pace with quote, globalizing world. this is terrifying. this academic relativism. it is in medical school you wouldn't have to take any courses in medicine. >> oh, exactly. >> seem a little insane? >> of course i wish i would say
9:54 am
silliness or insanity but it is standard. what is being across not just elite universities everywhere. why we get bernie sanders on democrats side because a bunch of kids think they're global citizens, don't understand their own country or capitalism or constitution and seduced by you taupe yarn ideas. sandra: go pete. >> we have donald trump. people are rejecting this nonsense. our history is worth knowing. if you doesn't know it, you don't keep it. it drives me nuts. sandra: if you don't know it, you don't learn from it, not to repeat the bad stuff. >> that is exactly right. dagen: what drives me nuts i tell somebody under the age of 30 i'm from the town that is burial place of patrick henry. they're like, what? [laughter] >> who is patrick henry? dagen: you know the bill of rights, you idiot? you know the first 10 amendments to the constitution? the give me, like your liberty. sandra: you like your freedom? dagen: go get your degree in yourself. >> that is what it is. you're right. dagen: it is teaching --
9:55 am
kennedy: dagen, exactly what it is. it is -- >> i don't know what that means. >> i am on college campus as lot. it is kind of a crazy. as pete said if you don't know it, you don't keep it. that is exactly the goal. they're anti-american. take u.s. history out of history majors across the country not just george washington university. we've seen around the countries campaigns to take down the american flag. many campaigns to take down the shield at harvard because it represented slave owners who founded the school. they're erasing history because they don't want american history to thrive and be part of our country. they're erasing it because it is anti-american. that is exactly what -- sandra: dare i ask you what they're replacing it with? >> marxism, socialism, communism pumpkin carving. replacing it with statism.
9:56 am
no free choice. dagen: they're whitewashing our history, making it so that we're doomed to make the same mistakes. >> exactly right. dagen: if you whitewash everything and everything is glitter and gold -- >> all self-esteemism. get a degree in yourself, whether -- >> sophomoric and immature. kennedy: being confronted with someone -- >> that is the point of life. >> shouldn't you study systems maybe they were working for some and others were incredibly detrimental. like not studying world war ii because you find hitler offensive. dagen: creating a world soft and fluffy and luscious. no confrontation. kennedy: these people would not survive in the wild i tell you. more "outnumbered." [laughter].
9:57 am
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9:59 am
sandra: many thanks to pete hegseth for joining us.
10:00 am
katie pavlich. fun show. happy new year. what a day. we're staying right here for "outnumbered" overtime. the fun continues on line. join us. we'll see you tomorrow. "happening now." alert. and a sad one, according to people, magazine as well as tmz and the associated press, the actress and screen writer carrie fisher has died at the age of 60. you might recall last week she was on a flight inbound to the united states from london when she suffered a series heart attack. doctors and emergency medical crews had rushed her to the hospital and for the time there was a great deal of optimism that she would beç okay. now we are getting multiple reports carrie fisher the orig


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